10-Day German Tale & Rail Circle Tour

10 Days/9 Nights - departs daily from /Frankfurt Int. Airport – Northbound along the German Route to the Sea - medieval with historic timber framed house. Visit charming towns like Hamelin, and as well as Berlin, 's Capital !

Day 1 – Frankfurt Rail from Frankfurt Airport to Frankfurt  10 Days / 9 Nights Station . Free time for sightseeing in Frankfurt (e.g.  Daily buffet breakfast Roemerberg, Paulskirche, Goethehaus,  All Rail tickets included River Bank) Accommodation in Frankfurt (includes  11 along the buffet breakfast) German Fairy-tale Route (Frankfurt, Hanau, Day 2 – Day trip to Hanau, Gelnhausen Steinau an Gelnhausen and Steinau an der der Strasse, Marburg, , Hannvoversch Strasse Munden, Gottinngen, Regional Rail from Frankfurt Main Station to Hanau on to Gelnhausen and on to

) ©Deutsche Märchenstrasse, ©Thomas H. Giesick Giesick H. ©Thomas Märchenstrasse, ©Deutsche ) Bremen, Bermerhaven and Hamelin) & Berlin Steinau an der Strasse and back to Day 4 – Hannoversch Munden/ Frankfurt Main Station  Frankfurt Card Free time for sightseeing in Hanau (e.g. Gottingen and Bremen Regional train from Kassel Wilhelmshohe  48 hour Berlin Welcome of the at the market square, Castle Philippsruhe) to Hannoversch Munden on to Gottingen www.merepics.de Card Free time for sightseeing in Gelnhausen and on to Bremen (e.g. the historic Old with the ruins Free time for sightseeing in Hannoversch Munden (e.g. the , Doctor la la ( Gangl of an imperial fortress of emperor Barbarossa, the Witch Tower) Eisenbart ) Free time for sightseeing in Steinau an der Free time for sightseeing in Gottingen Strasse (e.g. The Amtshaus where the (e.g. the Old Town, the statue of the Brothers Grimm lived for seven years, Gaenseliesel) puppetry at the Old Town) Free time for sightseeing in Bremen (e.g. Accommodation in Frankfurt (includes the famous Bremen Town Musicians, the buffet breakfast) marketplace, the Town Hall) Accommodation in Bremen (includes Day 3 – Marburg/Kassel buffet breakfast) Speed Rail from Frankfurt Main Station to Marburg and on to Kassel Wilhelmshohe Day 5 – Day trip to Free time for sightseeing in Marburg (e.g. Bermerhaven/ the historic Old Town, castle, Regional train from Bremen to -church) and back Accommodation in Kassel (includes buffet Free time for sightseeing in Bremerhaven breakfast) (e.g. the statue of the (ship´s ), the island "Havenwelten") Accommodation in Bremen (includes buffet breakfast) Photos: © BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale (www.bremen-tourismus.de)Manue Touristik-Zentrale Bremer BTZ © Photos: 10-Day German Fairy Tale & Berlin Rail Circle Tour

Day 6 – and Berlin Day 9 – Frankfurt Rail from Bremen to Hamburg, free time Rail from Hamelin to Frankfurt Main for sightseeing in Hamburg, rail to Station Berlin, free time for sightseeing with Free time for sightseeing in Frankfurt your 48 hour Berlin Welcome Card (free (e.g. Roemerberg, Paulskirche, use of public transportation within Goethehaus, Museums River Bank) Berlin), Accommodation in Berlin Accommodation in Frankfurt (includes (includes buffet breakfast) buffet breakfast)

Day 7 – Berlin Day 10 – Free time for sightseeing with your 48 Frankfurt/Frankfurt hour Berlin Welcome Card (free use of Int. Airport public transportation within Berlin), Rail from Frankfurt Main Accommodation in Berlin (includes Station to Frankfurt buffet breakfast) International Airport where your tour ends. Day 8 –Hamelin Rail from Bremen to Hamelin Free time for sightseeing in Hamelin (e.g. the "", the Old Town, the Piet Piper House) Accommodation in Hamelin (includes buffet breakfast)

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