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One of the things I discovered Macomb’s Mass Media Specialty includes theories and practices of media content and form. Students learn the process of creating diversified forms of programming for , , , was that and the . Audience analysis and research are conducted, followed by critical review of I really liked the public programming and media production. speaking aspect, like Students interested in performing in front of or behind the camera, or on a computer keyboard presentations and class producing news, music, and special formatting, may find their place in the Mass Media Specialty. n performances. The professors From the performer’s perspective, emphasis is on the hands-on production process, including in- and field productions were fantastic, very n Learn how the performer and behind-the-scenes crew interact by producing finished live-to- knowledgeable in their areas. tape and taped productions using video and film media They had different tips and n Gain experience with traditional and emerging forms of media tricks for everybody, whether n Receive voice training to enhance career prospects as radio announcers and film/TV voice- you were new or advanced. over artists I did an internship at Degree: Channels 50 and 62, talking Earn an Associate of Applied degree (AAS) in Speech Communication Arts—Mass Media. to, learning from, and Students should plan Arts and courses with a counselor, academic advisor, or program making connections with advisor. Students planning to transfer should consult with an academic advisor or counselor when the people who are doing the selecting courses. jobs that I’d like to do in the Visit www.macomb.edu and search “Mass Media” or call 586.445.7144. future. Today, I’m a jack- Job Outlook: of-all-trades at WJR Radio. Radio and : I’m actually out in the field n Keen competition is expected for many jobs because of the large number of jobseekers doing what I love; it’s not attracted by the glamour of this like a job at all! n Job prospects will be best for applicants with a college degree in broadcasting, , or a —Erik Anderson related field; and relevant experience, such as work at college radio and television stations, or internships at professional stations n In this highly competitive industry, broadcasters are less willing to provide on-the-job training and seek candidates who can perform the job immediately Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor n Statistics Occupational Outlook Many entry-level positions are often at smaller stations; workers may need to change Handbook: www.bls.gov/oco employers and possibly relocate to advance their career Discover and develop the skills to bring your Speech to the world. Communication The Intro to Arts Broadcasting class was like Specialty Areas of Study: the first time I n Mass Media ever wrote a script and reported on something. n I loved it and got so much encouragement. n Presentation It’s such a competitive field and I thought n Intercultural/Interpersonal Communication it was just a pipedream, but Macomb gives n International & Global Studies you the opportunities to network and make (Associate of Arts degree) connections, and the experience that makes you This program is for those who: qualified for a job that others are not going to n like to interact with others get. And now, here I am on the air at WXYZ n enjoy being in front of the Channel 7. That’s very cool! or camera —Rachel McCrary n have technical and creative skills n have been told they are a good public speaker n think they could create cutting-edge commercials or For more information on influential articles for print and the Internet Macomb Community College’s n Speech Communication Arts want to succeed and advance in a rapidly changing Program, please contact: world n Janet McKenney, Ph.D. realize that productivity and leadership are dependent Program Advisor / Professor on effective communication [email protected] n plan to work in the global arena 586.445.7144

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