Preloading Katzkin Leather Stock Units

Instructions and Recommendations Preloading Katzkin is easy!

Select a design at www.moparvis.com.

Each design has a Design Code.

This code begins with MD.

Provide this code to your Parts Manager who will then complete the order through the Katzkin Online Ordering system.

Preload Recommendations

Chrysler 200 Limited Single tone Black, perf insert, Ash all stitch, Ash piping Mopar Design MD344-100

$2,675 MSRP Price Walk from Limited to 200C Alabaster wrap, - Install Mopar Accessory Leather perf insert, Java wings, $1365 Java all stitch and piping Mopar Design Total Price Variation $ 1,310 MD350-227 Additional Savings Limited to 200C Preload Recommendations

Ram 1500 Single Tone Black $5,210 MSRP Price Walk from SLT to Laramie Mopar Design 4X4 Crew Cab 5’7” Bed MD151-100

• Add option AGV for $395 – Heated Seats • Install Mopar Accessory Leather $1,365

Total Price Variation $ 3,450

Ram 2500 $6,690 MSRP Price Walk from SLT to Laramie Black with 4X4 Crew Cab 6’4” Bed Lapis perf wings Ram head logo • Add option AGV for $395 – Heated Seats embroidery in Lapis • Install Mopar Accessory Leather $1,365 Mopar Design MD191-100 Total Price Variation $ 4,930 Preload Recommendations

Cherokee Single Tone Black with Pearl stitching Mopar Design MD189-100

$3,700 MSRP Price Walk from Latitude to Limited Black wrap, - Add option ADE for $795 – Cold Ash perforated insert, Ash all stitch, Weather Group logo - Install Mopar Accessory Leather embroidery in Ash $1365 Mopar Design MD503-100 Total Price Variation $ 1,540 Additional Savings Sport to Limited Preload Recommendations

Grand Cherokee Single Tone Black with perf combo Black piping/stitching Mopar Design MD149-100

$6,900 MSRP Price Walk from Laredo to Limited Black wrap, perf combo, - Add option AD3 for $1695 – Adobe wings, Coffee piping/stitching Heated Seats Jeep logo embroidery - Install Mopar Accessory Leather in Adobe $1365 Mopar Design MD188-100 Total Price Variation $ 3,840 Preload Recommendations

Wrangler Single Tone Black Black stitching with Dove Grey Jeep logo MD396-100

$3,900 MSRP Price Walk from Sport (S pkg) to Sahara with Factory Leather Single Tone Teak Mopar Design - Install Mopar Accessory MD130-144 Leather $1365

Total Price Variation $ 2,535 Preload Recommendations


Single Tone Black Mopar Design MD150-100

$6,500 MSRP Price Walk from SXT to Limited Adobe wrap, perf Add option AYJ for $795 – Cold Weather Group combo, Install Mopar Accessory Leather $1870 (3 Row) Black contrast all stitch/piping Total Price Variation $ 3,835* Mopar Design Factory Leather available on SXT with Blacktop Package – price MD453-130 variation changes to $1,545 Preload Recommendations

Challenger Single Tone Black Mopar Design MD174-100

$3,000 MSRP Price Walk from SXT & R/T Black wrap, to SXT Plus & R/T Plus Carbon Shadow wings, Raven Suedezkin body, Add option ADE for $395 – Heated Seats Cardinal piping, Install Mopar Accessory Leather $1365 Ice Grey all stitch, Challenger logo in Cardinal stitching. Total Price Variation $ 1,240 Mopar Design MD182-100 Preload Recommendations

Charger SE Single Tone Black Mopar Design MD174-100

$9,995 MSRP Price Walk from SE to SXT

Black wrap, Add option ADE for $395 – Heated Seats Barracuda Flint Install Mopar Accessory Leather $1365 insert and wings, Ash contrast all stitch, Total Price Variation $ 8,235 Logo in Ash / Red stitching Mopar Design MD519-100 Preload Recommendations

Charger SXT Single Tone Black Mopar Design: MD174-100

SXT has a leather option in the $2,000 Plus Package but requires the Black wrap, $5,995 Premium Group Package Barracuda Red insert, Cardinal wings, Add option ADE for $395 – Heated Seats Cardinal all stitch, Install Mopar Accessory Leather $1365 2-color logo Mopar Design MD470-100 Total Price Variation $ 4,235