RONALD R. HOOPER, Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History, 2340 Albert StreeB Regina, Saskatchewan. S4P 3V7

In the following text these abbrevia¬ lower edge instead of being even tions are used: s = south, n - north, w = rounded. At rest the forewings ai west, e = east, CNC = the only Sask¬ wrapped around the hind wings, wi atchewan records of the species that we abdomen elevated. Most species feed c know of are in the Canadian National the Sumach family (Anacardiaceae). O Collection in Ottawa. Unless otherwise species feeds on Poison Ivy (/?/?, indicated all the species are represented radicans). in the collection of the Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History, Regina. Eyed Paectes - Paectes oculatrix (Cn.j EUTELIINAE - Sumach Moths Tantallon. These are small moths 25 - 35 mm in wing span. Superficially they resemble Expected species Pyralid Moths (Pyralidae), but with Dark Marathyssa - Marathyssa in fid broader bodies, and lacking elongated (Wlk.) - e , w to ar palpi. The hind wing often has a flattened

Eyed Paectes Lorie Melit S.M.N.

200 Blue J 1 ISARROTHRIPINAE - Sarrothripin Moths ACONTIINAE - Midgets These are small moths 22 - 34 mm in These are relatively small moths with a I wing span with long fore-wings which are wing span from 16 to 30 mm. They have I broadened at the base giving a slightly the head usually rounded in front with the ■ rounded fore-edge as in Tortricid Moths elongated palpi upturned. The hind- J(Tortricidae). The caterpillars feed on wings are usually unmarked. A number of ■deciduous trees and shrubs. the species have a contrasting black and white pattern on the fore-wings. When Doubleday's Baileya - Baileya they are wrapped around the body at rest doubledayi (Gn.) - Tantallon. it provides protection by giving the the appearance of a bird dropping. Most Eyed Baileya - B. ophthalmica (Gn) - se of the caterpillars are semi-loopers be¬ Saskatchewan, w to Punnichy; n to cause they lack some of their prolegs. Love. ir rigid Owlet - Nycteola frigidana (Wlk.) - Bog Lithacodia - Lithacodia be I lieu la central Saskatchewan^ to Whitewood EHbn. - Earl Grey, Saskatoon, Carrot ~~ I area, n to Otter Rapids area. River, Aylsham and Canwood.

|nIOLINAE - Nolin Moths Common Midget - L. albidula (Gn.) - n Small grey or white moths with a post- Saskatchewan, s to Northgate, Fort Inedian band of raised scales on the Qu'Appelle and Unity. f| jpper side of the fore-wings. The males lave "feathered" antennae. Black-dotted Lithacodia - /_. synochitis Confused Meganola - Meganola minus (G. & R.) - Roche Percee and Rockglen. I rulacula (Zell.)C/pIIT - Tantallon andanrl Maryfield.Marvfiolrl Pink-barred Lithacodia - L. carneola (Gn.) A[lurry-patched Nola - Nola cilicoides - s Saskatchewan, n to Erwood and (Grt.) - s Saskatchewan,n to Wadena. Aylsham.

Iilik-barred Lithacodia Lorie Melit, S.M.N.H.

(4). December 1990 201 Yellow-cloaked Midget Lone Mel it, S.M.N.H

Pale-tipped Midget - Capis curvata Grt. - Narrow-winged Midget- Therasea augu\ Tantallon and Carrot River. tipennis (Grt.) - s Saskatchewan, n t| Aylsham. Brown - (Grt.) - e Saskatchewan, w to Buffalo Yellow-costa Midget - T. flavicosta (Sm.) Pound Provincial Park, n to Cumber¬ Rockglen, Val Marie and Tompkins. land House. Sutrix Bird-dropping - Ponometi Yellow-cloaked Midget - Tarachidia semi- sutrix (Grt.) - Saskatoon (CNC). flava (Gn.) - s Saskatchewan, n to Prince Albert. Expected Species: Prairie Bird-dropping Moth - T. binocula Pitcher-plant Moth - Exyra rolandian (Grt.) - s Saskatchewan, n to Wadena Grt. - w to Aweme, Manitoba. The larv and Saskatoon. feeds on Pitcher-plant (Sarracenia pui purea). Olive-shaded Bird-dropping Moth - T. tortricina (Zell.) - s Saskatchewan, n to Fasciatella Midget - Fruva fasciatell Fort Qu'Appelle and Saskatoon. (Grt.) - n to Aweme, Manitoba.

Arizona Bird-dropping Moth - Con¬ Common - Spragueia leo (Gn ochares arizonae (Hy.Edw.) - Killdeer, - nw to Aweme, Manitoba. The larv Val Marie and Swift Current. feeds on Bindweed. PANTHEINAE - Panthein Moths The Laughter - deridens (Gn.) These are medium-sized moths. The -Maryfield and Tantallon. males have "feathered antennae." The eyes are usually hairy as they are also in the Hadenin Moths (Hadeninae). The lar¬ The Brother - Raphia frater Grt.- s Sask¬ atchewan, n to La Ronge. vae have dense tufts of hair and feed on trees. Expected Species: Panthea species - near Panthea acronyc- Colorado Raphia - R. coloradensis Put- toides (Wlk.) - central Saskatchewan, n nam-Cramer - n to Medicine Hat area to La Ronge and Meadow Lake Provin¬ of Alberta. cial Park, also in Cypress Hills.

Pale Panthea - P pallescens McD. - Loon Lake. 1 BROWER, J.H. and A.E. BROWER Yellowhorn - flavicornis (Sm.) 1970. Notes on the biology and distribu¬ tion of moths associated with the pitcher - Duck Mountain Provincial Park, Hud¬ plant in Maine. Proc. of Entomol. Soc. On¬ son Bay and Greenwater Provincial tario. Vol. 101:79-83. Park. 2 JONES, R.J.L. 1951. An annotated Close-banded Yellowhorn - C. propin- check list of the Macrolepidoptera of British quilinea (Grt.) - Bainbridge (n of Hud¬ Columbia. Occ. Paper Entomol. Soc. B.C., son Bay) and Lort Qu'Appelle. No. 1.

he Brother LorieMelit, S.M.N.H.

3(4). December 1990 203