Cranium also known as the , supports the structure and protects the head from injury

makes up the lower and keeps the lower teeth in place

also known as the collarbone, is located between the and and makes up part of the

also known as the shoulder blade, Scapula connects the (upper ) with the clavicle (collarbone)

Vertebrae make up the , which is the backbone or spine

is the long in the middle of the chest that forms (along with the Sternum ) the cage, which protects the , and blood vessels

are long curved that help form Ribs the and enable the expansion

is the in the upper arm, Humerus connecting the shoulder and the

is the smaller, shorter long bone in the lower arm, between the elbow and the -side of the

is the larger, longer long bone in the lower arm, on the side of the pinky

rests between the and the and it bears the weight of the upper body

the bone, is the largest and Femur strongest bone of the body

or kneecap, is a flat triangular bone found at the front of the . It Patella protects and covers the of the knee

is found at the outer side of the lower leg and forms the outer part of the joint

is the larger and stronger bone below Tibia the knee in the leg.

() is a cluster of eight Carpus bones making up the wrist

Metacarpus () includes the five long bones, connecting each finger to the wrist.

Tarsus (tarsal bones) is a cluster of seven bones, making up the ankle, and arch of the

Metatarsus () includes five long bones, connecting each of the to the ankle

Phalanges are the bones that make up the toes and .