By: Aurora Spear, Michael Rizzo, Garrett Simpson, Katey Wetmore The Sun Archetype

(Masculine) Both the giver and the destroyer of life creative energy; consciousness; passage of time and life. Rising sun: Birth; creation; setting sun: Death.

A good example would be the line from lion king “One day simba, the sun will set on my time here and rise with you as the new king.” The Moon Archetype

(Feminine) marks the passage of time and controls the course of human events. Seedtime, harvest, tides, etc.

Example: Werewolves transform on the full moon. The Shadow Archetype

Life instincts which exist as part of the and are composed of repressed ideas, weaknesses, desires, instincts and shortcomings. Often described as the darker side of the psyche, representing wildness, chaos and the unknown.

An example is the shadows from princess and the frog, which interact with the world around them. The Water Archetype

Water symbolizes the mystery of creation, purification, redemption, and the life cycle (birth-death-resurrection) The Sea Archetype

The mother of life; death and rebirth; the unconscious. Rivers Archetype

Death and rebirth (baptism); the flowing of time into eternity; transitional phases of the life cycle; incarnations of deities. The Fountain Archetype

The Fountain archetype represents rebirth renewal, and life. An example of a fountain is an old of a fountain of youth hidden somewhere in the world. The Whirlpool Archetype

Symbolizes the destructive power of nature and fate. The Underworld Archetype

A place of death; represents an encounter with the dark side of self. The Threshold

Gateway to the new world; the must enter it to change and grow

An example is from Ender’s Game is the ship that flies into the battle school Setting and Symbols By: Kate Condon, Sydney Stanton, Natalie Burgos, Emily Escareno, Analissa Gonzalez The Magic Weapon

Symbolizes extraordinary quality of the hero; no one else can wield the weapon or use it to its full potential; usually given to the hero by the mentor figure.

Ex: Thor's hammer and Maui's hook. Nobody else can handle these weapons and use them to their full potential.

Garden Paradise; innocence; unspoiled beauty (especially feminine); fertility; new birth; hope

Ex: Garden with white roses in Hunger Games represents innocence and beauty.

Ex: the garden in The secret Garden. Mary's family suddenly dies from an outbreak so she is forced to go live with her uncle. She hears about a secret garden and is determined to find it. This garden is so beautiful that it causes Mary’s attitude towards life to change for the better. Islands-remoteness from society and the islands isolation from all other societies;helps insulate people from other so that their remains true to itself; blocks outside influences

In Wonder Woman, she has been isolated on an island with all woman. Therefore, she has never been apart of a society with men in it.

In Ender's Game the battle school would be considered an island because it isolates the children from the rest of the world. Desert- spiritual aridity, death, hopelessness

In Holes they are digging hopelessly for something valuable.

In The Martian the main is stranded on a planet all alone and desperate not to die. Tree ● Inexhaustible life due to its growth, proliferation, and generative and regenerative processes; wisdom

The grandmother gives her advice and gives her hope about her future. The tree sacrifices himself for the boy. Caves and Tunnels ● Rebirth, passage, death of old life

The battle field is a passage Luke faces his biggest fears and journeys with himself. Luke asks what is the cave and yoda responds what you take with it. Fire: Both protective and destructive; symbolizes human knowledge and industry

The Hunger Games - Katniss uses fire to protect herself from the scary creatures in the water.

Moana - The Te Fiti tries to stop Moana from getting to the island by throwing large rocks and things at her.

Skyscraper - Will Sawyer(The Rock)’s family is trapped inside a burning building and he has to save them of they die. Circle (sphere):

Wholeness, unity, perfection, eternity Inside Out Memory - This is one of Riley’s happy memories. It is not broken or damaged by anything bad.

The Circle of Life - Represents the infinite nature of energy where if something dies it gives new life to another Egg (Oval)

Definition:The mystery of life and the forces of generation

The connection to that is it symbolizes rebirth of a species, journey, new pathways, and a new enemy. It could as well start a new hero’s journey. Yin-yang

Definition:The union of the opposite forces of the yin (female principle, darkness, passivity, the unconscious) and the yang (masculine principle, light, activity, the conscious mind) Yang Yin Peter would be identified as Yang and Valentine as Yin on feminine and masculine principles. Situational Archetypes

Tommy Neuman, Raphael Kalatzis, Cole Bogdon, Elijah J Anderson The

Definition: The search for someone or something that will restore peace/normalcy to a troubled land/people.

Example: Dorothy sets out on a quest to go to the Land of Oz to ask the Wizard of Oz to help her get back home. The Journey

Definition: The hero’s path; represents the journey of life

Example: Shrek and Donkey go on a journey to find Princess Fiona. The Task

Definition: A superhuman deed that must be performed to save the kingdom, win the fair lady, or identify the hero so that he may assume his rightful position.

Example: Thor Ragnorak, he saves the people of Azgard. Supernatural Intervention

Definition: The gods intervene on the side of the hero (or sometimes, against him)

Example: Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid, helps the Karate Kid face the bullies and be able to defend himself against them. Innate Wisdom vs. Educated Stupidity

Definition: Some characters exhibit wisdom and understanding of situations instinctively as opposed to those supposedly in charge (often demonstrated by Loyal Retainers).

Example: Matilda. She is extremely smart compared to her ignorant parents. The Fall

The Fall: a descent from a higher to a lower state of being, from innocence and bliss to loss - often accompanied by an expulsion from paradise.

Example: Adam and Eve eat the apple from the Forbidden Tree and get kicked out of Heaven. Also known as expulsion from Paradise. The Battle between Good and Evil

Definition: show’s mens eternal optimism in the continual portrayal of good triumphing over evil despite great odds.

Example; Harry Potter vs. Voldemort. Harry Potter is the good triumphing over Voldemort’s evil. The Ritual

Definition: Ceremonies that mark the rite of passage into another state. These include: sacrificial, initiation, and coming of the age rites

Example: Simba from the Lion King is made the heir to the throne. Sleep/The Void

Definition: Loss of personal awareness and sense of self. Healing and true peace or loss of self can be achieved in this state.

Example: Lone Star has to find out where he is from and how to use the Schwartz Death/Rebirth

Definition: Can be literal or physical; signifies an ending or the beginning

Example: Jesus Christ’s story is a perfect example of Death/Rebirth because Jesus goes through death on the Cross and then 3 days later is Reborn. Color By: Andrew Hodges, Hayden Hall, Mark Fluker Red

Positive Negative

Red shows often in the archetype of Red is represented in many stories as a love. This is represented often with the gift negative aspect. Anger, blood, death, and of red roses. violence is also associated with red. One example of this is in Star Wars where the antagonists wield red lightsabers. Green

Green commonly represents Mother Nature. What is also natural emotionally. Green also represents tranquility and is a peaceful color of the color wheel. Blue

● Highly positive- associated with peace, calm, truth, security, spiritual purity, contemption Black

Chaos, mystery, the unknown; death; evil; the unconscious

The suit Darth Vader wears is black to represent the darkness in darkness and evil within him. White

White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and. It

is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation. White can represent a successful beginning. In the business apple white represents the simplicity of the products in both their form and function. Brown

The color Brown represents earth, hearth home, reliability, comfort, simplicity. One example of this is Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. His brown body represents the Earth and his simplicity of his character. Pink

True love, friendship, attraction, romance, spiritual awakening, togetherness. Cupid and flower represent the love between two people Purple

Purple represents magical forces, power over obstacles, royalty, nobility, transformation, and wisdom. One example is in the character Thanos. This is shown through his magical power and power over all his enemies. Another example is the genie from aladdin, whose wisdom and magical forces helped the protagonists. A lot of happy and Yellow positive emojis are ● Joy, happiness, optimism yellow. ● imagination ● hope ● sunshine

Yellow symbolizes hope, even during the rough times. Gold

● greatness ● value ● wealth Ender spent most of the book trying to figure out his identity One (1) and purpose in life and at the end is ● Ultimate unity when he found it with ● Identity exploring the bugger’s worlds. ● Equality ● Existence ● General harmony, peace, and tranquility Peter and Two (2) Valentine Wiggin ● Contrast completely contrast each ● Diversity other. ● Inequality ● Division ● Separation What Ender goes through in the book is ● Disorder unfair as he doesn’t ● Confusion get treated the same as the other kids and ● Change he also goes through so much change, from Earth, to Battle School, to command school. Three (3) ● Light ● Spiritual awareness and unity ● The male principle ● Complientnesss ● Divinity ● Soul of the World which is the spiritual force that binds all of us together with the Earth

Ex: Holy Trinity Four (4) ● Associated with circle ● Life cycle ● Four seasons ● Female principle ● Earth ● Nature ● 4 elements

Ex: Earth Air Fire Water Six (6)

● evil connotations, devil ● ambivalence ● totals of labor ● luck, chance

666 is the devil’s number

In Chinese, 6 is believed to be lucky because the word for 6 sounds like the Liù (6) Liú (Flow) word for “flow,” meaning all is well. Seven (7)

● the most potent of all symbolic numbers - signifying the union of three (3) and four (4) ● the completion of a cycle ● perfect order Character Archetypes Lauren DeAnda, Ryleigh McClain, Aalycia Warren, Dorian Weakley The Spiritual Earth Mother/The Good Mother

● Definition- Woman with positive qualities of motherhood associated with life principle;represents birth, warmth, nourishment, growth, protection and abundance. ● One example would be Valentine from Ender’s Game. This is the actual actress that plays her. She is a good example because in the lake she was there for Ender and provided nourishment with his decision. ● The from Cinderella gives cinderella the comfort and confidence to go to the ball. She provides advice and materials for her. ● Glinda gives Dorothy guidance to follow the right way. The Soulmate

● Definition: princess or beautiful lady - the incarnation of inspiration and spiritual fulfillment. ● An example would be Madea from . She married Jason and used her magical powers to give advice to him. ● The soulmate in The Greatest Showmen could be Zendaya’s role. Her and Zac Efron have a love interest the whole movie. ● Lastly for the Soulmate is Princess Jasmine. You can see her qualities and love for Aladdin. The Wise One/ The Mentor/ The Sage

The savior, the redeemer, the guru - represents knowledge, insight, and wisdom; serves as a teacher or counselor to the hero.

-In “The Giver”, The Giver passes his wisdom down to Jonah

-In “Harry Potter”, Dumbledore teaches Harry important things to survive as a wizard.

-In “Star Wars”, Yoda mentors Luke Skywalker and teaches Luke the ways of the Jedi The Stepmother

A surrogate mother who represents the evil side of motherhood.

-The evil stepmother in “Cinderella” mistreats Cinderella constantly.

-Mother Gothel in “Tangled” keeps rapunzel from exploring the world and threatens her.


The damsel in distress is a vulnerable woman who must be rescued by the hero; often used as a way to trap the hero.

Snow white , rapunzel, and princess peach are all examples of a damsel in distress because something they all have in common is that they need a hero to help/ save them from a situation they are in. Loyal Retainers

- Individuals somewhat like servants who are heroic themselves; duty is to protect the hero and reflect his/her nobility - Mushu helps Mulan because he motivates and guides her through her journey. - Dobby always helps in a time of need and sacrifices his life for Harry. - Donkey accompanies Shrek on his quest and helps out whenever there is danger. Character Archetypes- Underdog, innocent, hero, loner/outcast, , evil mother or women as temptress Luke Whitley, Natalie Kalman, Jacob Shaw, and Amanda Umpierre 2nd Period Underdog

Characters who are usually in the wrong place at the wrong time, but who usually win something of value in the end

Harry is always in the wrong place in the Stanley gets accused of stealing shoes chamber of secrets finding everyone who was because someone threw them off a petrified bridge and landed in his hands The Innocent

Trusts in faith and optimism, has exceptionally high ideals and aspirations, and a belief in hard work and doing the right thing

Lord of the Flies- Ralph cares about getting them off the island but while they are stuck he wants them to work hard, build huts, and keep the fire going

Luke Skywalker worked very hard to reach his full potential The Hero

Man or woman with great strength & courage; known for having honorable purposes; willing to risk life for the good of all; often leaves the familiar to enter a new, unfamiliar, challenging world, and then returns to his or her familiar world.

Kevin from Minions- Goes out into the unknown when his tribe is depressed and pledges not to come back until he’s found a new leader

Hercules- The strongest of all mortals, Hercules is known for his numerous adventures fighting dangerous creatures Loner or Outcast A character who is separated from society due to an impairment or an advantage that sets him apart from others.

Ender Wiggin- Known growing up for being a third, which made him an outcast.

Forrest Gump- Due to his leg braces Forrest Gump is unable to walk properly and is constantly bullied, and made fun of. The Villain

Definition: The male or female personification of evil. The antagonist who truly personifies evil. The villain’s malice is limitless and rarely is the villain reformed.

Cobra Kai Sensai from . Poisons apple Bonzo from Ender’s Game. He Karate Kid. He is the man to try and get rid of Snow bullies Ender and is an external in charge to not let Daniel White so she is the “fairest conflict throughout the book. win throughout the movie of them all” and during the final fight. The terrible mother/The woman as temptress

A woman to whom the protagonist is attracted and who ultimately brings about his downfall

Mother Gothel is Rapunzel’s evil stepmother who pretends to love her to use her hair to make her younger

Scarlet overkill uses the minions to help her steal a crown and she pretends to love them

The Evil Queen from Enchanted banishes her son and his bride so she can stay queen forever Character Archetypes -- , The Ogre, The Scapegoat, The Serpent, Star-crossed Lovers

Lucy Sullivan, Amalie Staples, Luke Johnson, Lukas Bass Jester/ / Trickster

Tricks others to get them to do what they want

● Bart Simpson ● Donkey from Shrek ● Bugs Bunny The Giant/Monster/Ogre

A character who is lonely (because he is shunned), with uncontrollable rage or strength or violence; often he falls in love with and protects a beautiful woman. Sometimes must be outwitted by heroes. Scapegoat/Sacrificial Victim

An animal or more usually a human whose death in a public ceremony expiates some taint or sin that has been visited upon a community. The Serpent

● The Serpent is a helper and a representative of evil. ● Sybil Mira (The Lunar Chronicles) ● Iago (Aladdin) ● Colonel Graff (Ender’s Game) ● Python (Greek ) Ill-Fated/ Star Crossed Lovers

● A young man and woman enter an ill-fated love affair which ends tragically in the death of either one or booth of the lovers

● Rose and ● Ned and Maude Flanders ● Romeo and Juliet