2019 WISCONSIN Migratory Regulations

Redhead 2019 Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp by Jon Rickaby of Green Bay Stamp artwork is selected through an annual contest that begins in mid-May and is open to Wisconsin artists. Waterfowl stamps purchased assist with the restoration and maintenance of that benefit waterfowl and other Wisconsin wildlife. Report Natural Resource Violations CALL or TEXT: 800-TIP-WDNR (800-847-9367) Toll Free • Statewide • 24-•Confidential This pamphlet gives you a summary of Wisconsin’s migratory bird laws and how they affect you. For complete trapping and hunting laws, consult the Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 29 or Chapter 10 of the Administrative Code of the Department of Natural Resources.

PUB-WM-010 2019 Dear Migratory Bird Hunter, In 2019, you will find several important changes to the migratory bird season regulations. Among those changes is the increase in the length of the early teal season, an increase in the black bag limit to two and a statewide opening of the regular duck season. With these and several other changes I encourage each migratory bird hunter to take the and review the regulations. These changes were based on sound and input collected from you, the Wisconsin migratory bird hunter. In 2019, we expanded our public input process and it resulted in nearly 10X more input and comments then we have received in the . I want to sincerely thank all of you that took the time to ensure your voice and thoughts were heard. We have made some excellent additions to our webpage and we recommend that you take advantage of several of the resources available as you think ahead to opening : • http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/hunt/waterfowl.html • http://www.ducks.org/hunting/waterfowlgallery.aspx I also encourage every migratory bird hunter to get out and scout prior to your hunting season. Based on hunter surveys, a hunter that scouts 3 or more a harvests 3 times as many as those that do not scout. I look forward to the fall and duck hunting season more than any time of year. Since becoming Wisconsin’s Migratory Game Bird Ecologist, I have gained an even greater appreciation for how much the waterfowl season mean to hunters. The annual process of setting the waterfowl seasons is a result of direct involvement and input by passionate waterfowl hunters from every corner of the state. Wisconsin has over 5 million acres of , 15,000 , the Mississippi River, Superior, Lake Michigan and the largest freshwater cattail in the country at Horicon Marsh. Due to the varying hunting opportunities, hunters have a wide range of preferences and the season structure is a compromise among those preferences. Here is to hoping you all have a short and a great waterfowl season, I hope to see you out there.

Taylor Finger, Migratory Game Bird Ecologist

2 Table of Contents Recent Regulation Changes...... 3 License Information...... 4 Stamp Requirements...... 5 License Fees and Information...... 6 Migratory Game Bird Regulations...... 7 2019 Migratory Bird Hunting Zones and Seasons...... 14 (Includes Early /Teal/Dove, Youth, Wild Duck and Migratory Game Bird) 2019 Goose Hunting Zones and Seasons...... 18 Goose Harvest Reporting...... 23 2019 Youth Waterfowl Hunt...... 23 Seasons...... 25 Health Advisory...... 26 Other Important Information...... 27 Shooting ...... 28 DNR Contact Information...... 32 Regulation Changes and Announcements • The Horicon Zone for hunting has been eliminated. See pages 5 and 18 - 20. • The Southern Zone goose season has two closure periods. See pages 20-21. • The North Zone duck season will open Sept. 28, 2019. See page 16. • The daily bag limit for pintails and black ducks has changed. One pintail and two black ducks may now be taken as part of the daily bag. • Early teal season (Sept. 1 - 9) shooting hours are from sunrise to sunset.

3 License Information 4 Course, a and hunt without first completing a Hunter Education The Hunting Mentorship Program allows hunters 3) HuntingMentorshipProgram 2) HarvestInformationProgram Registration 1) LicenseRequirements License Information • • of 18;and 4) possess a current Wisconsin hunting license (the type of before acting asamentor forthehunterifisunder the guardian orhavethe permissionofthehunter’s parent orguardian for details on Armed Forcesmembers); 3)bethehunter’s parentor training withthe Armed Forces(seethe basic completed have or 1973 1, Jan. before born unless graduate, the and 3)complywithallhuntinglaws, seasonsandbaglimits. of age; 2) possess appropriate hunting license(s), permit(s) and tag(s); the c) b) a) c) b) a) license does notmatterunless attemptingtoharvest game). Registration maybecompleted when purchasingalicenseoratany All persons under age 12, and any person age 12 or older born on Persons born on or after Jan. 1, 1973 must have a hunter education Harvest Information Program(HIP):apersonhuntinganyspecies fws.gov/hip at website Wildlifeand Service HIP,Fish on U.S. the visit time prior to hunting migratory game birds. For more information annually, evenifregisteredinpreviousyears. register to required are hunters bird migratory All harvest. total may receive alog torecordtheirharvestassistinestimating the for thisprogram. rails, snipe, and ) must register annually waterfowl, to limited not but (including, bird game migratory of contact of a parent or guardian (18 or older) while hunting. hunter education must be accompanied by and in visual and voice mentorship hunt only through the Hunting Mentorship Program (see “ or after Jan. 1, 1973 who has not completed hunter education, may mentorship hunting in unless license, “ (see Program Mentorship Hunting the with compliance any hunting purchase to certificate more information,see“ be purchasedonline at dove, coots, rails, snipe or moorhens) in Wisconsin. Licenses may migratory game birds (i.e., ducks, geese, , woodcock, mourning A valid license for hunting small game is required to hunt all HIP registrationkeepsarecordofnational listofhunterswho mentor must hunter must with thefollowingrequirements waterfowl stamp during the year their certificate was issued. HIP registrationisstillrequired(seeHIP registrationbelow). was certificate their year the during stamp waterfowl state and license game small a of place in certificate their use Note : first-time Wisconsin hunter education graduates may graduates education hunter Wisconsin first-time ” below). Persons age 12 & 13 who have completed have who 13 & 12 age Persons below). ” ” below). . : 1) hunt within arm’s reach of a mentor, regardless : 1) be at least 18 yearsold; 2) be a hunter education gowild.wi.gov license fees ” onpage6. :

or from a license agent. For Small GameRegulations of any age to obtain hunting hunting www.

License Information 5

not gowild. www.fws.gov/ ($25) Small Game Regulations Small ($7) .” ” for details. ($3) hunter safety May be purchased at select U.S. Post Offices Post U.S. select at purchased be May and at license agents.

or by calling (800) STAMP-24 (800-782-6724). STAMP-24 (800) calling by or mentored hunting keywords “ and at license agents. license agents. and at

keywords “ gowild.wi.gov : if purchased through the DNR or a DNR license agent, the : the Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp is included in the cost of the Stamp is included Waterfowl Wisconsin : the : these stamps are not required if hunting coot, moorhen, rails, moorhen, coot, hunting if required not are stamps these : : mentors are exempt from the need for a hunting license if: 1) if: license a hunting for the need from are exempt : mentors or from a license agent. or from a license

day period. This stamp needs to be signed in ink, but it does license. need to be affixed to the hunter’s cost is $28, and the hunter will receive a temporary stamp that is valid for 45 days. The actual stamp will be mailed within the 45 Note the period in which the small game hunting privilege is free). Visit Visit free). is privilege hunting game small the which in period the dnr.wi.gov game license holders, resident senior citizen recreation card holders card recreation citizen senior resident holders, license game Course (during Education Hunter Wisconsin of the graduates and Note Conservation Patron license, and is free to resident military small mourning dove or woodcock. mourning dove or woodcock. Note for information on private lands and landowners). private lands on for information land the mentor owns or occupies; or 3) for a species the mentor a species the or 3) for owns or occupies; mentor land the (see the license to hunt require a does not Note on 2) hunting preserve; hunting or bird licensed a on hunting participating participating in the hunting mentorship program. Adults may not hunt. during the youth waterfowl hunt waterfowl both the hunter and the mentor may possess a weapon while while possess a weapon and the mentor may both the hunter • early or regular Canada goose season. This permit is valid only for the season shown on the permit. Canada Goose permits can be purchasedonline at 3) Canada Goose Permit Canada geese in either the Canada Goose Permit is required if hunting A gowild.wi.gov and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service duckstamp/stamps.htm offices, online at at online may also be purchased Bird Stamp Migratory Federal The 2) 2019 Federal Migratory Bird Stamp 2) 2019 Federal Migratory hard copy is required. A The Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp may be purchased online at Stamp Waterfowl Wisconsin The wi.gov 1) 2019 Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp Waterfowl 1) 2019 Wisconsin both a 2019 Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp privilege noted on the hunter’s hunter’s the on noted privilege Stamp Waterfowl Wisconsin 2019 a both a 2019 Federal Migratory Bird Stamp. valid hunting license and Any persons age 16 or older who plan to hunt waterfowl must possess waterfowl must possess who plan to hunt age 16 or older Any persons dnr.wi.gov Permit Requirements Stamp and For more information on the Hunter Mentorship Program, visit For more information on the Hunter Mentorship Program, visit License Information 6 License Fees person whilehunting. It is should carrypaper copiesofthesedocuments. bird stamp is still required and displayed on an electronic device. department the by issued file digital a or Card Conservation a system, original, the of reprint (paper) Wisconsin driver’scopy license that has been authenticated within the Go Wild hard a license, a of copy paper original an stamp: state and permit goose license, hunting particular a DNR law enforcement staff will accept the following forms of proof of Authorization andFormsofProof 4) License,Permit, Tag andStampUse Members Armed Forces offered) (No longer Card Recreation Senior Citizen License Reduced * Conservation Patronlicensesincludea Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp, but donotincludeaFederalMigratoryBirdStamp. Resident Resident Non- illegal to

Junior Sports(ages12-17) Sports (age 65orolder) Senior CitizenSmallGame Small Game(ages11 andyounger) Junior SmallGame(ages12-17) Small Game Junior Sports Sports (ages 12-17) Junior ConservationPatron Conservation Patron Small Game(ages11 andyounger) 5-day SmallGame Small Game Junior ConservationPatron Conservation Patron Use or carry the license, permit, tag or stamp of another details. the See fees. license privileges and mayqualify for reduced license Members ofthe Armed Forcesare entitled to certain not required.CardholdersmustalsobeHIP certified. is privilege Stamp Waterfowl card Wisconsin The annually. birds, migratory hunt holders mustpurchasethe Federal Migratory Bird Stamp To resident. Wisconsin a Existing cards arestill valid as longthe holder remains the See Game Regulations fees. license hunting reduced for eligible are anglers or trappers hunters, first-time more or New or returning hunters, as well as hunters who recruit 3 . If hunting within a federal refuge, hunters License Type 2019 SmallGameRegulations formoredetails. * * An original federal migratory * * (ages12-17) 2019 Small 2019 Small

for more Cost $275 $600 $165 $36 $77 $55 $85 $75 $35 $60 $18 $7 $9 $7 $9 Regulations 7 fws.gov/refuge/upper_

to: illegal the following rules also apply. apply. also rules following the , portions of the Mississippi River are permitted portions of the Mississippi River are permitted * . : group bagging for migratory game birds is NOT allowed. : group bagging for migratory game birds is NOT regardless of the distance from shore provided the blinds are blinds the shore provided from distance of the regardless of shooting close the at daily and removed anchored securely hours. Blinds in any of the waters of the Mississippi River and adjoining Blinds in any of the waters of the Mississippi River waters west of the BNSF provided that they are securely railway anchored and located not more than 100 ft. from any shoreline including islands. Blinds in open water in the Grant county Lake Pepin and Note in more than one specified geographic area for which a possession a which for area geographic specified one than more in but to, equal is limit possession aggregate The prescribed. is limit shall not exceed, the largest possession limit prescribed for any one of the species or specified geographic areas in which taking and possession occurs. species or for any one zone or state in which the taking occurs. species or for any one zone game birds of a single species number of migratory The maximum to permitted States United the in taken species of combination or when taking and possession occurs be possessed by any one person taken by one person in any one day, when the person hunts in more in hunts be to game birds permitted of migratory number maximum The person the when day, one any in person one by taken which for species one than more for and/or state or zone one than bag daily aggregate The prescribed. is limit bag daily combined a one for any prescribed limit bag daily largest the to is equal limit Waterfowl include ducks, mergansers, geese and brant. geese include ducks, mergansers, Waterfowl or group of a species number maximum is the bag limit daily The day. one in possession to reduce may person one which species of Migratory Migratory game birds include waterfowl, rails, mourning dove, moorhen and snipe. woodcock, coot,

a) Mississippi River game birds were killed and the hunter’s temporary or permanent abode. permanent or temporary hunter’s the and killed were birds game take migratory game birds during the closed season; bag bag or aggregate daily the daily to take more than take or attempt limit (see Definitions, above); or shoot or shoot at birds before or after established shooting hours; shoot or shoot at birds before or after established e) Aggregate Possession Limit Possession Aggregate e) d) Aggregate Daily Bag Limit Daily Aggregate d) c) Daily Bag Limit c) Daily Bag b) Waterfowl a) Migratory Birds a) Migratory

possess more than the daily bag limit while at or between where the where between or at while limit bag daily the than possess more • • • Federal laws do not allow hunting in open water beyond 100 ft. from shore near Potosi, * Wisconsin river mile 586.3 to 592.1 in Grant and Fish 452-4232 or visit at (507) Wildlife county. Mississippi River National For more information contact Upper mississippi_river except from: No person may hunt waterfowl in open water from or with the aid of No person may hunt waterfowl in open water from device similar or contrivance raft, , boat, any including blind any 3) Open Water Hunting Water 3) Open While pursuing migratory game birds, it is While pursuing migratory 2) Specifically Prohibited

2019 Small Game Hunting Regulations Game 2019 Small 1) Definitions Migratory Game Bird Regulations Bird Game Migratory in the listed to species apply that regulations to hunting addition In Regulations 8 Grindstone Lake,Sawyercounty Fence Lake, Vilas county counties bridge andCtyG), Adam andJuneau Castle RockLake(southofrailroad county and Trestle Works bays),Dodge Beaver DamLake(excludingRakes Lac and Winnebago counties Lake Winnebago, Calumet,Fond du Green Lakecounties of thedredgebank),Marquetteand excluding waterseastofthewestend the westendofdredgebank, Lake Puckaway(waterswestof c) Other LargeLakes b) d) Other Bodiesof Water Pick uplitter, includingshotgunshells, andkeepyourhunting

hours: are securelyanchoredandremoveddailyatthecloseofshooting 1,000 ft.fromanyshoreline,includingislands,providedblinds Blinds inopenwatersofthefollowinglakes,iflocatedmorethan of shootinghours. be anchoredintheseareasbutmustremoveddailyattheclose to have not do Blinds shoreline. bay or lake more any from ft. 500 located than if county, Lake Green in Lake Green Green Big Michigan, and Lake Bay Superior, Lake of waters open in Blinds If eitherofthefollowingapplies: Great Lakes Area andBigGreen Lake • • and trees. stumps includes now “” rule, this For concealment. from atleastonedirection beyond thevegetation providing the viewed when device similar or blind boat, the and hunter the of 50% least at conceal to density and height sufficient of be vegetation shall The shoreline. or bed waterway’s navigable the to a naturally occurring, un-manipulated growth of vegetation rooted a part of the boat, blind, or similar device located within 3 feet of any shorelineincludingislands; a part of the boat, blind or similar device located within 3 feet of 0 cnelet te iwn sal cu fo a height a device beingused by . from occur shall approximately the same as height of the boat, blind, or similar viewing the concealment, 50% Note: To determine ifthevegetation provides theminimum grounds looking natural! counties 73), Adams, Juneauand Wood Hwy 21andsouthof Petenwell Flowage(northof North Twin Lake, Vilas county county and northofCtyX),Chippewa Lake Wissota (southofCtyS Columbia counties railroad bridge),Saukand Lake Wisconsin (northof Trout Lake, Vilas county county Shawano Lake, Regulations 9 close of shooting

to: illegal boat other than those propelled boat other than s

) they must be removed at the must ) they

: placement of waterfowl blinds on public land does not of waterfowl : placement : Class A Disabled Hunting Permit holders are exempt. A : Class you may hunt in any open water area provided you are standing are you provided area water open any in hunt you may

blind is located. Note the where land public on the using or hunting others from restrict Note by paddle, oars or pole. Motorboats and sailboats must have their motors completely shut off and/or the sail furled and its progress a firearm. ceased before loading or discharging Hunt or shoot from any moving one square inch or larger, is affixed permanently to the blind and is and blind the to permanently affixed is larger, or inch square one readily visible and legible at all times. state property during the season unless the owner’s name, address and address name, season. No owner’s person may maintain, the occupy or unless use any blind season left on the during property state lettering in and language English the in number, ID customer DNR any navigable lake, prior to 7 days before the waterfowl season or waterfowl of the close the after beyond 7 days established it leave Establish a waterfowl blind on state property, including the bed of Establish a waterfowl blind on state property, Hunt from a sink box (a low floating device that has a depression affording the hunter a means of concealment beneath the surface of the water). Hunt from any pier, dam, dock, structure. breakwater or similar artificial close of shooting hours. close of shooting of water necessary for operation of the boat being used by the the by used being boat the of operation for necessary water of hunters. All such open water blinds shall be removed daily at the the same boat may hunt more than 3 ft. from emergent vegetation that provides the required depth minimum the 50% maintain to necessary than concealment farther not but boat, of the hunters and hunting from a stationary vehicle and which has been issued for has been issued and which vehicle from a stationary hunting hunter in the disabled who assists year and a person one more than Hunters possessing a Class A or B Disabled Permit that authorizes A Hunters possessing a Class The open water restrictions do not prohibit legal jump shooting jump legal do not prohibit restrictions open water The activities from a non-motorized boat to shore is possible. shooting shore on narrow streams where Structures, Boats and Vehicle Boats and Structures, d) Moving Boats c) Waterfowl Blind c) Waterfowl b) Sink Box a) Structures f) Exception for Jump Shooting for f) Exception e) Exception for Disabled Hunters Disabled for e) Exception see pages 7 and 8 While pursuing migratory game birds, it is While pursuing migratory hours each day. See p. 11 for laws on shooting near dwellings. See p. 11 hours each day. 4) limited to, any boat, legal, are blinds canoe, water open where raft areas In or hunter. the for concealment similar device that provides any ( Note: on the bottom without the aid of a blind. Blinds include, but are not Regulations 10 been placed, exposed, deposited or scattered, if it could serve as an as serve could it if scattered, or deposited exposed, placed, been A 6) While pursuingmigratorygamebirds,itis 5) Devices migratory gamebirds: pursuing While bait. the of removal complete after days 10 for baited be to considered is area them. Abaited take to attempting are hunters where areas over or on to, birds game migratory for lure or attractant b) a) Huntwithdecoysthatare: f) Hazing e) Vehicle Use b) a)

baited area refers to any area on which salt, grain or other feed has feed other or grain salt, which on area any to refers area baited Baiting bird toputthemintherangeofhunters. of purposes game migratory any the up stirring or for rallying driving, concentrating, drones, or aircraft unmanned any including Use in any manner any air, water or motor-driven land conveyance,

It is • • • • • • • missing oneorbothlegs. birds fromanymotor vehicle unless the person isa paraplegic or is game migratory taking prohibit rules Federal permit. DNR valid a under persons disabled qualified by except boats) including (not Take migratory game birds from or with the aid or useofany vehicle • • It is Hunt withor whileinpossessionof: Electronic birdcalls. Live, regardlessofdistancefromthehunter. Left inthewaterunattended. shooting hours. Left inthewatermorethan20minutesaftercloseofwaterfowl waterfowl shootinghours. Placed inthewaterpriortoonehourbeforeopeningof Placed beyond 200 ft. from the cover in which the hunter is located. stabilization practice. agricultural harvest or post-harvest manipulation; or normal soil scattered solely as the flooded result of croplands normal agricultural vegetation; after harvestorlands orareaswhereseedsgrainshave been planting, normal natural manipulated standing, or crops; flooded standing flooded or crops standing over Hunt reasonably shouldknowthatthearea isorhasbeenbaited. aid or of baitingonoroveranybaitedarea whereapersonknows or method the by dove mourning or coots waterfowl, Hunt Recordings orimitationsofbirdcallswhilehuntingwaterfowl. migratory wildwaterfowl. of their calls and totally conceals such birdsfromthesightof within anenclosure which substantially reducestheaudibility for a period of 10 consecutive days prior to hunting and confined Note: Note: illegal legal all live, tame or captive ducks and geese shall be removed youmayleavedecoysunattendedondryland. to: to: illegal to: Regulations 11 to hunt to include the include .” For federal legal may not baiting to: illegal keyword “

dnr.wi.gov . over the following areas: over the following manipulation of crops or natural vegetation prior to harvest harvest prior to vegetation of crops or natural manipulation : railroad rights-of-way are private property and trespassing : railroad rights-of-way are private : regulations for hunting waterfowl and coot are more are coot and for regulations : www.fws.gov Note is prohibited. which are being attracted to manipulated crop lands or food plots or lands crop manipulated to attracted being are which is when the manipulation occurs after the a field has undergone of grain. normal harvest and removal by mowing, shredding, discing, rolling, chopping, trampling, flattening, burning or herbicide treatment is legal formourning hunting dove, but hunting for is was manipulation the not of purpose the legal if even wildlife, for hunting other species of mourning dove. The only time it is legal to hunt other species Note: Note dove. hunting mourning than for restrictive guidelines for planting a crop. Manipulation Manipulation crop. a planting for guidelines distributing or scattering of seeds, grains or other feed after where field the the from removed or harvested been has grain or seed it was grown. lands or areas where seeds or grains have been scattered solely as solely been scattered where seeds or grains have lands or areas the result of normal manipulation; agricultural practices, in post-harvest addition to normal normal and harvesting normal planting, agricultural crops or wildlifemanipulated food plotsprovided these extension service a manner consistent with in crops were planted Hunt from standing or flooded, standing agricultural crops where where crops agricultural standing flooded, or standing from Hunt birds. downed retrieving isgrain scattered inadvertently entering a hunter of as a result solely or decoys placing area, hunting a exiting or In addition to legal methods listed above, it is Hunt with a capable of holding more than 3 shells Hunt with a shotgun capable larger than no. 10 . larger handgun, swivel gun, shotgun chambered for a shell larger than 10 gauge, punt gun, battery gun, machine gun, fishhook, poison, drug, explosive or stupefying substance or possess any shotshells Take Take migratory game birds with a trap, snare, net, rifle, pistol/ Hunt with anything other than a shotgun fired from the shoulder, crossbow or by falconry. bow and arrow, of the building. Shoot a firearm within 100 yards of a building devoted to human any on while including own, not do you lands on while occupancy waters of the state, without permission of the owner or occupant Hunt within 50 ft. of the center of any public roadway. Hunt within 50 ft. of the center of any public roadway. • mourning dove • • • • d) Shotgun Capacity c) Other Methods c) Other b) Methods a) Firearm Discharge a) Firearm c) 7) Guns and Ammunition 7) Guns and While pursuing migratory game birds, it is waterfowl and dove baiting regulations, visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Wildlife and Fish U.S. the visit regulations, baiting dove and waterfowl website at For more information, visit Regulations 12 8) Iron-Tungsten-Nickel Iron-Tungsten Iron (steel) Bismuth-Tin Tungsten-Iron-polymer Tungsten-Tin-Iron-Nickel Tungsten-Tin -Bismuth Tungsten-Tin-Iron Tungsten-Polymer Tungsten-Matrix Tungsten-Iron-Copper-Nickel Tungsten-Bronze (twotypes) Corrosion-inhibited copper Copper-clad Iron b) Open Water Retrieval a) Retrieval e) Non-ToxicShot Type Possession Restrictions

Shot Type • • • • the gun. disassembling without a removed be with cannot which plugged filler one-piece is it unless combined), chamber and (magazine birds shouldbeimmediatelypursued topreventlossofthebird. is made, crippled birds shall be included in the daily bag. Crippled reasonable effort to retrieve such bird. Until everyNo personmaykillorcrippleanygame birdwithoutmakingevery reasonable effort dove onDNRmanagedland. Possess oruseanytypeoflead ortoxic shotwhile huntingmourning geese, brant,snipe,rails,cootandmoorhen. Possess or use any type of lead or toxic shot when hunting ducks, running and untilallforward motionfromthe motorhasceased. but may not beloaded or discharged while inaboat with the motor boat propelled by paddle, oars or pole. A shotgun may be uncased a from birds crippled shoot may pursued. Ahunter immediately Crippled birds which fall or move into open water should be and Federal Waterfowl Production Areas. species, including wild , on all National Wildlife Refuges or usedforhuntingmigratory anduplandgamebird possessed Size F shot is illegal in Wisconsin. Only non-toxic shot may be Note: Only non-toxic sizes BB, BBB, T or smaller are legal. are smaller or T BBB, BB, sizes non-toxic Only fluoropolymer 41.5-95.2% tungsten,1.5-52.0%ironand3.5-8.0% nickel 65% tungsten,21.8%tin,10.4%ironand2.8% Any proportionsoftungsten,tinandbismuth. Any proportionsoftungstenandtin≥1%iron 95.5% tungstenand4.5%Nylon6or11 95.9% tungstenand4.1%polymer and 5–7%nickel 40–76% tungsten,10–37%iron,9–16%copper 1% iron iron or60%tungsten,35.1%copper, 3.9%tin and 51.1% tungsten,44.4%copper, 3.9%tinand0.6% fluorescent powdercoatings. ≥99.9 copperwithbenzotriazoleandthermoplastic to 44.1%oftheshotmass 84% to56.59%ironcore,withcoppercladdingup 40% nickel ≥1% iron,anyproportionoftungstenandupto Any proportionoftungstenand≥1%iron Iron andcarbon 97% bismuthand3%tin Percent Compositionby Weight Regulations 13

. www.fws.gov to: illegal Bloomington, MN 55437-1458 5600 American Blvd. West, Suite 990 West, Blvd. American 5600 (612) 713-5320; this includes birds being transported between a hunting this includes

sent; and 4) dates such birds were killed. 4) dates such 1) hunter’s signature; 1) hunter’s address; 2) hunter’s species; and of birds involved, by 3) total number –possess more than 3 times the daily bag limit. cabin, camp, motel or other temporary abode permanent abode or preservation facility. to the person’s Note: 1) name and address of the person sending the birds; birds are being 2) name and address of the person to whom the 3) number of birds, by species, contained in the package. No person or business may receive or have in custody any any custody in have or receive may business or person No such unless person another to birds belonging game migratory is kept by and a record of such receipt birds are properly tagged the person or business. tagged by the hunter with the: tagged by the No person may give, put or leave any migratory game the birds are person unless the custody of another or in any place birds at from the field. However, the head or one fully feathered wing must wing feathered fully one or head the However, field. the from remain attached to all migratory game birds while in the field permanent abode. or being transported from the field to the person’s Migratory game birds may be field dressed before they are transported are they before dressed field be may birds game Migratory marked on the outside with the: No person may ship migratory game birds unless the package is package the birds unless game migratory ship may No person • • unless posted to prohibit public entry. public posted to prohibit unless area by hand either without a firearm,with the aid of a dog or with case in a proper carrying is enclosed which anunloaded firearm Dead or crippled game may be retrieved from any refuge or closed or closed from any refuge be retrieved game may crippled Dead or - 20.66. A copy can be obtained from the U.S. Fish and Service by contacting: Wildlife For information regarding the importation of migratory game birds game of migratory regarding the importation For information killed in another country, hunters should consult 50 CFR 20.61 Wounded birds reduced to possession shall be immediately killed immediately be possession shall to birds reduced Wounded bag limit. and included in the daily For migratory birds, it is i) Possession Limit h) Transportation g) Shipment f) Importation e) Possession of Live Birds d) Tagging c) Retrieval in Refuges in c) Retrieval Zones & Seasons 14 M 2019 MigratoryGameBirdHuntingZones ( A violator compact visit licenses, information, more For obtaining state. from state participating another in activities those one in participating or permits, in suspended are trapping or privileges participating , hunting, between whose person a agreement prohibits that an states is This Compact. Violator The State of Wisconsin is a participating member of the Wildlife N i r e o t s r B a r a U P t s s I h ck R S E T N i R e w .

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TREMPEALEAU A .” A W Y Y F E Wildlife ViolatorCompact I L E E A A R C L U

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1 C R I P V L O 0 R P E A C G S E U R R I S R W R S N A E A K E A O W N N F T O C T N A A L R S Y A D H L R L O K o A R N Z R J M r I D A C O C H S N K t on L I R R S A O h O O N L ou N N E A D F e A W Z J S U Y e A P O N E R r U O T E I M K t C D T on A A E n E U h R A L I O T

I e N W H C e O A V O r N I A dnr.wi.gov L L G D N A n R A S E M E D C S N

A O N L M W U E A A P M O R U B R Q S L I O T A U H A A N E A N G R E T R G I O E T A D L E C A A ¢ W £ K 1 D A G E U L 0 R A P E A K E C F E N D , J O A E O R and search “ search and F M D E F F E G E S W O N R T E N I S O N D W O M N O


A A L R H O E G G O A E A N O A R N W C W T T M C A M O A H E U I N A T W E K O O R A ¢ £ E N I S N 4 S H R H K E I A 1 T A N E C T N G E I S O - N H S


Zones & Seasons 15 Required Required and Permits HIP registration HIP WI early WI waterfowl Federal registration HIP License License WI waterfowl registration HIP License hunting in WI small game hunting in WI Canada goose permit (only required for Canada goose) stamp privilege migratory bird stamp authorizing small game authorizing small game hunting in WI stamp privilege migratory bird stamp authorizing License, Stamps • • • • • • • • • Federal • • 5 6 20 15 Bag Daily Limit See note on page 28 for on page 28 See note ( ) Dates Season Nov. 29 Nov. Sept. 1 – Sept. 1 –9 Sept. 1 –15 Sept. 1 –15 sunset sunset sunset sunset before before before Hours Half hour Half hour Half hour sunrise to sunrise to sunrise to Sunrise to Possession limit is 3 times daily bag limit.


geese Legal Species & green-

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Mourning , blue Snow, winged teal Blue-winged Canada goose

and Mourning Dove Seasons Dove Seasons and Mourning restrictions. property early season 2019 Statewide Early Teal, Early Canada Goose Goose Canada Early Teal, Early Statewide 2019 Zones & Seasons 16 Mississippi Mississippi Northern Southern Statewide River Zone Area 2019 Wild DuckSeason 2019 YouthWaterfowlHunt younger only;seepage23forseasondetails.) Half hourbefore sunrise tosunset Half hourbefore Half hourbefore Half hourbefore sunrise tosunset sunrise tosunset sunrise tosunset Possession limitis3timesdailybaglimit. Possession limitis3times dailybaglimit. Hours Hours Season isclosed Season isclosed Sept. 28–Oct.6; Sept. 28–Oct.4; Season isopen: Season isopen: Oct. 12–Dec.1 Oct. 12–Dec.3 Oct. 5–Oct.11 Oct. 7–Oct.11 Sept. 14&15 ( see detailedmap,page14 Sept. 28 Nov. 26 Season Season ( for youthage15and – to includenot Six ducksintotal Daily baglimit: exceed six ducks. species maynot with allother combined total ring-necks, the such astealand ducks notlisted, For speciesof • 2blackducks. • 1pintail;and • 2canvasback; • 3scaup; • 2redheads; • 3woodducks; • 4mallards(of more than: Daily BagLimit Daily BagLimit may beahen); which onlyone Duck Season. Regular Wild Same as )

Zones & Seasons 17

” at ” 3 5 8 15 25 Limit include (may not 2 hooded more than Daily Bag mergansers) fflight ) Season Sept. 21–Nov. 4 Sept. 21–Nov. you are hunting. you are hunting. you are hunting. you are hunting. search keyword “ What is FFLIGHT? Same as wild ducks Same as wild Same as wild ducks Same as wild ducks Same as wild ducks in the zone in which in the zone in in the zone in which in the zone in which in the zone in which Fields & Lands Fields & Forest , (or FFLIGHT) is an online The Hunting Gamebird Interactive Tool to designed application mapping Hours see detailed map, page 14 map, page see detailed ( sunrise to sunset sunrise to sunset sunrise to sunset sunrise to sunset sunrise to sunset Half hour before Half hour before Half hour before Half hour before Half hour before Half hour before Possession limit is 3 times daily bag limit. Possession limit is 3 times daily Attention Public Lands Hunters or contact the Assistant Migratory Bird Ecologist at Assistant Migratory Bird Ecologist or contact the 2019 Statewide Migratory Bird Seasons Seasons Bird Migratory Statewide 2019 Rails Snipe Species Woodcock Mergansers Sora & Virginia Sora & dnr.wi.gov 608-261-6458. stocked with game farm . For dnr.wi.gov/topic/lands/fflight.html more information, visit help upland game bird hunters locate cover and suitable for woodcock, ruffed managed dove fields and properties public lands users and “share the land”. recreationists such as hikers, dog walkers, and bird watchers. These watchers. bird and walkers, dog hikers, as such recreationists users may not be dressed in blaze orange or pink. Please respect all Please note that public lands are also used by non-hunting also used lands are public that note Please Coot & Moorhen & Coot Zones & Seasons 18 statewide fromSeptember1to15. valid is Permit Goose Canada early The Wisconsin.in geese Canada Exterior statewide hunt to Permit single Hunting Goose Canada a a possess must now zone. Ahunter is state the season, regular the For Canada GooseManagementZonesandSubzones Goose Hunting and subzoneboundariesseasondates. River Subzone. See pages 19–21 for additional information on zone on information additional for 19–21 pages See Subzone. River The statewideregularCanadagoose seasonincludestheMississippi (Are N R o t ra B i a M rt U P v s I h c R S E

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TREMPEALEAU A A W Y F Y E L I E E A A R C L U C ¢ £ D H C 1 R I V P L O N 0 R P E C A G S U E R R I R S W R S N E A A K E A O W N o N T F O T C A r A L R S Y A D H L R th L O K A R N R J M I D A C O e C H N K L I R R S A r O O O L N N N A E D n F A W J S Y U A P O

E N R U O T E Zo I M K S C D T A A E E U R o A I L O T I N W H C u n O A V O N I A L L G D A N th e R A S E M E D C S N A O e N L M W U E A P A M r O R U B Q R S L I O n T U H A A A N E A N G R E T R G O I

E T A D L C E Zo A A ¢ W £ K 1 D A G E L U 0 R A P E A K E C E F N D J n O A E O R F M D E F F e E G E S W O T R N E N I S N O D W O N M O D F A N E U I L O L N U B T O W C S E L A A R O H E O G G A E N A R O A N W C W T T M C A M O H A E U I A W T N E K O R O A ¢ E £ N I S N 4 S H R H K E I A 1 T A E N C T N G S E I O - N H S



O KEWAUNEE C D O O R Zones & Seasons 19

Mississippi River Subzone River Mississippi west of the (Includes the areas Sante Fe Burlington Northern Wisconsin to the railroad tracks state line) • Wingspan: 3.5 ft. Wingspan: • • Weight: 15-30 lbs. Weight: • 5.5-7 ft. Wingspan: • • Length: 1.5 ft. : : all the primary snow goose range is west of Wisconsin and few and Wisconsin is west of snow goose range primary the : swans appear gray in their first year of life.

black wing tips Note: Be sure of your target! Wisconsin. snow geese migrate through • Short neck • : white with Note Legal Game Species • Long neck • Plumage: all white • Length: 4-5 ft. revocation of all hunting, fishing and trapping privileges. revocation of all hunting, fishing and trapping privileges. Species Protected All wild swans are protected species in Wisconsin. All wild swans are protected species in Shooting a may cost you up to $2,327 in penalties and a 3-year Don’t Shoot a Swan! Canada Goose Management Zone Boundaries Zone Management Goose Canada Zones & Seasons 20 access totaxlawland Visit Wisconsin. hunters haveaccess tonearlysevenmillion acresof landthroughout Combined, programs. (WDACP) Claims and Wisconsin Abatement Damage or (VPA) Access Public Voluntary (FCL), Forest Law (MFL), Crop Law Forest and Managed the in areas, enrolled land natural private and fisheries including wildlife, hunting, to state-managed open land of abundance an has Wisconsin Mississippi River Early Statewide 2019 Regular CanadaGooseHuntingSeasons Canada Geese Southern Northern Subzone Possession limitis3timesdailybaglimit. dnr.wi.gov Find aPlacetoHunt ” to findaplace hunt. sunrise to sunrise to sunrise to sunrise to Half hour Half hour Half hour Half hour Hours before before before before sunset sunset sunset sunset

keywords Sept. 16–Dec.16 Season isclosed: Season isclosed: Sept. 16–Oct.6; “ Oct. 12–Dec.1; Season isopen: Season isopen: Dec. 2–Dec.15 Dec. 16–Jan.4, Sept. 28 Oct. 7–Oct.11; Oct. 5 Oct. 12 Sept. 1–15 state lands Season 2020 2020 – – Oct. 11 – Jan. 4, Oct. 4; ”

or “ Limit Daily Daily Bag Bag public public 3 3 5 3 Zones & Seasons 21

Ross’ Ross’ Limit white- goose. fronted brant; 1 geese; 1 20 snow/ Bag limit: Daily Bag for details. blue geese,

Oct. 4; Jan. 4, Oct. 11 – – – 2020 2020 Season Oct. 7–11; Oct. 12 Oct. 5 Oct. 12–Dec. 1 Sept. 28 Dec. 16–Jan. 4, Dec. 2–Dec. 15 Season is open: Season is open: Sept. 1–Dec. 15 Sept. 1–Dec. Sept. 16–Oct. 6; Season is closed: Season is closed: Sept. 16–Dec. 16 sunset sunset sunset sunset before before before before Hours Half hour Half hour Half hour Half hour sunrise to sunrise to sunrise to sunrise to dnr.wi.gov/topic/lands/wildlifeareas 2019 Goose Hunting Seasons Hunting Goose 2019 Possession limit is 3 times daily bag limit. Know Your Public Hunting Grounds! Your Know Subzone Northern Southern & Other Geese & Other Early Statewide Mississippi River Snow/Blue Geese,Snow/Blue Ross’ Geese, Brant Ross’ White-fronted Geese White-fronted property manager or visit the property’s website if unsure. property manager or visit the property’s Federal wildlife refuges, waterfowl production areas and other public other and areas production waterfowl refuges, wildlife Federal appropriate the with check regulations; additional have may lands Zeloski Unit of Lake Mills Area—have Wildlife special restrictions or closed areas. Visit Hunters are responsible for knowing rules that apply to properties Hunters are responsible for knowing rules that they hunt. Some state areas—such as Mead Wildlife Area and the Zones & Seasons 22 To preventthespreadofaquaticinvasivespecies,allwaterusers build blindsisencouraged. are boats is illegal. The use oflocal, non-invasive upland vegetation to hunters bird migratory reminded that transportingaquatic vegetation on theexterior of Additionally, seeds. snails phragmites faucet or like species, invasive hard-to-see small, removing brush toscrubgear and asmall sprayer oftap water is helpful in and gear (including dogs) and to drain watercraft all water from equipment. Afrom stiff mud and hunters plants, all sites, remove to hunting need between moving When species. invasive waters this hunting season by taking action to stop the spread of Migratory economy. and bird huntersareremindedtodotheirparthelpprotect our environment our harm that pathogens are requiredbylaw, beforemovingtoanewwaterbody, to: qai ivsv seis r nnaie lns aias and animals plants, nonnative are species invasive Aquatic Stop theSpread of Aquatic Invasive Species! • • • DRAIN allwaterfromboats,motorsandequipment REMOVE anyattachedaquaticplants,animalsandmud INSPECT watercraft,waders,equipmentandgear Zones & Seasons 23 see page see https://dnr.wi.gov/

15 and has completed a Hunter a Hunter 15 and has completed – for details.

). All license and stamp requirements are waived for eligible youth Yes, this youth hunt includes goose hunting. this youth hunt includes Yes, waterfowl hunters, except the Canada Goose Hunting Permit. waterfowl hunters, except the Canada Goose Hunting Does this youth hunt include goose hunting? Harvest Information Program (HIP) registration is required ( is required (HIP) registration Program Information Harvest 4 4 & 5 for details. needed? Which types of licenses are may hunt geese if the goose season is open and he or she possesses may hunt geese if the goose season is open and a pages See hunted. being zone the for appropriate Permit Goose Canada The mentor may not hunt ducks, coots, moorhens or mergansers but hunter, hunter, except that an adult may accompany two youth hunters if least one of the youth hunters is age 12 at Education Safety Course. hunt. All hunt. hunters must be accompanied by an adult chaperone age 18 years or older. The adult may not accompany more than one youth Only persons age 15 and younger may hunt geese, waterfowl coots, moorhens (i.e., and ducks, mergansers) during the youth waterfowl 2019 Youth Waterfowl Hunt (Sept. 14 & 15) Hunt (Sept. 14 & Waterfowl Youth 2019 Who is eligible? any waterfowl. of the Horicon boundary is allowed, provided provided allowed, is boundary Refuge Wildlife National Horicon the of at shooting when refuge the from 75 yards away least is at hunter the Placement of decoys or shooting at waterfowl that are within 75 yards of decoys or shooting at waterfowl that Placement GoWild/ConservationCard.html Special Restrictions approved PDF displayed on a mobile device, authenticated Wisconsin See Card. Conservation Wild Go or license driver’s hunters must still carry proof of their Canada goose permit while permit goose Canada their of proof carry still must hunters department- copy, paper a include proof of methods Acceptable afield. Early September Season and Regular Season Regular Season and Early September Canada goose permit validation is no longer required. However, Canada Goose Permit Validation Permit Canada Goose However, hunters are still required to participate in the federal Harvest Harvest federal the in participate to required still are hunters However, Program (HIP). Information Early September Season and Regular Season and Regular Season September Early Canada goose registration is no longer required through GameReg. Canada Goose Reporting Requirements Reporting Goose Canada Zones & Seasons 24 aiaiiy eemns hte a aewy s ulc r private. or public is Navigable lakes,riversandstreamsareconsideredpublicwaterways. waterway a whether determines Navigability Public or Private: Are You Trespassing? and limits Hunting MentorshipProgram( bag daily hours, shooting including regulations other All What other rules apply? is Permit Season HuntingPermitisrequired;seep.20. Hunting Goose Canada Early required an 1–15), Goose Canada (Sept. Early Statewide Season, the during occurs hunt this If hunt. This dependsonwhichgoosehuntingseasonisopenduringtheyouth Which CanadaGooseHuntingPermitsare needed? • • • • • nml, meig afl utr o dmgn lwul placed blinds. lawfully damaging or hunters lawful impeding animals, interfering with huntinginclude (butarenotlimited to) harassing wild of Examples . wild a of taking the preventing No personmayinterfere withlawfulhuntingthe intentof to enforcetrespasslaws. authority violation. Wardensthe a have with not connection do in taken or possessed in violation of the law,game and all any equipment used evidence as seize also may Wardenstime. any at lands Conservation wardensperformingtheir dutiesmayenterprivate Since navigable waterways are open to the public, they may be used even ifonlyduringspringfloods; year, the of time some at it on craft small other or canoe a float to A riverorstreamisnavigable if ithasabedorbankandispossible game withoutpermissionofthelandowner. It isnotlegal to enter uplands orexposedshoreareas to huntorretrieve an obstruction;and riparian landownerwhenitisnecessarytoexitthewaterbypass below the ordinary high-water mark without the permission of the The public mayonlyuse the exposedshorearea of astream located remain inthewater(i.e.,yourfeetmustwet); boat in any navigable lake, stream or impoundment as long as you waterway,navigable a on Once landowner tocrosstheirpropertyreachthewaterway; provided public access is available or you have permission of the for fishing, hunting, boating, swimming or other recreational activities . If it occurs on or after September 16, a Regular Canada Goose Interference withHunting Warden Authority see page4 you may walk, fish, hunt, swim or swim hunt, fish, walk, may you ) ruleswillapply. Zones & Seasons 25 * 3* 3* 3* 3* 3* Bag Daily –9; Oct. 4; Dec. 1 – Feb. 14, – – 2020 Sept. 1 Dec. 16 Sept. 14 & 15; Oct. 12 Oct. 12–Dec. 3 – Sept. 28 Sept. 28–Oct. 6; Jan. 10 Sept. 28–Nov. 26 Sept. 28–Nov. season Season Dates Season Sept. 1 Same as regular statewide Same as regular statewide Zone Zone Zone Northern Southern All Zones Mississippi sunset sunset sunset before before before Hours Half hour Half hour Half hour sunrise to sunrise to sunrise to Possession limit is 3 times daily bag limit. aggregate, in the zone/season in which you are hunting. aggregate, in the zone/season in which you are hunting. Obtaining this Information in Other Formats Obtaining this Information in Other The total daily bag limit for migratory game birds is 3, singly or in The total daily bag limit for migratory game birds is 3,

* Geese

Ducks, Species & coots woodcock 7490 / TTY Access via relay – 711. TTY 7490 / for more information. Note: If you need technical more assistance information, call or the Accessibility Coordinator at 608-267- D.C. 20240. This publication is available in alternative formats (large print, Braille, etc.) upon request. Please call 608-266-8204 under an Affirmative Action Plan.please write to Chief, Public Civil IfRights, Office of Civil Rights, you have Washington, any questions, 1849 C. Street, NW, U.S. Department of the Interior, The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources provides equal of Natural Department Wisconsin The opportunity in its employment, programs, services, and functions , snipe, moorhen &

mergansers mergansers Falconry Seasons Falconry 26 Health Advisory waterfowl takeninthefollowingareas: and mercury in health advicetoprotectyoufromexposurePCBs The stateDepartment of HealthServiceshasissuedthefollowing your exposuretoPCBsandmercuryindietasmuchpossible. like diabetes or cancer. Health professionals recommend that you limit with memory, to a slight increase in your risk of a more serious disease mercury and PCBs range to from effects that are hard to detect linked like poor balance or problems been have that problems Health time. Contaminants such asPCBsand mercury build up in your bodyover cadmium. including PCBs or dioxins and heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and including (but not limited to): DDT, DDE, dieldrin, industrial chemicals tested wildlife species todetect contaminants that include pesticides The Wisconsin Department of NaturalResourceshashistorically Health Advisory Lower FoxRiverfromLake Winnebago at county Whitewater LakeandRice Lake, Walworth Waters intheCityofCedarburg Milwaukee Harbor Village ofCedarburg Milwaukee RiveruptoBridgeRoadinthe at GraftonandCedarCreekfromthe (Thiensville) upstreamtoLimeKilnDam Milwaukee RiverfromHighway167 Sheboygan Harbor Michigan downstream totheriver’s mouthatLake Sheboygan RiverfromFalls west totheshoreofGreenBay Green BaysouthofalinefromPointSauble the river’s mouthatGreenBayandlower Lower FoxRiverfromtheDePereDamto city limitsofKaukauna Little LakeButtedesMorts,tothenortheast Neenah andMenashadownstream,including million calculated onafatbasis. Note: the U.S. Food and Drug Administration standard for PCBs in is 3 parts per parts 3 is poultry in PCBs for standard Drug Administration and Food U.S. the Location waters. to cookingdabblingducksusingthese Remove allskinandvisiblefatprior limited toonemealper Consumption ofCanada geeseshouldbe these waters No oneshouldeatCanadageeseusing this water ruddy ducksoranydivingusing No oneshouldeatblackducks,, this water No oneshouldeatmallardducksusing using thiswater No oneshouldeatlesserscaup(bluebills) Sheboygan River to cookingCanadageeseusingthe Remove allskinandvisiblefatprior and womenofchild-bearingyears. be limitedto1meal/weekforchildren Consumption ofdabblingducksshould Health Advice Other Information

. 27 ). 1-888-936-7463 all waters statewide all must be drained from from drained be must ” for more information. more for ” to prevent the spread of the the spread to prevent boat water to report the date and location of date and location to report the keyword “ keyword Game recovery strategies Increasing harvest rates Benefits of nontoxic shot with shot shells nontoxic Matching appropriate and chokes. Improving shotgun skills Pattern-testing procedures for Best loads and combinations waterfowl or upland gamebird hunting Estimating range and distance • • • • • • • • to participants. 12- and 20-gauge nontoxic practice are provided ammunition and clay targets What you will learn: Improve your waterfowling Sign up for a class near you. experience! dnr.wi.gov this summary of regulations is designed as a service designed is of regulations this summary if you obtain a bird band, please visit .” , be sure you are properly equipped while hunting with the are properly equipped while be sure you Wingshooting for Migratory Birds for Wingshooting dnr.wi.gov

at wingshooting

search keyword “ Sign up and find firearm discharge. for local ordinances restricting Federal regulations relating to migratory game birds are located in located are birds game migratory to relating regulations Federal 50, Code of Federal Regulations, Title Part 20. Contact local police search “waterfowl hunting.” For specific waterfowl hunting questions, hunting waterfowl specific For hunting.” “waterfowl search WDNRINFo ( 1 (888) center the DNR call contact regulations. For more information, visit our web page, dnr.wi.gov, and and hunting of all digest to be a complete to hunters and is not intended dnr.wi.gov, page, web our visit information, more For regulations. recovery and receive information on your banded bird. recovery and receive information Laws and Rules: Bird Bands: Bird Bands: www.pwrc.usgs.gov/BBL/bblretrv DNR office or visit or office DNR Boating: aid of a boat. Ask for a boating regulation pamphlet at your local all boats, boat trailers and equipment immediately after exiting the shore of bank or the leaving and before water Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS): Septicemia Hemorrhagic Viral VHS, a viral disease that affects fish, more information • • •

• Other Important Information Important Other Shooting Hours 28 Legal shooting hours for early teal season are sunrise to sunset. See sunset. shooting hours map on page 29 to determine if you are hunting in to sunrise are season teal early for hours shooting Legal Early Teal SeasonShootingHours same astheNorthernandSouthern Waterfowl HuntingZones. The Northern andSouthern Areas usedfor Migratory GameBirdShootingHours the northern or southern area. Adjust times based on your zone, as zone, your described above. on based times Adjust area. southern or northern the • • • more. and dates season announcements, rule regulations, hunting digital Visit shooting hours table, whichever is applicable for your hunting opening andclosingtimeslistedintheNorthernorSouthern location. Area the to hunting are you which in zone the for shown minutes the add first zone, another in determine if you are hunting times in the Northern or closing Southern Area. Then and opening the establish To and 31areforZone A. as shown on the zone map. Hours given in the tables on page 28, 30 Shooting hour zones are established for hunting migratory game birds bottom ofthispage. apply fortheEarly Tealtables atthe Season;seeshootinghours to sunset. See hours tables on pages 30 & 31. Special shooting hours Shooting hours forall migratory game birds are ½ hourbefore sunrise Sept 4 Sept 3 Sept 2 Sept 1 Sept 9 Sept 8 Sept 7 Sept 6 Sept 5 Northern Area - Zone A - Northern Area

dnr.wi.gov a.m. 6:21 6:20 6:18 6:17 6:16 6:15 6:13 6:12 6:11 n sac “ search and Get Your RegulationsOnline 7:13 7:15 7:17 7:19 7:21 7:23 7:25 7:27 7:28 p.m. hunting regulations Sept 9 Sept 8 Sept 7 Sept 6 Sept 5 Sept 4 Sept 3 Sept 2 Sept 1 Southern Area - Zone A - Southern Area

shooting hoursare not the a.m. 6:23 6:22 6:21 6:20 6:19 6:18 6:17 6:15 6:14 ” for up-to-date 7:12 7:14 7:16 7:18 7:20 7:21 7:23 7:25 7:27 p.m. Shooting Hours 29

dnr.wi.gov/ dnr.wi.gov/ .. some some state state wildlife wildlife areas, areas, to establish the opening and closing and closing to establish the opening to establish the opening add add the the minutesminutes shown shown for for the the zone zone in in You can help ensure Wisconsin stays among the Wisconsin help ensure can You information please visit: visit: please please information information topic/lands/wildlifeareas/ topic/lands/wildlifeareas/ Note:Note: and and AreaArea Wildlife Wildlife such as the Mead such as the Mead the the Zeloski Zeloski Unit Unit of of Area, Area, Wildlife Wildlife have have special special waterfowl waterfowl the the Lake Lake Mills Mills hunting hunting closed closed days, days, shooting shooting or or hours hours refuge refuge areas. areas. For For property property specificspecific R3 is the recruitment, retention, and which you are hunting to the open and closing open and closing which you are hunting to thewhich you are hunting to the Area Area or Southern or Southern times listed in the Northerntimes listed in the Northern applicableapplicable is is ever ever which which table, table, hourshours shooting shooting for your hunting location.for your hunting location. • • times times in in another another zone, zone, firstfirst determine determine if if you you Area.Area. Southern Southern or or Northern Northern the the in in hunting hunting are are Then Then • • DNR and R3: now and for the . the future. DNR and R3: now and for

knowledge. If we all do just a small part by person, we’ll be able to ensure our future. mentoring one new someone to go with you. Take a friend or squirrel hunting. hunting. squirrel or pheasant friend a Take you. with go to someone It is not a big lift, teach someone the skills you have, share your What can you do? leaders in hunting, angling and trapping participation by inviting reactivation (R3) of national hunters, anglers and and state trappers planning following guidelines and best practices. toward ensuring the next generation of hunters, anglers and trappers. and anglers hunters, of generation next the ensuring toward What is R3? DNR has launched a new initiative putting substantial resources substantial putting a new initiative DNR has launched Shooting Hours Area Map Map Area Hours Shooting Shooting Hours 30 2019 Northern Area Regular Waterfowl ShootingHours—Zone A See page28forearlyteal seasonhours. day. each sunset at end and day.each sunset at end and sunrise at begin sunrise season teal However,early the for hours shooting before hour half a at begin hours shooting Waterfowl Date 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 10 11 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 A.M. Sept. 2019 6:17 6:16 6:14 6:13 6:12 6:09 6:08 6:07 6:06 6:04 6:03 6:02 6:01 5:59 5:58 5:57 5:56 5:55 5:53 5:52 5:51 5:50 5:48 5:47 5:46 5:45 5:43 5:42 5:41 6:11 P.M. 6:33 6:35 6:36 6:38 6:40 6:42 6:44 6:46 6:48 6:50 6:52 6:54 6:56 6:58 7:00 7:02 7:04 7:06 7:07 7:09 7:13 7:15 7:17 7:19 7:21 7:23 7:25 7:27 7:28 7:11 A.M. 6:58 6:57 6:55 6:54 6:53 6:51 6:50 6:49 6:47 6:46 6:44 6:43 6:42 6:40 6:39 6:38 6:36 6:35 6:34 6:32 6:31 6:30 6:28 6:27 6:26 6:25 6:23 6:22 6:21 6:19 6:18 Oct. 2019 P.M. 6:23 6:25 6:27 6:29 6:31 5:39 5:40 5:42 5:43 5:45 5:46 5:48 5:49 5:51 5:53 5:54 5:56 5:58 5:59 6:01 6:03 6:05 6:07 6:08 6:10 6:12 6:14 6:16 6:17 6:19 6:21 A.M. 6:39 6:38 6:37 6:35 6:34 6:33 6:31 6:30 6:29 6:28 6:26 6:25 6:24 6:22 6:21 6:19 6:18 6:17 6:15 6:14 6:12 6:10 6:08 6:07 6:05 6:04 6:03 7:01 7:00 6:11 Nov. 2019 P.M. 4:19 4:21 4:22 4:23 4:24 4:25 4:26 4:28 4:29 4:30 4:31 4:33 4:34 5:36 5:37 4:08 4:09 4:09 4:10 4:10 4:12 4:12 4:13 4:14 4:15 4:16 4:17 4:17 4:18 4:11 A.M. 6:54 6:53 6:52 6:51 6:51 6:50 6:49 6:48 6:47 6:46 6:45 6:44 6:42 6:41 6:40 7:01 7:01 7:01 7:00 7:00 7:00 6:59 6:59 6:59 6:58 6:58 6:57 6:57 6:56 6:55 6:55 Dec. 2019 P.M. 4:06 4:06 4:06 4:06 4:06 4:06 4:06 4:06 4:06 4:06 4:06 4:07 4:07 4:07 4:08 4:15 4:15 4:14 4:13 4:12 4:12 4:10 4:10 4:09 4:09 4:08 4:08 4:07 4:07 4:07 4:11 A.M. 6:57 6:58 6:58 6:59 6:59 6:59 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:01 7:01 7:01 7:01 7:01 7:01 6:43 6:44 6:45 6:46 6:47 6:48 6:49 6:50 6:51 6:52 6:53 6:54 6:54 6:55 6:56 6:56 Jan. 2020 P.M. 4:32 4:31 4:30 4:29 4:27 4:26 4:25 4:24 4:23 4:22 4:21 4:20 4:19 4:18 4:17 4:55 4:53 4:52 4:50 4:49 4:47 4:46 4:45 4:43 4:42 4:40 4:39 4:38 4:36 4:35 4:34 Date 15 14 13 12 10 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 11 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Shooting Hours 31

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 11 31 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 10 12 13 14 15 Date 5:00 4:40 4:42 4:43 4:44 4:45 4:47 4:48 4:49 4:51 4:52 4:53 4:55 4:56 4:57 4:59 4:25 4:26 4:27 4:28 4:29 4:30 4:31 4:32 4:33 4:34 4:35 4:37 4:38 4:39 4:24 P.M. Jan. 2020 6:39 6:51 6:51 6:50 6:49 6:49 6:48 6:47 6:47 6:46 6:45 6:44 6:43 6:42 6:41 6:40 6:55 6:55 6:55 6:55 6:55 6:54 6:54 6:54 6:54 6:53 6:53 6:53 6:52 6:52 6:55 A.M. 4:23 4:15 4:15 4:15 4:16 4:16 4:17 4:17 4:18 4:18 4:19 4:19 4:20 4:21 4:22 4:22 4:15 4:14 4:14 4:14 4:14 4:14 4:14 4:14 4:14 4:14 4:14 4:14 4:14 4:14 4:15 P.M. Dec. 2019 6:55 6:48 6:49 6:50 6:50 6:51 6:51 6:52 6:52 6:53 6:53 6:53 6:54 6:54 6:54 6:54 6:36 6:37 6:38 6:39 6:40 6:41 6:42 6:43 6:43 6:44 6:45 6:46 6:47 6:48 6:34 A.M. 4:25 4:24 4:23 4:22 4:21 4:21 4:20 4:19 4:18 4:18 4:17 4:17 4:16 4:16 4:15 5:41 4:39 4:38 4:37 4:35 4:34 4:33 4:32 4:31 4:30 4:29 4:28 4:27 4:26 5:42 P.M. Nov. 2019 Nov. 6:11 6:30 6:31 6:32 6:33 6:21 6:23 6:24 6:25 6:26 6:28 6:29 6:12 6:14 6:15 6:16 6:18 6:19 6:20 6:03 6:04 6:06 6:07 6:08 6:10 6:57 6:58 5:59 6:01 6:02 A.M. 6:11 5:49 5:47 5:46 5:45 5:43 6:00 5:58 5:56 5:55 5:53 5:52 5:50 6:09 6:08 6:06 6:04 6:03 6:01 6:23 6:21 6:20 6:18 6:16 6:15 6:13 6:32 6:30 6:29 6:27 6:25 P.M. Oct. 2019 6:21 6:50 6:51 6:53 6:54 6:55 6:41 6:42 6:44 6:45 6:46 6:47 6:49 6:33 6:34 6:35 6:36 6:37 6:39 6:40 6:24 6:25 6:26 6:28 6:29 6:30 6:31 6:18 6:19 6:22 6:23 A.M. 7:11 6:36 6:34 6:43 6:41 6:39 6:38 6:49 6:47 6:45 6:56 6:54 6:52 6:50 7:02 7:00 6:58 7:09 7:07 7:05 7:03 7:16 7:14 7:12 7:21 7:20 7:18 7:27 7:25 7:23 P.M. 6:11 6:16 6:17 6:12 6:14 6:15 6:08 6:09 6:10 6:03 6:04 6:06 6:07 6:00 6:01 6:02 5:55 5:57 5:58 5:59 5:51 5:52 5:53 5:54 5:48 5:49 5:50 5:44 5:45 5:47 Sept. 2019 A.M. 8 9 6 7 5 3 4 1 2 11 30 31 28 29 26 27 24 25 23 21 22 19 20 17 18 15 16 14 12 13 10 Date However, shooting hours for the early However, teal season begin at sunrise and end at sunset each day. See page 28 for early teal season hours. Waterfowl Waterfowl shooting hours begin at a half hour before sunrise and end at sunset each day. 2019 Southern Area Regular Waterfowl Shooting Hours—Zone A Hours—Zone Shooting Waterfowl Regular Area Southern 2019 Questions? Visit dnr.wi.gov and search keyword “waterfowl.” Buy your licenses online at GoWild.wi.gov Or buy from one of our license agents. To find an agent near you, visit the dnr website at dnr.wi.gov and search keywords “license agents” or call 1-888-WDNR-INFO (1-888-936-7463) TTY access via relay - 711

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