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Toledo Marshals Say ‘Cheese,’ Chehalis Trio of South Lewis County Veterans to Be Black Sheep Creamery Opens New Storefront Honored at Upcoming Parade / Life 1 in Downtown Chehalis Building / Main 4

Centralia Steam Train Rides Again Council After Repairs Delay Season, Chehalis-Centralia Fixture Is Back to Accept $900,000 for China Creek Flood Work By The Chronicle The Centralia City Council is expected to approve an agree- ment tonight to accept $900,000 for construction of a project to reduce flooding and improve fish habitat in China Creek. The urban waterway produc- es flooding events on an annual basis, spilling out of its banks at various points as it cuts through Centralia en route to the Cheha- lis River. The city evaluated the idea of upstream storage in 2013, and shortly thereafter property in the area of the Agnew ponds was donated to the city for the project. please see FLOOD, page Main 16

Weekend Snow Has White

Pete Caster / [email protected] Pass Thinking Harold Borovec, the chief mechanical oicer at the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad and Museum steam train, looks at the lames inside the irebox of the steam engine as they warm it up in preparation of moving the engine on Monday afternoon in Chehalis. About Winter PRECIPITATION TO ENGINE TESTED: Engineers CONTINUE: High Volumes Troubleshoot Chehalis- of Rain Predicted, Some Centralia Railroad and Snow As Well Museum Steam Train By Justyna Tomtas in Preparation of Year’s [email protected] First Ride on Saturday For the fourth time this year, By Justyna Tomtas White Pass Ski Area saw some [email protected] snow at high altitudes over the weekend. After sitting idle for 10 It’s a frosty development of- months, the engine of the Che- ficials at the resort say is nice to halis-Centralia Railroad and see, but the opening date is still Museum steam train was fired a waiting game as employees up during a test run on Monday wait for more powder. to ensure all renovations to the Kevin McCarthy, general op- train are successful. erations manager of the ski area, As a fire burned in the bow- said by the looks of the webcam els of the train, engineers were at High Camp, 2 to 4 inches of on site to make sure there were snow fell. What’s promising no leaks as the engine slowly about the weekend snow is that worked up to 150 pounds of it almost crept down to the level pressure. of the mountain pass, McCarthy Harold Borovec, an engineer said. Harold Borovec, the chief mechanical oicer at the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad and Museum steam train, looks on as a please see TRAIN, page Main 16 volunteer prepares the engine to run on Monday afternoon in Chehalis. please see SNOW, page Main 16

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More Than Just GOING ON NOW THROUGH OCTOBER 31ST GOINGa Tire ON Store! NOW! • Oil & Lube • Belts & Hoses • Shocks & Struts • Batteries Get a $50 Instant Rebate on the purchase • Air Conditioning • Custom Wheels • Radiator • General Repair • Computerized • Suspension Service of a set of 4 select Goodyear Tires! CH549326bw.jd Chehalis • 748-6611 Wheel Alignments • Auto & Lt. Truck 1283 N.W. State Ave. • Brakes Accessories Plus get Mail in Rebates up to $160!! Exit 79 off I-5 • Lift Kits And Much More! *See store for all the details Main 2 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 PAGE TWO

News Daily Outtake: Bearcats Didn’t Win Everything of the Weird “When you’re dealing with Dog Named Trigger the media (as a law enforcement Shoots Owner During officer), you can’t assume that people want to be named,” Bag- Indiana Hunt by told the newspaper. NORTH WEBSTER, Ind. Since the skeletons were dis- (AP) — Authorities say a north- covered, they have become an ern Indiana woman is recover- attraction to recreational divers. ing after being shot in the foot by But Sholl said he pulled them her dog. from the river Friday and put And the dog’s name? Trigger. them on his balcony in Parker. Indiana Conservation Offi- He said he would return the cer Jonathon Boyd said 25-year- skeletons after Halloween. old Allie Carter, of Avilla, laid The sheriff’s office says it her 12-gauge shotgun on the wasn’t illegal for Sholl to take the ground without the safety on skeletons. But Chris Chambers, during a waterfowl hunt Sat- of the Buckskin Fire Depart- urday at Tri-County Fish and ment, said he hopes Sholl doesn’t

Wildlife Area. keep them long. Pete Caster / [email protected] Boyd says Carter’s choco- The Bearcat mascot reacts after losing in a game of rock-paper-scissors to the Tiger mascot during halftime of the late Labrador retriever, Trigger, Russian Police Find Swamp Cup on Friday night at Bearcat Stadium in Chehalis. The Bearcats won the game in decisive fashion. The story stepped on top of the shotgun and many more photos are available online at and depressed the trigger. Half a Ton of Caviar He said Carter was shot in in Speeding Hearse the left foot at point-blank range, suffering injuries to her foot and MOSCOW (AP) — Police in Notable Quote toes. She was treated at two hos- Russia’s far east stopped a hearse pitals and released. speeding on a highway — only to find half a ton of caviar stashed inside. Diver Removes Famous The Interior Ministry’s de- “You get a front-row seat to the greatest show on Earth. Really, Fake Skeletons From partment in the Khabarovsk re- we all have morbid curiosity, and it’s exciting.” gion said on Tuesday the hearse Colorado River was caught speeding on the road PARKER, Ariz. (AP) — A connecting Khabarovsk, not far Rick Buckner diver who felt he didn’t get his from the Chinese border, to a retiring detective fair share of the credit for discov- city further north. When police ering two fake skeletons sitting officers asked the driver to open in lawn chairs at the bottom of the car they saw plastic contain- (see page Main 14 for the full story) the Colorado River has removed ers with caviar hidden under the them from their watery grave. wreaths lying next to a casket. Martin Sholl said he spotted More caviar was found inside the the skeletons, adorned in sun- casket, which did not contain a glasses, flip-flops, a bikini and a body. Today in History rainbow-colored wig, tethered to The driver and his partner, lawn chairs while scuba diving who both work for a funeral di- Today’s Highlight in History: Benjamin O. Davis Jr. was pro- New York’s Lincoln Center. moted to brigadier general, the In 1990, death claimed in the river near the Arizona- rector, told the police they had On Oct. 27, 1787, the first of first black officer to achieve that bandleader Xavier Cugat at age California line in May, Today’s been hired by a man in a village the Federalist Papers, a series of News-Herald in Lake Havasu outside Khabarovsk who asked essays calling for ratification of rank in the USAF. Walt Disney’s 90, author Elliott Roosevelt at City reported Monday. them to take the casket with the the United States Constitution, first television program, titled age 80 and French movie director He alerted the La Paz County body of a female relative to a city was published. “Disneyland” after the yet-to-be Jacques Demy (“The Umbrellas Sheriff’s Office, and authorities morgue. The men insisted that completed theme park, pre- of Cherbourg”) at age 59. discovered the skeletons were they had no idea what was inside miered on ABC. In 1995, a sniper killed one plastic. the casket. On This Date: In 1962, during the Cuban soldier and wounded 18 others “Skeleton tea party,” Sholl said. Police are looking into the In 1858, the 26th president of Missile Crisis, a U-2 reconnais- at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. “It was funny. The next day when source of the caviar and consid- the United States, Theodore Roo- sance aircraft was shot down (Paratrooper William J. Kreutzer my friend called and told me that ering charges for illegal produc- sevelt, was born in New York City. while flying over Cuba, killing was convicted in the shootings, the chaos I created was on every tion and distribution. In 1880, Theodore Roosevelt the pilot, U.S. Air Force Maj. Ru- and condemned to death; the morning show in the country, I Caviar production in Russia is married his first wife, Alice Lee. dolf Anderson Jr. sentence was later commuted to was shocked. ... I found out they strictly regulated and contained In 1922, the first annual cel- In 1978, Egyptian President life in prison.) didn’t mention me at all.” to about 50 sturgeon farms. Wild ebration of Navy Day took place. Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime In 2004, the Boston Red Sox Instead, Sholl said the me- caviar production and sturgeon In 1938, Du Pont announced Minister Menachem Begin won their first World Series since dia focused on La Paz County fishing is almost entirely banned, a name for its new synthetic yarn: (men-AH’-kem BAY’-gihn) were 1918, sweeping the St. Louis Car- Deputy Curt Bagby, who led the except for indigenous peoples of “nylon.” named winners of the Nobel dinals in Game 4, 3-0. recovery of the skeletons and Russia’s north who have to obtain In 1947, “You Bet Your Life,” Peace Prize for their progress Ten years ago: White House investigated how they ended up permits. Sturgeon populations starring Groucho Marx, pre- toward achieving a Middle East counsel Harriet Miers withdrew in the river. When Sholl called in the Caspian Sea have shrunk miered on ABC Radio. (It later accord. her nomination to the Supreme a news outlet, he was told that dramatically since the fall of the became a television show on In 1980, opera star Beverly Court after three weeks of brutal Bagby wasn’t sure he would want Soviet Union because of illegal NBC.) Sills gave her last public perfor- criticism from fellow conserva- to speak. fishing. In 1954, U.S. Air Force Col. mance during a farewell gala at tives. The Weather Almanac

5-Day Forecast for the Lewis County Area River Stages National Map Gauge Flood 24 hr. Forecast map for Oct. 27, 2015 Today Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Height Stage Change Chehalis at Mellen St. 110s 48.61 65.0 +0.04 100s H Skookumchuck at Pearl St. 90s 72.92 85.0 -0.02 80s L Cowlitz at Packwood 70s 2.35 10.5 +0.43 60s H Cowlitz at Randle 50s 40s Mostly Sunny Rain Likely Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy Rain Likely 3.54 18.0 +0.10 30s 62º 47º 60º 48º 62º 47º 58º 48º 63º 47º Cowlitz at Mayield Dam 20s H 3.72 ---- 0.00 L 10s

0s This map shows high temperatures, type of precipitation expected and Almanac Regional Weather Sun and Moon location of frontal systems at noon. L H Data reported from Centralia Sunrise today ...... 7:47 a.m. Cold Front Stationary Front Warm Front Low Pressure High Pressure Temperature Bellingham Brewster Sunset tonight ...... 6:03 p.m. Yesterday’s High ...... 59 Moonrise ...... 6:38 p.m. National Cities Yesterday’s Low ...... 54 60/44 58/38 Moonset...... 7:51 a.m. Normal High ...... 59 Port Angeles Today Wed. Normal Low...... 42 58/46 City Hi/Lo Wx Hi/Lo Wx Record High ...... 74 in 1944 Seattle Anchorage 46/37 pc 45/36 cl Record Low...... 29 in 2007 61/49 Boise 59/40 s 59/45 s Precipitation Olympia Ellensburg Full Last New First Boston 53/42 s 61/59 ra Yesterday ...... 0.16" 60/45 58/36 10/27 11/3 11/11 11/19 Dallas 78/56 s 80/55 s Month to date ...... 1.88" Tacoma Honolulu 87/73 ra 86/73 s Normal month to date ...3.12" Centralia 61/47 Pollen Forecast Las Vegas 80/61 s 78/60 pc Year to date...... 22.40" 62/47 Yakima Nashville 66/60 t 70/50 t Normal year to date ....31.93" Chehalis Allergen Today Wednesday Phoenix 86/65 s 84/66 s 61/37 Longview 62/46 Trees None None St. Louis 61/55 sh 67/44 pc Salt Lake City 59/43 s 64/46 mc WeArea Want Conditions Your Photos 63/49 Grass None None Vancouver Shown is today's Weeds None None San Francisco 71/60 pc 71/59 ra Yesterday weather. Temperatures Mold None None Washington, DC 57/55 pc 67/62 ra Portland 63/49 The Dallesare today's highs and CitySend in your weather-related Hi/Lo Prcp. photo - graphs to The Chronicle for our Voices 64/54 63/43 tonight's lows. World Cities page. Send them to voices@chronline. com. Include name, date and descrip- Today Wed. Today Wed. tion of the photograph. Regional Cities City Hi/Lo Wx Hi/Lo Wx City Hi/Lo Wx Hi/Lo Wx Today Wed. Today Wed. Baghdad 90/73 t 84/70 sh New Delhi 88/66 s 86/64 t City Hi/Lo Wx Hi/Lo Wx City Hi/Lo Wx Hi/Lo Wx Beijing 61/41 s 59/43 s 66/54 pc 59/46 ra Weather (Wx): cl/cloudy; pc/partly Bremerton 60/50 s 58/51 ra Spokane 56/36 s 55/41 s London 63/50 pc 59/48 cl Rio de Janeiro 81/72 cl 77/72 cl cloudy; r/rain; rs/rain & snow; s/sunny; Ocean Shores 61/50 s 58/51 ra Tri Cities 64/36 s 57/43 mc Mexico City 72/52 ra 72/52 sh Rome 70/57 pc 68/59 cl sh/showers; sn/snow; t/thunderstorms Olympia 60/45 pc 58/47 ra Wenatchee 61/40 s 56/44 cl Moscow 43/34 cl 37/28 l Sydney 64/61 cl 66/57 s


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(360) 736-0112 Call 360-736-3311 360.273.5213 • Main 3 ELECTIONS The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 Washington Voters Will Weigh In on Anti-Tax Measure LAW: Embattled Tim islature approves a constitutional courts say we don't like these the risk of losing state revenue The case has been referred to amendment before April 15 that things," Eyman said. The initia- would be devastating. the state attorney general, who Eyman Back at It voters would weigh in on later tive "has the potential to protect "At a time when we need to in- has not yet said what, if any ac- in Attempt to Tie that year. Currently, taxes can be every taxpayer forever from tax crease our funding of K-12, that tion, the office will take. It's not raised through a simple-majority increases from Olympia." would be the wrong thing do," he the first time Eyman has faced Legislature’s Hands vote of the Legislature. Any such amendment would said, warning that deep budget accusations of secretly diverting on New Taxes Opponents of the measure face a daunting road to passage, cuts would be necessary. "I don't funds. call it legisla- given that many Democrats op- know where we'd get the money." OLYMPIA (AP) — There has A 2002 case resulted in Ey- tive blackmail, pose a two-thirds rule and in or- The state Office of Financial man paying more than $50,000 been no shortage of efforts to and say it will Election der for a constitutional amend- Management has estimated that limit Washington state lawmak- in penalties in fees and being likely not pass ment to make it to the ballot, two the initiative would reduce rev- prohibited from serving as a ers' ability to raise taxes over the constitutional thirds of the Legislature must ap- enue to the state budget by $8 bil- years, both legislatively and on 2015 campaign treasurer. muster if ap- prove it. Republicans control the lion through the middle of 2021, the ballot. The Eyman has refused to dis- proved by vot- Senate, but with a 26-23 majority if its tax-cut element becomes cuss the most recent allegations, latest ballot ers. But initia- don't have the votes required to law. saying that he is focused on the measure before tive sponsor pass such a measure. Democrats While the state Supreme voters gives law- Tim Eyman, currently control the House with Court ultimately refused to block initiative and that voters should makers a choice: who has a long a 51-47 majority. the measure from the ballot, the "evaluate the initiatives on their send a constitu- history of anti- That means the more likely justices said that they would re- merits." tional amend- tax efforts, insists he's merely outcome if the initiative passes tain the appeal for a later deci- Recent polling showed split ment to voters seeking to end the "tug of war on is that the state will see a dip in sion on the merits. support from voters. Indepen- that would re- this policy." Previous voter-ap- revenues from a cut in the state Meanwhile, Eyman is fac- dent pollster Stuart Elway found instate a two- Tim Eyman proved initiatives sponsored by sales tax, Democratic Sen. David ing campaign finance allega- support for Initiative 1366 has initiative seen a dip in support, dropping thirds legisla- promoter Eyman required a supermajority Frockt said. tions after state investigators last tive majority vote on taxes, but the state Su- Frockt, who had been a month accused him of violating from 49 percent in July to 42 per- requirement to raise taxes or else preme Court struck that require- plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking to Washington election law by mis- cent in October. see a cut in the state sales tax. ment down in 2013, saying it was keep the measure off the ballot, spending campaign funds from According to the survey, 42 Initiative 1366 would de- unconstitutional. said that with lawmakers facing a previous measure three years percent are opposed to the mea- crease the 6.5-percent state sales "The voters keep voting for court-ordered requirements on ago, and diverting $170,000 for sure, while 16 percent are unde- tax to 5.5 percent unless the Leg- it, and the Legislature and the things like education funding, his personal use. cided. Opponents: Wildlife Initiative Would Come Down on Antiques ELECTION: Proponents Say Move Would Send a Message and Protect Endangered Wildlife, but Collectors Fear Unintended Consequences on Ivory Antiques By Dameon Pesanti [email protected] Walking through the Cen- tralia Square Antique Mall, John Regan can point to numerous antiques that will go from collec- tor’s items to contraband if vot- ers approve Initiative 1401 dur- ing the Nov. 3 general election. A small metal jar with an ivory inlay on the lid, a costume jewelry necklace, a cue ball, all on display and for sale at the mall, would all be illegal to sell or give away if I-1401 passes The stated goal is to come down hard on traffickers of threatened endangered animal parts, but collectors say they may become collateral damage. Proponents argue the law will send a powerful message in the fight to protect iconic animal Pete Caster / [email protected] species from poaching and traf- John Regan, owner of the Centralia Square Antique Mall, points to an ivory statuette of Shiva, a Hindu deity, in one of the showcases at the mall on Thursday morning ficking. Opponents argue there in Centralia. are already several laws at the state and federal level to pun- ish those involved in the illegal animal trade. What the initiative will really do, they say, is crimi- nalize antique dealers and collec- tors and effectively criminalize a part of modern history.

THE INITIATIVE FIRST came to life as a bill in the Washington Legislature. It received biparti- san support, but also bipartisan opposition, and was struck down. It is backed by Microsoft co- founder and philanthropist Paul Allen. He’s donated $1.7 million of the $2.7 million raised. Second An ivory statuette of Shiva, a Hindu deity, sits in a showcase at Centralia Square only to China, the United States Antique Mall on Thursday morning in Centralia. is the largest market for products Stu Halsan, a board member of the Legal Ivory Rights Coalition Committee, talks from endangered species, they say. about Washington Initiative 1401 and how the anti-animal traicking initiative in Africa?” said Stu Halsan, a would afect small antique ivory sellers. Also, the Ports of Tacoma and Se- former local Democratic sena- attle are major entry points. tor, antiques collector, attorney Scientists estimate an ele- and member of the Legal Ivory ‘‘No informed ivory verifying the white materials are the trend, they say. phant is killed every 15 minutes Rights Coalition. trafficker would try ivory, and not something that But now it’s up to the voters for its ivory. In his personal collection, has similar characteristics. The of Washington to decide if they If passed, initiative would Halsen has several examples of to smuggle tusks into only way to be 100 percent sure want to send a message in the criminalize the sale or giving antiques made from elephant would be to destroy part of the fight to protect wildlife or allow away — except through a will ivory, one of which is a pocket- the U.S.’’ antique for a materials analysis, antique collectors and vendors to — almost anything made from sized Civil War-era daily led- but that still wouldn’t offer any maintain their own ivory trade. rays, sharks, marine turtles, li- ger that fans open. Although Daniel Stiles verification to the product’s age. ons, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, it’s more than 100 years old, it African elephant specialist Not all ivory would be illegal pangolins, rhinos and wild el- would still be illegal for him to under the initiative either. Elk ephants. The only exceptions are sell because it’s made almost tooth ivory would still be legal, certain musical instruments and as would those of walrus — as entirely of ivory. In total, he esti- antiques more than 100 years old “But my in-depth research long as they were harvested in mates having about $1,000 worth that contain less that 15 percent and understanding of how and the right way. by volume of ivory or other ani- of antiques that are either entire- why elephant poaching for ivory Support for the amendment mal products. ly or partially made of ivory that is motivated and driven has led comes from the Washington According to Regan, giv- would be rendered worthless be- me to believe that a ‘prohibition- Chapter of the Sierra Club, The ing away or selling the $24 cos- cause he wouldn’t be able to sell ist’ approach is the wrong one,” Humane Society, the Woodland tume jewelry ivory necklace (or them if the initiative passes. He he said in comments to the Na- Park Zoo, the Center for Conser- any other item containing ivory argues the proportional impact tional Fish and Wildlife Service. vation Biology at the University that’s valued at less than $250) to his personal collection would He found that there is a glut of Washington and the School of could get a person a year in jail be like taking a $10 million of ivory in the United States, Global Animal Health at Wash- and a fine of up to $5,000. There painting from Allen. meaning a raw tusk here can sell ington State University. would also be a $2,000 assess- “They can’t show me taking for only 10-15 percent of those in They argue the initiative will China. ment for the gross misdemeanor. away the value of the antique give law enforcement officials new The harshest punishments can stop in any way from stop- “No informed ivory trafficker tools to fight the smuggling of ivo- would be a felony punishable by ping the terrorists in Africa,” he would try to smuggle tusks into ry that comes into the U.S. They five years in prison and a $14,000 argues. the U.S.,” he said. say the growth of the illegal ivory fine if the item in question is Indeed, Daniel Stiles, an African trade has exploded at a rate faster ENFORCEMENT WOULD be left worth $250 or more. elephant specialist, said his analysis than anyone thought possible and to the Washington Department 736-6603 “When you get down to the of the situation showed poaching is the demand is driving rare and of Fish and Wildlife. Part of the • 1211 Harrison • Centralia point, they will be cracking being caused by East Asian demand endangered animals to extinction. problem facing antique enthusi- down on antique ivory to stop for raw ivory, not by consumer de- Decisive leadership at the 748-0295 asts and wildlife officials alike is • 36 N. Market • Chehalis the trafficking of illegal ivory mand for worked ivory. state level is needed to combat Main 4 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 LOCAL Black Sheep Creamery Now Open in Downtown Chehalis STOREFRONT: Adna Business Expands Into New Building By The Chronicle Black Sheep Creamery cel- ebrated its grand opening this weekend as the business opened its doors at a retail location in downtown Chehalis. The shop features a cheese- making area, a coffee counter, a deli case and a yarn shop called Ewe and I. It gives shoppers a unique opportunity not other- wise available in the city. The creamery was originally located in Adna for a decade before it decided to set up shop in Chehalis, selling its popular cheese. Meg Gregory, the owner of the creamery located at 570 N. Market Blvd., said the grand opening was a success and brought in a lot of people. “It was great. It was very well attended by our local people,” she said. Originally, Gregory and her husband, Brad, hoped to open the shop in July, but the building needed a new electrical system, postponing the opening day. The cheesemaking portion of the business went online in Sep- tember, Gregory said. Black Sheep Creamery has joined with Ewe and I, a local Pete Caster / [email protected] yarn store, which has a vast se- Meg Gregory, owner of Black Sheep Creamery, walks behind the counter of her new storefront in downtown Chehalis on Monday afternoon. The store opened on lection of yarn as well as classes Friday. on spinning fibers, knitting and soap making, among others. Gregory said the classes will begin in full force in January, al- though some classes are already scheduled for the remainder of this year. The business moved into a storefront that stood emp- ty for three years, located next to the Chehalis Theater on Market Boulevard. Originally the creamery be- gan producing cheese in 2005 af- ter it acquired a milking license in 2004. In an earlier interview with The Chronicle, Brad Gregory said after 22 years on the farm, the business owners were look- Women look at diferent kinds of yarn for sale by Ewe and I on display at Black ing forward to having more of a Sheep Creamery in downtown Chehalis on Monday afternoon. presence in town. The new retail location will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. We Provide In-House Dental Coverage! Monday through Friday. For more information, call (360) 345- 1507 or visit www.blacksheep- Cheese from Black Sheep Creamery sits on the counter top of the new storefront NO NO in downtown Chehalis on Monday afternoon. Insurance? Problem! News in Brief Includes two dental Twelve Arrested in Lewis and text the details of the tip. or providing assistance to mo- $ cleanings, one dental If the tip leads to an arrest, torists. Three troopers and sev- exam, unlimited Crime Stoppers will use the eral citizens were injured in the County During Domestic digital x-rays, PLUS Violence Warrant Sweep anonymous code to communi- collisions. Emergency vehicles 99 year cate with you about how to claim covered by the law include po- 10% of all services! By The Chronicle your reward. This should not be lice, fire, medical, tow trucks and Law enforcement officers in used for in-progress crimes, ac- other vehicles providing road- Lewis County arrested 12 people cording to Crime Stoppers. side assistance with their hazard Oct. 22 as part of the 13th Na- Tips can also be submitted lights on. In 2014, WSP troopers by calling 1-800-748-6422, or stopped more than 4,000 sus- tional Domestic Violence War- rant Sweep. by going to www.lewiscounty- pected violators of the law. The Lewis County Sheriff’s (360) 748-7840 Office, the Centralia Police De- Human Response partment, the Washington State State Patrol to Conduct Evening appointments Patrol and the Department of Network Executive available! Corrections participated in the Emphasis Patrol for Director Set to Resign Free implant warrant sweep. consultation Officers attempted to serve Trooper Safety By The Chronicle By The Chronicle 73 warrants in the county, in- Due to personal health issues, Free 2nd opinions cluding 65 misdemeanor and The Washington State Patrol Tara Leno, the executive director eight felony warrants. announced this week a state- of the Human Response Net- 100% same day They successfully served one wide emphasis patrol to bring work, has submitted her resigna- appointment felony and 11 misdemeanor war- Dr. Downing increased awareness to the Move tion effective Dec. 31. and family guarantee! CH546921rc.jd rants for a total of 12 arrests, all Over Law. Recruitment for a new execu- of which occurred without in- The law requires drivers ap- tive director will begin immedi- cident, according to the Lewis proaching emergency vehicles ately, Donna Karvia, board presi- County Sheriff’s Office. on the side of the road to either dent of the Human Response “We take a zero tolerance ap- merge into the next lane, or if Network, said in an email. Local Businesses: proach to domestic violence in there isn’t a second lane in the “We appreciate her outstand- Lewis County,” said Sheriff Rob same direction, reduce speed ing work with the board of direc- Generate New Revenue and Snaza in a statement. “Offenders and proceed with caution. tors, funding agencies, the com- need to be held accountable for The emphasis patrol is sched- munity and staff that will enable Entice New Customers their actions. We will continue uled to take place from Tuesday us to continue the successful to participate in this type of war- through Thursday. growth of the agency, and we are rant sweep and encourage those Between 2007 and 2014, 212 encouraged by her commitment with warrants to be responsible State Patrol vehicles were hit to remain involved in the future and take care of them.” while conducting traffic stops as a volunteer,” Karvia said. According to statistics pro- 2015 Shop vided by the Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement agencies in 38 states Title Guaranty Co. Of Lewis County participated in the national Since 1958 sweep, serving 1,654 warrants Title Insurance • Escrow Service out of 8,223 attempts. Your Locally Owned Company Local & Save Big Tipsters Can Now Text Shopping to Crime Stoppers Local With he Chronicle By The Chronicle Lewis County Crime Stop- Call our advertising representatives today pers is now accepting anony- mous crime tips through text and trade your goods and services for messages. Agent for First American, Chicago and Stewart Title Insurance advertising credit!

To begin using the service, CH549281rc.jd text LEWIS to 274637. You will • 360-748-0001 receive a reply with an anony- 200 Northwest Paciic Ave., Chehalis mous code generated by Crime Mailing: P.O. Box 1304, Chehalis 736-8203 Stoppers software. Reply again, • Main 5 LOCAL The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 Water and Sewer Rates to Go Up for The Chronicle is published Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings by Lafromboise Communications, Inc. Winlock Residents; Ordinance Pending MISSED OR LATE PAPER? Delivery deadlines: Tuesday and Thursday ...... 5:30 p.m. FLAT RATE: Council Votes jump from $275 to $306. council voted not to increase A 1 percent increase, if passed, Saturday ...... 7:30 a.m. The increase is expected to property taxes at its Monday would have collected $7.40 per Missed papers will only be credited up to 2 weeks, Down Property Tax PLEASE call us immediately Monday - Friday at take effect on Jan. 1, 2016. meeting. $100,000 of property value to be 360-807-8203 or leave us a message on our after hours Increase The Rural Community As- “With water, sewer rates going used in the city’s general fund line at 360-807-7676 sistance Corp. evaluated the city’s up, we as a council would like to and its streets fund. Tuesday ...... 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. By Kaylee Osowski drinking water and sewer rates, choose not to raise them again “A $7.40 impact to some citi- Thursday ...... 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Saturday ...... 7:30 - 10:30 a.m. [email protected] finding that the town should de- so we give that break on property zens really isn’t very much, but crease its water cost but increase taxes,” Councilor Sarah Gifford when you impact everybody and While the Winlock City its wastewater rates to ensure explained to the public. the city has $5,000 or $8,000 that TO SUBSCRIBE Council has not officially ap- each utility is paying for itself; Councilors could have used it can utilize over the course of the To start a new subscription or to schedule a vacation proved an ordinance to change drinking water revenues should the 1 percent it banked last year year from everybody donating to it, stop or restart, visit or call cus- the town’s water and sewer rates, not supplement sewer expendi- and an additional 1 percent as it adds up,” Mayor Lonnie Dowell tomer service at 807-8203 or (800) 562-6084, ext. customers will soon receive noti- tures, they said. allowed by the state for a total in- said. 1203. Monday - Friday ...... 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. fications of the impending over- Water will decrease from $66 crease of 2 percent. The council- City Clerk Tedi Curry said TO PLACE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING all increase to their bills. to $37 every other month and ors also could have voted just to the increase would bring in about Call 807-8203 or (800) 562-6084, ext. 1203, or visit Residents can expect the wastewater will increase from increase property tax by 1 percent. $5,000. minimum bill, which is sent ev- $187 to $245. Instead they voted to bank 1 per- The councilors unanimously Monday - Friday ...... 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. ery other month, for utilities to Due to the likely change, the cent this year as well. voted down the proposed increase. Classified / Legals / Obituary Manager Amanda Curry ...... 736-3311 ext. 1277 [email protected] Centralia Man Charged With Assault After Bar Fight OFFICE LOCATION AND HOURS 321 N. Pearl St., Centralia By The Chronicle Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. A Centralia man was charged SUBSCRIPTION RATES Monday with second-degree as- Newsstand weekday rate ...... $1 sault after allegedly assaulting Newsstand weekend rate ...... $1 a cab driver in a bar Sunday in Home delivery downtown Centralia. One month ...... $12.90 Jorge B. Quiroz-Moreno, 31, Three months ...... $35.15 made his first appearance in Six months ...... $65.15 Lewis County Superior Court One year ...... $122 Monday afternoon. Judge James By mail to Washington and Oregon/Other States Lawler granted him $10,000 bail. One month ...... $17.05 / $19.60 Three months ...... $50.50 / $58.80 Centralia police responded at Six months ...... $99.15 / $115.40 about 1 a.m. Sunday to the Tower One year ...... $194 / $227.45 Tavern in the 100 block of South Online subscriptions to Tower Avenue to break up a fight One day ...... $2 at the bar. One month ...... $8 Upon arriving, officers spoke One year ...... $84 with the alleged victim, a cab Print subscribers always have full access to Subscriptions are non-refundable but the printed sub- driver at the bar who had not scriptions can be started and stopped for vacations or been drinking. His left eye was when extended breaks in service are requested. Balances almost swollen shut, according may be held on account or can be donated to Newspapers to court documents. in Education. The man told officers Quiroz- BACK ISSUES Moreno had been trying to start Limited copies of back issues of The Chronicle are avail- fights with people at the bar. One able at $1 per copy. Back issues greater than two weeks man reportedly struck Quiroz- old are $2 per issue. Moreno. THE NEWSROOM Quiroz-Moreno reportedly For news tips, corrections or story ideas, please contact hit a woman, then hit the cab the appropriate person listed below. driver several times in the face. EDITOR The driver reportedly knocked Eric Schwartz ...... 807-8224 Quiroz-Moreno to the ground. [email protected] Officers arrested Quiroz- Sports Editor Moreno. Police later learned the Natalie Johnson / [email protected] Aaron VanTuyl...... 807-8229 alleged victim had a broken eye Jorge B. Quiroz-Moreno makes an appearance in Lewis County Superior Court on Monday afternoon at the Lewis County [email protected] Law and Justice Center in Chehalis. Quiroz-Moreno was charged with second-degree assault after being arrested when po- Visuals Editor socket, according to court docu- Pete Caster ...... 807-8232 lice broke up a bar ight early Sunday morning at the Tower Tavern. ments. [email protected] Police, Fire, Courts, Environment, West and Central Lewis County Communities News in Brief Natalie Johnson ...... 807-8235 [email protected] Robert Lawrence Niquette, police services. I know it was held Thursday Nov. 5, 11 a.m. - 1 Centralia/Chehalis Government, Health, Texas Man Sentenced in 56, was accused in December a big … shouting match there p.m. at Chehalis City Hall, at 350 East Lewis County Communities Internet Luring of Lewis of fishing in the Cowlitz River sometimes, but I think it’s really North Market Blvd. Dameon Pesanti ...... 807-8237 at the Blue Creek Boat Ramp, helped the city out a lot,” Mum- During the meetings, people [email protected] County Teen Education, Business, South Thurston County despite the fact that his fishing mert said. will be able to view conceptual Communities, Napavine By The Chronicle privileges had been suspended His term began in 2014 and designs that reflect the potential Justyna Tomtas ...... 807-8239 A Texas man was sentenced for his lifetime due to past viola- is set to expire in 2017. improvements to the park and [email protected] to 5½ years in prison for report- tions of state fishing law. “I’m indebted to the citizens Penny Playground. Costs will be Lewis County Government, Legislature, included. Feedback is encour- Tourism, Religion, edly instigating a sexual rela- He pleaded guilty on Sept. of Winlock for voting me in South Lewis County Communities tionship with a Lewis County 23 to a first-degree violation of and I appreciate every day that I aged. All designs and concepts Kaylee Osowski ...... 807-8208 teenager over social networking a Washington State Department have been able to serve the citi- are preliminary. Public com- [email protected] smartphone apps. of Fish and Wildlife fishing sus- zens,” Mummert said. ments will be included in the fi- Sports, News and Photography Lavon S. Sellers, 32, of Dallas, pension, and was sentenced Oct. With one contested seat in nal designs. Brandon Hansen ...... 807-8227 Texas, pleaded guilty on Sept. 23 20 to 22 months in prison, with the upcoming November elec- For those unable to attend, an [email protected] credit for five days served. tion, those two candidates have online open house will also be Death Notices, What’s Happening, to two counts of sexual exploita- Opinion, Letters to the Editor, Voices tion of a minor and two counts of According to court docu- basically already applied, and available from now until Nov. 13 at www.recreationpark.public- Doug Blosser ...... 807-8238 luring. He was sentenced Oct. 20 ments, Niquette was fishing in the candidate who loses that [email protected] to 66 months in prison. the river with another person at race could be appointed to [email protected] The Lewis County Sheriff’s about 10 p.m. on Dec. 14. Mummert’s seat, according to [email protected] Office responded on Aug. 8, 2014, Two WDFW officers report- city officials Church News to a complaint that Sellers, then edly watched the men fish be- The two candidates, Den- [email protected] ...... 807-8217 fore approaching them. nis Korpi, 67, and Holly Orbino, Senior Media Developer 30, was having a romantic rela- Brittany Voie ...... 807-8225 tionship with a 14-year-old boy The officers contacted Ni- 37, are vying for position 1 af- quette and his fishing partner ter Councilor Barbara Pedersen [email protected] via phone and Internet. THE CHRONICLE The boy reportedly told when they brought the boat to didn’t file for re-election for the Oct. 23 - Oct. 29 shore. Niquette reportedly de- Nov. 3 election. PUBLISHER deputies he and Sellers met over Christine Fossett ...... 807-8200 the “Hot or Not” application and nied that he was fishing. He was Other citizens have ex- Inside Out arrested on suspicion of fishing pressed an interest in applying [email protected] communicated using Kik Mes- Regional Executive Editor with a suspended license. for the position as well, she said. $4 • PG • Noon & 3:00 pm senger and Skype. Sat. and Sun. Michael Wagar ...... 807-8234 The boy reportedly told the According to court docu- The city council will appoint [email protected] Sellers he was 16, but later admit- ments, Niquette has 14 previous the new councilor to complete Sales Director ted to being 14. He told deputies fishing violation convictions the rest of the term for the posi- Ant-Man Brian Watson ...... 807-8219 he and Sellers had sexual in- since 1989, all but two of which tion at an upcoming meeting. [email protected] in the past 10 years, and has pre- The seat can go unfilled for $4 • PG-13 • 5:30 pm Circulation Manager teractions over video, and said Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. Anita Freeborn ...... 807-8243 he thought Sellers had plans to vious convictions for drug pos- up to 90 days. session, felony assaults, forgery, [email protected] come to Washington. Specialty Publications Manager, Family bail jumping, criminal imper- Maze Runner-Scorch Trials In February 2015, the Sher- Recreation Park Open Chantel Wilson ...... 807-8213 iff’s Office confirmed through sonation and violations of no- $4 • PG-13 • 9:00 pm [email protected] an investigation that a phone contact orders. House Scheduled for Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. Design Director Kelli Erb ...... 807-8211 taken as evidence in the case Minor with parent before 7 pm only Thursday in Chehalis $4.00 All Ages • Under 11 - $2 [email protected] contained photos including child Winlock Councilor Aaron 112 N. Tower Ave. • Centralia • (360) 736-1634 exploitation and communication By The Chronicle LAFROMBOISE COMMUNICATIONS, INC with a minor for immoral pur- Mummert Resigns After Chehalis residents will have PRESIDENT, COO poses, according to court docu- Moving Out of City an opportunity Thursday to put Christine Fossett ...... 807-8200 ments. Sellers was charged with in their two cents for the future [email protected] the crimes last month. By The Chronicle of Penny Playground and Recre- Business Manager Sellers will be required to reg- A Winlock city councilor has ation Park. Mary Jackson ...... 807-8207 [email protected] ister as a sex offender. stepped down from his position. The park is a favorite desti- Director of Production and IT Aaron Mummert resigned as nation for residents and visitors Jon Bennett ...... 807-8222 a councilor at the city’s Monday alike, and that heavy usage is [email protected] Vancouver Man meeting. starting to show on the facili- Printing and Distribution ...... 807-8716 Mummert told the council ties. The city is considering vari- Sentenced to 22 Months FAX NUMBERS and citizens at the meeting he ous options for rehabbing and for Illegal Fishing on was resigning due to a change in remodeling the grounds, but Advertising Fax ...... 736-1568 residency and personal matters. they’re looking for comments Classified/Circulation Fax ...... 807-8258 Cowlitz River Obituaries ...... 807-8258 During his last two years on from the community for the fi- Newsroom Fax ...... 736-4796 By The Chronicle council, he said the governing nal design. A Vancouver, Washington body has done good things for An in-person open house will 127th VOLUME, 44th ISSUE THE CHRONICLE (USPS - 142260) man who pleaded guilty last the city, including securing near- be held on Thursday from 6-8 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Chronicle, month to fishing illegally was ly $10 million in grants. p.m. at the Virgil R. Lee Building, 321 N. Pearl St., Centralia, WA 98531. sentenced last week to nearly two “And the big one that I kind 221 SW 13th St. The Chronicle is published three times a week at 321 N. Pearl St., Cen- years in prison. of pushed for was contracting Another open house will be tralia, WA, 98531-0580. Periodicals postage paid at: Centralia, WA. Main 6 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 LOCAL Forest Service Considering Changes in Ape Cave Management PUBLIC COMMENT: Heavy Use, Vandalism and Risks to Bats All Being Considered By The Chronicle Southwest Washington offers a broad array of natural beauty for residents and visitors alike, but with an increase in tourism comes a greater ecological im- pact that can leave officials with a difficult quandary to solve. The Ape Cave Interpretive Site at Mount. St. Helens Na- tional Volcanic Monument has become a popular destination that is forcing officials with the Gifford Pinchot National For- est to reconsider how the site is managed. The area is managed as part of the Volcanic Monument. For- est officials are identifying issues, concerns and opportunities as- sociated with proposed changes in how the Ape Cave area is managed. They must strike a balance between recreation and conser- Brandon Hansen / [email protected] vation, one that caters to visitor experiences while also protect- Stairs are seen leading out of the Ape Cave Interpretive Site at Mount. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. ing the resources. The area has recently become the target of in- creased overcrowding and van- nose syndrome, a sickness that dalism. had been associated with 5.7 mil- To mitigate those impacts, lion bat deaths as of 2012. officials want to offer increased The public is being invited interpretation, public education to comment on the propos- and expanded recreation oppor- als through written comments tunities while also preserving bat and during an upcoming public habitat and reducing the risk of meeting. illnesses. A description of the project To combat the increase of and instructions on how to give after-hours vandalism, the U.S. written comments is available Forest Service is considering in- online at http://www.fs.usda. stalling gates on the cave, estab- gov/project/?project=47980. lishing defined hours of opera- Written comments need to be tion and implementing nightly submitted by Nov. 9. and off-season closures. As is The public meeting on the common at other heavily traf- Ape Cave project will be held ficked caves, officials are consid- from 10 a.m.-noon Saturday at ering a pre-visit briefing on the the Gifford Pinchot National importance of cave conservation Forest Headquarters, 10060 NE Casey Knopik, Vancouver, Washington, is seen during a recent trip to the Ape Cave Interpretive Site at Mount. St. Helens and the threat posed by white- 51st Circle, Vancouver, Wash. National Volcanic Monument. News in Brief missioners approved the amend- mailed to 2000 Lakeridge Drive early treat. County Emergency ment at its Monday meeting. SW, Olympia, WA 98502. The Trick or Treat Trolley Alexandria Zoo Is Management Growing Written comments must be will run on Friday from 3 to 5:30 New Home for Cougar received no later than 5 p.m. on p.m. With Approval of New Public Comment Sought Nov. 13. Kids will be able to trick or Kittens Orphaned Employee on Thurston County’s For more information, call treat at participating businesses in Washington (360) 786-5578. Citizens with in downtown Chehalis, the Fair- By The Chronicle Proposed Development hearing impairments may call way Center, the Lewis County ALEXANDRIA (AP) — A With changes to the Lewis Regulation Changes the TDD line at (360) 754-2933. Historical Museum and the Yard pair of male cougar kittens, or- County Department of Emer- Birds Mall. phaned after their mother was gency Management this past year, By The Chronicle The trolley will give free rides hit by a vehicle in Washington, the department will be bringing Residents of unincorporated ‘The Snows of between the locations. are now calling the Alexandria on a new employee. Thurston County, and others Kilimanjaro’ Coming The Kid Friendly Halloween Zoo home. The Board of County Com- who may be affected at the coun- Carnival will take place at the The Town Talk reported the Washington State Department missioners approved placement ty level, are asked to review a list to Fox Theatre Lewis County Historical Muse- of Fish and Wildlife rescued the of a casual administrative as- of proposed development regu- um, located at 599 NW Front St. By The Chronicle kittens last week. Rich Beauso- sistant for the department man- lation changes for 2016-17 and in Chehalis. Historic Fox Theatre Resto- leil, the department’s cougar and aged by former sheriff Steve provide written comments about For more information, call Mansfield. rations will be screening “The bear specialist in Wenatchee said proposals the county should ad- Snows of Kilimanjaro” at 2 and 7 (360) 748-8885. The department was under dress. the cubs appeared to be about 7 the Lewis County Sheriff’s Of- p.m. Saturday, Nov. 7, at the Fox to 8 weeks old. Thurston County released Theatre in downtown Centralia. fice authority until this year the list of proposed development Angela Meade A third cub was killed in the when the commissioners took it In this 1952 drama/romance, accident. The two surviving kit- regulation changes for the 2016- the life of celebrated American Concert Postponed, over. 17 year on its website. tens weighed about 10 pounds “This will be about a four- writer Harry Street (Gregory New Date Pending each when discovered, which After public review, the Thur- Peck) flashes back before his eyes month stint … and then if we ex- ston County Board of County Beausoleil says is only half of as he lies dying from a wound By The Chronicle tend that we’ll go back and revis- Commissioners will select items their normal weight at that age. suffered at the foot of Tanzania's The Angela Meade concert it that issue,” said Archie Smith, from the preliminary docket for “There was nothing in their Mount Kilimanjaro. As he is originally scheduled for Sunday, human resources administrator. the official docket, which will stomachs,” Beausoleil said. tended to by his traveling com- Oct. 25, was put on hold and or- The funds for the position be forwarded to the Thurston “They were in terrible shape.” panion, Helen (Susan Hayward), ganizers are looking for a new are already in the department’s County Planning Commission Immediately, the agency be- he recalls many things: his first date due to a scheduling conflict budget. The casual employee will for review. gan what ended up being a week- wife and Paris literary inspira- with the opera singer. make $17.38 to $23.37 hourly. The commission and the long search to find them a home. tion, Cynthia Green (Ava Gard- commissioners will hold pub- Julie Johnson, director of do- The Alexandria Zoo is part ner); his second wife, Countess lic hearings on the merits of the nor and alumni relations for the of a network of zoos and heard Liz (Hildegarde Neff); and his Lewis County approved items for the official Centralia College Foundation, about the cubs that way, Director formative years with uncle Bill docket prior to adoption of any said she is hoping the concert Lee Ann Whitt said. The pair ar- Commissioners (Leo G. Carroll). final regulations. will take place in either April or rived in Louisiana last week. As an additional treat, Fred Approves Nearly Projects on the docket are March, although no date has yet “We’re just happy to be a part Beeks will be on hand to play the prioritized into four tiers: Prior- to be solidified. of rescuing,” Whitt said. $22,000 in Use of Fox Theatre organ before each ity A, B, C and D. Subjects in the Meade, a Centralia College With its two new additions, screening. Reserves in 2015 Budget lower three tiers may not be ad- graduate, is an opera singer who the Alexandria Zoo now has 23 Admission for the movie is $8 Amendment dressed due to staff and budget has risen to worldwide stardom. wild cats. constraints. per person, $7 for members, and She performs regularly around “They have a happy life, and By The Chronicle Priority A topics include $20 per family (three to four per- the globe, with many perfor- they get to know the people that sons). are taking care of them, and they The fourth 2015 budget amending the impact fee ordi- mances in Europe. Presale tickets are available respond to them,” Whitt said. amendment has resulted in a rel- nance to add a deferral process In November of last year, on Brown Paper Tickets at http:// “The cats are well taken care of.” atively small use of fund reserves. and to add fire districts; amend- Meade was the youngest singer The cubs are currently under The majority of the expen- ing sign regulations in all codes to appear on the cover of an Op- a standard 30-day quarantine. diture increase is to the Lewis to conform to a recent Supreme event/2402977, and locally at era News magazine issue. County Coroner’s Office for Court decision; setting final reg- Book ‘n’ Brush in Chehalis, and $17,805. ulations for state-licensed mari- Holley’s Place, HUBBUB, Santa “These were related to costs juana producers, processors and Lucia Coffee and PostNet in associated with on-call time retailers; and considering more Centralia. CONCEAL CARRY for deputy coroners,” said Steve restrictions on fireworks. For more information, call Walton, budget administrator. To read the full list, go to the Fox Theatre at (360) 623- PERMIT CLASS Real Estate Excise Tax, or the county’s website, www.thur- 1103. All proceeds from the event Thurs. REET, had a $9,000 increase in, and click on benefit the restoration of the Oregon- Historic Fox Theatre. Nov. 5th expenditures for software costs, “2016-2017 Preliminary Docket Utah (valid in 35 states) and also an increase in revenues of Developmental Code Amend- 1 pm and 6 pm of $5,100 for fees from REET ments.” Trick or Treat Trolley funding. Printed copies of the pro- Best Western — Chehalis The total use of fund balance posed docket are available at the Scheduled in Chehalis is $21,705, with $17,805 coming County’s Permit Assistance Cen- for Friday 201 SW Interstate AVE from the general fund. ter, open Monday through Friday The county also reallocated from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. By The Chronicle Oregon/Utah: $80.00 or Oregon only: $45 its debt service fund for an in- Written comments can be Trick-or-treaters will be able ~ [email protected] crease and decrease in the same sent by email to Maya Buhler, to take a trolley to participating amounts of nearly $3.9 million assistant planner, at buhlerm@ businesses in the Chehalis area Shaun Curtain 360-921-2071 The Board of County Com- or can be the day before Halloween for an • Main 7 LOCAL / NORTHWEST The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 After a Dead Tie in the Primary Election, Every Vote Will Likely Count in Tenino Mayoral Race ACTIVELY CAMPAIGNING: rates. We’ve waited for a plan for the public to interface with him. ADDITIONAL two years and the issue has been He also hopes to improve the Incumbent Bret INFORMATION largely ignored,” he said. city website in 2016, seek fund- Brodersen, Challenger Fournier said he is the best ing for the installation of elec- More information on the person for the position because of tronic reader boards to broadcast Wayne Fournier Focus candidates can be found on- his deep personal connection to community messages and start on Law Enforcement line on their Facebook pages: the community, something vital a mayor of the day program for “Bret Brodersen for Tenino to making important decisions the upcoming school year. as Key Issue Mayor,” and “Wayne Fournier for residents. The fiscal sustainability of Wayne Fournier Bret Brodersen for Mayor of Tenino.” By Justyna Tomtas challenger current mayor He said the city needs vision Tenino is critical to the city’s fu- as well as short- and long-term ture, he said, and he added that [email protected] chief who has faced controversy sense of normalcy to the com- goals that are widely shared and stability would better position It was the tightest race in the of his own. munity after the city has expe- well-known. the city to attract businesses and area in the primary, and as such The issues within the depart- rienced a rocky four years, he residents to the area. the Tenino mayoral election has ment in part spurred Fournier to said. He said lingering animos- BRODERSEN, 39, has lived in Broderson said that as the gained a lot of attention. run for office after the termina- ity to the closed-door policies of Tenino for 10 years and was for- only candidate on the ballot with Current mayor Bret Brod- tion of police chief John Hutch- the previous administration has merly involved with the city’s mayoral experience, that sets ersen and challenger Wayne ings earlier in the year. hampered the city’s vision, and planning commission and the him apart from his opponent. Fournier tied for the lead in he hopes to highlight the impor- council, before being appointed His education and professional the three-way vote in August, FOURNIER, 35, HAS LIVED in Teni- tance of honest engagement with as mayor. experience have allowed him to prompting Thurston County no for most of his life and has the community to bring some He has kept busy doorbelling develop the skills needed to lead Auditor Mary Hall to promote served nearly four years on the stability. and distributing information the city to a more stable financial The police department and the race as a reason to vote. council. on his Facebook campaign page, position, he said. the city sewer system are the “We had to flip a coin to de- Since the primary, he has speaking to various groups and “I have developed relation- biggest issues facing Tenino, termine who was first on the bal- been working with the support talking to people in the commu- ships with regional partners and lot. As voters get their ballots this Fournier said. nity about his platform. have a vision for Tenino’s future of his campaign committee to week, we hope they’ll remember He said stabilizing the po- Brodersen said he made him- which includes increasing the reach out to Tenino residents Tenino, vote and send back their lice force is key, adding that the self available for various debates, visibility of Tenino in a positive ballots,” Hall said earlier this while doorbelling and providing department has been neglected but because Fournier was not way within the Thurston region, month. written materials, mailers, yard horribly in the past four years, but available, they were not held. while continuing to provide the Brodersen is attempting to signs and using the Internet to is not beyond saving. He wants to be elected into citizens with critical services and fend off Fournier, a councilor for treat the campaign “like an on- “With a change in adminis- the position to continue serving improving the economic vitality the city, for the seat he was ini- going conversation.” tration we’ll see the beginning his community and to help make of the community,” he said. tially appointed to after the resig- Fournier said the city has of a road of restored credibility. improvements in the lives of the Brodersen said since joining nation of Eric Strawn in 2013. been plagued with poor commu- We’ll be a more appealing city citizens. the council in 2010, he has been Both candidates brought in nication in recent years and he for officers to work for and it will “I have the experience, educa- committed to maintaining and 136 votes each, or 38.86 percent, hopes his campaign shows resi- improve our ability to hire and tion and skills which will enable improving residents’ lives and in the primary election. The coin dents the type of communication retain full-time and reserve offi- the city forward to a bright fu- has worked diligently to make toss determined Fournier’s name that should occur in city hall. cers,” he said. ture,” he said. Tenino “the best small city in would be listed above Broder- When asked why he is run- Fournier said the sewer sys- His main focus, if elected, will Washington, while preserving sen’s on the November ballot. ning, Fournier said it is because tem is also an important issue. He be to make improvements to the our south county charm.” After a year that caused pub- he loves his hometown. said it has become a burden on city’s infrastructure, and increase His recent accomplishments lic interest to increase in the “It’s that simple; I see so much citizens. public safety investments, and include the adoption of financial city’s operations, the candidates potential here and want to work He said the city built a system economic development with the policies designed to establish fis- are facing off at a time when the hard to guide Tenino to a more that required about 100 addition- overall goal of improving the lives cal stability in the city, and he police department is at its lowest stable present and promising fu- al hookups to fund itself, and now of the residents of Tenino. has worked to improve economic employment level in recent years, ture,” he said. it is one residents cannot afford. He said he plans to increase development of Tenino through with one full-time officer and a If elected, Fournier wants to “The only thing being prof- his community engagement by the Bountiful Byway program, newly appointed interim police restore trust and bring back a fered now is to simply raise your implementing “coffee hours” for he said. Lawmakers Join Call for High Court to Reconsider Charter School Decision SUPPORT BUILDING: The 10 lawmakers, which officials who are publicly elected. grams. brief were state Rep. Judy Clib- include five Democrats and five Yet the brief filed by the 10 According to the lawmakers’ born, D-Mercer Island; Rep. Eric State Supreme Court Republicans, filed an amicus lawmakers Monday claims the court filing Monday, “legislators Pettigrew, D-Seattle; Rep. Larry Ruled Funding for brief with the high court Mon- court’s decision “potentially un- can provide this Court an im- Springer, D-Kirkland; Rep. Chad day asking the court justices to dercuts the Legislature’s author- portant legislative perspective on Charter Schools Is Magendanz, R-Issaquah; Rep. reconsider their decision that ity” to structure the state’s school the issues addressed by the court, Norma Smith, R-Clinton; Sen. Unconstitutional declared the privately operated, system and write state budgets, a perspective the amici legisla- Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens; publicly funded schools uncon- while ignoring that lawmakers tors believe the Court has over- Sen. Mark Mullet, D-Issaquah; By Melissa Santos stitutional. took steps to ensure that “com- looked in its opinion.” Sen. Joe Fain, R-Auburn; Sen. The News Tribune In the court’s ruling, a major- mon school” funding wouldn’t The filing by lawmakers ity of justices said that charter go to charter schools. Monday supports motions for re- John Braun, R-Centralia; and A group of state lawmakers schools don’t qualify as common The lawmakers also ques- consideration already submitted Sen. Steve Litzow, R-Mercer Is- is joining the call for the state schools and therefore aren’t eligi- tioned whether the court’s deci- by state Attorney General Bob land. Supreme Court to reconsider its ble for public funding. The court sion could affect the Legislature’s Ferguson and the Washington Voters approved charter September ruling that invalidat- based its ruling partly on how ability to fund other specialized State Charter Schools Associa- schools in Washington state by ed Washington’s charter school charter schools are governed by educational programs, such as tion. narrowly passing Initiative 1240 system. appointed boards rather than by Running Start or bilingual pro- Lending their names to the in 2012. News in Brief claims her shoulder was dislocat- providing consular assistance to Washington School ed and bones in her hand were the man’s family. REI Bucks Black Friday Former Federal Law Districts Considers broken. Australian Associated Press Shopping, Will Close Enforcement Officer Officers had detained the reported that the 27-year-old Transgender Policies three men at gunpoint and or- Sydney man’s family said he was Stores That Day Drops Gun in Class SNOHOMISH (AP) — Sever- dered them to the ground on a on the boat with his girlfriend KENT (AP) — Outdoor re- BELLINGHAM, (AP) — A al school districts in Washington Seattle sidewalk. The suit says and her family when it sank. His tailer Recreational Equipment, former federal law enforcement are exploring anti-discrimina- Aldrich Payne approached one of girlfriend’s father was among the Inc., known as REI, has an- officer dropped his gun in a tion policies that would protect the men and asked if he had been five British citizens confirmed nounced it will buck Black Fri- classroom at a community col- transgender students. injured. dead, AAP said. day and close its 143 stores on lege that prohibits weapons on The Everett Herald report- Video of the incident shows The other 21 people on board the Friday after Thanksgiving. campus. ed that the Snohomish School an officer push Aldrich Payne, the Leviathan II were rescued The Kent-based co-op told The Bellingham Herald re- Board is expected to decide and officers can be heard telling Sunday, some by members of the members the plan in an email ported the 47-year-old student’s Wednesday on a policy that ad- her to back away from the sus- local aboriginal community who Monday, saying instead of work- handgun was concealed but not dresses issues like access to rest- pects. rushed to help. ing they’ll pay their employees secured Monday morning as he rooms and locker rooms, sports The charges against her were Officials have not comment- on Nov. 27 to be outside. sat in a classroom at Whatcom participation, dress codes and later dismissed. ed on what caused the boat to REI also created the social Community College. official records. capsize. media hashtag #optoutside and Bellingham police Sgt. Mike The move would add Sno- A senior employee of Jamie’s a website where people can share Scanlon says the gun fell to the homish to a list of districts that Five Britons Killed Whaling Station, the company their outdoorsy plans for that floor when the former U.S. Cus- have adopted such policies. After Whale Boat Sinks operating the boat, said the ves- day. toms and Border Protection offi- Others are putting the finish- sel sank so quickly the crew The National Retail Federa- cer got out of his seat. He report- ing touches on proposed regula- off Vancouver Island didn’t have time to issue a may- tion said fewer people shopped edly picked it up immediately tions. TOFINO, British Columbia day call. The boat capsized off over Thanksgiving weekend last and no one was injured. The Snohomish policy would (AP) — Investigators sought to Tofino, a popular destination for year due to early discounts, more School administrators called let students use restrooms that determine what caused a whale whale watchers. online shopping and a mixed police, who said the man had a correspond with the gender they watching boat with 27 people on The company’s director of economy. concealed carry permit and was identify with, while locker room board to sink off Vancouver Is- operations, Corene Inouye, said A $2 billion-a-year company, cooperative and apologetic. access will be assessed on an in- land in seemingly calm weather, the crew used flares from the wa- REI has been named by Fortune The only people allowed to dividual basis. killing five people and leaving ter which attracted the attention Magazine as one of the top 100 carry weapons are commis- Assistant Superintendent one person missing. A fisherman of local aboriginal fishermen. companies to work for. sioned law enforcement officers. Scott Peacock says the goal is to who helped in the rescue effort be as inclusive as possible while offered a clue Monday: a survi- ensuring student safety. vor told him that a sudden wave Staff would also be told to capsized the boat. address students using their pre- British Foreign Secretary ferred pronouns. Philip Hammond confirmed in a statement Monday that the five Seattle to Pay Woman killed were U.K. nationals. He said consular officials in $55,000 for 2011 Arrest British Columbia were support- SEATTLE (AP) — The city of ing family members of those Seattle has agreed to pay $55,000 who died. to settle a lawsuit filed by a wom- “My thoughts are with the

an who claims she suffered bro- family and friends of all those CH549303bw.sw ken bones during a 2011 arrest. affected by this terrible accident,” The Seattle Times reported Hammond said. Shannon Aldrich Payne says she Australia’s Department of was arrested after she stopped Foreign Affairs and Trade on to question three men being Tuesday said an Australian man detained by Seattle police. She was missing. DFAT said it was Main 8 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015

Columnists, Our Views, Richard Lafromboise, Publisher, 1966-1968 Christine Fossett, President J.R. Lafromboise, President, 1968-2011 and Publisher Opinion Letters to the Editor Jenifer Lafromboise Falcon, Chairman Quinault Tribe Seeks Obstruction of Flood Projects

The Quinault reservation is leading the development of The tribe believes, in simpler pressed our opposition to such is nearly 100 miles from the Our Views a basinwide environmental terms, that all development projects in the past and continue proposed location of a potential so they’re pushing restoration impact statement that would should cease on the floodplain to do so now,” the tribe’s Presi- dam on the upper reaches of the with the idea that it has flood determine the possible effects of and that many structures should dent Fawn Sharp said in her let- Chehalis River near Pe Ell. benefits,” Brenden McFarland, a dam, along with other projects be moved to accommodate the ter dated Feb. 26, 2013, to Gov. None of the tribe’s property environmental review section that would potentially reduce natural flow of the river and its Inslee. “As a co-manager of the borders the river, though the manager for Ecology, told The flooding or improve habitat. tributaries. Chehalis Basin’s resources with sovereign nation has exercised Chronicle last week. The focus is a suite of pro- It’s a notion that all but federally-protected treaty rights, treaty rights in the river basin, The tribe’s involvement is not posals stamped with an endorse- ignores the impossibility of the Quinault Indian Nation which is the second largest in new, though it has been sporadic ment from Gov. Jay Inslee, who uprooting thousands of homes, must be substantively involved the state. and predictably negative when it worked with a select group of businesses and livelihoods built in decision-making regarding To that end, the tribe earlier comes to flood mitigation efforts. basin leaders to come to his de- over the course of more than flood relief measures.” this month decided to propose Over the past several years, termination. 100 years and completely halting The Quinaults will attempt its own project to help blunt Quinault leaders have repeatedly While the tribe did not economic development in the to protect their treaty rights flooding and improve habitat for acted in attempts to derail the respond to The Chronicle’s basin. from afar, but don’t let the tribe’s aquatic species. work of the Chehalis River Basin requests for comment, it’s easy Its proposal is aimed at stop- latest involvement lead you to “The very simple version Flood Authority and the Gover- to see it is engaged in obstruc- ping, not advancing, the current believe it has any care for the is they’re looking at restoring nor’s Chehalis Basin Work Group. tionism more than good-faith momentum for a basinwide so- damage wrought by devastating natural processes in part for Its latest proposal comes advancement of a promising so- lution to flooding in the basin. flooding here in the Chehalis their flood retention benefits, as the Department of Ecology lution to chronic flooding. “We have repeatedly ex- River Basin.

COMMENTARY: Highlighting Lewis County Drug Court: How Much Is Too Much? The Chronicle’s pages last week shared stories of drug ad- dicts who quit using, landing among the up to 20 percent of people who used methamphetamine and recovered. What those numbers mean for society is four of every five meth addicts will continue to use the highly addictive drug, of- ten committing crimes to pay for fixes. Drugs kill people, potential and dreams. But they don’t have to. Recovery is possible. I’ve seen it with my nephew, who gave up drugs and alcohol and trained for a career. He’s now married and expecting his first child. I remember writing to him in jail, sending him a page with Bible verses on one side, photos of his life before drugs on the other. He told me he cried. Yet tears didn’t bring recovery. It took prayer, hard work and an intense desire for a better life. I thank God for the man he’s become, when his life looked so bleak a decade ago. Lewis County District Court Judge Wade Samuelson was asked about the county’s drug By Julie McDonald court Thursday at a Lewis County Republican Club meeting. Since drug court operates from Letters Superior Court, he said he doesn’t have a lot of personal experi- ence with it. Prisoners Should be Put Chris Thomas Has No “The prevalent thought is that it works, and it works pretty LETTERS POLICY well, but at an enormous cost,” Samuelson said. to Work to Learn Skill Hidden Agenda in • Limit letters to the editor In its first decade, from 2004 to 2014, Lewis County Drug Our prisons are broken! to 500 words or less. School Board Race Court graduated 127 people. Only 11 percent committed felo- Don’t fix them. • Include the town where Has any Centralia voter no- nies afterward, compared with 50 percent recidivism among They say if it isn’t broken, you live and a daytime ticed how Jami Lund, candidate people who were jailed. Drug court costs between $150,000 and don’t fix it. I say revamp it until telephone number. for the Centralia School Board, $220,000 a year, so the per-graduate cost is high. the latter state is better than it • The Chronicle does not has run his expensive, over-the- was before. How much is too much to redeem a drug addict? Jesus fig- publish letters that advocate top campaign? Just who is fund- ured it was worth his life. I have been working with boycotts of local businesses. ing the bill for his brochures, Samuelson works in District Court, which handles misde- inmates for many, many years. • Emailed letters are preferred. Send to letters@ signs and radio advertisements? meanors, gross misdemeanors and traffic violations such as I have had several tell me they And, why would anyone spend DUIs, reckless driving and speeding. Civil lawsuits seeking would rather be working on a • Letters may be mailed to so much on a very political cam- less than $100,000 and small claims for $5,000 or less also land prison project than doing noth- paign to win a very non-partisan there. The two full-time judges issue most search warrants, even ing in a jail or prison with noth- Letters, The Chronicle, 321 N. Pearl St., Centralia, WA. office? for felony investigations, so challenges can be heard in Superior ing to do. They just talk to other Why does Lund, who is em- inmates about how they do crime, 98531 or dropped off at The Court without any conflict of interest. Chronicle’s front desk. ployed by the Freedom Founda- Despite rumors on the street, showing up in court is unlikely which makes our world outside tion in Olympia, want a position to result in lower fines for speeding, Samuelson said. That’s more unsafe. And we pay for it. on a public school board? He has because the state takes the first $77 or so of each fine, leaving They say crime does not pay. and from there be evaluated to debated publicly for his employ- much less to the county, which pays the salaries and expenses We pay. When a person commits determine which way they send ers with the state Superintendent for 12 District Court staff. a crime, or several crimes, and him. People were not created of Public Instruction against “Fortunately for Lewis County taxpayers, the bulk of people doesn’t get arrested, he wins and to live in cages. They should be smaller class sizes for our el- who get tickets just pay them,” he said. “So that creates quite a the victim loses. When he or she assigned to a work farm, where ementary schools in our state. He revenue stream and that is what makes the court work as well as gets arrested, the court costs are they can learn a trade to help is no friend of educators, who are it does.” not small. He or she goes to jail make a better life. the engine who make success- The court adopted rules this year to let people resolve traffic at the taxpayers expense. Then The work would be in four ful schools happen. He has had infractions by mail or email, even to contest or mitigate tickets. his or her spouse, boyfriend or stages. It could be several acres no children attending Centralia Few people actually want to see a judge, he said. girlfriend gets taxpayer sup- inside fences done with ex-mili- schools. In fact, his children at- port. The person in jail gets free They also no longer hold court in Morton, which required tary people with discipline. tended private schools. medical care at about $85 a day What could be his purpose in three staff members to spend half a day in rented space to see 15 — sometimes for years. The first stage could be the or 20 people. running such an aggressive cam- The guy who goes to work ev- KP unit, doing the laundry A court commissioner previously employed two days a week and food service for the camp. paign for a local school board of- ery day is paying for the criminal fice? now works only a half day a month. Covering for vacations has every day. I have a plan that costs Second would be a work farm, cost $32,800; this year they’ve spent nothing, although that growing food or animals. Stage 3 Be very careful, Centralia vot- much less and saves young peo- ers. Beware of a candidate who might change during the holidays. ple’s lives, cuts crime and makes would be a grade school to learn Typically, fines bring in about $3.3 million. The state keeps a skill. There would be military- may be using the school board our roads and home safer. position as a step to a more politi- half; the rest covers court expenses. Most crime is done by people style barracks for housing, with AA help in the evening. cal office in the future. “We operate in the black,” Samuelson said. “We do a lot of dif- who have already been in jail. Vote for Chris Thomas. He ferent things to try to keep money from being spent needlessly.” Maybe more than once. Most of The court would be inside the has no hidden agendas, no fancy, They make sure defendants can’t afford an attorney before the people doing crime are from gate, to save moving people to expensive campaign. He is one appointing one at public expense. They offer electronic home broken homes without the mor- town for court. Also, the chapel, of us. Chris simply wants to con- monitoring (rather than jail) for nonviolent offenders who pay al teaching they need to lead a which would be Stage 4, could firm that all our children receive for it upfront. Samuelson said he also treats everyone with re- normal life. They need the work be by the court, a place to talk to the best education possible in our spect. ethic, the responsibility and the people to help their moral values Centralia schools. Isn’t that, in “I recognize that people don’t need to have it rubbed in their accountability to do right. and to help them live better lives the final analysis, what it is all faces because they made poor choices.” It is only fair and right that when they are outside. about? ••• those doing the damage should Julie McDonald, a personal historian from Toledo, may be reached at do restitution. When a person is Ed Stephens Jan Leth [email protected] arrested he could be taken to jail Mossyrock Centralia

Editorial Mission Statement Letters Policy To Send Your Letter Questions n We will strive to be the voice of reason for the n Please type opinions, if possible, and limit let- n Address letters and commentaries to “Our n For questions on a letter call Doug Blosser at peaceful settlement of conflict and contention ters to 500 words. Shorter letters get preference. Readers’ Opinions.” Please sign them and include 807-8238 or toll-free, 1-800-562-6084, ext. 1238. on key local issues. We will work to be fair at all Contributors are limited to publication of one your full address and daytime telephone number for verification and any questions. Send them to times and to provide a balance of opinions. We item every two weeks, with exceptions as war- Editorials will make our opinion pages available for public 321 N. Pearl, Centralia, WA 98531. E-mail letters can ranted. Items submitted are subject to editing and be sent to [email protected]. n Editor Eric Schwartz can be reached at (360) discussion of vital issues and events affecting will become the property of this newspaper. Po- 807-8224, or by e-mail at eschwartz@chronline. the quality of life in Lewis County and adjoining etry is not accepted. com. regions. When necessary, we will be willing to take a tough, definitive stance on a controver- sial issue. • Main 9 OPINION The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 20th District Legislator Urges Passage of Initiative 1366

Voters have had 22 years of increases to be an absolute last campaigns on taxes get a consis- experience with initiatives like COMMENTARY: From Olympia resort. tent reaction from Olympia: leg- this year’s Initiative 1366 mak- Nonetheless, Olympia won’t islators interpret the voters’ ap- taxpayers. tough it is when the government ing it tougher for Olympia to listen to the people unless we For me, it’s easy to sup- continually takes more and proval of a taxpayer protection raise your taxes — and it all port Initiative 1366: As a leg- more because that means less pass Initiative 1366 in Novem- initiative as a mandate to be fis- started right islator, I know how Olympia and less for you and your fam- ber. cally responsible and responsive here in South- works. There is relentless pres- ily to spend on your needs and Despite huge increases in to the people. And legislators see west Washing- sure to raise taxes. In 2005 and priorities. revenue, Olympia will continue voters’ rejection of a taxpayer ton with our 2010, two sessions without the Unfortunately, too many to face future deficits due to un- protection initiative as a green very own Ini- two-thirds vote requirement, a politicians in Olympia don’t get sustainable spending. Olympia light to increase spending and tiative 601. simple majority raised taxes by that. has a spending problem, not a raise your taxes even more. Voters the billions ($9 billion in higher The way it works in Olympia lack of revenue problem. Taxes What does this mean for passed it in taxes in 2005 and $6.7 billion is pro-tax politicians talk about are high enough already. I-1366? When voters pass I-1366, 1993. in 2010). Worse yet, they used raising taxes on “the rich” but We have to protect ourselves. Olympia will be prodded to re- Regardless By Ed Orcutt a simple majority vote to elimi- when taxes are increased, you Without the two-thirds require- form government, prioritize of your politi- nate the tougher-to-raise-taxes and I get stuck with higher sales ment, this year’s Legislature spending and re-evaluate exist- cal leanings — policies the people had imposed taxes, gas taxes, property taxes, raised taxes a jaw-dropping ing programs. If voters reject whether you are a Republican, on the Legislature. Not respect- car tab taxes and utility taxes. $17.5 billion. They simply can’t I-1366, Olympia will resort to Democrat or Independent voter ing the voters’ decision was a Recognizing this political re- control themselves. I-1366 is job-killing, family-budget-bust- — isn’t it better when state gov- huge betrayal of the public trust. ality, five times the voters have rightly called the Taxpayer Pro- ing tax increases. ernment prioritizes spending That’s why I have continually approved initiatives requiring tection Act — it’s all about pro- Protect yourself from Olym- and reforms government rather proposed a bill to refer a two- a two-thirds vote of the Leg- tecting taxpayers with a tough- pia’s insatiable tax appetite by than just raising taxes? Olympia thirds-for-taxes constitutional islature — or majority vote of er-to-raise-taxes constitutional voting yes on I-1366. has proven time and again that amendment to the voters. But the people — to raise taxes. In amendment. After five votes of ••• if it’s easy to raise taxes, it will. the political establishment in 2012, 1.9 million voters (64 per- the people, I believe the voters Rep. Ed Orcutt represents the And they’ve consistently shown Olympia has repeatedly blocked cent) approved the two-thirds have earned the right to perma- 20th District in the state House of us that without these tougher- my bill. That’s why we need to requirement, getting more votes nently protect themselves with Representatives, and serves on the to-raise-taxes policies, they’ll pass I-1366 in November. than any initiative in state his- this common sense policy. tax policy committee. He is a Repub- impose higher taxes on regular As a taxpayer, I know how tory. Voters clearly want tax History shows that initiative lican from Kalama.

COMMENTARY: School Funding Proposed Education Bill Abandons Rural Schools Decisions on school finance in the next legislative session could dramatically hurt rural schools. The leading proposal ‘‘If wealthier districts provides more state salary al- locations to urban areas than raise substantially rural schools and allows urban more levy money than schools far greater levy re- sources. poorer districts, huge Senate Bill 6130 makes service differences regional salary will continue.’’ funding part of basic educa- tion to provide higher salaries training, counselors, therapists, in high cost and assistants to help teachers. urban areas. It SB6130 leaves huge differences also slashes By Neal Kirby in levies. Letters levy equaliza- SB3160 proposes two tiered tion. Legislators are seeking levies. Any district generat- Number of Issues or to be a “nice guy,” but there input. ing over $1,500/student from a needs to be an investigation of HOW TO REACH ELECTED SB6130 tries to address $1/$1,000 tax rate would have Deserve Further Look in his actions in these areas. Washington Supreme Court’s taxes capped at $1/$1,000 as- It doesn’t pass the sniff test. OFFICIALS McCleary decision. The ruling sessed valuation. All others School Board Race The Centralia School District Legislative Hotline: (800) bans use of local levies to fund could pass up to $1.50/$1,000. In light of the school board had the opportunity to develop 562-6000 “basic education” and requires Districts not receiving the state elections coming up, I feel that its STEM program, and doesn’t the Legislature to fulfill the average levy per student from people should know about issues seem to be able to raise dona- constitutional “paramount duty $1.50/$1,000 would receive a that have come to light in regard tions to keep our school district 20TH DISTRICT of the state to make ample pro- state match to guarantee the to candidate Kim Ashmore. In up to date like Chehalis does. I Lewis County and visions for the education of all average. the years since he’s been on the know of three teachers who have Southwestern Thurston children within its borders.” SB6130 leaves levies varied, school board, many things have left this year alone to take teach- County Rural areas need levy equal- not equalized. If SB6130 was happened that seem question- ing jobs in Chehalis. ization and equal state salary law today, districts receiving able to me. In Chehalis, the schools get State Sen. John Braun funding to remain competitive. the match would be limited to The Medicaid debacle involv- 17 early-release days per school P.O. Box 40420 Cutting equalization widens $890/student, this year’s aver- ing the school district is just one. year and in Centralia it’s 20. It Olympia, WA 98504-0420 phone: (360) 786-7638 gaps in tax rates needed to raise age. The wealthiest, at $1/$1,000 Additionally, there are six of his should be noted that we are ap- valuation, could raise up to relatives working in the school fax: (360) 786-1999 local levies. proximately 60th in the state three times more than districts district that have been hired since of 300 districts in pay and ben- email: john.braun@leg. Poorer districts currently capped at $890. Kim has been on the school board. efits. That’s in the top 25 percent, need as much as 10 times the Lewis County school levy The party that was thrown at and the teachers nearly went on rates of urban areas for compa- capacity would be all over the the home of his brother-in-law, strike recently. It would be justi- State Rep. Richard DeBolt rable per-student levy funding. board this year if SB6130 was Athletic Director Scott Cham- fied if we weren’t one of the high- P.O. Box 40600 Rural areas also suffer great- berlain, and Chamberlain’s wife est in drop-out rates. Olympia, WA 98504-0600 er teacher turnover. Higher sal- law. Napavine, Adna, Winlock, (Kim’s sister) after the last spring phone: (360) 786-7896 ary funding for urban areas will Onalaska and Centralia would fax: (360) 786-7871 dance was another example of Greg Isaacson make it worse. be capped at $890/student (in- Centralia email: richard.debolt@leg. SB6130’s salary proposal con- cluding the match). Mossyrock, his relatives not taking their jobs seriously in my opinion. How tradicts research commissioned Morton and Boistfort could have Editor’s Note: The letter writ- by the Legislature. been over $1,200/student, and could you host an overnight State Rep. Ed Orcutt party at your home and not con- er worked with Kim Ashmore at The Compensation TWG White Pass and Evaline over P.O. Box 40600 extensively evaluated salary pro- $2,000. tinue to check on the kids? What the city until an employment is- Olympia, WA 98504-0600 type of judgment (or lack there- sue in the ‘80s. Ashmore testified posals and attrition in 2012 and Levy equalization would phone: (360) 786-7990 “recommends continued imple- have been completely cut for of) does this show? for the city during the proceedings. email: [email protected] It was subsequently investi- mentation of a single statewide Chehalis, Pe Ell, Mossyrock and allocation schedule for all staff- Morton and cut by $1.3 million gated by the school district and CONGRESS the sheriff’s office and agreed Governor Should Follow ing categories with no regional for Centralia. that someone must have sneaked U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell adjustments,” stating “costs of Levies will continue to mat- in alcohol and other illegal sub- Own Advice on Climate 511 Dirksen Senate Office hiring variances are not a state ter. Some proposals suggest ex- Bldg. responsibility for basic educa- cluding items from “basic edu- stances, though the investigation Ya gotta love Washington concluded that Chamberlain Washington, D.C. 20510 tion.” cation,” like seventh periods in politics. phone: (202) 224-3441 was not at fault. If you’re the ath- Urban schools’ claims of high school or professional de- Our Governor has declared fax: (202) 228-0514 greater difficulty retaining velopment, so levies can pay for letic director and you’re having war on carbon dioxide and the email: http://cantwell.senate. a party at your house with stu- teachers contradict state and them. If wealthier districts raise biggest producers (except for gov/contact national research, which shows substantially more levy money dents, don’t you think you would cars). Part of his battle plan is do everything in your power to wealthier areas have the least than poorer districts, huge ser- to fly off to conferences on how U.S. Sen. Patty Murray turnover while rural areas have make sure they’re following the 173 Russell Senate Office Bldg. vice differences will continue. to reduce the production of CO2. the greatest. Instead of SB6130, the state athletic code of conduct? I was under the impression that Washington, D.C. 20510 The Office of Financial should reduce levy limits from In my opinion, based on my airplanes burned huge amounts phone: (866) 481-9186 Management, in a 2000 study, 28 percent of districts’ budgets nearly 32 years working for the of fossil fuels. I guess it is OK for fax: (202) 224-0238 showed urban areas cost more, to 14 percent and leave equal- city of Centralia, Kim Ashmore Gov. Jay Inslee to do that but the email: http://murray.senate. but found no evidence it led to ization as is, guaranteeing all and the city gave special consid- rest of us must suffer the conse- gov/email eration to a faculty member who higher attrition. districts similar per-student quences of his proposed taxes on Urban areas don’t have a was constructing an apartment companies that actually provide U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera levy funds with the same tax building by skirting around city Beutler greater need for salary supple- rate. The top tax rate for Lewis jobs, products and services we 3rd Congressional District ments to retain teachers. Why policy (these instances are docu- need and want. County schools this year would mented in city records). 1130 Longworth House make it “basic education?” have been $1.54/$1,000, similar Since this state is a big pro- Office Bldg. Guaranteeing equal buying At the time, the city also used ducer of tech products, you to SB6130’s top rate, but with equipment to put in rain gardens Washington, D.C. 20515 power isn’t a state responsibility. no equalization cuts, resulting would think these proponents phone: (202) 225-3536 Getting a qualified teacher in in front of the middle school and of everyone else curtailing their in comparable per student levy and fill when the fax: (202) 225-3478 every classroom is. Regional sal- funds for all statewide. use of fossil fuels might try email: Matz building burned down at ary adjustments make retaining Continuing equal state salary something like teleconferencing gov teachers more difficult for rural the corner of Main and Tower. to demonstrate how to produce funding and levy equalization as This is private property and city schools. both are done now is essential to less CO2. Alas, that wouldn’t be Vancouver Office: Teachers move for a greater equipment should not be used for nearly as much fun as to stay in 750 Anderson St., Suite B rural schools. such endeavors. In my opinion, it chance of professional success in ••• little old Olympia. Vancouver, Wash. 98661 districts with less family poverty seems that Mr. Ashmore is using phone: ( Neal Kirby is a member of the 360) 695-6292 and greater resources. Higher his position inappropriately for David Fenn fax: (360) 695-6197 Centralia School Board and the for- purposes of feeling empowered Curtis levies in wealthier areas pro- mer principal of Edison Elementary vide smaller classes, and more in Centralia. Main 10 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 Records Sirens, Court Records, Lotteries, Commodities

Sirens CHEHALIS POLICE DEPARTMENT for third-degree possession of was later taken to Providence in the 100 block of Harrison Av- Officers Arrest Driver Phone Reported Stolen at stolen property, according to the Centralia Hospital. enue on suspicion of violating a of Car Stuck on Tracks Chehalis Police Department. no contact order after officers Middle School • Joseph M. St. Ours, 27, of CENTRALIA POLICE DEPARTMENT reportedly saw him walking • At 4:17 p.m. on Friday, a No Arrests After Fight Reported with a woman who they knew Chehalis, was arrested at 2:20 cellphone was reported stolen at Two Arrested on Shoplifting he was not allowed to have con- a.m. on Sunday on suspicion of Chehalis Middle School. • At 1:49 p.m. on Saturday, Charges, One on Warrant tact with. driving under the influence af- police received a report of two ter his car got stuck on railroad people in a physical dispute by • Colton M. Samford, 19, and Matthew B. Samford, 21, both of tracks at the Locust Street and Teen Arrested for Liquor the bathrooms at Penny Play- Stores Report Men Centralia, were arrested at 3:36 Railroad Avenue railroad cross- Possession at School ground in Chehalis. Witnesses with Stolen Credit Cards p.m. Friday in the 500 block of ing. reported that several people • A 15-year-old Chehalis boy South Tower Avenue on suspi- • At 6:21 p.m. on Friday, watched the fight, according was arrested at 8:06 p.m. Friday cion of shoplifting and obstruct- police received a report of two Shoes, Paperwork at W.F. West High School on to information provided by the ing a law enforcement officer. A men trying to use credit cards, Stolen in Vehicle Prowls suspicion of being a minor in Chehalis Police Department. No which were declined because 16-year-old girl was also arrest- • At 8:32 a.m. on Sunday, po- possession of alcohol. He was re- arrests were made. ed on suspicion of obstructing a of “suspicious activity” on the leased to a parent, according to cards, to try to buy gift cards lice received a report of a vehicle law enforcement officer and for prowl of an unlocked car in the the Chehalis Police Department. Car Racing Reported an outstanding felony warrant. at a store in the 1300 block of Lum Road. At 7:08 p.m., police 400 block of Jefferson Street. • At 7:39 p.m. on Saturday, Shoes were reportedly stolen. Pumpkins Smashed police received a report of three Store, Restaurant Report received a similar report from a store in the 1400 block of Lum • At 11:11 a.m. on Sunday, • At 11:15 p.m. on Friday, Honda cars racing on Airport police received a report of a ve- Counterfeit Cash Road. This time, according to police received a report of eight Road. hicle prowl in the 400 block of • At 3:48 p.m. on Friday, the Centralia Police Depart- juveniles smashing pumpkins in Centralia College Boulevard. counterfeit money was report- ment, the credit cards were de- the 700 block of Southeast Ad- Paperwork was stolen from the Man Arrested for edly used at a clothing store in clined because they had been ams Avenue. vehicle. DUI After Hit and Run the 1300 block of Lum Road in reported stolen. • Tyler J. T. M. Madsen, 22, of Centralia. One Referred for • At 9:58 a.m. on Saturday, Women Booked Two Arrested on Chehalis, was arrested on suspi- Retail Theft Charge Charges After Fight cion of driving under the influ- police received a report of two on Assault Charges • At 8:17 a.m. on Saturday, ence of alcohol after a hit and women using a counterfeit $100 • Aaron H. Rochester, 28, a fight between a group of four run was reported at 11:14 p.m. bill to buy food at a restaurant • Pamela L. Pekola, 45, of and Audrey J. Bengtson, 29, people was reported near the on Saturday in the 600 block of in the 800 block of Harrison Av- Rochester, was arrested at 6:38 both of Yelm, were arrested at intersection of 16th Street and Southeast Dobson Court. enue. Neither was arrested. One p.m. on Saturday, on suspicion 5:10 p.m. on Sunday on suspi- Wilson Avenue. Tanner D. Ja- of the women was described as of fourth-degree assault, domes- cion of organized retail theft in cobson, 19, of Chehalis, is being Road Sign Found in Yard Hispanic and was wearing blue tic violence, in the 2000 block of the 1500 block of Lum Road. referred to prosecutors for two pajamas, according to the Cen- Borst Avenue. counts of fourth-degree assault. • At 8:53 a.m. on Sunday, a tralia Police Department. The • Lori E. Gotcher, 52, of Man Arrested for Trespass woman reported to police that a other woman was reportedly Centralia, was arrested at 6:13 • Billy R. Reser, 40, of Cen- Vehicle Prowls Reported road sign was in her yard in the wearing a blue sweatshirt and a.m. on Sunday on suspicion of 300 block of South Market Bou- had a black backpack. fourth-degree assault, domes- tralia, was arrested at 12:38 p.m. • At 10:55 a.m. on Saturday, levard. tic violence, in the 800 block of on Monday, in the 200 block of a vehicle prowl was reported Men Arrested for Alleged South Street. West Reynolds Avenue on suspi- in the 1300 block of Northwest Naked Man Seen on Protection Order Violations cion of criminal trespass. Louisiana Avenue. A purse was Chehalis Roundabout Food Stolen from reportedly missing from a car. • Douglas M. Martin, 41, of Outdoor Freezer Cash Stolen • At 2:37 p.m. on Saturday, • At 1:13 p.m. on Sunday, po- Centralia, was arrested at 5:49 lice received a report of a naked p.m. on Friday in the 1600 block • At 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, • At 1:46 p.m. on Monday, a vehicle prowl was reported in police received a report of cash the 400 block of Northeast Ad- man on a roundabout in a con- of Military Road on suspicion of police received a report of food struction area in the 1600 block violation of a no contact order. stolen from a freezer on a porch stolen from the 1500 block of ams Avenue. Harrison Avenue. • At 5:26 p.m. on Saturday, of Northwest Louisiana Avenue. • Lucas D. Bryan, 25, was ar- in the 300 block of Centralia a vehicle prowl was reported No arrests were made. The man rested at 9:26 a.m. on Saturday College Boulevard. please see SIRENS, page Main 16 in the 1200 block of Northwest Louisiana Avenue. A wallet was n Remembrance reportedly taken. I Creating celebrations as special as the people they honor Two Cited on Theft Charges DIANA GAYNELL MYHR • Eternity R. E. Bock, 20, of Loving daughter and sister, pilot's license in a small plane, Centralia, and Joshua B. Breault, Diana Gaynell Myhr, passed on after making her solo light. She 33, of Chehalis, are being cited to her new life with the Lord enjoyed water skiing, sailing on suspicion of third-degree and her dad in the early morning in small boats, shooting clay theft after allegedly stealing hours of Oct. 22, 2015. She was pigeons with her shotgun and items from the 1600 block of born on July 6, 1949, in Chehalis spent countless hours on the Northwest Louisiana Avenue to Seth and Vivian Myhr. computer with her friends. and trying to return them to the Diana graduated from Diana leaves behind her store. Breault is also being cited Western Washington University mother, Vivian; and brothers, in Bellingham to be a teacher, Reg, Steve and Mike. but chose to work for the state. The family wants to thank 205 W. Pine St. Centralia, WA 98531 Death Notices She held many positions during her friends, Joy and Buzz for • LORNA E. RAUCH, 77, Vader, died Satur- her near 30 year career and helping her these last few weeks. day, Oct. 17, at Harborview Medical Cen- was a program manager in the A graveside service will be ter, Seattle. A memorial service will be budget and iscal section at held Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015 at 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 7, at Toledo First the Department of Social and at 2:00 p.m. at Mountain View Baptist Church. Arrangements are un- Health Services, Division of Cemetery in Centralia, with her der the direction of Cattermole Funeral Since 1907 Newell-Hoerling’s Mortuary has helped families celebrate life. Whether Home, Winlock. burial, cremation, or simple gathering of friends & family, we are committed to Developmental Disabilities, longtime school friend, Dan making every celebration the perfect, heartfelt experience regardless of budget... • FRANKIE “VIRGINIA” MAIZE, 91, Cinebar, when she retired. Schaefer oficiating. died Friday, Oct. 23, in Morton. A memo- She could accomplish T.360-736-3317 To view the obituary, please go to rial service will be at 11 a.m. Saturday at anything she took interest in. In Centralia Bible Chapel, 209 N. Pearl St. her early years, she earned her Arrangements are under the direction of Cattermole Funeral Home, Winlock. Make This The Year You Pre-Plan • DIANA MYHR, 66, Olympia, formerly of Chehalis, died Thursday, Oct. 22, in Olympia. A graveside service will be at Funeral Planning ahead of ime means: 2 p.m. Wednesday at Mountain View • Your family knows your wishes Cemetery, Centralia. Arrangements are • Your loved ones are relieved of inancial issues under the direction of Newell-Hoerling’s Mortuary, Centralia • Emoional, costly decisions are avoided Frances • JOY A. HOLDT, 74, Centralia, died Mon- • You have peace of mind knowing you have day, Oct. 26, at home. No services are given your family a loving git planned. Arrangements are under the Irene direction of Fir Lawn Funeral Chapel, Call Gary to schedule a Pre-Planning appointment or for Toledo. advice on how to start the conversaion about inal wishes Hedges

Our LEwis COuntY June 5, 1923 ~ Oct. 13, 2015 Lotteries ArrAngEmEnt OffiCE Frances Hedges died Oct. 1126 S. Gold St., Suite 208 13, 2015 in Cedar City, Utah. Washington’s Monday Games Centralia, WA Frances was born June 5, 1923 spent winters in the desert Powerball: in Puyallup, Washington Southwest where they hiked Next jackpot: $110 million For Appointments Call 360-807-4468 Available 24/7 to Frank and Lottie Smith. and played an occasional Mega Millions: She attended school in round of golf. Next jackpot: $117 million Puyallup and graduated After Jerry died in 1996, Lotto: 09-12-37-44-46-49 from Puyallup High School Frances remained in Centralia Next jackpot: $5.9 million in 1941. until she lost her best friend, Hit 5: 07-11-18-33-37 Soon after graduation, she Bob Althauser. In 2011, she Next cashpot: $200,000 met Gerald (Jerry) Hedges moved to Wenatchee to be Match 4: 07-08-19-24 who she married in February close to her son, Neal and his Daily Game: 9-8-8 1942. Shortly after their family. Three years later she Keno: 02-03-04-12-15-17-24-30-32-33- Sticklin honeymoon, Jerry entered moved to St. George, Utah 36-39-42-45-46-51-55-63-73-77 the U.S. Navy and fought to live with her oldest son, Funeral Chapel in the South Paciic to theSteve and his wife before they Commodities end of World War II. To moved to Cedar City in 2013. Gas in Washington — $2.45 (AAA of Serving help the family during the She died there, October 13, Washington) Great Depression, Frances 2015. Crude Oil — $42.96 per barrel (CME Lewis County started work in high school Frances was preceded in Group) selling tickets at the local death by her parents, her sister, Gold — $1,168 (Monex) Since 1890 Helen Marie, and her husband. Silver — $15.92 (Monex) movie theatre. Later, she attended trade school to learn She is survived by her sons, accounting and worked as Steve (Verla Jean) and Neal Corrections A History of Service a bookkeeper for several (Diana), seven grandchildren; ••• Puyallup businesses until she and 11 great grandchildren. The Chronicle seeks to be accu- retired in 1980. She will be buried next to rate and fair in all its reporting. If Frances and Jerry moved to Jerry in Centralia. A graveside you find an error or believe a news Centralia, Jerry’s home town, memorial will be scheduled at CH546938cz.db item is incorrect, please call the news- 360-736-1388 in 1989 to be closer to family a later date. room as soon as possible at 807-8224, and friends. They had always To view the obituary, please go between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday 1437 South Gold St., Centralia enjoyed trailer camping and to through Friday. RECORDS The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 • Main 11

FOOD ESTABLISHMENT INSPECTION SCORES: From the Lewis County Public Health Department

Food Establishments With Violations: Red Blue Total There were no food worker cards available. Please correct within one week. Food Establishments Chehalis Aerie 1550 (Eagles), Chehalis 25 0 25 (5 red) With Perfect Scores: Stew was found cooling covered in 4-inch depth at 71.2 F. Potentially haz- Hand wash sink contained several dirty dishes. These were removed. Hand Adna Elementary, Adna ardous foods must be cooled uncovered in 2-inch depths until 41 F. or below. sink must be kept clear at all times. (10 red) Adna High School, Adna This may not be served to the public. (25 red) Digital thermometers were available but were not being used. Discussed Avenue Espresso, National Avenue, Inspection: Sept. 16 which thermometers to use, how to sanitize probe, and how to measure food Chehalis temperatures. (5 red) Boistfort School, Curtis Cedar Village IGA, Winlock The Club Sports Bar, Winlock 0 5 5 Dishes have not been washed, rinsed, sanitized and air dried. Discussed proper procedures. (5 blue) Centralia-Chehalis Elks, Centralia The bar’s three-compartment sink is not indirectly drained. Please resolve Centralia Rollerdrome, Centralia this within six months. (5 blue) Inspection: Sept. 17 Chehalis Shop’n Kart, Chehalis Inspection: Sept. 16 Cooks Hill Manor, Centralia Quality Cafe & Pizza, Chehalis 40 0 40 Cowlitz Tribe Senior Nutrition, Toledo Person in charge of grocery portion and hot case did not have a food Cruisers Pizza, Packwood Country House Restaurant, Toledo 60 5 65 worker card. Another worker with a card arrived. Please ensure all workers Dollar Tree, Chehalis Employee food worker cards were posted and current but the person in have cards within one week. (5 red) Freeway Deli Mart, Chehalis charge did not have his/her card. Please obtain within 10 days. This is a re- 1½ heads of cut/cored lettuce were stored on the counter and were found JJ Berry Country Store, Chehalis peat violation from the last inspection. (5 red) at 66.4 F. Cut or torn leafy greens must be kept at 41 F or below. These were Jungle Blends, Chehalis Bare-hand contact was observed while making sandwiches during discarded. (25 red) Kobo Teriyaki, Chehalis lunchtime. This was repeated after notification to the employee. Please wear Lewis County Head Start, Chehalis Several potentially hazardous foods were found cold holding at 50.7 F and gloves or use utensils to avoid this at all times. (25 red) Little Crane Cafe, Vader must be kept at 41 F or below at all times. (10 red) Sausage gravy was found cooling in a deep pot in the walk-in. The gravy Market Street Market, Chehalis Inspection: Sept. 14 was approximately 5 inches deep and the temperature was still above 41 F at Market Street Pub & Grill, Chehalis noon. This was placed in a shallow plan approximately 2 inches deep to cool Moose Lodge, Morton properly. (25 red) Safeway, Chehalis 25 0 25 Moose Lodge, Centralia Three types of chicken were found hot holding between 116 and 132 F and Oakview Elementary, Centralia Lettuce and tomatoes and some meats were being held at temperatures Pe Ell School, Pe Ell above 41 F in “make-it” stations. Please cool all things below 41 F. and hold must be kept at 135 F at all times. These were either discarded or cooled in walk-in, depending or preparation time. (25 red) South Pacific Bistro, Chehalis below that temperature at all times. (5 red) St. Joseph School, Chehalis Inspection: Sept. 16 The three-compartment warewash sink is directly drained. Please change Sunshine Liquidators, Packwood this to an indirect drain within six months (5 blue) Sweet Inspirations, Chehalis Taqueria La Mariposa, Chehalis 25 0 25 Note: No violations were found in a follow-up inspection Sept. 30. Tatoosh Food Mark, Packwood Ground beef had been covered before cooling completely and was found Inspection: Sept 18 Toledo Elementary, Toledo at 50.8 F. This was transferred to a 2-inch pan and placed in the store refrig- Toledo Middle School, Toledo erator to cool to 41 F uncovered. (25 red) Stillwaters Colonial Residence, Dave’s Chevron, Toledo 5 0 5 Inspection: Sept. 17 Centralia Need to obtain a digital thermometer with thin tip to accurately measure small food items. Please obtain this within 10 days. (5 red) Inspection: Sept. 18 Dorene (Wood) Luond Freeway Mart, Centralia 25 3 28 July 17, 1934 ~ Oct. 20, 2015 Chicken gizzards had been placed in cold water to thaw but cold water had not been left running over the chicken, which was found at 72.7 F. These state in the United States, (Kevin) Frauendorfer and were placed in a refrigerator. Please thaw foods completely immersed in cold many of the most beautiful Travis (Merisa) Wilson; running water. (Chicken had been placed frozen in sink 1 hour ago.) (25 red) camping spots, Canada, six great-grandchildren; Both bathrooms are out of service. If these cannot be repaired by tomor- some free truck stops, and and her beloved little dog, row, at least one portable toilet must be provided by noon tomorrow for em- have many great family “Mickey Mouse.” ployees. Employees must then immediately wash hands upon re-entering the station wagon, motorcycle She was preceded in store. Food preparation may continue under these circumstances until close and horse adventures. death by her parents, Ernie of business Friday, Oct. 16. If still not corrected, the business may remain open Family has always been and Esther Wood; brothers, without food preparation if a plan of correction is submitted and approved. one of the most important Lawrence and Richard (3 blue) things to Dorene. From her Wood; and sister Lanorma Inspection: Oct. 1 childhood days playing in the Loucks. creek with brother Richard, All of the Luond family would like to thank the Graba Java, Chehalis 0 5 5 Dorene (Wood) Luond helping her mom clean the Kosmos rental cabins, amazing, compassionate Dishes are not being washed, rinsed, sanitized and air dried. Discussed. 81, of Morton, passed peacefully Oct. 20, 2015 raising four children, to and empathetic caregivers at Please provide test strips and train all employees or correct procedures. This is Logan St. Manor, Chehalis, a repeat violation. (5 blue) in Chehalis. She is back enjoying four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. for helping our mom make Inspection: Oct. 1 with her parents, brothers and sister now. She was It was always family irst. her inal journey here on born July 17, 1934 at home That must be why Christmas earth. They are angels on Guadalajara Family Restaurant, Winlock 5 0 5 in Kosmos, Washington, to was her favorite holiday, earth. Food cold storage temperatures were good except for the “make-it” refrig- Ernie and Esther Wood. because she was surrounded A family graveside service will be held at the Morton erator on top. Please readjust this and monitor it for temperatures today. (5 After graduating from by all of her family and Cemetery on Saturday, red) Morton High School, she family was everything to Oct. 31, 2015 with a public Inspection: Sept. 28 studied at Bates Business her. She worked very hard reception to follow at the College and Tacoma and made many sacriices First Church of God, Morton General Hospital. Dorene to provide them wonderful Headquarters Tavern, Mineral 0 5 5 at 12:30 p.m. Both three-compartment sinks are still directly drained. Please install indi- proudly worked as an x-ray family memories. technician at Tacoma and Dorene is survived by In lieu of lowers, rect drains on each of these fixtures. Repeated violations will result in a $100 donations may be made in Morton General Hospitals, a her husband, Tony Luond fine. (5 blue) Dorene’s name to the Lewis clerk at Coast to Coast and (Chehalis); children, Inspection: Sept. 21 County Animal Shelter, then retiring after 10 years (Ron) Walker, Mesa, Arizona, P.O. Box 367 Chehalis, WA as a teller for Security State Toni (Karl) Schmidt, 98532. She loved her dogs The Hub Bar & Grill, Centralia 20 0 20 Bank. Winlock, Pat (Tom) Howell, No food worker cards were available. Please ensure all food workers have In 1954, a 61 year Eagle Point, Oregon and almost as much as her kids. valid cards that are kept on site. Person in charge did not have card, but oth- wonderful life adventure Mark Luond, Mesa, Arizona. ers were found. (5 red) To view the obituary, began when she married She will be dearly missed please go to Back hand wash sink was blocked by buckets and did not have hot water. Anthony Albert “Tony” by her four grandchildren, Please correct these by tomorrow. This was corrected. Thanks! (10 red) Luond in Morton. Together, Lori (Mike) Cournyer, Tyson There was no digital thermometer available to test temperatures of small/ they would visit almost every (Chantel) Wilson, Holly thin foods. (Battery had died). Please provide by tomorrow. (5 red) Inspection: Sept. 29

Infantino’s II, Centralia 25 0 25 Several containers of soup either were found between 45.1 and 53.3 F after more than 7 hours. Please ensure that all potentially hazardous foods are In Loving Memory Of cooled on the top shelf by the tall refrigerator in 2-inch pans, uncovered, until 41 F. or below. These soups will be discarded. (25 red) Inspection: Sept. 28 Virginia Maize J & L Country Market & Deli, Randle 5 5 10 able to “railroad” Virginia into 2015 at 11:00 a.m. at Centralia One reach-in refrigerator was too warm for cold holding. Please adjust the marriage in 1948. They worked Bible Chapel, 209 N. Pearl St., refrigerator or repair if necessary within 10 days. (5 red) the next few years together Centralia, WA 98531. Warewash sink is still directly drained. This is a repeat violation. This must building their dairy business in Donations in her honor can be be retrofitted to be an indirect drain. If this is not resolved in may result in a Nisqually, Washington. made to the Salkum Fireighters fine of $100 if found for a third time. (5 blue) In 1969, they purchased EMS Association, PO Box 124, Inspection: Sept. 17 their own farm in Cinebar, Salkum, WA 98582. Washington. There in the Virginia Maize will live on Frankie Virginia Maize Shoestring Valley, they made in the hearts of her family. She King Oscar Motel, Centralia 0 5 5 peacefully passed from this life a life together raising cattle was a “no frills” person who There was no sanitizer solution and no test strips to test. Please provide and entered into her new life known far and wide for their sacriiced her own comforts, strips within one week and ensure there is sanitizer available during all hours with the Lord Oct. 23, 2015. quality. Virginia could be seen preferring to focus her efforts to of operation. This is a repeat violation. (5 blue) The oldest daughter among in the back of a cattle truck care for her farm and especially Inspection: Sept. 29 seven children of Taft and Nellie still brushing and grooming a her family. If God has more Miller, Virginia was born near Holstein just before sending it work for her to do in heaven, she Ocean Sky, Chehalis 0 3 3 Narrows, Oregon and grew up off to a local dairy. They raised surely will be heard as she often in the ranching communities Entire kitchen must be better cleaned. (3 blue) two daughters, also known for was here on earth, calling out, near Frenchglen and Burns. She their quality, Gerri Maize of Due to the repeated cleanliness violation, a $100 fine is due to the Health “put on your boots, its time to was truly at home on the range, Mossyrock and Elaine Maize Department within 10 days. do the chores!” riding to herd and brand the Theriault (Bob) of Longview. Inspection: Sept,. 17 cattle while helping to tend to One of Virginia’s favorite her younger siblings. Christian hymns was “I Love to Packwood Senior Center — Enrichment, Packwood 5 0 5 After graduating from the Tell the Story” and she lived it Several food worker cards were expired. Two of the expired cards were for public boarding high school in out, telling the gospel story as current staff. Please have these renewed in 10 days. (5 red) Crane, Oregon, Virginia joined a Sunday School teacher at the Inspection: Sept. 17 the World War II home front Centralia Bible Chapel. Among workforce by training to be a her students, were her daughters telegraph operator in Spokane, and her beloved grandchildren, Pe Ell Nutrition Site, Pe Ell 0 5 5 Washington. For the next 14 Kelli Hogan(Tim), Jon Theriault, No changes have been made yet to the three-compartment sink drains. years, she was employed in the Austin Maize & Jeff Theriault. They are still direct drains. This is a repeat violation and will be subject to a busy train depot near Olympia, She is survived by two of $250 fine when repeated the fourth time, a $100 fine when repeated the third Washington, where she helped her brothers, Joe (Ingamoe) and time. (5 blue) many of the soldiers going Jerry (Linda) Miller. Inspection: Oct. 1 off to war and also made the She was preceded in death by acquaintance of a friendly young her parents; husband, Weldon; Pica’s Brews, Espresso & Deli, Centralia 25 5 30 cattleman, Weldon “Wimpy” and her siblings, Gene, Donald, Four workers have not been properly trained in food safety procedures, Maize. Wimpy made a point to Lucille and Tiny. bring livestock to the train yard To view the obituary, please go to including hand washing, measuring food and milk temperatures, making a A memorial service will test sanitizing solution and dish washing. (5 red) as often as possible and was be held Saturday, Oct. 31, Main 12 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 Nation/World Nation in Brief World in Brief Prosecutor: Driver in China Warns US Navy Parade Crash Went After Ship Sails by Around Barricade Chinese-Built Island STILLWATER, Okla. (AP) BEIJING (AP) — A U.S. Navy — A woman accused of driving warship sailed past one of China’s her car into a crowd of people artificial islands in the South Chi- at Oklahoma State University’s na Sea today in a challenge to Chi- homecoming parade ran a red nese sovereignty claims that drew light, “purposely” went around an angry protest from Beijing, a barricade and drove over a po- which said the move damaged lice motorcycle before crashing U.S.-China relations and regional into the spectators, a prosecutor peace. said Monday. China’s Foreign Ministry said “The evidence suggests this authorities monitored and warned was an intentional act, not an ac- the USS Lassen as it entered what cident,” Payne County District China claims as a 12-mile terri- Attorney Laura Thomas said in torial limit around Subi Reef in a public statement. The driver’s the Spratly Islands archipelago, a actions demonstrate “a depraved group of reefs, islets, and atolls mind and indifference to human where the Philippines has compet- life.” ing claims. At a bail hearing, the district “The actions of the U.S. warship attorney told the judge that Ada- Carolyn Kaster / The Associated Press have threatened China’s sovereign- cia Chambers is “looking at four House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, of California , left, and Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., laugh together as they walk from ty and security interests, jeopar- life sentences” if convicted in the a meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington Monday. Republicans, Democrats and President Barack Obama Monday reached dized the safety of personnel and deaths of four people who were agreement on a two-year pact, but it faces approval from contentious House Republicans. facilities on the reefs, and dam- hit. aged regional peace and stability,” Special District Judge Kather- the ministry said on its website. ine Thomas granted the request for $1 million bail and ordered Death Toll Reaches 339 a psychological evaluation for Chambers, who is being held on Tentative Agreement in Quake-Hit Pakistani, preliminary counts of second- degree murder. Afghan Areas PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — Rescuers were struggling to reach Woman Reunites quake-stricken regions in Pakistan With Guide Dog Reached on Budget and Afghanistan today as officials said the combined death toll from That Saved Her By Andrew Taylor the previous day’s earthquake rose BREWSTER, N.Y. (AP) — Ly- The Associated Press to 339. According to Afghan and Paki- ing in a hospital after being hit by WASHINGTON — The bud- “This is again just the umpteenth time that you a school minibus, Audrey Stone stani officials, 258 people died in get deal between congressional set herself a goal: to get well so have this big, huge deal that’ll last for two Pakistan and 78 in Afghanistan in leaders and President Barack she could bring back home the the magnitude-7.5 quake, which Obama, aimed at heading off a years and we were told nothing about it and guide dog that had jumped in was centered deep beneath the government shutdown and debt front of a bus to save her. Hindu Kush mountains in Afghan- crisis, faces its first hurdle to- in fact even today, were not given the details.” Stone, who is legally blind, istan’s sparsely populated Badakh- day when it goes before restive spent months in a rehabilitation Rep. John Fleming shan province that borders Paki- House Republicans, including hospital. The golden retriever, Louisiana Republican stan, Tajikistan and China. Three rebellious arch-conservatives. Figo, had surgery himself and people died on the Indian side of The two-year pact, which went back to his trainers to make the disputed region of Kashmir. would take those volatile fiscal sure he would be able to work Washington and remove the The legislation would sus- Afghan authorities were issues off the table until after the again. threat of budget and debt chaos pend the current $18.1 trillion scrambling to access the hardest- 2016 presidential election, would And at last, there was Figo — a premier goal of congressional debt limit through March 2017. hit areas near the epicenter, lo- striding up the driveway to greet give both the Pentagon and do- Republicans like Senate Major- The budget portion would in- cated 45 miles south of Fayzabad, her Monday at her suburban mestic agencies $80 billion in ity Leader Mitch McConnell of crease the current “caps” on total the capital of Badakhshan prov- ince. Teams on foot were sent to New York house. relief from budget constraints in Kentucky, a key architect of the agency spending by $50 billion the most remote regions to assess “Oh, my good boy,” she ex- exchange for cuts elsewhere in pact. in 2016 and $30 billion in 2017, damage and casualties, but air re- claimed as she petted him, his the budget. The White House said today offset by savings elsewhere in lief drops were not expected to be- tail wagging full-force. “You’re Whether the tentative deal it was “promising” that Demo- the budget. And it would permit gin for some days. home — finally!” reached late Monday succeeds crats and Republicans came about $16 billion to be added on Stone and Figo had been to- depends in great measure on the together to reach an agreement top of that in 2016, classified as gether for about 6½ years before reception it gets from Republi- that would “break the cycle of war funding, with a comparable IS Militants Tie Captives the June 8 crash as they crossed a cans, including conservatives short-sighted, crisis-driven deci- boost in 2017. street a block from her home in who forced out House Speak sion-making.” Capitol Hill Dem- It also would clean up expect- to Palmyra Columns, Brewster, a town about 60 miles John Boehner. Boehner hopes to ocrats are likely to solidly sup- ed problems in Social Security Blow Them Up north of Manhattan. get the legislation passed before port the agreement, although it and Medicare by fixing a short- Rep. Paul Ryan’s election as his gives greater budget relief to the fall looming next year in Social BEIRUT (AP) — The Islamic successor, expected Thursday. Pentagon than it does domestic Security payments to the dis- State group killed three of its cap- Hot Dog Makers, Meat Some House Republicans programs. abled, as well as a large increase tives in Syria’s ancient city of Pal- Sellers Blast WHO were already grumbling ahead of “We successfully secured in Medicare premiums and de- myra by tying them to Roman-era today’s meeting. equal increases in funding de- ductibles for doctors’ visits and columns at the site, then blowing Cancer Report “This is again just the ump- fense and non-defense priorities,” other outpatient care. the structures up with explosives, teenth time that you have this activists said today. NEW YORK (AP) — Hot said House Democratic Leader The emerging budget side of big, huge deal that’ll last for two It was the latest gruesome dog makers and meat sellers say Nancy Pelosi. “We have extend- the deal resembles a pact that years and we were told nothing method of killing by the militant a report from the World Health ed the solvency of Social Security Ryan fashioned two years ago about it and in fact even today, group, which has become known Organization labeling wieners, Disability Insurance and pro- in concert with Sen. Patty Mur- were not given the details,” said for horrific beheadings and even bacon and other processed meats tected millions of seniors from ray, D-Wash., to ease automatic Rep. John Fleming, R-La. “And immolation of its prisoners. as cancer-causers is baloney. a significant increase in their spending cuts for the 2014-15 were probably going to have to Earlier this week, the extrem- WHO said Monday that pro- Medicare Part B premiums and budget years. A lot of conserva- vote on it in less than 48 hours.” deductibles next year. Most im- tives disliked the measure and ist group posted images on social cessed meats raised the risk of media purported to show its mem- colon, stomach and other can- A vote could come as early as portantly, we have affirmed that many on the GOP’s right flank Wednesday in the House. the full faith and credit of the are already swinging against the bers driving a tank over a captured cers. It also said red meat prob- government soldier, allegedly to ably contributes to the disease, The newly assembled bud- United States is non-negotiable new one, which would apply to get plan would restore order to and inviolable.” the 2016-17 budget years. revenge what it said was his driv- too. ing over IS militants. The IS mili- Meat eaters at a New York tant group is known to have tanks, food court mostly shrugged off mostly captured in battle from the report Monday. And Wall Ole Miss Removes Mississippi Syrian troops or in the territory it Street investors seemed to do the holds in neighboring Iraq. same, with shares of meat pro- ducers little changed. Flag With Confederate Emblem TV Comic Jimmy Morales Homicide Spike Draws By Emily Wagster Pettus and Jeff Amy Mississippi’s official banner, this ate vote were arrested on state Wins Guatemala The Associated Press was a hard decision. I understand weapons charges after campus Alarm From Obama the flag represents tradition and police found shotguns and a Presidential Runoff Administration OXFORD, Miss. — The honor to some. But to others, the “Black Lives Don’t Matter” sign in GUATEMALA CITY (AP) University of Mississippi qui- flag means that some members their pickup truck, according to — Now that former comedian WASHINGTON (AP) — etly pulled down the state flag of the Ole Miss family are not an FBI agent’s sworn statement. Jimmy Morales has ridden a tide This year has brought an unusu- on Monday, deciding that the welcomed or valued,” Stocks said A spokesman for the U.S. attor- of voter frustration to win Guate- ally grim and steady drumbeat of 121-year-old banner’s Confeder- in a statement. ney’s office, Chad Lamar, said mala’s presidency, it remained un- violence throughout the country. ate battle emblem sends a harm- The banner will be put on dis- each man now faces a federal clear Monday about what political A 5-year-old girl killed this ful message in this age of diver- play in the university’s archives, charge of possessing a firearm in neophyte might do once in office. month in Cleveland in a drive-by sity. Stocks told The Associated Press. a school zone. Federal court re- So far he’s given few clues, shooting. Seven people slain in Acting under the order of In- The flag had flown for years cords show one of the guns was beyond hinting at reviving a dor- Chicago over the July 4th week- terim Chancellor Morris Stocks, in the Lyceum circle, where loaded. At least one of the men mant border dispute with neigh- end. A young female journal- three campus police officers deadly white riots broke out in had also protested the NAACP boring Belize, or attaching GPS ist in Washington, D.C., fatally furled the flag before most stu- 1962, when James Meredith en- rally. locating devices to teachers to struck by an errant bullet in May dents were awake, taking it down rolled as the university’s first Today’s students forced the ensure they’re in class. while waiting to change buses. from a circle of honor between black student, under a federal flag issue as the governor and Morales’ campaign was The Justice Department this the white-columned administra- court order and with the protec- most state lawmakers seek re- heavy on style and light on con- month organized a brainstorm- tion building and a marble statue tion of U.S. marshals. election on Nov. 3, and many crete policy proposals and as ing summit with mayors and of a saluting Confederate soldier. A half-century later, federal politicians have avoided stak- landslide vote numbers rolled in police chiefs. FBI Director James A group of university leaders forces were again keeping close ing positions. Not so Chris Mc- on Sunday night, his campaign Comey, testifying last week, said met Sunday night and agreed to watch on the Ku Klux Klan as Daniel, a state senator who lost a headquarters looked a lot like the “very disturbing” homi- take it down, days after the stu- an Oct. 16 remove-the-flag rally contentious Republican primary a TV variety show, with a band cide spike has law enforcement dent and faculty senates urged its by the campus chapter of the to U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran in and dancers. scrambling to figure out why it’s removal from the Oxford cam- NAACP proved to be the catalyst 2014, and insisted that “Ole Miss His biggest campaign pledge happening now, and why in so pus, a bastion for Southern elites for change. should fly it, as long as they re- — like that of nearly all other many cities that seemingly have since its founding in 1848. Two Klan members who pro- main a publicly funded univer- candidates — was to fight en- little in common otherwise. “Because the flag remains tested Thursday’s faculty sen- sity.” trenched corruption. • Main 13 NORTHWEST The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 After 40 Years, Washington Man's Wallet Shows Up LOST, FOUND AND about 990 inches a year." Well, an average of 131 inches, DELIVERED: Spanaway anyway. Man Gets Unexpected Though he lost his wal- let there, Warden found a wife, Relic of His Past From Kathleen. She's now a fifth-grade Alaska Woman teacher in Tacoma's Sheridan Elementary School. Warden is By Larry Larue retired. The News Tribune Among the oddities of this story, Cough-Schulze is nearly TACOMA — On one of her the same age as Warden was final days in Sitka, Alaska, Chan- when he lost his wallet. tal Cough-Schulze hiked Harbor "I think we're kindred spirits," Mountain, walking a ridge she'd Cough-Schulze said of Warden. traveled often. "We both love moving around." "I saw there'd been a new rock Cough-Schulze was in Sitka slide," Cough-Schulze said. "And on an AmeriCorps assignment, lying there, about 2 feet off the one that ended the day after she trail, was a wallet." called Warden. From Alaska, she Not as unusual as you might wasn't completely sure where she think, Cough-Schulze said. Hik- was headed. ers, hunters, outdoors folks of all "Home is a little fuzzy right stripes hike that mountain just now," Cough-Schulze said. "My outside of town. folks just moved to North Caro- Still, when she picked it up lina, but I'm not from there. With she knew it was unusual. the weather last week, I didn't It was a small time capsule, want to go there." and though there was no cash So where did she go? Rose- in it, there was a student ID card burg, Oregon. from the University of Wash- Drew Perine / The News Tribune "I had friends there, but I ington — from 1975. There was In this photo taken Oct. 6, Bruce Warden poses for a photo in Spanaway. Warden was contacted recently by an Alaskan wom- didn't know anyone who was a credit card that had expired in an who found a wallet he lost in 1976. It contained his UW student ID from 1975 and an expired bank card. She discovered it shot at Umpqua Community 1976. There was a tiny bank cal- in the woods of Sitka, near where he used to hunt when he lived there. College," Cough-Schulze said. endar and a library card. "But I did know someone who All in the name of Bruce was in the classroom next door Adair Warden Jr. schools." of the wallet, so I found a 'Talk the wallet, the first thing War- to the shooting." Cough-Schulze took it all "I was a restless soul." of the Town' page for Gig Harbor den asked was, "What do I look Schulze overnighted the wal- home, then went on her com- Warden grew up in Tacoma, on Facebook," Cough-Schulze like in the student ID?" let to Warden. puter. attended Wilson High School, said. "I emailed 12 page admin- Warden liked the answer. "I opened it, saw the ID and For 17 years, Warden had then UW and Pacific Lutheran istrators, explaining why I was "She said, 'Long hair and a thought, 'Man, you need a hair- called Sitka home, but once he University. In 1968, he joined the looking, and asked if anyone mustache,' " Warden said. cut!' " Warden said. "That was a left he just kept moving. Army and spent 1970 in Vietnam. knew Mr. Warden." He doesn't remember losing long time ago. "I was there from 1975 un- When he got out, he let his Two days later, someone did the wallet, though he does re- "Chantal could not have been til 1992," Warden said. "I taught hair grow long. and, with Warden's permission, member walking Harbor Moun- nicer about all of this, and we've school in Silverdale, then spent Cough-Schulze found War- sent the new telephone number tain. In 1975, he was 26 years old. promised to stay in touch," War- 13 years overseas in Japan on a den's name and a Gig Harbor to Cough-Schulze. Today, he's 66. den said. "She went through a Navy base, then a German Army telephone number through "We'd moved to Spanaway," "I was kind of rebellious after lot of effort to find me after she base, then back to a Japan air Google, but the number no lon- Warden said. my Army duty," Warden said. "I found the wallet. base. I worked for the Depart- ger belonged to Warden. Once Cough-Schulze got him liked Sitka a lot — absolutely "I don't think most people ment of Defense independent "I wanted to solve this mystery on the phone and told him about gorgeous area — but it rained would have done it." Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, Now Back in Washington After Colorado Stay SOLITARY: Transfer to Lewis County. They determined tims' relatives were also angered he was not responsible for the to learn that he had been trans- Colorado Prison Upset murders. ferred without their input. Families of Victims Ridgway is serving life with- In a statement Sunday, U.S. out parole for the killings of 49 Rep. Dave Reichert, who inves- SEATTLE (AP) — One of the women over a 20-year spree, and tigated Ridgway during his years nation's most prolific murderers, he's suspected of having mur- in the King County Sheriff's Of- Green River serial killer Gary dered dozens more. Officials fice, said he approved of the kill- Ridgway, has been returned to a said they would have saved mon- er's return. Washington state prison after a ey by keeping him in Colorado, "Last June when we learned transfer to Colorado upset rela- and that it would have provided that the Washington State De- tives of his victims as well as in- him with an opportunity to live partment of Corrections justi- vestigators who handled the case. in the general prison population fied the transfer of Ridgway to The Washington Department instead of being kept in solitary Colorado by describing him as a of Corrections said Ridgway was for his own protection in Wash- model prisoner, the victims' fam- returned to the state prison in ington. ilies, dedicated detectives, sci- Walla Walla on Saturday from Any time he left solitary at entists, patrol officers, and hun- the federal penitentiary in Flor- Walla Walla, he had to be accom- dreds of volunteers involved in ence, Colorado, The Seattle panied by a security team, offi- the Green River case were rightly Times reported. He had been in cials said. shocked and outraged," he said. Colorado since May. They reasoned that he'd be "On behalf of those that lost their During that time, he was in- less well known and less of a tar- loved ones, I will do everything The Associated Press terviewed by Lewis County Pros- get in Colorado, but investigators in my power to ensure that Ridg- Green River Killer Gary Ridgway signs papers during his arraignment on charges of ecutor Jonathan Meyer and De- said it could hinder future inves- way spends the rest of his days murder in the 1982 death of Rebecca "Becky" Marrero, Friday, Feb. 18, 2011, at the tective Bruce Kimsey regarding tigations if they didn't have easy where he belongs, alone behind King County Regional Justice Center in Kent. Ridgway already confessed to killing a series of cold-case murders in access to Ridgway. They and vic- thick cement cell walls." Marrero as part of a 2003 plea deal that spared him the death penalty. Conservationists Thrilled: Sixth Endangered Newborn Orca Spotted in Puget Sound Since December SEATTLE (AP) — Puget last December, boosting their Sound's endangered resident or- numbers to 82. cas have welcomed yet another Michael Harris, the execu- new addition. tive director of the Pacific Whale The Center for Whale Re- Watch Association, says the search in Friday Harbor con- whale watch community is re- firmed on its Facebook page this ferring to the baby boom as the weekend that a newborn orca "class of 2015." designated as J53 was seen travel- There could be more babies ing Saturday in Haro Strait with on the way. a 38-year-old orca known as Federal biologists recently Princess Angeline. used drones to take thousands

The Associated Press Conservationists are thrilled. of images of the orcas, and they Newborn orca calf J53 is seen with its mother J17 of San Juan Island on Saturday. It's the sixth baby born to Puget said several appeared to be preg- Sound's three orca pods since nant. News in Brief tance calls from state and federal of lowered tariffs for hundreds of FCC Reduces Cost of prisons across the nation at 11 billions of dollars worth of goods Phone Calls to Inmates cents per minute. But it allows between the United States and some flexibility for phone ser- 11 other nations in Asia, North in Washington vice at jails and smaller prisons. America and South America. SEATTLE (AP) — The Fed- The Yakima Herald-Republic eral Communications Commis- reported that after five years of sion announced this week it has State’s Fruit Growers talks, negotiators agreed to the put a limit on how much phone Hope Trade Deal TPP in principle earlier this month companies can charge for phone in , though each govern- calls to prison inmates in Wash- Means More Business ment has yet to approve it. The ington state and elsewhere. YAKIMA (AP) — Washing- proposal is receiving a lukewarm The FCC says the average ton fruit growers are hoping the reception in the United States. cost in Washington of a 15-min- Trans-Pacific Partnership will “All we’re trying to do is sell ute, in-state, long-distance, pre- lead to fewer tariffs and higher fruit,” said Chris Schlect, presi- paid phone call from a family sales when their crops are ex- dent of the Northwest Horticul- member to a loved one in prison ported to other nations. tural Council, a Yakima orga- is $3.15. The FCC's new rate cap But many details of the pro- nization that represents the tree CH549238cz.sw cuts the cost for that call at $1.65. posed trade agreement between fruit industry in trade matters. The FCC also cut the cap on in- 12 Pacific Rim nations remain The Horticultural Council terstate long-distance calls at under wraps and final passage is has not taken a position on the $1.65 for a 15-minute call. far from certain. TPP, though Schlect backs its The new federal rules cap the The Trans-Pacific Partner- general principles of lower tariffs rate for all local and long dis- ship would create a trade network and more predictable trade rules. Main 14 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 NORTHWEST Storied Washington Detective’s Career Comes to an End CASE CLOSED: Rick Buckner Investigated More Than 50 Murders in His ‘‘I just broke down; I Career in Clark County lost it at that point. By Emily Gillespie That was probably one The Columbian of the hardest cases I VANCOUVER, Wash. — If you haven't heard of Rick Buck- ever worked because I ner, chances are you at least had kids that age.’’ know his work. As a detective, Buckner has helped put away Westley Allan Rick Buckner Dodd, Dennis Keith Smith and discussing case of serial killer who Keith Hunter Jesperson, better murdered two young boys known as the "Happy Face Killer." And those are just a few of the 50-plus homicide cases Buckner has investigated during his ca- Buckner and said: "You were reer at the Clark County Sheriff's right; I want to turn myself in." Office. After 35 years, Buckner He confessed to killing Win- has retired. ningham but let it slip to Buck- "It still is a fun job, I still enjoy ner that he had killed more. it. You interact with people, you From there, Buckner sent out The Columbian never know what you're going to messages to other police agen- get into," he said. But, he added, In this June 7, 1999 ile photo, Clark County Sherif’s deputy Rick Buckner testiies during a trial in Vancouver, Wash. As a cies and tipped off The Colum- "after 35 years, it's time to leave." detective, Buckner has helped put away Westley Allan Dodd, Dennis Keith Smith and Keith Hunter Jesperson, better known bian, all of which led regional Buckner was a reserve at the as the “Happy Face Killer.” After 35 years, Buckner retired in October. authorities to make connections Multnomah County Sheriff's Of- between several other murders fice as a way to give back to the and Jesperson. conversations with Dodd, though, tigator in the 1995 murder of Ju- community before deciding to case by simply listening to what Buckner is quick to point out join the Clark County Sheriff's Buckner built a rapport. Dodd lie Ann Winningham of Camas Dodd had to say. that he had a lot of good partners Office in October 1980. confessed to many crimes, Buck- that involved a suspect who put "For some reason I tend to and other help at the sheriff's office. Ever since, he's had fun and connect with these individuals," ner said, closing a lot of cases. smiley faces on letters to media, never looked back. Helping the "It's as simple as talking to earning him the nickname the "It wasn't me, it was everyone I he said. "Most people are re- worked with," he said. community and making a differ- pulsed by them. I am, but I tend him, treating him like a human "Happy Face Killer." Through all the cases, though, ence was rewarding, Buckner said, to put on a better front. I listen to being," he said. Buckner and his partners Buckner said the best part was but he also enjoyed the drama. them. Most of these people just At one point, Dodd gave narrowed in on Jesperson, who giving the families of the victims "You get a front-row seat to want the attention, they want to Buckner a letter to give to the was Winningham's boyfriend. closure. the greatest show on Earth," he be recognized." prosecutor to bypass his attor- Because Jesperson was a truck said. "Really, we all have morbid neys. The letter said he wanted driver, the case took Buckner "And for the most part, I've been able to do that," he said. curiosity, and it's exciting." Hard Case to Work to plead guilty to everything and to Arizona, where he collected He worked in patrol and as his attorneys didn't want him to. DNA samples from Jesperson "Obviously not all of (the cases) an arson investigator, but his Buckner remembers that Another high-profile homi- and questioned him for hours. are as glamorous, but you talk to 20 years as a detective are what when Dodd was arrested in Cam- cide case came in 1995, when But police didn't have enough the family members. You get to landed his name in true-crime as, Buckner worked through the Smith killed Carolyn Killaby of evidence to arrest him, so they know the victims, and the family novels and TV programs. night into the next day and then Vancouver. Before police could let him go. Buckner left, but not is appreciative." Buckner's first big case came into another night. After hours arrest him, he fled to Florida, before handing Jesperson a card Buckner said his career has in 1989 when he was assigned to of investigating, he paused to call where he lived under an assumed and asking him to call him in a given him a lot of joy and a lot of a regional task force investigat- his wife. name for years. After the story week. friends. ing Dodd, the serial killer behind "I just broke down; I lost it at aired on "America's Most Want- When he got home, Buckner He said he will continue his the grisly murder of two broth- that point," he said. "That was ed," Smith was recognized and felt disappointed. But eventu- work as a polygraph expert at his ers, William Neer, 10, and Cole probably one of the hardest cases arrested. ally, he learned that his friendly company, Advantage Polygraph Neer, 11, in David Douglas Park I ever worked because I had kids The most notable homicide demeanor with Jesperson had Services, and looks forward to in Vancouver. that age." case, though, involved Jesperson. worked. spending more time with his Buckner said he helped the During his interviews and Buckner was the lead inves- Days later, Jesperson called four granddaughters. Puff Test for Pot Use Will Be Reality Within a Year, WSU Researchers Say BREATH SAMPLES: make an arrest,” said Padden, R- and will only improve on those Spokane Valley. results. The research team has Improvements Made Initiative 502, which vot- already made changes that will After First Round of “This would be a more accurate ers approved in 2012 to legalize help make the test more accurate recreational marijuana use, said going forward, he said. Testing for Marijuana test for them to determine drivers are considered impaired “We don’t want to accuse Breathalyzer whether someone is impaired, if they test positive for at least 5 somebody of smoking marijuana nanograms of delta-9 THC per when they didn’t,” Hill said. By Melissa Santos and combined with other milliliter of blood. Nicholas Lovrich, a WSU The News Tribune evidence, whether they need to The marijuana breath test professor of political science under development at WSU is who also teaches criminal jus- Researchers at Washington Sen. Mike Padden R-Spokane make an arrest.” designed to test for delta-9 THC, tice courses, said the breath test State University say they think Valley the psychoactive component of could act as an important deter- they are about a year away from marijuana that causes someone rent for people who may choose having a portable breath test that to get high — not the metabolite to drive after consuming mari- police can use to detect if some- provements. The team is about help officers more accurately that can stay in someone’s sys- juana. one has recently consumed mari- to start a second round of testing, determine whether they need tem for days or weeks, Hill said. He said that while research juana. and Hill said he hopes to make to detain someone for impaired Hill said right now the test shows marijuana doesn’t affect a Roadside the device available for police to driving. determines only whether delta-9 person’s driving nearly as much breath tests al- use in the field sometime next While police would still need THC is present in someone’s sys- as alcohol, it still causes impair- ready exist to year. to get a warrant and draw a per- tem, and not what level is in their ment that is dangerous, especial- detect whether “For it to be used to help the son’s blood to see if they meet the blood. ly if used in combination with drivers have arresting officer make a decision legal definition of impairment Out of 30 times the test was alcohol. consumed I hope is about a year away,” Hill under the state’s marijuana laws, recently used on someone before “It’s not about punishment, it’s alcohol. But said Tuesday. a breath test could be a more reli- and after they smoked marijua- about letting people know, ‘you’ll officers have Hill updated state lawmak- able way to detect marijuana im- na, it accurately detected THC in get caught,’ ” said Lovrich, who no similar device to test drivers ers on the breath test project at pairment than the field sobriety the person’s system about half of is working with Hill on the THC for marijuana use, said Herbert a Thursday (Oct. 22) meeting of tests that officers use now, Pad- the time, Hill said. breath test. “People who assume Hill, a WSU chemistry professor the Senate Law & Justice Com- den said. The test turned up only one that they’re a good driver when working on the project. mittee. “This would be a more accu- false positive during the trials, they’re high, it’s not true. All the Hill said his research team State Sen. Mike Padden, the rate test for them to determine Hill said. research shows they’re not.” has completed its first round of committee chairman, said Tues- whether someone is impaired, He said that’s encouraging “They need to know that they testing of the marijuana breath- day that state officials are in- and combined with other evi- because researchers are con- can get caught if they use and alyzer and has made some im- terested in any tools that could dence, whether they need to tinuing to refine the breath test drive,” he said. News in Brief gan looking for them at first light from an old handgun they had WE HAVE Two Women Hikers on Monday. somehow obtained. They entered Missing Near North Conditions in the area were the base through a hole that had rainy overnight with low tem- been cut in a perimeter fence that MATTRESSES Bend Found 'Cold peratures in the 40s. abuts a neighborhood, he said. But Safe' The victim’s brother told au- $ 95 thorities that the three boys were STARTING AT 89 NORTH BEND (AP) — Two 13-Year-Old Shot at walking in the woods when he women hikers missing since Military Base Has Died; heard a gunshot; he turned to see Sunday evening near North his brother lying on the ground Bend have been found. Friend Charged and the 17-year-old holding a The King County sheriff's of- JOINT BASE LEWIS-MC- gun, court records said. fice says the hikers were found CHORD (AP) — A 13-year-old The older boy, who ran off af- Monday afternoon, "cold but boy who was shot in the face ter the shooting, later said it was safe." last week at a military base in an accident, The News Tribune KOMO-TV reported the two Washington state has died, and newspaper of Tacoma reported, women, identified by friends as his 17-year-old friend remains citing court records. He pleaded Jennifer and Elizabeth Moran of in juvenile detention, police said not guilty Friday to charges of Bothell, were reported overdue Monday. third-degree assault and un- TWINS, FULL, QUEEN AND Sunday night when they did not The boy died Sunday night lawful possession of a firearm, return from their hike. at a hospital, where he was taken charges which had not been KING SETS AVAILABLE Cindi West with the King after being shot last Tuesday at changed as of Monday morning. County Sheriff's Office says the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, said Lakewood police are investi- two left to hike a trail near the Lakewood Police Lt. John Unfred. gating how the boys got the gun, Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie Unfred told The Associated Unfred said. The U.S. Bureau of 1601 S. Gold Street · Centralia River, but apparently became lost. Press the boy sneaked onto a re- Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Deputies found their car mote, wooded part of the base ran a trace on the weapon, which 360-736-3832 late Sunday near the Pratt River with his 14-year-old brother and showed the last official documen- trailhead, and teams with King their friend, apparently so they tation of it to have been a sale in County Search and Rescue be- could “shoot off a few rounds” Kansas about 35 years ago, he said. CH545762rc.jd The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 • Main 15

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Readers respond on Facebook to story detailing how the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad and Museum steam train was fired up during a test run on Monday.

Janice Hogan: My backyard is the steam train. It will be sad when our houses sells. But will be wonderful for the next family that has our house.

Keith E Blackwell: Slowly is the operative Photograph submitted by Rory Slattery, Chehalis word. Congratulations Harold & Crew. On Oct. 17, W.F. West’s FIRST Robotics team SWAG 4060 combined with two other teams to win the 2015 Washington Girls’ Generation Competition. This event is all about empowering women in STEM ields. Team SWAG’s girls were front and center, responsible for driving, scouting and strategizing. The women of Team SWAG 4060 overcame many obstacles to achieve their win with First Robotics Competition teams 1318 and 1983. Above, FRC teams from 1318 and 1983 pose with Team Melissa McEwen-Werner: Yay!!! SWAG, whose members, wearing yellow vests, are, front row, from left, Page McNaught and Ashlynn Gallagher; second row, from left, Rory Slattery, Jessica Snodgrass and Katie King; and top, Mikayla Wampole. Volunteering Readers respond on Facebook to story detailing two men reportedly smashed a window Friday at Marijuana Mart in Looking for local volunteer opportunities that the right track for a brighter future. United Way of Grand Mound and made off with several bins of marijuana. align with your interests? Lewis County seeks dedicated and kind volunteers United Way of Lewis County’s online Volun- to join the Reading Buddy program. teer Center has your answer. • MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is in need of Adam Barr: I think crime is at an all time Visit today and make caring, compassionate volunteers who love chil- high in South Thurston County. No pun in- an impact on the issues you are most passionate dren. They meet every other Thursday morning tended! about. and are looking for childcare volunteers. • Cooks and helpers desperately needed for Featured Volunteer Opportunities lunches on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at • Volunteers who work with students have the the Lewis County Gospel Mission. Cooks should Curtis Bush: Compared to typical retail power to help boost academic achievement and set have a current Food Handlers card. thefts, this is a rare occurrence! Time for some country justice.

Annie Workman: For you people drop- ping innuendo, don’t be so ignorant. Thieves steal, that’s what they do. Doesn’t really make much difference what they steal.

Dolores Stout: Oh surprise! NOT!

Victoria Webber: And who didn’t see this coming? While you’re away Debbie Horrace: Low-life thieves. on vacation... Readers respond on Facebook to story detailing how Centralia could have made a case to keep property that they seized from a drug crime. Instead they settled in exchange for $58,000, firearms and a 2006 Harley Davidson.

Douglas Lukascik: Highway Robbery. Should be unlawful.

Dwayne Edward Mattson: They had $58,000 just laying around to give to the city? Crime must pay pretty good.

Alex Hepler: Keeping heroin outside of the US means no heroin-related funds to be shared.

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Going on Vacation? ... Please consider donating your paper to “Newspapers in Education” and relax Don’t Just Stop Your Papers, knowing that your newspapers are being Donate hem To NIE! used as a teaching tool for the children in our community. For More Information or to Donate, Call Customer Service at 360-807-8203 Call 807-8203 Newspapers In Education The Chronicle • Main 16 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 FROM THE FRONT PAGE / LOCAL News in Brief Chehalis Teacher Wins ence for W.F. West in a few years. education. The awards for WSTA sometime between 2 a.m. and 9 IRS Scam Hits Holst was also involved in the Teacher of the Year are given at a.m., according to the Sheriff’s Of- Washington State’s High after-school robotics program as four levels: elementary, middle, fice. Surveillance images show two Centralia Area a volunteer, Walters said. secondary and higher education. men pulling up to the building in A number of Centralia resi- School Science Teacher To be eligible for the award, a two-door passenger car, said Lt. dents received scam phone calls the nominated person must have Cliff Ziesemer. The men got out of of the Year Award Monday from people claiming to three years of science teaching Thieves Smash the car and one of them smashed By The Chronicle experience. The candidate must Marijuana Mart a window, injuring himself. The be from the Internal Revenue Ser- A Chehalis teacher won the display excitement and enthusi- window and a display cabinet had vice, according to the Centralia title of High School Science asm for teaching science, effec- Window in Grand blood on them, he said. Police Department. Teacher of the Year this week- tive delivery of scientific content Mound, Steal Pot The men stole multiple bins The callers reportedly threat- end at the Washington Science and processes, evidence of posi- of marijuana and other products. ened people to call another phone Teachers Association’s annual tive impact on student learning, By The Chronicle The Sheriff’s Office does not have number and send money, accord- conference. and promotion of science edu- Two men reportedly smashed an estimate on the value of the ing to police. Michael Holst, a former sci- cation beyond the classroom, a window Friday at Marijuana products taken. Damage to the The Centralia Police Depart- ence teacher at W.F. West, was among other qualities. Mart in Grand Mound and made window amounted to $500. ment is advising residents to con- given the title. Holst was awarded $500 to be off with several bins of marijuana, The Sheriff’s Office does not tact the IRS to confirm any calls According to W.F. West Prin- spent at his discretion. according to the Thurston Coun- have a description of the vehicle are legitimate before sending cipal Bob Walters, Holst is cur- WTSA is an organization ty Sheriff’s Office. or the men. Investigators plan to money. rently teaching math at Green that advocates and promotes for The crime was reported at 9 enhance and study the surveil- The Olympia IRS office can Hill School and hasn’t taught sci- quality advancement of science a.m. Friday. The theft occurred lance footage, Ziesemer said. be reached at (360) 570-5410.

The resort plans to make be surprised if more snow fell at doesn’t mean it’s not going to Wednesday night. Snow snow again this year, as usual, the White Pass area, although snow, it just might be lower.” Thursday brings a chance of something McCarthy said saved he did not think it would stay for As for the lowlands of Lewis showers, and Friday through the Continued from the front page them last season when low snow- long. County, rain is expected to con- weekend will bring some more packs were reported in the area. “It probably won’t stick around tinue, and the National Weather wet weather. “It’s nice to see,” he said. The National Weather Ser- much,” he said referring to an Service will keep its eye on river “It’s looking to be a pretty wet The resort plans to open as vice said about 2 inches fell in the “up and down week” of weather. levels. Burg said there is a pos- and breezy weekend,” Burg said. early as it can, although that date past 24 hours at 5,800 feet. He said most of the snow will sibility for some river flooding, He said people should expect cannot yet be determined be- A report as of 9 a.m. on Mon- probably be washed out by the although the agency will wait intervals of heavy rains at times cause it depends on when a good day morning said 11 inches of rain. and see what happens before is- for Friday through Sunday. amount of snow falls. On Monday morning, Mc- snow had fallen, although NWS suing any type of flood watches NWS will continue to moni- Carthy said there was no snow Meteorologist Johnny Burg said THIS YEAR, low snowpacks are or warnings. tor river levels, especially of the at the base of the mountain, but that number seemed awfully predicted due to a strong El Nino Today is predicted to be a dry Skokomish River in Mason it did appear about 300 feet up high and “a little bit suspect.” forecasted throughout the winter. day, mostly sunny with fog in County. No local Lewis County from the base, with the top of the Over the next couple days, Usually an El Nino brings warm- the morning. The rain will make rivers were mentioned by name mountain getting heavier falls. Burg said, the weather will in- er than normal temperatures to another appearance on Wednes- for possible flooding, but Burg McCarthy hopes to have early clude a lot of moisture and snow the Pacific Northwest, with pre- day, and throughout much of the said there still is a chance of snow by Thanksgiving, and said will be possible in higher eleva- cipitation levels near or about week thereafter. some possible flooding. with a wet weather system ex- tions. Since the weather is pre- normal, Burg said. A quarter inch of rain is “We’ve still got another day pected to come through, hope- dicted to fluctuate with some “With warmer temperatures, predicted during the day on or so to look at stuff,” Burg said. fully the area will get some more warmer temperatures that will there’s a possibility of low snow Wednesday, with a quarter to a “But there’s a possibility it could snow. bring rain, Burg said he wouldn’t in the mountains,” Burg said. “It half inch predicted to fall over be there.”

According to city documents, The city is working with the in-stream fish habitat features “The beneficiaries are local Flood the first phase of design for the Chehalis Tribe on the project. to slow down and store runoff business owners, the public and project is nearly complete and The upstream storage plan is from the upper China Creek wa- the public employees who serve Continued from the front page permitting is already underway. modeled after the Johnson Creek tershed during high flow runoff the public during flood events, Funding for the construction If the council accepts the Brookside Project in Portland. events.” and fish and wildlife,” according of the storage area was provided funds tonight — as staff has rec- According to the agreement be- Delaying the peak flow run- to the agreement. during the most recent legislative ommended — then the city will fore the council tonight, it is in- off will reduce the frequency Construction is scheduled session through the Washington go out for construction bids in tended to “use excavated natu- and intensity of flooding in the for May through September 2017, State Recreation and Conserva- early 2016 with work to begin rally shaped landforms, stream downtown Centralia area, ac- with native planting set to occur tion Office. shortly thereafter. channel friction and natural cording to the city. from January to March 2017.

Train FIRST TRIP OF YEAR Continued from the front page SCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY on the train, said the test was to The first ride of the year will be make sure no additional fixes Saturday for the Pumpkin Train were needed before the rides Rides. Children will receive treats scheduled for Saturday. and have an opportunity to find “Now we are going to find out the perfect pumpkin. A costume if they did it right or wrong; if it’s contest for three age groups — 4 and under, 5 to 12, and 13 and over leaking they didn’t do it right,” — will also be held. Borovec said of the test. “So far, The duration of the trip is ap- so good.” proximately 30 minutes. The test was estimated to The train will run at 11 a.m., 1 take about five hours. p.m. and 3 p.m. Luke Johnson, the lead me- Tickets are $10, and children chanic on the train renovation, 2 and under are free, but are re- said it was important to trouble- quired to sit on a someone’s lap. shoot the engine. For more information, visit “We took literally 200 pipes apart, and you want to make sure all 200 of them don’t leak now,” he said. “That’s a big part of what we’re doing.” Borovec said restorations on Every 15 years, the engine the steam engine in 2000 only Pete Caster has to undergo a rebuild to stay took three months, but back then / [email protected] Volunteers prepare the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad and Musem steam engine to start running on Monday afternoon. compliant with Federal Railway the rules were different so the Administration requirements. Crews tore apart the engine process was easier. been no major surprises.” sat unused for 30 years before it popularity, and every year the and have been working on it Although it has been time The museum’s Locomotive 15 was repaired and restored by the Polar Express and Santa Steam since the first week of January. consuming, Borovec said, the will be turning 100 years old next Chehalis-Centralia Railroad As- Trains sell out early to excited The work was delayed because of work has paid off thus far. year. The museum’s only engine sociation in the late 1980s. passengers ready to take the backlogs, causing earlier rides to “Everything is proceeding was built in 1916 and originally In 1989, the group started train through the rural areas of be canceled. normally,” he said. “There have used in logging operations. It passenger rides. The rides gained Lewis County.

damage to a sign in the 100 block • The Lewis County Sheriff’s 2006 Honda Civic he was driving The driver reportedly told the Sirens of Williams Street. The estimat- Office is investigating a burglary was totaled. The boy told depu- Lewis County Sheriff’s Office he ed damage to the sign is $240. that reportedly occurred be- ties he swerved to miss a deer. swerved to avoid hitting a deer. Continued from the front page The case is under investigation. tween 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Fri- Speed was likely a factor, accord- day in the 300 block of Pleasant ing to the Sheriff’s Office. Weed Eater Taken from Yard No Injuries in Officers Respond to Avenue in Pe Ell. A Remington Highway 603 Collision • At 4:51 p.m. on Monday, po- Salmon Poaching Report rifle and a Remington shotgun, Two Men Arrested for DUI Simmons binoculars and a scope • No one was injured in a two- lice received a report of a weed • Ronald A. Walker, 59, of eater stolen from a yard in the • At 12:54 p.m. on Sunday, of- and a backpack full of knives vehicle collision at about 12:45 ficers responded to the 700 block were reported stolen. The value Winlock, was arrested at 12:21 800 block of North Pearl Street. a.m. on Sunday near the inter- p.m. Sunday in the 700 block of of Main Avenue after receiving a of the stolen items is estimated to state Route 603 in Chehalis. Ac- report of salmon poaching. The section of Birch Avenue and West be $750. cording to the Lewis County Attempted Burglary Reported case has been referred to the Washington Street in Napavine Sheriff’s Office, a 58-year-old • At 5:54 p.m. on Monday, Washington State Department of on suspicion of DUI after a traf- Burglary Reported to fic stop. woman driving a 2004 Lexus police received a report of an Fish and Wildlife. Ethel Storage Building attempted burglary in the 1500 • Erick N. Arevalo-Martinez, LS4 accidentally stepped on the block of Jensen Avenue. A door • A burglary was reported at a 19, of Centralia, was arrested gas instead of the brake, causing was reportedly pried open. storage building between Friday at 3:08 a.m. Sunday in the 1100the car to drive into traffic, side- LEWIS COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE and Saturday in the 500 block of block of Johnson Road in Cen- swiping a 2002 Dodge Caravan. Stolen Honda Recovered Oiler Road in Ethel. The alleged tralia on suspicion of DUI, minor The driver of the Lexus and a MORTON/MOSSYROCK • A 1997 Honda Civic re- victim, a 60-year-old man from in possession of alcohol and sec- passenger, a 62-year-old Che- Woman Arrested ported stolen between Thursday Centralia, reported three claw ond-degree driving with a sus- halis man, were not injured, but After Cell Phone Theft and Friday was recovered at 5:30 hammers, a tape measure, a con- pended license after a traffic stop. the car was totaled. The Caravan, a.m. Friday after the Washing- tractor’s level, a Ryobi skill saw, driven by a 39-year-old Chehalis • Dawn S. Schlich, 48, was a Ryobi weed eater, a Stihl weed Driver Swerves to arrested at 4:18 p.m. on Wednes- ton State Patrol responded to a woman, was also totaled. The report of a collision near the in- eater and Stihl chainsaw stolen Miss Deer, Hits Power Pole driver of the Caravan and four day on suspicion of third-degree from an outbuilding. theft after officers responded to tersection of state Route 6 and • A 24-year-old Winlock man child passengers, aged 6, 8, 12 a report of a stolen cell phone in Twin Oaks Road in Chehalis. was cited for driving off the road and 15, were not injured. The Honda was reportedly aban- Teen Cited After Rollover the 200 block of South Second after hitting a power pole Sun- doned in a ditch with the igni- Street in Morton. • The Sheriff’s Office re- day. The man was driving in the ••• tion punched out. The following sponded to a non-injury rollover 500 block of Telegraph Road in By The Chronicle Staff day, the registered owner report- crash at 5:25 a.m. on Saturday in Winlock at about 7:15 a.m. Sun- Officers Investigate ed the vehicle stolen. Damage to Sign the 200 block of Fisher Road in day when his 1994 Ford Aerostar Please call news reporter Natalie Winlock. The driver, a 17-year- van went off the road and hit a Johnson with news tips. She can be • At 12:11 p.m. on Thursday, Guns, Knives Stolen old boy, was cited for driving power pole. The driver was not reached at 807-8235 or njohnson@ officers responded to a report of in Pe Ell Burglary with wheels off the road. The injured. The van was a total loss. The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 • Sports 1

Sports editor: Aaron VanTuyl CFAC Athletes of the Phone number: 807-8229 / Sports 2 Sports e-mail: [email protected] Week Prep Football 2B Volleyball LC Fantasy Football: Week 8 Update

By Aaron VanTuyl [email protected] One of the more exciting parts of prep football is the countdown to the playoffs, and the debate and table-pounding over which teams are going to extend their season. The Central 2B League, this season, is offer- ing a particularly exciting wrin- kle in the possibility of a (gasp!) true tiebreaker. There’s a good chance Morton-White Pass, Adna and Onalaska all finish the regular season with 5-4 records, putting the trio in a tie for fourth in the C2BL — a league that takes five teams to the crossover round. And, thus, we’re given a chance at one of the most unique sce- narios in high school sports: A three-way Kansas City tiebreak- er, where the teams meet up at a neutral field and play a modified Brandon Hansen / [email protected] series of quick, almost-jamboree- Mossyrock’s Chelsea Petrino jumps to hit the ball against Toledo during Central 2B League volleyball action in Mossyrock on Monday night. The Vikings won in three style games. Should the need sets. for a playoff occur, it’ll likely be carried out Monday, giving the remaining teams ample time to prepare for crossover games the Vikings Sweep Toledo on Senior Night ensuing Friday or Saturday. While this has no bearing on Lewis County Fantasy Football — C2BL: Mossyrock, Toutle, mie Carlson, Heather Edgar, which wraps up this week — it’s LeeRae Morales and Lainee still a pretty unique opportunity, Napavine, MWP, Grose all served 100 percent for and shouldn’t be missed should Wahkiakum All Win; Mossyrock. Morales, Nelson the opportunity present itself. Ducks, Tigers Play for pointed out, played well off the Oh, and Onalaska’s Stone Whit- bench. ney had the best LCFF score this League Title Wednesday Mossyrock (5-8, 4-4 league) week. Go figure. By The Chronicle will play at Onalaska on Wednesday. Toledo (3-9, 2-7 Week 8 Stars MOSSYROCK — The Vi- league) will play at Pe Ell on kings sent their two seniors out Wednesday. W.F. West quarterback Eljiah on a high note here Monday Johnson saved perhaps his most night with a 25-9, 25-18, 25-18 Brandon Hansen / [email protected] impressive outing for the rival sweep of Toledo in Central 2B Mossyrock’s celebrate a point against Toledo during Central 2B League volley- Tigers Sweep Trojans Tigers. Johnson broke off two League volleyball action. ball action in Mossyrock on Monday night. PE ELL — Napavine kept big touchdown runs and ran for Meghan Trombley, one of pace with Toutle Lake atop the 148 yards, and threw touchdown the team’s two seniors along Myers, meanwhile, served Mossyrock coach Alex Nel- C2BL standings, sweeping a passes to Garrett Yarter and Tan- with Jordynn Myers, came off 15 of 15 with four aces and four son said. “We spread the ball ner Morang, with 143 passing short-handed Pe Ell squad 25- the bench to dish out eight as- kills. around quite a bit, and did a 8, 25-13, 25-13 here on Monday. yards, in a 41-0 win over Centra- sists, and served 10 of 10 with “It was good that they came great job serving.” lia. The 39-point fantasy perfor- an ace. in and got some stats for us,” Myers, Trombley, Ja- please see VOLLEYBALL, page S2 mance, coincidentally, came all in the first half. … Ony’s Stone Whitney had another ho-hum 2B Girls Soccer game against Winlock: 283 rush- ing yards on 30 carries, with four touchdowns and three conver- Winlock Edges sion runs for 58 points. For most running backs it’d be a career Loggers in game, though given Whitney’s workload and production this Shootout year it’s just another Friday eve- ning’s work. … Pe Ell-Willapa By The Chronicle Valley’s Trevor Cook ran for 158 ONALASKA — The Cardi- yards and four touchdowns for nals had played Onalaska to a a solid 39 points in a shutout of draw — necessitating an over- Adna. Kaelin Jurek added 114 time shootout — four times over yards and a score (17 points), and the last two years, with the Log- Seth Flemetis notched 96 yards gers coming out on top in the last and a TD (15 points). … Toledo’s three meetings. offense keeps doing big things, Monday night, however, was even in a closer-than-expected a bit different for Winlock. 36-27 win over Toutle Lake. Tay- The Cardinals buried their lor Hicks ran for 145 yards and first three shots in the shoot- two touchdowns (26 points), Brandon Hansen / [email protected] out, and goalie Cheleena Squibb moved to keeper for the finale while quarterback Dalton Yoder Winlock’s Maggie Howsden and Onalaska’s Aimee and came up with three straight hit 6 of 12 passes for 165 yards Sandridge battle for the ball during Central 2B saves to give Winlock a 3-2 League soccer action Monday in Onalaska. please see LCFF, page S2 please see SOCCER, page S2

Setup The Final Word Mossyr- ock’s Paige Benefit Dinner for David Young Coming Thursday Moorcroft TV’s Best Bet By The Chronicle sets the The dinner, featuring pulled-pork Major League Baseball A benefit dinner, hosted by the Adna sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad, World Series Baseball ball against Seattle at Minnesota Toledo in Booster Club, will be held Thursday for cole slaw and dessert, will be held in the NY Mets at Kansas City Mossyrock. injured Adna High School senior David Adna Middle/High School commons 5 p.m. Young. area, from 4 to 7 p.m. on Thursday night, ROOTFOX Young broke two vertebrae in his neck during a football game against Napavine prior to the Pirates’ home Central 2B on Oct. 2. Now outfitted with a halo League football game against Mossyr- neck-support apparatus, he is recovering ock. Donations will be accepted at the Brandon Hansen / [email protected] at home in Adna. door. Great for business or Custom Banners special occasions. Our vinyl banners are durable Parades • Events • Festivals • Teams and water-resistant, so they work great indoors and outdoors. Full color!

321 N. Pearl St., Centralia • 360-736-6322 • Sports 2 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 SPORTS

Community First Auto Center Athletes of the Week

AliCiA hErrErA ElijAh johnson school: Mossyrock (sr.) school: W.F. West (sr.) sport: Cross Country sport: Football (QB/DB) herrera won her second-straight johnson ran for 148 yards and two league title on Thursday at the touchdowns, and passed for 143 yards Central 2B league championships. and two TDs, in a 41-0 rout of Centralia.

Winners of the CFAC Athlete of the Week award can stop by the CFAC ofice (at 1051 NW Louisiana Ave. in Chehalis) to receive their certiicate, gift card and commemorative hooded sweatshirt. Sweatshirts will be available soon. Call the CFAC ofice at (360) 748-3512 for more information.

Centralia XC Wins Trico MS Championships

Brandon Hansen / [email protected] Toledo’s Brooke Beecroft serves against Mossyrock on Monday night in Mossyrock.

Lynnae Erickson / Courtesy Photo Manning and Shanay Dotson The Centralia Middle School girls cross country team inished irst out of eight schools at the Trico League Champion- Volleyball were also praised for their pass- ships on Wednesday at Centralia’s Fort Borst Park. Runners pictured in the top row, from left to right, are Kyla Johnston, ing. Lilly Johnson, Kennedy Porter, Martina Silva, Faith Thomas, Essy Manwell, Angelina Contreras and Alana Conley. In the Continued from Sports 1 “We just kept the ball in play middle row, from left, are Kaitlyn McDonald, Lexi Erb, Ali Silva, Autumn Waltman, Calista Kannick and Satine Sas. In the and couldn’t terminate it,” Dot- front row are coach Lynnae Erickson, Kylie Sharp and Tayla Blair. Yuli Nino and Faith Waterield are not pictured. The Tigers were led by Rylee son said. “Toutle did.” White, who contributed with Adna (8-5, 5-3 league) will six aces and seven assists, and host Morton-White Pass on Napavine improved to 8-0 in Wednesday. Waiver Pickups Napavine’s Jordan Purvis had league play. LCFF 95 receiving yards and two Adna wide receiver Phoenix With the win, Napavine Mules Bump Ony in Five touchdowns (21 points) in the will now host Toutle Lake on Continued from Sports 1 Millhollen-Elwood had anoth- er big game, with 104 yards in win over MWP. Wednesday with the league CATHLAMET — It went the and a touchdown (10 points). … the loss to PWV (10 points). … championship on the line. distance, and then some, but the Mossyrock’s James Cheney ran Kolton Korpi ran for 71 yards Up Next “I think that we needed to Loggers came up just short in a tight five-set Central 2B League for 176 yards and three touch- and a touchdown (13 points) for W.F. West hits the road to work harder on transitioning downs in a blowout of Wahkia- Toledo, while Dylan Hoiseck from offense to defense and visa volleyball match here Monday play top-ranked Tumwater, and night. kum, and added a 35-yard pass scored and tallied 63 yards (12) Centralia hosts No. 9-ranked versa,” Napavine coach Monica points. Alex Bacon added a Wahkiakum, a State 2B final- 36 points. … Wyatt Stanley re- Black HIlls. … No. 2-ranked Dailey said. “We didn’t transi- 25-yard touchdown catch for 8 ist last year, edged Onalaska 26- turned to the Napavine lineup PWV heads east to Randle to tion well tonight.” and led the Tigers to a 46-6 points. … W.F. West’s Garrett 24, 23-25, 25-13, 20-25, 20-18. face MWP in the annual Clash Jordin Pruett added six kills win over MWP. Stanley passed Yarter had 98 receiving yards and 100 percent serving for “We went in there with a re- of the Hyphens game, while ally positive attitude, and played for 248 yards and three touch- and a touchdown for 15 points, Napavine, while Mollie Olson Onalaska faces Toutle Lake with as much intensity as we downs (23 points), while Cole and Nathan Anglin ran for 88 had six kills, five aces and four yards and a score (14 points). and Adna plays Mossyrock. could bring,” Onalaska coach Van Wyck ran for 106 yards and block-kills. Angel Parker also two touchdowns (22 points). … … Rochester’s Nick Taylor ran Elsewhere in the C2BL, Toledo Terri Dalsted said. had four block-kills while Abbi Morton-White Pass’ Braiden for 53 yards and passes for 126 closes out the season with Wah- Alicia Vint and Colee Mas- Elledge saw his production yards, with a touchdown each kiakum and Napavine wraps Music served 100 percent and ciola both played well defen- drop against a touch Napavine way, for 20 points in a loss to up against Winlock. All Week had nine assists. sively, Dalsted added, with Vint squad, though only by his own powerhouse Hoquiam, while 9 C2BL games will be played on “They did a lot of good things, notching 32 defensive plays and standards. Elledge still ran for Josh Kennedy had 104 receiv- Thursday night. … Rochester we just need to work on staying serving 16 of 16 and Masciola 154 yards and a touchdown (21 ing yards and a touchdown plays at rival Tenino to close out focused and playing with more making 21 defensive plays and points). (16 points) for the Warriors. … the regular season. excitement,” Dailey said. serving 14 of 14. Pe Ell got a strong night from Madi Dalsted added 16 kills, Savanah Skeen, who had seven with 43 defensive passes and 18 “I thought we created a lot of goal total on the season to 85. kills and nine digs. The Trojans chances, and it’s still kind of the Holli Edminster headed of 20 serving. Soccer are without their middle hit- same thing, where we’ve strug- in Adna’s first goal on a corner Onalaska (7-5, 4-4 league) ter Hailey Compton, who was Continued from Sports 1 gled to finish those chances,” he , and then Kendra Stajduhar will wrap up the regular season injured in their previous match. said. “But I liked that we were ag- scored on a penalty kick after a at home against Mossyrock for Central 2B League girls soccer gressive.” hand-ball in the box. Anna Nacht stepped in for Pe Ell senior night on Wednesday. victory. Albritton, a freshman, played “With the score 2-0 at half- and played well, Trojan coach “We practice PKs as the end in goal until the shootout — as time, we had a talk about moving Amy Nelson said. T-Wolves Rock Cards in Three of every practice, and we’ve been Squibb is recovering from a bro- more on the field and supporting “Anna did great,” Nelson said. frustrated not to win one,” Win- “I was proud of the way they all RANDLE — Morton-White ken finger and played in the field each other with passes,” Adna Pass dominated the whole way, lock coach Kevin Schultz said. worked and how they did on de- — and notched five saves, includ- coach Juli Aselton said. “We sweeping Winlock by scores of “So it was nice.” fense.” ing a few key saves to preserve sparked to life in the second half.” 25-7, 25-3, 25-12 here in Central Shanelle Memmott scored in Pe Ell (1-13, 1-7 league) will the tie late in the game. Edminster notched her sec- 2B League volleyball action on the 33rd minute, heading in a “Sheleena, in the field, she just ond half of the game, followed host Toledo on Wednesday for corner kick from Maggie Hows- Monday. covered a lot of ground,” Schultz by two scores by Devanie Klee- senior night. den, and the Cardinals led 1-0 at Carly King had 21 assists said. “(Onalaska’s) Makala Dur- meyer. Kenya Lorton also scored and three kills for MWP. Jen- the intermission. yea’s really fast, and she marked a goal with seven minutes left in Toutle Triumphs over Pirates essa Walton had eight kills while “She just went right in there her the whole second half and the game. Sharon Hazen added seven kills. and went after it,” Schultz said of did a really good job.” TOUTLE — The Ducks “Our defense had another Taylor Nilus and Haley Kolb re- Memmott’s goal. Winlock (3-12, 1-10 league) stayed undefeated in C2BL play fantastic game shutting down cord four kills and three kills, re- Stasha Markoff evened things will wrap up the regular season — and set up a title-on-the-line Napavine’s scoring chances,” spectively. up for Onalaska in the 55th min- on Wednesday with a senior match with Napavine — with a ute, and Jessica Neal scored for Aselton said. “Melyssa Nocis, quick sweep of Adna by scores of Hazen, Walton and Kolb night contest against Toledo. Kelsey Aselton, Julia Dallas and Winlock — on a Jazmin Ramirez Onalaska (2-12, 1-10 league) will 25-10, 25-14, 25-6 here on Mon- were all honored as part of the assist — in the 72nd minute. Olivia Rodriguez had each oth- day. T-Wolves senior night. host Napavine on Wednesday to er’s backs tonight and stopped Makala Duryea, however, close out the season. Adna managed to record just “It was nice to get the win on knocked through a penalty kick any attack that came.” 14 kills but missed just one serve senior night,” Morton-White for the Loggers in the 78th min- Stajduhar finished with four all night. Pass coach Tammy Kelly said. ute to tie things up. Pirates Shut Out Napavine assists on the night while Pirate “We’ve been struggling con- “Our senior are a good core Leanna Wolf and Makayla NAPAVINE — The Adna goalkeeper Ashley Pardue had sistently with serving so that was group that come out and work Albritton hit the first two PKs continued its scoring ways, three saves. Napavine goalkeeper nice to see,” Adna coach Wendie hard every night. They’re real for the Cardinals in the shootout, notching a 7-0 Central 2B League Jenna Sisson had 17 saves in the Dotson said. “Toutle just played leaders.” with Neal knocking through the victory over Napavine here on win. almost flawless. We gave them Morton-White Pass (7-6, 4-4 third to end the game. Monday night. The Pirates were Adna (14-0, 11-0 league) a few opportunities, but they’re league) will travel to Adna on Schultz was impressed with coming off a Thursday victory hosts Life Christian Academy on just on fire.” Wednesday. Winlock (0-11, 0-8 his team’s aggression in the game, over Winlock that clinched the Wednesday. Napavine (4-11, 3-8 Dotson also credited Emma league) will host Wahkiakum on which was a point of emphasis. C2BL title and improved their league) plays at Onalaska. Manning for her work blocking. the same day. • Sports 3 SPORTS The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015

College Football Kupp, EWU Get by Falk Tosses 6 TDs, WSU Holds Off Arizona 45-42 Northern Colorado 43-41 IN THE MIX: Cougars GREELEY, Colo. (AP) — Jor- dan Dascalo kicked a 44-yard Improve to 3-1 in Pac- field goal as time expired, Coo- 12 Play Behind QB per Kupp set school records with 20 catches for 275 yards and East- Falk, WR Marks ern Washington edged Northern By John Marshall Colorado 43-41 on Saturday. Northern Colorado's success- The Associated Press ful onside kick attempt aided TUCSON — Washington Michael McCauley's two touch- State has been the punching bag down catches in a 49-second of the Pac-12 for span to give Northern Colorado years and looked a 41-40 lead with 1:23 remaining. like it would be Jordan West drove the Eagles again this sea- 49 yards in nine plays, and Das- son after open- calo's field goal gave the Eagles ing with a home their 31st victory in their last 34 loss to Portland Big Sky Conference games. State. Kupp caught three touch- The Cougars have changed down passes for Eastern Wash- the script over the past month, ington (5-2, 4-0) to move into a inserting themselves into the tie with Elon's Terrell Hudgins Pac-12 championship conversa- for second place all-time for tion. touchdown catches in FCS his- Luke Falk threw for 514 yards tory, surpassing Jerry Rice's and hit Gabe Marks on four of mark of 50. He broke conference his five touchdown passes, help- records for receptions (281) and ing resurgent Washington State receiving yards (4,338). beat Arizona 45-42 Saturday. McCauley caught four balls "We didn't really have all the for 111 yards and three TDs for pieces tucked in and into place," Northern Colorado (4-3, 2-3). Washington State coach Mike Leach said. "We had good indi- vidual effort, but we really didn't Huskies’ Petersen Says play well early in the year. We've steadily improved on playing to- There's 'a Big Hope' QB gether." Browning Can Play Washington State (5-2, 3-1 Pac-12) beat Oregon in Eugene Against Arizona two weeks ago and tacked on PALO ALTO, Calif. (MCT) another impressive road victory — In the wake of his team's worst behind the arm of Falk to remain loss of the season, Washington in the thick of the Pac-12 North Huskies coach Chris Petersen race. answered a question about hope. The sophomore completed As in: Is there much hope 47 of 62 passes and had the most that starting quarterback Jake passing yards ever against Ari- Browning can return from a zona, breaking the mark of 511 shoulder injury and play next yards set by Arizona State's Ryan week against Arizona, which vis- Kealy in 1998. its Husky Stadium for an 8 p.m. Marks caught eight passes for Rick Scuteri / The Associated Press kickoff on Halloween night? 97 yards, the last one a 9-yard Washington State quarterback Luke Falk (4) passes during the irst half against Arizona on Saturday in Tucson. touchdown that put the Cougars To that inquiry, the coach re- up 45-35. Washington State re- including a 20-yard touchdown This one had 1,114 total yards, but that drive ended with a turn- plied: "Oh, yeah. I think there's a covered an onside kick to hold to Johnny Jackson with 44 sec- though the Cougars got off to a over on downs at Washington big hope." on for its first three-game Pac-12 onds left, and had 105 yards on quicker start behind Falk, who State's 11. The Huskies (3-4, 1-3 Pac-12) winning streak since 2003. The 10 carries. had thrown for 911 yards and Next series, Randall found need him. Their offense mostly Cougars also are 5-2 for the first No matter what Randall or 11 touchdowns the previous two Cayleb Jones on a 3-yard touch- sputtered without Browning time since opening that same the Wildcats did on offense, it games combined. down pass to pull the Wildcats during a 31-14 loss at Stanford on season 7-2. wasn't nearly enough to offset Given all kinds of time to within 38-28 late in the third Saturday night. Redshirt fresh- "Every game it seems like the trouble they had with Falk throw by his offensive line, he quarter. Randall converted a man K.J. Carta-Samuels made we're talking about this is the and Washington State's Air Raid made it look easy picking apart fourth-and-2 with a run on the the first start of his career, and game and I guess when you're offense. Arizona's secondary. Falk hit next drive and Baker pulled the the Huskies' passing game suf- winning the pressure keeps get- "Our players on the sidelines Marks on a 6-yard touchdown Wildcats within 38-35 with a fered as a result. ting higher and higher," Marks were yelling out the packages on the opening drive, then 6-yard touchdown run. Carta-Samuels seemed to set- said. "Every game I feel we're and plays that were coming, but Marks turned a short pass into a Falk ended Arizona's rally tle down in the second half, and solidifying ourselves and being it was very frustrating," Arizona 43-yard score and 14-0 lead. with a 9-yard touchdown pass he led a touchdown drive in the what we thought we were." coach Rich Rodriguez said. "It Falk kept firing and complet- to Marks, putting Washington fourth quarter. But he completed Arizona is quickly becoming wasn't anything new from what ing to start the second half, hit- State up 45-35. only nine of 21 passes for just 118 less than it expected. they have done before, but we ting Kyle Sweet on a 28-yard pass "He was just standing back yards, and Washington's predict- The Wildcats (5-3, 2-3 Pac- certainly didn't get any pressure on third-and-19 to set up Gerard there throwing the ball wherever able offense failed to offer Stan- 12) sputtered at times offensively on the quarterback." Wicks' 1-yard touchdown run to he wanted," Rodriguez said of ford much competition. before getting a spark from quar- Arizona rolled over Washing- put the Cougars up 38-21. Falk. Arizona (5-3, 2-3) possesses terback Jerrard Randall, who re- ton State 59-37 in Pullman last Randall replaced Solomon on And with it, he's thrown the a far more porous defense than placed Anu Solomon in the third season in a game that featured Arizona's second drive and reeled Cougars into the mix for the Pac- Stanford, which makes it that quarter. He threw for 137 yards, 994 yards of offense. off a 59-yard run on his first play, 12 North title. much more important that Browning be able to play. The Wildcats have lost several defen- sive starters to injury, and they're McCaffrey Leads No. 10 Stanford Past UW, 31-14 coming off a 45-42 home loss to Washington State. SHORTHANDED: Huskies’ for 108 yards and a score for his In their other conference third straight 100-yard game. He losses, the Wildcats allowed 55 Offense Struggles ran five times for 57 yards on the and 56 points. They allow 7.6 Without Star QB opening drive of the third quar- yards per pass attempt, which is Jake Browning ter to cut Stanford’s lead to 17-7. tied for 91st in the country, and McCaffrey took over from they rank 101st in pass efficiency By Josh Dubow there. He sneaked out of the defense. The Associated Press backfield on the next drive and In other words: If there's one hauled in a deep pass from Ho- team left on the Huskies' sched- STANFORD — A lackluster gan before outrunning the de- ule against which they should start turned promising when fense for the touchdown. be able to pass the ball some, it's Washington marched down “I just tried to get it to him and Arizona. But that proposition the field and scored to open the let him do what he does,” Hogan becomes far more difficult if second half. Then Stanford re- said. “He made a guy miss and Browning can't play. sponded right away. took it the distance.” The true freshman suited It was that kind of night for McCaffrey then iced the up and threw a few short passes the Huskies, who struggled to game with his TD run to cap during warm-ups on Saturday, move the ball the next drive, making it 31-7. but he still appeared to be in behind a backup McCaffrey became the fourth some pain. He injured his shoul- quarterback and Stanford player to top 100 yards had little chance der late in UW's 26-20 loss to Marcio Jose Sanchez / The Associated Press receiving and rushing in the Oregon on Oct. 17, and Carta- of slowing Stan- Stanford running back Christian McCafrey runs against Washington Saturday in same game and first since Glyn ford star Chris- Samuels took the majority of the Stanford, Calif. Milburn did it in 1991 against tian McCaffrey. repetitions with the No. 1 offense Oregon State. McCaffrey caught a touch- for 118 yards, and Washington the game with an FBS-best 253 during practice last week. down pass, ran for another score didn’t even cross midfield until all-purpose yards per game and The matchup between the "His mindset the whole week and gained 300 all-purpose the third quarter. did even better. Pac-12’s top offense and top de- was that he was going to start," yards in another sterling all- In all, Washington gained McCaffrey had a 50-yard fense was one-sided from the offensive coordinator Jonathan around performance to lead No. just 231 yards of offense and held touchdown catch and 7-yard start. Stanford took the opening Smith said of Carta-Samuels. 10 Stanford to its sixth straight the ball for less than 20 minutes. scoring run in the third quarter. kickoff and drove 62 yards in six "We were going to look how Jake victory, 31-14 over Washington “When we can’t get anything In all, he ran 23 times for 109 plays for the score on Hogan’s 21- looked throughout the week, and on Saturday night. going in the first half offensively, yards, caught five passes for a yard pass to Austin Hooper. he did not look good in pregame “They’re a good team that it just puts too much stress on ev- career-high 112 yards and added The Huskies struggled to (Saturday). But the whole week, can answer right away, which erybody else,” Petersen said. “It 79 yards on kick returns in his move the ball in Carta-Samuels’ K.J. was getting a lot of turns they did and put us back on our makes it a very, very hard game.” third 300-yard all-purpose game first career start. with the ones (first string)." heels,” coach Chris Petersen Things have been awfully of the season. He entered with three career Of course, UW's pass offense said. “Good football team. Down easy for Stanford (6-1, 5-0) since “He’s a great back,” Washing- pass attempts, was frequently has been spotty this season even the road we’ll be a good football a season-opening loss to North- ton safety Budda Baker said. “He off-target and could not even with Browning at the helm. The team. But not tonight.” western. They have topped 30 read the holes, went slow and make the easy completions. The Huskies rank 78th nationally in The Huskies (3-4, 1-3) were points in each game since the then hit it. They use him every- Huskies had just two first downs passing efficiency, but in Pac-12 no match for the Cardinal, espe- opener thanks to efficient play where, passing game, kick re- and 58 yards in the first half and games only, they rank 11th in cially with starting quarterback from quarterback Kevin Hogan turner, punt return and running. never stood a chance. the conference in that category. Jake Browning watching after and McCaffrey’s game-breaking I saw on film that he was a great “There’s a lot of things we as And their team average of 5.6 he appeared to hurt his right ability. back and a great receiver. Noth- an offense can clean up,” receiver yards per pass attempt in four shoulder late in last week’s loss to Hogan threw for 290 yards ing different.” Dante Pettis said. “It’s hard to league games is tied with Or- Oregon. Backup K.J. Carta-Sam- and two scores but took a back- Washington freshman run- throw him into the middle of the egon State for the lowest mark uels completed just 9 of 21 passes seat to McCaffrey, who entered ning back Myles Gaskin ran season like that.” in the Pac-12. Sports 4 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 SPORTS

MLS Local Bowling Standings

Dean J. Koepfler / The News Tribune Sounders' Obafemi Martins cuts through two Real Salt Lake defenders in Seattle on Sunday. Sounders Clinch Playoff Spot by Beating Real Salt Lake, 3-1 SEATTLE (AP) — The Seat- tle Sounders didn't want to leave their seventh straight MLS play- off appearance up to chance. So they left it up to Clint Dempsey instead. Dempsey scored two goals and assisted on another, all in the first 20 minutes of the game, as Seattle beat Real Salt Lake 3-1 to wrap up postseason position Sunday. The Sounders (15-13-6, 51 points) ended the regular sea- son on an eight-game unbeaten streak (4-0-4). The win meant Seattle didn't have to rely on help from any other team to make it. With Sunday's other results, the Sounders are the No. 4 seed in the Western Conference. They will play host to No. 5 seed and defending MLS Cup champion Los Angeles in a game on Wednesday. "It's big for us to have the game at home and not having to travel with not many days to pre- pare," said Dempsey, whose two goals gave him 10 for the season. "It's always good to play quality teams, and more importantly, it's good to have home field advan- tage." Dempsey put the Sounders on the board in the fifth minute when he met a cross from Oba- femi Martins at the top right cor- ner of the 6-yard box and sent it into the net while falling to the turf. Marco Pappa scored in the 10th minute off of a cross from Dempsey. In the 20th minute, Dempsey made it 3-0 when he buried the rebound of a hard shot by Martins. "It's a game we needed to win. We needed to go out and try to attack and take the game to them," Dempsey said. "We had to create our chances and not sit there wondering what was going to happen in the 70th minute or 80th minute trying to get a goal. "We went out with the right mentality, and it was good for us to get the early lead and give us confidence," he added. Coach Sigi Schmid subbed Dempsey out in the 65th minute, wanting to preserve him in the hope of getting more such per- formances in the playoffs. "We're going to play midweek, and we wanted to make sure he could come back," Schmid said. "This is when you expect your players to show up, and Clint showed that he's a player who can play for big moments." Luis Gill scored in the 77th minute for Salt Lake (11-15- 8, 41 points), which missed the playoffs after seven straight ap- pearances. RSL actually took the game to the Sounders in the second half, but Schmid said that was not a cause for concern. "After we were up 3-0, it be- came a little more of managing the game," he said. "What I was very pleased with was how we came out and played the first 25 minutes of the game." Salt Lake coach Jeff Cassar was expecting as much from the Sounders. "We knew they were going to come out strong," he said. "The energy for this game — we stressed it, we went over it, but we didn't execute. We paid the price." The Sounders went winless in three tries against Los Ange- les this season (0-2-1). They were knocked out last year's playoffs by the Galaxy in the conference semifinals. Sunday's game was played in front of 55,435 fans at Century- Link Field as the Sounders broke their own MLS single-season attendance record. Seattle drew 752,192 fans for 17 games, an av- erage of 44,245. • Sports 5 SPORTS The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015

MLB NFL Seattle’s Richardson Back to Practice After ACL Injury RENTON (AP) — Paul Richardson improved Richardson felt ready to start throughout his rookie season. catching passes and running Through the first 12 games, routes a month ago. Richardson had 14 catches. Because he started the Over the final four games, season on the physically un- he had 15 receptions and a able to perform list, Richard- touchdown. Richardson said son wasn't able to do that on he believes it was a matter of the Seattle Seahawks' practice gaining trust from quarter- field until the team activated back Russell Wilson that al- him to begin practicing on lowed for his production to Monday. increase late in the year. "I've been itching to get "Once he knew I was a de- here since my surgery," Rich- pendable target, that I could ardson said. "They've been get open, I could catch the Ted S. Warren / The Associated Press doing a good job of monitor- ball, he was encouraged more New Seattle Mariners manager Scott Servais looks around Safeco Field as he waits for photographers following his introduc- ing me and making sure I've to find me," Richardson said. tion as the new manager of the Mariners baseball team Monday in Seattle. been getting ready in progres- "Hopefully I can build that sion. I appreciate them look- confidence back in our rela- ing out for me like that." tionship whenever I'm back Servais Looks to Bring Winning Culture to M’s Richardson returned to on the field so we can pick up the practice field for the first where we left off." NEW GUY: Seattle Manager time since tearing the ACL in Richardson underwent Called Seahawks for his left knee in the NFC di- surgery for his ACL the week “I’ve certainly taken a different path to get visional playoff game against Seattle played in the Super Operational Advice here, but every step of the way it’s been Carolina last January. It was Bowl and watched the loss to Soon After Being Hired a crushing conclusion to what the Patriots from his home. a goal of mine to manage and lead a big had become a promising close He worked out in the off- By Tim Booth to the year for Seattle's sec- season in Los Angeles and The Associated Press league club.’’ ond-round draft pick in 2014, understood the challenges SEATTLE — New Mariners suffering the same injury that he would face in the recov- Scott Servais cost him a season in college. ery having gone through the manager Scott Servais has seen new Mariners manager Richardson's return would same process while in college how winning teams operate and be another boost for Seattle's at Colorado. he believes their culture of suc- offense, giving the Seahawks While he wouldn't divulge cess can be replicated in Seattle. ing as an assistant general man- back in the interview process additional speed in the pass- his updated 40-yard dash Within days of getting the job ager in the Angels organization and let his front-office assistants ing game. The Seahawks have time, Richardson said his with the Mariners, he’d already and giving those managers a few in Seattle — Jeff Kingston and 21 days from Monday to ac- speed has improved since the made phone calls to the Seattle days off. Tom Allison — run most of the tivate Richardson to the 53- surgery and through the work Seahawks to learn how they op- But becoming a manager interview. man roster or he would have he's done in his rehab. erate. It may seem an unorthodox was something Servais always “I just stood down and like I to remain on the PUP list for "I felt like it was easier connection, but Servais believes wanted to do in his post-playing said up here, Scott did an unbe- the remainder of the season. mentally because I've been that mimicking that culture will career. lievable job in the room of taking Seattle coach Pete Carroll through it before. But I feel be a significant part of finding Servais didn’t want to jump the conversation and running said it would be a daily evalu- good and I'm blessed to say I success in Seattle and helping the immediately into coaching after with it and he showed me a pres- ation to see where Richardson feel good," he said. Mariners end the longest playoff completing his playing career in ence that I knew existed because is at in handling the workload, Notes: Carroll said a num- drought in baseball. 2001 — he wanted more time I had seen it scouting and player but he wouldn't rule out acti- ber of players have a chance “Right or wrong, they have a with his family first. So he took development but it was good to vating him in time for Sun- to return this week including culture. Pete Carroll has done various jobs with a number of see it in this regard,” Dipoto said. day's game at Dallas. DT Jordan Hill, DT DeMar- a fantastic job here building it. organizations: scouting, working Dipoto selected Servais from "The guys have been rav- cus Dobbs, CB Marcus Bur- That’s why they’re going to sus- as a roving instructor, oversee- an original group of six that in- ing about him in the train- ley, C Patrick Lewis and RB tain success. It’s going to happen ing various parts of a front-office cluded Phil Nevin, Dave Roberts, ing workouts. He's been at Thomas Rawls. ... CB Jeremy over and over and over. There is and eventually spending the past Charlie Montoyo, Jason Varitek top speed for some time now. Lane, also on the PUP list a certain way they do it. That’s four seasons as an assistant GM and Tim Bogar, who will be on They've worked him really with arm and knee injuries what happens in New England. with the Angels. Servais’ staff as Seattle’s bench hard, so they think he's go- suffered in the Super Bowl, It’s what happens with the St. “I’ve certainly taken a differ- coach. ing to be able to withstand the could start practicing again Louis Cardinals,” Servais said ent path to get here,” Servais said. Along with Bogar’s addi- practice mode," Carroll said. after Seattle's bye week. ... FB at his introductory news con- “But every step of the way it’s tion, Servais announced other "Just got to see how he takes Derrick Coleman has cleared ference Monday. “Players come, been a goal of mine to manage members of his coaching staff. to it and see where he is. He's concussion protocol and re- they know what the expectations and lead a big league club.” Mel Stottlemyer Jr., a Northwest really anxious to contribute turned to practice on Monday. are and they perform right away. Seattle general manager Jerry native, will be Seattle’s pitch- and play right now. Would Coleman suffered a concus- It’s what’s expected, it’s what Dipoto refuted the idea that not ing coach and Edgar Martinez love to help, but we'll just go sion in a two-car accident on they do and other teams and having experience on a major and Chris Woodward will be at it making sure that we don't Oct. 14. He was arrested but organizations don’t quite have league coaching staff would be a retained from the previous staff. overdo it for him right now. has not been charged in the that. Getting that in place takes hindrance to Servais, pointing to Martinez will remain hitting That's the main thing." case. some time no doubt, but it really a number of managers in recent coach after taking over that posi- comes down to trust in people. years that followed the same route. tion midway through last season It’s definitely something we can Dipoto and Servais have a and Woodward will be Seattle’s do.” lengthy history, dating back to first base coach. Local Bowling Standings The comparisons to football their playing days when they “Being a manager is about are just another unique view Ser- spent one season together in Col- leading people, about creating a vais brings to the job. Servais has orado. Servais also worked under collective consciousness within a never been a full-time manager Dipoto during his time with the group, it’s about connecting with or coach with a team at any level Angels prior to Dipoto’s resigna- those individuals and managing of baseball. The closest he’s come tion on July 1. them day-to-day.” Dipoto said. has been running a Triple-A or Just to make sure his opinion “He has managed people. He has Double-A club in the minors for wasn’t clouded by their common managed players. He has man- a handful of games while work- background, Dipoto took a step aged situations.” College Football Sorry, Cougars, College GameDay Isn’t Coming to Pullman By Stefanie Loh all the time. No one has been a lege GameDay" talk from friends The Seattle Times more loyal supporter of College and classmates but added it was GameDay than the Cougs," WSU not discussed in the Cougars' After a two-day vigil that saw coach Mike Leach said. locker room. many Washington State football Unfortunately for Cougars "We're not really worried fans refreshing ESPN's "College fans, 171 consecutive Ol' Crim- about stuff like that," Marks GameDay" twitter page multiple son appearances and a 5-2 Cou- said, stressing that the Cougars times an hour, the decision that gars team (3-1 Pac-12) that is sec- are focused on Stanford. "Even if came Monday was not the one ond in the Pac-12 North weren't 'College GameDay' had come, we Cougars fans wanted. quite enough to turn the tide in wouldn't be part of it. It doesn't' ESPN announced Monday their favor. matter to us." that 21st-ranked Temple will "College GameDay" producer Quarterback Luke Falk host the Oct. 31 edition of the Lee Fitting — who a month ago echoed Marks' sentiments. "College GameDay" show in tweeted that the show had to "I don't think we would have Philadelphia. The news was a big "find a way to get to Pullman" — blow to Cougars fans who had paid any attention to it," Falk told The Seattle Times via an said. "It's hard for the fans, but it hoped that the Saturday morn- ESPN spokesperson that the de- ing pregame show would come doesn't change our mentality." cision was "the toughest call to According to Ol' Crimson to Pullman. make in my 12-year tenure pro- coordinator C.J. McCoy, even The Cougars play No. 8 Stan- ducing the show." ford at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Mar- "There were two schools that though Pullman lost out in the tin Stadium. Temple (7-0) will 'College GameDay' has not vis- GameDay sweepstakes, the WSU face No. 9 Notre Dame (6-1) at 5 ited, in addition to (them) having flag nonetheless will fly in Phila- p.m. at Lincoln Financial Field. great seasons. In this case, the delphia on Saturday. "College GameDay" has never ranked vs. ranked matchup gave "We look forward to being come to Pullman. But the Cou- Philly the edge," Fitting said. "Ol' there with Ol' Crimson to show gars have had a presence on the Crimson has been such a big part our Cougar pride and to keep show since 2003, when a group of the GameDay fabric over the the tradition alive. It's always an of alumni came up with the idea years — we vow to get to Pull- honor to wave the flag and repre- to fly the WSU flag, Ol' Crimson, man one day." sent WSU wherever the show is on the show to persuade ESPN to Still, the other show in Pull- broadcast, and we're thankful to bring College GameDay to Pull- man will go on as planned. As ESPN for all of their support over man. of Monday morning, WSU had the last 171 shows," McCoy said. Last weekend, when the show 5,000 tickets remaining for its "We also want to thank the Coug was in Harrisonburg, Va., the flag showdown against Stanford (6- faithful and friends for their val- made its 171st consecutive ap- 1, 5-0), which leads the Pac-12 iant effort to bring GameDay to pearance on "College GameDay." North. the flag and for remembering to "Our flag is in the back- WSU receiver Gabe Marks 'Always be a good sport and be a ground of 'College GameDay' said he'd heard about the "Col- good sport all ways.’” Sports 6 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 SPORTS

Scoreboard Sports Briefs

7. Napavine (6-2) beat Morton/ West N.Y. Rangers 4 2 1 9 Preps White Pass 46-6. Arizona 5 2 0 .714 229 133 Washington 4 1 0 8 Local Schedules 8. Northwest Christian (Colbert) (6- St. Louis 3 3 0 .500 108 119 Philadelphia 3 2 1 7 TUESDAY, Oct. 27 2) beat Davenport 45-27. Seattle 3 4 0 .429 154 128 Pittsburgh 3 3 0 6 Metta World Volleyball 9. Brewster (6-1) beat Manson 56-0. San Francisco 2 5 0 .286 103 180 New Jersey 2 3 1 5 10. LaConner (6-1) beat Bellingham Black Hills at W.F. West, 7 p.m. Carolina 2 4 0 4 24-7. Thursday’s Game Centralia at Tumwater, 7 p.m. Columbus 0 7 0 0 Rochester at Tenino, 7 p.m. Others receiving 6 or more points: Seattle 20, San Francisco 3 WESTERN CONFERENCE Life Christian Academy (5-2) lost to Peace Makes Girls Soccer Central Division Aberdeen at Centralia (District 4 North Beach 44-27. Sunday’s Games Dallas 5 1 0 10 Play-in), 7 p.m. Jacksonville 34, Buffalo 31 Rochester at Montesano, 7 p.m. Class 1B Atlanta 10, Tennessee 7 Nashville 5 1 0 10 1. Liberty Christian (8-0) beat Kansas City 23, Pittsburgh 13 St. Louis 5 2 0 10 Lakers’ 15- WEDNESDAY, October 28 Colton 84-30. St. Louis 24, Cleveland 6 Winnipeg 4 2 0 8 College Volleyball 2. Neah Bay (6-0) beat Crescent 60-6. Washington 31, Tampa Bay 30 Minnesota 3 1 1 7 Highline at Centralia, 7 p.m. 3. Touchet (7-0) beat St. John-Endi- Minnesota 28, Detroit 19 Chicago 3 3 0 6 Volleyball cott/Lacrosse 69-0. Miami 44, Houston 26 Colorado 2 3 1 5 4. Evergreen Lutheran (7-0) beat New Orleans 27, Indianapolis 21 Man Roster Toledo at Pe Ell, 7 p.m. Pacific Division Muckleshoot 58-14. Morton-White Pass at Adna, 7 p.m. New England 30, N.Y. Jets 23 San Jose 4 2 0 8 By Mike Bresnahan 5. Almira/Coulee-Hartline (7-1) Oakland 37, San Diego 29 Mossyrock at Onalaska, 7 p.m. Vancouver 3 1 2 8 beat Waterville 70-14. N.Y. Giants 27, Dallas 20 Los Angeles Times (MCT) Toutle Lake at Napavine, 7 p.m. Arizona 3 2 1 7 Wahkiakum at Winlock, 7 p.m. Others receiving 6 or more points: Carolina 27, Philadelphia 16 Edmonton 3 4 0 6 Girls Soccer Republic (7-1) beat Selkirk 52-14. Open: Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Lakers sid- Los Angeles 2 3 0 4 Toledo at Winlock, 6 p.m. Green Bay ed with a piece of their past Monday, keeping Metta Anaheim 1 3 1 3 Napavine at Onalaska, 6 p.m. World Peace instead of young guard Jabari Brown as Life Christian at Adna, 6 p.m. Monday’s Game Calgary 1 5 0 2 Local Arizona 26, Baltimore 18 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point the final player for their 15-man roster. for overtime loss. THURSDAY, October 29 Local Bowling World Peace, who turns 36 next month, showed Volleyball Oct. 18-Oct. 24 Results Thursday, Oct. 29 he could still play some defense, and earned extra Centralia at W.F. West, 7 p.m. FAIRWAY LANES Miami at New England, 5:25 p.m. Sunday’s Games points within the organization for mentoring young Top 10 Men Eatonville at Rochester, 7 p.m. Winnipeg 5, Minnesota 4 forward Julius Randle. Tenino at Elma, 7 p.m. 1. Dan Fletcher 780; 2. Rich Bunker Sunday, Nov. 1 N.Y. Rangers 4, Calgary 1 Football 774; 3. Jon Hubbert 726; 4. Brandon Detroit vs. Kansas City at London, 6:30 The move did not come as a surprise, even though Grose 717; 5. Shawn White 696; 6. D.J. Los Angeles 3, Edmonton 2 Mossyrock at Adna, 7 p.m. a.m. McPeake 685; 7. Ben Sabin 683; 8. Mike World Peace did not play in the NBA last season. “It’s San Francisco at St. Louis, 10 a.m. Pe Ell-Willapa Valley at MWP (Ran- Postlewait 682; 9. Dennis Knapp 679; 10. harder than what people think,” he said Monday. “It dle), 7 p.m. N.Y. Giants at New Orleans, 10 a.m. L J Hames 677 and Todd Working 677; Monday’s Games Winlock at Napavine, 7 p.m. High Game: John Schaefer 299 Minnesota at Chicago, 10 a.m. wasn’t easy being a vet and trying to get back in the N.Y. Islanders 4, Calgary 0 Onalaska at Toutle Lake, 7 p.m. Top 10 Women Tennessee at Houston, 10 a.m. league.” Toledo at Wahkiakum, 7 p.m. 1. Cassandra Chalmers 634; 2. De- Tampa Bay at Atlanta, 10 a.m. Arizona 4, Toronto 3 World Peace says he has bigger aspirations before nise Tobey 600; 3. Elizabeth Steen 584; Chicago 1, Anaheim 0, OT Girls Soccer Arizona at Cleveland, 10 a.m. he celebrates. And he says that with a straight face. Eatonville at Tenino, 7 p.m. 4. Barb Overlin 583; 5. Sara Broom 579; San Diego at Baltimore, 10 a.m. 6. Cher Mays 578; 7. Lynn Wiltzius 574; Rochester at Elma, 7 p.m. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, 10 a.m. Tuesday’s Games “It is a flat emotion because I’m focusing on one 8. Arlene Thomas 559; 9. Kim Rushton N.Y. Jets at Oakland, 1:05 p.m. Centralia/Aberdeen winner vs GSL 5 552 and Marie Pratt 552; 10. Heather Arizona at Boston, 4 p.m. thing,” he said. “My goals didn’t change from the first (District 4 tourney, at Aberdeen), 7 p.m. Fueston 551; High Game: Cassandra Seattle at Dallas, 1:25 p.m. Columbus at New Jersey, 4 p.m. day I signed my non-guaranteed contract. I wanted Girls Swimming Chalmers 243 Green Bay at Denver, 5:30 p.m. Buffalo at Philadelphia, 4 p.m. to come here and try to win a championship. My Centralia, W.F. West at Sub District Top 5 Senior Men Open: Buffalo, Jacksonville, Philadel- Carolina at Detroit, 4:30 p.m. 1. Tim Schnitzer 685; 2. Dave Reyn- phia, Washington goals didn’t change, so there’s nothing to feel.” Meet (River Ridge), 5 p.m. Colorado at Florida, 4:30 p.m. oldson 684; 3. Andy Fuchs 663; 4. Har- World Peace will make $1.5 million this season, old Schrader 659; 5. Bill Frank 614; High Tampa Bay at St. Louis, 5 p.m. Prep Football Monday, Nov. 2 Game: Andy Fuchs 258 Edmonton at Minnesota, 5 p.m. though his contract does not become fully guaran- Saturday’s Statewide Scores Indianapolis at Carolina, 5:30 p.m. Top 5 Senior Women Los Angeles at Winnipeg, 5 p.m. teed until early January. Cascade Christian 44, Vashon Island 0 1. Sara Broom 550; 2. Bertie Dessell Anaheim at Dallas, 5:30 p.m. Mary Knight 68, Twin Valley 0 543; 3. Carol Wyman 527; 4. Ginny “We know how Kobe (Bryant) is when he leads at Vancouver, 7 p.m. Neah Bay 60, Crescent 6 Eddy 512; 5. Teresa Johnson 493; High MLB guys. He’s real tough on guys at times,” Lakers coach North Beach 44, Life Christian 27 Game: Ginny Eddy 214 Byron Scott said. “I think Metta’s the type of guy that Orcas Island 32, Concrete 21 Major League Baseball Wednesday’s Games Seattle Lutheran 48, Quilcene 12 Friday Singles Match Play All Times PST Calgary at Ottawa, 4:30 p.m. can keep kind of everybody together as well. That did Oct. 16 High Scores (4 games) Stadium 48, South Kitsap 40 WILD CARD Pittsburgh at Washington, 5 p.m. kind of come into play.” Division 1 – High Series: Nathan Tuesday, Oct. 6: Houston 3, New Nashville at San Jose, 7:30 p.m. Prince 1019; High Game: Nathan York 0 Brown, 22, showed some ability toward the end of Washington Prep Football Prince 277 Wednesday, Oct. 7: Chicago 4, Pitts- last season, scoring 32 points against Sacramento, but How The Top 10 Fared Fared Division 2 – High Series: Gary Coo- burgh 0 League Leaders his game was a little one-dimensional. By The Associated Press per 832; High Game: Gary Cooper 247 Points Class 4A World Peace is the opposite of a gunner. He is an DIVISION SERIES 1. Jamie Benn, DAL 12 1. Camas (8-0) beat Mountain View Oct. 23 High Scores (4 games) (Best-of-5; x-if necessary) 1. David Krejci, BOS 12 established veteran who can’t quite get up and down 35-17. Division 1 – High Series: Nathan American League 1. Tyler Seguin, DAL 12 the court like he used to, but can still contribute in 2. Lake Stevens (8-0) beat Kamiak Prince 972; High Game: Steve Strasser Kansas City 3, Houston 2 278 63-7. Thursday, Oct. 8: Houston 5, Kansas 4. Max Pacioretty, MTL 11 defense-minded ways. Division 2 – High Series: Mitch City 2 3. Gig Harbor (8-0) beat Yelm 51-14. 4. John Tavares, NYI 11 Mortensen 910; High Game: Gary Coo- Friday, Oct. 9: Kansas City 5, Hous- Scott has advocated for a strong defense since he 4. Gonzaga Prep (8-0) beat Lewis per 259 ton 4 took the job, though the Lakers had the second-worst and Clark 34-7. Top 5 Bowling Club (2 games) Sunday, Oct. 11: Houston 4, Kansas Goal scoring defense in his first season. 5. Graham-Kapowsin (8-0) beat 1. Isaiah 350; 2. Stasia 305; 3. Zack City 2 1. Jamie Benn, DAL 8 Rogers (Puyallup) 38-7. 259; 4.. Bryce 243; 5. Tanner 211; High Monday, Oct. 12: Kansas City 9, 2. Max Pacioretty, MTL 7 World Peace was a key component of the Lakers Game: Isaiah 182 6. Richland (7-1) beat Kamiakin 27- Houston 6 2. Zach Parise, MIN 7 when they won the NBA championship in 2010. Top 5 Special Rec (2 games) Wednesday, Oct. 14: Kansas City 7, 14. 4. Jaromir Jagr, FLA 6 1. Cody W 334; 2. Joy W 282; 3. Don Houston 2 Brown could end up playing for the Lakers’ De- 7. Skyline (7-1) beat Inglemoor 43-6. B 273; 4. Tavis M 269; 5. James O 266; 4. James Neal, NSH 6 velopment League team, the Los Angeles D-Fenders, 8. Olympia (6-2) lost to Bellarmine High Game: Cody W 178 Toronto 3, Texas 2 Prep 16-13. though it wasn’t clear what his immediate future Thursday, Oct. 8: Texas 5, Toronto 3 Plus/Minus 9. Kentwood (6-2) lost to Kentlake would hold. Friday, Oct. 9: Texas 6, Toronto 4, 14 1. Max Pacioretty, MTL 12 36-21. innings 2. Andrei Markov, MTL 11 10. Central Valley (6-2) beat Ferris College Football Sunday, Oct. 11: Toronto 5, Texas 1 27-6. Monday, Oct. 12: Toronto 8, Texas 4 2. Tomas Plekanec, MTL 11 Others receiving 6 or more points: AP Top 25 Wednesday, Oct. 14: Toronto 6, Tex- 2. P.K. Subban, MTL 11 The Top 25 teams in The Associ- as 3 Mountain View (6-2) lost to Camas 35- 5. Brendan Gallagher, MTL 8 ated Press college football poll, with Sports on the Air 17. first-place votes in parentheses, records National League through Oct. 17, total points based on 25 Chicago 3, St. Louis 1 Goals Against Average Class 3A points for a first-place vote through one Friday, Oct. 9: St. Louis 4, Chicago 0 1. Reto Berra, COL 0.85 TUESDAY, Oct. 27 1. Eastside Catholic (7-0) idle. point for a 25th-place vote, and previous Saturday, Oct. 10: Chicago 6, St. Lou- 2. Carey Price, MTL 1.29 MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2. Bellevue (6-1) beat Interlake 61-20. ranking: is 3 3. Michal Neuvirth, PHI 1.55 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 12: Chicago 8, St. Louis 3. Lincoln (8-0) beat Wilson 26-10. 4. Martin Jones, SJ 1.69 FOX — World Series Game 1, NY Mets at 4. Sumner (8-0) beat Bonney Lake Team Rec. Pts. Last 6 1. Ohio St. (39) 8-0 1,466 1 Tuesday, Oct. 13: Chicago 6, St. Louis 5. Corey Crawford, CHI 1.84 24-7. Kansas City 2. Baylor (7) 7-0 1,417 2 4 5. Blanchet (7-1) beat Seattle Prep 41- NBA BASKETBALL 3. Clemson (6) 7-0 1,378 6 Save Percentage 30. 4. LSU (5) 7-0 1,344 5 New York 3, Los Angeles 2 1. Reto Berra, COL .975 5 p.m. 6. Glacier Peak (7-1) beat Edmonds- 5. TCU (3) 7-0 1,327 4 Friday, Oct. 9: New York 3, Los Ange- TNT — Cleveland at Chicago Woodway 41-22. 6. Michigan St. 8-0 1,250 7 les 1 2. Carey Price, MTL .961 7. O’Dea (6-2) beat Lakeside (Seattle) 7. Alabama (1) 7-1 1,163 8 Saturday, Oct. 10: Los Angeles 5, 3. Michal Neuvirth, PHI .947 7:30 p.m. 59-20. 8. Stanford 6-1 1,062 10 New York 2 4. Henrik Lundqvist, NYR .941 TNT — New Orleans at Golden State 9. Notre Dame 6-1 997 11 8. Kamiakin (6-2) lost to Richland Monday, Oct. 12: New York 13, Los 5. Martin Jones, SJ .940 NHL HOCKEY 10. Iowa 7-0 934 12 Angeles 7 27-14. 11. Florida 6-1 867 13 Tuesday, Oct. 13: Los Angeles 3, New 5 p.m. 9. Mt. Spokane (7-1) beat Rogers 12. Oklahoma St. 7-0 864 14 York 1 Wins NBCSN — Tampa Bay at St. Louis (Spokane) 44-26. 13. Utah 6-1 838 3 Thursday, Oct. 15: New York 3, Los 1. Carey Price, MTL 7 10. Kennedy (7-0) beat Foster 49-6. 14. Oklahoma 6-1 697 17 Angeles 2 2. Ben Bishop, TB 5 Others receiving 6 or more points: 15. Michigan 5-2 666 15 2. Devan Dubnyk, MIN 5 WEDNESDAY, Oct. 28 16. Memphis 7-0 660 18 LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES Lakes (6-2) beat Enumclaw 42-21. 2. Braden Holtby, WSH 5 GOLF 17. Florida St. 6-1 571 9 (Best-of-7; x-if necessary) 18. Houston 7-0 411 21 2. Pekka Rinne, NSH 5 7:30 p.m. Class 2A American League 19. Mississippi 6-2 368 24 Kansas City 4, Toronto 2 1. Tumwater (8-0) beat Black Hills GOLF — PGA Tour: CIMB Classic, first- 20. Toledo 7-0 365 19 Friday, Oct. 16: Kansas City 5, To- 42-14. 21. Temple 7-0 307 22 ronto 0 round, at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2. Ellensburg (8-0) beat East Valley 22. Duke 6-1 274 23 Saturday, Oct. 17: Kansas City 6, To- MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (Yakima) 58-0. 23. Pittsburgh 6-1 161 25 ronto 3 Racing 5 p.m. 3. Squalicum (8-0) beat Blaine 34-13. 24. UCLA 5-2 110 NR Monday, Oct. 19: Toronto 11, Kansas 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 4. Prosser (7-1) beat Ephrata 57-0. 25. Mississippi St. 6-2 103 NR City 8 FOX — World Series Game 2, New York at At Talladega 5. Hockinson (8-0) beat Woodland Tuesday, Oct. 20: Kansas City 14, To- Kansas City Others receiving votes: Texas A&M 48-0. ronto 2 Sunday’s Results NBA BASKETBALL 73, North Carolina 46, Southern Cal Wednesday, Oct. 21: Toronto 7, Kan- 1 Joey Logano Ford 6. Archbishop Murphy (8-0) beat 33, BYU 18, Georgia 17, Wisconsin 15, 5 p.m. sas City 1 2 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet King’s 49-7. Northwestern 10, Appalachian St. 6, Friday, Oct. 23: Kansas City 4, To- ESPN — San Antonio at Oklahoma City 7. Olympic (8-0) beat Sequim 48-7. California 5, Washington St. 2. ronto 3 3 Jeff Gordon Chevrolet 8. Cheney (7-1) lost to Clarkston 52- 4 Brad Keselowski Ford 7:30 p.m. 25. National League 5 Carl Edwards Toyota ESPN — Minnesota at L.A. Lakers 9. Black Hills (7-1) lost to Tumwater New York 4, Chicago 0 6 Paul Menard Chevrolet NHL HOCKEY NFL Saturday, Oct. 17: New York 4, Chi- 42-14. 7 Martin Truex Jr. Chevrolet 5 p.m. 10. Lynden (5-3) lost to Sedro-Wool- cago 2 National Football League Sunday, Oct. 18: New York 4, Chi- 8 Clint Bowyer Toyota ley 32-29, OT. NBCSN — Pittsburgh at Washington All Times PDT cago 1 9 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Ford Others receiving 6 or more points: 7:30 p.m. AMERICAN CONFERENCE Tuesday, Oct. 20: New York 5, Chi- 10 Kurt Busch Chevrolet Sedro-Woolley (6-2) beat Lynden 32-29, East W L T Pct PF PA cago 2 11 Kyle Busch Toyota NBCSN — Nashville at San Jose OT. New England 6 0 0 1.000 213 126 Wednesday, Oct. 21: New York 8, 12 Ryan Newman Chevrolet N.Y. Jets 4 2 0 .667 152 105 Chicago 3 13 Michael Waltrip Toyota THURSDAY, Oct. 29 Class 1A Miami 3 3 0 .500 147 137 WORLD SERIES 14 Austin Dillon Chevrolet 1. Royal (8-0) beat Columbia (Bur- Buffalo 3 4 0 .429 176 173 COLLEGE FOOTBALL (Best-of-7) bank) 70-7. South 15 Kevin Harvick Chevrolet 4 p.m. All games televised by Fox 2. King’s (7-1) lost to Archbishop 16 Aric Almirola Ford Indianapolis 3 4 0 .429 147 174 Tuesday, Oct. 27: N.Y. Mets (Harvey ESPN — North Carolina at Pittsburgh Murphy 49-7. Houston 2 5 0 .286 154 199 13-8) at Kansas City, 5:07 p.m. 17 Sam Hornish Jr. Ford 4:30 p.m. 3. Zillah (8-0) beat Granger 49-12. Jacksonville 2 5 0 .286 147 207 Wednesday, Oct. 28: N.Y. Mets (de- 18 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet 4. Connell (6-1) idle. Tennessee 1 5 0 .167 119 139 Grom 14-8) at Kansas City, 5:07 p.m. 19 Kasey Kahne Chevrolet ESPNU — Texas State at Georgia Southern 5. Cascade Christian (6-1) beat North Friday, Oct. 30: Kansas City at N.Y. 20 Greg Biffle Ford FS1 — West Virginia at TCU Mets (Syndergaard 9-7), 5:07 p.m. Vashon Island 44-0. Cincinnati 6 0 0 1.000 182 122 21 Trevor Bayne Ford 5 p.m. 6. Hoquiam (8-0) beat Rochester 50- Pittsburgh 4 3 0 .571 158 131 Saturday, Oct. 31: Kansas City at N.Y. Mets (Matz 4-0), 5:07 p.m. 22 Cole Whitt Ford Louisiana Tech at Rice 23. Cleveland 2 5 0 .286 147 182 x-Sunday, Nov. 1: Kansas City at N.Y. 23 Bobby Labonte Ford 7:30 p.m. 7. Mount Baker (7-1) beat Meridian Baltimore 1 6 0 .143 161 188 Mets, 5:15 p.m. 24 Kyle Larson Chevrolet 36-15. West ESPN — Oregon at Arizona State x-Tuesday, Nov. 3: N.Y. Mets at Kan- 25 Tony Stewart Chevrolet 8. Port Townsend (8-0) beat Chima- Denver 6 0 0 1.000 139 102 sas City, 5:07 p.m. GOLF 26 Matt Kenseth Toyota cum 63-12. Oakland 3 3 0 .500 144 153 x-Wednesday, Nov. 4: N.Y. Mets at 27 Danica Patrick Chevrolet 3 a.m. 9. Colville (7-1) beat Deer Park 42-7. Kansas City 2 5 0 .286 150 172 Kansas City, 5:07 p.m. GOLF — Turkish Airlines Open, first-round, 10. Freeman (5-3) lost to Lakeside San Diego 2 5 0 .286 165 198 28 Michael McDowell Ford (Nine Mile Falls) 33-14. NATIONAL CONFERENCE 29 Josh Wise Ford at Antalya, Turkey Others receiving 6 or more points: East 30 David Ragan Toyota 7:30 p.m. None. N.Y. Giants 4 3 0 .571 166 156 NHL 31 Casey Mears Chevrolet GOLF — PGA Tour: CIMB Classic, second- Washington 3 4 0 .429 148 168 National Hockey League 32 David Gilliland Ford round, at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Class 2B Philadelphia 3 4 0 .429 160 137 EASTERN CONFERENCE 33 Alex Bowman Chevrolet 1. Lind-Ritzville/Sprague (8-0) beat Dallas 2 4 0 .333 121 158 NBA BASKETBALL Atlantic Division 34 Landon Cassill Chevrolet 5 p.m. Kettle Falls 42-8. South W L OT Pts 35 Travis Kvapil Chevrolet 2. Pe Ell/Willapa Valley (8-0) beat Carolina 6 0 0 1.000 162 110 Montreal 7 0 0 14 36 AJ Allmendinger Chevrolet TNT — Atlanta at New York Adna 46-0. Atlanta 6 1 0 .857 193 150 Tampa Bay 4 2 1 9 37 Denny Hamlin Toyota 7:30 p.m. 3. North Beach (8-0) beat Life Chris- New Orleans 3 4 0 .429 161 185 Florida 3 2 1 7 38 J.J. Yeley Toyota tian Academy 44-27. Tampa Bay 2 4 0 .333 140 179 Ottawa 3 2 1 7 TNT — Dallas at L.A. Clippers Detroit 3 3 0 6 4. Okanogan (7-1) beat Tonasket 46- North 39 Jamie McMurray Chevrolet NFL FOOTBALL Boston 2 3 1 5 40 Matt DiBenedetto Toyota 0. Green Bay 6 0 0 1.000 164 101 Buffalo 2 4 0 4 5:25 p.m. 5. Toledo (7-1) beat Toutle Lake 36- Minnesota 4 2 0 .667 124 102 Toronto 1 3 2 4 41 Timmy Hill Ford CBS — Miami at New England 27. Chicago 2 4 0 .333 120 179 Metropolitan Division 42 Justin Allgaier Chevrolet NFL — Miami at New England 6. Raymond (7-1) beat Ocosta 50-20. Detroit 1 6 0 .143 139 200 N.Y. Islanders 4 1 1 9 43 Ryan Blaney Ford SPORTS The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 • Sports 7


ATHLON SPORTS TOP 25 Don’t forget to follow us! 1. Clemson (7-0, at NC State) 2. Baylor (7-0, Bye) @ AthlonSports 3. Ohio State (8-0, Bye) 4. Alabama (7-1, Bye) 5. TCU (7-0, vs. West Virginia) INSIDESATURDAY / AthlonSports 6. LSU (7-0, Bye) 7. Michigan State (8-0, Bye) @ AthlonSports 8. Stanford (6–1, at Washington State) A WEEKLY SPIN AROUND COLLEGE FOOTBALL 9. Notre Dame (6-1, at Temple) 10. Florida (6-1, vs. Georgia) 11. Utah (6–1, vs. Oregon State) 12. Iowa (7-0, vs. Maryland) 13. Michigan (5-2, at Minnesota) 14. Oklahoma (6-1, at Kansas) 15. Florida State (6-1, vs. Syracuse) 16. Memphis (7-0, vs. Tulane) 17. Oklahoma State (7-0, at Texas Tech) 18. Ole Miss (6-2, at Auburn) 19. Temple (7-0, vs. Notre Dame) 20. Houston (7-0, vs. Vanderbilt) 21. Toledo (7-0, at Bye) 22. Pittsburgh (6-1, vs. North Carolina) 23. UCLA (5-2, vs. Colorado) 24. Mississippi State (6-2, Bye) 25. Georgia (5-2, vs. Florida) NUMBERS TO WATCH

Since 2000, 22 quarterbacks have 2 passed for 500 yards, fi ve touch- downs and no interceptions in a game. Washington State’s Luke Falk, who threw for 514 yards in the Cougars’ 45–42 win at Arizona on Saturday, is the only one to do it twice. Quarterback P.J. Walker has guided Temple to a 7–0 start. Two years ago, the Owls went 2–10 in coach Matt Rhule’s fi rst season as the school’s head coach. Boston College managed only 79 79 yards in a 17–14 loss at Louisville. The Eagles are averaging 219.0 yards in fi ve ACC games, by far the Owls on the big stage lowest number by any team in the nation in league play . Temple hosts Notre Dame in the biggest game in school history Two of the American Athletic 108 Conference’s best off enses were on NOTRE DAME AT TEMPLE FLORIDA VS. GEORGIA (JACKSONVILLE) display Friday night. Memphis and Temple is nationally ranked for the fi rst time since 1979 thanks to a 7–0 Nothing will be offi cial, but the SEC East title is basically on the line Tulsa combined for 108 points in the start highlighted by a Week 1 victory over Penn State. The Owls also Saturday in Jacksonville. Florida is 4–1 in the league, with its lone loss by Tigers’ 66–42 victory, which was the have two decent road wins, at Cincinnati and East Carolina, but their seven points at LSU. Even in defeat, Treon Harris passed his fi rst test in highest-scoring FBS game in 2015. four other wins have come against some of the worst teams in the na- his fi rst start after Will Grier’s suspension, throwing for 271 yards and two tion — UMass, Charlotte, Tulane. Notre Dame clearly will be the best TDs and, most important, no interceptions. With a strong defense and po- Vanderbilt has held its last two op- team Temple has played to date. The Fighting Irish have one loss, by two tent running game, Florida can still be a very good team if Harris takes care 7.4 ponents to a 7.4 percent conversion points at Clemson, and have wins over Texas, Virginia, Georgia Tech, of the ball. Georgia’s once-promising season has taken several wrong turns rate on third down. Two weeks ago, Navy and USC on their résumé. Temple has been getting it done with the in the past month. The offense has played well in only one SEC game, South Carolina converted 2-of-13, and Missouri went 0-of-14 last Satur- top defense, at least statistically, in the AAC, but it must be a 52–20 victory over South Carolina. The Bulldogs scored day against the Commodores. noted that the Owls allowed 557 yards to Cincinnati, 438 to only two offensive touchdowns against both Vanderbilt (a UMass and 378 to East Carolina. Notre Dame features more win) and Tennessee (a loss); they scored only one TD against fi repower than any of those three teams. Notre Dame 31–17 Alabama, and that was on an 83-yard run with the Tide hold- HEISMAN RACE STANFORD AT WASHINGTON STATE ing a 38–3 lead; and then, two weeks ago, they were held 1. Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU Fournette without a TD in a 9–6 win over Missouri. The point? Geor- Washington State, which lost at home to Portland State in enjoyed another productive outing, rushing gia’s offense is not very good right now. Florida 27–17 for 150 yards on 26 carries in the Tigers’ Week 1, is playing meaningful games in the second half of OLE MISS AT AUBURN 48–20 win over WKU. He did, however, fail to the season for the fi rst time in the Mike Leach era. The Cou- have a carry of at least 25 yards for the fi rst gars have won three straight Pac-12 games, including two Left for dead after losing by 13 points to Memphis two time this season. on the road (Oregon and Arizona) and actually control their Mitch Light weeks ago, Ole Miss is back in play in the SEC West after 2. Trevone Boykin, QB, TCU The Horned own destiny in the Pac-12 North. Tough tests await, how- Athlon Sports a surprisingly easy 23–3 win over Texas A&M on Saturday Executive Editor Frogs had the week off . Boykin ranks second ever, starting with this week’s visit from Stanford — an- night. The Rebels, who have been decimated by injuries @AthlonMitch nationally with 425.6 total yards per game other team that suffered a puzzling Week 1 defeat (at North- in recent weeks, outgained the usually potent Aggies 471- and is second in the nation in yards per pass western). Since returning to the West Coast, the Cardinal to-192 and were never threatened. Now Ole Miss controls attempt (10.2). have played as well as any team in the nation, reeling off six its own destiny, thanks to an early season win at Alabama. 3. Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama Henry rushed straight wins in very impressive fashion. Running back Christian McCaf- Auburn, picked by many (including Athlon Sports) to earn a spot in the for 143 yards on 28 carries and two touch- frey has played his way into the Heisman discussion, and his team looks College Football Playoff, appears headed toward a last-place fi nish in the downs — including the game-winner with 2:24 to be a legitimate contender to win the national title. Stanford 37–21 SEC West. The Tigers dropped to 1–3 in the league with a 54–46 loss in remaining — to lead Alabama to a 19–14 win NORTH CAROLINA AT PITTSBURGH (THURSDAY) four overtimes at Arkansas, and they still have games at Texas A&M and over Tennessee. vs. Georgia and Alabama. Ole Miss 31–21 The most important game in the ACC Coastal Division to date pits two of the most surprising teams in the nation. North Carolina has won six OKLAHOMA STATE AT TEXAS TECH straight since losing to South Carolina in Week 1. The Tar Heels, as usu- Oklahoma State is fl ying about as far under the radar as possible for a al, are scoring a bunch of points, but the story in Chapel Hill has been Power 5 team that has yet to lose a game this late in the season. The rea- the improvement of the defense under new coordinator Gene Chizik. son is pretty clear: a lack of quality wins. The Pokes are 4–0 in the Big Through seven games, UNC is allowing 350.0 yards per game and 4.9 12, with three of the wins coming against teams that are a combined 0–11 yards per play, down from 497.8 and 6.5 last season. Will Muschamp in the league (West Virginia, Kansas State and Kansas) and the other over (Auburn) and John Chavis (Texas A&M) were the two most celebrated Texas by three points. This might be a really good team, but it’s hard to defensive coordinator hires in the offseason, but Chizik has had the big- get too excited at this point. Texas Tech is a very predictable 2–3 in the gest impact. Pittsburgh has quietly jumped out to a 6–1 start (4–0 in the Big 12, with wins over the league’s two worst teams (Iowa State and league) under fi rst-year coach Pat Narduzzi. The Panthers’ four league Kansas) and losses to the three best teams (TCU, Baylor and OU). The wins, however, have come by an average of 4.3 points, and their four Red Raiders will have an opportunity down the stretch to make a move victims have a combined four ACC wins. North Carolina 31–21 in the league standings. Texas Tech 44–37 PRIME TIME PLAYERS In a battle of highly regarded West Forest. … USC sophomore JuJu Smith- touchdowns in the Sooners’ 63–27 win Connor Cook threw for 398 yards with Coast quarterbacks, UCLA true fresh- Schuster caught eight passes for 143 over Texas Tech. Perine, who rushed four touchdowns and no interceptions man Josh Rosen outdueled Cal’s Jared yards and a TD to lead USC to a 42–24 for 1,713 yards as a true freshman, has in Michigan State’s 52–26 win over Goff , throwing for 399 yards with three win over Utah at the L.A. Coliseum. … topped the 100-yard mark only twice Indiana. … USF quarterback Quenton touchdowns and no interceptions in the Freshman linebacker Cameron Smith in 2015. … Tyler Ervin became the fi rst Flowers rushed for 201 yards and three Bruins’ impressive 40–24 win over the was the star of the USC defense, player to rush for at least 250 yards touchdowns and added 97 yards pass- Golden Bears on Thursday. … NC State intercepting three passes, including a two times this season after running ing to help the Bulls top SMU 38–14. running back Matthew Dayes rushed 54-yard return for a score in the second for 263 yards on 36 carries in San Jose … Dak Prescott competed 25-of-35 for a career-high 205 yards (on only 16 quarter. … Oklahoma’s Samaje Perine State’s 31–21 win over New Mexico. passes for 348 yards, rushed for 117 carries) and scored two touchdowns had his most productive game of the In late September, the senior rushed yards and accounted for six total touch- in the Wolfpack’s 35–17 win at Wake season, rushing for 201 yards and four for 300 yards against Fresno State. … downs in Mississippi State’s 42–16 win 4. Christian McCaff rey, RB, Stanford McCaf- frey was brilliant in the Cardinal’s 31–14 win over Washington, rushing for 109 yards and STOCK REPORT one touchdown and catching fi ve passes for Washington State has After showing signs of life in Colorado snapped a 14- Texas A&M’s off ense was 112 yard and a score. He ranks fi rst in the na- played its way into the recent weeks — a fi ve-point game losing streak in Pac-12 held to 192 total yards, by tion with 259.7 all-purpose yards per game. Pac-12 title race by win- loss at Florida State fol- play with a 17–13 win over far its worst eff ort of the 5. Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State Cook was ning three straight league lowed by a 10-point win over Oregon State in Corvallis. season, and the Aggies held to 82 yards and one TD on 17 carries as games for the fi rst time Virginia Tech — Miami hit rock The Buff s, who are 4–4, failed to score a touchdown the Seminoles fell from the ranks of the un- since 2003. The Cougars, who are bottom with a 58–0 loss at home to likely will need to win seven games in a surprisingly one-sided 23–3 loss at beaten with a 22–16 loss at Georgia Tech. He 3–1 in the Pac-12 after a 45–42 win Clemson. It was the worst defeat in the to become bowl-eligible because they Ole Miss. Sophomore quarterback Kyle still ranks second nationally in rushing (148.1 at Arizona, host Stanford (5–0 in the history of a program that claimed fi ve play 13 games in the regular season. Allen completed only 12 passes and ypg) and is averaging 8.2 yards per carry. league) on Saturday in the biggest national titles between 1983-2001. Head They could qualify with a 6–7 mark if averaged a paltry 2.6 yards on his 34 game of the Mike Leach era. coach Al Golden was fi red on Sunday. not all bowl slots are fi lled. attempts. Photos: Walker: Joe Labolito/Temple University; McCaff rey: Tom Lynn/Athlon Sports Enjoy More Time! Save Money! And Get a FREE Book! 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Week 6 Top Performers Week 7 Results THIS 1. Tom Brady, New England QB - The Patroits QB passed for 355 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday.

Seattle Seahawks 20, San Fran. 49ers 3 Miami Dolphins 44, Houston Texans 26 2. Todd Gurley, St. Louis RB - Gurley rushed for 128 yards on Jacksonville Jaguars 34, Buffalo Bills 31 New Orleans Saints 27, Indianapolis Colts 21 19 rushes along with two touchdowns in a 24-6 win over the WEEK Browns. Atlanta Falcons 10, Tennessee Titans 7 New England Patriots 30, N.Y. Jets 23 Kansas City Chiefs 23, Pitts. Steelers 13 Oakland Raiders 37, San Diego Chargers 29 3. TY Hilton, Indianapolis WR - Hilton caught four balls for two touchdowns and 150 yards. IN THE St. Louis Rams 24, Cleveland Browns 6 N.Y. Giants 27, Dallas Cowboys 20 4. Kirk Cousins, Washington QB - Cousins passed for 317 Washington Redskins 31, TB Buccaneers 30 Carolina Panthers 27, Philadelphia Eagles 16 yards, going 33-of-40 with three touchdowns. Minnesota Vikings 28, Detroit Lions 19 5. Mike Evans, Tampa Bay WR - Evans caught eight balls for NFL 164 yards and a touchdown.

NFL Brady, Patriots Surge Against Jets in Fourth Quarter for 30-23 Victory

By The Associated Press FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — The fourth quarter started just in time for Tom Brady to overcome some early drops and lead the Patriots on a comeback. And it ended just in time for New England to hold on for a victory. Brady overcame New Eng- land’s shaky first three quarters by throwing for a pair of touch- downs in the fourth, and the Patriots defeated the New York Jets 30-23 on Sunday to remain unbeaten. The Super Bowl MVP com- pleted 14 of 17 passes in the final quarter to overcome a 20-16 defi- cit and give New England (6-0) a two-game lead over the Jets in the AFC East.

Freeman Runs For 116 Yards as Falcons Edge Titans NASHVILLE, Tenn. — At- lanta wide receiver Julio Jones wants the Falcons to snap out of their offensive funk, even if they found a way to squeeze out an ugly win. Charles Krupa / The Associated Press Matt Ryan threw for 251 New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) celebrates his touchdown pass to tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) during the second half of an NFL football game yards and a touchdown pass, Sunday in Foxborough, Mass. and Devonta Freeman ran for 116 yards as the Falcons held off matchup against the Tampa Bay for a 28-19 win over the Detroit occasions and churning for extra Giants Take Advantage of the Tennessee Titans 10-7 on Buccaneers a “code red” situa- Lions on Sunday. yards up the middle. Cowboys’ Mistakes Sunday. tion — lit into his players. The Vikings (4-2) won an According to ESPN Stats & The Falcons (6-1) bounced Something finally clicked. NFC North road game for the Information, Gurley finished EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. back from their first loss this sea- Cousins completed three second- first time in three years, and with 97 rushing yards after con- — Tom Coughlin’s Giants have a son by grinding out a road win half TDs, including the go-ahead Bridgewater gave second-year tact — the most for any player in flair for the dramatic. and overcoming two intercep- score to Jordan Reed with 24 coach Mike Zimmer the game a game this season. America saw that in their two tions. Freeman notched his third seconds left, and the Redskins ball. Super Bowl upsets of New Eng- consecutive game with at least came back to stun the Bucs 31-30 With a big-play receiver like land, and America’s Team got to 100 yards, and Atlanta outgained Dolphins Drub Texans 44-26 for the largest comeback in fran- Diggs, the Vikings may have an see it firsthand Sunday in Cough- Tennessee 378-256 in squeaking chise history. easier time on the road this sea- MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — lin’s 100th regular-season win as out the win. son. The rookie had six recep- The Miami Dolphins led 35-0 Giants coach, 27-20 over Dallas. Saints Keep Colts tions for 108 yards, giving him midway through the first half, New York snapped a five- Jaguars Rally to Beat Bills 34-31 19 catches for 324 yards in three and while the rest of the sideline game slide against Dallas as in Check For Victory Dwayne Harris ran back a kick- LONDON — Jacksonville’s games after being inactive for celebrated, interim coach Dan off 100 yards for the winning defense came up big in the first INDIANAPOLIS — The the first three games. Campbell stood alone, staring at points in the fourth quarter half, and quarterback Blake Bor- Saints showed Sunday they can the scoreboard and managing to against his former teammates. tles came through late to rally still go toe-to-toe with anyone in Chiefs Turn Back Steelers 23-13 keep a straight face. the Jaguars to the victory. the NFL. For Campbell, it was business That boosted the Giants (4-3) Seven seconds of defensive They just need to find that KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The as usual, with blowouts the norm into first place in the NFC East, excellence gave the Jaguars a big elusive knockout . Kansas City Chiefs had been in so far. pending Philadelphia’s night lead they eventually squandered After taking a 27-point third- the same position twice before The Dolphins’ astounding game at Carolina. away, but Bortles came through quarter lead at Indianapolis this season, trying to hold onto turnaround under their new when needed in a 34-31 win over and watching another implau- a dwindling fourth-quarter lead coach gained momentum Sun- Tolbert Leads Perfect Panthers the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at sible comeback try from Andrew inside Arrowhead Stadium. day, when Ryan Tannehill com- Over Eagles 27-16 Luck, the Saints recovered an on- This time, they managed to pleted his first 18 attempts and Wembley Stadium. CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Cam Bortles threw a 31-yard game- side kick and ran out the clock to do it. threw for four scores in first 16 preserve a crucial 27-21 victory. Alex Smith calmly led the minutes to help beat the Hous- Newton took another step to- winning touchdown pass to Al- ward rewriting the NFL record len Hurns with 2:16 remaining, “When we had them at zero, Chiefs downfield in the closing ton Texans 44-26. book, and the Carolina Panthers after Buffalo safety Corey Gra- we needed to keep them at zero,” minutes, hitting Chris Conley defeated the Philadelphia Eagles ham intercepted a pass and re- safety Kenny Vaccaro said. “We with a short touchdown toss, and Raiders Embarrass Chargers 27-16 on Sunday night to im- turned it 44 yards to put the Bills can’t get excited about shutting Kansas City held off the ailing SAN DIEGO — For three prove to 6-0 for the first time in ahead in a seesaw game that was out a team for a half. We still Pittsburgh Steelers 23-13 on Sun- quarters, the Oakland Raiders franchise history. streamed live on Yahoo’s website. have to finish the game.” day to snap a five-game skid with At least it’s progress. its first home victory this season. embarrassed their possible fu- Newton threw for a touch- ture stadium mates, the San Di- down and ran for another score, Redskins Get Past Bucs 31-30 New Orleans (3-4) won on the road for the first time this Rams Rout Browns 24-6 ego Chargers. marking the fourth time this LANDOVER, Md. — There season, won back-to-back games Not only did Oakland prac- season he has accomplished that were plenty of reasons for Kirk for the first time since last Octo- ST. LOUIS — Todd Gur- tically run San Diego out of its feat in a game and 28th time in Cousins and the Washington ber. ley heard the fans chanting his own stadium, but there were his career — three behind Hall Redskins to believe this game name. The rookie is command- enough Raiders fans to make it of Famer Steve Young for the ing that kind of attention. feel almost like a home game. was not going to go their way. Vikings Roar Past Lions 28-19 league record. They trailed by 24 points in Gurley rushed for 128 yards Derek Carr threw three Jonathan Stewart ran for 119 the second quarter, a deficit the DETROIT — Teddy Bridge- and his first two NFL touch- touchdown passes, including a yards, and Mike Tolbert scored team never had overcome in a water dropped back, lofted a long downs, helping the St. Louis nifty 52-yarder to Amari Cooper, two touchdowns for Carolina, victory. They had been outscored pass and Stefon Diggs did the Rams put away the Cleveland and Oakland turned two inter- which has won a franchise-re- by 43 points in third quarters so rest. Browns 24-6 on Sunday. ceptions of Philip Rivers into 10 cord 10 straight regular-season far. Cousins hadn’t thrown more Diggs leaped from just inside During the week, coach Jeff points on its way to a 37-29 victo- games dating to last season. The than one touchdown pass in any the 5 and landed in the end zone Fisher said Gurley wasn’t yet ry over the Chargers on Sunday Panthers are also one of five un- game this season. with a 36-yard, go-ahead touch- 100 percent. He looked pretty in what could be the last show- beaten teams remaining in the At halftime, coach Jay Gruden down in the third quarter, help- dominant against the Browns, down between the AFC West NFL, joining New England, Cin- — who had pronounced Sunday’s ing the Minnesota Vikings rally hurdling tacklers on at least two foes played in San Diego. cinnati, Denver and Green Bay. Lions Fire Offensive Coordinator Lombardi, 2 Other Assistants By Dave Birkett changes. Several players did not The Lions rank 20th in the of their own end zone with 59 to get better. And particularly Detroit Free Press (MCT) stop for interview requests as NFL in total offense, lead the seconds to play. where we are, right? We better they left the team’s Allen Park league in turnovers, rank last “We’re looking at this par- look at everything.” Hours after saying he be- headquarters. in rushing offense and have the ticular game and focusing in on While several teams have lieved in his struggling offense, The Lions announced that second-worst scoring margin in this game,” Caldwell said Mon- made coaching changes after Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell quarterbacks coach Jim Bob the NFL (minus-61 points). day when asked about potential bottoming out in London _ the is making big changes to his Cooter will take over play-call- In Sunday’s loss to the Vi- changes to his coaching staff. coaching staff. Miami Dolphins fired Joe Phil- ing duties from Lombardi, who kings, the Lions scored touch- “And we evaluate everything all bin and replaced him with for- Caldwell fired offensive coor- previously served as quarter- downs on their first two pos- the time, which I told you the mer Lions tight end Dan Camp- dinator Joe Lombardi and offen- backs coach for Drew Brees and sessions and led, 17-6, midway other night. You asked the same sive line coaches Jeremiah Wash- the New Orleans Saints. through the second quarter be- question, I think, the other day. I bell earlier this month, and the burn and Terry Heffernan on Cooter, 31, played college fore allowing 22 straight points. don’t know what difference you Oakland Raiders fired Dennis Monday, one day after the Lions football at Tennessee and worked They gave up seven sacks in think one day is going to make, Allen after their London trip dropped to 1-6 with a 28-19 loss with Peyton Manning with the the game and scored their only in terms of my response. It’s the last year — the Lions decided to the Minnesota Vikings. Indianapolis Colts and Denver points in the final 35 minutes same response. We evaluate all to make the move before travel- Reached by phone, Wash- Broncos before joining the Lions on a safety the Vikings willingly the time, so we look at every sin- ing across the Atlantic Ocean on burn declined comment on the as a position coach last year. took when they were punting out gle thing, every avenue in trying Monday night. The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015

Editor: Eric Schwartz Phone number: 807-8224 Life e-mail: [email protected]

Trio of World War II Veter ans Represent Spirit of Toledo Par ade

Three South Lewis County WWII-Era Veterans to Be Grand Marshals in Upcoming Parade

Charles Beardsley, 88. Kenney McEwen, 94. Andy Wilson, 90.

REMEMBRANCE: Men Recall Time Served in “When they got them aboard ship … one of the sea- IF YOU GO men was there and when they brought in the interpret- Army, Air Force and Navy er they started talking to them in Japanese. And this The Veterans Parade will be held at noon By Kaylee Osowski seaman ran over and grabbed this guy and hugged on Nov. 7 in Toledo. him,” Wilson said. “They had went to school together [email protected] The event is in its sixth year. in Los Angeles, California.” Their experiences during WWII differ greatly. To participate, call April Pennington- One of the rescued men had gone from California One served on a ship that saw the most engage- Farey at (360) 266-7237. to Japan, and the Japanese kept him there, refusing to ments during the war. Another spent most of his time let him go home, Wilson said. in the Army serving in Japan after the end of the con- McEwen and his wife, Betty, married in 1944, dur- flict, and the third served in the Air Force from U.S. He went to Okayama, Japan, located less than 100 ing one of his leaves home. Because he was stationed in soil. miles northeast of Hiroshima. the U.S., they were able to be together. Their time to- All three are being honored as grand marshals for “And there was nothing left, two or three concrete gether make up some of his fondest memories of time this year’s Veterans Parade in Toledo next month. buildings, but everything else was gone. The streetcar during the war. Andy Wilson, 90, joined the Navy in 1942, against tracks were just like spaghetti,” Beardsley said. After getting married, Betty went with McEwen his parents’ wishes. He served on the USS Phoenix Kenney McEwen, 94, joined the Air Force to avoid to Langley Field, Virginia, where she became a nanny and housekeeper for a major and his wife. (CL-46) light cruiser, which saw 33 engagements, the being drafted and put somewhere he didn’t want to be. “My wife got to be one of the family,” he said, adding most of any U.S. ship during WWII. He said the ship He never went overseas during WWII and instead was that when he was hospitalized with the mumps, the and all but one of its crewmembers survived about a stationed in the U.S. for the duration. "Even though I know how to use the guns and all of major came to visit him, which impressed the nurses. dozen kamikaze, Japanese aerial suicide, attacks. The three men now lead relatively quiet lives in “We were very fortunate, we never got hit at all. … that, I never had to use them on a human being,” McE- wen said. “I feel pretty fortunate.” south Lewis County towns. Beardsley and Wilson, a We lost one man overboard because he saw this kami- city councilor, have made their homes in Vader, while During WWII, McEwen made the rank of staff kaze coming at us and (the pilot) didn’t hit us, but he McEwen lives with his wife, who is suffering from Al- jumped overboard. We never did find him,” Wilson sergeant in the Air Force, flying B-26 bombers before zheimer’s, at Guardian Angels of Winlock, an adult said. moving onto B-24s. family home. Wilson stayed in the Navy until 1963 and was sta- “I was little, but I was loud. They could hear me. … Beardsley and Wilson said the parade is important tioned in Hawaii during the Korean War. The only reason why I believe I was a staff sergeant is to help young people remember and recognize veter- Charles Beardsley, 88, tried to sign up for the Navy, because they needed staff sergeants at that time and ans. but because he was missing two toes, the branch they just made me a staff sergeant,” McEwen said. “We were in a different era in WWII than you are wouldn’t take him. He was drafted into the Army a McEwen joined the reserves in 1949 and wound up today,” Wilson said. few months later and went to the Philippines about stationed in Japan serving aircrafts for the last seven McEwen said he feels that because he didn’t see three months before the end of the war. months of the Korean War. gunfire in the wars, he doesn’t really deserve to be a Beardsley, a T3 staff sergeant, remained overseas in While war is filled with horrors, the recollection of grand marshal. Japan for about one year after the war ended. He was some memories brings smiles to the old veterans’ faces. While McEwen may not have been in the trenches, stationed on the island of Shikoku, located southwest Wilson, who was a seaman first class, shared a sto- every day for the past five years he’s been battling his of Japan’s main island. ry with a Chronicle reporter about a time the Phoenix wife’s Alzheimer’s with her, putting him on the front- Beardsley was tasked with repairing telephones rescued two Japanese officers from a small whale boat lines of another war, in a sense. and code machines. at sea in the South Pacific. “I just live day-by-day,” he said. Life 2 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 LIFE Community

Editors Pick Calendar Craig Karges to Perform at Centralia College Today Craig Karges, an award-winning Bingo, Chehalis Moose Lodge, doors HAVE AN EVENT YOU entertainer, nationally recognized open at 4:30 p.m., game starts at 6:30 WOULD LIKE TO INVITE p.m.; food available, (360) 736-9030 speaker and author will be perform- Health and Hope Medical Out- THE PUBLIC TO? ing at 6:30 p.m. tonight at Centralia reach, free medical clinic, 5:30-8:30 Submit your calendar items College’s Corbet Theatre. p.m., Northwest Pediatrics, 1911 Cooks Karges has made more than 5,000 Hill Road, Centralia, for those whose to Newsroom Assistant Doug income is less than 200 percent of the Blosser by 5 p.m. Friday the appearances in 22 countries on four poverty level, (360) 623-1485 week before you would like continents and in all 50 states. Community Farmers Market, final them to be printed. He can be He combines the art of magic day of season, 11 a.m.-4 p.m., Boistfort reached at calendar@chronline. with the science of psychology and Street, downtown Chehalis, (360) 740- com or (360) 807-8238. Please the power of intuition to create the 1295, www.communityfarmersmarket. include all relevant information, net as well as contact information. impression that nothing is impossible. Amanda Ralph, artist and illustrator, Events can also be submitted Tables float, minds are read, metal 2 p.m., Washington Hall 103, Centralia at bends and the audience’s imagination College is challenged because they won’t be- Public Agencies lieve your eyes. Centralia City Council, 7 p.m., City 748-4417 Dennis Miller, comedian and me- Hall, 118 W. Maple St., Centralia, (360) dia personality, put it this way after 330-7670 Mental Health Matters, 6-7:30 p.m., St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 10000 U.S. seeing Karges perform, “This weirds Napavine City Council, 6 p.m., Highway 12, Rochester, (360) 273-9884 Napavine City Hall, 407 Birch St., (360) me out!” 262-3547, ext. 213 CC East Lyceum, 11 a.m., Roxy The- ater, Morton, “Medicine Wheel Teach- Lewis County Planning Commission, ings: Understanding What You Believe,” 6 p.m., Lewis County Courthouse, (360) with Steve Hoecker 740-1284, Harvest Party, 6:30-7:30 p.m., West- a time in which families would of Winlock, 630 Cemetery Road, (360) Tours will be given of the In- Lewis County PUD Commission, 10 minster Presbyterian Church, 349 N. gather around a radio and listen 785-4280 Tot Developmental Center, Lewis a.m., PUD auditorium, 345 NW Pacific Market Blvd., Chehalis, face painting, ac- to their favorite programs. Ac- County's family support center Ave., Chehalis, (360) 748-9261 or (800) tivities, games, photos and treats Saturday, Oct. 31 562-5612 cording to director Alene Stew- and provider of home visiting, art, audiences will be able to, “let play groups and developmental Libraries Public Agencies ‘Young Frankenstein’ Riverside Fire Authority Board of (their) imagination experience services for all families with chil- Preschool Story Time, for children Commissioners, 5 p.m., Headquarters the magic of a radio play as sus- Coming to Fox Theatre dren ages birth to 3. 3-6 years, 10:30 a.m., Centralia Station, 1818 Harrison Ave., Centralia, pense and drama are created by For more information, visit Organizations (360) 736-3975 or sslorey@riversidefire. the cast and crew.” on Halloween the Facebook page, In-Tot Devel- net Forest Grange, 3397 Jackson High- The play is a triple feature, Historic Fox Theatre Res- opmental Center, or the website Timberland Regional Library Board with three of Alfred Hitchcock’s The website is way, 7 p.m. of Trustees, 7 p.m., Tenino Timberland torations on Saturday will be Centralia Bridge Club, 6:30 p.m., Library, 172 Central Ave. W., Tenino greatest shows being presented screening the next in its 2015 also a valuable resource for in- Unity Church, 800 S. Pearl St., Centralia, in one evening of entertainment. formation regarding children's Libraries Movie Series, the 1974 fantasy (360) 748-1753, [email protected] “The Lodger,” “Sabotage” and film “Young Frankenstein.” development from birth to age 3. Two Town Tuners, 7 p.m., Lewis and Watercolor & Acrylic Painting, for “39 Steps” are all on the docket Respected medical lecturer Clark Hotel, 117 W. Magnolia St., Centra- adults, 10 a.m., Oakville as audiences will be treated to lia, (360) 269-8146 or (360) 748-3521 Dr. Frederick Frankenstein Trunk or Treat Coming Family Story Time, for children, 10:15 an evening of suspense, intrigue (Gene Wilder) learns that he has Tuesday Quilting Rebels, 10 a.m.-2 a.m., Tenino and subterfuge. p.m., Oakview Grange, 2715 N. Pearl St., Toddler Time, for children age 2, inherited his infamous grandfa- to Napavine on Centralia, (360) 736-4671 Come experience the magic ther's estate in Transylvania. Ar- 10:30 a.m., Centralia of radio live as it happens on the Halloween GriefShare, grief recovery seminar Who Depends on You? Emergency riving at the castle, Dr. Franken- and support group, 7-9 p.m., Mountain Preparedness for Pets & Livestock, for Evergreen Playhouse stage. “The stein soon begins to recreate his Trunk or Treat, a fun and View Baptist Church, 1201 Belmont Ave., adults, 11 a.m., Chehalis voices of the actors, the produc- grandfather's experiments with safe way to enjoy Halloween, will Centralia, child care provided through tion of sound effects on stage fifth grade, (360) 827-2172 LEGO Club, for children, 3 p.m., of servants Igor (Marty be held 6-8 p.m. Saturday at the Tenino and the musical background Mount St. Helens Patchwork Quilters, Feldman), Inga (Teri Garr) and Napavine Amphitheater. 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Lewis County Historical Organizations will provide a unique and en- the fearsome Frau Blücher (Clo- Prizes will be given for the Museum, 599 NW Front St., Chehalis, tertaining theatrical experience ris Leachman). After he creates best costume and best decorated first Tuesday, potluck, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., St. Chehalis Valley Evening Garden Club, that you and your family won’t 7 p.m., call for meeting location, (360) his own monster (Peter Boyle), vehicle. There will be games, re- Timothy’s Episcopal Church, 1826 SW want to miss,” Stewart said. freshments and an opportunity Snively Ave., Chehalis, (360) 880-5134 748-6189 new complications ensue with Take Off Pounds Sensibly, 10:15 a.m., On Halloween night, there the arrival of the doctor's fian- to meet Napavine’s police and fire Support Groups Assembly of God church, 702 SE First St., will be a special costume contest cée, Elizabeth (Madeline Kahn). chiefs and their agencies. NAMI Lewis County Connections Winlock held during the show, with win- The film is rated PG. Volunteers are being sought Support Group, 5:30-7 p.m., Twin Cities Cowlitz Prairie Grange, business ners receiving prizes, a back- Showtimes are at 2 and 7 pm to help with decorating vehicle Senior Center, (360) 880-8070 or sher- meeting 7:30 p.m., potluck dessert to stage tour of the theater, and trunks or handing out candy, follow, (360) 864-2023 at the Fox Theatre in downtown [email protected] candy for all of the children in Centralia. Admission for the helping with a game activity or Survivors of sexual assault/abuse, for United Women in Business, 5:30 p.m., attendance. Kit Carson banquet room, Chehalis, movie is $8 per person and $20 donating candy or prizes for the people who speak Spanish, 5:30-7 p.m., Other performances will 125 NW Chehalis Ave., Chehalis, spon- (360) 388-5252 per family (three to four per- event. sored by Human Response Network, Seniors’ Bible study, 2 p.m., Calvary be Sunday, Nov. 1; Thursday, sons). To sign up, call Jenifer Slemp, (360) 748-6601 Assembly of God, Centralia, (360) 736- Nov. 5; Friday, Nov. 6; Satur- Presale tickets are available (360) 2623-9145 Second Chance/Lewis County Brain 6769 or (360) 324-9050 day, Nov. 7; and Sunday, Nov. 8. online at http://www.brownpa- Trunk or Treat is sponsored by Injury Support Group, 5 p.m., call (360) Support Groups The Thursday show, pay what the Napavine Foundation and the 864-4341 or (360) 983-3166 for meeting you will, is 7:30 p.m. Friday and and locally at Book 'n' Brush Napavine-Newaukum Lions Club. location Domestic violence support group, Saturday performances are at at Men’s Fraternity Authentic Man- 5:30-7 p.m., 125 NW Chehalis Ave., Che- in Chehalis, and Holley's Place, halis, sponsored by Human Response 8 p.m. and Sunday shows are 2 HUBBUB, Santa Lucia Coffee Club Mom Children’s Clothing Bank hood, 6 p.m., Lewis County Gospel and Exchange, 1-3 p.m., Chehalis First Mission, 72 SW Chehalis Ave., Chehalis, Network, (360) 748-6601 p.m. and PostNet in Centralia. Tickets are $8 for students Christian Church, 111 NW Prindle St., (360) 880-3029 NAMI daytime family support group, For more information, con- (360) 269-0587 or (360) 748-3702 for family members of those suffering and $10 for adults. Season tick- tact the Fox Theatre at (360) 623- from mental illness, noon-1 p.m., up- Joe Baque, Mike McQuigg and Steve ets will still be available at this 1103. Proceeds benefit the resto- Luceno, 6:30-9 p.m., Jeremy’s Farm to Wednesday, Oct. 28 stairs, Fiddlers Coffee, 1220 Mellen St., show for $50. Centralia, (253) 273-6035 ration of the Fox Theatre. Table Restaurant, 576 W. Main St., Cheha- The Evergreen Playhouse lis, (360) 748-4417 Islam Is Topic is located at 226 W. Center St. Destination Constellation, 7:30-10 Thursday, Oct. 29 Centralia. In-Tot, Head Start to p.m., Campbell & Campbell Events, 225 of Lyceum Lecture Sussex Ave. W., Tenino, (360) 259-1495 Celebrate Anniversary Chris Guenther, 9:30 p.m.-1 a.m., “Islam 101: Perceptions, Mis- Games Night, 6 p.m., Matrix Coffee- Oregon Trail music and dancing, house, Chehalis, free, (360) 740-0492 open mic with Side Band, 7 p.m., Scatter Creek Grill, Lucky Eagle Casino, conceptions and Context for the Infant and child CPR, child safety Cowlitz Prairie Grange, (360) 864-2023 With Open House Rochester 21st Century” will be the topic seat instruction, 6-7 p.m, Morton Gen- Bob Garcia and Melodies Recycled A free Halloween open house Pe Ell Farmers Market, morning, Sev- of a lecture by scholar David eral Hospital, 521 Adams Ave., Morton, Band, 7-9:30 p.m., Twin Cities Senior for the whole family will be held enth Street and state Highway 6, (360) 245-3339 Fenner as part of the Centralia RVSP to (360) 496-3695 to be entered to Center, $5, (360) 262-3041 1-3 p.m. Saturday as In-Tot De- win Dragon Touch A1X Plus Quad Core Halloween Party, 6-10 p.m., Mossy- College Lyceum Series Wednes- Open mic, 7:30 p.m., Matrix Coffee- velopmental Center and Cen- Tablet, sponsored by E.L.C. Hospital house, Chehalis, free, (360) 740-0492 rock Community Center, $2, snack and day. Foundation tralia Head Start in celebrating drinks, dance and games, costume The lecture will be 1-2 p.m. Jessie and the Singing Winds, 6:30- Public Agencies 9:30 p.m., Jeremy’s Farm to Table Res- their one-year anniversary in contest (by age group), to benefit 2016 in Washington Hall 103. Joint meeting, Friends of the Cen- taurant, 576 W. Main St., Chehalis, (360) the NW Sports Hub, 701 Allen Mossyrock High School grad night party, The presentation will focus tralia Timberland Library and Centralia 748-4417 Way, Centralia. (360) 983-3681 on Islam and the many aspects Library Advisory Board, 4:30 p.m., Cen- Trick or Treat Trolley, 3-5:30 p.m., Theme for the open house is Teal Pumpkin Project, regular Hal- that form the substance of a rich tralia Timberland Library downtown Chehalis, Fairway Center, loween candy plus candy and goodies “Parents Are Super Heroes Too!” for kids with food allergies, 5:30-9 p.m., culture, traditions and a way of Libraries Lewis County Historical Museum, Yard Get in the Halloween spirit Birds Mall, free Napavine Fire Station, 115 E. Washing- life. and dress up your entire fam- ton St. David Fenner’s interest in Is- Mother Goose Play Group, for chil- Family Friendly Haunted Night, 3-6 dren birth-6 years, 10:30 a.m., Centralia p.m., Lewis County Historical Museum, ily for a day of crafts, hands-on Scaryokie, karaoke competition, 7-10 lam dates back to his experience 599 Front Way, Chehalis, games for kids, children's events, family-cen- p.m., Lucky Eagle Casino, Rochester, cos- Organizations tume contest, Halloween photo booth, as a young man when he first come dressed in your favorite costume tered vendors and much more. traveled to the region to live in Chehalis-Centralia Cribbage Club, drawings, beverages, Halloween- 4 Stroke Ride, 7:30-10 p.m., Campbell Those attending may par- themed food, free to enter, costumes the Sultanate of Oman on the 6:30 p.m., Chehalis Moose Lodge, 1400 & Campbell Events, 225 Sussex Ave. W., ticipate in BLOCK Fest, a fam- Grand Ave., Centralia, (360) 485-2852 may not include masks or gloves, 21 and Arabian Peninsula for six years. Tenino, (360) 259-1495 ily STEM interactive event that up S.T.O.P. and Swim, 7 p.m., Fort Borst He retired from the University Chris Guenther, 9:30 p.m.-1 a.m., uses five block play stations to “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Park, Kitchen 1, Centralia, (360) 269- Scatter Creek Grill, Lucky Eagle Casino, of Washington in 2007 as the 3827 or (360) 736-4163 introduce children and their Apocalypse,” a play by Don Zolidis, din- Rochester ner theater, 6 p.m., Adna Middle/High assistant vice provost for inter- Pinochle, 6 p.m., Chehalis Eagles, parents to the educational value national education, following a “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie School commons, $8 at the door, in- 1993 S. Market Blvd, Chehalis, (360) Apocalypse,” a play by Don Zolidis, din- of blocks. cludes dinner career that included establishing 520-0772 ner theater, 7 p.m., Adna Middle/High exchange programs with uni- School commons, $8 at the door, in- versities in Egypt, Morocco, Uz- Support Groups cludes dinner bekistan, Turkey and Pakistan. Overeaters Anonymous, 5:30-6:30 Libraries Longview Fenner and his wife returned p.m., Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1209 N. Scheuber Road, Centralia, (360) Family Story Time, for all ages, 10 to the Arabian Peninsula to 736-9268 a.m., Salkum Radiologists found an educational center for P.S. Inc. Bilingual Story Time, for children 3-6 MRI Arab and Western students that years, 10:30 a.m. Centralia is designed to explore faith, lan- Friday, Oct. 30 Teen Horror Movie Matinee: Insidi- Longview Radiologists guage, natural resources and di- ous, for teens, 3:30 p.m., Centralia plomacy. Evergreen Playhouse Support Groups offers “Healthy Fenner currently lives in Se- Savings” Call today attle. to Present ‘Vintage H.O.P.E., all addictions, 7:30-9 p.m., This Lyceum lecture is spon- Heritage Baptist Church of Tenino, 1315 for your cash discount Hitchcock’ Sussex Ave. E., Tenino, (360) 480-0592, sored by Humanities Washing- [email protected] ton. The Evergreen Playhouse’s Celebrate Recovery, dinner 6 p.m., Now Serving Two Locations: second show of the season, large group 7 p.m., small groups 8 p.m., Bingo, doors open 5 p.m., bingo “Vintage Hitchcock, a Live Radio Grace Foursquare Church, 3030 Borst 910 S. Scheuber Rd. | Centralia, WA 98531 | (360) 736-0200 starts 6:30 p.m., Forest Grange, 3397 Play,” will open Friday. Ave., Centralia, (360) 736-0778, www. 700 Lincoln St. Ste. 100 | Kelso, WA 98626 | (360) 425-5131 Jackson Highway, Chehalis This show will transport au- Open mic, 6-10 p.m., Jeremy’s Farm Genesis Process, addiction recovery to Table, 476 W. Main St., Chehalis, (360) diences back to a simpler time, group, 7-8:30 p.m., Christian Fellowship CH547513rc.jd • Life 3 LIFE The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 Not Your Father’s Root Beer and its Curious Rise to National Sensation

By Josh Noel have been no surprise, Brophy Chicago Tribune said — and it gets to the heart of the brand’s success. Not long after Jeff Middleton “We talk about this prod- opened his bar and restaurant, uct like it’s craft beer, but this Middleton’s On Main, along the speaks to drinkers outside of cozy downtown strip of north- craft beer,” Brophy said. “There west suburban Wauconda, Illi- are way, way, way more people nois, in 2012, one of the owners than we think who want to con- from the brewery up the street sume alcohol, but don’t want to — called Small Town Brewery, taste the alcohol or any bitter- appropriately enough — walked ness.” in with an odd idea: adding a Not Your Father’s Root Beer boozy root beer to the draft list. works on its own as a soda with The root beer had been cre- a buzz, as a cocktail ingredient ated right there in Wauconda, or mixed with vanilla ice cream the brewery owner said, and it for a grown-up root beer float. was a proper beer made with And whether Small Town Brew- malted grain, hops and yeast. ery meant to or not, it played But it had been punched up with its distribution perfectly. These more than a dozen flavors and days, Not Your Father’s Root spices to create the nostalgic Beer sells more like a macro sweetness of an old-fashioned brand in Chicago — say, Bud- root beer. Even more important weiser or Miller Lite — than a was the secret weapon within: typical craft beer. at 10.7 percent alcohol, this root Abel Uribe / Chicago Tribune “This brand was a pressure beer packed the punch of a high- Not Your Father’s Root Beer, a boozy take on the American soda favorite, went from a cult beer beloved in Wauconda bars, to cooker,” Brophy said. “Thou- octane beer or low-alcohol wine. a national phenomenon in such a short period of time that skeptics are wondering what’’s really in that glass? sands of people were trying it at That’s why it was called Not bars and loving it. They’d never Your Father’s Root Beer. had anything like it and they An alcoholic root beer was spiracy by the highest reaches of sweet alcoholic beverages. are among his favorites. But couldn’t bring it home. And different from anything Middle- the beverage industry. At least, For as much disruption as then everything changed when when they could finally get it, it ton poured on draft — so differ- Middleton thinks so. Not Your Father’s Root Beer has Kovac’s son, Jake, who works exploded.” ent that it felt like a risk. The bar brought to the beverage industry, as a firefighter in the northwest could take a chance on an India Unlikely Growth questions have followed. How suburbs, wondered aloud one pale ale from some brewery no did the brand become so large, day what it would take to brew a Is It Really Beer? one had heard of because an IPA However, speculation has so quickly? Is it actually beer hard root beer. Skepticism about Not Your would always sell. But a boozy raged among pundits about how inside the bottle, as Small Town Father and son took a shot Father’s Root Beer predates root beer? an alcoholic root beer made by a Brewery claims? And where did at a boozy root beer that Ko- the sensation. Michael Agnew, “There was nothing like it be- few guys 45 miles northwest of this boozy root beer come from vac said “smelled like root beer, owner of A Perfect Pint, a beer fore that told me it could work,” downtown Chicago became one in the first place? The simple an- but wasn’t quite right.” After 18 tasting and education service in Middleton said. of the beverage industry’s great- swer to that last question is one months of trial and error, Kovac Minneapolis, visited 230 Mid- But it didn’t take long for est sensations — grand con- of those men dropping off kegs said, he dialed in a recipe for a western breweries between 2010 Not Your Father’s Root Beer to spiracies included. It’s the kind at Middleton’s on Main: Tim bruising 24 percent alcohol root and 2013 for his guide book, “A become the biggest seller among of scrutiny that comes with one Kovac. beer, which he eventually got Perfect Pint’s Beer Guide to Middleton’s 16 draft lines, out- of the unlikeliest leaps in the Kovac — a 48-year-old di- down to 19.5 percent alcohol. the Heartland,” which was pacing local craft beers and the booming U.S. craft beer indus- vorced father of three — grew Six months later, he came up published this year. The single national brands. As word of the try (and, yes, for now, Not Your up in the northwest suburbs with a version that was the 10.7 oddest visit during his two plus root beer spread, business grew. Father’s Root Beer is largely clas- and studied graphic design and percent alcohol root beer that years of reporting? His meeting People would show up and sim- sified as craft beer). photo production at Southern turned crowds batty at Middle- with Kovac in January 2012. ply ask, “Do you have the root During the 10-plus months Illinois University. College was ton’s on Main and other bars. Among several nagging ques- beer?” If Middleton’s happened since Not Your Father’s Root also where he became aware of The area’s largest beer mer- tions, most vexing for Agnew to be between kegs, some of Beer has been available across the joys of making alcohol. At chant, Binny’s Beverage Depot, was that root beer. To get a high- those customers would walk out. the U.S., Small Town Brewery first it was combining grape knew it had a hit on its hands as alcohol beer, large amounts of For more than a year, Not has become the nation’s sixth juice and yeast in a balloon, to soon as the first kegs of the 19.5 grain are needed to extract large Your Father’s Root Beer was best-selling craft beer brand create wine. Soon, he moved on percent Not Your Father’s Root amounts of sugar that yeast con- Middleton’s biggest seller, or- in stores, according to IRI, a to home brewing on a hot plate Beer arrived in 2012. verts to large amounts of alcohol. dered by the round like shots of Chicago-based market research in an off-campus apartment. Small Town eventually A 10.7 percent beer would need Jagermeister or Fireball, and of- firm. Kovac worked in design stopped selling the kegs to Bin- plenty of grain; a beer register- ten chased with a Budweiser or It’s difficult to overstate how for several corporations as he ny’s because demand from bars ing 19.5 percent alcohol would Miller Lite. unlikely such growth is: Based raised a family in the northwest became so intense. But when the need massive amounts. Agnew “We became a destination,” solely on the strength of one suburbs, and was an occasional brewery did two small bottling saw brewing equipment that Middleton said. “I don’t want product — Not Your Father’s home brewer who decided to go runs of the 10.7 percent alcohol simply was not large enough to to call it a novelty, but it sort of Root Beer — Small Town Brew- professional with the encour- root beer, the 22-ounce bottles hold that much grain. was.” ery trailed only Samuel Adams, agement of friends. Upon tell- met the most intense fervor yet. “The whole conversation Service was always prompt Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, ing his mother that he planned “It sold out in seconds,” Bro- about his brewing process was from the three Small Town Shiner and Lagunitas in terms to start a brewery — get ready phy said. a big red flag,” Agnew said. “I Brewery partners, unassuming of sales through the summer. for one part of the story that When Small Town Brew- couldn’t make sense of it.” guys in their 40s and 50s; they That one brand had soared past tends to raise eyebrows — she ery released 12-ounce bottles Agnew said he asked an ob- picked up and dropped off kegs the entire portfolios of indus- revealed that brewing had been of a 5.9 percent version in No- vious question: Was Not Your from their own pickup trucks, try stalwarts like Goose Island, in his family for generations, vember — the release that led Father’s Root Beer just root beer huffing and puffing through the Stone and Bell’s. and presented him with a dusty, to it becoming an elite national spiked with neutral grain spirit deliveries. The success has prompted leather-bound journal of an an- brand — Binny’s took as many — vodka, essentially — to get “Whether it was a Monday or quick competition from Bos- cestor’s recipes from the 1600s. six-packs as it could get, and such an intensely alcoholic out- a Friday, I could call them and ton Beer Co., which launched In late 2010 and early 2011, Ko- hoped to sell them by the end of come? Kovac insisted it was fer- get what I needed,” Middleton Coney Island Hard Root Beer vac was granted federal and the year. The bottles were gone mented like any other beer, and said. “They were always really in July, and Anheuser-Busch, state brewer’s licenses to operate in five days. A Binny’s in Cham- the alcohol produced naturally. good about that.” which plans to release a 5.5 per- Small Town Brewery. paign sold more than 1,000 cas- In his book, Agnew conclud- All this is to say: When it cent hard root beer in December Kovac began to brew from es in less than a week. The fact ed that Kovac’s methods were comes to the curious case of Not called Best Damn Root Beer as the journal and recipes of his that a sweet beverage with bare- impossible: “I must confess that, Your Father’s Root Beer, we can part of its Best Damn Brewing own making, particularly ly discernible alcohol would sell probably eliminate a grand con- Co., a subsidiary dedicated to brown and amber ales, which so well in a college town should please see ROOTBEER, page Life 7

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PREVIOUS SOLUTION: “I was a weird little kid ... given a crayon and paper ... I would draw these monsters, beasts and demons.” — Clive Barker

© 2015 by NEA, Inc.

Washington rial Gov. Charles H. Mason saries “to incite the tribes now killing nine. (1830-1859) met with Chiefs at peace to join the war party, On Oct. 29, Eaton sent Lt. State Leschi and Quiemuth. Leschi you will hang” (Bonney, 175). James McAllister (the author of was half-Yakama and retained Mason wanted Eaton to the letter to Governor Mason HISTORY close ties with the men now seize Leschi and Quiemuth about Leschi) and settler Mi- in open conflict with the U.S. of the Nisquallys and the two chael Connell to convince Les- Army. The Nisqually lead- brothers of chief Patkanim of chi to not attack settlers. Upon ers repeated to Mason their the Snoqualmies. Seattle resi- unwillingness to move to the dent and community leader approaching the Nisqually reservation assigned to them Arthur Denny (1822-1899) camp on Connell’s Prairie, the in the Medicine Creek Treaty intervened on behalf of the Nisquallys killed the men, be- Nisquallys of the prior December. The Snoqualmies because he knew lieving they were attacking. and Klickitats reservation lands were too Patkanim and his tribe were On Oct. 31, Leschi’s men small for them to support not generally hostile and be- surrounded six riders from battle Territorial themselves and the chiefs al- cause Seattle needed Indians Maloney’s command carry- Volunteers in Pierce ready cultivated their own as laborers and mill workers. ing messages across Connell’s Courtesy MOHAI farms and pastures off the Eaton rode south to Mount Prairie. Kitsap of the Klicki- Nisqually Chief Leschi (1808-1858) County beginning reservation. St. Helens, then north into tats (different from Kitsap of Oct. 27, 1855. After the meeting, James the Nisqually country. On the Nisquallys and Suqua- McAllister, a Medicine Creek Oct. 25, Leschi and Quiemuth mish) and Quiemuth prom- settler since 1844, wrote to learned of Eaton’s approach ised friendship while the other Mason and alleged that Les- and they fled north to the warriors prepared an ambush. On Oct. 27, 1855, Nisqually chi “has been doing all that he Muckleshoot country. The and Klickitat tribesmen battle could possibly do to unite the volunteers helped themselves In the ensuing hand-to-hand Territorial Volunteers sent to Indians to raise against the to the chiefs’ horses and head- combat, volunteers Benton Mo- seize Nisqually chiefs Leschi whites in a hostile manner” ed north after Leschi. Inter- ses and Joseph Miles died. The (1808-1985) and Quiemuth (Wilkinson, 15). preting this and Captain Ma- other riders escaped. in Pierce County. Two volun- Mason called for volun- loney’s march on the Yakama Leschi had yet to unify the teers die on the 29th (some teers to join U.S. Army troops country as hostile acts, war- other tribes of Puget Sound sources say the 27th) and two under Capt. Maurice Maloney, riors of several tribes gathered and after the White River kill- more die on the 31st. These 4th U.S. Infantry, in marching on the White River under Le- ings, the other Puget Sound fights and the killing of white on the Yakama country. Ma- schi’s leadership. tribes pulled back from his settlers on October 28 on the son also ordered the Mounted On Oct. 27, the Nisquallys leadership and repaired to White River will trigger the Rangers, a company of 18 moved against Eaton and they towns and reservations. Les- Indian War of 1855-1856 on men led by Capt. Charles H. trapped him and 10 men in chi’s forces probably numbered the west side of the Cascade Eaton, to patrol the west side an abandoned cabin on the Mountains. of the Cascades and “disarm Puyallup River for 100 hours fewer than 200 men made up of After the killings of eight any unusual or suspicious before the volunteers escaped. individuals from the Nisqually, miners and Indian Agent An- assemblage of Indians.” Any The next morning, Oct. 28, on Lower Puyallup, Upper Puyal- David Wilma / drew Jackson Bolon (d. 1855) who resisted should be put to Leschi’s orders, Muckleshoots lup, Muckleshoot, Duwamish, Monument to Lt. James McCallister by Yakama tribesmen in Sep- death. Mason told Eaton that and Klickitats attacked set- Suquamish, Snoqualmie, and and Michael Connell, Connell’s Prairie, tember 1855, Acting Territo- any Indians acting as emis- tlers along the White River, Klickitat tribes. Pierce County, May 1, 2007.

SUPPORT READING IN THE SCHOOLS Call 807-8203 to donate your paper when you go on vacation. COMICS The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 • Life 5

GET FUZZY by Darby Conley NON SEQUITUR by Wiley


HERMAN by Jim Unger



DILBERT by Scott Adams

PICKLES by Brian Crane WIZARD OF ID by Parker & Hart

FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE by Lynn Johnston CLASSIC PEANUTS by Charles Schulz

HI & LOIS by Greg & Brian Walker BLONDIE by Dean Young & John Marshall

SHOE by Gary Brookins & Susie MacNelly FRANK & ERNEST by Bob Thaves

B.C. by Mastroianni & Hart BEETLE BAILEY by Mort, Greg & Brian Walker Life 6 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 COMICS

GET FUZZY by Darby Conley NON SEQUITUR by Wiley


HERMAN by Jim Unger



DILBERT by Scott Adams

PICKLES by Brian Crane WIZARD OF ID by Parker & Hart

FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE by Lynn Johnston CLASSIC PEANUTS by Charles Schulz

HI & LOIS by Greg & Brian Walker BLONDIE by Dean Young & John Marshall

SHOE by Gary Brookins & Susie MacNelly FRANK & ERNEST by Bob Thaves

B.C. by Mastroianni & Hart BEETLE BAILEY by Mort, Greg & Brian Walker • Life 7 LIFE The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 Root Beer ADVICE: Dear Abby Continued from page Life 3

having spent an hour with Boyfriend Takes Kovac, I left the brewery feel- ing less clear about what he is doing than when I arrived. Distrust to Frightening It’s obvious to me that his understanding of the brew- ing process and history are Extremes limited at best. With simple DEAR ABBY: I’m madly in love Not only should you abandon brewing calculations, it is im- with a man I’ve been dating for al- ship, you should run like heck once possible to re-create the beers John Konstantaras / Chicago Tribune most a year, but I don’t think he’s in you reach dry land. Hasn’t it oc- he is making using the meth- Founder Tim Kovac installs tap handles as he works in the taproom at love with me. He curred to you that this may be the ods he describes.” Small Town Brewery on Wednesday, Aug. 19 in Wauconda, Ill. claims he’s been reason two wives left him? Kovac insists Not Your hurt twice from Father’s Root Beer is a true retary of state’s office, Phu- and, in late September, distri- two failed mar- DEAR ABBY: I am older than beer, but occasionally makes sion established a subsidiary bution reached all 50 states. riages. my wife by 10 years. We have been head-scratching declarations. in 2013 called Innovative “Potentially, Small Town He keeps giv- married six years, and we have six For instance, he said no sug- Brewing. Among Innovative’s Brewery will be bigger than ing me mixed sig- children between us. We tried for ar is added to the beverage, assumed names was “Small Pabst — significantly big- nals. He questions another, but my wife miscarried. and that its intense sweet- Town Craft Beer Company.” ger, maybe, when it comes to me about my male I decided to have a vasectomy ness “comes from the grains (The original Small Town profitability,” Kashper said. friends constantly. By Abigail Van Buren because my wife was determined and spices” in the brewing Brewery partners operate as “The reason this is growing so He shows up at my to have a baby without regard for process. That’s a tough sell “Small Town Enterprise.”) fast is that most of the people apartment without my wishes or the extreme stress for something that tastes like Asked for clarity about (buying the root beer) weren’t calling in hopes that he will catch happening in our lives at the time. classic root beer. But Kovac, the relationship between in the beer category at all. me with another man. Begrudgingly, I am going to have who is faultlessly pleasant, companies, Chris Hunter, a We’re hoping to grow the beer During his last drive-by, he it reversed, even though the cost of said he has grown used to Phusion co-founder, said his category by bringing a lot of saw me in my car at midnight lis- the procedure is more than we can such cynicism. company bought a portion of people into it.” tening to music while surfing the afford right now. I believe we have “My mom says it’s jealousy,” Small Town Brewery in 2013 More sugary booze from Web on my phone. Of course, he other, more important issues to put he said. and helped connect it with Small Town Brewing is like- thought I was on the way out to a the money toward. Lakeshore Beverage, its Chi- ly to follow: Kovac said Not boyfriend’s house because I had my This is a hot topic, and it always MURKY PARTNERSHIPS cago-area distributor. Hunter Your Father’s Ginger Beer gym bag and a grocery bag in the leads to fights. I don’t know if our front seat with me. He ordered me relationship will last much longer Much of the skepticism is declined to say how much of will be released by early No- Small Town Brewery Phusion vember, and the 10.7 percent to open my bags so he could see if if it isn’t resolved. Advice, Abby? — rooted in the fact that Small I had any overnight clothes inside. ANGUISHED IN AUSTIN Town Brewery’s trajectory Projects bought. Not Your Father’s Root Beer The companies worked will get a national release in After he saw there were no clothes, DEAR ANGUISHED: Put that has been as murky as a pint he calmed down. vasectomy reversal on hold. What glass of boozy root beer. together to launch produc- 22-ounce bottles by the end tion of Not Your Father’s Root of the year. Possible future I don’t know if I should keep you and your wife need far more What began simply in this relationship going or if I should is to resolve the problems in what Wauconda has traveled a Beer at City Brewing, a mas- releases include Not Your Fa- sive contract brewing opera- ther’s Vanilla Cream Ale, Not abandon ship. Could you please let is clearly a very troubled marriage. quick and complicated path me know how I should handle my Do not consider surgery until these involving big-time bever- tion in La Crosse, Wis., where Your Mom’s Apple Pie, Not the 5.9 percent version of Not Your Mom’s Strawberry Rhu- situation? — MIXED SIGNALS IN matters have been put to rest be- age industry partners who VIRGINIA cause whatever is going on, another have stayed relatively si- Your Father’s Root Beer has barb and Not Your Mom’s been made since late 2014. French Toast, all of which DEAR MIXED SIGNALS: You baby is NOT the answer. lent — or obscured their may be madly in love with this man, exact roles — though the In February, Phusion en- will be on tap at the Small tered into “an exclusive na- Town Brewery tap room in but unless you have agreed that DEAR ABBY: One person process. For instance, in late handles the money for our family tional distribution agreement Wauconda, which opens to your relationship with him is exclu- 2013, Small Town Brewery reunion every year. Only that one with Pabst Brewing Co.,” that the public Oct. 15 as a sepa- sive, he should not be grilling you took on Phusion Projects, a about your friendships with your person knows how much comes Hunter said included an op- rate enterprise from the part- Chicago-based “global inno- male friends. That he comes over in and how much is spent. We all tion for Pabst owner Eugene nership with Kashper. vative alcohol company” as with no notice hoping to catch you would like copies of the treasurer’s Kashper to buy Phusion’s “If we were more seasoned, a partner. (Among Phusion’s cheating is more than a little sick, report, but he refuses. Is this right stake in Small Town Brewery. we probably would have done major brands is Four Loko, a and what he pulled during his mid- for a treasurer of any organization? things a little differently,” he caffeinated alcoholic bever- This summer, Kashper exer- night prowl is off the charts. — PUZZLED PENNY IN NORTH said. “Our collective minds age that was discontinued in cised that option with private It is important that you un- CAROLINA its original form after at least equity firm TSG Consumer and our lawyers thought we’d derstand the only way he will ever DEAR PENNY: No, it isn’t. If two wrongful death lawsuits Partners. set up something good.” overcome his insecurities and in- you think this relative may be be- and an allegation that the With the brand in Kash- Then again, he said, his ability to trust will be with profes- having dishonestly, the rest of the company was promoting the per’s hands, growth has been niece recently sent him a pho- sional help. He is so messed up that family should agree that another drink to underage youth.) swift; production of Not Your to of a six-pack of Not Your you could enter a convent and he individual will receive the monies Phusion went to some Father’s Root Beer has been Father’s Root Beer that was would mount a security camera for the next reunion and provide an lengths to obscure its role expanded to additional City for sale in Fairbanks, Alaska. at the back door to make sure you accounting when the family is all with Small Town Brewing; Brewing plants in Memphis, He said that felt good to see. weren’t going out on him. together again. according to the Illinois sec- Tenn., and Latrobe, Penn.,

Start on Puzzle One on page Life 4. Answers to the Sudoku Puzzle Two puzzles here will be published in Thursday’s paper. Crossword

Answer to Puzzle on Page Life 4

Answer to Puzzle on Page Life 4

Celebrity Cipher Today’s clue: E equals F





SOLUTION TO PUZZLE ON PAGE LIFE 4: “I grew up on DC Comics ... to me the gory panels or grotesque stuff just made me chuckle.” — George A. Romero © 2015 by NEA, Inc. Life 8 • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015 ENTERTAINMENT

WEDNESDAY EVENING Movies Sports Kids Bets October 28, 2015 CEN CHE 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 KOMO 4 News 6:00pm (N) (CC) Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! (N) ’ The Middle (N) ’ The Goldbergs (N) ’ blackish “Jacked o’ Nashville “Please Help Me, I’m Fallin”’ KOMO 4 News Jimmy Kimmel ABC 4 4 “Halloween” (N) (CC) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (DVS) Lantern” (N) Rayna and Markus butt heads. 11:00pm (N) (CC) Live (N) ’ (CC) NBC Nightly News KING 5 News (N) KING 5 News (N) Evening (N) (CC) The Mysteries of Laura A gym owner Chicago PD “Climbing Into Bed; You Never Know Who’s Who” Ruzek’s future is KING 5 News (N) Tonight Show-J. NBC 5 5 (N) (CC) (CC) (CC) who was killed in his sauna. in question. (N) ’ (CC) (DVS) Fallon IND 6 6 Extra (N) (CC) OK! TV (N) (CC) Inside Edition (N) Ac. Hollywood Dr. Phil (N) ’ (CC) KING 5 News at 9 (N) (CC) KING 5 News at 10 (N) (CC) The Dr. Oz Show ’ (CC) KIRO 7 News at CBS Evening The Insider (N) Entertainment To- Survivor “Bunking With the Devil” A Criminal Minds Bodies are used in ma- Code Black Neal’s mom exhibits myste- KIRO 7 News at Late Show-Colbert CBS 7 7 6PM (N) (CC) News/Pelley ’ (CC) night (N) (CC) challenge features local delicacies. cabre graffiti art. (N) (CC) (DVS) rious symptoms. (N) ’ (CC) 11PM (N) (CC) PBS NewsHour (N) ’ (CC) SciTech Now (N) Oregon Field Nature How pets experience their world. NOVA “Animal Mummies” The role of The Brain With David Eagleman Un- Globe Trekker Exploring New Britain PBS 9 9 Guide (N) (CC) (N) (CC) (DVS) animal mummies. (N) (CC) (DVS) conscious neural activity. (N) (CC) island; Rabaul. (N) ’ (CC) (DVS) Two and a Half Two and a Half The Simpsons Modern Family Modern Family Q13 FOX News at 9 Rose, Kelly and The Big Bang The Big Bang Friends ’ (CC) Friends “The Last MNT 10 10 Men ’ (CC) Men ’ (CC) ’ (CC) ’ (CC) “Three Dinners” “iSpy” ’ (CC) Levine. (N) (CC) Theory ’ (CC) Theory ’ (CC) One” (CC) Family Feud (N) Family Feud (N) Mike & Molly ’ 2 Broke Girls ’ Arrow “Beyond Redemption” Oliver Supernatural “Baby” The Impala’s per- 2 Broke Girls ’ Mike & Molly ’ Family Guy ’ Family Guy “Joe’s CW 11 11 ’ (CC) ’ (CC) (CC) (CC) turns to Lance for a favor. (N) (CC) spective of a road trip. (N) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) Revenge” Masterpiece Classic Alison must pay a Antiques Roadshow “Rapid City” Furni- Antiques Roadshow “Chicago” Chi- Death in Paradise DI Goodman investi- Death in Paradise The singer of a rock Masterpiece Classic Alison must pay a PBS 12 12 bill. ’ (Part 3 of 6) (CC) ture by Thomas Molesworth. cago Seven subpoena. (CC) gates a murder. ’ (CC) band is murdered. ’ (CC) bill. ’ (Part 3 of 6) (CC) 2015 World Series New York Mets at Kansas City Royals. The Royals host the Q13 FOX News (N) (CC) The Big Bang The Big Bang Q13 FOX News at 10 (N) (CC) Q13 FOX News at Modern Family FOX 13 13 Mets in game 2 of the World Series. (N) (S Live) (CC) Theory ’ (CC) Theory ’ (CC) 11 (N) (CC) “iSpy” ’ (CC) IND 14 14 Worship Service FWC Music Frances and Friends Current events from a biblical. Jimmy Swaggart Ministries- Ann. Family Worship Center FWC Music Law & Order “Cut” Careless liposuction. Law & Order “License to Kill” Car-chase Law & Order ’ (CC) Law & Order “Sects” Detectives un- Law & Order “Ghosts” A criminal makes Law & Order “Remains of the Day” A ION 15 15 ’ (CC) hero targeted. ’ (CC) cover a perverted cult. ’ (CC) a deathbed confession. (CC) tabloid queen’s son dies. ’ (CC) IND 18 18 CFNI Lecture with Marcus Lamb It’s Supernatural! Dr Mike Murdock Z. Levitt Presents K. Copeland Life Today Joyce Meyer CFNI Lecture with Marcus Lamb Joni Lamb Table Reflections KATU News at 6 (N) ’ (CC) Jeopardy! (N) ’ Wheel of Fortune The Middle (N) ’ The Goldbergs (N) Modern Family ’ blackish “Jacked o’ Nashville “Please Help Me, I’m Fallin”’ KATU News at 11 Jimmy Kimmel ABC 22 22 (CC) “Halloween” (N) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (DVS) Lantern” (N) Rayna and Markus butt heads. (N) ’ (CC) Live (N) ’ (CC) KGW News at Trail Blazers NBA Basketball New Orleans Pelicans at Portland Trail Blazers. From Moda Center in Portland. (N) Inside Edition (N) Dateline NBC ’ (CC) KGW News at Tonight Show-J. NBC 26 26 6 (N) Home Court (Live) ’ (CC) 11 (N) Fallon UNI 30 30 Noticias Univisión Noticiero Univis’n Muchacha Italiana viene a casarse Antes Muerta que Lichita (N) Lo Imperdonable Yo No Creo en los Hombres Noticias Univisión Noticiero Uni 2015 World Series New York Mets at Kansas City Royals. The Royals host the FOX 12’s 8 O’Clock News on PDX- Family Feud (N) Family Feud (N) 10 O’Clock News (N) 11 O’Clock News Everybody Loves FOX 27 27 Mets in game 2 of the World Series. (N) (S Live) (CC) TV (N) ’ (CC) ’ (CC) (N) Raymond (CC) Duck Dynasty ’ Duck Dynasty “Go- Duck Dynasty ’ Duck Dynasty ’ Duck Dynasty Willie organizes a bus Duck Dynasty ’ Duck Dynasty ’ Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty ’ Duck Dynasty “De- Duck Dynasty ’ A&E 52 52 (CC) ing Si-ral” ’ (CC) (CC) tour of Scotland. ’ (CC) (CC) (CC) “The Ducket List” (CC) Bug Life” ’ (CC) AMC 67 67 › Friday the 13th (2009) Jared Padal- ›››› Halloween (1978, Horror) Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis. An es- ›› Halloween II (1981, Horror) Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence. Mass mur- ›› Halloween III: Season of the Witch ecki, Danielle Panabaker. (CC) caped maniac embarks on a holiday rampage of revenge. (CC) derer Michael Myers’ reign of terror continues. (CC) (1982) Tom Atkins. (CC) APL 43 43 Railroad Alaska “Collision Course” Railroad Alaska “Avalanche Zone” The Last Alaskans ’ (CC) Alaskan Bush People ’ Ice Lake Rebels: Freeze Frame (N) The Last Alaskans ’ (CC) BET 56 56 Married Too? Martin ’ (CC) Martin ’ (CC) ››› Hustle & Flow (2005, Drama) Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson, Taryn Manning. (CC) The Westbrooks (N) (CC) Roomie Lover Friends (N) (CC) Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Watch What Hap- Housewives/OC BRAVO 66 66 Josh Altman seeks to get revenge. “Karma’s a Bitch” MLB player makes quirky demands. James’ client has a fear of heights. James’ client has a fear of heights. pens: Live (N) CBUT 29 29 CBC Vancouver News (N) (CC) Young Drunk Coronation Street Dragons’ Den (N) ’ (CC) (DVS) The Romeo Section (N) (CC) (DVS) The National (N) ’ (CC) CBC News Coronation Street CMT 61 61 Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing ››› Friday Night Lights (2004, Drama) Billy Bob Thornton, Derek Luke, Jay Hernandez. Steve Austin’s CNBC 46 46 The Republican Presidential Debate: Your Money The Profit (N) The Republican Presidential Debate: Your Money, Your Vote (Part 2 of 2) Nutri Ninja! Portable Cooktop CNN 44 44 This Is Life With Lisa Ling (N) CNN Tonight With Don Lemon (N) Anderson Cooper 360 (CC) This Is Life With Lisa Ling CNN Newsroom Live (N) CNN Newsroom Live (N) CNNH 45 45 Anderson Cooper 360 (N) (CC) This Is Life With Lisa Ling (N) Forensic Files Forensic Files Forensic Files Forensic Files This Is Life With Lisa Ling CNN Newsroom Live (N) The Nightly Show “Pink South Park South Park “Hell South Park (CC) South Park (CC) South Park “Safe South Park (N) Moonbeam City The Daily Show The Nightly Show COM 60 60 With Trevor Noah Eye” (CC) “Spooky Fish” on Earth 2006” Space” (CC) (CC) “Lasers & Liars” With Trevor Noah DIS 41 41 K.C. Undercover K.C. Undercover ›› Girl vs. Monster (2012, ) Olivia Holt. ’ (CC) I Didn’t Do It ’ Best Friends Austin & Ally ’ Liv and Maddie Jessie ’ (CC) Girl Meets World K.C. Undercover Dual Survival “On the Edge” Descend- Dual Survival The Allegheny Mountains Dual Survival “Waterlogged” The rain- Dual Survival: Untamed “Braving Bo- Pacific Warriors: Lore of the Deep Alaskan Bush People “Raised Wild” A DSC 8 8 ing slippery cliffs. ’ (CC) of Pennsylvania. ’ (CC) forest of Costa Rica. ’ (CC) livia” The Bolivian Andes. (N) (CC) “Open Season” (N) ’ (CC) unique family builds a small shack. E! 65 65 I Am Cait “A New Beginning” Cait plans E! News (N) (CC) ›› He’s Just Not That Into You (2009, Romance-Comedy) Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Bar- Christina Milian E! News (N) (CC) a spiritual ceremony. (CC) rymore. Men and women navigate through complex relationships. (CC) Turned Up (CC) NBA Basketball San Antonio Spurs at Oklahoma City Thun- NBA Basketball Minnesota Timberwolves at Los Angeles Lakers. From Staples Center in Los Ange- SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) ESPN 32 32 der. (N) (Live) les. (N) (Live) ESPN2 33 33 NBA Coast to Coast (N) (Live) (CC) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) Baseball Tonight NBA Tonight (N) NFL Live (N) (CC) FAM 39 39 ›› Hocus Pocus (1993, Comedy) Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker. ›› Dark Shadows (2012) Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer. Vampire Barnabas Collins emerges in 1972 Maine. The 700 Club ’ (CC) FNC 48 48 The Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) The O’Reilly Factor (CC) The Kelly File Hannity On the Record, Greta Van Susteren FOOD 35 35 Worst Cooks in America Worst Cooks in America Worst Cooks in America Worst Cooks in America (N) Mystery Diners Mystery Diners Mystery Diners Mystery Diners FX 53 53 ››› Paranormal Activity (2007, Suspense) Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, ›› The Purge (2013, Suspense) Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Adelaide Kane. All American Horror Story: Hotel Alex American Horror Story: Hotel Alex Amber Armstrong. A couple tries to capture evidence of a haunting. crime becomes legal during an annual 12-hour period. tries to diagnose Holden. (N) tries to diagnose Holden. GOLF 70 70 College Golf Golf Central Golf CIMB Classic, First Round. From Malaysia. (N) (Live) LPGA Tour Golf The Waltons “The Furlough” Ike is ar- The Waltons “The Medal” Corabeth’s The Waltons “The Valedictorian” Jim- The Middle “The The Middle ’ (CC) The Middle Brick The Middle “The The Golden Girls The Golden Girls HALL 19 19 rested for draft evasion. old love pressures her. Bob graduates at top of class. Cheerleader” ’ gets a girlfriend. Block Party” ’ ’ (CC) ’ (CC) HGTV 68 68 Property Brothers “Sandy & Susy” Property Brothers (CC) Property Brothers “Maria & Dave” Property Brothers (N) (CC) House Hunters Hunters Int’l Property Brothers (CC) HIST 37 37 American Pickers ’ (CC) American Pickers “Texas Hold ’Em” American Pickers ’ (CC) American Pickers “The Superfan” American Pickers “Pick or Treat” Great Wild North “Life on the Line” LIFE 51 51 Little Women: LA “Truth and Lies” Little Women: LA (CC) Little Women: LA (CC) Little Women: LA (N) (CC) Little Women: LA (Part 1 of 2) (CC) Little Women: LA (CC) MSNBC 47 47 The Rachel Maddow Show (N) Hardball With Chris Matthews “Special Edition” (N) (CC) The Rachel Maddow Show (N) Hardball With Chris Matthews “Special Edition” (CC) MTV 63 63 Broke Game Catfish: The TV Show “John & Kelsey” ’ Catfish: The TV Show ’ Are You the One? ’ Are You the One? “Getting Lei’d” Follow the Rules Middle of Night NBCS 34 34 NHL Hockey: Penguins at Capitals NHL Hockey Nashville Predators at San Jose Sharks. (N Subject to Blackout) (S Live) NHL Overtime (N) Turning Point Fantasy Ftb Turning Point NICK 40 40 Henry Danger ’ Thundermans WITS Academy Thundermans Bella, Bulldogs Game Shakers Full House (CC) Full House (CC) Full House (CC) Full House (CC) Friends ’ (CC) Friends ’ (CC) OXY 50 50 Snapped “Lisa Whedbee” (CC) Snapped “Misty Witherspoon” (CC) Snapped “Dallia Dippolito” (CC) Snapped “Jessica Riggins” Snapped: She Made Me Do It (N) Snapped “Ann Miller Kontz” ROOT 31 31 Seahawks Press Ship Shape TV Red Bull: Air Race Monster Jam (N) Friends Wild Pl Seahawks Press Seahawks UEFA Champions League Soccer SPIKE 57 57 ››› Bad Boys (1995, Action) Martin Lawrence. Two Miami › Law Abiding Citizen (2009, Suspense) Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, Colm Meaney. A prosecutor ›› Four Brothers (2005, Crime Drama) Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson. Siblings cops attempt to recover stolen police evidence. ’ gets caught up in a vengeful prisoner’s twisted scheme. ’ seek revenge for their adoptive mother’s murder. ’ SYFY 59 59 Ghost Hunters ’ (CC) Ghost Hunters ’ (CC) Ghost Hunters ’ (CC) Ghost Hunters “Darker Learning” (N) Paranormal Witness (N) (CC) Ghost Hunters “Darker Learning” ’ TBN 20 20 Joseph Prince ’ Living By Faith Praise the Lord (N) (Live) (CC) BillyGraham.TV Jesse Duplantis Harvest (CC) Creflo Dollar Seattle Praise the Lord Seinfeld ’ (CC) Seinfeld “The Bris” Seinfeld “The Lip Seinfeld “The Bar- The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang Conan Inside the NBA on TNT team. TBS 55 55 ’ (CC) Reader” ’ (CC) ber” ’ (CC) Theory ’ Theory ’ Theory ’ Theory ’ Theory ’ Theory ’ (N) (CC) TLC 38 38 Fat Fabulous Fat Fabulous Little People, Big World ’ (CC) Fat Fabulous Fat Fabulous Little People, Big World ’ (CC) Fabulous Life: Extra Fabulous Fat Fabulous Fat Fabulous TNT 54 54 Castle “Kick the Ballistics” A woman is Castle “Eye of the Beholder” Investigat- ›› Jurassic Park III (2001, Adventure) Sam Neill, William H. Macy. A search ›› Jurassic Park III (2001, Adventure) Sam Neill, William H. Macy. A search shot with Ryan’s stolen gun. ’ ing a murder and a theft. ’ party encounters new breeds of prehistoric terror. (CC) (DVS) party encounters new breeds of prehistoric terror. (CC) (DVS) TOON 42 42 Teen Titans Go! Be Cool Scooby We Bare Bears World of Gumball Regular Show Garden Wall King of the Hill Cleveland Show American Dad ’ American Dad ’ Family Guy (CC) Family Guy (CC) TRAV 36 36 Most Terrifying Places in America 7 Expedition Unknown (CC) Expedition Unknown (CC) Expedition Unknown (N) (CC) Expedition Unknown (CC) Bizarre Foods/Zimmern TRUTV 49 49 World’s Dumbest... Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Road Spill (N) Carbonaro Eff. NCIS “The Missionary Position” Search- NCIS “Rekindled” The team investigates NCIS “Playing With Fire” Investigating a NCIS “Up in Smoke” A terrorist targeting NCIS “Till Death Do Us Part” The NCIS Modern Family Modern Family USA 58 58 ing for a Marine in Colombia. a warehouse fire. (CC) (DVS) fire on a Navy vessel. ’ the Navy. ’ (CC) (DVS) faces devastating surprises. ’ “Career Day” ’ “My Hero” (CC) VH1 62 62 › Honey 2 (2011, Drama) Katerina Graham, Randy Wayne. ’ Couples Therapy ’ Couples Therapy “Gene Therapy” Couples Therapy (N) ’ ››› White Men Can’t Jump (1992)

THURSDAY EVENING Movies Sports Kids Bets October 29, 2015 CEN CHE 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 KOMO 4 News 6:00pm (N) (CC) Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! (N) ’ It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Scandal “Get Out of Jail, Free” Susan How to Get Away With Murder A new KOMO 4 News Jimmy Kimmel ABC 4 4 “Halloween” (N) (CC) ’ (CC) Ross asks David for advice. (N) suspect in the Hapstall case. (N) 11:00pm (N) (CC) Live (N) ’ (CC) NBC Nightly News KING 5 News (N) KING 5 News (N) Evening (N) (CC) Heroes Reborn “June 13 - Part One” The Blacklist “Arioch Cain” Assassins The Player “The Norseman” Alex tries KING 5 News (N) Tonight Show-J. NBC 5 5 (N) (CC) (CC) (CC) Noah and Hiro join forces. (N) target Liz. (N) ’ (CC) to stop a serial killer. (N) (CC) Fallon IND 6 6 Extra (N) (CC) OK! TV (N) (CC) Inside Edition (N) Ac. Hollywood Dr. Phil (N) ’ (PA) (CC) KING 5 News at 9 (N) (CC) KING 5 News at 10 (N) (CC) The Dr. Oz Show ’ (CC) NFL Football Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots. Tom Brady and the Patri- KIRO Post Game Show (N) (CC) KIRO 7 News (N) (CC) Steve Raible’s Scouting Report Host KIRO 7 News at Late Show-Colbert CBS 7 7 ots host the Dolphins in a matchup of longtime AFC East rivals. (N) Steve Raible. (N) (CC) 11PM (N) (CC) ’ PBS 9 9 PBS NewsHour (N) (CC) A Craftsman’s Start Up Wicked The Bletchley Circle “Uncustomed DCI Banks “Ghosts” DCI Alan Banks investigates crimes. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries A ››› The Wild Legacy (N) (CC) Good Cupcakes. Goods: Part 1” Horrifying discovery. (N) ’ (CC) gang leader is found dead. (N) (CC) One (1954) Two and a Half Two and a Half The Simpsons The Simpsons Modern Family Modern Family Q13 FOX News at 9 Rose, Kelly and The Big Bang The Big Bang Friends ’ (CC) Friends “The Last MNT 10 10 Men ’ (CC) Men ’ (CC) ’ (CC) ’ (CC) “” (CC) ’ (CC) Levine. (N) (CC) Theory ’ (CC) Theory ’ (CC) One” (CC) Family Feud (N) Family Feud (N) Mike & Molly “Ci- 2 Broke Girls ’ The Vampire Diaries Damon scrambles The Originals Marcel receives an entic- 2 Broke Girls ’ Mike & Molly ’ Family Guy ’ Family Guy ’ CW 11 11 ’ (CC) ’ (CC) gar Talk” (CC) (CC) for an alternate plan. (N) ’ ing offer. (N) ’ (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) Nature Hearts, minds and souls of el- Secrets of the Dead Carthaginians in Secrets of the Dead How ancient Egypt’s Golden Empire Egypt unites Egypt’s Golden Empire Prosperity reli- Egypt’s Golden Empire Ramses II; PBS 12 12 ephants. ’ (CC) South America. ’ (CC) (DVS) Greeks got inside Troy. (CC) (DVS) under Ahmose. ’ (Part 1 of 3) (CC) gious reform. (CC) stability/wealth; tombs. ’ (CC) Celebrity Name Modern Family The Big Bang The Big Bang Bones Investigating a headless corpse. Sleepy Hollow Ichabod’s nemesis re- Q13 FOX News at 10 (N) (CC) Q13 FOX News at Modern Family FOX 13 13 Game (N) (CC) “The Feud” (CC) Theory ’ (CC) Theory ’ (CC) (N) ’ (PA) (CC) (DVS) turns from the dead. (N) (CC) (DVS) 11 (N) (CC) ’ (CC) IND 14 14 FWC Music Frances and Friends Current events from a biblical. FWC Music Jimmy Swaggart Taken from services recorded live. Blue Bloods “Leap of Faith” Investigat- Blue Bloods “Nightmares” Garrett Blue Bloods ’ (CC) Blue Bloods “Inside Jobs” A man is Blue Bloods “Protest Too Much” Bank Blue Bloods A famous movie star is ION 15 15 ing a rumor about a priest. (CC) shares a secret with Frank. ’ (CC) thrown from a moving vehicle. (CC) robbers disarm an off-duty cop. stabbed. ’ (CC) IND 18 18 CFNI Lecture with Marcus Lamb The Blessed Life Mark Chironna Hank and Brenda K. Copeland Life Today Joyce Meyer CFNI Lecture with Marcus Lamb Joni Lamb Table Reflections KATU News at 6 (N) ’ (CC) Jeopardy! (N) ’ Wheel of Fortune It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Scandal “Get Out of Jail, Free” Susan How to Get Away With Murder A new KATU News at 11 Jimmy Kimmel ABC 22 22 (CC) “Halloween” (N) ’ (CC) Ross asks David for advice. (N) suspect in the Hapstall case. (N) (N) ’ (CC) Live (N) ’ (CC) KGW News at 6 (N) Live at 7 (N) Inside Edition (N) Heroes Reborn “June 13 - Part One” The Blacklist “Arioch Cain” Assassins The Player “The Norseman” Alex tries KGW News at Tonight Show-J. NBC 26 26 ’ (CC) Noah and Hiro join forces. (N) target Liz. (N) ’ (CC) to stop a serial killer. (N) (CC) 11 (N) Fallon UNI 30 30 Noticias Univisión Noticiero Univis’n Muchacha Italiana viene a casarse Antes Muerta que Lichita (N) Lo Imperdonable Yo No Creo en los Hombres Noticias Univisión Noticiero Uni 6 O’Clock News (N) Family Feud (N) Family Feud (N) Bones Investigating a headless corpse. Sleepy Hollow Ichabod’s nemesis re- 10 O’Clock News (N) 11 O’Clock News Everybody Loves FOX 27 27 ’ (CC) ’ (CC) (N) ’ (PA) (CC) (DVS) turns from the dead. (N) (CC) (DVS) (N) Raymond (CC) The First 48 The murder of a father The First 48 “Senior Year” A high- The First 48 Grandmother strangled; The First 48 Gun violence in the Big The First 48 Deadly pizza delivery; At- The First 48 A man is gunned down in A&E 52 52 shot in the back. ’ (CC) school senior is shot to death. (CC) man shot in car. ’ (CC) Easy. ’ (CC) lanta murder. ’ (CC) his car. ’ (CC) AMC 67 67 ›› Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982, Horror) Tom Atkins, Stacey Nel- ›› Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988, Horror) Donald ›› Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989, Horror) Donald kin. A maskmaker plots to turn Halloween into a bloodbath. (CC) Pleasence, Ellie Cornell. Dr. Loomis hunts killer Mike once again. (CC) Pleasence. A child develops a psychic link with maniac Michael Myers. (CC) APL 43 43 Monsters Inside Me ’ (CC) Monsters Inside Me ’ (CC) Monsters Inside Me ’ (CC) Monsters Inside Me (N) (CC) Monsters Inside Me (N) ’ (CC) Monsters Inside Me ’ (CC) BET 56 56 ››› Soul Food Martin ’ (CC) Martin ’ (CC) Martin ’ (CC) ››› The Nutty Professor (1996, Comedy) Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett. (CC) Being Mary Jane “Sparrow” (CC) The Westbrooks (CC) of New Jersey Don’t Be Tardy... Don’t Be Tardy... Don’t Be Tardy... Don’t Be Tardy... Don’t Be Tardy... Don’t Be Tardy... Don’t Be Tardy... Watch What Hap- Don’t Be Tardy... Housewives/NJ BRAVO 66 66 “Teresa Checks In: The Visit” “Kim’s Roots” “A Big Splash” (N) pens: Live (N) CBUT 29 29 CBC Vancouver News (N) (CC) 22 Minutes (CC) Coronation Street The Nature of Things (N) ’ (CC) Firsthand “Reefer Riches” (N) (CC) The National (N) ’ (CC) CBC News Coronation Street CMT 61 61 Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Party Down South (N) Party Down South “The After Party” Party Down South CNBC 46 46 Shark Tank ’ (CC) Shark Tank ’ (CC) Shark Tank Aromatherapy sprays. The Profit “Courage.b” The Profit “Sweet Pete’s” Coin Collecting with Mike Mezack CNN 44 44 Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown CNN Tonight With Don Lemon Anderson Cooper 360 (CC) Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown CNN Newsroom Live (N) CNN Newsroom Live (N) CNNH 45 45 Anderson Cooper 360 (N) (CC) Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Forensic Files Forensic Files Forensic Files Forensic Files Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown CNN Newsroom Live (N) The Nightly Show The Daily Show Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters Key & Peele (CC) Key & Peele (CC) South Park “Pink The Daily Show The Nightly Show COM 60 60 With Trevor Noah Jeff Dunham performs. (CC) Jeff Dunham performs. (CC) “The Movement” Eye” (CC) With Trevor Noah DIS 41 41 Best Friends Best Friends Girl Meets World Jessie ’ (CC) K.C. Undercover Girl Meets World Liv and Maddie Austin & Ally ’ Liv and Maddie Jessie ’ (CC) Girl Meets World K.C. Undercover Street Outlaws “New Orleans Cookin” Street Outlaws “Texas Grudge” Boost- Street Outlaws “405 vs. Middle of ’Mu- Street Outlaws “The Nationwide Call Street Outlaws “Kansas City Barbecue” Street Outlaws The drivers travel to DSC 8 8 Dave wants a rematch. ’ ed has set up Grudge Races. rica” Racers call out the 405. ’ Out” The 405’s top five. ’ (CC) The 405 travels to Kansas City. New Orleans. ’ (CC) E! 65 65 ›› He’s Just Not That Into You E! News (N) (CC) Botched “Boner Free Zone” Dr. Nassif Botched “Breast Greedy” Dr. Nassif performs a rhinoplasty. Botched “First E! News (N) (CC) (2009) Ben Affleck. (CC) fixes a woman’s nose. (CC) (CC) Look” (N) (CC) College Football North Carolina at College Football College Football Oregon at Arizona State. From Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Ariz. (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) ESPN 32 32 Pittsburgh. (N) (Live) Scoreboard (N) ESPN2 33 33 High School Football North Marion (Fla.) at Hoover (Ala.). (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) SportsCenter (N) E:60 First/Re-Take FAM 39 39 ››› Casper (1995) Christina Ricci. ›› The Addams Family (1991, Comedy) Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia. ›› Addams Family Values (1993, Comedy) Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia. The 700 Club ’ (CC) FNC 48 48 The Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) The O’Reilly Factor (CC) The Kelly File Hannity On the Record, Greta Van Susteren FOOD 35 35 Chopped “Short and Sweetbreads” Chopped “Light Makes Right” Chopped (N) (Part 2 of 4) Restaurant: Impossible (N) Beat Bobby Flay Beat Bobby Flay Beat Bobby Flay Beat Bobby Flay FX 53 53 ››› Zombieland (2009, Comedy) Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma › R.I.P.D. (2013, Action) Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon. Premiere. A › R.I.P.D. (2013, Action) Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon. A slain cop Stone. Survivors of an apocalypse join forces against zombies. slain cop joins a team of spirit lawmen. joins a team of spirit lawmen. GOLF 70 70 LPGA Tour Golf Golf Central (N) Golf CIMB Classic, Second Round. From Malaysia. (N) (Live) LPGA Tour Golf The Waltons “The Outrage” John goes The Waltons “The Pledge” Mary Ellen The Waltons “The Triumph” Word The Middle Axl The Middle “The The Middle “Sib- The Middle “Christ- The Golden Girls The Golden Girls HALL 19 19 to President Roosevelt. wants to be a doctor. comes of German surrender. breaks a door. ’ Scratch” ’ (CC) lings” ’ (CC) mas” ’ ’ (CC) ’ (CC) HGTV 68 68 Flip or Flop (CC) Flip or Flop (CC) Flip or Flop (CC) Flip or Flop (CC) Flip or Flop (CC) Flip or Flop (CC) Flip or Flop (CC) Flip or Flop (CC) House Hunters Hunters Int’l House Hunters Hunters Int’l HIST 37 37 Pawn Stars (CC) Pawn Stars ’ Pawn Stars ’ Pawn Stars (CC) Pawn Stars ’ Pawn Stars ’ Pawn Stars (N) Pawn Stars (N) Great Wild North “Rough Country” Pawn Stars (CC) Pawn Stars (CC) LIFE 51 51 “Crew’s All In” Project Runway (CC) Project Runway (N) (CC) Project Runway “Finale, Part 1” Another twist awaits the designers. (N) Fashionably Fashionably MSNBC 47 47 The Rachel Maddow Show (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews (CC) MTV 63 63 Ridiculousness Ridiculousness “Smosh” ’ Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Broke Game Middle of Night Ridiculousness NBCS 34 34 Nitro Circus Crazy Train ’ Nitro Circus Crazy Train (N) ’ Nitro Circus Crazy Train ’ Nitro Circus Crazy Train ’ Nitro Circus Crazy Train ’ Turning Point Pro Football Talk NICK 40 40 Henry Danger ’ Thundermans WITS Academy Thundermans ›› Get Smart (2008) Steve Carell. Agent Maxwell Smart battles the KAOS crime syndicate. Full House (CC) Friends “The One in Barbados” ’ OXY 50 50 Maid-Manhatt. ›› Stepmom (1998, Drama) Julia Roberts, , Ed Harris. (CC) ›› Maid in Manhattan (2002) Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Fiennes. (CC) Snapped “Lupita Acuna” (CC) ROOT 31 31 Supercross Rewind (N) UFC Reloaded “UFC 173: Barao vs. Dillashaw” Seahawks Press Seahawks Fight Sports MMA (N) Cops “Coast to Jail ’ (CC) Cops ’ (CC) Cops “Bad Girls 4 Cops High-speed Cops “The One Cops “Jacksonville” Cops ’ (CC) Cops “Without a Cops Sheriff over- Cops “Facebook Bellator Road to SPIKE 57 57 Coast” ’ (CC) Special Edition” chase. ’ (CC) Dollar Shoe” ’ ’ (CC) Paddle” ’ (CC) sees sting. (CC) Fury” ’ (CC) Vengeance ’ SYFY 59 59 Z Nation “Zombie Baby Daddy” Z Nation The team splits up. (CC) WWE SmackDown! (N) ’ (CC) Haven “Wild Card” (N) (CC) Z Nation The team splits up. (CC) TBN 20 20 Joseph Prince ’ Hillsong TV Praise the Lord (N) (Live) (CC) Live-Holy Land Bless the Lord Amazing Facts Creflo Dollar The Song Bless the Lord Seinfeld “The Non- Seinfeld “The Mas- Seinfeld “The Seinfeld “The Con- 2 Broke Girls ’ 2 Broke Girls ’ 2 Broke Girls ’ 2 Broke Girls ’ 2 Broke Girls ’ 2 Broke Girls ’ Conan Dr. Phil; Aya Cash; Ahmed Bha- TBS 55 55 Fat Yogurt” seuse” (CC) Cigar-Store Indian” version” ’ (CC) (DVS) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (DVS) roocha. (N) (CC) TLC 38 38 90 Day Fiancé ’ (CC) 90 Day Fiancé ’ (CC) 90 Day Fiancé ’ (CC) 90 Day Fiancé ’ (CC) 90 Day Fiancé ’ (CC) Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress NBA Basketball Atlanta Hawks at New York Knicks. From NBA Basketball Dallas Mavericks at Los Angeles Clippers. From Staples Center in Los Angeles. (N) Inside the NBA (N) (S Live) (CC) NBA Basketball Atlanta Hawks at New TNT 54 54 Madison Square Garden in New York. (N) (CC) (Live) (CC) York Knicks. (CC) TOON 42 42 Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans Go! Clarence Adventure Time Regular Show (N) Garden Wall King of the Hill Cleveland Show American Dad ’ American Dad ’ Family Guy (CC) Family Guy (CC) TRAV 36 36 Mysteries at the Museum (CC) Mysteries at the Museum (CC) Mysteries at the Museum (CC) Mysteries at the Monument (N) National Parks National Parks Mysteries at the Museum (CC) TRUTV 49 49 World’s Dumbest... Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Billy-Street Billy-Street Billy-Street Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Modern Family Modern Family Modern Family Modern Family Modern Family Modern Family Modern Family Modern Family Modern Family Modern Family USA 58 58 “Ripped” A suspect attacks Fin. ’ “Heart Broken” “Bad Hair Day” ’ (CC) “Halloween” ’ “Fight or Flight” ’ (CC) “Spring Break” ’ (CC) ’ (CC) ’ (CC) VH1 62 62 Couples Therapy ››› White Men Can’t Jump (1992, Comedy) Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson. ’ ››› The Lost Boys (1987, Horror) Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Dianne Wiest. ’ (CC) ›››› GoodFellas