SHOW CHIME From Katie Williams, Rockin’ Yule AMP Board Member

January 2021 I am Katie, the newest board member of AMP. My first draft of this letter was Bizarre 2020 about highlighting the exciting things AMP has been working on for the Surreal, but Somehow Satisfying upcoming year—our instrument lending Photos, screenshots, and words by Joel Askey library, online and perhaps in-person What else would we expect out of 2020? It’s like Tonight)”. The Opines submitted a very electric workshops, collaborations, our big the whole year was directed by David Lynch, version of “Carol of the Bells”, complete with dream for an indoor space. It was a very circa the Eraserhead period. Our cherished a great video. A highlight was a diverse set positive note because we are working on Rockin’ Yule Bizarre tradition did not escape the from local hero Karl Blau, including selections something essential for our musicians cold clutches of COVID-19 conformity. Thus con- from Tchaikovsky and Run/DMC, all the way and cherished by our community. strained, our friends at AMP live streamed our from Philly. Lamplit backyard versions of “Blue Ultimately, I felt compelled to offer some holiday music fest on YouTube on December 19. Christmas” and “Hazy Shade of Winter” were optimism in a time when optimism is not provided by The Enthusiasts. A duo from Fanny First, how about VJ Santa Todd (Young), bring- on the forefront of anyone’s mind. This Alger kicked off the show with “Christmas is ing back 1980s public access cable show vibes? past year has sucked. I can’t get past it. January Cover Artist Coming”, framed by a waterfront backdrop. As all right-minded folks would agree, this is Even the most positive of the positive Jacques Moiteret a high-level compliment. Kudos also to Doug Nearer to the end of the show, Whisky Fever’s people I know are burned out on this Born and raised in Seattle WA for his first 55 Cassidy for putting together the disparate video Jack Mattingly showed off his overweight cat new normal. Even my dog is on Prozac at years, Jacques Moitoret has dedicated his performances into a seamless whole, in his tech- and performed “Grandma Got Run Over”. This this point. No joke. A lot of our beloved life to the craft of fine oil painting as well as nical production capacity. The evening’s events was followed by a taped performance of the full musicians are on a creative hiatus. It’s sculpture and design. His work is sought after were emceed from a living room set, complete band playing “Feliz Navidad”, taped in pre-so- understandable. The downtime for internationally, working on commissions from with raffle drawings and socially distanced elves. cial-distancing times. Mariah Erken sang “Jingle creativity we thought we needed back various points of the compass. He lives humbly Bells”, accompanied by Glen Desgardins on the when things were “normal” was given to A fine set of musicians were willing to share in Old Town, Anacortes, helping care for his two Lincoln Theater organ. She preceded that with a us in the worst way. The world halted and their talents with us on this evening. Each set best friends, Judy and Anna. The piece on the solo performance of a Paul Williams song. understandably, so did local music. was a taped performance, followed in many cover, a stamp of Annie Curtis, is an oil paint- cases by a short live interview with Todd. This Katie Williams and Andrew Velin closed the The question I ask myself is, how do we ing currently in the artist's possession (2'x4'), interview segment was a nice touch. show with “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christ- get back to where we were with the designed in consultation with Bill Mitchell. mas” in the main living room broadcast set. constraints we face? Is it impossible? Karl Blau spoke with Jacques about his life as The individual songs ranged from the sacred to On the whole, this was the best possible ex- Do people stop loving familiar music an artist and how he ended up in Anacortes. the raucous. On the softer side, we heard from perience under the difficult circumstances, because it is virtual? The release of the John Van Deusen (In the Bleak Midwinter), Marlo When asked how he made it to Anacortes and a welcome diversion for all. Covid vaccine gives me a glimmer of Cooley (Love is Christmas), Jeff Vogel (Christmas and out of Seattle, Jaques Moitoret respond- hope for some normalcy, like hugging my in Prison), Pearl Tottenham (River), and Allyson Thanks to all the performers and production ed "uh, well, it was exile from Seattle. I lived favorite people without fear. That hope Foster (Christmas Song). These hit exactly the staff for a Herculean effort! The live stream can in a fortunate strain of cheap, art houses and is tough to think about without bringing right tone of searching for joy in dark times. be viewed at http://anacortesmusicproject.org. ■ around 1999 that came to an end. I was living on tears because we have experienced so in a little, old, farmhouse surrounded by the To counterbalance the acoustic tunes, local much disappointment in 2020. Below: Santa and his socially-distanced elves deliver city of downtown Seattle in the shadow of the favorites The Mosstones performed the Ra- raffle prizes. Left: video stills from Yule Bizarre musical My resolution for the New Year is to focus Space Needle, literally. It had been $100 rent mones’ “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight perfromances. All images courtesy of Joel Askey. once again on the music. Let’s give our for 30 years. I inherited it from an artist who community a chance to stop filling their inherited it from another artist." When that voids with online shopping, stiff drinks, deal fell through, suddenly Jacques found and Netflix. Let’s give our local musicians himself walking the streets of Seattle, homeless the love they need to write again. To play "wising up to how expensive it is." again. To sing again. He landed on his feet shortly thereafter. Fol- Anacortes is special. The healing that lowing a brief stint as groundskeeper at writer comes to our community from familiar Richard Bach's house in Stanwood and after voices and music is deep. Even though spending time in Anacortes with his friend I am a resident freshman to the board, I Judy, Jacques noticed that a certain house have been a long-time supporter of local in old town wasn't selling and kept getting music. I want to bridge the void I feel. If cheaper upon subsequent visits. Suddenly it you are a musician, when you are ready, became within reach. AMP will be waiting with our support and Throughout the Seattle years Jacques was our enthusiasm. We will be nodding our creating posters for music shows—in the 60s heads, tapping our feet, smiling. We will it was "surf" posters, in the 70s, psychedelic, share your music with the community and then punk posters in the 80s. His work is and we will never stop appreciating you. featured in a coffee table quality art book of

We can do this, and it will be okay. CHIME SHOW Seattle psychedelic posters called Split Foun- tain Hieroglyphics. Now known for showing up with a pair of shakers wherever need be, Jacques Moitoret radiates a facet of NW culture unto himself. His artistic works burst with flair and pizazz, like a pair of shakers showing up in an otherwise docile art gallery. For inquiries, please email [email protected] and we will

Ringing the Bell for Anacortes Music /// Brought to you by Anacortes Music Project by you to Brought Ringing the Anacortes Music /// Bell for help you get in touch with Jacques. ■ MANIERI ENDOWMENT

Ringing the Bell for Anacortes Music /// Brought to you by Anacortes Music Project strument, getready,strument, your iscoming! time ■ If you’ve beenwaiting for to perfect time the learn anew in todeduction boot! you can donate to them our growning collection get and a tax sittingments around your thatyou house don’t useanymore, expertise in thatarea we’d love your If you help! have instru have you if so fixing, some need instruments the of Some a trombone, anautoharp, akeyboard, abanjo, two and amps. flutes, violins, of number a guitars, severalWehave Arts. the Rick the Foundation Epting for community the from and from already received donations instrument a number ofamazing Weable to borrow have for equipment and free. instruments once pieces allofthe are inplace, anyone inAnacortes willbe We’re process stillinthe ofgetting but running, upand things before you invest! violin?the Let test them passion your outtheir (and earplugs) have you one canborrow! Your kids thinkthey want to learn to seeifyou like it!Needanextra ampfor aspecialevent? We town. Thinkyou want to learn Trombone? the You itout cantry right here in for equiptment and musical instruments free, library. lending our instrument ableto being Imagine borrow exciting ofmost One projects currently works inthe atAMPis by Clarity Laurie Millerand Racicot Library Lending Instrument Announces AMP - - membership to places like Lincoln the lapse,asit’s unlikely you’ll be As we approach year, ofthe end the itmightbetempting to letyour stay afloat. in order tois planning to in January furlough ofits staff starting some may come too late for theater’s ofthe some employees. Lincoln The much-needed future. inthe assistance sometime Unfortunately, help employed Anew relief through pandemic. billmay the offer some facedthey’ve this year, theater the to hasmanaged keep all of its staff Unsurprisingly, Lincoln the isonhard Inspite times. hardships ofthe tohopes resume live streaming inJanuary. full-band starting concerts whichinstruments, canincrease rate the oftransmission. Lincoln The were put in place due to risk the posed by use of wind the and singing ber dueto new restrictions on band performances. restrictions These streamed were concerts altered oroutright cancelled through Decem Quarantine series. Cinema However, Lincoln’s anumberofthe live Lincoln iscontinuing to offer movie online oftheir screenings asapart Lucyand Woodward Trio Inlieuofin-person screenings, concert. the screenings of uled for December have beencancelled. cancellations These included exception. is no arts, Dueto COVID-19 restrictions, several events sched LincolnThe Theater, our Mount Vernon local hub for and neighbor the arrival predicted ofthe winter “super-wave.” but halted normal operations since March—especially now, withthe our localvenues are to stillsubject restrictions same the thathave all life willgoonbutitwon’tthat, goback to normal. Unsurprisingly, allof unlikely to receive vaccine the untilspring orsummer. even And after workerger thanitlooks. you’re Unlessyou’re orathighrisk, afrontline for tunnel the pandemic fatigue—but brace yourself—the is lon tunnel With arrival the vaccine, ofthe there seemsto of end bealightatthe by Katie Reyerson Local Venues Struggle Pandemic As Continues, the Elvis: That’s Way The ItIs and anin-person Charlie and Hunter - - - munity—not unlike washing your ■ hands. in2021. It’s arts the easy, it’s goodfor you, it’s and good for your com Consider your making localcenters agoodhabitoutofsupporting for 2020 year hasbeenthe sink. atthe ofcultivating goodhabits,starting thrive inyears Doyour past. to them! part support incredible local venues that have Anacortes helped the music scene Brownthe Lantern, General Island Store, Guemes the allofthe and Lincoln your the needs and tosight, help getthere—as doACT Theatre, over,at lincolntheatre.org. isin end butthe pandemic isfar The from If membershipisn’t your donation style, consider making aone-time on-screen recognition, annual film passes, giftmemberships, andmore. including our own Rockfish Grill. Highermembership tiers also include invitation to exclusive events, discounts localbusinesses, and atselect ticket presales, discounts Lincoln ongeneral and merchandise, admission deal to begin with. Lincoln Theater members get access to exclusive If you didn’t already know, Lincoln membershipatthe isapretty sweet be entered into agrand prize raffle for anannualfilm pass. will Renew 2020 participants Rinse Lather, all addition, In passes. film perksThese include stickers, limited t-shirts, edition face coverings, and will receive additional perks on top of the standard membership benefits. campaign allnew, renewing, upgrading Lincoln and Theater members the During 2020. Renew Rinse, Lather, titled fittingly memberships, patronsage to become members, orto renew orupgrade existing their Since July, Lincoln the has been running a membership drive to encour for arts. the ever thatyou continue to give back provide and for ourlocalcenters humbly urge you—resist temptation. the It’s now than more important togoing movies the outsideofyour room living for to months come. I 7:00-9:00 PM 7 January Frances! Gillian access podcasts ofpast shows. and live listen to anacortesmusicproject.org to Go Thursday issue for more aboutFrances. this Versein Verse Chorus See September. in released Her first full-length , Miles Away From Myself, was Frances. Gillian multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter, month. For our first show of 2021 we will talk with singer, and beyond. Streaming live on the first Thursday of every you hear the music and thoughts of artists Anacortesfrom interviews, into tune NeXt The Show, live the show where artist and discussion music local of fix regular your For NeXtThis MonthonThe Show: ■

- - Share Your Local Anacortes Music Channel Verse Chime Chat with Cherry Do you know about the Anacortes Music Channel? One great pool of Anacortes Represent! In the tradition of the great personal advice column, Show Chime presents Chime Chat Music Knowledge! music just churning away—24/7! Each with Cherry. Do you have a problem you need help with? Are you wondering who you sound recording played at Anacortes Music Your support amplifies the music and Chorus can turn to? Cherry doesn’t just dish out advice, she peers deeply into your soul to find Call for Band Bios Project online radio has an Anacortes tie- musicians of Anacortes. In addition to the the answers within you. She also specializes in naming bands, boats, and babies. Write AMP’s radio plays 1000’s of songs by Ana- in, a story that, if not rooted in Anacortes, promotion, publication, and distribution to Cherry at [email protected]! Verse cortes connected artists 24 and 7. Now we is affected by or involves a person from of the SHOW CHIME music calendar, AMP Dear Cherry: neighborhood to provide free, live entertain- are ready to add all the details. The AMP our town. Tune in day and night at ana- is committed to creating events featuring Anyone who has ever gotten lost in the Every year for Christmas my dear sweet ment but I’m soooo embarrassed! How can archive of Bands, Venues, Shows, Compi- cortesmusicproject.org. local musicians, developing a scholarship liner notes knows that reading the lyrics grandmother gifts me a copy of her favorite I make him stop!? —Tone Deaf lations, Events, and Players is just getting and mentoring program, continuing the of a song can give you a whole new music album. That’s wonderful. Even though started! We are compiling photos, videos, development and collection of archives Dear Tone Deaf: perspective on a band or musician. As we don’t share the same taste in music I love and music, along with details of each artist/ Music Resources past and present, and shaping exciting Are you fortunate enough to have the kind we experience the music in our town, that she wants to share something with me band. We need help from the community to The Business visions for the future, such as a physical of plumbing where the flushing toilet makes we can appreciate the wonderful po- that brings her joy. The problem is that her build out this amazing resource. If you want The Business cultures Anacortes and the space for our community’s very own radio the shower ice cold? It seems like a few etry and writing that goes along with favorite album hasn’t changed since she to have your band included, just fill out our world with its selection of fiercely inde- station and music space. strategically placed flushes might curb his it. Here we highlight the words of one started this tradition and I now own eleven Archive Questionnaire! pendent new music. They offer music public warbling. Also, air horns are a thing. Your contribution is uplifting the culture song. Each piece of writing featured copies on CD of Perhaps Love by Placido subscriptions, curate local shows, and offer of art and music in our town. We’re doing here has a unique Anacortes connection. Domingo and John Denver. When do I tell Dear Cherry: label operations and mail-order fulfillment Call for Contributors this together! This month we have words from Gillian her I have enough copies? —Metalhead I would like to make 2021 a musical year! for many self-releasing artists and labels. Show Chime is looking for volunteer Frances, Anacortes mulit-instrumental- Do you have any suggestions for New Years Located at 216 Commercial and thebusi- Go to anacortesmusicproject.org Dear Metalhead: contributors to help us cover the local ist, singer, and songwriter. resolutions for me? —Looking Forward nessanacortes.com. and click on the sponsorship button. The world needs more sweet grandmothers, music scene. Lend your skills and passion Frances has been playing music ever so keep accepting her kind gifts. When Dear Forward: to help promote the homegrown music The UNKNOWN: Recording Studio since she picked up her father’s drum- she passes on, you can gift the 34 CDs you If you'd like to make this the year of music, you love and help us grow this beloved It’s an amazing place to record music. It AMP Swag for Sale sticks at the age of five. A child of par- have by that point to people you don't like. why not learn to play an instrument? AMP publication. Cover one show or become sounds huge because it is huge. Our great AMP t-shirts and stickers are now avail- ents who were involved in the Portland is working on building a free instrument a regular contributor. Have ideas about collection of equipment and instruments able! Support your local music scene by Dear Cherry: grunge scene of the 90’s, she witnessed lending library, and when they roll it out, what we should cover? Contact us at plus the skills and familiarity with the space sporting some swag. Shirts and stick- Ever since the pandemic began my dad has firsthand the lifestyle that musicians you'll be able to learn to play any instrument [email protected] have made consistently great for ers can be purchased at AMP events been singing in the shower, loudly, with the and creatives can live. At the age of ten, of your choosing! Stay tuned to the Show to start the conversation. people from all over the world who have or by becoming an AMP sponsor at window open. He thinks it’s a service to the she began attending the Rock and Roll Chime for further details! ■ traveled here to record. Email Nich at: anacortesmusicproject.org. Camp for Girls in Portland, OR--a music [email protected] camp dedicated to empowering women The ConneXtion Stay in Anacortes and girls through music. In addition to Town Talk Since 1997, The ConneXtion has been a Coming to Anacortes for a show? Stay the Rock Camp, she studied classical violin by Correspondent Nick Breadwinner: A Debut Album From Chris Aiken family-owned and operated business pro- night! Check out the range of options at for many years and began playing and Born and raised in State, Chris Aiken illustrates a relatable consciousness— » The historic Keystone Building, built in 1909, viding Direct2Consumer sales, marketing, Anacortes.org/stay/ writing songs on the guitar at sixteen. Aiken is a musician and songwriter who has especially to those who find themselves on in the 600 block of Commercial Ave., is up and fulfillment solutions for hundreds of The many different musical worlds that the Pacific Northwest in his bones. While the fringes, looking over the big picture as for sale. Part of the roof and skylight recently festivals, concerts, fashion brands, musi- Frances was involved with have blend- Get in Touch! living on Lopez Island, Chris's band, The in from the very NW corner of Washington collapsed during a windstorm. Hopefully the cians and bands, filmmakers, comedians, ed into a style of songwriting that is Want your music projects or shows men- Fieldboats, played many shows in Anacortes. State, or “a tree up on the timber line.” In new owners will keep the current diverse independent labels, foodies and more. uniquely hers—refined and gentle, bold tioned in the Show Chime? Want to sub- In 2015, The Fieldboats played for Karl Blau's Breadwinner Chris Aiken describes the “Grav- array of tenants. Selling price is $2.7 million, Headquartered in Anacortes, Washington, and unafraid, inquisitive and meditative. mit a piece of art or an article? Have ideas Anacortes Music Channel and in 2018 and ity” of heading into the 2020s: an awareness if you’re interested. their bi-coastal team provides white glove As a multi-instrumentalist, Frances has for Show Chime you’d like to share? 2019, they played The AMP's Guemes Fest. of the privilege and taking for granted of services to customers around the world. been collaborating in bands since she » There’s a new business with a long name Please get in touch! Additionally, in 2018, Chris won AMP's Fu- power and also a desire to be connected to Learn more at TheConneXtion.com. was sixteen, and only within the past behind Johnny Picasso’s. Honey Bee Healthy [email protected] tureFest songwriting contest with his song the natural surroundings and celestial bodies two years has she decided to step for- Cafe and Artisan Mercantile recently opened as Hoopla "This Machine Gives Birth to Giants.'' Bread- he obviously adores. Aiken’s Breadwinner ward and begin pushing her personal a place for local beekeepers to sell their wares. Missing your library? Check out Hoopla, winner is Chris's first full-length album and it dishes a healthy dose of lamentation, but Thank You! creative work into the world. Notably, Food service will start this Spring. a digital media service provided by the was recorded at Anacortes's Unknown Studio. make no mistake there is plenty of revelry Thank you to our sponsoring businesses; Frances played bass and guitar in Black​ Anacortes Public Library with support from Boasting a heap of indie-americana-folk and upbeat hope mixed in to rock out to. » An Anacortes institution since the 1960’s is Mugsy at The Red Snapper, Hal, Sheryl, and Belt Eagle Scout,​ was a collaborator in the Manieri Endowment. Access music, charm, Breadwinner features eleven original closed. The San Juan Lanes bowling alley on Erik at The Brown Lantern, Nick and Caro- indie-rock band ​Surfer Rosie,​ played Breadwinner can be found on Spotify at audiobooks, movies, ebooks, comics, and songs and multiple standout musical per- south Commercial is for sale for $2.3 million. lyn at Bikespot, Mark and Willy at Guemes violin in ​This Is The Kit, ​and drums in Chris Aiken, Breadwinner, and at most more, all in an incredibly user-friendly formances from local musicians, including A sale to developers who wish to turn it into Island General Store, Rick Star at Rockfish New York-based band B​everly​. major music outlets. To purchase a CD, visit interface. Sign up with your library card Karl's saxophone. another unsightly strip mall is pending. Sad. Bar and Grill, Barrett Community Caring Chris at thechrisaiken.com ■ at hoopladigital.com. Project. Thank you Manieri board, Chris Ter- » COVID-19 numbers are accelerating in our Kennelly Keys Music rell, and Keith Eyer at How It Works. Thank child Reviewed by Karl Blau: city, county, state and country. Make smart On his first solo recording, Breadwinner, Kennelly Keys provides instruments, you, community member sponsors; Laura choices. Be safe. ■ dear ones in the sky, front-man of Lopez Island’s staple, The Field- supplies, lessons, rentals, repairs, and Spehar, Victoria McNeil, Patti Pattee, Terry boats, Chris Aiken takes a mighty leap in venue space for performances, private Velin, and DJ Browne. Thank you to The please speak to me recording production quality and self-re- parties, and weddings. Check their SAM Project for all they do to promote our hearts are breaking all around, alization as a folk songwriter. As well as Fancy People Adventures website at www.kennellykeysmusic. cause. Thank you for all the special people songwriting, Chris Aiken possesses a gift by com/locations/anacortes/ for updates who made Yule happen this year! Thank guilt is swallowing. for wrangling NW talent to flesh out this on their operating schedule. you to Jacques Moiteret for our January texturally and sonically sensuous record. cover art. Thank you, Laurie Racicot, for Manieri Jazz & Swing Collection Each tune - bejeweled in cello, strings, wood- editing and design. This January issue of losses felt, The Anacortes Public Library features winds, banjo, lap steel and/or pedal steel Show Chime was printed by How it Works the Manieri Jazz & Swing Collection— how can i come to heal - possesses at least a spark of and made possible by a grant from the specially chosen books, CDs, and DVDs propped up by a world-conscious backbone Anacortes Public Library Manieri Endow- if i don't believe on the uniquely American art of jazz and of drums and upright bass, the latter quality ment. Getting the Show Chime to you each swing music. Sponsored by the Manieri in my own self-worth ever-permeating The Fieldboats. Aiken is no month is a community effort! This issue endowment, the entire collection is ac- slouch on the guitar, and the musicianship was written, edited, printed, distributed, sometimes i get less than what i deserve. cessible for check-out with your library of Breadwinner does well to bolster Aiken’s and probably read on the traditional lands membership. All materials can now be ■ lyrical messaging. of Samish, Skagit, Swinomish, and Puget checked out with curbside pickup. Visit Sound Salish people. An ever-present duality stretches across the library website for more information the record like a tightly tuned drum where and for jazz streaming services. ■