I 'herself. Loren 'Churchill was elected their tour, and Mr. Ballard gave ai~ ~ T C ~ADUtTED historian for life and Clifford Clark of ,, talk at the meeting. ~ , ,, ~ ]Flint was named vice president. The [ ,Right About Face at the Fair I The club members judged the vari2 i v~errmon was 'spent ~n visiting and ous animals seen at the different pla- c~ viM~d. $I""""" the same l~tace next year on the sec- On Thursday, August 6, a number ond Saturday in August. of club members of the county, owning Relatives were present from Day- Holstein calves, attended the summer E. B. Sehwaderer Had 10 Cuss ton, Ohio, Detroit, Flint, Oscoda, Ca' Carefully Selected from Inter- meeting of the State Holstein Asso- Large Group Were Presented City Men Him :on pal Washington, Romeo, Cass City, ciation at Arbu Farms near Oxford. with Diplomas at Mr. Pleas- Morgan, •Akron, Deckerville, Avoca, esting Exchanges for Chronb There they took part in the judging Eight-mile Road. Deford and Decker. cle Readers. contest in which 88 clubmembers re- l ant on August 6. Those who attended from this vicin- presenting 22 clubs from i0 counties ity were Loren Churchill, Mr. and Mrs. were entered. The prize, a fine Hol- People of this commmiit~y w]ao may mental trophy of your early Glenn C~urchill and family, Warren A/ccording to Chester :S. Mannin.g of stein bull calf, was won by the Fair- I "The travel the Eight-mile road from Yan years becomes the bulwark of your Churchill and daughter, Olive, Mr. "and Flint, area ~.mana'ger of the Michigan grove Club of Tuscola County. Ward Dyke to Mack Avenue in Detroit WiIi Mrs. Willlam Church•ill and sons, Er- .Bell Telephone company, plans are i maturity and the safety of the nation," ride over a concrete highway whose Aldrich, Sam Aldrich, and Wendel Bid* President oW. G. Spencer of Hillsdale nest and Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd under way for a part reconstruction dle were the three high men on the contractor, Eugene ]3. Schwaderer, is Carpenter and famity, Lloyd Warner, of the long distance telephone lines college advised 247 graduates at Cen- a Cass City man. Not only is the con- Fairgrove team. This club also won tral State Teachers' College Thursday Glenn Warner, Mrs. Emily Warner, between Lapeer- and -Vassar for the the calf two years ago, ~vhen the tractor well known locally, but ten Mrs. Hazel Kitchin and son, Donald, purpose of improving transmission. morning', August 6. of his ussistants, Uurtis Hunt, Clare meeting was held at the Detroit This number established an all-time Mr. and Mrs. S. J. l~itehell, Mr. and All county roads in Lapeer county Creamery Farms at Mr. Clemens. Sehwaderer, John. and Donald Lorent- Mrs. Harry Mitchell and family, Mr. have been given numbers and markers graduation record. Composing the zen, Josep]~ Tesho, Atbert Whitfield, and Mrs. Jason Kitchin and family, have been placed along "the routps. largest group were 164 getting two Leonard Urquhart, Ronald "and Ira Mr. and l~rs. Win. Kitchin and fam- year life certificates. After Septem- Reagh, and Ed GreenIeaf are Cass Faye Davies, daughter of Mr. and ber 1 of this year none are to be ily, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Kitchin "and Mrs. Ben Davies of Elmer township, City men, while Harold Benkelman, Virginia Wyble. granted with less than three years of another employe, was many years a Sanilac county, received her private CLUB collegiate work. resident here. pilot's license at the Wayne County A. B. degrees were granted to 37 The paving on this highway has Airport, Detroit. She passed both while 13 received B. S. degrees at the been completed very recently and written and flying tests With high ,ALUAB[[ L[SSONS hands of President E. C. Warriner. shoulders are to be graded before ac- ratings. Miss Davies has been a comp- Eleven were given 3 year lifes while ceptance of the job by the state. The tometer operator for the Michigan 22 were awarded limited certificates, pavement is 20 feet wide and approxi- Bell Telephone company for the past Class of 1926 Held Three Years' Training in Hand- good for either 3 or 5 years. three years. mately 6½ miles long and the job was Reun i on, Saturday I ling Dairy Cattle Obtained One hundred twenty-six Michigan awarded to Mr. Schwaderer at $106,- After nearly five years of residence towns and the state of Indiana were 000. in North Branch, Mr. and Mrs/ F. R. 1 by Mmh~gan Youngste~°s represented in the line of march. Out Ryan and two little sons, Frank and The Class of 1926 of the Cass City I Mr. Schwaderer, a few years ago, Frank Reid Retained as Maria- High School held a reunion SatUrday] o .~- of the 247, 28 earned recognitioh for laid the cement on N-53 between A1- William, left Wednesday for their new KeG Total :Sales Reached .... evening in the form of a dinner at l ...... scholarship with a "B" average or mont and Imlay City. This is a fine location in We~verville, county seat of th P in o Pin lwlcnlgan now has z,~uu 3umor better through their work at the col- $211,792.90. Trinity county, Calif., where Mr. Ryan e o t f es hotel at Port Aus-I " " 1 ~ s~etch of highway and is particularly tin. Sixteen of the thirty-seven mere- dalrymen, members of 4 - H dalry ca If lege. pleasing to the residents Of that por- has purchased the Weaverville IIydro- s, c:!Wf: '2: ' ;:: *° hor~ of th- ola~ ~e~ ~o~o~e M~ i clubs, who have a three-year plan o I President Spencer discussed "Stud- - . . ~, • tion Lapeer county. Electric Co/'s plant. ~'g ~ GC.~-~" £ ' -~:J~*\" ~ .... lwork which includes the raising and of The stockholders of The Pro- anct ~Iv±rs. WllllS uampDell anct ±vlrs. J . ~f r] ..... ies In Blography, pointing out early When Mr. ~Schwaderer firs% started Farm The Sanilac county road commission in Horse Races. duce Company, at ammal meet- S B Youn~ ~r~ ~-~ D~]care ox a pureore:~ anlmal from ~ne !attitudes, among others, of Washing- constructing cement roads, his big their has completed the road mileage survey !ing held at the town hall Tuesday af- was en'o3yed ~aiter ~the~'~e droner ...... ~ time it is a calf until it is producing !ton, Franklin, Lincoln and Sun Yat day's record was laying 1,100 square and in five years 1,478.75 miles will Sen. He praised the graduates as hav- ternoon, elected the following directors be added to the road system of Sanllac Those who enjoy a big midway will Those from out of town who attend- Imum yards of cement. Later this was in- t The club members are supervised ing escaped "building monuments to to succeed themselves: W. J. Schweg- county. Of this amount about 297.75 find that feature well supplied at the ed were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fiddy- , " creased to 1,@0. With the splendid ment, John Benkelman, Miss Dorcas by state club leaders and mu.s~ Keep failure." equipment of road machinery he has ler, N. A. Perry, John A. Benketman, miles will be added by April 1, 1932, Cass City Fair this -week. Rides, Smith Hutchinson, C. J. Striffler, Eli- shows, refreshments stands, and other and Miss Frances McLeod, all of De- a record of the cost of growing the There were more than half a hun- at the present time, this contractor's and 20 percent will be added each year dred more graduates this summer than jah Fisher, and I. W. Hail. for the next five years. The cost of concessions fill the midway lanes from troit, and Mr. and Mrs. David Orr of calf and of all expenses of producing high mark this season was 2,100 i Car o ~milk during the period of lactation. a year ago and with educational re- square yards in a day. Frank Reid, manager of the com- maintaining the township roads will the gates to the grandstand. pany, reported that the total :sales of i The youngsters get training in judg- Iquirements for teachers growing more ,, In the equipment are a paving ma- be taken from the gas tax th~s elimi- Special attraction acts at the fair I -i ling stringent this August's record may the company had reached $211,792.90 are reported by many to be ,above the t -animals through exhibiting their chine, a caterpillar {~'actor, a steam hating the highway labor tax and the not be equalled for many years. during the yea~ just closed, and that highway improvement tax in each average and are receiving many corn- l FIV[ CLUBS "ATT[ND[D stock at fairs and by entering judging shovel, an elevating shovel, eight In- plimentary endorsements. The 171 contests where the members compete Seventeen of the graduates came ternational 1½ ton trucks, a Packard the net profits were $3,098.04. Both township by the' end of the five year the elevator plant and the lumber yard events of Jack Champion's ensemble t against each other. from. Thumb of Michigan towns as truck, a 3-ton G. M. C. truck, two period. follows: Ford pick-ups, two finishing machines, operated at a profit. Geo. C. Gardner, S anilac coun~ Mr. Reid was given a contract as gram that is varied as well ~s highly liNmC XEREWendell Biddle, wFairgrove,rd recently I Akron~Two year life, Joseph E. two pumps, one clam shell, two gra- treasurer, was busy last week in send- == Russell. manager for a three year per}od. entertaining, won a valuable purebred Holstein calf ders, 7000 feet road forms, four miles ing out checks to the several town- Bad Axe--Two year life, Anastasia Exhibits ]n the live stock depart- awarded by the Arby Farms as a prize of pipe, two rollers and one batch bin. ships and cities for their share of the Kavanagh, Win. D. MacAllister. ment are up to standard. The show- in a Holstein Field Day. The Fair- Mr. Schwaderer is the son of Mr. delinquent tax money, which is one Caro~A. B. degree, Florence Walk- WILL ATTEND NATIONAL ing of 4-H live stock is an exception: 'Group ¥isited Fort Jersey Farm grove club has won the Field Day and Mrs. Chris Schwaderer of Cass of the largest disbursements for any er Sharpe; two year life, Gladys Em- CONVENTION IN LOS ANGELES contest twice and the Benton club in City. quarter ending June 31st. The total ally good one and r3any fine specimens and the Moore and ery. have been placed on ex]~ibition. The Eaton county once. amount received during,the months of Carsonville--A. B. degree, William Guy W. Landon left Monday for Los April, May and Junne was $85,189.64, sheep and swine entries by these Wallace Farms. Most of the county and lo~al fairs Frederick Brown. Thumb Barbers Angeles, California, where he will at- of which Sanilac county will receive youthful farmers exceed those of last I now provide special classes in which Caseville--Three year limited, Min- tend the National Rural Letter Car- $41,361.54. The fact that no penalty year. Poultry and floral hall exhibits Last week wa~ a busy time for the ~prizes are awarded 4-H club members, nie D. Kenkle. Met at Marlette riers' Association convention. Mr. or fee was attached from May 7th to compare favorably with those of for- 14-H Livestock Clubs of Tuscola Coun- and the best of the animals from the Cuss City--Two year life, Caroline Landon is president of the Michigan July 1st accounts for the large mer years. The early fair makes it im- county fair are taken to the State E. Garety, Flossie M. Merchant. Rural Letter Carriers' Association and amount of delinquent taxes received at possible to make good exhibits in 'ty. Fair at Detroit. Occasionally, the club Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bailey, Donald Fairgrove--Two year life, Jenny C. l is the delegate at large for Michigan this time, which is about twice as fruits and vegetables and the shelves The County 4-H Club picnic for~ members exhibit in the open classes Dorland and John Brackenbury at- Wilson. to attend the national meeting. much as has been received by the of the agricultural hall are far from livestock club members was held at and give a good account of themselves. tended the Thumb Barbers' Associa- Kinde--Two year life, Ellen J. county in former years during the full. Cass City Saturday, August 8. Sixty i Dairy lessons learned in club work tion banquet at Marlette Thursday members, representing clubs from.Un-~ Pustinen. same period. Booths of merchandise displays in fare valuable to the members who re- evening. The banquet was held in the Millington~Two year life, Char- AUCTION SALE POSTPONED. The body of an unidentified man the floral hall have been placed by ionville, Vassar, Fairgrove, Caro, and mat n on farms. Records in the state Exchange hotel at eight o'clock. R.J. lotte Hynes. about 55 years and weighing about the S., T. & H. Oil Co., May & Doug- Cuss City, were present: The crowd club leader's office show that a former i McMullen of Bad Axe, president of the Minden City--Two year life, Carrie The auction sale of 400 swine ad- 160 pounds, was found Friday in Mc- las, D. Krug, Cooper & Striffier and met at 10:30 a. m. at the Fort JerseY ' club boy, Henry Latson, Ann Arbor, association, presided at the program. E. Klaus. vertised on page 7 of this number of Nally's Lake, three miles southwest Earl Chisholm, and on the grounds Farm, north of Cass City. After in- now in partnership with ~is father, ! The address of welcome was given by Unionville--Three year life, Doro- the Chronicle to take place at the of Imlay City, by sheriff's officers. The are farm implement exhibits by E. specting a fine herd of Jerseys and a owns 30 purebred Holsteins; Harold thy L. Wilkening; two year life, Li- F. J. Erwin, editor of the Marlette Grand Trunk Stock Yards at Pigeon pockets in his clothing were filled with Paul & Son and G/~ A. Striffier. fine new barn, four Jersey cows were Strange, Grand Ledge, has 16 pure-ila McCoy. Leader, and Mr. McMullen responded. on Aug'. 15 has been postponed until stones. Officers believe he committed Akron was defeated by Cass City selected and a judging demonstration bred Jerseys; and Andrew Buckley, Vassar--Two year life, Helen H~ Edward Strauss, president of the was held. Saturday, August 22. suicide by drowning. The only marks in Wednesday afternoon's baseball American Hair Dressers' Association, After a picnic dinner, the Moore lHeml°ck' has eight Holsteins at the,l Higgins, Clara Reynolds. R. J. Gardner, the salesman, notified of identification are the initials, F. R. game which resulted in the following end of 6 years of club work. and Daniel Orton, both of Detroit, and the Chronicle of the postponement to I., sewed into a yellow band in the score: Farm was visited, where fine Short- l ...... Roy Henderson, Harbor Beach, secre- the August 22rid date after page 7 of waist of his trousers. On the band are" . horn and Aberdeen Angus beef calves 1 O * : tary of the Thumb Barbers' Protective R H this number of the paper had been the figures 4-9399. The body, it was Akron .... 2 3 1 0 0 0 0 1 0~ 7 12 were used in a beef cattle judging 12 L. P. C unhes Association, had an active part in the demonstration The group then went STINE-SMITH. printed and for that reason the origi- said, had been in the lake several days. Cass City 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 5 *--11 10 program. to ttie A. J. Wallace farm where a I nal date for the sale appears in the The Chronicle goes to.press too Open to Deer Hunting After the dinner program, the bar- The flower and garden show spon- display advertisement on page 7. sored by Kingston Study Club will be early to give more than the results of i judging demonstration was given on Mr. and Mrs. Herman Stine are an- bers attended a demonstration of re- held at the high school Saturday af- Wednesday's races. The entries of i Oxford sheep, and Harry Crandell, Jr., nouncing the marriage of their oldest Twelve lower peninsula counties cent improvements in the barber busi- ternoon and night. Entries are open ~tnat afternoon and the way the horses J gave a demonstration on blocking daughter, Dolores Annabelle, to Mr. will be o~n to deer hunting during ness. Mr: Orton put on the demonstra- tate Vote on poses. George H. Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. the coming 'month of November, ac- tion assisted by Miss Steinburst, also . [ , to amateurs in Kingston and sur- finished and their best time are given sheep for exhibition and show pur- ~eorge Smith, Sr., of Pontiac. here: gording to the Department of Conser- of Detroit. There were 57 barbers and Oleo Bill O. K. rounding towns. Ribbons for first, Is second and third places Will be award- 2:25 Pace~ Nevels Pearson, assistant state club The wedding took place in the vation. These counties are all in the their wives at the dinner. The next leader, was present to take charge of Bethany Baptist church parlors at ed. Todd Seymore ..., ...... ~...... 1 1 northeastern section of the peninsula. meeting will be held September 17, in Present state regulations regarding the judging work, and he also gave Pontiac Monday, August 10, at 10:00 They are: Cheboygan, Presque Isle, Harbor Beach. Ethel Patchen ...... 3 5 1 the manufacture, distribution and sale Easter Sunday ...... 2 3 2 talks on the rules and reguluations of a.m. The bride wore a dress of Otsego, Montmorency, Alpena, Kal- of oleomargarine and other butter Lulu C ...... 6 2 3 I c!ub work. :' chin chin blue crepe trimmed in kaska, Crawford, Oscoda, Alcona, Ros- substitutes will not be changed until Mayor McKeighan Harland Patch ...... 4 4 The following agriculture teachers, rhinestones and beads with beige common, Ogemaw and Iosco. Three Autos in after November, 1932. Patricia Hal ...... , ...... 5 6 Mr. Longnecker, Vassar, Mr. Able, 'trimmings while the groom wore a The Conservation Commission at its Talks Before Rotarians Time, 2:17!4. The 1931 legislature enacted a law ¢- Caro, Mr. Ode, Fairgrove, Mr. Nes' suit of blue serge. The bride carried August meeting voted to close Em- Accidents Sunday repealing the present statute regard- The politician listens to an organ- 2:28 Trot--- man, Unionville, and Mr. Campbell, an arm bouquet of roses, Delphinium met, Benzie, Leelanau, Charlevoix, and ing oleomargarine and prohibiting the ized request more than to an individ- Lillian B ...... 3 1 1 Cass City, together with D. B. Jewell, ferns and baby breath. The double Antrim for another two years together Ttlree automobiles collided five distribution and use of colored oleo. ual one, Mayor William H. (Bill) Jimmie McKinnie ...... 1 2 3 county agricultural agent, assisted Mr. ring ceremony was used. with all counties south of the north miles west of Cass City Sunday night The 1931 act also placed a license tax McKeighan of Flint told members of Rollene ...... 2 3 4 Pearson with the judging and demon- The attendants were Mr. and Mrs. line of Townline 20, except those when Carl Strickland, driving a Chrys- on the manufacture, distribution and the Rotary Club at their luncheon Laura P. Direct ...... 7 4 2 stration work. . Bert Lish, sister and brother-in-law closed by the last legislature. Mauls- ler roadster and going" west, tried to sale of the uncolored product. Queen Direct ...... 4 5 5 At 1:00 p. m. on Tuesday, August of the groom. Other relatives who tee, Wexford, Missaukee, Clare, Lake, here Wednesday noon. Mr. McKeighan Evelyn Jo ...... 6 6 5 pass a second car going west and met A petition calling for a referendum has battled 20 years in public life, 4, the Unionville Livestock Club corn attended the wedding were the Newaygo and Mason counties were on the 1931 act was filed with the De- Highland Chief ...... 5 7 7 ducted their annual tour, visiting the groom's father and Stanley and Geo. an Essex sedan, owned and driven by serving four terms as mayor of Flint, closed for,five years by the 1931 legis- partment of State early in August, Time, 2:20 14. 'animals owned by the various club Lish, nephews of the groom. lature. Grant Van Winkle, coming east. Mr. and claims he knows whereof he and a check by the department showed Farmers' Run~ members. The tour ended at the Mr. and Mrs. Smith are spending Strickland, seeing he was too close to speaks. He claims he has been right The five counties ordered closed for that there were over 50,000 signatures Susan ...... 1 1 Frederick Autherson farm Where lunch a two weeks' vacation at the home of the Essex to pass, pulled back to his as often as he has been wrong and two years longer by the Commission on the petition. As only slightly over Smokey ...... 2 3 was served and the business meeting the bride's parents at Cass City after side of the road, striking the car he says that the man who makes mistakes would have automatically opened next 42,000 signatures are needed under the Anna Cretone ...... 3 was passing and causing it to turn should counteract them with good and program was held. i which 'they will resume their duties November through the expiration of constitution, the 1931 oleo act cannot Dick ...... :...... 2 C. V. Ballard, assistant state leader at Pontiac where they are both era- former closing orders. across the road. Mr. Van Winkle, who deeds. Time, 52½. be made effective until after it receives of county agricultural agents, and ployed. Their many friends extend The closing order for deer hunting was returning from a visit with rela- McKe]ghan, who is said to be a majority at a general state County Agricultural Agent, D. B. congratulations and best wishes for a in Grand Traverse county' also expires tives in Caro, in trying to keep from vote, grooming for the governor race, told election. 5ewell, accompanied the members on happy wedded life. in November 1933. In two years the striking the car head-on, was hit in Rotarians that he has always landed CLAYTON GOTTS LOST TWO The next state election will be held commission will again consider the ad- such a way that his car was turned in the mayor's chair during tough FINGERS OF LEFT HAND a year from next November and until visability of continuing the closing of over into the ditch. times. His friends always vote for that time, present oleo regulations will the northern counties of the lower With Mr. Van Winkle were his wife him, he says, and his enemies seem to • Clayton Gotts, son of Horatio Gotts remain in force. peninsula but the commission has no and daughter, Sharlie, Mrs. Van Win- do so when they are convinced they of Cass City, had the misfortune to kle, Sr., and William Akerman. All authority to open the counties closed can add to his difficulties by landing lose the third and little fingers of his A YI::ARS SUBSCRIPTION FOR by legislative act. were shaken up but no one was in- him in office when the road is hard left hand Monday afternoon when he In a memorandum to the commis- jured e~:cept for slight bruises. Both and rough. Nevertheless, he claims got them caught in a pumping engine ffenders and the running board on the GIRLS WANT PLACES TO TMREE BUSHELS OF WNEAT sion, the Game Division of the Con- that in each of-his administrations while working on the road between servation Department expressed ar~ left side of the Van Winkle car were WORK FOR BOARD, ROOM Flint's tax rate was lowered, the as, Kingston and Sandusky. Following the lead of the Huron County Tribune, the opinion that Ben~ie and Leelanau wrecked and a glass broken. The sessed valuations were reduced and counties "have very few deer and it is Chrysler was not damaged and the the money levied for taxes was less Cass City Chronicle is offering to trade a year's sub- Several girls have applied to DE LUXE CO. HAS LEASED not likely that they will become impor- other car but slightly. than in the administrations of other scription for three bushels of wheat. Wheat growers L. D. Randall, superintendent of PASTIME THEATER HERE tant deer hunting counties. Oceana schools, for places at which they mayors serving in years close to his. who wish to take advantage of this offer to pay their and Mecosta have some deer but they 130 ATTENDED CLARK might work for their board and IVlcKeighan voiced his Opposition to The Pastime Theater has been subscriptions for another year are asked to bring their are isolated from the other open room during the school year. big chain businesses and said that counties." REUNION SATURDAY leased to the De Luxe Co. of which Several of these girls will find Flint recently added $1,000,000 to the wheat to the elewator of the Farm Produce Co. or the Harry Hobolth of Imlay City is man- it impossible to attend school at assessed valuation of chain i~roper- Michigan Bean Ca. at,Cass City, or the Elkland Roller The fourth annual reunion of the ager. The theater, with new machine Cass City if places are not ties in that city. Too much money, CRAWFoRD SCHOOL HAS Clark family was held at the farm and other new equipment, will be Mills. A receipt will be given by the grain dealer for the found for them. he claimed, is going to Wall St. where FIRST REUNION SATURDAY home of Berton Edgerton, six miles 25 men have incomes totalling $256,- opened Sept. 1. three bushels and this should be brought to the Chron- south of Capac, on Satflrday. A boun- If any persons have work of • ¢ this nature at which the girls 000,000. icle office where subscription credit will be given. tiful dinner was served in the grove, The farmer, merchant and laborer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dickinson left The Cra~vford school in District No. followed by a short program. might earn all or a part of their Bring in the wheat. The equivalent in cash will not 1, Novesta, will hold its first reunion expenses, they are requested to are all in the same boat these days, Tuesday for their home in Pittsburg, Berton Edgerton was re-elected on Saturday, August 15. notify Mr. Randall. he says, and the buying power of a Pc., after Spending a week at the home be accepted, This offer may be for a limited time only. president and Mrs. Albert Kitchin was community could be increased if all of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A pot luck dinner will be served at chosen secretary-treasurer to succeed would cultivate a co-operative spirit. Lee Dickinson. noon followed by a program of music, short addresses and games.


Sister Lucena, who is visiting her Satin by Day and Satin by Night I GAGETOWN I sister, Mrs. Jos. Freeman, and Sister • O Romana, who is visiting her father, Mr. and Mrs. P. Kehoe spent the Jno. Stapleton, and brothers and sis: TOPNOTCHERS by By CHERIE NICHOLAS week-end in Pontiac. Patrick Kehoe, ters. who spent the past three weeks in Mrs. King of Bay City is visiting Pontiac with his sister, Mrs. F. O'Neil, her daughter, Mrs. L. Prior, this COOUS?O oftAo returned with them. week. Three cars containing sixteen ladies NDSm,, AI 'rH with well-filled baskets landed at the R0cheleau cottage at Rose Island PRO6RESS IS SHOWN i Thursday, about11:00 a. m. Dinner, supper, bathing and 500 were enjoyed. IN ARMY AIR CORPS 'Mr.~. I,anr~nc~ McDonald carried a.wav 9,1926 34APE I first p~, -~o ~ ~a~+h m ...... Defenses Strengthened, ceiving house prize and Mrs. Frank Say F~OHT Ogg~ e Lenhard consolation prize. All en- Aviation Heads. NORTH POgE .t~YRP• joyed the dance in the evening, re- -/{AVIC~ATO~ AND \ turning at a late hour. Washington.~Under the impetus of ,' 9P-NNP-TT, FJLO.T' \ the five year expansion plan adopted Mrs. Elizabeth Bruder Detroit is of by congress in 1926, the army air spending some time with her brothers, corps has been vastly strengthened, in Anthony Weiler and John Weiler. the view of War department aviation Mr, and Mrs. Louis Heric of De- experts. o JOLV I, t92.7. ~:~IOHT 1 troit spent Wednesday evening at Mrs. While holding still more planes and AC2OS~ ¢4_e_A!A~_ _TjC. / Wald's home. Mr. and Mrs. Heric officers are necessary for a well left Thursday morning for Northern rounded military air defense, the air FZANE LPd~I~P OK THE Michigan for a two weeks' trip. corps, in summarizing its achievements NOt?Y~NDV COAgT e/rer of the last few years, pointed to what Mrs. Josephine McDonald spent the I:LVIN@gOt~ ttOU~2 it considers rapid progress both in past• week at the old farm home now technical equipment and skill of pilots. owned by her son, Francis McDonald; Under the five year plan, adopted in A FO~=~A~ and enjoyed a visit with the old neigh- 1926, but put effect bors, especially with Mrs. Bye, who is not into until 1927, the air corps was to have 1,800 88 years old, and Mrs. Charles Carr, "serviceable" planes, 1,650 regular of- now 86 years. Both ladies are active ricers, 550 reserve officers on duty each and it is remarkable to state that Mrs. year and 15,000 enlisted men in ]932. ~OV, 28-29, t929 \\/\t' Bye was washing dishes and Mrs. Cart The material program has gone for- FL[E~ o~Jg~ 5007N POLP:. picking berries when Mrs McDonald ward according to schedule, save for entered. 5PENDIN6 TWO " IGLOO II a deficit of 66 planes, construction of ~]6A~?,S zA EIEN1]FI( A FOX Te2me.~z • ACCOmPAN I Z D Oscar Auten of Detroit, who for- which was delayed until 1933 because E~

ELLINGTON AND NOVESTA. Snap Shots at the Fair Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Willis of Pon- tiac spent Thursday with the letter's brother, Maynard Delong. Dorothy Doerr is spending some THE time with her sister, Mrs. Luke

left Friday to spend a week with rela- ~o..oo.o..o.,o.,o..o,.o,,o,,o.,~..o,.o,.o..o.,o.o.,o.,o.,o.,o,.e..o.,o..o.,o. HURO.N tives and friends at Sault Ste. Marie. Mrs. Jane Rowan, who had spent two o weeks with her mother, Mrs. Burt, re, " WANT A COME TO DETRO|T turned to her home at the See with any day this Summer, park your car on the dock, and enjoy this all-day them. DOCTOR ? sail over the great International Highway of Lakes and Rivers. Free Mrs. Charles Kittendorf and daugh- : SURE of PAYING Positions ! Dancing on the boat. Splendid Cafeteria and Lunch Service. See Detroit HE HAS A river front, Belle Isle, Lake St. Clair, the Flats and the celebrated "Venice ter, Miss Lucile, Mrs. Thomas, Miss of America." This cruise of 61 miles each way takes you through a con- Murray, and Miss Bertha Henderson, stantly changing panorama of rare land and water views. all of Harbor Beach, were guests at Our Graduates Pursue Their the A. A. Schmidt home one day last Port Huron, Sarn~a, St. Clair Flats, Algona¢ Course With Confidence and Pleasure week. Miss Kittendorf is a classmate | Starting,this trip from Port Huron passengers leave at 3:10 p. m., arriving and roommate of Miss Schmidt at TELEPHONE & in Detroit at 7:45 p. m. Returning, leave Detroit at 9 the next morning, Port Huron hospital. Through years of experience we have learned arriving in Port Huron at 2:10 p. m. John G. Little of Croswell was a A telephone call to interpret the requirements of "Business" and Str. Tashmoo leaves Griswold St. Dock at 9 a. m., Daily and Sunday; arrive Port Huron 2:10 p. m. Returning, leave PORT HURON, 3:10 p. m., arrive guest at the A. A. Schmidt home will bring him to big institutions and corporations know tha t~ Detroit 7:45 p. m. Y&R~$: Tashmoo Park or St. Clair Flats, week days 75c; Thursday and Friday. Miss Evelyn your bedside any Schmidt accompanied him to Croswell Sundays, $1.00, R. T. Port Huron or Semis, Ont., one way, $1.10, R.T. $2. hour of the day or and Saturday returned to Port Huron ? Our Graduates Are Dependable TASHMO0 PAR~ after spending a three weeks' vacation night. Can you half-way between Detroit and Port Huron is Detroit's favorite pleasure park at her home here. Miss Schmidt is a -~ call him ? and that's why we have plenty of places for those where you may spend six hours and return on Str. Tashmoo in the student nurse in the Port Huron City who finish our courses of Training and at good ' evening. Free dancing in the pavilion; picnic in the grove, baseball, golf hospital. and all outdoor spots and amusements. ] starting" salaries. We train our st,.dents to fill a Several Cass City people attended] IT IS NOT A HOME f~ the Evangelical Assembly at Sebe- good posioions where ability and responsibility WITHOUT Huron, are ~ood on Str. Tashmoo either direction waing Sunday. The sessions continue are necessary. • ,~ every day during this week, closing l¢ A TELEPHONE Sunday evening', August 16. From * El,DON ]~ BAKER, President We Have Classes S$~r~i~g ~very Mo~day D~nc|ng Moon~]ghCs ¢o Sugar Is|und Thursday evening to Sunday evening, Drive to Detroit and enjoy an evening of music and dancing on Str. the sessions are devoted to the 29th HAVE ONE INSTALLED Tashmoo and in the pavilion at Sugar Island. Tickets 75c. Park on the annual convention of the Michigan dock. Leave at 8:45 every evening. Branch Woman's Missionary Society. TODAY Baker Bus[ne ;s Um vers: ty Among the convention speakers are Accredited by the Nationa, l Association of Accredited Schools and Approved RANDOLPH POPULAR STRo TASHMOO FootMGrlswoldSt. ~m O~rRO~r,~,cu. Rev. and Mrs. C. W. Guinter, mission- Michigan Associated by the State Board of Education i aries on furlough from Africa, Mrs..'. ELDON E. BAKER, President FLINT, MICHIGAN L. H. Seater of Le Mars, Iowa, gener- al secretary of Y. P. M. C., Rev. C. A. Teieph0ne Company

FOOD VALUES WASTED COULD NOT BE HELPED Cheap Method Kills Odd Hotel Building Collegiate Tassel IN PARING POTATOES Coquina was used in building the The Intercollegiate Bureau of • Aca- This Week The hotel guest was thoroughly an- Parasites of Sheep Hotel Ponce de Leon in St. Augustine. demic Costume says that the tassel of The housewife who pares potatoes noyed. People were running back- Thousands of carloads 'of this native the "mortar board" should be worn on by Ammu~ Bm~ before cooking them removes 20 per ward along the corridor outside his Fifty cents worth of chemicals and rock were brought to the/spot, crushed the left side for the doctor's, master's cent of the minerals contained by this room, making a terrible noise. So he one hour's work for three men are all and mixed with cement, forming an and bachelor's degrees. There are sev- St. Pancratius Church--Services at Grasshoppers a Burden excellent food, is the statement made took the telephone and spoke to the the necessary ingredients to protect a indestructible composite. To be exact, eral colleges that have made a 8:00 o'clock on Sunday morning. Sun- by nutrition specialists at Michigan manager's office. flock of 50 sheep from internal para- this hotel was not built, but rather local ruling, in accordance with Oil ~eeds tIelp :day school immediately after services. State College, who advise baking the "I can't get to sleep with all this sites which are the chief factor in re- cast, for "there is not a joint in the which the students wear the tassel A Laugh for Lawyers Rey. William X. Fitzpatrick, Pastor. potatoes or boiling them in their noise going on," he complained angrily. ducing flock profits, according to the building. The material was made as on the right side and upon the con- Ships for Sale "4 "I'm sorry, sir," said the voice of an needed, poured in while soft and jackets. animal husbandry department of Mich- ferring of the degree change it to the Doctor Larrimer, government ento- The specialists say to start the po- t Presbyterian Church--The Cotton excited clerk, "but I'm afraid we can't igan State College. rammed down three inches• at a time., left. Tiffs is a matter of local eden- It is, therefore, a huge monolith. ,mologist, says grasshoppers destroying tatoes to cooking in boiling water and Blossom Singers scheduled to appear control the movements of the fire bri- It is asnecessary to drench lambs corn. crops in northwestern and central to keep the water boiling. Cutting the at a union service here on the evening gade." !. ~ as it is mature sheep, and the livestock stattg Az~ ~pa~d'ng t~h~[r ravages ~9 potatoes in small pieces befo~ ~oki~ig S~CCiaii6~6...... ~a~ ~iia~ Llic ~2~si;~O"~ ts~at ~eai ~art o~ Prinzing miles a day by taking to their wings. increases the loss of minerals. The a week l~ter. Th date of their appear- Sore Love, Sour Honey ment should be given immediately un- Printing began with the use of wood The official mottO of Canada is A Marl There is little hope for grasshopper mineral salts which are boiled out ance at Cuss City is Sunday evening, Love and Honey came into the life less the sheep have been drenched re- blocks in China some 400 years B. C., Usque Ad Mare---"From sea to sea." .control this season. may be saved if the water in which Aug. 23. of Harry Somerfield but, apparently, cently. The usual treatment is a com- but was given its first great impetus It is an extract from the Latin ver- This reminds you that proud man, the potatoes are cooked is used for he objected to their manner of arrival. bination of black-leaf-forty and copper 'about the beginning of the Fifteenth sion of verse 8 of the 72d Psalm~"He .dressed in a little brief authority, may soups or gravy. Argyle M.E. Circuit--The Rev. Elmer Love and Haycraft Honey sulphate. century A. D. by the Germans, prob- shall have dominion also from sea to some day find himself wiped out by a • The skins of potatoes which have Ralph Harper of Port Hope will were in Love's car when it collided An ounce of the nicotine product ably Gutenberg, with,the invention of sea, and from the river unto the ends combination of plagues, insects de- been thoroughly cleaned and brushed preach at Cumber at 9:30 a. m., Wick- with Somerfield's. All three men and an ounce of copper sulphate in movable type and a form printing of the earth.,' There is a tradition stroying crops, rats and ground squir- with fat before baking can be eaten ware at 10:30 a. m., and Holbrook at alighted. three quarts of water will treat 24 press. Britannica doubts that Guten- that the fathers of confederation de. rels carrying disease, ants destroying and all the minerals will be utilized 1:00 p.-m., next Sunday, August 16. "Love," testified Somerfield, "hit me mature sheep. The usual dose is four berg was the inventor, but gives him rived the designation "Dominion" from everything in hot countries, r~bbits , by the body. Potatoes contain a lib- The pastor, Rev. Hichens, will preach in the jaw, and Honey kicked me."-- ounces of the solution for a mature the credit of putting the idea over. i his verse. •and mosquitoes. eral supply of iron and also the vita- on the Port Hope circuit. Washington Star. sheep or two ounces for a 50 pound Proud man should devote to the mins B and C. The alkaline salts con- At Argyle, the young people of the lamb, with a proportionate reduction task of protecting himself against tained in potatoes are useful in neu- Epworth League will have charge of , IF SALARY SUITED for smaller lambs and those in poor such enemies some of the ingenuity tralizing acids. • the service. The president, Charles condition. that he devotes to poison gas and ex- Several nations are credited with in- Simkins, will be in charge. Service Sheep which lose flesh, have a pale plosives for killing of other men. { Chropijl Liners i venting ways to cook potatoes. Span- to begin at 8:00 p. m. skin, and move with a slow, uncertain Grasshoppers are not as foolish as ish potatoes are prepared by frying H. N. Hichens, Pastor. gait are usually suffering from the men. one tablespoon of minced onion and parasites. The wool becomes dry and RATES--Liner of 25 words or [ harsh and may appear open and rough. I0 ACRES and 8-roonl modern house, two tablespoons each of green pepper Decker M.E. Circuit--Shabbona less, 25 cents each insertion. Over I With martial law and state troops, Extreme loss of flesh and the death of 2 modern houses free and clear, and pimento in four tablespoonfuls of church--Sunday school at 10:30 a. m. 25 words, one cent a word for I Governor Murray in dripping until light brown. Add two t the weaker sheep follow the first 2 modern houses and small store. Young people's service at 3:00 p: n~ each insertion.~ i shuts down 3,016 oil wells to put up cups diced cold potato and one-half symptoms. The discovery of dead Want farm with stock and tools, for Evening service at 8:00 p. m. Prayer any them. Chas. Kimball, the price of oil and prevent waste of sheep in the pasture is sometimes the of 33 cup cold ham. Season to taste and service on Thursday at 8:00 p. m. BANTAM SWEET CORN, lc per ear, 1 Kimball St., Pontiac, Mich. Phone national resources. , first sign the trouble noticed by the cook until thoroughly heated. Decker church--Sunday school at of $1.00 per bushel. Potatoes, red or i 27394. 8-7-3p ~ut Texas and other fields will pour flock owner. The recipe for Dutch potatoes is to 10:30 a. m. Morning service at 11:30 white, $1.00 per bushel. Cucumbers i out more oil. You cannot deal with run an apple corer through thinly The flock should be drenched at least a. m. Prayer service on Tuesday at and dill. Phone 138-F23. Two miles FOR SALE--Kohler of Kohler elec- the oil problem on any but a national pared potatoes. Thread short lengths three times during the year, and 8-00 p. m. south, 1~ east of Cass City. Roy tric washing machine. Wanner & scale, and our fetish and bugaboo, the spring lambs should be treated now. ~of sausage through the potatoes and Elmer church--Morning service at Anthes. 7-14-1p Matthews. 6-12-tf silly, antiquated Sherman act, pre- The lambs are more susceptible to the baste frequently while they are cook- 10:00 a. m. Sunday school at 11:00 a. vents any real action. ing. parasites than the mature sheep. RADIO ACCESSORIES~All kinds ELLIOTT MOTOR LINES Schedule-- The oil industry needs help. Stand- m. Prayer service on Wednesday at Bus leaves Cass City for Pontiac 8:00 p. m. of radio accessories at the May & ard 0il of California reports for the Douglas furniture store, Cass City. daily at 8:00 a. m. and 4:30 p. m., OBITUARY° Jo H. James, Pastor. Briefly Told first six months of 1931 prove it. 1-17-tf fast time. Bus leaves Cass City for The profit was only 43 cents, as One achievement leads to another Bad Axe at 12:00 m. and 5:00 p. m. accomplishment, one failure results in against $1.53 for the first six months Woedrow Wilson C~ke. Firs$ M. E. Church~T. S. Bottrell, To C. PARK and family wish to thank On Sunday, (one bus each way), another half-try. So it is imperative of i930. Woodrow Wilson Cooke, son of Mr. Minister. Sunday, August 16: Jack--I think we could be very con- neighbors and friends for their leaves Cass City for Pontiac 4:05 p. don't to stick to the thing one is trying to and Mrs. George Cosgrove of Hol- Class meeting at 9:30 a. m. At the genial, you? kindness and sympathy during the m. and leaves Cuss City for Bad Axe Jill--How much do you do untiI it is done. Federal Judge R. J. Hopkins, atl brook, was born in Tyro, Mich., on ten o'clock service the pastor will earn? hours of sorrow, and to express at 10:45 p. m.* the way from Kansas, tells New York March 20, 1915, and passed away at speak on the subject, "Seeing the In- their gratitude to Rev. Ray Wilson lawyers that they "should not defend the Morris hospital after a short ill- visible." Music will be in charge of Advantage in Disagreemen~ Notice of Hearing C1Mms before for his comforting words and the FOR RENT--My house in Cass City. A disagreement often moves Court.~State of Michigan, the Pro- choir of the Sunshine church. Enquire at Pinney State Bank. W. criminals they know to be guilty." ness on August 5, 1931, at the age of Mrs. Alex Henry. Toward brotherly salvation, Several New York lawyers, in their 16 years, 4 months, and 16 days. Sunday school at 11:15, Fred Bige- bate Court for the County of Tuscola. R. Kaiser. 7-17-tf And awaffection stronger proves In the matter of the LET US do your battery work, charg- own language, "will get a laugh out He leaves to mourn their loss, his low, superintendent. Through reconcilLation. Estate of Henry Nowland, Deceased. ing and rebuilding. Rental batteries. OUR HOME GROWN Irish Cobbler of that." parents, three •sisters and four broth- Thursday, at 7:30, prayer meeting. / Notice is hereby given that 4 potatoes for sale. Nice clean pota- A man accused of crime and guilty ers and many other relatives and Bethel M. E. church--Sunday school Ho, Hum ~. Modern equipment. Rebuilt batter- months from the 10th day of August, toes, free from scab. Wm. Parrott. usually has money. The man accused friends. at 11:00. Worship and sermon at "It says here that style experts de- A. D. 1931, have been allowed for ies, guaranteed three months, $4.50 Phone 125. 8-7-2 but innocent usually has nothing. Funeral services were held at the 12:00. clare a well dressed man's wardrobe creditors to present their claims exchange. Asher's Garage. 5-1-tf Does the judge from Kansas want will cost $5,000 thmiyea," r" said the against said deceased to said court Ubly Presbyterian church Friday af- WE BUY cream, eggs and poultry at the New York criminal lawyers to for examination and adjustment, and WANTED--Experienced girl for ternoon, Bey, T: S. Bottrell of Cass missus. our store on East Main St. M. C: starve to death? Let him remember City officiating. Interment was in the EVERGREEN. "Huh !" growled her husband, "I'll that all creditors of said deceased are housework. Efficient in care of chil- required to present their claims to McLellan. Phone 6. 2-27-tf the young corporation lawyer who Valley cemetery at Ubly. go right on being a mighty sick dren. Box 26, Cuss City, Michigan. Mrs. L. C. Kennedy and daughters, said court, at the probate office, in the 8-14-1p said, "The only favor a common man Those from a distance who attended dressed man if that's what it costs Village of Caro in said county, on or ~I WILL BUY poultry every day at can do me is to get run over by the the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Phyllis and Fila Jane, and son, Bob- to be well dressed." bie, of Veteran, Alberta, are spending" before the 10th day of December, A. SIX-ROOM HOUSE iffsouth part of Gillies' Creamery at Cass City cars, Then I can make something de- I Cooke and daughter of Sandusky, Geo. D. 1931, and that said claims will be some time with Mrs. K's parents, Mr. town with two lots, for sale or rent (Phone 184) and at Ellington on fending the corporation against his Thornton, Miss Alice Thornton, and L{vlng in Hope heard by said court on Thursday, the and Mrs. Robt. Craig, and other rela- or what 'have you. Inquire at Wednesdays (Caro phone 90813). damage suit." Mrs. Ida Gray, all of Detroit, Charley The literary critic met a young and 10th day of December, A. D. 1931, at tives. Burke's Drug Store. 8-14-2 Joe Molnar. 2161 Thornton of Royal Oak, Roy Thorn- aspiring author at his club. ten o'clock in the forenoon. The government, having proved that Mr. and Mrs. Harland Bond of Ann "I've just read a book of yours," GUY G. HILL, Judge of Probate. I HAVE ROOMS rent by day or iron of Ferndale, Mr. and Mrs. John 8-14-3 to FOR SALE--One Eastman movie running ships is one of several things iKnirs, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Spencer and Arbor visited at the home of John he said. week. Mrs. Mary Chamberlain. camera. Mater's Studio. 6-26-tf that it doe~ not know how to do, is daughter and Henry Wreel, all of Bad Kennedy and F. Auslander last Week. "My last one?" queried the author, Mortgage Sale. 8-7,2 Mr. Bond will be an instructor of about to dispose of some shipping. It Axe, Mrs. Sarah Vallance, Mr. and hopefully. Whereas, Floyd H. Morgan and FOR SALE--Home, formerly belong- understood that Kermit Roosevelt Mrs. Win. Vallance, Miss Mac Wil- music in Ohio the coming year. "I hope so," replied the critic. Irene L. Morgan, on March 31, 1922, CLEAN ROOMS for high school ing to Elmira S. Wright, 1½ lots and Vincent ,.Astor in the East, and a !liamson and Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Proud- Miss Opal Chambers, who has been made a certain mortgage to Della P. girls, $1.00 a week. Board if de- just outside corporation, garage, western gT0up, the Dollar Line inter- !foot and daughter, all of Gagetown, with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Not Many Places Left Martin, recorded April 4, 1922, in the sired. Phone 151-F3. Mrs. Judson garden and orchard. Price, $1000 ests, Herbert Fleishhacker of San Mr. and Mrs. Dave Coulter of Owen- J. Towle, returned to her home in Girl~Of course, it must be definite- office of the register of deeds for Tus- Bigelow, one door north of Cuss Enquire at Cuss City State Bank. dale, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Keating of Saginaw Friday. ly understood that I could not marry cola county, Michigan, in liber 154 of City State Bank. 8-14-3p • 7-3- Francisco and others, will make bids. mortgages on page 377, default being The government, of course, will make Cass City, and Oliver Haley of Elkton. Mr. and Mrs. Robt. McInnis of Ann a man who plays cards, drinks, smokes, made in the payment of principal, in- WE WISH TO THANK our many no sale that would, now or later, in- Arbor called on old friends here last stays out late • or spends a lot of his PATENTS--Sell your patent or in- terest and taxes, the mortgagee eleCts vention by exhibiting your model or friends and neighbors for the kind- volve foreign control of these Amer- week. time at the club. All the same, I and claims twenty-seven hundred thir- Mrs. Thos. C. Park, should like him to enjoy himself. drawing at the Second and Greater ness and services rendered during ican ships or a foreign flag over them. Mr. and Mrs. R. Craig and son, ty-two dollars now due, no suit or, The funeral of Mrs. Thomas C. Park Man (in love)--Oh, yes, but where? International Patent Exposition, our bereavement. Mrs. Arthur What the government doesn't know Clare, attended the Chambers reunion proceedings at law having been insti- was held at the family home in Elm- tuted to recover the debt secured by Chicago. Thousands of manufac- Bicker, Mr. and Mrs. George Bicker about ships has cost the people about at Saginaw Sunday. Mrs. L. C. Ken- wood township on Friday afternoon, Contagious said mortgage or any part thereof. turers and patent buyers will inspect and family. one thousand million dollars. nedy and family, who spent a few Aug. 7, and was conducted by Roy. Pursuant to the cavenants thereof new devices and patents for market- But we know, at least, that we ought days there, returned with them. Doctor--Your wife's mind is dis- CARD OF THANKS--We wish to ex- Ray Wilson, pastor of the Sunshine the lands described below will be sold ing. Very low rates. If you have to have some ships. eased. press our very sincere thanks to the church, which Mrs. Park attended. Hazel Wood of Wheatland is spend- at public auction, at the front door Of no mode/, drawings and description Jones--Great Scott, i'll get the dis- the court house in Caro, Michigan, on many friends and neighbors for !Interment was made in the Elkland ing a few days with Miss Emma Kit- ease, too! She's been giving me a will do. Send for free pamphlet. So many flyers are over the different chin. November 10, 1931, at one o'clock ]n their kindness and expressions of oceans and continents that it is diffi- cemetery. piece of hers every morning for 20 the afternoon, to satisfy the amount • B. Hamilton Edison, Managing Di- Miss Helen Craig is spending a few sympathy during the illness and cult to keep track of them. Sufficient i Mrs. Park's death occurred unex- rears. due, costs of foreclosure and the at- rectbr, International Patent Exposi- days in Belding and Ionia. tion, Merchandise Mart, Chicago. after the death of our son and to say that they are all doing "very l pectedly at the Morris hospital here torney's fee provided therein. brother. We appreciate the kindness nicely." You wonder what the old i where she was a patient, on Wednes- CAUSE OF BREAK The southeast quarter of the south- 8-%4 west quarter of Section thirty, Town- of the doctors and nurses, also the sultans of Turkey would have said day, Aug. 5. HOSPITAL NOTES. undertaker, and all those who sent Norine M. Fink was born in Greely, ship fourteen North Range eleven OLD NEWSPAPERS for sale at the / had you told them that in their great East, all in tFe township of Elkland, floral offerings, and greatly appre- city of Istanbul men that had flown :Colorado, June 20, 1904. She was Chronicle office at 5c per bundle. i • • • • Roy. George B. Clink of Evergreen Tuscola County, Michigan. ciate the kindness of the minister the Atlantic ocean and the European i united in marriage with Thomas C. entered the hospital Monday and un- August 14th, 1931. HANDY PADS for figuring for sale and choir and the church committee. continent would land to drink to the iPark on Nov. 30, 1922, at ~~s~., derwent an ~operation the same day. i DELLA P. MARTIN, Mortgagee. at 8c per pound package. Chronicle Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cosgrove and health of "Kemal Pasha, president of Colo. They made their home at that Mrs. George Bergman of Pigeon ,John C. Corkins, Attorney for Mort- office. family. Turkey." That would be too much i place until the spring of 1925. After entered Wednesday of last week and .. gagee, Cass City, Michigan. 8t14113 for any sultan. t18 months' residence in Iowa and was operated on Thursday. Mortgage Sale. i South Dakota, they came to Tuscola MrS. John Sullivan of Port Cres- When the Empire State building was Icounty in December, 1926, to make cent entered the hospital Friday and I Default having been made in the dedicate d in New York, Mr. Frederick their home. I conditions of a certain mortgage made underwent an operation Saturday by Horace W. Cok and Lillie M. Cook, Ecker, head of the Metropolitan Life Mrs. Park leaves to mourn their morning. his" wife, to Wilbur S. Ostrander, da- Grist Screenings insurance company, an able man, I loss her husband and three children of Chester Wjizdala of Bay City was ted the 24th day of June, A. D. 1926, acquainted with American conditions, Elmwood township and her parents, brought to the hospital Sunday after- and recorded in the office of the regis- ELKLAND ROLLER MILES TOLD BY ROY said the country was to be congratu- i Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Fink, one sister and noon suffering from a badly lacerated ter of deeds for the County of Tuscola lated on having gone through two two brothers, all of Phoenix, Arizona. limb~received in an automobile acci- in liber 156 of mortgages on page 45, You Must be Satisfied. -:- PubliShed Every Friday. years of depression "without violence." Friends and relatives from a dis- dent. He was taken home that same o~n which mortgage there is claimed Let us hope that condition will tance who came to attend the funeral evening. to be due at the date of this notice Vol. 7. Aug. 14, 1931 Number 6 continue. were Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Fox of Sagi- for principal and interest the sum or Three hundred sixty-seven dollars and naw, Mr. and Mrs, Jas. A. Park, Mr. Old Prison ~*Ship sixty-five cents ($367.65), and the sum Published in the in- an Egg Mash that is First Farmer: 'Tve The New York Jewish Board of and Mrs. P. H. Park, Mrs. John Park, "How is it you don't speak t() Bess The famous convict ship Success of One hundred eighteen dollars and terest of the People oI hard to beat for the got a freak on my Guardians tell this story: Private any more?" money. Try it. farm -- a two-legged Miss Jennie Park, and Arch and John was built by the British government fifty-eight cents ($118.58) for taxes Cass City and vicinity detectives, hired to protect slot ma- Park, all of Detroit. "She won three of my engagement paid by the mortgagee, and an attor- b~ the calf." chines from thieves, compelled boys, in 1790 at Moulmain," East Indies. rings from me playing bridge." Second Farmer: "I When the convict system was abol- ney's, fee of twenty-five' dollars Elkland Roller Mills We'll promise you once convicted, to p@~suade other boys t ($25.00) as provided for by law, and know. He came over to Norman Hendrick. ished, the vessel was scuttled and sunk this much: You'll have to rob the machines, letting the de- The Mystified Moron no suit or proceeding at law having Edited by Roy better luck with Cream call on my daughter tectives know when the robberies Funeral services for Norman Heft- in Sydney harbor, Australia, and lay Fie read the mystery tales which claim been instituted to recover the money of Wheat flour! last nightY' would occur. The •detectives arrested drick were held Tuesday afternoon at there for five years. It was subse- The world's attention, day by day, secured by said mortgage; or any part What we can't under- Till homicide seemed like a game" the boys thus tempted, sent them to 1:30 at the Vorhees funeral home in quently raised to serve as an object thereof, notice is hereby given that stand is how these col- Just a step to your lesson in prison reform. Since that W~ich maybe 'twould be fun to play! by virtue of the power of sale con- "Where's that sales- jail, improving the detectives' records Pontiac and the body brought to the leges turn out archi- man you had in the phone, your name and Ellington cemetery for burial. Short time the vessel has been traveling tained in said mortgage, and the sta- tects fast enough to address and the word, for vigilance. Revenge tute in such case made and provided, used car department t services conducted by Rev. William from port to port as an exhibit. It design all the new fill- who swore he never "Cavalier," and we'll first came to New York May 17, 1913. "Bjones had a good laugh at Smith- on the 14th day of November, A. D. ing stations. ~ill your bin with the Transatlantic ship lines issue new Curtis were held at the grave. 1931, at nine o'clock in the forenoon, told a lie ?" ors yesterday." "Oh, he starved to best coal you ever had. rates. First-class to Europe $155 in Norman Henry Hendrick, son of Mr. "How's that ?" Central Standard Time, theunder- Now's the time to or- winter, "third-class" $73. and Mrs. E. S. Hendrick of Ellington, signed will, at the front door of the There never was a death." America's "Gibraltar" "Asked him to ride in the car he der. "Third-class" might be left out of was born October 16, 1897, at Elling- Court house in the "city of Caro, ifi time when you could "The Gibraltar of America" is the bought from him." make as great a saving rates on American ships, l ton, 4 miles west and I S£ miles south Tuscola County, Michigan, that being name acquired by the isle of St. as now by exchanging One promise we could "Folks," said the col- Kermit Roosevelt, son of the late lot Cuss City. He went to Pontiac a place where the Circuit• Court for never make is to quit Thomas in the Virginia islands of the Of Course your wheat for flour. ored minister, "the sub- President, and his associates, Vincent {fifteen years ago and has made his the County of Tuscola is held, sell talking about Wayne ject of my sermon dis West Indies. The enclosing ridges "He believes in turning the other at public auction to the highest bidder, Astor, and others, set a good example home in and near there since that Buttermilk Egg Mash. evenin' am 'Liars.' and projecting peninsula, say the mili- cheek." the premises described in said mort- by running good ships to Europe all time. In i927, he was married to ~Ever notice? The It's so good 'we can't How many in de con- tary experts, could be so fortified that "Preacher ?" gage, or so much thereof as shall be one class, fare $100. Evelyn Bowen at Bay City. ~, average man doesn't help talking about it. gregation has done read it would be impregnable by land and "No, barber." necessary to pay the amount so as Ever use it? Worry because of ill health is know what to saywhen the 69th chapter ob sea to all that sought the Panama aforesaid due on said mortgage, with a proud mother holds Matthew ?" Britain is worried by a serious drop seven (7) percent interest and all le- thought to have been the cause of his canal, and that this fact was one of the D@pends outher baby to be ad- Nearly every hand in in the value of the pound sterling. turning on the gas in the kitchen of gal costs together with said attorney's reasons it was purchased from Den- "Are you in favor of women taking mired. If doctors here in the audience was raised The Bank of England and the fee, which said premises are described Cuss City were sum, their home at 86 Yale Ave., Pontiac, mark. part in public affairs?" immediately. Banque de France are said to be at Saturday evening. Mrs. Hendrick and in said mortgage~s follows: moned only when it's Dat s right, said "It's all right if you really want the The west one half (%) of the odds, the French bank going so far children had gone up town and when A friend of ours says, absolutely necessary, his rdverence. "You is Governmental Turn-over affair~ public."--Bennington Banner. southwest one quarter (1£) of as to demand the removal of Norman, they returned found the doors and "When I drink ~offee, they'd have to do some- just de folks I want to Section thirty (30) Town thir- thing- else to make a governor of the Bank of England. windows closed, the gas turned on and The United Sta~es civil service com- I can't sleep." \How preach to. Dere is no Perfectly Logical teen (13) North, Range eleven come? We're just the living. 69th chapter of Mat- Can you imagine that--s French the body lying on the floor. mission says that there are on an av- (11) East, Novesta Township, "Say, this coffee looks like mud !" opposite. When we thew." bank dictating to the "Old Lady in Mr. Hendrick is survived by his erage of 50,000 appointments yearly Tuscola County, Michigan, con- "No wonder--it was ground before it sleep, we can't drink Threadneedle street"? An Englishman wife, four step children, his parents, to government positions throughout raining 80 acres more or less. You can't fool us! was boiled." coffee., couldn't be more surprised if he saw three brothers, Earl of Cass City, Eg- the service. These are mostly made to Dated August 11, A. D. 1931. We know you have to Elkland Roller French frog legs threatening the roast bert of Elmwood, Oscar of Pontiac; replace positions vacated by death, WILBUR S. OSTRANDER hae coal. And if you beef of old Engtamd. resignation, transfer, and inability, Old-Fashloned Girl Mortgagee. Wayne 26% Mash want the best, you'll Mills and three sisters, Mrs. Charles Cutler Wm. C. Brown, Attorney for Mort- Supplement added to order Cavalier--and or- But France has the gold England of Watrousville, Mrs. D. A. McIntyre and consequently this figure represents And what has become of the 0Id- Phone 15 Cass City fashioned girl? ~agee, Business Address: 415 Hol- your own grains makes der it now! lacks. of Detroit, and Mrs. Omar Bullock of the average annual turnover among She's st~ll at home. lister Bldg., Lansing, Michigan. (©, 1951, by King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Ellington. .~ United States government employees. 8-14-13 , PAGE SIX. CASS CITY CHRONICLE--FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 1931. CASS CITY, MICHIGAN.

gREAT OUTDOORS SLANDER Fragrant Sassafras It was the 'Indians who first dis- WORTH BILLION An orator, warming to his task, took covered the stimulating qualities of .,C o,mm-uni#, off his coat, which rather disconcerted MOT,,, P,0, M the ~agrant bark and roots of sassa- Tourists and Vacationists Spend one of the Stewards of the meeting, ~----BI MR~ l}0R01lff-----~ f0ffff~ fras and passed them on to the early who thought that a reporter would i French and Spanish settlers. Legend Vast Sums. make a sensation out of the incident. tells us that the sassafras odor was "ldi : Toward the close, he said to the School in a New Light Typical wafted to the nostrils of Columbus on LL~)rHAT is the matter with Mary Washington.--What is the "Great speaker, "I don't suppose you knew; his first voyage and convinced him ! 1 Outdoors" economical stand- when you removed your coat, that a Y V Jane?" sings Mr. Milne. What from an that land was near. Thoreau wrote is the matter with Frederick, we Right Care of Property point, worth to each state in the newspaper man was present?" of the plant: "The green leaves hasten to echo. He has been urged Union? Several states have tried to "Yes, I did," was the reply. "I kept bruised have the fragrance of lemons a Obligation of Owner repeatedly and most persuasively, too, answer this question, producing huge ~ my eye on the coat all the time."~ and 1,000 spices." j . ..: A house receiving proper care will m figures which they admit, are conserv- Humorist. to depart for ~chool in the morning A a p Savings V ative. '±'he great outdoors is worth is neglected, is the trite reminder ad- more than a billion dollars a year to Most Miserly Man whine and distorting lais face in pro- Early Use of Bt~tt~r - Del Monte Coffee ib. g0C~- a dressed to home owners by the Nation- the United States, according to esti- "Who is the most miserly man you test. He has been given gold. stars as For centuries butter never was ~sed al Association of Real Estate Boards "-" Dill Pickles quart 15c mates of the American Game associa- know ?" rewards of merit which might even- when freshly made. It was used to in one of its series of articles on tion. ! "Old Smith. When there's a crowd tually profit him something; he has flavor . and enrich cooked foods. Grandmother's Bread 1~ lb. loaf 7c "Looking Into Real Estate." classing hunters and fishermen, the station and the People been told that 'pennies are put in his Greeks and Romans used butter as ,'in the year 1297, in the twenty- at are tourists and vacationists under one standing in a queue waiting for their bank every time he is a good boy; he remedy for skin injuries. fourth chapter of the English statutes head, their expenditures for nature tickets, he always goes last so that he he been promised a new baseball glove i cakes of Marlbridge, it was 'provided that a g outings would be staggering. For ex- can keep his money in his pocket as and other coveted treasures, but al- Cannibalistic Belief ' Lux Soap 3 23c tenant damaging or wasting his prop- ample, W. G. Henderson, associate long as possible." though he expresses a desire to attain Cannibals do not always-eat each erty be fined and deprived of his hold- chief of the United States bureau of these, he emits daily sounds of tortur- other merely to satisfy their appe- 8 O'clock Coffee lb. 19e !o ings," the association writes. "All land biological survey, has estimated that ing penetration as he is helped into tites. There are cases in which, among then was owned under the feudaI sys- LET HIM WAIT Red Circle Coffee lb. 25e .~ game and fish alone are worth $80,- his coat ~nd nears the front door. relatives, it is a sign almost of filial tem and being a life tenant was as 0do,000 a year to the state of Maine. "I don't want to go to school," he affection. Bokar Coffee lb. 29e ~ ' near to property ownership as most shrieks. Helpless adults stand by and people could get. But this ancient This sum is directly traceable to ex- penditures for hunting and fishing thrust upon him the usual threats, statute shows that even in those far promises and futile questions. Briefly Told off times people were conscious of the alone. The recreational and health Talk not of wasted affection. Afire- 2 small pkgs., 16c large pkgs. "Why, Frederick," they exclaim, ? possibgities of depreciation and did values are incalculable. tion never was wasted. Rinso 2 40c: The "tourist crop," including hunt- "Don't you want to go to school? what they could, through such regula- ! ers and fishermen, is estimated by W. Don't you like school? Don't you like tion, to conserve .real property. Budweiser Near Beer 2 bo~s 25e all the children, and the games, and "Care of the home and property C. Cribbs, extension agent of Michi- gan state college, to be worth $200,- nice teacher?" Would Keep Him Busy Ginger Ale (12 oz. bottle) 3 for 25e ' means keeping an eye out for many If Jupiter hurled his thunderbolt things. It may took like a lot of work 000,000 annually to Michigan. This "Noooooooooo!" returns Frederick, A & P Grape Juice bo~. 15e state's out-of-doors is the great lure. in a note that implies that he thinks as often as men sinned, he would but, spread over the year, it really soon be out of thunderbolts.~Ovid. • isn't so much. Furthermore, such work The "tourist crop" exceeds the com- the children pests, the games a bore is building up an equity, figured from bined return from Michigan's four and the teacher an ogre. "Noooooooooo. Gelatin Dessert pkgs. the point of view of the continuing great industries--fruit crop, $20,000,- I don't want to go to school. I won't, Sparkle 4 25c " (DO; potato crop, $25,000,000; dairy won't l" endurance of ~your domicile, and you -" li( are willing to work for equity in other industry, $80,000,0OO, and poultry in- Adults stand helpless while Fred- ~otel~ Sco÷ Tissue 3 roils 25c ~ ' things. If your house lasts longer, you dustry, $60,000,000. erick grows purple. The only way he will have your investment longer, and An editor, 5h o. A. E. Andrews, of gets to school is by being forcibly Campbell', Bean, 4 cans 25e '~ the Indiana Farmer's Guide, in esti- Bobby~Mr. Jones is waiting outside. dragged there, and then he is so nerv- NA I$ON, e L NOg enjoy your home more." Big Sister--Well, tell him to keep mating the value of the tourist to In- ously unstrung (so is every one else) P~nk Salmon fall can JOe ?g waiting. He told me last night he g diana, worked out a sound basis that that he is completely hostile and ~on- & Modernization in Term, would wait a lifetime for me. g ;, every state may apply and arrive at receptive. Lessons are in vain. of Dollar~ and Cent, an approximate of the tourist crop ex- Well, Frederick is not alone in his That there is a vast field in mod- penc11~ure Value within its borders. • Natural hour of struggle. There are many like "A&P GYPSIES" "OUR DAILY "How does the leading lady act," FOOD" ernization for use of building mate- After careful checking and re-check- He asked the maiden at his side, him. Some are timid; some have been rials and equipment and for employ- ing, Mr. Andrews found that the aver- "In her new aviation play?" tied to the proverbial apron strings so ~ery Monday Recipes Menu~ -~ ment of construction labor, which has age tourist spends nearly $i with pri- "l=~ather flighty," she replied. long that they can't stand on their own li Evening WJR W~]'J ~.~. ,~ hardly been scratched, is coming to vate enterprises to every cent spent feet; some receive a subconscious the knowledge of those in the indus- with the state. 5Ioneys derived from Also Braved Danger~ stimulus to their dramatic instincts by : 7:45 8:45 try in many cities. the parks, hunting and fishing licenses, Big-Game Hunter--Oh, yes, I've been securing so much attention; some suf- WWJ~7:30 P. M Each -" Analysis of permits issued in sev- are not more than 1 per cent of the nearly eaten by lions many times; but fer from genuine shyness, but what- Weekday Morning g eral hundred cities of the United moneys spent by the tourist, he said. life without a little risk would be a ever the cause and whoever the Fred- No Glitter--Just Solid Comfort States shows that bringing the home Some tourists do not spend a cent with very tame affair• erick that dreadful hour recurs again up to date and making the old com- the state through these channels. By Mr. Subbubs~I agree--I agree i and again and must be done away In the heart of the ci~, mercial building and even the factory multiplying state moneys received, How often when the weather has with. Generalizations are of no use. 9et awatj from the noise seemed doubtful have I deliberately ' TIJ fflC&PAC|F|C? ,' modern has become quite popular and $461,000 by 100, he figured that the Assuming that the situation has been $1 50 -- AND -- accounts for a large volume of work. tourist crop is worth $46,000,000 to gone out without my umbrella! carefully investigated and that there -- UPWARD G his state annually. are no visible "ghosts in the closet," There is enormous waste each year Garage Adjacent ! in the abandonment of the older Meaningless an experience of complete revelation Veroon W. l~cCo~j, Gem M~Qr. homes for the newer models and it My wife's sense of humor is bad. might be profitable for Frederick. Mystery Man's Skeleton MADISON AVE. NEAR GIL-~TD CIRCUS PARK Advertise it in the Chronicle. Advertise it in the Chronicle. cannot be said to be in the same class The other day I heard a good conun- Does he know what a bore his life with buying the latest model motor " Found Buried in Ohio drum and decided to catch her on it. would be without school? Has he been car or radio, since the home, with Kenton, Ohio.~The skeleton of a '%Vhy are men like mules?" I asked given a chance to twiddle his thumbs some care at intervals, never •does man, who perhaps lived long before her when I went home. as an alternative to the pleasant asso- @ ®@@@@Q@O@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@O@@@@@@O@~ wear out. In the older ,districts of Columbus touched the shores of Amer- "Don't judge all men by yourself," ciation with his schoolmates? Take @ this country homes still are being used ica, was found recently in a gravel was her meaningless answer. him at his word sometime, keep him which were built a century or two ago. pit on a nearby farm• home from school, let him sit in idle- $ t The curiosity was discovered by Helped Mankind ness all by himself for a good long @ Keeping Step With Progres, W. S. Barringer, Lima, a namateur "Can anyone tell me," demanded the time, and there's not much doubt that if his boredom were complete enough, Progress changes all. It rebuilt the anthropologist, under 12 feet of earth. Hyde Park orator, "wbo did most in @ @ departure for school would soon be- old automobile 'advertised as a machine In his study of the skeleton Barrin- the Nineteenth century to raise the come a vast and delightful relief. @ "which takes you there and brings you ger discovered that it could not have working classes?" been that of a North American In- "Yes, guv'nor," replied one of the ((6"), 1930. %'estern Newsoaoer Un~on. O Have Y ou Met the Lady @ back" into a thing of beauty which pleases the eye and eases the body dian. This was indicated in the fact crowd; "the inventor of alarum @ ® while it takes you considerably farther that the cheek bones were not well clocks." Vast Amazon Forests and faster and brings you back even defined. Yet the skull did not indicate The Amazon valley of South Amer- O @ more certainly than its predecessor that the man ~¢as a member either of Afflicted Himself ica is said to contain at least 10.00~ @ Who Never Reads @ ever did. Today progress is beginning the white or black races. Irate Father You imL, pdent puppy! kinds of woody plants, among then. to change the roads. Bridges, among Barringer said he had two reasons You want to marry my daughter !' And more than 2.500 varieties of trees. @ M t the first highway links to feel the for believing the man might have be- tell me, do you think you could give O change, have become structures of longed to a migrating race which her what she's been used to? e real beauty. The new bridges at Har. came to Ohio from California 600 to Suitor--Er~yes, I think so, sir. I've @ the Ads? ® risburg and Columbia are examples 1,000 years ago. a very violent temper myself. O ® of this development. The elaborate One was that in the grave were system of viaducts on the express high- found numerous shells, evidently used SMALL FLAT $ 0 way system through Elizabeth and as gorgetes, which, Barringer said, O Go INTO her kitchen. The shelves are filled ® Newark, N. ft., is another example, and were found only on the California the beautiful bridge at Bethlehem, coast and on the shores of the Gulf $ with familiar brands of soup and soap and foods of all @ solving a difficult engineering problem of Mexico. ® @ in a definitely artistic way, cannot be The second was that the front teeth @ overlooked.--Philadelphia Ledger. in the lower jaw were crosswise. Re- ® sorts. Her electric iron and ice-box have been ® cently road builders near Redding, @ @ Beautifying Highway~ CaliL, uncovered under 20 feet of advertised regularly. So have her rugs and towels and To its world leadership in good lava the graves of a race which had just a/e @ ® roads, the United States is seeking this characteristic. @ table silver. SOMEBODY must have been reading @ to add supremacy in beautiful roads. moments for Dressing up the highways is seen Stolen Goods Are Found O "the ads".., asking for known quality.., buying @ by Thomas ~I. MacDonald, chief of @ @ the bureau of public roads, as the Before Loss Is Known the goods . . . giving them leadership. next step after establishment of smooth Kansas City, Mo.~The Kansas City @ ® police force had one strong supporter roadbeds a~d easy gra Accommodating O less design. Ornamental balconies, the debt by sub'hitting to a Diner--Have you any wild duck ? ® railings, shutters, awnings m~d flower bring you better things. transfusion recently ih an ef- Waiter--No sir; but we can take a O boxes are used to similar purpose. fort to save ihe life of Wagner's tame one and irritate it for you. O 0 eleven-year-old son, Harold, Jr. Bankers' Responsibilities Cass City Oil and 0 Wagner came to Newton's aid Les Femmes lncorrlgibles! O The bank that doesn't help its tow~, when he was suffering from a "Will you give me 10 cents to help O 0 in bad times doesn't deserve to shar~ brain tumor. the Old Ladies' home?" Gas Co. O Q ill its good times.~American Mag:~zin, "What! Are they out again?" Stanley Asher, Manager OO®®®O®®QOOOOOOOOOOOOO®O®OO®OOOOOO® A

CASS CITY. MICHIGAN. CASS CiTY CHRONICLE-- FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 1931. PAGE SEVEN. / Ambidextrous Indians flowed around them in rivers brown GREENLEAF. A scientist who studied the work- as mud. The young Frenchman who manship in stone blades made by pre- had married Adeline because to him Fraser Ladies' Aid met in the base- historic Indians concluded that the she was a flower almost too sweet to ment of the church last Wednesday F +Oa IIomc Tow Indians were left-handed or ambi- \ 7 pluck, pulled in the beNnning against afternoon. The next meeting will be dextrous to a greqter degree than civ- CRANDALLS the drag of this environment. held in the same place on Wednesday, ilized men. But in the end he, too, began to Aug. 19. G A. l DZ/ L4p N AND THE succumb• Mrs. Malcolm Ferguson of Pontiac Directory. By the time Adeline's baby girl was spent a few days last week at the born, the young pair were part and Neff MacCallum home. }m cm old f aah oned co x zy parcel of the house located on Witte- SHELDON B. YOUNG, M. D. STENDHALS f CHEAP SOURCE OF gar street. Mr. and Mrs. Malon Fordyce and .And c vAc sneer Cass City, Michigan. FEEDS FOR DAIRY It cannot be said for Jacques Stend- son of Detroit were callers at the Neff .A2 :m.g ghabb 01d oan_d,t:pzn Telel~hone--No. 80. ~~ By FANNIE HURST hal that he was of the stun that par- MacCallum home Thursday evening. Ahd m9 [aamt, Kc &mosphe e. ents would ~eleet ~ th~ husband of a Miss Eleanor McCallum spent a few i. D. McCOX, M. D. ++~++ ~ ....._..++ =~._,_ ~_~_ %---...... ~+<,?++,+,_%-,++~+;~?~ i !ovon n~,~ghter. He was a frail fe!- day~ last week at the home of Mr. and +_ z nexe axe ea~e~ cn.a~ die c~ Inmecz wzm ~+ Surgery and Roentgenology. ((d) by McClure Newspaper Syndicate.) low, probably in character, too. A con- Mrs. Jas. Wallace of Argyle. (WNU Service.) Supply of Legume. At ~e max~e c~c ~d~e Old. }brae 2bmrt Office in Pleasant Home Hospital stitutional dilettante, unstable by na- , Mr. and Mrs. Archie Brooks and son, _ m emozies o.c voa~she& Phone, Office 96; Residence 47. HE house of the Orandalls in ture, playful, and in a way that was Good pasture and a plentiful supply Melvin, of Detroit were week-end vis- lD'i~e~its geaxs; Wittegar street was one of those forever to be adorable to Adeline, de- of legume hay are the two cheapest itors at the home of Mrs. Brooks' For L~ei~ ~a~c~/t~ezs +la~K ~g slzee~s DENTISTRY T massive brick-and-stone affairs pendent upon her for decision. sources of dairy feeds, especially when brothers, Colin and Angus Campbell. , tim& k~ek £a~zs weze ~oqs o~c zlx~2 I. A. Fritz, Resident Dentist. that looked as if it had been Then, too, he loved her. There was these are economically produced. Mrs. Kate Campbell of Highland • Office over Burke's Drug Store. We built and passed on for a few gener- no doubt of that. This volatile "Records kept on four herds of 123 Park was a week-end visitor at the solicit your patronage when in need ations from father to son. And so it Frenchman, full of traditions that were cows in Guilford and Forsyth coun- home of her brother, Archie MeCal- of work. had, except in the case of the Crandall alien to the very life and being of ties show the average monthly feed lure. branch now in occupancy, it had been Adeline, had one quality of stability / cost a cow during the six non-p~tsture Miss Minnie Minster of Detroit is P. A. SCHENCK, D. D. S. a case of from father to daughter. that was impeccable. months to be $12.21/' says John A. visiting in this neighborhood and also Martha Crandall had married Deep- He loved Adeline. Dentist. Arey, dairy extension specialist at the with Miss Catherine MeGillvray of ing Johnson in her father's home and It was curious, but within that Graduate of the University of Mich- North Carolina state college. "Dur- Cass City. igan. Office in Sheridan Bldg., Cas~ remained there after her marriage, household, slowly, surely, steadily, as ing the six pasture months, this aver- Dan MeGillvr~y returned last week City, Mich. and after the death of the elder Cran- relentlessly as the progress of a Greek age feed cost for each cow was only from ,a visit with his ~ister, Miss dall. drama, unspoken plans for the destiny $5.02. The difference of $7.19 was a Sarah MeGillvray, at Jackson. KNAPP & DOUGLAS Martha Crandall Johnson's daughter of Adeli'ne Stendhal began to shape saving due to pasture." Funeral Directors and Licensed Em- Adeline had been born in that same themselves in the mind of Martha But, Mr. Arey also says more milk June PowelI, daughter of Mr. and balmers, Mrs. Knapp, Lady Assistant house, in the same stodgy, high-ceil- Crandall and her husband Deeping was produced during the pasture sea- Mrs. Win. Powell, who has been in with license. Night and day calls re- ing, wainscoated bedroom in which Johnson. son than during the non-pasture sea- Ann Arbor hospital for a number of ceive prompt attention. City phone she herself was born. This catastrophe that had come to son. The value of the extra milk was months, returned to her home, last It was a somber house, heavy wood- them was not to be borne. This frail, $1.11 a cow per month. The total in- week. June underwent a tonsil opera- A. McPHAIL work, wooden pillars between' arch- blond, volatile, young outsider, with crease in the income from the 123 tion several weeks ago and is much FUNERAL DIRECTOR ways, folding doors, long hails, pier- the stage-like name of Jacques Stend- cows during the pasture season was better. Lady Assistant. glasses, hot-air furnace, push window- hal, music teacher, was not to be en- $6,724. This money, says the dairy- Miss Mac Ballagh and Miss Agnes Phone No. 182. Cass City. hangings, balcony-fronted china clos- dured within the substantial walls of man, represents the savings in the Mazure of Bad Axe spent Sunday at ets, hatracks, what-nots, great bronze the Crandall mansion. feed bill made possible by the use of ~ the Win. Ballagh home. E. W. KEATING figures for bric-a-brac, and a bronze And it must be admitted, that as pasture together with the small in- Real Estate and Fire and Autom~)biR clock with two bronze warriors for the time marched on, Jacques himself crease in income from the extra milk Insurance. centerpiece on the parlor mantel. gave justification to their enormous produced. CASS CITY, MICHIGAN And yet withal, there was within resentments against him. He twad- The area grazed by each cow ac- this house, the feeling of stability. Its dled away his days. After his mar- cording to the records was approxi- Turning Back R. N. McCULLOUGH silent old walls had soaked into their riage, his slight income from the teach- mately one and one-fourth acres. The AUCTIONEER timbers the emotions of sane, steady- ing of piano, fell off entirely. It was seasonal return per acre, therefore, the Pages AND REAL ESTATE DEALER going folks. nothing for him to spend hm~rs on end was $44 reckoning the milk sold at o CASS CITY. You felt about the house of the in the narrow strip of garden behind 30 cents a gallon. Items from the files of Cass City Farm sales a speciilty. Dates may Crandalls that the people who inhabit- the Crandall house, dandling his baby Mr. Arey says the ~ United States Newspapers of 1896 and 1906. :i: * be arranged with Cass City Chronicle. ed it had not made their money over- girl on his knees. bureau of dairying has conducted cer- '. 4) Office at I. Schonmuller's Store, Case night, so to speak. Crandalls, ever In vain Adeline, as if she sensed the tain tests showing that milk may be :i: + City. since Crandalls had lived there, had menace that was forming between them, produced economically on pasture and Twenty-five Years Ago. good roughage alone. The roughage been able to afford the substantial pleaded with him to stabilize his life ; August 17, 1906. , TURNBULL BROS. things of life. to either resume his own profession used in the tests, however, was good Jim Auctioneers Bill Little Adeline Crandall Johnson of piano instruction , or adapt himself alfalfa hay and corn silage. An aver- John Atwell, who has been in fail- Age, experience -- Youth, ability grew up in that environment, as blithe- to some form of work in her father's age production of 13,056.8 pounds of .ng health for several months, passed We sell anything anywhere. If you ly as if the somber old house had been vast cotton organizations. milk and 461.8 pounds of butter fat away at his residence on Third St., don't employ us, we both lose money. a rose garden. She flitted through its It was no use. To all intents and was secured from the ten cows used. Monday, Aug. 13, at the age of 76 Write for dates and instrucgions to halls. She danced through its dark pro'poses, Adeline had married a ne'er- Many North Carolina dairymen will years. He was a member of Milo War- Deckerville, Mich. Phone 56-15. corridors as brilliantly as a butterfly, do-wetl. be skeptical of these results, he says, ner Post, G. A. R. August 10, a meeting of representa- caught in some strange netherworld When the baby was three years old, because grain is fed liberally in.this tives from five different chapters of environment. a phantom of delight if ever there state and hay very sparingly because the Order of the Eastern Star con- Her parents, her staid, cotton mer- was one, affairs in that household be- so little is grown. The absence of pas- vened at Caro for the purpose of or- chant of a father and her mother gan to shape themselves toward a cli- ture and home-grown legume hay is a ganizlng a county association. The so- Martha Crandall, who had been reared max. For thirty months Jacques handicap to successful dairy farming cieties represented were Caro, Cass to be stolid, marveled at the electrical Stendhal had not turned his hand in in North Carolina, Mr. Arey believes. City, Mayville, Marlette, and Union- kind of brilliancy of this girl, their an earning capacity, the threats, the vflle. child. They marveled, and it was as aspersions, the abhorrence of his par- °.,+:+ COAL?, COAL " Dairy Calves Will Wear F. E. Sinclair, who has been super- if they warmed their icy fingers ents-in-law notwithstanding. intendent of schools at Cass City for + around the luminous flame of her per- For thirty months, until her sweet Muzzles to Avoid Scours three years, has accepted a position ¢++ The best time. to +buy Daniel +.+~+ sonality. She was something so alien eyes were rimmed with weeping, Ad- Piecing between •meals is taboo for as travelling salesman for the Detroit to them and yet so incalculably fasci- eline had importuned, begged, coaxed. the calves in the Cornell university White Lead and Color Works, his ter- + Boone Coal is NOW ++++ natingo She had been born in the chill dairy herd. 'There, the young Calf is And to what end.* To the end that ritory being the eastern part of New autumns of their lives, when Martha muzzled for the first three or four after these importunings, Jacques, re- York State. was forty-two and her husband fifty, morseful for the moment, would prom- weeks and it eats only at the regular • The buying power of your dollar today is bigger * On Monday morning, the following Almost any way you looked at her she ise, and the scene, would end in one feeding time, reports Charles H. Craw- +-I.<. ++,++ Cass Cityites left for the Canadian was a phenomenon, the last creature in of play; the young father, the young ford of the New York State College $ than ever before. The price on Daniel + Northwest: Mrs. E. Tanner and two the world you would have expected to mother, ~heir child between ~them of Agriculture. daughters, Bessie and Olive, and son, spring from the union of two such an- romping in their youth and vitality Colon bacteria, which causes most ":+ Boone is low at this time. +:+ Howard, Joe McClorey, E. Fitch and l:ea rs gular souls at Martha Crandall and eases of calf scours, are present in ¢+ +I+ through the somber rooms of the som- son, Arthur, Chris Seeger, Jas. Ma- ++++ beeping Johnson. ber mansion. dust, hay, straw, and grain. The muz- + + On a '+good roof" poliey~ zles prevent the calf from munching harg, Win. Sinclair, Geo. Meiser, Win. Unconscious of the incongruity of It was at the end of the fourth year, Spurgeon, John Brown, John Wheeler one administration for her young presence in the deep brown these coarse materials, in which dan- twenty years has main- however, that the older Crandalls did and Hugh Kinnaird. Mrs. Tanner and +:+ Farm Produce Co e **:+ plush of the Crandall-Johnson environ- ger may seem insignificant, and which + + tained the quhlity of Win- succeed in creating a schism. It was her family expect to remain there. + ment, Adeline rushed into the flush of finally borne in upon even Adeline her- °sometimes start stomach pains or oth- ! TELEPHONE 54 throp Tapered Asphalt er slight irritation. Such an irritation, W. A. Fairweather opened his new Shingles. No other asphalt her adolescence. self that life with this play boy was .I+ +:<. aggravated by material hard to dl~,es~,"~ store at Lansing last week. shingle has the tapered By this time the Crandall-Johnsons unendurable; it was not only unfair together with the millions of bacteria, R. B. Harring+on, who has resided +.;~;+,i<. ~;+ .~+ +.:+++.+;+ ,+p+,.+.~+ ,;.<++:;+ ,:~+++ ,;+ +.;+ ,+.+ ,+.~+J<..,,;+ .t++;++ .,i+ ,;+ ,:;<_,.;+ .,,i++ +.;+ +.;+ +g+ .++.+..~+ ,;+ ~+ .,%+ +g+ .:¢ +.+.+,+.~.+ .++ ~.<.+..~+ ,~<. ,~+ + .g~g<,. ,~,+ +.g~g<+~ shape--due to a thick butt were at the peak of the financial his- to herself and to her parents, but to wo~kfi to cause calf scours, he ex- in California for some time, has re- ,., that doubles the wearing tory of all the Crandalls who had oc- the youngster at their knees, to con- turned to Cass City and on Monday thickness. No other shin- cupied that house on Wittegar street. tinue as his wife. plains. .o~'@.~0~-Q.~Q~o~'o.~o`~o~.~$~0~0~*Q°~°.o.~O.~°.o~e~'~.~'~.~.~..~0~'0~e.~.~o~.~o~°*$~*~''~i~`'o.'~o~.~."~.'~ Since adopting the muzzling method morning purchased the pool room and gle is made more carefully •Not only had Martha come into a Just why it was unfair, Adeline nev- fixtures owned by A. A. Hitchcock. He .? nor of higher grade mate- three years ago, little difficulty has vaster than ever accumulation~ of er stopped to ask herself, except, that took immediate possession. rials. Come ~n and exam- been experienced with calf scours. A Crandall's monies, but Deeping John- according to all the traditions of the F. A. Bigelow 1Jt Monday after- ine these exclusive shin-. large breeding establishment in New son had practically cornered one of Crandalls and the Johnsons, every man noon for Sault Ste. Marie where he gles and look over their the most important cotton markets in must produce. It never occurred to York state at that time was losing superb colors. There aro most of the calves with scours and has accepted a position in a hardware i the history of the industry• Adeline that the fact that the Cran- establishment. Auction Sale twenty-- solid and blended® related complications. After adopting When Adeline Cranda!! Johnson was dall-:Tohnson s had seven millions I muzzles they have lost but few calves. The contract for the carf~enter work seventeen she was heiress to seven should be more than sufficient to off. Where little or no trouble is expe- on the Presbyterian church has been million dollars. More than that, and set the congenital shortcomings of rienced. Mr. Crawford says, such a awarded to Isaac Hall. Winthrop with an obsolete kind of solemnity of Jacques. strict system of management is un- of Feeding Pigs which they were tgtally unconscious, When the little girl was four years & warranted. But where valuable stock o Tapered Asphalt" the paren[s of Adeline had picked out to the day, Adeline consented to the {s gr-o~;n~. and di'se~[ses make losses, Thirty-five Years Ago. for her in marriage the son of another divorce. Curious, but the reality of o the system deserves a trial and it is August 13, 1896. o Shin les local millionaire. It was one of those the situation never seemed to come good economy to observe every detail. W. J. Campbell has moved into his o predetermined affairs about which home to Jacques. lie could not take i Michigan Bean Co. A strict sanitation program outlined new business which, although o there had not been much family dis- seriously the fact that this sweet girl "Where you can trade with confidence" by Dr. D. H. Udall of the New State cussion. It is doubtful if Adeline her- of his life and heart was about to walk incomplete, is far enough advanced to i College of Veterinary Medicine is Cass City Deford Greenleaf self, in those years when she and the out of them. And yet she did. be utilized for business purposes. available on request to the depart- The Caseville Critic says that since fat young boy were so consciously sent One year after Adeline's incredible ment of animal husbandy at Cornell the advent of so many prepossessing to dancing school together, was even acquiescence to a divorce Jacques university. summer girls at the Bluff some of the Grand Trunk Stockyard, Pigeon ! conscious of the import of what was found himself back in his humble stu- a Caseville girls are experiencing slight , O happening. dio as piano teacher, pounding out his Starting at one o clock sharp + attacks of asour grapes." It's time for a Certainly she never took Donald living at the keyboard. Timely Suggestion for / o Allen B. Bickford, formerly of this Dugan seriously enough to even resent The situation in the Crandall-John- o o Obtaining Quality Milk place but latterly of Saginaw, was him. The fact that at seventeen and son house had progressed. With an o • & Bulletin 107 of the agricultural ex- married at that place last week to :o Saturday, Aug 15 " acquiescence which seemed to denote • o eighteen they were unofficially consid- tension service of the Ohio State uni- Miss Gertrude I. Briggs. ered engaged, glanced off her bright that the strength for conflict had ' 400 head of pigs weighing from 50 to 100 pounds. Hew Watch versity very thoroughly discusses the -I. B. Auten looked after the welfare young cofiscience with scarcely an im- flowed out of her heart, Adeline re- subject of producing good milk. The of the Tuscola County Bank at Oaro i These are good thrifty pigs, just the kind to buy to feed !o sumed life according to the dictates o and certainly this is pact. outline suggested for washing and a part of last week. He left Saturday i your cheap grain to. They have all been vaccinated of her parents. Not even the prospect One night, however, in the great sterilizing milk utensils is briefly list- for a brief visit to Maine where Mrs. and will be sold to the highest bidder. Don't forget the "--" the time to buy it. Be deep brown plush parlor, the young Du- of their designs for an approaching ed below : Auten and the children have been vis- place and date--Pigeon, Michigan, Saturday, Aug. 15. i. marriage with Donald Dugan seemed : o dan, probably on the crest of his first 1. Rinse with clean, cold water im- iting for some time. Mr. Auten's o & "on time" this year to penetrate the icy stolidity that had fierce wave of adolenc~, caught her mediately after the utensil is used. presence was required at Caro owing ? TERMS: Reasonable length of ~ime will be given on good encased her since her official separa- with an up-to-date and into his short round arms and kissed This rinsing removes a large amo.unt to the absence of J. F. and L. G. See- Z bankable notes bearing 7 per cent. interest. .~ her wetly, patly, roundly, and with pos- tion from Jacques Stendhal. of the milk before it dries. ley at the marriage of the latter to accurate watch. Life resumed its even flow. She had sessiveness on the lips. 2. Wash in hot water containing a Miss Maud I. Cooley at Canandaigua, R. J. ?+GARDNER , Salesman. Four weeks later Adeline Crandall her child, a small beauty, who was dairy washing powder. Use a brush, N.Y. permitted by court agreement, to visit i Haist & Tait, Auctioneers. Pigeon State Bank, Clerk. i A. H. HIGGINS Johnson eloped with her music teacher• and not a cloth. The company which is to operate the her father once every month, and It was one of those seven-day-won- 3. Rinse with clean, hot water. cider mill, jelly press, and apple butter •~.*O*.O-O*.O-O-Oo*Q' ~"o.~$~*o"."~"~"."~"~"~"~"~."o"~"$"~"~*~.o.."~o~oo"~'~.~"~j'~".".~o~e~..."~o~ Donald Dugan as eager as ever to Jeweler and Optometrist. der, local catastrophics. The town 4. Sterilize with steam, boiling wa- cooker will be known as the Cass City shivered. The town stood aghast. marry her was reconciled to taking the ter, or a hypochlorite solution. Hydraulic Cider and Evaporating Co., Cass City little step-daughter along with his The newspapers, muted, as if stunned Copies of Bulletin 107 may be ob- and is composed of the following mem- marriage contract to Adeline. into semisilence, carried news of that tained by writing the Ohio State uni- bers: W. T. Schenck, John A. Benkel- A DOLLAR S WORTH Two nights .before the wedding Ad.- marriage as if they were printing the versity, Columbus, Ohio. man, Win. Schwaderer, C. Schwaderer, eline, still in what seemed to be her Clip this coupon and mail it with $1 for a six weeks' trial subser~pHon to story of a death. and J. H. Strittler. The mill's capacity icy mantle of reserve, walked out of The house of the Crandall-Johnsons is 100 barrels per day and will have THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR the Crandall-Johnson household with Wornout Need might be said to have shivered to its Uses Own Judgment a jelly pan and apple butter cooker her child in her arms. At ten o'clock Published by THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE PUBLISHING SOCIETY very timbers• In order to determine what price attached. Boston, Massachusetts, U. S. A. Old-time Iron Tonic that same night she eloped with For three months the great, solemn, can be paid for a feed and which feed Ubly held its first village election In it you wilt find the daily good news of the world from its 800 special writers, Men who are worn-ou~, run-down brown doors were closed to Adeline Jacques Stendhal and was remarried as wen as departments devoted to women's and children's interests, sports, music, will be the cheapest to buy, the dairy- on Monday. J. B. Madill occupies the finance, education, radio, etc. You will be glad to welcome into your home so and nervous need iron, lime and cod and her slender blond husband. Then to him in the office of a local magis- man must appreciate what type of fearless an advocate o~ peace and prohibition. And don't miss Snubs. Our Dog. presidential chair• an~ the Sundial and the other features. liver peptone as combined in Vinol. solemnly, inevitably and rather terri- trate. feeds he has on hand and what type The very FIRST bottle brings new bly, with the news that Adeline was The Stendhals, there are five of them of feeds he needs to balance them. THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ~ONITOR, Back Bay Station, Boston, Mass. strength, better appetite and sound Please send me a six weeks' trial subscription. I enclose one dollar ($I} o with child, they swung open, taking by now, are a playful, unstable, hilari- Feeds should be purchased not by the sleep. Vinol aids digestion and in- "Chemistry" into the silent maw of that house on ous group. There are a pair of solemn price per ton but by the price per creases the red blood. Gives you new The word chemistry is derived from -J~ (Name, please print) Wittegar street, the young figures of brown doors thag remain closed pound of the necessary digestible feed pep and ambition. Equally good for the Egyptian word "chemi," meaning tired, nervous women and under- Adeline and Jacques Stendhal. against them. elements. Unfortunately the feed the land of Ezypt, especially with ~Q. ~ (Address) i weight children. Tastes delicious• Promptly it swallowed them. The Stendhals, both Jacques and store man merely tells us the tJrice per reference to its black soil. Originally Get a bottle today. The results will Promptly it engulfed them. Prompt- Adeline, try to feel solemn about that ton or per bushel and the dairyman chemistry signified simply Egyptian &¢~~" ,dr~ (Town) (State) surprise you! Burke's Drug Store. ly the solemnity of that environment Somel~ow they cannot. must use his judgment. black magic. Advertisement 4. PAGE EIGHT. CASS CITY CHRONICLE--FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 1931. CASS CITY, MICHIGAN. returned home with Miss Law's par- mega spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.] A~vL'an sas Diamonds work. His determination apparently KINGSTON. ents that evening" to spend a week. Rolland Bruce• The Arkansas diamond mine in Pike conquered and and within a few days Mr. and Mrs. Earl Nicol visited in county has produced several thousand Doctor Howe acknowledged that the Miss Reeva Tewksbury is visiting Wm. Kelley and daughter, Winni- News Review of Current diamonds equal in color to the best "Wizard" had a good chance of being in Detroit. Marlete Sunday. fred, spent Thursday night with Mrs. produced in other par~s of the world able to return to his laboratories. Marion Hill Port Huron spent the Mr. and Mrs. Howard McCardle and Kelley at Greenvill'e. of and I per cent harder than the hardest Mr. Edison soon was recovered suffi- daughter spent Friday with Mrs. Mc- Mr. and Mrs. Win. Gillies of Flint Evems the Werld Over week-end here with her aunt, Mrs. from other parts of the world. In the ciently to sit in his library and read Cardle's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John spent Saturday and Sunday with Geo. Ira Roberts. Arkansas diamond mines the gems the newspapers, and he wanted to Jackson. Mrs. McCardle and Linda Ashcroft and Mrs. Melvin Phillips. have been found "in place" as the smoke, but this was forbidden. He Mr. and Mrs. N. Karr were callers Jean remained until Sunday when they Mrs. C. L. McCain left on Monday geologists pu~ it, and nowhere else on was sleeping well, and his son Charles in Cass City Sunday. with Mr. and Mrs. Jackson went to the Mrs. Hoover Christens the Navy's Big Dirigible Akron-- Ruth Patrick is enjoying a vacation Sanilae County Park at Forester for Pt. Huron where she will visit her this hemisphere have they been so said his father was "in good spirits daughter, Mrs. L. A. Pugh. found. and feeling very chipper." His health from Heineman's store. She, ace,m- where they met Mr. MeCardle and President Forms Relief Plans Mrs. Jesse Kelley is entertaining had been failing sinde his return from panied by her mother and sister, Eve- other friends and spent the day. her little niece, a daughter of Mr. and for Next Winter. Florida seven weeks ago and the col- lyn, spent the week at Forester. " ! Lawrenee tusk of Detroit is s~end- Shrewd New Englanders lapse was no surprise to tim phy- ling two weeks at the Jas. Nico! ho_m__e~ •i'nrougnou~ the tJoioniai perioa ana, By EDWARD W. PICKARD sicians or his family. Frost received life certificates from Raymond Spencer of Port Huron is Mr, and Mrs. Eldon Bruce of Fair- during the first decades of national in- gpsilanti last Tt~ursday. They have visiting relatives this week. grove spent Sunday visiting Mr. and dependence the economic life of New' tion. He also has Issued the neces- HARLES BOYD CURTIS of New returned to their homes here. Mrs. C. Furigson and Rolland Bruce. England was centered in the ship- ~~ ]~/TR S. HERBERT sary instructions to the army to have Meadie and Leonard Karr of Gage- C York, minister to the Dominican C. S. Berman returned home Satur- Mrs. ~Bertha Cooper entertained over building trade and in commerce. Aft- concentrated at the various bases,~ town are visiting a few days this week ~~ ::;e ?f°Z iVa s Jh°Ug- Republic, has been appointed by Pres- day from Chicago where he spent the Sunday night Mr. and Mrs. Archie er the adoption of the embargo and most of which are located near the at the Law honde. ident Hoover to be minister to E1 Sal- week. McClellon and children of Port Huron. other restrictive trade measures, the, [~~ ton to Akron, Ohio, big industrial centers, all of the sur- Rev. R. Harper of Pt. Hope will vador. His place in Dominies is filled Mrs. Henry Stortz will entertain the shrewd men turned their capital from and there graciousl plus property available should they be preach at all four churches on the Mr. and Mrs. Ward Roberts and lit- shipping to manufacture. They real~ ~~ christened the world's by the appointment of H. F. A. Schoen- White Creek Floral Club Thursday, called upon to use it. Argyle circuit Sunday, Aug. 16. Rev. tle girl left on Sunday for Ann Arbor Ized that in this section was an al- "~~~~~ largest dirigible, the ...... ",~,~'~v-~ .~_ feld of Rhode Island as minister there. Aug. 20. Hichens will preach on the Port Hope where Mrs. Roberts expects to stay most unexploited source of wealth in L~.'~ Akron, which has been Ruth Ruggles and Mabel McKichen charge. Services at the Wickware for a week for treatment and obser- Y AN almost unanimous vote in a WO more reports from the Wick- an abundant water supply. ~~N built for the United started Sunday for an automobile trip church at 10:30. Sunday school at vation. Mr. Roberts returned on Mon- B provincial plebiscite catalonia Tersham commission were made ~ ~.-:.'.i~ States navy. As the gave its enthusiastic approval to a through Northern Michigan. 11:30. day. ~[~ First Lady pronounced public. One deals with the federal Picturesque Canada constitution which defines the liber- courts, those of Connecticut having Maxine Hyatt returned home Sun- the name of the huge ties of the people and fixes the status day from visiting Donna Ehlers at In the province of Quebec many o1(~ been studies in especial detail, and the Important German Victory airship, the tradition- of the province as autonomous within Shabbona for a few days: French customs still prevail. Few Mrs. Hoover. at ceremony of releas- conclusion is reached that prohibition The most important battle fought on European cities are more romantic the Spanish republic. If this is not Dr. ~and Mrs. Gilliland and daughter, 1 DEFORD [ ing a flight of white pigeons was ob- cases dominate "the whole character ¢, . ,~,% German soil during the World war than the city of old Quebec with its granted by the new government of of the federal criminM proceedings." Ruth, spent Sunday in Pontiac, served. Before the christening the Spain, the Catalonians seem willing was the battle of Tannenberg, Septem- glorious view from the citadel. Mont- Prohibition cases in the Connecticut Miss Doris Ellwanger of Mayville Mrs. Carrie Lewis left Friday to ber 1, 1914, in which the Germans un- monster was brought to life by the in- to fight for it under the leadership of real, the largest city in ~he Dominion, district increased from 69 per cent of was a caller in town Friday. attend a reunion of the hospitai era- flation of twelve of its cells with heti- that elderly patriot, Col. Francisco der Von Hindenburg defeated a Rus- is the third larges~ French-speaking the total number of cases in the first Mr. and Mrs. George A. Jeffery of ployees at Newberry to be held on sian invading army. city in the world. um ,gas, enough to raise it about ten Macia. The apparent danger of Cats- feet from its cradle. It was then year of the study, the commission re- Wichita, Kansas, arrived Sunday for Sunday, Aug. 9. Before returning, •Ionia lies in the fact that Macia and ported, to 81 per cent in the study's "walked" sideways forty feet and his followers have given commitments a few days visit with friends and she will spend a few days at St. Ig- Not a Wheat Grain thh'd year which ended June 30, 1930. relatives, nace, the guest of her sister and fam- Runner and Skater secured as in. actual operation by sand The division of cereal investigation t o the syndicalists who form the huge The total increase in eases had been ily, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hiser. Whether a man can run as fast as a ballast, so it was really afloat when , says the grain calIed grohoma is not labor organization and who are al- furnished by prohibition eases, it was There will be no evening services in person can skate on ice depends upon Mrs. Hoover set ~ree the homing pig- Bruce Malcolm, accompanied by a wheat, but a grain sorghum which ready threatening a general strike if explained; other types remained sta- the M. E. church for the balance of conditions and length of race. The eons to carry messages of the event thei: demands, including higher wages Clayton Bitterling of Snover, spent originated in O!dahoma and which is tionary. August. 100-yard skating record is 9 2-5 sec- to the various navy stations. Tuesday at Saginaw. now grown in surrounding states such for family men, are not granted. Macia The other report deals with the po- Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Everett were onds, and the record for the 100-yard The trials of the Akron will take Mr. and Mrs. Rock of Fairgrove as Kansas and Texas. promised his friends he would be able lice of tho country, and it is asserted Car, callers Thursday. dash is the same. Over a longer 6()urse" place in the latter part of August or were visitors in Deford Monday. to get out of this difficulty when the that they have forfeited the public the skater makes the better time.' early in September, under supervision time was ripe. Mrs. Chas. Kilgore, Mrs. Scott Kel- of a board of inspection and survey. confidence because of their "'general Not Correctly Classed failure" to perform their duty. This ELMWOODo ley of Mayville, Bruce Malcolm and They •will consist of five or six flights URTHER relief Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Malcolm were vis- "Bright" and "dull" children are Many Uses for Cactus of various duration, including one of is blamed mainly on political power, F was given Ger- Geo. McCreedy of Detroit and Mrs. itors Saturday afternoon and Sunday often incorrectly lab°leG according to Cactus plants are now used to pro- forty-eight hours, to ~determine Speeds~ pull and protection, the short tenure duce various drugs, soap, cleaners, wa- many, in accordance John McCreedy of Fairgrove were at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Dr. Joseph Miller, director of guidance fuel consumption, endurance, structur- of office of the average police chief ter softeners and a boiler compound, with the decisions of Sunday dinner guests at the G. T. Smith at FarweI1. Mrs. Smith is a in the Wilkes-Barre (Pa.) schools. al integrity of parts and other details and the burdening of the police with which is the latest commercial prod- the London confer- Leishman home. On Tuesday Mrs. sister of Mrs. Kilgore. The former are frequently just glib, vf performance and handling. a multiplicity of duties. Mihvaukee while the so-called dull children often -act of the desert plant and has proved ence, when the board Leishman and children, Miss Marion Roderick Kennedy, Leland Lewis, If the trials prove satisfactory the was lauded as a city with an enviable are normally intelligent/ but are slow a boon in cleaning and purifying heat~ of governors of the and Everett, took Mrs~ J. McCreedy Navy department will accept the Ak- record for the prevention and prompt Armand Curtis and Robert Kelly will ing systems. Bank for International to her home in Fairgrove. Everett of speech and shy. ron and have it flown to Lakehurst detection of crime, and the reason was spend a week in Northern Michigan Settlements at Basel, stayed for a visit with relatives. for commissioning and docking. found in the fact that it has had only camping and sight-seeing. They left Switzerland, ordered two chiefs of police in 46 years. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wright had as Wednesday. the extension of its guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Glen MORE trouble for the federal farm one-fourth share of Mrs. R. E. Bruce, Miss Viola Bruce, $:.l!/ "":+:.:.X EW YORK is in Wright and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. board developed during the week the $100,000,000 loan Jesse Bruce and Elmer R. Bruce, who in the form of "civil war." It is now A. H. WiGGin. to Germany for a N the throes of 'm Roy Wright and daughters of Cuss left Wednesday morning, will camp at epidemic of' infantile City, and Miss Lucile Fisher of Car.. under fire from within its own ranks maximum of three months beyond Au- Forester until Monday, while attend- as the result of the fight between the ...... :~:~i~ij~i~.~ paralysi% the total Last week Raymond Seeley, son o~ ing the Bible conference being held gust 5, the date it fell due. It was "::iii: .2 ::!!~ number of cases re- farmers' National Grain corporation assumed this action would be imitated Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Seeley, was bitten this week at Sanilae County Park. S pecials for- ported since July 1 a n~ ~e Farmers' Union Terminal as- on the right cheek by a dog. Six Louis Locke was a caller on Thurs- by the other participants in the loan, being well over eigt~t sociation of St. Paul, on the one hand, the American Federal Reserve bank, stitches were required to close the day at Saginaw. ~t~l the N~Ghwest Grain association hundred. The defitli wound. As it was cared for promptly $ the Bank of England :anO the Bank rate is about 12 per Clinton B~*uce and Mrs. A. L. Bruce on the 5U~er. o~ France. by a physician, no serious results are spent Sunday at Richmond. Mrs. $ cent, ~he.~er d~'. expected. ~'~--~{ke . ,m~rs,°~ .... the Northwest Grain ag- Th~ gOVernors set Saturday, August Bruce was a visitor at the home of $ soeiMion protest s that the govern- 8, as the date for the committee of Mr. and Mrs. Warren O'Dell made Mr. and Mrs. Flowers. Mrs. Clinton Saturday Roosevelt gave one "~nent's helping hand is not being inquiry into German credi~ needs to a business trip to Saginaw on Tues- Bruce, who had been a guest for a ~6~oosevelL pint of blood to gJ9 stretched out to al.~ alikm Ten other begin its work. The meeiing was~ de.~ day of last week, week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. August 15 Co-operatives and farm 0rganizations layed until then to await the arrival the disease. It went t0•~he sta~te i~ealth Mr. aiid Mf~. Floyd i~ondo and Ballard, returned with them to her have supported a resolution to that of Albert Henry Wiggin, the American department for use as a sdt'titi~ ~h~ daughter, Shlriey A~.n, o£ Pontiac, home. @ effect ~,ember, It was beIieved that Mr. BULK MACARONI "1 gE~,~nd{~ ;~a~ ~ta--eked by the disease who visited fo~,,thg pa~t two weeks Norman Kitchen of Pontiac was a @ ~. The side the board has taken is that W~ggin, who is chairmfffi 0~ t~e board with rglatiVes h~te, returned to their caller on Thursday at the Robert of the management of t~ie Farmers ~ some ten years ~.~o, but has practical- ef the ChaR° National bank of New [y recovered, and doctors consider his :home Sund@ .... Homer home. National. Chairman James C. Stone ~ork~ Would be selected as ehalrman case remarkable. Since blood from a This cbmmunity was the scene of Mr, and Mrs. Jesse Sole are enter- reiterated that the board would not ...... 15c .... 5~ ~he committee. Tl~e a~e ten mem- victim who has i.ecovered is eonsid- two fires during thd past week• While taining their granddaughters, the finance competition among the north~ }~ers in all, and theiP Drincipal task ered the best serum for treating oth- Ellis Rushlo Was burning stubble on Misses Lillian and Margaret'Vance, of west co-operatives, which was tanta- will be to stUd~ the possibilities of .. ers, the goverffor's action will prove of the Dodge farm on Tuesday, the straw Clifford, for a while• mount to saying that the Northwest converting a portion of Germany's TALL CAN ...... Grain association must come into line tangible help to the state authorities. stack caught fire and burned. With 1 Paul Knapp of Detroit is a guest short-term credits into long-term cred- ,Dr: "Iago Galdston, secretary of the or it will not have its loan renewed. its, There were indications that the the help of the neighbors who quickly I for a couple of weeks of Mr. and Mrs. ~ The Farmers' Union Terminal asso- medical informatio~ bureau of the turned out, the buildings were saved. I Harry Dodge...... French would try to convert the com- Academy of Medicine, announced that. 12c ciation contains many of the old Non- mittee into an inquisitorial body. On Friday afternoon the ChapelI Mr. and Mrs. Ward Roberts were at more than 100 former paralysis suf- nouse, an om lanamarK, was ourned ...... • Mrs Roberts partisan league crowd. Among its ac- New York bankers delegated to to KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES ° 8C tive supporters has been Senator Ger- ferers had donated from 250 to 300 the ground. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Moonj r~:2a~:~°;o; n ~:;(I~Y~ s ." SMALL PACKAGE study the same question of German cubic centimeters each of their blood ald P. Nye, insurgent Republican of lived in the house. Very little of the t r " 4* short-term credits were busy through- at the Cornell medical school. household o.an3~ wn~ ~nvod 1' John Proctor is spending a few days North Dakota. KELLOGG S e out the week with the technical detaiIs Mayor James J. Walker of New Mr and ~M%I~ Wi%r%n" O:Dell an'a I this week at Flint. Hiram Millen, " While the row goes back to funda- of the problem, but the prospects of PEP ...... ' • ...... 11 C *~~ York city, threatened with a physical children art e nded the ~vangencai..... z~s ~Frank Melash, and John Proctor at- 4* mental differences between the two reaching an agreement were said to be ...... - !tended the all-day meeting at Shab- groups, the more immediate cause of breakdown, sailed for Germany to take semmy a~ ~eoewaing ~unaay a~er- ARGO GLOSS 6 ":" small. the water cure at Carlsbad. Itis blood t bona Sunday. the crisis lies in the recent policy of Through Ambassador Sackett the noon. STARCH C ":" the Farmers' National to take over pressure Is low and his heart is weak...... $ .. . ~ I Miss Norma Wentworth of Detroit suggestion was made to Berlin that ivnss iviarion.... ~eisnman spent ~roml spent..... a ~ew aays as ~ne ~uest~ " o f Mi ss OLD DUTCH CLEANSER " the marketing activities ,o£ the twen- Germany purchase large amounts of Tuesday till Friday in Car. wzth her ~,. I ~r 7 ,r OVER OR MRRAY of Okla- [VlO ~ lJ uce ty-five co-operatives composing its list wheat and cotton now held by the fed- grandmother, Mrs. Sheppard. " PER CAN ...... C :!: ~J homa, having been somewhat 4* of stockholder members. e~r~l farm board, and it was promised Wm. Sangster and Mr. and Mrs. worsted in the "war of the bridges" Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Turner and HOME BAKER FLOUR ~@~ "~ ~ The Farmers' Union Terminal asso- that long-term credits would be ,ar- James Sangster and daughter spent he waged with Texas, found use for sons, Dwight and Clayton, were Sun- ciation was the first co-operative in ...... rm,~;~u. ,~ The administration• . in Wash- the week-end at Ypsilanti. @ PER 24iA LB. SACK l[J~ C *~*:" his National Guard in the oil contro- day guests at the D. E. Turner home the Farmers' National and it now owns ington thought, this-would both aid Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Bruce and versy. He made good his threat to in Cass City. 30 per cent of the Farmers' National Germany and relieve the .farm board, daughters of Fairgrove were Sunday 4. close down all tlle oil wells in the Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Moore attend- FRESH TOMATOES, CELERY, PEACHES, -:**:" stock outstanding. Acceding in the and the idea was wellreceived in Ber- visitors at the home of their parents, 4. state,except the small strippers if the ed the Evangelical Assembly at Sebe- program of the central organization, lin. Germany is especially eager to Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bruce• AND MELONS. *:" price of crude oil were not put at $1 waing Sunday afternoon. it sold out its marketing facilities to get American cotton and for this rea- a barrel. A proclamation to that ef- Hollis Burgam and boy friend, Har- the Farmers' National. The North- son might also take the wheat, al- 4, fect was issued and martial law was ry Perry, and lady friend of Detroit west Grain association, however, re- though unofficial reports said she had declared within fifty feet of each of spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. fused to sell. Briefly, it gave as its already contracted with Rumania for ELKLAND AND A. Henry :: the 3,106 wells within the proration Arthur Perry. reason that with the power exercised wheat. She needs, in additio~n to her areA. National Guardsmen with fixed ELMWOOD TOWN LINE Floyd Collins took William Patch by the Farmers' Union Termifial as- own production about 25,000,000 bush- m,..~.~e.ewmne 82 , . sociation in the National and the close bayonetswere placed in control of the and his Sunday school class to Port els of-the grain. twenty-seven oil fields designated. Elmer Simmonsand Don Schenck Austin Saturday, Aug. 8, for a day's 4* ties existing between the terminal as- When it seemed such a deal might In his order the governor defended spent one day last week at West outing. A good time was enjoyed b:~ s0ciatiori and the National manage- be put through, objections to the sale his actions on the grounds that he Branch. all amid the downpour .of rain. ment, it soon Would be foreed entirely of the farm board's cotton to Germany is protecting the natural resources of Mrs. Eleanor Beach is spending out of the picture. came from the southern producers. Rev, Welton and family, Ira Biddle, the state. A considerable portion of some time visiting in Northern Mich- & Senator William J. Harris of Georgia and Mrs. Harry Brown left Monday the proclamation was given to an ab igan. et RESIDENT HOO- said he had received a protest to the for Forester where they plan to camp p tack on the Harry Sinclair interests. ver, in a long effect that such a sale would tend to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Simmons, Wal- for a week and attend the Huron con- i The governor charged that Sinclair at- o conference at his Vir- depress the world price of cotton and lace Laurie, and Keith Beaeh of West ference being held at that place• tempted to bribe forty members of the Branch spent the week-end at their ginia week-end camp that th@ policy of the farm board Beverly Jean Moynes, who spent o legislature and to impeach the gov- Auction Sale t with Secretary of La- should be to hold its cotton and en- homes here. the past week with her grandparents, i ernor; that Sinclair maintained a t bor Doak. virtually courage purchases direct from the pro- Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Butler and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Perry, returned I completed his plans large oil lobby during the last session e , ducers. There were indications, too, daughter spent Thursday evening with to her home in Detroit Sunday. e of the legislature and that the Sin- for the organization that some foreign countries would op- Mrs. Yokom at tt~e Livingston home. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Malcolm had as e of government and clair company has continually attempt- of Feeding Pig pose the wheat and cotton proposal on guests on Friday, Mrs. Andrew Hoff- ed to break down proration of produc- Mr. and Mrs. Richard Karr spent charitable agencies to the ground that it would be tanta- Sunday at the Anson Karr home in man, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hoffman and eare for the unem- tion. i n~ount to dumping and would put Ger- Greenleaf. Mrs. Harry Going, all of Pontiac. ployed and others in many in an advantageous position over The new barn at the Edgar Pelion Postponed to Saturday, Auq.22 TWAS an eventful week in aviation. Mr. Ott and daughter and her fam- i distress during the competitors. farm looks splendid in its new coat of coming winter. Mr. Sec'y Colonel and Mrs. Lindbergh flew up ily of Saginaw spent Sunday with Mrs. Doak. I red paint edged with white. beyond the Arctic circle with success A. Anthes. Hoover is unchanged in his opposition HERE was uni- Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Martin with and precision and Mi'ss Alice Butler spent the past to anything like a dole, or direct gov- versal grief and rested at Aklavik T week ~at the Alvin Beach home. their daughter, Mrs. McLaughlin, and $ ernment assistance, and Will continue anxiety when it was i!iiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~iiiii!~ii!iliiiiiiiiiiiil!before proceeding to Point Barrow. Mr. and Mrs. O. Karr spent Sunday children of Detroit spent Wednesday to rely on organized charity• He is reported that Thomas Parker Cramer was found to be mak- at the Win. Simmons home. with relatives in Port t~ron. $ willing, however, that the army should A. Edison had col- ing an unannounced flight to Norway o ~"..!~i~!~'':"":~::*~;i~::~!~!. Mrs. E. Butler and son, Dorus, spent be used as a distributing agency, as lapsed at his home in by the northern route, the news break- a it Is in the times of flood disasters, ing when he landed at Angmagsalik, Sunday with the former s~ daughter, I Miss Mary Gee of Car. is visiting $ Llewellen Park, West ~}2$!.j~':i:~?i:?i:i:!: ::!:i:!:~:~ o and to "communities where distress is Greenland. He was attempting to blaze Mrs. Yokom. her aunt, Mrs Carrie Lewis. Orange, N. 3., and was Grand Trunk Stockyard, Pigeon & acute there will be loans of army at the point of death. an air.mail route to Copenhagen for Marie Lewis had the misfortune to the Trans-American Airlines. Hem- sprain her right ankle on Friday eve- blankets and supplies. The Red Cr~ss Members of the aged Starting at one o'clock sharp o will be, as heretofore, the backbone of inventor's family were don and Pangborn reached Tokio ou WICKwARE. ning. the relief organization. summoned in haste ~heir world circling flight, and planned Mrs. Lewis Lamb of Flint spent 400 head of pigs weighing from 50 to 100 pounds, $ Mr. Doak presented t~ the President to try for a nonstop trip from there to Mr. and Mrs. Ward Law spent Sun- o and his personal phy- T. A. Edison. Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Alice These are good thrifty pigs, :}ust the kind to buy to feed a report from the recent survey of sician, Dr. H. S. Seattle. Just before their arrival in day at Lake Pleasant• Other guests Curtis. your cheap g~ain to. They have all been vaccinated: o conditions throughout the country. the Japanese capital Amy Johnson, the were Mr. and Mrs. M. Karr and fam- Howe, sped to his bedside by air- lVlr. and Mrs. Ward Kelley of May- o English aviatrix, also landed there• and will be sold to the highest bidder. Don't forget the Neither of them would make publie~ I plane. Mr. Edison Was indeed in a ily, Mr. and Mrs. A. Karr and Mr. and ville spent Sunday with their brother, o the estimate of the number of people place and date--Pigeon, Michigan, Saturday, Aug. 15. @ preearious state, but three doctors. Mrs. Lawrence Salgot of Gagetown, Charles. who would be out of work during the OTABLE among the deaths of the Mrs. Chas. Mellon and son, George, • after thorough examination, said he Mrs. Ben Gage and Mrs. Alvah TERMS: Reasonable ler.gth of time will be given on good coming winter, but both admitted tha~ N week was that of D. R. Anthony, Mrs. Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. John Mc- t was not in immediate .danger of Spencer called in Silverwood on Fri- bankable notes bearing 7 per cent. interest. it would be little different from last who for years represented the First Kichan, and Mr. and Mrs. W~lington death• He is eighty-five years old and day afternoon. year. is suffering from diabetes, bright's dis- Missouri district in congress. He was Law of Pontiac, and the Misses Ruth i However, it was learned that the ease and stomach ulcers, as well as a very active and influential member Agar and Flossie Law of Ann Arbor. Miss Lamb and friend from Flint e. R. J, GARDNER, Salesman. i. & o President, as head of the Red Cross, has uremic poisoning, but he declared he of the lower house. Mr. Anthony was The gathering was in honor of Mr. spent Sunday with her grandmother, & Haist & Tait, Auctioneers. Pigeon State Bank, Clerk. directed the Red Cross*to start a new was too busy to die now and that he a nephew of Susan B'. Anthony, the MacKichan whose birthday was on Mrs. Alice Curtis• & ~o,.o..o..ee.e0.o..o0.er~,~.~e~,°@.~@°°~°~.@~o.~@°*~'.~@~o.~@*~°e~.~e~o~e.~'.~..~.~e~.o~.@°~.~*~.~*.~ drive to raise funds and that the ma- would soon be able to resume his noted suffragist. • Tuesday. Miss Law and Miss Agar Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Evo of Wahja- chinery has already been set in too- [ ((d). 1931. Western NewsPaper Union.)