and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, Treasury § 21.32

1.00 gallon of either kerosene, deodorized of specially denatured alcohol or spe- kerosene, gasoline, unleaded gasoline, rub- cially denatured rum for uses not spe- ber hydrocarbon , or heptane. cifically authorized in this part. The code number before each item under § 21.23 Formula No. 19. ‘‘authorized uses’’ shall be used in re- To every 100 gallons of ethyl alcohol porting the use of specially denatured of not less than 160 proof add: alcohol or specially denatured rum. 4.0 gallons of either , [T.D. ATF–133, 48 FR 24673, June 2, 1983, as mixed isomers of nitropropane, or methyl amended by T.D. ATF–199, 50 FR 9183, Mar. 6, n- butyl ketone; and 1985] 1.0 gallon of either kerosene, deodorized ker- osene, gasoline, unleaded gasoline, rubber § 21.32 Formula No. 1. hydrocarbon solvent, or heptane. (a) Formula. To every 100 gallons of § 21.24 Formula No. 20. alcohol add: (a) Formula. To every 100 gallons of Four gallons of methyl alcohol and either 1⁄8 ethyl alcohol of not less than 195 proof avoirdupois ounce of benzoate, add: N.F.; 1 gallon of methyl isobutyl ketone; 1 gallon of mixed isomers of nitropropane; or A total of 2.0 gallons of either unleaded gaso- 1 gallon of methyl n- butyl ketone. line, rubber hydrocarbon solvent, kerosene, (b) Authorized uses. (1) As a solvent: or deodorized kerosene; or any combina- tion of these. 011. Cellulose coatings. 012. Synthetic resin coatings. (b) Authorized use. Restricted to fuel 013. Shellac coatings. use, comparable to specially denatured 014. Other natural resin coatings. alcohol ‘‘Use Code No.’’ 611, 612, 613, 016. Other coatings. 620, and 630. 021. Cellulose plastics. 022. Non-cellulose plastics, including resins. 031. Photographic film and emulsions. Subpart D—Specially Denatured 032. Transparent sheeting. Spirits Formulas and Author- 033. Explosives. ized Uses 034. Cellulose intermediates and industrial collodions. § 21.31 General. 035. Soldering flux. 036. Adhesives and binders. (a) Formulas for specially denatured 041. Proprietary . spirits. Alcohol and rum shall be spe- 042. Solvents and thinners (other than pro- cially denatured only in accordance prietary solvents or special industrial sol- with formulas prescribed in this sub- vents). part (or in accordance with § 21.5). 043. Solvents, special (restricted sale). (b) Proof of spirits for denaturation. Al- 051. Polishes. cohol of not less than 185 proof shall be 052. Inks (not including meat branding inks). used in the manufacture of all formulas 053. Stains (wood, etc.). of specially denatured alcohol, unless 141. Shampoos. otherwise specifically stated or unless 142. Soap and bath preparations. otherwise authorized by the appro- 311. Cellulose compounds (dehydration). priate ATF officer. Rum for denatura- 312. Sodium hydrosulfite (dehydration). tion shall be of not less than 150 proof 315. Other dehydration products. and may be denatured only in accord- 320. Petroleum products. ance with Formula No. 4. 331. Processing pectin. 332. Processing other food products. (c) Use of Denatured Spirits. Users and 341. Processing crude drugs. manufacturers holding approved Forms 342. Processing glandular products, vita- 5150.19 (formerly 1479–A) covering use mins, hormones, and yeasts. in processes or manufacture of prod- 343. Processing antibiotics and vaccines. ucts no longer authorized for a par- 344. Processing medicinal chemicals (in- ticular formula may continue that use. cluding alkaloids). Pursuant to written application and 345. Processing blood and blood products. 349. Miscellaneous drug processing (includ- subject to the provisions of 26 U.S.C. ing manufacture of pills). Chapter 51, Part 20 of this chapter, and 351. Processing dyes and intermediates. this part, the appropriate ATF officer, 352. Processing perfume materials and fixa- may authorize the use of any formula tives.


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