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1977 Chic Chic Producer, Writer, , Artist 1977 Best of Al Jarreau Producer 1978 Chic C'est Chic Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1978 Norma Jean Producer, Writer, Guitar, Arrangements, Mixing 1979 Chic Greatest Hits Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1979 We Are Family Producer, Writer, Guitar, Arrangements 1979 Chic Risque Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1979 Chic Chic's Greatest Hits Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1980 Diana Producer, Writer, Guitar 1980 Chic Real People Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1980 Sister Sledge Love Somebody Producer, Writer, Guitar Today 1980 Sheila and B. King of the World Producer, Writer, Guitar, Arrangements Devotion 1981 Diana Ross All the Greatest Hits Producer, Writer, Arrangements 1981 Koo Koo Producer, Writer, Guitar, Vocals, 1981 Chic Take It Off Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1982 Material Guitar 1982 Chic Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1982 Various Artists Soup For One Producer, Writer, Guitar (Soundtrack) 1983 Will Powers Dancing for Mental Co-Producer, Guitar Health 1983 Trash It Up Producer, Guitar 1983 Let's Dance Producer, Guitar, Arrangements 1983 Guitar, Programming 1983 Chic Believer Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1983 Nile Rodgers Adventures in the Producer, Writer, Guitar, , Drum Land of Good Groove patterns, Artist 1983 Michael Gregory Situation X Producer, Guitar 1984 Al Jarreau Moonlighting Producer (Theme Song) (Soundtrack) 1984 Nile Rodgers Alphabet City (Film) Composer (Film Score) 1984 Guitar 1984 Arena Producer 1984 INXS The Swing Producer 1984 Like a Virgin Producer, , Synclavier, Juno 58 1984 Diana Ross Swept Away Guitar 1984 Hall & Oats Adult Education, Producer, Writer, Guitar single 1984 Soundtrack Producer, Guitar (“Out Out”) 1985 Here's to Future Days Producer, Guitar, Vocals 1985 David Bowie/Mick Dancin’ In the Streets Producer, Arrangements, Guitar Jagger 1985 She's the Boss Producer, Guitar 1985 Sister Sledge When the Boys Meet Producer, Writer, Guitar, Bass, Synclavier the Girls 1985 Jeff Flash Producer, Writer, Guitar 1985 Boys and Girls Guitar 1985 Various Artists White Nights Producer, Writer, Guitar (Soundtrack) 1985 Nile Rodgers B-Movie Matinee Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1985 Do You Producer, Writer, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass

1985 That’s Dancing Producer, guitar (“Invitation To Dance”) (Soundtrack) 1986 Howard Jones One to One Guitar 1986 True Colors Guitar • 1 • NILE RODGERS: discography

1986 Guitar, Rhythm guitar 1986 Al Jarreau Producer, Writer, Guitar, Vocals, 1986 Inside Story Producer, Writer, Guitar, Vocals 1986 Duran Duran Notorious Producer, Guitar 1986 Laurie Anderson Home of the Brave Producer (multiple tracks), Guitar, Sound (Soundtrack) Effects, Synclavier (multiple tracks) 1986 Inside Out Producer, Writer, Guitar, Keyboards, 1986 Bryan Ferry The Fly (Soundtrack) Producer, Writer, Guitar (“Help Me”) 1987 Madonna Producer, Guitar 1987 Outloud Outloud Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1987 Terry Gonzalez Is There Rockin' In Producer, Writer, Guitar, Keyboards, This House 1988 Various Artists Coming to America Producer, Writer, Music Supervisor, Guitar (Soundtrack) 1988 Thompson Twins Greatest Mixes: The Producer, Guitar Best of the Thompson Twins 1988 Christopher Max More Than Physical Producer, Guitar 1988 David Sanborn Close-Up Guitar (Rhythm) 1988 Various Artists Producer, Writer (Soundtrack) 1989 Nile Rodgers White Hot (Film) Composer (Film Score) 1989 B 52s Producer 1989 B 52s Producer, Guitar, Mixing 1989 Duran Duran Decade: Greatest Hits Producer, Mixing 1989 Slam Producer 1989 Producer, Guitar, Vocals 1989 B 52s Producer, Remixing 1989 Diana Ross Workin' Overtime Producer, Writer, Guitar, Background vocals 1990 A Little Bit of Love Producer 1990 B 52s Channel Z [US] 1990 David Bowie Changesbowie Producer, Guitar 1990 Mariah Carey Guitar 1990 Producer, Guitar 1990 Madonna Royal Box Producer, Guitar 1990 Madonna Immaculate Collection Producer, Guitar 1990 Mica Contribution Guitar 1990 Paul Young [1] Other Voices Producer, Guitar 1990 Vaughan Brothers Family Style Producer, Guitar, Arrangements, 1990 Let's Go Faster Producer 1991 Ambitious Lovers Lust Guitar 1991 Fireball Zone Producer, Guitar 1991 Chic: Best of Chic Dance Dance Dance: Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist Compilation 1991 Various Artists Thelma and Louise Producer (Soundtrack) 1991 Dan Reed Network Heat Producer 1992 Sister Sledge Best of Sister Sledge Producer, Writer, Guitar (1973-1985) 1992 B 52s Producer, Guitar 1992 Chic Best of Chic, Vol. 2 Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1992 Chic Chic Mystique Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1992 Chic Chic-ism Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1992 David Bowie Real Producer, Guitar 1992 B 52s Producer, Guitar 1992 Cyndi Lauper Guitar 1992 David Bowie Cool World Producer, Guitar (“Real Cool World”) (Soundtrack)

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1993 Diana Ross Diana: The Ultimate Producer, Writer, Guitar Collection 1993 B 52s Hot Pants Explosion Producer 1993 David Bowie Miracle Goodnight Producer, Guitar 1993 David Bowie Producer, Guitar, Choir 1993 Kirk Whalum Cache Guitars 1993 Sheena Easton World of Sheena Producer, Writer, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass Easton: The Singles 1993 David Bowie [#1] Producer, Guitar 1993 David Bowie Jump They Say [#2] Producer, Guitar 1993 David Bowie Jump They Say [#3] Producer, Guitar 1993 Robbie Dupree Walking on Water Guitar 1993 Southside Johnny All I Want Is Producer, Guitar Everything 1993 /Nile Stone Free: A Tribute Producer, Guitar ("Stone Free") Rodgers to Jimi Hendrix 1993 Beavis & Butt-Head Beavis & Butt-Head Producer, Guitar ("Come to Butthead") Experience 1994 INXS The Greatest Hits Producer (“Original Sin”) 1994 David Sanborn Best of David Sanborn Guitar (Rhythm) 1994 Diana Ross Diana Extended Producer, Writer (“Upside Down”) 1994 Eric Clapton Tribute to Curtis Producer, Guitar (“You Must Believe Me”) Mayfield 1994 Jimmie Vaughan Strange Pleasure Producer, Writer, Guitar 1994 Various Artists Blue Chips Producer, Writer, Guitar (Soundtrack) 1994 Your Filthy Little Producer Mouth 1994 Bryan Ferry Guitar (Rhythm) 1994 Nile Rodgers Beverly Hills Cop III Producer, Guitar, Artist (“Axel F”) (Soundtrack) 1994 B52’s The Flintstones Producer, Guitar (“Bedrock Twitch”) (Soundtrack) 1994 Diana Ross One Woman: Arranger, Conductor 1995 Toshi Kubuta Bumpin' Voyage Guitar 1995 Cyndi Lauper 11 Deadly Cyns Guitar 1995 Steve Winwood Finer Things Guitar 1995 History: Past, Present Guitar and Future 1995 Toshi Kubuta, Sunshine, Moonlight Guitar 1996 Chic Chic Freak and More Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist Treats 1996 and Marta Curdled (Soundtrack) Producer, Writer, Guitar Sanchez

1996 Thompson Twins Love, Lies & Other Producer, Guitar Strange Things: Greatest Hits 1996 Feeling Minnesota Producer, Guitar (“Ring of Fire”) (Soundtrack) 1996 Guitar (“Fly Like An Eagle”) (Soundtrack) 1996 Smokin' Section Guitar 1997 David Bowie Little Wonder [Limited Producer, Guitar Edition] [#2] 1997 Stray Cats : A Producer Retrospective '81-'92 1997 Steve Winwood Guitar 1997 Samantha Cole Samantha Cole Producer, Writer, Guitar • 3 • NILE RODGERS: discography

1997 Samantha Cole Without You Producer, Writer, Guitar 1997 Taja Sevelle Toys of Vanity Writer 1997 INXS Shine Like It Does Producer (“Original Sin”) 1998 Beckology Producer, Writer, Guitar 1998 B 52s Time Capsule: Mixes Producer Summer of Love 98 1998 Jimmie Vaughan Out There Producer, Guitar 1998 All Four One On and On Producer, Writer, Guitar 1999 Chic Live at the Budokan Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 1999 Chic Summer of Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist (“Everybody Sam(Soundtrack) Dance”) 1999 Various Artists Public Enemy Executive Producer, Artist, Producer (Soundtrack) 2000 Chic The Very Best of Chic Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 2000 Nile Rodgers Eventual Wife (Film) Composer (Film Score) 2000 Strangefolk A Great Long While Producer, Guitar 2000 Youngstown Bullet Proof Producer, Guitar 2001 Cheb Mami Dellali Producer, Guitar 2001 Just Me Producer, Guitars 2001 Dax Riders Real Fonky Time Producer (), Guitar 2001 Snow Dogs (Film) Producer, Guitar (“As”) 2001 Britney Guitar 2001 Various We Are Family Producer, Writer, Guitar 2001 Chic Rush Hour II Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist (“Let's (Soundtrack) Bounce) 2002 Diana Ross Maid in Manhattan Producer, Writer (“I'm Coming Out”) (Soundtrack) 2002 Various Artists We Are Family (Film) Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 2002 Hysteria Guitar 2003 The Dandy Warhols Welcome To the Guitar (Rhythm) Monkey House 2003 David Lee Roth Diamond Dave Guitar 2003 Various Artists Outlaw Volleyball Executive Producer, Writer Video Game Soundtrack 2003 Wackside/CHIC New Single Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist 2004 ” Guitar Mind, Body, Soul 2004 People” Producer, Guitar Sly2K Tribute 2004 Toby Lightman “Devils & Angels” Electric Guitar “Front Row” Little Things 2004 Various Artists 2 Video Game Executive Producer Soundtrack 2004 Soul Decision New Album Producer, Guitar 2005 Chic New Album Producer, Writer, Guitar, Artist

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Sampling Short List (too many to list all) New Song Title Artist Original Song Buddy Nice Tips Def Squad Delight Def Squad Rapper's Delight Do You Wanna Dance Unknown Good Times Feels So Good Puff Johnson Rapper's Delight Freak Out Collision Freak Le Freak Freak Out M C Lyte Le Freak Freak Show Young & Restless Le Freak Freestyle Busy Bee Good Times Gettin' Jiggy Wit It Will Smith He's The Greatest Dancer Good Life Good Times He’s The Greatest DJ Tony Touch He’s The Greatest Dancer Hennessey The Lords Upside Down Hit Me With That Stuff GP Wu Good Times Hopeless Masters of Easier to Love Hotel Huni Rapper's Delight It's All Good Will Smith Good Times Keep in Touch Kaoru Lets Go On Vacation Keep On Pharcyde Lets Go On Vacation Love Like This Faith Evans Chic Cheer Beverly Knight So Fine Me & My Crazy World The Lost Boyz Good Times Mo’ Money, Mo’ Prob Notorious B.I.G. I'm Coming Out Movin Something Focus Strike Up The Band Ooh Baby Baby Marisa Turner Le Freak Rapper’s Delight Sugarhill Gang Good Times Spell Nicole Renee I Want Your Love Take Off Jane Blaze Chic Cheer These Are The Times Pure Sugar Good Times Want Love General Grant I Want Your Love We Are Family Chevelle Franklyn We Are Family We Keep It Hot Dakaperz Good Times We're Unified Kid Capri Good Times Whatcha Gonna Do Queen Latifah Savoir Faire Ya'll Know What It Is B Rock & Biz We Are Family International #1 Hits New Song Title Artist Original Song Modjo Soup For One Groove Jet Spiller

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