In this issue: New sounds and sound replacements, Source Connect, Medieval Music

You are receiving the yearly news from Sandro Friedrich at, studio musician for over 200 ethnic wind instruments. I'm happy to be able to inform you about the latest developments in my work. I would be glad to hear from you again, too!

Looking back: 2014 was the most productive year yet. Here are a few selected projects from a total of 61:

Mychael Danna / Jeff Danna: "Tyrant", US TV 2014, all 10 episodes. I played and duduk. Ian Livingstone, Richard Beddow, Simon Ravn: "Total War – Attila" / SEGA 2014 (video game) Richard Beddow: "Total War Battles – Kingdom" / SEGA 2014 (video game) M Ghibran: "Thirumanam Enum Nikkah", cinema 2014 (Bollywood movie) M Ghibran: "Amara Kaaviyam", cinema 2014 (Bollywood movie) Enjott Schneider: "Rushhour auf dem Mekong; ARTE TV/HR series "Wunderwelten"; ARTE 2014 Oonagh: CD "Oonagh"; Koch Universal Music 2014 (200'000 CDs sold) Santiano: CD "Mit den Gezeiten"; Koch Universal Music 2014 (700'000 CDs sold) Fabian Roemer, Steffen Kaltschmid: "Die Pilgerin"; ZDF TV 2014 Ian Livingstone: "Shadow of the Beast" / PS4 / Reflections Interactive 2014 (video game) Tom Salta: "Lineage II" / NCsoft 2014 (video game)

You also may be interested in reading an interview in "Cinema Musica" in the March 2014 issue about my activities as studio musician.

For the recording sessions with Jeff and Mychael Danna I installed Source Connect, a software which enables direct communication during recording sessions in top sound quality, among other features. What's more, my recording studio is now Source Connect certified. Feel free to use Source Connect for future projects with me.

Awarded Productions in 2014 which include my contributions:

Atli Oervarsson: "The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones" : Wins the DGC Craft Award 2014 in Canada Wins the Canadian Screen Award 2014. Wins the Cineplex Golden Reel Award 2014.

Fabian Roemer: "Unsere Muetter unsere Vaeter": Wins the Bambi Awards 2013, Bavarian TV Awards 2013, German Television Academy Award 2013, German Television Awards 2013, Golden Camera Germany 2014, Jupiter Award 2014, wins the Magnolia Award at the Shanghai International TV Festival 2014.

Can Erdogan: "Kuzu / The Lamb": Wins the Golden Orange at the Golden Orange Film Festival 2014, wins Turkish Film Critics Association Award 2014, C.I.C.A.E. Award at the Berlin International Film Festival 2014.

Click here for my complete reference list:

In 2014 more than 10 new instruments have been added to the list:

New instrument types:

Douçaina (Old Europe) (Romania / Moldavia) Bass ney (self made, Iranian type; lowest note E3) Bass quenacho (Peru; lowest note G3)

New instruments (already listed, but new keys):

Tin in high G Very high sound to add high frequencies to any mix. Uillean pipes (New good quality chanter) (; lowest note G3) (China; excellent quality and sound) Duduk (Armenia; new keys) I had one custom made for my requirements.

See & hear all instruments at . At the moment my page contains over 175 different sound samples and videos which offer an easy way to select the instruments which you might want to include in your productions.

People often ask me for ethnic sound substitutes for sounds from the classical orchestra. Here are a few possibilities: Oboe: Scottish practice chanter: I included a new sound file. Oboe: Doucaine Bassoon: Doucaine Bassoon: Bass Duduk Cello: Duduk Double Bass: Bass Duduk (see sound example at the bottom) Clarinet: Saxonette: Clarinet: Duclar: Traverse , Bass traverse flute, , Soprano Sax and Alto Sax are available, too.

Please also note that I have a wide range of Old European Renaissance wind instruments available for recording:

The following flute is basically identical to the renaissance traverse flute: The Corsican Pivana is almost identical to the Renaissance :

As before, you can also check out my references on IMdB: . You may also want to join me on Facebook ( or on Twitter (

My database with studio musicians for ethnic and other instruments is constantly growing. Let me know if you're interested in having some specific instruments recorded via internet.

Please note that I will be out of office from July 6th until August 13th, 2015. It would be great if you could plan my involvement in your production around those dates.

A big thank you to all the people who worked with me this past year! I'm looking forward to new projects with you!


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