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Saturday Morning, May the Twenty-First, Niue-Thirty O'Clock Nineteen H1111dred and Ninety-Four Leuitt Arena The Commencement Assembly University Emblems

THE ACADEMIC PROCESSION THE WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY MACE The University Marshal TI1e Vice President fo r Research and Governmental and lndu trial Relation The Vice Chair of the WSU Board of Trustees The Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students As the official symbol of the Univer ity's authority and power, the mace is The President of the WSU Alumni Association The Vice President for University Advancement carried in today' academic proc ion by University Marshal William E. Unrau. The President of the WSU Endowment As ociation Board of Governors The Student Commencement Speaker The mace was commi ioned in 1978 by Paul J. Magelli, former dean of Fairmount The Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs 11,e President of Wichita State University College of Libera l Arts and Sciences, as a memorial to his twin brother, Peter M. The President of the Student Government A sociation The Honored Member of the Cla of 1944 Magelli, and presented for the first lime at the 19 0 commencement. The President of the Faculty Senate n ,e University Officers Designed by artist Jonathan Graham Bonner of Providence, Rhode l land, the The Representative of the Board of Regents The University Dean mace is executed primarily in stainless teel, gold, and silver. The head of the The E ecutive Director of the The University Faculty mace is a gilt frame with 22 tainless steel spikes. TI,e points are sterling silver. A The Vice Pr ident for Admini !ration and Finance The Candidates for Degrees silver ball engraved with the three seals of Wichita State University-Fairmom,t College, the Municipal Univer ity of Widuta, and Wichita State University-is THE BANNER BEARERS suspended in the frame by two spring . The shaft i a stainless steel spring, and the handle is a gilt ball set with nine hematites. Kristopher A. Livingston, Wichita Slate U11iuersity Derek Morgan, College of EHgmeerfog Adrienne Marie Corticelli, Gmdualc School Lori Bullock, College of Fi,w Arts Rebecca Ann Hopkin . W. Frn11k Bnr/011 School of B11si1ws Paula Jittawait, College of H1.'llltl1 Professious Melissa D. Coleman, College of Ed11calio11 Andrew Ziegelbein, Fairmo1111/ College of Libeml Aris a11d Sciences David Ebers, Dioisio11 of Co11/i1wi11g £d11catio11

THE STUDE T MARSHALS THE PRESIDENTIAL MEDALLION The Presidential Medallion symbolizes the three distinct hi torical Kathy Hana , W. Frank Bnrtou School of Business Brenda K. Collins, College of Fi11e Aris phases of the University. Using imagery derived from the official seals of Philip Sean Hud peth, W. Frn11k Bar/011 School of Business Kyttra Heston, College of Fine Arts Paul S. Fiacco, College of Ed11cntio11 Carrie Hunsinger, College of Health Professio11s Fairmount College, the Municipal University of Wichita, and Wichita State James E. Finkeldei, College of Ed11catio11 Pamela Page, College of Health Professions Univer ity. three medallions engraved in 14-<:arat yellow gold form the trihedral Jennifer L. Reilly, College of £11gi11eeri11g Stacy Leftoff, Ftiirma1111t College of Li/lernl Aris aud Scimccs center of the ceremonial anaglyph. This centerpiece is surrounded by two terling Lieu Tram Thi Vu, College of £11gi11eeri11g Mary Macklin, Fairmo1111/ College of Lilieml Aris a11d Sciences silver hyperbolic fomlS designed to complement the University Mace. The Presidential Medallion is hung from black silk trimmed with gold. The medallion was designed and constructed by Wichita artists THE ACADEMIC DRESS Michael J. Oliver and Glenice Lesley Matthews in 1983. Today' academic dress evolved from caps and gowns worn in medieval Drab-W. Frank Barton School of Business w\iversities. The academic gown is the basic garment and by tradition is Light Blue-College of Education black for all degrees and ranks. The square caps or mortarboards are part of Orange-College of Engineering the prescribed academic dress. Accompanying the gowns are hoods, lined Brown-Z:ollege of Fine Arts with ilk in the official color of the institution conferring the degre<' and Pink-Z:ollege of Fine Arts-Music bordered in the color representing Lhe discipline of learning. The color of U,e Green-Z:ollege of HeaJU, Professions tassel designates the student's chool or college. Students receiving graduate Salmon-Z:ollege of Health Professions- ursing ALMA MATER degrees wear the color appropriate to the degree emphasi . Black-Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Our Alma Ma ter Wichita Gold-Division of Continuing Education Stands proudly on the hi ll Our sons and daughters bow to thee DATE OF GRADUATION Our heart with praise we fill This program is not an official list of confirmed graduates fo r the 1994 StudenL' names are listed in this program as lhey appear on the official Then, hail! our Alma Ma ter! Commencement at Wichita State University. Students listed in this graduation Ii t provided by the Office of the Registrar. Students' names read Hail! Grand and True during the University Commencement and individual coJJege recognition commencement program, with the exception of those names followed by an Long wave the Yellow and Black asterisk("), a double asterisk (''''), or a triple asleri k (.... ), are candidates for ceren1onies are a they appear on graduation cards provided by their Oh Wichita, Here' to you! degrees in May 1994. academic colleges.

2 3 The Commencement Program 1994 Commencement Guests

UNIVERSITY COMMENCEMENT STEPHEN M. JORDAN Executive Director, Knnsns Board of Regents Processional ...... "Pomp and Orcumstance,'' Elgar Wic/,ita Slate U11ivcrsity Commt•11ceme11/ Orcl,estm Stephen Jordan received the BA degree in political science from the University of orthem in 1971; and the MPA degree Jay C. Decker, Co11d11ctor in 1979 and the PhD in public administration in 19'10 from the University of Colorado-. Opening of the Ceremonies ...... William E. Unrau Jordan has held several key policy and budget positions in higher education. From 1975 to 1980, he served as principal policy /budget analyst for higher education, Office of State Planning and Budgeting, Colorado; from 1985 to 1989, as vice chancellor Mars/1a/1 Wiclri/11 Slate Universitv Invocation ...... "Amazing Grace," ewton · for budget and facilities and a sistantsecretary to the Board of Regenls, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center; and from Brandon W. McCray 1989 to 1994, as deputy executive rurector for finance and planning, Arizona Board of Regents. Graduate St11de11t,M11sic Ed11catio11 Jordan brings to his post ome twenty years of experience in tmiversity-legislature communication and cooperation. Wich.ita Welcome and Introduction of Guests ...... Eugene M. Hughes State Univer ity cordially welcomes Stephen Jordan, whose participation in today's ceremony represents the ongoing cooperative Preside11I, Wid,iln Slnte U11iversity compact made by Wichita State University, the T

4 5 1994 Faculty Awards

EXCELLE CE IN TEACHING AWARD YOUNG FACULTY SCHOLAR AWARD Tonya Huber, Assistant Professor of C11rric11/um a11d Jnstru,tion Hamid M. Lankarani, Assistnnt Professor of Mechanical Engineering The Wichita State University Board of Trnstees established the Young Faculty Scholar Award in 1988 to recognize faculty members TI1e University of Wichita Board of Regents-now known as the Wichita State University Board of Trustees-established this award who are between their third and eighth year of service and have records of excellence in teaching performance and substantial in 1964 to recognize superior teaching. Each year, recipients are given awards of $2,000. ad1ievement in research and/or creative activity. The awardee receives $2,000. Tonya Huber received the BS degree in secondary education in 1982, the MEd in curriculum and instruction in 1985, and the Hamid Lankarani received the BS degree in 198 I and the MS degree in 1983 in mechanical engineering from the University of PhD in curriculum and instruction in 1990 from Pennsylvania State University. She joined the WSU faculty in 1990. Since then, her Iowa, and the PhD from the University of Arizona-Tucson in 1988. He came to Wichita State in 19 9. ~ommitment to the educational imperative of cultural diversity-and its importance to both the individual and society-ha In just five short years, Lankarani has amassed a wealth of credentials and accolades in teadling and researd1 endeavors. His msp1red her research, presentations, and publications; infu ed her cla ses; and enlightened her student . investigations of such cutting-edge and industry-relevant topic as mechanical y ten1 analysis and design, inlpact dynamics, . She~ one of lhe thirteen founding members of the ational Association for Multicultural Education, which is now planning its aircraft crash safety, hWl.lan injury biomechanics, and computer-aided design have culminated in fourteen authored or co-authored fifth national conference. She has published a book on teaching in the diverse cla sroom; she ha authored thirteen refereed articles, articles published in or accepted for refereed journals, forty presentations at national and international meetings and conferences, and co-authored eight; and she has presented forty-five paper at local, regional, and national professional conferences, and thirty-eight reviewed conference papers, and numerous technical reports. ln addition, his research has been funded by more than co-pr~ented twenty-E>ight others. In 1992, he organized a Summer Seminar Series on Cultural Exrnange Between ative $1.2 million in grants and contracts, and his pending proposals total a11other $1.7 million. This solid perfonnance record easily Amencans and the World a! Wichita State University and subsequently co-authored a book on the conference proceeding which is places him among the top young scholars in his field. currently under review for publication by Cornell University' Akwe:kon Press. Lankarani's teaching reputation is just as inlpressive. He modernized his department's mechanical design component by Additionally, Huber has directed or served as the methodologist for seven master' theses at Wichita State, four of which have redeveloping several existing courses and generating key new courses. He has djrected the theses of fourteen MS degree candidates involved multirullural topics. She has expanded the field of curriculum and instruction at WSU by challenging the traditional views and the dissertations of five PhD candidates. He receives consistently high teaching evaluations--often unsolicited. fn 1993 of what is taught in the secondary schools and how it hould be taught, as well as the inlplications for both teachers and students. Lankarnni received the nationally prestigious Society of Automotive Engineers Ralph R. Teetor Award for excellence in engineering Huber al o developed a graduate-level ethnographic research course. TI1e results are signifitant-c1crording to one of her students, education. His department chairman comments, "He possesses a rare combination of scholarly ability and the talent to excite "She opened my eyes to things I never gave any thought to before. She is a great teacher!" And Huber continues to explore student interest and motivation. More than one student has said, 1 never worked so hard in a class, but 1 never learned o much!"' multicultural opportunities-I.hi summer, he will serve as a staff member on a folklore expedition in Tanzania, Africa. His mentor at the University of Arizona has commented that Lankarani has already won a national reputation, and that his Huber received the College of Education' teaching award in 1991. Today, in ongoing recognition of her extraordinary talent as a work is undoubtedly destined for international recognition within the next decade. Wichita State agrees. To acknowledge his past teacher, Wichita Stale University is proud to present Tonya Huber a 1994 Excellence in Teaching Award. achievements and his promising future, the University is pleased to name Ha.mid Lankarani as its 1994 Young Faculty Scholar.

EXCELLENCE IN TEACIBNG AWARD LEADERSHIP IN THE ADVANCEMENT OF TEACHING AWARD NanctJ A. Dorothy E. Ranson, Instructor of Marketi11g and Associate Director of Gradunte Studies i11 Business Bereman, Associate Professor of Management TI1e Wichita State University Board of Trustees established the Leadership in the Advancement of Teaching Award in 1982 to Dorothy Ranson, instructor of marketing and a sociate director of graduate studies in business, received the BS degree in business recognize sustained exemplary effort and leadership in the improvement of teaching and learning at Wichita State. The recipient is administration from Mt. Mercy College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1983, and lhe MBA degree fmm Wichita State University in 1987. awarded $1,000. She joined the WSU faculty in 1987. ancy Bereman, associate professor of management, received lhe BA d!'gree in psychology in 1969, and the MBA degree in 1974 Ranson's dual roles as teacher and administrator in the W. Frank Barton School of Business allow her to demonstrate the best from Wichita State University; and the PhD degree in industrial relations from the University of Minnesota in 1983. She joined the kind of teaching: by precept aud example. She !!'aches the principles of marketing in such classes as '1ntroduction to Marketing," WSU faculty in 1980. "Co11Sumer Behavior," and "Promotion Management," and she applies Ulose principles as associate director of graduate studie , Bereman's commitment to excellence in teaching is manifested by the excellent teaching evaluations she receives from students where he is responsible for the overall planning, goal setting, marketing, and administration of the program. Ranson also i each year. Her publications and presentations demonstrate her dedication to advancing the body of knowledge in her field. She is currently assisting in implementing the new MBA program curriculum, which requires data collection, analysis of competing the author of a recently published textbook, Compe11salio11 Decisio11-Mnki11g: A Compiiter-Bnsed Approacl,, and ten articles published in MBA programs, and lhe coordination of planning and development. regional and national refereed journals. She has made numerous presentations at regional and national conferences. And she is the fn addition, she is involved in market research consulting, and she i a member of the WI/SE Parh1ership for Growth's faculty adviser for the WSU student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. Bereman received the Barton marketing committee and a director of Lhe UpDowntowners, a downtown development activity organization. Through such School's Research Award in 1987. endeavors, he brings the real world of marketing into her classroom. ln 1990, Bereman initiated a seminar series-the Teaching "Brown Bag" Sedes-for the Barton School that vaulted her into an finally, Dorothy Ranson i a "people person." As a motivational and profes ional development speaker, she promotes-and, extraordinary leadership roll'. Through the series, theory and practice converge. Faculty members gather once a month at various indeed, embodies-such valued intangibles as cu tomer service, success for women in bu iness, and overcoming negativity. Her on-campus sites to enjoy a brown-bag luncl1 hour together and a presentation/ discussion on a topic relevant to improving the students consider her a "value-added" asset to the University. One student has said, "She comes across as genuinely happy about teaching and learning process. Topics have ranged from ''Teaching Tips and Techniques" by the eight Barton School faculty teaching." Another comments, "Her greatest ability as a teacher is the rapport she establishes with her students." members who have received Excellence in Teaching awards, to visiting the Media Resources Center's "Electronic Classroom," to Ranson received th!' Barton School's Excellence in Teaching Award in 1989 and 1993. Today, in recognition of her enthusiastic "Stu~ents' Perceptions of Teaching." The resounding success of this remarkable series-and its inlpact on the Barton School faculty and effective teaching, Wichita State University is pleased to present Dorothy Ranson a 1994 Excellence in Teaching Award. and, m tum, its students-have truly advanced both the means and ends of teaching at Wichita State. The series continues, as does Nancy Berernan's devotion to its purpose. As an alumna, she personifies all that is excellent about this University. Therefore, Wichita State University is especially proud to present Nancy Bereman the 1994 Leadership in the Advancement ofTeaching Award.

7 6 Awards of Honor W. Frank Barton School of Business Presented by Gerald H. Graham, Den11 JOHN R. BARRIER DISTINGUISHED TEACHING AWARD The John R. Barrier Distinguished Teaching Award wa established in 1992 Farnsworth' areas of interest include international relations, American ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE IN LEGAL ASSISTANT in memory of John R. Barrier by his wife, Mary Ellen, to recognize foreign policy, and American national government. He has written two Lonnie Dean Awtrey•• Susan owlan Grimm ••• Vonda J. Martin " Rita M. Roel extraordinary teachil1g performance i.n the humanities and social sciences in books and co-authored another, and he has published several articles. He Sonya B. Brozek • Linda 1arie Grimmett Judith Louise McBroom m ara Ann Schneider •• Fairmount CoUege of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Barrier was deeply holds membership in numerous professional organizations and ha served Mr. Mary Elizabeth Buser Mary Ellen Harper•• Patricia Ann M eil m Chri tina C. Scimeca •• committed to quality education in Wichita and felt that those teachers whose on a variety of college and University committees. Jenniffer J. Cales •• Gwen Mane Harrington .. Curtis Elvin Meixner•• Stephanie Kay Struve • remarkable teaching efforts inspired students to excel should be rewarded. ln and of itself, this is an accomplished record. Additionally, however, Judy Ann Campbell ... Jan L. Heer• Kathleen Kellv Mitchell • Kristi A. Teter•• Accordingly, U1e annual recipient of the Barrier Award receives $2,000 and is Farnsworth is one of those special teachers whose efforts inspire tudents Colette Ann Carroll-Dover Shadra Kay Herndon Deborah Ann.Moon Tanya Mid1elle Tucker recognized at the University's Commencement Ceremony. beyond the ordinary-as evidenced by his awards. He received the Regent ' Tina Mane Cone • Rebecca Lynn Jones A vis Ellen el on Vicki R. Walton "* The 1994 Barrier Award recipient is David . Fam worth, profes or of Excellence in Teadung Award in 1974, the George A. Lewis Award for Leslie Ann Corman• Patricia Ann Jones-With Byron C. ye Dougla Craig Warren• political science. Farnsworth received the BA degree in political science from Creativity and Innovative Teaching in 1984, and the WSU Alumni Deborah L. Davis .. Loma Suzanne KroU ... Diane L. Oster •• Barbara Ann Wetta 0 the Mwucipal University of Wicluta in 1953, and the MA and PhD degrees A.sociation's Recognition Award i.n 1991. The John R. Barrier Distinguished Diana Lee Dawkin Pamela Rae Lamberti• Frances Deanne Phlllips Audra Sue Zeigler Shannon Ren e Zink ... from the University of Illinois in 1955 and 1959, respectively. He joined the Teaching Award confirm hi continuing excellence a a teacher at Wichita Kyle Kay Dick** Vicki Kay Lawrence Janice Louise Pledger • Helen M. Firsching Donna L. Longsworth •• Marlen W. Reed WSU faculty in 1956. State University. Judith Ann Fry•• Margo Ann Mantyla ... Susan A. Reeder Laura Faye Geschwentner • Tammy Marie Martin Elaine Leigh Ritchey ... UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION William A. Swett Prize for Efficiency-To be 111mo1mced Richard H. Homburger Award for Excellence in the W. Frank Barton School Frank A. eff Outstanding Senior Award in the W. Frank Barton School of of Business-Kri ten Lyn Boyce S11m111a Azarahiah Lokman-Yusop Patty Sue McCullough•• Kevin R. Wood •• • o Business-Erika E. Plagge Harold and Melba Sullivan Award in the College of Engineering­ Cum Laude Sean Michael Plante Magna Wan Amiruddin Bin Timothy Davies .. Pi-Er Hsieh Kirsi Birgitta Porter .,.. Cu111 l.Ji11de Wan Ahmad"" Dixie Rae Decker Lance B. Kirk Cynthia K. Ratzloff••• COMMENCEME T SPEAKER COMPETITIO FINALISTS Elena Bermudez Matthew Dietrich Dick•• Gerald Dean Koehn Joyce Kay Riecker •• Gina Marie Bessery • Teresa Marie Dicks Eva Gabriele Kolich • Hakan Y. Sarikus Daniel G. Bacalzo, Kathy Lee Benzing First Place: Kathy Lee Benzing Kevin Warren Bishop Kevin M. Donohue Curt Michael Lindeman•• Lori K. Scheidel •• YuetMei Bok Kellv K. Doombo •• Timothy R. Liss .. Debra Diane Smith " Kristen Lyn Boyce Carol Jean Drake m Chri topher A Lubbers Jennifer Jean Sowers •• KANSAS BOARD OF REGENTS FACULTY EMERITUS AWARD Leroy Dayton Cammerer Uan-Kooi Ewe Shawna L Maxwell Joann H. Spamroft-Ragatz Mary Katherine Campbell - Sherryl A. George•• Keith A. Murrow Jennifer Gayle Tomlinson .. Walter D. Bernhart, Professor £merit11s of Aerospace E11gi11eering James L. Hardy, Professor Emeritus of !lie Sdwol of Music L Shirley Cono\!er •• Deborah Leigh Gold milh Mastura Othman Heather H. Wheelock Armin L. Brandhorst, Assistant Professor £merit11s, Physical Pla11/ John D. McBride, Associate Proft!SSOr Emeritus of Fi11ance, Ren/ Estate, a11d Jill Cookson Teresa A. Gonzales• Cvnthia Marie Parisio• Patricia Kay Wright .. Ad111inistrntio11 Dec isio11 Sciences Cynthia Rae Crawley• Tricia Lynn Griffin Patricia Ann Passman •• Wayne W. Dunning, Assistn,1/ Professor E111erit11s of Ad111i11istmfio11 of Juslice Merle J. Paulson, Assista11t Professor £merit us of Library Brian Patrick Cupps Shih-Chieh Ho Huong Thi Phan °• Maurine A. Fry, Derm Emeritus, College of Educatiou, and Professor Emeritus of Robert C. Wherritt, Associate Professor Emeritus of Mnt/Jematics Admi11istmti011, Counseling, Ed11catio1111/ and Sc/rool Psychology C11111 l..nude AzrulJ1izam Abdul-Aziz Shari Ann Gaertner • Suz.anne Elaine Martin " Bee Chuan Sia •• orma C. Gribble, /11structor E111erit11s 1111d Director Emeritus of Academic Thelma Sue Anderson .. Juan Pablo Anzola Gomez ... Christian Marie Martinez Jennifer Lynn mydra •• 011trencl1, Co11/i,mi11g Ed11catio11 Jerry Westley Antes Cheryl L. Hagemann .. Linda D. McComas Alison L Stromberg Kimberly Rae Atteberry• Karen Elaine Harri ••• Kri tine Jill Merten•• Linda Handoyo uko Susan L. Bayles .. Jesma R. Hopper ... Joseph Chri topher Mies ... Then Hwee Karen Tan , .. GRADUATION WITH HONORS Vickie A. Betthau er John Terry Hornback•• Carolyn Louise Moore Gritharan Tg •• Sherri Janelle Bi hop •11 Christopher A. Horning Choon Yong g Rodney Jo ph Thimesch • Degrees are conferred with distinction upon undergraduate students who have been tentatively determined on the basis of work completed through Jolie Kay Bond .. Johari Bin Jalil Dee Ann l ulsch Thuan D. Tran have shown exceptional scholarship. Students attaining a scholarship the Fall 1993 semester. The official list of May and July 1994 graduates will Shauna Raeh Boyd •• Dougla Gene Keady •• David Leroy Oursler •• Sylvester Phuc Minh Van ••• average of 3.90 out of a possible 4.00 receive the srmmrn cum /nude award; identify those May and July graduates who achieved honors status. Mark Alan BrowneU Michelle Marie Koehler Swee Tham Pang Penny M. Wallace those with an average of 3.55 receive the mag11a rn111 /a11de; and those with an In addition to Unive!$ity honors, departmental honors are awarded to Wendy Michelle Burnett ... Hsiu-Yi Ku l lakan Perman Thoma Lee Wallach•• average of 3.25 receive the mm /nude. students who have met the appropriate requirements. Wichita State does not Sherry Lynn Chamberlain .. Li-Chen Kuou• David Ross Peterson Tracy Diane Ward .. Candidates for degrees and for University honors for May and July 1994 confer honor upon students completing degrees in the Graduate School. Yinn Sh.iun Chew ... Stefan Lang• Jennifer Lynn Pierce•• Debra J. Weaver Chee Yoong Ching Jihong Li Patricia D. Pries Erin E. Wells Richard Dionn Cone .. Yeuk Kai Li' Lisa M. Pri nee •• Kevin Joseph Wendler•• Brady Christopher Cook• Lesley G. Loibl .. Jennefer Lynn Ragan • Mary Rose Winter Barbara Eileen Di mitt • Yuen Kuan Loke •• Roy L. Ridener .. Judith Kay Worrell'• Meei-Ying Duh Valarie Jean Magana icholas Tobia Rodriguez Leah Renae Feig••• Dawn Michelle Makovec Brenda Ann Rudern Andrea Dee Finlason Daniel Marceau Ann L. Sanders

' Dl>gree granled Julv .JO, 1993 " Degree granted D,,cember 18, 1993 "' Degrcegr,mted July 29, 1994 • Emory l.indqui>l Honors Pmgram graduale 0 Emory Lindqui


Rite Mark C. Aberle•• Dylan Joana Crispin ••• Christopher Irvin Hoffman•• Craig A Martin 0. Peter Samuel ... Trudy Kay Smith••• Jennifer Kay Thimesch ••• Troy .Wilke .. Tobin Lee Acebedo Todd L Crist Kenneth L. Holloway ••• Kirk D. Martin Osvaldo P. Sanchez. Michelle Lynn SmoU1ers •• Mitchel Richard Tinsley••• Stacie Renee Wilkes •• athan M. Adams Chad Derek Cunningham ... Jo eph Lee Hopper Alicia Marina Massingill "' Vivian Del Cannen Sanchez. Bradley S. Snyder .. Rebecca Anne Tjaden Veronica Lajuan Williams• Robert E. Adams "' Christine T. Cunningham •• Jocelyn Leigh Hoskinson ... Sachindra Prasad Mathur Aaron Daniel Sander Ronald J. Soellner•• Jason Dale Todd .. Lance Scot Williamson• agma Akbar Sherry Ann David.. · Eric Bruce I--lowe Roger Lee Matthews Diona F. Sanders •• Brian Allen Spencer •• Tiffany Lyn Treke[I •• Joseph L. Wilson Abeer K. Al-Souqi •• Brandon Eugene Debbrecht •u Bradley J. Huelsmann Juliette E. May••• Paul Anthony Sanders ... Keelie C. Spoor • Li-Hsiang Tsai ••• Patricia S. Wilson ... Cindy L. Albright eely Shea Deboard Michae!J. Hull' Kathryn Lynn McAnally" John P. Sandlin" Rebecca L. Stearns Chueh-Fen Jennifer Tseng Barbara Sue Withrow• Amy D. Allen•• Joann l. Degraffenried • Judith A. Hurd•• , Kathy L. McBride Chri tine M. Schacht •• Tyler Blake Stephenson Brian P. Vincent• Ian A. Wolfe ... Steven I l Apsey Shea Lynne Denning Richard Glen Huston - Pamela E. McClellan •• Angela Marie Schauf••• Peggy Jo Stiles••• Bruce Harold Virgil •• Thomas S. Wolford•• Yudha Aricfullah •• Jennifer Louise Densch Roger Ho-Kiat Hwang"'" Joanna Lynn McConathy R. Brent Schauf•• Jeffrey A. Stottle •• Keith Dewayne Walker Sau Kin Wong "* Kristi Renee Avila .. Lannette Kay Durfey Nne Nne Jean lbeawuchi ••• Eric Scott McCreight •• Sandra J. Schlund • Deanna M. Straub Lisa Michelle Walker .. Taun-Hou Wong• Alla Abdulnabi Ayoob•• Janet K. Elley •• Rhonda Rochelle Isaac Pamela R. McDaniel•• Lee Kamen Schnyder •• Mark R Stroup .... Sara Anne Ward"' Lorilee Lanell Wright• Wan Rahmah Abdul Aziz"'* James Timothy Elms Diane K Jackson Karen Sue Mc:Ginn ScottC. Schulz•• John MatU1ew C. Studtmann • Jimmy L. Washington Jin-Jiang Ken Wu ... Thoma A. Baalmann •• Diana Consuelo Ensign •• Gary Todd Jackson• Carolyn Sue Meyers Martha R. Secondine Matthew Scott Sunderland• Kimberly Kay Watson•• Wei Wu• Mohamad Zaimi Baharuddin • Kevin Michael Ero Jodi Joenette Jacobs .. Toney Eugene Mikesell •• Penny L. Seiwert Chiu-lSung Richard P. Watson••• Gregory E. Yamold •• Shelly Lynn Balleau ... Lisa A. Ewing Jennifer Renee Jaeger •• Paula Ann Miles Amir Ali Sbah Dalaina Yvonne Suttle ... Janelle C. Watton• Tzu-Jiun Eunice Yeh Carma Sue Beck•• Jay Christopher Ewy •• Lori Lynn Jarman••• Arleta J. Moon n Robert Gregory Sharp .,. Donald Harry Swanson II Timothy Gallagher Waugh ... Chong Wee Yew Kevin L. Bell Catherine Denise Fis.her Mark Wayne Jesseph • Daniel Ray Morgan ••• Brad A. Shelton Eric C. Swenson Anthea Ai Khim Wee'"' Daryl Lee Yoder Helen Felice Bender™ Todd A Etzgibbon ™ Scott Douglas Johnson .. Brian Scott Morris• Todd Allen Shepek Peter Pengsoon Sze • Richard Welborn Chai Fong Yong Reginald Troy Bennett .. Angela A. Flanigan •• Todd R. Johnson Dennis Allen Mullins•• Parlindungan Siahaan • Lay Hwa Tan Tara L. Went•• Yoke San Yong" Shawn Patrick Bennett ••• Steven Marshal Ford •• Billy Joe Jones •• Stacey Lynn ance ... Joann Cecilia Simpson• Lian-Hock Tan Tiffa11y Danielle Wetmore• Patrick Dominic Zeller •• Someshver 1. Bhakta .. Jerald Thoma - Forrester" Jeru1ifer Lynn Jones Jennifer Ann ekuda Michael D. Small Brenda K. Tatman'"' Shelby Crowe Wiezorek "' Sidney Jo Zietz• Bradlev Donn Bischoff •• Laquisha Deon Fowler• Mid1ael Maurice Jones•• Soon-Peow eoh .... Matthew Alan Smith• Louise D. Tegarden Bradley James Wilcox Constantinos Zouzoulas Timotl~y Frederick Bishop .. Joel D. Fulghum• LlndaKarli Kah Chin Frnncis g • Scott Edward Smith ... Kyriakos Chr Theophanou Kevin Eugene Wilhite Kenneth Lee Black .... Matthew Karl Fullerton •• Assim M. Kazi ••• Suwinti g" Robert Marilyn Blazejewski ... Cory L. Gebhart•• Kristine Ann Keith ~• Yeung Wa g" James Clifford Bolden • Joseph Anthony Genovese Shervn Marie Keith • Ray L. oblit .. David Jon Brake Gregg S. Gibson •• Denise Jalaine Kellams • Anthony A. Orton •• Laure.n Michelle Briggs•• Alysia R. GilberP' Aasem Khan Eva M. Olivero Division of Continuing Education Melissa Rae Brittain •• Gloria Sue Gillespie•• Md Mehdi Hassan Kl1an •• Lay Phen Ooi ••• William Andrew Brock" Kelly Andrew Gillmore• aveed Ahmed IG1an" Gary R. Osborn Presented by Jacqueline Snyder, Dean Jeffrey C. Bryant ... Jeffrey M. Gingerich .... Brad Alan Kipper ... Kimberly J. Parrish•• J. Robert eal Burkey ... Angela Kay Gomez" Kri ten Marie Ki ·er •• Kimberly J. Parrott•• Gary Eugene Burris H Selene Gonzalez Brian Arnold Klahr •• David Oiarles Pater line••• ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Alicia Lynn Bushnell Gregg C. Good win "* Sherry L. Kowitz Kevin . Pavey•• Gayle A. Butts*" Roni Gale Gordon Dehm Ann Krafcsik"" Randy S. Perez Candace Renee Calbeck ••• Kevin Marshall Cronn ••• Joey Jay Overholt ... Wesley E. Simon Brian Ray Buzard ... Frank Andrew Griffith• Doug James Kreutzer Tracy Michelle Pharis Conan B. Chappell David Alan Ebers ••• Carol L. Papps ... Van Van Truong• Rachelle L Bvers Hugh Ford Cullie••• Curtis Lee Kuhn •• Deborah Lynn Phillips• Hung Canh Chau goc Bich Le Huynh• Darren Everett Reed ~· Stephen Craig Vermilyea ... Shawn Erin CadwelJ Kimberly Dawn Guthrie• Yuh-Shya Lai*'' Anh L. Phu Anita Lynne Christopher ... Anh Quoc Kieu Rodney Lee Reeves ... Ben R Williams Cathy R. Carlson•• Sun Jang Gwie •• Aaron M. Lake 00 Karen Kay Pickard ._. James E. Clare " Casey John McAllister .. Joey Lee Rossman .. Michelle Annette Carlton Kristina Lee Hablitzel •• Chee Hou Arden Lam •• 01risty O'Ruth Pike ••+ Robe.rt Eric Clare • C. Fred Mosteller m Scott Lee Schmeling • Karla K. Carpenter Angela S. Haflich Fung Sang Patty Lam n Tammy Jean Pike m Gary Lee Carroll .. Tamara Lynn Hager Shawn Paul Lamberson • Kevin M. Polk ... Victoria Lynn Chaffee Robert Michael Hall ••• Patrick Andrew Lankford ••• Duane D. Pope••• Julie Ann Chambers•• Robert Thomas Hall ... Angie Y. Lee••• Brenda Louise Po t ••• Shiuan Ru Chan Tony Rex Hampton Chiao-Chi Lee Mark A. Po tovit •• Kai-Wen Chang•• David Dean Harding Chiow Meng Lee"' Shane James Pot College of Education Mei-Lin Chang Hario Hartono Haridadi •• Hui Wah Lee"' Ronda Lynn Pridgett .. Yu-Wei Chang• Claus A. Hartmann Cynthia Dawn Lemley•• Brad H. Railsback Presented by James L. Carroll, Dean Leanne Chase Huang Hauh-Ran ... Suzanne Li " John Anthony Ramo Pui Kei Cheng • William G. Hayes Corey Jo eph Lies .. Robert D. Ramstack • BACHELOR OF ARTS Yu-Ling Cheng Sylvia I. Headley•• Chi-Oting Lin "' TraciJo Ray ..• Eng Chun Chew • Theresia Djuwita Heljasari Ching-Shu Lin Sheri Lynn Reynolds• Teng Aun Chong• Mark J. Hegarty m Colleen Mahoney Lobaugh Desiree Diane Riffel••• Summa Cynthia Louise Bradford Deanna Dawn Foster Susan Kathleen Jones Kejr Shirley Ann Shelton Jay Anthony Christense.n Stephanie J. Herman ... Carl John Loehr•• Steven C. Robey .. Cum.Lmde Sonja M. Chegwidden Vicki L. Graf•• Carmen Madge Martin Lori L. Trisler James E. Clasen•• Cheryl Lynn Herndon Meng Sia11g Low • Lisa Michele Robbins••• Lori A. Dolsky •• Deborah Doreen Jantz•• Suzanne Marie Ruhlen Jacqueline Sue Wuthrich • Kenneth Theodore Claney ••• Wayne Bryan Herrmann Tuan Hong Ivy Low Robert Earl Robison ••• Barbara Ann English Stacy Ann Kei ter Daniel Lyle Schupp Do1ma Kay Collins Marty Wayne Highsmith" Kimberly S. Luca Charles D. Rogers Jeffrey B. Cooper Bryan E. Hills •• Michael J. Luck J. Robbin Rogers Brent Jo eph Cowan Douglas Von Hinds Ani Madarsa-Maricar ... Richard Lee Rohloff ... Steven C. Cooper••• Christina L. Hi er ... Lyle Darin Mallernee"' Jennifer Lind Runyan Corey A. CrandaU .... Patricia Kay Hiser Susan Marie Marceau''* Brant Wayne Sader .. Shawn D. Crawley•• Sook Lin Ho" Jason B. Marshall Jose Domingo Salas

• Degree granted July 30, 1993 " Degr"' granted December 18, 1993 ... Degrtt gn,nte

10 11 BACHELOR OF ARTS (Continued)

Mag11a Jennifer Elaine Coughlin Jolene Sue Hemingway •• Vita Eilene Lamb Pamela Joan Saffle Cum Lnude Janet Rae Crouch ••• Shelli oelle Hines Debra Dianne Martinez Sheryl Ann Scharf •• College of Engineering Billy Lawrence Day Jana L. Hogan Tamara Elizabeth McPeak Michael Scott Smith Kelly Dumler Sylvia Jimenez-Coldwell Patricia Moore Melissa Irene Tayor-Brown Presented by William Wilhelm, Dean icole Michelle Epley •• Margaret A. Kaufman Evelyn Denyce Perkins ••• Kirstie Luan Towner J. Donna Laverne Farris Kimberly Dawn Keller William Thomas Pittman Rebecca Lynn Vitt •• Kimberly Ann Garcia Amber Kaylene Keppel Julia Christine Porter•• Barbara Lynn Wells .. BACHELOR OF SCIE CE IN AEROSPACE E GTNEERING Carl David Goodwin • Johnnie J. Knapp Kay Lyn Reissig •• Deidra Ann Willis Haupt Julie Ann Koehn Miriam Ann Rubber! Mng11a Ziad Hanna Ghaoui Trent Roger Hawes C11111 l.nude C11111 l.n11de Timothy Brian Abeita Matthew . Criss•• Rita Ann Hynes•• Elizabeth Ann Snyder Julie Lynne Ahmed Aimee Elizabeth Darling Lara Donelle Jackson Rodney Shannon Sprague •• (11111 uwde Tamim Habib Arif .. Roger Alan Joyal Soon Swee Lee Wendi Jean Anslinger Scott David Dellinger Todd James Kurimsky ... Mark Cecil Stade Loretta Marie Arnold Karen Angela Detrixhe Cuc Hong Lam Shenae Le Stein Robert L Becker • Kristine oel Ebersole Debra Kay Marklevits Candace Ann Stuchlik ... Rite Stephen L. Eck William Thor Kissman • Ahmed Sadik Mohamed Chin KuiSim Liette Marie Bellerive •• Lynell Blosser Ediger•• Pamela Jean utter Thomas A Tucl Hoch Darrin L. McCloud Tom Van guyen ••• Cameron Blaine Carlson Susan Leann Hill •• Leanne Michele Rogers Shah lftekhar Hossain Richard John Meu born• Shaun Patrick Ruhlman Kellie Lynn Carrell Charlie Elbert Huffman Barbara Jean Scafe• Jamie L. Clark Jill KHunter Meshawn Rene Scott• BACHELOR OF SCIE CE IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Rite Stephen Reid Alexander ••• ichole L. Guidry Anthony Patricl< Mills Carmen Sobrino S11111111n Wee Yi Lee Keun Wei Loo•• Chri topher Dion Bradley .. Danita T. Haselwood Michelle Kay Money Lee-An Steckline-Wewe C11m l.n1111e Shauna Rebecca Brown Kelley Ann Hays-Lahti • Kimberly L. Moore Denise Renee Steenstra Valerie Jean Chancellor Steven William Hendricks•• Traci LaDawn Moore• .. Shay Anne Stwalley Mag1111 Hai Teck Bay ... Wai Wilson Fong••• Jeremy Dean Stover•• Bai An Zhong .. Lori Marie Conn • Jeanelle Carol Herrel Jodi S. Morgan Rebecca Lynn Sutter Cum 1.Jiude Darrin Shane Boyd .. Seng Choy Kua ltKengTan Michelle Lynn Coordsen • Erin M. Hicks Brandi Jo Nash Kevin Wayne Thomas••• Russell Dean Brandon Tam Minh guyen •• Wing Wong Thum•• Chris S. Cordes Kris Eileen Hladik Michelle R. ea! Kevin Howard Thompson Erhan Ergin Wai Lum Soong Tikkeong Wong•• Christina Lynn Cornett Sharon Lynn Hoffman Jana Ann icholson Tommy T. Tilma •• Shauna Ranee Craig Shanna Leigh Hucl< ... Kristi Kay orri Kenneth L. Tingle Stephanie J. Crutchfield Brendan Duncan Jarvis Leslie Anne Partridge• Gregory S. Wald C11111 Lnude Chio-Chi Chang •• Puea-Muah Kee ChoonHooi g Thomas Carroll Starnes Kimberly D. Dellinger .. Amy Elizabeth Kauffman••• Carrie Su Prewit Gregory E. Weldy .. Yuh Juan 01ew •• Kee Jeng Lim Khalid Faheem Sabzwari Jonathan R. Wirtz Jodi Kathleen Diringer • Jennifer R. Keister Kimberly Elaine Pricl

' °'-'P"" gr•nted July 30, 1993 •• Degrregranted December 18, 11'9) "' o.gn,egrantcdJuly29, 199cl • Emory Llndqul


511111111a Huay Shla Lim • Sum111n Diana L Lamkin C11111 /.J1ude Cum I.nude Mng11n Dee Ann Jake) Ann Lehmann •• Mng11n Daniel J. Goevert "' Wibisana Mandrawan Ju uf • Sergio Fernando Palanca m Tina M. Tomas •• • o Janet Louise Taylor C11111 Ltiude C11111 l..n11de Cum Laude Su Ching Chong•• Soon Huat Leong• Chew-Sun Tan Pin Pin Toh Rite eal Marshall Hinkle• Patti Lynn Moore-Edward ••• L. Gay Paxson

Rite Agu Eko Buwono • Holly Anne Hampe• Shazzad Rashid Rose Soo Mei She BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Tat Wee Chiam •• Timothy Ray Kaufman Jonathan Reed Ray Sameh Tamimi••• Mooi Liang Chua Emilio Kah Leong Lau lnaki Sanchez Mngnn Dawn Eileen Andsager Kimberly Dawn Calkins Florence M. Crawford •• Jared Doyle Lupton Billy G. Edward • A im Shakoor Rana• Ka Hong Mary She Cum l..n11de Daniel G. Bacalzo • o Hui-Ling Chang Deana D. Eftink

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Cum I.nude Helen Ann Barnes ona Esther Clark David Wesley Hiltner .. Steven Lee Ray ... Raina Jean Bocock Dean Russell Fouquet Shawn Michael Morse• Phy Iii Lee Rowley•• S111mna Kuen Ming Low•• Sean :Michael Plante rum f1111r/P Rite Gregg Alan Atkinson ... Julie A. Pranklin 1n Shik Lee• Linda Kay Robinson ... Heather C. Bloomgren•• Abulhudha Awang-Z-Abidin .. Jacqueline Sue Jambor Chong Chat Sim•• Chi-Ling Tsou ••• Meli sa Ann Highsmith Kok Leong Lian• Matthew Raphael Stegman ... Mng11n Daniel E. Dick • C11111 Lnude Trent Roger Hawes MarHn Leow•• Mark Alan Sternberger Michael J. Voegeli Kathryn Louise Hill '' Br an Christopher Malone Timothy Allan Thiessen •• Midtael Lee Dietrich• David E. Hoffman•• Glenda Mar Cindy Lynn Weaver Alicia Sue Embree •• Cli.ri ty L. James•• Antonio Di Matteo-Binaggia Cum /.J111de Abd Hadi Baharuddin •• Dale Leroy Clevenger Darryl D. Krug Yat Huang Yau James K. Evans Darren Troy Jantz••• Derek Ronald Pletcher athan G. Bartel Devon Dung . Dao•• WooiHowLai Joseph Allen Yoder Thoma Bart Ewonus ••• ancy Aileen Kimble Joe P. Robertson • Teong Chin Chua Jayme Anne Diekmann•• Robert Wayne Simon BACHELOR OF MUSIC Rite Jared Lerov Boatman•• Earl 1ichael Lee CheongYeow g Daniel Gregory Stein .. Chin-Vice Chok Alan Douglas Lefors Tom Van guyen .... Yusof Sulaiman" 51111111111 Jennifer Blair Furr•• Denise Marlys oble"" Jiunn Mine Chung Hadi Malek-Zehtab Amy Louise Perez Swee Kee Tan .... C11111 l.Aude Virginia A. Cro land Sunil Itty Mathew .. Jose Vicente Piedrahita•• Cy Kuan Teoh AUen Lee Elliott ... Thoma L. Mclucas arenthiren Punniamoorthy .. 5oo Hean Teoh" Magna Amy Lorraine Gu Hn Bryan Lee Morrell Andrew Ro Payne .o Randall Austin Zellers Andrew Milor Fosler ancy Ellen Mills ••• Shaun Patrick Ruhlman Ghayyurul lman Usmani • Cum l.J111de Sarah Leigh Kolb Yuri Murata Mary C. Wilton• Vickie J. Glancy-Cannon .. Has.himi Mohd-Ka im •• lftikharul Sabzwari •• Randall W. Wolfe•• Chri topher Leigh Griffin Phillip Heil Mounes A im Bari Siddiqui Shahin Zonoozi .. C11m Laude Bret James Boyer • Brent S. Hanson•• Ali Murad Chin Ku.i Sim Paul orman Laymon tephen James Waddell Shannon Michele Williams J\my Eli s.1 Fear Howard Michael Pitch Hung Minh Le Cheong Choon g Khangna Yossa Son ...

Rite Stephen L. Cline ••• Chelley Allyson Graves Daryl A. Handlin ... Edwin Uel Living ton College of Fine Arts Brian Ray Davidson Jo hua Marcu Gunderson Marcus Leonard Jordan"' Melanie Lynn Mehl ••• BACHELOR OF MUS1C EDUCATIO Presented by Walter J. Myers, Dean 51111111111 Chad Robert Coughlin Denise Marlys obJc•• Cum l.Aude BACHELOR OF ART EDUCATIO Magna Bret Daniel Goter Bryan L. Morrell Kristine Renee Stanley•• James Richard Walker Magna Patricia Lynn Laney C11111 Lnude ancy Jane Monica! Lisa R. Smith Cum l.Aude

C11111 l.Jmde Michal Maureen Austin Verna B. Richards Melani Rose Ward m C11111 l.nude Dawn Etta Carter ••• Kelly D. Middleton •• Julie Anne Stapleton •• Jonathan Paul Workman•• Valerie Diane Field•• Kellie oel Self .. Rite Joel Kevin Bies ant L. Gay Paxson Lisa Renee Ticknor Wendy Marie Wilbur Rite Thomas Clement Buckley II Darla Michelle Dolan Richard Damon Salazar Jan S. Verboom •• Laura Gayle Dodd Gerald Alonzo Fo ter

' Otgrw granted luly 30, t'Rl " Degree granled December 18, 1993 "' °"!l"" granted lulv 29, 199{ • Emory Lmdquist HollOIS l'rotmm graduate O Emory Lindquist Scholar

14 15 College of Health Professions BACHELOR OF SCIE CE-HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION M11g11a Stacy Ann Cofer Ali ya Balquis Jaffari Presented by M. Diane Roberts, Denn Cum Laude C11111 Laude Judy A. lngalsbe •• ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE-DENTAL HYGIENE Rile Mark Jon Bailey ... 01eryl Ann Fa t •• Gary Dean Kenned. ••• Todd Senseney ... 1 atalie L. Angeron Starv Rae Guhr Julie D. Lowery Kerry Beth Schrock Brenda K. Benter Jason V. Gales ... Brett Lynn Kreutzer Tiffany Jeannine Threatt ... Michelle Renae Bird Brenda Sue Hawk Renee Lynn Mastin Angela Lyn Spencer Misty ovella Collier Shannon Crump Gragg m Andrew W. Kwong• Christi na Elaine Walters• Stacie Ann Combs Karen Yvonne Hines Ana M. Morales Michelle Stevens Ana Marie DclCa tillo •• Jennifer S. Hoefgen •• Michelle Marie olte • Hanna Woldu ••• Diane Mary Edwards Kim J. HJadik • Stephanie A. Moser Martha Van Walker• Chad L. Duerksen Tamara D Johnson .. Christopher Gerard O'Connell ••• Kendra Jean Erickson Vicki Lynn Kennedy Christine R. anny Angela Ranae Wilson Shellie Jo Gallagher Anh . Le Ruth Yvonne Parson Linda Ann Gast Gloria Jean Lefevre Teresa Rose Quick BACHELOR OF SCIENCE-MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Jennifer Sherah Grauer DeniseJ. Ues Jennifer Lynn Rusk Magna Greg Alan Collette Victoria M. Kelley ""* Deborah Hutson Snider ... Lisa J. Solomon ... Cum Lti11de ASSOCIATE OF SCIE CE-RESPIRATORY THERAPY Cum /.Jl11de Tracey Lynne Andrews Shirley Jernican • Peggy Faye Tevington .. Maria J. Beard •• Carla E. Dwire .. Ann Marie Hoerter .. Larae J. Sam •• Oifford Wade Hopper ... Lurinda Jane Ohnmacht Stephanie Lynn Beck•• Robin Kimberly Faulconer•• Jennifer S. Khoury•• Steven Brian Snook •• Shane Stephen Blake .. Kimberly Ann Fleming'" Jenny Lynn Lawson .. Michelle Lea Swopes •• Joetta Lynn Carter .. Gregory Allen Giefer .. John William Marker•• Rite Emmanuel A. Adedokun • KelJy Marie Friess ... Lori Fae Martin""' Mary Jo Skinner ... Vernon Ray Cunningham•• Steve M. Hilyard •• Kristv Dawn eedham '* Troy William Bortz••• Lisa K. Hill m Bruce Adolph Merizan • James Clark Tedrow• David J. Drolte .. John Paul Hobby" Kimberly L. olan •• Jean L. Coston•• Trieu . Hoang • Russell Wayne Morgan • Charlene C. Tran ... Jeremy Archie Estes Steve Thanh Le••• Thoan Thanh guyen ... BACHELOR OFHEALTHSCIE CE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE-PHYSICIA ASSISTANT Summa Ju Lie Renee Belcher•• Joetta Lynn Carter Jru.ny Suwnn Flikkema Mary Kathlene Hamilton •• C11111 /.Jl11rle S1111111U1 David Wayne Brosa ••• Aaron Grant Guyer m D011ald Henry Nebulung ••• Cum Lrrnde Julie Marie Dehan •d Shannon Ervin Hull ... Magna Kerri Y. Deines Pamela L. Jonas Lorretta Ann Pugh Tyge Lee Sanborn C11111 uwde Stephen Welby Hawks Jennifer A. Mooney•• Magna Brett A!Jen Bastian• Dorsey Annette Gay .... Paul Douglas Hultman• Molly Jeanne Miller ... C11111 Lti11de Randall Lee Brady ••• Melva C.M. Gellenthien ... Barbara Ann Kelly ... Micbael Allen Pischke • Cum Ln11de Pamela Rene Bauchmoyer Jerald Douglas Bozeman •• Kyle Eugene Schaffer• Macaela Lee Walton Anne Elizabeth Buller• Jodie Katherine Hartmann ... Kirk Russell Kritner • Laura Kaye Schmid• Jonathan A Bordmrd Joe Manuel Gutierrez ill John Michea I Tierney • Anna Marie Wilson •• Pamela Susan Flaming• Mark Ryan Heimerman • Lori Michelle Meyer • Milton Ray Smith••• Ronda fean Foley• Susan Ann Herber• Mia Joa11J1 Meyer•

Rite Stephanie Lynn Beck• Charmin Lynne Higinbotham ... Corrina Kay Martinez Jltlia A. Sinn••• Li-Juen Chen ... Mary C. Karst •• LaRisa Ann Parris Michelle Lea Swopes Cum La11de Richard G. AIJenbach • Kristen L. Janssen "'* Dennis Leonard agy • Rose Ellen Wusterbarth ... Sharon Louise Doffing Chris David Kuthan ••• David Stanley PielTzak Trudy Lynn Thomas .. Robyn Lynskey Calvert ... Mark Alan Milner• Kelly John Seifert• Jill Marie Gottschamer Sandra]. Lee•• Sean C Prolago .. Everett Peter Wiebe Mario Carlo Capocelli ••• Steven Joseph Montague••• R. Clay Tessmer ...

BACHELOR OF SCIE CE-GERO TOLOGY Rite Ellajean Bledsoe Appel• Anne Christina Hendee Judi Lynn Price••• Michael G. Trausch • Juanita J. Archer• Brian Thomas Lenihan ••• Stephanie Phon Rattanavongsa ••• Kenneth Lee Volk••• Scott Gregory Bearden • Mark Allen Limback • Victoria Lynne Reed••• Larry Dean Walker••• S11111111n Kathryn D. Coit .. James Ryan Bledsoe• Larry Michael Lux••• Trisha De'Lois Smart• Christopher Gerard Wallace ... C11111Lm1rle Stefane Lynn Davi "'* Heather Colleen McMillin • Jacquelyn Rose Steckler••• Thia Marie Wuthnow • Teresa Marie Fleet ... Kelly Scott Parrson • David Patrick Sulzman• Magna Christia Heather Lane Lynn Ann Murphy ... Cum Lnude Terry Lee Gourley ••• Virginia D. Peacock • Marc A. Todd •

BACHELOR OF SCIE CE- NURSING Rite Laurisa Lenora Bilyeu Daniel Alan Edwards••• Katrina L. Hine• Angela C. Riley•• Sarah Ann Bryant ... Shannon Crump Gragg .... Denise Michelle Hunter••• Vikki J. Shaner•• Lusetta Cotton •• Donna L. Hamilton *' icole D. Jackson• JoleneElizabeth Stephens S11111ma Jennifer Beth Breckbill Mary Kathlene Hamilton•• Marly Kay Unruh ancy Irene Doss•• Tara Dawn Hargrove Jennifer E. Reichenberger Tracy Deeann Taylor .. Cum /.Jl11de Chong Hui Gibson .. Melanie Kristin Short ..

' ~ee granted Julr 30, 1'1'13 " Degree granted De

16 17 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE- URSING (Continued) Robert Van der Bloemen •• C11111 L:,ude Jennifer Wilcox Acevedo Kirste11 Ann Cregar • Joel Bradley Jay .. Lisa K. Reichenberger-Holman •• Magua ikki Ann Dettmer Mary Lynn Gilginas Allison Helen Miller Zulanan Ahmad• Margo Ann Crile ... Janet Carolyn Jennings Anisa Oair Rhea •• Cum l.:111de Joyce Elaine Euson •• Diane M. Kastens•• Arui M. Quaney Mohamed Ras em G. Heather Dawn Cuda .. Emily Elizabeth Keller• Staci Renee Rupp Janet Dale Frey Michelle M. LeBlanc Stephanie Jean Teslow AI-Hamoui •• Cara Marie Cunningham Jennifer A. Kidd .... Christina Lynn Salomon Susan Ruth Gartung Kristin L. Marler Paul Taylor Thompson •• Kristin Rachele Altimari •• • Vicki B. Decaro Heath Justin Kintzel Charlene B. Schlickau Adnan Aslam • Erin Lisa Dietz•• Matthew T. Klusener Elaine M. Scordakis Bryan Jeffry Barr .. C11111 Lamie Michelle Rene Anaya .. Barbara Joan Fox Carrie Llvingston Kathleen T. Roe•• Lori Lynette Dixon Linda E. Knoblauch ••• Holly Renee Shifflette Barbara Ellen Brown Karen Ann Gibson • Dianna Lee Metz •• Gina J. Romero Jeannie Harmon Barton•• Rosezena Marie Dunnegan .... • Kerri Frances Koepsel '* • Shane D. Sidebottom Shannon Lavon Castillo•• Tishua L. Griffith Gregg Alvin Miller Diane Made Schramm Shawn Anthony Berndsen Cynthia Ellen Estep Darin Jame Lang• Derek Brice Smith Crista Cae Childs Amely Louise Henkle•• Tammy Cheri eal •• Dawn Sora Yang•• Wade B. Best•• Jason Joseph George•• Kristopher A. Livingston Stacey Louise Smith Mary Theresa Dixon Daniel Paul Janzen•• Kara Dawn Plante•• Brandon Matthew Boger'*' Susan Marie Gleissner • Tonia R. Loux • Gregory Shawn Sorber Darren Eugene Dreher Sara Sue Jones Dana Alise Rickley •• Martha Lucille Bogle • Glen Martin Goering Monica Lynn Maddox•• Vanessa K. Stockemer Rick D. Bowersox Deborah Kay Haines Richard Wayne McConnell Judith Kay Strickldnd Michael Lynn Bunch .. Donald L. Harter Terry Lyndell Mercer• Mike David Wcttstaed • Rite Marla Mari.e Angleton •• Lourdes Zarsozo Graves•• Huey-Jong Liaw .. Stacy Dawn Schuler K.1.ren G. Calonge "" Jerry Dwain Hawkins Brandi Lynne Mertens•• Lance Tysen White ... Dana Rochelle Ayala •• Leslie Marie Greenwood Arlene Loy .. Janet Louise Setser Ben Calvert m Vickie Ann Hernandez • Yoshiko akagawa • Michelle Renea Williams ... Jean D. Beck .. Robert D. Harrelson•• Shari Rae McKibbin Keith Alan Snyder•• Tom George Castrop Bart Lee Hinkle Tamara Renee Panganiban• Debra A. Withrock Angela M. Becker Connie Jo Hart .. Michelle Lym1 Mendoza "' Angela Denise Storrer Cynthia Lynn Chandler Silas Rvneck Horton David Ro Peterson Richard Edward Wohlgemuth Breidi Aroos Calloway•• Pamela Kay Hartman .. Doris Evelyn Myles•• KimHuonToy 1-HsinChen Charles Brian Hostetler ... Victoria Earlene Petty Linda Kaye Wright Marcela Ca tiblanco Jennifer D. Holmes n Melissa Gayle Phillips Tiffany Michaele White Cappy Wayne Conn Susan Rae Hurt .. Darrin Lee Pfannen tiel Eric B. Zoller Theresa Ann Cooper .. Ronda M. Hutchinson Troy Douglas Ray Hannah Leann Winegar .. Brady Christopher Cook • Roslyn M. Hutchinson Jean F. Pollitt ... Tiffany Suzanne Zollinger•• Amy Sue Cri well•• Dianne Eileen Jenkins Pamela Kay Riedel .. DeningZhu •• Beverly Day Sandra Jean Jenkins Jolui D. Riggin, Marc Alan Fedo 0 Abu Andrew B. Kabba Renee Schott" Rite Kiyokazu Akasaka '" Jo Lynn Clark David Peter Garber Peter L. Johansen Dara A. Firestone Micha lie Dawn King Janis Teresa Schugart Angel Rachelle Alexander ... Marla Von Clouse• Linda C. Gerhard Jennifer L. John• Sandra F. Allala ... Tonya L. Coleman .. John Mar hall Germann ••• Janene Ann Johnson Laurie M. Allen .. Ruth Ann Coley Tamara Gail Gielisch Jeffery John Johnson Steven John Amirr ••• Charles W. Combs• Teresa Michelle Gilmore Jeffrey M. Jones Gail Lynn Andersen Gayle C. Consolver Jonathan M. Girtz Kimberly A. Jones• Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Julie Dawn Anderson • Lynnette Marie Consolver ... Steve L. Gladwell ... Brandi C. Joseph William . Artz,Jr. Tolli Michelle Cook Angela Ilene Glaves• 0 1eryl A. Julian ... Yukie Asano ... ancy Caryn Corkins Miguel Angel Gonzalez Nicole Anne Kaempfe Presented by Gerald D. Loper, Jr., Acting Dean Caterina Marie Asbury Bonnie L. Corrado ••• Soo-Oiin Goo ••• Sekou Kambui • Patricia Leigh Atchison ... Carlson W. Creamer•• Russ B. Gooden Sophia Kan BACHELOR OF ARTS Daniel James Bachelor•• Tricia M. Culley Sonya Lynn Greenstreet ... Brett Ryan Kaye Rita Arlene Bagby Cathryn Michelle Fe.ak Daley Lisa A. Gresham• Sam Warren Kearl,Jr. ... Christi L. Baker Katherine Elaine Davis Andrew G. Haig ... Summa Lisa Gaye Beaudoin-Mo er• Shawnah Kae Day Kelly C. Levi ... Dana Lee Reid ... Helen T. Kearney Kristen Marie Davis •• Aaron G. Hallacy •• Cnm l.audc Diana L. Beck Deametrice S. Eyster•• • o Sheri Ellen Littleford ... Marcia Gail Sims Elizabeth Michelle Bardin Annemarie Kenemer ••• ina Langmuir Davis""'* Kathy Lee Benzing • Julie Ann Garrelts ... Stacey Lynn Martens •• Gerald Leslie Snell, Jr.• Amy Leslie Barr• Megumi Hamada •• David Paul Kenny Paul H. Carroll Margaret Ruth Goger Mark Richard Munzinger • Ruth W. Solon Harlan E. Bascombe, Jr.' .. Claudine Michele DeGryse Sarah Ellen Hammond ••• Kenneth LeRoy King Stacey Anne Carter Susan Kay Kirk•• Donna D. Paluch Jennifer Gay Torgerson Anne S. Bauer GarR. Demo Michele Allyn Harries Stephanie Suzanne King Carol L. Copeland ••• Charlene Lynn Ku1.ma • Loritta Marlene Ramirez Mika Kay White .. Angie Lynn Bayliff Christopher S. Dreiling Gary A. Harris• Stephen Francis King •• Eliza beth Gail Bazil ... Gerald Dreiling .. Shauna Renee Harris ... Gail Lynn Kittennan •• Brett Alexander Beach .. Clark C. Drowatzky Chester Arthur Harrison Kimberly Diane Klein ... M11g11a Elizabeth Louise Alford Wendy Kathleen Gibson••• Susan A. Loesch •• Elaine M. Reddick Julia Lisbelhe Bearden••• Kelli J. Dutton••• Edward Harvell••• Adam Duane Knapp•• Cum l.:1urle Aimee Lyn Aubert Michelle R. Graham Jill Anne Long •• Bridget Ann Rogers Rajesh G. Bhakta Danicl W. Dvorak"'' Jacqueline Sue Hawkins Denni Bradley Knepp Daniel G. Bacalzo • o Gail Clary. Crasz.l Linda Marie Magiera Jerald Weylin Rogers .. Rakesh G. Bhakta Michelle Ann Dwyer Dawn Lynn Helmer• Hisayo Kuroki • Paul Johnston Brandenburg Jerily1m M. Gundlach• Diane Lynn McCartney• Regina Anne Roths • Trov Allen Bird Tracie Laura Ector• Jan Christine Hendricks Deann Daniele Lampe••• Carla Michele Campbell Dee Ann Harris •• Clifford H. McGee• HyonSeon (Michael) Ryu Ma;la M. Boerstler Richard J. Edmonds• Marina Hernandez ••• Brian Dale Laughlin••• Betty Ilene Cozad •• Amy Marie Harrison .o Tonda Lyne McGrath ••• Mary Lou Schlageck .... Becky J. Bolte Shelly Raed El-A wawdeh ... Annette Elaine Hershey • Shawn Spencer Leisinger•• Marissa L Crommett .o Janet Elizabeth Heflin ••• • Molly M. McMillin Angehl Lou Smith • Sheri Ranae Brazle'* Sherri C. Ellison '* Linda Kay Hicks Amy Lee Lindquist Julie Ann Dredge .o Sylvia Esther Herheim ••• Carolyn I. Mo teller Patricia Ann Udoh•• JoAnn Marie Brown Joel David Elsea ••• Jeffrey Carl Hill ... ina Renee Lopez Laurie M. Eden Diana Kay Herrington *"' Philip E. Oliphant• Peggy A. Unruh Shelly Lynn Bruner Jon P. Emmitt• Mieko Lynda Hilton•• Tv.ila Lynette Lovegrove Jodey Lynn Edwards Loma Luray Hilt •• Joleyne Marie Orr• Dana Brook Van Dolah • Martinez Rafael Bueno• Amy Renee Espinoza Kimberly Jean Hinkle Steven B. Lowder Tracie Rachelle England• Mark Alan Jacobs Molly K. O'Shaughnessy •• Daniel Jay Wescott Jennifer C. Burrough •• Angelina Marie Farber Rachel icole Holman ... Marian Leslie Lowe Jacque Marie Fitz• Theresa Dawn Johnson-Anderson Lynn Marie Peterson .. Julie Anne Wescott• Christopher Chas Caldwell•• Jason Alan Fenwick m Connie K. Homer •• Felipe Roberto Lujano Sandi Marie Fluke • Daryl LeRoy Koslowsky • Tonia J. Pfannenstiel •0 Brenda Christine Westhoff Ronald Dean Canupp Sonja D. Foos .. Jeffery M. Hotze Keith R. Lurnry • Hilary Ann Fuksa • Linda Dia1me Kuykendall Carmel E. Poor-Sessions Darlene Nichole Woods Mary Anna E. Carpenter Candace L. Ford Kaari Mary Howse""' Josh Alan Lyman ••• Kathleen Ann Gasche Timothy R. Lair Charles Dean Ray Sheila Kay Yoder• Craig William Carstens .. Roland Eugene Foster"*" Otto August Hutchins" Carrie Anne Mabee Anthony R. Casanova Sherri Lynn Frankliri-Guy Tiffinie Thompson lrving • Lecia Brooke Mallory• Shawna Marie Chacon• Michelle Lee Franz• Gina Renee Jacoby 0 Glenda Mar ... Enoch K. Chihana ••• Stephannie K French Paul James ..• Marlo Laraync Mason •• David Eugene Oark, Jr.•• Blake Edward Fry John Stephen Jenkinson ... Carl Frederick Maughan

• Degree granted July 30, 1993 .. Degrw granted Dec~ber 18, 1993 "" Deg= grant,'

19 18 BACHELOR OF ARTS (Co11tin11ed)

Kimine Mayuzumi Marcella Pele ... June C. Schneider•• Jack Dewayne Tucker Jay Grant Harter•• Derek W. Lichlyter•• Sean Russell Oakes••• Shannon L.Sheridan Shannon Dean Mt'Carthy •• Tuyet Minh Pham Marisa Ann Schultz Sonja Leigh Tucker • Pamela Kaye Harvey Richard Wendell Liedtke ... Deborah Aun OJ on Regina Beth Sinclair ... Christopher Dean Mt'Clellan • Laurie Lyn Phillips,.., Svein-Harald Schwab David Thomas Turner"*' Timothv D. Haworth •• Michael John Lindall Trygve Wayne Palmer• Stacey Sue Smith • Matthew J. McCoy ... Kimberly D. Porter•• Patrice Lamont Scott••• Ellen E. Ulrich Christopher R. Henson Tam bra K. Linton-Millington JeffW. Peak Abra in Spotted Elk " Kenneth L. McDaneld ... Kelly M. Posch•• Alireza Sham ipourazbari •• Julie Joleen Vasquez Michael Dwayne Hicks• Kenneth Orlon Love Flora Christine Pfeifer • Carey P. Squires Donni L. McPhaul •• Jami A. Prine Barbara Sue Shreve ... Kathryn Elizabeth Vaughan•• Linda forie HiU ... Lanell Marshawn Love .. Brenda Lee Pfeiff Patricia Ann Statham•• Lisa Ann Mendenhall••• Phyllis Ann Pyle Troy I. Simmer Javier Francisco Vazquez-Ortiz "' Rossa Kathleen Hobson'* Heather Claire Lovie""' Michael Anthony Pizzuto•• Mitchell Evan Stocker .. Jennifer Elaine Meyer ... icklaus Warren Ratzlaff .. Kim Lari Simmons Lisa Michelle Walker•• Deanna Kay Howell .. Mickey B. Lynch · Kelli D. Potter••• Thoma Clyde Sweany *' Georgia Marie Miller Robin K. Reed ••• Kimberly K. Simon•• Sherylee Patricia Walker Steven Boyette Icard • Ru ell J. Mamoth .. Tony Frank Prine James D. Thoma •• Linda A. Miller Michael S. Reel ... Daniel Stephen Singer Mark Ethan Webb••• Susan Kay Jabara •• Alan Ray Martin•• Brenda Rae Raupe • Toni J. Tilma ••• Sean Kenton Miller Barbara Jean RelP .. Robin Marie Sisney•• Jenifer M. Weber LeAndrea Renee James ••• Corrina Kay Martinez Candace Rayer• Mi17J Lamar Tolbert• Susan Carol Miller Patrick 'vi. Resa Jade Lloyd Sixkiller 0 Myron D. Wedel Jeffrey Lee Jarred ••• Geraldine Gay Massie .... Karen Vaughan Reynold .. Randa J. Toubia •• M«tthew M. Mitchell Lori Ann Reynolds .. Sheryl Marie Slifer Gregory E. Weldy'" Catharine Lea Johnson Jessica Lee Ma terson • Matthew Gordon Rhoads John Edward Towey .. Ayesha M. Mojoli-Boggino • Sheila R. Reynolds 1elissa Ann Smith • Anne Eliza beth Wells • Johnnie Lee Johnson Melanie D,1wn McGinn .. Adrienne L. Richard Melissa Cam Tran •• Jessie Mt'Camon Moore•• Regina L. Rice • Mike Andrew uJ.ith • Mindi Joyce Wells Kristi Elizabeth Jones• Sherry L. McKenuee Brian J. Richstatter - Phuong-Ha Thi Trieu """ Todd M. Moore Mark L. Richard on • ikki L. Smith ... Amy Lynn Westfall• Lowell W. Kemp• Alveno Lee McPhaul .., Lisa Darlene Ridge Gerald Alan Vinduska ... Mary Katherine Morey-Saal ••• Karen Patricia Richter•• Roy Lamont Smith Amy Jeanette Wethington ... Winston E. Kenton •• Michael E. McQuillan •• Scott Alien Rigg R.1shaune Renee Wallace Joe Michael Mu grove ... Marissa R Robbins .. Troy A. Smith Nara Lynn White••• Seiichiro Kida ... Linda L. Michael ... Jeffrey Lynn Roberts•• Sue Ann Ward-Osterhout• Holly Elizabeth alette David Lee Robinson ,.... Andy F. Soller••• Derron Ray Winfrey Joseph Eric Kirby ... Chri tine D. Miller • Michael L. Ruder .. Lorindia A. Watson Susan Louise aughton • Michelle Lea Rock u john Christian Spielman Kristin Dawn Winterberg Bryan G. Kirkpatrick ... Amanda Marie Milstead" Leslie Catherine Sandberg ... Wendell C. Watson• Catherine Elizabeth elsen • Shad Coltrane Rockstad ••• Lisa R. Stamper• Jason Todd Wituk Khristina J. KirStatter • Ronnie Martin Montano• Bobick M. E. Sarraf ... Lance Darren Wells• Jay Paul ewton Ill Johanna M. Rosov Jennifer Lynn Stephenson Damitia Geuene Wright••• Su an Catherine Kluge•• Bart A. Moore Thomas Gregory Schermuly Yolonda B. Williams ... Jeffrey Clark ewlon ••• Stephanie adine Roth• Jennifer Sueann Stoffel Gary Wright ••• Elizabeth Ann Korst ... Patricia G. Morgan •• Jennifer L. Schountz • RichardKeuneth Wilson• An Thuy go Jodi Marie Runa • Christopher Raymond Stnmk Sheldon Lincoln Wulf .. David Anthony Kozlowski •• Brian Landon Morrow ... Tanya Melissa Schrag •• Vicki L. Wise Dai V. guyen • Paula Kay Ryding Cail D. Tameriu Edward Wayne Young James George Lanca ter Todd W. Morss•• Christel M. G. Selcer ••• Julie Ann Wulf Hong Oanh guyen ... Jose H. Salcido ... Li-Har Thean Radue Renee Zackula Marc A. Lanning•• Sheldon Norman Mosier • Todd Senseney ... Michael Dale WoUe ••• Donna Jean olen Janet Jean Sander 1• JoAnue Thomas • Lisa B. Zimmer •• F. Theodore Laswell ... Billy J. Murphy ... Neeti D. Shah Tiffany York•• Sheli Lea I ordstedl Mohanuned Ameen Sattar ... Re~ca Ann Thomason Lawrence W. Zimmerman John M. Le Kathleen Ann Murtaugh •• Blane B. Sharpe Lara M. Paul Theresa M. Saville ••• Helen Dotson Thompson Bryce Archer LeGrand Richard Gail Needham Michael L. Shaw *' Ben Howard Peeler Jennifer Elizabeth Schall Raymond Gerard Torrez••• Angelina J. Leon Lance Christian ielsen LI Shannon Marie Sheldon •• Winona M. Peete James Leo Schettler Steve Truong ... BACHELOR OF SCIENCE BACHELOR OF GE ERAl STUDIES Summa Heng Po Chan• Ka Yin Chui• Anh M. Tran Summa Robin Lynn Ashford Candace L. Cornwell Kathleen Ann Williams Laura K. Hamad Zukerman Cum Laude Cum Laude Mag11n Douglas Heath Adams••• Karen Goodger David Kermit Menzies .. Bryan Lee Stuhlsatz .. Magna Aaron Hugh Addison m Katherine Barrier-Winslow• Timothy Mark Mitchell"' Stacy Danisa Reno ... Cum Lnude Tammaro Ghassan AI-Hamwy .. Dale Greenfeather ... Michele Ann Molz Kimberly Sue Swarm • C11111 La11de DevRen Clay Anderson• Alice Russell Bloom • Patricia A. Otto .. Philip L. Weiser•• Mahta Mojaver Allsop•• Raj Arouj Hashmi Jennifer Anne Passiglia • Tai HongTee•• Dawn Eileen Andsager Kathleen Louise Guinan .1 atalie Ann Peck••• Ronald James Buono Keith M. Hutchison .. Heather L. Roark David Allen Weimer ••• Michael Wayne Carnahan Patricia A. Kemp Jacqueline Marie Santana • Cheu Mee Wong .. Stanton Robert Chase '* atalie Lynn Konstadinidis Esther Linda Soto •• Kah Yuen Yue••• William H. Talbott•• Cum La11de William W. Bannister ... Stephen A George Beth Sue Reid ••• Jane Marie Diehl Jenny Yen-Li Liew ... David Jerrold Stark ahid Zamanian •• Maureen Holly Barton• David R. Hampton•• Kurt Donald Rider • Bonnie E. Tandoc Patrick S. Flynn ° • o Cara Anne McCall Connie Jean Straight• Traci Lynn Brower Judy Ann Herman James Leon Rivard •• Toni Jean Tilma ••• Michael Eugene Burks ... Teri Lee Keas Loerke ••• Terry D. Schlatter Brenda Kay Wainwright .. Anita K. Fulkerson •• Flavia Robertson McBride ... Debra Lynn Stafford-Acord Carol A. Wyant• Cum uwde Saeid Amirani • Zabrina E. Gomez .. Rhonda Jean Morton• David M. Ros Mark Benjamin Arrasmith Wai Kua11 Hah .. Robert Daniel Mountford .. Janet Kay Russell•• Tik Boon Ban Syed Safdar lrnam .. Darren Warren Mullen Todd Gordon Sallee•• Carl Edward Foster, Jr. • Rite Trevor Thomas Bacon •• Robert S. Browning ... Megan M. Davidson ... orman Allen Bye William A. Ingram Thao Thanh Ngo• Karla Lynn Silvernale••• Chevette D. Bailey Jill J. Broyles• Joel Edward Davis•• Tracy Jene France Chi Kit Cheng Michelle Marie Knop•• Michael V. Nguyen Denise Marie Thomas Jeffrey Wayne Frank•• Pamela Rae Bailey•• Trey C. Caldwell '" Teresa Ann Deines•• Julienne Marie Corr Robert i1s Magnuson •• goc-Dung T. guyen Ann Huong Van Gary A. Frazier•• Christi L. Baker Erin Danielle Callahan ... Lukiana Estesia Dewi •• Vira one Daranouvong ... Glenda Renee Martens Tri D. Nguyen Mai Thu Vuu Julie A Balestracci ... Kabin Joel Carder Mil2i Michclle Elliott Brian Allen Gaddy Brian Lee DeBrot James H. McBratney, Jr. • Anthony E. utter ... William David Yandell Gary Satoshi Gail her ... Brian Anthony Banowetz•• Zenda M. Camey••• Joel Da\'id Elsea ••• Russell Wayne Engle Thomas elson McElroy Edward Michael Perry'"* Sue A. Barker Tonya Lynn Carter• Laura L. Farha Thomas Luke Genovese Amer Fav.n,vaz Melissa Anne Morland .... Mario A Polite .. Joseph Christopher Benning•• Jeffrey Scott Chapman•• Susan A. Farrell ••• Shannon L. Grate .... Julius William Bia i • John Thomas Cigainero ... Lance Olin Ferguson Glenn Everett Gunnels Christopher Brent Boaldin D. Elaine Gayton Avery C. Fitz ... Tamara Denise Haa • Rite Hameed Afssari Dawn Michelle Allenbach Muhammad L. Bakrie •• Ronald D. Becker Devon John Bonfy Deven Lea Cole ••• Kathleen M. Flanagan• Michelle Dorene Hagemann•• David B. Albert• Michael R. Am,strong John C. Bannister Andrew R. Berger•• Lorie Dianne Breehl Christopher Ford Combs •• James Andrew Fleitz •• Keith D. Hanson .. Robert John Albert Christi J. Austin John R. Barrier m.. Lisa Marie Bemasek Rita Clara Hardin Lawrence Donald Brookman .. Samuel Lloyd Cooper Lauree Anne Fleming ••• Mahlon Eugene Alexander Vassilis Baboulis DonSunaringsuryo Basuki m Phillip W. Blanton Tanya Melissa Michelle Brooks Vanes..~ Rae Cummings ... John David Flesher DeAnn Renai Harrison m

• D

20 21 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (Contim1ed)

Perry E. Blase '"" C,arrie Lynne Hitchings Darin Tolan Meredith - 8izabelh Siekwandy Gary Lee Block 11 •• Tamera M. Hixon Has an Raza Mir Mark Joseph Simpson Scott Alan Blumenshine •• Timothy Edward Hogan Julie Lynn Mohr Scott Michael Smith • Graduate School James Virgil Bohru1non •• Rick A. Hohler Gary Daniel Moore Stanton Bradley Smith••• Presented by Michael P. Tilford, Denn Michelle Lynn Bradley ... Steven Scott Holle,... Witness Timothy Mpanje Charisse Y. Sparks David Eddie Brotton Cheh loon Hoo Jorge H. Munevar George Terry! Spencer IJ •• DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Amy Alison Brown Jimm}' K. Hopkins Mohannad M. Mustafa• Raymond Mitchell Spivey ••• John Robert Buchwald• Shawn James Hornbaker Amjad Mahmoud asrallah .. Suzanne C. Spurgeon David W. Stanley ... Rose Allen .. Deren Ma Gholam Reza Sarhangi Moussa Traore GreggK. Burgat Julie Annette Humphrey SeeHiong g MA Wichita Stale Universitv MS Xi'an Jiaolong University, China MS Wichita State University MaitriM' Ecol ormale Superieure, Mali Michael Andrew Cathey • Rachman Ferry Isfianto Raml..oa Thi guyen Michael Shawn Stewart BA Wichita State University BS Xi'an Jiaotong University BA Pars College, Iran BS UniversiteScientifiqueel Medicalede Alfonso Cavallaro ••• Charles S. Jabara •• Tuong X. guyen ••• Mathew Raymond Stoos Communicative Disorder, and Sciences Mechanical Engineering Applied Mathematics Grenoble, France Heather Chang William Joseph Jacob•• David Allen oyce • Kevin Wayne Streeter m Di~'rlatim1 Ad,1ser· Dr Wynne D1,;erlat10,i AduLS<·r: Dr. Lankararu Dis.sertnlltl11 Advistr. Dr Wang Chemistry Yoon-Sze Cheng••• Mark Charles Jenkins••• Kim Oark Olson " l11omas E. Struble• Di,serla/1011 Title: Supervisor and Employer D1sserlatio11 Tille: A Mullibody /Finite Di>&rla/1011 Tille: Stabilization, D1sserlalim1 Adviser: Dr Stevenson Chee Weng Chew .. Wendi J. Jessee• Matawee Paksin .. Mary E. Swartz • Expectations of Competence Levels for Element Analysis Approach for Modeling Controllability, and Robw;tnc • of Some Dis.' University MS Wichila State Universitl' Jane Carmen Visto A. ayab Ali Khan ... Jamie L. Pollock •• Jeffrey Dean Thomas••• Marcella Cottrell MS Wicb.ua State Uni,-ersity BSME Wichita Shlle University MS Dhaka University, Bangladesl1 MS Moorhead State University Bradley Franklin Crisp m Sung-Soo Kim •• Kashif Majeed Qasmi ... Robert E. Thompson, Jr. • BS Yannouk University, Jordan Mechanical Engineering BS University of Daaa, Bang!Jdesh BS Northern State University Hiep Thai Doan Jerry Lee King Peter Quach •• Eric Christian Towner•• Eledrica I Enginl!Ering Dissertat,011 llllvistr: Dr. Talia Chemistry Communicative Disorders ,md Scient1.>s Adame. Ede••• Khristina Joe Kirstatter ... Abdul Rahim •• Rachelle Marie Tucker Disserl.ifin11 Ad,•iser: Dr. Sawdll Disscrlahm1 Tille: The Eflect of Scratches on Dis;er/alio11 A,foiser: Dr. Su.1gbal D1sstrfnlion Adviser Dr Scudder Jeffrey Lyn Ewy Cary S. Krier Bryan E. Ralston Calvin Don Vick .... Dissrrtalio11 Ti/It: Optimal Eigerl\'aluc the Fatigue Life and Fatigue Cra,k Gmwth Di5strlalio11 Ti/It: Chemiral Probe or Transfer DisSl'rtoliPn Tille: Tracking of "Moving" lmad Monjed Faral1 Suen Seng Lai George William Ramsey '"' Stephen D. Wagner .. Shifting for Continu(lu., and Oiscre~ on Al2024T3 Oad Material RNA Confonnation by Dirhodium Fused Auditory Images by Cliildren with Terry Len Freemrui William S. Lewis• Jeffery Wade Ratzloff••• Tsang-Hu Wang Syslcms Tetrnacerate Specific Language Impairment David Peter Garber Brad Alan Libby • Robert T. Reader Chih-Ju Weng Octavian Valeriu Neculoiu Greg William Garrison ••• Hsi- ing Liu•• Devin Len Renberger .... Brian Wayne Whicker Lee Shun 01ong MA Indiana University Faeq Shaikh Tong V. Vu• BS Wichita State University BA Indiana Uni,•ersity MS Wichita State University MS Wichita State University Troy Allan Gerken Keith A. Lovecchio ... Denise Marie Richey Michael Wiggins Chemistry Applied Mathmnatics BSAE Wichita State Unimity BSEE Wichita State University Steven Ray Gideon David Wayne Lowe"' Marlon Javier Rios• Jason R. Williams• Disstrlatio11 Advi.,;er: Dr. Groutas Dis.erlatio11 Advillfr. Dr. Elcrat Aerospace Engineering Electrical Engineering Scott Richard Glaves••• Chia-Ruey Lu"" Majid Rostai Travis 0. Williams Di$Sl'rlatim1 Ti/It: Mechanism-Based D1sserta1im1 Tille: Steady Vortex Flows Pas! Disserlation Muiser: Dr. Hom Disstrlalin11 Adui;;er. Dr. Sawan William S. Glover, Jr. Richard Cuong Dinh Luu • Kenneth D. Rupp I[••• Troy Lynn Williams••• lnhibiton; of Human Lrukocyte Elastase Obstacles Di~rlalio11 Ti/It: A Geometrically 1onlinear Dis.sertatio11 Title: HOO Control for Singularly Donovan C. Haines •• Timothy A. Lyda• Anna Katrena Sanders Tiffany Ann Wolfe• and Cathepsin G Derived from Finite Element Analy is Based Upon a Perturbed Sy tems Via Ga me Theory Tomoyuki Hayakawa• John Ferguson Martin ... Karl Reed Schimmel .. Kelly Liu Wong Phthalimideand Tsotllia1..olidin-3-0nc Kim Lascola eedy' Deformed Beam Axis Definition of Paul Jay Herman •• Konrad Peter Martynes ••• Shelly J. Schmidt .... Yu-Chyi Yang MS University of Pittsburg Curvature Jun Xian Catherine HerrnociUo Susan Kae McAmis Scott E. Sexton ... Xiaonan Yin• Mary Ellen Gordon u BS University of Pittsburg MS South China Institute of Technology, Micheal William Hill If Craig Michael McIntosh •• Eric Jason Shaw•• Matthew Scott Zimmer•• MS Purdue University Industrial Engineering Ramaswamy Subramanian* China BS Purdue University Disscrtat/011 Aduiser: Dr. Malzahn IE Indian Institute of Science, India BS Soutli China lnstilute of Technology Marcella J. Himes• Jeffrey Michael McVay •• Wen Jin Shieh• Communicative Disorders and Sciences D1sserlnlio11 Til!t: Perfonnance Comparison BT Indian Institute ofTedmology, India Chemistry Steven M. Hiser Zia Mehmood ... Poh Peng Siah • Dissutatio11 Aduistr: Dr. I lodson of Activi -Based Costing Versus Aerospace Engmeering Dlsserllllio11 Adrn;er. Dr. Singhal DiSS<'rlatio11 Ti/Ir: Speech Intelligibility Traditional Cost Accounting for Strategic Disser/alum Adviser: Dr. Hooper Di~;;ertatio,1 Title: Application of Capillary Assessment of Young Children with Decision Making Dissatalio11 Tille: The Effects of Jet Fuel and Electrophoresis for the Separation of Varying Levels of Phonological Water Absorption on Edge Delamination Biomolecules Proficiency /Deficiency Ravindra Pendse of Graphite-Epoxy Composites MS Wichita State University Chia-Ti Yen He Huang BS Osmania Engmeering College, India Mohammad Taghavi-Fard ME l.lJwell Uruversit:1• BSXiamen Universily,China Electrical Engineering MS University of Tennessee BE Feng-Chia University, ChiM Chemi try Dis.q,rlll/io11 A1wi,u: Dr. Hoyer BS University ofTehran, Iran Electrical Engineering Disscrlotion Adviser. Dr. Groulas D1s.."1'rlalio11 Ti/IP; Low Frequency Signal Industrial Engineering D1s;ertutio11 Adviser: Dr. Sawan Di,serlalio11 Tille: Inhibition of Human Analysis for Real Time Applications Using D1sser/alio11 Adviser: Dr. Ma ud DiSSfrlatim1 Title: Stability Robustness of Leukocyte Elastase and Catliepsin G by 1etworked Computers D1ssfflati~11 Titlr: Multi-Criteria Production Linear Discrete Time Systems Substituted Dihydrouracils and Chiral Scheduling Succinimides Rafat Yasinabu Rob Haris Uz Zafar MSEE Kansa Slate University abeel Mohamed Tarabishy MBA Wichita Slate University Paul Thomas Jaramillo BSEE Wicllita State University MS Wichita Stale University BS Enginwing University, Pakistan MS Wichita State University Electrical Engineering BS Dama= University, Syria Communicative Disorders and Sciences BS ew Mexico In titute of Mining and Dis.-ierfnl/011 Muiser. Dr. Jewell Mechanical Engineering Tt!Clmology D1s."lrla/io11 Tille: Computer-Based Short Di ·sertafio11 Adviser. Dr. Johnson Aerospace Engineering Circuit Hannonic Simulation Di;_'frlatim1 Till,~ SeUTuning Adaptive DiSS1'rtol/Q11 Adviser: Dr. agati Neural ehvorkl Control Using Triple DisserlAlio11 Tille: A Multipoint Model for the Delta Training Method Analy is of Aircraft Motion in Complex Flow-Fields

' Degree granted fuly 30, 1993 •• Degree granted Detember 18, 1993 ••• ~granted July 29, 1994


Jane S. Belt•• Marvin R. Estes • Catherine A. Hersh Diana Joy Rhiley •• Humberto Acevedo Trisha Lynn Bosken .. Margie Ann Donmick •• Dorothy Harm •• MA Texas Technical University ME Wichita State University ME Wichita State University MA California State College-5.m Bernardino BE Technologico de Monterrey, {e.\iCO BA Wichita State Univer ity BA Wichita State Univrnity BA Wichita St.ite University BS University of Missouri BA Southweswrn College BA Wichita Stale University BA Uni,·ersity of Kansas Economics Communicative Disonlets and Sciences Commumcative Disorders and Sciences Communications School <:>logy Educational Administration and Supervision School Psychology Counseling TI1t~<1s: Facilitating Development of Thesis: Newspaper Readership Among Janice Sue Afrank Jeanne Marie Brown Metaphonological Awarenes! Skills in Women in a Cen.tral United States Roy Douglas Curtright Raymond Michael Farag• Linda Lou Morris •• Diann Richards BHS Unlversitv of 'ebraska BA Southwestern College Children with lntclligibility Problems Community ME Wichita State University ME Western State College MA University of Arkansa ME Wichita State University Psychology · Psychology BS BS Sterling College BS Northwest Missouri State University BA Til,·s~<: Workplace Characl:l!nstics and Thtsi.,: lm:licators of Student and Teacher Use Pamela L. Doyle Gwendolyn L. Haw.kins • Educational Administration and Supervision falucational Administration and Supervision Educational Administration and Supervision Educational Administration and Super\'ision Alcohol Consumption of a High School Peer Counseling Program BA Wichilil Slate Uni\'erslty BA Wichita Stale Universit1• Engli.h Communicative Disorders and Sciences Mary Sharon Downing Berneice Garcia • Evanelle Joy Olinger Joyce Loehr Vonehrenkrook Susan Louise Agel• Julie Ann Burkhart•• MSE Wichita Stale Univer.;ily ME Wichita State University ME Wichita State University ME Wichita Slate Unh-ersity BS Kansas St.lie University BA Seattle Pacific University Kirk Erner on •• Jacqueline Veronne Heitman BA BS East Central State College BA Fort Hay State Uni,·ersity BA Avila College Communications Politic.tl Science BA Washburn Universfty BA Wichita tale University Educational Admini tration and Supervision Educational Administration and Supen•i$ion School Psychology Educational Administration and Supervision TI1tsis: The Role of Public Relations in TI1t>:i ·: The Impact of !he Policies of U.S. Political Science SociOlog)' Organizational Fund raising Aid on Women', Economic Activity in T/1es1s: The Incidence of and Attitudes Dennis A. Engels Lynn M. Gerber • Diana J. Peak Sub-Saharan Africa Cheryl Lynn E\·aru; •• Toward Familial Violence ME Wichita State University MS University of Oklahoma ME Wichita State University Samia AI-Zoubi "* BA Northwestern Oklahoma State Universitv BA Wichita St.ite University BA Universilv of Oklahoma BSE Emporia State Universily BA Yarmou.k University, fordan Julie L. Canova Communication Elizabeth Lee Herring • Educational Administration and Supervision EdurntionaJ Administration and Supervision Educational Administration and Supervision Economi~ · BS Kansas State Unirnsity BA Wichita Slate University Communicative Disorders and Sciences James Alan Evenson"* Psychology Tamara L. &posito Sharon Sue Hand Howard Jerome Pitier Karon A. Alexander~ BA Wichita Stale Universill• 1iU'Si5: The Receptivity of Akoholici; ME Wichita State University ME Wichita Stale University MM Wichita State University BGS Wichita State University Mary Margaret Carver Communicative Disorders and Sciences Anonymous SclI-Help Groups to BS Friends Univmily BS Emporia State University BS Indiana State University Communications BA Iowa State Uni,•ersity Mental Health Consumers Educational Administration and Supervision Educational Administration and Supervision llducational Administration and Supervision Communirntions Katherine Lynn Faulkner Gary Jolm Alleven • TIJ£Sis: Rhetoric of a Readership: A Generic BA Wichita State University James Daniel Holzrichter • MASTER OF FINE ARTS BA Saint Mary College Analysis of the W1m1a11's /oumn/, 1870-1890 Art Education BCS Wichita State University P ychology Economics 111tSls: Self-Defeating Behavior; A Rule- Thane Eugene Chastain Christina L. Foster •• Dennis Andre Camire M.T. Puller Frank Anthony Pishkur Alan Stuart Watson Governed Analysis BA Bethel Colll'ge BA Wichita State University Karen R. Hoyer BA University of Maine BA Indiana Univen.ity BFA lndiana State Universit)' BFA Wayne State University Communications Liberal Studies BS Old Dominion Univ(')'Sity Creative Writing Creative Writing Cerami~ Painting Ricky C. Ayre •• Thesis: Graduation Toward the T11tsis: Environmental Policy English Thrsi5 Dim/or: Professor J. Hathaway Thesis Diret:lor: Profes.sor Goldbarth BS Rocheste1 Institute ofTechnology .. Mean"-Stream: A Cultivation Analysis of 771e;is: Dual/Duel Tlit'Sis: Change of Address and Other Places Thomas Dale Reynolds• Brett Edward Weaver Communkations the Impact of Ma.~ Media on Selected Carma Christine Franz•• Hu sein azmi-Ahrnad Jafar BA BA ~ton University Kansas High School Seniors BS University of Wyoming BA Yarmouk Univer.ail1/, Jordan Robin Maie Clark Bradley Todd Hart» Creative Writmg Creative Writing Allison Lee Bacon • Gerontology Economi · BS Oarkson University BFA Arizona State University TIIL'sis Director: Professor Goldbarth 71resi;. Dir<'dPr; Professor Schneider BA ortheast Missouri Stale UniveJ'liity Ralph Earl Conrad •• Creative Writing Printmaking 111esis: Fossil Hunters 77,e,;i·: Broken Elephants History BA Wichita State Univer5ity Dawn Christine Franz•• Lori L. Johnson• 1i1e;is Dim:lur: Dr. Bond 71,es.s: From Prairie 10 Town: The Cultural Communicative Disorders and Sciences BA Wichita State University BS Southeast Missouri State Unh,ersity n11i;ii: How Hot the Kiln Corbet Lewis Hays ancy E. Squire •• Dougla Gerald White !Andscape of Fort Scott, Kansas, from the Communicative Disorders and Science, Communications MA Vasi.ar College BFA Univer..ity of Kansas BFA Kearney State College 1830s to the l 930s Linda Sue Coulter Karin L. Cox BA Vassar College Painting Painfu1g BS Universily of Idaho Antonio Thomas Freeman • Jennifer L. Juenemann BA Wichila Stale University Creative Writing Barbara Jean Beale Communications BS University of Wisconsin BA Kansas Slate UniversilV Creative Writing Tli

' Degn,e granted July :Ml. 1993 •• Degn,,, grantl'd December IS, 1993 "' Pegrecgrantedjuly29, 199-t

24 25 MASTER OF ARTS (Conti11ued)

Jenna Lenore Kemp .. Edgar Morales Aleen J.Ratzlaff Joann Swearingen BA Baylor Universily BA Nia gar a Univer ity BA Tabor Colleg~ BA Wichita State Universilv MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMIN1STRATIO Communic.i live DL,;orders and Sciences History Communications English Thesis: The Struggle for Justice: Japanese Th,:,:is: I ue Framing in the 1890s: Race, Bruce David Anschutz Kathy Ann Fleming•• Karen Ann Klaus•• Tammy Marie Schmidt• Signe Christine Knee Americans and the Movement for Redress Politics, and Religion in Early ewspapers Kiat Kheong Tai BBA Washburn University BS Wichita State University BBA Fort Hays State Univers,ty BS Emporia State University BGS Wichita State University or Wichita, Kansas BBA Wichita State Univeisity liberal Studies Vernell Morgan Economics Judy A Archer Cynthia Anne Frey•• June L. Klug•• Troy Leigh Showalter BA Wichita State University Robert Landon Rives BA Wichita Stale University BSN Umversitv of Northern Colorado MS Wichita State University BS Kansa State University Deborah Lynn Lanzrath Art Education BA Oklahoma State University Tara West Teague • BSN Wichita State Uni1•ersily BA Wichita State University Communications BA Wichita State Universily Gregory M. Ast .. Archana Vasant Gondhalekar Stephen Bruce Smith Psychology Jennifer W. Mueller Communicative Disorders and Sciences BSBA Georgetown University BBA Wichita State University Vandana Lall 0 BBA Wichita State University Tirrsi,: Recovering Alcoholics' Perceptions of BS University of Illinois Linda Louise Same .. BS Embry-Riddle Aeronautir.al University Females Who Drink Communications BA Wichita State Universitv Gretchen Marie Torline Chong Hon Aw Paul Jo eph Guffrovich • Sau Ying So Tht"SIS: User Satisfaction with and Preference Communicative Disorders ~nd Sciences BS Ea. tern New Mexico Unil'ersity BBA Wichita State University BBA Wichita State University Chee Soon Lee BBA Wichita State University Doo 1-Iee Lee for Electronic lewspapers: An Evaluation Communications BBA Wichita State Univcrsily BA Soong Sil Uni"mity, Korea of the San Jose Mercury Center Luella Baine Sanders •• Lori Ann Aylward ' Dennis James Hahn Cary Robert Steiner Political Science BA Wichita State Unive:r.;ity OsamuUno'* BSA Wichita State University BS University of Wisconsin-Platteville Ching-Li Lin BS Kan..

• 0egr.., granted July 30, 1993 " Degree granted Oea,mber 18, 1993 ... Degrtt granted July 29, 1994

26 27 MASTER OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Tami Kincaid"" Carol J. Lorenson •• Lawrence Marc Perlman Theresa F. Smith BA Wichita Srate University BA friends University ME University of Kansas BS Pittsburg State Uni1•ersity Eric C. Herrmann .,_ Majid P. Ka hani Regina Devi Selva egaram Timothy Holli Smith• Elementary Education · Special Education BA University oflllinoi Secondary Education BS TCJ(as A&M University BS Wichita State University BS Hawaii Pacific University BS Univirsity of Kan.as Tlre;is: The Use of an Error Monitoring Educatioll.al Administration and Supervision Katherine Joan Kirby•• Strategy in Teaching Writing to Justin C. Snell•• Donald Edward Howard Donald Lewis Kerns BS McPherson Collt>ge Elementary Student with Leaming Letitia Anne Petitjean •• BA Wichita State Uni1·ersity MS Wichita State Uniwrsity BS Missouri Western State College Counseling Disabilities BS Kan,;as rate University Counseling BS Kansas State University Elementary Education Lisa Michelle Klaassen Patricia Ann Lynch • Candida Ruiz Spacil BA Wichita State University MS Pittsburg State University Stacy Leann Pfannenstiel ME Wichita State University MASTER OF EDUCATIO Physical Education BA Pitt burg Slate University BA Fort Hays State University BA Educational Administration and Supervision Educational Psychology Educational Administration and Supervision Kristina E. Arteaga Mindy M. Brennan •• Rebecca Sue Endicott Drew Erne t Harris Rebecca Diann Kletchka •• T11esis: The Relationship of Locus of Control BSED Oklahoma Chri tian College Richard E. Mcintyre, Jr. and Self-Esteem with Academic Valerie Kay Stratton° BA Wichita State University BA Wichita State University BSE Emporia Stale Univer ity BS Pittsburg State Univer..ity BS Friends Bible College Educational Administration and Supervision Elementary Education Physical Education Educational Administration and Supervision Elementary Education BBA Wichita Stale University Achievement of Middle Adolescents Physical Education Elementary Education Boni ta Fa ye Ballard .... Barbara Ellen Brorton Keith L. Ericson • Catherine A. Hersh .. Vicky Sue Kloeppner •• Toshie Shibaki Poston BS &thel College Elaine Elizabeth Merritt .. BA Wichita State University Timothy Swartzendruber BA Md'herson College BA Wichita State University BA Kansa Wesleyan Universil')' BA Wichita Stale University J. Special Education BS Iowa State University Secondary Education BS Bethel CoUege Elementary Education Elementary Education Educational Psychology Educational Psychology 771t is: Le.1ming Disabilities and Learned Tl1t'Sis: Cross-Age Peer Tutoring Between Educational Psychology Physical Education Crystal Ann Barber • Lisa Ann Chad wick Kenneth Alan Fogel .. Helplessness: A Heuristic Appro;ich Elementary Studl!llts With and Without Dorothy Jean Powell .. Disabilities Diane M. Miles• BS Corpus Christi State University BA Emporia State University BSE Arkansas State Univer.;ity BA University of Ari7.ona Mary Theresa Sweet •• BA Wichita State University Elementary Education BA Saint Mary of the Plains College Elementary Education Educahonal Admini tratkm and Supervision Physical Education Brian]. Hogan• BA Saint Mary of the Plains Colll'ge David William Koch Educational Administration ,md Supervision Educational Administration and Super-•ision BA Wi(hita State University Erica Laine Powers Janet Lee Basgall u Bonnie L. Conard ... Jera Sue French •• Physical Education Secondary Edurntion Sharree Moore •• Wichita State University BS Fort Ha} State University BSE Emporia State Uni1•crsity BS Kansas State University MME Chris A. Taylor BA Washburn University ME Wichita State University BA Wichita State University Education.ii Administration and Supervision Secondary Education Elementary Education Mary L Hollowell Tiresis: The Effects of Constructivist Teaching ME Wichita State Universitv Joseph Duane Kullas• BHS Wichita State University BA Kansas State University Physical Education Amy). Ba so on Higher Order Problem-Solving Clara Marie Freund •• BSE Emporia State University BS University of Nebraska-Lincoln Counseling Educafi.onal Administration and Supervision Phy ical Education BA University of Kansas Abilities in Mathematics BA Wichita State Univer.,ity Educational Administration ,md Superv~ion Esther Va lee Taylor Kenneth Bruce Robinson 11 .. BA Wichita State University Physical Education Secondary Education William Murphy Trent L Coppoc GwenCarol H. Holmes Paul Bryan Lacy BA Friends University BA Wichita State University Counseling ancy J. Bates •• BA Wichita State University Llnda M. Frost MS Kansas St.ite University BA Southwestern University Educational Administration and Supervision Counseling BAM id-America azarene College Physical Education BS Friends Unil'ersity BS Kansas State University Physical Education Patricia Sue Taylor• BS Kansas State University Erlucational Psychology Elementary Education Educational Administration and Sup<>rvision Kevin James euenswander •• Marsha L. Rolander •• James E. Courtney•• Rebecca Sue Lady BME Baker University BA Educational Administration and Supervision Sandra Lee Billeter BA North .istem State University ils W. Gabrielson Barry Lee Johnson BSE Emporia State University Educational Administration and Supervision Counseling SSE Emporia State Unin•rs.ity Educational Administration and Supervision BA Wichira Stale University llA Bluffton College Elementary Education Janet Tilton • Elizabeth Joan Niedens .. BS Uni,,ersity of Kansas Counseling BAE Wichilil State University SecondaJ}' Education Gaye E. Ruschen •• Michelle Lynn Cuda • Educational Administration and Supervision David Allen Lamp• BA Bethany College BS Calvin CoUege BA University of Kansas Shari Blattner• BS Friends University Glenda L Jones BS Friends University Counseling Elementary Education BA Wichita State University BA Wichita State University Elementary Education Sheri Lynn Galliart •• BA Wichita State Unive!>ity Educational Administration and Supervision Educational Adrnini tration and Supervision Cowiseling BSE Emporia Stale University Educational Administration and Supervision Cindy L. Oehm Roger Lynn Savage• Ronald Wayne Dannon • Elementary Education Warren John Larson • BS University of Nebraska BA Wichita State University onna Yuvonne Tolson Joan Marie Blazek BS limporia State University Debra Ann Kasitz •• BA University of South Dakota Counseling Educational Administration and Supervision BA Wichita State University BS Kansas State University Educational Admioh.tration and Supervision C.arol Linda Giardina•• BS Bethel College Counseling Elementary Education Secondary Education BA Wichita State University Elementary Education Pamela Ann Olson •• Pamela Jayne Schlaefli • Bart Leroy Dick • Counseling Thrsis; Mctarognition; R.eading Strategies, Wendlyn Joy Ligons .. BA Fort Hays State University BA Fort Hays State University Grace E. Ulrich •• Becky Jean Blevins BS Fort Hay:; State University Physical Movement, and Second Graders BA Friends University Secondary Education Physical Education BGS Wichira State University BA Southwestern College Phy~ical Education Debra Lee Gillespie •• Educational Administration and Supervision Counseling Carol Ann Omenski R. CounseLing BA Wichit.J Stale Uni versify Joel Thomas Kauffman • Allan Ser land Lowell E. Dohrmann •• Elementary Education BA Fresno Pacific College Cynthia Jean Linscheid •• BS Kansas State University BA Luther College Barbara Jean Vieyra •• Jeanette M. Blide BS Emporia State University Physical Education BA Bethel College Elementary Education Educational Administration and Supervision BA Kearney State College BA Wichita State University Secondary Education James E. Gillett•• Secondary Education Elementary Education Secondary Educ.1tioo BS Emporia Stale University orma Jean Kehres"" Dennis Paul O' eil David Elwood Shelly ... Susan Marie Domann Counseling BSE Emporia State University Marcus J. Logan bill BA Kansas ewman College BA Bethel College Kimberly Lynn Voth• Sarah Dunlap Bontz BS Kans.i State University Elementary Educ.1tion MSii Wichita State University Secondary Education Secondary Education BS Pittsburg State University BS Colorado Stale University Physical Education Daniel Michael Gingraux • BS Bethel College Counseling Counseling BS Port Ha)IS State Univer..ity Susan Elizabeth Kierl-Carpenter • Educational Administration and Supervision Janice Penner•• Laurie Parker Smith ancy Ruth Elliott u Phy ical Education MS Fort Hays State University BS Bethel College BA Wichita State University Lana Jolene Vsetecka .. Ann Bradford BA Wichita State University BS Fort Hay State University Kathy Kay Logback •• Elementary Education Elementary F.ducation BS Kansas State University BA Wirhihl State University Educational Psychology Barbara C. Hanstedt • Educational Administrolion and Supervision B5E Emporia State University BFA Kansas State University Secondary Education 77re;is: Lead Science Teachers and Their BS University o/ Wismnsin Elementary Education Counseling Effecl on Confidence and Teaching Secondary Educahon Richard Eugene Kilmer ... Deborah Lynn Brecheisen • Strategy Choice of Elementary Science T11f.Sis: ~venth-Grade Srodents' Expression BS Friends University BGS Wichita State University Teachers of MllthematiC"S Concepts Through the Physical Education Counselmg Writing of a Tl!Xtbook

' Degree granted July 30, 1993 " Degree granted Dece1J1ber 18, 1993 '" Degree granted July 29, 1994

28 29 MASTER OF EDUCATION (Continued)

Brenda Rae Warner Kathleen Hopkins Whalen Renee Jean Wiebe• Julie Ann Wishart MASTER OF PHYSICAL THERAPY BA Wichita State University BA Wicltila State University BE University of Missouri BSED University of Oklahoma Educational Administration and Supervision Educational Administration and Supervision Physical Education Secondary Education Dan S. Bertholf• Jennifer Frances Droege• Christine Lynn ewport• Renee Stolze • BHS Wichita 5tdte University Lise Andrew C. Waxman James R. White•• Lorena Ruth Wilson•• Lawrence Dean Wood •• BS Iowa State University BS Bethany College BA University of Kansas BS ew Mex1ro State Universily BA Wichita State University MA U11iversitv of Iowa BS Pitt burg State University Mitchell James Bruning • Elaine Ann Estes • Kimberly Marie Oliphant• Physical Education CollllSeling BA Tel(llS Woman's Uni\-ersity Secondary Education BS Kans.is State University Mary Jeanne Todd• Phvsical Education 85 Oktahoma Christian University BS Kearney State College MS Kansas State Unlversitv Debra Jean West Janis W. Whitfield 11,:.S,s: The Relationship of Flip Flexibility, Cynthia K. Zehr BS Emporia State Univmity Dawn LaRae Chambers• Ginger Lee Grieshaber• BA Wichita State University BS Sterling College Hamstring Flexibility, Age, and Low Back BA Goshen College Kevin Andrew Rash• BS Pennsylvania late Uni\'mity BS Kansas Stale Uni,•ersity Educational Admini tration and Supervision Educational Administration and Supervision Injury Among Fire Fighters Counseling BS Keamev State College Kent Unrau• BGS Wichita State University Shawna Renee Oemensen • Caryn Kay Heise,. Michelle Marie Schamberger• BA Uru,·ersily of Kansas BS Western lllinois Univer.ity BS Fort Hays State University Amy Elizabeth Weixelman ~ MASTER OF HEALTH SCIENCE BA Kansas State University Jeffery Charles Couchman • Dayna Sue Lange • Xenophon Phillip Smith • Kelly Lanell Anderson Don Alan Hatfield •• David B. Lenhart Martha L. Sanchez • BS Kamas State University BS Fort Ha) State University BHS Wicltita State University DDS University of Missouri BA Wichita State University BA Wichita State University BBA University of Kansa, JD University of Kansas 111esis: Utillution of Community Health Jill Janeen Couchman • Jeffery Milton Leiszler • Shawna Lynn Stieg • Jack Alan Bond• BA Wichita State University Stuart John Lovejoy •• Agencies: Prenatal Care to Hispanic BS Kansas Stale University BS Kansa State University BS University of Kansas BS Oklahoma State Uni,•ersity Non-White Women, the Lower BS Kansas State University Martha L. Holmes Tiresis: The Strategic Planning Process and Socioeconomic OilSS Beth Anne Booher•• BS Tufts University Acute Care Facility in Kansas: ASurvey MASTER OF PROFESSIO AL ACCOUNTANCY BA University of Denver TI,esis: The Effais of d Planned Walking Analy is Donubari Dominic Si-Ooh Program on the Functional Abilities of the MPA Wichita State University John D. Barnett III" Molly A. Coplen Janette Kay Chipas Hospitalized Elderly Suzan McNett • BS Wichita State University HongHuo .. Kevin . Pavey .. MT Gcorgla State Universily MBA Universi~· of Kansa MA Pittsburg State University BS Emporia State University BA Ottawa Unlversily BS Miami Uni,•crsity BBA Wichita Slate Unh1ersity Scott A. Horton • 77resis; Use of a Total Quality Management Anjali Thusoo • BBA Wichita State Urnversity BA Pittsburg State University Randy Lee Ervin •• BA Bethany College (TQMJ Model of Statistical Process Control BHS Wichita State Universily Kuo-Huei Tseng Marvelyn Bumelle Stephanie Lynn Hunt BS Abilene Christian University Tliesis: Sex Education in Rural and Urban to Reduce Variation in Blood Glucose Tizesis: Model for Better Utilil.ation of Health· Michael Jon Leone" BBA Wichita State University BS South Dakota State Uruversity T/,e,;i;: ATheoretical Model for a Psycltiatric School Districts: A Comparative Study of Values of Patients with Diabetl'S Mellirus Related Services on a University Campus BBA Pittsburg State University Rl'Sidential Treatment Center for School Community Attitudes Toward Sex and Cardiovascular Disease Adolescents Education Curricula Judith Elaine Williams MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIO Cory Allen Rathbun• BSN Wichita State University Joan Elizabeth Ferris•• Ken Earl Johnson BS Kansas State University Leonard Lee Biggs BHS Wicltita State University BS Kansas State University Michael R. Hampel • Mary L. Knopick Mark Douglas Sheek MS Emporia Stale Universitv BS K=s State University BS Wichita Stale University Kathryn Elizabeth Ross BSE Emporia State University BA University of Kansas Melody Lee Frantz" Mary Ellen Leithoff 0 BS Saint Joseph College BA Wichita State Uni,•ersity BS Kansas State University MASTER OF SOE CE

MASTER OF MUSIC Abid Ali Abbasi •• Mohammad Ashraf•• Tim M. Caldwell •• Alvaro Augus Cruz-Cabrera•• BS Iowa State University BE NED University o( Engineering and Ann Rebecca Diane Robbearts Elaine Marie Ulrey •• BS Wichita State University BS Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Thomas E. Baresel • Kimberly Kelley Computer Science Technology, Pakistan BM Wichita State University BM lndiana University BME Wichita State University BME Wichita State Univer.;ity Chemistry Colombia Industrial Engineering 77,esis: A l'W Syntru.'Sis of Chlorins Via a Performance Performance Performance History /Literature Faiz Ahmad • Electrical Engineering Porphodimethene lntermcdiat~ rllesis: Optical Computing Using Kerr-Type TlrtSis: Ludwig van Beethoven as the Child BS University of Engineering and Sam.er Moh' d Bashir .. Robert Kristen Craig Elizabeth Lucile McCoy•• Stephanie Schiffman of an Alcoholic: A Biographic:al Study Nonlinear Materials Technology, Pakistan BSME Wichita State University Jayabrata Chaudhuri•• BM Wichita State Universily BM Oklahoma State University BM Ea hnan School of Music Industrial Engincenng Mecfumical Engineering Pcrfonnance Performance Performance Sonja Dee Wohlgemuth • BSME Wichita State University Vijay Kttmar Dara 1echanical Engineering BS J rr University of Engineering. India BA Bethany College Osama AI-Jirafi Blaise F. Bergmann •• Elisa Michelle Fraser Jeff V. Newberry Barbara Lynn Seibel" Performance Tl~is: X-Ray Double Crystal Diffractometry Computer Science BSIE Wichita State University BSME Wichit~ State Univeisity and X-Ray Topographic Characterization BS University of Illinois at BA Wicltita State University BM Wichita State University Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Urbana-<:hampaign History /Literature Performance Matthew Perry Woodward of A/ N Single Crystal Tltin Films AlzO) Charle D. Darling •• and SiC BS Kansas State Utuver.;ity Perfonnance Thesis: A Comparison Between the Requiems BM University of Nebraska Zainul Abed.in Ali • Daniel Jason Bernstein of Luigi Cherubini and Hector Berlioz Performance Mechanical Engineering B.5EE Wichita State University BS Carnegie-Mellon UniveTSity Yan Chen•• Shirley Ruth Harjes •• lndu trial Engineering Computer Snence BM Illinois Wesleyan University MS South China University of Tec-hnoloi;y. Xinhui Deng•• 7111:sis; U i.ng Whole Inheritance to Reduce Cltina Performance John M. Anderson BS Dalian Univcr,ity of Technology, Chin~ Testing BS South China Universily of Technology Mechanical Engineering BSEE Widlita State University Chemistry Electrical Enginl'l'ring Tlit"Sis: Stretch Formability ol an Aluminum MASTER OF MUSIC EDUCATION Ashok Janakira Blmvanagiri •• T/zesi!;: Preparation, Characterization, and 6.ux-o Alloy BS Bangalore University. India Thermal Analysis of Some Aromatic Sha kil Ashfaq • Industrial Engineering Amine Cured Epoxy Resins James W. Mareda • Judy Annette Mareda • Susan States Miller • Janet E. Tefft• BSliE Wicltita State University Carl D. Dirks BSEE Wichita State University BME Friends University BME Frie.nds University BME Wicltita State University BME Wichita State University Electrical Engineering Mark Andrew Brown • lnstrumental Special Education Choral Elementary Boon Hooi Chuah Electrical Engineering BA Mid-America Nazarene Coll~ge BSAE Wichita State University Mathematics lndu trial Engineering

• Degr,,,: granted July 30, 1993 •· Degree granted Doa>mber 18, 1993 "" o.g,... granted July 29, 19'J.l

30 31 MASTER OF SCIENCE (Continued) Mohammad A.F. El Khaldi •• Wei Li•• Patrick Downing azzaro • Geetha Ramamurthy • Kathy Jo Starke James Lovell Weaver•• Paul Ji-Qiang Dong David Clifton Hastings•• BS Texas A&M University MS Bishop Herber College, India BS Universiiy of Kansas BSME Kansas State University BSCE Letourneau College BS Kuwait University, Jordan BS Shanghai lnstilute of Mechanical BSEE Wichita State University Engineering, Chin.1 Aerospace Eugineering BS Bishop Herber College Mathematics BSAE Wichita State University Industrial Engineering Electrical Engme,:,ring Electrical Engineering 1echanical Engineering TI1t>Sis: Solution by Finite Volume Method of Computer Science Aerospace Engineering T11t~1>: The Capacitated Vehicle Routing Yasser Mahmoud Khorchld' TI1ds: on-Uniform R.itional 8-Spline the lm•iscid Euler Equation; on an Thc,is: A Database Management System for Glenn Witman Steele•• Problem with a Distance Constraint Sundeep Satish Hegde Optimally Adapted Grid Disjunctive Dataooses BS Widtita State University Vaughn Dana Weaver• BE Unimsity of Mysore, India BSAE Wichita State University SurfaCl.'S for Three-Dimensional Phigs· Based AnimationsofCra hScenarios Industrial Engineering BS Sterling College Joseph Drbohlav lll Industrial Engineering Aerospace Engmecring Tlr<'sis: EfC..,ct,, of Mode Mh on Delamination Kenneth Lee elson .. K. M~rtin Rinne•• Biological Sciences BS United States Air force ACildemy BSEE Wichita State U11iversity MA University of Nebr<1. ka Sandra M. Stevens •• Tlresis: Effects of Urban Pollution on Sand David Fernando Hervas Fracture Toughne!ductive Rules Processor for SQL and Petrographic Study of the San Protection Technology, I'll kistan Roger K. Foehrweiser Thailand BS University of Illinois at GuojueYan Andrea formation, Yates field, lndu trial Engineering BS University of Missouri-Rolla Computer Science Urbana-Champaign Yildirirn Bora Suzen • BS Shanghai ]iao Tong University, China Physics · Peco;, County, Texa~ Osman Korkmaz •• BS Hacettepe UniveNty, Turkey Umesh K. Ma Uk•• Tlie;;is: Comparison Tree-Ba ed Lower Aerospace Engineering BS Middle East Technical University, Turkey Industrial Engineering lndustri.J Engineering BSEE Wichita Slate University Bounds for Constructing Heaps Aerospace Engineering Yow Khen Fong Min-Jii Hsfao •• Abul Qasen1 S. Saldar •• 11,esis: Unsteady Navier-Stokes Yu-Sheng Yin BE Tamkang University, Taiwan Electrical En!Jinecring BSIE Wichita State Uni1•ersity Ziad Noueihed • BSEE Wichita State University Computations for Hypervelocity Blunt BS Northwest Institute of Light Industry, Aerospace E.ngmeering Shyam Prasad Kukkapalli "* Industrial Engineering Edward Mark Mally• BS Wkhita State University Electrical Englneeriug Configurations with ose Cavity China TJ,esis: Activity-BMed Costing in an BS Osmania University, India Burhanuddin Sajjad Hussain .. lndu trial Enginet!ring BS University of !Uinois-Chicago Computer Science Mechanical Engineering Academic Department Thesis: Using "Reducer" to Reduce the Arun-Kumar PachamuSanjeev •• Teck Wee Tan ... TI1esis: Design and Analysis of a Oimbing BS Wichita State University 111esis: Identification of Probability Density Electrical Engineermg Testing Effort in an Object-Oriented BE Coimbatore lnstit ute ofTechnology, India BSEE Wichita State University Robot Harry E. GaUagher Ill •• Computer Scienc-e Functions U ing eural etworks: An Exploratory Study Stephen Gregory Mt:Cauley Environment Computer Science Electrical Engineering BSEE Uni versily of Missouri BSAE Wichita State University T11esis: Comparing Database Exploratiou al fill Suzanne Yoder• Electrical Engineering Jira Iwata Ricardo M. unes •• Different Levels of Automation Shane Thompson BA Goshen College BSME Wichita State University Krishna Shyam under Kumar Aerospace Engineering MS University of Hyderabad, India Tlresis: An Optimal Trajectory Algorithm for BE Catholi.c University of Salvador, BS Henderson State University Mathematics QizhiGao Aerospace Engineering El Sah•ador SrinivasaNarasimha Sanku Physics TJ,cs,s: The. ear-Wake flow Behavior of an BS Osmania University, India Aircraft CoUision Avoidance BS Institute of Anshan, China lndu trial Engmeering BE Panjab University, India Thesis: Mossoouer Spectroscopy Studies of Jen-Te Yu•• Oscillating Airfoil With Modified Trailing Physics Computer Science Anil Mehra Aerospace Engin(!(lring FeGeSiNb and ZnF~04 BE Tamkang University, Taiwan TI,e,1.,: Geometry Theorem Proving Using Edge Thesis: Calorimetric Measurements of Ma1,'11etic Anomali cs in MT Indian !11Stitute ofTechnology, India David C. Ogden Thesis: Delamination Analysis of Resin Aerospace Engineering Grobncr Baseb with Factorization BS Wichita State University Transfer Molded Composite Structures Yuxin Tian• Indra Purnama Jacobalis (Lu 1-xPrx) Ba2CuJ07 Al'l'OSpace Engineering Mathematics BS East China Normal University, O,ina Te-Hung Yu BS Jnstitut Teknologi, Indonesia lkoma Abraham George• Vivek Moinikunta Tllesis: A Combinatorial Queueing Mooel Golam Sarwar Physics BSEE Wichita State University BSEE Wichita Slate University Industrial Engineering Satwaji Suresh Kumar BE BMS College of Engineering. India BS Osmania Uni1•ersity, India Related to the Ba Uot Pr0bl.em MS Wichita State University Thesis: Magnetic Susceptibility lnvestigaHons Electrical Engineering Physics Botuiie lorraine Johnson Mecl~inica! E.ugineering Industrial Engineering MS University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh of l-lexameric ickel Ring TI,esis: Computer-Driven System for Ac Ravi Paladugu •• BS Unil'ersity of Rajshahi Anwer Arif Zaidi •• MBA Wichita State University I11,.,/s: Dynamics of High-Speed Spur Gean; Tln'Sis: Tool Wear Estimation U ing Neural SuS<.1.'ptibility Measurements for BS MS Ramaiah Institute of Teclu1ology. Computer Science Shih-Shan Tsai•• BE University of Engineering and BAEM University of Minnesota Supported on Journal Bearings etworks Characterizing High Tr Supemmductors lndfa BS Tamkang University, Taiwan Technology, Pakistan Aerospace Engineering Industrial Engineering Kenneth James Savoy Aerospace Engineering Mechanical Engineering Thesis; Effect of Flaperons on a Bipl.ane Periannan Kumaran Venu GopalMoogala .. TI1omas Daniel Gerlach BSH!i Wichita State University Thesis: Effects of Scratches on the Fatigue Life Configuration BS Regional Engineering College, India BT Kaklltiya University, lrulia BS Saint Joseph's College Electrical Engineering Susan L. Parker 0 Electrical Engineering Clarence David Turner• of Al 2024-1"3 Computer Science Mechanical Ei1gineering Mark Alan Johnson•• TI1esi;: Evaluation of Occupant Dynamic BA Wichita State Uni1•ersity BA Central Missouri State University 85 Wichita State University Razi Muhammad Sheikh fndu trial Engmeering MBA Wichita State University Responses and Development of Injury Kwang-Sun Mun° Zuohui Zhang Heng Guan• Biological Sciences BS NED University of Engineering and Thesis: An Analysis of Factors That Affect the BS Nankai Univeisity, China BS University of North Dakota Crileria for a J. Year-Old Child BS Ajou Uni1eersity, Korea BSEE Wichita State University Tin-sis: The lilfects of Urban Impact on Technology, Pakistan Implementation of Troop Construction Physics Administration Electrical Engineering Electrical Eugin(!(lring Emerald Shiners (Nolropi, Alh,orinoiil,-s) Industrial Engineering Tasks Below the Platoon Level Tlmsis: The Association Between Perceived Xianyao Lao ThesL,: A Mossbauer Spectroscopy Study of and the Potential Use of Genetic Variation Customer-to-Cu ·tomcr Compatibility and BS Zhongshan Umversity, China Mohamt>d Dawoud ajar• anocrystalline Fei,,79Geo.21 Films Brahmananda Gudimetla • as a Bioindicator Aji Sigomo Sie •• Carolyn). van der Veen Selected Characteristics of Service/Retail Physics BSEE Wichita State University ME Birla Institute of Technology, India BS Tris.1kti University, Indonesia BA Oklahoma Panhandle State University Physical Environments TI1rsis: Electron-Paramagnetic-Resonance Electrical Eugincering BT Najarjuna University, India TI1e,;is: Short-Tenn Power Load Forecasting Magesh Perumal •• lndustrial Engmeering Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Llmeshapc Studies of RbH2As04- Narasimhaswamy Ra Kanathur RbD2As04 and Rb1-xCNH4JxH2!'04 Via lodem Tim~ Series Modeling BT Univeraity of Kerala, India Tlirsi,: Single Pha Heal Transfer Electrical Engineering Barbara Kathleen Smitl1 Roxy Deane Walsh• BE Bangalore University, India Techniques Enhancement in Micro-Fi11 Tubes BS Wichita State University BS Wichita State University Electrical Engineering Hong Li T.M. Narasimhan Srinivasan Maruthi Prasad•• Industrial Engineering Mathematics Stephen Derl Guhl ~· M Xiangtan University, China Sundar Kannabiran BA Hunan Normal Uniwrsity, China BS Univen.1ty of Madras, India BE Osmania University, India Thesis: AStepwise Variable Selection BSEE Univer-;ity of Akron Industrial Engmeering Matthew Ross Smith Algorithm Using Pri11cipal Components BS University of Madras, India Physics Industrial Engineerini: Electri(:<11.Engincering BSEE Wichita State University Industrial Engineering T11esis: Low Temperature Calorimetric Satish arayanan Mahnaz Raisdana Electrical Engineering Thomas Robert Wayman n Farukh Hashmi •• Stud.iesofYb015and Ho01.5 Ranganathan Karumbunathan MT Cochin University of Science and BA Wichita State Uni vc.rsity BS Iowa State University BS Mehran University of Engineering and Industrial Engineering Bhaskar Srinivasan Aerospace Engineering BE PSG CoUege ofTechnology, India Technology, India Technology, Pakistan MBA Cochin University of Science and Thesis: Vented and Deflected Ail ron for Industrial Eugineering BE University of Madras, India Mechanic.i1 Engineering Electrical Engineering Sri-Vidya Rajagopal Technology, India Aerodynamic Control of Power TI1fSis: X-Ray Double Crystal BE Univen;ity of Madras, India BE Annamalai University, India Modulation and Braking of Hori.zoutal­ Characteri1.ation of Heterostructure; Electrical Engineering Industrial Engineering Axis Wind Turbines

' Ol?gree grantc>d July 30, 1993 " Degree granted [)e(-ember 18, 1993 "' Degre,!granted July 29, 1994

32 33 MASTER OF SCIE CE EDUCATIO The Honored Members of the Class of 1944 Janice Patricia Crowley•• Dori Anna Jones Kristine Lawrence Arthur R. Weigand BFA University of Texas-Arlington BS California Polytechnic University BA Southwestern College BS Wkhila State Uni versily Jackson P. Adams, Hot Spring ational Park, Arkansas Sylvia A. eville) Lassak, Dunkirk, ew York MASTER OF SCIENCE IN NURSING ancy (Park) Amos, Wichita Elizabetl1 E. (Smith) Lay, Falls Church, Virginia E. Bruce Appling, Spicewood, Texa M. Jane (Barrett) Leonard, Aiken, South Carolina Darla Roanne Graham •• Polly J. Maher Margo L. Thompson• Leigh Ann Alexander • John T. Arnold, Wichita Rev. Kenneth R. locke, Jefferson City, Missouri BSN Pitll,burg State University BS, Washburn Uruversity BS Pittsburg State Unil'en.ity EdD Uni"ersity of Kansas Thc'sis: The Phenomrnm1 of Death An~iety MA University of Kansa Marjorie J. (Graham) Blodgett, Pratt, Kansas Robert E. Mallonee, Shawnee Mission, Kansas Ann Beck Carol Lee Groth in Three Nursing Populations BS I Unil•ersity of Kansas Alru1 E. Boley, Lenexa, Kansas Robert W. Mardock BS Wichita State University B5N Fort Ha tale Univen;ity Roberta A. (Sproul) Boyack, San Antonio, Texas David 5. Marshall, Wichila Karen Kay Malcom Rose Ann Valigura •• Donna M. (Schaefer) Boyer, Wichita Marie E. Martin Amy Lou Dayvault Melanie Elizabeth Hardesty•• B Fort Hays State Unive ity BSN Saint lary of the Plains College BSN Wichita Slate Uruversity BSN University of Kansas Virginia L. (Braitsch) Brady, Crestone, Colorado M. Lucille McCormick, Mount Hope, Kansa Tl1e"Si;;; Leaming Atrial Arrhythmia Under Lisa Ann Medlin .. Mary Jane Wartman Wanda M. (Anderson) Burkett, Mission Viejo, California Betty L. (Richey) McIntosh, Louisville, Kentucky Two Conditions of an Instructional Design Karen A. Heaton MSW University of Kansas BSN Uruversity of Kal\S,lS Bill W. Burks, Englewood, Colorado Mary F. Meusser, Wichila Theory for Teaching Concepts B5N Sam! Mary of the Plains College BSW University of Kansas Annette Westhoff•• Barham "Margie" (TIigner) Caldwell, Orange, California Margaret E. (Short) Miller, Wichita Ardeen F. (Burkett) Casado, Concordia, Kansas Lois M. (Howard) Mitzel, Wichita Cynthia C. Elli Patricia L. Hempsmyer • Jody Marie Morrison .. BSN Southwestern College BS Wichita State Univernty B Wichita tate University BS Marymount College Charles Q. Chandler ill, Wichita Vinola M. Moore, Wichita T11t-sis: The Effect of Continuou.sly Warmed Donna Lou Wilson Mary F. (Alyward) Comley, Wichita Robert F. Parks Intravenous Fluids on lntraoperative Helen Louise Holcomb •• Dana Euhu Morton BSN Saint Mary of the !'lains College Robert W. Davis, Merriam, Kansas Josephine L (Schrader) Payne, Wichita Patient Temperatures During BSN Wichita State University BSN Wichita Stale Uni1•ersity Roberta A. (Wertz) Dewey, Edmond, Oklahoma Jean A. (Boley) Person, Portland, Ort>gon Laparoscopic Cholecy tectomy Surgery Debra Dawn Wolfe•• Lori D. Hull•• Teresa Lynn Regier•• BSN Fort Hays Slnte Univrrslty Dorothy M. (Cunningham) Donohue, Houston, Texas Laura M. (Potter) Pfeffer, Bart!esviUe, Oklahoma Kayla Dawn Essman• BS Wichita State Univer.;ity BSN Goshen College Lucille (Comley) Dotson, Wichita Elizabeth (Dahmer) Porter, Wichita 85N Washburn Univer,ity Lauren E. Wright•• Frances G. (Barber) Dyer Lucille (Katz) Po ner, New York City, ew York Lillia n F. Jantz Kimbra Ann Rosenberg • MHS Wichita State Unlversity Roy E. Eblen, Jr., Cedar Falls, Iowa E. William Price, Boulder, Colorado BSN Rockhurst College BS Kansas ewman College Judith Lynn Forsyth• BSN Wichita State Uruversily Helen E. (Robertson) Eby, Shawnee Mission, Kansas Charles R. Purnell, Woodside, California BSN Wichita State University Karen S. Lehman .. Brenda Kay Schoenecker Barbara Jean Zenker•• Kay (Corbett) Eddy. Greenwich, Connecticut Parilee (arown) Pyle, ew York City, ew York Kathleen Elizabeth Gill 85N Bethel College B Pittsburg State Unive~ity BSN Unil•ersity of orth Dakota Gertrude M. (Sterbenz) Edens, Wichita Katherine ( ash) Redding, Bethesda, Maryland BS Saint Louis University Phyllis (Merry) Edward , Denver, Colorado fileanor (Wiley) Reiter, Lewes, Delaware Lu Anne Llndholm Gloria Renee Solis Richard M. Foley, Wichita Margaret A. (Schermuly) Richardson, Wichita BSN Wichita State University BSN Kansas Newtnitn College Carolyn Jane Glenn Elsie P. (O'Connor) Fox, Columbus, Lndiana E. Carolyn (McMahon) Riley, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma PhD Kama. State University MS Emporia Stale University F. Eileen (Friend) Friedman, Palo Alto, California &iward S. Robbins, Mangelao, Guam BA Emporia State University Delpha E. (Gaume) Gard, Canyon, Texas Carol (Whitehead) Robertson, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Margaret D. (Murray) Garver, Wichita Dr. Mary A. (Loughridge) Rushia, Charlottesville, Virginia Patricia (Dwyer) Gensch, Wichita Gwendolyn A. (Kellogg) Shidler, Concord, Massad1usetts Bettie J. Givens, ewport Beach, California Theodore W. Shidler, Jr., Concord, Ma sachuselts Georgia M. (Chambers) Gourley, Springfield, Missouri Margaret J. (Fry) Shreve, Wichita Betty J. (Frederick) Graham, El Paso, Texas Thomas G. Slattery, Rancho Santa Fe, California Marjorie (LeCocq) Greene, Wichita Lyda M. (Maxwell) Smayling, Minneapolis, Minnesota Patricia A. (Malone) Grier, Wichita Margaret E. (Kiser) Smith Robert L. Groom, Arlington, Virginia Ruby J. (Carter) Smith, Chicago, Jllinois Mary J. (Stmve) Hadler, Ardmore, Oklahoma Gene E. Steinke, Denver, Colorado Ronald R. Harp, Yuma, Arizona Rev. Virginia M. (Pence) Stephen , Seaside, California L. Marie Haun, Wichita Marilyn L. (Sheffer) Stewart, Topeka, Kansas Barbara (Carroll) Helton, Chanulc, Kansas Maj. Bailey T. Strain Jean L. {Kjmel) Hesse, Wichita Mary C. (Meyer) Suhm, Wichita E. Belle Huey, Wichita Vera L. (Tomb) Syfert, Cathedral City, California Mary A. (aaker) Hughes, Moraga, California Mary L. (Southworth) Tasheff, Wichita Melba G. (Van Sickle) Hughes, Wichita Marjorie L. Qohnson) Taylor, Wichita M. Earlene (Duke) Hull, Barrington, lllinois Dr. William W. Tevis, Atherton, CaUfomia Edward A. Hutchinson, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Ro a M. (Franklin) Thomas, Bellevue, Washington Elinor B. (Wells) Keesling, ewton, Kansas Wayne D. Trail, Basehor, Kansas Claude H. Kennedy Joe J. Vanaria, Acton, Massachuselts William W. Kessler Virginia L. (Covey) Vlcek, Pahmmp, evada Doris R (Johnson) Klose, Wichita Myrtle C. (Douglas) Walker, Los Angeles, California Genevieve (Sidwell) Klyce, Bellbrook, Ohio Dale E. Wallace, Wichita Mary£. (McBee) Kuhlmann, Dallas, Texas Sr. Mary J. Welch, Wichita Dr. William E. Larsen, Leawood, Kansas Richard W. Young

34 35 1994 University Administration 1994 Commencement Coordinating Committee

KANSAS BOARDOFREGENTS Gregory A. Carroll, Executive Direclor, Office of U11it>ersity Com1111111icalio11 , Ann M. Merrett, Office Assisla11t, Office of /he Denn , Fair11101111/ College of Liberal Co-Cltnir Arts and Scirnccs John G. Montgomery, Junction Gty, 01air Karen Krepps, Leawood Peter T. Zoller, A$SOCW1e Vice President for Amdemic Affairs. Co-Chair Pauline L. Peterson, Records Secrefal1J, School of Ari 1111d Design Robert C. Caldwell, Sa lina Phyll is olan, Louisburg William T. Andrew , Mnnnga, Audio Proti11ctio11 amt Public Event·, Medin Roy L. Ridener, St11de11/ Bod11 Representaliu Catherine D. Conger, Iola Frank C. Sabatini, Topeka Resource.~ Ce11ter Shad C. Rockstad, President. St11rle11/ Goioemmeut A ·sociatio11 Sidney Warner, Cimarron Tom E. Hammond, Wichita Marcus T. Ballenger, Associate Dca11 for Undergraduate Program /St11de11ts 1 Charles Rummery, Chief, WSU Police Depart111e11t Dr. Jolm 13. Hiebert, Lawrence Stephen M. Jordan, Topeka, Executive Director College of Ed11cntiou Amy B. Schafer, Di,ector, Com1111111ity Relatio11s and Special Eve11/s, Office of Michael P. Burgraff, Tee/mica/ Mnuager, Performance Facilitie.~ U1111>mity Co1111111111irnlim1s-Relalio11s Sally A. Fiscus, Academic Records Manager, Colfoge of Engineering William E. Unrau, WSU E11daw11w11/ Association Rescarc/1 Professor, Deparhneut WSU BOARD OF TRUSTEES Marjorie F. Hoblit, Secretary, School of Perfonni11g Art · of History Stanley G. Bra nnan, Chair F. Del Kettler Shirley J. Hoskinson, Records Dirtctor, W. Frank Barton Sd1ool of B11si11ess Kathy V. Wolff, Academic Adviser/St11de11t Records Secretary, College af Hea//11 Mark M. Jong, Associate De1111, College of E11gi11eeri11g Donald]. Ablah Robert G. Knight Professia11s Gera ld R. Lirhti, Assis/an/ Dem,, Fa,r11101111t College of Li/11:ral Arts a11d Sciences Margaret E. Wood, Office Mn11ager, Grad11ate Sc/wot Linda D. Ayala Warner Moore Ka thleen A. Litton, Academic Secretary, College of Erl11catio11 Michael A. Wood, Director, Medin Resources Center W. Frank Barton Michael C. Oatman William E. Mathis, Associate Dean, College of Fin~ Arts Alma Sanford Carter J. Eric Engstrom, Co1111sel William E. Wynne, Registrar Nita Mae Mercer, Office Assistant, School of Music OFFICERS OF THE UNIVERSITY Eugene M. Hughes, President of the University WiUiam J. Wilhelm, Dean of tire College of E11gi11eering John E. Dreifort, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs Walter J. Myers, Dean of the College of Fi,w Arts Roger D. Lowe, Vice Preside11t for Admi11istratio11 a11d Finance M. Diane Roberts, Dca11 of tire College of Hca/1/1 Professions Frederick Sudermann, Vice Preside11t for Research a11d Governmental and Gerald D. Loper, Jr., Acli11g Dean of Fnir11101111t College of Libern/ Aris flld11strial Relations aud Sciences James J. Rhatigan, Vice Pre ideut for Student Affairs and Dea11 of Students Jacqueline J. Snyder, Dea11 of t/1e Division of Co111i1111i11g Ed11calio11 Elizabeth H. King, Vice Preside,11 for U11iversity Advancement Jasper G. Schad, Dea11 of Libraries Michael P. Tilford, Demi af !lie Graduate School James W. Kelley, Dl'lln of U11iverity Collegea11d Associate Vice President for Gerald H. Graham, Dean of the W. Frank Bar/011 Sc/100/ of B11si11ess Student Affairs James L. Carroll, Denn of the College of Ed11cntion Bill Belknap, Director o.f Athletics, /11tercollegiate Athletic Association, Ille.

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36 37 College Recognition Ceremony Locations


p Commencement, Wichita State University "I I I I ,.-,------1'--L-----• I I p I I I

p ,--r------,'--L ------' J I I ,_JI I ______;I Devlin Hall ~ ~ PERIMETER RD.

t> R. ~ Hubbard ltall I Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 11 :30 a.m.; W. Frank Barton School of Business, 1 p.m.; and College of Education, 2:30 p.m.


College of Fine Arts {Miller Concert Hall), 11:30 a.m.

Ellloll School of CommunlcaUon

Sheldon Col\ffl,an Gaddis PhyslcuJ Tennis Com~lex Plant Comple( p t} President's Rasldence Newman Cenler


Bla.;.aeHall - Alpha Tau Omego Commun!cal on, p D Building Wlheran Brennan Hall II Sludenl Center - p Sigma Pb! Ep$1lon Sigma Alpha

u.i =on > u.i u.i w ~ i; w Delta Up n i; i; p ~ w w i w Q Q a: i; In i!!i §l I ... ~ Sigma Nu i ~ a: :i: i !... ~ ~ ~

38 39