Obituaries, death notices, etc. - H

Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Habisrittinger Mary, Mrs. 19/03/1949 5 McNamara Terrace buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hackett Bridget 03/09/1881 Crosby Row, Windmill Street an "Alleged Homicide Near Frederick Street" (further report, 10/9/1881) Hackett Elizabeth 10/10/1871 10 Ellen Street aged 86, widow of late John Hackett Hackett female (Mrs.) 01/08/1810 late of Nicker, near , in this City Hackett female (Mrs.) 06/01/1917 The Deanery, Edenmore, Road wife of Dean Hackett; funeral report (see also 11/01/1917) Hackett Frederick Augustus Patrick 02/09/1846 Rutland Street Upper son of Captain Hackett, Royal Navy Hackett Helen Harriett Cunninghame 16/09/1886 infant dau of Aylmer & Helen Hackett, death notice Hackett Henry 22/07/1837 Fethard Hackett Johanna 01/04/1854 Newcastle report Hackett John 13/02/1856 Ellen Street formerly Poor rate collector of the city and suburban districts of the Limerick Union Hackett John 03/02/1858 Limerick son of late Thomas Hackett Hackett John, jun. 22/05/1850 Mallow aged 22, late Assistant Master of the Limerick Workhouse Hackett Margaret 04/01/1840 Patrick's Quay, Cork wife of William B. Hackett, dau of Patrick O'Callaghan of Limerick Hackett Michael 18/05/1926 butcher's journeyman; sudden death; news report Hackett Patrick 07/03/1942 Cragmore, acknowledgement notice, aged 82, with his brothers had been prominent in bringing honours to Askeaton, buried at family burial grounds at the Abbey, Askeaton (Limerick Echo 03/02/1942) Hackett R. I. D. 17/02/1925 Cheltenham, England Colonel, R.A.M.C.; brother of the Dean of Limerick; obituary (see also, 19/02/1925) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hackett Samuel J., Rev. 12/10/1915 The Rectory, Askeaton Rector of Askeaton; death notice (obituary, 12/10/1915) (funeral report, 14/10/1915) Hackett T. Aylmer P., Rev. 04/12/1928 COI Dean of Limerick; obituary (funeral report, 06/12/1928) (report on will, 16/05/1929) Hackett Therese 26/06/1943 Newtown, , Co. Clare acknowledgement notice Hackett Thomas 03/01/1905 King's County father of Rev. Hackett, Rector of Kilmallock Haddon Gladys Elsie 15/12/1888 62 William Street death notice, aged 3 years and 8 months Haffey Owen 09/10/1822 Moore Lane [carbon monoxide poisoning] Hagany John 05/04/1848 accidentaly drowned at Corbally Hagarty female (Mrs.) 08/05/1812 Ennis, Co. Clare Hagerty Thomas 28/08/1807 Moy, Ennis, Co Clare Haighney Margaret 05/05/1910 Cloughdoolerty, aged 3; accidental burning Hailes female (Mrs.) 01/03/1856 Norwich widow of John Hailes, grandmother to Mrs. Grantley Shelton and Mrs. Captain Shelton of Rossmore, Co. Limerick

Hailes Joseph 05/10/1915 son of late T. Hailes; First World War casualty; obituary Hailes Timothy 05/01/1892 3 Castle Street report. Former staff sergeant of Limerick City Artrillery Militia

Hailey Michael 26/09/1939 aged 60, farmer, while removing hay in a float, his horse took fright, while endeavouring to control the animal he received fatal injuries, died in Tipperary hospital Haines Catherine 30/01/1861 112 George Street aged 70, wife of Adam Haines Elizabeth Boles 01/02/1866 Charleville aged 19, granddau of late William Stewart [Frazer?] of George Street, Limerick [surname Frazer is best guess, based on trades directories data] Haines Harriet Louisa 20/03/1861 George Street aged 8 months, dau of John Haines Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Haines Homan 22/03/1862 Charleville son of late Thomas Wise Haines, M.D., Mallow Halahan John 24/03/1852 Manchester former grocer and spirit merchant of Limerick City Haleran male 29/09/1804 army recruit, killed when his unit was attacked at Ballyneety [further report, 03/10/1804] Hales 14/04/1945 Airmount Terrace, Singland Haley female (Mrs.) 11/02/1843 Halfpenny Female 25/07/1785 The Parade, Limerick mother of Pat Halfpenny, Secretary to the Lord Chancellor Hall Ambrose 18/01/1908 Mignon, North Strand businessman and local politician; obituary (funeral report, 21/01/1908) Hall Ambrose 16/02/1926 Wellington Terrace son of Ambrose Hall, former mayor of Limerick and husband of Meta Hall; death notice (obituary, 16/02/1926) (funeral report, 18/02/1926) Hall Anne Maria 17/02/1870 6 The Crescent widow of late William H. Hall Hall Catherine 13/02/1847 Ballingarry wife of James Hall, Postmaster Hall Corporal 12/07/1894 Strand Barracks (inquest report, 12/7/1894) (funeral report 12/7/1894) Hall Eliza 13/08/1874 5 George's Quay wife of Sylvester Hall; death notice Hall Ellen 18/11/1875 Beverly Cottage, Limerick fourth daughter of the late William Henry Hall; death notice Hall Ellen Mary 16/04/1863 2 Catherine Place infant; dau. of John H. Hall Hall female (Mrs.) 14/01/1788 wife of Mr. Hall, cabinet maker Hall female (Mrs.) 24/02/1815 George's St. (now O'Connell St.) Hall female (Mrs.) 29/06/1836 Johnstown, near at the residence of her son-in-law Captain Edward Whyte, widow of Sober Hall, formerly of this city Hall female (Mrs.) 04/04/1838 report, wife of Edward Hall, went to bed with a fire in the room and no chimney, died of suffocation, her child and servant were also in the room but they survived when given medical aid Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hall female (Mrs.) 23/02/1853 Castle Connell wife of Stephen Hall of the Post Office Hall female (Mrs.) 29/04/1854 Denmark Street wife of Humphry Hall, dau of Michael Mulcahy, baker, Charlotte's Quay Hall female (Mrs.) 18/01/1876 Thomas Street wife of Stephen Hall, victualler; death notice Hall Frances 02/01/1807 Bath, England dau of late Sober Hall of Limerick City, death notice Hall Frances 02/01/1807 Bath, England dau of late Sober Hall of Limerick City, death notice Hall Frances Ms 02/01/1807 Bath, England daughter of Sober Hall of Limerick Hall Frederick 04/06/1912 Cappagh Lodge, Limerick Fisheries Board inspector; suicide; inquest report Hall Frederick 09/04/1949 50 Edale Road, Leigh, Lancashire, UK late of 21 Cregan Avenue, Hall Frederick W. 20/04/1872 Terrace aged 69 Hall George 28/03/1835 Hall George 14/11/1857 Henry Street compositor, late overseer in Printing Office of Limerick Chronicle Hall J. 21/05/1903 Ashbourne House, Dock Road captain with Lower Shannon Steamship Company; obituary

Hall James 08/08/1860 Henry Street aged 16, son of Charles Hall Hall James John, Rev. 06/08/1874 Diocesan School, St. Mary's aged 46; death notice Hall James P. 28/12/1916 Ballyshannon, Donegal solicitor; practised in Limerick for 20 years; death notice (obituary, 28/12/1916) Hall Jeremiah 15/06/1831 Old Francis Street Hall John 20/06/1835 Clare Street Hall John 11/06/1914 Loughrea died in fire while visiting at Gerald Griffin Street; inquest report and funeral report Hall John C. 29/09/1855 aged 29, compositor, late of Lim. Chronicle Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hall John H. W. 06/10/1855 Boreenmana Road, Cork aged 57, brother of Wm. H. Hall of Lim. City Hall Joseph 22/12/1868 12 Thomas Street aged 9, son of Ambrose Hall Hall Joseph 26/02/1874 15 Bowman Street aged 43; death notice Hall Joseph 26/06/1917 Southsea, England Engineer Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve; son of Captain , Ashbourne Road, Limerick; First World War casualty; death notice (obituary, 26/06/1917) [additional details, Commonwealth war Graves Commission]

Hall Joseph, Rev. Fr. 27/10/1932 Clapham, London was for some years attached to Mount St. Alphonsus Hall Lizzie 21/10/1869 George's Quay aged 8, dau of Sylvester Hall Hall Lizzie (Sr. Mary of St. William) 10/12/1874 Triconopili Convent of Marie Repartrix dau of late William Henry Hall; death notice Hall Madame Nissen 15/07/1893 Paris death notice, sister of Ambrose Hall J.P. Limerick Hall Margaret 11/10/1848 Clare Street wife of Charles Hall Hall Margaret 05/01/1856 Castle Connell widow of late Stephen Hall, postmaster Hall Margaret 01/08/1865 Bowman Street aged 18, dau of Charles Hall Hall Margaret 18/10/1906 1 Ashbourne Road death notice (funeral report 20/10/1906) (notice of acknowledgement 25/10/1906) Hall Margaret 17/10/1907 1 Ashbourne Road in memoriam Hall Margaret, Mrs. 23/05/1949 3 Wellington Terrace, O'Connell buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Avenue Hall Maria 21/05/1851 Limerick dau of Jeremiah Hall, d. at res of her brother, Heytesbury Street, Dublin Hall Mary 08/11/1862 3 Dominick Street wife of John Hall Hall Mary 13/10/1881 Lisburn dau. of Rev. James J. Hall, Limerick, death notice Hall Mary 16/02/1882 wife of Ambrose Hall, death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hall Mary 21/02/1942 Assembly Mall acknowledgement notice Hall Mina 10/12/1881 Lisburn dau. of late Rev. James J. Hall, Limerick, death notice Hall Patrick 22/04/1871 15 Bowman Street aged 34 Hall Patrick 14/08/1950 Ballybrown, Clarina, Co. Limerick buried Kilkeedy Cemetery, Clarina Hall Richard 08/06/1825 House of Industry Hall Rosanna 12/11/1921 Adare centenarian; announcement Hall Stephen 10/12/1853 Castle Connell aged 76, postmaster Hall Sylvester 24/08/1893 death notice, compositor. Hall Townsend Monkton, Major 02/07/1851 Fern Hill, Torquay aged 81, late of 28th Regt., formerly of Erina, nr Limerick Hall Una Muriel 16/07/1898 Crag Ville, Limerick aged 5 months; dau of Ambrose Hall Hall William (Master) 27/02/1796 Rev. Mr. Carter's School son of Sober Hall Hall William E. 09/05/1868 London son of late William H. Hall of Limerick City Hall William H. 08/12/1864 Crescent aged 66, native of Cork, late of Office of Mayor of Limerick as Chief Magistrate; Manager of the Union Bank, report (funeral report 10/12/1864) Hall William J. 22/05/1890 Hartstonge Street death notice, son of Ambrose Hall J.P. (further report 22/5/1890) (funeral report 24/5/1890) (letter of Thanks 10/6/1890) Harbour Engineer Hallahan female (Mrs.) 04/02/1812 Cork widow of Richard Hallahan, of Charleville, Co. Cork Hallam female (Mrs.) 19/06/1799 Mary Street widow of , late Alderman Hallam female (Mrs.) 31/08/1803 , Co. Clare wife of George Hallam Hallam George 06/10/1813 O'Birn's Bridge, Co. Limerick Hallam Robert 21/08/1788 Bridge Street Town Clerk, water bailiff and Alderman, Mayor of Limerick in 1763 Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hallaran Thomas Tuckey 16/01/1915 Cahirciveen Archdeacon of , formerly Canon of St. Mary's, Limerick; obituary Halliday Eliza 02/12/1871 Attyflin Park aged 22, personal attendant of Mrs. Westropp Halliday female (Mrs.) 26/01/1820 Charlotte's Quay (Partly Illegible) Halliday James 30/10/1822 New Road Halliday Margaret 28/12/1839 Knockmahon Lodge dau of the late Charles Halliday of Deer Park House, Co. Tipperary Hallinan Catharine Anne 18/03/1848 Glin wife of Patrick Hallinan Hallinan Denis, Rev. 03/07/1923 The Palace, Corbally Catholic ; obituary and condolences (funeral report, 05/07/1923, see also, 21/07/1923; report on will, 08/04/1924 & anniversary mass, 03/07/1924) Hallinan Dr. 22/06/1814 Plymouth, England late of , in this County; Miss Pitt, Mary St. Hallinan female (Mrs.) 20/07/1836 Boherbuoy widow of J. Boherbuoy, who died only days previous Hallinan female (Mrs.) 14/07/1906 Ballingarry aged 82 years, funeral report Hallinan James 26/06/1805 Exchange Lane glazier & plumber Hallinan James 04/08/1824 Glin [this notice retracted, see 25/08/1824] Hallinan James 16/02/1850 Street victualler Hallinan James/John (?) 29/06/1836 of Boherbuoy, salt and lime-boiler (death notice 02/07/1836)

Hallinan John 22/05/1783 Ennis Hallinan John, Rev. 08/05/1917 Ardagh, Co. Limerick parish priest of Ardagh; obituary Hallinan male 07/10/1826 Ballingary Hallinan Margaret 24/03/1852 3 Tontine Buildings domestic in the family of D. F. G. Mahony Hallinan Mary 29/04/1922 7 Cecil Street obituary Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hallinan Mary Lorenzo, Sister 09/01/1934 St. Mary's Convent obituary, sister of late bishop of Limerick, Most Rev. Dr. Hallinan, buried at St. Mary's Convent Cemetery Hallinan Patrick 27/04/1850 Glin aged 72 Hallinan Patrick 12/07/1906 Glin drowning at Miltown Malbay Hallinan Patrick Griffin 03/08/1916 7 Cecil Street son of late Thomas Hallinan, Cahara, Glin and husband of Mary Hallinan; death notice Hallinan Peter 12/12/1832 Newmarket, Co. Clare Hallinan Thomas 10/04/1799 Glin, Co. Limerick drowned at Custom House Quay Hallinan Thomas 07/01/1801 Mill Street, Ennis, Co. Clare Hallinan Thomas 19/07/1834 Bridget Barden incident at Croom Fair Hallissy Kathleen 02/12/1940 4 Bengal Terrace death notice, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Halloran Charles 21/06/1797 Maryfield aged 92 Halloran Dennis 19/05/1819 Ennis, Co. Clare late driver of the Mail Coach between that town and this City

Halloran Eleanor, Miss 28/02/1785 daughter of Mr. George Halloran Halloran female 13/12/1848 infant dau of Mary Halloran, recently discharged from fever hospital Halloran female (Mrs.) 31/01/1785 wife of Charles Halloran, Counagh (Coonagh), near Limerick

Halloran female (Mrs.) 14/05/1800 Mary Street wife of Thomas Halloran, pewterer Halloran female (Mrs.) 21/05/1814 Cappercullen, Co. Limerick killed by a cow Halloran James 05/03/1811 Jail Street, Ennis Halloran James 17/05/1826 Coonagh Halloran James 04/06/1836 Thomond Gate stone-cutter, Richard Nunan hit him in the head with an object, died in the City Infirmary with fractures of the skull Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Halloran James 02/08/1881 Clare Street inquest into death at Barrington's Hospital Halloran James, Rev. 04/04/1782 Newmarket, Co. Clare Halloran John 28/07/1824 Halloran John 21/03/1827 Kilmallock Halloran Margaret 19/03/1853 Clarina wife of Patrick Halloran, manslaughter report Halloran May (née O'Callaghan) 19/05/1925 Long Island, USA daughter of late J.J. and Mary O'Callaghan, 51 Thomas Street, Limerick; death notice Halloran Michael 22/03/1823 Thomondgate Halloran Northest 16/09/1797 Broad Street attorney Halloran Patrick 04/08/1824 O'Brien's Bow Halloway P., Mr. 28/02/1857 Mary Street, Limerick Hallowell Alexander Behu, Rev. 23/03/1875 St. Mark's, Liverpool son of late Joseph Hallowell, Hartstonge Street, Limerick; death notice Hallowell Anne 16/07/1834 Hallowell Elizabeth 08/05/1880 Mallow Street Lower widow of Joseph Hallowell, death notice Hallowell Elizabeth Thompson 06/06/1899 2 Mount Vincent Terrace death notice Hallowell Henry Tinsley 29/06/1871 The Strand aged 15 Hallowell Joseph 16/09/1862 Hartstonge Street Lower aged 77, hosiery shop Halpin Ann 24/05/1854 Queen Street widow of James Halpin of Charlotte's Quay Halpin Anne 22/07/1846 Thomond Gate wife of Wm Halpin, clothier Halpin Anne 22/08/1869 Glentworth Upper Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Halpin C. 20/03/1937 Glenroe, obituary, priest in the Glenroe and Ballyorgan Parish, age 68, native of Limerick, buried at St. Munchin's graveyard (funeral report 23/03/1937) (Limerick Echo 23/03/1937) Halpin Edward 03/11/1941 Dublin news report, connected with the commercial life of Limerick for many years, son of J. J. Halpin, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Halpin Edward M. 06/10/1891 Barrington Street death report (funeral report 8/10/1891) Halpin Ellen 19/07/1943 Alexandra Terrace Halpin female (Mrs.) 15/05/1807 Ennis wife of John Halpin of Limerick City, death notice Halpin female (Mrs.) 15/05/1807 Ennis, Co Clare wife of John Halpin, Limerick Halpin female (Mrs.) 15/05/1807 Ennis wife of John Halpin of Limerick City, death notice Halpin female (Mrs.) 20/05/1835 Thomondgate Halpin female (Mrs.) 10/02/1841 Mungret Street Halpin Francis 01/11/1854 Adare farmer, drowning report Halpin Gerald James 26/01/1884 Mitchelstown son of James Halpin, death notice Halpin James 19/09/1908 Little Wellesley Place died after a fall; news report Halpin Jane 12/03/1936 Crescent Villas death notice, widow of Edward Halpin, buried at Mount St. Laurence Cemetery (funeral report 14/03/1936) Halpin Jeremiah, Rev. 04/10/1845 William Street P.P. of , late of , Newcastle, buried at Loughmore Chapel Halpin Jeremiah, Rev. 18/02/1904 Banogue parish priest, Banogue; funeral report Halpin John 02/06/1804 Fedamore, Co. Limerick assaulted when returning from Glenogra Fair Halpin John 02/06/1804 Fedamore, Co Limerick died of wounds received after being beaten near Fedamore, Co Limerick, while returning from the fare of Glenogra

Halpin John 24/03/1827 Hanged Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Halpin John, Archdeacon 01/05/1894 Rathkeale parish priest, Rathkeale; born at Cahirnarry, Co. Limerick (funeral report, 3/5/1894) Halpin Joseph 22/03/1834 Jamaica Halpin Joseph J. 26/06/1928 5 Alexandra Terrace death notice (obituary, 26/06/1928) (funeral report, 28/06/1928)

Halpin Joseph, Mrs. 14/10/1942 15 Clontarf Place involved in the Irish- movement; death notice (funeral report 24/10/1942; acknowledgement notice 24/10/1942)

Halpin Kate 17/11/1852 Mungret Street dau of William Halpin Halpin Lily, (Miss) 10/04/1946 15 Clontarf Place buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Halpin male 29/03/1843 Adare obituary, fell down stairs intoxicated Halpin Margaret 17/01/1855 near St. John's Square death report Halpin Mary 11/09/1946 2 Kickham Avenue, Prospect buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Halpin Mary Anne 14/08/1869 Glentworth Street Upper d. at res of her mother Halpin May 18/05/1911 5 Alexandra Terrace daughter of Joseph J. Halpin; death notice Halpin Michael 03/09/1803 Askeaton, Co. Limerick master builder, fell to his death from the bridge at Askeaton

Halpin Michael 30/12/1837 report, returning to Glounagruss, fell from Thomond Bridge and drowned Halpin Michael 22/03/1904 Quarryhill, Kilmallock death notice Halpin Mona, (Miss) 16/07/1945 15 Clontarf Place buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Halpin Mr. (male) 25/09/1906 Boherbuoy report Halpin Patrick 12/12/1835 William Street Halpin Patrick Rev. 19/02/1825 Stonehall, near Askeaton Halpin Thomas 11/09/1822 Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Halpin Thomas 01/01/1848 Charlotte's Quay hardware merchant Halpin Thomas 27/12/1950 5 Newham Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Halpin Timothy 15/07/1946 Kileen, buried Knockainey Graveyard Halpin Timothy, Rev. 15/05/1900 Clonlong House parish priest, Donoughmore; obituary Halpin W. A., Rev. 24/10/1878 London, Canada aged 53; Classical Professor, Huron College, London, Ontario; death notice Halpin William 31/03/1819 Thomondgate Halpin William 28/10/1854 Mungret Street clothier, late of Thomond Gate Halpin 01/12/1921 4 Crescent Villas son of Edward Halpin; obituary & funeral report Halvey Denis, (Rev. Fr.) 29/01/1945 Ballysheedy diocese of Christchurch, Methven, New Zealand Halvey Gilbert 28/06/1941 Bengal Terrace acknowledgement, young boy climbing electricity standard at field in Clino, Ballysimon came into contact with high-tension cable, died afterwards in hospital from shock (Limerick Echo 24/06/1941) Halvey James 11/04/1935 Carey's Road dock labourer, died in accident on SS Lanahrone (Limerick Echo 23/07/1935 court settlement) Halvey James F. 29/05/1920 Dock Road obituary Halvey Patrick 25/04/1815 Denmark St. Haly Francis 07/02/1855 Ballingary of Cork, d. at res of Michael Costello Hamil (unnamed) Mrs. 27/05/1941 Liverpool, U.K. news report, killed along with husband, Thomas, in WW2 air- raid on Liverpool, U.K., daughter of Julius Shire from Ballingrane, Rathkeale, her brother (Walter Shire) and his wife also killed in same incident Hamilton Abraham Bruce 18/07/1942 8 Victoria Terrace died 17/07/1942 Hamilton Alice 13/03/1943 Ballyrobin, Ardagh née Mulcaire Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hamilton Anna Maria 26/05/1858 Glin wife of John Hamilton, dau of late Lennox Bigger, of Richmond House near Dundalk Hamilton Colonel 16/05/1815 Artillery Barracks, Limerick Hamilton David 07/05/1870 2 Albert Place aged 16, son of T. B. Hamilton Hamilton Edward 19/03/1815 Hamiltonrow, Dublin uncle of the Dean of Limerick Hamilton Edward 19/03/1816 Hamiltonrow, Dublin uncle of the Dean of Limerick Hamilton Emma 23/01/1919 Farleton, Limerick wife of late Archdeacon of Limerick, F. C. Hamilton; death notice (funeral report, 25/01/1919) Hamilton Emma (Miss) 06/01/1815 Artillery Barracks, Limerick Hamilton female (Miss) 15/12/1830 The Crescent. Hamilton female (Mrs.) 07/09/1786 , Co. Clare wife of Alexander Hamilton Hamilton female (Mrs.) 15/10/1859 Limerick District Lunatic Asylum wife of the steward and gardener Hamilton Frederic Charles, Rev. 04/06/1904 Archdeacon of Limerick; obituary (funeral report, 07/06/1904) (memorial, 2/12/1905) Hamilton Grace 17/06/1846 Dominick Street Upper dau of the late Archibald Hamilton of Dominick Street Hamilton Jessie Helen (née Robertson) 29/08/1903 daughter of Rev. T. B. Robertson, Rector of St. Munchin's, Limerick; death notice (funeral report, 03/09/1903)

Hamilton John 11/04/1785 formerly of the Loyal Limerick Volunteers, interred at Castleconnell, in this County Hamilton John 13/10/1866 Richmond, Dundalk aged 84, former magistrate; d at res of C. Percival Hamilton John 07/03/1936 Limerick (?) death notice, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hamilton Lizzie 24/04/1879 Wilmount Cottage aged 22; dau. of T. B. Hamilton Hamilton Margaret 14/04/1896 New Street widow of T. B. Hamilton Hamilton Margaret Anne Jane (Maggie) 02/07/1887 5 Mount Vincent Terrace dau of T. B. Hamilton, death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hamilton Mary (née Maxwell) 06/10/1830 Londonderry Hamilton Otto 24/03/1819 St. James' Street, London aunt of Mrs.(?) Richard Cox, of Parsonage House, near this City. Hamilton Peter 25/02/1843 Strand Street aged 70, preacher in the Methodist Connexion Hamilton Peter 03/07/1920 Oldfield, Limerick staff at Matterson's; death notice (obituary, 03/07/1920) Hamilton Robert George 01/05/1943 8 Victoria Terrace died following an accident Hamilton Rose 13/07/1865 George Street aged 18 months, dau of T. B. Hamilton Hamilton Susan 03/06/1857 Parlington of Leamington, widow of Rev. Hans Hamilton of Knocktopher, dau of late Rt. Hon. Silva Oliver of Castle Oliver, Co. Limerick

Hamilton T. B. 03/03/1896 New Street, Limerick aged 77 Hamilton Thomas 12/05/1858 130 George Street aged 2, son of T. B. Hamilton Hamilton William 14/03/1849 Constable, d. of cholera Hamilton William 17/11/1921 Prospect Hill, Rosbrien work accident; news report Hamilton William Gavin 28/07/1874 Wilmount Cottage aged 21, son of T. B. Hamilton; death notice Hamilton Williamina Frances 29/03/1866 Tarbert, Co. Kerry wife of Joseph Hamilton, dau of late William O'Grady Lloyd of Gurtroe, Co. Limerick Hammel Charles 26/09/1835 Hammersly William 07/05/1803 Tipperary Hammond Dean 06/08/1898 St. Ita's, aged 78, parish priest (funeral report, 09/08/1898) Hammond female (Mrs.) 17/01/1806 Lough Gur sister of late John Dowdall Hammond of Limerick City, death notice Hammond female (Mrs.) 23/02/1815 Island Gate, Limerick Hammond female (Mrs.) 23/02/1816 Island Gate, Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hammond female (Mrs.) 20/12/1826 Rathkeale Hammond James 31/01/1891 Dunvullen accident on road Hammond John 23/02/1820 Catherine Street Hammond John D 09/06/1804 William Street, Limerick Hammond John D. 09/06/1804 William Street Hammond Mary Anne 13/04/1869 Rathkeale aged 68, dau of Thomas C. Hammond, late of Sunday's Well, Cork Hammond P., Mr. 20/06/1846 Montreal native of Limerick Hammond Robert, Rev. 13/08/1932 Prospect aged 45, collapsed and died at Lyric Theatre Hammond Simon 02/06/1804 Ballynagallagh, Co. Limerick report of charging of Daniel Madden with his murder; further report 08/08/1804 Hanagh James, Sergeant 10/05/1862 Ordnance Barrack, Upper William Royal Horse Artillery Street Hanahan Lawrence 13/11/1852 Charleston, US native of Limerick Hanan Martha 05/12/1874 Shannon Grove aged 78, widow of late Dr. Hanan of Co. Cork; death notice

Hanbridge Eliza Maria 20/12/1892 Villiers Buildings Limerick death notice wife of late Robert Hanbridge of Dublin and dau of late William MacKern of this city. Hance Elizabeth 09/02/1935 5 Richmond Terrace aged 95, née Goggin, granddaughter of Captain Taylor of Hollypark, Co. Limerick Hance H. J. 07/10/1909 apothecary at Limerick workhouse; short announcement Hance Robert James 23/01/1900 late proprietor of Medical Hall, Patrick Street, Limerick; death notice Hance Victoria Elizabeth 11/03/1882 Cecil Street infant dau. of Richard & Elizabeth Hance, death notice Hancock John Augustus, Rev. 07/03/1838 Glebe House Rector of Annaduff, Leitrim Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hand Mary Elizabeth 13/10/1943 St. Joseph’s, North Circular Road wife of Edward Matthew Hand (manager of Saxone Shoe Company, Limerick); interred at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery

Handley Kenneth 31/03/1945 5 Nicholas Street died September 1944 in Thailand Hands Ellen 03/03/1858 Shannon Bridge widow of late Peter Hands, sister of George Dartnell of Limerick City Hands Ellen 22/01/1934 Arthur's Quay not on site, can not find pdf, info missing Hands female (Mrs.) 26/09/1821 Lock Quay Hands female (Mrs.) 25/07/1832 Charlotte Quay Hands Mark 19/04/1851 Arthur's Quay turf inspector, son of Rev. George Hands of Annyagran, Co. Kerry Hands Mary 18/04/1849 Francis Street wife of Joseph C. Hands, plumber and glazier Hands Sylvester 11/07/1840 Denmark Street (death notice 15/07/1840) Handyside J., Lieutenant Colonel 23/11/1836 Newcastle late of the 22nd Light Dragoon Hanifane female (Mrs.) 14/05/1834 Mary Street Hanilly John 15/09/1900 Irishtown Barracks RIC sergeant; suicide; news report (inquest report, 18/09/1900)

Hanlan Patrick 17/04/1850 Glin Hanley daughter of John 25/02/1818 Charlotte's Quay Hanley Edward 17/12/1941 Pallasgreen obituary, merchant business at Old Pallas, buried at family ground in Kilteely (Limerick Echo 16/12/1941) Hanley Ellie M. 20/06/1871 7 Mallow Street Upper widow of late William F. Hanley, M.D., Hanley female (Mrs.) 13/01/1841 Cecil Street Upper Hanley female (Mrs.) 10/04/1943 related to Michael Hanley Hanley John 08/02/1941 Creeves Cross acknowledgement Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hanley John J. (Baron) 17/06/1930 New York news report; native of Newcastlewest; shooting Hanley Mary 02/10/1943 Thornville, Ennis Road Hanley Mary 09/10/1946 39 High Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hanley Mary 27/07/1949 Gerald Griffin Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hanley Michael 09/06/1925 John Square pork butcher at Matterson's; sudden death; news report Hanley Michael 08/03/1947 buried Clouncagh Old Cemetery, Hanley Michael 26/03/1947 Carhumore, Kilmeedy buried Clouncagh Old Cemetery, Knockaderry Hanley Nora 07/01/1941 Pallasgreen obituary, businesswoman, wife of E. Hanley, general merchant, buried at Kilteely Cemetery Hanley Patrick 22/07/1922 Civil War Casualty Hanley Sarah 23/05/1903 accidental burning; short report Hanley Thomas 03/09/1887 death notice Hanley Thomas 04/04/1939 2 Rosemary Place inquest report, mill worker, age 64, struck by an engine in roller mill factory (Limerick Echo 04/04/1939) Hanley Thomas 01/02/1944 Corgrigg, funeral notice, buried at Kilbradran Cemetery Hanley Timothy 02/07/1885 Soloheadbeg shooting victim Hanley William 13/06/1940 Carhunlore, Kilmeedy funeral report Hanlon children 19/07/1913 Shanagolden three children of Thomas Hanlon aged between 6 and 15 months; accidentally suffocated; inquest report Hanlon James 06/06/1832 cholera Hanlon John 24/07/1917 Catherine Street cycling accident; news report Hanlon John 27/11/1923 Garryowen aged 18; domestic explosion; inquest report (see also, 29/11/1923) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hanlon Mary Anne 02/05/1849 Sidney, wife of Patrick Hanlon, Superintendent of Public Works, formerly builder in Limerick Hanlon Mary Josephine 18/05/1869 Newcastle West dau of John Hanlon, District Inspector of National Schools Hanlon Sarah 10/11/1855 2 Richmond Place dau of John Hanlon Hanlon Sarah Jane 29/07/1862 2 Victoria Terrace dau of Mr. John Hanlon, master of Limerick Model School Hanlon Thomas 14/11/1855 2 Richmond Place aged 5, son of John Hanlon Hanly Agnes 27/03/1943 Ballinvira House, daughter of late Edward O’Connor, Knockdromin, Croagh, Co.Limerick; interred at the New Cemetery, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, [death notice 27/03/1943] Hanly Alice 20/01/1841 Summer Lodge, Clare aged 104, died at son's residence, widow of Patrick Hanly of Boherbuoy Hanly Alice, (Mrs.) 12/08/1946 Elton, (nee Barry), eviction August 1887 recalled, buried Knocklong

Hanly Annie 15/01/1935 Island Road, Limerick death notice Hanly Augustine Joseph 18/08/1898 aged 21, agent for Royal Liver Society, membero f National Foresters; son of Michael Hanly, int at Mungret Cemetery (funeral report 18/08/1898) Hanly Bridget (Mrs.) 31/05/1950 Knockroe, Kilteely, Co. Limerick Hanly D. U. 20/10/1896 4 Glentworth Street Dr., son of John Hanly of Cannock & Co.; brother of A., John and Edward Hanly, bro-in-law to A. Hall (death report 20/10/1896) (funeral report, 22/10/1896) Hanly Edward Doyle 22/12/1863 West Maitland, Australia aged 33, son of late John Hanly of the Mall, Limerick Hanly Ellen 18/02/1933 5 Sydenham Terrace, Ballinacurra aged 92, widow of John Hanly of Cannock & Co. [additional details taken from Mount St. Lawrence burial register]

Hanly female (Mrs.) 31/01/1827 Charlotte Quay Hanly female (Mrs.) 22/12/1832 Charlotte Quay Hanly female (Mrs.) 26/02/1848 John's Street wife of Patrick Hanly, grocer Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hanly female (Mrs.) 13/05/1857 William Street Upper widow of James Hanly, classical teacher, dau of late Capt. Deane, 18th Hussars Hanly female (Mrs.) 05/05/1864 Ballymartin, Pallaskenry aged 80, widow of late Martin Hanly Hanly female (Mrs.) 22/03/1877 Bolane, Kildimo aged 59; death notice Hanly female (Mrs.) 28/04/1936 Kilfinane death notice, vote of condolence Hanly infant 08/04/1835 Hanly James 28/09/1844 George's Quay T.C.D. classical teacher Hanly James 16/09/1944 5 Hyde Road acknowledgement notice Hanly John 06/07/1859 Cincinnati, Ohio formerly cloth merchant in Limerick Hanly John 05/10/1886 Doon inquest report Hanly John 22/03/1910 Sydenham Terrace former buyer at Cannock's; obituary (funeral report, 24/03/1910)

Hanly Joseph 23/03/1926 Mount Shannon, Lisnagry road accident; inquest report Hanly Joseph F. 09/07/1949 3 Coolraine, Ennis Road ex-Principal Abbeyfeale Boys National School, buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hanly Laurence 09/03/1914 Caheroonlish obituary, additional information Hanly Laurence 10/10/1942 Limerick (?) acknowledgement notice Hanly M., Rev. 18/10/1921 Dublin Jesuit priest; native of Limerick; obituary (funeral report, 20/10/1921) Hanly male (Rev.) 18/10/1923 Monegay Catholic clergyman; parish priest, Monegay; obituary Hanly Mary 09/04/1851 John's Gate wife of Michael Hanly, labourer, employed with Wm. Gubbins, John's Gate; murder report (further report 12/04/1851) (report on the witness 23/04/1851)(execution of Michael Hanly 24/09/1851) Hanly Mary 24/09/1873 New Orleans aged 24; native of Co. Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hanly Mary 27/01/1874 7 Charlotte Quay aged 68; death notice Hanly Mary 16/11/1897 Chapel Lane inquest report Hanly Michael 03/01/1838 report, died in hospital from a broken skull sustained at the Croom Fair Hanly Michael 03/01/1838 died in hospital of a broken skull from an injury he sustained at the last fair of Croom Hanly Michael 24/09/1851 John's Gate execution for murder of Mary Hanly, mistress Mary Fahy to be executed in January, report Hanly Michael 27/03/1884 died in car accident Hanly Michael 31/07/1940 St. Patrick's Road, Singland death notice, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hanly Norry 21/01/1897 aged 103 Hanly Oliver 06/06/1908 ex-RIC sergeant in Limerick; funeral report Hanly Patrick 31/01/1835 Hanly Patrick 17/06/1848 John Street grocer Hanly Patrick 10/03/1898 Glounduff, report Hanly Richard 05/01/1937 Barnagh, Newcastle West aged 60, inquest report Hanly Thomas 21/02/1849 Bruff John and Michael Fitzgerald apprehended for manslaughter

Hanly William 22/05/1940 Ballinacragga funeral report, employee of Foynes Saw Mills, buried at Foynes Cemetery Hanna Emily Laura Madeline (née 19/04/1924 Greystones, Ennis Road widow of Robert Hanna, 121, O'Connell Street; obituary Dunlop) (funeral report, 22/04/1924) [additional details, 'A List of those buried in St. Munchin's COI Graveyard'] Hanna Emma Charlotte 11/03/1933 Mullahara, Rostrevor 32 years head mistress of the West Cornwall College, Penzance, dau of late Robert Hanna of Limerick Hanna James 29/11/1848 Henry Street nephew to Robert Hanna Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hanna Mary 18/05/1861 Glentworth Street Lower wife of Robert Hanna Hanna Rita 19/04/1941 4 Foley's Cottages, Thomondgate funeral report, daughter of James Hanna, ex-Sergeant of the Royal Irish Constabulary, buried in Hanna Robert 06/12/1904 121 George Street obituary and death notice (funeral report, 10/12/1904) Hannan Alicia 22/03/1826 Catherine Street Hannan Alicia 25/01/1851 Catherine Street mother of Daniel Hannan of Limerick city, classical teacher Hannan Anne 02/09/1905 Ballinacurra Cottage relict of the late Joseph Hannan, Mount Lawrence House, Hannan Brendan 07/04/1936 Limerick death notice Hannan Bridie 25/01/1947 28 Elm Park, Ennis Road buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hannan Daniel 02/09/1837 Boherbuoy died at his father's house, classical teacher, of consumption (death notice 09/09/1837) Hannan Denis 03/07/1852 Shannon Street classical teacher Hannan Frances (Mrs.) 30/08/1943 daughter of Charles Moore Hannan James 27/08/1796 Ballyallinan, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick murdered by Michael Malone Hannan James 06/11/1839 Castlemartyr Hannan James 30/05/1905 The Hill, Kilmallock death notice Hannan James F. 05/07/1950 Grianan, Ballinacurra Hannan John 27/08/1918 Henry Street assistant at Evans & Co.; son of D. Hannan; obituary Hannan John 26/11/1940 Ballinaguile, Croagh obituary Hannan Joseph 09/08/1879 Mount Lawrence (Limerick?) Hannan M. (Mrs.) 29/03/1938 Aherne's Row aged 60 (approx.), was preparing dinner when she collapsed and died Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hannan Maggie (née Fitzgerald) 18/08/1903 Dublin wife of William N. Hannan, Caherelly Castle, Caherelly, Co. Limerick; death notice (death notice and funeral report, 22/08/1903) Hannan male 04/01/1840 report, shot dead Hannan Margaret 16/03/1842 Ann Street widow of Nicholas Hannan Hannan Mary 21/04/1849 Nelson Street wife of Timothy Hannan of Waterford and Limerick Railway Hannan Mary 22/11/1854 Kilmallock Hill widow of James Hanahan, mother of Rev. Michael Hanahan, Halifax Hannan Mary 12/06/1913 Mount Kennet House address that of son, Daniel Hannan; funeral report Hannan Mary 18/09/1923 32 Henry Street wife of Daniel Hannan; death notice (funeral report, 20/09/1923)

Hannan Michael 26/06/1917 Carr Street shop porter; inquest report [additional details taken from Mount St. Lawrence burial register] Hannan Michael C. 11/05/1886 Ballinamona House, Hospital son of William Hannan, Limerick City, death notice Hannan Patrick 11/02/1826 Hannan Patrick 25/05/1933 Park aged 60, cattle dealer Hannan Patrick 12/05/1945 6 "D" Road, Killeely, Thomandgate buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hannan Patrick W. 23/10/1950 6 Crescent Villas Limerick Clothing Factory Manager, buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hannan Thomas 24/02/1827 Cappa Hannan Thomas 20/10/1852 Rathkeale proprietor of a dancing academy in Limerick Hannan Thomas 20/07/1905 Kilmallock death notice Hannan Thomas 07/08/1923 , Co. Tipperary watchman at railway; railway accident; inquest report Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hannan Timothy 10/07/1948 , Co. Limerick ex-N.T., "Rambling Thady" of , former Limerick County Councillor, life long friend and former class mate of Eamon deValera, buried Kilquane Cemetery, , Co. Limerick Hannan William 01/04/1835 Anne Street (Limerick?) Hannan William 08/06/1836 Caherelly Castle Hannan? Thomas 03/10/1857 Patrick Street confectioner Hanneen Edward 15/04/1854 Park market farmer Hanneen female (Mrs.) 19/08/1840 Newcastle report, mason's wife, died of cholera morbus Hanneen male 28/06/1823 Newcastle West Hanneen Thomas 02/07/1800 Waterpark, Newport, Co. Tipperary died after being beaten by intruders Hannigan Edward O'D. 17/06/1899 Brook Lodge, Kilmeedy death notice Hannigan female (Mrs.) 07/08/1841 Gardenfield of consumption, wife of Patrick Hannigan Hannigan George O'Leary 09/01/1908 Dublin bank manager; native of Dromcollogher, Limerick; funeral report

Hannigan Margaret, (Mrs.) 26/02/1945 26 Cregan Avenue, Kileely buried Mungret Cemetery Hannigan Mary Columba, Sr. 26/11/1873 Clare Street aged 28; dau of Patrick Hannigan, Co. Limerick, obituary Hannigan Maurice, Dr. 21/12/1949 Gardenfield House, Dromcollogher, aged 91, practised for most of his life in UK, buried Co. Limerick Dromcollogher Cemetery Hannigan Norah 07/09/1926 London, England Dromcolloher cinema fire; news report Hannigan Thomas 19/02/1947 The Cottage, Bruree buried Dromcollogher Hannigan Timothy H. (Dr.) 21/12/1937 Gartnavee, Dromcollogher Coroner, M.O. for Feenagh and Dromcollogher for over 30 years, was on duty after tragic cinema fire in Dromcollogher which claimed forty eight lives in 1926, buried in local Cemetery after private funeral Hannington Dorothea (née Rutledge) 31/08/1909 widow of Captain John Hannington; death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hannington Richard 24/03/1849 North Strand master of the schooner "Alarm", in the trade between Limerick and London ports Hannington Richard Taylor 26/02/1876 399 Liverpool Road, London aged 28; son of late Capt. John Hannington; death notice (death notice, 29/02/1876) Hannon Daniel 27/04/1803 Mungret Street caprenter Hannon Daniel 02/09/1933 many years a manager at J. P. Evans & Co. Hannon Denis 02/09/1843 obituary, accidentally fell into a quarry and drowned Hannon female (Mrs.) 04/09/1943 wife of Mr. K. Hannon Hannon Hanoria 20/09/1928 Lissard, Galbally wife of Edward Hannon; accidental burning; inquest report Hannon J. D. 06/07/1909 Ballinacurra stationer, George Street; obituary Hannon John 10/04/1839 inquest report,farmer, returnig from Rathkeale Fair, met James Scully who hit him with a stone in the head, "wilful murder" against John Scully, aided by James Scully Hannon John, (Rev. Fr.,S.J.) 27/09/1947 Rome, Italy formerly of Limerick Hannon Laurence 04/03/1797 drowned at Lock Quay Hannon Martha (Mrs.) 10/06/1950 6 Hogan Avenue, Kileelly buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hannon Mary 24/06/1902 66 Henry Street wife of J. D. Hannon; death notice Hannon Mary 18/01/1941 Coolderra, Kilmore death notice, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hannon Mary, (Mrs.) 12/08/1946 Maiden Street, Newcastle West buried Churchtown Cemetery, Newcastle West Hannon Michael 28/12/1949 Sallybank, Co. Clare Quarry Fall Hannon Nancy 20/03/1844 Kilpeacon obituary, died of epilepsy Hannon Nicholas 10/10/1838 Ann Street of Inch St. Lawrence, Limerick Hannon Patrick 29/12/1947 19 Donnellan's Buildings, Prospect buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hannon Stephen 20/10/1931 Parteen, Co. Clare d. at St. John's Hospital, buried at Truagh Hannon William 21/01/1950 Bristol, England late of Lemonfield, , Co. Limerick Hanrahan Alfred Timothy 08/03/1884 Mallow Street Lower infant son of M. A. Hanrahan Hanrahan Anna Elizabeth 30/07/1867 Peafield, Ballysimon dau of late Charles Hanrahan of Limerick City Hanrahan Anne 31/10/1840 Mary Street sister of the late Rev. Jean Hanrahan Hanrahan Bridget 22/11/1943 3 Summerville Terrace, South Circular wife of James Hanrahan; interred at Mount St. Lawrence Road Cemetery Hanrahan Bryan 28/01/1835 Cornmarket Row Hanrahan Bryan 18/02/1879 Florence Villa wife died 3 days before Hanrahan Catherine 18/02/1879 Florence Villa wife of Bryan Hanrahan Hanrahan Charles 13/06/1840 North Strand (death notice 17/06/1840) Hanrahan Charles 22/03/1913 captain of "Shannon" steamboat Hanrahan Elsie 06/04/1929 5 Clare View Terrace daughter of Michael and May Hanrahan; death notice Hanrahan female (Mrs.) 22/08/1806 Peter's Cell aged 88, widow of James Hanrahan, death notice Hanrahan female (Mrs.) 08/05/1833 Upper William Street Hanrahan Francis J. 09/05/1882 Lifford Terrace death notice Hanrahan George Rev. 22/02/1840 George's Quay P.P of St. Mary's 7 Roman Catholic Dean of Limerick, buried at St. Mary's Chapel (death notice 26/02/1840) Hanrahan Gretta 18/11/1911 12 Alphonsus View died 16/11/1910; in memoriam Hanrahan James 12/10/1853 Nelson Street butter buyer Hanrahan James 10/06/1941 England, U.K. native of Limerick, killed in WW2 air-raid on English 'port town', labourer, married and living in U.K for many years Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hanrahan James 05/12/1944 Parnell Street, Ennis, Co. Clare carter, while unloading stones from cart, fell onto road when horse made sudden move, rendered unconscious but died after admission to County Hospital Hanrahan James 20/09/1948 3 Summerville Terrace, S.C.R. buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hanrahan James Jerome 30/04/1878 Florence Villa aged 36; Surgeon Major Army Medical Department; son of B. Hanrahan; death notice Hanrahan Joan, Miss 08/06/1946 1 Fitzgerald's Cottages, Rosbrien buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hanrahan John 17/03/1827 George Streeet Hanrahan John 26/04/1848 Nelson Street pork factor Hanrahan John 31/10/1849 Ballingarry drowned in river Deel Hanrahan John 14/11/1849 Dublin cloth merchant, late of Patrick Street, Limerick Hanrahan John 05/02/1881 Mallow Street Lower son of Alfred Hanrahan, death notice Hanrahan John 28/11/1895 Meelick Pass, nr Limerick drowning accident at Thomond Bridge (search efforts 30/11/1895) (safety of the distillery slip 03/12/1895) (discovery of body, 31/12/1895) Hanrahan John 17/08/1897 Tuogh, Adare aged 61, Hanrahan John 12/02/1947 3 Clarke avenue, Janesboro buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hanrahan John, Rev. 03/03/1896 Augustinian Priory, George Street aged 76, native of Limerick (death report 03/03/1896) (funeral report 05/03/1896) Hanrahan Joseph 24/10/1922 shot dead on Roxboro Road; Civil War casualty; inquest report (funeral report, 26/10/1922) (inquest report, 31/10/1922) (further report, 11/09/1922) (courtmatrial reports, 18/11/1922, 25/11/1922, 07/12/1922) Hanrahan Margaret Mary Letetia 08/01/1885 Mallow Street Lower dau. of M. A. Hanrahan, death notice Hanrahan Maria 13/07/1831 Lehinch of George Street Hanrahan Mary 12/11/1834 Mungret Street Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hanrahan Mary 03/01/1888 3 Queen Street death notice Hanrahan Mary 27/11/1926 mother of Captain Hanrahan, Harbour Master, funeral report

Hanrahan Mary (Mrs.) 16/05/1939 3 St. Joseph's Terrace funeral report, relict of Mathew Hanrahan, pigbuyer, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hanrahan Mary (Mrs.) 04/09/1943 1 Reeve’s Path Hanrahan May 09/10/1890 London death notice dau of M.A. Hanrahan 8 Lr. Mallow Street, died at the home of her Aunt Mrs. Kelly, London. Hanrahan Michael 04/11/1893 death report, aged 37 years, native of Adare Hanrahan Michael 03/10/1929 Croom local politician; obituary Hanrahan Michael 24/01/1944 Ballyea, Rathkeale acknowledgement notice Hanrahan Michael Alfred 07/01/1913 8 Mallow Street Lower death notice (obituary, 7/1/1913) (funeral report, 11/01/1913)

Hanrahan Mother Mary of St. Clare 14/11/1929 Convent of Marie Reparatrice, Laurel death notice Hill Hanrahan Patrick 08/01/1814 opposite the Courthouse, Limerick a carpenter from Kilrush, carbon monoxide poisoning Hanrahan Patrick 06/02/1819 Mungret Street Hanrahan Patrick 04/02/1930 Limerick aged 21; private in Highland Light Infantry, Glasgow; shooting

Hanrahan Peggy 24/01/1835 Garryowen Hanrahan Richard 13/01/1921 sudden death; obituary Hanrahan Thomas 31/03/1849 Nelson Street pig buyer Hanrahan Thomas 07/05/1864 Cecil Street Lower pilot of Limerick port Hanrahan Thomas 05/04/1906 member of Limerick Guild of Brick & Stone Layers; obituary

Hanrahan Thomas 27/05/1926 Carey's Road sudden death; news report Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hanrahan Thomas 12/05/1936 Alphonsus Street river pilot for Limerick Harbour Board, died suddenly (Limerick Echo 19/05/1936) condolence Hanrahan Thomas 24/11/1941 Wolfe Tone Street news report, knocked down by a military motor cyclist, retired from the Harbor Board, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (acknowledgement 13/12/1941) (inquest report 20/12/1941) (Limerick Echo 02/12/1941) Hanrahan Timothy 27/02/1908 Queenstown formerly of Limerick; death notice Hanrahan Timothy 29/04/1916 85 Henry Street funeral report (in memoriam, 15/04/1919 & 27/04/1920) Hanrahan Timothy 26/04/1917 85 Henry Street first anniversary notice Hanrahan Timothy Reynolds 11/01/1908 3 Clare View Terrace son of Captain Charles Hanrahan; death notice (funeral report, 14/01/1908) Hanrahan William 14/09/1889 inquest report, railway accident Hanrahan (nee O'Brien) Ned 15/04/1944 3 Treaty Terrace acknowledgement notice Hanratty Anne C. 25/07/1939 Glentworth Street news report, found dead in refreshment rooms, proprietress and co-founder of Hanratty's Hotel, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (funeral report 25/07/1939) (Limerick Echo 25/07/1939) Hanratty John J. 13/07/1929 Hanratty's Hotel, Glentworth Street hotelier; death notice (obituary, 13/07/1929) Hanratty Kathleen M. 24/01/1893 Railway Terminus manageress of refreshment rooms at the Terminus Hans Margaret 26/03/1814 daughter of Mr. S. O'Halloran, of Mungret St. Hanvey James 06/06/1838 Haran Ellen Mary 10/10/1914 Hawthorn Villas, Limerick widow of late James Haran; death notice, age 73 (Limerick Leader, 09/10/1914) Haran James 05/09/1893 manager, National Bank (funeral report, 7/9/1893) (testamonial fund 14/9/1893) Harber Frances Jane 17/04/1866 37 Henry Street aged 9, dau of Capt. Francis Harber Harbert Thomas 27/01/1809 executed (report of sentencing, 24/1/1809) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hardacre female (Mrs.) 22/12/1868 Broad Street wife of Joseph Hardacre Hardacre infant 18/07/1863 Broad Street aged 1, child of John Hardacre Harden Ellizabeth B. 26/06/1906 Clareview, Limerick death notice Hardiman Dora 10/11/1860 Bowman Street aged 53 years Hardiman J., Mrs. 17/12/1901 wife of John Hardiman, Secretary and Receiver of Limerick Markets Trustee; funeral report Hardiman John 21/11/1867 2 Cecil Street aged 8 months, son of John Hardiman Hardiman John 16/02/1904 9 Cecil Street death notice Hardiman John 21/08/1915 Charleston, Co. Mayo solicitor; originally from Limerick; died at residence of sister, 8 The Crescent; death notice (obituary, 21/08/1915) Hardiman Josephine Mary 26/05/1881 Crescent View dau. of John Hardiman, death notice Hardiman Mary 13/03/1919 3 The Crescent daughter of late John Hardiman; death notice (obituary, 13/03/1919) Hardiman Nora 06/11/1934 50, Roxtown Terrace death notice, daughter of Denis and Lena Hardiman, aged 16, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Harding Ann 21/11/1849 Vendon Row, Cork aged 90, dau of Samuel Harding of Harding Grove, Co. Limerick Harding Blanche Anne 16/03/1871 Plymouth aged 33, dau of late Dr. Harding of Limerick Harding Catherine 01/04/1862 Henry Street aged 72, wdow of Robert Harding of Croom Harding Elizabeth 28/11/1838 Anglesborough wife of Robert Harding Harding female (Mrs.) 23/04/1789 Drumsally, Co. Limerick wife of Robert Harding Harding female (Mrs.) 10/04/1833 Harding Grove Harding female (Mrs.) 19/09/1857 Teignmouth widow of late Thomas Harding, M.D.; dau of late Capt. John Berkeley Westropp if the City Limerick Militia Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harding Frances 15/09/1841 Teignmouth aged 15, dau of Thomas Harding of Limerick (death notice 15/09/1841) Harding Gerald 31/12/1836 Hardingrove aged 19, son of Samuel Harding Harding Henry 01/08/1827 Duke Street, Dublin (of Harding Grove, Limerick) Harding Henry 28/02/1838 Dublin of Derawlin, Limerick, son of the late Brigade Major Harding

Harding Henry 31/03/1885 Chicago, USA son of late Samuel Harding, formerly of Harding Grove, Co. Limerick, grandson of late Col. Blennerhassett, Riddlestown, death notice Harding Jonathan 27/10/1841 Queen Street sales man Harding Joseph 05/01/1886 Chicago son of Samuel Harding, Harding Grove, Limerick and grandson of Col. Blennerhassett, Rathkeale, death notice Harding Margaret 31/08/1861 Queenstown wife of Samuel R. Harding of Janeville, Co. Limerick Harding Patrick 24/03/1827 Hanged Harding Patrick 11/04/1827 Hanged Harding Prudence Sarah 08/02/1845 Rock Lodge wife of Samuel Harding Harding Robert 20/02/1833 Croom Harding Robert 07/12/1859 Janeville aged 89; d. at seat of his son-in-law, Riversdale Harding Robert 05/04/1904 Cork son of late Samuel Harding, Janeville, Co. Limerick; death notice

Harding Samuel 04/12/1793 Cork late of New Lawn, Co. Limerick [see poem in issue 07/12/1793]

Harding Samuel 02/11/1822 Harding Grove Harding Samuel 26/02/1853 Rock Lodge, Co. Limerick aged 77 Harding Samuel 02/03/1875 6 Newenham Street son of late Samuel Robert Harding, Janeville, Co. Limerick; death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harding Samuel 28/12/1907 Kilfinane died at son's residence, New Zealand; death notice Harding Samuel R. 05/10/1861 Queenstown of Janeville, Co. Limerick Harding Thomas 29/04/1843 Castleconnell head of medical practice in Limerick Harding Thomas 23/10/1926 Yewfort, obituary (funeral report, 26/10/1926) Harding Thomas John 30/03/1865 Cork aged 29, d at res of father-in-law, George Street, Limerick Harding William 18/08/1792 Co. Limerick Harding William, Rev. 12/02/1834 Hardinge (née Bevan) Dillana 09/11/1912 Charleville, Co. Cork daughter of late Joseph Bevan, Glen Bevan, Co. Limerick; death notice Hardy Frederick George 16/05/1840 Brunswick street son of S. T. Hardy, manager National Banks Hardy John 08/02/1940 Arthur Street, Ballina, Co. Tipperary news report, former employee of Spillers and Bakers, dropped dead going into his house (Limerick Echo 13/02/1940)

Hardy John, Rev. 17/02/1838 Kilcullen Glebe Hare Andrew 23/02/1825 Cecil Street Hare Anna 27/10/1928 5 Ballinacurra Terrace widow of George Hare; obituary and funeral report Hare Catherine 16/08/1898 Ballybrown aged 70, wife of John Hare, mother of George Hare, George Street Hare Charles, Archdeacon 11/08/1883 (funeral report, 14/8/1883) Hare Eliza Harriet 28/08/1924 Leamington, England daughter of late Charles Hare, Archdeacon of Limerick; death notice Hare Ellen 08/02/1823 Old Clare Street Hare female (Mrs.) 23/07/1800 John Street widow of Roger Hare of Ballybrown, Co. Limerick Hare female (Mrs.) 20/02/1807 Mary Street, Limerick wife of Mr Thomas Hare Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hare female (Mrs.) 20/02/1807 Mary Street wife of Thomas Hare, spirit retailer Hare female (Mrs.) 20/02/1807 Mary Street wife of Thomas Hare, spirit retailer Hare female (Mrs.) 18/04/1809 Broskie, Co. Limerick wife of Richard Hare, death notice (Limerick Chronicle 19/4/1809) Hare female (Mrs.) 19/04/1809 Clarina, Co Clare widow of Richard Hare Hare female (Mrs.) 11/12/1830 William Street Hare George 06/08/1823 Ballybrown Hare George 15/04/1926 Ballinacurra Terrace funeral report Hare George F. 31/03/1908 L.D.S.; formerly of Limerick; obituary (funeral report, 04/04/1908)

Hare Gerard 08/04/1930 Ballinacurra Terrace report, member of staff of Messrs Quin & Co. Hare Harriet 23/11/1825 George Street Hare Harriet 17/12/1834 Ballybrown Hare Harriot Mary 15/03/1898 18 Leam Terrace, Leamington widow of Charles Hare, Archdeacon of Limerick Hare James 02/01/1861 52 George Street aged 69, late of Ennis Hare Kathleen 28/12/1922 Dixon's Lane daughter of George Hare, shot on Edward street; Civil War casualty; news report (inquest report, 02/01/1923) Hare L. A. 21/12/1909 Waterford doctor; son of late George F. Hare, Pery Square; obituary and death notice Hare Major 02/02/1822 Mount Henry, Rathkeale Hare Marcus 22/01/1925 5 Ballinacurra Terrace son of George Hare; obituary (funeral report, 24/01/1925) Hare Michael 12/04/1892 fatal accident Hare Richard 27/04/1831 Sir Harry's Mall Hare Richard 18/06/1831 Ballybrown Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hare Richard Parsons 16/03/1836 Mallow Street son of the late George Hare of Ballybrown Hare Roger 10/08/1796 Ballybrown, Co. Limerick aged 97 Hare Sarah 09/12/1882 William Street Upper widow of late Thomas Hare, death notice Hargrove Charles, Rev. 11/02/1869 London aged 76, family connected with Limerick Hargrove George 31/07/1822 Roscrea (document is barely legible) Hargrove John 28/12/1833 Newcastle Harkins Catherine (née O'Connell) 11/04/1912 New York, USA hotelier; accidental burning in New York; native of Limerick; news report Harkness George Law, Rev. 25/01/1917 England son of late Rev. Robert Harkness, Athea and Garryfine; obituary

Harkness Sara Anne 29/10/1901 Dublin widow of Rev. W. Harkness; formerly resident in Milford and Clarina; funeral report Harkness William Henry 14/03/1931 Bournemouth, England late Capt. King's Dragoon Guards, of Temple Athea, Co. Limerick, death notice Harkness William, Rev. 19/12/1863 Garryfine owner of Lands of Garryfine, in Upper Connelloe and Limerick County Harnet Timothy 15/04/1818 Strand Road Harnett Bartholomew 03/01/1855 Knockbrack, near Abbyfeale son-in-law to Patrick Hayes, Feale Cottage, Abbyfeale Harnett Bartholomew 28/07/1928 Lemonfield House, Crecora customs official; obituary Harnett Bridget 31/03/1832 Harnett Bridget Mary (née Walker) 06/11/1869 39 Catherine Street wife of P. C. Harnett, dau of F. H. Walker, Newcastle West Harnett Catherine 31/01/1855 Killacullen, Co.Limerick Harnett Cornelius, Rev. 21/11/1949 Wellington, New Zealand P.P. Wellington, native of Purt, Abbeyfeale Harnett Daniel 11/10/1826 Toryhill House Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harnett Daniel 24/05/1848 Kilmallock Harnett Daniel 11/11/1848 Knockbrack, nr Abbeyfeale aged 73 Harnett Daniel 17/05/1938 Knocknabul, Athea, Co. Limerick funeral notice, former West Limerick Battalion, I.R.A., fought during War of Independence Harnett Daniel W. 16/09/1944 Lemonfield, Crecora died 07/09/1944; buried in Lemonfield Cemetery acknowledgement notice 16/09/1944 Harnett Denis Dan 02/04/1940 Millford, Abbeyfeale death notice, farmer, aged 58, died suddenly from heart seizure

Harnett Ellen 11/01/1860 Temple-Eglantine, Abbeyfeale widow of Edmond Harnett of Harnett Ellen, Mrs. 25/08/1945 Lemonfield House, Crecora Harnett F. M. 11/02/1879 Cashel, Co. Tipperary S.I., R.I.C Harnett female 24/09/1834 Harnett female (Mrs.) 12/05/1874 The Terrace, Glin wife of D. C. Harnett; death notice; death notice Harnett James 22/12/1938 Abbeyfeale funeral report, age 27, buried at Abbeyfeale Cemetery Harnett James C. 24/04/1830 Dublin of Newcastle Harnett Johanna 19/09/1857 Knockbrack, near Abbeyfeale widow of late Dan. Harnett Harnett John 21/01/1824 Harnett John 12/02/1845 Killmallock age 19, son of Daniel Harnett Harnett John 14/02/1855 Bridgmount, near Abbyfeale son of William Fuller Harnett of Knockbrack Harnett John 07/03/1855 Newcastle aged 56, solicitor, int at Abbeyfeale Harnett John 21/11/1935 Ballyduhig, Newcastle West aged about 26, drowned Harnett John 01/08/1939 Dromtrasna Harnett, Abbeyfeale aged 85, one of remaining Gaelic speakers in district, affiliated with west Limerick G.A.A since its' inception in early 1880's Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harnett John 08/03/1941 Kilconlea news report, age 53, died after falling off a bicycle Harnett John 12/05/1945 Feohenagh,Newcastle West buried Castlemahon Cemetey Harnett John Creaghe 01/04/1884 Maunsha House death notice Harnett John D., (Mrs.) 23/08/1938 Bridge Street, Abbeyfeale aged 80, death notice, had been in poor health for many years since a Black and Tan atrocity in which her son was murdered by British forces in Abbeyfeale Harnett John H., Dr. 22/09/1832 Croom Harnett John M. 29/01/1944 Kilconlea, Abbeyfeale aged 75 yrs; mother of Rev. Daniel Hartnett of London, U.K. and Rev. John Hartnett of Washington, U.S.A. Harnett John, (Rev. Fr.) 01/06/1946 San Francisco, California, U.S.A. Cathedral Administrator in San Francisco, Calif., U.S.A., formerly of Dromtrasna Harnett, Abbeyfeale Harnett Kathleen, Mrs. 28/05/1949 Knockbrack, Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick buried St. Mary's Cemetery Abbeyfeale Harnett Laurence 11/05/1940 Ballaugh, Abbeyfeale funeral report, age 64, Nationalist, buried at St. Mary's Parish church graveyard Harnett Laurence, Rev. 10/09/1814 Croom, Co. Limerick Harnett Lewis 03/03/1881 Newcastle West accidental death of child, death notice Harnett male 16/04/1823 Harnett Margaret, Mrs. 03/05/1948 Rathkeale, Co. Limerick buried New Cemetery Rathkeale Harnett Margaret,Miss 28/05/1949 Barnagh, , Co. limerick buried Monagea Cemetery Harnett Margeret Emily 11/06/1831 Toryhill House Harnett Mary 03/05/1848 Cork widow of Maurice Harnett, d. at res of her son, William Fuller Harnett of Newcastle Harnett Mary Anne, Mrs. 28/05/1949 Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick at her daughters residence Bishop Street, Newcastle West, buried Abbeyfeale cemetery Harnett Mary Magdalen 16/04/1941 Abbeyfeale news report, nun, died in Bloemfontein, South Africa, engaged in religious work there since the start of the Boer war Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harnett Mary, Miss 22/10/1949 Woodfield, Dromcollogher, Co. aged 17, car accident when alighting from bus in Scotland Limerick Harnett Maurice 26/09/1810 Mallow Lane, Cork son of William Harnatt of Knockbrack, Abbeyfeele, in this County

Harnett Michael 31/07/1906 4 Swanson Terrace buyer at McBirneys, buried in Churchtown, Newcastle, funeral report Harnett Miss 05/02/1849 Newcastle d. on lands of Glenmore; int at Monegea Harnett Ms. (female) 05/02/1849 Newcastle d. on lands of Glenmore; int at Monegea Harnett Nora (Mrs.) 07/01/1950 Barnagh, Co. Limerick, buried Monagea Cemetery Harnett Patrick 17/11/1948 Ballybehy, Abbeyfeale, Co. limerick buried Old Abbey Cemetery, Abbeyfeale Harnett Richard Barry 04/02/1860 Rathreagh aged 10 Harnett T. M., Mrs. 11/04/1863 Newcastlewest aged 62; illness Harnett William 16/01/1833 Newcastle of Ballinavolig Harney James Christy 01/11/1837 Plassy, Limerick aged 17, of fever, Reuben Harney Harney William 16/12/1809 Summerville, Co Limerick Harney William 19/12/1809 Summerville, Co. Limerick son of John Harney, death notice Harold Edward 15/01/1884 Mallow Street Upper death notice Harold Eliza Maria 10/10/1838 Russell Place, Upper Mallow Street dau of Richard Harold of Pennywell Harold female (Mrs.) 25/07/1821 Waterpark, Ennis, Co. Clare Harold Jane 08/12/1849 mother of Countess de la Hitte; sister to Richard Harold of Pennywell House, nr Limerick; aunt to Harold Barry of Ballyvoreen, Co. Cork, and Messers. Harold of Limerick City

Harold Jane 25/10/1866 Mallow Street Upper dau of Mr. (forename obscured) Harold of Pennywell Harold John Cassimer 12/11/1868 Bayswater aged 84, cousin of late Richard Harold of Limerick City Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harold Joseph 25/01/1896 Sunville Terrace, Limerick aged 49, coach builder Harold Margaret 07/10/1919 Hartstonge Street teacher; obituary Harold Nora, (Mrs.) 04/05/1946 4 Carlisle Terrace, O'Connell Avenue buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Harold Richard 12/01/1842 Malloe Street Upper aged 76, of Penny-Well, buried at St John's Church Harold, Jun. Richard 27/06/1832 Russell Place Harold-Barry Harold Philip 21/11/1944 Buttevant, Co. Cork aged 79, direct descendant of ninth century Danish Kings of Limerick (the Harolds), hyphenated name a reminder of union between families in earlier (16th?) centuries, Barry's of Anglo- Norman stock and Harolds Harpur Rebecca 01/01/1840 Henrietta Street dau of the Rev. Singleton Harpur Harries (née Tomkins) Elizabeth 19/06/1833 Chatham Hill, Manchester Harrigan Albert 04/07/1949 Catterick Camp, Yorkshire, England formerly of 106 Hyde Road, Prospect, buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Harrigan Ellen 20/11/1847 Newport dau of the late Patrick Harrigan Harrigan Laurence 13/03/1948 Toomaline, Doon, Co. Limerick buried at Doon Harrigan P. 01/08/1832 cholera Harrigan Simon Joseph Rev. 20/01/1838 Dominican Convent, Limerick built the Dominican Gothic Church in Upper Glenthworth Street

Harringron Margaret 01/12/1838 High Street wife William Harrington, harnesse-maker Harrington Denis 30/07/1945 Connolly Street, , Co. Tipperary Garda, shot in Nenagh Barracks April 17th 1944 Harrington Helena 11/06/1940 Limerick drowned in Atlantic off Spanish Point when she fell off air cushion (lilo), was alive when rescued but died soon afterwards, one of three fatalities in same incident, inquest, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (Limerick Echo 11/06/1940 funeral report) Harrington Jennie 16/04/1932 Ashbourne Avenue death notice, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harrington P. 20/07/1943 Limerick lost at sea, merchant navy (flag unreported) seaman, native of Limerick Harrington Patrick 15/04/1950 ex-N.T. , Co. Tipperary, buried at Glasnevin Harrington unnamed male 11/06/1940 Limerick aged 41, drowned in Atlantic off Spanish Point attempting rescue when his daughter got into difficulties, one of three fatalities in same incident, chief engineer with E.S.B., native of Tralee, inquest (Limerick Echo 11/06/1940 obituary) buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Harrington William 17/09/1859 Denmark Street harness maker Harris Albert 05/11/1856 Clare Street aged 7 weeks, son of H. B. Harris Harris Anne 11/08/1887 Kil…ane, Co. Limerick widow of Standish J. Harris, Bruff; death notice Harris Anne 16/10/1900 Pery Square widow of James Harris, former secretary of Harbour Board; funeral report Harris Anne 31/03/1903 Sydenham Terrace, Ballinacurra widow of Patrick Harris; death notice Harris Arthur Jackson 18/10/1856 Clare Street son of H. B. Harris Harris Audrey, (Miss) 23/02/1946 Overdale, Ennis Road buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Harris Bridget 25/04/1857 Denmark Street Harris Catherine 07/08/1852 Knocklong late of Bruff Harris Charles 01/01/1862 Elton aged 25, son of Samuel Harris Harris Charles Givens 15/04/1905 Cork son of late William Harris, Knocklong, Co. Limerick; death notice

Harris Edward 04/07/1931 Pomona House, South Circular Road native of Gorey, Co. Wexford, buried at St. Mary's Cathedral

Harris Ellen 26/01/1889 death notice Harris Ellen H. 15/08/1872 Williamsburg aged 78 (no Limerick association stated) Harris female (Mrs.) 15/11/1851 Coloony Street wife of John Harris Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harris female (Mrs.) 09/02/1861 Osmington Terrace wife of James Harris Harris Frances 19/08/1848 Sexton Street dau of R. Harris Harris Francis M. 16/11/1880 Hartstonge House death notice (funeral report, 18/11/1880) Harris G. M., Mrs (née Longbottom) 23/03/1926 Toronto, Canada formerly of Kilmallock; obituary Harris George 31/12/1842 Bruff Bridewall Keeper Harris George Arthur 14/05/1891 Kilmallock death notice (further death report 23/5/891) Harris George P. 08/07/1890 Adamstown Co. Limerick death notice Harris George W. 28/10/1897 Alston, Croom aged 47, son of James Harris of Limerick, bro. of Richard Harris, brother-in-law to Capt. Loftus Bryan (death report 28/10/1897) (funeral report, 30/10/1897) Harris Gerald P. 19/01/1918 journalist; formerly of Limerick; obituary Harris Henry Bradshaw 28/02/1914 Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare native of Limerick; agent for Bannatyne's; funeral report, buried at family vault in Knockaney (Limerick Leader, 02/03/1914)

Harris J. W. A. 30/10/1948 Cahervilla House, Golden, Cashel, buried Knockaney Church, Co. Limerick Co. Tipperary Harris James 22/01/1895 Glentworth Street Governor of the Limerick District Lunatic Asylum, tribute (funeral report, 24/01/1895) Harris John 08/03/1856 Westland Street Harris male 11/05/1895 7 Victoria Terrace infant son of R. Harris, died at premature birth (see birth notices) (further notice 14/05/1895) Harris Maria 13/06/1891 Elton Cottage, Co. Limerick death notice, dau of late Samuel Harris Harris Martha 05/11/1845 Sunderland widow of Captain Thomas Harris, of the ship Stentor, sister of Mrs. Morris, Rutland Street, Limerick Harris Mary 14/05/1878 Elton (?) widow of Samuel Harris, Elton; death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harris Norman Elton 28/08/1915 Australia Corporal, Australian Imperial Force; First World War casualty; grandson of William and Margaret Harris, Knocklong, Co. Limerick; death notice Harris Patrick 09/05/1896 Upper Cecil Street int at Mt St Lawrence Harris Richard 15/12/1932 Overdale, Ennis Road aged 80, son of late James Harris, proprietor of Mountkennet flour mills (funeral report, 17/12/1932) [additional details taken from Mount St. Lawrence burial register] [grandfather of actor, Richard Harris] Harris Richard Edmond 21/04/1887 Templemungret aged 7; son of George W. Harris; death notice Harris Richard W. 09/08/1890 Elton Cottage death notice, aged 38 years Harris Robert 16/02/1833 Mary Street Harris Samuel 09/06/1874 Elton Cottage, Knocklong aged 85; death notice Harris Samuel Hayman 05/02/1891 Cork death notice, brother of James Harris Secretary of Limerick Harbour Board (further death notice 5/2/1891) Harris Samuel P. 26/10/1933 Adamstown, Knocklong well known Nationalist (funeral report, 31/10/1933) Harris Sarah 23/03/1918 3 Moyola Terrace death notice Harris Standish 01/09/1925 Blackrock, Dublin secretary of Munster and Bank; buried in Knocklong, Co. Limerick; funeral report Harris Standish J. 03/12/1864 Bruff clerk of petty sessions Harris Susan 01/05/1890 Adamstown Co. Limerick death notice, wife of George P. Harris. Harris Thomas 31/07/1920 Bruree War of Independence casualty Harris William 01/10/1863 Cahirconlish interred in family vault at Knockaney Harris William 08/12/1948 Bruree, Co. Limerick Fell from train in England, buried Bruree Cemetery Harris William Albert 17/03/1894 Dublin death notice, grandson of late Captain James Harris R. N. Limerick Harrison Charles 21/07/1812 Mary Street Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harrison Dora 10/02/1855 Taylor Street dau of Edward Harrison of Lim city Harrison Dorothea 16/04/1811 Patrick Street Harrison Edward 16/02/1825 Bridge Street Harrison female (Mrs.) 02/09/1782 widow of John Harrison of Aughnass (Possible old spelling of Auginish) Co. Clare Harrison female (Mrs.) 19/01/1786 Quay Lane wife of Mr. Charles Harrison Harrison female (Mrs.) 16/04/1796 Bridge Street wife of Charles Harrison, merchant Harrison female (Mrs.) 18/02/1804 Mary Street aged 84, widow of Richard Harrison of Fairy Hill, Co. Limerick

Harrison female (Mrs.) 10/10/1810 Greenville, Co. Kerry widow of Charles Harrison, of this City Harrison female (Mrs.) 25/01/1811 Mallow Street widow of William Harrison, of Garrura, Co. Clare Harrison female (Mrs.) 28/05/1814 Mary St. Harrison female (Mrs.) 24/08/1825 Harrison Castle Harrison Isabella 05/11/1878 Doneraile widow of Standish Henry Harrison, Castle Harrison; dau. of Thomas DeCourcy O'Grady, , Co. Limerick; death notice Harrison John 05/04/1797 Mary Street Mayor [see funeral report, 08/04/1797] Harrison John 05/05/1948 52 Athlunkard Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Harrison Margaret 16/01/1839 Glentworth Street dau of John Harrison, Mayor of Limerick Harrison Patrick 13/06/1855 Denmark Street aged 91, master tailor, late of City Limerick Militia Harrison Richard 14/01/1806 Killard, Nenagh, Co Tipperary Harrison Thomas 03/11/1852 Dublin of Roundtown and of 15 Merchant's Quay, bro of Joseph Harrison, Clareville Harrison William 18/11/1782 Master of the Exchange Coffee House, in this City Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harrison William 21/02/1791 Dublin attorney, of Garrorah, Co. Clare Harrison William 03/09/1803 Tenerana (Co. ?) of Garraura, Co. Clare Harrison William 11/12/1866 Roche's Street aged 42, late of Dublin Harrison William 17/10/1934 Limerick (?) obituary, son of Harisson Lee Harrison William Henry 17/12/1851 Sexton Street Austrian and Greek Counsul of Limerick port, also served in Hungarian Army Harrold Daniel 16/09/1950 Kilmeedy, Co. Limerick Belville Creamery, buried Tullylease, Co. Cork Harrold Edmond 06/05/1940 Evegallahoo funeral report, relation with Limerick, lived in Lisaniskey for a number of years, buried at Clouncagh Harrold female (Mrs.) 08/05/1824 Russell Place Harrold Matthias 05/01/1822 Catherine Street Harrold Richard 03/07/1948 22 Barrington Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Harron Timothy 22/02/1947 Bettyville, Manister buried Crecora Graveyard Harrow Herbert Dale 26/04/1950 Maydale, Ballinacurra Ranks Ireland Ltd., buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hart Anne 01/09/1830 Catherine Street Hart Charles 15/12/1847 New Barracks surgeon, 41st Regt., son of Dr. Henry Hart, surgeon, 31st Regt., bro of Lieut. Hart Hart female (Mrs.) 02/02/1848 Aughnagaddy Rectory aged 77, of Glenalla, dau of Dean Humer; widow of G. V. Hart, Chancellor of the Limerick Diocese, mother of Rev. A. Hart

Hart Henry 02/04/1789 Rochester, England related to the Rev. Edward Hart, of Kilderry (Limerick?) Hart Henry 27/03/1850 Queenstown late Landing Surveyor of Customs in Limerick port Hart John 10/09/1940 Newport, Co. Tipperary aged 3, scalded when bucket of boiling water overturned when he put his leg into it, died from shock and toxemia, inquest Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hart Jones 09/10/1839 employed by Captain Stotherd, died by getting lost at Curragh Chase Hart male W. Sterne 05/10/1842 Dublin attorney, formerly of Limerick Hart Margaret Jane 18/02/1846 Thomondgate dau of the late Redmond Hart, surveyor of Excise, formerly of the Urseline Convent on the North Strand Hart Mary 10/05/1881 Killaloe dau. of late Capt. James Taylor, Rock Abbey, Co. Limerick, death notice Hart Sarah Maria 30/09/1826 Glentworth Street Hart Thomas 31/10/1840 Retreat Place, Hackney former merchant in Limerick (death notice 04/11/1840) Harte A. 20/10/1887 tribute at Board of Guardians meeting Harte Bridget 09/01/1858 8 Mallow Street Lower aged 66, dau of late Richard Harte of Doon House, Co. Clare and of Gortroe, Co. Limerick Harte female (Mrs.) 05/09/1785 Youghal, Co. Cork wife of Alderman Harte of this City Harte female (Mrs.) 31/10/1806 Cornwallis Street wife of Timothy Harte, tanner, death notice Harte female (Mrs.) 11/07/1821 Upper Catherine Street at her son's House; late of Doon, Co. Clare Harte female (Mrs.) 02/07/1851 Tralee widow of William Johnstone Harte of Coolruss, Co. Limerick

Harte female (Mrs.) 23/12/1854 Anne Street widow of Redmond Harte, Surveyor General of Excise Harte Henry 19/05/1849 Gortroe Cottage, Co. Limerick aged 54 Harte John 07/12/1875 House, Co. Limerick aged 69; illness, connected with the properties of Count De Salis in the counties of Limerick and Armagh Harte Lady 13/12/1820 Dublin at her daughter's residence in Dublin, wife of Alderman Sir Richard Harte, of this City Harte Mahony 26/05/1863 Ballyard House, Tralee son of late William Johnson Harte; grandson of late Sir Richard Harte, Coolruss, Co. Limerick Harte Mary 27/04/1839 Kildimo Glebe aged 88, widow of Uriel Harte, died at the house of her bro, Rev. Geo Franklin Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harte Mary 16/04/1859 Isle of Wight dau of late R. Harte of Coolruss, Co. Limerick Harte Milly Deane 04/03/1884 dau. of late Henry Harte, death notice Harte Patrick 28/10/1818 Ballyglass, near Blackwater Bridge, Co. Clare Harte Percival 10/03/1791 Coolruss, Co. Limerick former Sheriff of the City Harte Redmond 04/01/1845 Parteen House aged 70 Harte Richard 26/05/1821 Catherine Street late of Doon, Co. Clare Harte Richard 19/10/1842 George Street of Coolrus, former High Sheriff for Limerick Harte Richard 21/02/1903 Coolrus death notice Harte Richard, Rev. 11/11/1846 Mountpleasant, near Dublin late of Limerick Harte Richard, Sir 28/01/1824 Coolen Harte Samuel 08/07/1782 Harte Sarah 05/02/1831 Corbally Harte Sarah 17/08/1842 The Spa, Tralee aged 9, died of water of the brain, dau of Henry Harte of Cottage, Limerick Harte Sarah 23/02/1853 Gortroe, Co. Limerick aged 45, widow of Henry Harte Harte Thelmina 15/10/1836 Peterville, near Tralee at the house of her bro Francis Crosbie, died of hydrocephalus, dau of the late William Johnson Harte of Limerick

Harte Thomas 05/12/1835 Bohergloss Harte Uriel 19/03/1823 William Street Harte William Jackson 16/11/1814 no address given formerly of the 20th(?) Regiment and the 12th Light Dragoons, former High Sheriff of this County Harte William, Rev. 04/07/1863 Rectory, Blandford, Dorsetshire aged 48; son of late William Johnson Harte; grandson of late Sir Richard Harte, Coolruss, Co. Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hartery William 06/02/1915 member of Waterford Volunteer Corps; accidentally shot while travelling to Limerick; inquest report Hartford Catherine 12/11/1881 Newtown, Waterford dau. of George Massy, Riversdale, Limerick, death notice Hartigan Bridget 15/12/1858 Cecil Street Upper aged 8, dau of Michael Hartigan Hartigan C. F. 15/07/1933 Rathkeale for many years Engineer of the old Rathkeale District Council and Board of Guardians Hartigan Catherine 19/09/1857 dau of Patrick Hartigan, Relieving Officer Hartigan Catherine 17/03/1858 Thomondgate widow of Thomas Hartigan, mother of Patrick Hartigan, relieving officer Hartigan Catherine 14/03/1882 Ballynanty widow of late Patrick Hartigan, death notice Hartigan Catherine 11/08/1904 Crosshaven, Co. Cork widow of late Luke Hartigan, Fort Lodge, Co. Limerick Hartigan Catherine 10/11/1906 Croom death notice Hartigan Catherine 12/05/1938 Royal George Hotel, Limerick news report, widow of Mr. Patrick Hartigan, survived by daughter and son Mr. R. T. Hartigan, proprietor of Royal George Hotel, buried at Mount St. Laurence Cemetery (funeral report 17/05/1938, age 85) Hartigan Daniel 02/02/1946 Rockhill, Bruree buried Bruree Cemetery (Limerick Echo 05/02/1946) Hartigan David 19/12/1872 Fort House, Co. Limerick Hartigan Diarmuid 31/07/1943 Nairobi, East Africa died in an air boat crash at Mount Brandon, , Co. Kerry; grandson of the late Dr. Hartigan, Tarbrook, Croom, Co. Limerick; interred at Bruff, Co. Limerick Hartigan E. 19/12/1942 Railway House, Castleconnell, aged 78; died 12/12/1942; buried Castleconnell Cemetery Hartigan Elizabeth Fanny 07/05/1881 Castleconnell dau. of P. Hartigan, Spa Hotel, death notice Hartigan Ellen 23/03/1859 Cecil Street aged 3, dau of Michael Hartigan, proprietor of the horse repository Hartigan Ellen, (Miss) 03/05/1816 Cornwallis Street Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hartigan Ellen, (Miss) 03/05/1815 Cornwallis St. (now Gerald Griffin St.) Hartigan female (Mrs.) 25/02/1824 Hartigan female (Mrs.) 23/05/1827 Upper George Street Hartigan female (Mrs.) 12/10/1836 Mungret Street wife of Mr. Hartigan, snuff and tobacco manufacturer Hartigan female (Mrs.) 15/02/1837 Mary Street Hartigan female (Mrs.) 22/09/1858 Castleconnel wife of Patrick Hartigan, innkeeper Hartigan female (Mrs.) 07/11/1865 46 George Street aged 35, wife of Michel Hartigan Hartigan female (Mrs.) 24/07/1943 wife of Jack Hartigan Hartigan Frances Henry 31/01/1827 Hartigan Frank 14/06/1898 Mafeking, South Africa aged 20, son of Patrick Hartigan, Castleconnell (death report 18/06/1898) Hartigan George 09/09/1924 Ballinscala House, Kilmallock jockey; obituary Hartigan Georgina (Sr. Mary of St. Agnes) 16/04/1864 Convent of Nothre Dame, Blackburn aged 27; dau of late William Hartigan of Limerick City Hartigan Hanora 25/09/1917 Inchamore, Donoughmore widow of James Hartigan; death notice (funeral report, 02/10/1917) Hartigan Henry Ryrdon 09/01/1897 Clorane House, Croom int at Tullabracca Hartigan J. Austin 29/07/1916 Tarbrook, Croom COI clergyman and army chaplain; First World War casualty; son of Jane and late Dr. J. T. Hartigan, Croom (additional info. Commonwealth War Graves Commission) Hartigan J. P. 26/08/1939 Spa, Castleconnell death notice, buried at Castleconnell Cemetery Hartigan James 31/01/1838 Broad Street of fever, son of Richard Hartigan, tobaconist Hartigan James 31/01/1838 Broad Street son of Richard Hartigan, tobaconist Hartigan James 03/12/1889 Toureen inquest report, late rate collector and farmer drowning accident Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hartigan James 09/07/1947 Hermitage, Castleconnell buried Castleconnell Hartigan James 28/11/1949 Gurrane, Croom, Co. Limerick buried Kilpeacon Cemetery Hartigan James R. 17/05/1934 Boher House, Meanus, Bruff aged 59, son of late Thomas Hartigan, bro of J. P. Hartigan, well-known racing official and auctioneer (funeral report, 22/05/1934) Hartigan Jane 29/11/1902 46 George Street wife of Michael Hartigan, auctioneer; obituary (funeral report, 02/12/1902 & in memoriam, 28/11/1903) Hartigan Jane 09/02/1933 Sandycove, Co. Dublin widow of Dr. J. T. Hartigan of Tar Brook Croom, medical officer of Croom Workhouse Hartigan Johanna 28/12/1897 Cloonagh, Rathkeale wife of P. T. Hartigan, mother of Francis Hartigan (death report 30/12/1897) Hartigan John 20/04/1825 Upper George Street Hartigan John 28/08/1850 New Orleans native of Limerick Hartigan John 29/02/1868 Bruff Hill aged 84 Hartigan John 09/05/1868 Thomondgate aged 68 Hartigan John 05/07/1873 Caherguillamore aged 57; death notice Hartigan John 05/07/1910 fell into hold of coal ship; inquest report Hartigan John 13/01/1917 Graiguecurra Croom Guardians, vote of sympathy Hartigan John 17/08/1939 Jasmine Villas news report,auctioneer and offical with the Irish Turf Club, former manager of Limerick Junction and Mallow Racecourses, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (Limerick Echo 22/08/1939) Hartigan John 10/10/1949 Fort, Charleville, Co. Cork farmer found dead Hartigan John McKnight, Captain 24/03/1906 Rockmount, Kilkee late of Bombay Staff Corp, interred in Limerick Hartigan John, Rev. 14/01/1950 St. Mark's Rectory, Iowa Falls, U.S.A native of Caherelly, Grange, Co. Limerick Hartigan Kate 09/02/1875 George Street aged 20; dau. of Michael Hartigan; death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hartigan Kate 11/10/1881 Good Shepherd Convent, Clare Street sister Mary Magdaline, dau. of late John Hartigan, Cahirguillamore Hartigan Lizzie (Ms.) 17/07/1943 Boher House Hartigan Lizzie M 01/05/1906 Boher House death notice, widow of late Thomas Hartigan (condolences 10/5/1906) Hartigan M. O'T. 08/10/1929 The Rookery, Manister, Croom obituary Hartigan Madaline 19/06/1861 Cecil Street dau of Michael Hartigan Hartigan Margaret 03/01/1821 Thomondgate Hartigan Margaret 12/05/1852 Mallow Street wife of William Hartigan Hartigan Margaret 11/05/1859 Athea widow of late T. Hartigan of Anhid, Co. Limerick; d. at res of her brother, Rev. , P.P. Hartigan Margaret 01/05/1883 Dublin widow of late William Coromandal Hartigan of Limerick, death notice Hartigan Margaret 16/02/1895 Cahirelly West, Co. Limerick aged 93, widow of Richard Hartigan, d. at res of her son, 109 George Street Hartigan Martin 18/12/1807 Limerick killed when attempting to burgle house of Silvester O'Halloran at Raheen, report Hartigan Martin 18/12/1807 Limerick killed when attempting to burgle house of Silvester O'Halloran at Raheen, report Hartigan Martin 22/12/1807 a member of a gang of ruffians, killed while attacking the house of Silvester O'Halloran, Raheen, Limerick Hartigan Martin 05/02/1814 Parteen, Co. Clare partly illegible - aged 102 years; Frederick/Roderick (first part of name obscured) Goodwin, Castle Barracks, in this City, son of Captain Goodwin, of the Sligo Regiment Hartigan Martin 01/08/1889 Croom stabbing incident Hartigan Martin 06/02/1945 Bellview, Croom prominent cattle breeder and renowned judge of livestock, popular figure in district, buried at Fedamore Hartigan Martin George 29/03/1943 Croom Captain, Marlborough, Wiltshire, Engand; horse trainer Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hartigan Mary 11/08/1864 Cecil Street Upper dau of Michael Hartigan, auctioneer, proprietor of the Limerick Horse Repository; interred at the New Cemetery Hartigan Mary 03/08/1912 Ballynanty House widow of Thomas Hartigan; death notice (obituary, 3/8/1912)

Hartigan Mary (Mrs.) 09/12/1950 City Home Hospital road accident Hartigan Mary Anne 06/07/1871 Caherguillamore aged 46, wife of John Hartigan Hartigan Mary Xavier, Sr. 02/09/1930 Presentation Convent, Hospital funeral report; aged 58 Hartigan Maurice 17/08/1814 the Abbey, Limerick Hartigan Maurice 09/02/1848 Ballycullinan, nr Effin, Co. Limerick farmer, father of Michael Hartigan, proprietor of Horse Repository in Limerick City Hartigan May 17/01/1945 The Spa, Castleconnell daughter of late John Hartigan, buried at Castleconnell Cemetery Hartigan Michael 04/02/1860 Askeaton sudent at the Irish College, Paris Hartigan Michael 06/06/1889 46 George Street auctioneer (further report 6/6/1889) (funeral report 11/6/1889)

Hartigan Michael 13/02/1937 Carlisle Terrace, O'Connell Avenue death notice, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hartigan Michael C. (Mick) 30/08/1904 Bruff funeral report Hartigan Michael J. 26/11/1918 London son of P. Hartigan, Royal George Hotel, Limerick; death notice (obituary, 26/11/1918) Hartigan Michael J. 02/11/1922 5 Carlisle Terrace former manager of Raleigh's tobacco makers; obituary Hartigan Michael Joseph 25/06/1914 London, England Major, 3rd Dragoon Guards; son of late Michael Hartigan, 46, George Street, Limerick; death notice (obituary, 25/06/1914), death notice, buried at New Cemetery (Limerick Leader, 24/06/1914) Hartigan Ned 02/01/1943 votes of sympathy notes Hartigan Nellie 19/07/1943 wife of late J. P. Hartigan (auctioneer and racing official); interred at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hartigan P. 04/04/1882 Spa Hotel, Castleconnell death notice Hartigan P. 06/07/1937 Castlemahon, Newcastle West funeral report, parish priest, aged 73, buried at Castlemahon Church (Limerick Echo, 06/07/1937) Hartigan P. K. 06/05/1939 Reens,Rathkeale obituary, agriculturist, buried at family ground in Hartigan Patrick 07/05/1870 Cahirguillamore aged 18, son of John Hartigan Hartigan Patrick 07/03/1882 Ballynanty Relieving Officer of Limerick Union, death notice Hartigan Patrick 12/02/1887 Ballyvourneen railway accident; inquest report Hartigan Patrick 28/02/1899 Clonlough, Rathkeale JP; obituary Hartigan Patrick 28/11/1911 Ballynanty death notice (funeral report, 2/12/1911) Hartigan Patrick 19/05/1921 Royal George Hotel, O'Connell Street obituary (funeral report, 21/05/1921) Hartigan Patrick 01/04/1944 Drombanna acknowledgement notice Hartigan Patrick 23/12/1946 Ralahine, Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co. Clare Hartigan Patrick 22/04/1950 Inchmore, Co. Limerick buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hartigan Patrick F. 19/03/1921 Ogbourne, Wiltshire defenestration; son of T. Hartigan MD, Croom; inquest report

Hartigan Patrick J. 02/09/1909 Green Lawn, Meanus, Bruff death notice Hartigan Patrick, Rev. 12/06/1924 Esker, Athenry Redemptorist priest; son of late Martin Hartigan, Bellview, Banogue, Co. Limerick; obituary (funeral report, 17/06/1924)

Hartigan Rita 10/11/1936 Athea funeral report, died in a nursing home in London, resided in Limerick for many years, buried at Clonagh Church yard (funeral report 10/11/1936) Hartigan Sarah 09/11/1876 Spa Hotel, Castleconnell aged 45; wife of Patrick Hartigan; illness; death notice Hartigan T. J. 06/06/1918 former medical officer in Croom; died in Port Said; obituary Hartigan Thomas 01/10/1834 Ballyneety (see also, 04/10/1834, below) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hartigan Thomas 13/08/1836 Mungret Street son of Richard Hartigan, tobacconist Hartigan Thomas 01/08/1849 drowned at new Floating Docks Hartigan Thomas 26/03/1896 Boher House, Bruff aged 58 Hartigan Thomas 14/06/1898 Ballynanty local politician Hartigan Thomas 28/12/1914 Limerick (?) condolences, member of Ballibricken Protest Committee Hartigan Thomas 24/06/1939 Dorris Villas, O'Connell Avenue news report, member of Nationalist movement, employed in Committee of Agriculture, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (death notice 24/06/1939) (funeral report 27/06/1939) (Limerick Echo 27/06/1939) Hartigan Timothy 06/02/1875 Glenogra aged 86; death notice Hartigan Timothy A. 13/06/1931 Crean House, Bruff at 'a fairly advanced age', horse breeder, son of late Martin Hartigan Hartigan Timothy R. 21/06/1932 Crean Lodge, Bruff aged 67, farmer Hartigan Timothy R. 27/01/1942 Boher House, Bruff death notice, buried at Meanus Cemetery Hartigan William 01/09/1809 Park Street, Dublin late of Limerick City, death notice Hartigan William 02/09/1809 Park Street, Dublin late of Limerick Hartigan William 15/10/1842 report, shop-keeper in Kilrush, intoxicated and fell over, fractured skull (further report 19/10/1842) Hartigan William 07/04/1863 Catherine Street interred in family vault, St. Michael's Church Hartigan William 15/02/1936 Clarina news report, labourer, knocked down by a motor, manslaughter case report 19/05/1936 (Limerick Echo 19/05/1936 manslaughter case) Hartland William B. 29/03/1843 Belleview, Mallow son-in-law of John Hogan of George Street Hartnet Edward 22/11/1815 Newcastle. Co. Limerick Hartnet Edward 22/11/1816 Newcastle, Co. Limerick attorney Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hartnett Ann 09/03/1822 Usher's Quay Hartnett Arthur 14/04/1841 Superintendant of the Headford Dispensary Hartnett Eliza 22/09/1838 Abbeyfeale Hartnett Eliza 15/01/1842 Cobh of Newcastle, wife of William Fuller Hartnett Hartnett female (Miss) 17/10/1838 report, crossing the River Feale, Newcastle with her sister, 2 women drowned Hartnett J., Rev. 14/04/1932 USA aged 83, predeceased his mother (see Julia Hartnett, above) by a few days Hartnett John 06/01/1945 Newtown, Elton buried at Athneasey, Elton, Co. Limerick Hartnett John 25/10/1948 Ballingrane, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick former stationmaster G.S.& W.R., Newcastle West, buried New Cemetery Rathkeale Hartnett John Francis 13/12/1943 5 Lansdowne Terrace, Ballsbridge, brother of Sister Ursula (Mercy Order, Limerick); Customs and Dublin Excise official; interred in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin Hartnett John J. 06/05/1927 White Wine Lane work accident on Shannon Scheme; inquest report Hartnett John Minchin 17/02/1910 Essex, England native of Glin; death notice Hartnett Joseph 01/07/1950 Lower Maiden Street, Newcastle West, buried Churchtown Cemetery Co. Limerick Hartnett Julia 14/04/1932 Main Street, aged 111, native of Glenstal, widow of John Hartnett, Moher House, Hartnett Laurence, Rev. 31/08/1861 Kilkee aged 75, P.P., Croom Hartnett M. 28/06/1934 Kilconlea, Abbeyfeale news report, collapsed on street after casting vote, aged 70, farmer (Limerick Echo 03/07/1934) Hartnett male 16/10/1909 Newtown, Kilmallock aged 14 months; scalding; inquest report Hartnett Margaret 25/09/1844 Rathkeale aged 69, widow of Lieut. John Hartnett of the Carlow Militia

Hartnett Mary Celsus, Sr. 23/05/1942 St. Mary’s Convent, Leeds, U.K. 44 years in religion; originally of Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hartnett Maurice 07/09/1926 aged 14; Dromcolloher cinema fire; news report Hartnett Michael 25/07/1942 4 New Road, Thomondgate buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hartnett Ned 02/04/1935 The Grove, Abbeyfeale member of prominent athletic family in West Limerick, buried at Abbey Cemetery Hartnett Patrick 21/09/1920 Abbeyfeale shot dead in Abbeyfeale; War of Independence casualty; news report (report of military inquiry, 25/09/1920) Hartnett Richard 22/08/1903 Market Square, Newcastle West obituary and death notice (funeral report, 27/08/1903) Hartnett T. M. 08/04/1846 Newcastle Hartnett Thomas 10/07/1946 Lower Maiden Street, Newcastle West aged two; fell into boiling water Hartnett Thomas, Rev. 14/10/1924 Thomondgate Catholic clergyman; funeral report Hartnett Timothy 28/03/1899 Ahylin, Co. Limerick farmer, aged 110 years Hartnett William 03/01/1838 Nocbrack, near Abbeyfeale Hartnett William 03/01/1838 Nocbrack, near Abbeyfeale Hartnett William 09/01/1839 Goulburn Lodge, near Abbeyfeale aged 21, medical student, bro of Patt Hartnett of Sydney N.S.W.

Hartnett William 12/04/1839 Abbeyfeale died at his mother's house, grandson of the late W. Fuller Hartnett Hartnett William 26/06/1909 Newcastle West Cannock's drapery staff; obituary Hartney Butler 07/03/1817 Hartney Charlotte (née Barrington) 26/01/1861 15 Herbert Street (Dublin?) dau of Sir Matthew Barrington, Glenstal, Co. Limerick Hartney Denis 30/06/1860 Abbeyfeale formerly of Cork Hartney Edward 28/08/1807 Sumemrville, Co. Limerick son of John Hartney, death notice Hartney Edward 28/08/1807 Sumemrville, Co. Limerick son of John Hartney, death notice Hartney Edward 28/08/1807 Summerville, Co Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hartney Edward 20/06/1942 4 St. John’s Villas, Mulgrave Street died 19/06/1942; buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hartney female (Mrs.) 23/09/1806 Dublin wife of John Hartney of Summerville, Co Limerick Hartney John 05/05/1815 Summerville, near Bruff, Co. Limerick Hartney Lucy 30/05/1792 Summer Hill, Co. Limerick daughter of John Hartney Hartney Margaret 08/08/1922 Adare wife of Michael Hartney, later mayor of Limerick; funeral report [additional details taken from Mount St. Lawrence burial register] wife of M. Hartney; funeral report Hartney Michael Edward 11/03/1890 Kilkee death notice, son of late William Francis Hartney of Castle Troy

Hartney Mr. (male) 06/01/1872 Pallaskenry death notice Hartney Odell 03/04/1807 Pallace House, Pallaskenry son of late Samuel Hartney, death notice Hartney Odell 03/04/1807 Pallace House, Pallaskenry, Co Limerick Hartney Odell 03/04/1807 Pallace House, Pallaskenry son of late Samuel Hartney, death notice Hartney Theresa 03/04/1844 Clare Street Hartney Willam Francis 05/03/1889 Victoria Place, Kilkee death notice, buried in family vault in St. Johns. Hartney William 03/02/1838 son of W. F. Hartney of Limerick Hartney William 18/10/1843 Clare Street one of the Electorial Guards of the Limerick Union Hartopp Eliza Georgina 19/02/1848 Harby, Leicestershire wife of Rev. W. Evans Hartopp, Rector; dau of George Stamer Gubbins of Kilfrush, Co. Limerick Hartshorn John 24/03/1852 Queen Street brother of Capt. Hartshorn, 24th Regt. Hartshorn William Lieut. 12/05/1827 The Square Hartstonge Henry, Sir 01/03/1797 Newtown Pery aged 70, interred in family vault at Bruff, Co. Limerick Harty Bridget 30/01/1850 Clare Street Auxiliary Workhouse false fire alarm (inquest report 02/02/1850) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harty Charles 07/02/1939 Nicholas Street death notice, retired Pigbuyer, former President Garryowen F.C., former President and Captain, Athlunkard Boat Club

Harty Delia (Ms.) 08/11/1943 Rossmoyne, Ennis Road, Limerick notice of will Harty Edmond 04/01/1947 Chancellorland, , Co. Tipperary buried St. Ailbe's Graveyard, Emly Harty Edward P. 15/06/1942 Pallas involved in horse racing industry, was accomplished amatuer jockey, ran Limerick Junction and Mallow race meetings and was appointed to Board of Limerick Junction Management, buried at old Pallas Cemetery (Limerick Echo 16/06/1942)

Harty female (Ms.) 21/08/1943 Rossmoyne, Ennis Road Harty Francis 20/05/1848 died nr Murroe, brother and accomplices arrested for pillage

Harty Frank 25/04/1945 14 Mungret Street buried St. Patrick's Cemetery Harty George 02/11/1946 Alston House, Croom buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Harty Irene 02/01/1937 Alsten House, Croom funeral report, widow of Michael Harty, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (Limerick Echo 05/01/1937) Harty J. H. 19/09/1929 Alston, Crrom jockey; riding accident; obituary (funeral report, 21/09/1929)

Harty James 19/08/1926 William Street pig buyer; obituary Harty Johanna 24/05/1923 Murroe mother of Rev. Dr. Harty, and Emly; funeral report Harty John 31/08/1905 Cathedral Place death notice Harty John 03/01/1911 Athlunkard Street son of James Harty; obituary Harty John 14/07/1917 Pallasgreen auctioneer; short announcement Harty John, (Most Rev.) 14/09/1946 Cashel, Co. Tipperary Archbishop of Cashel and Emly, born Knocknagurteeny, Murroe Harty male (Mr.) 06/03/1943 father of John Harty Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harty Mary 17/11/1863 Anne Street aged 5, accident Harty Maurice 20/09/1906 Croom jockey; killed at Baldoyle; obituary Harty Maurice 20/09/1906 aged 23 years, killed in a fall from a horse, son of Mr. Harty of Croom Harty Maurice 20/10/1936 Kilmallock news report, labourer, accidently collapsed Harty May 24/10/1942 The Grotto, Pallasgreen aged 19; buried at Pallas Cemetery Harty Michael 26/08/1835 Boherbuoy Harty Michael 02/11/1942 14 Mungret Street died 01/11/1942; employee of Messrs. W. J. Shaw & Sons; buried St. Patrick’s Cemetery Harty Michael J. 16/11/1929 Alston, Croom racehorse trainer; obituary (funeral report, 19/11/1929) Harty Patrick 15/07/1911 Ivy House, Sir Harry's Mall death notice Harty Patrick 07/06/1947 cycling accident Harty Teresa 16/03/1942 42 Nicholas Street wife of Charles Harty, pig buyer Harty Timothy 23/10/1937 Corelish, Pallasgreen inquest report, age 83, hit by a motorist, found outside home (Limerick Echo, 26/01/1937) Harty Timothy 15/02/1938 Pallasgreen aged 83, hit by car at Caerlish, Pallasgreen on 19/10/1937 and died from injuries, court case taken by daughter claiming damages (report), (Limerick Echo 22/02/1938 manslaughter case and verdict) Harty William 10/05/1947 Ballyvoneen, Pallasgreen died while home on holiday from England Harvest female (Mrs.) 16/07/1789 George's Quay wife of Rev. Harvest of Southhampton, England Harvey Hannah Christy 16/06/1874 Ballycolleton, Nenagh aged 85, widow of late Reuben Harvey, Limerick City; death notice Harvey James 01/03/1848 Thornville, North Strand export merchant and ship owner (Harbour Commissioners 04/03/1848) Harvey Joseph Massey 16/08/1887 Liverpool formerly of Plassey; death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Harvey Lieutenant Colonel Gardiner 30/01/1892 Randalstown death notice Harvey male 16/09/1902 railway accident at ; news report Harvey Michael 29/12/1941 Limerick (?) news report, native of Limerick, killed in a WW2 air raid on an unspecified north-west English town Harvey Michael 14/04/1945 Querrin, Kilkee, Co. Clare aged 2 years,body recovered in lake near Limerick on 01/04/1945, murder charge brought against mother, Margaret Mary Harvey ( (Limerick Echo 08/05/1945 news report)

Harvey Michael 27/06/1945 Lisdeen, Co. Clare manslaughter Harvey Rebecca Massy 10/01/1821 Summerville Harvey Reginald Phelps 31/01/1880 Liverpool son of Joseph M. Harvey of Limerick, death notice Harvey Reuben 22/09/1866 Pery Square aged 77 Harvey Robert, Captain 11/10/1843 George Street Upper of Cadogan-place, Belgrave Square Harvey William Henry 22/05/1866 Torquay, Devon aged 55, professor of botany at University of Dublin, son of Joseph massy Harvey (obituary, 5/6/1866) Harwood Thomas Edward 28/01/1888 14 William Street death notice Haslam Catherine 26/05/1906 Vizes Field sudden death Haslam Frederick 04/08/1914 Mitchell Street suicide; inquest report, obituary, age 40 (Limerick Leader, 05/08/1914) Hassard Francis, Rev. 30/08/1856 Mountjoy Street, Dublin vicar of Fuerty, diocese of Elphin, son of late George Hassard of Skea House, Co. Fermanagh, ; brother of Rev. Chancellor Hassard of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick Hassard Henry 15/02/1840 Skea House, Fermanagh late of Limerick Hassard Mary Anne 06/07/1886 Brighton widow of Rev. Edward Hassard, formerly rector of Rathkeale and Chancellor, St. Mary's Cathedral, death notice

Hasset Arthur 22/07/1826 William Street Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hasset Ellen 06/02/1858 aged 72, wife of Bartholomew Hasset of Commercial Academy

Hassett Alice (Miss) 07/10/1950 9 O'Connell Street buried St. Mary's Cathedral Hassett Alice Baldwin 17/09/1927 Templeville, Ballinacurra wife of Thomas Hassett; death notice (funeral report, 20/09/1927) Hassett Annie 07/06/1941 New York death notice, lived in N.Y., widow of Michael Hassett, originated from Thomondgate, Limerick Hassett Anthony 12/01/1850 Thomondgate Hassett Bridget 24/01/1933 Sexton Street North wife of James Hassett, sister of John O'Sullivan of City Rate Collector's department Hassett Eliza 07/04/1807 Riddlestown, Co. Limerick dau of late Gerald Blennerhassett, death notice Hassett Eliza 07/04/1807 Riddlestown, Rathkeale, Co Limerick daughter of General Blennerhassett Hassett Eliza 07/04/1807 Riddlestown, Co. Limerick dau of late Gerald Blennerhassett, death notice Hassett Ellen 02/08/1873 36 Henry Street aged 68; widow of late John Hassett of Ennis Hassett Emma 31/03/1891 Frederick Street inquest report, servant in the employment of Mr. King, a Jew, residing at Frederick Street Hassett Ethel M. 21/11/1942 'Carnlea' interment St. Mary’s Cathedral Hassett James 12/03/1908 15 Crescent Avenue former master of Rathkeale Workhouse; death notice Hassett James 14/05/1938 Hassett's Cross, Thomondgate death notice, survived by father Hassett James 14/12/1946 Thomondgate Castle Ward Corporation Hassett John 04/07/1860 Mill Street, Ennis mineral water manufacturer, late of Denmark Street, Limerick

Hassett Mary 30/01/1850 Clare Street Auxiliary Workhouse false fire alarm (inquest report 02/02/1850) Hassett Mary Jane 17/05/1843 Newport Cottage dau of Dr. W. Hassett Hassett Michael 27/01/1874 1 Bridge Street death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hassett Michael 19/06/1909 New Barracks Private, Royal Munster Fusiliers; died from a fall; inquest report

Hassett Michael J. 31/12/1907 Sexton Street North horse dealer; obituary Hassett P. 17/08/1937 Newbridge, Rathkeale aged 65, farmer, clothing ignited by kitchen fire Hassett Patrick 24/05/1932 Ahane, Castleconnell member of old Limerick Board of Guardians and No. 1 District Council Hassett Thomas 28/02/1942 Templeville, Ballinacurra and aged 92, d. 26/02/1942 O'Connell Street Hassett Thomas, Lieutenant 27/05/1818 Denmark Street typhus Hassett William 30/01/1943 Castleroberts, Adare aged 92; interred in Croom Hastings ?, Dr. 15/11/1884 Madras, British India son of Stephen Hastings, Limerick Hastings Ann 05/02/1853 Charlotte Quay dau of Alderman Stephen Hastings Hastings Annie 18/06/1927 89 O'Connell Street daughter of late Stephen Hastings; death notice Hastings Christina 18/02/1932 O'Connell Street aged 19, domestic servant, burning accident, native of Kilkee (compensation award, 21/07/1932) Hastings Edward 19/01/1942 11 Punches Row age approx. 65; unmarried; died suspected heart attack Hastings Elizabeth 23/06/1838 Charlotte's Quay dau of Stephen J. Hastings Hastings female (Mrs.) 30/08/1800 Firrville, Co. Cork wife of Stephen Hastings, Fort Henry, Co. Tipperary Hastings female (Mrs.) 21/04/1821 Killaloe Hastings female (Mrs.) (nee Coughlan) 24/08/1905 29 Denmark Street relict of the late Martin Hastings, Gardner Mary Street Hastings George 02/11/1789 Killaloe, Co. Clare aged 81 Hastings George 15/04/1843 Charlotte's Quay son of S. J. Hastings Hastings George H. 09/12/1826 Killaloe Hastings Helena 03/03/1934 89 O'Connell Street daughter of late Stephen Hastings, one-time mayor of Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hastings Isabella 14/09/1839 Charlotte's Quay dau of Stephen Hastings, Hardware Merchant Hastings James, Very Rev. 11/05/1880 Clonlara Dean of Killaloe (death notice, 11/5/1880) Hastings John 24/06/1848 Patrick Street son of Mary Hastings Hastings John 20/09/1894 Dublin death notice, son of Stephen Hastings, J.P. Hastings Margaret 09/10/1890 Glentworth Street death notice, wife of Stephen Hastings J.P. Hastings Margaret 21/07/1928 89 O'Connell Street daughter of late Stephen Hastings; death notice Hastings Mary 24/06/1848 Patrick Street widow of Stephen Hastings Hastings Mary 30/01/1850 Clare Street Auxiliary Workhouse false fire alarm (inquest report 02/02/1850) Hastings Mary 17/11/1863 Ennis aged 22, drawning inquest Hastings Mary, Miss 14/01/1782 daughter of Mr. John Hastings of Killaloe, Co. Clare Hastings Michael 20/04/1895 nr Ballycar Station aged about 30, struck by Ennis to Limerick train Hastings Neta 20/12/1944 41 Island Road buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery acknowledgement notice 30/12/1944 Hastings Peter 10/03/1849 clerk of Costello's Office, Bank Place, d. of cholera Hastings Stephen 03/12/1815 William St. Hastings Stephen 03/12/1816 William Street Lieutenant in 27th regiment, heir to Earldom of Huntingdon Hastings Stephen 24/05/1826 Fort Henry, Killaloe Hastings Stephen 19/09/1895 Glentworth Street aged 82, J.P., Alderman of the Irishtown Ward, Mayor, owner of Gas Works; father of S. Hastings, solicitor; int at Mt St Lawrence (death report 19/09/1895) (funeral report, 21/9/1895)

Hastings Stephen 18/02/1919 89 George Street solicitor; obituary Hastings Stephen J. 08/04/1846 Patrick Street Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hastings Susan 15/01/1863 55 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin widow of Thomas Hastings, Collector of Customs, Limerick; dau. of late Richard Phillips, J.P., Gaile House, Tipperary

Hastings Thomas 28/12/1922 White Wine Lane accidentally shot in Broad Street; inquest report Hastings Thomas 02/01/1923 White Wine Lane labourer; shooting; inquest report Hatchell Anne 15/04/1835 Lough Gur, Bruff Hatchell George 05/02/1848 William Street brother of the Solicitor General Hatchell Sarah, Lady 05/08/1875 The Abbey, Rathkeale aged 30; dau. of third Earl of Clancarty; death notice Hatfield female (Mrs.) 17/09/1796 Charleville, Co. Cork wife of St. George Hatfield Hattarn female (Miss) 05/06/1822 Bunratty, Co. Clare Hatton Anna 25/07/1871 Minneapolis, Minnesota dau of late Thomas Grubb, Limerick City Hatton Robert 13/05/1845 Cork bro-in-law of B.C. Fisher of Limerick Haugh Bridget 02/01/1847 Arthur's Quay dau of John Haugh Haugh Bridget 16/10/1847 Arthur's Quay dau of Michael Haugh Haugh female (Mrs.) 05/01/1856 Askeaton wife of Daniel Haugh Haugh female (Mrs.) 09/10/1861 Arthur's Quay wife of Michael Haugh Haugh John 24/02/1847 Arthur's Quay died at his daughter's house, son of Michael Haugh Haugh Kate 29/11/1843 Colony Street dau of J. Haugh, tobacconist Haugh Mary, (Miss) 11/05/1946 Bishop Street, Newcastle West buried Churchtown Cemetery, Newcastle West Haugh Michael 23/01/1926 Ashbourne Road, Limerick son of Michael Haugh; death notice Haugh Michael, jun. 24/03/1849 William Street clerk for J. N. Russell & Sons Haugh Patrick 18/03/1854 William Street son of Michael Haugh Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Haugh Susan 20/08/1856 aged 7, step-daughter of Mr. Nolan, flour dealer of William Street, reprot Haughton David 21/06/1887 draper's apprentice at Cannock & Co., drowning accident Havard William, Capt. 07/12/1853 Shannon Street of brig Anne of Newport, Pembroke Havener John 20/07/1836 Pallaskenry Hawe Mary Anthony, (Sister) 02/03/1946 North Presentation Convent, Cork late of Charleville, Co. Cork Hawes Captain 26/10/1859 Mundleiser, Central India husband of dau of Mr. Cussen, George Street, Limerick, niece of William Shaughnessy and Rev. Mr. Cussen of Askeaton

Hawker Emmeline, (Miss) 20/07/1946 Limerick Hawker Rosa Kate 24/03/1874 Mount Vincent Terrace aged 11 months; dau. of Charles E. Hawker; death notice Hawker Susan Alice 12/02/1935 50 O'Connell Street died at Kilkee Hawkes John Rev. 08/05/1839 Kilmurry R.C.C. Hawkesworth Ellen 04/07/1818 Ennis, Co. Clare Hawkesworth female (Mrs.) 26/08/1801 Ennis, Co. Clare aged 'near 80', widow or Timothy Hawkesworth Hawkesworth Quin Anthony 14/07/1863 Waterford aged 61, Limerick citizen, engaged in coach making, nephew of Dr. John Hawkesworth, LL. D., Glanmire, Cork Hawkins Ellen (Nellie) 22/03/1922 Dublin former staff member at Limerick GPO; death notice Hawkins female (Mrs.) 22/04/1916 Moyola Terrace, Ennis Road wife of H. Hawkins; obituary (funeral report, 25/04/1916) Hawkins Frances & Alicia 28/01/1801 Killaloe, Co. Clare found murdered Hawkins Henry 30/04/1921 2 Moyola Terrace manager of Limerick gas works; obituary (death notice, 03/05/1921) Hawkins John 01/06/1833 Hawkins William 03/04/1858 William Street, Little assistant of John Pitts Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hawkshaw Benjamin 22/12/1858 Richmond Terrace, Limerick late of Faleen, Co. Tipperary Hawkshaw Benjamin 26/09/1863 Ballynanty House, Co. Limerick son of late Rev. Richard Hawkshaw, formerly Rector of Finoe, Co. Tipperary. Hawkshaw female (Mrs.) 25/12/1788 Millbrook, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary wife of Richard Hawkshaw Hawthorne Mabella Eliza 21/08/1839 Belcamp House aged 74, widow of Charles Stewart Hawthorne, former chairman of the Board of Excise & M.P. for Downpatrick Hawtrey female (Mrs.) 17/12/1811 Cheltenham, England widow of Rev. C. Hawtry, Vicar of Bampton, Gloucestershire, England, sister of Lord Muskerry, Governor of this County

Hay Winifred 25/04/1840 Peter Street widow of Edward Hay Haycock female (Mrs.) 16/07/1796 Nicholas Street daughter of John Haycock Hayden Edmond 15/05/1850 Balyneety son of Patrick Hayden, Ratherder, Cashel Hayden female 13/02/1858 Roche's Street infant dau of William Hayden Hayden Rodger 09/10/1841 aged 25, formerly of this city, died at the house of the Right Hon. Dr. Briggs R.C.B. in York Hayden T., Rev. 10/04/1852 P.P. Pallasgrean and Templebredin Hayden William 21/04/1858 Henry Street grocer, late of Roche's Street Haydn female (Mrs.) 07/03/1916 Nantenan wife of Archdeacon of Limerick; funeral report Haydn Handel 22/03/1892 Nantenan, Askeaton death notice, aged 18, scholar of Royal College of Music London, son of Rev. Canon Haydn (further death notice 22/3/1892) (acknowledgement 24/3/1892) Haydn John Armour, Rev. 22/05/1920 Nantenan COI clergyman; death notice (obituary, 22/05/1920) (funeral report, 25/05/1920) (tribute, 03/06/1920) Haydn Maria Jane 02/09/1835 Francis Street Haydn Mary Sarah Frances 10/04/1888 Nantenan Glebe death notice, aged 13 years, dau of Rev. John Armour Haydn, L.L.D. Hayes ? 10/01/1944 2 Castleview Terrace (late mother’s marriage name Whelan; daughter of the late Mrs. Hayes address) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hayes Agnes 17/04/1869 William Street wife of John Hayes Hayes Agnes 16/05/1949 21 Ascot Terrace, O'Connell Avenue buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hayes Alice 20/04/1914 death notice, wife of Michael Hayes, buried at family ground in Old Kildimo Hayes Alice 17/07/1940 Ballyhahil, Killmeedy funeral report, age 78, buried at Clouncagh Cemetery Hayes Anne 15/08/1911 Dunkip, Meanus, Croom farm accident; inquest report Hayes Attracta 31/07/1940 Coolagown, Castletown obituary, mother in the Convent of Mercy, Swinford, Co. Mayo

Hayes Benjamin 20/04/1803 Limerick Hayes Brian 21/11/1942 Doon representative for the area for the Rural district Council Hayes Bridget 29/06/1842 Mary Street dau of Jeremiah Hayes Hayes Bridget 11/08/1855 Robertstown, Co. Limerick Hayes Bridget 04/05/1940 Lisnagry, Co. Limerick sympathy note Hayes Bridget 12/04/1944 46 Smith O’Brien Avenue acknowledgement notice Hayes Bryan 09/01/1943 Doon, Co. Limerick Hayes Bury 17/02/1836 Cornwallis Streat late musician in the Band of Limerick City Regiment Hayes Catherine 12/08/1840 Roche's Street Hayes Catherine 12/09/1849 Thomas Street wife of William Hayes, cutler? Hayes Catherine 22/01/1853 Mary Street dau of Patrick Hayes, baker and flour factor Hayes Catherine 12/03/1856 Patrick Street, Limerick widow of late Denis Hayes, d. at son's residence Hayes Catherine 14/08/1861 Sydenham aged 42, famous singer (biographical memoir pt I, 31/08/1861, pt II, 04/09/1861 ) Hayes Catherine (Mrs.) 21/06/1950 19 Broad Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hayes Cornelius 10/07/1833 Mary Street Hayes Cornelius 28/04/1936 Chicago, U.S.A. native of Scariff, Co. Clare, vote of sympathy Hayes Daniel 23/04/1927 Galbally, Co. Tipperary accident on Shannon Scheme; inquest report Hayes Denis 09/05/1835 Cappamore Hayes Denis 24/05/1856 Patrick Street Hayes Denis 12/06/1869 Dromcolloher late Sub-Inspector, R.I.C. Hayes Denis 13/08/1896 Cecil Street butter merchant, manager for Messrs Heywood of Manchester, int at Mt St Lawrence Hayes Dermot 17/04/1946 14 Shelbourne Avenue Condensed Milk Co., buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery

Hayes Edmond 16/06/1838 report, of Tarbert, stoned to death on the Mail Coach Road, he had arested John Evans that morning, although their was not sufficient evidence to convict John Evans, his wife & his dau of the murder, it is the general oppionion that they carried it out

Hayes Edward 02/09/1826 Crossagalla Hayes Edward 02/06/1932 John Street aged 62, suicide by poison (inquest report, 04/06/1926) Hayes Ellen 28/04/1852 Lock Quay wife of Thomas Hayes, baker Hayes Ellen 16/05/1863 Bank Place illness; sister of Mr. McCarthy, Sexton Street Hayes female 30/05/1893 Catherine Street wife of James Hayes, builder Hayes female 22/08/1903 Rathkeale mother of Rev. M. Hayes, C.C. St. John's, Limerick; announcement Hayes female (Miss) 23/02/1803 Thomondgate aged 19, daughter of William Hayes Hayes female (Mrs.) 04/03/1817 Clonmel Co. Tipperary widow of William Hayes of Killuragh Hayes female (Mrs.) 21/11/1821 Patrick Street Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hayes female (Mrs.) 01/06/1825 William Street Hayes female (Mrs.) 02/06/1832 Lower Mary Street cholera Hayes female (Mrs.) 21/09/1833 Mary Street (see also 25/09/1833 below ) Hayes female (Mrs.) 23/07/1836 Denmark Street Hayes female (Mrs.) 20/05/1848 John's Street Hayes female (Mrs.) 27/04/1897 Limerick wife of John Hayes, buyer of Cannock and Co., int at Newpallas

Hayes female (Mrs.) 28/04/1936 Stourbridge, England, U.K. sister of Rev. Fr. Powell, Limerick Hayes female (Mrs.) (the Widow Hayes) 08/02/1800 Newcastle, near Limerick City found murdered Hayes Francis 03/08/1793 Broad Street revenue officer Hayes Gretta (Miss) 13/05/1950 buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hayes Hannah, (Mrs.) 02/05/1945 79 O'Connell Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hayes Hanora (Mrs.) 10/05/1950 40 Parnell Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hayes Hanorah 01/04/1944 67 Mungret Street acknowledgement notice Hayes Hanorah, (Mrs.) 17/05/1947 Ballinroche, Crecora buried Crecora Graveyard Hayes Helena, (Mrs.) 28/07/1947 31 Prospect buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hayes Henry 03/05/1921 Fair View House, Mulgrave Street death notice Hayes J. 23/01/1917 Boherbuoy, Rathkeale Private, Royal Munster Fusiliers; son of Ellen Hayes; First World War casualty; killed 30/08/1916; report on award of Military Medal [additional details Commonwealth War Graves Commission] Hayes J. J., Rev. 11/12/1906 Australia native of Limerick; obituary (see also, 13/12/1906) Hayes J., (Mrs.) 04/07/1945 Glengora Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hayes Jack 22/12/1948 Ballymac, Charleville, Co. Cork Hayes James 22/04/1835 Bilboa Hayes James 24/06/1835 Roche's Street Hayes James 08/01/1840 Arthur's Quay shoe maker Hayes James 04/11/1848 Kilmaganerla, Ballingary, union of infant, grandchild of Margaret Kenealy, died of starvation Newcastle Hayes James 16/03/1850 Broad Street late grocer Hayes James 24/08/1897 Rathkeale aged 25, son of Thomas Hayes, J.P. Hayes James 22/04/1913 Dublin son of late James Hayes, Limerick; death notice (funeral report, 24/04/1913) Hayes James 05/04/1938 14 St. Michael's Road, Glasnevin, native of Limerick, employed at Central Telegraph Office, Dublin Dublin, where he worked for 40 years, the last 15 in his capacity of overseer, a brother of Tom Hayes, Limerick All-Ireland hurler, remains interred at Mungret Cemetery Hayes James 15/12/1942 Cloncolman, , Co. Clare aged 68, fell eight feet from hayrick hurting his spine, died from injuries sustained, inquest Hayes James 13/02/1943 Ennis, Co. Clare native of Hospital, Limerick, clerk Hayes James 01/05/1948 Ballymacave, Croagh, Co. Limerick buried local cemetery Hayes James J. 20/08/1901 Pery Square builder; funeral report Hayes James J. Rev. 25/10/1890 Tritonville, Military Road death notice, aged 27 years, curate in St Michaels Church Limerick, native of Longford. (further report 25/10/1890) (funeral report 28/10/1890) (in Memoriam 28/10/18 (condolences 30/10/1890) Hayes James, Rev. 11/12/1948 Holy Ghost Hospital, native of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick Massachusetts,U.S.A. Hayes Jane 01/03/1898 Limerick Workhouse aged 40 (inquest report 03/03/1898) Hayes Jeremiah 26/03/1794 Mungret Street Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hayes Jeremiah 24/10/1944 Kilmeedy aged 20, while cycling downhill on Ballingarry-Rathkeale road, collided with pony and trap and was thrown on to road, died some time after admission to Croom Hospital, was employed as a helper on threshing machines (Limerick Echo 05/12/1944 inquest) Hayes Jeremiah 03/04/1948 Cloverfield, Dromkeen, Co. Limerick buried Ballinlough Cemetery, Kilteely, Co. Limerick Hayes Jeremiah 15/03/1950 Barnakyle, Patrickswell, Co. Limerick railway line tragedy Hayes Johanna Eugenie Mary 12/09/1868 Shanagolden aged 11 months, dau of Thomas Hayes, M.D. Hayes John 22/05/1822 Ballingarry Hayes John 17/07/1833 Broad Street Hayes John 14/10/1835 Mungret Street Hayes John 21/11/1835 Mungret Street Hayes John 03/07/1839 report, dispute between John Hayes & Edmond Kiely, brothers- in-law, died from injuries sustained from deady blow from Kiely

Hayes John 04/08/1849 Garryowen Mayor's Constable Hayes John 20/09/1888 Shanagolden obituary, accident. Hayes John 14/07/1893 St. John's Square baker, father of Michael and John Hayes Hayes John 15/12/1903 Castle Bank, Parteen ex-Customs and Excise official; sudden death; news report Hayes John 14/02/1911 staff at District Asylum; obituary Hayes John 30/03/1911 van driver with Carmody's, Brunswick Street; work accident; inquest report Hayes John 25/02/1913 Munster Terrace, Military Road director of Spaight & Sons and local politician; obituary (funeral report, 27/02/1913) Hayes John 04/09/1914 Hurlers' Cross, Sixmilebridge obituary, member of Gael Hayes John 05/05/1931 Reens, Rathkeale accident whle tree-felling Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hayes John 06/11/1934 , Bruff news report, aged 32, farmer, accidentally shot in heart when gun fired as he was going over paling while on duck-shoot, buried at Cemetery (Limerick Echo 13/11/1934)

Hayes John 07/12/1937 Ballinacarra, Askeaton death notice, buried at Rathkeale Cemetery Hayes John 22/08/1945 Askeaton aged 80, was collecting cows for milking when attacked and gored by bull (Limerick Echo 21/08/1945) Hayes John 03/01/1949 Ballyloundash, , Co. Land League Link, buried at Tullybrackey Limerick Hayes John Macnamara, Sir 28/07/1809 London 1st physician to HRH the Prince of Wales, native of Limerick City, death notice Hayes John, (Rev. Fr.) 03/02/1945 Hollymount, O'Connell Avenue S.J. priest, 36 yrs. Buried in unknown jungle grave in Asia Hayes Johnny 28/08/1943 Ballinvana, Co. Limerick played full back with Staker Wallace hurling team; interred in Emlygrennan, Co. Limerick Hayes Joseph 01/09/1832 cholera Hayes Joseph 28/08/1906 The Abbey, Limerick killed by fallling timber; inquest report Hayes Josephine, Mrs. 26/02/1949 Munster Terrace, O'Connell Avenue buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hayes Kate 08/06/1946 Ballycormac, Shanagolden Hayes Kate (Mrs.) 30/07/1946 Bridge View, Goold's Cross aged 62, suffered seizure on board train between Goold's Cross and Thurles, died from heart failure before train reached destination, ran a grocery and spirits business in Goold's Cross Hayes Katherine (Mrs.) 11/03/1950 Ballygoughlan, Glin, Co. Limerick buried Kilfergus Graveyard Glin Hayes Lawrence, Dr. 24/04/1948 Emly, Co. Tipperary native of Ballylanders, Co. Limerick, buried Ballingarry, Ballylanders Hayes M. J. (Rev. Fr.) 26/05/1936 U.S.A. Priest, native of Ballylanders, report of requiem mass held in Mount Mellary Hayes M., Mrs.(née Hall) 15/07/1899 Alpine Villa, Military Road wife of M. Hayes, superintendent at Cannock's; death notice (funeral report, 18/07/1899) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hayes M., Rev. 16/07/1925 Victoria, Australia Catholic clergyman; brother of Patrick Hayes, Ballyregan, Crecora; obituary Hayes male 19/10/1836 report, pig-driver, perished from the weather Hayes male 11/07/1838 report, struck with a slane on the head at Cappamore, willfull murder, his assaliant Bray has fled Hayes male 30/07/1863 Shanagolden infant son of Thomas Hayes Hayes Margaret (Peggy) 24/01/1925 in memoriam Hayes Martin 20/10/1832 Thomondgate Hayes Mary 29/06/1833 Garryowen Hayes Mary 20/12/1837 Cork dau of P. Hayes of Abbeyfeale Hayes Mary 28/05/1853 Doon report Hayes Mary 01/04/1854 Clare Street report Hayes Mary 30/06/1866 Kilfinnane wife of Maurice Hayes Hayes Mary 09/05/1871 Brompton mother of famous singer, Catherine Hayes Hayes Mary 30/04/1912 Rathkeale daughter of Dr. Thomas Hayes, Medical Officer, Rathkeale Union; death notice (obituary 30/4/1912) Hayes Mary Agnes, Sr. 18/06/1941 Kinsale, Co. Cork news report, sister of the Convent of Mercy, Kinsale, daughter of John Hayes, , Co. Limerick, age 80 (Limerick Echo 24/06/1941) Hayes Mary Angela, Sister 04/07/1871 Nicker Presentation Convent, Clane, Co. Kildare Hayes Mary Christina 04/11/1897 Myrtle Grove, Roscrea widow of Armstrong Hayes; dau of Mrs. Jane M. Bunting of Limerick City Hayes Mary Elizabeth (née McNamara) 21/05/1908 Commercial Hotel, Catherine Street wife of P. J. Hayes and daughter of John McNamara, former hotel proprietor; obituary Hayes Mary K., Mrs. 15/10/1949 Ardhu House Hotel buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hayes Mary, Miss 11/04/1949 Thomas Street, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick buried St. Mary's Church Gravyard Hayes Matthew 10/03/1891 Pennywell inquest into accidental death Hayes Maurice 04/03/1930 Monkstown, Co. Dublin death report, son of Thomas Hayes Oola, educated at Mungret College Limerick Hayes Maurice 04/02/1950 New Jersey, U.S.A Old I.R.A., West Limerick Brigade, 5th Battalion Special Services O.C. Police], late of Ballygoughlan, Glin, Co. Limerick, buried North Arlington State Cemetery Hayes Michael 06/10/1840 North Strand of decline, former Agent of Messrs, Harvey & Co.'s Timber Yard

Hayes Michael 14/01/1846 High Street Hayes Michael 05/03/1895 Mulgrave Street aged 95, builder Hayes Michael 02/07/1910 Glentworth Street obituary Hayes Michael 01/09/1923 Mungret Cottage agriculturalist; death notice (funeral report, 15/09/1923) Hayes Michael 14/04/1934 Carey's Road aged 63, dock labourer, fell from second floor window (Limerick Echo 17/04/1934) Hayes Michael 16/06/1934 Ardagh news report, parish priest of Ardagh, buried at church ground, funeral report 21/06/1934 (Limerick Echo 19/06/1934) (Limerick Echo 26/06/1934) (Limerick Echo 26/06/1934 funeral report)

Hayes Michael 11/12/1943 Cloncloher, Kilmore, Co. Clare farmer; aged 54 Hayes Michael 08/07/1944 Main Street, Kilfinane died 27/06/1944l; buried in Ballingarry Cemetery Hayes Michael 28/12/1946 New Road, Rathkeale buried St. Mary's Church Graveyard Hayes Michael 11/10/1948 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. native of Lodge, Hospital, Co. Limerick Hayes Michael (Rev. Fr.) 10/09/1940 Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare Parish Priest of Sixmilebridge, one of oldest priests in the Diocese at the time, native of Hayes Michael Pope 18/04/1914 36 Catherine Street "near relative" of singer, Catherine Hayes; obituary (news report Limerick Leader,20/04/1914) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hayes Miss 13/11/1890 Oola inquest report Hayes Morgan J. 22/08/1942 67 Mungret Street acknowledgement notice Hayes Mortimer 19/09/1942 14 Quarry Road, Thomondgate died 14/09/1942; of O’Mara’s; buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (acknowledgement notice 26/09/1942) Hayes Mr. D 15/07/1846 Arthur's Quay shoe & boot maker Hayes Nora P. 04/01/1938 Broadford, Co. Limerick aged 88, widow of Patrick Hayes, former Principal of Broadford N.S. Hayes Norry 17/04/1839 report, cook, employed by Mr Gabbett of Strand, burned to death

Hayes P. J. 27/05/1909 Commerical Hotel, Catherine Street printer and compositor on Limerick Chronicle; obituary (funeral report, 29/05/1909) Hayes Patrick 15/09/1849 Roche's Street boot and shoe manufacturer Hayes Patrick 20/11/1852 Feale Cottage, Abbeyfeale Hayes Patrick 12/10/1869 Dromkeen aged 63 Hayes Patrick 19/07/1873 28 William Street aged 81; former activist under Daniel O'Connell Hayes Patrick 06/06/1911 6 Lelia Street aged 6; son of Denis Hayes; road accident; inquest report Hayes Patrick 28/12/1935 Rosbrien knocked down by Garda patrol car at Ballinacurra on Christmas Eve (Limerick Echo 31/12/1935) Hayes Patrick 11/07/1939 Rathkeale former National Teacher, active in Gaelic League in Rathkeale

Hayes Patrick 25/04/1942 Limerick acknowledgement notice Hayes Patrick 23/07/1949 Captain F.C.A., ex-Principal Patrickswell National School, buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hayes Patrick Joseph 13/07/1869 d. en route from India, bro. of Daniel hayes, Croagh Hayes Patrick Joseph (Pajo) 06/12/1950 Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hayes Patt 14/04/1841 report, murder Hayes Paul 24/07/1948 Dohile, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick farmer, buried at Croagh Cemetery Hayes Philip 09/08/1938 Melrose, Ballinacurra funeral report, wine and spirits merchant, Lower Glentworth Street, buried in Mungret Hayes Robert 23/07/1898 Emmett Place aged over 80, Chief Inspector of the Night Watch (appeal 11/10/1898) Hayes Robert 09/03/1922 19 Ascot Terrace commerical traveller; death notice (obituary, 09/03/1922) (funeral notce 14/03/1922) Hayes Robert James Joseph 17/04/1880 Westland Row son of Robert Hayes, Inspector of the Night Watch, death notice

Hayes Sarah 08/11/1845 Abbeyfeale aged 30, died of fever, dau of Patrick Hayes Hayes Stephen 09/10/1813 near Fort, Co. Limerick in the Liberties of this City. Killed by falling rocks while working in a quarry. Hayes Stephen Gabriel, Bro. 07/11/1949 St. Joseph's College, Baldoyle, Dublin native of Tipperary Town Hayes Thomas 02/08/1823 John Street Hayes Thomas 24/03/1827 Hanged Hayes Thomas 15/07/1840 Cornwallis Street carpenter Hayes Thomas 07/10/1862 Mungret Street late Inspector of St. Michael's Parish Watch and Fire Brigade (report 07/10/1862) Hayes Thomas 20/06/1895 Nicholas Street aged about 55, sudden death while at Hayes Thomas 15/08/1895 Darragh, Kilfinane aged 26, accident at creamery (inquest report 20/08/1895) Hayes Thomas 05/04/1913 Rathkeale doctor; medical officer of Rathkeale Workhouse; obituary Hayes Thomas 17/05/1932 Fish Lane, Sandmall aged about 44, traffic accident at Boher, inquest report Hayes Thomas 09/09/1940 6 Barrack Street acknowledgement Hayes Thomas, (Rev. Fr.) 29/07/1946 St. Angela's Church, New York, U.S.A. Herbertstown & Caherconlish parents Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hayes Timothy 14/07/1830 Patrick Street Hayes Timothy 19/05/1852 Boherbuoy corn broker Hayes Timothy 16/02/1949 Cahernorry, Ballyneety, Co. Limerick Thrown from horse and trap while returning from Mass Hayes W. 12/04/1826 Thomondgate Hayes William 19/12/1901 Rathkeale Workhouse inquest report Hayes William 30/05/1911 Watergate, Limerick wire worker; inquest report Hayes William 04/09/1943 Richill, Lisnagry aged 16; drowned in bog hole at Mackey’s bog, Castleconnell, Co. Limerick; interred in Castleconnell Cemetery

Hayes William 10/07/1948 Cloverfield House, Dromkeen, Co. buried Sologhead Cemetery, Co. Tipperary Limerick Hayes William Thomas 03/11/1855 Dromcolloher, Co. Limerick aged 86, father of Sub-Inspector of Constabulary at ; int at Cloncrew Hayman female (Mrs.) 03/09/1800 Youghal, Co. Cork daughter of the late Henry White of New Ross, near Newport, Co. Tipperary, niece of the Maunsells, bankers in Limerick City

Hayton William 05/02/1921 Newpallas RIC constable; native of Yorkshire; killed in Dromkeen ambush; news report [additional details, Abbott: 'Police casualties in Ireland 1919-1922'] Haytton John 11/05/1789 d. at his lodgings on the Quay; master of the brig Terry, of Workington Hazlett Marguerite Rutherford 17/10/1911 Ballinacurra aged 11; daughter of John J. and Annie Lee Hazlett; death notice

Hazley George 27/07/1867 3 Mount St. Vincent Terrace infant son of George Hazley Heacock Catherine 06/07/1825 Ballinacourty Heacock female (Mrs.) 14/07/1810 Adare, Limerick wife of Reverend George Heacock Heacock female (Mrs.) 20/10/1832 Patrick Street of Pallaskenry Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Heacock George 07/04/1866 Ballynacourty aged 65 Heacock Henry Coulson 31/12/1836 Ballynacourty Lieut. on half-pay, 22nd Light Dragoons Heacocke female (Mrs.) 19/06/1822 Heacook Richard 19/09/1838 Vicksburgh, America of bilioius fever, son of the late Henry C. Heecook of Ballynacoorty, Limerick Head Caroline 10/04/1847 Beech Lawn, Castleconnell dau of the late Michael Prettie Head of Derry Castle Head female (Mrs.) 29/08/1804 Rossfinch, Co. Tipperary widow of George Head Head female (Mrs.) 06/10/1804 Ashly Park, Tipperary wife of John Head Head Honoria 27/04/1876 Eyon House, Cappamore aged 60; death notice Head Honoria Agnes 07/02/1863 Nelson Street aged 16; dau. of H. Head Head John 25/07/1810 Dominic Street late of Rossfinch, Co. Tipperary Head John 08/02/1851 Boherbuoy grocer and spirit trader Head Mary 09/04/1845 Castletown Rectory buried at Castletown, widow of Michael Prettie Head, of Derry Castle, Co. Tipperary Head Michael Henry 26/06/1847 Castleconnell late of Derry Castle, Co. Tipperary Head Thomas, Captain 05/07/1815 Nenagh, Co. Tipperary late of the Tipperary Regiment. Head Thomas, Captain 05/07/1816 Nenagh, Co. Tipperary late of the Tipperary Regiment Head Thomas, Rev. 24/06/1916 Jesuit; former rector of Crescent College community, Limerick; obituary Heafey Catherine 05/06/1894 Kilkee died at residence of her sister, Mrs. Young, Kilfinane Heafey William 04/11/1890 drowning report, servant to Captain Gubbins, Lismolane, aged 24 years Heagny Michael 22/12/1852 labourer at Peafield Mills, nr Ballysimon, report Healy Adrian, Sister 03/06/1950 St. Joseph's Hospital, Manchester, late of 27 Clark Avenue, Janesboro England Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Healy Bartholomew 21/09/1920 Abbeyfeale shot dead in Abbeyfeale; War of Independence casualty; news report (report of military inquiry, 25/09/1920) Healy Breda 28/10/1950 Ard Mhuire, Newport, Co. Tipperary aged 5, clothes fatal fire Healy Caroline 09/06/1942 Rathkeale death notice, died at daughters' residence Garranboy, Croagh

Healy Caroline 20/06/1942 Limerick (?) acknowledgement notice Healy Catherine 26/10/1935 Upper Pennywell Road aged 70, knocked down by car Healy Charles 18/03/1920 Glengarrif, Co. Cork RIC constable; died in Limerick hospital; War of Independence casualty; inquest report Healy Daniel 20/11/1928 Kilfinane accident on Shanon Scheme; news report Healy Darby 21/05/1823 Thomondgate Healy Denis 21/08/1850 James's Street aged 70 Healy Edward 05/11/1796 Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare Healy Edward 04/08/1906 Rockstown Terrace aged 11 years, drowning accident Healy Elizabeth 17/04/1943 Park Bridge House, Corbally Healy Ellen 08/12/1864 Dublin wife of Samuel Healy, dau of late George Trousdell of Limeirck City Healy female (Mrs.) 26/08/1809 Thomondgate, Limerick wife of John Healy Healy Francis 04/10/1870 Glenbrook, Cork M.D., of Highmount, Co. Limerick Healy Hannah 20/06/1849 Arthur's Quay Healy Hanora 16/12/1897 Newcastle West aged about 65, mother-in-law of J. J. McSweeney, proprietor of Churchtown and Rathcahill Creameries Healy James 08/05/1783 executed at Gallows Green Healy James 30/12/1840 Peter Street of the East India Company's Medical Department at Calcutta Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Healy James 12/12/1889 Newcastle West inquest report, accidental death Healy James 13/11/1943 Corbally, Knocklong aged 15; fell off drawn cart near Knocklong (Limerick Echo 09/11/1943) Healy James 05/10/1946 Mount Erral, Adare Healy Jane 18/01/1854 Newmarket-on-Fergus widow of James Healy, late of Bridge Street, Limerick Healy Jerry 29/06/1942 Knocknasna, Abbeyfeale involved in G.A.A., Father Casey's Club (Limerick Echo 30/06/1942) Healy John 04/01/1823 Broad Street Healy John 04/06/1823 Crean, Athlacca (see also 07/06/1823) Healy John 02/06/1832 Denmark Street cholera Healy John 04/01/1837 Bank Place report,gunpowder explosion at the residence of Mr Richardson

Healy John 10/08/1842 Lennox Street formerly of Merchant's Quay Healy John 26/02/1851 Mungret Street victualler Healy John 15/12/1874 Rathkeale accidental death; report Healy John 03/02/1898 Ballinacurra aged about 75, returned from California; news report Healy John 31/05/1934 Dublin news report, aged 62, family connections with Limerick, editor of 'Irish Times', and Dublin correspondent of the London 'Times', married to Adeline Alton, daugther of James Poe Alton

Healy John 21/04/1942 Doneraile, Co. Cork military truck he was travelling in struck Ferry Bridge on Foynes-Limerick road, overturning twice (Limerick Echo news report 21/04/1942) Trooper in National Army, (18/07/1942; inquest concluded manslaughter of Mr. Healy by reckless driving of Army Sgt. M. Cunningham)(further report 22/07/1942) (Limerick Echo 21/07/1942 inquest report)

Healy John 29/09/1947 London, U.K. formerly of St. Ita's Gardens, Newcastle West Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Healy John 04/02/1950 Meenoline North, Templeglantine, Co. buried at Abbeyfeale Limerick Healy John Joseph 11/08/1864 New York son of Denis Healy, native of Crean near Bruff, co. Limerick

Healy male 24/08/1895 Six-mile-Bridge accident in the Limerick Workhouse Healy Margaret D., Mrs. 10/08/1949 Abbeyfeale Hill, Abbeyfeale, Co. buried St. Mary's Cemetery Limerick Healy Martin 16/08/1948 late of C.I.E., buried Castleconnell Healy Martin 04/09/1948 20 Kickham Avenue, Prospect buried Stradbally Graveyard, Castleconnell, Co. Limerick Healy Mary 15/06/1842 Rathkeale drowning accident Healy May, Miss 27/06/1949 Belvedere, Ballinacurra buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Healy Michael 10/01/1785 died from a fall Healy Michael 10/01/1838 Denmark Street victualler Healy Michael 10/01/1838 Denmark Street victualler Healy Michael Arthur 12/11/1873 3 Mount Vincent Terrace aged 32; death notice Healy Michael, Private 03/10/1942 Limerick aged 20; died from fall and when wall collapsed on him; buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (further report 05/10/1942)

Healy Miss (female) 13/10/1849 Murroe aged 12, two years since the murder, remains found in a quarry

Healy Mrs. 23/12/1940 The Square, Rathkeale funeral report, wife of Joseph Healy, buried at New Cemetery, Rathkeale Healy P. 12/01/1831 Market Alley Healy Patrick 10/05/1848 Sarj. Major 30th Regt, assistant officer of the Provost Prison in Limerick garrison Healy Patrick 23/02/1850 Market Alley victualler Healy Patrick 08/03/1910 Kilmurray, Barrington's Bridge police constable; suicide; news report Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Healy Patrick 21/03/1942 Cappanahana farmer Healy Samuel 03/04/1839 James' Street aged 88 Healy Thadeus 22/05/1841 Cork of Limerick Healy Thomas 15/02/1845 Askeaton (death notice, 19/02/1845) Healy Thomas 01/03/1919 John Street Station RIC Head Constable; obituary (funeral report, 04/03/1919) Healy Timothy J. 21/05/1947 Dublin Garda, native of Lackelly, Knocklong, buried Castlejane Cemetery, Ryves Castle, Co. Limerick Healy-Jordesan Robert 14/09/1915 Cecil Street Lower clerk at Whitehaven Colliery Company; death notice (obituary, 14/09/1915) (funeral report, 18/09/1915) Heaphy John S. 09/03/1897 40 Patrick Street aged 23, int at Mt St Laurence Heaphy male 28/08/1909 Cahircorney, Herbertstown aged 13; farm accident; news report Heaphy Patrick 10/12/1947 Herbertstown, Knocklong farmer, aged about 50, found dead in bed in Commercial House, Catherine Street, had not reported for breakfast, maid discovered him dead in room, no inquest necessary Heaphy Peter 29/03/1815 Denmark St. late of Dublin Heaphy Peter 02/04/1816 Denmark Street late of Dublin Heaphy Robert Ernest 04/04/1911 5 Ardhue Terrace son of late John Eyre Heaphy; death notice Heaphy Thomas 05/12/1835 Limerick? Heard Henry George 10/01/1838 Bristol of Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, late one of the six clerks of the Court of Chancery in Ireland, son-in-law of the late John Lee of Limerick Hearty Patrick 20/05/1920 Ballinacurra Barracks RIC sergeant; native of Armagh; War of Independence casualty; shot on Mallow Street; died 22/06/1920; news report [additional details, Abbott: 'Police casualties in Ireland 1919- 1922'] Heath Eleanor (née Russell) 26/08/1915 England daughter of late , Glenview, Limerick; death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Heath Francis 19/01/1842 Clare Street formerly an Officer for the Royal Leinster Provisional Battalion

Heath John 19/09/1942 2 Bowman Street acknowledgement notice Heaton-Armstrong Charles 22/02/1906 79 George Street funeral report, aged 75 years (further report 24/02/1906)(further report 24/02/1906) Heaton-Armstrong Charles Richard 15/05/1917 Southville, Limerick son of late Charles Heaton-Armstrong, 79 George Street; cycling accident; death notice (obituary, 15/05/1917) (funeral report, 17/05/1917) Heaton-Armstrong Georgina Maria 04/02/1905 79 George Street wife of Charles Heaton-Armstrong; death notice (funeral report, 07/02/1905) Heaton-Armstrong John 12/05/1891 Gurz, Austria death notice, brother of Mr. C. Heaton-Armstrong of Limerick (further death report 12/5/1891) Heaton-Armstrong William Henry 30/10/1906 Parteen House, Birdhill death notice (funeral report 3/11/1906) (further report 3/11/1906)

Heavenor Alberta Joseph 30/06/1906 Strathcona son of Richard Heavenor, Pallaskenry Heavenor Richard 01/02/1908 Chapel Russell, Palaskenry death notice Heavenor Richard 01/04/1924 Glengowan, Ballinacurra funeral report Hedderman female 20/08/1901 Fern Hill, Shanagolden daughter of Timothy Hedderman; funeral report Hedderman John Francis 13/04/1844 Cecil Street Upper aged 9, son of John Hederman, classical teacher Hedderman Margaret 05/03/1859 Sexton Street dau of late John Hedderman Hedderman Martin 07/11/1922 72 Pennywell builder; funeral report Hedderman Mary G. 06/04/1844 died at the Convent of the Order, of the sisters of Mercy, a native of Limerick Hedderman T. 17/05/1947 Rockhill, Bruree buried at Bruree Hederman Anne 30/01/1919 The Glen, Ballygarry widow of William Hederman; death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hederman Daniel 14/02/1948 Ballyneale House, Ballingarry, Co. aged 92, horse breeder, first catholic Magistrate to be elected Limerick in west Limerick, former Councillor, buried Shanavoha Graveyard, Hederman John 07/10/1854 Sexton Street Hederman Margaret Honoria 31/08/1886 Mallow Street Upper at res of son-in-law, L. E. Ryan, widow of late J. Hederman, death notice Hederman Mary Bridget 10/01/1907 Ballyneale, Granagh wife of Daniel Hederman; death notice (acknowledgement, 19/01/1907) Hederman Peter 08/06/1836 High Street Hederman Thomas 04/07/1945 Hederman Timothy 14/11/1907 Fern Hill, Shanagolden death notice Hederman William, Dr. 01/05/1948 Glenwood, Croom, Co. Limerick buried Shanavoha Graveyard, Granagh, Co. Limerick Hedges Maunsell Infant son of Robert 26/09/1818 Plassey, Co. Limerick Hedigan John 10/06/1837 Ellen Street son of Jeremiah Hedigan, baker Hedigan Mary 15/01/1842 Ellen Street widow of Jeremiah Hedigan, baker Hedigan Miss (female) 20/06/1857 Presentation Convent Heelan Benedicta, Sr. 06/01/1942 Mercy Convent, Ennis, Co. Clare native of , Co. Tipperary, Matron in Clare County Home, Ennis for over 40 years, interred in Convent Grounds

Heelan Bridget 04/07/1939 Ballycahill, Hospital death notice, relict of late Michael Heelan, buried at Attenasia burial ground, Hospital Heelan Edmond 30/05/1903 Caherelly, Ballyneety accident while loading cart; news report Heelan Edmond, Dr. 25/09/1948 Sioux City, Iowa, U.S.A. Bishop of Sioux City, Iowa., native of Ballycahill, Knocklong, Co. Limerick Heelan Mary Albeus, (Sister) 14/04/1945 St. Mary's Convent of Mercy, Limerick nun, buried St. Mary's Convent of Mercy (Limerick Echo 17/04/1945) Heelen Mary 19/02/1944 Ballykeefe, Mungret acknowledgement notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Heeny female (Mrs.) (née Alps) 19/02/1823 Dublin Heery James 03/03/1928 Dublin work accident on Shannon Scheme; inquest report Hefferman Grace Ann 03/01/1821 Leeson Street, Dublin daughter of the the late James C. Heffernan Esq. of the Regiment Heffernan Christopher 29/01/1927 Patrickswell worker on Shannon Scheme; accidental drowning at O'Brien's Bridge; news report Heffernan Daniel 25/06/1949 Sexton Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Heffernan female (Mrs.) 30/07/1842 Castle Street Heffernan Frances 09/06/1849 Castleroberts, Co. Limerick aged 85, sister of John Southwell Brown, wife of Michael Cantillon Heffernan, mother of John C. Heffernan, mother-in- law of George Furnell, Treasusurer of the County Heffernan James 18/04/1810 Brunswick St. (now Sarsfield Street Heffernan James, M.D. 30/05/1878 Ballyvoreen House, Murroe aged 72; death notice Heffernan Jeremiah 21/04/1927 Drombane, Dromkeen traffic accident; news report (inquest report, 23/04/1927) Heffernan John 21/08/1822 Ballinard Heffernan John 21/02/1867 Limerick accident at docks, inquest report Heffernan John 11/03/1882 inquest report Heffernan John 29/10/1936 80 Clare Street obituary, member of Local Government, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Heffernan John 17/04/1948 Sheerins Cross, Kilmallock, Co. Old I.R.A. Dromin Company, buried Effin Cemetery Limerick Heffernan John 30/10/1948 Ballinanty, Bruff, Co. Limerick buried New Cemetery Bruff, Co. Limerick Heffernan John Cantillon 19/06/1839 Manister House aged 74, senior Magistrate for Limerick, buried at Enid Heffernan Joseph 29/07/1944 12 Keane Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery; acknowledgement notice 29/07/1944 Heffernan Joseph 22/12/1945 Ballyine, Newcastle West buried Newcastle West Cemetery Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Heffernan male (Mr.) 27/05/1818 Salmon Weir bank, Anacotty, Co. drowned Limerick Heffernan male (Rev.) 21/07/1838 R.C. Curate, Cahirconlish Heffernan Michael 18/09/1788 Fish Lane carpenter Heffernan Michael 25/11/1835 Blackboy Heffernan Michael 07/07/1943 Clare Street died in Liverpool, England, brass moulder, interred at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Heffernan Michael Cantillon 10/03/1847 Castle Roberts Heffernan Pat 06/07/1842 Dromkeen Heffernan Patrick 30/10/1858 Market Street, Grand Square Harbour, wife of Patrick Heffernan of Limerick City, dau of late Ralph Hill Dublin Heffernan Patrick 20/08/1935 Dingwall, Scotland, U.K. formerly Sergeant-Major, British Army, native of Limerick Heffernan T. 18/02/1860 Dromkeen architect Heffernan Thomas, Captain 10/06/1862 2 Alphonsus Place, Henry Street Upper aged 58, late Bombay Army Heffernan William 28/07/1838 report, died from fractures to the head caused by 2 blows of a bog stick by Laurence Ryan of High Park Heffernan William 16/01/1839 report, Laurence Ryan arrested for his murder at Ahabeg Heffernan William 10/04/1890 Lord Edward Terrace death notice, press man, worked with Cork Examiner (further report 10/4/1890) (funeral report 12/4/1890) Heffernman William 13/10/1827 Mallow Heffil John 01/01/1848 Bedford Row tailor Hegarty Eileen 12/07/1941 Limerick (?) death notice, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (acknowledgement 02/08/1941) Hegarty Mary 29/10/1895 Convent Street burning accident Hegarty Michael 23/08/1950 Mallow Road, Doneraile, Co. Cork accidental drowning in the river Lee Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hegarty Nicholas 30/07/1814 Rathkeale, Co. Limerick Heggart Jane 19/11/1908 Castleconnell widow of John Heggart; death notice Hehir Anne 23/09/1826 Hehir Bridget 24/12/1842 Charlotte's Quay report, servant, died of vitriol burns from the accidental dropping of glass jar Hehir Christopher 28/04/1824 Roche's Street Hehir Francis 17/05/1826 Thomondgate Hehir J. (Mrs.) 20/11/1934 Drumcliffe, Ennis, Co. Clare death notice, died in Jervis Street Hospital, Dublin Hehir James 21/09/1911 aged 15; accident on South Circular Road; short report Hehir Margaret 12/05/1891 John Street inquest report, fatal street accident. Hehir Margaret, (Mrs.) 15/07/1946 1234 Shakespeare Avenue, Bronx, New formerly of Killonan, buried gate of Heaven Cemetery, York, U.S.A. Westchester County, N.Y., U.S.A. Hehir Mary 20/05/1837 Mary Street of fever, wife of Patrick Hehir, master tailor Hehir Mary Bernard, Sister 04/10/1950 Good Sheperd Convent, Toronto, aged 90, formerly of Bushy Park, Ennis, Co. Clare Canada Hehir Michael 14/06/1826 Hehir Michael 18/05/1886 Shannon Street death notice Hehir Michael 11/04/1891 Windmill death report Hehir Michael 27/06/1939 Corofin, Co. Clare news report, aged 65, found hanging from rafter, inquest Hehir Mortimer 25/03/1826 Roches Street Hehir Patrick (Sir) 04/05/1937 Hove, England, U.K. aged 77, major-general in British army (Indian medical service), son of Robert M. Hehir, , Co. Clare Hehir Stephen 13/06/1832 cholera Hehir Thomas 20/09/1815 Castletown, Co. Limerick hanged Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hehir Thomas 20/09/1816 Castletown, Co. Limerick executed by hanging Hehir Thomas 28/09/1822 Ennis, Co. Clare Hehir Timothy 24/02/1809 Mary Street revenue officer, death notice (Limerick Chronicle 25/2/1809)

Hehir Timothy 25/02/1809 Mary Street, Limerick Heiffernan M. (Lieutenant) 17/02/1813 Mallow Street late of the 2nd Battalion, 15th foot Heigney Edward 29/08/1905 London husband of Catherine Keating, Ballingarry, Co. Limerick; obituary Hely Elizabeth (née Walshe) 30/04/1868 Isle of Wight dau of late Francis Weldon Walshe, Limerick City Hely Francis 12/01/1848 Cornwallis Street son of William Hely, Classical and Mathematical Teacher Heming (?) 14/06/1820 Richmond, Dublin Rd The daughter of E. Heming Hemmings Matthew 19/10/1833 Lower Mount Street, Dublin Hemphill Edward 17/10/1840 son of the late Doctor Hemphill of Cashel, Lieut. & Paymaster in the 60th Regt. Hemsworth Christopher William 14/11/1871 Ontario aged 82, for over 60 years an officer of the City of Limerick Regt. Hemsworth female (Mrs.) 02/06/1832 Hemsworth Godfrey 20/02/1793 St. Munchin's Street Hemsworth Godfrey 28/04/1830 Dublin Hemsworth Henry D'Esterre 09/11/1850 D.L. of Co. Norfolk, late of Limerick City Hemsworth John 08/12/1855 Henry Street aged 2, son of John Hemsworth, master of brig Governor of Limerick Hemsworth male (Lieutenant) 15/05/1812 on passage from the West Indies son of Godfrey Hemsworth, late of this City Hemsworth Mary 26/05/1783 Gorteen, Co. Tipperary wife of Daniel Hensworth Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hemsworth Mary 03/03/1838 London died at the residence of her son-in-law Col. Campbell of Kilmartin, widow of Thomas Hemsworth of Limerick Hemsworth Thomas 19/11/1811 Kinsale, Co. Cork late of Arthur's Quay, Limerick Hemsworth William 10/09/1872 Wallace, Ontario aged 48; son of Lieut. C. W. Hemsworth, City of Limerick Regt.

Henchy George 17/07/1799 Castleconnell, Co. Limerick druggist & apothecary, of Limerick City Henchy George 10/10/1817 Henchy Margaret 13/12/1837 Mungret Street dau of Florence Henchy Henderson James, Captain 27/09/1845 died at Arthur's Quay, of the Ballina Lass Henderson John 20/10/1792 George's Quay Henebery Mary Alphonsus, Mother 06/03/1948 Convent of Mercy, Charleville, Co. Cork Henebry G.J. 27/02/1945 Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, U.K. aged 65, native of Windgap, Co. Kilkenny, Manager of Foreign Exchange branch of (U.K.) National Bank, London, once lived in and was well known for many years in Limerick, played rugby with Garryowen F.C.,capped six times for Ireland

Henehan Martin 16/05/1867 Brunswick Street inquest report Henihan Agnes 27/07/1872 7 Henry Street aged 20 years Henihan Anne 09/04/1859 Brunswick Street aged 19, dau of Martin Henihan, proprietor of posting establishment Henihan Bridget 02/01/1890 14 Henry Street death notice Henihan Bridget, Mrs. 14/08/1943 Fort House, Carey’s Road wife of Martin Henihan; sister of Rev. R. Ferguson, S.C., California; interred at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Henihan Cecilia Bedelia 18/02/1871 Brunswick Street aged 1, dau of Martin Henihan Henihan female 07/08/1902 Castle View, North Strand wife of Martin Henihan; death notice Henihan May, (Miss) 08/01/1945 4 Park View Terrace piano teacher and organist at St. Mary's Church Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Henihan Patrick J. 29/09/1931 Park View Terrace formerly manager of McDonagh's livery establishment, later garage proprietor in Cecil Street Henihan William 09/09/1857 Brunswick Street aged 20, son of Martin Henihan, car proprietor Henihan William 11/09/1858 Henry Street father of Martin Henihan of Brunswick Street Henihan William 18/06/1914 The Sandmall obituary, son of W. Henihan, age 40 (Limerick Leader, 19/06/1914) Henn female (Mrs.) 19/05/1821 Oatland(?), Co. Clare Henn female (Mrs.) 08/03/1826 Castleconnell Henn Patrick 26/05/1925 Athlunkard Street van driver; sudden death; news report Henn Milton 31/01/1929 Surrey, England soldier; husband of Miss Heaton-Armstrong of Limerick Henn Thomas 13/06/1821 Castleconnell Henn William (Lieutenant) 04/09/1894 death notice Hennerty Philomena, (Mrs.) 03/10/1945 Hazeldene, Roxboro Road tragic shooting Hennesey Anna Mary 23/10/1875 Foynes aged 8 months; dau. of George N. Hennesey, Clerk of Petty Sessions; death notice Hennessey Richard 24/03/1830 Shanagolden Hennessy (male) 18/09/1943 brother of Mr. J. Hennessy Hennessy Affie 16/12/1890 London death notice, dau of the late Captain Harber, Limerick. Hennessy Bartholomew 13/09/1943 Limerick Private in National Army, died at near Ennis after a Bren gun carriage overturned, pinning him underneath and inflicting fatal injuries (Limerick Echo 14/09/1943) (Limerick Echo 19/10/1943, inquest) Hennessy Bridget, (Mrs.) 23/03/1946 Bank Place, Rathkeale buried New Cemetery, Rathkeale Hennessy David 25/09/1869 Rutland Street merchant tailor Hennessy Edmond 11/09/1822 Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hennessy female (Mrs.) 03/02/1827 John Street Hennessy Honora 23/09/1818 Broad Street Hennessy James 10/05/1820 County Infirmary after being injured at a fair near Hospital, in this County Hennessy James A. 09/02/1926 North Strand building contractor; death notice (funeral report, 09/02/1926)

Hennessy John 06/02/1796 George's Quay cabinet maker Hennessy John 15/12/1830 Rockhill Hennessy John 18/01/1851 Ballynakeigh? aged 97 Hennessy John 29/05/1940 Balliferode, Kilfinane obituary, buried at Ballingarry Cemetery Hennessy John 03/08/1946 Kileedy, Ballagh, Co. Limerick buried Kileedy Cemetery Hennessy Joseph, Very Rev. 03/05/1941 Pallasgreen news report, priest and patriot, native of Pallasgreen, aged 79, late of the Augustinian Church, Limerick, buried at the Augustinian plot, Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (Limerick Echo 29/04/1941 obituary) Hennessy Margaret 15/08/1838 report, knocked down by a horse & car at Pallaskenry, died in hospital a few days later Hennessy Maria Blanche 09/08/1881 William Street dau. of George N. Hennessy, death notice Hennessy Mick 22/11/1938 Lisheen, Kilmallock news report, Old I.R.A., prominent in Ballingaddy Coy.,East Limerick Brigade, fought since 1917 in Anglo-Irish and Civil Wars, escaped from Limerick Gaol whilst under sentence of death during Civil War, buried in Balingaddy Cemetery

Hennessy P., Rev. 14/11/1885 Castleconnell parish priest, Castleconnell Hennessy Patrick 18/06/1796 George's Quay cabinet maker, drowning accident at George's Quay Hennessy Patrick 11/09/1822 Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hennessy Patrick D. (Very Rev.) 29/07/1939 , Victoria, Australia news report, priest, native of Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, served in Tasmania and Melbourne, died in Australia (Limerick Echo 27/07/1939) Hennessy Richard Martin 26/10/1926 Cork barrister on Munster Circuit; obituary Hennessy Roger 25/11/1940 Ballinalackin obituary, father of John and Thomas Hennessy, buried at Artinacy Cemetery Hennessy Sean 15/03/1947 Wexford Old I.R.A., native of Carey's Road, buried in Wexford Hennessy Thomas 19/07/1906 drowning accident at Millers Marsh Hennessy Thomas 17/12/1907 The Cottage, Sherin'sCross, son of late Philip Hennessy; death notice Kilmallock Hennessy W. (male) 07/02/1924 Galbally doctor and local politician; obituary Hennessy William 15/03/1947 Balline, Bulgaden, Kilmallock Hennesy James 25/11/1848 Goldengrove, nr Dundrum farmer, brother of a land bailiff Henriquez female (Mrs.) 05/12/1821 Shannon Street Henry Catherine Susan 12/04/1862 Ryde, Isle of Wight widow of William Wntworth Henry, of Singlans, Co. Limerick

Henry Harriette 20/03/1841 Carysfort Avenue dau of the late Joseph Henry of Old Dominick Street Henry male 27/01/1847 Bath son of Mr. Henry, proprieter of Singland, near Limerick Henry Thomas 05/04/1826 George Street Henry Thomas, Commandant 18/12/1948 Collins Barracks, Cork drowned river Lee, native of Co. Sligo Henry William Wentworth 23/01/1847 Somerset Place, Bath son of John Joseph Henry, proprietor of Singland at ; grandson of the late Duke of Leinster Henwood Anne 30/06/1843 Frederick Street wife of Charles Henwood Henzell Hudson 24/02/1858 Meclenburgh Street, Upper (Dublin?) aged 78 Heoy Arphaxed 19/12/1801 Mary Street aged 89, father of Mr. Heoy, cabinet maker Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Heoy female (Mrs.) 11/11/1809 Mary Street, Limerick wife of Thomas Heoy Hepburn female (Mrs.) 16/06/1832 St. John's Hospital Heraghty Mary Anne 22/04/1862 Croom wife of Thos. Heraghty, Co. Limerick Constabulary Herbert Agnes (Sr. Mary Cecilia) 26/11/1918 Presentation Convent, Limerick obituary Herbert Alice 07/04/1863 Alta Villa, Near Cork widow of Rev. Edward Herbert, Rector of Kilpeacon, Near Limerick Herbert Anne 10/01/1855 Newenham Street wife of William Herbert, draper, dau of Alexander ?usby of Dublin Herbert Anne 25/02/1857 Bank Place, Limerick wife of Patrick Herbert Herbert Edward 11/09/1847 Kilpeacon Rectory aged 17, died of fever, son of the Rev. Edward Herbert (death notice 15/09/1847) Herbert Edward T., Rev. 29/12/1860 Kilpeacon Rectory aged 67, "for 37 years the faithful and devoted minister of Kilpeacon" Herbert Edward, Rev. 04/05/1836 Rector of Kilflyn Herbert female (Mrs.) 22/09/1810 John Street wife of Mr. Thomas Herbert of Fanningstown, near Crecora, in this County Herbert female (Mrs.) 07/06/1848 Limerick houskeeper to Fever Hospital, widow of John Herbert Herbert female (Mrs.) 08/11/1851 John's Street widow of Thomas Herbert, hardware merchant, Charlotte's Quay

Herbert Frances Elizabeth 09/09/1848 Kilpeacon Rectory aged 16, dau of Rev. Edward Herbert Herbert Garrett, Rev. 14/04/1813 George's Quay parish priest of St. Mary's Herbert Gustavus Wybrants 25/11/1886 Stillorgan, Co. Dublin son of late Rev. Edward H. A. Herbert, Rector of Kilpeacon, death notice Herbert Henrietta Letitia 05/12/1857 Kilpeacon Rectory dau of Rev. Edvard Herbert Herbert Henry Arthur Champagne 26/01/1861 Kilpeacon Rectory aged 18, son of Rev. Edward Herbert Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Herbert James 03/01/1939 Inchamore, Ballina, Co. Tipperary aged 60 years, pioneer of Sinn Féin movement and later active in I.R.A. during War of Independence and in Civil War, funeral report Herbert John 10/03/1785 Herbert John 16/01/1819 John Street Herbert John 05/12/1827 Hospital Herbert M. Agnes (Rev. Mother) 30/01/1934 Presentation Convent, Sexton Street nun, daughter of late Town Councillor Mr. P. Herbert Herbert Margaret 09/08/1890 inquest report, drowning Herbert Mary 08/04/1905 17 William Street widow of Patrick Herbert; death notice (funeral report, 11/04/1905) Herbert Mary 15/12/1927 Sallymount, Castleconnell death notice Herbert Mary A. 29/12/1910 36 George Street death notice Herbert Matthew 28/06/1902 Lisnagry shopkeeper Herbert Michael 10/08/1889 New South Wales death notice, brother-in- law of Alderman Gaffney J.P. of Limerick Herbert Mr. (male) 30/05/1876 26 George Street aged 76; death notice Herbert Patrick 25/02/1902 William Street local politician and member of Harbour Board; obituary and funeral report Herbert Thomas 16/10/1799 Fanningstown, Co. Limerick Herbert Thomas 21/09/1833 Tuam Herbert Thomas 29/07/1835 Francis Street Herbert William 07/12/1893 36 George Street death notice, aged 43 years Herbertonv Viscountess (née Grady) 29/01/1823 Connaught Place, London Herely Richard 26/10/1814 Mayne, Co. Limerick died in consequence of a cow ripping open his stomach Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Heres T., Capt. 28/03/1849 Limerick Port master of the Dutch brig "Wittle Lien" Herlihy David 05/05/1941 Ballintubber, Newcastle West news report, member of a journalists family, age 70, has acted as Judge of the Sinn Féin Courts and former peace commissioner, buried at Cemetery Herlihy (née Forrest) Hanna 24/06/1902 Killeens daughter of late Martin Forrest, Rathpeacon; death notice Hermsen Martin, Rev. 13/01/1849 reduced French priest, d. at Barington's Hospital Hernan female (Mrs.) 15/04/1820 Ennis, Co. Clare (partly illegible) Herney Anna Maria 20/03/1844 Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin wife of Edward Herney, late of Limerick Herr Patrick J. 01/05/1943 Bruff merchant Herriott Bird 09/12/1913 22 Ascot Terrace wife of Fred Herriott; death notice (obituary, 9/12/1913) (funeral report, 11/12/1913) Herriott female (Mrs.) 14/08/1937 O'Connell Avenue condolences, mother in law of J. J. Dundon Herriott Joseph 30/01/1926 Carlow veterinary surgeon; son of Michael Herriott, Lansdowne Terrace, Limerick; obituary Herriott Michael 11/11/1916 12 Lansdowne Terrace obituary Herriott Michael 02/01/1940 Castle Street, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary death notice, family involved in pharmaceutical trade, buried at Castleconnell Herriott Michael Gerrard 27/02/1904 22 Ascot Terrace son of Bird and Fred Herriott; death notice Herriott Patrick 13/05/1909 Lansdowne Terrace address that of brother, William Herriott; obituary and death notice (funeral report, 15/05/1909) Heslem William 09/04/1823 Mary Street Heslin Matthew 08/08/1945 3 Pery Street drowned at Plassy Hester Mary 16/12/1944 Moviddy, Newcastle West nee Sheehy; sister of Thomas J. Sheehy who died recently

Heston Mary 30/01/1850 Clare Street Auxiliary Workhouse false fire alarm (inquest report 02/02/1850) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hetherington Arthur Sherbrooke 30/09/1916 7 Verona Esplanade Private, First Grenadier Guards; son of Richard George and Margaret Anna Hetherington, superintendant of Limerick GPO; First World War casualty; obituary (additional detials, Commonwealth War Graves Commission)

Hetreed William P. C. 03/01/1929 Worthing, England former RIC district inspector in Limerick; obituary Hewet Susanna 20/05/1837 Mary Street widow of Thomas Hewet, boot maker Hewetson Henry 20/05/1837 Fethard Hewitt Anne, Sister 27/05/1857 Convent of Mercy aged 86, of Nuns of St. Clare Hewitt female (Mrs.) 05/11/1826 Mary Street Hewitt Henry 12/08/1820 Ennis, Co. Clare Hewitt John , Serjeant-Major 28/05/1825 Artillery Barracks Hewitt Thomas 15/09/1812 Ennis, Co. Clare Hewitt Thomas 11/08/1830 Mary Street Hewitt Thomas 04/01/1834 Mary Street Hewson Anne 09/05/1871 12 Westland Street widow of late Captain John Hewson Hewson Arthur 22/08/1899 Janesboro aged 6; son of James Hewson; death notice Hewson Barbara 04/04/1882 Castle Hewson dau. of late John Hewson, death notice Hewson Cecil Edward 20/12/1888 11 Hartstogne Street Lower death notice aged 1 year and 6 months, son of John Hewson

Hewson Eliza Massy 25/08/1870 Askeaton dau of Edward Hewson Hewson Elizabeth (Bessie) 29/06/1907 Castle Hewson daughter of late Robert Hewson, Rathkeale House; death notice

Hewson Elizabeth Anne 18/12/1869 Castle Hewson widow of late William Hewson Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hewson Elizabeth Gertrude 04/03/1875 Limerick Savings Bank, Glentworth dau.of Michael Hewson; death notice Street Hewson Elizabeth M. 01/07/1933 Hollywood, Adare d. in Cork, dau of late George J. Hewson, antiquarian Hewson Elizabeth Margaret (née Cole) 12/10/1920 death notice Hewson Elizabeth Susan 08/11/1877 Westbourne Place, Queenstown wife of George J. Hewson, Co. Limerick; death notice Hewson female (Miss) 01/11/1862 New Abbey, Co. Kildare aged 88, dau. of late John Hewson, Castle Hewson, Co. Limerick Hewson female (Mrs.) 16/05/1801 Rathkeale, Co. Limerick wife of George Hewson Hewson female (Mrs.) 03/02/1830 Enniscouch Hewson female (Mrs.) 28/08/1830 Maryville Hewson female (Mrs.) 08/02/1837 Newgate Lane widow of Monsell Hewson of Jockey Hall Hewson female (Mrs.) 19/07/1854 Enniscouch, nr. Rathkeale wife of John Hewson; sister of Lt.-Col. Stack Hewson female (Mrs.) 06/03/1913 Cloughrennan Terrace wife of James Hewson, staff at Todds & Co.; funeral report Hewson Francis Rev. 28/04/1891 Dundalk report.connected to the Hewson family of Castle Hewson, County Limerick Hewson Frederica Georginia 10/08/1872 1 Mallow Street Lower aged 9 months, dau of Robert Hewson Hewson Frederick Maude 17/02/1872 1 Mallow Street Lower res of her father-in-law, George Massy Hewson, wife of Robert Hewson, dau of Frederick Bevan, George Street Hewson George 28/05/1815 Rathkeale, Co. Limerick Hewson George 28/05/1816 Rathkeale, Co. Limerick eminent attorney Hewson George 21/02/1849 Castle Hewson attorney, son of John Hewson; d. at res of his brother Hewson George 03/07/1862 Cecil Street Lower interpreter of foreign languages, ship broker and agent in Limerick city Hewson George Henry 03/07/1869 Kilkee aged 9, son of George J. Hewson, Hollywood, Co. Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hewson George James 08/11/1904 Hollywood, Co. Limerick obituary Hewson Georgina 11/05/1905 1 Shannon Terrace death notice Hewson Georgina Margaret 11/10/1873 Hollywood, Co. Limerick aged 4; dau of George James Hewson (further death notice, 15/10/1873) Hewson Harriet 15/12/1888 11 Hartstogne Street Lower death notice, aged 14 years and 7 months.only dau of John Hewson Hewson Henry, Rev 10/02/1830 Rathkeale Hewson J. M., Col. 11/05/1882 son of John Lysaght Hewson, Castle Hewson, death notice

Hewson James 15/09/1792 Beabus, Co. Limerick Hewson James 24/09/1834 Mary Street Hewson James 15/10/1859 , Co. Kerry aged 64, formerly of Rathkeale Abbey, Co. Limerick, Oak Park, Co. Kerry and Ballinamote House, Co. Cork Hewson James 05/03/1864 Hollywood, Co. Limerick aged 80 Hewson James 30/04/1887 34 Catherine Street death notice Hewson James 13/03/1917 4 Clogrennan Terrace funeral report Hewson James J. 25/02/1913 Hollywood, Adare accidental shooting; news report Hewson James Robert 15/05/1850 Westland Street, Limerick son of Capt. John Hewson of the County Limerick Militia, brother to John M. Hewson, Paymaster of 94th Regt. Hewson Jane 27/02/1856 Askeaton sister of William Hewson of Castle Hewson Hewson John 14/04/1832 Castle Hewson Hewson John 18/05/1836 Ennis son of Robert Hewson of Rathkeale Hewson John 21/04/1868 Enniscoush aged 87 Hewson John 29/12/1891 Allington Corbally death notice organist at Trinity Church, employed by Denny & Sons (funeral report 29/12/1891) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hewson John B. 05/12/1908 Castle Hewson, Askeaton JP; obituary Hewson John James 08/10/1887 Bellari, India death notice Hewson John W. 08/03/1947 Courtbrown, Askeaton buried St. Mary's Cemetery Rathkeale Hewson Laura 11/07/1871 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin aged 75, widow of late George Hewson, Castle Hewson, Co. Limerick Hewson Lillius Hardy 13/09/1898 Alberta, Canada aged 6 months, dau of John Arthur Hewson, late of Limerick

Hewson Margaret, (Mrs.) 03/07/1812 George Street Hewson Mary 10/05/1837 Hewson Castle aged 82, wife of John Hewson Hewson Mary 02/11/1853 Hollywood, Co. Limerick wife of James Hewson Hewson Mary Ann 11/02/1892 34 Catherine Street death notice widow of late James Hewson. Hewson Mary Elizabeth 01/06/1876 Enniscouch House aged 82; widow of Robert Hewson, Rathkeale; illness; death notice Hewson Mary Frances 30/06/1864 Catherine Street aged 21, dau of Michael Hewson Hewson Maryanne (Polly) 22/03/1922 2 Richmond Terrace daughter of James Hewson; death notice Hewson Massy 08/12/1898 son of James Hewson; d. at Barrington's Hospital; death notice

Hewson Massy 04/06/1904 Briskabeg, Clarina obituary Hewson Massy, Mrs. 05/04/1902 Briska-beg, Clarina funeral report (announcement, 01/04/1902) Hewson Maurice Francis 05/04/1892 Castle Hewson death notice, while attending Repton school, aged 14 years, son of John Brownrigg Hewson and Harriet Mary Hewson

Hewson Michael G. 15/02/1832 Florida Hewson Monsel 24/12/1892 Rathbane Limerick death notice aged 10 years Hewson Robert 16/02/1833 Rathkeale Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hewson Robert Henry 12/06/1841 Victoria Terrace son of Edward Hewson Hewson Robert M 13/02/1892 Hewson Septimus 27/06/1918 5 Mallow Street Lower funeral report Hewson Susan 12/12/1838 Camass aged 19, dau of Frederick Bevan, wife of George Hewson Hewson Thomas 03/12/1912 Catherine Street coachbuilder; funeral report Hewson William 20/03/1858 Castle Hewson, Co. Limerick aged 75 Hewson William H. 29/12/1881 Castle Hewson son of late William Hewson, death notice Hewson William M. 05/11/1885 Kourko, Soudan surgeon, Army Medical, son of George J. Hewson, of Hollywood, Co. Limerick, death notice Hickey 04/05/1814 North Liberties, near Limerick unnamed illegitimate child belonging to Michael Hickey of Coonagh, buried the evening before in a ditch near Crossagalla, near this City, died a natural death. Hickey Andrew 18/05/1949 Anhid, Croom, Co. Limerick found unconscious on farm, buried Croom Church Graveyard

Hickey Arabella 16/12/1848 Glentworth Street sister of Captain L. Hickey, of Willowbank Hickey Bartholomew 10/04/1793 Newtown Pery Hickey Breda 29/09/1947 86 Henry Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hickey Bridget 15/09/1827 St. George's Alms House Hickey Bridget 21/07/1838 City Jail report, serving a 7 year sentence for larcery, sent from Cork & Kilmainham in ill health, died in jail Hickey Bridget 07/11/1849 Market Alley wife of Edward Hickey, victualler Hickey Bridget 30/07/1863 Rathany House, Co. Limerick aged 95, nurse of Thomas F. Bennett, interred at Crecora Hickey Catherine 28/08/1850 Clare Street wife of James W. Hickey Hickey Catherine 19/07/1851 Roche's Street wife of John Hickey, victualler Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hickey Catherine 18/08/1894 Clontarf Dublin death notice, wife of C.T. Hickey late of Rathkeale Hickey Ciss 02/01/1941 Limerick (?) acknowledgement Hickey Cornelius 16/07/1921 Gerald Griffin Street Lower accidental drowning; news report Hickey Cornelius 09/06/1941 118 Oliver Plunkett Street inquest report, drowned at the Railway "Metal" Bridge spanning Shannon at Corbally, while mooring boat with companion, boarded an old boat which was half-filled water, it swamped and deceased fell in (Limerick Echo 10/06/1941)

Hickey Daniel 26/09/1835 Hickey Daniel 17/08/1946 Mountbrown, Rathkeale buried Ballingarry Graveyard Hickey Denis 08/02/1872 Carrig, near Clarina aged 77 Hickey Denis 22/05/1884 dock labourer, died by accident Hickey Denis 02/08/1898 Limerick ex-RIC Acting-Sergeant Hickey Denis 12/12/1908 labourer; road accident at Hurler's Cross; news report Hickey Edward T. (Eddie) 28/03/1929 Manchester son of late Robert Hickey, Limerick; obituary Hickey Ellen 24/03/1849 Ellen Street wife of John Hickey, victualler Hickey Ellen 25/08/1888 Limerick death notice Hickey female (Mrs.) 13/06/1832 cholera Hickey female (Mrs.) 19/03/1842 Prospect-Row wife of George Hickey Hickey female (Mrs.) 20/06/1857 Mary Street wife of Maurice Hickey Hickey female (Mrs.) 03/02/1858 Patrick Street wife of James Hickey, accountant Hickey female (Mrs.) 07/04/1941 Ardshanbally, Adare news report, age 31, died in Hospital Hickey female (Mrs.) 11/08/1941 Herbertstown news report, country-woman, wife of William Hickey Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hickey female (Mrs.) 11/09/1943 Newtown, Caherconlish wife of Michael Hickey Hickey female (Mrs.) 20/11/1943 Cooleyhenan, Ballysimon Hickey George 27/01/1844 Glentworth Street aged 70, former confidential agent in the mercantile firm of R. Westropp & Sons Hickey Georgina 10/12/1921 Woodlawn, Newcastle West death notice Hickey Hannah 13/08/1938 Coonagh Cottage news report, fell on to rocks from West Pier, Dún Laoighaire (Limerick Echo 16/08/1838) Hickey James 06/03/1812 Ennis, Co. Clare Hickey James 26/04/1820 Ennis, Co. Clare Hickey James 25/02/1824 Hickey James 02/03/1825 Inch St. Laurence Hickey James 10/10/1827 Bridge Street Hickey James 20/11/1948 19 Mungret Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hickey James 23/09/1950 Ballylanders, Co. Limerick fatal road accident Hickey James William 09/05/1872 Charles Street aged 62 Hickey Jane 04/08/1847 Mary Street cousin of Sir R. Abercrombie Hickey Jeremiah, (Mrs.) 26/07/1947 Kilmacow House, Kilfinny buried at Donoman Hickey Jerry 11/05/1949 Clouncagh, Co. Limerick buried Old Clouncagh Cemetery Hickey Joan, (Miss) 18/05/1946 Henry Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hickey John 15/02/1811 The Square, Limerick Hickey John 04/12/1813 Co. Limerick of Crossagalla, in this County, murdered by John Meehan, of this City. Hickey John 09/11/1814 Killaloe, Co. Clare Partly obscured/illegible Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hickey John 10/03/1838 report, struck on the head with a stone by William Hawe, found guilty of manslaughter Hickey John 31/01/1855 St. Francis Abbey Civil Bill officer Hickey John 27/09/1864 fisherman, father of Mary Hickey, inquest Hickey John 23/02/1907 Coonagh death notice Hickey John F. 27/10/1947 Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. formerly of Ballincolly, Rathluirc, Co. Cork Hickey John, Rev. 06/10/1927 Dublin Catholic clergyman; son of late James Hickey, Ballinatin, Knocknagoshill, Co. Limerick; funeral Hickey Julia 29/04/1950 2 Verona Esplanade buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hickey Kathleen 31/05/1947 1192 East 38 Street, Brooklyn, New late of Millview Terrace, Sandmall York, U.S.A. Hickey Kattie (Miss.) 04/03/1950 Clouncagh, Co. Limerick Cumann na mBan, buried Clouncagh Old Cemetery Hickey Loghlin 08/06/1799 Ballycalla, Co. Clare aged 67 Hickey Louis (Lewis) F. 11/01/1950 20 Elm Park, Ennis Road manager Limerick Motor Works Ltd., buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hickey Louis L. 08/03/1947 doctor, formerly of Post Office, Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare Hickey Margaret 15/10/1845 Old Francis Street aged 3, burnt to death, accidental death Hickey Margaret 10/05/1898 Drombanna wife of William Hickey, int at New Cemetery Hickey Margaret 10/01/1933 10 Crescent Avenue aged 66, native of Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, wife of Thomas Hickey [additional details taken from Mount St. Lawrence burial register] Hickey Margaret (Mrs.) 25/08/1936 Eyon House, Pallasgreen funeral notice, buried at Mt. St. Lawrence Cemetery Hickey Martin 10/05/1854 Ahane, nr Annacotty shoemaker, report Hickey Mary Kieran, Sister 28/07/1947 Good Shepherd Convent, Sunday's native of Murroe, Co. Limerick, buried in the Convent Grounds Well, Cork Hickey Mary Norbert, Sister 26/02/1944 Coonagh Cottage, Limerick formerly Kate Hickey; died 24/02/1944 Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hickey Michael 10/09/1853 New Orleans aged 24, late of Limerick, son of Edmond Hickey of Newtown Market, Victualler Hickey Michael 10/09/1856 High Street Hickey Michael 12/12/1939 Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co. Clare died in Harolds' Cross hospice, Dublin, after brief illness, distinguished race-walker in 1880's, represented Ireland in competitions in U.S.A., buried at Hickey Michael 04/11/1940 Finnerstown, Adare funeral report, age 80, was part of Cannock & Co., buried at family ground in Drihidtrasna Hickey Mrs. 30/12/1943 Newtown, Ballybrood, Co. Limerick acknowledgement notice Hickey Own 04/03/1857 short report Hickey P. 14/08/1926 Rathkeale chemist; obituary Hickey Paddy 10/06/1940 Adare funeral report, buried at family ground in Adare Hickey Patrick 02/12/1835 Hickey Patrick 01/12/1908 Coonagh death notice Hickey Patrick 21/08/1934 Prospect Villas, Rosbrien aged 72, former carpenter with Bannatyne & Sons for 40 years, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hickey Patrick 05/02/1944 Inchmore House, Inchmore, Co. acknowledgement notice Limerick Hickey Patrick, Rev. 30/07/1864 Doon aged 80, P.P. Hickey Peter (Rev.) 01/05/1943 Manchester, England, U.K. native of Kilfinny, Co. Limerick, aged 73, member of the Franciscan Order; spent two years in hospital following injuries sustained during an air raid; interred at Moston Cemetery, Manchester Hickey Richard (Dick) 29/06/1946 Clonshire, Adare buried Barnakill (Barnakyle) Graveyard, Clonshire Hickey Stephen 24/01/1944 89 St. Munchin’s Street, St. Mary’s acknowledgement notice Park, Limerick Hickey Thomas 20/06/1821 Dough/Trough? late of George's Quay Hickey Thomas 12/10/1865 New York of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hickey Thomas 02/06/1900 Adare army pensioner; railway accident; inquest report Hickey Thomas 27/01/1941 10 Crescent Avenue death notice, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hickey Thomas 25/09/1943 Clonshire, Adare aged 83; interred at Cregaune Cemetery Hickey Thomas 18/01/1947 Kilmacow House, Kilfinny buried Kilfinny Burial Ground Hickey Thomas 25/01/1947 787 Ninth Avenue, New York, U.S.A. late of Clare Street Hickey Timothy 14/09/1935 Kilmallock knocked down on way to school Hickey Timothy 10/01/1948 Madaboy, Murroe, Co. Limerick buried at Abington Hickey William 13/04/1850 late of Annacotty, accountant Hickey William 26/07/1938 Donoughmore, Drombanna death notice, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hickey William 05/02/1941 86 Henry Street death notice, age 15, son of Joseph Hickey, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (acknowledgement 22/02/1941)

Hickie Bartholomew, Capt. 21/01/1854 Willow Bank, nr Limerick late of 7th Royal Veteran Battalion, int at Kilmurry church Hickie female (Mrs.) 28/05/1789 Mungret Street aged 94, widow of Dr. Andrew Hickie Hickie George William 07/01/1871 Scariff, Co. Clare (?) aged 14, son of John Hickie Hickie James 01/02/1837 Charlotte's Quay woollen draper Hickie James 11/04/1857 Robert Street, Limerick iron merchant Hickie Jimmy 04/04/1949 Oola Hills,Oola, Co. Limerick buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hickie Joanna 04/11/1862 Thomas Street widow of James Hickie, iron merchant Hickie John 30/06/1832 Charlotte Quay cholera Hickie John 27/09/1848 Custom House Place Inspector of Markets Hickie male (Mr.) 12/09/1832 St. Francis Abbey Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hickie Mary Anne 11/07/1827 Peter's Cell Hickie Michael 02/04/1836 Prospect row Roman Catholic Curate of Rome, aged 30, inflammation of the lungs, Hickie Michael 16/03/1914 Limerick obituary, member of Typographical Society, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hickie Pat 06/11/1813 Ennis, Co. Clare late of Drim, Co. Clare Hickie Paul 12/03/1895 Denmark Street aged 30, inquest Hickie W. 08/08/1827 Roche's Street Hickman female (Mrs.) 26/08/1801 Nicholas Street sister of late Luke Hickman of Fenloe, Co. Clare Hickman John 20/01/1810 Kilmore, Co. Clare barrack-master and Justice of Peace of Co. Clare Hickman Luke 15/01/1794 Fenloe, Co. Clare aged 91 Hickman Poole 27/07/1796 Castleconnell, Co. Limerick of Kilmore, Co. Clare Hickman Richard 20/10/1810 Ennis, Co. Clare late of New Park, Ennis, Co. Clare, one of the oldest magistrates of that County Hickman Sophia Angel St. John 04/06/1889 The Crescent death notice, at the residence of her son in law Dr. Whitty (funeral report 8/6/1889) Hickman Thomas 25/06/1789 Corofin, Co. Clare Hickman Thomas 27/06/1810 Ennis, Co. Clare Hickson Honora (Ivis) 17/10/1849 Nantenant, Co. Limerick wife of a farmer Hickson Olga Vera 13/05/1909 daughter of E. F. Hickson. R.M.; obituary and death notice (funeral report & condolences, 15/05/1909) Hickson Robert 11/10/1800 Fedamore, Co. Limerick shot while trying to escape after arrest Hickson Robert 11/04/1827 Clounregan Hicky female (Mrs.) 24/08/1799 Church Street, Ennis, Co. Clare wife of Michael Hicky, merchant Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hierlehy Thomas 25/06/1853 Dromcolloher short report Hiffernan Anne 10/10/1817 Thomas Street Hiffernan Caroline 29/03/1854 Manister House, Co. Limerick wife of John Cantillon, sister of Thomas Browning, niece of Sir David Roche, Bart. Hiffernan female (Mrs.) 02/10/1799 Ballygreen, Co. Clare wife of Patrick Hiffernan Hiffernan female (Mrs.) 06/02/1813 Dominic Street Hiffernan female (Mrs.) 10/10/1817 Bruree widow of Terence McMahon Hiffernan, of Liskennet Hiffernan George 13/10/1804 Irishtown farrier Hiffernan George Thomas, Rev. 21/03/1893 Newport, Co. Tipperary Rector of St. John's, Newport Hiffernan Helena 08/08/1860 Catherine Street dau of late Terence McMahon Hiffernan Hiffernan Henrietta 18/10/1851 Newport Glebe, Tipperary dau of William Hiffernan of Limerick City, sister of Rev. John M. Hiffernan Hiffernan James Cantillon 31/03/1819 Dublin late of the Royal Limerick County Regiment Hiffernan John 02/05/1815 Dromkeen, near Pallasgreen, Co. Limerick Hiffernan Terence McMahon 17/04/1793 Leskennett, Co. Limerick Hiffernan Terence McMahon 28/04/1819 Dr. Fetherston's, Brury (Bruree?) brother of Pat McMahon Hiffernan, of Liskennett, in this County

Hiffernan William 31/07/1788 formerly master of a trading vessel Hiffernan William 08/12/1810 Derk, near Pallasgreen, Co. Limerick Hifie John 25/02/1862 Rienroe, Adare aged 73 Hifle Bridget 09/12/1835 Cragbeg Higgin John 20/01/1847 Greenfield, Lancaster father of the Dean of Limerick Higgin Robert, Capt. 05/02/1853 London of 12th Regt of Foot; bro of Lord Bishop of Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Higgins Alfred 28/11/1903 71 Colooney Street death notice Higgins Anne 05/12/1835 North Strand Higgins Bridget 11/02/1950 41 O'Callaghan Avenue buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Higgins Catherine 29/02/1912 4 St. Mary's Terrace, Ballinacurra death notice Higgins Cornelius 20/05/1944 acknowledgement notice Higgins Denis 01/10/1834 Arthur's Quay Higgins Denis E. 08/11/1834 George Street Higgins Elizabeth 12/05/1863 Cecil Street aged 56; illness; widow of Roger Higgins, grocer & spirit dealer, Upper William Street Higgins Elizabeth 09/09/1905 inquest report Higgins Ellie J., (Miss) 29/11/1947 Sarsfield Street, Kilmallock buried Effin Cemetery Higgins female (Mrs.) 12/08/1843 Michael Street wife of James Higgins, book seller Higgins female (Mrs.) 13/09/1856 Patrick Street widow of late Dennis Higgins, dau of late Matthew Ryan Higgins Jeremiah 04/06/1814 City (jail) Higgins John 30/05/1835 Nicholas Street Higgins Lucy (Mrs) 14/01/1950 31(?) Coogan Street Higgins M. 30/09/1941 Limerick(?) public health Nurse, vote of symapthy passed by County Board of Health Higgins Margaret 09/12/1944 9 Keye’s Row, Limerick acknowledgement notice Higgins Mary 21/06/1854 Glentworth Street Lower of St. Mary's parish Higgins Mary 31/03/1870 San Francisco native of Limerick City Higgins Mary Ann 24/07/1943 Ballinvana, Kilmallock interred in Athneasy Cemetery Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Higgins Michael 28/04/1910 Ballinard, Herbertstown labourer; heart failure; short report Higgins Patrick 08/04/1857 Patrick's Well builder Higgins Patrick, (Rev. Fr.) 12/12/1936 Bruff news report, aged 60, parish priest of Bulgaden, passed away at Bon Secours Home, Cork after long illness, buried at church's ground (funeral report 15/12/1936) (Limerick Echo 15/12/1936) Higgins Rodger 10/11/1852 William Street, Upper citizen of US Higgins William 23/12/1914 1, Mulgrave Street death notice, son of Margaret Higgins Higgins William 19/10/1946 2 O'Donoghue Avenue, Janesboro buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Higgins William 24/09/1947 Camass, Bruff buried S.S. Peter and Paul's Cemetery, Bruff Higginson Marcela 12/11/1845 William Street aged 80, formerly of George Street, widow of William Higginson, merchant Higgn John 16/10/1847 Greenhill, Lancester aged 62, bro of the Dean of Limerick Higgs John 03/08/1839 Abbey Street Highfield Susan 15/03/1927 1 Killoran Terrace death notice (in memoriam, 16/03/1929) Hildebrand Ceverus Henry 12/05/1852 Cecil Street aged about 23, clerk of the Bank of Ireland, Limerick, son of Henry Hildebrand of Westport and Clifden Hill Abigail 27/10/1863 Henry Street dau of late Wm. Hill, member of Society of Friends Hill Agnes 26/06/1844 Pallaskenry dau of the late Thomas Hill, sister to the present Thomas Hill, Mountpleasant (death notice 29/06/1844) Hill Agness 10/07/1861 Mount Plesant dau of late Thomas Hill Hill Ann 21/08/1844 Mount Pleasant, Pallaskenry died while visiting, wife of George L. Hill, late of Tarbert, many years of Limerick Hill Anna Thomasina 31/08/1875 Mount Southwell, Rathkeale aged 17; dau. of James L. Hill, Rathkeale & Doneraile, Co. Cork; death notice Hill Anne 25/03/1857 Michael Street, Limerick aged 3, dau of George Hill, printer Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hill Anne 19/09/1860 Glentworth Street member of the Society of Friends, dau of William Hill, Hill Arthur 23/06/1866 New Street of Royal Engineer Dept., Limerick Hill Arundel 25/06/1870 St. Mary's, C.W., America late of Bolane, Co. Limerick Hill Avereil, Rev. 27/07/1814 Dublin D.D. Archdeacon of Limerick and Register of the Dioceses of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe Hill Captain 27/01/1841 St. Leger Hill, Boulogne late in the 3rd Dragoon Guards, son of the late Arundel Hill of Doneraile, obituary Hill Catherine 02/02/1842 Colooney Street widow of Arundel Hill Hill Catherine 23/09/1843 Francis street wife of James Hill Hill Catherine 30/03/1865 5 Newenham Street widow of George Thomas Hill, interred at St. John's Church

Hill Catherine 14/01/1871 Mountpleasant dau of late Thomas Hill Hill Charles 18/03/1922 West View cashier at J. G. Boyds; obituary Hill D. 01/01/1947 died in hosptal from injuries, 13th victim of TWA air crash at Inish Macnaughton, near Shannon Airport on 28/12/1946

Hill Daniel 15/03/1862 Abbeville, France son of late Thomas Hill of Ballyhigh, Co. Limerick Hill Edmund 07/06/1826 Toulouse Hill Edward 28/02/1827 George Street Hill Eliza 05/04/1848 the Lawn, South Lambeth dau of Edward Hill, aged 25, granddau of James Baker, late of Limerick Hill Eliza 03/05/1856 Colooney Street wife of Thomas Hill, landing surveyor of Limerick port Hill Eliza 08/01/1862 Mount Pleasant, Co. Limerick dau of Thomas Hill Hill Elizabeth 09/01/1836 Catherine Street wife of Geo T. Hill Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hill Elizabeth 04/10/1848 George Street aged 64, widow of James Hill, actuary of Limerick Savings Bank

Hill Elizabeth 20/10/1855 Pau, South of France widow of Rev. Averil Hill, Archdeacon of Limerick; dau of Hon. Walter Hussey Burgh, Chief Baron of H.M. Cort of Exchequer in Ireland Hill Elizabeth 01/12/1860 Charlemont, Dublin dau of the late William Hill of Limerick, a member of the Society of Friends Hill Evelyn 10/09/1892 21 Barrington Street death notice, aged 5 years, dau of Emily and Fred Hill Hill female 22/03/1862 Abbeyview, Rathkeale dau of James Laurence Hill, Graig, co. Cork Hill female (Miss) 22/04/1826 Toulouse Hill female (Mrs.) 23/09/1783 wife of Lancelot Hill Hill female (Mrs.) 17/08/1825 Bank Place Hill female (Mrs.) 12/01/1831 George Street Hill George Lucas 28/05/1851 Tarbert aged 82, late of Charlotte's Quay, Limerick Hill George T. 26/05/1860 Newenham Street buried in family vault at Castletownwaller Hill George V. 26/09/1912 55 Henry Street saddler, Hill Bros. Roche's Street; death notice (obituary, 26/09/1912) (funeral report, 01/10/1912) Hill Gertrude (Mrs.) 26/11/1796 Nicholas Street Hill Henry 30/08/1815 William St. Hill Henry 29/10/1815 William St. Hill Henry 30/08/1816 William Street Hill Isabella 14/08/1861 Newgate Brewery dau of late Jmes Hill of Limerick City Hill James 23/05/1832 Pallaskenry Hill James 24/04/1847 George Street former secretary to the Limerick Savings Bank Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hill James 03/01/1871 11 Cecil Street Hill James Laurence 03/11/1877 Mount Southwell, Rathkeale aged 49; also Craig House, Co. Cork; death notice (death notice, 06/11/1877 & death notice, 15/11/1877)) Hill Jane 22/02/1837 Mount Pleasant widow of Thomas Hill, buried at Castletown Hill Jane 13/08/1853 d. at res of Matthew Fitt, member of the Society of Friends, dau of William Hill of Lim. City Hill Jane L. 08/01/1891 7 Mallow Street Lower death notice, widow of late John Hill Hill Jessie 02/06/1888 40 Catherine St aged 25 years, wife of J.W.Hill Hill John 23/10/1833 Limerick? Hill John 21/06/1854 Ellen Street son of George Hill Hill John 28/11/1868 Mallow Street Lower Hill John W. 08/04/1915 Roche's Street funeral report Hill Joseph 25/06/1851 Waterford late of Limerick City, bookbinder Hill Joshua 31/05/1837 William Street died at his bro's house, quaker Hill Lancelot 03/02/1810 George Street Hill Margaret 31/01/1844 Bold Street, Liverpool aged 25, dau of James Hill, posmaster of Pallaskenry Hill Matilda 07/05/1885 Mount Pleasant widow of Thomas Hill, death notice Hill Matilda 02/06/1914 25 Glentworth Street widow of William Hill; death notice (funeral report, 09/06/1914)

Hill Ralph 20/11/1847 murder and inquest report Hill Ralph 09/02/1848 reposession agent, murdered (execution announcement)(execution report 23/02/1848) Hill Rebecca 12/02/1880 Victoria Terrace daughter of late Thomas Hill, Pallaskenry Hill Richard 28/11/1838 Wilson's Quay printer Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hill Robert 01/12/1858 Ballyhigh aged 30, son of late Tom Hill Hill Rose 16/07/1836 William Street widow of William Hill Hill Rowland 14/01/1801 Demerera, India aged 25, navy surgeon, late of Limerick Hill Susan (née Kiggell) 28/07/1832 Cloheen House, Co. Cork Hill Thomas 11/09/1813 Ballyhigh, near Kilmallock, in this County Hill Thomas 15/08/1827 Castleconnell (of Mount Pleasant) Hill Thomas 02/12/1857 Abbeville, France aged 34, of Ballyhyge, Co. Limerick Hill Thomas 08/01/1885 Mount Pleasant death notice Hill Walter 12/03/1845 Brighton aged 38, fell from a horse, son of late Archdeacon Hill of Limerick Hill Walter Hussey 28/05/1836 Torquay, South Devon son of the late Archdeacon of Limerick Hill William 09/05/1815 of this City, Quaker; Hill William 13/03/1839 late serjeant in the Limerick City Militia Hill William 12/08/1854 Paris aged 32, M.D., son of Thomas Hill of Ballyhigh, co. Limerick

Hill William 18/01/1860 William Street buried at the Friends' cemetery (Quaker Cemetery), Ballinacurra

Hill William Alexander 23/02/1853 d. travelling from Lim to Askeaton, son of James Hill of Lim city

Hill William Downes 30/03/1831 Pau, France Hill Philips Augustus 06/10/1841 of yellow fever, on board the Joseph Anderson from Jamaica, son of James Hill Philips, Capt 45th Regt., formerly of Limerick (death notice 09/10/1841) Hill Philips Frederick Gom 06/10/1841 of yellow fever, on board the Joseph Anderson from Jamaica, son of James Hill Philips, Capt 45th Regt., formerly of Limerick (death notice 09/10/1841) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hilliard Arthur Herbert 27/05/1826 Tralee Hilliard Dominick R. 30/09/1911 Kilrush, Co, Clare solicitor to Limerick Board of Conservators; death notice (obituary, 30/9/1911) Hilliard female (Mrs.) 19/02/1814 Listrim, Co. Kerry sister of John Hewson, of Mount-Hewson, Co. Limerick Hilliard female (Mrs.) 22/04/1818 Frederick Street (now O'Curry Street) Hilliard James 13/05/1846 workhouse life is insured in many offices in Limerick city Hilliard John 15/07/1820 Frederick Street Hilliard John 08/08/1916 Minnesota, USA son of W. F. Hilliard, Main Street, Cappamore; obituary Hilliard William 20/02/1833 Tralee Hilliard William 20/08/1929 Cappamore shopkeeper Hilton Joseph 11/05/1946 17 Pery Square Hilton Mary A. (Mrs.) 20/02/1950 17 Pery Square buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hinchy Denis 08/11/1879 Liverpool aged 84, late of Limerick Hinchy Ellen 03/03/1891 inquest report Hinchy female (Mrs.) 15/05/1852 Henry Street wife of Denis Hinchy, carpenter and builder Hinchy Katherine Jane 26/02/1944 Dorsetshire, England daughter of Jacob Shire, Reinroe, Adare; aged 82; died 19/02/1944 Hinchy Margaret 15/04/1944 4 Convent Street, Limerick acknowledgement notice, mother of the Mayoress, Mrs. James McQuane (Limerick Echo 28/03/1944) Hinchy Michael 08/02/1947 Bruff Hinchy Patrick 18/02/1937 Pennywell news report, age 60, blacksmith, found on a by-road in Rhebogue (Limerick Echo 23/02/1937) Hinchy Queenie, Miss 13/10/1948 Main Street, Bruff, Co. Limerick former teacher at old Adelaide school, Bruff, buried Protestant Church Grounds, Bruff, Co. Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hinchy William 22/08/1846 Wesleyan Chapel, George Street member of the Wesleyan Connexion Hincks Thomas 19/03/1836 Broad Street grocer and spirit merchant Hinde Edith Mary 11/05/1869 Shannon Lawn, Glin aged 6, dau of Richard Hinde Hinde Richard 11/05/1869 Shannon Lawn, Glin died 2 days after daughter Hinds Anne 02/03/1844 Parsonstown wife of Thomas Hinds, sister of Doctor Gore of Limerick, dau of the late Silverster Gore of Laccaroe, Co. Clare Hingston Priscilla 25/04/1832 South Mall, Cork Hinks Ann 14/07/1827 Hinks John 12/07/1815 Irish Town, Limerick Hinks John 12/07/1816 Irish Town Hiphall female (Mrs.) 17/01/1817 Hippisley Ellen 26/06/1841 Gower Street, Brunswick Square aged 61, widow of Colonel Hippisley, aunt to the Knight of Glin

Hishon Anna Mary (Ms.) 20/11/1943 Craggard House, Shanagolden, aged c.22; daughter of Daniel O’B. And Kathleen Hishon; niece of Mrs. B.M. Kearney (late of 9, The Crescent, Limerick); expert horsewoman, [death notice 11/20/1943] Hishon John 13/12/1941 69 Henry Street death notice, buried at Crecora Cemetery Hishon Mary 02/03/1940 Henry Street obituary, mother of John Hishon, buried at family ground in Crecora Hishon Mary 28/07/1941 Fernhill, Shanagolden death notice, relict of John Hishon, buried at Knockpatrick Cemetery (funeral report 06/08/1941) (acknowledgement 09/08/1941) Hishon Mortimer 17/11/1948 8 Cathedral Place buried Knockpatrick Cemetery, Shanagolden, Co. Limerick Hishon Norah 20/11/1902 Dublin wife of D. J. Hishon of Cloughessey and Ballylin, Shanagolden; death notice Hishon W.M. 09/02/1914 Shanagolden funeral report, buried at family ground in Shanagolden Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Histon Connor 05/09/1827 Mount Plummer, near Bradford Histon John 02/01/1822 executed for Whiteboyism Histon Mary (Mrs.) 25/11/1950 Churchtown, Newcastle West, Co. buried Churchtown Cemetery Limerick Histon Patrick 05/01/1949 Church Street, Abbeyfeale, Co. buried St. Mary's Cemetery Limerick Hoare Charles Burton 11/09/1833 Calcutta Hoare Charles D. 12/06/1812 Richmond Place, Newtown Pery, Limerick Hoare Deane Wallace 16/12/1857 Hulme, near Manchester son of Rev. John Hoare, Chancellor and Vicar-General of Limerick diocese; bro of Dean of Waterford Hoare Deane, Rev. 15/01/1800 curate of St. Mary's Parish for 45 years Hoare Edward 27/10/1788 London, England late of Co. Limerick Hoare Eliza 07/11/1871 Malvern, Worcestershire dau of late Rev. John Hoare, Chancellor & Vicar General of the Diocese of Limerick Hoare female (Mrs.) 12/12/1801 Bridge Street widow of Michael Hoare, late of Ballycullane, Hoare female (Mrs.) 11/04/1809 nr. Limerick wife of Rev. William Deane Hoare, death notice (Limerick Chronicle 12/4/1809) Hoare female (Mrs.) 25/08/1813 George's Street Hoare female (Mrs.) 11/12/1813 Mallow Street Hoare female (Mrs.) 23/05/1832 Bath Hoare John (Rev.) 13/03/1813 Factory Hill, near Cork City Chancellor and Vicar-General of this Diocese, and Rector of Rathkeale in this Coutny Hoare John Shirley 27/06/1871 Pembrokeshire aged 72, son of late Rev. John Hoare, Chancellor and Vicar General of Limerick Diocese Hoare Lucinda Rose 05/02/1848 Birkenhead, Cheshire aged 83, widow of Rev. Edward Henry Hoare, sister of Rev. John Hoare, Chancellor and Vicar General of Limerick diocese Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hoare Maria Henrietta 12/02/1831 Dublin Hoare Patrick 28/12/1844 Newcastle aged 80 Hoare Rachel 09/11/1850 aged 75, widow of John Hoare, Chancellor, and Vicar-General of Limerick Diocese; dau of Sir Edward Newenham, M.P. for Dublin County; d. at res of her brother-in-lav, Brailsford Rectory, Derbyshire Hoare Robert Chancellor 26/01/1814 Cecil Street aged 18 months, son of Rev. Chancellor Hoare Hoare Sir Edward 11/05/1814 Clifdon (Clifden, Co. Limerick?) his son Sir Joseph Wallis Hoare, married to Lady Harriet, sister to the Marquis of Thomond Hoare Sophia 10/10/1817 Dublin daughter of Rev. John Hoare, Chancellor of Limerick Hoare Thomas 06/10/1941 Rosbrien Road death notice, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hoare William D. 25/10/1823 Lifford (near Limerick City) Hoath William 16/08/1906 Hull, England fireman; drowning accident at Limerick docks; inquest report (funeral report 18/8/1906) Hoban female (Mrs.) 04/12/1833 King's Island Hobart Frederick 05/07/1854 Queenstown aged 56; late of Limerick city Hobbins Mary 22/09/1936 7 Crescent Avenue funeral report, buried at Mount St. Laurence Cemetery and 26/09/1936 Hobbins May 29/08/1929 9 Crescent Avenue obituary Hobbins Thomas 08/02/1910 Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry RIC District Inspector, formerly of Limerick (funeral report, 10/02/1910) Hobbins Thomas, Rev. 11/02/1942 Darlston, England, U.K. aged 45 yrs; mother at Crescent Avenue, Limerick Hobbs Catherine 21/10/1902 mother of Councillor Sheahan; death notice Hobbs female (Mrs.) 25/11/1846 Mallow Street Upper Hobbs Henry 22/02/1943 32 John Street interred at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hobbs Mary 26/03/1856 wife of William Hobbs, solicitor Hobbs Serjeant 02/02/1848 late of Co. Limerick Regt. Militia Hobbs William 03/05/1941 42 Lower Gerald Griffin Street death notice, former employee of the Condensed Milk Company buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (obituary 03/05/1941)

Hobson Edward O'Brien 12/10/1886 Lanarone House death notice Hobson Emma Margaret (née O'Brien) 24/01/1907 Roseneath, Corbally widow of William Doyle Hobson and daughter of Timothy O'Neill; obituary (death notice, 24/1/1907) (funeral report, 26/01/1907) Hobson Frederick St. Clair 13/02/1912 Lanahrone, Corbally former County Sub-Sherrif of Limerick; death notice (obituary, 13/2/1912) (funeral report, 15/02/1912) Hobson George 23/09/1890 Cairns death notice, aged 29 years, brother of Mr. F. St. C. Hobson of Lanahrone Sub-Sheriff for Limerick (further report 23/9/1890)

Hodge Anne 24/08/1839 Thomondgate dau of John Hodge Hodge Anne 17/06/1848 d. at res of her uncle, Thomondgate Hodge Edward 25/10/1843 Mallow Street son of Robert Hodge, Excise Officer Hodge Edward Barnes 01/11/1843 Catherine Street infant son of Andrew Hodge, Supervisor of Excise Hodge John 19/08/1857 Thomondgate aged 73, master cooper at ?? & Co. distillery Hodge male 06/05/1911 Bruff aged 1; son of RIC District-Inspector Hodge; funeral report Hodges Anne 23/06/1841 Glenthworth Street died at house of her son-in-law, widow of George Hodges of Old Abbey, Limerick, mother of colonel Hodges, her Majesty's Consul General & Changes de Affairs at Hamburg

Hodges Emily Taylor 20/03/1879 3 Mallow Street aged 97 Hodges female (Mrs.) 14/12/1833 Nicholas Street Hodges female (Mrs.) (née Taylor) 28/06/1823 Mitchelstown Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hodges Francis Creagh (Mr.) 08/09/1812 George's Quay Hodges George 24/01/1788 Old Abbey, Co. Limerick Hodges George Crowe 15/11/1856 Williamsfort, Co. Clare interred at Shanagolden Hodges George J. Lieutenant 09/04/1814 Fermoy, Co. Cork late of the Co. Limerick Regiment Hodges H. M., Mrs. 17/03/1860 Irishtown, Dublin widow of Terence Hodges, formerly of shanagolden abbey, Co. Limerick Hodges Jane 02/04/1831 Donnagrogue Castle, Co. Clare of Shanagolden Hodges John 07/11/1838 Westmoreland Street aged 84 Hodges Mary 22/01/1870 49 George Street aged 36, of Williamsfort, Knock, Co. Clare Hodges Thomas 01/01/1823 Shanagolden Hodges William Monsell 29/12/1855 Donogrogue Castle, Co. Clare aged 35, son of George C. Hodges; int at Shanagolden Hodges(?) Terence 26/10/1814 County Hospital late of Shanagolden, Co. Limerick Hodgins Lieut-Colonel 11/02/1946 veterinary surgeon, Hodgson Maud 04/01/1940 Newry, Co. Down death notice, former teacher and principal of Model Schools, buried at St. Munchin's Cemetery (funeral report 06/01/1940)

Hodkinson Delia 14/06/1888 54 Henry Street death notice Hodkinson James 19/08/1916 54 Henry Street painter and decorator; death notice (obituary, 19/08/1916) (funeral report, 22/08/1916) Hodnott Thomas P. 01/01/1848 Glin Hodson female (Mrs.) 13/10/1838 Richmond Place aged 84, wife of Hartley Hodson Hoelfler Elsa 29/10/1938 Vienna, Austria inquest report, Austrian Jewess found dead with self-inflicted bullet wound in her head in Crescent Hotel, Limerick, wife of Benaiah Holfler, native of Bohemia, family fled Vienna from nazis, who had confiscated their property and wealth (Limerick Echo 01/11/1938 inquest) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hoerigan Mary Anne 23/01/1856 Charlotte Quay wife of James Hoerigan, victualler Hoey Anna Frances 12/04/1845 (Limerick?) aged 17, daughter of Michael Hoey Hoey Ellen Mary 06/11/1879 Rathmines, Dublin late of Limerick Hoey Mary Bernard (Sr.) 18/09/1934 Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare nun, native of Dangan, Quin, Co. Clare, suffered heart attack while bathing and drowned at Spanish Point, news report of rescue efforts and obituary Hofler Mary, (Mrs.) 01/03/1947 buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hogan Mr. 24/10/1889 accident report, aged 35 years, harnessmaker by trade Hogan A. G. 09/02/1899 3 Treaty Terrace, Thomondgate daughter of Patrick Hogan; death notice Hogan Alice M. 09/10/1943 53 Wiliam Street aged 27; wife of Sgt. William Hogan, An Garda Síochána, daughter of late Philip O’Donoghue; interred at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hogan Alicia 10/03/1864 Limerick aged 70, concucted educational seminary for females; d. at res of brother, Kilkee Hogan Alicia (Miss) 26/05/1812 Fruit Hill, near Ennis, Co. Clare daughter of Edmond Hogan, whose death was reported in the notices of the Tuesday 7th April 1812 edition of this publication

Hogan Anastasia 03/08/1842 Colooney Street wife of Thomas Hogan, dau of James White of Lisnamuck Hogan Ann 15/04/1846 Thomas Street dau of the late Thomas Hogan, solicitor Hogan Ann 04/11/1846 Martinstown, near Kilfinnan obituary, alledged murder by John O'Grady, servant Hogan Anna 29/04/1840 George Street aged 14, dau of the late Edmond Hogan Hogan Anne 04/06/1842 Cecil Street wife of John Hogan, brewer Hogan Anne 02/04/1891 Kilkee death notice, buried in St.Laurences Cemetry Limerick Hogan Annie 23/10/1940 Ardnagreine, Ennis, Co. Clare sympathy note, wife of Senator Patrick Hogan, sister of David O'Leary, buried Drumcliffe Cemetery (Limerick Echo 17/09/1940) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hogan Augustine 07/08/1924 Rathcannon, Kilmallock son of late Patrick J. Hogan; announcemnet Hogan Bridget 13/04/1839 George Street dau of John Hogan Hogan Bridget (Mrs.) 22/04/1950 Colonel Austin Brennan, Meelick, Co. late of Coolreagh, , Co. Clare, buried Skreen, Co. Meath Clare Hogan Catherine 07/09/1836 died at the house of her son, aged 90, widow of James Hogan of Finnisterstown, Limerick, mother of the Rev. Dr. Hogan, P.P. of St. Michael's, buried near Adare Hogan Catherine 03/12/1836 Ballybricken dau of the late Edmund Hogan, P.P. of St. Michael's Parish, vicar general Hogan Catherine 12/09/1846 Charlotte's Quay widow of John Hogan Hogan Catherine 23/11/1937 Ballinacragga, nr. , Co. death notice, buried at Cemetery Clare Hogan Charles 02/05/1882 Dublin late of Limerick, death notice Hogan Charlotte 02/05/1832 George Street Hogan Christina 16/02/1848 George Street wife of John Hogan Hogan Christina 27/05/1911 Hartstonge Street aged 16; pneumonia; daughter of Patrick and Mary Hogan; death notice Hogan Christopher 21/08/1946 Cullinagh,Ballina, Co. Tipperary found dead at fireplace Hogan Christopher 26/01/1948 6 Rathbane Avenue Hogan Cornelius 25/06/1864 Emerald Hill, Melbourne solicitor, late of Limerick City Hogan Cornelius 23/07/1872 Prospect House aged 12 years, son of Alderman Hogan Hogan Cornelius 06/10/1931 Limerick aged 40, former rugby player with Garryowen R.C. Hogan Cyril 01/05/1923 driver, National Army; road accident in , Tipperary; funeral report Hogan Daniel 17/02/1809 Wilson's Quay attorney, death notice Hogan Daniel 18/02/1809 Wilson's Quay, Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hogan Daniel 12/02/1840 Clare Street brewer Hogan Daniel 04/03/1846 died at the North Liberties, buried at Croagh, Limerick Hogan Daniel 06/01/1847 Broad Street grocer Hogan Daniel 04/07/1939 Tankardstown, Kilmallock death notice, served with I.R.A. battalions in Dublin and Limerick during independence struggle, his brother Tom, among 14 civilians killed by British forces on Bloody Sunday in Croke Park Hogan Daniel, Rev. 30/06/1832 Adare Hogan Denis 20/07/1825 Roches Street Hogan Dr. E. 11/08/1906 London son of the late Mr. Edmond Hogan of Rathjordan House, Herbertstown Hogan Dr. Rev. 06/04/1839 funeral report, P.P. of St. Michael's Hogan Edmond 07/04/1812 Fruit Hill, near Ennis, Co. Clare Hogan Edmond 31/03/1819 Finnerstown, Adare, Limerick Hogan Edmond 22/09/1931 Tullybracky, Bruff child, died after being kicked by a horse, son of Michael Hogan, labourer Hogan Edmund 22/02/1837 Rutland Street hardware merchant, proprieter of the Baths in Henry Street Hogan Edward 15/12/1847 obituary, died of starvation, carpenter Hogan Edward 26/04/1938 Coolreagh, Bodyke, Co. Clare aged 26, became ill when returning from hurling match and died of natural causes Hogan Eliza 07/10/1848 Ballybricken widow of Edward Hogan of Finniterstown, brother of Rev. Patrick Hogan, P.P. of St. Michael's Hogan Ellen 21/03/1889 Hartstogne Street death notice, widow of James Hogan of Ballinacurra House

Hogan Ellen 30/03/1926 6 Cecil Street (obituary, 01/04/1926) Hogan Ellen 20/11/1926 Rathcannon, Kilmallock widow of Patrick P. Hogan; death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hogan Ellen (Nell) 28/11/1931 Limerick late supervisor at telephone exchange, death notice (funeral report, 05/12/1931) Hogan Ellen Mary 16/03/1899 3 Alphonsus Place death notice Hogan Emily 11/05/1935 Dooradoyle House, Ballinacurra buried at Mount St. Lawrence Hogan female 28/02/1903 widow of Michael Hogan, Bard of Thomond; announcement

Hogan female (Miss) 20/03/1807 William Street dau of John Hogan, spirit factor, death notice Hogan female (Miss) 20/03/1807 William Street dau of John Hogan, spirit factor, death notice Hogan female (Mrs.) 24/04/1799 Broad Street wife of Mathew Hogan, woollen draper Hogan female (Mrs.) 24/01/1817 William Street the only son of Edmond Fennell, Clares St Hogan female (Mrs.) 08/04/1817 Charlotte's Quay Hogan female (Mrs.) 12/08/1817 Henry Street Hogan female (Mrs.) 14/04/1819 Shannon Street late of Fruit Hill, Co. Clare Hogan female (Mrs.) 24/04/1824 Bedford Row Hogan female (Mrs.) 18/05/1825 Rathkeale Hogan female (Mrs.) 20/12/1826 Mungret Street Hogan female (Mrs.) 23/12/1826 Patrick Street Hogan female (Mrs.) 28/07/1830 Hogan female (Mrs.) 12/09/1832 George Street Hogan female (Mrs.) 30/06/1849 Fedamore Hogan female (Mrs.) 16/10/1852 Rathkeale Cottage aged 81 Hogan female (Ms.) 20/03/1807 William Street, Limerick daughter of John Hogan Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hogan Francis 17/08/1926 Thomondgate Siemens employee; work accident; news report Hogan George 04/11/1846 London Surgeon Royal Navy, son of the late Matthew Hogan of Limerick

Hogan George D. 15/05/1824 Bordeaux Hogan Harry 30/01/1937 New Street news report, son of Patrick Hogan, night operator at the Telephone Exchange Hogan Hugh 04/07/1849 of Carahan, co. Clare son-in-law of Charles MacNamara of Limerick City; d. at res of Daniel Corbett, P.P., Quin, Co. Clare Hogan James 06/06/1810 Charlotte's Quay late of Fineterstown Hogan James 23/03/1836 Ennis College son of James Hogan of Limerick Hogan James 29/02/1840 Bank Place Hogan James 25/03/1846 Catherine Street solicitor (death notice, 28/03/1846) Hogan James 12/10/1850 Adamswood accident (further report 16/10/1850) Hogan James 03/01/1863 Ballinacurra House illness Hogan James 13/06/1905 Carrans, Ardagh local politician; obituary and death notice (vote of sympathy 15/06/1905) Hogan James 07/05/1941 Galbally, Co. Limerick inquest report, age 35, injured by a car, died from a cardiac failure Hogan James 14/07/1945 Slip Yard, Killaloe, Co. Clare buried Templekelly Cemetery, Ballina, Co. Tipperary Hogan James 25/10/1947 Glin Merchant, not feeling well, he visited doctor, while getting prescription, collapsed and died (Limerick Echo 07/10/1947)

Hogan James 21/08/1948 Ballyvacogue, Askeaton, Co. Limerick farmer and cattle-dealer, buried Nantenan Graveyard Hogan 26/07/1921 Dublin Senior Inspector, National Schools; son of late James Hogan, Ballinacurra House, Limerick; obituary Hogan Jane 01/09/1841 Clare Street Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hogan Jane 28/01/1915 2 & 3 Arthur's Quay widow of James Hogan; death notice Hogan Johanna 24/05/1890 Crosagalla suicide report Hogan John 01/02/1800 Broad Street clothier, fell from his horse Hogan John 20/02/1822 Mungret Street Hogan John 24/04/1824 Bruree Hogan John 01/03/1826 City Jail Hogan John 27/03/1833 Clare Street Hogan John 25/10/1837 report, labourer at the distillery, drowned Hogan John 17/08/1842 Bridge Street aged 94, formerly a Serjeant in the Limerick City Regiment of Militia Hogan John 08/02/1843 Newcastle obituary, fisherman Hogan John 26/09/1846 George Street died at the house of his father, John Hogan Hogan John 21/12/1850 George Street proprietor of a medical establishment; senior member of the Apothecary and Chemist profession in S. Ireland Hogan John 15/03/1854 Queen Street clothes dryer Hogan John 15/08/1855 nr Groody aged 14, hydrophobia Hogan John 27/08/1901 City Librarian; obituary (funeral report, 29/08/1901) Hogan John 25/11/1902 Mount Pleasant Avenue son of Cornelius Hogan; obituary Hogan John 05/05/1904 Pump Lane accidental death at Shaw's Bacon Factory, Mulgrave St. (funeral report, 07/05/1904) Hogan John 25/09/1906 Murroe report Hogan John 28/06/1917 Private, Irish Guards; First World War casualty; obituary Hogan John 08/07/1919 Watergate, Limerick inquest report Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hogan John 19/01/1922 Michael Street accidental burning; inquest report Hogan John 24/07/1943 Knockeen, Co. Limerick Hogan John 25/03/1944 Cragreagh, Stonehall, Co. Limerick died 19/03/1944; buried at Castletown, Pallaskenry Cemetery

Hogan John 30/01/1946 Thomond Hotel, Catherine Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hogan John 25/02/1950 Kinneard, Glin Co. Limerick buried Kilfergus Graveyard Glin Hogan John 01/03/1950 Glin, Co. Limerick Hogan John J. 18/08/1896 Middleton, New York State aged 48, son of James Hogan of Ballinacurra House, Limerick

Hogan John William 04/06/1834 George Street Hogan John????? 09/10/1852 Bridge Street butter factor Hogan Kate 07/01/1942 Ballinacurra Weston wife of Thomas Hogan Hogan Lawrence 04/02/1837 former watch maker & clock manufacturer in Limerick Hogan Lizzie 01/04/1914 Roche's Street obituary, age 30, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hogan M. A. 10/08/1914 Punch's Row funeral report, wife of William Hogan, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hogan Malachy 28/06/1820 , Co. Tipperary Hogan Malachy 16/04/1891 Henry Street death notice, aged 46 years Hogan Malachy 18/12/1923 Ballinacurra funeral report Hogan Margaret 25/12/1906 Monkstown, Dublin wife of Michael Hogan late of Clare Street Limerick Hogan Margaret 27/03/1920 Adare widow of David Hogan, victualler; death notice Hogan Margaret 03/05/1921 14 Mallow Street Upper widow of Thomas Hogan, William Street; death notice Hogan Margaret 04/05/1937 Mungret, Co. Limerick death notice, daughter of Thomas Hogan, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hogan Margaret 31/12/1938 Sheares Street, Kilmallock funeral report, buried at Kilmallock Cemetery Hogan Margaret 12/06/1943 Prince’s Hwy, Narre-Warren, Victoria, neé Noonan, aged 82, widow of Thomas Hogan, South Circular Australia Road, Limerick, interred at Cemetery); daughter of Jeremiah Noonan (Toomaline, Doon); worked in dairying industry Hogan Margaret (Mrs.) 03/01/1939 Kilmallock death notice, died on previous Christmas Day, mother of County Councillor, burial at Kilmallock Cemetery Hogan Martin 08/08/1889 Michael's Lane aged 24 years, sudden death on William Street Hogan Mary 26/04/1848 Thomas Street Hogan Mary 16/07/1851 County Limerick Infirmary widow of Edmund Hogan of Limerick City, dau of John Sands, former Surgeon of Co. Lim. Infirmary Hogan Mary 02/03/1905 1 The Crescent widow of the late Patrick Hogan Hogan Mary 14/11/1935 Thomond Hotel, Catherine Street wife of John Hogan, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Hogan Mary 28/02/1942 Ashbourne Avenue acknowledgement notice Hogan Mary 01/01/1944 18 Pearse Avenue, Janesboro acknowledgement notice Hogan Mary Bernadine (Sr.) 11/09/1934 Mercy Convent, Ennis, Co. Clare aged 75, native of Tullassa, Kilmaley, Co. Clare, funeral report

Hogan Matthew 18/11/1818 Patrick Street Hogan Matthew 09/11/1842 New Bridge son of the late James Hogan of Limerick Hogan Matthew 24/09/1910 Abbeyfeale RIC constable; suicide; news report Hogan Matthew 06/05/1941 Lancashire, U.K. connected with Castleconnell, motor mechanic and lorry driver, killed in WW2 air-raid on 'western English city', survived by wife and three children Hogan Maurice 15/08/1838 Faningstown Hogan Maurice, Rev. 19/07/1848 Amigan, Co. Limerick P.P. of Croagh Hogan May, Miss 23/11/1949 Main Street, Croom, Co. Limerick buried Croom Church Graveyard Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hogan Michael 10/03/1815 John's ST. Hogan Michael 11/11/1820 Old Mill(?) Street, Ennis, Co. Clare Hogan Michael 13/09/1834 O'Brien's Bow, Broad Street Hogan Michael 24/06/1837 Clare Street of apoplexy Hogan Michael 27/05/1884 labourer, suicide by drowning Hogan Michael 25/09/1940 Tankardstown, Kilmallock funeral report, member of I.R.A. Hogan Michael 20/08/1941 Ballingarry sympathy note Hogan Michael 24/12/1949 14 Island View, Corbally carbon monoxide poisioning Hogan Michael 13/12/1950 27 Cross Road,Thomondgate buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hogan Michael W. 05/09/1907 Chicago, USA lawyer; native of Limerick; obituary Hogan Michael, Bard of Thomond 20/04/1899 Thomondgate Bard of Thomond; writer and poet; obituary Hogan Michael, Maj.-Gen. 02/10/1950 Dublin Major General National Army, born Kilricklie, Co. Galway, Flying Column I.R.A. Hogan Minnie (née Mitchell) 24/06/1909 Kilcoolan, Ballyneety wife of James Hogan and daughter of Thomas Mitchell, JP, Ballybricken; death notice (funeral report, 26/06/1909) Hogan Nora 26/12/1942 Holycross, Kilmallock nee Slattery; native of Herbertstown; buried Ballinard Cemetery

Hogan P. 04/02/1914 Clare obituary, pastor, age 30, Ruan Family Hogan P. 10/08/1940 Rathjordan House, Herbertstown obituary, chairman Limerick North District Council, former T.D., prominent in creamery industry, buried at family ground in Patrickswell (news report 19/08/1940) (sympathy note 23/10/1940) (Limerick Echo 13/08/1940) Hogan Paddy 23/03/1946 Tankardstown, Kilmallock buried Dromin Churchyard Hogan Patrick 31/12/1834 Hogan Patrick 17/04/1839 Mallow Lane Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hogan Patrick 01/02/1843 Roche's Street grocer & spirit merchant, Inspector of the turf quays Hogan Patrick 03/01/1855 weighter at Lock Mills Hogan Patrick 05/03/1856 Mary Street provision dealer Hogan Patrick 26/07/1856 Charlotte Quay Hogan Patrick 26/06/1858 Kilrush Hogan Patrick 19/05/1864 Ballinacurra House aged 19, son of late James Hogan of Limerick City Hogan Patrick 16/04/1889 Newenham Street City business man and Alderman (funeral report 20/4/1889)

Hogan Patrick 06/10/1903 labourer; sudden death Hogan Patrick 19/04/1934 Ardagh aged 16, railway porter, accident at Ardagh Railway Station, caught between buffers while shunting wagons (Limerick Echo 24/04/1934) Hogan Patrick 30/05/1942 2 New Road, Thomondgate acknowledgement notice Hogan Patrick 14/04/1944 Athlacca, Kilmallock acknowledgement notice Hogan Patrick (Very Rev.) 13/04/1937 Kilrush, Co. Clare aged 70, parish priest of Kilrush, died in St. John's Hospital, Limerick, native of Ardcroney, Co. Tipperary Hogan Patrick James 17/10/1849 Custom House Place aged 45, son of James Hogan of Limerick, tobacco merchant

Hogan Patrick P. 22/07/1919 Rathcannon, Kilmallock death notice Hogan Patrick Rev. 03/04/1839 Kingstown, Dublin aged 64, P.P. of St. Michael's, Limerick &Vicar General of the Diocese Hogan Patrick, Rev. 18/07/1792 Franciscan Convent, Limerick City Hogan Patrick, Rev. 18/12/1943 Holy Cross, Co. Tipperary Hogan Peter 08/06/1786 formerly a woollen draper Hogan Peter 25/08/1821 Denmark Street Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hogan Peter 04/06/1941 Castleconnell news report, killed in air raid in a North-West English town Hogan Peter 20/06/1945 47 Mary Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hogan Peter John 17/04/1822 Patrick Street Hogan Rev. 29/09/1896 aged 32, son of John Hogan, brother of Mrs. Dunne; int at New Cemetery Hogan Richard 07/04/1812 Patrick Street Hogan Richard 05/04/1848 accidentaly drowned at Corbally Hogan Richard 07/04/1937 Gortnagower, Adare aged 55, Victualler and Chairman of Rathkeale Race Committee, buried in Rathkeale Hogan Robert 23/06/1821 George Street Hogan Seán 18/04/1942 Shears Street, Killmallock administrator on County Council and Board of Health (Limerick Echo 14/04/1942, vote of sympathy) Hogan Simon 24/03/1827 Hanged Hogan T. 30/05/1916 Sergeant, 18th East Yorks. Regiment; First World War casualty; brother of John Hogan, Limerick Fire Brigade Hogan Theresa 02/04/1825 George Street Hogan Thomas 25/03/1840 Rathkeale aged 77 Hogan Thomas 17/01/1849 Amigan Castle, Co. Limerick aged 60, brother of Rev. William Hogan, late of Limerick Hogan Thomas 22/06/1897 Rutland House aged 53 Hogan Thomas 27/07/1914 Car Street funeral report, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hogan Thomas 25/02/1919 Ballinacurra death notice Hogan Thomas 11/04/1922 Sheares Street, Kilmallock accidental shooting; news report Hogan Thomas 03/02/1941 Clashmore news report, brother of John Hogan, buried at the local Cemetery Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hogan Thomas 01/01/1944 Croom auctioneer; died 23/12/1943 Hogan Thomas 23/01/1950 Cahertigue, Newmarket on Fergus, ex member of Clare County Council, buried with military honours Co. Clare Hogan Thomas (Very Rev., Canon) 06/06/1944 Abbeyfeale death notice, Parish Priest of Abbeyfeale, had celebrated mass earlier and appeared in good health, native of Bruff, formerly P.P. at Kildimo, Ballingarry and Parteen, former president of St. Munchin's College, vote of sympathy from Harbour Board also recorded Hogan Thomas, jun. 13/12/1854 Brooklyn, New York aged 28, late of Shannongrove, Pallaskenry, co. Limerick Hogan Thomas, Rev. 30/01/1847 Rathkeale aged 67, P. P. of Rathkeale and Vicar General of the diocese

Hogan Walter Bourke 02/03/1836 John Street died at his bro's house Hogan William 18/05/1859 Rathkeale Cottage Hogan William 07/11/1889 death notice, late Inspector of Board of Works Hogan William 11/07/1936 Kildimo killed in motorcycle/car collision at Ballyduane on 20/12/1935, report of action being taken against driver of car, deceased was employee of G.S. Railways Omnibus section

Hogan William McNamara 09/02/1820 Bermuda, late of this city Hogan William, Dr. 01/07/1843 George Street son of John Hogan, apothecary Hogarty Martin 02/07/1931 Gerald Griffin Street Upper aged 45, native of , Co. Galway Hogg Edmond William 23/05/1815 Clare St. Hogg Eliza 03/09/1885 8 Swanson Terrace widow of James Hogg of Cork, death notice Hogg female (Mrs.) 24/03/1812 Broad Street Hogg James 19/05/1866 George Street d. en route from the Cape; son of James Hogg of Cork and George Street, Limerick Hogg John, Rev. 18/04/1868 Bruree Glebe vicar of Bruree Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hogg William 14/01/1797 William Street Hoiner Joseph 16/10/1928 Germany accident on Shannon scheme; inquest report Holahan James 01/12/1852 Cecil Street son of Capt. John Holahan of Limerick city, late of Berkshire Militia, later Chief Officer of Revenue Police Holdburne John 09/03/1822 Holden Anna Sarah 04/05/1865 aged 70, widow of F.J. Holden Mus.Doc., d at res of son-in- law, Francis McGrath. Eagar Holden female (née Gloster) 16/09/1920 wife of Captain Holden, R.A.M.C. and daughter of G. Gloster, Parteen; accidental drowning at Spanish Point; news report

Holland Anna Maria Jane 22/03/1845 Ballyvoreen at residence of son William F. Holland, widow of Frederick Holland, former assistant barrister of Limerick, dau of Standish O'Grady Holland Anne 28/04/1832 Thomas Street Holland C., Mrs. 24/02/1807 Nicholas Street wife of Joseph Holland, watch maker, formerly of Limerick City

Holland C., Mrs. 24/02/1807 Nicholas Street wife of Joseph Holland, watch maker, formerly of Limerick City

Holland Charlie 12/12/1939 Limerick news report, native of Cork, had moved to Limerick as young man and set up umbrella manufacturing business, prominent in Limerick G.A.A. circles, former treasurer and secretary of County Board, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery

Holland female (Miss) 20/01/1809 Ennis dau of late Henry Holland, Ald. of Corporation of Limerick, death notice Holland female (Mrs.) 27/01/1807 New Gate Lane (Limerick?) widow of late H. Holland of Limerick City, death notice Holland female (Mrs.) 27/01/1807 New Gate Lane (Limerick?) widow of late H. Holland of Limerick City, death notice Holland female (Mrs.) 27/01/1807 New Gate Lane, Limerick widow of H Holland, Limerick Holland female (Mrs.) (née Grady) 07/12/1833 Mount Rivers, Co. Tipperary Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Holland female infant 30/11/1822 Shannonview the infant daughter of Fredrick Holland Holland Finbar M. 17/12/1932 70 Catherine Street aged 17, son of Charles Holland [additional details taken from Mount St. Lawrence burial register] Holland Frederick 29/12/1838 Mount Rivers, Newport of Ballyvoreen, Limerick, at the house of his bro-in-law Richard Philips, barrister, former chairman of the County's Quarter Session's Court, presided under the Insurrection act with the Right Hon. Francis Blackburn Holland Georgina Victoria 21/01/1868 Sydney Parade, Dublin aged 8 months, dau of Captain Holland, Limerick Artillery Holland Hezekiah 14/04/1792 Broad Street late of Crossagallow, Co. Limerick Holland John C. 29/12/1921 Clonmel former editor of Limerick Chronicle; obituary Holland male (Mr.) 04/12/1940 Whitegate, Killaloe news report, nationalist Holland Margaret 01/03/1834 Glentworth Street Holland Margaret, Mrs. 30/04/1949 Ballysteen, Askeaton, Co. Limerick buried Beagh Cemetery, Ballysteen Holland Maria 01/02/1927 70 Catherine Street death notice [additional details taken from Mount St. Lawrence burial register] Holland Mary 10/02/1841 Cecil Street Upper wife of John Holland, attorney, dau of Lieut. Rumley, niece of Gen. Rumley Holland Mary 01/04/1848 Glentworth Street widow of William Joseph Holland Holland Mary 05/03/1892 Pennywell burning accident Holland Mrs C 24/02/1807 Nicholas Street, Limerick wife of Mr Jospeh Holland, formerly of Limerick Holland Phillip William Henry 27/02/1858 Mallow Street Upper Holland Richard George, Rev. 06/06/1871 6 Richmond Terrace aged 25 Holland Simon 09/11/1822 died at his house in Harstonge St., rector of , Diocese of Killaloe Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Holland Standish O'Grady, Capt. 04/06/1859 Ballyvoreen of Royal Limerick Co. Regt., grandson of late Standish O'Grady of Lodge, Co. Limerick; d. at res of his brother, William F. Holland Holland Thomas 21/10/1835 Patrick Street. Holland William 27/05/1820 At his house in Dublin late of Arthur's Quay in this City Holland William 21/07/1821 Bridge Street Holland William 22/09/1860 Ballyvoreen d while on way to Continent Holland Zecharia 13/06/1801 Killonan, Co. Limerick Hollaway Thomas 12/12/1849 ran over by the Gallway mail at Wellesley Bridge Holley Bruff 16/11/1940 Glin funeral report, widow of John Holley, ex-D.C., buried at Kilfergus Churchyard Holliday Agnes 22/01/1924 Rose Villa, Corbally wife of William Holliday, MD of Boyd's; funeral report Holliday Agnes Mary (Dot) 06/04/1897 Corbally aged 6, dau of William and Agnes Holliday Holliday Anne 13/09/1910 mother of City High Sheriff; funeral report (condolences, 27/09/1910) Holliday Edna 05/11/1918 Rose Villa, Corbally daughter of William Holliday; obituary (funeral report, 07/11/1918) Holliday Eldred Curren 25/07/1912 Olivette, Ennis Road obituary (funeral report, 27/07/1912) Holliday Frank 18/02/1948 Greenpark, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary buried St. Mary's Cathedral Holliday Gertrude Julia, Mrs. 14/02/1948 Henry Street died at son's residence, late of Olivette, Ennis Road Holliday Harriet 07/08/1888 Corbally death notice aged four years 6 months Holliday Ralph 26/09/1949 Woodlands, Corbally Company Director, Boyds and Irish Wire Products, buried St. Mary's Cathedral Holliday William 13/03/1930 Rose Villa Corbally death report, Managing Director of Boyd's. Held various important positions in Limerick (funeral report 15/3/1930) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hollinshead Alfred J. 03/05/1917 Summerville Avenue husband of Caroline Hollinshead; death notice (obituary, 03/05/1917) (funeral report, 05/05/1917) Hollinshead Caroline 29/01/1929 Summerville Avenue widow of Alfred W. Hollinshead; death notice Hollinshead Elizabeth M. 23/02/1929 Rose Villa, Corbally death notice Hollinshead Harriet 28/07/1881 Patrick Street widow of the late Alfred Hollinshead, death notice Hollinshead Stanley, Captain 11/12/1943 Martello Avenue, Dún Laoighaire, native of Limerick, sea captain connected with the Irish Lights Dublin Service; served in the merchant navy, ship torpedoed near Belfast during First World War Hollis Jane 12/12/1871 Castle Combe, Wiltshire aged 75, dau of late Richard Atkinson, Limerick City Holly Bridget, Miss 08/03/1948 161 West, 105th Street, New York, native of Tullyglass, Glin, Co. Limerick, mass Church of U.S.A. Ascension, West 107th Street, buried Calvary Cemetry, Long Island, NY Holly Maurice 02/10/1940 Tarbert news report, buried at Tarbert Cemetery Hollywood James 23/02/1901 New Street pneumonia; staff at Hassett's ironmongery; funeral report (death notice, 21/02/1901) Holmes Bridget 16/10/1943 11 Boherbuoy interred at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Holmes Catherine 12/03/1851 Queenstown widow of Robert Holmes, J.P. Holmesport, co. Cork, dau of Alderman T.F. Wilkinson of Limerick City Holmes Catherine Anne (née Ridge) 25/10/1881 Alexandra Terrace wife of William Holmes, dau. of Henry D. C. Ridge, death notice

Holmes Cecil Gilbert 15/04/1837 at Kilmore Glebe, near Nenagh aged 18, son of the Rev. the Dean of Ardfert Holmes Charles J. 06/04/1916 England Colonel, R.A.M.C.; native of Limerick; obituary (funeral report, 15/04/1916) Holmes D. (Mrs.) 20/07/1937 Rath, Murroe aged 89, died unexpectedly while visiting friends at Barna Holmes Elizabeth Catherine 19/05/1852 Cadogan Place, London widow of Capt. Daniel Holmes of Limerick Holmes female (Miss) 12/01/1831 Catherine Street Holmes female (Mrs.) 13/07/1786 Newpark, Co. Limerick Wife of Philip Holmes Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Holmes female (Mrs.) 13/07/1786 Newpark, Co. Limerick wife of Philip Holmes Holmes female (Mrs.) 25/07/1792 Rathkeale, Co. Limerick wife of Francis Holmes Holmes female (Mrs.) 07/02/1809 George Street widow of late Samuel Holmes, Newpark, Co. Limerick, death notice Holmes female (Mrs.) 07/04/1812 Newpark, Effin, Co. Limerick Holmes female (Mrs.) 09/04/1834 Roches Street Holmes female (Mrs.) 09/03/1875 Athlunkard death notice Holmes Gilbert, Rev. 30/12/1846 Kilmore House, near Nenagh Dean of Adfert & Aghadoe, buried at Kilmore, cousin to Lord Dunalley, uncle to the late Peter Holmes of Nenagh Holmes Godfrey 25/09/1861 Cherry Grove, Co. Limerick Holmes Isabella 07/10/1890 Brighton death notice Holmes John 29/08/1838 New Barracks messman to the 25th Regt. Holmes John 19/08/1897 Athlunkard aged 96, father of Dr Holmes of the Crescent, and Robert Holmes, P.L.G.; int at Parteen (funeral report 21/08/1897) Holmes John 30/10/1913 Athlunkard father of house surgeon at Barrington's hospital; obituary (funeral report, 04/11/1913) (condolences, 9/12/1913) Holmes John 28/11/1914 The Crescent doctor, son of John Holmes, age 62, obituary, buried at family ground in Parteen (funeral report, 05/12/1914) (Limerick Leader, 30/11/1914, 04/12/1914) Holmes Kate 07/11/1918 Island View, Athlunkard widow of Robert Holmes; death notice (obituary, 07/11/1918)

Holmes Leonard, Rt. Hon. Lord 28/01/1804 Newport, Isle Of Wight late of Kilmallock, Co. Limerick Holmes Major 20/11/1822 Glannabor Holmes Margaret 01/03/1837 Baggot Street, Dublin aged 80, widow of John Holmes of New Park, Limerick & member of the 12th Light Dragoons Holmes Mary of Mercy, Sr. 20/06/1942 Good Shepherd Convent, Ceylon originally of Cappamore; died at a young age Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Holmes Patrick 01/02/1851 Dromcollogher accidental drowning, report Holmes Patrick (Dr.) 17/08/1937 Killaloe, Co. Clare aged 50, sudden heart attack while sitting in car at North Strand, died at Barringtons Hopital, doctor at Killaloe, dispensary M.O. for Annacarriga district, buried at Parteen Cemetery Holmes Philip 27/01/1796 Newpark, Co. Limerick aged 32, son of Robert Holmes Holmes Richard 03/01/1849 William Connors charged with murder Holmes Robert 05/05/1810 Newpark, Limerick Holmes Robert 09/10/1890 Athlunkard farmer, died after a short illness, aged 81 years Holmes Robert 07/02/1899 Athlunkard local politician; funeral report Holmes Robert 30/03/1944 Rose House, Athlunkard Street, buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (obituary 08/04/1944) Limerick Holmes Susan 05/03/1853 Maiden Hall, Co. Limerick aged 69, widow of Godfrey Holmes Holmes Thomas 30/12/1837 Roche's Street Holmes William Henry 31/03/1925 Nottingham, England formerly Regimental Quartermaster-Sergeant of Limerick City Artillery; death notice (obituary, 31/03/1925) Holmes William J. 29/12/1932 Fairy Hill, Parteen son of Robert Holmes, Athlunkard (funeral report, 31/12/1932)

Holohan Ellen 10/05/1845 Henry Street died at Mrs. Villier's Institution, dau of Captain John Holohan, Sub-Inspector of Revenue Police Holohan Frances 06/02/1847 Clare Street widow of Capt. John Holohan, late of Revenue Police Holohan James Rev. 04/11/1840 Ashford Holohan John, Captain 10/05/1837 William Street, Upper died of a ruptured blood vessel, of the Revenue Police, formerly Lieutenant in the Berkshire Militia, duties for 21 years (death notice 13/05/1837) Holohan John, Rev. 14/01/1837 former Roman Catholic Curate of Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Holohan Mary Elizabeth 31/05/1877 5 Richmond Street aged 1; dau. of James J. Holohan; death notice Holohan Patrick 10/07/1879 5 Richmond Street aged 5; son of James J. Holohan Holohan Thomas William 22/01/1831 Holton female (Mrs.) 28/01/1937 Ballybrood, Pallasgreen news report, age 47, wife of Thomas Holton, died due to a cardiac failure (Limerick Echo 02/02/1937) Homan 08/10/1814 Sir Harry's Mall, Limerick fell into the fire Homan Charles Edward 01/06/1839 William Street son of the late Edward Homan, died of typhus fever (death notice 05/06/1839) Homan Charlotte 23/03/1916 daughter of late Edward Homan; death notice Homan Edward 01/11/1843 William Street son of Edward Homan Homan Edward 07/01/1869 George Street Homan Edward Heasle 29/07/1869 17 George Street aged 41 Homan Elizabeth 22/07/1846 George Street aged 39, wife of E. Homan Homan Ellen 04/04/1849 Bedford Row widow of Edward Homan of William Street and Castleconnell

Homan Mary 30/10/1852 Castle Connell wife of William Homan Hompesh Major General 18/12/1839 Brandling Place, Newcastle native of Germany, many years in the British Army, commanded a Regt. of Hessian Dragoons Honan Alicia 19/01/1814 George's Street Honan Bridget 24/05/1815 George's St. (now O'Connell St.) Honan Bridget, (Miss) 24/05/1816 George Street Honan Donal 31/10/1949 Sunnyside, Clonlara, Co. Clare ex- Principal N.T. Clonlara, buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Honan Edward 21/07/1832 Camden Street, Dublin Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Honan Ellen 08/03/1856 Honan's Quay dau of late Matthew Honan, d. at Coolyhanan House, res of nephew Matthew Shine Honan female (Mrs.) 24/01/1791 Limerick City mother of Mathew Honan, merchant Honan female (Mrs.) 03/03/1807 Mary Street wife of Robert Honan Honan female (Mrs.) 03/03/1807 Mary Street wife of Robert Honan Honan female (Mrs.) 03/03/1807 Mary Street, Limerick wife of Mr Robert Honan Honan female (Mrs.) 29/11/1826 Cobh Honan female (Mrs.) 27/02/1856 Broad Street Honan female (Mrs.) 02/10/1866 Quinsborough widow of late Martin Honan, former mayor of Limerick; buried at Parteen Honan female (Mrs.) C. 12/02/1820 Of this city Honan James 14/02/1782 Honan Lena 31/05/1938 Broleen, Kildysart, Co. Clare aged 60, found dead in woods near Caheroon Convent, had been on way home from retreat Honan Margaret 01/10/1834 Thomondgate Honan Martin 22/03/1848 Quinsborough wholsale woolen draper of Limerick City, Mayor, Magistrate, Guardian and Councillor of the Borough; son in law of Capt. R. Kane; int at Ardnacrusha Honan Martin 04/10/1854 Broad Street baker Honan Matthew 26/08/1801 Newtown Pery merchant Honan Michael 23/01/1799 Ennis, Co. Clare M.D. Honan Michael 07/11/1891 inquest report Honan Michael Burke 09/07/1853 Nottingham Place, London correspondent of the London morning newspapers, late of Limerick City, d. at res of mother-in-law Marquise de Belinaye Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hone Nathaniel 02/08/1881 Dublin accidentally poisoned while visiting Limerick for cricket match

Honeyborne Robert 13/08/1853 Beaufort West, Cape of Good Hope late of Limerick city Honnor Edward 18/02/1846 Clare Street proprieter of the medical establishment Hood Samuel 01/01/1949 21 Barn Hill, Larne,Ayr, Scotland Limerick Docks fatality, slipped and fell into hold of S.S. Crewhill as it was preparing to leave port, suffered skull, hip and wrist fractures. Hooper Charles 10/04/1833 Merchants' Quay Hooper female (Mrs.) 21/10/1806 Maidenhall, nr. Charleville wife of Garrett Hooper, attorney Hooper Frances Fox 07/05/1851 Merchants' Quay widow of Charles Hooper, master pilot of Limerick port Hoops female (Mrs.) 17/08/1822 Co. Tipperary (Lady or Mr. Richard Hoops, Esq. no address available); (rest of document is illegible) Hope Mary 05/01/1932 widow of late Patrick Hope, Enfield, Co. Meath, dau of Patrick Coffey, Portryan, Newport, Co. Tipperary Hope William 19/10/1867 Strand Villa of the Provincial Bank of Ireland Hopkins Anne 15/01/1848 William Street widow of John Hopkins, Caherconlish Hopkins Frances (nee Rotheram) 12/06/1909 Dublin daughter of late Edward Rotheram, Crossdrum, Oldcastle; death notice Hopkins G. 12/10/1842 Madras surgeon, son of the late Mr. Hopkins of Limerick Hopkins George 28/04/1824 Cahirconlish Hopkins Stephen H. 12/12/1896 aged 19, nephew of Mr. T. F. Macaulay Horan Charles Robert 20/11/1917 Templemungret, Limerick Lieutenant, Royal Munster Fusiliers; First Word War casualty; death notice [additional details, Commonwealth War Graves Commission] Horan D. 07/09/1926 aged 9; Dromcolloher cinema fire; news report Horan female (Mrs.) 30/09/1818 Scariff, Co. Clare wife of Robert Horan, Newcastle, near Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Horan John 14/05/1931 Templeglantine aged 36, died after being struck by sliothar (hurling ball) Horan Madame Ravone 14/04/1819 Donogrogue. Co. Clare of Newcastle, in the Liberties, in this City Horan male, (Rev.) 10/09/1929 Doon, Co. Limerick Catholic clergyman; obituary Horan William 25/01/1950 Carroward, Dromcollogher, Co. buried in local cemetery Limerick Hore Ellen 24/05/1890 Naughtons Lane death report Hore George Jocelyn 13/03/1869 Clareview Hore Rachel 14/10/1846 Castle Lodge, Cahirconlish widow of Ponsonby Hore of Harperstown, Co. Wexford, sister of Sir Francis Cox Bart. Horgan Daniel 22/06/1833 Mungret Street Horgan Denis, Mrs. 08/03/1949 Bruree, Co. Limerick buried Bruree Cemetery Horgan Emily Josephine 23/03/1876 40 Cecil Street aged 16; dau. of late Mr. Horgan, Limerick & Kilteely, Co. Limerick; illness; death notice Horgan John 31/01/1865 Larch Hill, Co. Limerick Horgan John 30/06/1932 Bruff aged about 34, traffic accident, inquest report Horgan John 21/06/1947 Corbally steward to four Limerick bishops Horgan Tim 26/09/1945 Kilconlea, Abbeyfeale Horgan unnamed female, Mrs. 12/09/1942 Corbally acknowledgement notice Horgan William 23/10/1940 Ballynaught, Bruree funeral report, buried at a family ground in Bruree Horigan Michael John 22/01/1876 Cecil Street aged 20; son of Michael Horigan, Kilteely, Co. Limerick; death notice Horigan Thomas 20/01/1947 , Adare buried Adare Horn Andrew 17/12/1912 Waterford shipbuilder, connected to Limerick Steamship Company Horn Jane 06/01/1838 wife of William Horn, civil engineer Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Horn Jane 06/01/1838 wife of William Horn, of this city, civil engineer Hornby Mary Ita, Sister 10/03/1927 Mount Vincent Convent Mercy nun; announcement (funeral report, 12/03/1927) Horne Andrew A. 07/07/1860 aged 25, draper; buried at St. Munchin's Horne Helen 24/10/1903 Castle View Gardens daughter of Richard W. Horne; death notice Horne Richard W. 26/07/1927 Castleconnell funeral report Horrigan David 21/05/1853 Military Hospital, New Barrack private of 14th Regt., funeral Horrigan Ellen 21/08/1833 Bow Lane Horrigan James 03/03/1900 Wellesley Place death notice Horrigan John 08/05/1841 Newcastle report, former member of the army Horrigan John 12/12/1896 aged 65, stevedore, int at Mt St Lawrence Horrigan Kate 29/07/1902 Rushbrook, Limerick daughter of late James Horrigan; death notice Horrigan Michael 26/04/1845 Ballinlough Horrigan Nan 22/07/1940 Alphonsus Terrace death notice, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Horsley Frances 16/01/1822 Broughty Ferry, Scotland Hort Edward 10/07/1839 on passage to Bristol Hort Patrick 17/08/1836 report, fell into the river at Guilloge near Plassy, drowned Hosford Anne Jane 13/01/1866 3 Mallow Street Upper wife of William Hosford, one of the proprietors of the Limerick Chronicle Hosford Edward H. Poe 23/05/1912 Ashton, Corbally JP and land agent;obituary; (funeral report, 25/05/1912) Hosford Joseph 17/02/1885 Kilkenny at res of son in law, James Maxwell Weir, death notice Hosford male 28/01/1864 14 Hartstonge Street infant son of Joseph F. Hosford Hosford Sarah Adelaide 08/10/1864 Mallow Street Upper infant dau of Wm. Hosford Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hosford Thomas 05/02/1863 33 Patrick Street aged 8; son of John Hosford Hosford William ( Sen.) 29/03/1892 death notice, proprietor of Limerick Chronicle (further death report 29/3/1892) Hoskins male (infant) 24/08/1836 son of Captain Hoskins, Royal Regiment Hoskins Mr. 04/08/1821 Abbeyfeale and Newcastle (Partly Illegible) Hoskins Thomas 23/04/1823 Hotham Catherine 03/02/1847 Bath aged 77, dau of the late Rev. Sir , Bart. Lord Bishop of Clogher Hough Ellen 10/02/1941 Monagea obituary, age 77, relict of William Hough, buried at Ardagh Cemetery Hough M. Patrick, Sister 06/09/1947 Convent of Mercy, Abbeyfeale native of Askeaton, Co. Limerick Hough Michael 26/04/1950 Bishop Street, Newcastle West, Co. buried Churchtown Cemetery Limerick Hough Minnie (Mrs.) 22/07/1950 Bishop Street, Newcastle West, Co. buried Churchtown Cemetery Limerick Hough Patrick 02/11/1836 report, found dead near the village of Ardagh with wounds to his neck and temple, aged 28, of Killoughteen Houghton Thomas R. 01/05/1824 Kilmanock, Co. Wexford Houlahan John 12/09/1849 Adare stone mason, killed in a drunken row Houlehan Edmond 12/12/1809 George's Quay death notice Houlihan Andy 23/07/1945 Cunlin, Ennis Road buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Houlihan Catherine 25/01/1851 Ellen Street mother of John Houlihan, grocer; d. at res of her son Houlihan Catherine 19/02/1851 William Street wife of John Houlihan, grocer and spirit merchant Houlihan Catherine, Mrs. 19/02/1949 Miltown, Croagh, Co. Limerick buried Ballingarry Cemetery Houlihan Daniel 20/08/1945 Mount Pleasant Avenue buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Houlihan Edmond 31/01/1791 killed at Fedamore Fair on previous 5th of May Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Houlihan Edward 15/04/1939 Athlacca obituary, farmer, buried at family ground in Anhid Houlihan Elizabeth, (Miss) 14/05/1947 Glin buried Knockpatrick Cemetery, Shanagolden, Co. Limerick Houlihan Ellen 05/01/1892 inquest report, fatal car accident Houlihan Ellen 07/10/1944 Mount Pleasant Avenue & buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (death notice 07/10/1944) Raleightown, Limerick Houlihan female (Mrs.) 15/03/1794 George's Quay wife of John Houlihan, grazier & victualler Houlihan female (Mrs.) 04/12/1943 Kilmacow wife of William Houlihan; mother of James Houlihan Houlihan James 08/05/1948 Lower Maiden Street, Newcastle West shoemaker Houlihan John 14/08/1799 Bridge Street glover, died after falling from his horse Houlihan John 29/08/1810 Garryowen, Limerick Houlihan John 14/08/1839 funeral report, blacksmith, funeral procession covered 2 mile distance, buried at Kilmurry Houlihan John 05/11/1851 William Street grocer Houlihan John 31/03/1868 Ellen Street grocer & spirit merchant Houlihan John 11/09/1893 Blackboy Pike murdered while working on railway in Mexico Houlihan John 26/07/1941 Mount Pleasant Avenue obituary, age 87, involved with the National Movement, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Houlihan John 07/05/1949 Loughill, Foynes, Co. Limerick died of gunshot wound Houlihan John 23/09/1950 Maiden Street, Newcastle West, Co. cooper, buried Churchtown Cemetery Limerick Houlihan John, Rev. 19/09/1944 Templeglantine aged 48; worked in the Missions abroad; part of the Volunteer Movement; curacy in Abbeyfeale and pastoral charge of Templeglantine (Limerick Echo 19/09/1944) Houlihan Joseph 17/07/1906 Beechmount, Mallow son of the late Michael Houlihan, Kilmore, Co. Limerick (funeral report 19/7/1906) Houlihan Joseph 26/11/1907 Athlunkard Street obituary Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Houlihan Josephine, (Sr.) 09/08/1938 Liverpool, U.K. native of Glin, attached to Convent of the Servants of the Mother of God, Liverpool, U.K. at time of death Houlihan male (Mr.) 27/05/1818 Kilkee, Co. Limerick drowned Houlihan Martin 28/07/1849 d. in Limerick jail of dysentery Houlihan Mary, (Mrs.) 03/03/1945 Knocknaboola, Loughill buried Knockpatrick Cemetery Houlihan Michael 27/02/1850 drowning report Houlihan Michael 16/09/1890 Church Street, Rathkeale inquest report Houlihan Miss (female) 26/09/1849 Galway daugher of Edmond Houlihan of George's Quay, Limerick Houlihan Mrs. 04/12/1943 Kilmacow wife of William Houlihan; mother of James Houlihan Houlihan Patrick 29/04/1950 Maiden Street, Newcastle West, Co. buried Churchtown Cemetery Limerick Houregan female (Mrs.) 09/06/1783 Killaloe wife of James Houregan Hourigan Annie 15/08/1942 44 St. Joseph’s Street mother of Rev. Fr. John Capistran, Killarney; buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (acknowledgement notice 22/08/1942)

Hourigan Catherine 06/02/1904 Annagh, Co. Limerick mother of Rev. Michael Hourigan, Galbally; death notice Hourigan Cornelius 09/02/1848 murdered Hourigan Daniel, Rev. 31/01/1838 Glasgow of fever, formerly of Limerick Hourigan Daniel, Rev. 31/01/1838 Glasgow of Limerick Hourigan David 24/10/1791 Ballyadam, Co. Limerick Hourigan female 08/06/1912 Ballinacurra wife of John Hourigan; death notice Hourigan female (Mrs.) 20/02/1833 Redgate, North Liberties Hourigan female (Mrs.) 12/12/1835 Thomondgate Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hourigan female (Mrs.) 12/08/1837 report, wife of tenant to Lord Limerick at Bruff, frightened to death from witnessing danger to her husband Hourigan female (Mrs.) 07/04/1847 Ballycullen report, murdered, wife of Philip Hourigan Hourigan female (Mrs.) 04/10/1906 Murroe funeral report Hourigan Herbert 13/12/1947 London, U.K. buried Kensal Rise Cemetery, London, U.K. Hourigan James 10/10/1912 mason's labourer; accidental drowning at Croom; news report

Hourigan Johanna 09/02/1848 murdered Hourigan John 03/06/1950 Court,Kildimo, Co. limerick found dead by neighbours Hourigan John V. 06/02/1868 Albert Road, Kilkee late of Dominick Street, Limerick Hourigan Lucia 19/02/1949 12 Little O'Curry Street Hourigan male 07/04/1847 Ballycullen report, murdered, son of Philip Hourigan Hourigan male 01/02/1866 Anne Street compositor [forename obscured] Hourigan Mary 07/09/1859 Nelson Street infant dau of John Hourigan, compositor Hourigan Matthew 20/10/1888 Limerick death notice aged 56 years Hourigan Maurice 14/01/1950 Ballingarry, Co. Limerick buried Kilcoleman Cemetery, Knockaderry, Co. Limerick Hourigan Michael 06/01/1863 Clare Street son of Patrick Hourigan, farmer, Bunkea Hourigan Patrick 23/12/1846 Altamira, near Limerick city aged 90, stone cutter Hourigan Patrick 06/04/1853 Glenstal report Hourigan Patrick 22/06/1915 The Island, Limerick aged 11; accidental drowning; news report Hourigan Patrick 03/06/1950 Ballingarry, Co. Limerick buried Immaculate Conception Church Ballingarry Hourigan Patrick, (Rev. Fr.) 29/06/1943 London Road, Glasgow, U.K. aged 62, native of Limerick, parish priest of St. Alphonsus parish in "East End" of Glasgow for 13 years Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hourigan Quarter-Master 08/09/1821 High Street late of the 8th Light Dragoons Hourigan Richard 27/02/1786 Mayborough, Queen's County (Now late of Tantore, in this County Portlaoise) Hourigan Thomas 24/02/1916 keeper of Spillane's Tower lighthouse; obituary Hourigan Thomas 04/08/1931 Island Road aged 17, drowning Hourigan Timothy 11/02/1835 Turagh Houston Elizabeth Ann 06/11/1807 Thomondgate aged 19, death notice Houston Elizabeth Ann 06/11/1807 Thomondgate, Limerick Houston Elizabeth Ann 06/11/1807 Thomondgate aged 19, death notice Houston John 16/11/1876 Liccadoune House, Co. Limerick aged 75; death notice Hovenden Joseph 04/10/1837 Stradbally Howard Alice 05/05/1904 Rosbrien daughter of Andrew and Ellen Howard; death notice (funeral report 7/5/1904) Howard Andrew 14/09/1909 Post Office, Rathkeale former telegraphist at Limerick Post Office; obituary and death notice (funeral report, 18/09/1909) Howard Angela 13/03/1861 Arthur's Quay aged 3, dau of Mortimer Howard Howard Bartholomew 17/11/1906 Tiervana, Ballingarry obituary Howard Garrett 31/10/1809 Sixmilebridge, Co. Limerick killed during attempted robbery, report (initial report, 27/10/1809

Howard Honora 23/03/1861 Arthur's Quay aged 5, dau of Mortimer Howard Howard Hugh Hon. 07/11/1840 Bushy Park aged 80 Howard James 19/08/1843 Kilkee aged 12, son of Thomas Howard of Merchant's Quay, Limerick, wine merchant Howard James Corporal 11/10/1837 of the Bombadier Royal Horse Artillery Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Howard John 13/05/1820 Near Croagh killed by a horse worked as a dray man for Tucker's Brewery, in this City.

worked as a dray man for Tucker's Brewery, in this City.

worked as a dray man for Tucker's Brewery, in this City

Howard John 01/04/1854 Hospital, Co. Limerick builder Howard John 30/06/1881 inquest into alleged homicide Howard John M. 27/01/1906 Devonshire St. Cork. Architect and Civil Engineer formerly of Limerick Howard Kate 14/03/1942 Fanningstown Castle, Patrickswell acknowledgement notice Howard Lillie (Miss.) 29/11/1950 41 Sexton Street North, Thomondgate buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Howard male 03/08/1895 Kilmallock infanticide, son of Mary Howard Howard male 01/11/1927 Limerick City sailor, drowned in heavy seas Howard Margaret 30/01/1850 Clare Street Auxiliary Workhouse false fire alarm (inquest report 02/02/1850) Howard Mary 09/09/1914 Charleville obituary, nun, daughter of John Howard Howard Mary 07/06/1930 Rathkeale funeral report Howard Michael 01/09/1847 Honeypound, near Croom report, execution for the murder of Johanna Hourigan & Conor Hourigan Howard Michael 09/02/1848 had been executed for murder of Johanna and Cornelius Hourigan, declared innocence; unrelated to Michael Hourigan who is to be executed for the murders Howard Michael 09/02/1848 to be executed for murder of Johanna and Cornelius Hourigan (further report 12/02/1848) (reprieve 12/02/1848) Howard Michael 07/08/1928 Limerick accidental drowning at ; news report (condolences, 11/08/1928) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Howard Patrick 14/09/1861 John's Square mineral water manufacturer Howard Patrick 05/03/1895 John's Square aged 74 Howard Patrick 02/03/1922 Bruree commercial traveller with J. G. Boyd's; obituary Howard Patrick 02/02/1946 America formerly of Coole, Kilteely Howard Peggy 15/07/1837 report, died in hospital of locked jaw Howard Peter 04/02/1837 George Street report, burst blood vessel, coughing blood Howard Richard 23/08/1902 Wicklow doctor; son of late Richard Howard, Limerick architect; death notice Howard Samuel 18/12/1886 New Barracks suicide of a soldier (funeral report, 21/12/1886) Howard Thomas 20/07/1850 Mary Street spirit retailer and clothes broker Howard Thomas 03/05/1921 Glenbrohane killed during military incident at Lakelly, near Galbally; War of Independence casualty; news report [additional details, O'Farrell: 'Who's Who in the Irish War of Independence and Civil War] Howard Timothy 07/09/1886 London inquest into death of a Limerick doctor Howard William 30/01/1839 Lower Dominick Street Howard William 19/11/1873 Cornwallis Street clerk for Ald. O'Callaghan Howe Captain 28/09/1859 Netley, Co. Mayo son-in-law of The O'Grady of Kilballyowen Howe Ellen 30/07/1856 Blythe Street, Liverpool wife of Capt. Charles Howe, dau of late Lt.-Col. Heath, formerly of Clare Street, Limerick Howe Jane 22/03/1837 Henry Street aged 16, dau of the Rev. John Howe, methodist minister Howe John 14/04/1810 Henry Street Master of the band of the North Cork regiment Howe John C. 25/02/1837 Henry Street son of John Howe, methodist minister Howe John Rev. 09/03/1839 Henry Street of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, George's Street Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Howe Patrick 12/09/1872 New York aged 40, native of Co. Limerick Howe William 08/04/1835 Cavan Howell William J. 26/07/1932 Arlington, USA aged 70, former manager of Limerick Chronicle Howie Jane 31/10/1838 Charles Street wife of Thomas Howie Howlett Charlie 17/05/1947 Derby Buildings, King's Cross, late of Dock Road London, U.K. Howlett George 02/05/1925 Docks, Limerick death notice and acknowledgment Howlett George Alphonsus 29/11/1924 The Docks son of George and Mary Howlett; death notice (in memoriam, 20/11/1926 & 22/11/1928) Howlett Margaret Christine 08/03/1919 Limerick Asylum daughter of Mr and Mrs Howlett, The Docks, Limerick; death notice Howlett Mary A. (Babe) 15/05/1920 Queenstown wife of John Howlett; buried in Limerick; death notice Howlett Patrick 16/09/1930 Dock Road news report; aged 35; accountant at F. Spaight and Sons; road accident (funeral report, 16/09/1930) Howlett Patrick (Sakie) 11/01/1930 London eldest son of Mary & George Howlett, Ashbourne Villa, Dock Road (death notice) Howley Eliza 17/07/1862 Rich Hill aged 64, wife of William Howley Howley Elizabeth 01/06/1839 New Barracks wife of Superior Barrack Serjeant Howley Howley Helena Mary 20/07/1912 Rich Hill, Co. Limerick widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Howley; death notice Howley J. G. 17/04/1923 Rich Hill, Lisnagry (see article "Some Recent Deaths) Howley Jasper J. 18/03/1915 Rich Hill, Co. Limerick Major, Lincoln Regiment; First World War casualty; death notice (obituary, 20/03/1915) Howley John 03/01/1888 8 Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin death notice (funeral report 5/1/1888) formerly of Rich Hill Limerick buried in Cahernorry Howley Margaret 28/10/1840 Fever Hospital report, jury returned verdict "died by visitation of God" Howley Martin 18/01/1843 New Barracks Barrack-Serjeant Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Howley William 08/10/1867 Rich Hill aged 76 (report, 8/10/1867) Howly Ann 30/03/1789 daughter of John Howly Howly Catherine 16/02/1842 Stephen's Green widow of John Howly, sister of Sir Philip Keatinge Roche Howly female (Mrs.) 05/05/1791 Charlotte Quay wife of John Howly, died in childbirth Hubbard Jane 07/07/1863 Limerick illness; died at home of cousin, Eugene Sheehy, Catherine Street Hudson Elizabeth 25/02/1890 Rathkeale funeral report, died at her residence Pigott Arms Hotel, Rathkeale Hudson Elizabeth Mary 07/08/1824 Hudson female 31/07/1824 Rutland Street Hudson Frances Somerset 15/06/1907 The Rectory, Clarina widow of Rev. Thomas Baptist Hudson; death notice Hudson James 25/07/1835 accident at Carrig Island Hudson James W. F., Rev. 29/05/1900 Vermont, Clarina Rector of Kilkeedy; death notice (condolences, 09/06/1900)

Huggard Mary 26/09/1865 Dundalk aged 77, wife of John Huggard, dau of late Paris Anderson of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick Huggins Edward William 14/08/1917 New Barracks Driver, Royal Field Artillery; funeral report [additional details taken from Mount St. Lawrence burial register and Commonwealth War Graves Commission] Hughes Annie (Mrs.) 30/10/1950 5 Summer Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hughes Bridget 29/08/1895 George Street aged 26, wife of John Hughes, chemist Hughes female (Mrs.) 09/07/1815 South Mall, Cork sister of William Maunsell, of Castle Park, near this City. Hughes female (Mrs.) 09/07/1816 South Mall, Cork sister of William Maunsell of Castle Park, near this City. Hughes female (Mrs.) 03/04/1869 Kingston, Canada West wife of F. E. Hughes, dau of late Capt. Charles Matthew Louis, Royal Horse Artillery, formerly quartered in Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hughes Honora (Mrs.) 22/07/1943 16 Newenham Street late of 9 Alphonsus Place, Limerick, interred at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hughes Michael 04/03/1946 Limerick Divisional Inspector of Schools Limerick, buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hughes Philip 17/03/1838 Mary Street carenter Hughes Robert Mackay 06/05/1875 Saint Thomas illness; brother of Miss J.C. Hughes, Blackwater, Limerick; death notice (death notice, 08/05/1875) Hughes William Joel 19/04/1921 RIC sergeant; shot dead in Shannon View Hotel, Castleconnell; War of Independence casualty; news report [additional details, Abbott: 'Police Casualties in Ireland 1919- 1921'] Hugueuin Juliana 05/02/1840 Great Brunswick Street wife of Monsiuer Hugueuin Huisman Klass Heinrick 01/09/1866 Limerick ship's captain, suicide, inquest report Huleatt Constantia 31/12/1845 widow of John Huleatt Huleatt Frances 18/11/1837 Thomas Street aged 14, dau of John Huleatt of Scariff, Clare Humble Robert Nlugent 01/02/1890 Dungarvan funeral report, resided in Limerick for three years, Master of the Hounds (further report 6/2/1890) Hume John, Rev. 28/01/1818 Deanery House, Derry A.M. Dean of Derry, father of Mrs. Hart, Limerick Humperies Clare 17/11/1877 Frederick Street dau. of W. F. Humperies, Inspectoe of Telegraphs; death notice

Humperies Emily 17/11/1877 Frederick Street dau. of W. F. Humperies, Inspector of Telegraphs; death notice

Humphreys A. (Very Rev., Canon) 22/08/1944 Parochial House, Knockainey death notice, aged 75, Parish Priest, a native of Murroe, celebrated Golden Jubilee of ordiantion previous year Humphreys David 03/01/1810 Murroe, Co. Limerick Humphreys David 20/10/1832 Charlotte Quay cholera Humphreys David 14/05/1903 doctor; former Visiting Medical Officer of Limerick Union; obituary Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Humphreys J., Rev. 15/01/1927 , Co. Tipperary Catholic clergyman; brother of Dr. A. Humphreys, RMO Limerick City Hospital; condolences Humphreys James 15/01/1831 Humphreys James, Rev. 21/11/1918 Caherconlish parish priest, Caherconlish; obituary Humphreys John 21/07/1830 Charlotte Quay Humphreys M., Mr. 05/06/1934 Dublin had Limerick connections, funeral report, buried in Glasnevin Cemetery Humphreys Margaret 09/05/1892 Brittas Castle, Pallasgreen death notice Humphreys Margaret 06/02/1909 Glenstal, Murroe widow of James Humphreys; death notice Humphreys Margaret 09/05/1922 Brittas Castle, Pallasgreen widow of Michael Humphreys; death notice Humphreys Mary 30/03/1920 Murroe widow of John Humphreys; death notice Humphreys Mary 13/06/1939 36 Ailesbury Road, Dublin funeral report, Ballylongford native, widow of David Humphreys of Limerick, sister of The O'Rahilly, active in Volunteer Movement including 1916 Rising, her home often used for Cabinet meetings of Republic between 1919 and 1921, buried at Abington Cemetery, Murroe (Limerick Echo 13/06/1939)

Humphreys Mary Harrison 19/10/1922 4 Eden Terrace daughter of late Daniel Humphreys; death notice Humphreys Pat 03/03/1936 Clare Street connected with industrial life in the city, father-in-law of Wm. Gough, assistant city treasurer Humphreys Patrick 05/08/1926 mill worker; sudden death; news report Humphreys Timothy 27/03/1934 Abington sympathy note Humphreys W. 24/01/1911 draper; funeral report Humphreys William 29/11/1820 New Barracks, Lord Edward Street late of Birmingham (Suicide) Humphries female (Mrs.) 31/03/1807 Broad Street widow of William Humphries, tanner, late of Limerick; d. at son- in-law's house (Bourke), death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Humphries female (Mrs.) 31/03/1807 Broad Street widow of William Humphries, tanner, late of Limerick; d. at son- in-law's house (Bourke), death notice Humphries female (Mrs.) 31/03/1807 Broad Street, Limerick widow of Mr William Humphries of Limerick Humphries John 23/04/1889 Catherine Street worked in Telegraph Dept. of Limerick Post Office Humphries John 17/08/1895 Rath House, Murroe Petty Sessions Clerk of Murroe and Newpallas Humphries Martha 30/05/1912 William Street Upper widow of William T. Humphries, telegraph engineer; death notice Humphries Martha Josephine (Joe) 19/01/1895 Limerick aged 22, dau of William and Martha Humphries Humphries William 14/06/1928 Back Clare Street news report Humphries William F. 15/12/1904 Claremont, Lansdowne Road GPO engineer, obit & funeral report (death notice, 17/12/1904)

Humphrys Ann 26/08/1846 Charlotte's Quay died in childbirth, wife of John Humphrys, grocer & druggist, dau of the late P. Goulding, corn & provision merchant

Humphrys David 22/04/1835 Clare Street Humphrys George 03/09/1863 George's Quay aged 39, connected with drapery business Humphrys John 09/02/1833 Glenstar Humphrys John 16/09/1846 Charlotte's Quay sugar & tea merchant Humphrys Margaret 10/05/1884 Glentworth Street death notice Humphrys Mary 12/01/1864 Broad Street d. at house of nephew P. R. Verlin, widow of late John Humphrys

Humphrys William 19/03/1834 Woodpark Humphrys William 03/05/1843 Bridge Street tide waiter of Limerick Port Humprys Alicia 20/07/1850 Ballingarry widow of John Humphrys Hungerford William H. 21/01/1890 Glin, Co. Limerick death notice Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hunley Mary (Miss) 19/07/1811 Hunt (female) Mrs. 31/01/1942 Keary, Glin report Hunt Anne 26/08/1848 North Strand dau of Richard Hunt of Limerick, clothier Hunt Annie Dunscombe Russell Hunt 28/10/1930 Friarstown House, Limerick will Hunt Annie Matilda 04/03/1862 Castle Grey aged 26; wife of Edmund Langly Hunt Hunt Aphra (Miss) 31/08/1796 Castleconnell, Co. Limerick aged 12, daughter of late Robert Hunt of Inchirourke, Co. Limerick Hunt Arabella 08/10/1864 Limerick wife of Dr. Hunt Hunt Arthur Vere 30/01/1883 Faha infant son of Vere D. U. Hunt, death notice Hunt Catherine Frances 15/10/1874 Wellesley Place aged 72; death notice Hunt Charles Frederic William 18/09/1861 St. Mary's parish aged 2, son of James Hunt, Curate of St. Mary's parish, Limerick City Hunt Connor 12/11/1907 Kinnaird, Glin sudden death; news report Hunt Cornelius 01/11/1938 Athea, Co. Limerick obituary, priest, spent 27 years in Australia building two monasteries and was Rector of a Redemptorist house (Limerick Echo 01/11/1938) Hunt Daniel 10/12/1845 North Camass died of apoplexy, aged 53 Hunt Daniel DeVere 24/10/1896 Garbally Villa, Bruff Hunt David 16/06/1832 George Street cholera Hunt Dawson Vere 02/09/1840 Woodbine, near Cappagh White died at his mother's residence, Magistrate of Tipperary, son of the late Henry Davis Hunt of Cappagh White Hunt Dorothea 21/09/1859 Harrington Street, Dublin aged 87, widow of late Thomas Hunt, Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin, mother of Robert Hunt of Limerick City Hunt Edmond Langley 01/07/1911 Dublin formerly of Limerick; buried in Raheen; death notice (funeral report, 04/07/1911) Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hunt Edward 18/06/1831 Inchirourke Hunt Edward 19/02/1925 Clare Street husband of Bridget Hunt; barrack labourer and army pensioner; inquest report Hunt Edward Dillon 05/07/1927 5 Glentworth Street solicitor; son of late Edmond Langley Hunt, Curragh Bridge, Co. Limerick; death notice (obituary, 05/07/1927) (funeral report, 07/07/1927) Hunt Eliza 23/02/1839 Mantle Hill dau of John Hunt Hunt Eliza (Mrs.) 01/09/1813 Anne Street Hunt Eliza Grace 13/12/1864 Cheltenham dau of late Major General George Evans Hunt, Royal Marines, granddau of late John Hunt of Mantle Hill, Co. Limerick

Hunt Elizabeth 20/06/1840 North Camass wife of Daniel Hunt Hunt Elizabeth 30/05/1885 Faha, Patrickswell wife of Vere D. U. Hunt Hunt Ellen 15/05/1850 Henry Street aged 59, wife of John Hunt, assistant surgeon, Royal County Limerick Regiment Hunt Emma 31/03/1847 North Camass dau of the late Daniel Hunt Hunt female (Miss) 29/08/1810 Brompton, England late of Bedford Row, in this City Hunt female (Miss) 05/03/1864 Camass Hunt female (Mrs.) 18/03/1797 Charleville, Co. Cork wife of Captain John Hunt, of the 3rd Regiment of Fencible Cavalry Hunt female (Mrs.) 15/06/1805 Chadville (Co. Tipperary?) widow of late Vere Hunt of Cappah Hunt female (Mrs.) 21/02/1806 The Farm, nr. Askeaton aged 104, widow of Robert Hunt, formerly of Incherourke, grandmother to Edmund Hunt, death notice Hunt female (Mrs.) 01/09/1807 Thomas Street wife of George Hunt, death notice Hunt female (Mrs.) 01/09/1807 Thomas Street wife of George Hunt, death notice Hunt female (Mrs.) 01/09/1807 Thomas Street, Limerick wife of George Hunt Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hunt female (Mrs.) 26/01/1814 Clare Street widow of Vere Hunt, late of Friarstown, near Grange, in this County Hunt female (Mrs.) 22/10/1823 George Street Hunt female (Mrs.) 01/11/1823 Bedford Row Hunt female (Mrs.) 21/02/1824 Thomas Street Hunt female (Mrs.) 29/06/1825 Mantle Hill Hunt female (Mrs.) 02/07/1912 Donnybrook, Dublin widow of E. Langley Hunt; native of Raheen, Limerick; funeral report Hunt Frances 30/05/1840 Friarstown House aged 2 years Hunt Frances 01/08/1849 13 Harrington Street, Dublin dau of Thomas Hunt of Lower Gardiner Street; sister to Robert Hunt of Limerick Hunt Frances Emily 03/04/1917 , Co. Limerick widow of George Maxwell Hunt; death notice Hunt George Evans, Major General 25/08/1863 Mucross Terrace, Bushfield Avenue, late of H.M. Royal Marines, son of late John Hunt of Mantle Dublin Hill, Co. Limerick Hunt George Gerald 08/11/1898 Mallow Street aged 58, Commander in Royal Navy; son of Robert Hunt, J.P. (death report 08/11/1898) (funeral report 12/11/1898) Hunt George H. 06/11/1862 Mallow Street Lower Hunt George Hodges 13/10/1891 St. Heliers, Jersey death notice, aged 31 years, son of late George Hodges Hunt

Hunt George, jun. 17/06/1806 Corbally tallow chandler, death notice Hunt Gertrude 21/09/1825 Incherourke Hunt Gertrude (Miss) 31/08/1796 Castleconnell, Co. Limerick aged 16, daughter of late Robert Hunt of Inchirourke, Co. Limerick Hunt Godfrey 24/05/1864 North Camas, Co. Limerick Hunt Hannie 31/05/1894 Athea death notice, aged 22 years, dau of John and Mary Hunt, sister of Rev.C.J. Hunt B.A. CSSR Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hunt Henry 15/07/1801 Golden Garden, Dundrum, Co. Tipperary Hunt Henry 14/11/1809 Clorane, (Co. Limerick?) death notice Hunt Henry 01/05/1866 Friarstown Hunt Henry Francis 25/01/1868 Inchirourk son of Robert Hunt; d. en route from Buenos Aires Hunt Henry Jr 15/11/1809 Clorane, Kildimo, Co Limerick Hunt Jane 06/05/1848 Tullig House, aged 76; dau of Robert Hunt of Inch Rourke, Askeaton; d. at res of her nephew-in-law, William England Young Hunt Jane 07/07/1860 Kilkee aged 60, widow of late Vere Hunt of Friarstown Hunt John 01/12/1824 on board ship 'Maidstone' (of Mantle Hill, Limerick) Hunt John 05/09/1832 Upper Glentworth Street cholera Hunt John 05/04/1845 Ballynort aged 80, former high sheriff of Co. Limerick, brother of the late Sir Vere Hunt, Bart. of Curragh Chase Hunt John 15/06/1853 Henry Street assistant surgeon County Limerick Militia Hunt John Thomas Urquhart 29/03/1898 Friarstown House, Co. Limerick aged 68 (death report 29/03/1898) (further death notice 31/03/1898) (funeral report, 05/04/1898) Hunt John, Rev. 29/03/1837 High Park aged 71, inflamation of the lungs Hunt Laura Phoebe (née Furnell) 08/02/1930 25 Mallow Street Upper widow of late Capt. George Hunt R.N. Hunt male 26/11/1867 North Camass infant son of Daniel Hunt Hunt male 26/03/1874 68 George Street aged 3; son of Capt. Hunt, 17th Regt.; death notice Hunt Margaret 16/09/1826 Castleconnell Hunt Margaret 19/07/1848 High Park, Co. Tipperary dau of Vere Hunt of Friarstown, Co. Limerick; sister of Rev. John Hunt, Rector of Toem Hunt Margaret 02/10/1886 Cooleen House, Bruree wife of Henry Hunt, death notice Hunt Maria 26/04/1836 Glentworth Street dau of Surgeon Hunt Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hunt Maria 27/11/1883 George Street funeral report Hunt Maria (née Rochfort) 24/11/1883 George Street wife of Robert Hunt, death notice (funeral report, 27/11/1883)

Hunt Mary 06/08/1907 83 George Street wife of William Hunt; obituary and death notice (funeral report, 08/08/1907) Hunt Patrick 12/03/1853 runner at the provincial bank, accident, report Hunt Phineas 21/12/1861 Cappawhite aged 84 Hunt Richard 31/08/1842 Thomas Street aged 52, tailor Hunt Robert 19/01/1793 Newtown Pery late of Inchirourk, Co. Limerick Hunt Robert 19/01/1895 83 George Street aged 80, Barony High Constable, governor of the Limerick District Lunatic Asylum, governor of Barrington's and St. John's Hospitals, member of the Diocesan Synod (tribute 19/01/1895) (funeral report, 22/01/1895) (condolences 24/01/1895) (condolences 31/01/1895) (condolences 05/02/1892) Hunt Robert M. 06/02/1892 Inchirourke, Askeaton report (death notice 9/2/1892) aged 49 years Hunt Robert, Captain 10/08/1814 Milford, Co. Limerick late of Co. Waterford Hunt Rochfort Vere 04/12/1928 Dublin Major, Royal Munster Fusiliers; formerly of Licadoon House, Limerick; obituary Hunt Samuel 10/10/1846 North Camas, Limerick aged 22, died of fever Hunt Samuel Bradshaw 24/07/1913 75 George Street Colonel, Indian Medical Service; obituary (acknowledgement, 26/08/1913) Hunt Sarah 25/09/1850 Kingstown dau of Richard Hunt of Limerick City Hunt Signe 25/11/1922 wife of Frederick Hunt, retired Chief Justice, India and George St, Limerick; announcement Hunt Susan (née Massy) 21/12/1869 Vesey Place, Kingstown widow of late George H. Hunt, Mallow Street, Limerick, dau of late Rev. Godfrey Massy Hunt Teresa Maria 26/03/1845 Dublin widow of Edmond Hunt of Inchirourke, Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hunt Vera 22/12/1821 Cloraine, Manister (Rest of document Missing) Hunt Vere 24/03/1792 Cappagh, Co. Tipperary Hunt Vere 13/05/1806 Friarstown, Co. Limerick aged 76, death notice Hunt Vere 04/12/1844 Friarstown, Limerick aged 22, son of Vere Hunt Hunt Vere 24/03/1847 late secretary of the police office, William Street, son of assistant surgeon J. Hunt, Limerick Militia Hunt Vere 08/05/1850 Master of the Mount-Kennett auxiliary workhouse, Limerick Union; late of Askeaton Hunt Vere 07/10/1854 Friarstown aged 66, late Mayor of Limerick Hunt Vere 30/05/1878 Dublin aged 6; son of S. B. Hunt; grandson of late Vere Hunt of Friarstown; death notice Hunt Vere 21/03/1896 High Park, nr Cappawhite aged 81, member of Grand Jury for North Riding of Tipperary

Hunt Vere, Captain 12/05/1832 Askeaton Hunt William 25/09/1813 Friarstown, Limerick in the South Liberties of this City, died in consequence of the bursting of a blood vessel, formerly a Mayor of this City Hunt William 01/05/1928 Milbank, England Major, British Army; son of late Vere D. U. Hunt, Carnahalla, Co. Limerick; death notice (obituary, 01/05/1928)

Hunt William Henn 21/10/1871 Ligadoon House, Co. Limerick aged 2, son of Rochford Vere Hunt Hunt William Louis 18/11/1919 The Terrace, Glin son of late Robert Hunt, land agent; death notice (obituary, 18/11/1919) (funeral report, 20/11/1919) Hunt William Vere 16/03/1833 Friarstown Hunter Alexander, Rev. 23/01/1793 Peter's Cell Hunter Anne 19/01/1831 Perth Hunter Charlotte Matilda 28/12/1871 Rathmines, Co. Dublin aged 80, dau of late Samuel Hunter, formerly of Limerick Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hunter Elizabeth 17/01/1827 Hunter female (Mrs.) 16/06/1824 Nelson Street Hunter female (Mrs.) 10/03/1863 Isle of Man widow of Robert Hunter, Provincial Bank, Limerick Hunter Martha 01/12/1824 Catherine Street Hunter Mary 01/09/1832 Sligo cholera Hunter Robert 19/03/1823 Upper William Street Hunter Robert 28/10/1846 Belmout Terrace, Ramsey, Isle of Man late Manager of the Provisional Bank of Ireland in Limerick (pension report 28/10/1846) Hunter Samuel 02/06/1788 woollen draper Hunter Thomas 01/03/1800 Galway late of Limerick Hunter William 12/10/1793 Creagh Lane late of Airshire, Scotland Hurley Alfred (Alf) 03/05/1950 London, England native of Killaloe, Co. Clare, stage figure Hurley Anna Maria 20/11/1902 niece of Sr. Mary Vincent De Paul, Good Shepherd Convent, Limerick; death notice Hurley Bridget 16/05/1908 Church Street, Newcastle West wife of Thomas Hurley, local politician; death notice (funeral report, 23/05/1908) Hurley David 17/07/1883 Mungret Street accidental drowning, inquest report Hurley Edward 30/03/1825 Hurley Eliza 03/08/1853 Carr Street wife of Maurice Hurley, d. at res of her sister, Mungret Street

Hurley female (Mrs.) 12/11/1856 report Hurley Helena 27/07/1889 aged 3 years, knocked down by horse and cart on Wickham Street. Hurley James 10/04/1793 John Street shoemaker Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hurley James 20/03/1822 Mungret Street Hurley James J. 31/12/1935 New York, U.S.A. native of O'Callaghan's Mills, Co. Clare, well known hurler, killed in auto truck accident Hurley Jeremiah 13/02/1943 T.D. Hurley Larry 15/10/1949 Clorane, Adare, Co. Limerick aged 26, athlete, buried Kildimo Cemetery Hurley male 17/12/1814 near Foynes Island, Co. Limerick Partly illegible - and nine unnamed people, drowned Hurley male 06/04/1909 Ballysimon eight-year old son of James Hurley; accidental drowning; news report Hurley Margaret 28/12/1916 25 Sarsfield Street widow of John Hurley; death notice Hurley Mary 28/01/1864 laundress for sailors Hurley Mary Ann 16/08/1854 Montreal late of Limerick, cholera Hurley Mary Hyacinth 28/10/1916 Mungret Street daughter of Patrick Hurley, corn merchant; death notice Hurley Maurice 09/09/1848 Rathkeale Hurley Maurice 29/11/1862 Carr Street butter dealer Hurley Michael 05/04/1881 post office clerk, death notice Hurley Miss 25/07/1889 Newcastle West accident with horse and cart, aged 26 years Hurley Mr. (male) 02/02/1895 Banogue, nr Shanagolden aged about 26, suicide Hurley Patrick 14/08/1906 25 Denmark Street death notice Hurley Patrick 04/02/1950 Herbertstown, Co. Limerick retired U. S. Army, buried Patrickswell Cemetery Hurley S. J. 22/11/1906 Killaloe Hurley Sarah 09/10/1852 Steam-boat Quay dau of Thomas Hurley, Mountkennett Hurley Thomas 09/03/1850 Mary Street died of powerty, report Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hurley Thomas 20/03/1926 Newcastle West local politician; obituary Hurley Victor 09/12/1940 Ballinacurragh death notice, buried at Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery (obituary 09/12/1940) Hurley William 08/05/1948 Ballyine, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick buried Monegae Cemetery Hurley William R. 29/11/1917 Monegay Head of Cannock's hat department; obituary Hurly Edward 19/01/1850 Ballinahinch, nr Knocklong murder report Hurly Eliza 08/05/1877 1 Victoria Terrace, Laurel Hill Avenue dau. of late John Hurly, Clerk of the Crown, Co. Kerry; death notice Hurly Jeremiah 15/06/1850 Boston, US late of Dromin, Co. Limerick Hurly John (John Hurly, James) 11/03/1809 Boherbuoy death notice Hurst Ann 18/01/1851 Liverpool dau of John Hurst, traveller, late of Limerick Hurst Edward 04/06/1825 Shannon Grove,Palaskenery Hurst Edward 30/07/1825 Hurst female (Mrs.) 10/09/1815 Shannon Grove near Pallaskenry, Co. Limerick Hurst female (Mrs.) 10/09/1816 Shannon Grove, near Pallaskenry, Co. Limerick Hurst Harriette E. (Haddy) 02/11/1895 Geraldine Road, Wandsworth dau of Hugh Hurst of Ballinacarrig, granddaughter of Rev. Samuel Jones of Ardcanny, Co. Limerick Hurst Jane Catherine 26/06/1812 Shannon Grove, near Pallaskenry, Co. Limerick Hurst Letitia 23/06/1888 death notice Hurst Rebecca 26/06/1812 Shannon Grove, near Pallaskenry, Co. sister of Jane Catherine Limerick Hurst Rebecca Jane 10/07/1861 Greenpark dau of late Hugh Hurst of Ballinacarrig House, Co. Limerick

Hussey Beatrice 15/06/1946 New Jersey, U.S.A late of Ballinacurra Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hussey Catherine (Kate) 19/08/1916 4 St. Mary's Terrace, Ballinacurra widow of William Robert Hussey; death notice (see also, 22/08/1916) Hussey female (Mrs.) 09/03/1833 Kilmallock Hussey John 11/02/1865 Kilmallock M.D. (further death notice 14/02/1865) Hussey male (P.) 24/11/1838 Kilmallock hotel keeper Hussey Maurice Fitzgerald 24/02/1917 Adare funeral report Hussey William 31/12/1823 Pallasgreen Glebe Hussey de Burgh Elizabeth Jane 11/02/1908 Kingstown, Co. Dublin daughter of late Walter Hussey de Burgh, Dromkeen House, Co. Limerick; death notice Hussey de Burgh female (Lady) 12/02/1834 Donore, Co. Kildare Hussey de Burgh Georgina Maria 09/07/1881 Sunville, Pallasgreen wife of Thomas Hussey de Burgh, death notice Hussy Richard 10/02/1827 Killmalock Hussy Robert 17/11/1847 Kilmalock died of fever Hutchinson Anthony Albert (Tony) 15/11/1919 Malta Air mechanic, Royal Navy; son of George and Alice Hutchinson, Rosbrien; death notice (additional details, Commonwealth War Graves Commission) Hutchinson Evelyn 29/09/1921 19 Frederick Street daughter of A. Hutchinson; diphtheria; death notice Hutchinson female (Mrs.) (née Westropp) 23/02/1825 Galway Hutchinson George 04/08/1923 4 Rosbrien Terrace death notice (obituary, 04/08/1923) Hutchinson George Hely Hon. 03/12/1845 Agear, France bro of the earl of Donoughmore Hutchinson Major 23/10/1830 New Barracks Hutchinson William 19/10/1836 Richmond Place son of William Hutchinson of Timoney Park, Co. Tipperary Hutchinson William 01/03/1947 South Quay, Newcastle West, buried Churchtown Cemetry, Newcastle West Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hutchinson William H. 19/09/1933 Dublin Road, Sutton, Co. Dublin valuation official, died suddenly at Hotel Desmond, Catherine Street Hyatt Cotterall 12/07/1845 Clare Street retired Tide Waiter of Limerick Port Hyde Jane (née Sargent) 11/05/1859 Gardenville, Glin widow of late Lieut. Benjamin Hyde, dau of late Joseph Sargent of Westwood, Glin Hyde Joseph 01/03/1851 Westland Street aged 63, late of H.M. 30th Regt. Hyder Mercy 04/01/1898 10 Fopstone Rd, Earl's Court, London aged 80, nee Poe, of old Limerick family; widow of William Augustine Hyder, Capt 10th Royal Hussars (death report 04/01/1898) Hyder William 16/01/1858 Court Lees, nr. Canterbury aged 70, father-in-law of Mrs. Capt. Hyder of Limerick City Hyland James, Rev. 19/06/1930 Sacred Heart College, The Crescent news report; aged 31; Jesuit; illness (funeral report, 21/06/1930)

Hyland John 01/05/1943 Mount Pleasant, College Road, Cork native of Co. Limerick, aged c. 80; manager of Cork branch of Messrs. E. O’ Callaghan & Sons leather firm; member of Limerick Commercial football team (All-Ireland winners 1887)

Hynes Daniel 27/10/1813 Canal Second Lock House, near Limerick Hynes Daniel 15/02/1908 Newcastle West obituary Hynes Daniel 08/07/1916 master painter; drug overdose; inquest report Hynes Edmond 30/12/1835 Hynes Edward 10/01/1835 Charlotte Quay Hynes Elizabeth (Mrs.) 25/01/1950 52 Keane Street, Killalee buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hynes female (Mrs.) 13/02/1833 Charlotte Quay Hynes James 24/07/1943 Howardstown, Co. Limerick Hynes Jeremiah 09/05/1907 Pennywell obituary Hynes John 08/01/1831 Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes Hynes John 28/08/1920 Shanagolden shot dead in Shanagolden; War of Independence casualty; news report Hynes John J. 11/01/1950 32 Wolfe Tone Street buried Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery Hynes Julia, (Mrs.) 27/10/1947 Ballynoe, Ballingarry, Co. Limerick Cumann na mBan, buried at Bruree, Co. Limerick Hynes Mary 27/07/1937 Bridgetown, Co. Clare death notice, suffered greatly at hands of Black and Tans during War of Independence, house burned and sons tortured

Hynes Mary Augustine Benignus, Sister 03/08/1859 Harold's Cross, Dublin aged 22, of the Convent of the sisters of Charity, late of Limerick City Hynes Mary Louis, Sister 19/12/1925 St. Mary's Convent nun; announcement Hynes Michael 03/10/1907 Nicholas Street army pensioner; inquest report Hynes Mr. B. 24/06/1840 Rathkeale Hynes Norah 28/02/1929 20 Mallow Street Upper widow of John Hynes, painting contractor; death notice Hynes Patrick 01/02/1917 assistant librarian; obituary and condolences Hynes Rev, Dr. 15/08/1817 Franciscan Convent, Newgate Lane Hynes Richard 04/10/1913 Clare Street Upper sudden death; news report Hynes William H. 22/08/1895 Old Ground, Ennis aged 40, Dr., medical officer of the Ennis Union Workhouse, apothecary to the Clare Lunatic Asylum; brother-in-law of Major M. J. Kenny of Limerick City (funeral report 24/08/1895) (meeting for provision for the family 03/09/1895)