Newcastle Buchanan How to use Interchanges interchange The Hunter Expressway is the most easterly interchange on the M15 Hunter Expressway. Motorists can join the Hunter Expressway at the Newcastle interchange from the M1 Pacific Motorway or the . Northbound motorists on the Pacific Motorway can join the expressway and travel west or join Newcastle Link Road and travel east. Motorists already on the expressway can use the Newcastle interchange to continue towards Newcastle or join the Pacific Motorway to travel south. For eastbound motorists the expressway joins the Newcastle Link Road. Motorists travelling towards the Central Coast and will use a high bridge ramp to join the Pacific Motorway. Motorists on Newcastle Link Road can The Buchanan interchange allows movements in continue travelling west and join the all directions. expressway or use the southbound on-ramp to join the Pacific Motorway. Buchanan interchange is a full There are two movements you cannot interchange and allows movements

do at Newcastle interchange. in all directions.

Motorists already travelling south on the Buchanan interchange is the exit The Hunter Expressway Hunter The Pacific Motorwaycannot join the Hunter and entry point for George Booth

Expressway at Newcastle interchange. Drive, John Renshaw Drive and

They should access the expressway Buchanan Road.

How to use to How at the Buchanan interchange, via John Vehicles should use John Renshaw Renshaw Drive. Drive for the , Motorists cannot join the Pacific Newcastle Airport and the Pacific Motorway to travel north from Newcastle Motorway at Beresfield. interchange. They should exit the Buchanan Road can be used to expressway at the Buchanan interchange access East Maitland. and use John Renshaw Drive.

Use Newcastle interchange to access the Hunter Buchanan Road can be used to access East Expressway from the M1 Pacific Motorway. Maitland. Photograph shows the Maitland Regional Art Gallery.

Kurri Kurri Loxford Branxton Beyond interchange interchange interchange Branxton

Loxford interchange is a half interchange with east-facing ramps. interchange

This means motorists can exit at Loxford

if they are travelling on the expressway

from the east. Motorists can join the

expressway at Loxford to travel east.

Motorists can exit the expressway at

Loxford to access Hart Road and

the area’s surrounding suburbs,

including Weston.

There is a visitor information centre in Lang

Street, Kurri Kurri. Branxton interchange is the most westerly The Hunter Expressway travels through the picturesque Sugarloaf Range. interchange on the Hunter Expressway. Continue on the Hunter Expressway to access the Allandale Kurri Kurri interchange is a full Branxton interchange is a full interchange north Pokolbin vineyards on Hermitage Road.

interchange and allows movements and allows movements in all directions.

in all directions. interchange New roads link the Branxton interchange The Hunter Expressway joins the New Kurri Kurri interchange is the exit and to Wine Country Drive and to the New England west of Standen Drive. Welcome to the Hunter Expressway, a entry point for Main Road/Cessnock England Highway. Hermitage Road can be accessed from Road and the townships of Kurri Kurri Use Wine Country Drive to access the to access 40 kilometre freeway link that will reduce and Heddon Greta. vineyard tourism attractions, including wine tourism attractions in that area. Kurri Kurri interchange can also be the Hunter Valley Gardens. travel times between Newcastle and the Use the New England Highway to access used to access Weston, Abermain Motorists in Branxton can join the the Upper Hunter Valley, including Upper Hunter Valley. and Cessnock. expressway by using Bridge Street/ Singleton, Muswellbrook, Scone and the Main Road/Cessnock Road can be used Wine Country Drive or by using the to Merriwa and . The expressway will provide significant improvements to access Gillieston Heights and Maitland. New England Highway. Allandale interchange is a half The Alpha numbering system has been introduced for routes across the Motorists on the New England Highway in travel time and safety for motorists travelling in this interchange with east-facing ramps. State network. The system includes a combination of a letter – either an M will bypass Branxton town centre by using part of the . (motorway), A (route of national significant) orB (route of state significance) – This means motorists can exit at Allandale the expressway. if they are travelling on the expressway and a number from 1 to 99. Further information on the new numbering system from the east. Motorists can join the There are six interchanges where motorists can access is available on the Roads and Maritime website. expressway at Allandale to travel east. the expressway. These interchanges are located at the Exit at Allandale interchange to access M1 Pacific Motorway/Newcastle Link Road, Buchanan, Lovedale Road and the wineries, accommodation and dining in the Kurri Kurri, Loxford, Allandale and Branxton. Lovedale area. Exit at Allandale interchange to access This brochure explains which interchanges to use for Allandale Road to travel north towards Harpers Hill. Continue on the New England Highway towards your journeys. Kurri Kurri is mainland ’s largest mural the Upper Hunter, a rural area that fuses farming, This paper is • carbon neutral • recycled fibre • elemental chlorine free • town with more than 50 public artworks to explore. wineries, horse rearing and heavy industry. pulp derived from sustainably managed sources. The expressway has a speed limit of 110km/h and rest Use Branxton interchange to access Wine areas are provided at Buchanan for drivers of light and Country Drive to access vineyards and heavy vehicles. At Branxton, there are rest areas for other tourism attractions, including Hunter Roads and Maritime Services Valley Gardens. heavy vehicle drivers.

Locked Bag 2030, Newcastle, NSW 2300 | T 1800 001 267 (toll free) Enjoy your journey! Be aware of the signs of fatigue E [email protected] | and stop, revive and survive. November 2013 RMS 13.479 Use Allandale interchange to access Lovedale Road and the wine tourism attractions of the area.