March 11, 2009 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD—HOUSE, Vol. 155, Pt. 6 7095 The State Department has com- It is imperative for us to support David Gold- 31 percent of women between the ages of 25 mitted to raising this issue at the high- man’s quest to be reunited with his son. H. and 29 earning a bachelor’s degree or higher est levels of dialogue with Japan, and I Res. 125 will help us accomplish this goal and degree; wish to say here publicly, thank you to I thank my colleagues for joining me in voting Whereas despite tremendous gains over the past 20 years, women still face political and Chairman BERMAN for his support of unanimously for its passage. economic obstacles, struggle for basic rights, this issue and for supporting America’s Mr. BERMAN. Mr. Speaker, I yield face the threat of discrimination, and are parents and their families. back the balance of my time. targets of violence all over the world; I would like to thank two champions The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Whereas worldwide women remain vastly of human rights, the gentlemen from question is on the motion offered by underrepresented in national and local as- New Jersey, Mr. SMITH and Mr. HOLT. the gentleman from California (Mr. semblies, accounting on average for less than And I must say, Mr. Speaker, my BERMAN) that the House suspend the 10 percent of the seats in parliament, except mother was right: there is nothing rules and agree to the resolution, H. for in East Asia where the figure is approxi- worse than losing your own child, espe- Res. 125, as amended. mately 18 to 19 percent, and women do not cially when your child is still alive. The question was taken. hold more than 8 percent of the ministerial I urge all of my colleagues to support positions in developing regions; The SPEAKER pro tempore. In the Whereas women work two-thirds of the this resolution to get action on behalf opinion of the Chair, two-thirds being of all of our American families with world’s working hours, produce half of the in the affirmative, the ayes have it. world’s food, yet earn only 1 percent of the countries that are some of our greatest Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. Mr. world’s income and own less than 1 percent partners and allies. Speaker, on that I demand the yeas of the world’s property; Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. Mr. and nays. Whereas female managers earned less than Speaker, I yield myself the balance of The yeas and nays were ordered. their male counterparts in the 10 industries my time to say very simply that our The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- that employed the vast majority of all fe- message to the Brazilian government is ant to clause 8 of rule XX and the male employees in the United States be- to bring Sean home, and to do so Chair’s prior announcement, further tween 1995 and 2000; today. Whereas 70 percent of the 1,300,000,000 peo- proceedings on this motion will be ple living in poverty around the world are Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance postponed. of my time. women and children; Mr. BERMAN. Mr. Speaker, I just f Whereas two-thirds of the 876,000,000 illit- erate individuals worldwide are women, two- want to point out that in calendar year SUPPORTING THE GOALS OF thirds of the 125,000,000 school-aged children 2007, along the lines of the point made INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY who are not attending school worldwide are by the gentleman from North Carolina Mr. BERMAN. Mr. Speaker, I move girls, and girls are less likely to complete (Mr. JONES), the United States re- to suspend the rules and agree to the school than boys according to the United turned over 200 children to Hague Con- resolution (H. Res. 194) supporting the States Agency for International Develop- vention partners where a biological goals of International Women’s Day, as ment; parent resided and sought the return of Whereas worldwide women account for half amended. that child. So this resolution is con- of all cases of HIV/AIDS, (approximately The Clerk read the title of the resolu- sistent with our own practices, and I 42,000,000), and in countries with high HIV tion. think with internationally recognized prevalence, young women are at a higher The text of the resolution is as fol- fundamental human rights. I urge its risk than young men of contracting HIV; lows: Whereas globally, each year over 500,000 adoption. H. RES. 194 women die during childbirth and pregnancy; Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey. Mr. Speaker, Whereas domestic violence causes more I rise today in support of H. Res. 125. This Whereas there are over 3,000,000,000 women in the world, representing 51 percent of the deaths and disability among women between resolution calls on the central authority of the ages of 15 and 44 than cancer, malaria, Brazil to uphold the Hague Convention by fa- world’s population; Whereas women continue to play the traffic accidents, and war; cilitating the immediate release of Sean Gold- prominent role in caring for families within Whereas worldwide, at least 1 out of every man to his father, David Goldman. the home as well as serving as economic 3 women and girls has been beaten in her June 16, 2004 was the day Sean Goldman earners; lifetime; was abducted by his mother, Bruna Goldman, Whereas women worldwide are partici- Whereas at least 1 out of every 6 women and taken to Brazil. That day marked the be- pating in the world of diplomacy and poli- and girls in the United States has been sexu- ally abused in her lifetime, according to the ginning of a 41⁄2 year struggle to reunite David tics, contributing to the growth of econo- Goldman with his son Sean. During those sub- mies, and improving the quality of the lives Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Whereas worldwide, 130,000,000 girls and sequent years, David Goldman tirelessly lob- of their families, communities, and nations; Whereas women leaders have recently young women have been subjected to female bied the Brazilian judicial system, sought inter- genital mutilation, and it is estimated that national legal advice, and mourned the death made significant strides, including the 2009 appointment of Johanna Sigurdardottir as 10,000 girls are at risk of being subjected to of Sean’s mother in August 2008. Recently, the first female Prime Minister of Iceland, this practice in the United States; the situation was further complicated when the 2007 election of Congresswoman Nancy Whereas illegal trafficking in women and Sean’s step-father petitioned the Brazilian Pelosi as the first female Speaker of the children for forced labor, domestic servitude, courts for custody of Sean and illegally re- United States House of Representatives, the or sexual exploitation involves between placed David’s name with his own on a Bra- 2006 election of Michelle Bachelet as the first 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 women and children zilian birth certificate. female President of Chile, the 2006 election each year, of whom 50,000 are transported H. Res. 125 was introduced by my New Jer- of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as the President of into the United States, according to the Con- gressional Research Service and the Depart- sey colleague, Representative CHRISTOPHER , the first female President in Afri- ca’s history, and the 2005 election of Angela ment of State; SMITH, and I am proud to be one of the 57 co- Merkel as the first female Chancellor of Ger- Whereas between 75 and 80 percent of the sponsors of this bill. This resolution urges the many, who also served as the second woman world’s 27,000,000 refugees are women and Brazilian government to uphold its commit- to chair a G8 summit in 2007; children; ment to the Hague Convention on the Civil As- Whereas women account for 80 percent of Whereas in times and places of conflict and pects of International Child Abduction. This the world’s 70 million micro-borrowers, 75 war, women and girls continue to be the multilateral treaty, developed by the Hague percent of the 28,000 United States loans sup- focus of extreme violence and intimidation Conference on Private International Law in porting small businesses in Afghanistan are and face tremendous obstacles to legal re- 1980, provides an expeditious method for re- given to women, and 12 women are chief ex- course and justice; turning a child taken from one member nation ecutive officers of Fortune 500 companies; Whereas March 8 has become known as Whereas in the United States women are International Women’s Day for the last cen- to another. H. Res. 125 is of the utmost impor- graduating from high school at higher rates tury, and is a day on which people, often di- tance, as it not only calls on Brazil to display and are earning bachelor’s degrees or higher vided by ethnicity, language, culture, and in- their intention to follow international law, but degrees at greater rates than men with 88 come, come together to celebrate a common also brings a father and son one step closer percent of women between the ages of 25 and struggle for women’s equality, justice, and to reunification. 29 having obtained a high school diploma and peace; and

VerDate Mar 15 2010 13:08 Jun 30, 2011 Jkt 079102 PO 00000 Frm 00165 Fmt 0688 Sfmt 0634 E:\BR09\H11MR9.006 H11MR9 wwoods2 on DSK1DXX6B1PROD with BOUND RECORD 7096 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD—HOUSE, Vol. 155, Pt. 6 March 11, 2009 Whereas the people of the United States to simply declare the equality of Legislation that I will soon intro- should be encouraged to participate in Inter- women and condemn their mistreat- duce, along with DON PAYNE from my national Women’s Day: Now, therefore, be it ment. We must, in all sectors of soci- own home State of New Jersey, enti- Resolved, That the House of Representa- tives— ety, address the structural factors that tled the ‘‘International Megan’s Law,’’ (1) supports the goals of International prevent women and girls from enjoying would address this omission with re- Women’s Day; the same rights and opportunities as spect to sex tourism to exploit chil- (2) recognizes and honors the women in the boys and men. dren. It would seek to protect girls and United States and in other countries who We must also eliminate the criminal boys around the world from sexual ex- have fought and continue to struggle for and cultural practices that destroy the ploitation by establishing a notifica- equality in the face of adversity; lives and freedom and health of women. tion system between governments (3) reaffirms its commitment to ending dis- Statistics demonstrate that when when a known high-risk sex offender is crimination and violence against women and women’s quality of life improves, their girls, to ensuring the safety and welfare of traveling or intends to travel inter- women and girls, and to pursuing policies children are happier, healthier and bet- nationally. that guarantee the basic human rights of ter educated. Entire communities and Government representatives from women and girls both in the United States countries benefit from these improve- other countries, including Thailand, and in other countries; and ments. Successful, educated and re- Brazil, the United Kingdom and Aus- (4) encourages the President to— spected women also become powerful tralia, have expressed a desire to co- (A) reaffirm his commitment to pursue role models for future generations. operate with the United States to ad- policies to protect fundamental human In honor of our family members, our dress the degrading exploitation that rights and civil liberties, particularly those female colleagues and our Speaker, not of women and girls; and occurs as a result of sex tourism. Girls (B) issue a proclamation calling upon the to mention women across the country are the primary victims in this often people of the United States to observe Inter- and around the world, I am proud to overlooked form of trafficking. national Women’s Day with appropriate pro- support this resolution and urge all my Another key area in critical need of grams and activities. colleagues to do the same. improvement is that of maternal The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of health. Most of us are familiar with the ant to the rule, the gentleman from my time. appalling statistic that in sub-Saharan California (Mr. BERMAN) and the gen- Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. Mr. Africa, the lifetime risk of maternal tleman from New Jersey (Mr. SMITH) Speaker, I yield myself such time as I death is 1 in 16, compared with 1 in each will control 20 minutes. may consume. 2,800 in developed countries. It is unac- The Chair recognizes the gentleman H. Res. 194, supporting the goals of ceptable and awful in the extreme that from California. International Women’s Day, provides most of these maternal deaths are pre- GENERAL LEAVE us with an opportunity to celebrate the ventable. important contributions to all levels of Mr. BERMAN. Mr. Speaker, I ask b 1400 unanimous consent that all Members society and social advancement of may have 5 legislative days to revise women around the globe. During the Africa Subcommittee’s and extend their remarks and include I would like to focus my comments hearing about safe blood that I chaired extraneous material on the resolution on three areas referenced in the resolu- in the 109th Congress, we heard from under consideration. tion on which so much more needs to Dr. Neelam Dhingra of the World The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there be done to ensure women and girls Health Organization. Dr. Dhingra in- objection to the request of the gen- worldwide achieve their full potential. formed us that the most common cause tleman from California? One is with respect to the horrible phe- of maternal death in sub-Saharan Afri- There was no objection. nomenon, the criminality, of human ca is severe bleeding, which can take Mr. BERMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise in trafficking. The resolution cites re- the life of even a healthy woman with- strong support of this resolution, and I ported estimates that between one and in 2 hours if not properly and imme- yield myself such time as I may con- two million women are trafficked for diately treated. She gave us the aston- sume. sexual exploitation, forced labor, and ishing statistic that in Africa severe I first want to thank Representative domestic servitude each year. Some bleeding during delivery or after child- JAN SCHAKOWSKY and the other cospon- NGO estimates are far higher than that birth contributes to up to 44 percent of sors of this resolution for honoring the number. Women are robbed of their maternal deaths, many of which could contributions and achievements of dignity, fundamental human rights, be prevented simply by having access women around the world, and the im- and forced into bondage and sexual ser- to safe blood. A sufficient quantity and portance of promoting and protecting vitude. They are modern-day slaves. quality of immediately available and their rights. In 2000, I was the prime sponsor of usable blood must become the norm Today, women all over the world are the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and not the exception. I congratulate becoming leaders in science, medicine, of 2000 which, together with its reau- CHAKA FATTAH from Philadelphia, a arts, politics, and even the military. thorizations, including Chairman BER- Member of Congress, for his work in Despite this progress, it is a sad fact MAN’s legislation reauthorizing the law promoting safe blood. that women and girls continue to con- last year named after the great British Another unacceptable risk for many stitute the vast majority of the world’s parliamentarian William Wilberforce, women giving birth in the developing poor, chronically hungry, refugees, who stopped the slave trade in London, world, especially Africa, is obstetric HIV-infected, uneducated, unemployed has made the United States a leader in fistula. Fistula, Mr. Speaker, can be and disenfranchised. All too often, addressing the egregious human rights treated and repaired through a rel- women are subject to physical violence violations of trafficking and motivated atively minor surgical procedure that and discrimination as a result of their other countries and governments to do costs, on average, $150 per surgery. gender. Women are also the targets of the same. Yet much work remains to Still, large numbers of women, an esti- cruel cultural practices, including gen- be done if we are to eliminate this mated 2 million, endure tremendous ital mutilation, forced and early mar- scourge. Too much demand, enabled by pain and numbing isolation that comes riages, humiliating and harmful widow crass indifference, unbridled hedonism from being the walking wounded, in- practices, bride burnings and honor and misogynistic attitudes, has turned continent and ostracized, and not able killings. women and girls into objects, valued to get to a hospital—like the famous On average, women continue to re- only for their utility in the brothel or hospital in Addis, which performs these ceive less pay for work of equal value, in the sweatshop. Society has helped wonderful interventions. I visited that and many continue to face discrimina- perpetuate this heinous crime by fail- hospital and saw dozens of women who tion in hiring and admission to edu- ing to utilize all the means at our dis- got fistula repair, and the smiles on cational institutions. It is not enough posal to combat it. their faces were amazing. With just a

VerDate Mar 15 2010 13:08 Jun 30, 2011 Jkt 079102 PO 00000 Frm 00166 Fmt 0688 Sfmt 0634 E:\BR09\H11MR9.006 H11MR9 wwoods2 on DSK1DXX6B1PROD with BOUND RECORD March 11, 2009 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD—HOUSE, Vol. 155, Pt. 6 7097 small investment of health care dol- just came out 2 weeks ago—and that Res. 194, ‘‘Supporting the goals of Inter- lars, the lives of women throughout Af- number far exceeds any other number. national Women’s Day’’. Women’s rights affect rica could be dramatically changed. Then there are the missing girls, up- everyone, as we all have a mother. Helping mothers and helping babies wards of 100 million girls missing in Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. Mr. goes hand in hand, Mr. Speaker. There China as a direct result of sex selection Speaker, I yield back the balance of is no dichotomy. When women receive abortions. This gendercide is a direct my time. proper prenatal and maternal health result of the one-child-per-couple pol- Mr. BERMAN. Mr. Speaker, we have care, they are less likely to die in icy combined with a preference for no more speakers. childbirth, and when unborn babies are boys. That human rights abuse has to I might point out the irony that, in a healthy in the womb, they emerge as be made much more visible. The Chi- resolution that is commemorating healthier, stronger newborns. nese Government has to take correc- International Women’s Day, the spon- Birth is not the beginning of life, it is tive action. And all of us have to do sor of that resolution is not available merely an event in the baby’s life that our part to stop this gendercide of to speak on the floor because she is at began at fertilization. Life is a con- young girls, of little girls. the commemorating tinuum with many stages. I believe, I urge unanimous support for H. Res. International Women’s Day. But Ms. Mr. Speaker, human rights should be 194. It is an excellent resolution. SCHAKOWSKY’s comments can be added respected from womb to tomb, and that Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas. Mr. Speaker, into the RECORD. no violence is acceptable against any- I rise today in support of H. Res. 194, ‘‘Sup- Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in one, regardless of age, race, religion, porting the goals of International Women’s support of H. Res. 194, a resolution to support gender, disability, or condition of de- Day’’. As a member of the Congressional Cau- the goals of International Women’s Day. I’d pendency. We need to recognize this bi- cus for Women’s Issues this resolution is very like to take this opportunity to commend the ological fact in policy, funding and pro- important to me and I thank my colleague work of my colleague, Rep. JAN SCHAKOWSKY, grams, and treat both mother and Congresswoman JAN SCHAKOWSKY for intro- for introducing this resolution again in the baby, including the unborn child, as ducing this resolution. 111th Congress, and for her invaluable work two patients in need of respect, love H. Res. 194 recognizes and honors the in support of women’s rights as co-chair of the and tangible assistance. We need to af- women who have fought and continue to Congressional Caucus on Women’s Issues. firm them both. struggle for equality. There are over In the United States and in countries around I would like to conclude by raising 3,000,000,000 women in the world, rep- the world, women are agents of change, de- the plight of women, and especially the resenting 51 percent of the world’s population velopment, and prosperity, contributing in so girl child, who suffer from the coercive and yet, women remain vastly underrep- many ways to the well-being of their families population control agenda of the Chi- resented in national and local assemblies, and communities. There is clear and abundant nese Government. face political and economic obstacles, struggle evidence that when women thrive, the entire As you know, Mr. Speaker, I was for basic rights, face the threat of discrimina- world thrives as well. blocked from offering two pro-life, pro- tion, and are targets of violence all over the However, the benefits of women’s full par- child, pro-women amendments to the world. ticipation in economic, political, and social life huge $410 billion omnibus. One of those Despite tremendous gains over the past 20 are not being realized in many parts of the amendments would have restored the years women still have great strides to make. world. In all regions, women are less likely Kemp-Kasten policy for all organiza- How is it that women work 2⁄3 of the world’s than men to receive pay commensurate to the tions, including the U.N. Population working hours, produce half of the world’s value of their work, be given a voice in their Fund, if they had been found to be in- food, yet earn only 1 percent of the world’s in- national governments, or have access to basic volved with coercive population con- come and own less than 1 percent of the human rights such as the right to an edu- trol. world’s property? Today, although women cation. In many countries, the United States I held 26 hearings, Mr. Speaker, on have reached great heights, women are still included, domestic violence is further reducing human rights in China when I was the earning less than their male counterparts in the opportunities available to women and girls chairman of the Human Rights Sub- the workforce. Two-thirds of illiterate individ- to lead happy, healthy lives. H. Res. 194 is an committee and met with numerous uals worldwide are women which is quite dis- important step towards guaranteeing the basic women during frequent human rights tressing. rights of women and girls worldwide by calling missions to China. There is no doubt Throughout the world, women are victims of for an end to this discrimination. that the U.N. Population Fund has sup- violence and disease. Women have become Throughout my time in Congress, promoting ported, co-managed, and whitewashed victims of illegal human trafficking for the pur- women’s rights has been one of my top legis- the most pervasive crimes against pose of forced labor, domestic servitude, and/ lative priorities. For years I have worked tire- women in all of human history. or sexual exploitation. We must pledge to stop lessly with likeminded colleagues to restore China’s one-child-per-couple policy this violence against women. funding to UNFPA, an organization whose relies on pervasive coerced abortion, Domestic violence causes more deaths and mission is to promote the right of every involuntary sterilization, ruinous fines disability among women between the ages of woman to enjoy a life of health and equal op- in the amounts of up to ten times the 15 and 44 than cancer, malaria, traffic acci- portunity. I commend the new Administration salary of both parents, imprisonment, dents, and war. Worldwide, at least 1 out of for recognizing the value of this goal by com- and job loss or a demotion to achieve every 3 women and girls have been beaten in mitting to funding UNFPA, including $50 mil- its quotas. In China today, brothers her lifetime and at least 1 out of every 6 lion in the FY09 Omnibus Appropriations Bill. and sisters are illegal. Women are told women and girls in the United States has However, more needs to be done in the when and if they can have the one child been sexually abused in her lifetime. Further- 111th Congress to further women’s rights. permitted by law. And rather than more, 70 percent of the people living in pov- That is why I will be introducing a resolution showing compassion and tangible as- erty around the world are women and children. condemning the actions of the Taliban to re- sistance to unwed mothers, unwed In addition, women account for half of all strict girls’ access to education in Swat, Paki- moms, even if it’s their first baby, are cases of HIV/AIDS worldwide. These statistics stan, as well as H.R. 606, the International forcibly aborted. Let me say that are staggering and show why this resolution Women’s Freedom Act. This bill reflects the again. There are no unwed moms in must be passed. goals of International Women’s Day in many China, they are all forcibly aborted. The United States House of Representa- ways, as it calls for concerted action on the Women are severely harmed emotion- tives must show a commitment to ending dis- part of the State Department and Executive ally, psychologically and physically. crimination and violence against women and Branch to advance the rights of women, in- Chinese women are violated by the girls, to ensure their safety and welfare, and to cluding creating an Office of International state. The suicide rate for Chinese pursue policies that guarantee their basic Women’s Rights within the State Department, women is about 500 per day, according rights. establishing a women’s rights Internet site, to the most recent Human Rights Re- Mr. Speaker, I urge my colleagues to sup- and requiring that Foreign Service Officers re- port from the Department of State—it port this extremely important resolution, H. ceive women’s rights related training.

VerDate Mar 15 2010 13:08 Jun 30, 2011 Jkt 079102 PO 00000 Frm 00167 Fmt 0688 Sfmt 9920 E:\BR09\H11MR9.006 H11MR9 wwoods2 on DSK1DXX6B1PROD with BOUND RECORD 7098 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD—HOUSE, Vol. 155, Pt. 6 March 11, 2009 This resolution in support of International I would like to thank my colleague Con- ment to the close cultural and religious Women’s Day recognizes the strength, leader- gresswoman SCHAKOWSKY for sponsoring this links between India and Tibet and a mutual ship, and capability demonstrated by women important resolution which allows us to stand admiration for the philosophies of non-vio- in every village, city, and country. I ask my lence espoused by Mahatma Gandhi and the and celebrate our common ideals with the 3 ; colleagues to join me in reaffirming their com- billion women across the globe in dignity and Whereas under the leadership of the Dalai mitments to protecting the rights of women certitude that one day women will live free of Lama, Tibetans overcame adversity and and girls around the world, by observing Inter- discrimination and violence no matter where hardship to establish vibrant exile commu- national Women’s Day, and by honoring wom- they were born. nities in India, the United States, Europe, en’s contributions every day. Mr. BERMAN. Mr. Speaker, I yield and elsewhere in order to preserve Tibetan Mr. SIRES. Mr. Speaker. I rise today in sup- back the balance of my time. cultural identity, language, and religion; port of House Resolution 194, supporting the The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Whereas the Dalai Lama set out to instill goals of International Women’s Day. Women question is on the motion offered by democracy in the exile community, which have come a long way in our nation; leading the gentleman from California (Mr. has led to the Central Tibetan Administra- tion with its democratically elected Execu- graduation rates at universities, running major BERMAN) that the House suspend the tive and Legislative Branches, as well as a corporations and being elected to the highest rules and agree to the resolution, H. Judicial Branch; levels of government. I am proud to live in a Res. 194, as amended. Whereas on March 10 every year Tibetans country where more women than ever before The question was taken; and (two- commemorate the circumstances that led to are being elected to office and I am proud to thirds being in the affirmative) the the separation of the Dalai Lama from Tibet serve with the first woman Speaker of the rules were suspended and the resolu- and the struggle of Tibetans to preserve House of Representatives. However, many tion, as amended, was agreed to. their identity in the face of the women around the world continue to be less A motion to reconsider was laid on assimilationist policies of the People’s Re- fortunate; living in poverty, without access to public of China; the table. Whereas over the years the United States health care, education or basic human rights. f Congress has sent strong and clear messages We must continue to be their voice, so that condemning the Chinese Government’s re- women all across the world will one day have RECOGNIZING PLIGHT OF TIBETAN PEOPLE ON 50TH ANNIVERSARY pression of the human rights of Tibetans, in- the ability to make their own decisions about cluding restrictions on the free practice of their lives. I hope that by providing women OF THE DALAI LAMA’S EXILE religion, detention of political prisoners, and with the tools to educate themselves, they are Mr. BERMAN. Mr. Speaker, I move the disappearance of Gedhun Choekyi better equipped to provide for their families, to suspend the rules and agree to the Nyima, the 11th Panchen Lama; protect themselves against HIV/AIDS, end cy- resolution (H. Res. 226) recognizing the Whereas in October 2007, Tenzin Gyatso, cles of domestic violence, and fight for their plight of the Tibetan people on the 50th the 14th Dalai Lama received the Congres- sional Gold Medal in recognition of his life- rights. Mr. Speaker, we must continue to sup- anniversary of His Holiness the Dalai time efforts to promote peace worldwide and port the goals of International Women’s Day to Lama being forced into exile and call- a non-violent resolution to the Tibet issue; ensure the further advancement of women in ing for a sustained multilateral effort Whereas it is the objective of the United our country and around the globe. to bring about a durable and peaceful States Government, consistent across ad- Ms. WATSON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in solution to the Tibet issue. ministrations of different political parties, enthusiastic support for H. Res. 194 a resolu- The Clerk read the title of the resolu- to promote a substantive dialogue between tion supporting the goals of International tion. the Government of the People’s Republic of Women’s Day. For the last century March 8th The text of the resolution is as fol- China and the Dalai Lama or his representa- has been a day for people to unite in their lows: tives in order to secure genuine autonomy commitment to honor the women who coura- for the Tibetan people; H. RES. 226 Whereas eight rounds of dialogue between geously fight for gender equality and women’s Whereas for more than 2,000 years the peo- the envoys of the Dalai Lama and represent- rights across the globe. ple of Tibet have maintained a distinct cul- atives of the Government of the People’s Re- The course of women’s history through the tural identity, language, and religion; public of China have failed to achieve any 20th and 21st centuries has been on an up- Whereas in 1949, the armed forces of the concrete and substantive results; ward trajectory, and while we celebrate how People’s Republic of China took over the Whereas the 2008 United States Depart- far we have come, it is important to pause and eastern areas of the traditional Tibetan ment of State’s Country Report on Human reflect on the reality that women continue to homeland, and by March 1951 occupied the Rights states that ‘‘The [Chinese] govern- face political and economic obstacles, dis- Tibetan capital of Lhasa and laid siege to Ti- ment’s human rights record in Tibetan areas crimination, and violence all over the world. betan government buildings; of China deteriorated severely during the While there are many who deserve our ap- Whereas in April 1951, under duress of mili- year. Authorities continued to commit seri- tary occupation, Tibetan government offi- ous human rights abuses, including torture, preciation, I would like to recognize the cials signed the Seventeen Point agreement arbitrary arrest, extrajudicial detention, and women of Afghanistan who have begun to which provided for the preservation of the . Official repression of freedoms steadily chip at the steel grasp of patriarchy, institution of the Dalai Lama, local self gov- of speech, religion, association, and move- and begun to fight for safety and justice. ernment and continuation of the Tibetan po- ment increased significantly following the Before 2003 the idea of a women’s shelter litical system, and the autonomy for Tibet- outbreak of protests across the Tibetan pla- in Afghanistan was unheard of, and domestic ans within the People’s Republic of China; teau in the spring. The preservation and de- abuse victims who did seek protection from Whereas on March 10, 1959, the Tibetan velopment of Tibet’s unique religious, cul- law enforcement were often thrown in jail or people rose up in Lhasa against Chinese rule tural, and linguistic heritage continued to be returned to their husbands, perpetuating a cul- in response to Chinese actions to undermine of concern.’’; and ture of silence around the practices of beating, self-government and to rumors that Chinese Whereas the envoys of the Dalai Lama pre- authorities planned to detain Tenzin Gyatso, sented in November 2008, at the request of torture, and forced marriage. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, the spir- Chinese officials, a Memorandum on Genuine Now, shelters like the Women for Afghan itual and temporal leader of the Tibetan peo- Autonomy for the Tibetan People outlining a Women in Kabul and the Afghan Women ple; plan for autonomy intended to be consistent Skills Development Center provide protection, Whereas on March 17, 1959, with the Peo- with the constitution of the People’s Repub- treatment, and legal services to women who ple’s Liberation Army commencing an as- lic of China: Now, therefore, be it might otherwise have resigned themselves to sault on his residence, the Dalai Lama, in Resolved, That the House of Representa- a life of quiet misery, or resorted to suicide. fear of his safety and his ability to lead the tives— These shelters, like others around the world, Tibetan people, fled Lhasa; (1) recognizes the Tibetan people for their provide solace and safety for women with no- Whereas upon his arrival in India, the perseverance in face of hardship and adver- where else to turn. They provide the basic Dalai Lama declared that he could do more sity in Tibet and for creating a vibrant and in exile to champion the rights and self-de- democratic community in exile that sustains hope of possibilities for those seeking a safe termination of Tibetans than he could inside the Tibetan identity; haven from abuse. Before these shelters ex- territory controlled by the armed forces of (2) recognizes the Government and people isted many Afghan women could only dream the People’s Republic of China; of India for their generosity toward the Ti- of a life in their own control, and now they Whereas the Dalai Lama was welcomed by betan refugee population for the last 50 have hope. the Government and people of India, a testa- years;

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