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WILTON 14 WELLINGTON 22 PIPITEA HARBOUR New busTHORNDO routeN map from 15 July 2018

KARORI WEST 35 ium Bus route 2 – High-frequency buses Bus route – Additional peak-time ParliamentWELLINGTON MAP KEY: 34 Stad NORTHLAND Bus route 2 – East-West Spine to Wellington CBD and beyond services stpac Bus route 12e – Extension We Bus route 20 – Mt Victoria • New high-frequency bus route 2 • Replaces route 5 morning ST s A tanical TIO Bus route 35 – o den WELLINGTON HARBOUR FwillERRY run along Elizabeth St, service between Hataitai and 13 B r 22 Ga N Bus route 36 – via Hataitai LA 37 MBTON Q Brougham St and Pirie St on its Wellington Station. Y route between , Miramar, L WELLINGTON • Bus route 35 will provide E N le N KELBURN b Hataitai, Kilbirnie, Wellington U CENTRAL additional peak-time trips in the 2 T Ca r I m R ca u O e CBD and . 18e R morning. Bus 35 will start from A KARORI K 22 Mus • Weekday peak travellers will have Hataitai and run to Wellington Papa e y 21 T higher capacity buses, running Station, via Hataitai bus tunnel. ia or y -sanctuar ict sit rn every 5-10 minutes. Zealandiao V er ORIENTAL 36 c lbu E e Bus route ARO UnivK 37 21 ia BAY • Minimal waiting times: buses or 25 t t HIGHBURY VALLEY c u o 24 • Route 36 will replace route 6 and 21 t Vi k running approximately every M TE Loo ROSENEATH 5-10 minutesSC weekdayORCHING BA daytime,Y route 3 morning peak buses from ARO 30x y y 15 minutes weekend daytime. Lyall Bay to the CBD. 33 e sit 20 ass er e 35 M in rv KARORI SOUTH Univ 12e • Travels from Lyall Bay to BROOKLYN Bas HATAITAI 12e 29e Rese Bus route 29e Wellington Station via Hataitai MT VICTORIA 31x 14 • Replaces route 25 between bus tunnel on weekdays at peak Strathmore Park and Wellington times. Stops at Pirie St, Brougham 23e MT NEWTOWN 24 Station.18 St, Elizabeth St and Kent Tce. COOK N BROOKLYN H O 31x • Runs18e on weekdaysKARAKA BAY atS peak L 36 Higher capacity buses times only. HOSPITAL SPITA MIRAMAR WELLINGTO EVANS BAY H • Travels from Strathmore Park to Higher capacity buses carrying more Wellington Station, via Miramar passengers at peak times will reduce 17e MORNINGTON the number of buses on the road, VOGELTOWN 3 shops and Kilbirnie. Stops at Pirie 17 St, Brougham St, Elizabeth St, and meaning less congestion and faster 23 32x 2 Kent Tce. trips through the CBD. MIRAMAR SHOPS o o BERHAMPORE Z Better connections improve links KILBIRNIE KILBIRNIE to other suburbs Wellington Station, Courtenay 20 7Bus route – New eveningMEL RandOSE • Bus route 20 will3 run hourly Pl and other bus stops along the KINGSTON weekend buses 1to the lookout and at eveningsRONGOTA andI weekends, Golden Mile will offer a full set of beyond, for full seven day service bringing seven day a week 2 connections to other suburbs. STRATHMORE 29 29 23 bus service to the upper parts • Bus route 20 will connect LYALL BAY PARK SEATOUN Mt Victoria with interchanges of 3Mt Victoria and Roseneath. at Courtenay Pl and Kilbirnie T 9191 but will no longer run along the 36 AIRPOR Golden Mile to Highbury.SOUTHGATE 28 12e 29e HOUGHTON BREAKER 29e BAY 12 BAY

23e 3 30x ISLAND BAY MOA POINT OWHIRO BAY 1 32x Wellington City Public Transport Network Map updated April 2018

W N I Key 0 0e GN igh freuency bus routes 1 IG minutes aytime 1 Woodridge 1015 Glenside 52 1 2 21 22 1560 evenings weekends 1 N W aparangi tanar bus routes P 58 WI 1e 5 00 minutes all ay Baylands 52 5 increased freuency at peak times eak etene bus routes ail services 1 5 NWN 85 12e est 8 W W JNNI eak only epress bus routes Wellington arbour erry ville 81 n 8 1 1 0 I Johnso 1 Bus hubs interchanges aroa

2 22 gauranga 25 Broadmeadows 2 1e illage KhandallahV N 52 Box Hill 2 J 1 58 Simla rescent NGI 5 Hutt Rd warua Street 5 gaio 25 85 fton owns Matiu / Somes Island 22 ro 8 Otari Wilton’s 81 Bush 2 Wilton WWN 1 Mairangi 1 ty Westpac Stadium 1 rsi Victorianive U Karori West Pipitea WINGN IN 22 To ays Bay Parliament Eastbourne Karori MallNN 2 2 18e N Queens WELLT I Wharf Botanical HB I NN I Gardens 22 18e 21 52

Karori South Willis Street car Cable Manners Street Wrights Hill Zealandia Te Papa Museum

Eco-sanctuary NVictoria 21 N 1 2 UniversityKelburn 25 Mt Crawford 18e 2 25 20

Mt Victoria Roseneath Lookout 2 Highbury Massey Basin University Miramar Reserve Evans Bay North 2e 1 2e 5 2e Scorching Bay 0 Hutchinson Rd Maupuia I II 18e 1 18e 18 N I 2

1e WINGN20 I 12 2 NWWN 12e 18e 18e 1 IINI

Vogeltown 2 I I 2e 2 2

o 2 Strathmore Kowhai Park Kingston o Melrose Z Park Shops N 2 1 Berhampore 1 2 2e 12e Island Bay Shops 12 28 0 Southgate I 2e Hill Moa Beacon Point Happy Valley 2e 2 2 2 1

Owhiro Bay


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