The Church Bells of


W. M. Barnes & J. J. Raven

File 02 – Monograph (end), – Pages 78 to 164

This document is provided for you by The Whiting Society of Ringers visit for the full range of publications and articles about bells and change ringing . 78 THE CHURCH DELLS OF DORSET.



No. 13.


Five bells. Tenor-Diam., 36tin.; height, z7in.

!. Birmingham James Bartwell founder 1873 z. V.R. Jubilee rB97 Laus Dco R.S. K.B Rector E H; W G. Churchwardens T. Blackburn founder Salisbury. 3· Searve God I W r6r6. 4· + (z.) mntia (r6.) 5· F{E:!UE:ffiBE.:lt GOD I D F{ <:9. 1624.

2. FARRINGDON . One small bell in a cote. No inscription.

3. CS. Andrew), Six bells. Tenor-Diam., 4-5in.; height, 32!in.; weight, 18cwt.

1. Cast by John Warner and Sons London 1863. St. Andrews repaired rebuilt and enlarged. Sir Richard Plumtree Glyn, Bart. Robert Salkeld Rector. C. Mayo and J. Haskell Churchwardens. G. Evans Architect. z. Prayes the Lord I W 1618 3· Prayse God. I 6z6. I D. +• lfi THOlo>lAS G.OD REDOt;T IS WILLIAM ffig VINSON 16.p \V ~-1) 5· + (z) }.:It ~tt .Sede )?r.o :ffi.ol1i$ )i(h'OG ,en~tilt (6s.) ~~* -~'l!i1tfi 6. +flUE: illflF{Ifi (66.) THE CHURCH HELLS OF DORSET. 79



6. HINTON (5. Mary). Two bells. Tenor-Diam., 4-4-in.; height, 3 Jin.

1. Thomas Mears Founder. London z. 1614 Anno Domini W. P.

1. or SHROTON CS. Mary), Four bells. Ter:or-Diam., 39}in.; height, z8;fin.

1, (Blank). z. Anno Domini 1631 3· Geve thanks to God r W 1590. +· Ulnutn mnriu (zs.)

8. CS. Mary), Five bells. Tenor-Diam., +Skin. ; height, 34-lin. ; note C.

· t. M~ Thomas Harvey & M~ John Applin Churchwardens 1768. My treble voice makes hearts rejoice Abra~ Bilbie Founder. z. Feare the Lord I W. 16og. 3· * + f)·U!G> g E:@@IJE:SIE: g DE:DI?9 g ?'9€~<0Ifi g 51<9 g BOnfl g S'QB § IE:S'Q g nommfi g sonfJ 8 (69.) A

00 0

66,-l!'OKHiELL MAGNA TE.L';OR P!in. Cross).

(\ I - ~- • ,\l I l-: - . I~ . IQkk .. THF. CHt:R.CH BELLS OF DORSF.T. St

9. MANSTON CS. Nicholas>. Four bells. Tenor-Diam., 33t in.; height, 24--l-in. r. Anno Domini 1639 R Q P. 2, + (z6 A.) fElE: Grtfi<9Ifi 3· God be our guyd R R. 1598. 4· Reioysc in God 1635 I D.


Five bells. Tenor- Diam., 36in. ; height, 27in. ; weight, 7CWt. zqrs. 27Jb. t, z, 3, 4, S· C & G. Mears Founders London 185z


Five bells. Tenor-Diam., ; note E ; weight, I]Cwt. zqr. 4-lb. r, z, 3, 4· ::\·t ears & Stainbank Whitechapcl Foundry London Laus De.:>. Victoria R. r83i- 1887 5· Mears & Stainbank Whitcchapel Foundry London Laus Deo Jubilee Peal 1887. J. G. Brymer Rector H. S. Bower, J. M. Rossiter, Churchwardens. 6. Mears & Stainbank Whitechapcl Foundry London Laus Deo. These .six bells set up by the people of Chi! de Okeford 18!l7 The oltl bolls, three iu number, bo1·o the following illscrlptions :- 1. John Raldwin Churchwal'den Robert W ells Aldbourne fecit 1783 (or 8) 2. J. Baldwin, Ohurchwa.rden. R. Walls Aldbourne fecit 1783 (or 8)

11 VV y Y "'Y 3. G-od bless the lUng Clmrb 1&18. I E. W M. T P.

Thill boll was broken apparently by intention, but (from information received on the spot in 18.)2) not long bcforo that date. The reverl!iou of those letters o\·or "·hich the mark v stands is notable, o.nd probably inten­ tional, the inscription bl!ing dangerous a.t that epoch. A B

68,-HA~DlOON 1ST (Cross !tin.).

69.-IW.ER.'i'E. lHNSTER SRD (Cross l hi.). . tHE CHt:RClt BEt.LS OF DORSE1',


Before recasting th~re were four bells in the tower, inscribed as followg:- t. 1664. R S.' W B. C.W. z. + X five * illlttht * Gracilt 3· Illegible. 4· I often have been beate and bandge My friends reioyce to see me handge : And when my friends doe chance to die Then I for them aloud will cry 1658. RR. TB. CW.

13. ORCHARD, EAST CS. Thomas). "There arc no bells at ."-Rev. E. V.


14. ORCHARD, WEST (Dedication unknown). Two small bells in a turret.

15. S. .

Four bells. Tenor-Diam., 21)tin. ~ height, z 1·/!in. 1, z, 3, 4· Cast by Warner and C'! London iu 18 74 Previous to Ill7f there were two bells- I. + .Snntta .GElargarit~ .or:t t,ro no bitt z. God be our guyd I W. 1586.

16. CS. Maryl, Six bells. Tcnor-Diam., 4-6!in.; JJeight, 34-in.; note E. r. The gift of the Rev~l Thomas H. Lane Fox, Rector 1827 THl!: CHURCH J~ J::LLS OF DORSET. z. God save the King r625. Recast by G. Mears & C? of London Oct. rst r86z . . The Rev Richard Lowndes Vicar, H. C. Dashwood, John Todd, Churchwardens 3· Recast at the expense of the Rev~t Thomas H. Lane Fox, Rector 1827 4· The Rev'~ Tho~ H. Lane Fox donor, Wf!l Dobson founder Downham Norfolk r8z7 5· The Rev~ Tho~ H. L. Fox Rector and donor Ja~ Michel> vicar. W'!l Colborne ]'!0 Newman, c~ wardens J827 6. Serve the Lord I W. 16u. I W


Two bells. Tenor-Diam., 4-Jin.; height, 29~in.; weight, acwt. oqr. z db.

1, 2, Cast at Whitcchapel Bell Foundry London by C & G Mears t8+7·



2. ASKERSWELL b/e-William Lock Rector T ~ P. 17rz Old :Zinor-+ Ed ward Jenkins J ohn Travers Wardens I 7 12 T ~ P. THE CHURCH DELLS OF DORSET. ss 3. BOTHENHAMPTON

Tho. Young Io Harde C W. T P. Anno domini 1689


Six bells. Tenor-Diam., 36:Jin.; height, 2.6~in. r. The peal of five bells \vas hung 1865. Canon Broadley Vicar. This treble bell was added in his memory by his son A. M. Broadley of Yc Knapp Easter Eve 1896. A.M. :R. DG. 2, J, 4, s, 6. Cast by John \Varner & Sons London I865.

6. BRIDPORT CS. Mary),

Eight bells. Tenor-Diam., 49in. ; note E ; weight, I9fCWt. r. Cast by J. Warner and S()ns London I887. To the gloty of God. Two bells were added and the peal completed in the Jubilce year of Queen Victoria I 887. E. I. I.. B. Hcnslowe Rector S. Whctham & T. W. IIartgill Church­ wardens 2. Cast by John Warner and Sons London I8Sj. Jubilate Deo. From the women of Bridport :1887. 3, 4, s, 6, 7, 8. (The inscriptions on the old bells are said to have been reproduced on these bells with the addition) Recast by John Warner and Sons I887. The inscriptions on the -old bells were as follows:- I. Thomas :Mears founder London. This bdl was adidr.d