Anne McCaffrey Jeff VanderMeer Acorna: Southern Reach trilogy Acorna the Unicorn Girl Area X SCIENCE Acorna’s Rebels Annihilation Freedom: Authority Freedom’s Landing Acceptance FICTION Freedom’s Challenge Robert McCammon Zones of thought series The Border

Walter Miller Children of the sky * : *Ringworld The Ringworld Engineers *Blackout *All Clear The Ringworld Throne

Robin Parrish Charles Yu Offworld How to Live Safely in a Science Fifty Degrees Below *2312 Frank Compton series Galileo’s Night Train to Rigel The Third Lynx Mount Odd girl out

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A reader’s collection of great science Lois McMaster Bujold Aldous Huxley fiction titles and series. Look under the *Paladin of Brave New World author’s last name in the Fiction The : N.K. Jemisin section, or browse the collection by Cryoburn Broken Earth series looking for the sticker on : * the book spine. :

Douglas Adams *Ender’s Game Jerry B. Jenkins The Hitchhiker’s Guide “trilogy”: * Silenced : the wrath of god The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Ender in Exile descends Galaxy Arthur C. Clarke Shadowed : the Final Judgment Life, the Universe and Everything 2001: A Space Odyssey The Restaurant at the End of the James Corey * Universe Caliban’s War Sherrilyn Kenyon Abaddon’s Gate Cloak & Silence I, Philip K. Dick Margaret Atwood The Man in the High Castle Probability Sun The Handmaid’s Tale Ursula K. Le Guin *The Left Hand of Darkness * A Fisherman of the Inland Sea : * Science Fiction Stories * Imperial Radch series Consider Phlebas *

Greg Bear Chixin Lui Darwin’s Children Peter Hamilton Three Body series * Night’s Dawn trilogy: *The Three-Body Problem

The Reality Dysfunction, parts 1 and 2 George R.R. Martin: The Chronicles Hunter’s Run Robert Heinlein: Dangerous Women

Stranger in a Strange Land Citizen of the Galaxy Darkover: Rediscovery