IMPORTANT: This booklet contains important information about the ’s warranty coverage. It also explains Owner Assistance Information and GM’s Participation in an Alternative Dispute Resolution Program. Keep this booklet with your vehicle and make it available to an dealer if warranty work is needed. Be sure to keep it with your vehicle when you sell it so future owners will have the information.

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Odometer Reading on Date Vehicle First Delivered or Put In Use: Have you purchased the Genuine GM Protection Plan? The GM Protection Plan may be purchased within specific time/mileage limitations. See the information request form in the back of this booklet. Remember, if the service contract you are considering to purchase does not have the GM Protection Plan emblem shown above on it, then it is not the Genuine GM Protection Plan from .

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An Important Message to Oldsmobile Warranty Coverage – Extensions ...... 11 Owners...... 1 Touring Owner Service – Foreign Countries ...... 12 Oldsmobile’s Commitment to You ...... 1 Warranty Service – Foreign Countries ...... 12 Owner Assistance ...... 1 Original Equipment Alterations ...... 12 GM Participation in an Alternative Dispute Recreation Vehicle and Special Body or Resolution Program ...... 1 Equipment Alterations ...... 12 Warranty Service – and ...... 1 Pre-Delivery Service ...... 13 Warranty Coverage at a Glance ...... 2 Production Changes ...... 13 New Vehicle Limited Warranty ...... 2 Noise Emissions Warranty for Light Duty Emission Control Systems Warranty* ...... 2 Trucks Over 10,000 LBS. GVWR Only ...... 13 General Motors Corporation New Vehicle Emission Control Systems Warranty ...... 14 Limited Warranty ...... 4 What Is Covered ...... 14 What Is Covered ...... 4 How to Determine the Applicable Emission What Is Not Covered ...... 6 Control System Warranty (Light Duty Things You Should Know About the New Trucks Only) ...... 14 Vehicle Limited Warranty ...... 9 Federal Emission Control System Warranty ...... 14 Warranty Repairs – Component Exchanges ...... 9 California Emission Control System Warranty ...... 16 Warranty Repairs – Recycled Material ...... 9 Emission Warranty Parts List ...... 18 Service ...... 9 Replacement Parts ...... 22 6.6L DURAMAX™ Components ...... 9 Maintenance and Repairs ...... 23 After-Manufacture “Rustproofing” ...... 10 Claims Procedure ...... 24 Paint, Trim, and Appearance Items ...... 10 Owner Assistance ...... 25 Vehicle Operation and Care ...... 10 Customer Satisfaction Procedure ...... 25 Maintenance and Warranty Service Records ...... 11 Customer Assistance Offices ...... 29 Chemical Paint Spotting ...... 11 An Important Message to Oldsmobile Owners...

Oldsmobile’s Commitment to You GM Participation in an Alternative We are committed to assure your satisfaction with your Dispute Resolution Program new Oldsmobile. See “Customer Satisfaction Procedure” under Owner Your Oldsmobile dealer also wants you to be completely Assistance on page 25 for information on the voluntary, satisfied and invites you to return for all your service non-binding Alternative Dispute Resolution Program needs both during and after the warranty period. in which GM participates. Owner Assistance Warranty Service – United States and Your Oldsmobile dealer is best equipped to provide all Canada your service needs. Should you ever encounter a Your selling dealership has made a large investment to problem that is not resolved during or after the limited ensure that they have the proper tools, training, and warranty period, talk to a member of dealer parts inventory to make any necessary warranty repairs . Under certain circumstances, General should they be required during the warranty period. Motors and/or GM dealers may provide assistance after We ask that you return to your selling dealer for warranty the limited warranty period has expired when the repairs. In the event of an emergency repair, you may problem results from a defect in material or take your vehicle to any authorized GM dealer for workmanship. These instances will be reviewed on a warranty repairs. However, certain warranty repairs case by case basis. If your problem has not been require special tools or training that only a dealer selling resolved to your satisfaction, follow the “Customer your may have. Therefore, not all dealers are Satisfaction Procedure” as outlined under Owner able to perform every repair. If a particular dealership Assistance on page 25. cannot assist you, then contact the Customer Assistance We thank you for choosing an Oldsmobile. Center. If you have changed your residence, visit any Oldsmobile dealer in the United States or Canada for warranty service.

1 Warranty Coverage at a Glance

The warranty coverages are summarized below. Emission Control Systems Warranty* New Vehicle Limited Warranty * For light duty trucks see “How to Determine the Applicable Emissions Control System Warranty” under Bumper-to-Bumper (Includes ) Emission Control Systems Warranty on page 14 for • Coverage is for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles, more information. whichever comes first. Federal Sheet Metal • Engines • Corrosion coverage is for the first 3 years or − Defects and performance for and light duty 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. truck emission control systems are covered for the • Rust-through coverage is for the first 6 years or first 2 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. From the first 2 years or 24,000 miles to 3 years or 36,000 miles 6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel Engine defects in material or workmanship continue to be • Coverage is for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles, covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty whichever comes first. It then has a $100.00 Bumper-to-Bumper coverage explained deductible charge after the 3 years or 36,000 miles previously. up to 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever − Catalytic converters and powertrain control comes first. modules are covered for the first 8 years or 80,000 miles, whichever comes first.

2 − Defects and performance for heavy duty engines − Defects and performance for heavy duty emission are covered for the first 5 years or 50,000 miles, control systems are covered for the first 5 years or whichever comes first. 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. • 6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel Engines are covered for • 6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel Engines are covered for the first 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever the first 5 years, 100,000 miles, or 3,000 hours of comes first. operation, whichever comes first. California Noise Emissions • Gasoline Engines • Coverage is for applicable weighing over − Defects and performance for cars, light duty, and 10,000 lbs. based on the GVWR only, for the medium duty truck emission control systems are entire life of the vehicle. covered for the first 3 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. − Specified components for cars or light duty trucks equipped with either light duty or medium duty truck emission control systems are covered for the first 7 years or 70,000 miles, whichever comes first.

3 General Motors Corporation New Vehicle Limited Warranty

GM will provide for repairs to the vehicle during the Obtaining Repairs warranty period in accordance with the following terms, conditions, and limitations. To obtain warranty repairs, take the vehicle to a Oldsmobile dealer facility within the warranty period and What Is Covered request the needed repairs. A reasonable time must be allowed for the dealer to perform necessary repairs. Warranty Applies Warranty Period This warranty is for GM vehicles registered in the United States and normally operated in the United States or The warranty period for all coverages begins on the Canada, and is provided to the original and any date the vehicle is first delivered or put in use and ends subsequent owners of the vehicle during the warranty at the expiration of the coverage period. period. Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage Repairs Covered The complete vehicle is covered for 3 years or The warranty covers repairs to correct any vehicle 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, except for other defect related to materials or workmanship occurring coverages listed here under “What Is Covered” and during the warranty period. Needed repairs will be those items listed under “What Is Not Covered” later in performed using new or remanufactured parts. this section. No Charge Warranty repairs, including towing, parts and labor, will be made at no charge.

4 Tire Coverage GM accessories sold over-the-counter, or those not requiring installation, will continue to receive the The tires supplied with your vehicle are covered against standard GM Dealer Parts Warranty of 12 months from defects in material or workmanship under the the date of purchase (parts only). Bumper-to-Bumper coverage. Any tire replaced will continue to be warranted for the remaining portion of the GM Licensed Accessories are covered under the Bumper-to-Bumper coverage period. accessory-specific manufacturer’s warranty and are not warranted by GM or its dealers. Following expiration of the Bumper-to-Bumper coverage, tires may continue to be covered under the tire Sheet Metal Coverage manufacturer’s warranty. Review the tire manufacturer’s warranty booklet or consult the tire manufacturer Sheet metal panels are covered against corrosion and for specific details. rust-through as follows: Corrosion: Body sheet metal panels are covered Accessory Coverages against rust for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever All GM accessories sold by GM and parts that are comes first. permanently installed on a GM vehicle prior to delivery Rust-Through: Any body sheet metal panel that rusts will be covered under the provisions of the New through (an actual hole in the sheet metal) is covered for Vehicle Limited Warranty. In the event GM accessories up to 6 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. are installed after vehicle delivery, or are replaced Important: Cosmetic or surface corrosion (resulting under the new vehicle warranty, they will be covered from stone chips or scratches in the paint, for example) (parts and labor) for the balance of the vehicle warranty, is not included in sheet metal coverage. but in no event less than 12 months/12,000 miles. This coverage is only effective for GM accessories Towing permanently installed by a GM dealer or an associated GM-approved Accessory Distributor/Installer (ADI). Towing is covered to the nearest Oldsmobile dealer if your vehicle cannot be driven because of a warranted defect.

5 6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel Engine Coverage Damage Due to Bedliners For trucks equipped with a 6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel Owners of trucks with a bedliner, whether after-market Engine, the diesel engine (except those items listed or factory installed, should expect that with normal under “What Is Not Covered” later in this section) operation the bedliner will move. This movement may is covered for 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever cause finish damage and/or squeaks and rattles. comes first. A $100.00 deductible per repair visit may Therefore, any damage caused by the bedliner is not apply after the vehicle has been in use for 3 years covered under the terms of the warranty. or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. For additional information, refer to Things You Should Know About the Damage Due to Accident, Misuse, or New Vehicle Limited Warranty on page 9. Also refer Alteration to the appropriate emission control system warranty for Damage caused as the result of any of the following is possible additional coverages. not covered. What Is Not Covered • collision, fire, theft, freezing, vandalism, riot, explosion, or objects striking the vehicle; Tire Damage or Wear • misuse of the vehicle such as driving over curbs, Normal tire wear or wear-out is not covered. Road overloading, racing, or other . Proper hazard damage such as punctures, cuts, snags, and vehicle use is discussed in the owner manual; breaks resulting from pothole impact, curb impact, • alteration or modification to the vehicle including or from other objects is not covered. Also, damage from the body, chassis or components after final improper inflation, spinning (as when stuck in mud or assembly by GM. snow), tire chains, racing, improper mounting or • Coverages do not apply if the odometer has been dismounting, misuse, negligence, alteration, vandalism, disconnected, its reading has been altered, or or misapplication is not covered. mileage cannot be determined. Important: This warranty is void on vehicles currently or previously titled as salvaged, scrapped, junked, or totaled.

6 Damage or Corrosion Due to Environment, Items such as: Chemical Treatments, or Aftermarket • Filters Products • Brake Pads/Linings Damage caused by airborne fallout (chemicals, tree • Clutch Linings sap, etc.), stones, hail, earthquake, water or flood, windstorm, lightning, the application of chemicals or • Keyless Entry Batteries * sealants subsequent to manufacture, etc., is not • Audio System Cleaning covered. See “Chemical Paint Spotting” under Things • Coolants and Fluids You Should Know About the New Vehicle Limited Warranty on page 9 for more details. • Wiper Inserts Damage Due to Insufficient or Improper • Limited Slip Rear Axle Service Maintenance • Tire Rotation Wheel Alignment/Balance ** Damage caused by failure to follow the recommended • maintenance schedule intervals and/or failure to are covered only when replacement or repair is the use or maintain fluids, fuel, lubricants, or refrigerants result of a defect in material or workmanship. recommended in the owner manual is not covered. * Consumable battery covered up to 12 months only. Maintenance ** Maintenance items after 7,500 miles. All vehicles require periodic maintenance. Maintenance services, such as those detailed in the owner manual are at the owner’s expense. Vehicle lubrication, cleaning, or polishing are not covered. Failure of or damage to components requiring replacement or repair due to vehicle use, wear, exposure, or lack of maintenance is not covered.

7 Extra Expenses Other Terms: This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which Economic loss or extra expense is not covered. vary from state to state. Examples include: GM does not authorize any person to create for it any • Loss of vehicle use other obligation or liability in connection with these vehicles. Any implied warranty of merchantability or • Inconvenience fitness for a particular purpose applicable to this • Storage vehicle is limited in duration to the duration of this • Payment for loss of time or pay written warranty. Performance of repairs and needed adjustments is the exclusive remedy under • Vehicle rental expense this written warranty or any implied warranty. • Lodging, meals, or other travel costs GM shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages (such as, but not limited to, lost wages • State or local taxes required on warranty repairs or vehicle rental expenses) resulting from breach of this written warranty or any implied warranty.* * Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty will last or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

8 Things You Should Know About the New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Warranty Repairs – Component Tire Service Exchanges Any authorized Oldsmobile or tire dealer for your brand In the interest of customer satisfaction, GM may offer of tires can assist you with tire service. If, after exchange service on some vehicle components. contacting one of these dealers, you need further This service is intended to reduce the amount of time assistance or you have questions, contact Oldsmobile your vehicle is not available for use due to repairs. Customer Assistance Center. The toll-free telephone Components used in exchange are service replacement numbers are listed under Owner Assistance on page 25. parts which may be new, remanufactured, reconditioned, 6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel Engine or repaired, depending on the component involved. Components All exchange components used meet GM standards and are warranted the same as new components. Examples For trucks equipped with 6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel of the types of components that might be serviced in Engine the complete engine assembly, including this fashion include: engine and transmission components, is covered for defects in assemblies, instrument cluster assemblies, radios, material or workmanship for 3 years or 36,000 miles, compact disc players, tape players, batteries, and whichever comes first. No deductible applies during this powertrain control modules. coverage period. The engine parts listed next continue to be covered (subject to a $100.00 deductible) for Warranty Repairs – Recycled Material 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines • Cylinder block and heads and all internal parts, and GM support the capture, purification, and reuse of intake and exhaust manifolds, timing gears, automotive air conditioning refrigerant gases and timing gear chain or belt and cover, flywheel, engine coolant. As a result, any repairs GM may make harmonic balancer, valve covers, oil pan, oil pump, to your vehicle may involve the installation of purified water pump, fuel pump, engine mounts, seals, reclaimed refrigerant and coolant. and gaskets.

9 • Diesel Fuel Metering System: injection pump, Application of after-manufacture rustproofing products nozzles, high pressure lines, and high pressure may create an environment which reduces the corrosion sealing devices. resistance built into your vehicle. Repairs to correct • Glow Plug Control System: control/glow plug damage caused by such applications are not covered assembly, glow plugs, cold advance relay, under your New Vehicle Limited Warranty. and ECM. Paint, Trim, and Appearance Items • control module, integral oil cooler, transmission adapter plate, left and right common Defects in paint, trim, upholstery or other appearance fuel rails, fuel filter assembly, fuel temperature items are normally corrected during new vehicle sensor, and function block. preparation. If you find any paint or appearance Important: Some of these components may also be concerns, advise your dealer as soon as possible. Your covered by the Emission Warranty with no deductible. owner manual has instructions regarding the care of See the “Emission Warranty Parts List” under Emission these items. Control Systems Warranty on page 14 for details. Vehicle Operation and Care After-Manufacture “Rustproofing” Considering the investment you have made in your Your vehicle was designed and built to resist corrosion. Oldsmobile, we know you will want to operate and Application of additional rust-inhibiting materials is maintain it properly. We urge you to follow the neither necessary nor required under the Sheet Metal maintenance instructions in your owner manual. Coverage. GM makes no recommendations concerning If you have questions on how to keep your vehicle in the usefulness or value of such products. good working condition, see your Oldsmobile dealer, the place many customers choose to have their maintenance work done. You can rely on your Oldsmobile dealer to use the proper parts and repair practices.

10 Maintenance and Warranty Service Warranty Coverage – Extensions

Records Time Extensions: The New Vehicle Limited Warranty Retain receipts covering performance of regular will be extended one day for each day beyond the maintenance. Receipts can be very important if a first 24 hour period in which your vehicle is at an question arises as to whether a malfunction is caused authorized dealer facility for warranty service. You may by lack of maintenance or a defect in material or be asked to show the repair orders to verify the workmanship. period of time the warranty is to be extended. Your extension rights may vary depending on state law. A “Maintenance Record” is provided in the maintenance schedule section of the owner manual for recording Mileage Extensions: Prior to delivery, some mileage is services performed. put on your vehicle during testing at the assembly The servicing dealer can provide a copy of any warranty plant, during shipping and while at the dealer facility. repairs for your records. The dealer records this mileage on the first page of this warranty booklet at delivery. For eligible vehicles, Chemical Paint Spotting this mileage will be added to the mileage limits of the warranty ensuring that you receive full benefit of Some weather and atmospheric conditions can create a the coverage. Mileage extension eligibility: chemical fallout. Airborne pollutants can fall upon and adhere to painted surfaces on your vehicle. This • Applies only to new vehicles held exclusively in damage can take two forms: blotchy, ring-shaped new vehicle inventory. discolorations, and/or small irregular dark spots etched • Does not apply to used vehicles, GM-owned into the paint surface. vehicles, dealer owned used vehicles, or dealer demonstrator vehicles. Although no defect in the factory applied paint causes this, Oldsmobile will repair, at no charge to the • Does not apply to vehicles with more than owner, the painted surfaces of new vehicles damaged 1,000 miles on the odometer even though by this fallout condition within 12 months or 12,000 miles the vehicle may not have been registered for license plates. of purchase, whichever comes first.

11 Touring Owner Service – Foreign Original Equipment Alterations Countries This warranty does not cover any damage or failure If you are touring in a foreign country and repairs are resulting from modification or alteration to the vehicle’s needed, take your vehicle to a GM dealer facility, original equipment as manufactured or assembled preferably one which sells and services Oldsmobile by GM. Examples of the types of alterations that would vehicles. Once you return to the United States you should not be covered include installation or use of any provide your dealer with a statement of circumstances, non-GM parts, accessories, and materials, or the cutting, the original repair order, proof of ownership, and any paid welding, or disconnecting of the vehicle’s original receipt indicating the work performed and parts replaced equipment parts and components. for reimbursement consideration. Recreation Vehicle and Special Body Important: Repairs made necessary by the use of improper or dirty fuels and lubricants are not covered or Equipment Alterations under warranty. See your owner manual for additional Installation, or alterations to the original equipment information on fuel requirements when operating in vehicle (or chassis) as manufactured and assembled by foreign countries. GM, are not covered by this warranty. The special body company (assembler) or equipment installer is solely Warranty Service – Foreign Countries responsible for warranties on the body or equipment and This warranty applies to GM vehicles registered in any alterations to any of the parts, components, systems the United States and normally operated in the United or assemblies installed by GM. Examples include, but are States or Canada. If you have permanently relocated not limited to, special body installations (such as and established household residency in another country, recreational vehicles), the installation of any non-GM GM may authorize the performance of repairs under part, cutting, welding or the disconnecting of original the warranty authorized for vehicles generally sold equipment vehicle or chassis parts and components, by GM in that country. Contact an authorized GM dealer extension of wheelbase, suspension and driveline in your country for assistance. modifications and axle additions. Important: GM warranty coverages may be void on GM vehicles that have been imported/exported for resale.

12 Pre-Delivery Service Noise Emissions Warranty for Light Defects in the mechanical, electrical, sheet metal, paint, Duty Trucks Over 10,000 LBS. trim, and other components of your vehicle may GVWR Only occur at the factory or while it is being transported to the dealer facility. Normally, any defects occurring during GM warrants to the first person who purchases the assembly are identified and corrected at the factory vehicle for purposes other than resale and to each during the inspection process. In addition, dealers subsequent purchaser of this vehicle, as manufactured inspect each vehicle before delivery. They repair any by GM, that this vehicle was designed, built, and uncorrected factory defects and any transit damage equipped to conform at the time it left GM’s control with detected before the vehicle is delivered to you. all applicable United States EPA Noise Control Regulations. Any defects still present at the time the vehicle is delivered to you are covered by the warranty. If you find This warranty covers this vehicle as designed, built, and any defects, advise your dealer without delay. For equipped by GM, and is not limited to any particular further details concerning any repairs which the dealer part, component, or system of the vehicle manufactured may have made prior to your taking deliver of your by GM. Defects in design, assembly, or in any part, vehicle, ask your dealer. component, or vehicle system as manufactured by GM, which, at the time it left GM’s control, caused noise Production Changes emissions to exceed Federal Standards, are covered by this warranty for the life of the vehicle. GM and GM dealers reserve the right to make changes in vehicles built and/or sold by them at any time without incurring any obligation to make the same or similar changes on vehicles previously built and/or sold by them.

13 Emission Control Systems Warranty

The emission warranty on your vehicle is issued in To determine emissions eligibility: locate the emission accordance with the U.S. Federal Clean Air Act. Defects control label in the engine compartment on the air cleaner in material or workmanship in GM emission parts may assembly or on the engine. The language on the bottom also be covered under the New Vehicle Limited left side of the label will describe if equipped with a light, Warranty Bumper-to-Bumper coverage. There may be medium, or heavy duty emission control system. additional coverage on GM diesel engine vehicles. All light duty trucks are eligible for Federal Emissions In any case, the warranty with the broadest coverage Control System Warranty Coverage. If the emissions applies. control label contains language stating the vehicle What Is Covered is certified to California emission standards, the vehicle is also eligible for California Emissions Control The parts covered under the emission warranty are System Warranty Coverage. listed under the “Emission Warranty Parts List” later in this section. Federal Emission Control System How to Determine the Applicable Warranty Emission Control System Warranty Federal Warranty Coverage (Light Duty Trucks Only) • or Light Duty Truck equipped with Car and Light Duty Gasoline Engine State and Federal agencies may require different − 2 years or 24,000 miles and 8 years or emission control system warranty for light duty trucks 80,000 miles for the catalytic converter or vehicle depending on: (powertrain) control module, whichever comes • Whether the truck is certified with a light duty or first. heavy duty emission control system. • Whether the truck is certified for California emissions in addition to Federal emissions.

14 • Light Duty Truck equipped with Heavy Duty Federal Emission Performance Warranty Gasoline Engine Some states and/or local jurisdictions have established − 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. periodic vehicle Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) • Light Duty Truck equipped with Heavy Duty Diesel programs to encourage proper maintenance of your Engine vehicle. If an EPA-approved I/M program is enforced in − 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. your area you may also be eligible for Emission Performance Warranty coverage when all of the Federal Emission Defect Warranty following three conditions are met: GM warrants to the owner the following: • The vehicle has been maintained and operated in accordance with the instructions for proper • The vehicle was designed, equipped, and built so maintenance and use set forth in the owner as to conform at the time of sale with the manual supplied with your vehicle. applicable regulations of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) • The vehicle fails an EPA-approved I/M test during the emission warranty period. • The vehicle is free from defects in material and workmanship which cause the vehicle to fail to • The failure results, or will result, in the owner of conform with those regulations during the emission the vehicle having to bear a penalty or other warranty period. sanctions (including the denial of the right to use the vehicle) under local, state, or federal law. Emission related defects in the genuine GM parts listed under the Emission Warranty Parts List, including GM warrants that your dealer will replace, repair, or related diagnostic costs, parts, and labor are covered by adjust to GM specifications, at no charge to you, any of this warranty. the parts listed under the “Emission Warranty Parts List” later in this section which may be necessary to conform to the applicable emission standards. Non-GM parts labeled “Certified to EPA Standards” are covered by the Federal Emission Performance Warranty.

15 California Emission Control System Your Rights and Obligations (For Vehicles Warranty Subject to California Exhaust Emission Standards) This section outlines the emission warranty that GM provides for your vehicle in accordance with the The emission control system warranty on your vehicle is California Air Resources Board. Defects in material or issued in accordance with the California Air Resources workmanship in GM emission parts may also be covered Board and GM. In California, new motor vehicles under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty must be designed, equipped, and built to meet the Bumper-to-Bumper coverage. There may be additional state’s stringent anti-smog standards. GM must warrant coverage on GM diesel engine vehicles. In any your vehicle’s emission control system for the periods case, the warranty with the broadest coverage applies. of time and mileage listed provided there has been no abuse, neglect, or improper maintenance of This warranty applies if your vehicle meets both of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s emission control system the following requirements: may include parts such as the fuel injection system, • Your vehicle is registered in California or other , catalytic converter, and engine states adopting California emission and computer. Also included are hoses, belts, connectors warranty regulations* and other emission related assemblies. • Your vehicle is certified for sale in California as Where a warrantable condition exists, GM will repair indicated on the vehicle’s emission control your vehicle at no cost to you including diagnosis, parts information label. and labor. Important: Currently MA, ME, and VT have California Emissions Warranty coverage for passenger cars and trucks up to 14,000 lbs. GVWR. (New York adopted California emission standards, but not the California emissions warranty. The Federal Emissions Control Warranty applies to all vehicles in New York.)

16 California Emission Defect and Emission • For heavy duty gasoline engine vehicles, the Performance Warranty Coverage emission warranty period is 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. For cars and trucks with light duty or medium duty • For heavy duty diesel engine vehicles, the emission emissions: warranty period is 5 years, • For 3 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes 100,000 miles, or 3,000 hours of operation, first: whichever comes first. − If your vehicle fails a smog check inspection, GM Any authorized Oldsmobile dealer will, as necessary will make all necessary repairs and adjustments under these warranties, replace, repair, or adjust to GM to ensure that your vehicle passes the specifications any genuine GM parts that affect inspection. This is your Vehicle Emission Control emissions. System Performance Warranty. The applicable warranty period shall begin on the date − If any emission related part on your vehicle is the vehicle is delivered to the first retail purchaser or, if defective, GM will repair or replace it. This is the vehicle is first placed in service as a demonstrator or your Short-term Emission Defects Warranty. company vehicle prior to sale at retail, on the date the vehicle is placed in such service. • For 7 years or 70,000 miles whichever comes first: − If an emission related part listed in this booklet Owner’s Warranty Responsibilities specially noted with coverage for 7 years As the vehicle owner, you are responsible for the or 70,000 miles is defective, GM will repair or performance of the scheduled maintenance listed in your replace it. This is your Long-term Emission owner manual. GM recommends that you retain all Control System Defects Warranty. maintenance receipts for your vehicle, but GM cannot deny warranty coverage solely for the lack of receipts or For 8 years or 80,000 miles, whichever comes • for your failure to ensure the performance of all first: scheduled maintenance. − If the catalytic converter or vehicle (powertrain) control module is found to be defective, GM You are responsible for presenting your vehicle to a GM will repair or replace it under the Federal dealer selling your vehicle line as soon as a problem Emission Control System Warranty. exists. The warranted repairs should be completed in a reasonable amount of time, not to exceed 30 days.

17 As the vehicle owner, you should also be aware that The Emission Control Systems Warranties obligations GM may deny warranty coverage if your vehicle or a part do not apply to conditions resulting from tampering, has failed due to abuse, neglect, improper or insufficient abuse, neglect, or improper maintenance; or any other maintenance, or modifications not approved by GM. item listed under “What Is Not Covered” under If you have any questions regarding your rights General Motors Corporation New Vehicle Limited and responsibilities under these warranties, you should Warranty on page 4. The “Other Terms” presented under contact the Customer Assistance Center at General Motors Corporation New Vehicle Limited 1-800-442-6537 or, in California, write to: Warranty on page 4 also apply to the emission related warranties. State of California Air Resources Board Mobile Source Operations Division Powertrain Control System P.O. Box 8001 Barometric Pressure Sensor El Monte, CA 91731-2990 Brake Switch Emission Warranty Parts List Camshaft Position Actuator Assembly * The emission parts listed here are covered under the Camshaft Position Actuator Valve Emission Control System Warranty. The terms are explained previously in this section under the Federal Coolant Fan Control Relay Emission Control System Warranty and the California Coolant Level Sensor Emission Control System Warranty. Data Link Connector Important: Certain parts may be covered beyond these warranties if shown with asterisk(s). Electronic Control (ETC) Motor • (*) 7 years/70,000 miles, whichever comes first, Engine Control Module (ECM) ** California emission coverage. Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (**) 8 years/80,000 miles, whichever comes first, • Fast Idle Solenoid Federal emission coverage. (Also applies to California certified light duty and medium duty Flexible Fuel Sensor * vehicles.) Intake Air Temperature Sensor

18 Malfunction Indicator Lamp Fuel Management System Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Assembly (6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel) * Mass Air Flow Sensor (7/70 Tracker Only *) Diesel Fuel Injection Pump * Oxygen Sensors Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Timing Adjust Powertrain Control Module (PCM) ** Diesel Fuel Injector Control Module – EDU (6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel) * Programmable Read Only Memory (PROM) Diesel Fuel Temperature Sensor Throttle Position Sensor Direct Fuel Injector Assembly Throttle Position Switch (6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel) * Vehicle Control Module (VCM) ** Function Block (6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel) Vehicle Speed Sensor Fuel Injector Transmission Controls and Torque Management Fuel Pressure Regulator Manual Transmission Clutch Switch Fuel Rail Assembly Clutch Switch Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor (6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel) Torque Converter Clutch Solenoids Air Management System Transmission Control Module ** Air Cleaner Transmission Gear Selection Switch (Diesel) Air Cleaner Diaphragm Motor Transmission Internal Mode Switch Air Cleaner Resonator Transmission Pressure Switches Air Cleaner Temp. Compensator Valve Transmission Shift SolenoidsA&B Air Intake Ducts Transmission Speed Sensors Charge Air Control Actuator

19 Charge Air Control Solenoid Valve Distributor * Charge Air Control Valve Distributor Cap Charge Air Cooler (6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel) * Distributor Pick Up Coil Charge Air Cooler Fan Distributor Rotor Idle Air Control Valve Glow Plug(s) (Diesel) Idle Speed Control Motor Glow Plug Controller (Diesel) Intake Manifold * Glow Plug Relay (Diesel) Intake Manifold Tuning Valve Ignition Coil(s) Intake Manifold Tuning Valve Relay Ignition Control Module Supercharger Assembly * Ignition Timing Adjustment Throttle Body * Knock Sensor Throttle Body Heater Spark Plug Wires Throttle Closing Dashpot Spark Plugs Turbocharger Assembly * Catalytic Converter System Turbocharger Boost Sensor (6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel) Catalytic Converter(s) and Muffler if attached as assembly ** Turbocharger Oil Separator Exhaust Manifold (7/70 Only 4.6L, Turbocharger Thermo Purge Switch Venture 3.4L, Montana 3.4L, C/K Truck Vacuum Pump (6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel) <14,000 GVWR 8.1L*) Ignition System Exhaust Manifold with Catalytic Converter attached as Camshaft Position Sensor(s) assembly ** Crankshaft Position Sensor(s)

20 Exhaust Manifold Gasket Evaporative Emission Control System (Gasoline Engines) Exhaust pipes and/or Mufflers (when located between catalytic converters and exhaust manifold) Canister Positive Crankcase Ventilation System Canister Purge Solenoid Valve Oil Filler Cap Canister Vent Solenoid PCV Filter Fuel Feed and Return Pipes and Hoses PCV Oil Separator Fuel Filler Cap PCV Valve Fuel Limiter Vent Valve * Exhaust Gas Recirculation System Fuel Tank Filler Pipe (with restrictor) EGR Feed and Delivery Pipes or Cast-in Passages Fuel Tank(s) * EGR Valve Fuel Tank Vacuum or Pressure Sensor EGR Valve Cooler (6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel) Miscellaneous Items Used with Above Components are Covered EGR Vacuum Pump Assembly (6.6L DURAMAX™ Diesel) Belts Secondary Air Injection System Boots Air Pump Clamps Cutoff Valve Connectors Check Valves Ducts Vacuum Control Solenoid Fittings

21 Gaskets Replacement Parts Grommets The emission control systems of your vehicle were Hoses designed, built, and tested using genuine GM parts* and the vehicle is certified as being in conformity with Housings applicable federal and California emission requirements. Mounting Hardware Accordingly, it is recommended that any Pipes replacement parts used for maintenance or for the repair of emission control systems be new, genuine Pulleys GM parts. Sealing Devices The warranty obligations are not dependent upon the Springs use of any particular brand of replacement parts. The owner may elect to use non-genuine GM parts for Tubes replacement purposes. Use of replacement parts Wiring which are not of equivalent quality may impair the effectiveness of emission control systems. Parts specified in your maintenance schedule as requiring scheduled replacement are covered up to their If other than new, genuine GM parts are used for first replacement interval or the applicable emission maintenance replacements or for the repair of parts warranty coverage period, whichever comes first. affection emission control, the owner should assure If failure of one of these parts results in failure of another himself/herself that such parts are warranted by their part, both will be covered under the Emission Control manufacturer to be equivalent to genuine GM parts System Warranty. in performance and durability. For detailed information concerning specific parts * “Genuine GM parts,” when used in connection with covered by these emission control systems warranties, GM vehicles means parts manufactured by or for ask your dealer. GM, designed for use on GM vehicles and distributed by any division or of GM.

22 Maintenance and Repairs If, in an emergency situation, it is necessary to have repairs performed by other than a Oldsmobile dealer and Maintenance and repairs can be performed by any you believe the repairs are covered by emission qualified service outlet; however, warranty repairs must warranties, take the replaced parts and your receipt to a be performed by any authorized dealer except in an Oldsmobile dealer for reimbursement consideration. emergency situation when a warranted part or a This applies to both the Federal Emission Defect warranty station is not reasonably available to the Warranty and Federal Emission Performance Warranty. vehicle owner. Receipts and records covering the performance of In an emergency, where an authorized dealer is not regular maintenance or emergency repairs should be reasonably available, repairs may be performed at any retained in the event questions arise concerning available service establishment or by the owner, maintenance. These receipts and records should be using any replacement part. Oldsmobile will consider transferred to each subsequent owner. GM will not deny reimbursement for the expense incurred (including warranty coverage solely on the absence of diagnosis), not to exceed the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance records. However, GM may deny a retail price for all warranted parts replaced and labor warranty claim if a failure to perform scheduled charges based on Oldsmobile’s recommended time maintenance resulted in the failure of a warranted part. allowance for the warranty repair and the geographically appropriate labor rate. A part not being available within 10 days or a repair not being completed within 30 days constitutes an emergency. Retain receipts and failed parts in order to receive compensation for warranty repairs reimbursable due to an emergency.

23 Claims Procedure In the event a warranty matter is not handled to your satisfaction, refer to the “Customer Satisfaction As with the other warranties covered in this booklet, Procedure” in this booklet under Owner Assistance on take your vehicle to any authorized Oldsmobile dealer page 25. facility to obtain service under the emission warranty. This should be done as soon as possible after failing an For further information or to report violations of the EPA-approved I/M test or a California smog check Emission Control System Warranty, you may contact the test, or at any time you suspect a defect in a part. EPA at: Manager, Certification and Compliance Those repairs qualifying under the warranty will be Division (6405J) performed by any Oldsmobile dealer at no charge. Warranty Claims Repairs which do not qualify will be charged to you. You Environmental Protection Agency will be notified as to whether or not the repair qualifies Ariel Rios Building under the warranty within a reasonable time (not to 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. exceed 30 days after receipt of the vehicle by the dealer, Washington, DC 20460 or within the time period required by local or state law). For a vehicle subject to the California Exhaust Emission The only exceptions would be if you request or agree to Standards, you may contact the: an extension, or if a delay results from events beyond State of California Air Resources Board the control of your dealer or GM. If you are not so Mobile Source Operations Division notified, GM will provide any required repairs at P.O. Box 8001 no charge. El Monte, CA 97131-2990

24 Owner Assistance

Customer Satisfaction Procedure We encourage you to call the toll-free number in order to give your inquiry prompt attention. Please Your satisfaction and goodwill are important to your have the following information available to give the dealer and to Oldsmobile. Normally, any concerns with Customer Assistance Representative: the sales transaction or the operation of your vehicle will be resolved by your dealer’s sales or service • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) (This is departments. Sometimes, however, despite the best available from the vehicle registration or title, or the plate above the left top of the instrument panel intentions of all concerned, misunderstandings can and visible through the windshield.) occur. If your concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction, the following steps should be taken: • The dealer name and location • The vehicle’s delivery date and present mileage STEP ONE: Discuss your concern with a member of dealer management. Normally, concerns can be When contacting Oldsmobile, please remember quickly resolved at that level. If the matter has already that your concern will likely be resolved at a dealer’s been reviewed with the sales, service, or parts manager, facility. That is why we suggest you follow Step One first contact the owner of the dealer facility or the if you have a concern. general manager. STEP TWO: If after contacting a member of dealer management, it appears your concern cannot be resolved by the dealer without further help contact the Oldsmobile Customer Assistance Center by calling 1-800-442-6537. (In Canada, contact GM of Canada Central Office in by calling 1-800-263-3777: English, or 1-800-263-7854: French).

25 STEP THREE: Both GM and your GM dealer are This program is available in all 50 states and the District committed to making sure you are completely satisfied of Columbia. Eligibility is limited by vehicle age, with your new vehicle. However, if you continue to mileage, and other factors. GM reserves the right to remain unsatisfied after following the procedure outlined change eligibility limitations and/or to discontinue in Steps One and Two, you should file with the BBB its participation in this program. Auto Line Program to enforce any additional rights you may have. Assistance For Text Telephone (TTY) Users The BBB Auto Line Program is an out of court program administered by the Council of Better Business To assist customers who are deaf or hard of hearing Bureaus to settle automotive disputes regarding vehicle and who use Text Telephones (TTYs), Oldsmobile has repairs or the interpretation of the New Vehicle TTY equipment available at its Customer Assistance Limited Warranty. Although you may be required to Center and Roadside Assistance Center. resort to this informal dispute resolution program prior to The TTY for the Oldsmobile Customer Assistance filing a court action, use of the program is free of Center is: charge and your case will generally be heard within 40 days. If you do not agree with the decision given in 1-800-833-6537 in the United States your case, you may reject it and proceed with any other 1-800-263-3830 in Canada venue for relief available to you. The TTY for the Oldsmobile Roadside Assistance You may contact the BBB Auto Line Program using the Center is: toll-free telephone number or write them at the following address: 1-888-889-2438 in the U.S. and Canada BBB Auto Line Program Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. 4200 Wilson Boulevard Suite 800 Arlington, VA 22203-1804 Telephone Number: 1-800-955-5100

26 Oldsmobile Roadside Assistance Warranty Information for California Only Oldsmobile is proud to offer the response, security, and California Civil Code Section 1793.2(d) requires that, if convenience of Oldsmobile’s 24-hour Roadside General Motors or its representatives are unable to Assistance Program. Refer to your owner manual for repair a new to conform to the vehicle’s details, or consult your dealer. The Oldsmobile Roadside applicable express warranties after a reasonable number Assistance Center can be reached by calling of attempts, General Motors shall either replace the 1-800-535-6537. This program is not available in Puerto new motor vehicle or reimburse the buyer the amount Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. paid or payable by the buyer. California Civil Code Section 1793.22(b) creates a presumption that General Oldsmobile Courtesy Transportation Motors has had a reasonable number of attempts to During the Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty coverage conform the vehicle to its applicable express warranties period, interim transportation may be available under if, within 18 months from delivery to the buyer or the Oldsmobile Courtesy Transportation Program. 18,000 miles on the vehicle’s odometer, whichever Please consult your dealer for details. occurs first, one or more of the following occurs: • The same nonconformity results in a condition that State Warranty Enforcement Laws is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury if Laws in many states permit owners to obtain a the vehicle is driven AND the nonconformity replacement vehicle or a refund of the purchase price has been subject to repair two or more times by under certain circumstances. The provisions of General Motors or its agents AND the buyer or lessee has directly notified General Motors of these laws vary from state to state. To the extent the need for the repair of the nonconformity allowed by state law, General Motors requires that you first provide us with written notification of any service difficulty you have experienced so that we have an opportunity to make any needed repairs before you are eligible for the remedies provided by these laws. Your written notification should be sent to Oldsmobile Customer Assistance Center.

27 • The same nonconformity has been subject to Special Policy Adjustment Programs repair four or more times by General Motors or Beyond the Warranty Period its agents AND the buyer has notified General Motors of the need for the repair of the Oldsmobile is proud of the protection afforded by its nonconformity warranty coverages. In order to achieve maximum • The vehicle is out of service by reason of repair customer satisfaction, there may be times when nonconformities by General Motors or its agents Oldsmobile will establish a special policy adjustment for a cumulative total of more than 30 calendar program to pay all or part of the cost of certain repairs days after delivery of the vehicle to the buyer. not covered by the warranty or to reimburse certain NOTICE TO GENERAL MOTORS AS REQUIRED repair expenses you may have incurred. Check ABOVE SHALL BE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING with your Oldsmobile dealer or call the Oldsmobile ADDRESS: Customer Assistance Center to determine whether any special policy adjustment program is applicable to General Motors Corporation your vehicle. P.O. Box 33170 , MI 48232-5170 When you make an inquiry, you will need to give the year, model, and mileage of your vehicle and your Fax Number: 1-866-962-2868 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). When you make an inquiry, you will need to give the year, model, and mileage of your vehicle and your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

28 Customer Assistance Offices Canada Oldsmobile encourages customers to call the toll-free Customer Assistance Centre, 163-005 telephone number for assistance. However, if you General Motors of Canada Limited wish to write or e-mail Oldsmobile, refer to the address 1908 Colonel Sam Drive Oshawa, L1H 8P7 below. 1-800-263-3777 (English) United States 1-800-263-7854 (French) Oldsmobile Customer Assistance Center 1-800-263-3830 (For Text Telephone devices (TTYs)) P.O. Box 33171 Roadside Assistance: 1-800-268-6800 Detroit, MI 48232-5171 , Central America and Caribbean www.Oldsmobile.com Islands/Countries (Except Puerto Rico and 1-800-442-6537 1-800-833-6537 (For Text Telephone devices (TTYs)) U.S. Virgin Islands) Roadside Assistance: 1-800-535-6537 General Motors de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. Fax Number: 1-866-962-2868 Customer Assistance Center From Puerto Rico: Paseo de la Reforma # 2740 1-800-496-9992 (English) Col. Lomas de Bezares 1-800-496-9993 (Spanish) C.P. 11910, Mexico D.F. Fax Number: 313-381-0022 01-800-508-0000 Long Distance: 011-52-53 29 0 800 From U.S. Virgin Islands: 1-800-496-9994 Fax Number: 313-381-0022







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