World and Overview How the Formed

-The surface of the is about 29% . There are seven continents: , -The continents haven’t , , , , America and America. looked as they do -A is a massive area of land that now – they are always is separated from other areas of land by moving (although very water or natural features. slowly!)

-Five of the continents are connected to at -This is called ‘continental least one other continent by land, whilst drift.’ It happens because Antarctica and Australia are cut off from the tectonic plates under others by the . the ’s surface move. -Each continent has a wide range of land -Around 250 million types, and animal life. ago, all of the land on earth was in one giant super-continent called . The Five Oceans Asia Africa

-Asia is the largest continent in the . -Africa is the 2nd largest continent. Top Ten Facts!

-It is mainly located in the Eastern and -The continent straddles the , with more of hemispheres. its in the . 1. The equator passes through the 6. , the world’s largest , is continents of , Africa in both Europe and Asia. -It contains like Russia, and . -It contains countries like , and . and Asia. Europe 7. The smallest country, the Vatican -North America is the 3rd largest continent. -Europe is the 2nd smallest continent. 2. Until 1840, Antarctica was known as City, is in Europe. ‘ Incognita’ (‘Unknown -It is mainly located in the . -It is located in the northern hemisphere. Southern Land’). 8. The highest mountain system, the Himalyas, is in Asia. -It contains countries such as the , -It contains countries such as the , 3. Asia has 1/3 of the land on earth. , and the countries. , , and . South America Australia Antarctica 9. North America has every type of 4. Australia is sometimes known as an – Tropical, Dry, Continental, -South America is the -Australia is the -Antarctica is the ‘ continent.’ Moderate and Polar. 4th largest continent. smallest continent in the world. world’s southernmost continent. 5. Europe is the only continent without 10. The largest , the Amazon, is -It is located in the western -It is sometimes called -It is the location of the South any . in South America. hemisphere. It contains countries or . It contains Pole. There are no countries. It is like , and . Australia and . the coldest continent.

Continents by Size Largest Populations

8.6 million km² 10.2 million km² 14.2 million km² 17.8 million km² 24.7 million km² 30.3 million km² 44.5millionkm² Antarctica: 2,000 Australia: 40 million S.America: 420 million N.America: 580 million Europe - 743 million Africa: 1.2 billion Asia: 4.5 billion