Back Issues: The Second Decade

March 1991 - February 2001

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March 1991: 1110"The Barrow-wight" by Nathalie Kotowski; ", The Witch-king, and Eowyn", "Angmar the Hypothetical" by Tom loback, "Melkor", "The Elvish linguistic Fellowship Colloquium on the languages of Middle-earth", "Death of a Bookstore"; reviews "The 1991 'Beyond Bree' Tolkien Calendar", "The Silver Chair on TV", books The Ruby Knight, Pellucidar series, The Shadow Shaia, The Steerswoman; Publications, letters, News; cartoon "How Feanor Got His Name" by George Dunn. 12 pp.

April 1991: 1110"Waiting for the Enemy" by Aleksandra Kosciuzuk; "Middle-earth Games, Pt II" (illos), "New from Iron Crown Enterprises", "Computer Game"; "The Easterlings" by Joseph Major, "The Witch King", "Poetry from Russia", "Middle-earth and Sea" by Norman Styers; books Illegal Alien, A World of Difference; "Tolkien Scrapbook", Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

May 1991: 11I0"The Dance at Bilbo's Birthday" by Jakob Ryngen; "Tolkien's Poems Set to Music [by Gene Hargrove]", "Discography: Tolkien-Inspired Recordings" compiled by Arden Smith with N. Martsch, music to "The Stone ", "What Did They Sound like?" by N. Martsch; "Frodo's Delay" by Jensen; The Great Hunt, The Founder; "Harper Collins Consolidates", "Tolkien Scrapbook"; Publications, letters, News; 11I0"Maglor" by Dunn. 12 pp.

June 1991: letter from Mary Butler, Publishing Director Tolkien, Grafton Books; list of Grafton Representatives. "Hidden Powers: The White Council" by David Cofield; "Middle-earth Miniatures: Miniatures Rules, Miniatures, Chess Sets and Collectors' Figures". Books The Metrognome & Other Stories, Nightwing, Cat's Gambit. Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

July 1991: 1110"Feanor" by Marjo Took. "The Evolution of " by Donald O'Brien. "Gandalf and Holmes" by Todd Jensen, "". Reviews Angus McBride's Characters of Middle-earth, Warrior, Vision Quest, The last Stand of the DNA Cowboys, The Seeress of Kell; films Robin Hood, Rocketeer. "T olkien Scrapbook", Publications, letters, News. "" cartoon. 12 pp.

August 1991: 11I0 "The Theft of the " by George Dunn. "Melkor and Evil", "Christianity in Catherine Kurtz's Deryni Universe" by the Duke of Numenor, "The Black Numenoreans" by Alan Bough; "More Miniatures" reports: Mythcon XXII & Eurocon-Cracow 1991; book Warrior, film Terminator 2. Publications, letters, News. Sale of art " Suite" by Vladimir Eryshev. 12 pp.

September 1991: Taum Santoski Obituary. The 1992 Tolkien Calendar, British & American; 1992 Polish Calendar. "letters by JRR Tolkien Sold at Sotheby's, July 18, 1991 "; "Where Do Tolkien Fans Go?" (pt 1) story by Marjolaine Took; "A Proposal for a Second-year One Semester University Course on JRR Tolkien's " by Donald O'Brien; books The Ruins of Osgiliath 2, Summertide, Divergence, STAR WARS: Heir to the Empire, Another Day, Another Dungeon; film Sword of the Valiant. Publications, letters, News. "The lOOth Anniversary of Tolkien's Birth". 16 pp.

October 1991: 1II0s: "JRR Tolkien" (American Tolkien Society card), "Mushroom Pickers in the Marish" (Tolkien Society card). "Where Do Tolkien Fans Go?" Pt 2 by Marjolaine Took, "The Mabinogion and Middle-earth" Pt 1 by Donald O'Brien. "T olkien Scrapbook", reviews The New (ATS publication), Gryphon, Mazeway; Publications, letters, News. 11I0"Surgeon General" by Diana Harlan Stein. 12 pp.

November 1991: "The Mabinogion and Middle-earth" Pt II by O'Brien; "T olkien Decade and Tolkien Century"; "Early Middle-earth Miniatures: The Book of Miniatures", "Middle-earth Boardgames from All the World's Wargames", "Variants in Diplomacy World: Middle Earth" by Mark Nelson, "Interplay's lord of the Rings Computer Game" by Todd Jensen, " collection from the Tudor Mint". Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

December 1991: 11I0"Elbereth" by Marjo Took. "The Mabinogion and Middle-earth" Pt III by Donald O'Brien. Tolkien books in Finnish & Swedish. Reviews of Sienkiewicz's With Fire and Sword & The Deluge, William Morris' The Roots of the Mountains, Sherwood, The Changeling Sea, The Pixilated Peeress. "T olkien Scrapbook". Back Issues. Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

January 1992: 11I0"Fireworks at Bilbo's Party" (Xmas card). "Tolkien's Books in Print: Harper Collins, Houghton Mifflin, Ballantine, Others"; "Cannibalism in Middle-earth" by Donald O'Brien"; "The 1992 'Beyond Bree' Tolkien Calendar; reviews The Ring of the Nibelung comic book, The Maze in the Heart Qf the Castle, Hero!. Publications, letters, News. Unquendor Xmas card. 12 pp.

February 1992: 1110"The Whelming of Numenor" by G. Dunn. "The Faithful Queens" by Cofield, "Eowyn and the Witch-king" by N. Martsch, "Supplement to Cannibalism in Middle-earth" by Acker; "Tolkien and Arthur"; "In Memoriam Joy Hill" by Wayne Hammond; "Tolkien Scrapbook". "Riders of Computer Game". After the King: Stories in Honor of JRR Tolkien, The Ruins of Osgiliath 3, Nigglings 1; The Return of the Emperor, Carpe Diem, Random Factor, The Black Hole Travel Agency, Angel's luck, The Clouds of Saturn, Shadow leader, Krispos Rising. Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

March 1992: "Sauron Defeated" review by . "Thoughts on Cannibalism" by Juan Grijalvo; Sotheby's to seillOTR proofs; "Women and 'Persons of Color'" by John leland; "What is Mensa?" & "History of 'Beyond Bree"'; books Once Upon A Time: A Treasury of Modern Fairy Tales, Bilbo's last Song. Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

April 1992: "A Tolkien Discography" Pt II - Recordings and Broadcasts"; "Kullervo" & "Kullervo, Opera by Aulis Sallinen"; "A Song for the White Rider" words & music by Shirley Starke, "lament of the Rohirrim" by Gene Hargrove; "Middle-Earth Play-by-Mail". Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

May 1992: 11I0"'s Bane" by Marjo Took. "Highest in Honour" by David Cofield, "Tolkien and the Faerie Queene" by Todd Jensen, "More Morsels from Middle-earth" by RE Blackwelder, "More Music", songs "Rangers in the Night" & What shall we do with the drunken ranger?". Reviews Carpe Diem, The Tolkien Diary 1992, The Rainbow Gate, The Official Price Guide to Star Trek & Star Wars Collectibles, The Gateway Trip. Tolkien Centenary update, Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

June 1992: 1110:"The Ford of Bruinen" by Malgorzata Pudlik. "The Eye of Sauron" by Donald O'Brien, "Sauron's Eye", Greetings from the Restored Kingdoms of & Arnor; reviews The Album, Fly Fishing in Middle-earth, Heralds of Valdemar, The Dragon Reborn. "Eddings" by Todd Jensen. Tolkien Centenary, Tolkien Scrapbook, Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

July 1992: 1110"The Doom of Mandos" by George Dunn. ''Tolkien and Arthur: Pt 1 - The Sons of Feanor and the Sons of lot" by Todd Jensen. Tolkien Items Offered For Exchange, Tolkien Books from Houghton Mifflin, Foreign Tolkien Editions. "More Morsels from Middle-earth" by RE Blackwelder. Reviews Madouc, Mistress of Empire, The False Mirror. Tolkien Centenary, Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

August 1992: 11I0"Bilbo" by Jerry Johnson. "The South and the : The Friendship of JRR Tolkien and Allen Barnett" by David Cofield, "A Check-list of Tolkien Calendars", reviews The Rainbow Abyss, Palace of Kings. Tolkien Centenary, Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

September 1992: "The 1992 JRR Tolkien Centenary Conference" by N. Martsch (photos), "The ' Country' Tour"; "Tolkien and Arthur: Pt II - Mordred and Maeglin" by Todd Jensen. Review Black Trillium. "Reruns" - lOTR among 10 most influential books. Tolkien Centenary, Tolkien Scrapbook, Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

October 1992: "Tour of Tolkien's " by N. Martsch (jllos). Birmingham guidebooks. "Return to the Roots: Tolkien Conferences Hit Finland" by Mikael Ahlstrom; "Interplay's Computer Game", "Tolkien Items from Grafton Books", "Tolkien Books from Houghton Mifflin", "Prestige Stamp Book JRR Tolkien". Reviews The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth read by JRR & (cassette). leaves from the Tree: JRR Tolkien's Shorter Fiction, The Shaping of Middle-earth's Maker, Nigglings 2,3,4, The History of the Northern Kingdom. Publications, letters, News. 1II0s: Tolkien notecards from Marion E Wade Center, cover of Russian . 12 pp.

November 1992: "The Radcliffe Camera" (photo), "Exhibits and Art". "Tolkien and Arthur: Pt III - and Gandalf" by Todd Jensen. 1992 Exhibition Catalogues: "JRR Tolkien (1892·1973): An Exhibition" (Keble College, ); "JRR Tolkien (1892-1992): The lyf so short, the Craft so long to Ierne ... " (liege, Belgium); JRR Tolkien 1892-1992 (Antwerp); JRR Tolkien: life and legend (, Oxford); From the Archives of Hildifons Took, Formerly of Tuckborough, Tolkien items in non-Tolkien fanzines. 1993 Polish Tolkien Calendar, The 1993 Tolkien Calendar. Book Jack Always Seeks His Fortune. letters from officials to Treasure Valley Tolkien Society, Boise, 10. Tolkien Centenary. Publications, letters, News. Tolkien Philately. 12 pp.

December 1992: II10s "Aure Entuliva! ", "Sun". "Some Thoughts on the Origin of Ores" by Todd Jensen. "Tolkien Centenary Conference Papers", "Joy Hill's Tolkien Collection to be Auctioned", "An Inklings Walking Tour of Oxford" by (photos & map). Reviews "A Guide to Elizabeth H Boyer's The Wizard's War" by Gene Hargrove, The Magicians of Night. Publications, letters, News. Tolkien Philately. 12 pp.

January 1993: "leucothoe Tolkieni from the Sala-y-Gomez Ridge" by Georgyi Vinogradov, "Tolkien and Arthur: Pt IV - and Arthur" by Todd Jensen, lord of the Rings figurines from Shire Evocations, reviews: latvian Hobbit, The JRR Tolkien Centenary Conference [souvenir program], Song for the White Rider (music). Reefsong, Demon Drums, Bright Angel, The Dark Hand of Magic. "Tolkien Centenary Update", "Tolkien Scrapbook", "Tolkien Philately", "Sotheby's Sale, December 14-15, 1992", Christmas cards for "Beyond Bree", Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

February 1993: 11I0 "Bilbo" by David Cofield. "Pictures by JRR Tolkien, 2nd Edition", "Publications Containing Tolkien's Art", "Sources for Hobbit Illus• trations" by N. Martsch; "Tolkien Centenary Diary" by Martsch, "Conference Comments" by Wayne Hammond. "The lord of the Rings Copyright Issue" by Hammond. "Tolkien Centenary Update", "Tolkien's Birmingham", "Russian Tolkien Editions". Books The Clan of the Warlord, The Goblin Mirror, Shadow of the Crown, Who p-P·P·Plugged Roger Rabbit?, The losers. Publications, letters, News. "Tolkien Philately". 12 pp.

March 1993: 11I0 "Model for the Carrock?" (old engraving). "Tolkien and Arthur Pt.V - The Historical Arthur and Aragorn" by Todd Jensen. "Calendar Concordance" by N. Martsch. Reviews The Flood from Heaven: Deciphering the legend, The Ragged World, The Earth Is All That lasts, Domes of Fire, Empire's End. "Tolkien Centenary Update". Publications, letters, News. "Tolkien Philately", "More Morsels from Middle-earth". 12 pp.

April 1993: 1110"Attack of the " by Denis Gordeyev, Gordeyev's illustrated lOTR; story/poem "The Traveler" by Edward McFadden III, "Tolkien and Arthur: Pt VI - Arthurian Britain and Middle-earth; Conclusion" by Todd Jensen; reviews of Fish Soup by Ursula le Guin, illos by Patrick Wynne; Tolkien's poems sung by The Hobbittons; The Talismans of Shannara, To Ride Pegasus, Coven. "Tolkien Scrapbook"; Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

May 1993: 1110"Snow on Caradhras" by Denis Gordeyev. "A Sentient Mountain?" by Todd Jensen, "Forthcoming Publications from Harper Collins & Houghton Mifflin" & "Material from Rene van Rossenberg", "Organic Damascus Blades", "Mind's Eye Figures", "New 'Beyond Bree' logo Proposed"; "Tolkien Scrapbook", "Tolkien Centenary Update"; reviews Peace and Conflict Studies in JRR Tolkien's Middle-earth, Once Upon A Time: A Treasury of Modern Fairy Tales, Wolfking, Prentice Alvin, Star Sister, The Outskirter's Secret, The Sails of Tau Ceti; Publications, letters, News. 11 Yz pp.

June 1993: Copy of JRR Tolkien's jacket design for The Two Towers, "The Two Towers and the NazgQI's Mount" by N Martsch. "Tolkien Cards from the Bodleian library". "Hair: or, What Did the Fellowship look like?" by Martsch. Reviews of Tales from the Perilous Realm Radio series, "Hobbits on TV!!!" (Finnish TV series); reviews To Green Angel Tower, Zombies of the Gene Pool. New logo contest. letters, Publications, News. 12 pp.

July 1993: 11I0"Voronwe & Tuor at the entrance to Gondolin" by N. Martsch. " and his Knights by Anthony Mockler" review by Todd Jensen. "Hobbits: A Reflection" by Matthew Feldman & Amy Dimler. "Asteroid Tolkien", "Tolkien Centenary Update", "Sotheby's Auction". "What Did They look like? Pt II: The ladies" by Martsch. Reviews The Grail of Hearts, Here and There Again: The Adventures of Fungo Hafwise. 1994 Polish Tolkien Calendar. logo comments. Publications, letters, News. "Middle Earth Chess Set from Fellowship Foundry". 12 pp.

August 1993: "The Tolkien Centenary 1892·1992: Summary and Index". Reviews The Tolkien Calendar 1994 (Poland). "Musings beneath a Tree of Amalion" (poems). JRR Tolkien - Powiernik Piesni (polish biography). lightwing, The Venom Trees of Sung a, Haroun and the Sea of Stories. logo comments, ''Tolkien Scrapbook", "Mathom Exchange". Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

September 1993: iIIo "Tuor and Voronwe" by Sergei luchimov & "What Did They look like?". "Mythcon XXIV" report by Wayne Hammond. logo results. "Walt Disney", "The Premiere of Walt Disney's Snow White" by lila Martsch; "Tolkien Groups", "The learning Channel's Salute to Tolkien" & "Tolkien Reference in Contemporary Writing" by Robert Acker; review Wargs!. "Tolkien Chess Sets", "Guidelines for Contributors". Publications, letters, News. 12pp.

October 1993: 1110"Boer Giles" by Ron Ploeg. "What Did They look like? Tuor and Voronwe" by N. Martsch. "Harbinger of Fate: The Eclipse of 3019" by David Cofield. "Tolkien Society Seminar 1993" by Wayne Hammond. "Music", "Tolkien Scrapbook". Reviews: The 1994 JRR Tolkien Calendar, film The Secret Garden, books Sky Road, Children of the Earth, Transcendence, Born to Exile, The Oathbound Wizard, Cat's Pawn. "1994 'Beyond Bree' Calendii7 Publications, letters, News. "Rates for Back Issues of 'Beyond Bree"', "What Is Mensa?". 12 pp.

2 November 1993: 11I0 "Earendil" by George Dunn. "'s Ring" review by Christina Scull; "Sauron's Threat" by Todd Jensen, "Numenor and Plato's Atlantis" by Robert Acker. Reviews Tolkien Fannish and Scholarly Activities and Publications: Year End Review 1992, Lion of Macedon, Dark Prince, Earthgrip: Tales from the Traders' World, A Company of Stars, Jack the Bodiless, The Silent Stars Go By. "Fantasy in Real Life", "Tolkien Scrapbook", Publications, Letters, News. 11 % pp.

December 1993: 11I0 " and Child T-shirt emblem", "The Eagle and Child Pub" by N. Martsch; reviews film The Nightmare Before Christmas, books A Maze of Stars, Martian Rainbow, The Giants Novels; Polish fan Tolkien art books. Tolkien calendars, proposals ("Beyond Bree" convention, publications),

Publications, Letters, News. 11I0 "Nimrodel" by Ron Hyde. 12 pp.

January 1994: 11I0 "Earendil ne verya ciryamo" by Leonid Korablev. "What Did They Look Like? Tolkien and Morris" by John Leland, "Another Morris Parallel?"; "The Hair of the House of Finwe" by N. Martsch; reviews "Silmarillion" w iIIustracjach Karoliny Stopy, Tolkien's World: Paintings of Middle-earth, film Shadowlands. "Northern T olkien Festival '94", "Fanzines To Trade". Publications, Letters, News. 12 pp.

February 1994: Parody Issue "It's Beyond Me", Edited by Todd Jensen. "Bilbo's Photo Album" by Ron Hyde. "Wormtongue's Statement" & "A Special Report from Middle·earth Research Institute" by Jensen. "Drinking Dens of ", "Tolkien Scrapbook", poems by John Leland, N. Martsch, Ron Hyde. Reviews Flying Dutch, Ye Gods!. "Convention Corner". 11 % pp.

March 1994: 11I0 "The Blue depart..." by George Dunn. "The Istari" by A Dimeler & M Feldman, "More on the Sentient Mountain", "The Wicked Blue Wizards" by Ron Hyde; "Natural Disasters" by N. Martsch, "Proposed 'Beyond Bree' Convention" by Ron Hyde. "Tolkien Scrapbook", reviews The Atlas of Middle-earth (Revised Edition), Suomen Tolkien-seuran Kalenteri 1994 (Finnish Tolkien Society Calendar). Letters, Publications, News. "Elvish Calendar" (illo) by Leonid Korablev. 12 pp.

April 1994: 1110 "Tower" by Ron Hyde, "Accepting Rings" by George Dunn. "The Sacrifice of 0I6rin: A Fantasy" by Shirley Starke. "Of Wizards, , and Mountains", "Reflections on the Caradhras Storm" by Herald Williams. "Tolkien Events Past", "Tolkien Scrapbook", reviews Tolkien wedlug Macieja Wygnanskiego, The Shining Ones, The Shattered World. Publications, Letters, News. Photo "Mask-rings by Knud Ellitsgaard-Rasmussen". 12 pp.

May 1994: "Northern Tolkien Festival'94", "Midgards Fylking 21st Anniversary Feast", iIIo of Feast invitation. "A Revised Map of " & '''Beyond Bree' Convention" by Ron Hyde; "Caradhras: Sentient or Stone? The Debate Continues"; Obituary "Donald Swann, 1923-1994" by Wayne Hammond"; "Book Exchange", "Middle-earth Look-alikes", "Tolkien Scrapbook". Publications, Letters, News. 12 pp.

June 1994: "The American Booksellers Convention" by N. Martsch; "The Silmarillion in Russian" by Christina Scull, "A Russian Silmarillion" review by N. Martsch; "A Description of Breeland During the Third Age" by Ron Hyde. "Bree Moot, the 'Beyond Bree' Convention", "Northern Tolkien Festival '94", "Mythcon XXV"; "Tolkien Scrapbook", "Postal Problems". Publications, Letters, News. Photo "Tolkien License Plates". 12 pp.

July 1994: 1110 "" by Elisabeth Edin. "1995 Tolkien Publications from HarperCollins"; "Scholarship & Fantasy", "Tolkien Portraiture" review by N. Martsch. "The Size of the Shire: A Problem in Cartography" by David Cofield; "The Forsaken Inn" (illo by Ron Hyde). "Bree Moot Report" (illos), "Mythcon XXV", "T olkien Events Past", "'s 25th Anniversary" (illos); "T olkien Scrapbook". Publications, Letters, News. 12 pp.

August 1994: "Tolkien-Inspired Cutlery", "Sting from Lundegaard Armoury" by N. Martsch, "Glamdring and Orcrist from Museum Replicas, Ltd" by George Dunn, "Hobbit Chef's Knife" by James K Mattis. "Hobbits and the Little People" by Todd Jensen, "Frodo Lives - Say Where!?" (Finnish TV show Hobbits) by Elisabeth Edin, "The Tolkien Society Seminar" by Wayne Hammond. "Tolkien Events Past", reviews , The Shadow Rising, Mining the Oort, Into the Dark Lands & Children of the Blood. "Bree Moot Report". Publications, Letters, News. "Tolkien Scrapbook". 12 pp.

September 1994: 11I0 "GI6in, Furste av Khazad-dum". "The Northern Tolkien Festival" by Jan Boom, "The Northern Tolkien Festival 1994" by Elisabeth Edin. "Bree Moot Report" by Ron Hyde. "The Finnish TV-series 'Hobitit', or 'The Hobbits', revisited" by Marketta Ripatti & Elisabeth Edin, "Tolkien and Me" by Amy Dimeler, "Mythcon XXV". Publications, Letters, News. 12 pp.

October 1994: Bree Moot Report & Schedule. "'Excuse me; how do I get from the tunnellike hall to the gates of Mordor?" by Fredrik Ekman; JRR Tolkien Calendar 1995, Polish Tolkien Calendar: 1995, Mr. Bliss. "Tolkien Events Past", "Tolkien Scrapbook"; Publications, Letters, News. 12 pp.

November 1994: "More Middle-earth Weapons from Lundegaard Armoury" (illo), comment John Leland. "List of Computer Games Related to Tolkien's Works" by Fredrik Ekman. "Athelas in English 1994 available from Imladris, Denmark", "Mathom Exchange", reviews Wizard's First Rule, The Wizard's Shadow. Publications, Letters, News. "Tolkien in Russia". Numen6rean karma and African cap (illos). 12 pp.

December 1994: "Bree Moot", Reports by Ron Hyde, Connie Ghosh (photos); "Tolkien and the Internet" by N. Martsch & Ron Siskind, "A Comment on One Aspect of Tolkien's Epistemology" by Ghosh, "Tolkien-Inspired Ballet", "The New Ballantine Lord of the Rings"; Letters, Publications, News; reviews Map of Tolkien's Middle-earth, Smoki Malgorzaty P., Tolkien Posters. 12 pp.

January 1995: "Music in Middle-earth" by Gene Hargrove, "Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven' - What Does It Mean?" by Aaron McCarty; music reviews Lords of the Stone: The Rhymes of Bitterness, Dr. Awesome & Fleshbrain: Hobbits & Spaceships; "Tolkien-inspired Songs (1967-1994)" by Chris Seeman; "More Music", "Tolkien Scrapbook", Publications, Letters, News, "Tolkien Events Past". 12 pp.

February 1995: "It's Beyond Be" Humor Issue, Edited by Todd Jensen. Cartoons "Nazgill & Dragon Riders", "" . "Translations from the Auld Elvish" by A Appleyard, "An Unexpected Departure", "M.E.R.I: R.l.P", "Finish-the-Limerick Contest", poems "Don Du Right", "Daeron's Lament"; "The Fellowship of the Ring Crossword Puzzle", "T olkien Scrapbook", iIIo "Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards ...", review The Book of Weird, "Letters". 11 % pp.

March 1995: 11I0 "Bust of Tolkien, English Library, Oxford". "" review by N. Martsch. "Tolkien's Epistemology", "Lithuanian Tolkien Fellowship", "More Music", "Music from Denmark", "Tolkien Events Past". "Fantasy in a South Carolina Public School" by Robert Acker, "The Importance of the Color Red in the Shire" by Amy Dimeler & Ron Hyde. "Tolkien Scrapbook", review The Fires of Heaven. Publications, Letters, News. "Tolkien Stickers from T-K Graphics" (illos). 12 pp.

April 1995: 1110 "The Death of Feanor" by George Dunn. "The War of the Jewels" review by Christina Scull. "Magic Gates of Middle-earth" by Ron Hyde & Amy Dimeler, "Glossopoeia" by Steve Deyo. Reviews The Philosophical Etymology of Hobbit, Flare Star, Fallway. Recipes, Announcementsllnfo Wanted, Publications, Letters, News. Finnish Tolkien Society's new logo. 12 pp.

3 May 1995: 1110 "Beorn" by Elisabeth Edin. "The Animals of Middle-earth: Pt 1, Mammals" by Todd Jensen. "Bree Moot". Reviews Tolkien Fannish & Scholarly Activities ... 1993, Trotter: The Bounder Goes Abroad. "Tolkien Scrapbook", "T olkien Tapes are Duplicates" by Grace Funk, Information! Announcements, "T olkien Events Past", Publications, letters, News. "Middle-earth Musings" by George Dunn. 12 pp.

June 1995: 1110 "Swan" by Pat Wynne. "The Fauna of Middle-earth: Pt 2, Birds" by Todd Jensen. Recipes by Connie Ghosh. "The Misty Mountains: The Alps of Eriador" by Ron Hyde. Reviews Princess Caraboo (film), The Hidden City. "Middle-earth Musin(Js" by George Dunn. "Tolkien Scrapbook", "Tolkien Events Past", Publications, letters, News. The lord of the Rings Chess Set from Danbury Mint. 12 pp.

July 1995: 1110 " the Great" & "Shelob the Spider?" by N. Martsch; "The Fauna of Middle-earth: Pt 3, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, and Invertebrates" by Todd Jensen, "Deus Ex Aquila" by Jay Dowling, "Food for Thought"; "Driving to Bree Moot II", '''Beyond Bree' Price list 1995"; "Tolkien Events Past". "Movies" Rob Roy, Braveheart, Johnny Mnemonic, Batman Forever, Die Hard With a Vengeance. Review "Tales of Ales". Publications, letters, News. 12pp.

August 1995: 11I0 "Elbereth" by Carol Palmer. "Kingly Rebels: A Parallel Study of Tar-Palantir and Akhenaten" by David Cofield; "The location of Mount Gram" by Robert Acker, "More on Deus Ex Aquila", "The Molluscs (and Other Sea Creatures) of Middle·earth" by N. Martsch. Reviews 1986 Tolkien Calendar, The Baker's Boy, Sleeping at the Starlite Motel, movies. Publications, letters, News. Bree Moot II registration form. 12 pp.

September 1995: "The Great Copyright Controversy" by Richard Blackwelder. Reviews The Map of Tolkien's Middle-earth, The Well-Versed Cat, The Hobbit Adventure Boardgame. Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

October 1995: 11I0 "Fingolfin's Ride" by Tom loback. "Undoubtedly Richer" by David Cofield. Comments on "The Fauna of Middle·earth", "The Great Copy• right Controversy". "Tolkien Computer Games Update" by Frederik Ekman. Review Parma Eldalamberon XI" "The Gnomish lexicon". Movies, "Tolkien Events Past", "Tolkien Scrapbook". Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

November 1995: "Bree Moot II" Report by N. Martsch (illos); "Zimmerman Film Treatment of The lord of the Rings Donated to Marquette"; "Tolkien Archives", "Unquendor's Third lustrum", "Report from Norway", "Tolkien Events Past" . "Traveling Hobbits" by Robert Acker. Reviews JRR Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator, letters from Father Christmas, "Elvish language Poetry Prize", games Revenge of the Dwarfs, Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol, "The Hobbit" Poster by Don Hoffman, Squire & Rhinegold, lord of Chaos. "Tolkien Scrapbook". Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

December 1995: 1110 "The Hill: Hobbiton" by JRR Tolkien, "JRR Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator" review by N. Martsch; "The Great Copyright Controversy Continues"; "The Zimmerman Film Treatment of The lord of the Rings" by Todd Jensen, "Registering at the Inn" by N. Martsch; "More on Traveling

Hobbits". "Tolkien Scrapbook", "Tolkien Events Past". Publications, letters, News. 1110 "" by leonid Korablev. 12 pp.

January 1996: 1110 "Mormegil" by David Cremona. "The of Middle-earth" (comments), "Tolkien's Dragons"; '''Shadow-Bride': A Possible Explanation" by Todd Jensen; "King Arthur et al". "Mensa's 50th Birthday is October 1, 1996", "What Is Mensa?", "History of 'Beyond Bree''', '''Beyond Bree' Milestones". "Middle·earth matters", "Tolkien Scrapbook", reviews An Unexpected Meeting, Babylon 5. Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

February 1996: Parody Issue "It's Beyond Me", Edited by Todd Jensen. Cartoon "But when the Valar entered into Ea..." . "Translations from the Auld Elvish; Part the Second" by A Appleyard; "The Tragedie of ; A Commentary" by Jensen & Joseph Major; "Progress Report on Spy-Seeking" from the Mouth of Sauron to the Dark lord; "T reebeard Travel Tours, Inc" ad; "What is Fensa?", "Coming Events". 12 pp.

March 1996: "Proceedings of the JRR Tolkien Centenary Conference" review; "The Great Copyright Controversy: A Clarification" by David Doughan. "Middle• earth Matters: Readers Reply"; "Middle-earth Fauna"; "Tolkien Events Past". JRR Tolkien Calendario 1996, largely literary Journal: JRR Tolkien, There and Back Again: The Map of the Hobbit; "Middle·earth: The Wizards" by Todd Jensen, "Middle-earth: The Art" by N. Martsch; "The Music of Mark Geisler" by Bran Jerome Marah. "T olkien Scrapbook", Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

April 1996: 1110 "Bilbo in " by Elisabeth Edin. "Yavanna's Sowings (I)" by Connie Ghosh, "The Flora of Middle-earth" by Robert Acker, "Botanical Names" & "Some Thoughts on Names" by N. Martsch. "Tolkien's Dragons: A Response", "JRR Tolkien, Maxfield Parrish, and Rudyard Kipling". "Myth con XXVII", "T olkien Events Past", "Tolkien Scrapbook". Publications, letters, News. 12 pp.

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7 October 2000: 11I0"Tolkien Envelope by Gordon H Palmer". "Bree Moot 5 and Tolkien Conference". "Remote Bastions: Rivendell, L6rien, Fangorn, and Shangri-La" by David Cofield. "The Orkish Tavern Song", Filksong comments. Reviews: Keski-Maa-Kalenteri 2001 (Finnish Tolkien Society), Lord of the Rings Tolkien Calendar 2001, "Tolkien Calendars 2002-3-4" by Ted Nasmith; "The Realm of Bellakar" review by Krista Donnelly, The Dictionary of Imaginary Places report by Robert Acker. "The Hunt for the Ring" comments. Publications, Letters, News, "Tolkien Scrapbook". 12 pp.

November 2000: 11I0"The Battle of the Pelennor Fields" by Therese Anita Bur. "Synopsis of Mythcon XXI" by Jan Long, poems "At Rivendell" by Matthew Anish, "Travel Plans" by John C Mead. "Some Thoughts on the Nazgfil..." Pt 3 by N. Martsch. "Mythopoeic Top Ten"; "Final Announcement From Iron Crown Enterprises" by Pete Fenlon, "Tolkien Enterprises is Not the Same as the "; "Tolkien Events Past". "T olkien Scrapbook"; "Filksongs", "Roster Additions", The Roster Analyzed"; "Saving Books", Publications, Letters, News. "Hobbit House, Hawaii". 12 pp.

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Fall 1990: "Beyond Bree" Calendar (black & white) published for 1991. Calendars are produced for 1992 and 1994.

1991: Index produced for Volume X (Mar'90 - Feb'91. Another Index is produced for Volume XVIII (Mar'9S - Feb'99).

1992: the Tolkien Centenary. List of Tolkienalia and Basic published.

May - September 1993. New logo proposed. Voted down.

1993: Ballantine discontinues sending review books to "Beyond Bree".

February 1994: parody/humor issue. Humor issues are published in February 1995 . 1999.

September 1994: oversize Birthday Issue officially discontinued.

July 1995: Editor gets laser printer. More typeface variation.

October 1996: e-mail addresses added to Roster.

From March 1990 to June 1995 the copy for "Beyond Bree" was printed on a dot matrix printer. In July'95 the Editor got a laser printer, followed by much experimentation with typeface. Issues prior to 1996 are reprints. Issues from mid 1996 to 1999 are a mixture of reprints and originals, issues from 1999 onwards are predominately originals. The quality varies: xerox reproduction of the 1990s was not as good as xerox reproduction today. Nancy Martsch, Editor