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1St Coveoct Issue.Indd

1St Coveoct Issue.Indd



F 1. Acharya Jagadish Chandra 6. A er comple on of his educa on in London Sir Jagadish was born in Mymensingh, East Chandra Bose returned back to (presently in ). When was in 1885 and joined a pres gious he born? ins tu on as offi cia ng professor. a. 30th November 1858 The name of the ins tu on was… b. 20th October 1856 a. St. Andrews college, c. 10th September 1858 b. St Xavier’s College d. 12th August 1859 c. Sco sh church College d. Presidency College

7. In the year 1887, Sir J.C Bose got 2. Acharya’s father was one of the married to the second daughter of a earliest products of English educa on, renowned social ac vist Durgamohan was recruited by the Bri sh Das. The name of his wife was… Government as a deputy Magistrate. a. Abala Bose What was Acharya’s father’s name? b. Ramala Bose a. Anando Mohan Bose c. Anandi Bose b. Ramanando Bose d. Bimala Bose c. Gurudas Bose d. Bhagwan Chandra Bose 8. Sir J.C Bose communicated his fi rst 3. His early educa on started under Bamasundori Devi’s paper of microwave research in May (mother) supervision in a village pathsala, Bikrampur, 1895 in which journal? Bangladesh. From which a. Asia c Society of Bengal school his formal English b. Royal Society of London educa on started? c. Nature a. Hindu school d. The Electrician b. St Xavier’s school c. Sco sh Church school d. Fort William School 9. He invented a very compact device (could be carried in a small box) to produce and 4. At sixteen Jagadish Chandra passed receive microwave signals. from the school to St. Xavier’s college. It’s frequency range of A er that for his higher studies, he went detec on was about... to London to pursue a career in… a. 50Ghz a. Medicine b. 120Ghz b. c. 60Ghz c. Botany d. 80Ghz d. Civil service 10. The remarkable part of 5. Jagadish Chandra was unable to his microwave research was con nue his medical study due to that he was the fi rst scien st illness and shi ed to natural science. who reduced the waves into From which college of London he millimeter level. What was the completed his higher study? wavelength used by him? a. Trinity college, London a. 60 mm b. Christ’s College, Cambridge b. 0.2 mm c. Oxford University, Oxford c. 9 mm d. St George’s College, London d. 5 mm

Science Reporter, OCTOBER 2016 60 FUNQUIZ 11. In a public lecture in Town Hall, , J. C. Bose 16. A er his re rement, Acharya established the Bose demonstrated the ability of his electric waves to travel from Ins tute with the help of the Government and his admirers the lecture room, through an intervening room and passage to for advancement of science. In a third room 75 meters away from the radia on source. The which year was it inaugurated? experiment was famous as… a. November 30, 1917 a. To fi re a gun using microwaves b. November 30, 1923 b. To ring a bell using c. November 23, 1917 microwaves d. November 23, 1923 c. To play a fl ute using microwaves 17. Thunderbolt is the emblem of d. To hit a target using the Bose Ins tute. Who designed this microwaves emblem? a. Abanindranath Tagore 12. In the year 1920, Acharya J. C. Bose was honored as the fi rst b. Indian scien st of a pres gious award. What was the name of c. the honor? d. a. Fellow of the Royal society of Australia b. Fellow of the Royal society 18. Acharya presided over the 14th of London session of the Indian Science Congress c. Fellow of the Na onal as President at Lahore in 1927. What Academy of Science was the tle of his presiden al d. Fellow of the Royal society address? of Sweden a. Unity of life b. Living and Non Living 13. To record plant response he developed an instrument c. Invisible “Crescograph”. For what purpose the“Crescograph” instrument d. From the voiced to the unvoiced was used? a. To magnify small movements of the 19. On 23 November 1937. Acharya J. C. Bose passed away plant million mes quietly due to heart failure. b. To see the plant’s reac on towards Where did he die? light a. Kolkata, c. To observe the nervous response of b. San niketan, West Bengal the plants c. Mumbai, Maharashtra d. To study the eff ect of radia on on d. Giridih, Bihar plants 20. On 14 September 2012, Acharya J. C. Bose’s experimental 14. J.C. Bose in his plant physiological inves ga on compared work in millimeter-band radio was recognized as an IEEE the mechanism of response to s mula on between plants and Milestone in Electrical and Computer Engineering, the fi rst such animals. He was the fi rst scien st to tell recogni on of a discovery in India. In which place the plaque that… was placed? a. Like animals, plants also have a. Presidency College, Kolkata elementary sense organs b. Bose Ins tute, Kolkata b. Plants communicate between c. Indian Ins tute of themselves Science, Bangalore c. Plant has same kind of nervous d. Indian Ins tute of response as animal Technology, Kharagpur d. All the above

15. Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose re red from the Presidency Answers: College in 1915 as emeritus 1.a 2. d 3. b 4. a 5. b 6. d 7. a 8. a 9. c 10. d 11. b 12. b 13. a 14. d professor. Who were his 15. d 16. a 17. b 18. a 19. d 20. a famous students? a. Contributed by Jagnaseni Barman, B.Tech (3rd year) in from b. Satyendra Nath Bose Haldia Institute of Technology. Email: [email protected] c. D. M. Bose Dr Siraj Datta, Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Haldia Institute of d. All the above Technology, Haldia. Email: [email protected] 61 Science Reporter, OCTOBER 2016