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CONTRIBUTORS Marshal Fries Katie Pfeiffer Jade Markus Dustin Pernitsky Dan Huen Kaylene Kessler Fishing for a solution Browyn Fenn Rose Regier Scott Anderson Shanell Dupras Brina Gervais ASHLEY FIELD, CONTRIBUTOR Lindsey Dorie Zach Peters Trevin Thomas Adriana Mingo Homeless fish would die without rescue Jessica Botelho-Urbanski Ashley Field The Millennium Library From 4:30 p.m. to dusk Havixbeck suggested doing Molly Karp pond is a beautiful addition to Cornelius and friends filled something creative next year Eva Wasney

Winnipeg’s downtown in the the buckets and brought them where kids could come and take FRONT PAGE PHOTO summer, but come October it back to her Charleswood home, the fish away before they drain Supplied must get drained. planning to return the pool, yet acknowledged … RED RIVER COLLEGE Although signs the following day to Cornelius’s efforts. P110-160 Princess Street are posted, every retrieve more. “She essentially saved these Winnipeg, MB R38 1K9 year the library “IF I HAD JUST But when they fish.” Phone: (204) 947-0013 struggles with fish STAYED AT arrived the next Cornelius has been adopting Fax: (204) 949-9150 being left without day the few inches them out, ensuring that new HOME I WOULD WHO WE ARE permission. of water had been owners have proper equipment The Projector is the official newspaper of On Oct. 11, Erin HAVE FELT LIKE further drained. and sending them home with Red River College and is published by the Cornelius, a “The fish had all fish care handouts. There are Red River College Students’ Association A TERRIBLE (RRCSA) every second Monday. Opinions 24-year-old animal PERSON,” been swept up and approximately 150 fish left. expressed in The Projector do not necessarily care worker, was thrown away,” said If you wish to adopt a fish, email reflect those of the students’ association or . . . Red River College. All material is herein sitting at home Cornelius. Cornelius at erin.d.cornelius@ copyrighted to The Projector, when she noticed “I only found fish, its contributors, and the RRCSA. a disheartening 271 of them, because WRITE FOR US post on Facebook. Her friend they were hidden under the Anyone can write for The Projector, and had been walking by the mud.” Red River College students are encouraged Millennium Library when she She picked the barely-alive fish to contribute. Simply pitch or submit an article to the appropriate section editor noticed fish lying at the bottom out of the mud one by one. or join our contributors’ list. Though we of the pond in barely any water. Thirty were dead by the time will consider all submissions, due to space restrictions, The Projector cannot guarantee When Cornelius asked how she got home. Cornelius has that all articles received will be published. many there were her friend said collected 400 fish in total and If you wish to respond to something you’ve hundreds. has since been keeping them in read in this issue, letters to the editor can be emailed to [email protected]. To ensure “If I had just stayed at home I aquariums in her basement. your chances of being published, letters would have felt like a terrible Coun. Paula Havixbeck should strive to be around 150 to 200 words person,” said Cornelius. addressed the issue in the latest in length. The Projector reserves the right to edit all submissions for length, as well as “I couldn’t not go and get city council meeting on Oct. 23. stylistic, grammatical, and legal guidelines. them.” “We know we need to drain The Projector also reserves the right to Cornelius grabbed some that pond every year and people reprint submissions at any time, in both written and electronic formats. The Projector buckets and drove to the keep dumping fish there,” said will not publish content that it deems to be Millennium Library with two Havixbeck. racist, sexist, or otherwise prejudiced. friends. When they arrived “Signs are up all over the place, some fish were in two to three but that doesn’t seem to deter inches of water. people.” PHOTO BY JACKIEMBARR THEPROJECTOR.CA 4/11/2013 NEWS pg.3 Refugee program depends on you MOLLY KARP, CONTRIBUTOR RRC discussing student program but needs volunteers

Through World University Service of “leading post-secondary institution in with WUSC to establish the program at As Konrad explains, “This is a program Canada (WUSC) and its Student Refu- Manitoba who is not offering the WUSC the college. Konrad feels strongly that for students made possible by students.” gee Program, refugees from around the Student Refugee Program.” However, RRC has the resources to support and Jok believes that his positive experience world can attend Canadian post-second- plans to create a program are underway. change the lives of deserving candidates with WUSC at the U of W can be attrib- ary institutions and become citizens of Mayom Jok, 24, is in his final year of like Jok. uted to his own involvement with WUSC Canada. economics and finance at the University “Our institution has grown into a place and to the support he received from Every year, over 55 refugees from of Winnipeg (U of W). In 2011, Jok came where sponsorship is now possible...With student volunteers and other refugee countries such as Kenya, Malawi and to Winnipeg from a Kenyan refugee recent changes to refugee sponsorship in students. Thailand come to Canada to study at camp with the WUSC Student Refugee Canada, this program is one of the most “This program relies on students real- post-secondary institutions as permanent Program offered through the U of W. accessible avenues to come to Canada izing that their involvement with WUSC residents. Beyond receiving an education, For Jok, the opportunity to attend univer- as a permanent resident and eventually is changing people’s [lives]. The social these students are supported for one year sity in Canada has been life changing. become a Canadian citizen.” health of the new students is very impor- financially, academically and socially. “You cannot even begin to understand To make this program a reality at RRC, tant in their success [academically].” After that they are eligible to apply for the difference in my life this [program] Konrad and the diversity and immigrant The possibility of a WUSC Student Refu- Canadian citizenship and receive student has made. I would have probably never student support department are working gee Program at RRC is still in the early loans. Since 2000, 40 students have stud- had the opportunity to go to university with the Red River College Students’ As- stages of discussion but if the program ied in Manitoba through the program. and to work towards getting a good job.” sociation. An integral part of WUSC’s Stu- does become a reality it will need student According to the diversity and immigrant Lauren Konrad is the student integration dent Refugee Program is its engagement volunteers to sustain the program. student support department at Red River co-ordinator at RRC. In recent months, between student groups and refugee College (RRC), the college is the only Konrad has been in close communication students. Student mental health high on RRCSA’s list EVA WASNEY, CONTRIBUTOR RRCSA lobbying for funding to mental health programs

More students are turning to said MacLean. added. “One of the pieces of a mental counselling services at their college CASA is made up of students from It’s an impressive order and Janzen health strategy is that students or university. 24 different Canadian universities is excited about the impact CASA’s have to be engaged with it, so if For many post-secondary students and colleges. RRC is the only advocacy may have on current government hears from students I the demanding environment of school representing students in mental health policies. think that would only speed things academia can seriously affect their Manitoba. To make sure its policies “If it’s a student association that’s up,” she said. mental well-being. benefit students nationwide,Team Shan CASA’s Ad THREE:Projectorpushing for a 2013framework 9/4/13 that 10:06 would AM Page 1 Laureen Janzen is the coordinator of recommendations are based around be amazing,” said Janzen. counselling and accessibility services the pillars of at Red River College (RRC). accessibility, “Over the last three years students affordability, entering Red River with mental innovation and health issues has grown over 50 per quality. cent. So we know that promoting This year mental good mental health is important,” health is high on said Janzen. the agenda, along According to Janzen the stigma with changes to the surrounding mental health issues Canada Student like anxiety and depression are Loans Program, starting to change in schools across and First Nations, the country, pushing them to develop Metis and Inuit a better system for addressing issues. student funding. “There’s a very big national “Mental health is movement towards having a mental two out of 13 of our Shanna (Shan) Larsen was health strategy at post-secondary asks. We want the only 24 when she lost her institutions, a strategy that embodies federal government life to breast cancer the whole campus and makes mental to provide funding heath everybody’s responsibility not for programs just counsellors,” said Janzen. that reduce the Risk Factors From Nov. 18 to 22, student delegates mental stigma of the Canadian Alliance of Student on campuses and non controllable controllable Associations (CASA) will gather on mandate provinces Parliament Hill for a conference to create mental N being female, increased age N alcohol misuse to lobby members of Parliament health initiatives N born in North America, Northern Europe N physical inactivity on issues affecting Canadian post- on campuses,” said N strong family history of breast or ovarian N tobacco use, exposure to secondary students. MacLean. cancer second hand smoke Lauren MacLean, Red River “We kept N genetic mutations (e.g., BRCA1, BRCA 2) N unhealthy weight, poor diet Students’ Association vice president everything quite N early menstruation (under 12 yrs old) and CASA board treasurer, hopes broad so that if the that the lobbying will affect the policy gets traction Proud Grantee of 2014 federal budget. we can narrow it “We try to and make sure funds get down next year and PRAIRIES • NWT allocated in certain directions that start talking about @TeamShan best benefit post-secondary students,” the next steps,” she


Hey everyone! Did you know that we are a part of a student advocacy service where we lobby the federal government? Did you know that we can provide students and their dependents extra food and clothing through our food bank service? Did you know that we provide eligible students with a health and dental benefits plan? Here’s more information:

Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA)

Did you know that your Students’ Association is a member of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations? CASA is made up of 24 student organizations from across the President country. The Red River College Students’ Association is the only member from Jocelle Cuvos Manitoba. The primary function of this Alliance is to advocate the federal government [email protected] solely on post-secondary education related issues including accessibility, affordablility, (204) 632-2474 innovation, and quality.

Your VP Academic and VP External, along with many other student leaders across Canada, will be meeting with Members of Parliament, Senators, civil servants and other people with influence at Parliament Hill in Ottawa during Advocacy Week (November 18-22). Some of the advocacy priorities for the year are comprised of several policies including changing how the Canadian Student Loan Program assess need, creating mental health initiatives on campuses, as well as lifting the two percent cap on funding increases to the Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP).

Food Bank VP Academic Kiera Mirza The Food Bank is sponsored by the Students’ Association and is operated by a student [email protected] Food Bank Coordinator. Students, along with their dependents, who need extra food (204) 632-2477 on a regular or casual basis can fill out a request form to receive a hamper. Hampers are available every two weeks. Request forms can be found at the Students’ Association office and must be filled out by the Tuesday prior to every food bank day.

The food bank pick-up will be at both the Notre Dame Campus Trailer and Exchange District Campus in the Massey Building. Our next food banks days will be Friday, November 8th and 22nd.

Although Winnipeg Harvest supports the food bank, donations of non-perishable goods can be donated in the wooden box across The Ox Store (NDC) or in the SA office (EDC). Cash donations are also accepted at the SA offices. For more information, please visit your Students’ Association Office. VP Internal Eddie Sapnu [email protected] Student Health and Dental Benefits Plan (204) 632-2480 Important deadlines! Opt-out (must have comparable coverage to opt out), family add-on, and opt-in is within 30 days after the start date of your program! For proper forms, coverage info, please visit/contact:  Notre Dame Campus: Room FM66, (204) 632-2503  Exchange District Campus: Room P110, (204) 949-8475  Web:  Email: [email protected]  Twitter: @redriverplan

VP External Lauren MacLean [email protected] Notre Dame Campus – Room CM20 – (204) 632-2375 (204) 949-8466 Exchange District Campus – Room P110 – (204) 949-8475 Facebook: RRC SA Twitter: @RRCSA Website: Photos by: Lindsay Rowan THEPROJECTOR.CA 4/11/2013 NEWS pg.5


Nonsuch—it’s not a pirate ship

BY KATIE PFEIFFER, CONTRIBUTOR Five common misconceptions about the Nonsuch Ever since it sailed into the building site at 190 for two reasons. The first is so patrons could keep food and the goods that would be traded with the Rupert Ave. 40 years ago, the Nonsuch has been the windows open without birds flying into their Aboriginal Peoples across the ocean. the highlight exhibit at the Manitoba Museum. rooms, the second is to stop people from jumping It has seen countless school groups, families, out early in the morning without paying the bill birthday parties, weddings and dates. But with the for their stay. 5) No Henry Hudson amount of people who have come and seen the Actually, Hudson had been missing, presumed Nonsuch, there are still many facts that guests 3) It is not a miniature model dead for well over 50 years before the Nonsuch seem to get wrong. So, in honour of the Nonsuch’s was bought by HBC. Also, he was an explorer The Nonsuch replica that lies inside the Mani- 40th anniversary, here is the correct information and the only contribution that he made to toba Museum was built as a to-scale replica of the to a list of frequently mistaken facts that the company was his name. The Nonsuch was original Nonsuch. It was built exactly the way the volunteers and staff on the Nonsuch often hear. captained by Zachariah Gillam who sailed with original Nonsuch was built back in the 17th cen- mates Thomas Shepard and James Tatham. tury, using the same materials and tools. The only He also sailed with a French surgeon named 1) It is not a pirate ship difference between the Nonsuch replica and its Pierre Romeiux and Médard Chouart, Sieur des It’s not even a ship really; it’s a ketch, a small original is the two dog statues that rest on either Groseilliers, an early explorer involved with fur sailing craft with two masts that was often used side of the ship. These were built as homage to a trade. These men stayed in the officer’s quarters for freight or fishing vessels in northern Europe. man who would walk his two dogs, Wellington while a crew of seven or eight men slept below Also, while it was owned by the Hudson’s Bay and Boot, every day and watch the men construct decks with the food and goods that were to be Company (HBC), the Nonsuch had never once the Nonsuch model. The Nonsuch replica is a real, traded. been boarded by pirates. It also never housed any functioning vessel. Tt even sailed for four years to criminals. “But what about the jail?” yes, that’s ports in the U.K., Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Great So come out during November to the Manitoba another misconception. Lakes and the West Coast. Museum and see the Nonsuch on her 40th anniversary. Impress the volunteers with your 2) There is no Jail 4) People were not smaller newfound knowledge of the famous ketch and When stepping into the Nonsuch gallery, you’re Looking into the officer’s quarters aboard the take a guided tour below deck of the Nonsuch to transported into Deptford England, June 1668, the Nonsuch and at the bed in the inn, it’s easy to see just how the crew lived for all those months. morning of the Nonsuch’s first trip to the New think that people back in the 17th century were World. Directly across from the Nonsuch there just smaller than they are now. However, this is is a pub called the Boar’s Head. Above this pub not true. In fact, it’s rumoured that captain Zach- is not a jail but a master suite in the inn where ariah was actually well over six feet tall. the Nonsuch’s captain, Zachariah Gillam, stayed Why is everything so small? It was because there on the night before his maiden voyage with the was very little room for bedding aboard the Non- HBC. Why are there bars on the window? This is such. The majority of the space had to be used for

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Publication Name Red River College Projector Created By RRU Brand Creative / AT Booked By Cossette Send Files To [email protected] Material Deadline 09/27/2013 RRU Contact Theresa Wittstock Size 3”w x 10” 250.391.2600 ext. 4813 Colour BW [email protected] pg.6 NEWS 4/11/2013 THEPROJECTOR.CA

Heating amendment passed News Briefs DUSTIN PERNITSKY, CONTRIBUTOR KAYLENE KESSLER, Landlords can now be fined on the spot CONTRIBUTOR A bylaw allowing landlords to said Fielding. to fine offending landlords on the be fined on the spot for failing Avrom Charach, from the spot, there is still a grace period. to provide adequate heat in their Professional Property Managers “The first thing is, we present an Students deported Victoria Ordu and Favour Amadi rental properties passed during the Association, spoke out against the order to fix it. It’s when they don’t fix have spent a year in hiding after Winnipeg city council meeting Oct decision. it that fines come in to play here,” finding out they were under a depor- 23. The amendment to the bylaw, “The bylaw change could end up said Coun. Ross Eadie (Mynarski). tation order because they breached which passed after a unanimous doing more harm to honest citizens The change to the neighbourhood their visa conditions by working off vote, was presented by Coun. Harvey than provide help to those in need,” livability bylaw will allow individual campus for two weeks, according Smith (Daniel McIntyre). said Charach. landlords to be fined up to $1,000 to CBC. They had spent three years “This will make the people who are Charach argued that the current for not providing enough heat, and studying at the University of Regina. renting, who are suffering from the system was actually better for up to $2,000 fines for corporations Ordu said it’s shameful and disap- cold, suffer less,” said Smith. tenants. such as the Professional Property pointing that they have to go home Smith previously stated that “Will a fine help the tenants? No. Management Association. If there without a degree. The university’s around 300 tenants complained It will not force the landlord to is no heating system in place, or president said the girls left on their their landlords were not providing repair the issue. It will not give the repairs fail to be made to an existing own, hoping they can return to adequate heat last year. City bylaws tenant any money to fix the problem heating system, fines can reach as Canada. The university is vowing to require rental properties to keep themselves,” said Charach. high as $5,000 for corporations. the temperature above 21 degrees C The Residential Tenancies Branch help the girls come back. between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. and above of Manitoba is in charge of dealing 18 degrees C overnight. with landlords who fail to comply The councillor believes that not only with heating bylaws. U of M reaches deal The University of Manitoba and will the amendment help Winnipeg Charach also speculated some the faculty association reached residents left in the cold, but that tenants might abuse the system. a three year agreement on Oct. it will also save the city money by “This [amendment] will become 21 and will not strike. Before eliminating red tape. a monster, being misused by this agreement the university Coun. Scott Fielding (St. James – disgruntled tenants, and not proposed a four-year deal with a Brooklands) was quick to voice his providing protection to the tenants wage increase of 2.9 per cent the support for the bill. who are truly affected,” said first year and two per cent in each “This is an issue that people are Charach. of the three remaining years, ac- facing right through the city,” While the bylaw does allow the city PHOTO BY: DUSTIN PERNITSKY cording to Winnipeg Free Press. But the faculty wanted a two-year deal with an increase of 2.9 per cent each year. The university said they resolved all major issues but Out on campus some unresolved issues will go to #goldmedalmessage still seeks victory binding arbitration. petition asking Olym- petitions. pic athletes to take a stand against Moyer has not heard from the Homeless man’s vigil ’s anti-gay laws by wear- Canadian Olympic Committee yet, Hundreds of people gathered for ing rainbow pins to the opening but that hasn’t discouraged him. a candlelight vigil in Berwick, ceremonies in Sochi. He plans on raising the goal when Nova Scotia in late October where The online petition has now col- signatures reach 40,000. a homeless man died when the lected over 37,000 signatures, The signature count has slowed bus shelter he was sleeping in almost reaching its 40,000 goal. since the petition’s initial cam- caught fire. The ceremony was for During a recent interview, Moyer paigning, but Moyer hopes it’s Harley Gordon Lawrence. It was said he didn’t agree with boycot- about to get a second wind. held outside a grocery store in a ting the games, which some see as He plans to partner with Pride Win- town of 2,500 people, according abandoning the athletes and Rus- nipeg and make rainbow pins to to the Winnipeg Free Press. Police GRAEME COLEMAN, sian LGBT* community. distribute. have determined Lawrence’s death suspicious. The RCMP said COLUMNIST Moyer believes athletes uniting And he is looking for an Olympic and wearing rainbow pins would athlete to endorse what he termed they won’t comment until the Russia’s anti-gay laws and the show LGBT* Russians that we the #goldmedalmessage. investigation is over. disturbing discrimination provoked support them while disregarding Thanks to, anyone with is angering people worldwide. the anti-gay laws. Internet can campaign for change - Inside Russia, protesting has re- Pascal Zamprelli, director of including you. sulted in beatings, fines or jail. And communications for You can sign and share the #gold- WRITE FOR US! outside, a general agreement was to in Canada, told me they chose to medalmessage here: http://www. boycott anything Russian. promote Moyer’s petition because The Projector is looking But people began to realize dump- they preferred it over others urging olympic-athletes-take-a-stand- for talented ing bottles of Russian vodka and a boycott. against-russia-s-brutal-anti-gay- writers, photographers, neglecting the Sochi 2014 Winter The petition sparked new petitions laws-wear-a-rainbow-pin-at-the- Olympics weren’t helping the sup- in over 30 countries, gaining hun- games-goldmedalmessage and illustrators like pressed LGBT* community. dreds of thousands of signatures yourself. Winnipegger Dayne Moyer pro- worldwide. Do you support the petition? Tweet posed something different. Olympic committees get emails for me at @instagraeme_ to let me Contact: About three months ago, he made a every signature on the know! [email protected] THEPROJECTOR.CA 4/11/2013 ARTS pg.7 Street kids capture hearts ROSE REGIER, CONTRIBUTOR Through Their Eyes: A Photo Exhibit After fundraising for over two years, every day. The kids contact them via This was the second visit for Epp, who fundraising. The $8,000 they raised Julie Epp and Ivy Gowen went to the Facebook and FaceTime on a computer went to Rwanda in 2010 for an art went toward building a new dormitory, Street Kids of Rwanda orphanage in at the library or on a friend’s phone. therapy conference. Not wanting to water sanitation, school fees and March with $8,000 and 10 second-hand “Sometimes it’s just simple messages go empty-handed, she searched the buying essential supplies. cameras. over and over, ‘Mommy Internet to see what she Epp and Gowen go back to Rwanda The kids played with the cameras and I love you. Mommy I … could bring. She found in December and 100 per cent of took pictures every day. After a month, love you’,” said Gowen. the website for Street Kids the money they raise goes to the they had taken 16,000 photos. Sorting “And we tell them, ‘I “IT MOVES US of Rwanda, and saw they orphanage. through them, Gowen and Epp saw love you too, lots of needed shoes. In addition to the photo exhibit, there that some of the photos were stunning. hugs.’ They just need TO TEARS TO Epp took a taxi to the are two other ways to get involved: “It moves us to tears to look at some of to hear that.” LOOK AT SOME OF orphanage and hauled two Anyone who donates $20 or more can them,” said Gowen. To Epp and Gowen, the bags full of shoes enter to win a customized tattoo session The photos will be on display at an kids feel like family THEM,” up a hill on a narrow, ($1,200 value) with Gowen, a gifted exhibit, Through Their Eyes, at Tara and staying in contact winding path in the dark. tattoo artist. Davis Studio Boutique from Nov. 1 to with them strengthens “They didn’t have A benefit concert will take place at 30, with an opening reception on Nov. their relationship. . . . electricity, so all these kids The Park Theatre on Saturday Nov. 9. 14 from 5 to 9 p.m. Photos are also “It’s been really walked in carrying candles Tickets are $15, available at The Park available for purchase. remarkable to watch that trust develop. and they just lit up the room,” said Epp. Theatre and Music Trader. Since returning from Rwanda, Epp They’re able to give us the heartbeat of When she came home, Epp asked and Gowen chat with the kids almost what’s happening there,” said Gowen. Gowen to join her, and they started


Bison Ranch Recording Sessions PHOTO SUPPLIED

SHANELL DUPRAS, CONTRIBUTOR Little Miss Higgins teams up with members of the F-Holes for new album Jolene Higgins, or Little Miss in the prairies. Higgins, teamed up with the “There was still snow on the Winnipeg Five after meeting ground, still snow on the roof James McKee, the trumpet player, of the barn. Once we started last year. heating the barn up the snow The group played shows and would melt and slide off,” said wrote songs Higgins. together, and then … Every time snow slid spent most of off the roof during April in a bison their recordings, they barn owned by “THEY WERE would have to stop Leclerc’s uncle ABLE TO LIFT ME and start over. But in La Broquerie, they did choose to Manitoba OUT OF WHERE keep fire-crackling recording Bison I SIT USUALLY sounds in the Ranch Recording recordings. Sessions. AND TAKE ME The collaboration “I’ve always really TO A DIFFERENT brought out a wanted to record different kind of an album in a barn PLACE,” music from both sides. and Jolene said “They were able to yes,” said Patrick . . . lift me out of where Alexandre Leclerc, I sit usually and take the stand up bass player for the me to a different place,” said F-Holes, who were renamed the Higgins. Leclerc added that Winnipeg Five for their gig with Higgins’ music was more upbeat Little Miss Higgins. than the F-Holes’ usual material. While recording, Higgins was The album that came out of surrounded by bison skulls. this cold barn, Bison Ranch Higgins assured that no bison Recording Sessions, will be were harmed in the making of available at Little Miss Higgins the album. & the Winnipeg Five’s show on “We had to do some prep work Nov. 15 at the West End Cultural to turn the barn into a recording Centre. studio,” said Higgins. Their prep At the show, Higgins hinted that work involved splitting the barn there might also be an auction. in half—one half for a ping-pong “It’s in honour of one of the court, and the other for recording songs on the new album.” by making baffles and bringing In the past, auctions at their in heaters. shows have had homemade “We bought a bunch of stuff from Jenga games and cowboy boots. thrift stores to homey up the After their Winnipeg show, place,” said Leclerc. Little Miss Higgins & the They were not expecting one of Winnipeg Five will continue on the coldest Aprils on record tour East towards Montreal. THEPROJECTOR.CA 4/11/2013 ARTS pg.9

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Find Out How You Could Win $500! Free Transactions • No Fee VISA • Student Loan pg.10 ARTS 4/11/2013 THEPROJECTOR.CA


9 Questions about Beards


With Dylan Fries and Mike Sanders

What is Men with Beards? What can people expect from the film? Your company Electric Monk Q: Q: Q: Media. What is up with that? Mike: It’s a story about beards, told from Dylan: I think the experience we were Mike: We are a production company. the perspective of the men who wear going for is that you are just sitting We do video, like documentaries, music A: them. A: around in a room with all these guys A: videos, films, and new media stuff, like Dylan: We just went out and asked guys with crazy beards, and they are having a games, web applications, as well as some about their beards, what it was like having discussion amongst themselves. That’s upcoming 3D virtual reality experiences. them and why they had them. We wanted how it felt to us to cut it. We didn’t Dylan: We have a couple short films in to explore the topic and we got pretty include any of our interview questions in preproduction that we would like to do, deep into it. the film. and over the next few months we will be Mike: I think what the film does is releasing some virtual reality demos for Why did you decided to make a present an honest experience of what it the Oculus Rift. We are interested in any Q: movie about beards? means to grow a beard and what happens kind of media that you can use to tell when you keep it and how it affects other stories. Dylan: It all started in 2009 when my aspects of your life. friend said he wanted to go to the world Can you talk about Men A: beard and moustache championships What sort of reactions have people Q: With Beard’s distributer? in Anchorage, Alaska. So, I grew a big Q: had to the film so far? moustache and went along with him. I Dylan: We are actually really excited to was working with Mike as an intern at the Dylan: It’s been interesting seeing be working with Devolver Digital Films. time and they gave me a camera to shoot people’s reactions. Everyone laughs at A: They are more well-known in video game as much as I could. A: different parts and everyone seems to circles, for games like Hotline Miami and Mike: When I looked at Dylan’s footage take something different away from it. Shadow Warrior. from the trip, it was clear that there was Mike: I think people laugh, but really I Mike: They are exclusively working with something there, but I found I was more think people are surprised that the film independent developers, and they are interested in the stories Dylan was telling has as much depth to it as it does. working in a new digital distribution me about the guys he’d met than the strategy, so there are no physical copies footage of the contest itself. At the time Would you say the film has I was looking for a project that we could Q: a particular message? I have no interest in beards and do low budget that wouldn’t require moustaches. Why should I go see this film? Mike: It is really about the freedom of Q: hundreds of hours of footage. This was perfect, because the topic we decided to self-expression. It doesn’t seek to draw Dylan: You should come see it because A: a conclusion about why any one person focus on was right on the interviewee’s it really deals with the question “why do face. would grow a beard, because that “why” is A: you hate beards?” We’ve actually had ever-changing. really good feedback from people who Dylan: The film is kind of tongue in really don’t like beards. Some people have cheek in that it pokes fun at the idea of expressed that it really gave them better WRITE FOR US! discriminating against other people based insight into why people would grow a The Projector is looking for talented on surface appearances. In a sense it draws beard. Others were surprised at how much writers, photographers, and parallels to things like racism, sexism, a beard can mean to a person who is illustrators like yourself. classism and so on. Contact: editor growing it. Mike: It is a human story. Anyone can relate to the underlying message. THEPROJECTOR.CA 4/11/2013 ARTS pg.11 THEPROJECTOR.CA 21/10/2013 SPORTS pg.13 PHOTO BY VALENTIN MITTELSTET Trading knowledge

&Boats punches in Banff PHOTO BY BRETT MADILL BRETT MADILL, CONTRIBUTOR JADE MARKUS, CONTRIBUTOR $ORRNDWDORFDO00$J\P Independent music residency pushes creative boundaries At Winnipeg Academy of Mixed Championship bantamweight Charles Tyson is a fitness/kickboxing do not compete. CardboardMartial Arts egg (WAMMA), cartons line pre-class from the BanffRoland Centre Delorme. The gymrecording hosts team, workshopinstructor whoand lives Kevin in Steinbach Drew of Broken“You docould it for have the inworkout months. more It was onechatting wall of includes Boats’ practice Breaking Bad,Independent MMA-focused Music trainingand classes collaborate in withwho other visited WAMMASocial Scene. for the Drew is also thethan anything.a creative There process isn’t that one the that’s space.Game A taxidermyof Thrones fish and with the mostResidency kickboxing,program. wrestling musicians.and, owner/ first time this month.program director. much bandbetter,” had said never Tyson. experienced “It’s also a papereffective stuffed way in to its snap mouth limbs. “I guess leavinghead coach the program Curtis Brigham’s “It’s a weird black place to“I’m exist. interested “Working in MMA, withand thesome of thebonding before. experience. You’re having is Themounted former on storefront another. is a plainis roomlike leaving belt jail,specialty, if jail Brazilianwas They jiu-jitsu just (BJJ).bring peopleWinnipeg up Academypeople of there Mixed really Martial afforded fun even“Since when Boats you first punch inception, each other Instrumentswith exposed and ductwork. amps The wallsthe best thingBrigham ever,” offers said two differentand you BJJ do your artArts or seemedyour tous have the theopportunity most to try in the Mat’sface.” always been the sole areand scattered floor are haphazardly lined with padding.guitarist, Roryclasses, Ellis. either craft all day up on Tunnel new experiencethings and andcreate someWith hiscreative position force. at the So thissport’s was throughoutHeavy bags the hang space. on one side ofThe the Independent wearing Music or not “YOU’REMountain HAVING and then theyFUN EVENthings versatility. that we’re There’s really highestthe level, first Delormetime that has we thetried option It’ssingle been largeless than room, a month ready for useResidency as wearinggives bands a gi— WHENpamper YOUyou the PUNCH rest of theEACH exciteda good about,” mix said of Ellis. to trainto almost pool our anywhere talents and sincetarget Boats practice. returned Flashy design isn’ttwo weeksthe to worktypically- with a time. You get amazing food “Workingguys herewith andShawn was in the That made it a important at this MMA gym. white cotton andOTHER stay in INa hotel THE which FACE” is reallynice great, competition. we’d play him“I’ll trainreally for different a month experience,abroad A single faded poster hangs near uniform worn by manykind competitors of nice,” said Curtisvocalist, focused a on song variations and he andwould then have here andcreatively, there, but than this we’ve is always ever the students’ shoes at the entrance, in karate, judo and BJJ.Mat Klachefsky. let us It’s idea the andway he’dtraining go do home hadbase. in Winnipeg the past,” is said my Ellis. home, showcasing the cast of season 14 “I put some stock in tradition,During theirbut the time shouldat the be.” something totally weird,” WAMMABoats is willmy home,”be playing said some Delorme. Mittenof The Fighter. Included music guys who come here aren’tprogram, looking Boats workedWAMMA with is thesaid home Klachefsky. gym for over “I haveof my their daughter new songs here, at my their on the poster is WAMMA’s most for world titles wearingShawn a gi. That’s Everett, a producer,three dozen pro“He’d and beamateur like, what MMA if we family,upcoming and the people show withwho Theare notable student, Ultimate Fighting not the end goal.” mixer and audio engineerfighters, on but therecorded majority the of drums students under important Unbelievable to me.” Bargains and MARSHAL FRIES, BEAT REPORTER albums for Weezer and Pete water?” said Ellis. Figure at The Windsor Hotel, Yorn, Hal Willner a producer The two weeks that Boats Nov. 15 at 9:00 p.m. Mitten Claps release solid second EP and former music supervisor spent together allowed them for Saturday Night Live to create more than they Mitten Claps, a name to reach for something evocative of both mittenedPHOTO moreBY NATASHA without WOLOSCHUK being overly hands clapping together progressive. At times, they and mittens clipped to coats, hint at an almost classic roots is an alternative folk duo sound, while allowing things from Winnipeg, featuring to get fairly dissonant. brothers Jonathan and Stand out tracks include Randell Hildebrand. Their “Good Idea,” and the follow new six-track EP, Tactics, is up “Hinterland.” Lines like an impressive effort. “staying up for no reason LikeRebels many albums written Socceruntil you fall asleep / still and recorded in Manitoba, tired when the morning Tactics sounds cold. You comes,” in “Hinterlands” are can almost see the breath an all-too-familiar reminder on Jonathan Hildebrand’s of the sort of lethargy that lips after each line, his high, sets in as the nights grow clean vocals buried in the shorter in the prairies. mixUPDATE just enough so as to The Hildebrand brothers place emphasis onNATASHA the quirky WOLOSCHUK, have done a nice job on riffs and inter-knittedSPORTS guitar& LIFESTYLE this EP. EDITOR The songwriting, melodies. musicianship and production Whether out of necessity or are solid. Fans of indie/folk Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC) stylistic choice, the guitar/ fusion who are looking for soccer games started in early September. The Red percussion duo is becoming something a little outside the River College Rebels have played well against their an increasingly popular norm should definitely check opponents these past few weeks. The men, led by new thing in indie music. The this one out. head coach Jordan Goetting, had three wins and four absence of the bass gives The Mitten Claps will losses as of Oct. 13, while the women, led by returning things a hollow, garage-y officially release Tactics on head coach Doug Lawrie, had three wins and two losses. quality, reminiscent of Sunday, Nov. 10 at The Rose The teams’ goal leaders are Lloyd Hildebrand with early Elliot Smith, or The ‘n’ Bee Pub (61 Sherbrook St.) three goals and Leah Single with four. The Rebels will Mountain Goats. with guests Dust Adam Dust be playing at the 2013 MCAC soccer championships Arpeggiated guitar riffs, such and The Ugly Brothers. Show this weekend on Saturday, Oct. 26 and Sunday, Oct. 27. as the intro of “Contraire,” is at 10:00 p.m. and admission Games start at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, and 1:00 p.m. on sound like they are trying is free! Sunday, and will be at the Winnipeg Soccer Complex on Waverley St. pg.12 ARTS 4/11/2013 THEPROJECTOR.CA Now Introducing... ArtsPHOTO BY& NATASHA WOLOSCHUK DAN HUEN, CONTRIBUTOR

Winnipeg musicians deserving more attention featured at WECC Culture

Two local music icons, Rusty Matyas (Imaginary Mayes discovered Buckboro after hearing about his Cities) and Romi Mayes have been given the power band, James and the Giants. Briefs to decide who follows in their footsteps. “I met Jamie at one of his shows. I heard there was Matyas and Mayes were asked by the West End a band doing covers of the Sheepdogs and was BROWYN FENN, Cultural Centre (WECC) to each pick a Winnipeg intrigued,” said Mayes. “I was blown away by Jamie’s musician they felt deserved more attention. vocals; he’s such a good singer. He’s got such natural CONTRIBUTOR Mayes chose roots rocker, Jamie Buckboro of talent that very few people are lucky to have.” James and the Giants, and Matyas decided on folk/ After seeing James and the Giants, Mayes asked Anarchist book fair Americana singer-songwriter Grant Davidson (AKA Buckboro if he had any original music and The 6th annual Winnipeg Anarchist Slow Leaves). he introduced her to another band of his, The BookFair & DIY Fest is happening Nov. “Romi and Jamie will do a set together, and then Honeysliders, heavily influenced by Joe Cocker and 8-10. The festival starts on Friday night Grant and I will do a set together,” said Matyas, Neil Young. with a Cabaret of Anarchist Talents at 7 talking about the upcoming show at WECC, Now “The Honeysliders are like a modern version of a at Mondragon. On Saturday there will Introducing... band—modern classic rock,” said Buckboro. be free book tables (11 a.m. to 5 p.m.) A year ago, Matyas received an e-mail from The front man has been playing with groups for and DIY workshops (1 p.m. to 3 p.m.) in Davidson asking him to produce the Slow Leaves approximately five years but has been involved with the A-Zone. As well as a book and CD album and EP. music since high school. launch for Norman Nawrocki, an author “He had a link to a video of him playing some “I used to play drums and after high school, all the and musician from Montreal, at 7 p.m. acoustic. He’s got a classic voice and classic guitar players I knew moved to Toronto. I had to pick at Mondragon. The festival ends on songwriting skills,” says Matyas. “He sounds like a up a guitar if I wanted to keep playing in a band… it’s Sunday with a community brunch from ‘70s Gordon Lightfoot or Bob Dylan.” been great.” 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Mondragon, more Before producing Davidson’s album, Matyas had Now Introducing... is on Saturday, Nov. 16. Doors open free afternoon workshops,and a variety only worked with his band, Imaginary Cities, and at 7:15 p.m. and the show starts at 8:00. Tickets are $15 show at 6 p.m. at the Katherine Friesen on solo projects. He has since produced several in advance at Ticketmaster, the West End Cultural Centre, 960 Notre Dame Ave. albums for other groups and thanks Davidson. Centre, Music Trader and the Winnipeg Folk Festival “He put me out of my comfort zone and now I am Music Store, or $20 at the door. making records for other people. It’s great.” Just For Laughs On Nov. 12, the 2013 Capital One Just For Laughs Comedy Tour comes to Burton Cummings Theatre, bringing along its “Comedy Rat Pack”. The line-up for the evening includes star The Show with Shyiak comedians such as winner of Last Comic Standing Alonzo Bodden, Tom On Moustaches Papa from The Marriage Ref’s, and Jay Leno writer Orny Adams. The evening will be hosted by Darrin Rose, Comedy’s your friends. full-blown Colonel Mustard Match Game star and Bill the bartender Men in November, however, ‘stache. Others have a tiny on CBS’s Mr. D. Tickets for the event are not cute. Most men little nose neighbour. Either are $48-$54 and are available from participating in Movember, way it seems to be fun. One Ticketmaster. or Movembermembers, have suggestion for those who scraggly caterpillars crawling participate, avoid cappuccinos across their upper lip for a and other frothy beverages this The Clock whole month. month. Christian Marclay’s The Clock has come Facial hair is not good when it’s For the ladies that want to to the Winnipeg Art gallery. The Clock first growing into a moustache. join in the mustache fun is a film complied of thousands of SARA SHYIAK, No man decides to stop shaving many tattoo shops, like South clips that create a single 24 hour video. Marclay’s production opened in London COLUMNIST one night and wakes up looking of Heaven Tattoos and Body like Ron Burgundy. The stubble Piercings, do finger moustache in 2010 and won the Golden Lion at the Movember is cute. Not little kid phase is nice and a little sexy. tattoos in November. They Venice Biennial in 2011. You can view cute but cute the way a grown But then there’s the awkward charge somewhere around $50- The Clock at the WAG now until Jan. German Shepherd is cute: scary messy phase where the hair is $75 ($50 at South of Heaven) 5, during regular gallery hours or stop and sweet at the same time. A not quite a moustache and not and give a portion of the by on Friday Nov. 24 for the 24 hour bunch of boys getting together quite stubble anymore. proceeds to cancer research. screening and panel talk. The panel talk to grow facial hair for a worthy There are not very many If you don’t want a permanent is free with admission to the gallery and cause warms my heart. college-aged men that can grow finger friend there’s always a includes complimentary popcorn and a The Movember mandate is to a mustache the way say, Tom ton of parties to raise money cash bar. Admission to the gallery is $8 raise awareness about men’s Selleck can. For those that can, for Movember and it is totally for students and for $12 for adults. health issues and money for congratulations, you will be the socially acceptable to a cancer research. Two specific envy of all your comrades in stick-on-‘stache to such events. hot-button issues are testicular this glorious month of sporadic Movember isn’t just a hair- cancer and prostate cancer. These hair growth. You may choose to growing party and it’s not WRITE FOR US! aren’t easy things to talk about so flaunt this talent by growing an really about looks either. It’s The Projector is looking for talented I think it’s fabulous that the Mo obnoxious handlebar or gelling a full-blown men’s health writers, photographers, and Community has coupled facing the ends until they curl. movement with an amusing illustrators like yourself. Contact: editor the facts with a fun activity like By the end of Movember some and creative twist. growing a ‘stache with men do actually have a THEPROJECTOR.CA 4/11/2013 SPORTS pg.13

Thanks to the Income Tax Holding Back Tuition Fee Rebate... Manitoba is where the Snow I want to be. SCOTT ANDERSON, CONTRIBUTOR For information about Staying close to saving up to $25,000 on your Manitoba friends and family. income tax, visit Owning your own Ultimate tournament celebrates 20 years home at a price you Despite forecasted flurries, teachers knew what ultimate the way there are no refs can afford. A tax not a single snow flake was, he was training teams makes it a modern sport. rebate that allows you to save up to was seen during the 20th at Saint John’s Ravenscourt To encourage the players to $25,000 on your Manitoba income anniversary Hold Back School (SJR) where he is work together, the Hold Back tax. There is no better time to build the Snow ultimate frisbee a grade 7 teacher. Today, the Snow event featured a your future here at home. tournament. many middle schools and spirit of the game award. Find out how you can receive a The tournament was at high schools in Winnipeg All teams voted and the tax rebate for up to 60% of your Assiniboine Park on the have ultimate as part of their Minneapolis South Squall tuition – as much as $2,500 a year. weekend of Oct. 18 to 20, and curriculum. and Riverview Railcats That extra cash will go a long way included middle and high “I hope it continues to grow. won the high school and to paying back your student loans, school teams from Manitoba, It would be nice to see it in the middle school awards, saving for a house, or maybe even Ontario and Minnesota. elementary schools,” said respectively. starting a family. Hold Back the Snow is the Wright. “The whole idea Hopkins Black from largest tournament of its is to be fun for everybody. Minnetonka, Minnesota kind in North America with Competition is high, but the won the high school over 750 players and coaches spirit is too.” championship after beating from 35 teams. To celebrate Ultimate is different from the York School Gladiators the tournament’s 20th other sports because it is self- from Toronto 15-2. year, organizers added an officiated—there are no refs. St. John’s-Ravenscourt Prairie additional day and featured When a foul or any other Fire won the middle school a showcase game between conflict occurs, the players championship over the the provincial championship rely on the honour system to Golden Gate Gators 13-1. women’s team and the sort out conflicts themselves. Check out footage of the provincial open men’s team. “There is a lot of event at: “The weekend was awesome,” competitiveness, but it’s said Dean Wright, the event interesting,” said Drew Salter, organizer. “A lot of work, but one of the coordinators on tons of spirit, tons of great the SJR parents’ association play and lots of smiles.” who helped organize the Wright said before most gym event with Wright. He said To claim your savings, simply complete the T1005 form when you file your Manitoba income tax.

MB Finance – Tuition Fee Income Tax Rebate 2013 Publication: The Projector – Ad S Winter biking Ad size: 1/4 page (4" x 9.5") Insertion date: Mon, Oct 21, Nov 4, Nov 18, 2013


Advice from a student cyclist and bike store pro For the past three years, Janelle Sprohge cautioned that cyclists fight sure to wear a good, warm base layer worse than the road,” he said. Laing has been cycling in winter. a losing battle between being warm and a wind-breaking layer. Even though some cyclists may find “Everyone thinks winter cycling and being hypothermic as their sweat When it comes to hitting the road, riding on city streets intimidating, is this extremely dangerous, begins to dampen their clothing after Belford advised cyclists learn their Laing said they don’t need to worry. outlandish activity, when really it’s about an hour. route before leaving home. “You don’t have to accommodate for everything but,” said Laing, a global Sprohge recommended that cyclists “When it comes to rubber and ice, cars—they can go around you. You environmental systems student at wear wool, because even while ice will always win,” he cautioned. If have the right to a lane. But with that the University of Winnipeg. soaking wet, “EVERYONE THINKS WINTER cyclists leave an extra 15 to being said, you need to follow the “People don’t want to hit you. People wool will CYCLING IS THIS 20 minutes during their first rules of the road.” aren’t out there to hurt you. They retain 90 per EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, winter ride, they can get to This involves stopping at red lights, want to do exactly the opposite,” said cent of its OUTLANDISH ACTIVITY...” know where all their trouble signaling and keeping your place in Laing. warmth. spots are—like hidden icy line. According to seven year bike peddler Natural Cycle shop manager William patches or busy intersections. Winter cycling is also cheap. Sprohge Jonathan Sprohge of Bikes & Beyond, Belford said that biking in winter is Belford cautioned cyclists not to bike has been cycling to work for seven the most dangerous part of winter always cold, but cyclists work up a lot on the sidewalks, despite some fears years using a $75 second-hand bike cycling is not the road, but rather the of body heat. that the roads are more dangerous in that he bought at a garage sale. type of clothing cyclists wear. “You want to dress for the last 10 winter. “In my experience, it makes very “If you’re improperly dressed in our minutes of your ride,” said Belford. “One, it is illegal to ride on the little difference what kind of bike country, that could kill you.” He added that cyclists should make sidewalk and two, sidewalks are often you use,” said Sprohge. pg.14 SPORTS 4/11/2013 THEPROJECTOR.CA Last kicks of the season LINDSEY DORIE, CONTRIBUTOR Rebels play hard at championship The women’s Rebels midfielder and top goal team has a new coach soccer team has a shot at scorer Leah Single as a leading them this year. winning the championships, strong, key players. Jordan Goetting’s plan is all according to head coach Lawrie said throughout the about sticking to their system Doug Lawrie. regular season the team’s and being team oriented. The Rebels women beat best quality has been their “The guy’s have been the Canadian Mennonite ability to defend well as a committed to a system that University Blazers on team. we decided on and I have Saturday Oct. 26. They lost “We only have four goals 25 players on the team this at the championships the against us in regular season year,” Goetting said. following day. play.” He said his team is strong, “We have some very talented He also points out the variety but they still have some and hard working players on of goal scorers they have on developing and learning to our roster and we have good the team. do, especially with general balance across our line-up.” “In our short season, we soccer knowledge. Lawrie said that each of his already have seven different “There are a lot of talented players has an important goal scorers, four of whom athletes on the team, but role to play on the team, but have multiple goals.” not a lot of soccer brains,” captain, Katrina Clark stands Before the championships Goetting said. Although out. Lawrie said he worked with he had high expectations “Katrina is a tremendous the team to prepare them for the championships, the leader for the team and a for their final games by men’s soccer team lost to very strong central defender.” focusing on reinforcing the the Providence University He also mentioned Jena team’s defence strategies and College Pilots 2-1 and did Wilks on defence, Rae-Lyn preparing players mentally. not make it to the final Dyck as their defending The Rebels men’s soccer championship game. PHOTO BY JANESSA WIRTH


Men’s basketball prepare for first game

Respect and defence. Two basketball Singh learned point for a basket. Winners of five straight management and is playing keys to success Sukhvir that it is important to “If we have a two hour Manitoba Colleges Athletic his fifth and final season. Singh has preached during show respect to both your practice, we do an hour and Conference (MCAC) “Last year was my 4th his six year stint as head teammates and your fifteen minutes worth of championships, the men’s championship. If I win again coach of the Red River opponents. Doing otherwise defence,” said Singh. “We try basketball team aims to this year, that means I’ve won College Rebels men’s is a waste of time. to out-stop teams as opposed repeat their success this every year that I’ve played,” basketball team. “That time being used to fool to out-score teams.” season, which began Neufeld said. “My goal is to “I preach respect first. If around on the court during a In their championship on Nov. 1. go out on top.” you respect the game of game should be used playing game last season that “The team’s goal is to win a Singh made it clear that he basketball, you won’t be defence,” said Singh. won the Rebels their fifth championship. Bottom line,” had the same intentions as seen sticking your tongue The men’s basketball team consecutive title, they held player Corey Neufeld said. “I last season. out at the crowd or jumping practices twice a week, and their opponents to 56 points. think anything less would be “We want to win every around,” said Singh. “Even most of that time is spent No team they played against a big disappointment. None game,” said Singh. “If you during practices, if guys are on defence. During their in the 2012-2013 season scored of us want to be on the team commit to being the hardest fooling around, they’ll be on scrimmages, coach Singh more than 80 points which that broke the streak of five working team on the court, the end running.” awards two points for a resulted in an straight championships.” you’re going to give yourself When he began playing defensive stop, one undefeated season. Neufeld is taking greenspace a chance to win.” THEPROJECTOR.CA 4/11/2013 SPORTS pg.15 A heart for running ZACH PETERS, CONTRIBUTOR Firefighters and paramedics host marathon With more than a 40 per cent event.” increase in participant numbers Fielder ran the half marathon from its first year, the second wearing a plastic red firefighter’s annual Winnipeg Fire Paramedic hat and a costume style firefighter Service (WFPS) Half Marathon jacket. to raise money for the Heart and “I don’t even really like half Stroke Foundation was a success marathons,” said Fielder. “But this before it even began. one I have to do.” “It got the best of me for both Fielder’s condo burned down parts of it. I’m a huge runner and a couple years ago. He credits my grandfather passed away from firefighters with saving many a stroke a few years ago,” said sentimental items from his Jonathon place and the Torchia, “IT’S GOOD TO ENCOURAGE paramedics for the race THE PUBLIC TO THINK ABOUT making sure he director. THEIR HEART HEALTH” was all right. “I really Esther Hill, who wanted to do something for the ran her first half marathon at the Heart and Stroke Foundation, but WFPS event, also had a desire to not just donate money. I wanted run the race beyond just fitness to do something grand and I’ve and fun. always had the idea of creating a “My dad had a stroke a few years half marathon.” ago, and so I like to support the The WFPS Half Marathon took Heart and Stroke Foundation place on Oct. 19 and had 2,200 whenever I can,” said Hill. runners participating between “I’ve seen the benefits ofTeam the Shan Ad FOUR:Projector 2013 9/4/13 10:06 AM Page 1 PHOTOS BY ZACH PETERS the three race distances: half foundation.” marathon, 10 km, and five km. Torchia considered Runners raised over $45,000 this the event a success year. as he watched “It’s good to encourage the public racers cross the to think about their heart health,” finish line. But said Drew Fontaine, a WFPS for him the most paramedic. meaningful “We deal with health issues all moment was the time, so you see the effects of meeting his being in shape and what it means parents as they to maintain your own health,” said completed the 10 Fontaine. km race. Fontaine was one of 78 firefighters “I put the medals and paramedics who ran the race around my mom Shanna (Shan) Larsen was this year. and dad,” said only 24 when she lost her “I have great admiration for the Torchia “It was life to breast cancer firefighters and paramedics,” a bone chilling said runner David Fielder. “And experience.” that’s what inspired me to run this Symptoms

N breast lumps (most common) N breast thickening N dimpling/puckering of the breast N breast changes (size, shape, skin) N breast swelling, redness, warmth or pain N nipple changes or discharge/leaking N symptoms that may appear from the spread of breast cancer (e.g., bone pain, neurological symptoms)

Proud Grantee of PRAIRIES • NWT @TeamShan pg.16 SPORTS 4/11/2013 THEPROJECTOR.CA PHOTO BY ADRIANA MINGO Sports & Lifestyle Piping and plating Briefs JESSICA BOTELHO-URBANSKI, CONTRIBUTOR ADRIANA MINGO, CONTRIBUTOR Oreos v. cocaine Students learn it’s not like it is on TV “Bet you can’t eat just one!” may be a more apt slogan for Oreos than Lay’s The professional baking and patisserie program pointed out that it’s not always about how the finished potato chips. Neuroscience researchers at Red River College (RRC) teaches students that product looks. from Connecticut College uncovered baking from scratch is not as easy as Anna Olson “I hate when I’m with someone and they say some surprising information when and The Cupcake Girls make it look. a cupcake is cute. It’s not just cute,” she said, they studied the behaviour of lab rats “Some people perhaps might watch TV and emphasizing the importance of flavour and texture through two comparative tests. The think that’s what it’s really like, but it’s not,” said and the ingredients that make each dish so decadent. students injected saline solutions, Chantalle Noschese, instructor and head of the “For me, I love understanding the science behind it. cocaine and morphine solutions into program. We spent a whole unit on ingredients and how they the rats to study the effects these “But usually the students who enrol want to be work”. drugs had on the rats’ brains. Later, here. They want to become more well-rounded”. The classes are centred around hands on activities the lab rats were placed into a maze First year student Johanna Dyck started the with one day a week spent in a classroom and the which housed rice cakes and Oreos. program in August after being on the waiting other four spent in the lab. With so much hands-on The rats made a beeline for the Oreos list for three and a half years. There were only 20 work, the students produce an abundance of food then stayed. They did the same when students accepted into the program this year. everyday, but the college is putting it to good use. injected with cocaine or morphine. “This program has been on my bucket list for ten “We have the Culinary Exchange, so when we’re The research students found “that the years,” said Dyck. finished making stuff in class, we’ll bring down breads cookies activated more neurons in In the first month the students learn how to bake for sale. Then you know it’s not going to waste,” said the accumbens (the brain’s “pleasure breads and pastries of all kinds. They begin by Dyck. centre”) than addictive substances like learning basic food safety, measurements and The program also caters to students who may want cocaine.” weights. Then they move on to different types of to work in a restaurant environment, as opposed yeast breads. to a bakery. To ensure that students receive diverse “It’s been kind of a whirlwind. You go right into it.” training, classes outside of the lab include subjects Pan Am Boxing Dyck said she and her classmates just started such as inventory management and an introduction to If you’ve had one too many Oreos learning to plate and present their dishes, but she the software programs commonly used in restaurants. lately, Pan Am Boxing at 245 McDermot Ave. offers the best workout bang for your buck. Just a few blocks away from the Exchange District Campus, the trainers at Pan Am will whip you into shape, whether you’re a beginner Letters from a yoga lover or an expert boxer. Beginner classes include cardio elements (stairs, jump- Oh those winter blues rope), strength training and learning boxing stance and techniques. Once you’ve gained enough experience, have school and you have to get a lot faster because you aren’t sparring with a partner is optional. out of bed and venture into the focused on how hard it may be. Drop-in classes are $15 and student cold darkness. • Try something new. It’s not memberships are $60 a month. In university on extremely always easy to run or walk cold days, sometimes I would outdoors in the cold. Try a hot Snow opt to stay in bed. Sweatpants yoga class (if you’re under a lot For those looking for a leisurely and blankets seemed more of stress it will be amazing) or workout at a low price, Sunday Snow appealing than lectures and kick boxing. Rugby is free and takes place each week cold chairs and desks. In my • Try tea instead of coffee. If at 1 p.m. at the corner of Churchill current program you can’t just you’re hooked on caffeine JANESSA WIRTH, Drive and Casey Street. The Assassins not show up for no reason. I there are quite a few teas that Rugby Club is steeped in COLUMNIST kind of like that discipline, but have low or medium amounts snow rugby tradition. Club president sometimes I would still rather of caffeine. Generally, drinking Cole Hunt organizes this weekly event, Well, it’s sad to see it, but the be in bed. tea is better for you and gives which he said, “Is for those hardy snowflakes are beginning to How do you beat the winter you more energy. souls who brave the elements and fall and winter is just around blues? Especially when you • Spend the night in. There’s fight through hangovers to play the corner. Winter is one of my start to feel overwhelmed with nothing wrong with having a rugby.” It’s a co-ed game meant to keep favourite seasons, but I can’t stand school and sluggish because relaxing evening in front of the rugby spirit alive in the off-season. the cold temperatures. you haven’t felt like going to the fire, cuddled up in blankets Snow rugby is also a great opportunity I love being outside skating, the gym. Here are some of my and watching a movie. for those unfamiliar with the sport building snowmen and of course tips. Sometimes, it’s just what the to get started. For more information, playing hockey. But seriously, • Find a buddy. Workouts doctor ordered. search for the ‘Sunday Snow Rugby’ those -42 windchill days are hard are always more fun with a group on Facebook. to handle. Especially when you friend, and they tend to go by