$29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $39.98 ������������� ������������� ������������� ������������� ���������������� ������������������

TUBA HORN Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/2-CD Pack Book/2-CD Pack Book/2-CD Set Book/2-CD Pack Book/2-CD Pack Book/CD Pack ����������������� STRINGS 00400649 Book/CD Pack 00400649 Book/CD 00400650 00400640 00400780 00400792 00400664 00400777 00400793 00400031 PLAY BALLADS WITH A PLAY BALLADS Soloist Roy Agee, Bob Wilbur All-Star Band Featuring the ______SWING WITH A BAND ______PACIFIC COAST HORNS, VOLUME 1 – HORN UTOPIA ______PACIFIC COAST HORNS, YOUR OWN HORN VOLUME 2 – BLOW Horn Mitch Mocilnikar, French with the Pacific Coast Horns Ensemble ______PACIFIC COAST HORNS, VOLUME 3 – MODERN FRENCH HORN FLAVORS Mitch Mocilnikar, French Horn with the Pacific Coast Horns Ensemble ______PACIFIC COAST HORNS, VOLUME 1 – TAKE FIVE performed by Charlie Warren ______PACIFIC COAST HORNS, VOLUME 2 – TUBA CENTER STAGE Charlie Warren, Tuba with the Pacific Coast Horns Ensemble ______PACIFIC COAST HORNS, VOLUME 3 – BRASS QUINTETS FOR TUBA Charlie Warren, Tuba with the Pacific Coast Horns Ensemble ______J.S. BACH – “DOUBLE” CONCERTO IN D MINOR, BWV1043 performed by Geoffrey Applegate ______W $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $39.98 $29.98 $29.98 music minus one minus music NE ������������� ������������� ����������������

Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/2-CD Pack Book/2-CD Pack Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� ����������������� Book/CD Pack Book/2-CD Set Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� TROMBONE 00400621 00400652 00400794 00400136 00400077 00400622 00400651 00400620 00400445 00124388 00400694 MUSIC FOR BRASS ENSEMBLE performed by Keith O’Quinn ______PACIFIC COAST HORNS, VOLUME 1 – LONGHORN SERENADE ______PACIFIC COAST HORNS, VOLUME 3 – WHERE TROMBONE REIGNS Ted Weed, Trombone with the Pacific Coast Horns Ensemble ______BIG BAND BALLADS FOR TENOR OR BASS TROMBONE performed by George Roberts ______EASY DUETS FOR TWO AND performed by Charlie Small ______FROM DIXIE TO SWING performed by Vic Dickenson ______MOTOWN TROMBONE PLAY THE MUSIC OF BURT BACHARACH ______performed by David O’Neill performed by ______VIVALDI CONCERTO FOR TWO performed by Alfred J. Lang ______TRUMPET TRIUMPHANT: THE FURTHER TRIUMPHANT: THE OF DAVID O’NEIL ADVENTURES featuring Ira Nepus, trombone ______ADVANCED TROMBONE SOLOS, VOLUME 1 performed by Keith Brown ______

W W $29.98 $39.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $29.98 $24.98 $29.98 NE NE

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efti H eal Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/2-CD Pack Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/2-CD Set Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/2-CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack Book/CD Pack ����������������� /N rown B Bb Trumpet ����������������������������������� 00400072 00400074 00400774 00400626 00400776 00400787 00400645 00130651 00400778 00400669 00126304 00400616 ecordings lifford rumpet C T b he THREE TRUMPET CONCERTI performed by Brian Rood ______SWING WITH A BAND B 00400646 THE SWING ERA: MUNICH BRASS performed by Richard Steuart ______STANDARDS FOR TRUMPET, VOL. 1 featuring Bob Zottola ______performed by Peter Piacquadio ______featuring Bob Zottola ______SOUSA MARCHES PLUS BEETHOVEN, BERLIOZ, STRAUSS PURE IMAGINATION – STANDARDS FOR TRUMPET, VOL. 2 PLAY BALLADS WITH A BAND Bryan Shaw, Trumpet Soloist Featuring the Bob Wilbur All-Star Band ______Kurt Curtis, 1st Trumpet with the Pacific Coast Horns Ensemble ______PACIFIC COAST HORNS – MODERN TRUMPET SOLOS WITH BRASS QUINTET, VOLUME 3 Kurt Curtis, Trumpet with the Pacific Coast Horns Ensemble ______PACIFIC COAST HORNS, VOLUME 2 – FASCINATIN’ RHYTHM NASHVILLE CLASSICS NASHVILLE CLASSICS FOR TRUMPET featuring Bob Zottola, soloist ______PACIFIC COAST HORNS, VOLUME 1 – PACIFIC COAST HORNS, BUGLER’S HOLIDAY ______performed by Robert Nagel ______interpreted by Glenn Zottola interpreted by ______SOLOS – VOL. 1 INTERMEDIATE TRUMPET I REMEMBER CLIFFORD I REMEMBER T 1955 R 1150 INSTRUMENTAL ______performed byMarioHossen MAJOR SONATA FORVIOLIN& INA CÉSAR FRANCK– ______performed byMarioHossen for FAURE –SONATAS ______performed byGeoffreyApplegate ORCHESTRA EASY CONCERTPIECESFORVIOLIN& ______performed byMarioHossen OTHER FRENCHCLASSICS CLAUDE DEBUSSY–VIOLINSONATAAND ______performed byGeoffreyApplegate SYMPHONIC WORKS THE CONCERTMASTER–SOLOSFROM ______performed byGeoffreyApplegate VIOLINIST CONCERT PIECESFORTHESERIOUS ______performed byGeoffreyApplegate MINOR, OP.25 BRUCH –VIOLINCONCERTONO.1ING ______BEETHOVEN –COMPLETESONATAS ______performed byGeoffreyApplegate MAJOR, OP.61 BEETHOVEN –VIOLINCONCERTOIND ______FOR VIOLINANDPIANO BEETHOVEN –TWOSONATAS ______performed byGeoffreyApplegate BEETHOVEN –TWOROMANCES ______performed byGeoffreyApplegate NO. 2INEMAJOR,BWV10 A MINOR,BWV1041;VIOLINCONCERTO J.S. BACH–VIOLINCONCERTONO.1IN ______BWV 1064 FOR THREEVIOLINSINCMAJOR, J.S. BACH–TRIPLECONCERTO music minusone V iolin 00400632 00400633 00400038 00400634 00400036 00400037 00400020 00400141 00400035 00400783 Book/3-CDs 00400034 00400032 00400784 Book/2-CDs

and P iano Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/2-CD Pack Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/2-CD Pack Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/11-CD Pack Book/2-CD Set Book/2-CD Pack Book/CD Pack����������������� �������������������� �������������������� ���������������� ������������� ������������� ������������� ��������� $179.98 $39.98 $39.98 $34.98 $34.98 $39.98 $34.98 $39.98 $39.98 $39.98 $39.98 $39.98 $39.98 JASCHA HEIFITZ–FAVORITEENCORES ______performed byWolfgangPanhofer VIOLONCELLO SONATAS BEETHOVEN –COMPLETE ______performed byAnnaReider F-SHARP MINOR,OP.14 WIENIAWSKI –CONCERTONO.1IN ______performed byBojidaraKouzmanova IN BMINOR,OP.3,NO.10,RV580 VIVALDI –CONCERTOFORFOURVIOLINS ______performed byMichaelMetelka (“THE FOURSEASONS”) VIVALDI –“LEQUATTRESTAGIONI” ______performed byMarioHossen AND MOREFROMILCIMENTO VIVALDI –LACACCIA ______performed byMilaGeorgieva D MAJOR,OP.19 PROKOFIEV: VIOLINCONCERTONO.1IN ______performed byMarioHossen PAGANINI –CONCERTONO.1IND,OP.6 ______performed byGeoffreyApplegate A MAJOR,KV219 MOZART –VIOLINCONCERTONO.5IN ______performed byMarioHossen G MAJOR,KV216 MOZART –VIOLINCONCERTONO.3IN ______performed byGeoffreyApplegate E MINOR,OP.64 MENDELSSOHN –VIOLINCONCERTOIN ______ORCHESTRA INDMINOR FOR PIANO,VIOLINANDSTRING MENDELSSOHN –DOUBLECONCERTO ______performed byDanielaStereva 00400644 00400042 00400608 00400039 00400609 00400607 00400041 00400033 00400040 00400021 00400785 Book/2-CDs 00400128 Book/7-CD Set Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/2-CD Pack Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/2-CD Pack Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/2-CD Pack Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/2-CD Pack Book/2-CD Pack CELLO �������������������� �������������� ������������� ������������� ������������� ������������� ������������� $139.98 $39.98 $39.98 $49.98 $39.98 $39.98 $39.98 $39.98 $39.98 $39.98 $39.98 $29.98 SAINT-SAËNS –CONCERTO ______W SAINT-SAËNS –CONCERTO ______performed byNancyGreen VIOLONCELLO ANDPIANO,OP.19 RACHMANINOV –SONATAFOR ______performed byAnatoliKrastev MINOR, OP.85 ELGAR –VIOLONCELLOCONCERTOINE ______performed byDorothyLawson IN BMINOR,OP.104 DVOR ______performed byDesislaveNikolova HARP INCMAJOR,KV299 MOZART –CONCERTOFORFLUTE& ______performed byAndrewKohn SIMANDL –COMPLETEETUDES ______ON AROCOCOTHEMEFORVIOLONCELLO TCHAIKOVSKY –VARIATIONS ______W AND ORCHESTRAINAMINOR,OP.33 NO. 1FORVIOLONCELLO IN AMINOR,OP.33 AND ORCHESTRA NO. 1FORVIOLONCELLO ith ith

a a ˇ CD CD ÁK –VIOLONCELLOCONCERTO 00400803 Book/CD 00400071 00400070 00400069 00400110 00400102 00400804 00400803 Book/CD of of O O rchestral rchestral Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/2-CD Pack Book/2-CD Pack Book/3-CD Pack Book/4-CD Pack Book/CD Pack����������������� HARP BASS A A ccompaniment ccompaniment ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������� ������������� ������������� ������������� NE NE $39.98 $34.98 $39.98 $39.98 $39.98 $44.98 $39.98 $39.98 W W


$24.98 $24.98 $24.98 $19.98 $19.98 music minus one minus music

������������������������� ����������������������������� WEEKEND Book/CD Packs A band with a great female lead singer is a winner. This book showcases the styles of legends such as , WARRIORS, SET LIST 2 – LADIES’ NIGHT SINGER’S SONGBOOK Female Vocalist ��������������� 00121509 Drums 00121508 Bass �������������������������������� 00121506 ������������������������������ 00121507 Keyboard 00121505 ______Aretha Franklin, Linda Ronstadt, Gloria Gaynor, Aretha Franklin, Linda Ronstadt, Gloria Gaynor, Blondie and others. Songs: At Last • Chain of Fools • Dancing in the Streets • Heatwave • I Will Survive • • One Way or Another • Respect • We Are Family When Will I Be Loved? • You’re No Good. ______

$24.98 $19.98 $24.98 $24.98 $24.98 WEEKEND WARRIORS WEEKEND ������������������� �����������������������������

�������������������������������� Book/CD Packs Set List 1 contains: Brown • Eyed Girl • Margaritaville Mony Mony • Mustang Sally • My Girl • Old Time Rock Stand • Man Soul • Roll and WEEKEND WARRIORS – SET LIST 1, THE SINGER’S SONGBOOK Male Vocalist 00119939 Bass 00119937 00119938 Guitar ������������������������������ 00119941 Drum 00119940 Piano/Keyboard ��������������� ______by Me • Sweet Caroline • Under the Boardwalk. ______For most musicians, the true joy of music is sharing it. While there are millions of folks “jamming” in there are millions of music is sharing it. While the true joy of For most musicians, like the experience pet, there’s nothing an audience of the family with headphones and their basements of a lot least to put at or dance floor, on the people put that songs and playing a venue into of walking that. Whether wonderful tool to help facilitate Music Minus One is a faces. This series from smiles on their on weekends, or a working band to figure out how to make some gas money you are a teenager wanting Warriors Set List is for you. the essence of the original hits, the Weekend that wants to actually capture tools to put the are perfect rehearsal lists across instruments, these play-alongs With their matching song page. whole band on the same multiple guitar or keyboard parts, tempo, key, and parts. In songs where there are Tunes are true to the original for the individual instrument out the most important ones. Each book is customized we demonstrate how to pick parts of each song notated along with those parts. You will find the signature with instruction on determining chord chart with measure numbers from sounds to style. Each song has a complete helpful hints on everything where the licks happen in context. so that we can help you find ______1152 INSTRUMENTAL ______9 P INTERMEDIATE TOADVANCED LEVEL ______12 P INTERMEDIATE LEVEL ______15 P EASY TOINTERMEDIATELEVEL ______8 P INTERMEDIATE TOADVANCEDLEVEL ______13 P INTERMEDIATE LEVEL ______14 P EASY TOINTERMEDIATELEVEL literature foreachinstrument. Intermediate toAdvancedLevel–Solosappropriateforadvancedhighschoolorcollegeplayers,thesecollectionspresentstaplesofthestandard Intermediate Level–Attractivesololiteraturefortheintermediatelevelstudent. Easy toIntermediateLevel–Idealforastudentperformingincontestorrecitalafter3-4yearsofstudy. standard literatureforeachinstrument. high schoolandcollegeplayers,withparticularattentionpaidtovariousstatecontestrepertorylists.Mastercomposersarewell-represented,asis are packagedwithbeautifulcompanionrecordingsofallthepieces,aswellrecordedpianoaccompaniments.Thecompilationsdesignedfor This seriespresentsliteratureforavarietyofinstruments,organizedbydifficultylevel,withhistoricalinformationabouteachpiece.Thesecollections ieces ieces ieces ieces ieces ieces

by by 50486151 50486143 50486135 50486149 50486141 50486133

G. SCHIRMEINSTRUMENTALLBRARY by by by in Please visitwww.halleonard.comforcompletecontentslists,samplebookpages,andselectedaudiofilesofrecordedselections. 9C 8C F 11C 14C 12C irst omposers omposers P omposers omposers omposers osition Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/Online Audio Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/2-CDs Pack������������ Book/2-CDs Pack������������ Book/CD Pack����������������� COLLECTION Recorded by COLLECTION THE CLARINET Judit Jaimes Orchestra, andpianist the MilwaukeeSymphony Johnson, principalcellofor Recorded byJoseph THE CELLO Orchestra andSantaFe Milwaukee Symphony Clarinetist ofthe Todd Levy,Principal

by 13C omposers Please note:Book/CDpackagesarebeingconvertedtobookswithonlineaudio. ��������� $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99


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by by by by by 7C 10C 12C 11C 12C 11C omposers G. Schirmer,Inc. omposers omposers omposers omposers omposers Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/Online Audio Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/Online Audio Book/CD Pack����������������� COLLECTION COLLECTION Recorded byCaen THE Recorded by THE HORN Wisconsin-Milwaukee Flute attheUniversityof Asst. Professorof Thomason-Redus, Vincent Fuh Orchestra, andpianist Saint PaulChamber principal hornofthe Bernhard Scully, ��������� ��������� $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99


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by by by by by 8C 9C 11C 13C 11C 10C omposers omposers omposers omposers omposers omposers Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/Online Audio Book/2-CD Pack Book/2-CD Pack Book/CD Pack����������������� Laura Ward Orchestra, andpianist Milwaukee Symphony principal trumpetofthe Recorded byMarkNiehaus, COLLECTION THE TRUMPET Recorded by COLLECTION THE VIOLIN Orchestra Milwaukee Symphony Concertmaster ofthe Frank Almond, ������������� ������������� ��������� $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99

INSTRUMENTAL 1153 $24.99 $10.99 $15.99 $24.99 $10.99 $16.99 $24.99 $10.99 $16.99 ����������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� 12 (Grieg) • Allegro Allegro • (Grieg) 12 . SOLOS FOR THE VIOLIN PLAYER ed. Josef Gingold Contents: Abenlied (Schumann) • Adagio Leaf, (Sinding) • Op spiritoso (Senaille) • • Aria (Schubert) Allegro • Bells The • (Prokofiev) SOLOS FOR THE SOLOS FOR TRUMPET PLAYER ed. Walter Beeler Contents: Air on the G String • Allegro • Allegro Spiritoso • • Andante & Allegro Concert Rondo • En Fermant • Les Yeux • Little Adagio O Holy Night • Petite Piece Concertante • The Secret SOLOS FOR THE TROMBONE PLAYER ed. Henry Charles Smith Contents: Adagio (from Concerto for Cello and Orchestra) • Adagio Contabile (from Sonata VI for Violin) • Alla Siciliano (from Sonata V for Bassoon) (from • Andante Cantabile Book/CD Pack ����������������� CD Only Book Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� CD Only Book Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� CD Only Book Only 50490440 50490441 50329980 50490442 50490443 50330090 50490422 50490423 50329870 • Sonata Movements • Tambourin • Theme & Tambourin • Theme & • Sonata Movements • . Variations • Trumpet Concerto ______(from Arioso • Band) and Trombone for Concerto Piano Concerto in F Minor) • Chorale (from Sleepers, II for Mippy Piece, Op. 88 • Elegy Wake!) • Concert (for unaccompanied trombone) • Menuet Alternat • (from Sonata VI for Bassoon) • Panis Angelicus Preludio (from Violin Sonata in F) • Recitative and Prayer (from Grand Symphony for Band, Op.15) • Rondo (from Concerto No. 2) • Sarabande (from Oboe Concerto in G Minor) • Second Movement . (from Sonatina for Trombone and Piano) • Vocalise ______Berceuse (Fauré) • Hungarian Dance No. 2 (Brahms) • Rondo in D (Mozart) • Siciliano (Bach) • Sonata • (Mondonville) • Tambourin (Paganini) 12 No. Valse Scherzo No. 2 (Tchaikovsky) • Waltz. ______$16.99 $10.99 $16.99 $10.99 $16.99 $10.99 $24.99 $24.99 $24.99 ����������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� arranged by Larry Teal Allegro Contents: • (Saint-Saëns) Appassionata Bourrée (Bach) • Cantilena (Goltermann) • Hungarian Dance No. 1 (Brahms) • Lament (Dvorák) • Minuetto SOLOS FOR THE HORN PLAYER ed. Mason Jones This book/CD pack features the complete score plus pull- out solo part. Contents: Aria (Stradella) • I Attempt from • I See a Sickness Love’s Huntsman • Largo & Allegro • Pavane pour une Infante SOLOS FOR THE ALTO SOLOS FOR SAXOPHONE PLAYER arr. Larry Teal Contents: Album Leaf (Grieg) (D’Ambrosio) Canzonetta • • Fantasy Piece (Schumann) • • Gypsy Rondo (Haydn) Intermezzo (Granados) • • Larghetto (Dvorák) Minuet (Haydn) • Nocturne SOLOS FOR THE PLAYER Book Only Book Only Book Only CD Only CD Only CD Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� G. Schirmer, Inc. G. Schirmer, 50330570 50330050 50330580 50490437 50490439 50490433 50490436 50490438 50490432 ______(Schubert) • Playera (Granados) • Romance (Schumann) • Sarabande (Debussy) • Scherzo • Song (Tchaikovsky) • Sleighride (Beethoven) Without Words (Mendelssohn) • Spanish Dance (Moszkowski) • Violin Sonata (Grieg). ______Defunte • Reveries • Romance • Rondo • Scherzo • Symphony No. 5 • Theme & Variations • Villanelle. ______(Chopin) • The Old Castle (Mussorgsky) • Romantic (Chopin) • The Old Castle (Mozart) • Sicilienne Piece (Dvorák) • Rondo Vocalise • (Ravel) Sonatine • (Bach) Allegro and (Rachmaninoff). ______$16.99 $15.99 $16.99 $10.99 $10.99 $24.99 $24.99 Carmen �������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� selected and edited by Whitney Tustin Andante & Allegro Contents: (Loeillet) • Aria from St. Matthew Passion (J.S. Bach) (Handel) 8 No. Concerto • • Kuruka-Kuruka (Yamada) Mazurka • (Fasch) Largo • SOLOS FOR THE OBOE PLAYER

SOLOS FOR THE CLARINET PLAYER ed. Arthur Christmann Contents: Adagio (Wagner) • Adagio from Concerto, K.622 (Mozart) • Adagio (Spohr) (Baermann) • Adagio • Adagio and Allegro (Handel) • Allegro (Albinoni) • the • At (Bach) Allegro edited by Louis Moyse Contents: Adagio (Mozart) • Adagio from Symphony No. 24 (Haydn) • Air • Allegretto (Haydn) • Allegro (Vinci) • Allegro (Loeillet) Allegretto and • Andante to Ent’acte • (Reid) SOLOS FOR THE SOLOS FOR FLUTE PLAYER Oboe and Piano Book Only Book Only CD Only CD Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack �����������������

50330190 50330280 50329830 50490435 50490431 50490434 50490430 RS E PLAY TAL UMEN TR INS O R F LOS SO (Debussy) • Romanze (Schumann) • Sonata in in Sonata • (Schumann) Romanze • (Debussy) Theme • (Glière) Song • (Telemann) minor A from Symphony in C (Bizet) • Toadinha (A Little Song) (Berger) • Träume (Wagner) • Two Songs 2 Arabian Dances (Liszt) • Vocalise (Rachmaninoff)• (Laurischkus). ______• Brook (Starokadomsky) • Etude (Baermann) Fantasy Piece (Schumann) • First Movement from Flute Concerto in D (Vivaldi) • Gavotte (Lully) • Gavotte and Minuet (Stanley) • Intermezzo (Starokadomsky) • Larghetto from Quintet, K.581 (Mozart) • Romance (Stamitz) • Second Movement from Concerto No. 1 in F Minor (Weber) • Second • (Baermann) Militaire Concerto from Movement Sonata in G Major (Marcello) • Tambourin (Gossec) • Valse Triste (Gliere). ______(Bizet) • Gavotte • May, Sweet May • Menuets (Bizet) • Gavotte • May, • Rondo (Mozart) (Naudot) • Nocturne • Polonaise Scherzando (Telemann) • • Rosamunde Overture • (Berlioz) • Two Spring Song • Trio des Ismaelites Arias in Rondeau (Naudot) • Two Passepieds (Bach) • Valse-Menuet (Bizet). ______The CDs include piano and computer. The CDs include on both your CD player CDs that are playable are now available with collections of solos These classic use. in practice for CD-ROM software to aid with tempo adjustment and are also enhanced accompaniments 1154 INSTRUMENTAL ______There? (Wolf) •VonEwigerLiebe(Brahms)WereYou Theme andVariations(Marais)•Verborgenheit Gross •RomanceShenandoahTambourin Menuetto (Handel)•OMenschBeweinDeinSunde ______solos forinstrumentalplayes 50490424 50490425 50329260 Book/CD Pack����������������� CD Only Book Only • March (Beethoven) • Just A-Goin’over Jordan Dance (Dittersdorf) • I’m Fancy (Hornpipe)•German Andante (Mozart)• • Allegretto(C.PEBach) Contents: Adagio(Schubert) ed. PaulDoktor VIOLA PLAYER SOLOS FORTHE ��������������������������� ����������������������� $24.99 $10.99 $16.99 ______Swan (Saint-Saëns)•VillageSong(Popper). (Pergolesi) •RomanceSicilienne(Debussy)The (Schumann) •LullabyMenuet(Mozart)Nina Golden Wedding)•Larghetto(Handel)Lento 50329300 50490427 50490426 Cello andPiano CD Only Book/CD Pack����������������� Dance •LaCinquantine(The Bourrée I(Bach)•Country (Gluck) •Aria(Lotti) (Beethoven) •Andante (Senaille) • Andante (Handel) •AllegroSpiritoso Contents: AllegroMaestoso edited byOttoDeri CELLO PLAYER SOLOS FORTHE ��������������������������� ��������������� $16.99 $10.99 $24.99 ______(Beveridge) •Chaconne(Russell). Introduction andTarentelle(Franchi)•Serenade Vocalise (Rachmaninoff) • Romance (Prokofiev) • Aria fromRigoletto(Verdi)•Adagio(Geissel) (Beethoven) •ElegyandAndante(Bottesini) ______50490428 50490429 50330830 Book/CD Pack����������������� CD Only Book Only • SonatinaandMinuet Sonata inCMinor(Handel) Allegro (d’Andrieu)• (Vivaldi) •Preludeand Grave (Abaco)•Concerto Contents: Bourré (Bach)• ed. OscarZimmerman BASS PLAYER THE DOUBLE- SOLOS FOR ��������������������������� �����������������������

$24.99 $10.99 $16.99 INSTRUMENTAL 1155 $19.95 $19.99 $19.99 $19.95 $19.95 TRANSCRIBED HORNS TRANSCRIBED ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 00001503 00001504 00001149 00001147 00001148 SS BRA POP/ROCK HORN SECTION Chicago Thomas, Rob & Santana Dan, Steely Winwood, Steve Morrison, Van Beatles, the from best The and others: Bright Side of the Road • Higher Love • Hot Hot Hot • The Impression That I Get • Jump, Jive An’ Wail • Livin’ La Vida Loca • Magical Mystery Tour • Peg • Smooth • Spinning Wheel • Sussudio • 25 or 6 to 4 • Vehicle • Will It Go Round in Circles • Zoot Suit Riot. ______R&B HORN SECTION and Serves up Sam & Dave, Ray Charles, James Brown, Average White Band, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding • (Her) So Love Him I • Hallelujah Lovin’ Some the Street • Gimme in • Dancing the Cake Cut others: Wood Knock on • Thing Your It’s • Hour Midnight the In • Good) Feel (I You Got • I Handle to Hard . • Mustang Sally • September • Sir Duke • Soul Finger • Soul Man • You’ve Made Me So Very Happy ______JAZZ/POP HORN SECTION People to pop icon , this volume includes: From and the Tijuana Brass to the Village • Doin’ It (All for My Baby) • Fantasy • Got to Get After the Love Has Gone • Birdland • Deacon Spanish • School Old My • Time Madison The Navy • In the • Grass the in • Grazing My Life into You You Want What Can’t Get You Love • Do for Won’t You • What Taxi • Tijuana Her About It • Tell Flea (Till You Know What You Want). ______JAZZ/ROCK HORN SECTION The Beatles, Chicago, Cannonball Adderley, and Ray Charles are all represented in this volume: And When Cat I Die • Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? • Feelin’ Stronger Every Day • Get It On • Honky • • The Horse • The Letter • Love Is on the Way • Make Me Smile • Mercy, Mercy, Mercy • Penny Lane Proud Mary • Shake a Tail Feather • So Very Hard to Go • Subway to Venus. ______FUNK/DISCO HORN SECTION James Brown, Stevie Wonder and others: Boasts gems by Tower of Power, Parliament, the Commodores, On I’m Comin’ • Brick House • Disco Inferno • Dr. Funkenstein • Fire • Give It to Me Baby • Hold Pick Up the Pieces • Serpentine Fire • Superstition • Lucretia Mac Evil • Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag • . • You Should Be Dancing. That’s the Way (I Like It) • What Is Hip • Y.M.C.A ______Imagine playing the exact parts of some of the most memorable of the most memorable the exact parts of some Imagine playing note-for-note, exactly songs of our time and consequential new series features played them. This unique as the legends horn parts included on the original transcriptions of all the staff for each horn. Perfect for cover recordings with a separate vocal melody lines, complete bands! The books also include lyrics, and chord symbols.

$24.95 $24.95 $14.99 a layers

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ethod reative uccessful THE BRASS PLAYER’S COOKBOOK C by Various Authors Meredith Music A stimulating collection of unique concepts on becoming a successful performer by 57 of today’s MASTERCLASS Malte Burba Schott Burba Malte does only Not rank among the most interesting and verastile brass players of our time, be he is also considered to BRASS M S MODERN FLEXIBILITIES FOR BRASS by Scott Belck Meredith Music This is not your grandfather’s lip slur book! It is an innovative method an entirely new incorporating vocabulary of harmonically ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ALL BRASS 00317161 49008140 00121846 most outstanding brass professionals. Contains to-the- point, thought-provoking ideas proven successful by master teacher-performers. Problem-solving tips, philosophical concepts and technique-building skills, source of An ideal all in one easy-to-read collection. exciting strategies for all levels of development. ______one of the best brass teachers worldwide. Many of his one of the best brass teachers or teach at major students play in leading orchestras is pedagogy his of pillars the of One conservatories. by him for playing the pioneering method developed logical absolutely an in which, instruments brass and embouchure- manner, eliminates all technical related problems. ______rich and rhythmically varied exercises; challenging, fun and interesting to practice. As a professional trumpeter, lead player, jazz artist, soloist, chamber player, educator and , Belck combines a unique writing style, challenging musicians to think of for players A must-have practice creatively. and all levels! ______1156 INSTRUMENTAL ______to musicians. athletes usetodeveloptheirphysicalcontrolapplied brass BRASS INSTRUCTIONALDVDS Please see Please 49016686 50485309 DVD 00842061 for completedescriptions. DVD (NTSC)�������������������� ��������������������������������������� CLASS MASTER Schott A M BRASS ll B B INSIDE BRASS BRASS – Canadian Brass S CANADIAN are thesametechniques any brassinstrument. These output thatgoesintoplaying relating tothetotalphysical brass studentandteacher A “must-own”guideforthe by CarmineCaruso FOR BRASS CALISTHENICS MUSICAL ethod �������������������������������� trings rass rass B rass S •M

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NE NE • T $19.95 $24.95 $14.95

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______What •Zanzibarandmore. Park •Misirlou • PennyLaneSalt Peanuts •So • Hello,Dolly!HoldingBacktheYearsMacArthur Anybody ReallyKnowWhatTimeItIs?•FeelsSoGood Song) •CherryPinkandAppleBlossomWhiteDoes changing pitch!Songsinclude:Cherokee(IndianLove you canadjusttherecordingtoanytempowithout enhanced withAmazingSlowDownersoftwareso solo in the book. For PC and MAC users, the CD is and accompaniment-onlytracksforeverytrumpet The accompanyingCDcontainsfull-banddemotracks instrument information,photos,history,andmore. notation, lessonsonhowtoplaythem,biographies, CD packageprovidessolotranscriptionsinstandard ______Bach; andmore! Blood, Sweat&Tears;MilesDavis;TitoPuente;J.S and practiceexercises.FeatureshitsfromtheBeatles; stuff aboutthetrumpet.TheCDcontainssongdemos trumpet gear,careandmaintenance,otherfun in manydifferentstyles.Includesinterestingtriviaon will helpyoufinallystartplayingyourfavoritesongs instrument, oralloftheabove,thisenjoyableguide reading music,playinginaband,findingtheright Trumpet is for you! Whether you want to learn about INSTRUCTION &TECHNIQUE 00312560 00311384 TRUMPET Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� TRUMPET SOLOS B of poptrumpet.Thisbook/ take alookatthe genesis Alpert andChuckMangione, Louis ArmstrongtoHerb From BixBeiderbeckeand by EricJ.Morones T 25 GREAT TRUMPET you’ve found it – trumpet-playing quest,then motivate you in your fun andengagingwayto youwishtherewerea by JonathanHarnum G A F ALL ABOUT ranscriptions ios uide *P un

to and hotos P S laying imple *L T


All About rumpet $19.99 $19.95 *

______practice aid. updates theearlierworksandincludes aCDas fingerings. Thiscompleteeditioncombines and trumpet, articulation,valvetechnique, andalternate ______these studies. includes aCDofPhilipSmithperformingeach Turrin, StephenBulla,andothers.Thisbookalso Curnow, AllenVizzutti,EllenTaaffeZwilich,Joseph York Philharmonic,fromsuchcomposersasJames for PhilipSmith,principalturmpetfromtheNew This collection contains music written specifically tonguing, intervals, and key signatures abounding. of thisbook,withtechnicalchallengesrange, advancedlevel.Lyricismisalargecomponent the originalConcertStudiesforTrumpet,onlyona the samemusicalandtechnicalchallengesfoundin ______available forguitar,keyboard,andtenorsaxophone. over variousmusicalstylesandprogressions.Also along examplessoyoucanpracticeimprovising 26 demotracksforlistening,aswellmanyplay- melodic phrasingideas.ThecompanionCDcontains developing amotif,buildingsolo,andmanyother – discussescontourlines,makingpatternsmusical, time, and other aspectsofrhythmic phrasing; Melody swing feel,rhythmicdisplacement,howtomanipulate phrasing ideas;Rhythm–coverslegatotonguing, harmonic embellishments, and other harmonic – exploresscales,arpeggios,chordsubstitutions, ideas aredividedintothreemainsections:Harmony and howtoimprovetheircreativephrasing.The50 14002210 44006765 00310902 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� JAZZ TRUMPET a personalhistoryofjazz John McNeil.Contains by renownedjazzmusician modern jazztrumpetplaying A comprehensivestudyof Music SalesAmerica by JohnMcNeil THE ARTOF This book/CDpack contains Curnow Music by PhilipSmith written forandperformed G 19 N ADVANCED learning howtoimprovise trumpet playerinterestedin Amazing Phrasingisforany Steve Herrman by DennisTaylor& 50 W TRUMPET PHRASING – AMAZING TRUMPET STUDIES FOR CONCERT I mprovisational rade ew ays 4T S

to tudies hrough I

mprove S

from kills 6 Y

$24.95 $19.95 $16.99



W $14.95 $24.95 $20.99 $20.99 NE ss bra ��������������������������� ��������������������������� INTENSIVE TRUMPET TECHNIQUE ed. Ferenc Aszodi Schott Most trumpet players blow downward a bit too much, thick, a in results which treble without tone dull This book and smoothness. presents technical exercises INTERMEDIATE STUDIES FOR DEVELOPING ARTISTS ON TRUMPET by Howard Hilliard Meredith Music This text covers every possible style appropriate to an intermediate book for brass. It includes music from GRADE edited by compiled and Janet Way Performances With CDs of and Accompaniments Boosey & Hawkes collections delightful These carefully-selected of pieces provide the perfect BY GRADE Includes: challenging and and challenging Includes: . ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Grade 1 Grade 2 00114419 49017916 48022738 48022739 rewarding music in a comfortable range for students with braces; musical exercises to teach phrasing; and lip slur exercises. The great musical examples make practicing feel effortless and enriching! In etudes of jazz a number etudes, classical to addition styles important represent that incorporated are including , Swing, Bebop, Blues and various Latin forms. ______to help shift the pressure point to the upper lip for a to help shift the pressure point to the upper lip for a better generally tone and a finer better treble, much embouchure. The book also contains information on trumpet techniques and a “check-up” for advanced and professional players. ______repertoire resource for aspiring Grade 1 and Grade for aspiring resource repertoire in these 2 instrumentalists. Each piece included by useful collections is complemented wide-ranging tips. A CD of demonstration and performance practice included to enhance both and backing tracks is also performance. private practice and public ______the 14th century up to the beginning of the 20th century from dozens of countries, including original compositions that mimic many historic styles. The musical selections outside the standard repertoire compare well in quality to the more famous works, and have unique elements that increase students’ vocabulary musical

ast $9.99 L $29.99 $12.99




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xercises and E

E armony ractice ntroduction H -P I rchestra tudes n echnique re echnical azz E ETUDES FOR TRUMPET O by Vassily Brandt/ arr. William Vacchiano of consists This collection of series acclaimed two study material for trumpet: (which Etudes Orchestra EXPLORING JAZZ TRUMPET A J T by Ollie Weston and Mark Armstrong Schott This book provides a comprehensive guide to jazz A DOZEN A DAY – A DOZEN A TRUMPET P T Willis Music A Dozen a Day books have long been the favorite pre- exercises technical practice for young pianists. Now these classic warm-up exercises ����������������������������������������� Book/CD-ROM Pack �������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 00120234 49017745 00120203 takes excerpts from the trumpet parts of well-known takes excerpts from the trumpet parts of well-known orchestral scores and develops them into study of material), and Last Etudes (which consists largely modulating scales). Both series are for the advanced of student and offer invaluable material for the study phrasing and for warm-up drills. ______trumpet. Each chapter contains tunes and exercises that will improve your playing in all areas – your technique, reading, creativity, improvisation and theory will all benefit as you gain an understanding of the history of jazz and of its innovators. Author Ollie Weston introduces you to the language of jazz theoretical and musical on focus to on goes then and concepts. Key techniques and styles explained include blues, bebop, chord types, , pentatonics, Latin, II-V-I progression, modal, and song forms and turnarounds. The book covers clear and concise guidance through harmonic and theoretical concepts, with demo solos played by editor Mark Armstrong accompanying the on tracks backing outstanding and CD-ROM. ______are available for instruments too! Complete with audio are available for instruments CD, these books help backing tracks on the included fingering and breathing develop and maintain good Suddenly playing. good all for basis – the technique rewarding... and a lot practice has become more more enjoyable! ______

6 $14.95 $17.95 $15.95 trumpet

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through T 3 and tudies B S rades our ew G Y et written for and performed by Curnow Music A series of short studies Smith, Philip for written CONCERT 16 N from 17 challenging etudes 17 challenging etudes technique,only not covering as such aspects also but rhythmic understanding, STUDIES FOR TRUMPET CONCERT Selected and Performed by Allen Vizzutti De Haske Publications ETUDES FOR TRUMPET Charles Lewis and BERKLEE PRACTICE BERKLEE METHOD: TRUMPET G by Tiger Okoshi; the Berklee Faculty Berklee Press in play to how Discover a band with this Berklee Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� includes demonstrations of each 50449432 44000611 44007578 who plays principal trumpet for the New York who plays principal trumpet for the . Designed for the intermediate to advanced player, and conceived for the B Practice Method book/CD pack! Lessons throughout Practice Method book/CD technique that is the book guide you through in a contemporary the trumpet to playing specific improvisation, ensemble. You’ll learn: melody and breathing, chords, scales, phrasing, articulations, interpreting lead sheets, theory, comping, reading, designed and much more. Daily practice routines are . musicians other with or yourself, by practicing for The accompanying CD features outstanding Berklee players and covers a variety of styles, including rock, funk, jazz, blues, swing and bossa nova. ______phrasing and tone color. Allen Vizzutti provides a the enclosed CD. sample interpretation of each piece on or , the full range of the instrument is explored from low F# to high D. Covers a wide range of triple tonguing, and double including skills, technique low register playing, challenging intervals, and key signatures that require intonation control of the The CD instrument. study performed by Smith. ______1158 INSTRUMENTAL ______Tune aDaysectionforcompletedescription. Please seetheInstrumentalInstruction–ANew Music SalesAmerica by BrianThomson FOR TRUMPET A NEWTUNEDAY ______resources. piano accompanimentsandadditionalonlineaudio tracks, anditaffordsaccesstofreedownloadable the first time with a newly-recorded CD of backing understand and easy to use. The book is packaged for and gradedconcertpieces,thismethodissimpleto new stageoflearning,alongsideplentifulexercises into units that provide clear explanations of each them frombeginnertointermediatelevels.Divided inspire thenextgenerationoftrumpeters,guiding ______piece ontheenclosedCD. perform assoloworks.Damrowhimselfplayseach offer amusicalchallengeandareverysuitableto ______how todevelopaprofessionaltechnique. shape a theme, play typical jazz linescorrectly, and brass 14022767 48023018 okC Pack Book/CD 14022760 44004817 49012219 Book/CD/DVD Pack Book/CD Pack����������������� (Performance Pieces)����� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� PLAY TRUMPET revised editiontoteachand brass, here is a freshly books forwoodwindsand winning seriesofinstruction From PeterWastall’saward- Boosey &Hawkes by PeterWastall (C LEARN ASYOU This will help them studies. Thiswillhelpthem are lookingfor“jazz-style” to learn to improvise and music studentswhowant This bookandCDwillhelp Schott by WolfEscher or for JAZZ STUDIES All the studies contemporary. Allthestudies styles, fromBaroqueto studies in many different This collectionincludes21 De HaskePublications by FritsDamrow T F STUDIES MULTISTYLE rits rumpet ornet O T D ther rumpet amrow

C and B ollection

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$17.95 $19.99 $12.95 $15.95 $27.95 )

______helpful demotracks! maintenance and much more. The CD features 70 exercises, special effects, equipment, performance, techniques, articulation,toneproduction,soloing, use resourceforavarietyoftopics,including: and accompanyingCDprovideaterrific,easy-to- in between. Thetext,photos,music,diagrams, spanning classicaltorockmusic,andeverything ______00699491 00699556 00842054 00312082 14041710 00320357 DVD 00842053 00842052 (Book/CD) Play TodayPlus CD/DVD Beginner’s Pack–Level1Book/ Songbook (Book/CD)����� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Level 2Book/CDPack������� Level 1Book/CDPack������� TIPS PIECES FORTRUMPET PERFORMANCE POP TUNE ADAY– all levelscanbenefitfrom, to insightthattrumpetersof book presentsvaluablehow- playing tothenextlevel?This Ready to take your trumpet by ScottBarnard K S 101 TRUMPET complete description. a DaySeriesfeaturefor Please seetheNewTune Music SalesAmerica A NEW complete description. Series featurefora Please seethePlayToday S T TODAY! TRUMPET PLAY �������������������������������� tuff now elf he U �������������������������� -T A

and ltimae eaching ll ����������������������

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ros ethod

NE $14.95 $19.95 $12.95 $14.95 $14.99 $14.99 $9.95 $9.95 W

______description. Please see theTipbook section for a complete by HugoPinksterboer T ANDCORNET TIPBOOK TRUMPETANDTROMBONE, ______boards. the syllabusrequirementsofmajorexamination at thefirstlevelofplaying,andiscompatiblewith accompaniments forscalesandarpeggiosrequired the supplieddownloadcard.Thisvolumecontains are includedforstudentpracticeathomeusing played bytheteacherinlessons,plusalloftracks musical experience.Theaccompanimentscanbe and arpeggiosfromdryrudimentsintoanexciting tracks in a variety of styles to transform scales ______selected exercisesfromthebook. along recordingfeaturingArturoSandovalperforming student. Eachvolumecomescompletewithaplay- exciting andeffectiveapproachforthetrumpet builders, stylistic etudes and duets to present an a carefulblendofwarm-upexercises,technique own unique,creativestyleofteaching.Arturouses traditional exercisesandroutinesshareshis basic musicianship.Withthismethodheincorporates a comprehensiveapproachtotrumpetplayingand world-renowned trumpeter Arturo Sandoval presents ______he C omplete 00332806 14043139 00696536 Beginner 00696538 Intermediate 00696540 Advanced G uide ��������������������������������������� Book/Online Audio TRUMPET WITH SCALES: presents imaginativebacking to practicetheirscales.It encourage young musicians to helpmotivateand new resource,designed Playing withScalesisa Music SalesAmerica PLAYING PLAYING ARTURO SANDOVAL– series ofmethodbooks, With thisthree-volume Book/CD Packs TRUMPET STUDIES FOR PERFORMANCE TECHNIQUES & ������������������������� ������������������������ �������������������

����������� NE $14.99 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $9.99 W



! $19.95 $17.95 $14.95 $19.95 $29.95 NE NE NE NE ethod ��������


����������������������� eaching ltimate ss bra -T U he elf �������������������������������� �������������������������������� by Brian Thomson Music Sales America PLAY T S featuring Charlie Menghini A NEW TUNE A DAY – TRUMPET, BOOK 1 TODAY! DVD TRUMPET Warren Vache, I LOVE Instructor Artists House THE TRUMPET CLARK Artists House TERRY – THE JAZZ MASTER CLASS SERIES FROM NYU 2-DVD Set Book/CD/DVD Pack Level 1 Book/CD + DVD �� complete descriptions. INSTRUCTIONAL DVDS INSTRUCTIONAL 00320788 14022767 00320357 DVD 00320432 DVD 00699556 Please see for Please see ______

W $6.95 $5.99 $24.95 $14.99 NE ���������

WEBSTERS PPP: PREPARATION, PRACTICE, PERFORMANCE FOR TRUMPET Dr. Roger Webster Fentone Music This is the “must have” book for all serious brass players. In addition to 33 fantastic TRUMPET TRUMPET by Craig Pedersen and Ueli Dörig Berklee Press Add unique trumpet sounds The of colors. to your palette trumpet is capable of a great range of sounds, from half- SOUND EFFECTS The accompanying online online accompanying The . Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book 1 ������������������������������ Book 2 ������������������������������ Book/Online Audio 44006346 14034230 14034231 00121626 musical studies (including performance notes), the musical studies (including performance notes), book also prepares the player in both body and mind to ensure top-notch concert performances. This item Webster Roger featuring CD demo a with comes performing the studies from the book. ______A TUNE A DAY – CORNET OR TRUMPET by C. Paul Herfurth Music Sales America a Please see the Instrumental Instruction – A Tune Day series feature for a complete description. ______recordings provide demonstrations of each sound of each sound provide demonstrations recordings for the etudes. effect and play-along tracks ______valve and growls effects to percussion sounds and valve and growls effects to perform dozens mutes. This book shows you how with etudes that put them of different inventive effects, contexts musical into

, W $6.95 $15.95 $16.99 $14.99 NE ornet rumpet , C T aritone



rumpet pproach and

T A lat dagios resh B-F Allen Vizzutti plays all of the TRUMPET 20 A by Allen Vizzutti De Haske Publications 20 short study compositions ideal for practicing lyricism, natural tone, of beauty phrasing and smooth flow. SONORITY A F by John Kember & Sam Lewis Schott This collection of original tunes presents 180 carefully graded sight-reading pieces and exercises in a range of TRUMPET SIGHT-READING TRUMPET HANON by Scott Barnard on If you want to work this your trumpet chops, is the book for you! These you help will exercises 75 build your endurance and flexibility, challenging you in fun, interesting and methodical ways. Topics lugelhorn F FINGERING FINGERING CHART Chester Music This fold-out chart features instrument care instructions, samples, photos and notation a diagram. TRUMPET TRUMPET for ����������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� 14011343 44007544 49019405 00842709 ______pieces on the enclosed CD as a guide to interpretation. ______musical styles. Taking an approach based on self- focus on the 11 sections of the book learning, as developing different key technical skills as well terms. musical of plethora to a student the introducing as Each section of the book contains solos, as well trumpet duets and pieces with piano accompaniment for practicing ensemble sight-reading. Suitable for preliminary to advanced level students. Part of the comprehensive Sight-Reading series published by Schott and edited by John Kember. In English, French and German. ______covered include: articulation; dynamics; range; breath range; dynamics; articulation; include: covered management; finger & lip flexibility; double & triple tonguing; scales; arpeggios; and more! ______1160 INSTRUMENTAL ______Vehicle (IdesofMarch). (Blood, Sweat&Tears)•25or6to 4(Chicago)• ______Toy Trumpet(RaymondScott). ______(Billy Preston). Sussudio (PhilCollins)•WillItGoRoundinCircles of Fire(JohnnyCash)•SirDuke(StevieWonder) separate backingtracks. should sound,andthenplayalongusingthe sound-alike recordingsandhearhowthetrumpet Just followtheprintedmusic,listento play yourfavoritesongsquicklyandeasily. The TrumpetPlay-AlongSerieswillhelpyou brass 00320623 DVD 00137385 00137384 00137383 TRUMPET PLAY-ALONG Book/Online Audio Book/Online Audio Book/Online Audio REVEALED SECRETS Thomas &Tuttobene by JohnThomas M T TRUMPET ROCK HITS & Fire)•SpinningWheel September (Earth,Wind Love (SteveWinwood)• Day (Chicago)•Higher Feelin’ StrongerEvery Blues (SteelyDan)• (The Beatles)•Deacon All You Need Is Love 3. CLASSIC Honey (HerbAlpert)•The Blues (AlHirt)•ATasteof Flea (HerbAlpert)•Sugar Crewe Generation)•Spanish (Bob Mangione) •(AlHirt) • FeelsSoGood(Chuck () CLASSICS 2. TRUMPET Loca (RickyMartin)•Ring Poindexter) •Livin’LaVida • Hot(Buster What Time It Is? (Chicago) • DoesAnybodyReallyKnow the Copa)(BarryManilow) favorites: Copacabana(At This volumeincludes8 1. POPULAR he ulti �������������������������������� U -L ltimae evel G

uide ��������� ��������� ��������� NE NE NE NE $29.95 $16.99 $16.99 $16.99 W W W W

______Sugar Lips(AlHirt). Theme (AlHirt)•TheOddCouple(NealHefti) ______Theme from“ZorbatheGreek”•andmore. Love withYou•TijuanaTaxiWhatNowMy • Spanish Flea • A Taste of Honey • This Guy’s in ______discography. the Knife • Stardust • and more. Includes a bio and ______• andmore.Includesabiodiscography Shine •TigerRagWhentheSaintsGoMarchingIn Chop Suey •GutBucketBluesHotter Than Hot• 16 songshe’sfamousfor:BasinStreetBlues•Cornet note transcriptionsofthislegend’strumpetplayingon 00137386 00672557 Trumpet 00672481 Trumpet 00672480 Trumpet ARTIST FOLIOS Book/Online Audio THEMES (Bill Conti)•GreenHornet Rota) •GonnaFlyNow • The Godfather Waltz (Nino Dragnet (WalterSchumann) (Ennio Morricone)• Prado) •Deborah’sTheme Blossom White (Perez Cherry PinkandApple 4. GREAT • TheLonelyBullRise Theme fromCasinoRoyale Records. Titlesinclude: movement aswellA&M founded the“Ameriachi” from the music legend who 13 trumpettranscriptions Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION HERB ALPERT Dolly! • Lazy River • Mack Dolly! •LazyRiver • Mack • BodyandSoulHello, Ain’t Misbehavin’•AllofMe on 16fantasticstandards: of Satchmo’strumpetplaying note-for-note transcriptions This collectionassembles Artist Transcriptions PLAYS STANDARDS The Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION ARMSTRONG THE LOUIS songbook featuresnote-for- (jazz’s) history.” This great most importantmusicianin Louis Armstrong as “the regards trumpet virtuoso �������������������������� �������������������������� �������������������������� All MusicGuide ��������� NE $16.99 $14.99 $17.95 $17.95 W

other forB ______When IFallinLove. You DoingtheRestofYourLife?•What’llIDo? for theRoad)•AThousandKissesDeepWhatAre No OrdinaryLove•OneforMyBaby(AndMore You •MyOneandOnlyLoveTheNearnessof • TheLookofLoveThemeMidnightWithout Embraceable You • Good Morning Heartache • Lisa and more.Titlesinclude:BackintoMyHeart• ______and discography. Tune Up•YouBetterGoNowandmore.Includesbio Becomes You•MyFunnyValentineOldFlame Without YouVeryWell•Let’sGetLostMoonlight inserts forthetrumpetpart:oneE only trackforplay-alongpractice.Includestwoscore trumpeter RyanAnthony,plusanaccompaniment- two tracks:afullrecordingbyCanadianBrass reduction accompaniment,andafantasticCDfeaturing ______00672556 00672435 50484976 50484975 b trumpet. ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Edition ���������������������������� Franz JosephHaydn Edition ���������������������������� Johann NepomukHummel You, NightSessions, Duets, Midnight Without in Love, To Love Again:The selling albumsWhenIFall trumpeter andhisbest- regarded popularjazz 15 piecesfromthishighly Artist Transcriptions CHRIS BOTTI BEST OF High theMoon•IGetAlong You Met Miss Jones •How Early MorningMood•Have which includes:Cherokee• are presentedinthisfolio, trumpet andvocalstylings Both Baker’sdistinctive Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION THE CHETBAKER trumpet parts,piano These editionsfeature Book/CD Packs edited byRyanAnthony P C CONCERTOS TRUMPET BRASS – CANADIAN erforming anadian B rass E ditions

b S trumpet,the olo

$19.95 $19.95 $24.99 $21.99


$19.95 $19.95 $19.95 ss bra – MILES DAVIS VOL. 2 STANDARDS Artist Transcriptions Transcriptions This Artist 15 morecollection features bystandards as interpreted forMiles, transcribed note note for trumpet. Songs: Airegin • Basin Street Blues • Footprints • I’ll Remember Artist Transcriptions trumpet every for must A player, this songbook features 20 transcribed solos from this jazz giant’s from varied career, long and swing to bebop to Latin. Includes: Anthropology • Signature Licks Learn the trademark riffs and licks from one of the greatest jazz trumpeters of all time through this book/CD pack featuring instruction, commentary, and audio examples. Songs examined Con• Anthropology include: THE COLLECTION DIZZY GILLESPIE ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� ����������������������������������������� 00672449 00672479 00695853 April • It Never Entered My Mind • Lament • Nature BoyApril • It Never Entered My What’s• Starlight by Stella • Midnight ’Round • Oreo • • Yesterdays. Includes aNew? • Will You Still Be Mine bio and a discography. ______Blues ’N Boogie • Con Alma • Dizzy Atmosphere • Atmosphere • Dizzy Alma • Con ’N Boogie Blues Dizzy Meets Sonny • I Can’t Get Started with You • It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) • Jersey Bounce • Manteca • A Night in Tunisia • Salt Peanuts • Sophisticated Lady • Stardust • Stella by more. and • You Woodyn’ • Deo Tin • Tin Starlight Includes an extensive biography and discography. ______Alma • Dizzy Atmosphere • Groovin’ High • Jersey• High Groovin’ • Atmosphere Dizzy Alma • Bounce • Manteca • A Night in Tunisia • Salt Peanuts •• Shawnuff • • Tour De Force Woodyn’ You. ______$19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 57 for

heets ������������������������� S ompositions ead C MILES DAVIS – MILES DAVIS VOL. 1 ORIGINALS Artist Transcriptions Miles Davis classic 15 solos Miles’ with originals transcribed. Titles include: •All Blues • Half Nelson Milestones • Solar • Sid’s and What • So • Ahead more. Also includes a bio and discography. MILES DAVIS REAL BOOK L Miles Davis gave the jazz world innumerable musical innovations and his supporting musicians provided a virtual who’s who MILES DAVIS – STANDARDS VOL. 1 Artist Transcriptions Some of Miles’s best work of the 1950s and 1960s is of folio this in highlighted 21 classic popular and jazz tunes. Titles include: All of You • Bye, Bye Blackbird • FaceYour See I • Living Easy MILES DAVIS – ORIGINALS VOL. 2 Artist Transcriptions 14 more Davis originals he transcribed exactly as recorded them. Includes: Agitation • Bitches Brew • • Miles • Four • One Eighty Petits Machins • So What • and more. C Edition ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� 00672448 00240137 00672450 00672451 ______of the modern jazz era. The Miles Davis Real Book contains highly accurate, easy-to-read, musician- friendly lead sheets for nearly 60 of his most famous original compositions, including: All Blues • Bitches Lives) Bop (Be Boplicity • Green in Blue • Brew • Budo • Eighty One • Flamenco Sketches • Four • • Freddie Freeloader • Half Nelson • Miles Milestones • Nardis • The Serpent’s Tooth • Seven Solar • What So • Bells at Sippin’ • Heaven to Steps • Somethin’ Else • Theme • Tune Up • Vierd Blues • and dozens more top tunes. The book also features plastic-comb binding for durability and ease of use. Essential for every jazz fan! 8.5” x 11” ______Before Me • Love Me or Leave Me • My Funny Valentine • When I Fall in Love • and much more. Includes a bio and discography. ______

$29.95 $24.95 $19.95 $18.95 and

the Kind of Kind


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& S the omposer nalysis

��������������� C ������������������ & A azz from

J tudy reat ompositions ranscriptions arts cores mprovisor T P C G by Lex Giel This comprehensive text provides analyzes the works, THE MUSIC OF MILES DAVIS A S MILES DAVIS – KIND OF BLUE Transcribed Scores release 1959 The This landmark publication This landmark publication presents the music of the concert in Nonet Davis Miles score format. It includes an notes introduction, extensive on the restoration process, Blue is one of the most jazz in influential history. This book features transcriptions of all the improvised solos as well as sketch scores for all the MILES DAVIS – BIRTH OF THE COOL S MILES DAVIS Signature Licks riffs andLearn the trademark legendary Mileslicks from the this book/CDDavis through pack featuring commentary, instruction, and audio examples. Featuring 12 of his most popular works: Autumn Leaves • Billie’s Bounce (Bill’s I ��������������������������������������� Original Scores Sketch Scores Book/CD Pack ����������������� 00842011 00672452 00672460 00695383 transcriptions of the solos, and much more. For all Songs covered include: All Blues music enthusiasts. • Four • Freddie Freeloader • My Funny Valentine • Nardis • So What • Solar • Stella by Starlight • Tune Up • and more! ______bios of the and arrangers, and note-for- arrangers, and and of the composers bios • note transcriptions of: Boplicity (Be Bop Lives) • Rouge • Move • Dreams Moon • Jeru • Israel Venus De Milo • and more. ______songs from this landmark release. Songs: So What • Freddie Freeloader • Blue in Green • All Blues • and Flamenco Sketches. ______Bounce) • Bitches Brew • Boplicity (Be Bop Lives) •Bounce) • Bitches Brew . • Freddie Freeloader • JeruBye Bye Blackbird • E.S.P Valentine • So What • Stella• Milestones • My Funny by Starlight. ______1162 INSTRUMENTAL ______Apple •andmore. I’ll RememberApril•SailAwayScrapplefromthe • DarnThatDreamICan’tGetStartedWithYou well ashisowncompositions.Songsinclude:Angela note transcriptionsofHarrell’ssolosinstandardsas ______Sunflower •RedClayThermoUpJumpedSpring. views onthejazzscene.Songsinclude:IntrepidFox•Little interview withFreddie,whoshareshisexperiencesand ______CD ofperformancesandplay-alongaccompaniments . players, fromthecreatorofMicrojazz . Includesa nursery rhymesforintermediateto advanced-level ______Believe •andPeggyHill,plusabiography. You Got•HillWheretheLordHidesLandofMake Everything with You • Fun and Games • Give It All the CloudsAway•Children of Sanchez•Doin’ pop anthem“FeelsSoGood”and:Bellavia•Chase Mangione tunes.Includeshisbelovedmelodicjazz- brass 00672382 00673214 48019798 00672506 ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� a discography, and note-for- book includesabiography, musicians Harrell isoneoftoday’stop flugelhorn soloist,Tom A first-rate trumpet and Artist Transcriptions SOLOS COLLECTION JAZZ TRUMPET THE TOMHARRELL T T songs, Christmas carols and well-known spirituals,folk inventive pieces based on 15 entertainingand Boosey &Hawkes 15 O COLLECTION NORTON CONCERT THE CHRISTOPHER and flugelhornfor10hot transcriptions fortrumpet book features note-for-note Our ArtistTranscriptions Artist Transcriptions 10 T COLLECTION MANGIONE THE CHUCK improvisational styles, and an look athisoverallplayingand which takesananalytical Also includesaforeword by thisjazztrumpetlegend. 24 compositionsandsolos for-note transcriptionsof This collectionfeaturesnote- Artist Transcriptions rumpet ranscriptions rumpet riginal


P P and ieces iano F lugelhorn

for $19.95 $14.95 $25.99 $19.95 .


______articulations. for trumpetandconcertkeyaswellWoody’s directly fromtherecordingwithchordchanges ______()•more. Round Midnight(MilesDavis)•MyFunnyValentine ______trumpet players,hasrecordedthedemo tracks. all thiscomplete,AllenVizzutti,oneoftheworld’sbest soloist, accompaniedbyanawesomecombo.Tomake that feeling.TheCDoffersyouthepossibilitytobe ______three sharps,orfewer. endurance, andthekeysignaturesareallthreeflats, 00855057 00672525 44004896 44004884 ������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Woody III. Transcribed to the “Moontrane” album from impeccable performances personal solosrepresenting 15 of ’s highly SOLOS JAZZ TRUMPET WOODY SHAW– Nostalgia (FatsNavarro)• Manteca (DizzyGillespie)• them famous.Includes: style oftheartistthatmade played them–truetothe transcribed asSandoval 19 solosfortrumpet Artist Transcriptions TRUMPET EVOLUTION ARTURO SANDOVAL– , you can live Jazz Adventures,youcanlive unequalled experience.With with top musicians is an knows that playing top pieces different bandsororchestras Anyone who has played in De HaskePublications ADVENTURES VIZZUTTI –JAZZ ALLEN in tohelpwithpacingand many years.Restsarewritten that theymaybeenjoyedfor play, but also challenging, so These 20capricesarefunto De HaskePublications FOR TRUMPET 20 CAPRICES VIZZUTTI – ALLEN Rosewood in Katrina Ballerinain and onto $19.95 $15.95 $15.95 $8.95

______recording toanytempowithoutchangingthepitch. also enhancedsoMacandPCuserscanadjustthe to Be.TheCDisplayableonanyplayer,and • Take the “A” Train • Things Ain’t What They Used Stomp •MemoriesofYouPeaceSambaDeOrfeu Charts include: In a Sentimental Mood • King Porter Orchestra, andcountlessothers. the StanKentonOrchestra,TommyDorsey Las Vegasstaplewho’splayedwithDocSeverinson, ______phrasing andinterpretation . dotted rhythmsand syncopationaswelltipson ______church orhomeenjoyment! accompaniment CD.Greatforconcerts,contests, ______school andcollegeplayers. making these ideal collections for advanced high Special studywaspaidtostatecontestsololists, Maxwell Davies, Rorem, Stravinsky, Tull, and others. SONGBOOKS &REPERTOIRE 00672560 48019799 44003259 48019637 Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� ANTHOLOGY HAWKES TRUMPET THE BOOSEY& featuring TonyScodwell,a accompaniment onCD classics withfullbigband playing thesolosonseven will get a kick out of your home!Trumpeters Bring abigbandrightinto F cises ontonguing,slurring, supplementary studyexer- mediate student.Includes fully arrangedfortheinter- Hummel andNerudacare- Concertos byHaydn, Boosey &Hawkes arr. EdwardMaxwell FOR TRUMPET CONCERTO CLASSICS recorded demonstration/ Includes aprofessionally intermediate levels. from veryeasytoearly styles, carefullygraded a wide variety of musical 12 outstandingsolosin F SOLOS CONCERT Bernstein, Britten,Copland, composers, including prominent Boosey &Hawkes works bythemost New collectionfeaturing Boosey &Hawkes 21 P CLASSICS eaturing or

the ieces Y T

oung by ony 13C P S layer codwell omposers $14.99 $20.99 $15.95 $24.99


$16.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $22.95 nstrumental

������������� ������������� I ss bra chirmer ibrary WEDDING Wedding Essentials Series The Wedding Essentials series is a great resource for wedding musicians, featuring for a beautiful Each variety of instruments. book includes a reference choose couples help to CD THE TRUMPET THE TRUMPET COLLECTION G. S Mark Niehaus, Recorded by principal trumpet of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and pianist Laura Ward G. Schirmer, Inc. TRUMPET SOLOS L Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/2-CD Pack Book/2-CD Pack ��������������������������������������� omposers omposers com for complete contents lists, lists, contents complete for com . omposers 10 C 11 C 8 C by by

00842500 50486137 50486145 50486153 50490593 by

halleonard ieces ieces ieces the perfect songs for their wedding ceremony or reception. This folio for trumpet features 10 songs: Air on the G String • Allegro Maestoso • Ave Maria • Jupiter • Ode to Joy • Rondeau • Triumphal March • Wedding Trumpet Voluntary • Trumpet Tune • March. ______This series presents literature for a variety of of variety a presents literature for This series with level, difficulty by organized instruments, about each piece. These historical information with beautiful companion collections are packaged as well as recorded piano recordings of all the pieces, designed accompaniments. The compilations are particular with players, college and school high for state contest repertory attention paid to various is as well-represented, are composers Master lists. standard literature for each instrument. Please visit . www of sample book pages, and selected audio files recorded selections. EASY TO INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 12 P ______INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 11 P ______INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED LEVEL 9 P ______TRUMPET DUOS FOR BEGINNERS transcribed and edited by Péter Perényi Editio Musica Budapest 70 easy duos, including rhythm games, folk tunes, to and performance pieces from the Medieval era the present. ______

$17.95 $10.99 $15.99 $24.99 $12.95 $12.95

Trumpet ����������������������� b ��������������������������� Book/CD pack featuring featuring Book/CD pack transcriptions of Maynard Ferguson’s solo trumpet parts in the book and performance album original ofthe Ferguson Maynard MUSIC MINUS MUSIC MINUS – MAYNARD BIG BOP NOUVEAU For B RUBANK TRUMPET STARS Book/CD Packs Vandercook, H.A. by Written this is the famous series of trumpet solos that has proven to be so popular with students and teachers. All titles are grade 1 or 1-1/2. SOLOS FOR ed. Walter Beeler G. Schirmer, Inc. Please see the Solos Series complete a for feature description. THE TRUMPET PLAYER Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book Only CD Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� Set 2 �������������������������������� Set 1 �������������������������������� 08721606 50329980 50490441 50490440 04470001 04479886 Band (minus Maynard) on the play-along CD. (minus Band ______Includes a demonstration CD featuring both the the Includes a demonstration CD featuring both the trumpet part and the accompaniment, as well as Vega, Lyra, Includes: only. accompaniment piano Cygnus, Antares, Altair, and Arcturus. ______

- $9.99 $9.95 $10.99 $10.99 (which (which

All the Thingsthe All avorite (which Etudes Last F s ’ eries #117 S orld eries olo Includes: Autumn in New York • Greene St. Caper • I Remember You • I’m Old- JAZZ TRUMPET SOLOS Features 11 transcriptions performancesoutstanding of Baker,Chet jazz legends by Woody Shaw, Tom Harrell and Freddie Hubbard. Ashley Publications, Inc. 87 etudes for trumpet, plus complete 1st Trumpet parts for two Tchaikovsky symphonies and two works by Rimsky-Korsakov. MASTERWORKS FOR TRUMPET – BOOK 1 W S This collection consists This collection consists of two acclaimed series of trumpet: material for study Etudes Orchestra takes excerpts from the trum ETUDES FOR TRUMPET S by Vassily Brandt/ arr. William Vacchiano THE DEFINITIVE THE DEFINITIVE JAZZ COLLECTION collection incredible An greatest jazzof 88 of the compiled into songs ever one volume. Includes: Ain’t • Misbehavin’ You Are • Birdland • Body and Soul • A Foggy Day • Here’s That Rainy Day • Love ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������� 00510117 08721676 00120234 00672363 ______Midnight Sunfor Sale • Mercy, Mercy, Mercy • • Skylark Vermont • Night and Day • Moonlight in more. • Stormy Weather • Sweet Georgia Brown • and ______Fashioned • My Funny Valentine • Someday My Prince Will Come • and more. ______pet parts of well-known orchestral scores and develops pet parts of well-known orchestral scores and develops and material), study into them consists largely of modulating scales). Both series are for the advanced student and offer invaluable material for the study of phrasing and for warm-up drills. 1164 INSTRUMENTAL ______Allison. Afascinatingread! trumpet butdid,such asBennyGoodmanandMose jazz figureswhoseemunlikelytohave recordedon Navarro, KingOliverandhundredsof others–plus Freddie Hubbard,Keppard,Lee Morgan,Fats Allen, Chet Baker, Bunny Berrigan, Roy Eldridge, Marsalis, TerenceBlanchard,Arturo Sandoval,Red Dizzy Gillespie,LouisArmstrong,Miles Davis,Wynton milestones andkeyrecordings.Artistcoveredinclude: relationships with other influential players, career artist’s uniquetraits,intriguinglifeexperiences, intimate biographicalprofilesthatdescribeeach ______Southern MusicCompany by EdwardSolomon YOUNG PLAYER TRUMPET SOLOSFORTHE ______Southern MusicCompany arr. ArthurEphross/JanStark T SERIES –BOOK1F CHURCH INSTRUMENTALIST ______and endurance. that provideastrongbaseforimprovedperformance breath controlandextraordinarytonguingtechniques foracompletelisting. for asamplingoftitlesavailableorgotohal- available throughHalLeonard.Seebelow result, SouthernMusicpublicationsarenow distributes LaurenKeiserMusic,andasa ments, orchestra,andmore.HalLeonard band, chambergroups,individualinstru- thousands oftitlesincludingrepertoirefor music publisher.Southernhaspublished recently acquiredbyLaurenKeiser,vetern Southern MusicCompanypublicationswere rumpet brass SOUTHERN MUSICCOMPANY P 00330777 03770602 03770646 03770191 art TRUMPET REFERENCE ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� embouchure, lipflexibility, for thedevelopmentof this collectionofstudies around theworldrelyon Trumpet players/students Southern MusicCo. Earl Irons T OF EXERCISES 27 GROUPS rumpet past andpresent,through brilliant jazztrumpeters, and musicallivesof479 unveils thepersonal This engagingbook Backbeat Books by ScottYanow the T TRUMPET KINGS he S P ound layers S tudies

of W J azz ho S T haped rumpet $22.95 $15.95 $13.95 $8.95

______rock, funk,jazz,blues,swingandbossanova. Berklee playersandcoversavarietyofstyles,including musicians. TheaccompanyingCDfeaturesoutstanding are designedforpracticingbyyourself,orwithother lead sheets,andmuchmore.Dailypracticeroutines chords, scales,theory,comping,reading,interpreting and improvisation,phrasing,articulations,breathing, in acontemporaryensemble.You’lllearn:melody technique thatisspecifictoplayingthetrombone Lessons throughoutthebookguideyouthrough ______bass clefeditions,withtextbyJ. of thiswonderfulmusic.Publishedinbothtrebleand and professionalswillbechallengedbythedemands They areprogressivelygradedsothatbothbeginners signatures andkeys,stylesfromballadstofunk. experience, featuringcommonanduncommontime any instrument,thesepiecesrunthegamutofjazz Johnson. Designedasstudymaterialandplayableby ______INSTRUCTION &TECHNIQUE 50449433 00842042 00842018 TROMBONE Book/CD Pack����������������� Treble ClefEdition Bass ClefEdition EXERCISES AND Method book/CDpack! with thisBerkleePractice Learn howtoplayinaband Berklee Press and theBerkleeFaculty by JimOdgren,BillPierce G METHOD: TROMBONE PRACTICE BERKLEE trombonist/composer J. pieces by the master is acollectionoforiginal the Jazz Instrumentalist Exercises andEtudesfor by J.J.Johnson INSTRUMENTALIST THE JAZZ ETUDES FOR et Y our B and �������������

���������� T ogether $14.95 $16.95 $16.95

______various Latinforms. styles includingDixieland,Swing,Bebop,Bluesand jazz etudesareincorporatedthatrepresentimportant enriching! Inadditiontoclassicaletudes,anumberof musical examplesmakepracticingfeeleffortlessand to teachphrasing;andlipslurexercises.Thegreat range forstudentswithbraces;musicalexercises challenging andrewardingmusicinacomfortable that increase students’ musical vocabulary. Includes: the morefamousworks,andhaveuniqueelements the standardrepertoirecomparewellinqualityto many historicstyles.Themusicalselectionsoutside countries, includingoriginalcompositionsthatmimic to thebeginningof20thcenturyfromdozens brass. Itincludesmusicfromthe14thcenturyup ______Tune aDaysectionforcompletedescription. Please seetheInstrumentalInstruction–ANew Music SalesAmerica by AmosMiller A NEWTUNEDAY FOR TROMBONE ______Big Band. video tracksrecordedbyJiggsWhigham and theBBC includes an enhanced CD withplay-along audio and 00114420 okC Pack Book/CD 14022759 14022752 14022766 49030452 ��������������������������������������� (Performance Pieces)����� Book/CD Pack������������������� Book/CD/DVD Pack Book/CD Pack����������������� to anintermediatebookfor possible styleappropriate This textcoversevery Meredith Music by HowardHilliard EUPHONIUM ON TROMBONE/ DEVELOPING ARTISTS STUDIES FOR INTERMEDIATE playing jazztrombone.It inspirational guideto This book/CD pack is an Schott and JohnKember by JiggsWhigham and C TROMBONE JAZZ oncepts E xamples , I



$14.95 $17.95 $12.95 $29.95 $9.95


W $12.99 $24.99 $10.99 $16.99 $19.95 $14.95 NE ethod


����������������������� eaching ltimate ss bra ��������������������������� -T U he elf �������������������������������� TROMBONE by H.A. VanderCook Rubank Publications The popular Trombone Gems by H.A. VanderCook are now combined in this collection that is also state on many included pieces The lists. contest GEMS SOLOS FOR ed. Henry Charles Smith G. Schirmer, Inc. Please see the Solos Series complete a for feature description. PLAY T S featuring John Timmins TODAY! TROMBONE TROMBONE THE TROMBONE PLAYER J.J. JOHNSON COLLECTION Artist Transcriptions the This collection by trombonist legendary best his of 23 contains recorded solos, including: Coffee Pot • Blue Nun • Fatback • Opus De Focus • and more. Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� CD Only Book Only ����������������������������������������� COLLECTIONS 04470002 00320508 DVD 50490442 50490443 50330090 00672332 range in difficulty from grade 1 to grade 3. Includes a demonstration CD with a full performance recording only recording for each song. and accompaniment Contents: Ruby • Emerald • Turquoise • Garnet • • Diamond • Sapphire • Amethyst • Opal • Topaz Pearl ______


$7.50 $32.95 $12.95 $14.00 $17.95 NE �������� A NEW by Amos Miller Music Sales America TUNE A DAY – TROMBONE, BOOK 1 ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Book/CD/DVD Pack ����������������������������������������� complete descriptions. 03770616 14022766 03770339 03770615 03770385 rombone Please see for SOUTHERN MUSIC COMPANY SOUTHERN T naccompanied naccompanied TROMBONE INSTRUCTIONAL DVDS SIX SUITES, BOOK 1 (SUITES 4, 5, 6) U J.S. Bach/arr. Robert Marsteller Southern Music Company ______ADVANCED SLIDE TECHNIQUE for Robert Marsteller Southern Music Co. ______SIX SUITES, BOOK 1 (SUITES 1, 2, 3) U J.S. Bach/arr. Robert Marsteller Southern Music Company Six suites written by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) for unaccompanied cello. The suites by have been transcribed for baritone/trombone Robert Marsteller. ______Southern Music Company publications were Company publications Southern Music vetern by Lauren Keiser, recently acquired published Southern has music publisher. for of titles including repertoire thousands individual instru- band, chamber groups, more. Hal Leonardments, orchestra, and Music, and as adistributes Lauren Keiser publications are nowresult, Southern Music Leonard. See belowavailable through Hal available or go to hal- for a sampling of titles listing. for a complete THE TRIGGER TROMBONE by Earl Hoffman Southern Music Company ______

$4.99 $9.95 $5.95 $24.95 $14.99 $20.95 $18.95 $14.95 ethod


eaching ltimate ������������������������ ������������������������ -T U he elf �������������������������������� TROMBONE FUNDAMENTALS Schott result the is volume This of 20 years of teaching aimed is and experience at both beginners and advanced trombonists. Klaus Bruschke provides a wealth of material for daily Please see the Play Today Today Play the see Please a Series feature for complete description. PLAY T S TODAY! TROMBONE TROMBONE TROMBONE POSITION CHART by David Harrison Chester Music This chart includes advice on instrument care, notation of guide and a photo/diagram the instrument. ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Level 1 Book/CD Pack ������� Book 2 ������������������������������ Volume 1 Volume 2 ��������������������������������������� uide G 14041704 49016814 00699917 00320508 DVD 14034229 50510339 50510338 00332806 omplete C he ______practicing as well as various exercises on the following practicing as well as various exercises on the following coordination tonguing, buzzing, breathing, themes: and velocity, intervals, thirds, arpeggios, dotted notes, chromaticism, legato, dynamics, intonation. ______A TUNE A DAY – TROMBONE by C. Paul Herfurth Music Sales America Please see the Instrumental Instruction – A Tune a Day series feature for a complete description. ______T by Hugo Pinksterboer a complete section for see the Tipbook Please description. ______TIPBOOK TRUMPET AND TROMBONE, FLUGELHORN AND CORNET P. Makovecz Editio Musica Budapest ______SELECTED STUDIES – VOLUME 1 SELECTED STUDIES 1166 INSTRUMENTAL ______playing shellinstruments. photos ofhisvariousmutes,andinfooncreating by andbioofTurre,adiscography,fantasticnotes • YouAretheSunshineofMyLife.Includesapreface Greens •SomethingforJohnStompin’attheSavoy The NearnessofYou•PuenteSoulRay’sCollard Mood • Lament • Let It Go • Misty • Mood Indigo • musical vocabulary and haveuniqueelementsthatincreasestudents’ compare wellinqualitytothemorefamousworks, musical selectionsoutsidethestandardrepertoire compositions thatmimicmanyhistoricstyles.The century fromdozensofcountries,includingoriginal the 14thcenturyuptobeginningof20th ______Latin forms. including Dixieland,Swing,Bebop,Bluesandvarious are incorporated that represent important styles addition to classical etudes, a number of jazz etudes make practicingfeeleffortlessandenriching!In and lipslurexercises.Thegreatmusicalexamples with braces;musicalexercisestoteachphrasing; rewarding musicinacomfortablerangeforstudents brass INSTRUCTION &TECHNIQUE 00672489 Trombone 00114421 ��������������������������������������� . Includes: challenging and TUBA Harlem •InaSentimental Body andSoul•Echoesof shell player:BlackFoot• jazz trombonistandconch of 14tunesfromthefamed note-for-note transcriptions We proudlypresentauthentic, Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION THE STEVETURRE brass. Itincludesmusicfrom to anintermediatebookfor possible styleappropriate This textcoversevery Meredith Music by HowardHilliard ON TUBA DEVELOPING ARTISTS STUDIES FOR INTERMEDIATE ����������������������� $19.99 $14.95 foracompletelisting. for asamplingoftitlesavailableorgotohal- available throughHalLeonard.Seebelow result, SouthernMusicpublicationsarenow distributes LaurenKeiserMusic,andasa ments, orchestra,andmore.HalLeonard band, chambergroups,individualinstru- thousands oftitlesincludingrepertoirefor music publisher.Southernhaspublished recently acquiredbyLaurenKeiser,vetern Southern MusicCompanypublicationswere ______intervals “ring.” understanding ofpitchtendenciesnecessarytomake ability toprovideconsistentpitchanddevelopan study oftheintervalspresentedwillenhance ______composers. styles writtenspecificallyforthetubabymodern the advancedtubaplayerwithmusicinavarietyof content overarangeofstyles.Thisbookprovides and intervals,manyofthemlackqualitymusical developing these musical elements in various keys the previousbooksofferanexcellentsourcefor SOUTHERN MUSICCOMPANY 03770348 44004874 44005077 ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Southern MusicCompany David Kuehn Giuseppe Concone/arr. F BOOK 2 60 MUSICALSTUDIES, Presents – DUETS FUN PLAYALONG Patrick Sheridan in closeharmony.Careful sound oftwotubasplaying This bookexploresthe De HaskePublications by AndréWaignein F and technique.Eventhough books toworkonsound a limited selection of etude players havebeenoffered For manyyears,tuba De HaskePublications FOR TUBA STUDIES PERFORMANCE Patrick SheridanPresents or or T T uba uba

$13.95 $14.95 $14.95

______In English,FrenchandGerman. series published by Schott and edited by John Kember. students. PartofthecomprehensiveSight-Reading reading. Suitableforpreliminarytoadvancedlevel accompaniment for practising ensemble sight- solos, aswellhornduetsandpieceswithpiano of musicalterms.Eachsectionthebookcontains skills aswellintroducingthestudenttoaplethora the bookfocusondevelopingdifferentkeytechnical approach based onself-learning, the 11sections of ______used tomakepracticingfeeleffortless andenriching. to teachphrasing•lipslurexercisesgreatmusic range forstudentswithbraces•musicalexercises challenging andrewardingmusicinacomfortable that increasestudentsmusicalvocabulary.Includes: the morefamousworksandhaveuniqueelements the standardrepertoirecomparewellinqualityto many historicstyles.Themusicalselectionsoutside countries, includingoriginalcompositionsthatmimic the beginningoftwentiethcenturyfromdozens brass. It includes music from the 14th century up to INSTRUCTION &TECHNIQUE 14011805 49019406 00113423 ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� HORN the instrument. guide andaphoto/diagramof on instrumentcare,notation This chartincludesadvice Chester Music by DavidHarrison FINGERING CHART FRENCH HORN musical styles.Takingan and exercisesinarangeof graded sight-readingpieces tunes presents193carefully This collectionoforiginal Schott Tom Bettley by JohnKemberand A F HORN SIGHT-READING to anintermediatebookfor possible styleappropriate This textcoversevery Meredith Music by HowardHilliard FRENCH HORN ARTISTS ONTHE DEVELOPING STUDIES FOR INTERMEDIATE resh A pproach

$16.99 $14.95 $4.99 INSTRUMENTAL 1167

$15.95 $15.95 $19.99 $24.99 $10.99 $16.99 $15.95 $15.95 tudies S oncert C 1 ���������������������� ����������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ss bra ��������������������������� raded olume NEW CONCERT V De Haske Publications 13 original pieces by contemporary composers especially for the baritone/ euphonium. Also includes a demo CD. Steven Mead Presents STUDIES FOR EUPHONIUM Steven Mead Presents 20 DANCES FOR EUPHONIUM G Book/CD Packs De Haske Publications Allen Vizzutti has put together a blend of technical and lyrical challenges that all have their roots in familiar ed. Mason Jones G. Schirmer, Inc. Please see the Solos Series complete a for feature description. SOLOS FOR SOLOS FOR THE HORN PLAYER Treble Clef Bass Clef ����������������� Book/CD Pack Book/CD Pack ����������������� CD Only Book Only Bass Clef Bass Clef EUPHONIUM SONGBOOKS INSTRUCTION omposers 7 C 44003626 44003627 50486152 50490438 50490439 50330050 44004120 44001211 by

ieces ______These dances do not test not do dances These styles. dance and classical extremes of range, and as such, are accessible to most euphonium and baritone players. Some of them it’s practice, of stages early the in but quick, very are recommended to keep the tempi moderate and speed them up as you progress. Includes an intro by and bio of Steven Mead, and a play-along accompaniment CD. INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED LEVEL TO ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE 9 P ______De Haske Publications ______ADVANCED CONCERT STUDIES FOR EUPHONIUM

$19.99 $19.99 $24.99 $29.95 omposers ��������� ibrary L

8 C


ieces chirmer nstrumental Boosey & Hawkes New collection featuring works by the most prominent Boosey & Hawkes composers, including Lees, Bernstein, Copland, THE HORN COLLECTION G. S I Recorded by Bernhard Scully, principal horn of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and pianist Vincent Fuh G. Schirmer, Inc. THE BOOSEY & HAWKES HORN ANTHOLOGY 13 P 335 SELECTED 335 SELECTED MELODIOUS & PROGRESSIVE STUDIES TECHNICAL – BOOK 2 FOR HORN Albert Andraud Southern Music Co. This collection of studies was Horn French the for by two of the finest created Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/Online Audio ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� omposers omposers com for complete contents lists, lists, contents complete for com . COLLECTIONS 11 C 12 C by by

50486144 50486136 48019636 03770622 halleonard ieces ieces This series presents literature for a variety of of variety presents literature for a This series with level, difficulty by organized instruments, historical information about each piece. These collections are packaged with beautiful companion recordings of all the pieces, as well as recorded piano accompaniments. The compilations are designed particular with players, college and school high for attention paid to various state contest repertory is as well-represented, are composers Master lists. standard literature for each instrument. Please visit . www sample book pages, and selected audio files of recorded selections. Schoeck, Strauss, and others. Special study was paid to state contest solo lists, making these ideal collections for advanced high school and college players. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 12 P ______EASY TO INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 14 P ______virtuoso horn players of all time; Max Pottag, Chicago virtuoso horn players of all Andraud, Alber and Orhcestra Symphony from Symphony Orchestra. The studies were chosen the from around teachers of renowned the works found in Book 1. globe. Additional studies may be ______

$7.50 of

$30.00 $14.95 ethod M xercises E rogressive lexibility F Max P. Pottag/arr. Albert Andraud Southern Music Co. One collection of studies that is a must-have for every 335 SELECTED MELODIOUS PROGRESSIVE & TECHNICAL STUDIES FOR HORN – BOOK 1 LIP SLURS LIP SLURS FOR HORN A P by Howard Hilliard Meredith Music and updated! Lip Revised a provides Horn for Slurs collection comprehensive of essential slurring skills ��������������������������������������� Book 1 ������������������������������ ��������������������������������������� 03770212 14034214 00317237 SOUTHERN MUSIC COMPANY serious french horn player/student. Created by two of the finest virtuoso horn players of all time; Max and Albert Chicago Symphony Orchestra Pottag, Andraud, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. The studies were chosen from the works of renowned teachers of the world over. Additional studies may be found in Book 2 (3370622 ISBN 1-58106-074-2). ______Southern Music Company publications were recently acquired by Lauren Keiser, vetern music publisher. Southern has published thousands of titles including repertoire for band, chamber groups, individual instru- ments, orchestra, and more. Hal Leonard distributes Lauren Keiser Music, and as a result, Southern Music publications are now available through Hal Leonard. See below for a sampling of titles available or go to hal- for a complete listing. A TUNE A DAY – FRENCH HORN by C. Paul Herfurth Music Sales America a Please see the Instrumental Instruction – A Tune Day series feature for a complete description. ______for the first year student as well as exercises that for the first year student professional. A balance challenge the most advanced is used to challenge between variety and accessibility monotony of typical lip slur the ear and combat the a logical and musical exercises while maintaining shape to the phrase. Special areas included are: modest range • Large intervals within a or minimize breaks • Exercises designed to eliminate between registers • Memorizable warm-ups • Techniques that exploit out-of-tune harmonics low • Innovative ways to increase range both high and to • Exercises that provide an extreme challenge the ear • Lip slur hybrids combined with lip trill precursors ______1168 INSTRUMENTAL ______arranged byWalterBarnes. fun mixofexcellentrepertoireatavarietylevels from theCanadianBrass,notesonpieces,anda any BrassQuintetinstruction.Includesplayingtips This landmark,trustedseriesisfundamentalto ______God SavetheQueen•OCanada(Lavallée) Bless YouandKeep•MyCountry’TisofThee/ Bones •ThreeNewfoundlandFolksongsTheLord Rhondda •CaroloftheBellsElYivnehHagalil Verum (Mozart) •Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff) • Cwm ______Maple Leaf•BattleHymnoftheRepublic Motet (Tye) • Kelligrew’s Soiree • Fanfare for a Processional • Crimond • Chorale (Bach) •Tudor • StealAwayEchoCarolALaClaireFontaine 50396090 Conductor 50396770 Conductor 50396080 Tuba 50396050 Trombone 50396040 50396070 50396060 50396810 Tuba 50396800 Trombone 50396820 50396790 50396780 EDUCATIONAL SERIES CANADIAN BRASS French Horn Trumpet 2 Trumpet 1 French Horn Trumpet 2 Trumpet 1 Westminster Abbey (Purcell) (Haydn) •AmazingGrace Saint AnthonyChorale • Sanctus(Schubert) • OdetoJoy(Beethoven) Royal Fireworks(Handel) Contents: Music from the QUINTETS OF BEGINNING BOOK CANADIAN BRASS Water Music(Handel)•Ave in Eb (Bach) • Air from Intrada (Pezel)•Fugue Silver Swan (Gibbons) • Domine (Byrd)•The (Palestrina) •NonNobis Contents: Hosanna QUINTETS BOOK OFEASY CANADIAN BRASS ��������������������������������� ��������������������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� �������������������������

��������������������� ��������������������� CANADI BRASS $12.99 $16.99 $7.95 $7.95 $7.95 $7.95 $7.95 $7.99 $7.95 $8.95 $7.95 $7.95 ______Walk •AmazingGrace • ToreadorSong(Bizet)HavaNagilaJustaCloser Comelius)• SakuraandKimigayo•Farandole(Bizet) from TrumpetConcerto(Haydn)•CorRoyal(Nicolai/ Faithful (Bach)•ContrapunctusIAndante ______Overture toHMSPinafore(Sullivan) • GaudeamusIgiturThreeSpirituals(Barnes) Grand MarchfromAida(Verdi)•Jerusalem(Parry) Fugue (Bach)•GloriafromNeilsonMass(Haydn) Hasten withEagerFootsteps(Bach)•Fantasiaand Amen (Handel)•Where’erYouWalkWe Please seetheHalLeonard Classical Catalog formore 50488971 Conductor 50480319 Conductor 50488970 Tuba 50488969 Trombone 50488968 50488967 50488966 50480318 Tuba 50480317 Trombone 50480316 50480315 50480314 Canadian Brass titles. French Horn Trumpet 2 Trumpet 1 F Horn Trumpet 2 Trumpet 1 QUINTETS BOOK OFADVANCED CANADIAN BRASS (Handel) •MyHeartEver • HallelujahChorus (Mouret) •Largo(Handel) in D(Pachelbel)•Rondeau and Ayre(Purcell)•Canon (Clarke) •TrumpetTune Contents: Trumpet Voluntary QUINTETS BOOK OFFAVORITE CANADIAN BRASS (Sweelinck) •Hallelujah, (Gibbons) •Antiphonal Hosanna totheSonofDavid (Morely, Dowland)• Elizabethan Madrigals Voluntary (Stanley)•Three Contents: Trumpet ��������������������������������� ��������������������������������� ������������������������������ ����������������������� ����������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ��������������������� $14.99 $16.99 $8.99 $7.99 $8.99 $8.99 $8.99 $8.95 $7.95 $7.99 $7.99 $7.95 ______players with2-3yearsexperience. collections ofarrangementsaredesignedfor signature ofTheCanadianBrass.Thesesmall A varietyofstylesmusichavealwaysbeena ______hymn (Haydn)•Canon(Tallis) the HallofMountainKing(Grieg)•Austrian ______Honey Bun(SouthPacific) ______COLLECTED QUINTETSERIES 50488765 Conductor 50488771 Conductor 50488759 Conductor 50488764 Tuba 50488763 Trombone 50488770 Tuba 50488758 Tuba 50488762 50488769 Trombone 50488757 Trombone 50488761 50488768 50488756 50488760 50488767 50488755 50488766 50488754 CANADIAN BRASS EASY LEVEL Horn inF Trumpet 2inBflat������������ Horn inB Horn inF Trumpet 1inBflat������������ Trumpet 2inBflat������������ Trumpet 2inBflat������������ Trumpet 1inBflat������������ Trumpet 1inBflat������������ Vittorioso) (Gastoldi) • In Victorious Love (Amor Kittery (Billings)• Tunes: WhenJesusWept/ (Bach) •TwoFuguing O BeauteousHeavenly Light Now Wounded/BreakForth Contents: OSacredHead by ChuckSayre EASY CLASSICS Blow Low(Carousel)• (Oklahoma) •BlowHigh, Oh, WhataBeautifulMornin’ Walk Alone(Carousel)• (Oklahoma) •You’llNever of Music)•Oklahoma Contents: Edelweiss (Sound by ChuckSayre HAMMERSTEIN HITS RODGERS AND We GatherTogether Savior •AMightyFortress Strong to Save • Beautiful Today •Eternal Father, • ChristtheLordIsRisen Contents: Ah,HolyJesus by RichardWalters HYMNS FORBRASS ��������������������������������� ��������������������������������� ��������������������������������� �������������������������� �������������������������� �������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ����������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� $10.95 $9.95 $5.99 $9.99 $4.95 $7.99 $5.95 $4.95 $5.99 $6.99 $6.99 $5.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99


$20.99 $16.95 $22.99 $18.99 $17.99 $14.95 $16.99 $19.99 $19.99 $16.95 $19.99 $16.95 ����������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� ������������������������ ���������������������������� ������������������������������� ������������������������������� PLAY ALONG WITH Intermediate Level collection superb This lets you play along with the Canadian Brass on 15 intermediate level pieces. CD features The companion PLAY ALONG WITH THE CANADIAN BRASS Easy Level students for chance a Here’s to be part of the world’s favorite brass quintet! These 17 easier pieces were Canadian The by chosen THE CANADIAN BRASS Trumpet 1 Trumpet 1 Trumpet 2 F Horn Trumpet 2 Horn in F Conductor’s Score ����������� Conductor’s Score ����������� PLAY ALONG WITH PLAY ALONG THE CANADIAN BRASS THE CANADIAN 50484060 50483642 50483643 50483644 50483645 Trombone 50483646 Tuba 50484061 50484062 50484063 Trombone 50484064 Tuba 50483647 50484065 the Canadian Brass playing the music, followed by the Canadian Brass playing the music, followed omitted. part instrumentalist’s the with version a Includes: Amazing Grace, Canon in D (Pachelbel); Bonny My (Bach); Suite Cello 6th from Gavotte Lass (Morley); Rondeau (Theme from “Masterpiece Theatre”) (Mouret); Sweet Love Doth Now Invite; Where E’er You Walk (Handel); plus 8 more. ______Brass and they made new recordings especially for Brass and they made new recordings especially Brass Canadian The features which CD companion the the playing the music, followed by a version with instrumentalist’s part omitted. ______Terrific book/CD collections! The CDs include a collections! The CDs Terrific book/CD Brass, of each piece by The Canadian performance out so you with your part dropped then a track of literature. The part can play along. Two levels players, or in books may be used by individual combination as an ensemble. ______

sS bra ian nad ca $8.95 $8.95 $8.95 $8.95 $8.99 $8.99 $8.99 $8.99 $8.95 $8.99 $12.95 $12.99 $12.95 $12.95 $55.00 $12.95 $16.95 $16.99

uintet High Society. Luther ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� �������������������������� �������������������������� ������������������������ ������������������������������ ������������������������������ rass ��������������������������������� ��������������������������������� ������������������������������� EARLY JAZZ CLASSICS arr. Luther Henderson Canadian Brass by arrangements Distinctive Luther Hederson for Brass quintet written for The Canadian Brass, capturing the authentic style and spirit by recorded jazz, early of ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE by Christopher Dedick The brass quintet collection matches The Canadian Brass’ album All You Need RCA/ by released Love, Is BMG. Includes masterful arrangements of 13 Lennon & McCartney classics: All You DIXIELAND CLASSICS B arr. Luther Henderson Canadian Brass arrangements distinctive Six written for and recorded by their on Brass Canadian The album captures the Henderson Trumpet 1 Trumpet 2 Horn in F Trumpet in B-flat 1 ������������ Trumpet in B-flat 2 ������������ Horn in F Trumpet 1 Trumpet 2 Horn in F Conductor – Full Score for Reference ������������������ ADVANCED LEVEL ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE TOINTERMEDIATE 50486521 50486522 50486523 50486524 Trombone 50486525 Tuba 50490362 50490364 50490365 50490367 Trombone 50490369 Tuba 50483431 Tuba 50482883 Trombone 50482700 50482701 50482702 50486526 Score 50490370 Score 50483432 The Canadian Brass on the CD “High Society” ______Advanced Level. Advanced style. Dixieland the of spirit authentic ______Collections that match major-label albums match major-label albums Collections that published Canadian Brass, with released by The just as played by the ensemble. arrangements ______Need Is Love • Blackbird • Come Together • EleanorNeed Is Love • Blackbird Hand,Your Hold to I Want • Walrus the Am I • Rigby • Michelle • Penny Lane • She’s Leaving Home • When •I’m Sixty-Four • With a Little Help from My Friends Yesterday, • You Never Give Me Your Money. ______$6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $5.95 $6.99 $5.99 $5.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.95 $9.99 $12.99 $10.95 ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� ������������������������� �������������������������� �������������������������� ������������������������������ ��������������������������������� ��������������������������������� ��������������������������������� by Terry Vosbein • Greensleeves Contents: High Barbary • Londonderry Air; • Shenandoah • Simple Gifts • The Drunken Sailor IMMORTAL FOLK SONGS CANADIAN BRASS BOOK OF FAVORITE CLASSICS by Henry Charles Smith Contents: BACH: Gavotte from Bach’s Sixth Cello Suite • HUMPERDINK: Prayer from Hansel and Gretel • Domino • PITONI: Cantate SOUSA: The Liberty Bell • BRASS ON BROADWAY by Bob Lowden Baby Broadway Contents: (Follies) • Comedy Tonight (A Funny Thing Happened the Forum) on the Way to On • Get Me to the Church Ol’ Time (My Fair Lady) • • Man River (Show Boat) ments for intermediate level ments for intermediate Trumpet 1 in B flat ������������ Trumpet 2 in B flat ������������ Trumpet 1 Horn in B Trumpet 1 Trumpet 2 F Horn Trumpet 2 Horn in F INTERMEDIATE LEVEL INTERMEDIATE 50488772 50488773 50488784 50488774 50488775 Trombone 50488778 50488779 50488780 50488781 Trombone 50488782 Tuba 50488785 50488786 50488776 Tuba 50488787 Trombone 50488788 Tuba 50488783 Conductor 50488777 Conductor 50488789 Conductor ______VERDI: Questa O Quellas from Rigoletto • WAGNER: VERDI: Questa O Quellas from Rigoletto • WAGNER: Pilgrims’ Chorus from Tannhauser ______Sunrise, Sunset (Fiddler on the Roof) Sunrise, Sunset (Fiddler on ______From classical to Broadway to folksongs, attractive to Broadway to folksongs, From classical arrange­ brass quintet collections. players in small ______1170 INSTRUMENTAL tracks forpractice. The CanadianBrassandpianoaccompaniment companion CDsofperfor­ Excellent solomaterialforvariouslevels,with ______Brass plustheaccompanimentpartonly. ______Brass plustheaccompanimentpartonly. ______CANADIAN BRASSSOLOBOOKS canadi brasS 00841141 Trumpet 00841145 Trumpet 00841144 Tuba 00841143 Trombone 00841142 Horn ������������������������������� 00841148 Tuba 00841147 Trombone 00841146 Horn ������������������������������� members oftheCana­ arrangements performedby Recordings featurethe Companion CD ranged byBillBoyd. Beginning brasssolosar- BRASS BOOK CANADIAN members oftheCanadian arrangements performedby CD recordingsfeaturethe difficulty levels. Companion classical titlesofprogressing of popularfolksongsand Easy brasssoloarrangements OF EASYSOLOS BRASS BOOK CANADIAN SOLOS OF BEGINNING ������������������������������� ������������������������������� mances bymembersof �������������������������� �������������������������� ����������������������� �����������������������

$16.95 $16.95 $16.95 $16.95 $16.95 $16.95 $16.95 $16.95 dian

______complete description. See theHalLeonardChristmasCatalogfora CHRISTMAS SOLOS CANADIAN BRASS ______accompaniment partonly. by members of the Canadian Brass plus the ______• andmore. Crown HimwithManyCrowns•FairestLordJesus Risen Today•Come,YeThankfulPeople,Come and Honor • Blessed Assurance • Christ the Lord Is Creatures of Our God and King • All Glory, Laud that matchesthearrangements.Songsinclude:All is alsoatrumpetdescantbookavailableseparately verse,” withafreeandinterestingarrangement.There found inhymnalsthecommonkey,anda“variation are two versions of each hymn: the standard version arrangements adaptabletomanysituations.There with optionalkeyboardaccompaniment,makesthe performances bybrassalone.Flexibleinstrumentation, ______50489841 CD 50485217 50485216 50485215 00841149 Trumpet 50485214 Tuba 50485213 50485212 50485211 50485210 50485209 00841152 Tuba 00841151 Trombone 00841150 Horn ������������������������������� Trumpet Descants������������� Conductor’s Score������������� Keyboard Accompaniment� Trombone 2 Trombone 1 Horn inF Trumpet 2 Trumpet 1 ����������������������������������� S 15 FAVORITEHYMNS BRASS – THE CANADIAN arrangements performed CD vocal selections. Companion transcriptions ofclassical arrangements featuring Intermediate brasssolo INTERMEDIATE SOLOS OF BRASS BOOK CANADIAN singing, andfor for festivecongregational Ideal hymn accompaniments arranged byLarryMoore B E ��������������������������������� ������������������������������� exte asy rass recordings featurethe A �������������������������� �������������������������� Q rrangements ����������������������� ������������������������� ������������������������� uarte ���������������������� ���������������������� , Q


for $15.95 $16.95 $16.95 $16.95 $16.95

$6.95 $9.95 $7.95 $6.95 $6.95 $6.95 $6.95 $6.99 $6.99


______from CanadianBrass. Catalog foracompletelistingofbrassquintettitles Please seetheHalLeonardInstrumentalEnsemble ______(Mendelssohn). Trumpet Voluntary(Purcell),WeddingMarch and Ayre (Purcell), Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke), (Humperdinck), Rondeau(Mouret),TrumpetTune Xerxes (Handel),PrayerfromHanselandGretel Fanfare fromOrfeo(Monteverdi),Largo (Bach), BridalChorus(Wagner),Canon(Pachelbel), Air fromWaterMusic(Handel),ontheGString educational publications for brass quintet. Contents: their repertoire,collectedfromextensive there isexcellentmusicforweddingservicesfrom history –doesn’texactlyplayweddings!However, bestselling classicalcrossovergroupinrecorded Conductor 50485317 50485316 Tuba 50485315 Trombone 50485314 50485313 50485312 performances) �������������� (with CDofCanadianBrass Horn inF Trumpet 2 Trumpet 1 times a year and is the thousands wellover100 that plays to audiences of globe-trotting brassquintet phenomenally successful, The Canadian Brass – the 12 I WEDDING ESSENTIALS CANADIAN BRASS B ��������������������������������� rass ntermediae �������������������������� Q ������������������������� ������������������������� �������������������������

uinte P ieces $15.95 $8.95 $8.95 $8.95 $8.95 $8.95



$5.99 $4.99 $5.99 $7.99 $14.99 $14.95 ������ se U



ll now A K ros tuff 42 STUDIES 42 STUDIES OR CAPRICES Kreutzer/ by Rodolphe ed. Singer Inc. G. Schirmer, the A must-have for student, violin serious are these famous exercises for standard repertoire early the intermediate to Ready to take your violin Ready to take your violin playing to the next level? This book presents valuable how- to insight that violinists of all levels can benefit from, spanning classical to , and everything in 101 VIOLIN TIPS S P BERKLEE by Matt Glaser and Mimi Rabson Berklee Press Get your band together! This is the first-ever method that rock in a play to you teaches band. Learn how to listen, METHOD: VIOLIN PRACTICE ����������������������������������������� Book 1: Nos. 1-30 ������������� Book 2: Nos. 31-60 ����������� Books 1 & 2 Complete Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 50253620 50256580 50256590 50485504 00842672 50449434 . (LB230) advanced player. Edited by Singer ______60 STUDIES, OP. 45 Blay by Franz Wohlfahrt/ed. G. G. Schirmer, Inc. ______between. The text, photos, music, diagrams, and accompanying CD provide a terrific, easy-to-use resource for a variety of topics, including: bowing techniques, non-classical playing, electric , accessories, gig tips, practicing, recording, and much more! ______interact and respond, improvise, and become part of the groove. Become the great violin player that the Part of band! their have in wants to everyone Berklee Practice Method, available for 12 different instruments. ______... ow $12.95 $16.95 $24.95 H

ou Y for

rogram hows P S ecipes R trings uccessful S Rodolfe Kreutzer/ ed. Wolfgang Birtel fing. Maria Egelhof and Raboud Oomens Schott Based on the first edition. Contains the original text and fingering musical 42 ÉTUDES OR CAPRICES reative S THE STRING THE STRING COOKBOOK TEACHER’S C a by Joanne May Meredith Music of This valuable collection deeply insightful strategies trade is like finding expert in secrets all placed together een SUCCEED AS A STRING PLAYER T ed. Megan Westberg String Letter Publishing Succeed as a String Player! can inform, inspire, and entertain. from anthology unique This the publisher of the popular magazine for teen string players VIOLIN ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� 49018063 00331903 00317173 INSTRUCTION & TECHNIQUE S G IN STR with an added more modern setting. Indispensable studies for the intermediate to advanced level violinist. ______– violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists – offers – violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists – offers tips on making better use of your practice time, overcoming stage fright, breezing through a music school audition, finding the perfect summer music camp, and much more. There even are helpful hints from some of the violin world’s biggest names, including Itzhak Perlman, Hilary Hahn, Joshua Bell, and Nicola Benedetti. So take a bow, you’re already on the path to success! ______one easy, quick-to-read source. Contributors to the one easy, quick-to-read get a look at each other’s book were even eager to records of performance, ideas! With outstanding research, composition, workshops, recordings, the 57 authors provide leadership, and teaching, of overviews that range from favorite “recipes” their topics that will inspire successful programs to specific and performers. all levels and types of ensembles ______

... tant ow $19.95 $16.95 H $9.99 $5.99 ou Y


S ������������������

sary skills. CD contains trings es­ LEONARD FIDDLE METHOD by Chris Wagoner Fiddle Leonard Hal The Method is the perfect introduction to playing folk, bluegrass and country styles on the violin. Many traditional HAL S een Book Only Book/CD Pack ������������ SHARPEN YOUR STRING TECHNIQUE! T ed. Megan Westberg String Letter Publishing of ABCs the learned You’ve playing the violin, viola, cello, or bass. Now it’s time to explore the rest of the alphabet, expand express and horizons, your STRINGS: THE NEW CURRICULUM and exciting area for string string and exciting area for to players who want and need by Julie Lyonn Lieberman Amadeus Press string What is alternative ­ playing? It the most impor ALTERNATIVE ALTERNATIVE ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� magazines, this book will book this magazines, Strings ALL STRINGS 00311415 00311416 00331645 00696046 HAL LEONARD FIDDLE METHOD and Strings Teen tunes are included to illustrate a variety of tunes are included to illustrate a variety of techniques. The accompanying CD includes many tracks for demonstration and play-along. playing care; and selection instrument Covers: positions; theory; slides & slurs; shuffle feel; cross-tuning; “backup”; playing drones; bowing; and much more! ______your musicality. In 22 chapters by the master teachers at expand their horizons beyond by expand their horizons learning varied approaches exploring other styles and these styles. Whether you and techniques offered by be ready for anything that want to learn a new style, of demands the meet or session, jam a at up comes ease, Alternative Strings new orchestral scores with will help you develop the nec­ musical examples as well as many interviews with top musical examples as well as many interviews with players. ______help you strengthen your basic skills, establish good help you strengthen your basic skills, establish good and practice habits, and master specific techniques styles. Discover ways to express yourself and how to to trust your instincts – and apply all this knowledge your enjoyment of the music you love. ______1172 INSTRUMENTAL ______and worldmusic. Ponty, and cover jazz, blues, rock, popular, ethnic are inthestylesofShankar,Grappelli,Goodman,and changes, and extended techniques. Musical examples to knowaboutgrooveandfeel,playingoverchord This book/CDpackcontainseverythingyouneed tools and skill necessary to play improvised music! ­ ______photos andquotesfromdozensofmusicians. an introductionbyTurtleIslandStringQuartet,and ways theycanbeusedforimprovisation.Includes to helpdevelopthefeelofavarietystylesand left- andright-handexercisestunesdesigned ______carefully selectedtogivepleasureatanystage. accompaniments and violin duet parts, have been these melodies,whichwiththeirattractivepiano aspect oftechnique.Violinistswillalsoenjoyplaying introduced inthisbookisdesignedtoimprovesome string 02503810 00695420 14010570 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� guided throughdozensof practice CD, players will be book andthehelpof styles intheworld!Withthis important fiddleandviolin Learn some ofthemost Lieberman by JulieLyonn VIOLINIST THE CONTEMPORARY Every exercise and piece with everypartofthebow. to use and become familiar that thepupillearnshow bowings areintroduced so A varietyofdifferent Novello S METHOD –BOOK2 ETA COHENVIOLIN VIOLIN CLASSICAL offers every violinist the violinist forJohnTesh, Charlie Bisharat,renowned Cherry LaneMusic by CharlieBisharat A BEYOND W tuden n orld I ntroduction

of B I ook mprovisation


the $17.95 $23.95 $11.00

______different! star, orclassicalplayerlookingforsomethingalittle with a live backing band. Ideal for the budding rock and exercisesperformedbyChrisHaighonviolin a CDcontainingdemonstrations,play-alongtracks scales, soloingandeffects,isaccompaniedby a widevarietyoftechnicalaspectsincludingchords, rock, jazzrockandheavymetal.Thisbookexplores including blues,folkrock,countryprogressive are referredtoindetailcoveringarangeofstyles violin technique.Over150differentrockviolinists ______more enjoyable! practice hasbecomemorerewarding...andalot technique – the basis for all good playing. Suddenly develop andmaintaingoodfingeringbreathing backing tracksontheincludedCD,thesebookshelp are availableforinstrumentstoo!Completewithaudio ______49019161 00120202 49005120 49005124 49005123 49005122 49005121 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Volume 1:TheBeginning (4th-10th) Volume 5:TheHigherPositions Bowing andFingering Volume 4:FurtherTechniquein Positions Volume 3:The2nd&3rd of Technique Volume 2:Development aspects ofpop,folkandrock instruction bookcoveringall Here isapractical,in-depth Schott ed. ChrisHaigh A ROCK VIOLIN DISCOVERING classic warm-upexercises for youngpianists.Nowthese practice technical exercises long beenthefavoritepre- A DozenaDaybookshave Willis Music P VIOLIN A DOZENDAY– S I T playing theory andpracticeinduet- tion combined with musical A courseofviolininstruc­ Schott Erich Doflein by ElmaDofleinand METHOD THE DOFLEIN mprovisation tyle n echnial re I -P ntroduction , T ������������������������� ractice ���������������������� echniques E ������������������� xercises


and �����


ock $34.99 $12.99 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $14.95

With instructionrightoutofMark’sfamousmusicedu music withMarkWoodandElectrifyYourStrings. your violinonajourneybeyondtheworldofclassical ______styles andpreviouslyunreleasedmaterial. ed withrecordedexamplesplusjamtracksindifferent alike sotheycanrocktheirorchestras!ACDisinclud but forstringteachersandschoolmusicaldirectors Plus, there’svaluableinformationnotjustforstudents, a band, buying electric gear, and much, much more! and rhythmparts,modernstringtechniques,playingin cation program,you’lllearnaboutimprovisingsolo ______along isalsoincluded. accompanying CDwith65tracksforlistening orplay- gypsy jazz,belop,modalandfusionare explored.An and othersisexaminedindetail, stylesincluding Grappelli, Joe Venuti, Stuff Smith, Jean-Luc Ponty about playingjazzviolin.TheworkofStephane ______more enjoyable! practice hasbecomemorerewarding...andalot technique – the basis for all good playing. Suddenly develop andmaintaingoodfingeringbreathing backing tracksontheincludedCD,thesebookshelp are availableforinstrumentstoo!Completewithaudio ______Music SalesAmerica by RichardHofmann for DOUBLE-STOP STUDIES

the V 02500716 49018304 Book/CD 00120202 14009158 iolin , O p . 96 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� ����������������������������������������� JAZZ VIOLIN everything youneedtoknow you stepbythrough and improvisation,taking This bookdemystifiesjazz challenges aviolinstcanface. Jazz isoneofthebiggest Schott by ChrisHaigh EXPLORING classic warm-upexercises for youngpianists.Nowthese practice technical exercises long beenthefavoritepre- A DozenaDaybookshave Willis Music P VIOLIN A DOZENDAY– T M improvise! Pluginandtake teaches violinists how to Finally –amethodthat Cherry LaneMusic by MarkWood I T ELECTRIFY YOUR STRINGS mprovisational echnial re he ethod -P M ������������������������� ractice ark E W xercises

ood V

iolin $19.95 $29.99 $12.99

$5.95 - -


W $7.95 $9.99 $6.95 $4.99 $14.95 NE Scales for Scales eries ����������� S

lay P


ike by Nico Dezaire De Haske Publications well a is 2 Position thought-out and instructive second to the introduction position for violinists who have some playing experience in the first POSITION 2 – SCALES FOR THE VIOLIN I L by Samuel Flor Music Sales America Scales are presented in the major all in position first keys. minor and Viola can be played together with this book. VIOLIN PLAYING WITH PLAYING WITH SCALES: America Music Sales Scales is a Playing with new resource, designed and to help motivate musicians young encourage . It to practice their scales presents imaginative backing VIOLIN gs in str Book/CD Pack ����������������� ����������������������������������������� Book/Online Audio ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� iolin 44001554 14028886 14043101 14028866 50256600 V the

position. In this book you will find 12 exercises and 27 tunes in different styles. With the great position second the in practicing CD accompanying will become a fine experience. ______tracks in a variety of styles to transform scales scales transform to styles of variety a in tracks rudiments into an exciting and arpeggios from dry can be musical experience. The accompaniments plus all of the tracks played by the teacher in lessons, practice at home using are included for student card. This volume contains the supplied download and arpeggios required accompaniments for scales and is compatible with at the first level of playing, the syllabus requirements of the major examination boards. ______SCALE AND CHORD EXERCISES for by Ritter-Stoessel Music Sales America ______SCALE STUDIES FOR VIOLIN by Johann (Jan) Hrimaly G. Schirmer, Inc. ______

$9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.95 $9.99 $12.99 $12.99 $17.99 $13.90 $19.95 $12.99 $14.99 ����

�������� uide

G asics B omplete the

�������������������������������� PLAY VIOLIN TODAY! A C to Book/CD Pack Please see the Play Today feature. LEARN WITH TUNES LEARN WITH by Carl Grissen Willis Music to the A melodic approach or class violin for individual instruction. A NEW APPROACH TO A NEW APPROACH TO VIOLIN PLAYING by Kató Havas Foreword by Yehudi Menuhin Bosworth Written by the former child invaluable this book is prodigy, for pupil and teacher alike. �� Book 1: Elementary Level Book 2: Advanced Level Book 3: The Positions ������� Level 1 Book/CD Pack ������� Level 2 Book/CD Pack ������� Book/CD Pack (Performance Pieces) ���������������������������� Book/CD Pack (Book 1) � Book/CD/DVD Pack ��������������������������������������� Beginner’s Pack – Level 1 Book/CD & DVD �� Songbook Book/CD Pack 00412700 00412701 00412803 00699748 00701320 00321076 DVD 14022761 14022754 14022770 14014558 00701876 00701700 ______FOR VIOLIN ______NEW TUNE A DAY by Sarah Pope Music Sales America Please see the Instrumental Instruction – A New Tune a Day section for a complete description. ______


is a a is cess­ $9.99 to

$18.95 $21.99 $19.95 ay W mprovise asy I iolinists E to V

ool hensive guide to the to guide hensive ow -C oung nations and instruc and ­nations H ay Y ­ signed to introduce play earn for ful string improvisation. compre­ art and science of suc­ With clear, step-by-step expla tions, acclaimed teacher and performer Lieberman IMPROVISING VIOLIN by Julie Lyonn Lieberman Impro­vising Violin

ers ranging from first yearfirst from ranging ers students to clasically trained FIDDLE A W Fitzhugh Perry by Geoffrey for Violin, Viola & Cello is This book/CD pack de­ JAM L JAZZ VIOLIN by Matt Glaser and Stephane Grappelli Music Sales America A comprehensive method for playing “hot fiddle,” includ- ing accurate transcriptions of over 25 solos as played and Venuti Joe Grappelli, by others. Also includes original Book/CD Pack ����������������� ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� apers ����������������������������������������� P heory T 00695716 14011907 14016973 00695234 of

ook professionals to modern “improv-based” jazz, blues,professionals to modern Its “just jam hybrid styles. rock, cajun, funk and other approach teaches two- along and you can’t go wrong” blocks called “EZ-Zones”string symmetrical fingering more creativeencourage new improvisers into a to development. state earlier in their musical ______FUN FOR FIDDLERS A B by Irving Wadler and Elizabeth Webb Music Sales America ______interviews and tips on improvising from the masters, a complete analysis of each solo, rare historical photos, and an informative discography. ______breaks down all of the components necessary to breaks down all of the components necessary folk, blues, swing, master improvisation in jazz, the rock and new age styles, offering dozens of helpful tips on theory and technique along the way. ______1174 INSTRUMENTAL ______for everyviolinist. facilitate finding the most suitable practice material straight forwardorganizationofthisvolumewill and attentiontothesmallestdetail.Theclear exercises aretobepracticedwithtotalconcentration practice regimenfortheaccomplishedartist.These virtuoso techniqueandanimportantpartofthedaily volume. Itisindispensableforbuildingathorough, material byOtakarSevcikeverassembledinasingle ______G. Schirmer,Inc. by HenrySchradieck E BOOK 1 SCHOOL OFVIOLINTECHNICS– ______versions atdifferenttemposforeachstudy. The CDsfeatureademoversionandtwoplay-along piano accompanimentsandaseparatepartbook. ______xercises ______Begun •Whistledown theWind. • We’reAllinThisTogetherWe’ve OnlyJust That Swing)•PieJesuStartofSomething New Love You • It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got • BreakingFreeEleanorRigbyI Will Always and play-alonglikeapro!Includes:Big Spender full orchestra.Pickyourpart,turnontheCD, string ORCHESTRA PLAY-ALONG

00119239 50255380 44005037 44005038 for 00333010 P romoting ��������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� Violin &Piano Viola &Piano Book/CD Pack���������� D most time-savinglearning compendium ofthefinest, The EssentialSevcikisa Publishing Lauren KeiserMusic Stephen Shipps) (ed. EndreGranatand SEVCIK THE ESSENTIAL OTAKAR SEVCIK– double stopping.Itincludes easy bowingtechniquesand developing players,teaching These studiesareidealfor De HaskePublications Van Rompaey arr. NicoDezaire/Gunter F SELECTED STUDIES or exteriy ly-recorded CDwitha and aprofessional- viola, cello, and bass arranged forviolin, with individualparts Includes ten pieces with a realorchestra! lets youplay-along This excitingpack SONGS POPULAR

the B ������������������ eginner �����������������

$14.99 $44.95 $15.95 $15.95 $5.99

______fright andtacklesthemwithaseriesofexercises. stage fright! This book addresses the causes of stage SEV ______section foracompletedescription. Please seetheInstrumentalInstruction–StepOne Music SalesAmerica by AntoineSilverman FOR VIOLIN STEP ONESERIES a completedescription. Please seetheSevcikStudiesforStringssection Bosworth ______Day seriesfeatureforacompletedescription. Please seetheInstrumentalInstruction–ATunea Music SalesAmerica by C.PaulHerfurth A TUNEDAY–VIOLIN ______Tipcodes, andanewchapteronpracticing. instruments, aglossaryandanindex,interactive the family,history,andproductionof included, aswellbackgroundinformationon strings. Chaptersonmaintenanceandtuningare ˇ CÍK VIOLINSTUDIES 14014560 14026240 14031509 14031443 14034228 14034199 14034237 14034236 14034235 00332374 ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack(Spanish) Book/3 CDs/DVDPack���� Book/CD Pack������������������� Teacher’s Manual�������������� Beginning Scales��������������� Book 3������������������������������ Book 2������������������������������ Book 1������������������������������ ��������������������������������������� a newinstrument,bow,and on auditioningandbuying all levelsessential information format offersstringplayersat the 2005 original. The 6”x9” Here isanexpandededitionof Hal Leonard T AND VIOLA TIPBOOK VIOLIN therefore knowsalotabout at the age of fourteen – she front of Kodály and Bartók on theviolinandplayedin Havaswasachildprodigy by KatoHavasBosworth to with I STAGE FRIGHT he ts V C C S iolin auses omplete pecial P

and laying R G C eference uide ures

$29.90 $15.99 $29.95 $14.99 $9.99 $7.95 $9.99 $9.99 $7.95 $9.99

______beginner andadvancedplayeralike. is brokendownintotinysteps.Ausefulbookforthe ______more fun. which addseducationalvalueandmakesstudying the firstthreepositions.Variousstylesarefeatured, position, butalsoforusingtheseincombinationwith is created,notonlyforplayinginfourthandfifth and fifthposition.WithPositions4&5asoundbasis for furtherdevelopingyourviolinplayingusingfourth enclosed CD–provideafinecollectionofmaterial ______duets. Forbeginnersthroughintermediateplayers . in arangeofmusicalstyles.Includesteacher/student ______14041703 14014562 44007078 49015607 49030516 ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book 1���������������������������� Book 2���������������������������� the instrument. guide andaphoto/diagramof on instrumentcare,notation This chartincludesadvice Chester Music by DavidHarrison CHART VIOLIN FINGERING Each aspectofviolinplaying the formerchildprodigy. thorough bookwrittenby A comprehensive and Bosworth by KatóHavas V A N COURSE THE TWELVELESSON accompaniments on the pieces inthisbook–with The 18exercisesand32 De HaskePublications by NicoDezaire and 32 P 4 &5 POSITIONS VIOLIN carefully graduatedpieces patterns through195 of rhythmic and melodic self-learning andrecognition This method book teaches Schott Marguerite Wilkinson by JohnKemberand READING VIOLIN SIGHT- iolin F ew ieces ifth P A laying pproach P

to osition P lay



F $21.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 ourth $4.99


$22.99 $17.95 $34.99 $16.99 $19.99 (Handel) • iano

Symphony No. Symphony ������������� Symphony No. 9 No. Symphony & P Symphony No. 5 ����������������������� iolin V 10 VIOLIN 10 VIOLIN SOLOS FROM THE MASTERS for edited by Shelia Nelson Boosey & Hawkes Baroque, classical, and Romantic violin solos suitable for the intermediate student violinist. The 50+ EASY CLASSICAL SOLOS FOR VIOLIN Music Sales America melody line play Easy to violin, for arrangements complete with chord symbols in concert pitch. Includes: Andante Cantabile from (Tchaikovsky) • Eine Kleine PIECES YOU LIKE TO PLAY G. Schirmer, Inc. A perennial best-seller, this presents collection timeless favorite violin pieces for the advanced to intermediate player. Highlights include: Air on the G String (Bach) 37 VIOLIN gs in str Book/2-CD Pack ��������������������������������������� 2-Enhanced CD Pack ������� Book Only Enhanced CDs ����������������� 48019619 14037238 50490453 Book/ 50490454 2 Accompaniment 50327830 SONGBOOKS & REPERTOIRE & REPERTOIRE SONGBOOKS Symphony No. 3 (Brahms) • and many more. two enhanced CDs include performances and and performances CDs include enhanced two piece and can also be used accompaniments of each tempo. in computers to adjust the ______Nachtmusik (Mozart) • Finale from • Finale (Mozart) Nachtmusik in E Minor (Dvorak) • Grand March from Aida (Verdi) • He Shall Feed His Flock from Messiah Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (J.S. Bach) • Military from Joy to Ode • (Schubert) March 9 (Beethoven) • Pomp and Circumstance (Elgar) • Radetzky March (Strauss) • Third Movement Theme from ______Please also see the CD Sheet Music and Music the CD Sheet Music and Please also see music. for more violin Minus One sections • • Cradle-Song (Brahms) • Kol Nidrei (Bruch) Beau soir (Debussy) • Serenade (Haydn) • Le Cygne (Saint-Saëns) • Canzonetta (Tchaikovsky) • Rèverie (Vieuxtemps) • and many more! ______

W W W W ystem $29.95 $14.95 $29.95 $29.95 NE NE NE NE S earning L

omplete �������������������������������� �������������������������������� STEP ONE: STEP ONE: A C by Antoine Silverman Music Sales America STEP ONE: by Antoine Silverman Music Sales America TEACH YOURSELF VIOLIN COURSE TEACH YOURSELF VIOLIN FOR THE CONTEMPORARY STRING PLAYER TECHNIQUES with Julie Lyonn Lieberman on violin (assisted by Martha Colby on cello) Huisku Music IN MOTION Lieberman Huiksi Music Company THE VIOLIN by Julie Lyonn Book/3 CDs/DVD Pack ���� Book/DVD Pack �������������� 00320498 DVD 14031441 14031509 00320533 DVD ______


$7.95 $7.95 $17.99 $29.95 $14.99 NE NE NE

and ,

�������� for

irst uide F iolists s G rimer ’ , V P asics ! B orld omplete W the �������������������������������� ��������������������������������

WOHLFAHRT – WOHLFAHRT arr. Eric Wen Music Lauren Keiser Publishing With the first new editions in nearly 100 years, former Wen Eric editor Strad provides a 21st Century view 60 ETUDES 60 ETUDES OP. 45 FOR VIOLIN, America A NEW by Sarah Pope Music Sales TUNE A DAY – VIOLIN, BOOK 1 hythmic iolinists ellists he TODAY! A C to featuring Kaitlyn Hahn PLAY VIOLIN THE BOW with Julie Lyonn Lieberman Huiksi Music Company RHYTHMIZING T R V C Book 1 ������������������������������ Book 2 ������������������������������ Book/CD/DVD Pack complete descriptions. INSTRUCTIONAL DVDS INSTRUCTIONAL 00320461 DVD 00042303 00042391 14022770 00321076 DVD Please see for ______Book 2 includes modern fingerings of these classics. Book 2 includes modern utilizing extensions, as an alternative to the traditional, . contractions, and half positions ______1176 INSTRUMENTAL ______included formanysongsasanoptionalduet. zambas, andchacareras.Asecondviolinpartis ______Richard Strauss,IgorStravinskyandothers . Copland, SergeiProkofiev, Rachmaninoff, ______for intermediatelevelplayers(grade4-5). his library.Includespianoaccompaniment Suitable will recognizethissetofselectionsasindispensableto invaluable for recreation and practice, the virtuoso While thestudentwillfindcontentsofthisbook musical history,allcarefullyrevisedandedited. ______Intermediate toAdvancedLevel. notes ontuning,bowing,andregionalplayingstyles. Shortenin’ Bread,CottonEyedJoe,andmore.With grouped bykey,including:TurkeyintheStraw, string 49018458 Book/CD 48019638 14001566 49018011 ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� milongas, chamamés, 41 piecesincludingtangos, Schott ed. RosStephen and with FOR VIOLIN FOLK TUNES TANGO AND ARGENTINIAN noteworthy compositionsin including themost style, color,andcharacter, provides a wide variety of This bookofviolinpieces Music SalesAmerica E VIOLIN PIECES ALBUM OF Benjamin Britten,Aaron by JohnAdams,BélaBartók, composers. Includesworks & Hawkesmostprominent 29 piecesby18ofBoosey Boosey &Hawkes 29 P ANTHOLOGY HAWKES VIOLIN THE BOOSEY& music Collection ofpopular Schott ed. PeteCooper W for 98 T FIDDLE TUNES OLD TIME AMERICAN V olume verybody ith

V backing

a ieces raditional

������������������������� iolin CD a CD 6

’ by of

s tracks of F 18C

performances P avorite

P erformances ieces omposers S $19.99 $24.99 $17.95 $19.95



______exercises tosupporttechnique. ______and play-alongversionsofallthepieces. are providedinthebookandCDincludesdemo Violin! (HL44006965).Thepianoaccompaniments complement volumes1and2ofthemethodPlay Edvard Grieg –intended as additional repertoire to Wolfgang AmadeusMozart,FranzSchubert,and ______accompaniments andfullperformancedemos. sound spectacular.TheCDsincludeplay-along playable forpracticallyeveryviolinist,yettheystill 48020711 44007357 00510091 44005040 ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/2-CD Pack Includes supplementary the intermediateviolinist. adapted andarrangedfor Mendelssohn and Bruch Concertos byMozart, Boosey &Hawkes arr. EdwardMaxwell V CLASSICS CONCERTO George PhilippTelemann, known composerssuchas wonderful worksbywell- Classical Pieces contains De HaskePublications Gunter VanRompaey compiled &editedby VIOLIN &PIANO PIECES FOR CLASSICAL •Humoresque. Valse Triste•Carnivalof Fascination •Traumerei • SerenataPoeme 38 easyfavorites:Bar­ Ashley PublicationsInc. #91 W EASY VIOLINPIECES PAGANINI a waythattheyare and simplifiedinsuch have beenadapted compositions byPaganini In thispack,celebrated De HaskePublications Rompaey arranged byGunterVan EASY iolin orld

and ’ s F P avorite iano ������������� R S eduction eries $22.99 $14.95 $14.99 $15.95 carolle

______book. Available withplay-alongCDorpianoaccompaniment are presented,includingrondeau,waltzandtango. ______as accompaniment-onlybackingtracks. recorded tracks,includingfulldemonstrationsaswell download cardgivesexclusiveaccesstospecially by a20-pageinsertforsoloviolin.Anincluded accompaniment withsolotopline)iscomplemented “L’Origine Nascosta.”The52-pagefullscore(piano such as “UnaMattina,”“The Crane Dance,” and ______the tunes. and bowing techniques. The CD includes demos of all history ofEnglishfiddleplayandanexplanationstyle schottisches, andmorristunes.Withaprefaceonthe ments. Includes jigs, reels, hornpipes,waltzes,polkas, ______44002602 14043191 49030473 14011274 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/Online Audio Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� COLLECTION THE VIOLIN many new arrangements time publications and “Sarabande,” somefirst- Einaudi, including eight piecesbyLudovico This neweditioncontains Chester Music EINAUDI – ig accompani­ impro­vising for including bow­ ar­rangements These intermediate-level Schott arr. PeteCooper P 99 T ENGLISH separate violinpart. piano accompanimentand real violintechnique. With for thebeginnertobuild Jigs, reels and hornpipes Music SalesAmerica arr. BettyM.Barlow E THE VIOLINIST FIDDLE TUNESFOR lines works withstrongmelody fully arranged,highqual­ vides a wide variety of skill­ This delightfulcollectionpro­ Fentone Music for F ESSENTIAL MELODIES FIDDLE TUNES V amous ieces olume verybody V ing andchordlabels . raditional Various dance forms Various dance forms iolin

for C 198 lassics V ’ s F iolin avorite


S NE $13.95 $16.99 $19.95 $17.95 eries W ity ity


$12.95 $10.95 $24.95 $16.99

eyboard K unes ollection and T

C reland iolin rish amous I I V he IRISH TUNES – IRISH TUNES (EASY/ VOLUME ONE INTERMEDIATE) T arr. T.C. Kelly Music Sales America for tunes wonderful Eight violin and keyboard have been collected and arranged LENNON & McCARTNEY – 60 GREATEST HITS Lennon’s & McCartney of 60 greatest, including: All My Loving • Eleanor Rigby • Help! • I Want to Hold Your Hand • Yesterday • more. Includes discography. THE LIBRARY OF VIOLIN CLASSICS Music Sales America A compendium of classic solos for the violin. This expansive volume contains the great masterpieces of the world’s foremost composers. Over 50 favorite violin solos with full piano for 20 F from ed. Patrick Steinbach violin arr. Heiko Rühmkorff With a CD of performances and backing tracks Schott THE IRISH VIOLIN BOOK gs in str ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 14016254 00844286 Violin ������������������������������ 14019059 Violin ������������������������������ 49019364 These Kelly. T.C. by sources of range wide a from typical of Irish traditional lively and tuneful songs are players and recitalists music and will delight young • • Eileen Aroon Fheilimidh Includes: Baidin alike. more. The Maid of Wicklow • and ______accompaniment and a separate matching solo part for the violinist. Carefully selected to provide a lifetime of playing pleasure for every performer. Spiral bound. ______Beautiful Irish dances, jig reels, hornpipes, Carolan jig reels, Irish dances, Beautiful tunes, and folksongs. Piano parts are included in the matching publication The Irish Piano Book (available as 49019341). ______

pos­ ) $33.00 $16.99 $33.00 $12.95 iolins uitar 2 V G or ��������������� or ( ������������������

iano iolin P V omplete THE GREEK FIDDLER THE GREEK for and Huws Jones arr. Edward Boosey & Hawkes the The latest addition to best-selling Fiddler series focuses on the rich, diverse of and pure folk tradition . A wide variety of ed. Huws Jones Boosey & Hawkes ghetto the of Song Contents: • Dance • Slow leaping • Shall csardas • Fast dance I, Shan’t I • Dangling dance • Dance Melody I • Dance Melody Dance • II Melody I’M A QUARTET Fentone Music eleven these play can You com­ classics by famous ers like a real soloist but still within the intimate atmos­ phere of a string quartet. will be Another dimension added to your playing when THE GYPSY FIDDLER C Violin Edition Piano Complete ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 48019805 48019806 Violin and 48011958 44001555 ______styles is presented, featuring music from Crete, from Crete, music styles is presented, featuring Balkans, Asia Minor and the Peloponnese, the Greece. Exciting rhythms and interesting mainland high spirited pieces, modes combine to produce of lovers to familiar be already will which of some . Flexible arrangements Greek culture world-wide violin, violin easy optional for violin and piano with symbols. accompaniment, and chord ______III • Song • The silver leaves of the poplar tree • III • Song • The silver leaves of the poplar tree you The four corners of my handkerchief • Would I’ve tell that girl? • On the waves of Lake Balaton • danced my boots off. ______you use the CD to play along with these pieces as your solo playing and the CD will form a complete string quartet. ______

$23.95 $12.95 $19.99

orld unes arrangements


T iolins s from

the easy

paniment ­paniment (without

������������������������� amous olos 1-2 V very

hildren round FOLK FOR in for arr. Magolt Schott All pieces have been record­ ed in two versions: complete with violins and only accom FIDDLER’S FUN FIDDLER’S 34 F C De Haske Publications of children’s This collection a tunes for violin includes ­ play-along CD and arrange in ments kids can play the first position with easy fingerings. The book VIOLIN 24 S A With a CD of performances and backing tracks arr. Edward Huws Jones Boosey & Hawkes Fiddle tunes from around the THE FOLK FIDDLER MUSIC Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Score and Parts, Book/CD 49008411 44005121 48021041 violins). So you can choose the version to which you would rather play along. Includes: Alas My Love a(Greensleeves) • Morning Has Broken • I’ve Been Wild Rover • Auld Lang Syne • Kalinka • Bella Bimba La• O Sole Mio • Plaisir d’amour • La Cucaracha • . Paloma • Oh Happy Day • Yankee Doodle • and more ______progresses in difficulty for a gradual yet fun learning progresses in difficulty for and playing experience. ______world for the intermediate to advanced-level violinist. advanced-level to the intermediate for world Features music in a variety of styles, including: Bluegrass, Celtic, Gypsy, Ragtime, Tango, and more. With violin melody/easy violin part and violin accompaniment part. ______1178 INSTRUMENTAL ______one accompaniment-onlytracktoplayalongwith. twice on the accompanying CD: one full version, and posed especiallyfortheviolin.Eachpieceisrecorded ______his equipment. more. IncludesaninterviewwithTinsleyandnoteson What WouldYouSay•WhentheWorldEndsand Space Between•(WastingTime)TooMuch • SatelliteSayGoodbyeSoMuchtoThe Graves •PigProudestMonkeyRhyme&Reason Halloween •IfIHadItAllJimiThingLieinOur What’s Around•CrashintoMeCrushEveryday albums, including:AntsMarching•TheBestof ______is includedinthebookforconcertperformances. recorded live onarealgrandpiano, and apiano part . TheCDfeaturespianoaccompaniments and charming fragments from his most famous familiar melodies.Includes“EinekleineNachtmusik” selection consists of17well-knownaswellless string 44003399 02500379 44006967 ������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� P MOZART Irish and jazz music com­ including tango, Hungarian, ten pieces in popular styles, advanced playerfeatures This book/CD pack for the De HaskePublications by JosvandenDungen FOR VIOLIN SOUVENIRS MUSICAL best fromthesongsonfour Wood assembles Boyd’s .AuthorMark innovative DMBviolinist Learn 70fantasticriffsfrom Cherry LaneMusic by MarkWood RIFFS FORVIOLIN BAND –JUSTTHE master composer.This sophisticated musicofthis can enjoy the refined and With Fentone Music arr. AndrewWatkin S MAGICAL eventeen ieces Magical Mozartyou F amous

$14.95 $14.95 $9.95

______• VivalaVidaAWhiterShadeofPale . in theMirror•MyWayStayin’Alive •TakeonMe Pavements •DancingQueenIfIWere aBoy•Man include: AmericanPie•BrownEyedGirlChasing companion toANewTuneaDayforViolin.Songs piano, keyboardorguitar,thisvolumeistheperfect Complete withchordsymbolsforaccompanimenton contemporary songsbyAdele,BeyoncéandColdplay. classic hits from ABBA and through to songs forperformanceandfun,include chosen andarrangedtobuildarepertoire of pop ______versions (fullversionandpianoaccompaniment.) and styles.AllpiecesareincludedontheCDintwo original worksisarrangedaccordingtoperiods youth musiccompetitions.Thisselectionofmainly violin andpiano,alltriedtestedinlessons chosen 22easyandwell-knownconcertpiecesfor are technicallyandmusicallymanageable,sowehave a positiveexperienceinvolveschoosingpiecesthat at theirinstrumentandmusicmaking.Makingthis young musician, motivating players to keep working Giving thefirstconcertisaspecialoccasionforany ______instrument usingtheenclosedsecondpart. the CD, oras duets with another violin ormelody played as violin solos, with the accompaniments on 14041711 49019363 Book/CD 44007562 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� FOR VIOLIN PERFORMANCES A DAY–POP CONCERT These pieceshavebeen the advancedbeginner. with aplay-alongCDfor pop songs,clearlypresented An inspiringcollectionof Music SalesAmerica A NEWTUNE Schott by PeterMohrs accompaniments performances andpiano With aCDof V 22 E MY FIRST P ISLES FROM THEBRITISH NEW SOUNDS strathspeys thatcanbe jigs, reels,hornpipesand An excellentcollectionof De HaskePublications arr. GunterVanRompaey by MyriamMees F iolin ieces or 1 asy �������������������������

from and or C 2V oncert P 5C iano iolins enturies

$14.99 $19.99 $15.95

______• andmore. Wild Rose(Macdowell)•Trumpet Tune (Purcell) Chorus (Handel)•OdetoJoy(Beethoven)Toa Includes: AveMaria(J.SBach/Gounod)•Hallelujah demonstration andplay-alongbackingtracks. piano accompanimentsandtheCDcontainsinspiring ______Think ofMe. Music oftheNight•ThePhantomOpera playing. Itcontainsthesongs:AngelofMusic•The ______versions ofeachtune. of open strings). The CD includes two play-along melody partandlower(easy,withmuchuse ______14025718 00109716 44005126 00121901 ������������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Violin andPiano Book/CD Pack����������������� her uniqueandhipviolin on to fameafterherappearance Lindsey Stirlingwhocame piano wasarrangedby This medleyforviolinand arr. LindseyStirling M OF THEOPERA THE PHANTOM CLASSICAL TUNES VIOLIN – to enjoy.Therearesimple violinists (Grade2to3) classical tunesarrangedfor An excitingcollectionof Bosworth P E PLAYALONG has twoparts–thehigher, (pizzicato), andeachpiece bowing (arco)andplucking This bookincludeboth De HaskePublications by GunterVanRompaey 14 S PIZZ & PLAY violin andpiano. Hillbilly concertpiecefor for ViolinandPiano Johnny Cash SPECIAL ORANGE BLOSSOM B iano asy eginner edley America’s Got Talent for V olos A iolin

ccompaniment for V


V iolinist with D ���������������� iolin uets


for $25.95 $14.95 P

$8.99 $4.95 the iano



$16.99 $16.99 $16.95 $29.95

amous iano 43 F P rranged of A


iolin ollection V ompositions ccompaniment THE VIOLIN – A COLLECTION Chester Music In February 2005, the Music Sales Group presented a at music violin of concert the Wigmore Hall in London the Wigmore to launch Hall New Music Fund. VIOLIN CLASSICS G. Schirmer violin of Compilations literature appropriate for arranged into three students, collections by difficulty level. This title contains works C A VIOLIN AND PIANO VIOLIN AND A C for ed. C. Paul Herfurth Willis Music for 43 famous compositions . violin in a variety of styles folk Includes American gs in str Intermediate Level ����������� Advanced Level ���������������� Advanced Level ���������������� ��������������������������������������� Score & Pull-Out Part �������� 50486512 50486513 Intermediate to 50486514 14033399 00412387 ______from that performance by fourteen of the very best contemporary composers, including Philip Glass, as well as Davies, Maxwell Peter and Saariaho Kaija world premieres from Joby Talbot, Craig Armstrong, John Tavener and Judith Weir. ______songs like “Home on the Range” and “Oh, Susanna”; songs like “Home on the Blue Danube” and Viennese waltzes like “Beautiful like solos violin famous Waltz”; “Schönbrunner “Introduction and Theme”; “Mazurka” and Paganini’s like “Panis Angelicus” by famous classical songs Schubert; and many more. Franck and “Serenade” by biographical illustrated and stories includes Also sketches. ______

iolin $12.95 $12.95 $29.99 $16.99 $10.99 $24.99 V for


T ����������������������� Written in keys keys in . Written asy ��������������������������� TANGO VARIETY by Sytse Wagenmakers De Haske Publications This is an ideal book for violin players who want to playing the popular explore tango suitable for the violin – with uncomplicated position FOR VIOLIN TANGO TIME! 14 E by Myriam Mees arr. Gunter Van Rompaey De Haske Publications This book/CD pack features tangos) 11 tanguitos (little written and three milongas for violinists who have THE TANGO FIDDLER ed. Huws Jones Boosey & Hawkes 12 well-known tangos. The includes full ver- collection sions of each for interme- diate level violin with piano accompaniment, optional violin accompaniment, and also easy violin versions with SOLOS ed. Josef Gingold Inc. G. Schirmer, Please see the Solos Series complete a for feature description. FOR THE VIOLIN PLAYER Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� ��������������������������������������� Book Only CD Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� 44001552 44005501 48019240 50329870 50490423 50490422 changes up to the third position – this volume – this position third the to up changes provides lots of playing fun. Enjoy this wonderful tango music! The piano accompaniment is available separately but you also have the option of using the accompaniment on the enclosed CD if you have no pianist available. ______already mastered the first position and are able to already mastered the first position and are able perform the tango with verve and inspiration. ______guitar chords for accompaniment. ______

$6.99 $24.95 $12.95 $14.95 cludes: ­cludes: Includes Includes In . .

for iolin

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iolin raditional ompositions S V ieces ead 60 T P by Iain Fraser Schott tunes for Scottish 60 including violin, solo slow airs, strathspeys, jigs and reels, SCOTTISH PRIDE & PREJUDICE for Dario Marianelli composed the music from this 2005 film starring Keira Knightley. This book features 9 selections from the movie arranged for violin: Another Dance • Arrival at Netherfield • Darcy’s Letter • Dawn • POP & FOLK by Jos van den Dungen De Haske Publications This delightful book/CD pack features 15 short pieces in various styles for the intermediate violinist. The CD includes accom­pa­ni­ment JEAN-LUC PONTY JEAN-LUC COLLECTION L 22 C For all “C” instrumentalists, ­ this unique songbook fea tunes for 22 lead sheets tures from this French jazz-rock/ violinist fusion FOR LITTLE STARS After the Storm • Bowing After the Storm • Bowing FIDDLE TUNES Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� Lead Sheets ��������������������� 49030474 00111944 44003981 00672509 detailed explanations of traditional playing styles, and bowing techniques, as well as ornamentation, notes on the history of the fiddle in Scotland. The CD features all tunes performed by Iain Fraser. ______Georgiana • Leaving Netherfield • Meryton Townhall Georgiana • Leaving Netherfield • Meryton Townhall • Mrs. Darcy • Stars and Butterflies. ______tracks to enhance practice or performance! ______Bowing • Caracas • Enigmatic Ocean • Gardens of • Gardens Ocean • Enigmatic Caracas • Bowing Tender Jig • Mirage • • Voyage • Imaginary Babylon Memories • more. ______1180 INSTRUMENTAL ______10 P INTERMEDIATE TOADVANCEDLEVEL ______11 P INTERMEDIATE LEVEL ______14 P EASY TOINTERMEDIATELEVEL and selectedaudiofilesofrecordedselections. com for complete contents lists, sample book pages, ture foreachinstrument.Pleasevisitwwwhalleonard composers arewell-represented,asisstandardlitera tion paidtovariousstatecontestrepertorylists.Master ______(Dvorák) •LePetitNegre(Debussy). • Allegro(Papusch)Air(Bach)Humoresque (Mozart) • Menuett (Boccherini) • Vivace (Telemann) (Offenbach) •Carillon(Kirnberger)MenuettandTrio stein) •Allegrettograzioso(Stanley)Barcarole high schoolandcollegeplayers,withparticularatten accompaniments. The compilations are designed for recordings ofall the pieces, as well as recordedpiano collections are packaged with beautiful companion with historicalinformationabouteachpiece.These for a variety of instruments, organized by difficulty level, string ieces ieces ieces 50486147 50486139 50486131 49008385

by by by 9C 11C 13C omposers omposers omposers Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/Online Audio ��������������������������������������� This seriespresentsliterature G. Schirmer,Inc. Orchestra the MilwaukeeSymphony Almond, Concertmasterof Recorded byFrank I G. S COLLECTION THE VIOLIN Contents: Melodie(Ruben­ arrange tuneful ments suitableforteaching. and Easy Schott ed. Brochhausen/Juchem P F CLASSICS FAVORITE VIOLIN nstrumenal amous ieces chirmer

for C lassical V


L ibrary ���������

$19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.95 ­­­­­ - -

______the accom­ ______Music SalesAmerica ed. HarryAlshin with CHURCH VIOLIN MUSICFORCONCERTAND ______others. Schubert, Schumann,Tschaikovsky,Wienlawski,and Massenet, Mendelssohn,Mozart,Saint-Saëns, Brahms, Debussy,Drdla,Dvorˇák, Grieg,Handel, Includes musicbyBach,Beethoven,Bohm,Borowski, and fingered,includespianoaccompaniment. piece inthisexhaustivecompilationhasbeenedited P iano 44004018 14035077 14035078 14035079 panying CD. A ccompaniment Book/CD Pack����������������� ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� piano accompaniment. in orderofdifficulty,with position pieces, arranged A delightfulrepertoryoffirst Music SalesAmerica arr. BettyM.Barlow COUNTRY STYLE VIOLIN PIECES– – witharealorch­ to practice, then play along ists. Itfeatures15easypieces pack forsecond-yearviolin­ ance withthisfunbook/CD Brush upyoursoloper­ De HaskePublications arr. NicoDezaire VIOLIN FUN MORE popular compositions. Every arrangements of light violin, togetherwitheffective literature writtenforthe Gems fromtheclassical Music SalesAmerica V W WHOLE WORLDPLAYS VIOLIN PIECESTHE olume hole W 5 orld S eries estra! – on estra! –on , $14.95 $17.99 $24.99

$7.95 form­­

______• TurkishMarch(Beethoven)andmore. Curtis) •Minuetto(Bach)SonataTheme(Mozart) Prayer (Humperdinck)•ComeBacktoSorrento(De including: BeautifulDreamer(Foster)•Children’s ______symbols foraguitarorotheraccompanyinginstru­ ______You RaiseMeUp. Prayer • Sunrise, Sunset • Wedding Processional • • HighlandCathedralIWillBeHereTheLord’s Grow OldwithMe•Here,ThereandEverywhere Can YouFeeltheLoveTonight•Gabriel’sOboe reception. Thisfolioforviolinfeatures10songs: the perfectsongsfortheirweddingceremonyor includes areferenceCDtohelpcoupleschoose 00415234 44005096 00842456 VIOLIN DUETS Score &Parts�������������������� Violin Duets Book/CD Pack����������������� for with pianoaccompaniment, arranged for two violins 13 popularmelodies Willis Music arr. C.PaulHerfurth V A VIOLINDUETBOOK A W melodies also include chord melodies alsoincludechord violin ifdesired.Thefolk they can replace the second Viola partsareincludedso Hungarian folk melodies. the tango,classical,and 11 duets in styles including Fentone Music by JonathanShipley VIOLIN DOUBLES VIOLIN SOLOS of instruments.Eachbook arrangements for avariety featuring beautiful for weddingmusicians, series isagreatresource The WeddingEssentials Essentials Series Wedding WEDDING ccompaniment iolin orld T wo M L V ���������������������� oves usic iolins


W with hole P $16.99 iano $9.95 $9.95 ment.

INSTRUMENTAL 1181 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 15. STEPHANE GRAPPELLI Django • It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Blues • Limehouse Swing) • Nuages • Swing Minor • Ol’ Man River • Stardust • The Way You Look Tonight. 14. BLUES CLASSICS Boom Boom • Born Under a Bad Sign • Dust My Broom • Hide Away • I’m Your • Man Coochie Hoochie • Babe My • Floor Killing Rock Me Baby. 12. WEDDING CLASSICS Air on the G String • Ave Maria • Bridal Chorus • Canon in D • Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring • Ode to • Joy • Trumpet Voluntary Wedding March. All I Ask of You • In My Life • One Hand, One Heart • There Out Somewhere • for • A Time Sunset Sunrise, Us (Love Theme) • We’ve Wedding • Begun Just Only Processional. 13. WEDDING FAVORITES 11. BLUEGRASS CLASSICS Bill Cheatham • Blackberry • Blossom • Cripple Creek Great Speckled Bird • Mule • Skinner Blues • Red Wing Arms Sweet Baby’s in My Roll • in the Straw. gs in str Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 00842428 00842427 00842324 00842325 00842233 ______$14.99 $14.99 $12.99 $14.99 $14.99 10. BLUEGRASS FAVORITES Blue Moon of Kentucky • Blue Ridge Cabin Home • Blue Yodel No. 4 (California Blues) • Doin’ My Time • I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow • Keep on the Sunny Side • Rocky Top • Uncle Pen. 8. COUNTRY CLASSICS • • Faded Love Arms Crazy • Number the by Heartaches I’m Movin’ On • Jambalaya (On the Bayou) • Louisiana Man • Tennessee River • Your Cheatin’ Heart. 9. COUNTRY HITS Boot Scootin’ Boogie • Born to Fly • Chattahoochee • Friends in Low Places • , Cadillacs • What Hurts the Most • Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Spaces. Open Wide • Under? 6. HOLIDAY HITS • Here Man Snow the Frosty (Right Claus Santa Comes • down Santa Claus Lane) It Let • Rock Jingle-Bell It Snow! Let It Snow! Let • Merry Christmas, Snow! Darling • Rudolph the Red- Nosed Reindeer • Silver Bells. 7. JAZZ Ain’t Misbehavin’ • Honeysuckle Rose • Limehouse Blues • Makin’ Whoopee! • Ol’ Man River Speak Up • • Pick Yourself Low • Tangerine. Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 00842232 00842230 00842231 00842196 00842157 VIOLIN PLAY-ALONG SERIES VIOLIN PLAY-ALONG ______down $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 som Special • perate Little Man 5. CHRISTMAS CAROLS Angels We Have Heard on Manger a • Away in High • Deck the Hall • The First Noel • Go, Tell It on the Mountain • Joy to the World • O Little Town of Bethlehem. 4. CELTIC • Flowers of Chair Earl’s The Ring Gold The • Edinburgh • Harvest Home • Haste to the Wedding • Julia Delaney • Lord Mayo (Tiarna Mhaigheo) • Rights of Man. 3. CLASSICAL Canon in D • Concerto No. 1 in A Minor, Movement 1 Kleine Eine • 1041 BMV Nacht­musik (“Serenade”), First Movement Excerpt • The Flight of the Bumble Bee • Hungarian Dance No. 5 • Meditation • Romance in F • Spring, First Movement. Classical Gas • Come on Classical Gas • Come on Eileen • The Devil Went down to Georgia • Eleanor Rigby • Hurricane • Point of Know Return • Tradition. 2. POPULAR SONGS 1. BLUEGRASS Foggy Mountain Break­ • Gold Rush • John Hardy • Gold Rush • John Hardy Was a Des­ • Orange Blos­ Panhandle Rag • Salty Dog • Blues • . You Don’t Know My Mind Book/CD Pack �������������� Book/CD Pack �������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 00842153 00842152 00842155 00842156 00842154 The Violin Play-Along Series will help you play your favorite songs quickly and easily. Just follow the music, listen to the CD to hear how listen to the CD to hear Just follow the music, easily. songs quickly and you play your favorite Series will help The Violin Play-Along you may included in the book, With the melody and lyrics backing tracks. along using the separate sound, and then play the violin should CD CD is playable on any on the melody. The audio you wish to elaborate are provided should to sing along. Chord symbols also choose to any tempo without changing pitch! recording adjust the users, the CD is enhanced so you can player. For PC and Mac computer ______1182 INSTRUMENTAL ______Wonderful GraceofJesus. ______Wonderful TimeoftheYear•WhiteChristmas. string 00842429 00842565 00842564 00842499 00842478 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Will theCircleBeUnbroken. the Saints Go Marching In • • ScarboroughFairWhen Knows theTroubleI’veSeen Midnight Special•Nobody Working ontheRailroad• of theRisingSun•I’veBeen Home ontheRange•House 16. FOLKSONGS Munster •TemperenceReel. • St.Anne’sReelStarof Beggarman •Mason’sApron the Fairies•TheLittle • The Kesh Jig • King of The Irish Washerwoman 20. IRISHTUNES Submarine. Life • Michelle • Yellow Standing There •InMy Eleanor Rigby•ISawHer Her •A Day in the Life • All MyLoving•AndILove McCARTNEY 19. LENNON& Jesus •WayfaringStranger Heart •TurnYourEyesupon Since JesusCameintoMy • TheOldRuggedCross Sparrow •IntheGarden Singing •HisEyeIsonthe Name) •HeKeepsMe at theCross(GlorytoHis Blessed Assurance•Down 18. FIDDLEHYMNS for Christmas • The Most Christmas •I’llBeHome What IHear•AHollyJolly Time IsHere•DoYouHear Open Fire)•Christmas (Chestnuts Roastingonan The ChristmasSong Blue Christmas• FAVORITES 17. CHRISTMAS $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 ______Sonata inEMinor(Mozart). ______00842567 00842642 00842640 00842625 00842566 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� • PutOnaHappyFace. Favorite Things•OnMyOwn Whistle aHappyTune•My • FiddlerontheRoofI Queen •DefyingGravity Castle on aCloud • Dancing 22. BROADWAYHITS • Rondo in D (Mozart) • Paganini (Mollenhauer) No.2 (Brahms)•TheInfant (Dvorˇák) •HungarianDance (Rieding) •Humoresque Concertino inHungarianStyle Paganini (Mollenhauer) • Allegro (Fiocco) •TheBoy MASTERPIECES 25. CLASSICAL Sunday. Below) • Sunday Bloody More CupofCoffee(Valley Nights inWhiteSatin•One Woman •IAmtheWalrus • DustintheWindEvil Baba O’Riley•CherryBomb CLASSICS 24. ROCK Hornpipe). Two Hornpipes(Fisher’s • The Medallion Calls • Pirate •JackSparrow Jack Sparrow•He’sa Being Innocentof • Davy Jones • Guilty of Angelica •TheBlackPearl OF THECARIBBEAN 23. PIRATES Down theWind. Unexpected Song•Whistle Phantom of the Opera • Music oftheNight•The Argentina •MemoryThe Will Do•Don’tCryforMe All IAskofYou•AnyDream LLOYD WEBBER 21. ANDREW $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 ______bon tabac(traditional)•Waltz(vonWeber). March (Schumann)•Menuet(Telemann)J’aidu ______00842646 00842643 00842649 00842648 00842647 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Norwegian Dance. and Trio•Morning • La Rejouissance • Minuet Jesu, JoyofMan’sDesiring He ShallFeedHisFlock• First MovementExcerpt)• Nachtmusik (“Serenade”, Bist DuBeiMir•EineKleine FAVORITES 27. CLASSICAL • Ecossaise(Schubert) (Mozart) • Air (Purcell) (Martini) •Andantino • Menuet(Lully)Gavotte • DeutscherTanz(Haydn) (Gluck) •Bourée(Handel) (Finger) •FrölicherTanz Lied (Brahms) • Air CLASSICS 26. ELEMENTARY Work •Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. a Star•Whistle While You Me •WhenYouWishupon Someday • When She Loved April Shower•Reflection Candle ontheWater•Little 30. DISNEYHITS Song •AWholeNewWorld. Makes • The Siamese Cat Dream IsaWishYourHeart the Wind•CruellaDeVilA the LoveTonight•Colorsof Magic Song)•CanYouFeel Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Beauty andtheBeast• FAVORITES 29. DISNEY Sarabande. Minuetto •AMusicalJoke • LastSpringMarch • Elegy • HornpipeLargo Dance •AriosoAveMaria Air ontheGString•Anitra’s TREASURES 28. CLASSICAL

$14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 INSTRUMENTAL 1183

W W W W W $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $19.99 $14.99 NE NE NE NE NE

��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� 44. FRENCH Beyond the Sea • • If We Only Have (Quand on N’a Que Love L’amour) • If You Go Away • La Vie En Rose (Take Me • Let to Your Heart Again) It Be Me (Je T’appartiens) • Milord • Pigalle. 45. LINDSEY You Me • Don’t All of Worry Child • Fix You • Good Feeling • My Immortal • Pokemon Theme • Radioactive • Star Wars® Medley. 47. LIGHT MASTERWORKS Air on the G String (Bach) • Canon in D (Pachelbel) • Habanera (Bizet) • Hora Staccato (Dinicu) • Serenata (Toselli) • Toreador Song (Bizet) • Waltz of the Flowers (Tchaikovsky) • William Tell Overture (Rossini). 42. LIGHT 42. LIGHT for Holiday • Faddle Fiddle a L’Amour • Strings • Hymne River Seine Mr. Lucky • The a (La Seine) • Song from - Spartacus • Garden Secret Love Theme • Tara’s Theme (My Own True Love). 43. LIGHT ORCHESTRA An American in Paris • Bitter Sweet Symphony • Breakfast at Tiffany’s • The Magnificent Seven • Nocturne • Plink, Flows River • Plunk Plank, in You • Sabre Dance. POP CLASSICS SONGS STIRLING HITS gs in str Book/Online Audio Book/Online Audio Book/Online Audio Book/Online Audio Book/Online Audio 00121935 00122126 00122123 00123128 00124149 ______$14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 38. JOHN WILLIAMS Devil’s Dance • Flight to Neverland • Flying Theme • Hedwig’s Theme • Theme from “Jurassic Park” • • Seven Remembrances Years in Tibet • Star Wars (Main Theme). 39. ITALIAN SONGS Al Di La • Arrivederci Roma (Goodbye to Rome) • The Godfather (Love Theme) • Isle of Capri • A Man Without Love (Quando M’Innamoro) • Non Dimenticar (T’ho Voluto Bene) • That’s Amoré (That’s Love) • Volare. 41. JOHANN STRAUSS Artist’s Life • Blue Danube • Kiss Emperor Waltz Waltz • Waltz • Pizzicato Polka • Tales from the Vienna Woods • Thousand and One Nights • Wine, Women and Song. 36. HOT JAZZ • Dark Eyes Body and Soul • How Hot Canary • The • My Blue High the Moon Summertime • Heaven • Sweet Georgia Brown • This Can’t Be Love. 37. TAYLOR SWIFT Back to December • I Knew You Were Trouble. • Mean • Stay Our Song • Red • Stay Stay • 22 • White Horse. Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 00121041 00116367 00116368 00110373 00116361 ______$19.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 35. LINDSEY STIRLING Michael Jackson Medley • Party Rock Anthem • • Right Round • River A • Starships • You in Flows Thousand Years • We Found Love. 34. BARN DANCE Black Mountain Rag • Buffalo Gals (Won’t You Come Out Tonight?) • Devil’s Dream • Liberty • Little Birdie • Long Journey Home • Shady Grove • Snowflake Reel. 33. HOEDOWN Arkansas Traveler • Chicken • Cluck Old Hen • Reel Cotton Eyed Joe • Girl I • Over the Behind Me Left Waterfall • The Red Haired Boy • Turkey in the Straw. Believe • Have Yourself a Believe • Have Yourself • Merry Little Christmas like It’s Beginning to Look Let • Let It Snow! Christmas It Snow! Let It Snow! • Sleigh Ride • Somewhere in My Memory • Walking in the Air • Winter Wonderland. 32. FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONGS 31. MOVIE THEMES 31. MOVIE • Far and Cinema Paradiso Theme) • I Will Away (Main • Il Postino Wait for You • Mission: (The Postman) The Impossible Theme • Theme • Goodbye of Music Theme • “Sabrina” from from “Schindler’s List”. Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 00109715 00102568 00102161 00102110 00842706 ______1184 INSTRUMENTAL ______• AThousandYears. • JustGiveMeaReasonPompeii • StoryofMyLife All ofMe•BestDayMyLifeHappyIWillWait HITS FORBEGINNERS 51. CHART ______Skyfall •VivaLaVida. Life) •KashmirMyImmortalSaySomething Game ofThrones•GoodRiddance(TimeYour POP/ROCK 49. string 00126478 00131418 00131417 00130216 Book/Online Audio Book/Online Audio Book/Online Audio Book/Online Audio BEGINNERS FROZEN People. Reindeer(s) AreBetterThan • LoveIsanOpenDoor • In Summer • Let It Go For theFirstTimeinForever Snowman? •FixerUpper Do YouWanttoBuilda 48. Old Man•YankeeDoodle. Surprise Symphony•This Can Can • Ode to Joy • The the Beautiful•AuraLee Amazing Grace•America, 50. SONGSFOR ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� NE NE NE NE $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 W W W W



$12.95 $24.99 $17.95 $23.95 NE NE upport S omposers �������� ype and ptimum

T O 11 C by ody


osition B P ieces our Y �������������������������������� etermine arr. Colin Cowles Fentone Music These 14 melodies make perfect material for viola players to use in their first performances. The pieces are technically fairly easy and have been arranged in 14 EASY TUNES FOR VIOLA THE BOOSEY & HAWKES VIOLA ANTHOLOGY 13 P Boosey & Hawkes 13 pieces by 11 of Boosey & Hawkes most prominent composers. Includes works by Béla Bartok, Benjamin Copland, Aaron Britten, laying A NEW by Sarah Pope Music Sales TUNE A DAY – VIOLA, BOOK 1 America P VIOLIN D for with Julie Lyonn Lieberman AND VIOLA ERGONOMICS gs in str Book/CD Pack ����������������� ��������������������������������������� Book/CD/DVD Pack SONGBOOKS complete descriptions. INSTRUCTION DVDS INSTRUCTION 44001594 48019639 00320986 DVD 14022768 Please see for Please see an increasing degree of difficulty. On the CD included a with this book, each melody is performed by professional viola player. A piano accompaniment is also included, making each melody great for playing along! ______Frederick Delius, Elena Kats-Chernin, Sergei Frederick Delius, Elena Kats-Chernin, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Dmitri Shostakovich and others. ______

, $9.99 $5.95

tudies $14.95 $14.95 $22.99 $15.95 $23.95 upport S S and iola

V eginner ������������������ osition B 1 P ������������������������ ������������������������ the

ontemporary olume or �������������������������������� laying by John Kember and Roger Smith Schott These method books teach self-learning and recognition of rhythmic patterns through pieces in graduated carefully a range of styles. Includes VIOLA SPACES C by Garth Knox Schott designed studies Concert to give players the chance to learn and explore contemporary viola techniques like sul SELECTED SELECTED F arr. Nico Dezaire/Gunter Van Rompaey De Haske Publications for These studies are ideal developing players, teaching easy bowing techniques and double stopping. It includes VIOLA SIGHT- READING STUDIES V P Volume 2 Volume 1 ��������������������������������������� Viola & Piano Book 2 ������������������������������ Book 3 ������������������������������ ype ptimum T O ody the

49016853 49016682 49017750 44005038 00320986 DVD 14034233 14034234 B our Y etermine ______teacher/student duets. ______ponticello, harmonics, quartertones, and more. ______piano accompaniments and a separate part book. piano accompaniments version and two play-along The CDs feature a demo for each study. versions at different tempos ______VIOLA ERGONOMICS complete description or go to ______VIOLIN AND D for with Julie Lyonn Lieberman Please see the Hal Leonard DVD Catalog for a by C. Paul Herfurth Music Sales America a Please see the Instrumental Instruction – A Tune Day series feature for a complete description. ______A TUNE A DAY – VIOLA

$9.95 $9.95 $6.50 $10.99 $10.99 $17.95 $14.99 I Like to I Like to �������� iolin V for

������������������������� tudies by Rodolphe Kreutzer transcribed by Walter Blumenau G. Schirmer, Inc. The well-known etudes for violin are transposed here for solo viola. 42 STUDIES TRANSCRIBED FOR THE VIOLA I LIKE TO PLAY SCALES FOR THE VIOLA by Samuel Flor Music Sales America This volume can be played together with Violin the for Scales Play (14028886). It covers in position the first scales in S VIOLA cale ��������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� Book/CD/DVD Pack Book/CD Pack ������������������� ��������������������������������������� Book Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� S s ’ rimaly 50261270 14028885 14022768 14022769 50262330 14037519 00101383 H on

INSTRUCTION & TECHNIQUE INSTRUCTION ased ______all major and minor keys. ______SCALE STUDIES FOR VIOLA B by Leonard Mogill G. Schirmer, Inc. ______FOR VIOLA by Sarah Pope Music Sales America Please see the Instrumental Instruction – A New Tune a Day section for a complete description. ______A NEW TUNE A DAY ______METHOD: VIOLA METHOD: BERKLEE PRACTICE BERKLEE Rabson by Matt Glaser and Mimi Berklee Press how you teaches that method first-ever the is This . Learn what all the great to play in a rock band intuitively – how to listen, musicians seem to know and become part interact and respond, improvise, help will CD play-along and book The groove. the of and reading ability. improve your timing, technique, that everyone wants to have Become the great player in their band. ______1186 INSTRUMENTAL ______Catalog Leonard, pleaseseetheHalLeonardClassical For evenmoreviolasolosavailablefromHal ______Music SalesAmerica ed. JosephBoetje with CHURCH VIOLA MUSICFORCONCERTAND ______Cumparsita. • Dance!Quizas,QuizasLa Enfant •RussianMarchGlwysenNythyGwew • WeThreeKingsofOrientAreIlEstNé,leDivin Poplar Tree•TheFourCorners of MyHandkerchief Pastime withGoodCompany•TheSilverLeavesofthe the Balcony • Little Sadie • Blackberry Blossom • • Mrs.McLedod’sReelAHero’sFarewellOn Whoopee •TheFloweroftheQuernStatenIsland tents: Carolan’sAir•Red-HairedBoyMakin backing tracks,aswellfullperformances.Con­ part for beginners. The CD features accompaniment string P iano 50490424 14035065 50490425 50329260 48019596 A ccompaniment Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� CD Only Book Only Book/CD Pack����������������� SOLOS PLAYER THE VIOLA description. feature for a complete Please seetheSolosSeries G. Schirmer,Inc. ed. PaulDoktor SOLOS FOR well as asecond, easy viola piano accompaniments,as for viola.Thebookcontains world, creativelyarranged 21 pieces from around the Boosey &Hawkes arr. EdwardHuwsJones VIOLA COLLECTION PLAY-ALONG THE FIDDLER ��������������������������� �����������������������

$24.99 $12.95 $10.99 $16.99 $35.00

______nova! of styles:rock,funk,jazz,blues,swingandbossa outstanding Berkleeplayersandcoversawidevariety complete with daily practice routines . The CD features learning toplaycelloinacontemporaryensemble, book guideyouthroughtechniquethat’sspecificto wants to have in their band! Lessons throughout the reading ability.Becomethegreatplayerthateveryone CD willhelpimprove your timing, technique, and become partofthegroove.Thebookandplay-along how tolisten,interactandrespond, improvise, and all thegreatmusiciansseemtoknowintuitively– ______recording andmore! electric cellos,accessories,gigtips,practicing, including: bowingtechniques,non-classicalplaying, terrific, easy-to-use resource for a variety of topics, music, diagrams,andaccompanyingCDprovidea music, and everything in between. The text, photos, INSTRUCTION &TECHNIQUE 14041705 00101384 00842172 ����������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� CELLO the instrument. guide andaphoto/diagramof on instrumentcare,notation This chartincludesadvice Chester Music by DavidHarrison CHART CELLO FINGERING METHOD: CELLO PRACTICE BERKLEE in arockband.Learnwhat that teachesyouhowtoplay This isthefirst-evermethod Berklee Press and MimiRabson by MattGlaser G spanning classical to rock all levelscanbenefitfrom, how-to insightthatcellistsof This bookpresentsvaluable playing tothenextlevel? Ready totakeyourcello by AngelaSchmidt K S 101 CELLOTIPS et tuff now Y A our

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$14.99 $14.95 $4.99

______G. Schirmer,Inc. by DavidPopper 40 E HIGH SCHOOLOFCELLOPLAYING,OP.73 ______and value-pricededition. This classicmethodiscombinedintooneconvenient G. Schirmer,Inc. by FriedrichDotzauer/ed.JohannesKlingenberg VIOLONCELLO, BOOKS1AND2 EXERCISES FORTHE ______piano accompaniment. teacher ofGrade4-5standardpupil)orasimple can be accompanied by a cello duet part (for the developing rhythmicskills.Eachscaleandarpeggio learning quickerandlessonsmorefun!Alsoidealfor ______teacher/student duets. tudes 50262550 50490032 14009106 14011424 49016781 49016667 ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Volume 2 Volume 1 guaranteed tomake into 30imaginativepieces Grades 1 and 2 transformed Scales andarpeggiosfor Bosworth by StanleyGlasser for S SCALES! DON’T FAILYOUR instruction. lessons as well as individual specifically forschoolcello This methodwascreated Novello L. Burrowes by A.W.Benoyand METHOD VIOLONCELLO THE FIRST-YEAR a rangeofstyles.Includes carefully graduated pieces in of rhythmicpatternsthrough self-learning andrecognition This method book teaches Schott Juliet Dammers by JohnKemberand READING CELLO SIGHT- cale C

������������������������ ������������������������ ello and A , G rpeggio rades 1&2 P ieces $12.99 $12.99 $17.95 $11.95 $14.95 $14.95



$17.99 $29.95 $29.95 NE NE NE

�������� yncopations , S hords , C ccompaniments A �������������������������������� �������������������������������� hops A NEW by Janet Coles Music Sales America BOOK 1 TUNE A DAY – CELLO, GROOVES, GROOVES, taught by Natalie Haas with fiddlers Darol Anger and Alasdair Fraser Homespun FOR CELTIC CELLO RHYTHMS AND ACCOMPANIMENT TECHNIQUES C and taught by Rushad Eggleston with Special Guest Jay Ungar Homespun RHYTHMIC EXPLORATIONS ON THE CELLO gs in str Book/CD/DVD Pack complete descriptions.complete 00122478 DVD 14022737 00119984 DVD Please see for Please see CELLO INSTRUCTIONAL DVDS CELLO INSTRUCTIONAL ______$9.99 $7.95 $6.25 $8.99 $14.95 $11.95 gressing

VIOLONCELLO TECHNIQUE by Mark Yampolsky ed. by Gordon Epperson This classic book offers studies of scales and arpeg­ gios in all of their various bowed, fingered and rhyth­ mic combinations, with excel­ pro­ exercises lent THE SECOND-YEAR THE SECOND-YEAR CELLO METHOD and by A.W. Benoy L. Burrowes Novello & Company Specially devised for school cello lessons and individual tuition. TIPBOOK CELLO by Hugo Pinksterboer The Tipbook Company This book covers all aspects of instructional except – cello the lessons. Tipbooks are for players who want to understand their of out most the get and instrument. Features include: practicing tips • jargon ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Book 1 ������������������������������ Book 2 ������������������������������ ��������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� 00123247 00331904 14034200 14034201 50261960 14036857 A greatA octaves. four encompassing and difficulty in resource for teachers of students at all levels! ______explanations • basic background information • • explanations • basic background information of the family and the history • the indications price instrument • care and maintenance • and more. They are written in collaboration with musicians, teachers, technicians, and other experts for beginners, students, and advanced players. ______A TUNE A DAY – CELLO by C. Paul Herfurth Music Sales America a Please see the Instrumental Instruction – A Tune Day series feature for a complete description. ______TECHNICAL STUDIES FOR THE TECHNICAL STUDIES 1 VIOLONCELLO, VOLUME by Julius Klengel G. Schirmer, Inc. ______

$13.95 $12.95 $17.99 $25.95 $24.99 & �������� unes ����������������

T raditional echniques SCALES AND ARPEGGIOS FOR VIOLONCELLO by A.W. Benoy Novello A fantastic book of useful scales and arpeggios for the cello. It is suitable for students preparing for all examinations of the Royal T PLAYING THE CELLO Music Sales America Hugo Cole and Anna Shuttleworth. A direct and interesting route to sound technique through live music making. For 10 years upwards. THE IRISH THE IRISH T Maxfield by Liz Davis Berklee Press Learn to play traditional . Irish melodies on the cello This book covers traditional and articulations, concepts, CELLO BOOK ��������������������������������������� (Performance Pieces) ����� Book/CD/DVD Pack Student’s Book Book/CD Pack ����������������� 14028880 14022737 14022756 Book/CD Pack 14025726 50449652 Academy of Music and Royal College of Music. A.W. Benoy has supplied a large number of practical and technical scales here, carefully split into three progressive sections. ______FOR CELLO A NEW TUNE A DAY by Janet Coles Music Sales America Please see the Instrumental Instruction – A New Tune a Day section for a complete description. ______practices of Irish music, many traditionally for fiddle, for traditionally many music, Irish of practices cello. It includes technical but here adapted to the of over 100 traditional Irish lessons and a tune book play-along and CD of demonstration The melodies. ensemble. You Irish tracks features a traditional traditional using melodies Irish play to learn will as cuts, such nuances, performance and articulations pats, rolls, and slurs. You’ll also learn to recognize distinguishing features of song forms, adapt melodies and ensemble, Irish traditional a in play cell, the to much more. ______1188 INSTRUMENTAL ______• YouandImore. Jagger •RollingintheDeepSheepMaySafelyGraze Dog •ManintheMirrorMoonRiverMoveslike Firework •FlowerDuetHey,SoulSisterHound ______Igor Stravinsky,andothers. Aaron Copland,SergeiRachmaninoff, NedRorem, ______along! also included,makingeachmelodygreatforplaying professional celloplayer.Apianoaccompanimentis with thisbook,eachmelodyisperformedbya an increasingdegreeofdifficulty.OntheCDincluded string SONGBOOKS &REPERTOIRE 00119113 50490451 50490452 50328410 48019640 44001592 ��������������������������������������� Book/Online Audio CD Only Book Only ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� THE CELLO Stop Believin’•Edelweiss Thing Called Love • Don’t Dreamin’ •CrazyLittle Cold Outside•California the Universe•Baby,It’s pieces, including:Across movie hits, and classical 35 favorite pop songs, & VIOLADUETS BIG BOOKOFVIOLIN position forstudentcellists. Ten easypiecesin first G. Schirmer,Inc. ed. CharlesKrane 1 10 E BACH FOR Bernstein, BenjaminBritten, by BélaBartók, Leonard composers. Includesworks & Hawkes’mostprominent 29 piecesby20ofBoosey Boosey &Hawkes 29 P ANTHOLOGY HAWKES CELLO THE BOOSEY& FOR CELLO and havebeenarrangedin are technicallyfairlyeasy performances. Thepieces players touseintheirfirst perfect materialforcello These 14melodiesmake Fentone Music arr. ColinCowles 14 EASYTUNES st P ��������������������������� asy osition ieces ������������������������� P

ieces by 20C

in ���������

omposers $19.99 $14.99 $10.99 $24.99 $12.95 $7.99

______8 P INTERMEDIATE TOADVANCED ______13 P INTERMEDIATE LEVEL ______14 P EASY TOINTERMEDIATELEVEL recorded selections. sample bookpages,andselectedaudiofilesof www. standard literatureforeachinstrument.Pleasevisit lists. Master composers are well-represented, as is attention paidtovariousstatecontestrepertory for high school and college players, with particular accompaniments. Thecompilationsaredesigned recordings ofallthepieces,aswellrecordedpiano collections arepackagedwithbeautifulcompanion historical informationabouteachpiece.These instruments, organized by difficulty level, with This series presents literaturefora variety of ______separate insert. and Brahms.Thecellopartisalsoincludedon a ieces ieces ieces halleonard

by 50486149 50486141 50486133 50486515 14006316

by in 8C F 12C irst omposers . com for complete contents lists, P omposers osition Book/2-CDs Pack������������ Book/2-CDs Pack������������ Book/CD Pack����������������� – Volume2081��������������� Intermediate toAdvancedLevel ��������������������������������������� G. Schirmer,Inc. pianist JuditJaimes Symphony Orchestra,and for theMilwaukee Johnson, principalcello Recorded byJoseph I G. S COLLECTION THE CELLO cello andpiano. advanced levelplayer.For for theintermediateto Cello literatureappropriate G. Schirmer,Inc. Musical Classics Schirmer’s Libraryof 19 P CLASSICS CELLO works byDebussy,Chopin folksongs, dancesand of thecello.Includes bring outthefinestqualities arrangements designedto Easy tointermediate Music SalesAmerica E CELLO SOLOS V nstrumenal olume verybody

by chirmer 13C ieces 40

omposers ’ by s F


L avorite ibrary omposers S $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $18.99 $21.95 eries ,

______advanced highschoolandcollegelevelplayer. With detailednotesonthemusic.Suitablefor Corigliano, Cowell,Muczynski,Tower,andothers. and AMPcomposers,includingworksbyBarber, ______to play. go aswellprovidingvariedandstimulatingmusic gradually addressingnewtechnicalproblemsasthey ______Music SalesAmerica arr. C.PaulHerfurth for EARLY GRADEPIECES CLASSICAL ALBUMOF ______Una Mattina. include: A Fuoco • DNA • Indaco • Resta Con Me • well asaccompaniment-onlybackingtracks.Pieces recorded tracks,includingfulldemonstrationsas download cardgivesexclusiveaccesstospecially by a 16-page insert for solo cello. An included accompaniment withsolotopline)iscomplemented album UnaMattina.The48-pagefullscore(piano C ello 50499490 14041583 14006936 14043192

and P iano ��������������������������������������� Book/2-CD Pack ����������������������������������������� Book withOnlineAudio�� ANTHOLOGY COLLECTION THE CELLO FOR CELLO most prominentG.Schirmer Selected works from the G. Schirmer,Inc. S C 20 12 W CELLO THE G.SCHIRMER EINAUDI – beginner toadvancedlevels, themselves progressfrom collaborations. Theduets especially teacher/pupil encourage duettists, designed toinspireand 22 original cello pieces Music SalesAmerica DUETS the titletrackfromhis2004 brand newarrangementof first-time publicationsanda Einaudi, includingsome five piecesbyLudovico This neweditioncontains Chester Music olo ello th C C

orks and ello entury


from iano �������������



NE NE $17.99 $19.99 $16.99 $7.95 W W


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$25.95 $19.95 $19.99 NE iano


ello with

C The tunes tunes The ments. ��������������������� for ello

raditional C ieces asy ccompaniment A Bosworth An exciting collection of classical tunes arranged for enjoy. to cellists 2-3 Grade There are simple piano SCOTTISH 69 T P arr. Kevin McCrae and Neil Johnstone Schott Intermediate to advanced arrange­ include slow airs and PLAYALONG CELLO – CLASSICAL TUNES E FOLK TUNES THE PIANO THE PIANO release 2014 Guys’ Piano The top of the New debuted at the also Age albums chart and topped the Classical Albums, Classical Crossover Albums also and Internet Albums and on 12 top the into them took GUYS – WONDERS gs in str Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� (Handel) • Minuet from Minuet • (Handel) Messiah 49014944 14025717 00141168 Piano/Cello pipes, and a quickstep. Includes extensive notes ments, marches, strathspeys, reels, jigs, polkas, Includes: Ave Maria (J.S. Bach/Gounod) • Hallelujah from Chorus accompaniments and the CD contains inspiring inspiring contains CD the and accompaniments . demonstration and play-along backing tracks la­ horn­ on the selections. The CD features Kevin McCrae’s “Bonnie” recorded by the composer and all other tunes performed by Neil Johnstone. ______(Mozart) • Ode to Joy from • Ode Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart) Tune Trumpet • (Beethoven) 9 No. Symphony (Purcell) • and more. ______the Billboard 200 for the first time. It features 12 more the Billboard 200 for the first including: arrangements creative and unique their of • Evolution • /Ode to Joy Art • Kung Fu Piano: Cello Home • How Great Thou Life of My • Story Go • The Mission • Let It Ascends arrangements • and more. This book features piano part. with separate pull-out cello ______


leng­ ments arts $14.95 $19.99 $40.00 $16.99 NE


pani­ the



uets C C D for rrangements and

ellist and A

C ieces ptional iano iano uneful P O P P eginner asy azzy nstrumental MELLOW CELLO 18 T J by Richard Kershaw Fentone Music When it comes to jazz, most people do not immediately think of the cello. However, for arr. Christopher Phillips Brentwood-Benson for duets instrumental 12 piano and cello featuring arrangements for offertories and postludes. A listening THE ORCHESTRAL CELLIST edited by Mats Lidström Boosey & Hawkes 29 essential orchestral cello part excerpts for auditions with unique color-coding that shows suggested fingerings, bowings, and commentary. MY SAVIOR, MY GOD I B THE PIANO GUYS – SIMPLIFIED FAVORITES, VOL. 1 E with With their clever and inspiring takes on and creative videos, up serve Guys Piano The Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� ��������������������������������������� Easy Piano with opt. cello 44004703 75717317 48019908 00127421 introduces young cellists to theMellow Cello introduces young cellists joy of jazz in a series of tuneful original pieces whichjoy of jazz in a series of tuneful pizzicato to more chal­ progress from open string ­ ing rhythms. With the lively piano accom they offer an ideal way forand the accompanying CD, beginners to enter the world of jazz. ______the cello is a versatile instrument that can play jazzythe cello is a versatile instrument a violin, and can also pro­ tunes just as effectively as so important in this style ofvide the strong bass line music. CD is included in the back of the book. ______an eclectic mix of classical, film score, rock and pop favorites that resonates with a wide variety of audiences. Play 12 of their most popular songs in cello: piano with optional for easy these arrangements All of Me • Arwen’s Vigil • Begin Again • Home • • Over Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends • Moonlight A • Deep the in Rolling • Paradise • Rainbow the Thousand Years • Titanium • Without You. Includes separate pull-out cello part. ______

$19.99 $19.99 $19.95 for for

instruments uets b uets D D ello ello C C and ������������������������ and

iano iano nstrumental nstrumental arr. Christopher Phillips Brentwood-Benson Christopher Phillips has given us 12 worshipful arrangements for piano and cello that are perfect MADE TO WORSHIP I THE GREAT CELLO THE GREAT SOLOS Webber ed. Julian Lloyd Chester Music pieces for the Essential short by cello selected and edited Julian Lloyd Webber in one attractive volume. P HE KNOWS I arr. Christopher Phillips Brentwood-Benson arrangements worshipful 12 for offertoires and postludes complete with a listening CD P MY NAME, VOLUME 3 Book/CD Pack ����������������� ��������������������������������������� 75720617 Songbook 75717327 14019310 (trumpet/clarinet). Pieces include: As the Deer with I Am Thine, O Lord • He Knows My Name with Jesus Song Revelation • Imagine Only Can I • Me Loves with Holy, Holy, Holy • We Fall Down with Crown Him with Many Crowns • You’re Worthy of My Praise • and more. ______for offertories, postludes, or anytime instrumentals the complete full are desired. As an added bonus, listening CD of all 12 arrangements is included as well as a piano-only accompaniment track. ______of all the tracks. Includes doubled instrumentation (violin/flute) and B for C instruments 1190 INSTRUMENTAL ______each piece. quickly. TheCDincludesdemosandplay-alongsfor and mood,falleasilyontheear,canbelearned positions. The melodies are short, varied instyle first position, whoarebeginning toexplore further cellists familiarwiththenotesandfingeringin ______heard thefiddlersplayandwantedtojoinin! approved levelsforSQAexams.Lotsoftunesyouhave by Scottish cellist Eilidh Martin. Carefully graded with string 50490426 50490427 50329300 44006978 14029767 Book/CD Pack����������������� CD Only Book Only Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� CELLO PLAYER FOR THE description. feature for a complete Please seetheSolosSeries G. Schirmer,Inc. edited byOttoDeri SOLOS Scottish tunes cellists whowanttoplay This isagreatbookfor Music SalesAmerica arr. ChristineMartin SCOTTISH CELLISTS SESSION TUNESFOR agement andenjoymentto ment thatprovidesencour­ cello withpianoaccom­ tional songsarrangedfor Scottish, andWelshtradi­ A selectionofEnglish,Irish, Fentone Music CELLO &PIANO TUNES FOR 22 TRADITIONAL fingering andchords added session tuneswithhelpful contains over80great ��������������������������� �����������������������

. The book $24.99 $10.99 $16.99 $15.95 $19.95 pani­

______sections foreachcellopart. cello duet arrangements as well as separate pull-out Name •WithorWithoutYou.Thebookincludesthe Welcome totheJungle•WhereStreetsHaveNo Smooth Criminal•UseSomebodyVivaLaVida Misirlou •ResistanceSmellslikeTeenSpirit advanced cello players: Fragile • Human Nature • sensation intheprocess.Containsthesehitsfor renditions ofpopularsongs,andbecameaYouTube rival cellistswhojoinedforcestocreateunique ______John Williams S (FROM ANGELA’SASHES) THE LANESOFLIMERICK ______John Williams S THE SORCERER’SSTONE TWO THEMESFROMHARRYPOTTERAND more harptitles. Please also see the Folk section of this catalog for ______with separatecellostavesforall! The Wexford Carol • and You Couldn’t Be Cuter – This LittleLightofMine•TouchtheHandLove Familia •HereComestheSunJoytoWorld • Tobique Reel •Dona Nobis Pacem (Variations) • olo olo H H arp arp 00307357 00841505 00841675 00307088 Cello/Piano/Vocal ������������ ����������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� HARP T JOY &PEACE FRIENDS –SONGSOF YO-YO MA& Sulic andStjepanHauser– songs asperformedbyLuka duet arrangementsto11 This foliofeaturesaccessible A REVISED EDITION & STJEPANHAUSER– 2CELLOS: LUKASULIC Christmas Jig/Mouthofthe of guest artists. Includes: A and astar-studded assembly classical cellistYoMa 2008 CDfeaturingpopular piano andvoicefromthe Ten songsarrangedforcello, O wo n riginal A C ccessible ellos A rrangements G uide

to $24.99 $19.99 11

for $6.95 $9.99

______printable PDFscores. includes performances,pianoaccompaniments, and most advancedlevelsofdoublebass playing.CD offering studiesfromtheverybeginningupto Exciting andcomprehensiveDoubleBassmethod Book/CD Packs by GerdReinke D ENJOY THEDOUBLEBASS ______ear training,performance,andmuchmore. and soloing,practicing,propercareoftheinstrument, including: right-andleft-handtechnique,improvising terrific, easy-to-use resource for a variety of topics, diagrams andaccompanyingaudiotracksprovidea and levels can benefit from. The text, photos, music, ______for thedoublebassparts. accompaniment. Featuresaseparatepull-outsection Frederick Zimmermannfordoublebasswithpiano ______patterns neededtoplaythisinstrument. to helpthemmasterthefingeringsandbowing patterns, thisbookteachesdoublebassiststechniques and NYU. Through many helpful exercises and ouble B 48020975  48020976 Volume2(3-5position) 00102009 00121946 00123248 ass M ethod ����������������������������������������� (1.5-25 position) Volume 1 Book/Online Audio �����������������������������������������

with BASS BASS TIPS upright bassistsofallstyles valuable how-toinsightthat bassist AndyMcKeepresents to the next level? Renowned Ready totakeyourplaying by AndyMcKee K S 101 UPRIGHT ludes), transcribed by 2 &4,andSixLittlePre­ Bach, book ofAnnaMagdalena the (from se­lections This collectioncontains12 Zimmermann transcribed byFrederick YOUNG BASSPLAYER BACH FORTHE Manhattan School ofMusic at Julliard,Columbia, Philharmonic, andtaught ple for the NY Zimmermann playedprinci­ by FrederickZimmermann DOUBLE BASS TECHNIQUE FORTHE CONCEPT OFBOWING A CONTEMPORARY tuff now P iano A

and ll A French SuitesNos.

U the ccompaniment se P ������������ ros ���������

�� NE $21.95 $21.95 $14.99 $14.95 $7.95 Note­ W

INSTRUMENTAL 1191 gs in str $65.00 $60.00 $12.95 $14.95 ������������������ ������������������ ������������������ ������������������ core S ull MY HEART WILL GO ON (FROM TITANIC) James Horner/ arr. Larry Moore WEDDING MUSIC F arr. Cleo Aufderhaar Southern Music Company This extraordinary collection the of wedding favorites is perfect solution for wedding the planners looking for just upcoming that for music right wedding ceremony. The String Quartet String Quartet String Quartet String Quartet STRING QUARTETS 04490500 04490090 03770823 03770651 core S ull YOU RAISE ME UP Brendan Graham and Rolf Lovland/ arr. Larry Moore Josh Groban’s powerful performance at the 2004 Super Bowl made this one of the most memorable songs of the year. Larry Moore has captured the dramatic music with this arrangment for string quartet. ______MORE WEDDING MUSIC F arr. Cleo Aufderhaar Southern Music Company is This extraordinary collection of wedding favorites the perfect solution for wedding planners looking for just the right music for that upcoming wedding ceremony. The arrangements are appropriate for the The optional of for strong orchestra. string quartet contrabass part provides additional flexibility. ______Hal Leonard has many more string quar- has many more string Hal Leonard available. Go to halleonard. tet selections and our Instrumental Ensemble com or see listings. for complete Classical catalogs arrangements are appropriate for the string quartet string the for appropriate are arrangements part contrabass optional The orchestra. strong for of provides additional flexibility. Selections include: Aria (Handel); Bridal Chorus (Wagner); Wedding March Largo (Clarke); Voluntary Trumpet (Mendelssohn); from “Winter” (Vivaldi); Rigaudon (Campra); Theme from 1st Symphony (Brahms); March (Mozart); Trumpet Tune (Purcell); Canon (Pachelbel); Jesu from “Winter” Allegro Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach); (Vivaldi). ______

iano $7.95 $34.95 $16.99 $10.99 $24.99 P with

ass B ����������������������� ouble ��������������������������� D ccompaniment A REPERTOIRE FOR REPERTOIRE MUSIC SCHOOLS for Edited by Compiled and Péter Kubina Editio Musica Budapest Here are 50 easy-to- for intermediate short pieces double bass and piano, with ed. Oscar Zimmerman G. Schirmer, Inc. Also for Tuba and Piano. Please see the Solos Series complete a for feature description. SOLOS FOR THE DOUBLE-BASS PLAYER ��������������������������������������� Book Only CD Only Book 1 ������������������������������ Book/CD Pack ����������������� 50485515 50330830 50490429 14034225 50490428 five additional bonus pieces for two double basses five additional bonus pieces composers the arrangements, Primarily piano. and Mozart, Schumann, represented include Bach, Lully, Schubert, Handel, Beethoven, Purcell, Corelli, Haydn and others. ______A TUNE A DAY – STRING BASS by C. Paul Herfurth Music Sales America a Please see the Instrumental Instruction – A Tune Day series feature for a complete description. ______1192 INSTRUMENTAL ______Etudes byPierreCamus. Virtuoso StudiosbyErnestoKohlerandSixGrandes advanced students, Books 4A and4Bfeature of solosbyHadyn,Bizet,LeClairandJongen.For Kronke, Köhler and Mollerup, as well excerpts development, Book3featurestheworkofBoehm, also includesetudesbyKummer.Forfurthertechnical Terschak. Book2isacontinuationof1and such composersasAndersen,Gariboldi,Köhlerand Book 1containsawealthoffamousstudiesby listing. go tohalleonard.comviewacomplete below forasamplingoftitlesavailable,or and soloensemblerepertoire.See wind instruments,includingmethodbooks consists ofover200publicationsforwood- Cavally catalog.Thisprestigiouscatalog rights topublishanddistributetheRobert Hal Leonardrecentlysecuredexclusive of thiscatalogforflutemusicfolios. Please seetheInstrumentalSolosFoliossection ______00970024 00970025 00970031 00970012 00970013 ROBERT CAVALLY Book 1���������������������������� Book 2���������������������������� Book 3���������������������������� Book 4A Book 4B FLUTE K intermediate flute study, most importantbooksfor For manyyearsoneofthe Robert Cavally compiled andrevisedby from STUDIES FORFLUTE PROGRESSIVE MELODIOUS AND öhler A �������������������������� �������������������������� ndersen

and T erschak , G ariboldi $13.99 $13.99 $12.99 $14.95 $14.95 Thirty WOODWINDS , ______Velocity Studies ______Tone Studies ______Scale Studies in alevelforthemaximumdevelopment. student andprofessionalflutists.Useallthreebooks as someofthemostimportantrepertoireavailableto Cavally’s famousMelodiousandProgressiveStudies Developmental and Progressive Studies for Flute join Velocity Studies and Scale Studies) at four levels, the the flute.Publishedinthreevolumes(ToneStudies, pedagogy fromabelovedteacherandperformerof legendary flutistRobertCavallyrepresentawealthof ______- AndanteandScherzo(Ganne) - ThreeDuosConcertantsforTwoFlutes(Drouët) - SixSonatinesforTwoFlutes(Köhler) (Debussy) - EtudedeConcerton“AfternoonofaFaun” - SonatainEMinorforTwoFlutes(Locatelli) (Beethoven) - Allegro Spiritoso and Minuet for Two - SonatainAMinorforFluteAlone(J.SBach) - FiveInventionsforTwoFlutes(J.SBach) - TwoSonatasforFlutes(W.FBach) - Whirlwind(Andersen) Sylphs (Andersen) 00119362 00119361 00119360 Primer 00119356 00119355 00119343 Primer 00119358 00117659 00114956 Primer 00970032 Book 2���������������������������� Book 1���������������������������� Book 2���������������������������� Book 1���������������������������� Book 2���������������������������� Book 1���������������������������� ��������������������������������������� F VELOCITY STUDIES TONE & volumes from the studio of These highlyanticipated K. Mayfield Robert Cavally/ed.Bootsie D SCALE, - BalladeandDanceofthe 63 (Andersen) - 24 Etudes Techniques, Op. 30 (Andersen) - 24InstructiveStudies,Op. Robert Cavally compiled andrevisedby (T STUDIES ANDDUETS FAMOUS FLUTE P lute rogressive evelopmental he ���������������������������� ���������������������������� ���������������������������� B ig B lue S tudies B

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for ) NE $12.99 $12.99 $13.99 $12.99 $13.99 $13.99 $12.99 $29.99 $17.99 $24.50


______Élégie, Op.10(Massanet) 55 No.4(Andersen);AveMaria(Schubert);Mélodie- Concerto forClarinet,K.622(Mozart);TheMill,Op Op. 55No6(Andersen);AdagioReligiosofrom (Périlhou); WaltzoftheFlowers(Delibes);Scherzino, Sicilienne fromPelléasetMélisande(Fauré);Ballade minor -Rondeau,PolonaiseandBadinerie(Bach); (Donjon); Orientale, Op.31(Boisdeffre); Suite in B 116 -Allegretto,Idylle(Godard);Pan(Pastorale) Offertoire, Op.12(Donjon);SuiteforFlute, (Hüe); 2ndMenuetfromL’Arlésienne(Bizet); from Concerto in D minor (Molique); Serenade (Joncières/Andraud); Andalouse(Pessard);Andante of the Blessed Spirits (Gluck); Hungarian Serenade ______- Largofrom“Xerxes” - SonataVIIinAminor,Op.1No4 - SonataVIinBminor,Op.1No9 - SonataVinFmajor,Op.1No11 - SonataIVinCmajor,Op.1No7 - SonataIIIinGmajor,Op.1No5 00970038 00970036 2-Book Set Flute andPiano (Quantz); MinuetandDance Contents: AriosoandPresto accompaniment books) Complete set (flute and Robert Cavally compiled andrevisedby (2- F CONCERT PIECES 24 SHORT -  -  Cavally G.F. Handel/arr.Robert F REVISED EDITION FAMOUS LARGO- SEVEN SONATASAND lute lute Op. 1No2 Sonata IIinGminor, Op. 1No1B Sonata IinEminor, book

and and ����������������������

set P P iano iano ) ���������������

$25.00 $17.95 INSTRUMENTAL 1193

$25.95 $19.95 $24.95 $14.95 $19.95 $13.95 $19.95 to aterial


lautists ractice tudents F eaching P ntermediate �������������������� S I T ll for eachers

A roup T ssential dvanced ook A COMPLETE DAILY EXERCISES FOR THE FLUTE E for Novello The complete daily exercise used by flautists worldwide in their daily practice, BEGINNER’S BEGINNER’S BOOK FOR THE FLUTE Novello Book” The “Beginner’s Wye Trevor by series encourages the enjoyment of playing and music-making or and is ideal for group individual instruction. FLUTE CLASS A G B and Novello This teaching book for students and teachers contains over 70 pieces for class activity, trios, quartets, scales and arpeggios. With ��������������������������������������� Part One – Book Only ����� Part One – Book/CD Pack Part Two – Book Only ����� Part Two – Book/CD Pack ����������������� 14036424 14036426 Book ������������������������������� 14036425 Book/2-CDs 14003809 14036420 14003810 14003808 ds in oo dw w now in one volume, features warm-ups, scale and scale warm-ups, features volume, one in now arpeggio exercises over the full compass, a section and a definitive third octave on the concentrating the on Based studies. daily popular of collection edition this techniques, School French established by studies original and tips hints, many includes Trevor Wye. A practice card is included for ease in planning practice time. ______easy piano parts. ______PART ONE great music and focuses Part One is packed with and a firm low register. on developing good tone throughout, showing Clear illustrations are included . correct posture and fingerings ______����������������������������������������������������������������������� PART TWO at Part Two expands your range of notes and looks new rhythms and time signatures. ______$21.95 $12.50 $16.95 $25.95 THE MODERN THE MODERN FLUTIST ed. Albert Andraud player/ flute serious The find studies student will based on thirty of the most standard works of orchestral 8 repertoire as well as the etudes de salon by Donjon of and the thirty caprices THE ALTO FLUTE PRACTICE BOOK by Trevor Wye and Patricia Morris Music Sales America The first book of its kind, this helpful guide covers all aspects of the alto flute. Includes historical notes, a information, technical useful ollection ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� C TREVOR WYE lute F 03770501 03770628 03770626 14036417 naccompanied Georg Phillip Telemann/arr. Robert Cole Southern Music Company ______This extraordinary flute repertoire collection is collection is repertoire flute This extraordinary an extraordinary value for the serious flue player/ student. In addition to the studies based on the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, it includes the following Suite flue repertoire (flue solo parts only): Bach – in B Minor; Mozart – Concerto in D, K. 314; Debussy Op. – L’apres-midi d’un faune; Faure – Fantaisie, Rimsky- Carmen; of III Act of Entr’act – Bizet 79; – Korsakoff – Flight of the Bumble Bee; Chopin Minute Waltz; Saint-Saens – Romance, Op. 37; Ravel – Pavane pour une infante defunte; and more. ______12 FANTASIES U 24 FLUTE CONCERT STUDIES/ 24 FLUTE CONCERT FAMOUS FLUTE SOLOS Also includes orchestral excerpts from Karg-Elert. Also includes orchestral Stravinsky, Brahms, composers Debussy, Dvorak, and more. Smetana, Strauss, Wagner ______comprehensive repertoire list and orchestral extracts. comprehensive ______$8.95 $6.95 $10.95 ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� 03770713 03770542 03770543 3 2 1 SOUTHERN MUSIC COMPANY SOUTHERN ook ook ook B Mark Thomas Book 3 is comprised of advanced etudes and other . works by Lindpainter, Mozart, Händel and others Also included: - Whole-tone scales - Instruction in vibrato ______MARK THOMAS FLUTE METHOD MARK THOMAS FLUTE METHOD B Mark Thomas Book 2 is comprised of intermediate etudes and other and Marcello Andersen, Händel, Gariboldi, by works others. Also included: - Two-octave scales in all major and minor keys - Removable fingering and trill charts. - Instruction on trills, mordents, appoggiaturas ______Mark Thomas assembly and care on information includes 1 Book playing position and tone of the flute, music reading, and production, as well as a short history of the flute a glossary of terms. ______MARK THOMAS FLUTE METHOD MARK THOMAS FLUTE B Southern Music Company publications were Company publications Southern Music vetern by Lauren Keiser, recently acquired published Southern has music publisher. for of titles including repertoire thousands individual instru- band, chamber groups, more. Hal Leonardments, orchestra, and Music, and as adistributes Lauren Keiser publications are nowresult, Southern Music Leonard. See belowavailable through Hal available or go to hal- for a sampling of titles listing. for a complete 1194 INSTRUMENTAL ______pull-out pianoaccompanimentparts. and arpeggios, sight-reading activities, and separate, volume includes19piecesandstudies,tips,scales contemporary, and educational repertoire ______the flute.EditedbyTrevorWye ______melodic interest.Suitableforplayersgrade3-4 have beencarefullyandspecificallyselectedfortheir woodwinds 48022730 48022731 14036456 14036454 Grade 1 Grade 2 ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� BY GRADE Hawkes catalogofclassical, the richandvariedBoosey& Grade Bydrawson Boosey &Hawkes and Accompaniments With CDsofPerformances Janet Way compiled andeditedby GRADE Jacob. Alloftheseflutesolos Donjon, Vivaldi,Chopin, includes music by Telemann, Trevor Wye.VolumeTwo accompaniment, editedby works forfluteandpiano A collectionofclassical Chester Music VOLUME TWO FLUTE SOLOS– playing, orforstudentsof enthusiasts ofensemble Excellent repertoireforany Walkiers and Kummer Quantz, Boismortier, trios byGervaise,Praetorius, Carefully selectedandedited Chester Music VOLUME ONE FLUTE TRIOS– ��������������������������� ��������������������������� NE . $20.99 $20.99 $17.95 $13.95 Each W .

______performance. • fun,qualitymusicthatmotivates practicing and variety oftempos,dynamics,timeandkeysignatures • longtoneexercisesarticulationpatterns low register•musical exercises toteach phrasing music inarangethatexploresboththehighand terminology composer information, nationality, and music diverse selectionofqualityrepertoireeachpresenting facility andtone.Themusicalcollectionprovidesa to strengthenyoungartist skills indevelopingboth a dozencountries.Originalcompositionsareincluded Twentieth Centuryeraswhilerepresentingmorethan music fromtheBaroque,Classical,Romantic,and ______covers composersA-P.Book2R-Z guide on approaching each one effectively. Book 1 from across the centuries is included, and a complete collection ofwell-knownandlessfamiliarmelodies examined bytechnicalfeaturesanddifficulty.Ahuge way, featuringgroupsoforchestralextractswhichare repertoire is explored in an interesting and informative solos aswellstandardorchestralrepertoire.The including technicalareassuchasarticulationandlow book coversallaspectsoforchestralfluteplaying, Invaluable tostudentsandprofessionalsalike,this Novello by TrevorWyeandPatriciaMorris THE ORCHESTRALFLUTEPRACTICE ______Novello ed. TrevorWye K. 314ANDANDANTEINC,315 MOZART –FLUTECONCERTONO.2IND, ______Novello ed. TrevorWye/arr.RobertScott MOZART –CONCERTONO.1ING,K.313 00129097 14036431 14036430 14007513 14007515 . Includes: challenging and rewarding ��������������������������������������� Book 2(R-Z)������������������ Book 1(A-P) ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ON THEFLUTE DEVELOPING ARTISTS STUDIES FOR for woodwinds.Itincludes to anintermediatebook possible styleappropriate This textcoversevery Meredith Music by ShelleyJagow INTERMEDIATE ������������������ NE $14.95 $39.95 $39.95 $19.95 $19.95 W

______with plentyofhelpfulexercisesforallregisters. instrument. Eachbookservesasastep-by-stepguide ______Novello by TrevorWyeandPatriciaMorris PRACTICE BOOKFORTHEPICCOLO ______flautists! flute topracticingtechniques.Amustforallyoung 14036447 14036434 14036433 14036436 14050036 14036440 14036441 14036443 miu Edition Omnibus 14036445 14036416 14036449 ��������������������������������������� (Book Only) Volume 1–Tone (Book/CD Pack)������������� Volume 1–Tone Volume 2–Technique���� Volume 3–Articulation�� Intonation &Vibrato Volume 4– Breathing andScales������� Volume 5– Advanced Practice����������� Volume 6– Books 1-5 ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� repertoire andcareers. auditioning, performing, finding ateacher,practicing, detail. Topicscoveredinclude playing techniques in greater continues theexplanationof Wye’s seriesofpracticebooks This companiontoTrevor Novello PLAYING PROPER FLUTE all aspectsofplayingthe technical problemcovering concentrates onadifferent for allflautists. Each book invaluable additiontostudy by Trevor Wye serve as an This seriesofpracticebooks Novello PRACTICE BOOK FOR THEFLUTE H K a humoroushistoryofthe flute andhowtoplayit,from you needtoknow about the This bookcoverseverything Novello E FIRST FLUTEBOOK TREVOR WYE’SVERY now verything ow

to A ����������������������� bout P ������������������� lay Y

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$19.95 $13.99 $19.95 $13.95 $13.95 $13.95 $15.99 $15.99 $39.95 $35.95 $13.95 to



$12.95 $27.95 $12.99

azz lute J F

ethod xercises for

E M lassical ractice azz lute J C F -P he ssentials re echnical CROSSING OVER CROSSING E and by Daniel Schnyder Music Second Floor exploration an is book This of modern compositional devices and their interaction and harmony jazz with phrasing. T for by John O’Neill Schott Text in English, French and German. Includes improvisation, on instruction DEVELOPING JAZZ TECHNIQUE FOR FLUTE T A DOZEN A DAY – FLUTE P Willis Music A Dozen a Day books have long been the favorite pre- exercises technical practice for young pianists. Now these classic warm-up exercises ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 00842010 49030476 00120201 ds in oo dw w “This is not just one more exercise book! Most “This is not just one based on a are books of the traditional exercise finally, is a method which diatonic concept. Here, context. The combination emphasizes a chromatic work hard makes exercises and tunes music of beginners and advanced very interesting for both for your fingers and your students. Very refreshing virtuoso classical and brain!” – Matthias Ziegler, jazz flute artist. ______style and special effects. ______are available for instruments too! Complete with audio backing tracks on the included CD, these books help develop and maintain good fingering and breathing Suddenly playing. good all for basis – the technique practice has become more rewarding... and a lot more enjoyable! ______

$10.99 $12.95 $12.99

avorite F s ’ #138 orld eries 117 MELODIOUS 117 MELODIOUS AND PROGRESSIVE FLUTE STUDIES FOR W S Ashley Publications Inc. sets of studies Four presented in progressive order. Includes etudes Andersen, Gariboldi, by Koehler and Hugues. THE COMPLETE FLUTE PLAYER – BOOK 1 by John Sands Music Sales America The only flute course using well-known popular tunes! also features book This clear text, photographs . It covers and diagrams ABSOLUTE by Ned Bennett Music Sales America Absolute Beginners: Flute uses step-by-step pictures uses step-by-step pictures to take you from first day exercises to playing along with a backing track! BEGINNERS FLUTE ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 00510138 14007296 14041654 ______assembling the flute and producing your first sounds. Songs: Annie’s Song • Barcarolle • Cabaret • Chim Chim Cher-ee • Lavender Blue • Puff the Magic Gone? Flowers the All Have Where • Smile • Dragon • Yesterday • and more. ______has been designed to tell you designed to tell Beginners has been Absolute you everything you need to know from the first time play your flute. In one great book you get: A look- of instead pictures clear uses that course and-learn long explanations; Practical advice and tips covering everything you need to know to get you playing, fast!; CD audio tracks to show you how things should play to tracks accompaniment Full-length sound; along with; and more. ______

$7.95 $7.95 $7.95 $7.99 entury entury $14.99 C C st st

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A arol arol eries eries now tuff 35 EXERCISES FOR FLUTE, OP. 33 C by Ernesto Koehler Lauren Keiser Music Publishing These delightful etudes by Ernesto Koehler (Op. 33) have endless benefits for an by M.A. Reichert Lauren Keiser Music Publishing Daily Reichert Seven The long has 5) (Op. Exercises been one of the most useful, 7 DAILY EXERCISES, 7 DAILY EXERCISES, OP. 5 C S S K 101 FLUTE S by Elaine Schmidt Tips, suggestions, advice and other useful information garnered through a lifetime of flute study and gigging are all professional TIPS Book 1 ������������������������������ ����������������������������������������� Book 2 ������������������������������ Book/CD Pack ����������������� ����������������������������������������� 00042282 00042281 00042283 00119883 50259650 INSTRUCTION & TECHNIQUE INSTRUCTION Each one succinctly addresses succinctly one Each player. intermediate or phrasing, articulation, it be – particular idea a the an expressive gesture – consistently throughout to due and, focused is instruction their Thus etude. a four to two assigned be can a student brevity, their week. Consequently, the rewards are great! Book 1 includes 15 Easy Exercises. ______respected, and treasured learning methods written for respected, and treasured bring will edition read to easier new, This flute. the of exacting and nuanced you immeasurable hours guidance. ______presented in this book with dozens of entries gleaned from first-hand experience. Topics covered include: right the finding • you for flute right the selecting effectively practicing • exercises warm-up • teacher • taking good care of your flute • gigging advice • of the flute • members staying and playing healthy family • extended ranges and techniques • and flute fraternization. ______by Benoit Berbiguier/arr. Georges Barrère G. Schirmer, Inc. ______18 EXERCISES OR ETUDES 1196 INSTRUMENTAL ______valuable toolforanyfluteplayer! ______to playalongwith. jazz triorecordingsontheaccompanyingCDforyou featured fromtheverybeginning,withauthenticlive with theminimumofmusicaljargon.Improvisationis by-step, explaining clearly and simply throughout, musician OllieWestonintroduceskeyconceptsstep- introduction to the world of jazz. Renowned jazz ______Introductions totheEtudessection. with performanceandpracticehintsincludedinthe historical contextforstyleandphrasingdecisions, Composer biographiesarealsoincluded,providing and theartistrynecessaryformasteryofetudes. advanced flutist,withexpansionofrange,virtuosity, ______woodwinds 14011341 49012764 49017675 49017746 49012792 49016928 ����������������������������������������� Book I����������������������������� Book II Book/CD Pack����������������� Volume 1 Volume 2 pitch system,andnotation.A instrument care,transposition, includes notesabout laminated fold-out card fingering chart,thishandy In additiontoadetailed Music SalesAmerica F CHART FLUTE FINGERING or of terms. biographies, andaglossary suggestions, composer orchestral excerpts, practice includes daily exercises, developing phrasing This useful guide to Schott by MaryKarenClardy T FUNDAMENTALS FLUTE flute playerlookingforan designed fortheintermediate This definitivebookis Schott by OllieWeston and J A JAZZ FLUTE EXPLORING technical development of the challenge both musical and decade inprint.Selections to gainrecognitionaftera Flute Etudes Book continues Now inafourthprinting,The Schott by MaryKarenClardy BOOK THE FLUTEETUDES azz F he n I lute ��������������������������� I A H ntroduction mprovisation ������������������������ ������������������������ rt armony



P the iccolo , T P

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$12.95 $16.95 $29.99 $22.95 $24.95 $7.95

______Camus, HottenterreandKohler. ______improvise. .Hehastaughtthousandshowto before which he toured with and Andy McGheehastaughtatBerkleesince1966, of theirunderlyingharmoniesandsoundnatural. and chords,practicinglickssolosthatgrowout You’ll learntheintimaterelationshipsbetweenmodes you develop your ear and improve your technique. ______duets. Forbeginnersthroughintermediateplayers in arangeofmusicalstyles.Includesteacher/student ______14011942 14004554 50449810 49030503 49015608 Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Volume 1 Volume 2 funky backingtracksonCD. pieces inthisbook.Includes with thespeciallycomposed then usethemstraightaway your technicalexercises and Learn yourscales, practice Chester Music by SimonLesley FOR FLUTE FUNKY SCALES includes worksbyAndersen, in thisuniquecollection.It 19th centuriesarefeatured and duetsfromthe18th Melodic exercises,studies Chester Music ed. EdwardBlakeman (E COMPANION THE FLUTEPLAYER’S and-true resourcewillhelp explanations inthistried- by-step exercises and of yoursoloing!Thestep- Expand thecreativebreadth Berklee Press by AndyMcGhee T FOR FLUTE IMPROVISATION carefully graduatedpieces patterns through195 of rhythmic and melodic self-learning andrecognition This method book teaches Schott Catherine Ramsden by JohnKemberand READING FLUTE SIGHT- he asy S ������������������������ ������������������������ -I cale ntermediae /M ode A pproach ) $19.95 $15.95 $14.99 $14.95 $14.95

______Tune aDaysectionforcompletedescription. Please seetheInstrumentalInstruction–ANew Music SalesAmerica by NedBennett A NEWTUNEDAY ______boards. the syllabusrequirementsofmajor examination at thefirstlevelofplaying,andis compatible with accompaniments forscalesandarpeggios required the supplieddownloadcard.Thisvolumecontains are includedforstudentpractice at homeusing played bytheteacherinlessons,plusalloftracks musical experience.Theaccompanimentscanbe and arpeggiosfromdryrudimentsintoanexciting tracks in a variety of styles to transform scales ______FOR FLUTE ______00699553 00842045 00699489 14022744 14043142 Pieces Performance 14022758 14022751 14022745 00320360 DVD 00842044 00842043 14021931 CD/DVD Beginner’s Pack–Level1Book/ Songbook (Book/CD)����� (Book/CD) Play TodayPlus Book 1withCD&DVD Books withOnline Audio ��� Book 1withCD��������������� Book 1withCD��������������� Book 2withCD����������������� Level 2Book/CDPack������� Level 1Book/CDPack������� ��������������������������������������� FLUTE WITH SCALES: presents imaginativebacking to practicetheirscales.It encourage young musicians to helpmotivateand new resource,designed Playing withScalesisa Music SalesAmerica PLAYING Patricia Morris. for all piccolo players by and technicalinformation studies, warm-upexercises The essentialcollectionof Novello by PatriciaMorris BOOK THE PICCOLOSTUDY complete description. Series featurefora Please seethePlayToday T TODAY! FLUTE PLAY M �������������������������������� he ethod U �������������������������� ltimae ����������������������

S elf

-T �� eaching NE $14.95 $19.95 $12.95 $14.95 $19.99 $12.99 $12.95 $19.95 $9.99 $9.95 $9.95 $9.95 W


$19.95 $22.99 $21.95 $16.99 $29.95 for

omposers ditions E ������������������ ������������������ �������������������� 13 C by

alway lute THE THE ERIC COLLECTION Artist Transcriptions transcriptionsNote-for-note alto sax offor flute and this innovative avant-garde on playing instrumentalist’s •15 top standards: April Fool Bemoanable Lady • Beyond Bethe Blue Horizon • Glad to THE JAMES GALWAY THE JAMES GALWAY FLUTE COLLECTION 18 G Flute and Piano G. Schirmer, Inc. A compilation of the selected by renowned flau- editions Includes tist, James Galway. music by Beethoven, Griffes, F THE MAGIC FLUTE OF JAMES GALWAY Novello arr. Phillip Moll Ten pieces are presented as played by legendary flautist James Galway. Includes: Allegro from Sonata No. 4 Carnival Bach) • in C (J.S. of Venice (Briccialdi) • JAMES GALWAY & PHIL COULTER – LEGENDS for Flute and Piano favorites,Celtic 13 Features including: Ashokan Farewell • •Love Lagan My • Boy Danny Riverdance • The Thorn Birds • Women of Ireland • and more. ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Flute & Piano Flute & Piano 00672379 50489922 14020330 00306166 14029979 Flute/Piccolo ds in oo dw w Unhappy • God Bless’ the Child • G.W. • Like SomeoneUnhappy • God Bless’ the as in a Morning Sunrise •in Love • Serene • Softly • 245 • The Way You LookStormy Weather • Tenderly You Don’t Know What Love Is. Tonight • Woodyn’ You • . Includes a biography of Dolphy ______Mozart, Vivaldi, and more. ______Humoresque (Dvorˇák) • Scherzo from A Midsummer Humoresque (Dvorˇák) Rosmarin Schön • (Mendelssohn) Dream Night’s (Kreisler) • Tambourin (Gossec) • The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (Handel) • Traumerei • Variations on a Theme (Rossini) • Vocalise Op. 34, No. 14 (Rachmaninoff) ______JAMES GALWAY – SHOWPIECES Music Sales America to from Glück ranging arrangements popular Ten Rimsky-Korsakov. ______


$9.99 $7.95 $6.25 ! $19.99 $14.95 $19.95 $14.95 NE NE ethod ��������


�������������������������� eaching ltimate -T U he elf �������������������������������� JIM HORN PRESENTS JOHN DENVER FOR FLUTE Cherry Lane Music Jim Horn, one of the most recorded multi- instrumentalists of our time, performed and recorded with John Denver for over PLAY FLUTE A NEW by Ned Bennett Music Sales America T S featuring Kaye Clements TUNE A DAY – FLUTE, BOOK 1 TODAY! DVD Book 1 ������������������������������ Book 2 ������������������������������ Book/CD/DVD Pack Book/CD Pack ����������������� Level 1 Book/CD + DVD �� ARTIST FOLIOS complete descriptions. INSTRUCTIONAL DVDS INSTRUCTIONAL 14034211 14022744 14034212 14034223 Songbook 00320360 DVD 02501104 00699553 Please see forPlease see by C. Paul Herfurth America Music Sales – A Tune a Instrumental Instruction Please see the for a complete description. Day series feature ______A TUNE A DAY – FLUTE A TUNE A ______15 years. He originally recorded A Tribute to John Denver in 1998. He has now turned that recording into this play-a-long book/CD package for flute so others Denver. John of music the celebrating in him join can 11 songs, including: Annie’s Song • Calypso • Fly Away • Leaving on a Jet Plane • Sunshine on My Shoulders • Take Me Home, Country Roads • and more. ______$7.95 $7.95 $19.95 $12.95 $10.95 $14.99 1 - 8

rades G for ���������������

ll A ieces lautists P F ew ontains irst SCALES & ARPEGGIOS & SCALES FOR FLUTE C arr. Colin Cowles Fentone Music all This book includes requirements scale the for the 2006 flute Grade the for Examinations the Associated Board of STARTING OUT F N by John Kember Schott in a pieces 20 short, tuneful variety of styles designed to of all players new flute help their ages gradually widen rhythmic and notes of range SOLO PLUS – CLASSICAL Book/CD Packs Music Sales America collection outstanding An of standard repertoire arranged for the beginning soloist with CD. Includes: Pomp and Circumstance (Elgar) • Battle Hymn ����������������������������������������� Flute and Piano Book/CD Pack ������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� uide G 44005114 49012947 14030629 Flute �������������������������������� 50449800 14031454 00332804 omplete C he For ease of use the scales are Royal Schools of Music. For ease of use the scales grade in order. given as required for each ______patterns. Piano accompaniment and optional duet parts included. ______. 2 of the Republic (Howe) • Piano Concerto No (Rachmaninoff) • and more. ______THE TECHNIQUE OF THE FLUTE – CHORD STUDIES by Joseph Viola Berklee Press ______STEP ONE: PLAY FLUTE by Hal Archer Music Sales America Please see the Instrumental Instruction – Step One section for a complete description. ______TIPBOOK FLUTE AND PICCOLO T by Hugo Pinksterboer Please see the Tipbook section for a complete description. ______1198 INSTRUMENTAL ______The WindBeneathMyWings•andmore. On •RiverdanceShenandoahWaltzingMatilda Will AlwaysLoveYou•MemoryMyHeartGo Flight oftheBumblebee•TheGirlfromIpanemaI • Clair De Lune • Danny Boy/Londonderry Air • The Beast •BerceuseCanYouFeeltheLoveTonight? ______Thick asaBrick•TheWitch’sPromiseandmore. ______woodwinds 00672582 00672372 00672547 00672440 ����������������������������������������� Flute Transcriptions�������� Saxophone &Flute���������� Flute & Piano Farewell •Beautyandthe Annie’s Song•Ashokan his prolificcareer,including: selections fromthroughout James Galway.Features30 of thebrilliantplayingSir Must-have flutetranscriptions Artist Transcriptions JAMES GALWAY THE VERYBESTOF more. Moonbeams • Wave • and Be Spring •PolkaDotsand Indiana) • It Might as Well (Back Home Again in Groovin’ High•Indiana saxophone orflute,including: 15 transcriptionsfor Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION THE JAMESMOODY the Sun•NothingIsEasy Fire atMidnight•Lookinto Jungle •Cross-EyedMary Tull songs:Bungleinthe Flute solosfrom18Jethro transcribed byJeffRona I A FLUTE SOLOS JETHRO TULL– Christmas Catalog. Please seetheHalLeonard WINTER’S CROSSING & JAMES GALWAY an s P A PHIL COULTER– erformed nderson ������������������


$16.99 $19.95 $12.99 $16.99

______Bach, Debussy,Fauré,Handel,Schubert,andmore. accompaniment recordings.MusicbyAndersen, educator LouisMoysewithperformancesand 11 intermediateeditionsbyrenownedflutistand G. Schirmer,Inc. with 2CDsofperformancesandaccompaniments 11 P INTERMEDIATE FLUTECLASSICS MOYSE COLLECTIONOF ______many othercomposers. by Bach,Beethoven,Chopin,Debussy,Handel,and performances andaccompanimentrecordings.Music renowned flutist and educator Louis Moyse with ______Reunion.” section. Includes “The Boxer” and “Mother and Child flute, withaseparatepull-outpianoaccompaniment ieces 50489894 50489868 14025208

for F lute

and Book/Online Audio Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� P 20 easyeditionsby G. Schirmer,Inc. and accompaniments with aCDofperformances 20 P CLASSICS OF EASYFLUTE COLLECTION MOYSE Simon are arranged here for singer/ Paul Two songsfromlegendary Music SalesAmerica arr. MarcelRobinson for VARIATIONS THEMES AND PAUL SIMON– P P iano iano iano F ieces lute A


with for F P ��������� lute ull


and $19.99 $19.99 $14.95 ut

______“Badinerie.” Minor BWV1067–“Rondeau,”“Sarabande”and three selectionsfromOrchestraSuiteNo.2,inB Minor, BWV1034,3rdMovement“Andante”•and BWV 1034,2ndMovement“Allegro”•SonatainE 1035, 2ndMovement“Allegro” • SonatainEMinor, Movement “Siciliano”•SonatainEMajor,BWV I &II”•SonatainE-FlatMajor,BWV1031,2nd in CMajor,BWV1033,4thMovement“Menuetto Major, BWV1033,3rdMovement“Adagio”•Sonata BWV 1033,2ndMovement“Allegro”•SonatainC ______baroque music. Telemann, plusaforewordwhichtalksaboutplaying Bach, J.SHandel,Haydn,Mozart,Quantzand historical notes.Itcontains12favoritepiecesbyCPE clean editioncompletewithcomposerbiographiesand ______Siciliano •SinfoniaSleepers,Awake(WachetAuf). Keep, OMySpirit•LargoSheepMaySafelyGraze Christ •Gavotte1Jesu,JoyofMan’sDesiring 02501712 00841550 02501365 Flute/Guitar FLUTE COLLECTIONS& REPERTOIRE Book/CD Pack������������������� Flute andPiano FLUTE SOLOS “Largo” •SonatainCMajor, BWV 1032,2ndMovement Includes: SonatainAMajor, accompaniment on theCD. both pianoandharpsichord arranged asflutesoloswith 11 beloved Bach pieces Cherry LaneMusic BACH and piano in a newly engraved, and pianoinanewlyengraved, series featuresworksforflute World’s GreatClassicalMusic This beautifulcollectioninThe Music Series The World’sGreatClassical by 12 F CLASSICAL FLUTE THE BAROQUEAND 3 • Du Friedefürst Herr Jesu Brandenburg Concerto No. String • Be Thou with Me • and guitar:AirontheG Bach arrangedforflute 12 masterpiecesfrom Cherry LaneMusic GUITAR FLUTE AND BACH FOR

the avorite M ��������������������� asters ��������������� P ieces

$16.95 $12.99 $9.99


$19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $22.99 $10.99 $12.99 ��������� ibrary L

����������������������� chirmer ��������������������������� nstrumental THE FLUTE THE FLUTE COLLECTION G. S I Caen Recorded by Thomason-Redus, Asst. Professor of Flute at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee G. Schirmer, Inc. FLUTE MUSIC edited by Louis Moyse G. Schirmer, Inc. Contents: Prélude et Scherzo (Henri Büsser) • Concertino, Op. 107 (Cecile Chaminade) • Concertino, Op. 45 (Alphonse DuVernoy) BY FRENCH COMPOSERS Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/Online Audio Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� CD Only Book Only omposers omposers omposers com for complete contents lists, lists, contents complete for com . 11 C 12 C 10 C by by by

50486134 50486142 50486150 50490447 50490448 50331090 ds in oo dw w halleonard ieces ieces ieces This series presents literature for a variety of of variety a presents literature for This series with level, difficulty by organized instruments, about each piece. These historical information with beautiful companion collections are packaged as well as recorded piano recordings of all the pieces, designed accompaniments. The compilations are particular with players, college and school high for state contest repertory attention paid to various is as well-represented, are composers Master lists. standard literature for each instrument. Please visit . www of sample book pages, and selected audio files recorded selections. EASY TO INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 16 P ______INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 14 P ______INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED LEVEL 10 P ______• Cantabile et Presto (Georges Enesco) • Fantasie, Op. 79 (Fauré) • Andante et Scherzo (Louis Ganne) • Fantasie, Nocturne at Allegro Scherzando (Philippe Gaubert) • Ballade (Périlhou) • Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino (Paul Taffanel). ______

$9.95 $15.95 $17.95 FAMOUS FLUTE FAMOUS FLUTE FAVORITES Stuart arr. Hugh M. America Music Sales of graded This is a collection classical flute solos aimed musicianship developing at in the young player. It includes music ranging from the Baroque period 50+ EASY CLASSICAL SOLOS FOR FLUTE Music Sales America easy-to-play 50 Over melody line arrangements for flute, complete with chord symbols in concert include: . Selections pitch Ave Verum Corpus K618 (Mozart) • Finale from THE FEATURED FLUTIST Music Sales America A splendid collection of 7 classical favorites expertly arranged for the intermediate flute player. Includes an audio CD with professional full live performances on the accompanying CD. ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack ������������������� ��������������������������������������� 14010970 14037237 14011156 “Pathetique” (Tchaikovsky) “Pathetique” 6 No. Symphony to the modern period, selected on the basis of its to the modern period, selected young the to appeal its and flute the to adaptability student. ______(Dvorak) • First Movement Theme Movement First • (Dvorak) 9 No. Symphony from • Grand March from Aida (Verdi) • He Shall Feed His Flock (Handel) • Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (J.S. Bach) • Largo from Xerxes (Handel) • Military March (Schubert) • Ode to Joy (Beethoven) • Pomp (Elgar) • Radetzky March (Strauss) and Circumstance • Second Movement Theme from Symphony No. 94 in G (Haydn) • Sheep May Safely Graze (J.S. Bach) • Third Movement Theme from Symphony No. 3 in F (Brahms) • and more. ______Either play along to the CD, or simply unwind and Either play along to the CD, or simply unwind and of inspirational relax to the unbeatable compilation performances. Piano accompaniments are available for free downloading online. ______

. $17.95 $14.95 $24.99

omposers ieces erformances and

P P 16 C of


CD a

raditional ieces ith ontemporary C 15 T W compiled and transcribed by Jonathan Stock Schott a dizi, the for Pieces Chinese bamboo flute, are CHINESE FLUTE SOLOS De Haske Publications 15 melodies by British composers arranged for flutists with 3-4 years of experience. Includes: Pomp and Circumstance • Fairest Isle • It Was a Lover and His BEST OF BRITISH FOR FLUTE THE BOOSEY & THE BOOSEY HAWKES FLUTE ANTHOLOGY 24 P Boosey & Hawkes Intermediate to advanced literature from the Romantic century 20th the to era to Special study paid various state high school Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� ��������������������������������������� 49003193 44006589 48019634 transcribed and adapted for the Western transverse flute. The CD contains a recording of the original pieces performed by the dizi and a recording of the transcribed version for flute. ______Lass • Sweet and Low • and more, with examples and Lass • Sweet and Low • and more, with examples and the grand piano accompaniments for each played on accompanying CD. ______Intermediate to advanced . Intermediate to advanced contest solo repertory lists era to the 20th century. literature from the Romantic various state high school Special study paid to Alwyn, Includes works by lists. solo repertory contest Jolivet, Prokofiev, Rouse, Bartók, Copland, Ireland, and others. ______1200 INSTRUMENTAL ______more. (Schubert) • The Reaper’s Song (Schumann) • and • Scotch Dance (Beethoven) • Moment Musical Dance (Haydn) • Ah! Vous dirai-je maman (Mozart) Gavotte (J.SBach)•Bourrée(Handel)Little accompaniments ofeachpiece.Contentsinclude: ______Music SalesAmerica arr. HughM.Stuart FLUTIST’S FAVORITEREPERTOIRE ______Hornpipe •SpringSongandmore. Waltz Op.64,No1•PolonaiseReverieSailor’s The Last Rose of Summer • Minuet in G • Minute • HabaneraLondonderryAirKerryDance • BarcarolleFlightoftheBumbleBeeGavotte reels from all over the world. Includes: Annie Laurie Schubert, aswellfolksongs,dances,jigsand features worksbyBeethoven,Brahms,Dvorˇák and woodwinds 50490444 14011541 44003741 50490445 50329130 14011538 Book/Online Audio ����������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� 2 CDs������������������������������ Book Only ��������������������������������������� PIECES LITTLE performances andpiano access torecordingsof This packincludesonline G. Schirmer,Inc. ed. LouisMoyse I FORTY B track. and anaccompaniment-only demonstration ofeachpiece The CDincludesbotha with writtenimprovisations. 7 originalsolosforflute De HaskePublications by AllenVizzutti JAZZ SOLOS PLAY-ALONG FLUTE piano accompanimentand of thiscollection.Itincludes of theflutearehallmark bring outthebestqualities arrangements designedto Easy-to-intermediate Music SalesAmerica E FLUTE SOLOS V n eginner olume verybody P rogressive ����������������������� 38 F

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for $22.99 $14.95 $14.99 $10.99 $15.95 eries $8.75


______(available asHL49019341). notes onthemusic.MatchesTheIrishPianoBook arranged forflute,recorder,ortinwhistle.With jigs, reels,hornpipes,Carolantunes,andfolksongs ______Agay. more. Withsimplepianoaccompaniments by Denes ______improvisatory character. these tightlywoven compositions while savoring their flutists willappreciatethechallengeofsight-reading some ofthemtotheirvocabularypatterns. will enjoyhisoriginaljazzlicksandmaywanttoadd scales, andcolorfulchordprogressions.Jazzflutists classical music, such as whole tone and diminished sounds characteristicofmodernjazzand20th-century keys butatthesametimestepoutintocontemporary educator. 49018457 Book/CD 49019715 14001240 00030442 These twelve etudes explore each of the twelve These twelveetudesexploreeachofthe ����������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� FOR FLUTE FOLK TUNES Level. ornaments. Intermediate demonstrates stylistic with acompanionCDwhich 71 traditionaltunescomplete Schott ed. PatrickSteinbach IRISH Beautiful Irishdances, Schott arr. PatrickSteinbach Performances Accompaniments and With aCDof from 20 F BOOK THE IRISHFLUTE Capriccio Italien•andmany • RumanianRhapsody the Rising Sun • Bourée Lonesome Road•Houseof boogie. Songsinclude: The in styles from Baroque to Easy, familiar solos for flute Music SalesAmerica ed. JeromeGoldstein THE JOYOFFLUTE and isalsoanexperienced jazz and classical arenas and composer in both the is anaccomplishedflutist and jazzmusicians. will delight both classical These etudes by Marc Adler Houston Publishing by MarcAdler JAZZ FLUTEETUDES I amous ������������������������� reland T unes

Classical Classical $17.99 $18.99 $14.95 $12.95 Marc

______of playingpleasureforeveryperformer.Spiralbound for theflautist.Carefullyselectedtoprovidealifetime accompaniment andaseparatematchingsolopart ______accompaniment. complete version,thenplayalongwiththepiano of eachpieceontheCDallowflutiststoheara of the19th-centurysalonheyday.Tworecordings ______an exampleandoneasaccompaniment . with theCDwhichincludestwotracks for each:oneas tango, Irish,andjazz.Everypiececanbeplayedalong ______Graze •TrumpetTuneandmore. Denmark’s March•RondeauSheepMaySafely Jesu, JoyofMan’sDesiring•PavanePrince 14019036 Flute �������������������������������� 44007621 44003629 02500763 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Flute andGuitar V flute soloswithfullpiano composers. Over50favorite of theworld’sforemost the greatmasterpieces expansive volumecontains solos for the flute A compendiumofclassic Music SalesAmerica FLUTE CLASSICS THE LIBRARYOF and othercomposers Doppler, Theobald Böhm romantic piecesbyFranz Seven challenging Mitropa Music Franco Cesarini edited &performedby for LA FLÛTE popular music styles such as popular music styles such as The tenpiecesfeature for theadvancedfluteplayer. Musical Souvenirsismeant De HaskePublications 10 FOR FLUTE SOUVENIRS MUSICAL with Me) • Canon in D • Bist du bei mir (You Are the G String • Ave Maria • and guitar,including:Airon 24 worksarrangedforflute Cherry LaneMusic GUITAR FOR FLUTEAND CLASSICAL MELODIES THE MOSTBEAUTIFUL AU SALON arious F O lute riginal

S &P tyles ��������������

S iano ongs


$24.95 $15.95 $14.95 $14.95 . This


$19.95 $23.95 $14.95 $12.99 $16.99 ollection


tone S ����������������������� ��������������������������� uroe T WEDDING Wedding Essentials Series The Wedding Essentials series is a great resource for wedding musicians, featuring beautiful for a variety arrangements of instruments. Each book TWILIGHT – Fifteen songs arranged for from instrumentalists solo the second installment in the Twilight film saga: Almost Wrong All Done Kiss • a • Dreamcatcher • Edward Leaves • I Need You • Meet Me on the Equinox • NEW MOON FLUTE SOLOS he T by Vincent Broderick Waltons Irish Music the This unique volume is the second collection of renowned Galway flute player’s compositions and includes TRADITIONAL TRADITIONAL IRISH FLUTE IRISH FLUTE 2 SOLOS – VOLUME Book Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� CD Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 00634061 00634062 00634244 00842457 00842458 ds in oo dw w ” Vincent Eviction Suite.” Vincent his wonderful “Ward’s the qualities that have made Broderick’s tunes have all part such an important gracefully, them, naturally and . The arrangements are of the Irish music tradition . suitable for all melody instruments ______includes a reference CD to help couples choose the perfect songs for their wedding ceremony or reception. This folio for flute features 10 songs: Can You Feel the Love Tonight • Gabriel’s Oboe • Grow Old with Me • Here, There and Everywhere • Highland Cathedral • I Will Be Here • The Lord’s • Processional Wedding • Sunset Sunrise, • Prayer You Raise Me Up. ______Memories of Edward • New Moon • No Sound but Memories of Edward • New Moon • No Sound Slo the Wind • Possibility • Roslyn • Satellite Heart • w Life • Volturi Waltz • You’re Alive. The CD includes in software that allows instrumentalists to use the disc their computers to slow down the tempo of the play- along tracks without changing the pitch. ______


$17.95 $16.99 $10.99 $24.99 $14.99 $19.95 NE for

ollection ��������� C ieces P iano tone

P S ����������������������� ����������������������� and

omantic uroe ��������������������������� T ostludes lute TO A WILD ROSE 15 R transcribed by Paula Robison G. Schirmer, Inc. transcriptions 15 These for flute and piano reap from favorite their harvest the 19th-century pieces of F he SOLOS SOR THE SOLOS SOR Moyse edited by Louis Inc. G. Schirmer, Solos Series Please see the complete a for feature description. FLUTE PLAYER TRADITIONAL IRISH FLUTE SOLOS – VOLUME 1 T by Vincent Broderick Waltons Irish Music A unique collection of 68 jigs, jigs, slip hornpipes, reels, barn dances, marches, polkas, composed all airs, and slides & P ��������������������������������������� Book Only CD Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/Online Audio Book Only ffertories 50485096 50329830 50490431 50490430 00137300 00634060 , O reludes This collection is collection This song and piano literature. Romantic challenges musical possesses and appealing lyrically and and interpretive opportunities for student flutists professionals. ______FLUTE SUNDAY SOLOS FOR A great collection for flute players whether they’re A great collection for flute hobbyists or church musicians, including: Amazing • Grace (My Chains Are Gone) • Because He Lives • Come, Thou Almighty King • How Great Is Our God of I Love to Tell the Story • I Sing the Mighty Power God • Lead On, O King Eternal • Praise Him! Praise the Him! • Sing to the King • 10,000 Reasons (Bless in Lord) • We Bow Down • What a Friend We Have Jesus. ______P by the renowned Galway musician, Vincent Broderick. A must for every traditional flute player. ______



eries $19.99 $19.99 $16.99 $14.99 S

ieces ollection avorite P C F ��������������� s ’ iano asters 101 M & P avorites hristmas the

verybody olume lute V F Music Sales America collection classic This and student the provides teacher a unique sourcebook of compositions chosen for their technique, phrasing SELECTED FLUTE SOLOS E by World’s Great Classical Music This clean edition of newly flute for works engraved and piano contains ten of the flutist’s favorite Romantic THE ROMANTIC FLUTE 10 F O HOLY A C arr. Karen Smith and David Snyder Please see the Hal Leonard Christmas Catalog for a complete description. NIGHT A NEW TUNE A NEW TUNE America Music Sales Please see the General a Tune New – Instruction complete a for feature Day description A DAY – POP A DAY – POP PERFORMANCES FOR FLUTE ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Flute and Piano Book/CD Pack ����������������� 14029669 00842454 00240210 14041713 It features fine flute solos and melodic beauty. It features fine flute solos for concert which are diverse in style and suitable and contest use. Includes piano accompaniment. Op. 79 • Fantasie, (J.S. Bach) Gavotte Includes: (Faure) • Sonata No. 2 (Handel) • Melodie (Gluck) • Concertino, Op. 107 (Chaminade) • Scherzo • (Pessard) 2 No. 28, Op. Bolero, • (Mendelssohn) Concerto No. 2, K314 (Mozart) • and more. ______masterpieces. Pieces include: Beethoven – Serenade in D Major (selected movements); Bizet – Entr’acte from Carmen; Chopin – Variations on a Theme by Rossini; Saint-Saëns – The Swan; Kuhnau – Divertissement; Schumann – Three Romances; and more. Information a about the composers and individual pieces, and the foreword by editor Elaine Schmit supplement volume. Flute part insert is included. This songbook is the perfect companion volume to The Baroque and Classical Flute. 1202 INSTRUMENTAL ______performance. • fun,qualitymusicthatmotivates practicing and variety oftempos,dynamics,timeandkeysignatures • longtoneexercisesarticulationpatterns low register•musical exercises toteach phrasing music inarangethatexploresboththehighand terminology composer information, nationality, and music diverse selectionofqualityrepertoireeachpresenting facility andtone.Themusicalcollectionprovidesa to strengthenyoungartist skills indevelopingboth a dozencountries.Originalcompositionsareincluded Twentieth Centuryeraswhilerepresentingmorethan music fromtheBaroque,Classical,Romantic,and ______notes aboutthemusicandlocalgenres. chord symbolsforpianoorguitarandinformative similar whistleorconcertflute.Alsoincludedare pennywhistle inD,andareplayableonanyother whistles, flutes and pipes. All tunes are arranged for here aresomeoftheworld’sgreatesttunesfor From BosniatoBrittanyandfromTurkeyThailand, variety ofinternationalplayingstylesandtechniques. together 50whistlemelodiesandexploresarich traditional musiclegacy.Thisuniquebookgathers the planethassomekindofwhistleorfluteinits ______have forallbassoon students! techniques, terminology, scales,andmore.Amust- woodwinds INSTRUCTION &TECHNIQUE 00129100 14035932 00842426 . Includes: challenging and rewarding BASSOON ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� for woodwinds.Itincludes to anintermediatebook possible styleappropriate This textcoversevery Meredith Music by ShelleyJagow ON THEBASSOON DEVELOPING ARTISTS STUDIES FOR INTERMEDIATE world! Everycountryon Whistles goallaroundthe Music SalesAmerica arr. L.E.McCullough or F THE WORLD AROUND WHISTLE engravings, expandednotes, Bassoon Method. With new 1887 editionPractical Weissenborn’s original Based onJulius by DouglasSpaniol BASSOON METHOD FOR WEISSENBORN THE NEW W ifty orld F lute T ! unes


for A

P ll ennywhistle O ver NE $14.95 $14.95 $29.99

the W

______festival pieces. students’ lessonsandareidealasconcertsolosor to bringfreshandappealing materialtosupplement proximately Grade3-6standard.Theyareintended are jazzandfolkbasedaimedatplayersofap- tional musicfield.Theseworksforsoloinstruments ______John Williams FOR BASSOONANDORCHESTRA) THE FIVESACREDTREES(CONCERTO Catalog Leonard, pleaseseetheHalLeonardClassical For evenmorebassoonsolosavailablefromHal ______illustrated inlinedrawings. maintenance, plusabibliography,allbeautifully accessories, reed specifications, breathing, care and assembly, handandplayingpositions,embouchure, everything neededtostartthebeginningbassoonist: manner. A detailed introduction outlines step-by-step advanced high school levels in a logical and efficient book willtakethestudentfrombeginningto 44005606 with Bassoon 00841055 00317031 Piano Reduction�������������� ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� SOLOS composers intheeduca- works by well-respected ing seriesofcontemporary “Cool Music”isanexcit- Fentone Music by ColinCowles B T CHARACTER OUT OF As ateachingmethod,this of bothteachingandplaying. background in all aspects students with a thorough provides woodwindmethods Handbook forBassoon As areferencetext,Primary Meredith Music FOR BASSOON PRIMARY HANDBOOK hree assoon F un P



$19.99 $14.95 $4.95

______Baermann; ScalesandThirds–Klose. Melodic Studies–Nocentini;24Etudes Includes: 36ExpressiveStudies–Demnitz;24 Compiled andeditedbymasterteacherDavidHite. foracompletelisting. for asamplingoftitlesavailableorgotohal- available throughHalLeonard.Seebelow result, SouthernMusicpublicationsarenow distributes LaurenKeiserMusic,andasa ments, orchestra,andmore.HalLeonard band, chambergroups,individualinstru- thousands oftitlesincludingrepertoirefor music publisher.Southernhaspublished recently acquiredbyLaurenKeiser,vetern Southern MusicCompanypublicationswere this catalogforClarinetmusicfolios. Please seetheInstrumentalSoloFoliossectionof ______Caprices. 2); Thirty-Two Studies (32) Etudes and Nine (9) ______Studies (various);15EtudesfromOp.37(Dont) Includes: 20Caprices(Gambaro);16Specialized advanced Rose(ArtisicStudies)Etudes(3770550). SOUTHERN MUSICCOMPANY 03770637 03770550 Clarinet 03770642 CLARINET ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� collections everpublished. the finestclarinetstudy Without question oneof Southern MusicCompany David Hite selected andeditedby for STUDIES, BOOK1 PROGRESSIVE MELODIOUS AND Fourty Studies(Books1& studies forclarinetincluding: Incorporates theRose Southern MusicCompany David Hite trans. CyrilleRose/ed. F CLARINET, BOOK1 STUDIES FOR ARTISTIC student forthemore studies topreparethe A collectionofprepartory Southern MusicCompany David Hite selected andeditedby CLARINET, BOOK2 STUDIES FOR PROGRESSIVE MELODIOUS AND rom C ���������������������������

larinet the F rench

school $18.95 $19.95 $16.95


$27.95 $12.95 $14.95 $12.99



ethod xercises olume E M V ractice azz J -P he larinet re echnical T Schott Following on from the best- selling first volume, this book will help the intermediate skills jazz their take player DEVELOPING JAZZ TECHNIQUE FOR CLARINET C by Paul Harvey America Music Sales the clarinet Learn to play in an enjoyable way! This popular on course is based tunes and light classics. With and clear text, photographs to diagrams, it will prove easy THE COMPLETE THE COMPLETE PLAYER CLARINET T A DOZEN A DAY – CLARINET P Willis Music A Dozen a Day books have long been the favorite pre- exercises technical practice for young pianists. Now these classic warm-up exercises Book/CD Pack ����������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 49030536 14007279 14007280 00120205 ds in oo dw w understand even to those with no previous knowledge understand even to those use. of music. Ideal for classroom or private to a new level. The pieces are written in a variety of styles, including blues, swing, , ragtime, reggae calypso, bossa nova, samba, salsa, jazz waltz, and South African. The accompaniment CD includes a rhythm section. ______BOOK 1 which enables program Book 1 includes a complete One and progress to more you to play from Lesson Ballad of advanced playing. Songs: All My Loving • in His World Whole Got the • He’s Davy Crockett Hands • Love Me Tender • Money, Money, Money • • On Top of Old Smokey • Strangers in the Night Where Have All the Flowers Gone? • Yankee Doodle Dandy • and more. ______BOOK 2 Book 2 covers the remaining notes in the bottom . register, the upper register, and the chromatic scale Songs include: Chanson d’Amour • Getting to Know You • Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da • Paperback Writer • This more. many and • Cathedral Winchester • House Ole ______are available for instruments too! Complete with audio backing tracks on the included CD, these books help develop and maintain good fingering and breathing Suddenly playing. good all for basis – the technique practice has become more rewarding... and a lot more enjoyable! ______

racks uide $5.99 $8.95 $19.95 $24.95 $12.99 T G larinet acking icture C B P of the

������������������������� CD omplete a

laying C P ith he ntonation edited by H. Voxman Rubank Publications This wonderful set of studies presents the solo sonatas, partitas and suites of J.S. Bach and G.F. Handel for unaccompanied violin and CLARINET FUNDAMENTALS – VOLUME 3 I by Reiner Wehle Schott Includes intonation exercis- es, examples from literature, theory the on sections and and practice of intonation. CLASSICAL STUDIES FOR CLARINET ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTE T to W by Ned Bennett Music Sales America is Learning to play clarinet now easier than ever before! BEGINNERS – BEGINNERS CLARINET Music Sales America reference laminated This a chart shows fingerings, notation guide, instrument care tips and an instrument diagram. CLARINET FINGERING CHART ����������������������������������������� Book Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 14006866 04470840 04470003 49016956 14041571 ______cello, arranged by master teacher H. Voxman. They a wealth of fine music provide the serious student well-suited to the study of phrasing and articulation, and unlimited in the development of musicianship. ______course has been designed to The Absolute Beginners course has been designed need to know from the very teach you everything you clarinet. With this superb first time you pick up your course featuring book you get a comprehensive take you from first day step-by-step pictures which with backing tracks. The exercises to playing along covering tips and advice practical contains book up, everything you need to know about setting playing and maintenance, and the CD contains audio versions of the exercises in addition to full-length accompaniment tracks for you to play along with. ______

$9.95 $6.99

$22.95 $40.00 $15.00 $13.95 $10.99

larinet st C 21 for

eidich eries S N ����������������������� ����������������������������� ��������������������������� harles entury ������������������������������� 18 ADVANCED C C by Paul Jeanjean Lauren Keiser Music Publishing The 18 Advanced Etudes of clarinetist Paul Jeanjean (1874-1928) are highly ETUDES Book/2-CDs Pack ������������ Clarinet with Piano Accompani- ment Parts Only ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� chool chool S S erman talian I G 00042385 03770185 03770186 03770590 Clarinet 03770555 Clarinet 00008301 00008300 nly the the INSTRUCTION & TECHNIQUE

O art rom rom developed concert works that can make for very impressive additions to recital programs. Includes chord descriptions for each etude, a fingering chart, and a glossary of French terms. ______P for B-flat Clarinet ed. Daniel Bonade Southern Music Company Former Clarinet soloist with both the Philadelphia and this Daniel Bonade, compiled Cleveland Orchestras, of repertoire rich collection that incorporates many . the most performed solo repertoire for the clarinet ______16 GRAND SOLOS DE CONCERT F ed. David Hite Southern Music Company Includes: • 30 Caprices, Op. 1-5 (Cavallini) • Four Studies (Labanchi) • Seven Etudes-Caprices (Magnani) • Five Caprices (Gambaro) ______ARTISTIC STUDIES 3 FOR CLARINET, BOOK Carl Baermann/ed. David Hite Carl Baermann/ed. Company Southern Music Includes: for Method Baermann from Studies Selected 16 • Clarinet, Book 4 (Op. 64) Baermann Method for • 16 Concert Studes from Clarinet, Book 5 (complete) ______ARTISTIC STUDIES ARTISTIC BOOK 2 FOR CLARINET, F 24 CLARINET STUDIES FOR BEGINNERS by Victor Polatschek Edward B. Marks Music Company ______by Victor Polatschek Edward B. Marks Music Company ______12 ETUDES FOR CLARINET 1204 INSTRUMENTAL ______performance. • fun,qualitymusicthatmotivates practicing and variety oftempos,dynamics,timeandkeysignatures • longtoneexercisesarticulationpatterns low register•musical exercises toteach phrasing music inarangethatexploresboththehighand terminology composer information, nationality, and music diverse selectionofqualityrepertoireeachpresenting facility andtone.Themusicalcollectionprovidesa to strengthenyoungartist skills indevelopingboth a dozencountries.Originalcompositionsareincluded Twentieth Centuryeraswhilerepresentingmorethan music fromtheBaroque,Classical,Romantic,and ______private practiceandpublicperformance. and backingtracksisalsoincludedtoenhanceboth practice and performance tips. ACDofdemonstration wide-ranging collections iscomplementedbyuseful 2 instrumentalists.Eachpieceincludedinthese repertoire resource for aspiring Grade 1and ______career upto1940. exercises. Features11tunes,includingbiographyofhis clarinet, proper position, scales, expression and many woodwinds 00127032 48022735 48022734 00490148 . Includes: challenging and rewarding ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Clarinet (Grade2) Clarinet (Grade1) BY GRADE for woodwinds.Itincludes to anintermediatebook possible styleappropriate This textcoversevery Meredith Music by ShelleyJagow ON THECLARINET DEVELOPING ARTISTS STUDIES FOR INTERMEDIATE pieces providetheperfect of carefully-selected These delightful collections Boosey &Hawkes and Accompaniments With CDsofPerformances Janet Way compiled andeditedby GRADE assembling and tuning the assembling andtuningthe It coverssuchbasicsas technique andmusicianship. student clarinettone,style, It teachesthebeginning out ofprintformanyyears. Goodman himself,hasbeen This book,writtenbyBenny CLARINET METHOD ’S

���������� ���������� NE NE $14.95 $20.99 $20.99 $15.95 W W

______includes arhythmsection. A NEWTUNEDAY ______boards. the syllabusrequirements ofthemajorexamination at thefirstlevelofplaying,andis compatible with accompaniments forscalesandarpeggios required the supplieddownloadcard.Thisvolumecontains are includedforstudentpractice at homeusing played bytheteacherinlessons,plus all ofthetracks musical experience.Theaccompanimentscanbe and arpeggiosfromdryrudimentsintoanexciting tracks in a variety of styles to transform scales ______Tune aDaysectionforcompletedescription. Please seetheInstrumentalInstruction–ANew Music SalesAmerica by NedBennett FOR CLARINET ______contemporary writers 00699490 00842048 00699554 49003197 14043141 efrac Pieces Performance 14022757 14022739 14022749 14022738 00320358 DVD 00842047 00842046 (Book/CD) Play TodayPlus Songbook (Book/CD)����� CD/DVD Beginner’s Pack–Level1Book/ Book/CD Pack����������������� Book withOnlineAudio ���� Book withCD Book 2withCD����������������� Book 1withCD����������������� Book 1withCD&DVD Level 2Book/CDPack������� Level 1Book/CDPack������� description. Series featureforacomplete Please seethePlayToday S T TODAY! PLAY CLARINET elf he . The accompaniment CD CLARINET WITH SCALES: presents imaginativebacking to practicetheirscales.It encourage young musicians to helpmotivateand new resource,designed Playing withScalesisa Chester Music PLAYING CLARINET METHOD FOR with compositionsby note toclassics,together students fromtheirfirst players ofallages,guiding a completecoursefor This method provides Schott THE JAZZ �������������������������������� U -T ltimae eaching �������������������������� ���������������������� ������������������



��� NE $14.95 $12.95 $19.95 $14.95 $27.95 $12.95 $17.95 $9.99 $9.95 $9.99 $9.95 $9.95 W

______Day seriesfeatureforacompletedescription. Please seetheInstrumentalInstruction–ATunea Music SalesAmerica by C.PaulHerfurth A TUNEDAY–CLARINET ______description. Please see theTipbook section for a complete T TIPBOOK CLARINET ______Can’t GiveYouAnythingButLove•and more. My Baby•HoneysuckleRoseSheikofArabyI Meetin’ •DinahBugleCallRagEverybodyLoves Gone • Nobody’s Sweetheart • Down South Camp Farewell Blues•KingPorterStompAfterYou’ve ______and discography. of Nowhere•andmore.Alsoincludesabiography he C omplete 14034203 14034202 00332803 14004016 00026703 00672423 G ARTIST FOLIOS uide ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� Book 2������������������������������ Book 1������������������������������ ��������������������������������������� B-Flat Clarinet����������������� Goodman’s style.Includes: and thorough analysis of including chordchanges played by the king ofswing, Thirty instrumentalsolosas Music SalesAmerica ed. StanAyeroff SERIES JAZZ MASTERS BENNY GOODMAN– version. piano accompaniment are repeatedwithacomplete in a pull-out section.Allsolos 25 transcribedclarinetsolos COMPOSER/ARTIST BENNY GOODMAN– Mortes) •MoonSongOut Autumn Leaves(LesFeuilles be aninnovator.Includes: jazz age and continues to clarinet intothemodern the man who brought the 15 transcriptions from Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION BUDDY DeFRANCO $14.99 $17.95 $16.99 $19.95 $5.25 $6.95



for eries

$13.95 $19.99 $17.99 $10.99 S larinet C rranged evel avorite ccompaniment A ������������� L F s A ’ (Bizet) • Il • (Bizet) Carmen orks 28 iano W P (Bizet) • Humoresque (Bizet) • verybody olume reat olo ntermediate V CLARINET SOLOS CLARINET E ed. Jay Arnold America Music Sales An imaginative compilation as of classical selections well as famous folk songs, jigs and reels from various countries – each arranged ed. Thea King Chester Music This collection presents original clarinet tunes from various contexts, taken from works by both familiar and lesser-known composers, CLARINET SOLOS – VOLUME 1 with S Music Sales America 20 original clarinet pieces designed to inspire and duettists, encourage teacher/pupil especially collaborations. The duets themselves progress from beginner to advanced levels, G Music Sales America 9 well-known clarinet works with historical notes on the development of the music including instrument, CLASSIC PIECES FOR SOLO CLARINET DUETS FOR CLARINET I ��������������������������������������� Book/2-CD Pack ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Carmen 14017957 14041582 14006867 14037810 ds in oo dw w with notes on each piece. Songs: Allegro from Sonata from Entr’acte • (Lefevre) 3 No. Op. Mio Tesoro (Mozart) • Trio – Minuet from Octet, 166 (Schubert) • Wellington’s Victory, Op. 91 “The Battle Symphony” • and more. ______. Includes: Ave for clarinet with piano accompaniment (Massenet) • Garry Owen Maria (Schubert) • Elegie • Habanera from gradually addressing new technical problems as they go as well as providing varied and stimulating music to play. ______by Brahms, Debussy, Mozart, Saint-Saëns, Weber, and more. ______5 (Brahms) (Brahms) 5 No. Dance Hungarian • (Dvorak) in G (Beethoven) • • Londonderry Air • Minuet Susanna • Pop Goes the Nocturne (Chopin) • Oh • Spanish Song • Star Weasel • Sailor’s Hornpipe Guitars • Wiegenlied • and Spangled Banner • Two many more.

$14.95 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 ��������� ibrary L

chirmer nstrumental THE CLARINET THE CLARINET COLLECTION G. S I Todd Levy, Recorded by Principal Clarinetist of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and Santa Fe Opera G. Schirmer, Inc. CLARINET PLAY- ALONG JAZZ SOLOS De Haske Publications Features 7 sensational original jazz solos for clarinet by talented composer Allen Vizzutti. Each piece includes written improvisations, and the CD features excellent full-performance backing tracks. Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/Online Audio Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� omposers omposers com for complete contents lists, lists, contents complete for com omposers 14 C 11 C 9 C by by

44003634 50486151 50486143 50486135 by

. halleonard ieces ieces ieces ______This series presents literature for a variety of of variety a presents literature for This series with level, difficulty by organized instruments, about each piece. These historical information with beautiful companion collections are packaged as well as recorded piano recordings of all the pieces, designed accompaniments. The compilations are particular with players, college and school high for state contest repertory attention paid to various is as well-represented, are composers Master lists. standard literature for each instrument. Please visit . www of sample book pages, and selected audio files recorded selections. INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED LEVEL 9 P ______INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 12 P ______EASY TO INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 15 P ______

. $9.95 $5.95 All the $24.99 $40.00 omposers 16 C by

larinet ieces C ass CHOICE JAZZ STANDARDS 30 songs, including: Things You Are • A Foggy Day • The Girl from Ipanema • Just in Time • My Funny Valentine • Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes • Watch What Happens • and many more. THE BOOSEY & HAWKES CLARINET ANTHOLOGY 18 P Boosey & Hawkes Intermediate to advanced literature from the Romantic century 20th the to era Special study paid to various contest school high state B BENNY GOODMAN – BENNY GOODMAN SWING CLASSICS solos, 6 transcribed Special including: Airmail Mission • Home Flying • to Moscow • Includes pull- out piano accompaniment section. Includes works by Adams, by Adams, works Includes ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������� ptional /O 00026730 48019635 35004043 larinets COLLECTIONS & REPERTOIRE COLLECTIONS & 3 C ______00850275 Clarinet �������������������������������� solo repertory lists. solo Argento, Bernstein, Copland, Finzi, Maxwell Davies, Rachmaninoff, and others. ______CLARINET CLASSICS for arr. Hugh M. Stuart Shawnee Press ______1206 INSTRUMENTAL ______Music SalesAmerica arr. HughM.Stuart 40 C FAMOUS CLARINETFAVORITES ______sounds andmanymore. extensions, stylisticdevelopment,uniqueclarinet blues progressions,pentatonicscales,jazzchord melodic development, the 2-5-1 progression, jazz Key subjects covered include: modes, swing playing, on theaccompanyingCDforyoutoplayalongwith. very beginning,withauthenticlivejazztriorecordings musical jargon.Improvisationisfeaturedfromthe clearly andsimplythroughout,withtheminimumof introduces keyconceptsstepbystep,explaining of jazz.RenownedsaxophonistOllieWeston clarinetist looking for anintroduction to the world This definitivebookisdesignedfortheintermediate Schott by OllieWeston EXPLORING JAZZCLARINET ______the Danube•andmore. • SlavonicDanceSolvejg’sSongTangoWavesof Liebestraum •MyOldKentuckyHomeRockofAges • JeaniewiththeLightBrownHairLaCucaracha Ladies •GrandMarchfromAidaHomeSweet Chanson Triste•FuniculiFuniculaGoodnight, part. Includes:Amaryllis•BeautifulDreamer Includes pianoaccompanimentandseparateclarinet for privateteachers,schoolsandmusiciansalike. lighter melodiesandsongs.Amostusefulcollection ______Rachmaninoff andmore. Schumann, Schubert, Brahms, Sibelius, Tchaikovksy, Rimsky-Korsakov, Weber,Mendelssohn,Beethoven, score, isalsoprovided.IncludesworksbyMozart, accompaniment, stemmingfromthecomposer’s chamber musicandsymphonicmasterpieces.Apiano woodwinds larinet 14010966 49018303 14010064 14009856 C lassics

with ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� V passages asheardin solos withgreatclarinet over 40worksofimportant This valuablebookfeatures Music SalesAmerica ed. StanleyDrucker M CLARINET SOLOS EASY ORIGINAL the classicalcomposersto ranging fromtheworksof wide varietyofmaterial This volumecontainsa Music SalesAmerica ed. JayArnold E CLARINET SOLOS ELEMENTARY V P olume verybody olume usic iano

A for 33 26 ccompaniment M ’ s F illions avorite S S eries $14.99 $29.99 $17.99 $16.95 eries , , ______Day seriesfeatureforacompletedescription. Please seetheInstrumentalInstruction–ATunea Music SalesAmerica by C.PaulHerfurth A TUNEDAY–CLARINET ______now availablewithpianoaccompaniments. ______Go MarchingIn•andmore. Rumanian Rhapsody •Sarabande • Whenthe Saints Red RiverValley•RomancefromThePearlFishers Rising Sun•LonesomeRoadNocturne(Chopin) Boogie •GiveMyRegardstoBroadwayHouseofthe Down • Bourrée • Capriccio Italien Theme • Folk by DenesAgay.Songs:AuraLee•BlowtheMain ______Telemann. Friedemann Bach,Jean-MarieLeclairandGeorgPhillip 14034203 14034202 50261350 50490450 50490449 14001234 04470005 Book 2������������������������������ Book 1������������������������������ Book Only 2 AccompanimentCDs���� Book/Online Audio ��������������������������������������� Clarinet Duet AND PIANO FOR CLARINET for studentsoftheclarinetis The must-havepublication G. Schirmer,Inc. Vol. 1747-B of MusicalClassics Schirmer’s Library ed. EricSimon MASTERWORKS with pianoaccompaniments clarinet byJeromeGoldstein specially arrangedfor from Baroque to boogie, 40 easyandfamiliarsolos Yorktown MusicPress Goldstein arr. DenesAgay/ed.Jerome CLARINET THE JOYOF the worksofWilhelm duets for clarinet from in decades!Itincludes38 incomparable HimieVoxman first new book from the This Rubankeditionisthe Rubank Publications by HimieVoxman D FROM THEBAROQUE uets

for ����������������������� ��������������������� C larinet

��������� $12.99 $27.99 $16.99 $14.95 $5.25 $6.95 $8.95

______tracks withjusttheguitaraccompaniment. features completedemotracksandalsoplay-along available, youcanalwaysusetheenclosedCD.It and educational. If, however,there is noguitarist instrument andperformingwithaguitaristisinspiring Schumann). Theguitarisidealasanaccompanying Mascarade (RobertdeVisée)•andMelodie • Kemp’sJig(Anon.)Tordiglione(CarloCalvi) Midnight (JohnDowland)•AmazingGrace(Trad.) are exploredinturn,including:Mr.Dowland’s beginning ofthe16thcenturyto19thcentury, 50490434 14041714 50490435 50330280 44005635 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� CD Only Book Only Book/CD Pack����������������� PLAYER CLARINET FOR CLARINET PERFORMANCES A DAY–POP description. feature for a complete Please seetheSolosSeries G. Schirmer,Inc. ed. ArthurChristmann SOLOS FORTHE description Day feature for a complete Instruction – New Tune a Please seetheGeneral Music SalesAmerica A NEWTUNE musical literature, from the centuries. Tenhighlightsof journey through several you willtakeamusical In Fentone Music AND GUITAR FOR CLARINET CLASSICS TIMELESS ��������������������������� Timeless Classics �����������������������

$24.99 $14.99 $10.99 $15.99 $12.95

INSTRUMENTAL 1207 , $8.50 eries $16.99 $12.95 $16.99 S

usic avorite M F �������������� s ’ the avis

99 D hip C olume verybody eaturing V SOLOS FOR THE OBOE PLAYER selected and edited by Whitney Tustin G. Schirmer, Inc. Series Solos the see Please feature for a complete description. ed. Jay Arnold Music Sales America of collection This performance parts with oboe part, separate pull-out most the of some features important compositions in THE OBOE BOOK F of Dots and Lines, Ink. This spiral-bound collection arrangements features of for oboe and piano four pieces by Chip Davis: Bittersweet • Christmas Sun • Nepenthe • Lullaby OBOE SOLOS E Oboe and Piano ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Book 1 ������������������������������ SONGBOOKS 50330190 14023895 00331184 14034217 ds in oo dw w ______oboe literature. It includes some of the larger forms, to carefully edited and exceptionally well-suited recital as well as for study purposes. Some melodies for transcribed also are instruments other for written the oboe for the first time. The generous selection of pieces includes Handel’s Bouree, Dvorak’s Slavonic Dance, Op. 72 No. 2 and Grieg’s Solvejg’s Song. ______. in the Rain. With a separate pull-out part for oboe ______A TUNE A DAY – OBOE A TUNE A by C. Paul Herfurth America Music Sales – A Tune a Instrumental Instruction Please see the for a complete description. Day series feature ______W $9.99

$14.95 $14.95 $14.95 NE and Studying Studying

boe xercises O E for

echnical tudies by John Kember, Catherine Ramsden and Susan Purton Schott An approach based on self- learning and recognition melodic and rhythmic of patterns. Original tunes rather than abstract sight- OBOE SIGHT-READING S STUDYING THE OBOE T by Liang Wang Chester Music Written by the principal oboist of the New York Philharmonic, the Oboe includes tips and with exercises together INTERMEDIATE INTERMEDIATE STUDIES FOR ARTISTS DEVELOPING ON THE OBOE by Shelley Jagow Meredith Music This text covers every possible style appropriate to an intermediate book for woodwinds. It includes Book 2 ���������������������������� Book 1 ���������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Includes: challenging and rewarding rewarding and challenging Includes: . 49016815 49016688 14041279 00129102 ______reading exercises. 195 carefully graded pieces in to related sections Eight styles. musical of range a the technical development of the oboist, with tunes using three notes to tunes with a range of nearly two octaves, from low D to high C. Tunes progress to all key signatures up to two sharps and flats. For beginners through intermediate players. ______famous classical themes and orchestral excerpts to control, breath production, tone develop players help Level. Intermediate technique. finger and articulation, ______music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and music from the Baroque, representing more than Twentieth Century eras while included a dozen countries. Original compositions are both skills in developing to strengthen young artist provides a facility and tone. The musical collection repertoire each presenting diverse selection of quality music and nationality, information, composer terminology music in a range that explores both the high and music in a range that explores both the high and phrasing exercises to teach low register • musical • • long tone exercises • articulation patterns variety of tempos, dynamics, time and key signatures and practicing • fun, quality music that motivates performance. ______

W $8.50 $20.99 $20.99 $10.95 $39.95 NE

�������������������������� ������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� GRADE compiled and edited by Janet Way With CDs of Performances and Accompaniments Boosey & Hawkes collections delightful These carefully-selected of pieces provide the perfect Ferling Southern Music Co. Long established as one of the centerpieces of study repertoire for both the oboe and saxophone. In addition 48 FAMOUS STUDIES AND 3 DUOS CONCERTANTS FOR OBOE 15 GRANDS SOLOS DE CONCERT arr. Albert Andraud Southern Music Company A significant repertoire collection for the advancing oboe player/student. Includes works by: Mozart, Dallier, Bertain, Guihaud, Neilsen, Busser, Paladilhe, BY GRADE OBOE 2nd Oboe Grade 1 1st Oboe ��������������������������������������� 48022733 Grade 2 03770175 48022732 03770173 03770181 INSTRUCTION & TECHNIQUE SOUTHERN MUSIC COMPANY SOUTHERN ______repertoire resource for aspiring Grade 1 and Grade for aspiring resource repertoire 2 instrumentalists. Each piece included in these collections is complemented by useful wide-ranging tips. A CD of demonstration and performance practice and backing tracks is also included to enhance both private practice and public performance. ______to the 48 famous Ferling studies it includes 3 Duos to the 48 famous Ferling studies it includes 3 Duos two Concertants for two instruments and Trio for oboes and english horn by Beethoven. ______Southern Music Company publications were Company publications Southern Music vetern by Lauren Keiser, recently acquired published Southern has music publisher. repertoire forthousands of titles including individual instru- band, chamber groups, more. Hal Leonardments, orchestra, and Music, and as adistributes Lauren Keiser publications are nowresult, Southern Music Leonard. See belowavailable through Hal available or go to hal- for a sampling of titles listing. for a complete Colin, Lefebvre and Johann Sebastian Bach. ______1208 INSTRUMENTAL ______scales. 5 ProgressiveStudies – Kayserandmajorminor Studies –Nocentini;14MelodicEtudesBaermann; 18 ExpressiveStudies(chords)–Demnitz;9Melodic Includes: 18 Expressive Studies (scales) – Demnitz; foracompletelisting. for asamplingoftitlesavailableorgotohal- available throughHalLeonard.Seebelow result, SouthernMusicpublicationsarenow distributes LaurenKeiserMusic,andasa ments, orchestra,andmore.HalLeonard band, chambergroups,individualinstru- thousands oftitlesincludingrepertoirefor music publisher.Southernhaspublished recently acquiredbyLaurenKeiser,vetern Southern MusicCompanypublicationswere ______play-along trackswithjusttheguitaraccompaniment. enclosed CD.Itfeaturescompletedemotracksandalso there isnoguitaristavailable,youcanalwaysusethe a guitarist is inspiring and educational. If, however, an accompanyinginstrumentandperformingwith Melodie (RobertSchumann).Theguitarisidealas (Carlo Calvi)•Mascarade(RobertdeVisée)and Grace (Trad.) • Kemp’s Jig (Anon.) • Tordiglione Mr. Dowland’s Midnight (John Dowland) • Amazing to the19thcentury,areexploredinturn,including: literature, fromthebeginningof16thcentury woodwinds SOUTHERN MUSICCOMPANY 03770578 44005634 SAXOPHONE ��������������������������������������� Oboe andGuitar�������������� saxophone players/students. repertoire fordeveloping of the established study This compilation is part Southern MusicCompany ed. DavidHite SAXOPHONE STUDIES FOR PROGRESSIVE MELODIOUS AND Ten highlightsofmusical through severalcenturies. will takeamusicaljourney In Fentone Music Book/CD Pack AND GUITAR FOR OBOE CLASSICS TIMELESS Timeless Classics

$14.95 $12.95 you

______Studies forFlexibility;2onTrills. 3 StudiesforNimbleSpeed;ChromaticStudies;6 Development oftheTongue;4ExpressiveStudies; Etudes fromOp.37(Dont);6Studiesforthe students. Itincludes:16Caprices(Gambaro);14 teaching repertoireforallsaxophoneplayers/ Progressive Sudies has becomepartof the standard ______Southern MusicCompany Gustavo Rossari/arr.GerardoIasilli SAXOPHONE, BOOK2 53 MELODIOUSETUDESFOR ______one pageforeachetudepresented. This bookpresents25ofthe53Rossarietudeswith Southern MusicCompany Gustavo Rossari/arr.GerardoIasilli SAXOPHONE, BOOK1 53 MELODIOUSETUDESFOR ______and play-along. Father. TheCDincludes99tracksfordemonstration (Meditacao) • Satin Doll • So What • Song for My Again inIndiana)•MaidenVoyageMeditation Footprints • I Remember You • Indiana (Back Home Autumn Leaves•ChiDoxyEasyLiving instruments andequipment;more.Songsinclude: licks; soloingstyles;introsandendings;technique; of topics, including chord progressions; scales and learning jazz saxophone. The book covers a variety and improvisinginthiscomprehensiveguideto classics areusedtoteachyouthebasicsofplaying INSTRUCTION &TECHNIQUE 03770715 03770304 03770303 00311413 ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� David Hite’sMelodiousand This secondvolumeof Southern MusicCompany David Hite selected andeditedby for BOOK 2 STUDIES, PROGRESSIVE MELODIOUS AND other jazzgreats!Real Young, DexterGordon,and of ColemanHawkins,Lester Lern howtoplayinthestyle by DennisTaylor J METHOD SAXOPHONE TENOR HAL LEONARD azz S S axophone axophone

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enor $13.95 $11.95 $14.95 $14.99

______Beginners featureforacompletedescription. Please seetheInstrumentalInstruction–Absolute Music SalesAmerica ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS– ______ALTO SAXOPHONE ______spans frommedievaltimestotoday. have beenarrangedfortheinstrument.Themusic Some wereoriginallycomposedforsax,manyothers ______keyboard andtrumpet. listening andplayalong.Alsoavailableforguitar, 26 full-bandtracksinvariousmusicalstylesfor melodic phrasingideas.ThecompanionCDincludes developing amotif,buildingsolo,andmanyother discusses contour lines, making patterns musical, and otheraspectsofrhythmicphrasing;Melody– feel, rhythmicdisplacement,howtomanipulatetime ideas; embellishments, and other harmonicphrasing scales, arpeggios,chordsubstitutions,harmonic into threemainsections:Harmony–explores improve their creativephrasing. The ideasaredivided ______with extensivleyin these tunefulpieces. particular phrasing,breathinganddynamics aredealt are alsoideallysuitedtoplayingonthe saxophone.In in thetechniquesofsingersandwind players,they Rhythm – covers legato tonguing, swing 14000980 14010300 14000952 50485513 00311108 00310787 44006766 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack(Spanish) Book/CD Pack(French) ��������������������������������������� Alto Edition��������������������� Tenor Edition Book/CD Pack����������������� progressing in difficulty. more than60composers, of saxophoneetudesby A substantialcollection Editio MusicaBudapest Péter Perényi Selected andEditedby I SAXOPHONE 222 STUDIESFOR SAXOPHONE FOR ALTO to improvise and how to interested inlearninghow any tenorsaxophone player Amazing Phrasingisfor Book/CD Packs by DennisTaylor 50 W PHRASING AMAZING there aremanysimilarities for thesingingvoice.As were originallycomposed tion ofmelodicstudiesthat This bookcontainsacollec- De HaskePublications BEL CANTO Nobuya SugawaPresents I ntermediae mprovisational ays

to ������������������ I L mprove evel S kills Y � $12.99 $12.95 $12.95 $28.95 $17.95 $16.95 $15.95 our


Jazz $9.99 $12.99 $27.95 $27.95

xercises ethod E M ������������������������ ractice azz ��������������������������� -P J re echnical he Developing Jazz Technique T A DOZEN A DAY – SAXOPHONE P Willis Music A Dozen a Day books have long been the favorite pre- exercises technical practice for young pianists. Now these classic warm-up exercises Book/CD Packs Schott With step-by-step instruction and a progression of specially written pieces, the fundamental elements of DEVELOPING JAZZ TECHNIQUE T FOR SAXOPHONE DAILY WARM-UP DAILY WARM-UP FOR EXERCISES SAXOPHONE by Jackie McLean legend Jackie Living sax McLean is one of the greatest alto players of the post-Parker era. For this book, he has warm- essential assembled up exercises to help students Book/CD Pack ����������������� Tenor Sax Alto Sax ������������������������������������������� 00841999 00120206 49003311 49003298 ds in oo dw w become familiar with playing through different keysbecome familiar with playing chromatically. Includesascending and descending many exercises, and a biography, an interview, in “” and “Dig.”transcriptions of his solos says, “Jackie McLean’s enormous music makes it contribution to American tostudents and players serious for imperative book.” absorb the offerings of this ______are available for instruments too! Complete with audio backing tracks on the included CD, these books help develop and maintain good fingering and breathing Suddenly playing. good all for basis – the technique practice has become more rewarding... and a lot more enjoyable! ______good technique are introduced alongside the rhythmic subtleties of jazz. Improvisation is encouraged from an early stage and is given direction through the systematic study of scales and arpeggios and advice on ear-training and chord patterns. With supplementary suggestions for listening and reading and an Appendix containing all the chord progressions for live accompaniment tosuited ideally are Methods” Jazz “The tunes, the of both students working alone and those learning with best-selling the from on Following teacher. a ______Method for Saxophone, for Saxophone will help intermediate players take their jazz skills to a new level. Accompanying CD. ______$14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $15.95 $14.95 THE COMPLETE THE COMPLETE PLAYER SAXOPHONE by Raphael Ravenscroft America Music Sales popular tunes Based on and famous light classics, this saxophone course assumes no knowledge of either the saxophone or of music. The step-by- CREATIVE READING STUDIES FOR SAXOPHONE by Joseph Viola Berklee Press Preparatory exercises and 38 reading studies combine to make this an excellent method for intermediate and advanced players. For the ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� 14007394 14007391 14007392 14007393 50449870 step instruction lays a solid musical foundation and step instruction lays a solid any in play to required technique you the teaches text style with confidence. Includes easy-to-follow can become a so you photographs and demonstration possible time. competent player in the shortest BOOK 4 Book 4 takes the student to professional standards, with hints on microphone technique, overtones, section playing and more. ______Book 1 features popular songs and great saxophone Book 1 features popular solos. Right from the beginning, you will be playing songs by Lennon and McCartney, Elvis Presley and Billy Joel. ______BOOK 2 Book 2 features more popular songs and great saxophone solos. You’ll learn about rhythm, tuning, Joel, Paul of Billy the music Includes and riffs. scales Simon and George Michael. ______BOOK 3 Play blues and tunes by plus popular songs in this third book in the series. You’ll also learn improvising and reading sight your develop to how skills. ______BOOK 1 player who wants to improve technique, phrasing, innovative be will method this accuracy, rhythmic and and musically rewarding. 148 pages. ______

$14.99 $14.99 $18.95 the

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our our -D n Y Y I et et n tyles METHOD: TENOR AND SOPRANO SAX G by Jim Odgren, Bill Pierce and the Berklee Faculty Berklee Press Discover how to play in a rock band with this Berklee BERKLEE PRACTICE by Jim Odgren, Bill Pierce by Jim Odgren, Bill Pierce and the Berklee Faculty Berklee Press and melody learn: You’ll improvisation, phrasing, BERKLEE G METHOD: ALTO METHOD: SAX AND BARITONE PRACTICE PRACTICE SAXOPHONE A S by Dennis Taylor This book and CD package is solely devoted to providing you with a complete overview and styles of the techniques popularized by the greatest BLUES Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 50449431 50449437 00842031 Practice Method book/CD pack! Lessons throughout the book guide you through technique that is specific . to playing the saxophone in a contemporary ensemble phrasing,improvisation, learn: melody and You’ll articulations, breathing, chords, scales, theory, comping, Dailymore. much and sheets, lead interpreting reading, practice routines are designed for practicing by yourself, or with other musicians. The accompanying CD features variety of styles,a covers outstanding Berklee players and . including rock, funk, jazz, blues, swing and bossa nova ______articulations, breathing, chords, scales, theory, chords, scales, theory, articulations, breathing, lead sheets, and comping, reading, interpreting are designed much more. Daily practice routines musicians. other with or yourself, by practicing for outstanding Berklee The accompanying CD features of styles, including rock, players and covers a variety bossa nova. funk, jazz, blues, swing and ______lessons, music, historical analysis, rare photos, and more – everything you need to master the blues saxophone! ______blues saxophonists of all time. All the best are here: from the rough-hewn Chicago Blues of Eddie Shaw of Stanley soul/jazz combo the organ and A.C. Reed to Jackson “Gator” Willis and Turrentine 1210 INSTRUMENTAL Clapton) •YourSong(EltonJohn). • Silhouette(KennyG)Wonderful Tonight(Eric (Elvis Presley)•Oh,PrettyWoman (Roy Orbison) • () • Jailhouse Rock (Santana) •IWanttoHoldYourHand (TheBeatles) you cansoundgreatplayingthesehot songs: EvilWays ______creativity, andunderstandingofmusictheory. technique, improvising skills, score reading, musical is packedfulloftunesandexercisestoimproveyour ist lookingforanintroductiontotheworldofjazz.It ______techniques. specially designed studies for the development of jazz repertoire as well as the classical world. Includes woodwinds 00695409 pns Edition Spanish 00696657 00695241 49017667 14010618 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack������������������� Book/CD Pack ������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� Includes musicfromthejazz playing thesaxophone. progressive approachto A practical,melodicand Music SalesAmerica by ArnieBerle O SAXOPHONE METHOD FAVORITE EVERYBODY’S CD with backing tracks so CD withbackingtracksso book. Itincludesaplay-along Saxophone 1instruction supplement totheFastTrack This songbookisanexcellent LEVEL 1 SONGBOOK SAXOPHONE – E-FLAT FASTTRACK and more! keys; rockandbluesstyles; notation; riffs,scalesand songs andexamples;music beginning saxplayers: FastTrack seriesteaches This bookintheacclaimed by BlakeNeely METHOD BOOK1 SAXOPHONE – FASTTRACK the intermediate saxophon- a comprehensiveguidefor This definitivebookprovides Schott by OllieWeston and to A JAZZ SAXOPHONE EXPLORING n mnibus J I I azz ntroduction mprov H E armony


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echnique $12.95 $29.99 $21.95

$7.99 $7.95 72

______private practiceandpublicperformance. and backingtracksisalsoincludedtoenhanceboth practice and performance tips. ACDofdemonstration wide-ranging collections iscomplementedbyuseful 2 instrumentalists.Eachpieceincludedinthese repertoire resource for aspiring Grade 1and Grade ______Herman. Hehastaughtthousandshowtoimprovise which hetouredwithLionelHamptonandWoody Andy McGheehas taught at Berklee since 1966,before of theirunderlyingharmoniesandsoundnatural. and chords,practicinglickssolosthatgrowout You’ll learntheintimaterelationshipsbetweenmodes you developyourearandimprovetechnique. ______blues. and harmonics•bebopbluesphrasingminor as glissando, slurps and bends, falls, growling, mutes scales, chords,rhythmsandriffs•saxeffectssuch include: basicbluesharmony•improvisingwith of improvisation.Keytechniquesandstylesexplained who wishestoenterthesometimesdauntingworld designed for any intermediate or advanced player 48022737 48022736 50449860 49018156 Grade 2 Grade 1 ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� BY GRADE pieces providetheperfect of carefully-selected These delightful collections Boosey &Hawkes and Accompaniments With CDsofPerformances Janet Way compiled andeditedby GRADE Berklee Press by AndyMcGhee T SAXOPHONE IMPROVISATION FOR SAXOPHONE BLUES and-true resource will help explanations inthistried- by-step exercises and of yoursoloing!Thestep- Expand the creative breadth This practicalguidewas Schott by NickBeston A IMPROVISING S B I mprovisations tyles he n lues I S ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ntroduction S cale , T axophone echniques

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NE $20.99 $20.99 $14.99 $29.95


______performance. • fun,qualitymusicthatmotivates practicing and variety oftempos,dynamics,timeandkeysignatures • longtoneexercisesarticulationpatterns low register•musical exercises toteach phrasing music inarangethatexploresboththehighand terminology composer information, nationality, and music diverse selectionofqualityrepertoireeachpresenting facility andtone.Themusicalcollectionprovidesa to strengthenyoungartist skills indevelopingboth a dozencountries.Originalcompositionsareincluded Twentieth Centuryeraswhilerepresentingmorethan music fromtheBaroque,Classical,Romantic,and ______special effectsareincluded. Hodges. Professional insights into chords, blues and ______chord progressions. altissimo register.Includesjazzetudesoncommon develop morejazztechniqueandcontrolinthe 00123418 14015993 00030457 . Includes: challenging and rewarding ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� for woodwinds.Itincludes to anintermediatebook possible styleappropriate This textcoversevery Meredith Music by ShelleyJagow ON SAXOPHONE DEVELOPING ARTISTS STUDIES FOR INTERMEDIATE John ColtraneandJohnny styles of Charlie Parker, examples andtunesinthe of improvisingjazz.Contains with little or no experience For thesaxophoneplayer Music SalesAmerica by CharleyGerard JAZZ SAX IMPROVISING help thealtosaxophonist Publishing aredesignedto new bookfromHouston The exercisesinthis Houston Publishing by JordonRuwe SAXOPHONIST FOR THEALTO AND ETUDES JAZZ EXERCISES

$14.95 $14.99 $12.95


W $9.95 $9.95 $9.99 $17.99 $14.95 $19.95 $12.95 $14.95 NE ethod �����������



���������������������� eaching ltimate -T �������������������������� U he elf �������������������������������� PLAY THE PROS PRACTICE LIKE by Sue Terry Music Sales America favorite the Discover practice routines of Dave Glasser, Benny Russell, Sheila Cooper, and more! Each artist provides a personal look at how to ALTO SAX ALTO SAX TODAY! T S Please see the Play Today Series feature for a complete description. PLAYING Music Sales America Playing with Scales is a new resource, designed to help motivate and musicians young encourage to practice their scales. It presents imaginative backing WITH SCALES: ALTO SAX Book/2-CD Pack Level 1 Book/CD Pack ������� Level 2 Book/CD Pack ������� Book/Online Audio Beginner’s Pack – Level 1 Book/ Beginner’s Pack – Level 1 CD/DVD Songbook (Book/CD) ����� Play Today Plus (Book/CD) 14026053 00842049 00842050 00320359 DVD 14043140 00699555 00842051 00699492 ds in oo dw w practice that can help you improve your technical ability as you develop your own personal sound and style. Includes exercises and tips relating to technique, tone and intonation, musicianship, scales and chords, articulation, ear training and more. ______tracks in a variety of styles to transform scales scales transform to styles of variety a in tracks and arpeggios from dry rudiments into an exciting musical experience. The accompaniments can be played by the teacher in lessons, plus all of the tracks are included for student practice at home using the supplied download card. This volume contains accompaniments for scales and arpeggios required with at the first level of playing, and is compatible the syllabus requirements of the major examination boards. ______

$9.95 $9.95 $14.95 $14.95 $12.95 $14.99 $17.99 ���� se



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ll now A K ros tuff 101 SAXOPHONE TIPS S P by Eric Morones This book presents valuable how-to insight that saxophone players of all styles and levels can benefit from. The text, diagrams, music, photos, A NEW TUNE Music Sales America Please see the General a Tune New – Instruction complete a for feature Day description A DAY – POP PERFORMANCES FOR Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book 2 with CD ����������������� Book with CD Book1 with CD & DVD Book 1 with CD ��������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book 1 with CD ����������������� 00311082 14022732 14022755 Performance Pieces 14022731 14022747 14041712 14022765 ______FOR ALTO SAXOPHONE FOR ALTO ______A NEW TUNE A DAY FOR by Ned Bennett America Music Sales – A New Instrumental Instruction Please see the complete description. Tune a Day section for a ______A NEW TUNE A DAY A NEW TUNE ______TENOR SAXOPHONE by John Blackwell Music Sales America Please see the Instrumental Instruction – A New Tune a Day section for a complete description. ______and accompanying CD provide a terrific, easy-to-use techniques including: topics, of variety a for resource • maintenance • equipment • practicing • recording • performance • and much more!

$5.95 $27.95 $27.95 $18.95



ook of

L ��������������� asters epth tyles S M -D n the I

n enor THE JAZZ by John O’Neill Book/CD Packs Schott Right from the start, can enjoy authentic students the in playing sounds, jazz . company of professionals With step-by-step instruction This 24-page instrumental This 24-page instrumental for method/supplement tenor and alto sax players was written by jazz player and composer Ted Nash and edited by Jeannette Delisa. TED NASH’S STUDIES IN HIGH HARMONICS JAZZ A at T by Dennis Taylor solely is pack book/CD This devoted to providing you with a complete overview of the techniques and styles SAXOPHONE METHOD Alto Saxophone Tenor Saxophone ������������ Tenor & Alto Saxophone Book/CD Pack ����������������� 49003173 49003180 00123227 00310983 ______and a progression of specially written pieces, specially written pieces, and a progression of of good technique are the fundamental elements rhythmic subtleties of jazz. introduced alongside the from an early stage Improvisation is encouraged the systematic study and is given direction through and advice on ear-training of scales and arpeggios students both to suited Ideally patterns. chord and learning with a teacher. working alone and those ______popularized by the greatest jazz tenor saxophonists popularized by the greatest jazz tenor saxophonists of all time. All the best are here: from the cool bebop stellar musings to the of Dexter Gordon, excursions of , with more than a dozen master players examined in between. Includes lessons, CD music, historical analysis and rare photos, plus a with 16 full-band tracks! ______1212 INSTRUMENTAL ______sliding, trill,specialeffects,andmore. reed squeal,doubletone,slaptongue,notebendingand covered includethegrowl,fluttertone,altissimoregister, Myanna, JennyHill,andtheBurningBrass.Techniques 1955 tothe1990s.CDfeaturesguestperformancesby ______play-alongs. an interviewwithBoots,photos,performancesand “Yakety Sax”fame.Includessixsolotranscriptions, woodwinds 14028844 00000277 00384685 00841119 ������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� diagram. care tipsandaninstrument notation guide,instrument chart showsfingerings, a This laminatedreference Music SalesAmerica FINGERING CHART SAXOPHONE SAXOPHONE biographies of players from biographies ofplayersfrom including photosand rock &rollsoloperformance, and sound effects used in A study of the basic techniques Centerstream Publishing foreword byScottPage by JohnLaughter ROCK &ROLL principles presented. emphasizing the technical with selectedaltosaxsolos of playingtechniquetogether necessary tothedevelopment of scalesandchords A comprehensive workbook by WoodyHerman CHORDS &SOLOS SAX SCALES, influential instrumentalist of influential instrumentalistof and fundamentals of this teaches the techniques This book/CD pack Mike Shannon by BootsRandolphand BOOTS SAXOPHONE ROCK ANDROLL RANDOLPH’S

$17.95 $17.95 $4.99 $5.95

______proper technique. tone, intonation,andflexibilitywhileplayingwith and adjustments. You’ll also learn to improve your fix bindingkeys,replacepads, andmanyother repairs You’ll learn to fine-tune your reed, recork the keys, it tosupportyourownplayingstyleandpreferences. will help you maintain your instrument and customize facility, and sound. Extensive directions on repairs Exercises willhelpyoudevelopyoursenseoftiming, such asbreathing,fingerings,articulations,andmore. the saxophone.Itprovidesanoverviewoftechnique, provides essentialinformationonalldimensionsof ______reading. accompanied piecesforpracticeofensemblesight- ______players. tenor saxophone.Forbeginnersthroughintermediate duets. Accompaniedpiecesgivenforbothaltoand in arangeofmusicalstyles.Includesteacher/student 50449658 49019114 49016854 ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� T saxophone. Thishandbook playing and maintaining a A complete guide to Berklee Press by DouglasSkinner and C HANDBOOK THE SAXOPHONE styles, includingduetsand pieces in a rangeofmusical 122 carefully graduated Schott Graeme Vinall by JohnKemberand A F READING 2 SIGHT- SAXOPHONE carefully graduatedpieces patterns through154 of rhythmic and melodic self-learning andrecognition This method book teaches Schott Graeme Vinall by JohnKemberand SIGHT-READING 1 SAXOPHONE echnique omplete P resh erformance A G pproach ,



T one $14.99 $14.99 $14.95 , ______Paul Harvey. ______sound effectinisolation. play-along tracksfortheetudesandexamplesofeach in amusicalcontext.TheaccompanyingCDprovides different inventive effects, with etudes that put them percussion effects. This book shows you how to do 19 sounds, fromlaughsandgrowlstomultiphonics colors! Thesaxophoneiscapableofagreatrange ______14014522 50449628 50490432 50490433 50330580 Alto Saxophone Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� CD Only Book Only accompaniment. Editedby alto saxophone with piano solos. ArrangedforEflat different kinds of saxophone This collectionpresentsthree Chester Music ed. PaulHarvey VOLUME 1 SOLOS SAXOPHONE M PLAYER SAXOPHONE THE ALTO SOUND EFFECTS sounds toyourpaletteof Add uniquesaxophone Berklee Press by UeliDörig M C SAXOPHONE description. feature for a complete Please seetheSolosSeries G. Schirmer,Inc. arr. LarryTeal SOLOS FOR R ircular egister uch ultiphonics ��������������������������� M �����������������������

B P ore laying reathing ! ��������������� , A


and ,

$17.95 $15.99 $24.99 $10.99 $16.99



$19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $24.95 NE NE NE NE NE eries oncert S C azz

orkshop & J

����������������������� W �������������������������������� �������������������������������� �������������������������������� �������������������������������� erklee echniques erformance nstructional BENNY Artists House MASTER CLASS SERIES FROM NYU GOLSON – THE JAZZ JAZZ B featuring Ed Tomassi Berklee Press WITH MOTIVIC DEVELOPMENT IMPROVISATION: STARTING OUT PERCY HEATH – THE JAZZ MASTER CLASS SERIES FROM NYU JIMMY & Artists House ACCELERATE ACCELERATE featuring Jim Odgren Berklee Press, Rittor Music and Hal Leonard PLAYING YOUR SAXOPHONE P T by Steve Wilkerson Centerstream Publications I JAZZ SAXOPHONE 2-DVD Set complete descriptions. INSTRUCTIONAL DVDS INSTRUCTIONAL 00320787 00000329 DVD 00320789 DVD 50448014 DVD 00320489 DVD ds in oo dw w Please see for Please see ______

$6.95 $14.95 $19.95 $19.95 uide G

omplete C TECHNIQUE OF TECHNIQUE – THE SAXOPHONE RHYTHM STUDIES by Joseph Viola Berklee Press This highly effective Berklee Workshop features innovative willexercises and solos that help players learn melody, harmony, rhythm and TECHNIQUE OF THE SAXOPHONE – SCALE STUDIES by Joseph Viola Berklee Press and effective A highly comprehensive workshop complete developing for technical and musical skills on the saxophone. This he TIPBOOK SAXOPHONE T by Hugo Pinksterboer The Tipbook Company This new and expanded edition 6” x 9” edition offers saxophonists a host of information on the instrument. Covers: all jargon explained; ��������������������������������������� Book 1 ������������������������������ ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� 00331475 50449820 50449840 14034220 selecting and auditioning saxophones, mouthpieces, tuning;intonation, adjustment, maintenance, reeds; and family, history, and production of the instrument; glossary;Tipcodes; Interactive illustrations; of dozens index; Tipbook Fingering Charts; and much more. ______Volume One workshop features innovative exercises and solos that will help you learn melody, harmony, the for techniques improvisation and rhythm, saxophone. Specific performance tools also provide a solid foundation for learning to improvise. This book covers general practice tips, all major scales and related modes, plus 210 exercises designed to enable anystudents to perform any major scale, beginning on scale degree. ______improvisation techniques for saxophone. Includesimprovisation techniques challenging unconventionalsyncopated rhythms and exercises in a varietyrhythmic notation, double-time incorporate the conceptsof meters, and 15 etudes that presented. ______A TUNE A DAY – SAXOPHONE by C. Paul Herfurth Music Sales America Please see the Instrumental Instruction – A Tune a Day series feature for a complete description. ______

W $9.99 $7.95 $19.95 $16.99 $10.99 $24.99 $14.95 $12.99 NE echnique T

presents a a presents uild B to

����������������������� ��������������������������� with a with a Studies, Scale ontrol xercises TECHNIQUE OF THE SAXOPHONE – CHORD STUDIES by Joseph Viola Berklee Press Studies Chord on choral emphasis special continuation and expansion and continuation of techniques presented in SOLOS FOR arranged by Larry Teal G. Schirmer, Inc. Please see the Solos Series complete a for feature description. SAXOPHONE SAXOPHONE WORKOUT E by Eric J. Morones you give will book This a complete saxophone workout. Here you’ll find etudes that cover a wide from spectrum of techniques, PLAYER THE TENOR SAXOPHONE & C Book Only Book/CD Pack ������������������� CD Only Book/CD Pack ������������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack (Spanish) ��������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� 50449830 50330570 14031475 50490437 14031444 50490436 14026236 00121478 concepts. Includes challenging and innovative studies based on basic and extended chords. An excellent application of chord theory! ______by Sue Terry Music Sales America Please see the Instrumental Instruction – Step One section for a complete description. ______STEP ONE: PLAY TENOR SAX STEP ONE: PLAY ALTO SAX by Sue Terry Music Sales America Please see the Instrumental Instruction – Step One section for a complete description. ______With advanced. to level intermeidate to basics the use of a metronome and daily practice that includes noticeable improvement tuner, this book will provide horn. The excercises are in the mastery of your of all the instruments of designed for the trouble spots tenor, baritone alto, the saxophone family – soprano, Topics levels. at all players – and can be used by time signatures; chord include: articulation; rhythms; arpeggios; major scales. ______1214 INSTRUMENTAL ______woodwinds 00699555 00320359 DVD 14022731 00320473 00320790 DVD Level 1Book/CD+DVD�� Book/CD/DVD Pack CD/DVD Pack������������������ Hal Leonard featuring JasonGillette T PLAY GERRY THE AGEOF MULLIGAN – TODAY! DVD ALTO SAX STEAM M FROM NYU CLASS SERIES THE JAZZMASTER WOODS – Artists House PHIL he BOOK 1 SAXOPHONE, ALTO TUNE ADAY– A NEW Music SalesAmerica by NedBennett ethod �������������������������������� �������������������������������� U ltimae !

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eaching NE NE NE NE $14.95 $19.95 $19.95 $17.99 $24.95 W W W W

______This atHome•Wakariaandmore. • SafariOriginalRaysItsbynneReelDon’tTry guide, and alternate fingerings. Includes: Straphangin’ transcriptions alsofeaturesabiography,notational Brecker Brothers.Thiscollectionof18note-for-note to hisownsolocareerandrecordingswithThe ,BillyJoel,andPaulSimon,inaddition and jazz,includingQuincyJones,Eric ______and memorabiliaphotos. Also includes an interview with brother Nat Adderley Scotch andWater•JeannineAllBluesmore. Limehouse Blues•TheWayYouLookTonight Dat Dere•LoveforSaleFreddieFreeloader performance notes,includingclassictunessuchas: ______Please seetheClaudeBollingsection. for AltoSaxophone&piano CLAUDE BOLLING–LEPAPILLON ______a biography. Smile • Stars • True Blue • and 26 Hemenway, plus Wish •RainRememberSavetheLastDance 00673237 00673244 00841054 00672566 SAX ARTISTFOLIOS Tenor Saxophone������������ Alto Saxophone Saxophone andPiano�������� Lead Sheets��������������������� transcriptions and that includes24solo A fabulousvolume Tim Price Compiled andeditedby Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION ADDERLEY “CANNONBALL” THE JULIAN the biggestnamesinpop has recordedwithsomeof . Brecker Grammy Awardwinner the tenorsaxophoneof sounds inmusictodayis and instantlyrecognizable One ofthemostcommanding Artist Transcriptions MICHAEL BRECKER Joint •Lucy’sMakea • EveryTimeFlirtThe Bloom •ComeasYouAre jazz saxophonist. Includes: songwriter andsmooth from thisversatilesinger/ Lead sheetsfor14tunes Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION THE MINDIABAIR ��������������� Clapton, $19.95 $19.95 $14.99 $9.95

______Prelude toaKiss•more. Can’t GetStarted•IndianaLoverManMisty ______discography. • andmanymore.Includesbiography, photos anda Largo •OnlyTrustYourHeartWhenLightsAreLow 00672315 00672429 00672394 00672314 ����������������������������������������� Alto Saxophone All Saxophones Alto Saxophone playing notes. discography, andextensive Also includesabiography, and Arrows • and more. • ImpressionsSlings Fever •DeltaCityBlues African Skies•Cabin Features 14solosincluding: Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION MICHAEL BRECKER and more. Mood •’RoundMidnight Out ofNowhere•Parker’s to BeBlue•JContheSet saxophonist, including: Born from this contemporary 13 solotranscriptions Artist Transcriptions CARTER COLLECTION THE JAMES Blues forGeorge •Key to 1992. Contents include: solos recordedfrom1933 this jazzgiantincluding 24 solo transcriptions by Artist Transcriptions Don Erjavec transcribed by THE COLLECTION BENNY CARTER– 1994. Contentsinclude:I Carter solosfrom1936to transcriptions includes selected collection of 24 music. This carefully the gamutofAmerican Benny Carter’scareerspans Artist Transcriptions PLAYS STANDARDS BENNY CARTER ���������������� ��������������� ��������������� $22.95 $19.95 $19.95 $22.95


$19.95 $22.95 $22.95 Titles include: All or Nothing Myat All • The Inch Worm • andFavorite Things • My One THE MUSIC OF JOHN COLTRANE Jazz Giants Series Through the years Coltrane played with such greats as Dizzy Gillespie, , Miles Davis, , and his own quartet, and he received numerous Jazz Awards and COLTRANE PLAYS COLTRANE STANDARDS new tenor 14 stunning ofsaxophone transcriptions Coltrane classicmore John solos, this time playing from . the JOHN COLTRANE SOLOS Artist Transcriptions A true giant in the world of jazz, John Coltane’s legacy spans a career with artists such as Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Monk Davis, and Thelonious in the 1940s and ’50s, to his own famous groups in the Tenor Saxophone ������������ Tenor Saxophone ������������ Tenor Saxophone ������������ 00672453 00660165 00673233 ds in oo dw w Only Love • Softly As in a Morning Sunrise • They SayOnly Love • Softly As in a • and more. Includes a bioIt’s Wonderful • What’s New and discography. ______Honors including being entered into Down Beat’s Hall Fame. This comprehensive collection includes moreof than 100 of this jazz master’s best works and includes a biography and discography – making this a perfect souvenir folio. ______1960s. This collection of 26 transcriptions features are Also included some of his most important solos. a biography, notational guide, alternate fingerings, the and discography with historical notes regarding Blues All • Midnight Includes: ’Round recordings. • • Blue Train • Central Park West • Cousin Mary Giant Steps • Impressions • Lazy Bird • My Favorite Things • and more. ______$19.95 $14.99 $19.95 Includes: Includes: . ���������������� JOHN COLTRANE JOHN COLTRANE PLAYS “COLTRANE CHANGES” by transcribed Masaya Yamaguchi foreword by David Demsey Artist Transcriptions In the late 1950s, John or Coltrane composed arranged a series of tunes Countdown • Cousin Mary • Giant Steps • Mr. P.C. • JOHN COLTRANE – GIANT STEPS Artist Transcriptions to folio is the matching This one of the most influential all time with albums of jazz transcribed solos Coltrane’s note for note JOHN COLTRANE PLAYS GIANT STEPS Transcriptions and analysis by David Demsey Artist Transcriptions Complete transcriptions of every recorded solo (nine existing takes) by jazz master John Coltrane on composition legendary his All Saxophones Tenor Saxophone ������������ Tenor Saxophone ������������ 00672493 00672529 00672349 that used chord progressions based on a series of that used chord progressions by thirds, rather than the key center movements of standard progressions. usual fourths and fifths and has received This sound is so aurally identifiable jazz musicians that it has so much attention from Changes.” This book become known as “Coltrane’s of his changes by studying presents an exploration 13 of his arrangements, each containing Coltrane’s unique harmonic formula. It includes complete solo for transcriptions with extensive performance notes each. Titles include: Body and Soul • But Not for Me • Giant • House Fifth • Countdown • West Park Central Steps • Summertime • and more. ______Naima (Niema) • Spiral • Syeeda’s Song Flute. ______“Giant Steps” – 96 choruses in all! Includes analysis Includes all! in choruses – 96 Steps” “Giant of the tune and solos, and historical background. An invaluable collector’s item as well as an important practice and learning tool. ______

$19.99 $14.95 $24.99 $24.99 $24.99 $24.99 ���������������� ���������������� ������������������ JOHN COLTRANE – A LOVE SUPREME Artist Transcriptions A Love Supreme has been called Coltrane’s most acclaimed and definitive album, his “gift to God.” This book presents exact note-for-note saxophone transcriptions to every THE BEST OF THE BEST Saxophone Signature Licks pack will This book/CD of teach saxophonists 12 licks, signature Coltrane’s ones from: Blue including Bye Train (Blue Trane) • Bye Blackbird • Giant Steps JOHN COLTRANE JOHN COLTRANE – OMNIBOOK 43 jazz solo transcriptions as played by the legendary including: Coltrane, John Blue Train (Blue Trane) • Countdown • Cousin Mary • Giant Steps • Impressions • Mr. • Life Lush • Bird Lazy Instruments Instruments b b All Saxophones Book/CD Pack ����������������� C Instruments Bass Clef Instruments ������ (Alto Sax & Others) ��������� 00672494 00695826 00307391 B 00307393 00307392 E 00307394 . piece on the album complete with a bio on Trane Includes: Acknowledgement (Part I) • Psalm (Part IV)Includes: Acknowledgement (Part I) • Psalm (Part • Pursuance (Part III) • Resolution (Part II). ______• Impressions • Moment’s Notice • My Favorite • Impressions • Moment’s • and more. Things • Naima (Niema) ______P.C. • Moment’s Notice • My Favorite Things • Naima (Niema) • Syeeda’s Song Flute • and more. ______1216 INSTRUMENTAL ______Quadrant •Wayne’sThangWooden Steps. Mack theKnife•NightandDayNostradamus •3rd Beanstalk •KoranneSaidLikeSonny (SimpleLike)• Dilemma •GiantStepsJaHed Jackie andthe ______Includes abiographyofDolphy. Tonight •Woodyn’YouDon’tKnowWhatLoveIs. Stormy Weather•Tenderly245TheWayYouLook in Love•SereneSoftlyasaMorningSunrise Unhappy •GodBless’theChildG.WLikeSomeone ______Tonight. • TakeTenTimeAfterTheWayYouLook Look fortheSilverLining•SacreBluesTakeFive Moon) •I’veGotYouUnderMySkinJazzabelle • BossaAntiguaEastoftheSun(AndWest Desmond classics:AloneTogether•AnyOtherTime with thisinstructionalbook/CDpack that explores12 woodwinds 00672530 00672379 00672328 00695983 Alto Sax Flute & AltoSaxophone��� Alto Saxophone Book/CD Pack����������������� sounds ofajazzsaxlegend Examine the sophisticated Saxophone SignatureLicks by EricJ.Morones of S B A S DESMOND PAUL Countdown •Delfeayo’s Titles transcribed include: member of Miles Davis’ band. came toprominenceasa of thepost-bopscenewho most significantmembers 14 piecesfromoneoftoday’s Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION THE KENNYGARRETT the BlueHorizon•GladtoBe Bemoanable Lady•Beyond 15 topstandards:AprilFool• instrumentalist’s playing on this innovativeavant-garde for fluteandaltosaxof Note-for-note transcriptions Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION THE ERICDOLPHY more. Le Souk•TakeFiveand Rock • Bossa Antigua • Desmond. Includes: Balcony jazz” alto saxophonist Paul solos fromlegendary“cool A collectionoftranscribed Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION THE PAULDESMOND ax reakdown

a S tep J ��������������������������� tyles azz - by G -S

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$19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.99

______Spring •NightandDayVeryEarlymore. Autumn •TheGirlfromIpanemaItMightasWellBe ______Notas •andmore. Night ofQuietStars(Corcovado) • SambadeDuas Insensatez •MeninaFlorOneNoteSambaQuiet includes abiographyanddiscography.Songsinclude: ______Weep forMe•andmore. Another You•TheWayLookTonightWillow • in Vermont•PenniesfromHeavenStellabyStarlight The LadyinRed•HowDeepIstheOceanMoonlight chart andtableofexpressivedevices.Songsinclude: Includes abiography,discography,alternatefingering Thanks for the Memory • There Will Never Be Thanks fortheMemory•ThereWillNeverBe 00699375 B 00672377 B 00672375 B b b b TenorSaxophone������� Tenor/Saxophone������� Tenor/Saxophone������� (Slightly Out of Tune) • Early (Slightly Out of Tune) • Early Body andSoul•Desafinado All theThingsYouAre• transcriptions. Songsinclude: a discography, and 19 career, astyleanalysis, with anoverviewofGetz’ This book comes complete Artist Transcriptions early tomiddle1960sand on those recordings of the book focusesexclusively bossa novarecordings.This in evidence than on his saxophone wasnevermore Stan Getz’smasteryofthe Artist Transcriptions BOSSA NOVAS STAN GETZ– place intheheartsofhisfans. this periodholdaspecial 1950s. of standardsfromthe breaking recordings on StanGetz’s ground- bookfocusesprimarily This Artist Transcriptions STANDARDS STAN GETZ– His recordings from His recordings from $19.95 $18.95 $19.95

______Samba (Jazz‘N’Samba)•VivoSonhando(Dreamer). Quiet NightsofStars(Corcovado)•SóDanço O Grande Amor • Para Machuchar Meu Coracao • • TheGirlfromIpanema(GarôtaDeIpanema) piano. 8songs,including:Desafinado•Doralice Gilberto on guitar, and Antonio Carlos Jobim on the Year. It features Stan Getz on saxophone, Joao Ipanema” which also won a Grammy for Record of and producedtheclassicstandard“TheGirlfrom ______information, etc.) recordings (date,location,players,originalissue updated discography,completewithnotesaboutthe Changed • and more. Features a bio and a newly Indigo • Self Portrait (Of the Bean) • Stuffy • You’ve Soul •HoneysuckleRoseTheManILoveMood repertoire, including:AprilinParis•Bodyand ______own articulations. and “inconcert”keyareprovidedalongwithGordon’s 00001333 00672523 00853780 Transcribed Scores��������� Tenor Sax Tenor Saxophone������������ for BestAlbumoftheYear won the Grammy Award bossa novamasterpiecethat the ground-breaking1965 note byeveryinstrumenton This foliotranscribesevery featuring S GETZ/GILBERTO J SOLOS JAZZ SAXOPHONE DEXTER GORDON– highlights fromhisvast collection features16 of saxophonists.This trail forfuturegenerations Coleman Hawkinsblazedthe of tenorjazzsaxophone, One ofthefoundingfathers Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION COLEMAN HAWKINS Chord changesfortenorsax directly offhisrecordings. Gordon andtranscribed the 22soloscomposedby years iscapturedherein career spanningover30 The excitementofamusical obim tan G ������������������������ etz A &J ntonio oao G C ilberto arlos $19.99 $19.95 $14.95



$3.95 $19.95 $22.95 $22.95

Barefoot Ballet. Barefoot and Touch LICKS THE CLASSIC Centerstream Publishing A true music innovator, composer and saxophonist John Klemmer is credited with paving the way for the smooth jazz and new age genres. This unique book/ KENNY G SIGNATURE Book/CD Pack Learn the licks that have made Kenny G one of the most popular sax players ever. This book/audio style his examines pack and techniques. Includes JOHN KLEMMER SONGBOOK KENNY G – KENNY G – THE MOMENT Artist Transcriptions score Includes transcribed note- 40-page special plus . for-note saxophone part 12 songs, including the the 12 songs, including • Always and: piece title Havana • Innocence • That and Somebody Was You • Tenor & Soprano Sax ����� Tenor & Soprano Sax ����� Tenor & Soprano Sax ������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 00672373 00673241 00849938 00000280 ds in oo dw w for saxophone. Includes spoken introductions by b more. ______CD pack contains Klemmer’s actual recorded tunes records MCA hit from his Following the recorded versions are complete rhythm tracks for soloing and improvising. Songs include: Body Pulse • Crystal Fingers • Forest Child • Free Fall Lover • Glass Dolphins • Poem Painter • Rain Dancer • Sleeping Eyes • Talking Hands • Waterwheels • and more, in both concert key for all instruments, and in B examples from his most popular songs and play-along parts on the CD for five songs. ______KENNY G – WEDDING SONG Sheet Music Arranged for soprano, tenor, or alto saxophone with piano accompaniment. ______Klemmer, a biography, and a foreword by Rheuben Allen, owner of LA’s famous Sax Shop. ______

. $3.95 $12.95 $14.95 $19.95 $19.95 KENNY G – FAITH: A HOLIDAY ALBUM Artist Transcriptions Matching folio with 11 tracks arranged in the smooth Kenny G style, including: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) • I’ll Be Home for Christmas • Let It Snow! Let It Snow! BEST OF KENNY G BEST OF KENNY Artist Transcriptions to 14 of Complete scores a separate his best, featuring with section pull-out complete saxophone melody transcribed solos and • Songbird Songs include: • Silhouette • Going Home and more. KENNY G – CLASSICS KENNY G – CLASSICS IN THE KEY OF G Artist Transcriptions to his folio matching This features “classics” album transcribed scores, plus a special 32-page note- for-note saxophone part. 10 on take Kenny’s Includes Body standards: sensational KENNY G – EASY SOLOS FOR SAXOPHONE 12 of his best for the beginning player, including: Forever in Love • Silhouette • Songbird • The Wedding Song • and more. Tenor & Soprano Sax ����� Tenor & Soprano Sax ����� Tenor & Soprano Sax ����� Tenor & Soprano Sax ������� Tenor & Soprano Sax ����� 00841000 00672485 00673239 00849918 00672462 ______Let It Snow! • Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town • Sleigh Ride • and more. ______KENNY G – FOREVER IN LOVE Sheet Music soprano, for arranged ballad romantic G’s Kenny tenor, or alto saxophone with piano accompaniment. ______and Soul • Desafinado • The Girl from Ipanema • In and Soul • Desafinado • The Girl from Ipanema of Love • Over the Mood • The Look a Sentimental Rainbow • ’Round Midnight • Stranger on the Shore • Summertime • What a Wonderful World. ______$6.99 $19.95 $22.95 $19.95 -winning ® ����������������� Artist Transcriptions Transcribed scores plus special 32-page note-for- note saxophone parts for all the songs on his hit album. 14 songs, including: Forever in Love • The Wedding Song • Sentimental • and more. KENNY G – BREATHLESS BILLY JOEL’S BIGGEST HITS Includes 30 songs: A Matter of Trust • Honesty • Just the Way You Are • Piano Man • Tell Her About It • and more. THE BEST OF THE BEST Artist Transcriptions includes 16This collection of some of thetranscriptions thebest solos from one of sax world’s greatest tenor players. Includes: Inner Urge •• Punjab • Recorda Me fullIncludes more. 12 and albums, this collection of albums, this collection of 13 transcribed solos details Joe’s classic the artistry of style. Includes: Blood Count JOE HENDERSON – SELECTIONS FROM “LUSH LIFE” AND “SO NEAR, SO FAR” Artist Transcriptions From two Grammy Alto Saxophone Tenor & Soprano Sax ������ Tenor Saxophone ������������ Tenor Saxophone ������������ 00844163 00673229 00672330 00673252 ______scores for: If • The Kicker • Mo’ Joe • Power to thescores for: If • The Kicker . Also includes discographyPeople • A Shade of Jade and biography. ______• Flamenco Sketches • Lush Life • Milestones • So • Flamenco Sketches • Lush Life • Milestones • • and more. Also Near, So Far • Take the “A” Train includes discography and biography. ______1218 INSTRUMENTAL includes abiographyanddiscography. Time •MissEtnaPreludetoaKissandmore.Also ______• SentimentalJourney •What’sNew? • NatureBoyANightingaleSanginBerkeley Square Little Melonae • Melody for Melonae • My Old Flame Take Romance•Let’sFacetheMusic andDance• Can’t GetStartedwithYou•IRemember You•I’ll Bird Lives•BluesnikAHouseIsNot aHome•I standards, aswellabioanddiscography . Songs: features hisnote-for-notetranscriptionsof14super ______and notesonMoore’sgearset-up. Space Between).Includesanintroduction,authorbio, Everyday (FooltoThink•SleepDreamHerThe Drink theWater•TheDreamingTreeStay);and Billies); Monkey • • Too Much • Tripping Around •WhatWouldYouSay);Crash(Proudest Dreaming (AntsMarching•TheBestofWhat’s ______woodwinds (Crush • Don’t Before TheseCrowdedStreets(Crush•Don’t 00672326 00672498 02500373 02500848 ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� Soprano/Alto/Tenor Sax�� Just theRiffs–Saxophone� COLLECTION JOE LOVANO Up Call•andmore! Know YoubyHeart•Wake Just toBeNextYou• Heart • Honey-Dipped of Dreams•Facesthe 15 songs,including:Castle Cherry LaneMusic DAVE KOZ BEST OF This deluxesongbook recognizable intwonotes! maintains thathisplayingis sound, theAllMusicGuide has such a signature saxophonist Jackie McLean Fifties and’60s bop Artist Transcriptions McLEAN COLLECTION THE JACKIE Under theTableand Dave MatthewsBandalbums: super saxriffsfromfour playing 60 of LeRoi Moore’s This bookisyourguideto Cherry LaneMusic by DavidPope RIFFS FORSAX BAND –JUSTTHE DAVE MATTHEWS Body andSoul•TheDawnof transcriptions, including: features 14note-for-note Joe Lovano.Thiscollection today is tenor saxophonist names on the jazz scene One ofthemostfamiliar Artist Transcriptions $19.95 $19.95 $17.95 $9.95 ______Rhythm •andmore . Sullivan •Walkin’BluesWhistlin’Tune •Who’sGot Bunny • Fal Out •FestiveMinor • OneforSilky 18 titles,including:BirdsofaFeather •Blues BOOK 2 ______Soft Shoe•UtterChaosandmore. Line forLyons•MainstreamOntetRevelation Includes 22songs:BarkforBarksdale•Limelite BOOK 1 ______comeback. discography and abiodetailing his remarkable career Tunisia •You’veChangedandmore.Includesa • MyOldFlameTheNearnessofYouANightin Mood •ItMightasWellBeSpringIndigo ______and more.IncludesabiodiscographyonMulligan 00004014 Melody/Rhythm/Chords ����� 00004013 Melody/Rhythm/Chords ����� 00672539 00672416 00672372 Baritone Sax Alto Saxophone Saxophone &Flute���������� B Ocean • In a Sentimental Nelson •HowDeepIsthe Are •EasyLivingHalf Morgan: AlltheThingsYou played by the mighty Frank transcriptions ofstandards Features 14fabulousaltosax Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION THE FRANKMORGAN and more. and Moonbeams•Wave Well BeSpring•PolkaDots in Indiana)•ItMightAs Indiana (BackHomeAgain including: Groovin’High• saxophone orflute, 15 transcriptionsfor Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION THE JAMESMOODY and rhythmindication. original recordings and transcribedfromhis Designed forsmallgroups Criterion SKETCH-ORKS – Strayhorn •Walkin’Shoes Out ofNowhere•Songfor • My Funny Valentine • Brothers •LineforLyons • Chelsea Bridge • Five sax, including: Bernie’s Tune 14 signaturesongsforbari COLLECTION MULLIGAN THE GERRY counter melodyforE piece includesmelodyand b instrumentswithchords �������������������� ��������������� . $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 Each $6.99 $6.99 b and Nowhere •That’sEarl,Brotherandmore. Tunisia •BirdofParadiseOopBopSh-bamOut Songs: 42ndStreetTheme•Groovin’HighANightin “Gil” Fuller.Includeschordchangesandadiscography ______Includes bio. Ornithology •QuasimodoSaltPeanutsandmore. ______• Parker’sMoodScrapplefromtheApple. Ko •MoosetheMoocheNow’sTimeOrnithology • Bloomdido • Confirmation •Donna Lee •Kim • Ko classics: Anthropology•Billie’sBounce(Bill’sBounce) book/CD packprovidesin-depthanalysisoftwelve man whorevolutionizedjazzonthesaxophone.This ______Madness •ValseHot. • PentupHouseSt.ThomasStrodeRodeTenor best: Airegin•BlueSevenDoxyOleo •Paul’sPal features ten note-for-note transcriptions of some of his contemporary jazzsaxophonistofthem all.Ourfolio 14006483 00672352 00695607 Saxophone 00672561 ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Transcriptions Was • A Night in Tunisia • I Didn’tKnowWhatTimeIt Dexterity •Groovin’High of Paradise•CoolBlues played them.Includes:Bird for-note forsaxasParker 20 tunestranscribednote- Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION CHARLIE PARKER solos andcompositionsofthe Learn thetrademarkriffs, Saxophone SignatureLicks by MarkVoelpel of of A S THE BESTOF era, butalsothegreatest of thebebopandhardbop enduring tenor saxophonist not only the single most will godowninhistoryas Guide According to the Artist Transcriptions SONNY ROLLINS BEST OF Parker andtranscribedby recorded solosarrangedby Parker, including6never- by thelegendaryCharlie 14 important solos as played Music SalesAmerica ed. StuartIsacoff SERIES JAZZ MASTERS CHARLIE PARKER– PARKER CHARLIE

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and B reakdown T All Music All Music echniques $15.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95


$19.95 $17.99 $18.95 ” Here Here ” olos . azz J S and

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he axophonist S THE THE SONNY COLLECTION Artist Transcriptions influenced by Stitt, heavily played with Charlie Parker, many jazz legends during his career, including Dexter Bud Gordon, Dizzy Gillespie, Powell, J.J. Johnson, Miles David, Thelonious Monk, are authentic, note-for-note THE BEST OF KIM WATERS T by Artist Transcriptions JazzTimes hails Waters as planet’s the of one “simply saxophonists best BEST OF GROVER WASHINGTON, JR. Cherry Lane Music One of the most successful time, all of saxophonists Grover Washington, Jr. made and recorded beautiful music for over 30 years before his untimely passing. This folio transcribes 13 of his favorites All Saxophones ����������������������������������������� 00672550 Saxophone 00672567 02500429 ds in oo dw w This folio features 14 authentic and many others. This folio features 14 After Hours • Body and transcriptions, including: the Sunny Side of the Street Soul • Constellation • On • Tune Up • and more. • Ray’s Idea • Soul Shack ______transcriptions of 13 of his best tunes, plus a preface transcriptions of 13 of his best tunes, plus a preface in which he discusses his inspirations and approach In • You for Fallin’ • Going Easy Songs: playing. to Deep • In the Groove • In the House • Let’s Get on It • Nightfall • The Ride • Secrets Told • Steppin’ Out • Two Hearts of Mine • Until Dawn • Waterfall. ______for saxophone. Works include: East River Drive • It Mr. • Flow It Let • Us of Two the Just • Good So Feels andMagic • Take Five • Take Me There • Winelight • more. Also includes a bio with photos. ______$19.95 $19.95 $17.95 $17.99 Alto Sax ���� b THE BUD SHANK COLLECTION Artist Transcriptions note-for-note 15 transcriptions from the career diverse long and of saxophone legend Bud including: Alone Shank, Blossom Together • Cotton • The Doctor Is In • I Loves THE NEW BEST OF WAYNE SHORTER Artist Transcriptions Through his work with the Jazz and Blakey Art Messengers, the Miles Davis Report Weather Quintet, and in his own prolific solo career, saxophonist and Shorter Wayne composer THE DAVID SANBORN THE DAVID SANBORN COLLECTION Artist Transcriptions This is a collection of 15 transcriptions of this great Songs best. sax player’s Heart of Change A include: • Hideaway • Straight to the Heart • and more. SONNY ROLLINS WITH SONNY ROLLINS THE Artist Transcriptions sax transcriptions Matching to Sonny’s acclaimed 1953 album featuring nine tracks: Almost like Being in Love • • In a Sentimental Mood • Newk’s Mambo Bounce Soprano/E b ��������������������������������������� Tenor Saxophone ������������ ����������������������������������������� 00672528 00672491 00675000 B 00102751 You, Porgy • I’ll Be Seeing You • Idol Gossip • If I You, Porgy • I’ll Be Seeing You • Idol Gossip • Should Lose You • My Funny Valentine • My Shining No Hour • A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square • by Moe • Out of This World • Peri’s Scope • Stella Starlight • Whisper Not. ______has been one of the most original figures in jazz for over 40 years. His remarkable career is documented in these transcriptions of 27 songs: Autumn Leaves • E.S.P. • Footprints • Juju • Night Dreamer • • Witch Hunt • more. ______Fade Away • No Moe • On a Slow Boat to China • This Fade Away • No Moe • On Hands (You in My Arms) Love of Mine • Time on My . • With a Song in My Heart ______


iant $19.99 $19.95 $14.95 G reakdown azz & J B a

tyles tep of

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echniques SONNY A S of Signature Licks Series sound the unique Explore and soul of jazz innovator from licks on Rollins Sonny • Airegin songs: classic 12 ROLLINS ed. Charley Gerard Music Sales America B for solos important 9 SONNY ROLLINS – JAZZ MASTERS SERIES THE SONNY ROLLINS THE SONNY COLLECTION Artist Transcriptions as one of the Long known in the greatest improvisers Rollins . Mr jazz, of history chose the title listing and every supervised personally aspect of this folio. Not only are his recorded solos T tenor sax, as played by the innovative contemporary jazz musician Sonny Rollins. Includes chord changes, and Book/CD Pack ����������������� Tenor Saxophone ������������ ��������������������������������������� 00695854 00672444 14030912 Biji • Don’t Stop the Carnival • Doxy • Duke of Iron • God Bless’ the Child • Oleo • St. Thomas • Sonnymoon for Two • Tenor Madness • Way Out West • You Don’t Know What Love Is. ______Rollins has included transcriptions included has Mr. Rollins but included, of these titles previously of live performances Titles include: Biji • Duke unavailable in any form. • Hear What I’m Saying • of Iron • Echo-Side Blue more. Includes for Two • Wynton • and Sonnymoon A true discography. a biography and comprehensive collector’s item! ______. analysis of Rollins’ style, with a complete discography • the Child God Bless Theme • Alfie’s include: Songs On Impulse • The Everywhere Calypso • You Don’t Know What Love Is • and more. ______1220 INSTRUMENTAL ______Wild Thing•andmore! by Me•TheTwistUndertheBoardwalkVenus Around theClock•TheShoopSongStand Sally • Louie, Louie • MyBoyfriend’s Back • Rock • It’sMyPartyTheLionSleepsTonightLongTall • EarthAngelGloriaIWanttoHoldYourHand ______Depend onMe•more. These FoolishThings•TwelfthStreetRagYouCan In •Oh,LadyBeGood!SometimesI’mHappy Indiana •Jumpin’withSymphonySidLesterLeaps • HoneysuckleRoseICan’tGetStartedwithYou Includes: Blue Lester • Cherokee • Doggin’ Around standards, togetherwithabioanddiscography. This greattributefoliotranscribes30ofhisfinest ______of classical compositions from different style periods. of thesaxophone. This collection includes avariety repertoire thatwascomposedbeforetheinvention opportunity to become acquainted with theclassical woodwinds SAXOPHONE COLLECTIONS 00847209 00672524 44006790 ����������������������������������������� Alto Sax Book/CD Pack����������������� Chantilly Lace•DukeofEarl Hill •CaliforniaDreamin’ Suede Shoes•Blueberry Up •BarbaraAnn • Blue of theNight•AllShook including: AllDayand of 95rock’n’rollclassics, An outstandingcollection ROLL COLLECTION DEFINITIVE ROCK’N’ saxophonists of all time. important and influential to beoneofthemost Lester Youngisconsidered of theTenorSax),jazzgiant Holiday (shortforPresident Nicknamed “Pres”byBillie Artist Transcriptions COLLECTION THE LESTERYOUNG few years experience the gives saxophonistswitha The ClassicalCollection De HaskePublications for F COLLECTION THE CLASSICAL Nobuya SugawaPresents L evel amous

the �������������������������� A C E lto lassical arly S axophonist I ntermediae M elodies $10.99 $19.95 $18.95

______includes anintroductionandnotesabouteachpiece. Bye Blackbird (John Coltrane)•andmore.Also Tabackin) • I’m Old Fashioned (Peter Christlieb) • Getz) •TuneUp(Sonny Stitt) • Bye Bye Blues(Lew • Lester Leaps In (Lester Young) • Parker 51 (Stan (Sonny Rollins)•BodyandSoul(ColemanHawkins) ______Wild Side•andmore. After AllTheseYears•TimePassagesWalkonthe Is a Wonderful Thing • Morning Dance • Still Crazy Your Way•IHeardItThroughtheGrapevineLove solos from17songs:AgainstAllOdds•Baby,ILove offers tips on how to practice and perform. Features Berklee professor Jeff Harrington’s introduction G, DavidSanborn,JayBeckenstein,andmanyothers. styles ofsaxgreatssuchasMichaelBrecker,Kenny detailed transcriptions will give youinsight into the ______intermediate toadvancedlevels. 00673254 50449605 44006770 Tenor Saxophone������������ ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� SAXOPHONE FOR ALTO artists. Includes:StThomas world’s greatesttenorsax solos fromsomeofthe collection of24transcribed An outstandingjazz Artist Transcriptions by TimPrice Compiled andtranscribed SAX SOLOS GREAT TENOR rendered andmeticulously time! Playing theseclearly known saxsolosofall Perform someofthebest- Berklee Press arr. JeffHarrington from SOLOS FAMOUS SAXOPHONE for saxophonists at the that areperfectlysuitable piano accompaniment eight new pieces with Nobuya Sugawapresents De HaskePublications ENCORE PIECES Nobuya SugawaPresents J azz R&B,P op

and S $18.95 $14.99 $18.95 mooth

more. When the Saints Go Marching In • Bourrée • and Lonesome Road • Aura Lee • Black Is the Color • Sun • CapriccioItalienTheme • FolkBoogie The the ManDown•GermanDanceHouseofRising Songs include:Sarabande•Plaisird’AmourBlow ______tenor andcontraalto. features fullsamplesplusplay-alongtracksforboth notes onthebackgroundofeachtune,andCD to Dixielandandbluesballads.Thebookincludes ______piece. features backingtracksandperformances foreach from thecreatorofMicrojazz.TheplayalongCD and pianoforintermediatetoadvanced-level players, entertaining andoriginalpiecesfor alto saxophone Concert Collection! This book/CD pack features 15 14041712 14001263 00001240 48019912 Book/CD Pack����������������� ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� SAXOPHONE FOR ALTO PERFORMANCES A DAY–POP description Day feature for a complete Instruction – New Tune a Please seetheGeneral Music SalesAmerica A NEWTUNE arrangements byDenesAgay. Goldstein withsimplepiano to boogie. Edited by Jerome saxophone from Baroque tangos, sambasandboleros songs in styles ranging from new repertoire,with original alto andtenorplayersgreat This book/CDpackteaches Centerstream Publications by JorgePolanuer for SAXOPHONE MUSIC FOR Christopher Norton Take thestagewith Boosey &Hawkes and backingtracks with aCDofperformances NORTON THE CHRISTOPHER ALTO SAXOPHONE COLLECTION FOR CONCERT Easy, familiarsolosforE Yorktown MusicPress Denes Agay ed. JeromeGoldstein/arr. SAXOPHONE THE JOYOF A lto &T

enor $14.99 $14.95 $19.99 $25.99 b alto


$19.99 $18.95 $19.95 $12.99

hotos ,

altzes • P • angos W ios T and

• B long -A ilongas ranscriptions lay essons iano TANGO SOLOS 25 GREAT T L by Eric J. Morones From Chuck Rio and King Curtis to David Sanborn and Kenny G, take an inside look at the genesis of pop saxophone. This book/CD FOR SAXOPHONE P M by Jorge Polanuer Centerstream Publishing sax author, Argentinian player, composer and teacher Jorge Polanuer says in the intro to this book, TENOR SAXOPHONE STANDARDS Classic Jazz Masters Some of the greatest tenor saxophone solos ever recorded! Features GetzStan of transcriptions Soul” and “Body playing and “Broadway;” Wardell Gray improvising on “Lover SAX SOLOS P Book/CD Pack ����������������� Tenor Saxophone ������������ Book/CD Pack ����������������� ��������������������������������������� and

axophone 00000275 00672350 00311315 35020896 S ds in oo dw w lto A .” So, if you’re feeling“Tango is not for the spineless the emotion of thisbrave and ready to unleash sax and play along withpassionate music, get your book! The CD featuresthe 12 great tunes in this and his saxophone quartet,full recordings of Jorge tracks. For tenor and altoplus accompaniment-only players. ______Man;” Coleman Hawkin’s famous “Body and Soul” and “Star Dust;” Ben Webster performing “A Single all,Petal of a Rose;” and more classics – 18 solos in many available for the first time anywhere. Includes a foreword and discography. ______ALEC WILDER – SONATA for Margun Music ______pack provides solo transcriptions in standard notation, standard in transcriptions solo provides pack lessons on how to play them, bios, equipment, photos, full-band contains CD The more. much and history, demos of every sax solo in the book, and is enhanced so PC & Mac users can adjust the recording to any tempo without changing pitch! Songs include: After the Love Has Gone • Deacon Blues • Just the Two of Us Money • Me Mercy Mercy, • Are You Way the Just • • Respect • Spooky • Take Five • Tequila • Yakety Sax • more.

® $5.95 $15.95 $19.95 $29.95 $16.99 $10.99 $16.99 $10.99 $24.99 $24.99


������������� axophone S ��������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� lto iano �������������������������� ����������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� A P or 10 familiar themes, including the ones from: Deep Space Nine • The Search for • Theme from Star Trek • Generations • The Voyage Home • Voyager • First Contact • The Wrath of Khan • more. THEMES Nobuya Sugawa SELECTED FERLING ETUDES F and De Haske Publications are Ferling’s beautiful etudes used by advanced commonly sax students to develop their Presents (No CD) Book/2 CDs Book with 2 CDs Alto Sax Book Only Book Only CD Only CD Only Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 44007570 Piano Accompaniment 44007569 44007580 00841279 50330570 50330580 50490437 50490433 50490436 50490432 ______De Haske now proudly De Haske skills. and melodic technical piano accompaniments to offers these etudes with to practice and perform. make them even more fun on CD by Nobuya Features saxophone performances piano accompaniments by Sugawa and masterful André Waignein. ______SOLOS FOR THE SOLOS FOR THE ______TENOR SAXOPHONE PLAYER ______ALTO SAXOPHONE PLAYER ______arranged by Larry Teal Please see the Solos Series feature for a complete description. ______arr. Larry Teal G. Schirmer, Inc. Please see the Solos Series feature for a complete description. ______

$17.95 $10.95 $45.00 $12.99 ��������������������������� SAXOPHONE Centerstream Publishing pack book/CD cool This lets saxophonists play along in a variety of styles, such as rock, salsa, reggae, funk, chamané, chorinho, soul, and gospel. STYLES R&B CLASSICS Book/CD Pack This book/CD pack lets instrumentalists play along with 11 of the greatest R&B including: time, all of hits Green Onions • In the Midnight Hour • Let’s Stay Together • Pick up the Pieces • Respect • (Sittin’ On) the POPULAR SAX SOLOS POPULAR Music Cherry Lane of nearly 40 A collection solos from these fantastic sax the Love Has hit songs: After Gone • Bad to the Bone Street Baker • Badlands • Careless to Run • • Born the Whisper • Dancing in • I Dark • Freeway of Love Book/CD Pack ����������������� Alto Sax ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� uartet Q 00000242 00841759 35019097 02501756 axophone S ______Dock of the Bay • Soul Finger • Soul Man • Superstition • Walkin’ the Dog • Who’s Making Love. The CD includes fantastic full-band backing tracks so even abeginning players will sound great soloing along with professional band. ______for arr. Hugh M. Stuart Shawnee Press ______SAXOPHONE CLASSICS Can’t Go for That • It’s Still to Me • Rock and • It’s Still Go for That Can’t • One More State of Mind Modern Love • New York • Waiting on a Friend • Night • Smooth Operator Young Americans • and more! ______1222 INSTRUMENTAL ______Americans (DavidBowie). • WhoCanItBeNow?(MenatWork)Young ______(Ray Charles). • SoulSerenade(KingCurtis) • Unchain My Heart ______Roll (BillHaley). You Later,Alligator(BillHaley)•Shake,Rattleand Won’t DoYourDaddy’sWill)(LittleRichard)•See recording toanytempowithoutchangingpitch! can alsobeusedinyourcomputertoadjustthe The audioCDisplayableonanyplayerbutit want to sing, or to simply help you follow along. lyrics arealsoincludedinthebookcaseyou using theseparatebackingtracks.Themelodyand the saxophoneshouldsound,andthenplayalong follow themusic,listentoCDhearhow play your favoritesongs quickly and easily. Just The SaxophonePlay-Along™Serieswillhelpyou woodwinds SAXOPHONE PLAY-ALONG™ 00113429 00113177 00113137 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� SERIES ROCK CLASSIC R&B ‘N’ ROLL Turn thePage(BobSeger) Smooth Operator(Sade)• • Jazzman(CaroleKing) (Huey Lewis & the News) • TheHeartofRockandRoll • DeaconBlues(SteelyDan) Baker Street(GerryRafferty) 3. Soul Finger(TheBar-Kays) Walker & the All-Stars) • Franklin) •ShotGun(Junior Band) •Respect (Aretha up the Pieces (Average White Woman (Ray Charles) • Pick & theAll-Stars)•IGota Cleo’s Mood(JuniorWalker 2. Domino) •Lucille(You Doggett) •I’mWalkin’(Fats Tonk (Parts1&2)(Bill (Red Prysock)•Honky Coasters) •HandClappin’ • Charlie Brown (The Moronie (LarryWilliams) This volumeincludes: Bony 1. ROCK

NE NE $16.99 $16.99 $16.99 W W

KOZ PARKER ______• StraighttotheHeart. Comin’ Home Baby • The Dream • Hideaway • Slam Anything YouWant•BangChicagoSong 8. DAVID ______Five •TakeMeThereWinelight. Make MeaMemory(SadSamba)•Mr.MagicTake East RiverDrive•JusttheTwoofUsLetItFlow 7. GROVER ______Smile. Put theTopDown•TogetherAgainYouMakeMe • EmilyHoney-Dipped • KnowYoubyHeart All ISeeIsYou•Can’tLetGo(TheShaLaSong) 6. DAVE ______Suite. Ornithology •ScrapplefromtheAppleYardbird Dewey Square•DonnaLeeNow’stheTime Billie’s Bounce(Bill’sBounce)•Confirmation 5. CHARLIE SANBORN WASHINGTON, JR. 00114393 00125694 00118293 00118292 00118286 Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� CLASSICS Tequila •YaketySax. Pink Panther•St.Thomas Train •PeterGunnThe • HarlemNocturneNight Boulevard ofBrokenDreams 4. SAX NE NE NE NE NE $16.99 $16.99 $16.99 $16.99 $16.99 W W W W W

______everyone whoplaysthesaxophone. specialist tools.Thismanualisessentialreadingfor with professional set-up techniques, with few or no to maintainit,aswellimproveitsperformance how themechanismfunctionsandwhatcanbedone This innovativemanualexplainsclearlyandsimply the mechanismcanaffectwayitfeelsandplays. complicated machine,too,andevenaslightfaultin tone it’seasytoforgetthatstillamachine.It’s instruments, butwithitsgracefulformandsoulful SAXOPHONE PLAY-ALONGSOLOS SAXOPHONE REFERENCE 00841551 00841552 00333083 Hardcover Book/CD Pack������������������� Book/CD Pack������������������� M saxophone soloonly. backing tracksonly,anda a fullbanddemonstration, a play-alongCDthatincludes An altosaxtranscriptionwith Alto Saxophone Play-Along Solofor THE STAR- saxophone soloonly. backing tracksonly,anda a fullbanddemonstration, a play-alongCDthatincludes An alto sax transcription with Alto Saxophone Play-Along Solofor O CANADA! BANNER SPANGLED the mosticonicofall The saxophone is arguably Voyageur Press by StephenHoward to T MANUAL SAXOPHONE he aintenance S S et tep -U ����������������������� - p by , C -S are tep

and G uide

$34.95 $6.95 $6.95


$7.95 $7.95 $7.95 $24.99 ndividual I or

��������������������� roup G nstruction I BASIC RECORDER LESSONS – OMNIBUS EDITION for by Ralph Wm. Zeitlin Music Sales America Here is an exceptionally clear and easy modular approach to playing the recorder and RECORDER DUETS RECORDER BEGINNING FROM THE Chester Music for descant Easy duets ranging from recorders, to Beethoven to the blues, Chester Music From Panama to Polynesia, Jamaica to Japan, Recorder RECORDER FROM THE BEGINNING – AROUND THE WORLD Pupil’s Book ��������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� 14027180 14003554 14027026 14027027 ds in oo dw w INSTRUCTION & TECHNIQUE from the Beginning – Around the World is a unique different 40 from dances and songs of collection countries, specially arranged and graded so that they’re ideal for recorder players of any age. Songs: • Alouette • Chiapanecas • Polonaise • Santa Lucia • Scarborough Fair • The Lorelei • Waltzing Matilda and many more. ______encourage the learning of new notes and rhythms. encourage the learning or class ensembles, with Suitable for two players the teachers’ books. piano accompaniments in ______BOOK 1 Irish Lullaby • Blues • Gavotte • Includes: Boogie Panis • Joy to • Ode Ashore Boat the Row Michael, Fair • Ye Banks and Braes Angelicus • Scarborough • and more. ______BOOK 2 Songs include: Berceuse • Carman’s Whistle • Cielito Lindo • Cradle Song • Czech Polka • Little Mazurka . • Portugese Dance • Santa Lucia • Waltz • and more ______understanding music. Ralph Zeitlin’s method keeps the instruction exciting and interesting using melodies, exercises and examples as well as a generous selection of popular and famous pieces. Basic Recorder Lessons student/teacher a in either used be to designed is situation or by students on their own.

$7.95 $7.95 $7.95 $6.95 $6.95 $6.95 $6.95 $14.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 ��������������� ��������������� ������������� ��������������� ������������� ��������������� ��������������� ���������������


FROM THE BEGINNING – BOOK 2 RECORDER Book 2 covers five new some introduces and notes more complicated rhythms RECORDER first the introduces 1 Book mixture a through notes six original and well-known of FROM THE BEGINNING – BOOK 1 Book 3 introduces the Book 3 introduces the remaining eight notes plus seven new notes with familiar RECORDER FROM THE BEGINNING – BOOK 3 (Classic Edition) Book Only (Color Edition) (Color Edition) Book Only (Color Edition) (Classic Edition) Tune Book (Color Edition) (Classic Edition) (Classic Edition) Book Only (Color Edition) (Color Edition) (Classic Edition) by John Pitts Music Sales America Music Sales BEGINNING SERIES BEGINNING RECORDER FROM THE RECORDER 14027188 Book Only 14027197 14027198 Book/CD Pack 14027193 14027194 Book/CD Pack 14027184 Book Only 14027185 Book/CD Pack 14027205 14027186 Book Only 14027187 Book/CD Pack 14027195 14027196 Book/CD Pack This recorder course by John Pitts is written for This recorder course by of music knowledge 7-11 year olds – no previous . It is carefully graded or recorders is necessary at every stage, enouraging with clear explanations skills as well as recorder children to develop musical include simple techniques. The teacher’s books guitar chord symbols and piano accompaniments, for classroom percussion. performance suggestions solo and duet material The tune books provide extra in each book – ideal for to supplement the instruction practice and for fast learners children who need more to hold their interest. who need extra material ______The full-color revised fingerings (enharmonics). The full-color revised edition also has 27 new pieces. ______By the end of the book, all the basic rhythm tunes. By the end of the book, all the basic rhythm patterns have been covered. The full-color revised new some with pages extra eight features also edition tunes and rounds. ______The full-color revised through a wealth of tunes. The full-color revised edition has 13 new items as well as new optional duets. ______

$7.99 $4.99 $69.99 1 Essential Essential ook B ���������������� tudent ������������������������� CLASSROOM METHOD ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS RECORDER S Kaye Clements, Paul Lavender and Charles Menghini new The Classroom Elements Method for Recorder Book/CD Pack ������������������� Book Only Classroom Kit (Book/CD, 9 Student Books, 10 Recorders) RECORDER CLASSROOM METHOD 00860561 00860560 00113155 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS RECORDER ELEMENTS RECORDER ESSENTIAL is designed for today’s classroom, including easy- including classroom, today’s for designed is to-use technology features that enhance the learning experience for any teaching situation. Essential Elements for Recorder can be an effective tool for concepts, music general reinforcing or introducing (band, performance to ensemble an introduction as orchestra, and choir), or individual or small group accompaniments, featuring High quality instruction. young for arranged expertly instruments, REAL in a variety of styles to make practicing musicians, productive and fun. EE recorder tracks also introduce various music ensembles such as band, orchestra, and choir. The book features over 130 songs, instrument basics, music reading, duets and rounds, music history, and a fingering chart. for The enhanced CD features play-along tracks lessons 1-57; tempo adjustment software that enables students to slow down the tracks while they’re on can watch that you video a start-up and learning; computer to get you off to a great start! ______Please see the Hal Leonard Accessories & Hal Leonard Accessories Please see the selection. Catalog for our recorder Instruments 1224 INSTRUMENTAL ______fingering chartforreference. attractive to every recorder player. Also includes a inspiring accompanimentsonCDmakethisbook The tunesarelight,modern,andplayful,the easy fingeringsthatarethesameforbothinstruments. ______recorders. recorded intwoversionsontheCD:withandwithout really enjoymakingmusic,thearrangementshavebeen will encountermanyfamouscompositions.Soyoucan along with.Onthismusicaljourneyofdiscoveryyou for oneortwodescantrecorders,withaCDtoplay woodwinds 44005564 00510255 49008452 Book/CD Pack����������������� C-Tenor Book 1–C-Sopranoor Book/CD Pack����������������� DESCANT RECORDERS HITS FOR1-2 finest pieces in arrangements finest piecesinarrangements a soloist?Hereyouwillfindthe celebrated classicalmelodiesas dreamed of playing the most Hasn’t everyrecorderplayer Schott arr. Butz/Magolt CLASSICAL Albert Gamse. and ensembleselectionsby with over 100 solos, duets Instructions anddiagrams Lewis MusicPublishing Ashley Publications/ METHOD –YET! THE BESTRECORDER the very early stages, with the veryearlystages,with are suitableforplayingfrom recorder. Thetunesincluded learning descantandtenor both childrenandadults This songbookisaimedat De HaskePublications by RonaldMoelker FOR RECORDER EASY FUN ����������������������������� $10.95 $19.95 $9.95

______both withsmallgroupsandforindividualtuition. playing. Thethreetutorbooksaresuitableforuse contact withtheinstrumentandprofessionalrecorder providing a carefully planned pathway between first artistic merit.Thisserieslinksthesetwoextremes, ______technique andamasteryofsimplenotation. and mayrelyonthebookstoleadasoundplaying valuable teachinghintsculledfromlongexperience stage. Thelessexperiencedwillbenefitfrommany fine tunesa-plentytosupporttheirownmathodateach clearer thanthewrittenword,willfindexercisesand much ofthetextaspersonaldemonstrationisalways Experienced teachers,whomaychoosetodisregard to helplearnersofallagesinthree situations. teaching themselves.Thisseriesofbookssetsout inexperienced teachersandmanyplayersstartby recorder isstillfrequentlytaughtbyenthusiasticbut number ofsuchteachersisconstantlygrowing,the a good,experiencedteacher.Although,happily,the 14015484 49003267 49003269 49003268 49002834 49002828 to achieveabrilliantsound. and teachesrhythm,phrasing,how complete courseiseasyandfuntoplay, guide toplayingtherecorder.This highlight thispocket-sizebeginner’s Clear diagramsandexplanations Music SalesAmerica by GeraldBurakoff HOW TOPLAYTHERECORDER ����������������������������������������� Tutor Book1 Tutor Book2 Tune Book1 Treble Book2 Descant Book1��������������� instrument of the highest discoveries, itisalsoan make theirfirstmusical with whichchildrenwill is oftentheinstrument Although therecorder Schott RECORDER WITH THEDESCANT FUN ANDGAMES have lessons from any instrumentisto The bestwaytolearn Schott by BrianBonsor RECORDER ENJOY THE ������������������ ������������������ ��������������������� �����������������

$12.95 $12.95 $17.95 $14.95 $5.99 $7.95

______for acompletedescription. Please seethePlayToday!seriesfeature PLAY RECORDERTODAY! ______to-play piecesbyFlorenceWhiteandAnniBergman. An elementarymethodwithalargecollection of easy- E.B. Marks PLAYING THERECORDER ______playing today! Heart WillGoOn•andmore.Getthiskitstart Love Tonight • Free Fallin’ • Howto Save aLife • My quality recorder!Songsinclude:CanYouFeelthe rock favoritestoplay,and,mostimportantly,atop- the accompanying songbook featuring 10 pop and which teachesalltheessentialswithaudioinstruction, the PlayRecorderToday!Level1book/CDpack, ______and German-stylerecorders. materials suitableforinstructionalusewithBaroque The studentbooksincludecompleteintroductory temporary approachtoinstrumentallearning. 00701159 00700919 00006061 Alto 00006062 Soprano opee Kit Complete 00119830 00710300 00710010 Book/CD/Instrument Pack Level 1Book/CDPack������� Recorder) Songbook/CD + (Level 1Book/CD+ Student Book2 Student Book1 PLAY RECORDER the recorder!Thiskitincludes portable andfuninstrument– get started playing a highly everything youneedto This beginningkitcontains N I COMPLETE KIT TODAY! ncludes eed ��������������������������������

to instruction andacon- method for recorder An effectivetwo-level by LeoSevush METHOD RECORDER LET’S PLAY UNLIMITED LEARNING

��������������������������� P E ����������������������� lay verything

T ����������������� ����������������� oday ! Y


$10.99 $19.99

$9.99 $7.99 $3.95 $3.99 $9.99

INSTRUMENTAL 1225 , $6.99 $9.95 $8.99 eries $11.95 S avorite F s ’ 155 verybody olume V BACH Bach classic 18 Allemande compositions: Jesu, Joy of • Gavotte • Man’s Desiring • Musette • • Polonaise • Sinfonia . Sleepers, Wake • and more Includes a fingering chart Great material for reference. for students to study! BAROQUE & FOLK – TUNES FOR THE RECORDER E arr. Leo Alfassy Music Sales America An unusual collection of music arranged for the recorder containing over THE BAROQUE RECORDER ed. Paul Wade Fentone Music 20 pieces by composers including Vivaldi, Purcell, All Couperin and Telemann. performed be can pieces the the without or with accompaniment, which is BACH FOR RECORDER BACH FOR RECORDER AND GUITAR Features music to be played (either recorder C a on soprano or tenor), with guitar; however, the upper line may quite effectively be carried by a flute, oboe or violin, and the guitar by played be may parts harpsichord or piano. ��������������������������������������� Soprano Recorder ������������� ������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������� 00710190 14003401 44005095 00006050 RECORDER COLLECTIONS RECORDER ds in oo dw w ______fifty pieces from over 300 years of music. Includes: • Allegro (Haydn) • Andante Grazioso (Mozart) Bach) (J.S. Bourrée • (Fernandez) Heaven Beautiful • Gavotte • Londonderry Air • Minuet (Handel) • • Polovetsian Dances (Borodin) • Santa Lucia Sarabande (J.S. Bach) • The Entertainer (Joplin) • Wiegenlied • and more. ______suitable for the piano or harpsichord/basso continuo and comes in both written out and figured bass versions. ______

$4.95 $6.95 $7.99 $43.95 $14.99 Part 1 1 Part . �������� dition E evised THE SCHOOL THE SCHOOL RECORDER R and by E. Priestley F. Fowler Music Sales America Book 1 covers the first 15 notes on the descant each introducing recorder, note with illustrations. Book TREBLE RECORDER TECHNIQUE by Alan Davis Novello A book intended primarily for players who would like to attain sufficient technical ability to explore repertoire of lots is concerned with the basic Book 1 ������������������������������ Book 2 ������������������������������ ��������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack ������������������� Book/CD/DVD Pack eries 14029039 14029040 14034045 14031471 14037589 S ne O tep 2 completes the study of the descant recorder, then 2 completes the study of recorder. proceeds to teach the treble ______technique of the modern treble recorder and consists treble recorder of the modern technique arpeggios and scales exercises, graded elementary of and advanced technical studies. Part 2 focuses on the more specialized techniques of the Renaissance and and also introduces avant-garde Baroque recorder technique. ______by Gerald Burakoff Music Sales America Please see the Instrumental Instruction – Step One section for a complete description. ______TEACH YOURSELF RECORDER S Music Sales America See the Step One series section for a complete description. ______STEP ONE: PLAY RECORDER

$8.95 $7.95 $14.95 $24.99

dition E ecord R ak THE EASY WAY! THE EASY RECORDER FUN! RECORDER TEACH YOURSELF all theThis book includes information you will need to get started, plus an easy- the and chart, finger to-use demonstration/play-along CD features professional SIGHT-READING RECORDER by John Kember and Peter Bowman Schott teaches book This method self-learning and recognition of rhythmic patterns through pieces in graduated carefully a range of styles. Includes RECORDER by Emma Coulthard Chester Music When Johnny learns he must at a solo a recorder play WIZARD THE RECORDER GUIDE O by Johanna Kulbach and Arthur Nitka Music Sales America An instruction method for Book 1 ���������������������������� Book/CD Pack ������������������� Book/CD Pack ������������������� ��������������������������������������� 49016780 14033356 00710005 14027033 Begins with soprano (descant) duets. Begins with soprano teacher/student recorder and introduces alto (treble.) ______school concert he is worried – until a parcel arrives school concert he is worried – until a parcel arrives from his uncle Angus with a magic recorder! When Wizard magically it, the Recorder blows into Johnny appears, ready to teach Johnny how to play! Learn and along with Johnny as he first masters the notes then simple tunes. There are puzzles to solve along the way, things to find and to do, and the included CD makes learning fast and fun! ______accompaniments to make you sound like a pro! Songsaccompaniments to make • Amazing Grace • Cocklesinclude: All Through the Night Carol • La Cucaracha • Aand Mussels • The Coventry • and more. Mozart Melody • Simple Gifts ______descant (soprano) and treble (alto) recorder which of repertoire a with progressive learning combines folk melodies. It features a concise outline of the “mechanics” of music, names of notes, rhythmical Basic recorder symbols. and musical notation, techniques are explained in easy-to-understand text and diagrams, and guitar chords are also included. ______1226 INSTRUMENTAL ______practice. and notesonstylehistoricalperformance in progressiveorder.Includescomposerbiographies Telemann, and more.Piecesaregraded and presented intermediate worksbyBach,Handel,Lully,Purcell, 30 originalworksandarrangementsofeasyto Schott Gudrun Heyens ______I’m Sixty-Four•YellowSubmarineandmore! ______Handel, Lully,Purcell,Telemann,andmore. arrangements ofeasytointermediateworksbyBach, ______Sunrise, Sunset•TomorrowWeBuilt ThisCity. (You Can SeeForever) • OnMyOwn •People • woodwinds 49018003 00710151 49018141 00710141 Book/CD Pack����������������� ����������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack����������������� ����������������������������������������� R VOLUME 2 ANTHOLOGY – RECORDER VOLUME 1 ANTHOLOGY – RECORDER ed. PeterBowmanand and with (G 30 W BAROQUE You •TickettoRideWhen • NowhereManSheLoves Winding Road•LoveMeDo Your Hand•TheLongand Day’s Night•IWanttoHold Eleanor Rigby•AHard for recorder:Blackbird• 15 Fab Four faves arranged FOR RECORDER BEATLES HITS 32 originalworksand Schott and BackingTracks with aCDofPerformances Gudrun Heyens ed. PeterBowmanand BAROQUE Memory •OnaClearDay • Make Someone Happy • You •IDreamedaDream Yourself • Getting to Know as HeNeedsMe•Consider Dream WillDo•AsLong arranged for recorder: Any 13 favoriteshowtunes FAVORITES BROADWAY ecorder uitar B

a acking orks CD


and for

of lib T P P racks S .) erformances iano oprano

$19.95 $19.95

$7.99 $7.99

______for playingtherecorder,andahandyfingeringchart. more. Eachbookcomescompletewithinstructions Woody’s Roundup •You’ve Got aFriendin Me •and Sailing NoMore•ReflectionWhenSheLovedMe ______and more. in EMinor(fromDvorak’sFromtheNewWorld)• from SwanLake(Tchaikovsky)•SymphonyNo.9 Angelicus (OLordMostHoly)(Franck)•Theme Joy (from Beethoven’s ______helpful fingeringchart. Can’t Wait to Be King” from You FeeltheLoveTonight,”“Circleof Life” and“IJust Me” and“AWholeNewWorld”from Aladdin •“Can Beast” fromBeautyandtheBeast•“Friendlike Books/Recorder/ 3 00102419 00128853 00710055 Recorder 00710409 Instruction Book Only ����������������������������������������� • Hakuna Matata • I Will Go Love Tonight•CircleofLife Disney hits:CanYouFeelthe books loadedwith16huge three terrificRecorderFun! high-quality recorder,plus This cool pack contains a L COLLECTION DISNEY WITH DISNEY R complete description. Christmas Catalogfora Please see the Hal Leonard R S CHRISTMAS Song) (Brahms)•Odeto Carmen) •Lullaby(Cradle Habañera (fromBizet’s recorder solo.Titlesinclude: in arrangementsfor classical musicselections, play 15oftheirfavorite Now recorder players can FAVORITES CLASSICAL Guest” and “Beauty and the Little Mermaid•“BeOur “Under theSea”fromThe or duet: “Kiss theGirl”and arranged forrecordersolo Nine Disneyclassics 9 H FAVORITES DISNEY MOVIE earn Symphony, No. 9)•Panis elections ecorder ecorder The Lion King. Includes a its &P ��������������������������� A ������������������������� ���������������������� rranged lay F S

from un olo R ! ecorder ®


for D

uet NE P $19.99 $6.99 $7.99 $7.99 ack W

______fingering chart. instructions forplayingtherecorder,andahandy World •andmore.Eachbookcomescompletewith of YourWorld•UndertheSeaAWholeNew • ColorsoftheWindDaughtersTritonPart in all:BeOurGuest•BeautyandtheBeastBelle in Me•Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dahmore! You Work•You’llBeinMyHeartYou’veGotaFriend ______Wolf? •WinniethePooh. You WishuponaStar•Who’sAfraidoftheBigBad Come •Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious • When • TheSiameseCatSongSomeDayMyPrinceWill World • Mickey Mouse March • Once upon a Dream ______10th tothe16thcentury.Includeschordsymbols . Books/Recorder/ 3 00102842 00710100 Recorder 00710052 14009796 ������������������������������������������� Instruction ��������������������������������������� princesses! Contains20songs of everyone’sfavorites books featuring themusic three terrificRecorderFun! high-quality recorder,plus fan, this pack contains a A must for every Disney L FAVORITES DISNEY PRINCESS • Heigh-HoIt’saSmall Water • Chim Chim Cher-ee Aristocats •Candleonthe fingering chart!Songs:The solo orduet,plus a handy arranged forrecorder features 13 Disney hits Newly revised,thiscollection FAVORITES WALT DISNEY earn of airsand dances fromthe 47 easyarrangementsinall “Summer IsIcumenIn”– “The WillowSong”and of recordersolosincluding An outstanding collection Music SalesAmerica arr. RobinDeSmet RECORDER EARLY MUSICFOR She Loved Me • Whistle While She LovedMe•WhistleWhile Spoonful ofSugar•When • ReflectionSomeday A Makes •PartofYourWorld Dream IsaWishYourHeart Colors oftheWind•A The Bare Necessities • arranged fortherecorder: 15 belovedDisneyhits DISNEY HITS &P ��������������������������� ���������������������� lay R ecorder P $19.99 $12.95 $7.99 $7.99 ack INSTRUMENTAL 1227

$7.99 $6.95 $12.95 $12.99

s ’ ecorder Recorder Wizard R for

ethod hildren M unes KIDS’ SONGS kids songs 13 Features for the adore, arranged The Addams recorder: • Alley Cat Family Theme • Song • The Candy Man Everything Is Beautiful • The Hokey Pokey • I Whistle • Peter Tune a Happy Cottontail • Puff the Magic RECORDER by Emma Coulthard Music Sales America More music to help you MAGIC TUNES 45 C T edited by Michiel Oldenkamp & Paul van der Voort De Haske Publications This varied collection of 45 tunes comes from Germany, The Netherlands, and WIZARD RECITAL PIECES ����������������������������������������� Book/CD Pack ������������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� eaching -T elf S 00710051 14027039 44005123 00701245 ltimate ds in oo dw w U he Dragon • Sesame Street Theme • Sing • Take Me Out Dragon • Sesame Street Theme Land Is Your Land • Won’t to the Ball Game • This You Be My Neighbor? ______join in the magical story of Johnny, Sophie and join in the magical story of Johnny, the from Wizard Recorder the instruction book (14033356). This book begins by showing you really simple three-note tunes so you can perform proper pieces rights from the start. Then it gradually gets more challenging as you become and tunes the learn you helps CD The confident. more makes your playing sound really professional. ______Great Britain. The CD includes charming, varied and delightwill that accompaniments funny sometimes children and parents alike. ______PLAY RECORDER TODAY! T a for feature series Today! Play the see Please complete description. ______SONGBOOK ack $7.99 $12.95 $12.95 $19.99 P eyboard K FOX and ecorder

the how R

S lay ���������������������� from

ecorder & P R usic elevision GLEE M heart out with Blow your of 13 Glee this collection standouts: Alone • Bad • Defying Gravity Romance • • Don’t Stop Believin’ Dream On • Hello • Lean • on Me • Like a Prayer IRISH MUSIC FOR RECORDER arr. Robin De Smet Music Sales America collection outstanding An of easy recorder solos consisting of Irish songs and melodies famous throughout the world. Includes “Cockles and Mussels,” “The THE IRISH COLLECTION – TRADITIONAL MUSIC for arr. Douglas Gunn Music Sales America An exciting collection of material for recorder and keyboard drawn from of heritage rich Ireland’s T earn L This collection features three books packed with 40 songs kids love, plus a top- quality recorder on which The to play them! Includes: Addams Family Theme • Alley Cat Theme • Billy Boy • Camptown Races • The Candy KIDS’ FUN SONGS ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Instruction ������������������������������������������� 00710056 14016229 14033979 00102843 3 Books/Recorder/ No Air • Proud Mary • Rehab • The Safety Dance • Dance Safety The • • Rehab Mary Proud Air • No Sweet Caroline. ______Londonderry Air,” “Galway Bay” and “The Garden Where.” ______folk music. It includes folksongs, traditional tunes and even arrangements of harp music, all graded from beginner to more advanced works. The arrangements are for recorder ensembles or solo, but have been violin or oboe. scored so as to be suitable for flute, • Includes: Mary Griffin • The Flower of Maherally The King of the Fairies • and more. ______Man • The Farmer in the Dell • He’s a Pirate • Theme from Jurassic Park • Star Trek® The Motion Picture • Take Me Out to the Ballgame • and dozens more. Each book comes complete with instructions for playing the recorder, and a handy fingering chart. ______

W W $7.99 $9.99

$17.95 $19.99 )

NE NE ieces arious oprano P V (S for

escant ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ieces raditional D nsembles ecorder E arr. Peter Bowman Schott FUN AND GAMES WITH THE RECORDER – ENSEMBLE COLLECTION 36 P FAVORITE MOVIE THEMES – 2ND EDITION 14 film favorites for recorder: Chariots of Fire • Dancing Queen • Forrest Gump – Main Title • He’s a Pirate • I’m a Believer • It Will Rain • Mission: Impossible Theme • My Heart Will Go 62 T for edited and arranged by Peter Bowman Schott This collection of traditional ENGLISH EASY POP EASY POP pop of your favorite Play 50 instrument tunes on your This collection of choice! features arrangements and written in accessible keys chord and lyrics with ranges symbols. Songs include: All the My Loving • Blowin’ in R FOLK TUNES FOR RECORDER MELODIES Recorder Ensemble ��������� Book/CD Pack ����������������� 49016690 49044105 00841306 Recorder 00125795 Recorder This volume offers a fine selection of pieces for variable recorder ensembles. The aim of this Have playing. ensemble to encourage is collection fun playing these attractive arrangements with your recorder friends! Contents include pieces by Handel, Mozart, Beethoven and even Scott Joplin. ______On • Tears in Heaven • and more. ______hornpipes, ballads and jigs includes a CD of of CD a includes jigs and ballads hornpipes, performance tracks. ______Wind • Clocks • Don’t Stop Believin’ • Every Breath Wind • Clocks • Don’t Stop Soul Sister • In My Life • You Take • Fireflies • Hey, Sweet • Satin White in Nights • Girl My • Story Love • Viva La Vida • What a Caroline • Unchained Melody Got a Friend • and more. Wonderful World • You’ve ______1228 INSTRUMENTAL • SpinningWheelTheMinstrelBoyandmore. Londonderry Air•MyWildIrishRoseofTralee • IrishRoverKillarneyLastRoseofSummer ______How YouKnow•True Love’sKiss. Mother KnowsBest •SomethingThatIWantThat’s • HappyWorkingSongISeetheLight •LetItGo to BuildaSnowman?•FortheFirst Time inForever name showninthenotehead,including: DoYouWant ______Lincolnshire Poacher•WiddecombeFairandmore. Scarborough Fair•TheCherryTreeCarol Maggie May•OhDear!WhatCantheMatterBe? Includes: A-Roving•ItWasaLoverandHisLass full lyrics,chordsymbolsandguitardiagrams. other suitableCinstruments.Eachiscompletewith ______Braes •andmore. Waly •Rothsay-OSkyeBoatSongYeBanksand Lomond •MyLoveIsLikeaRedRoseOWaly, Allen •ComingThroughtheRyeI’maRoverLoch Includes: AnnieLaurie•AuldLangSyneBarbara woodwinds 00130680 14030841 14030840 14030842 ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� Play® notationwiththenote arranged forrecorderinE-Z 9 popularDisneysongs F with RECORDER FUN! ENCHANTED – TANGLED AND FROZEN, SONGS FROM penny- whistle,flute,and for voice and recorder, heritage. Allarearranged ’s richmusical songs and dances from An exciting collection of Music SalesAmerica arr. LizThomson OF ENGLAND SONGS ANDDANCES diagrams, plusfulllyrics. chord symbolsandguitar or otherCinstruments.With recorder, flute,pennywhistle arranged for voice and of songsanddancesall An exciting collection Music SalesAmerica OF SCOTLAND SONGS ANDDANCES Mussels •FinnegansWake Begorrah •Cocklesand instruments. Includes: recorder orotherC arranged forvoiceand Ireland’s richheritage A collection of songs from Music SalesAmerica OF IRELAND SONGS ANDDANCES ingering E asy C I nstructions hart

NE $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 & $7.99 W

______advancing throughtheirrecorderlessons! Students willloveplayingthesefamiliarthemeswhile • VictoryCelebrationYoda’sThemeandmore. Princess Leia’sTheme•StarWars(MainTheme) ______(and EndTitle). Duel of the Fates • Yoda’s Theme • The Throne Room (“Darth Vader’s Theme”) • Princess Leia’s Theme • with You(“TheForceTheme”)•TheImperialMarch Titles: known StarWarsthemesandmelodiesareincluded. introduction toreadingmusic.Sevenofthemostwell- guide toplayingtherecorder,andaclear,simple Star Wars(MainTheme)•MaytheForceBe 00110292 00710200 00110275 Recorder 00322024 ����������������������������������������� Recorder SoloorDuet������ Book Only S • ParadeoftheEwoks May theForceBewithYou (Darth Vader’sTheme)• • TheImperialMarch The Arena•CantinaBand Star Warsmovies,including: 15 iconicthemesfromallthe H STAR WARS Music. Seventeen • The Sound of Things •SixteenGoingon Confidence • MyFavorite Mi •EdelweissIHave Mountain •Do-Re- recorder: ClimbEv’ry Includes 13 songs for OF MUSIC THE SOUND Highlights from more! You Belong with Me •and Fairytale •WhiteHorse My Guitar•Today Was a Now •Teardropson Should’ve SaidNo•Speak • LoveStoryMean to December•EyesOpen recorder, including: Back 15 Swifthitsarrangedfor TAYLOR SWIFT to-read notes,abeginner’s The bookfeaturesbig,easy- need to start playing today! gives youeverything this bookandrecorderpack Written foreasyrecorder, Alfred PublishingCo. FOR RECORDER STAR WARS Selections from ongbook al L eonard ��������������������������� ������������������������� R ecorder

$7.99 $7.99 $8.99 $5.95 ______im Chodladh. the County Down • Tabhair Dom Do Lámh • Táimse Sí BeagMór•TheSpinningWheelStarof Irwin •TheRakesofMallow•TheSallyGardens the StillyNight•OróSéDoBheathaBhailePlanxty Love isTeasin’•TheMinstrelBoyNoraOftin Lark intheClearAir•TheLastRoseofSummer I KnowMyLove•WhereI’mGoingThe Glenside •TheFoggyDewGalwayShawl Kildare •TheDawningoftheDayDownby • TheCradleSongCoulinCurraghof Cliffs ofDoneen•CocklesandMusselsConnemara O •BrianBoru’sMarchCarolan’sDraughtThe ______of thiscatalogfor aseriesfeature. Please see the Children’s Mixed Folios section RECORDER FUN!PACKS ______00634234 00124176 00841383 RECORDER FUN! ������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� Songs: AnachCuain•BeirMé or beginners! recorder –idealforschools arranged foreasydescant thirty Irishairsandmelodies A delightful collection of Waltons IrishMusic by EllenCranitch EASY RECORDER 30 IRISHTUNESFOR What MakesYouBeautiful. Paradise •SomeNights Knew YouWereTrouble.• • HoHeyHomeI Maybe •Hey,SoulSister recorder, including: Call Me 8 pop hits arranged for RECORDER FUN! TOP HITS– more. the Sea,Mr.Murdoch•and Southampton •TakeHerto My HeartWillGoOn• blockbuster, including: 8 piecesfromthe TITANIC $9.95 $5.99 $4.95