MarineServing MCA% Kaneohe Bay, 1st MEB, Camp H.M. Smith and Marine Barracks. November 26, 1992 Vol. 21, No. 46 SGLI coverage doubles Tuesday This will be able to increase their coverage to the new maximum. available at their command Indemnity Compensation. Premiums reman 8C per $1,000; coverage but will be required to But veterans not in the reserves administration office. compensation goes to survivors of members who die on active submit proof of good health. Tuesday cannot increase their More than 99 percent of members will be able coverage, including retirees. duty or after military service from total cost of $16 for $200,000 Separating servicemembers now have the a service-connected cause. to convert their coverage into an maximum $100,000 coverage, Servicemen's Group Life equivalent amount in the Premium rates will be the same Current indemnity payments- are or eight cents which was automatically based on the member's pay grade Joint Public Affairs Office Insurance (SGLI) coverage is Veterans' Group Life Insurance as they are now, increased in 1991, unless declined. program. This coverage per every $1,000 of coverage. So and range from $61641,580 per $100,000 but beginning Tuesday, (VGLI) The new increase is part of the month. For deaths occuring after servicemembers can increase their will be renewable in five-year for every additional multiple of Act of 1992, Beginning Tuesday, all eligible cost will be Veterans' Benefit Dec. 31, 1993, payments will be coverage in blocks of $10,000, up terms for life. Currently, this $10,000 desired, the which President Bush signed last active duty and reserve of expires five years after 80 cents more a month, with the a flat $750 a month, regardless servicemembers can increase their to the new maximum benefit coverage month. of pay grade. Basically, members $200,000. The increased coverage separation from service. Veterans maximum $200,000 benefit costing life basic life insurance protection who are in the active $16. Naval servicemembers The Veterans' Act also revised above the grade of E7 will be up to an additional $100,000. will apply to deaths occuring after with VGLI of losing coverage will the new Dec. 31. or inactive Individual Ready desiring additional coverage must the rates of the Department SGLI form, Affairs Dependency and changes. The present ceiling for After April 1, 1993, members Reserve can increase their fill out another Veterans Safety highlights Bike safety rodeo to be held Friday "This event is very important to families this, the group can chose any order to NQLB meeting By Sgt. Jason Erickson aboard the station, because it is the child's attend the remaining stations providing life we're talking about," Jones stressed. all are eventually completed. "Having given their child a vehicle which children will be "Stations will be set up for At each station, the By Sgt. Kevin Doll school children has the potential for serious injury if not a skill. They will practice it first, children to go through where they A bicycle safety course for operated properly, a parent has an shown star Wrfter School parking demonstrate the ability to perform will receive handouts, have their will be held in the Mokapu obligation to train that child to ride it then riding skills tested and learn lot Friday from 9 a.m. -1 p.m. The event the skill for the instructor. Successful is free to all station community members responsibly.' demonstration of the skill leads to a check- "The big issue now is safety," about bike safety and station and Jones added that this event will provide said Neighborhood Quality of Life state regulations," Jones said. and will greatly enhance the safety mark on a card they will carry around awareness of children operating bikes here. parents with an avenue to do exactly that, to each station, Jones explained. Board (NQLB) Chairman David "They will also be able to register while saving time and offering the best Keene at the start of the Nov. their bikes with PMO (Provost According to organizer GySgt. B.D. Jones, knowledge on the subject of bicycle safety. He said the training was geared around 19 monthly gathering of the Marshal's Office) if they haven't Joint Safety Office, the event was organized this environment, to teach bicycle operators station community action already done so." Dubbed a "bike rodeo," the training will bikes on the after attendees of the monthly take approximately an hour to an hour- how to safely operate their meeting. Jones said bicycle inspectors Neighborhood Quality of Life Board station's roadways. Citing recent accidents aboard will also be on hand to suggest and-a-half. Parents should remain in the meetings expressed concern that children area during this time, because Jones and the other stations will include the station, including a housing improvements to children's bikes here are not operating their bikes safely. Some of fire causing $40,000 in damage, to make them safer and a his staff cannot take responsibility for all such skills as how to cross streets, Many close calla and a few accidents have the children he expects to attend. signals and the board began this month's completion certificate will be given occurred as a result, Jones said. performing left and right turn meeting focusing on safety issues after finishing the course. Sessions will begin every half-hour until gauging accurate stopping distances. Jones and awareness. Ed Mueller, a JSC safety Air Station Commanding Officer Col. 1 p.m. As a group of children arrive, they said there will be four to six of these skills Guest speakers included specialist, stressed that parents R.R. Crawford tasked safety to sponsor the will be registered and assigned to one of stations. members of the Joint Safety are responsible for the safety of event to educate children here as to what 20 Boy Scouts who will be on hand. The the stations, as a group's guide through Finally, after completing all Center (JSC). Gunnery Sgt. Brian their children and must teach their responsibilities are as operaters of Scouts will act the children will be given a diploma if Jones detailed tomorrow's bicycle their children how to be safe. vehicles on the road, and teach them about seven to nine different stations which will the course be set up. they successfully meet rodeo, a safety training event for With the holiday season here, he proper safety precautions. The safety office, requirements. all children with bikes. The rodeo said this safety awareness must in turn, is being aided in this endeavor The first three stations, general safety, will be conducted at Mokapu be applied to the purchase of by the Military Police Department, Mokapu safety helmet demonstration and bicycle While not mandatory, the course is highly Elementary School here from 9 toys. School and two local Boy Scout troops. safety inspection, must be done first. After recommended. am:noon. See NQLB, A-14 `In every clime and place' 24-hour Marines provide relief, keep peace standdown on the gound in Mombasa, Kenya, food to and blankets. Monitor, clothing a naval blockade of By WO Joe Boyer with 10 C-130 cargo aircraft carrying These missions are not without Yugoslavia, designed to keep weapons PrOSS the much-needed supplies. hazard. Recently, a French cargo from entering that country. In a ordered Commanded by Marine BGen. Paul aircraft took a bullet in the plane's truly international effort, the U.S. In the wake of natural disasters A. Fratarangelo of the U.S. Central fuselage. UN relief flights were frigate Halyburton, a Perry-class and political and ethnic upheaval, Command, Joint Task Force (JTF) suspended after the incident, but have guided missile frigate, joined with By Cpl. Aaron Martin tirelessly **Winer Marines and sailors are busier than Provide Relief has worked been resumed. Italian, German and Turkish naval ever. Providing disaster relief and since their inception to provide famine Army personnel have deployed a vessels to enforce the UN-sanctioned keeping the peace are only two of the relief. The force began moving food Mobile Army Surgical Hospital to the blockade. The nations of Holland, The number of Marines and sailors plethora of tasks assigned to our from the staging area in Mombasa, city of Zagreb, scene of heavy factional Greece and Great Britain will also stationed in the Pacific command is the nations "9-1-1" force. Kenya to Belet Huen, Somalia Aug. fighting. Immediately after opening, participate. highest concentration of naval forces in On the continent of Africa, United 21. The JTF operates in support of the hospital treated three wounded Marines in the Mediterranean serve the Marine Corps. Despite the large Nations (UN) forces, including U.S. the special coordinator for Somalia civilians who had been attempting to as an important part of Standing numbers of personnel the number of Marines, continue to provide Relief. clear mines nearby. Naval Force Mediterranean, which mishaps that have occurred has caused desperately needed food to the starving Elsewhere, Americans serve in the Sixteen military personnel also serve was activated April 30. This force grave concern among the staff at Marine famine victims of Somalia and Kenya. strife-torn former nation of Yugoslavia. with the UN Protection Forces succeeded the On Call-Force in that Forces Pacific. To date the United States has Since flights began in July, U.S. headquarters. Headquartered in strategic area, which had been Commander, Marine Forces Pacific, delivered 15,278 metric tons of aircraft have landed 391 times in the Belgrade, Bosnia, their mission is to periodically operating over the past LtGen. H. C. Stackpole III has declared foodstuffs on nearly 1,300 military city of Sarajevo, delivering nearly assist in the planning of the military 20 years. a safety standown Monday and Tuesday. flights. While the majority has gone 4,500 tons of food, medical supplies support of the humanitarian As the uncertain world situation The standown is not catching up on to Somalia, 2,500 tons has been and equipment to that country, rent assistance effort. unfolds, American servicemembers preventative maintenance, conducting delivered to neighboring Kenya. by ethnic strife. As winter approaches, Still other American forces are stand ready to deploy to "every clime weapons training or other such matters. Nearly 500 military personnel serve emphasis has shifted from delivering participating in Operation Maritime and place" to provide disaster relief The time is dedicated to a thorough self- and keep the peace. analysis of the command safety program. "LtGen. Stackpole was so concerned about the problem that it was time for everyone Marines help feed 600 homeless to stop and analyze the problems" said LtCol Tim Sukow, director of safety, Marine By Sgt. One homeless woman expressed her job. "We have been told by some of the Forces Pacific. "The best way to make Kevin Doll gratitude for Dal %Wier the volunteer's kindness. "We were told they were coming but homeless that they know we're sincere all hands aware is for all personnel to be She and her husband and their actively involved." six we didn't expect it to be like this," because we keep coming back," handicapped children have been living she said. "The food was wonderful Wallace said. "But helping these The statistics are staggering and Approximately six months ago, in the park for the past month trying were totally. completely unaceptable. Aviation units Sgt. and the clothes people blesses us and shows people Dennis Shoemate, 1st Marine to get out of debt since he lost his unexpected." that the love of Jesus Christ." have experienced 20 flight mishaps, two Expeditionary flight related mishaps, Brigade personnel and six aviation office, approached his co-worker SSgt. ground mishaps. The Class A-flight Kurt Wallace with mishap rate is a plan. He and 7.26 percent which is almost his wife had $40 left after paying twice that of any other command in the their naval service. bills and they wanted to buy some food and help feed some of the The ground mishap rate is equally homeless in a Honolulu disturbing. Marine Forces Pacific units park. have The two Marines spread the word experienced 690 reportable accidents in their churches about what they which include 24 deaths, 488 injuries, 50 were planning reports of and with the help of damage to government property others the endeavor proved successful. not involving injury, eight suicides and That initial desire 87 suicide related incidents. to help others less The fortunate than themselves has snow- combined air and ground statistics balled into a multi-Marine unit and account for 1,601 hospitalization and 4,190 church lost work days event that has presently fed while the associated medical more than 600 homeless people in costs are astronomical. Oahu parks. See Safety, A-14 Wallace and Shoemate, along with 25 fellow MEB and station Marines, 1st MEB chaplains and members of two local churches fed more than 100 homeless people a Thanksgiving Day feast Saturday in Waimanalo Park. Although a steady rain dampened THIS WEEK Inside the area, it couldn't darken the spirits of the needy people being fed or the Blotter A-2 volunteers there to help. Briefs Not only were the people treated to every Sports Mots Ale ctOrterntlititrair cuisine, ineludingturk 3i, a uffing Movies 611 and pumpkin pie, they had their pick Religion 11-11 of donated clothing, shoes and toys, Welty piled high on tables. Tickets "It's important for people to see many denominations working together Ads 11-12 for one cause," Wallace said. "When Kehl Doll 1V Schedule 612 the churches come together like this SSgt. Kurt Wallace, 1st MEB personnel, passes out drinks to homeless children In Waimanalo Park during a ThanksgMng to do their job, there are no walls." feast Kaneohe Bay Marines and local cMllans gave them Saturday. A-2 Hawaii Marine November 26, 1992 111111ffratMill Ground Safety School provides for safer base base personnel" said Maclin. "We said. '"I'he Marine Corps can poured an ammonia cleaner in aware of the commonplace or !Safety specialists stress education made the course mandatory so replace property but cannot the bowl creating a deadly gas more comfortable environments" we were sure that every area had replace people who have lost their because of the mixture of bleach Bauer said. "People get careless for accident-free environment a qualified safety specialist." lives. We must take care of our and ammonia. If not for her 8- with things that they deal with The course of 45 Marines and assets. That's why we are here." year -old son who pulled her from on a day-to-day basis." requested foilses on awareness, training one sailor trained in industrial Maclin that the safety the area, she could have died. Commander of Marine Forces By Cpl. Aaron Martin and prevention of accidents. The occupation, motor vehicle safety team from El Toro hold the "The level of awareness has to Skit Mks Pacific LtGeh. H. C. Stackpole school, which was held from Nov. (government and privately course. The individuals who rise and this course provides vital III is greatly concerned with was attended the course are required 16-20, was unique because it owned), home, barracks, and education concerning safety" safety and has called for a safety can only be boring to serve as safety officer at leak Routine not a one-time opportunity to educate recreational safety. Maclin said. "I believe we will standown on Nov. 30-Dec. 1. and monotonous, it can also be the ground safety officer or The need for a continual safety one year here. see a significant change in the Each command will utilize the , become use dangerous. People often non-commissioned officer. The education program is very vital The course covered of number of accidents and mishaps time to educate on both ground careless doing the same repetitive 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade to a organization as large as the hazardous chemicals, electrical after this course when the and aircraft safety. difily task. Educating people Safety Specialist is GySgt. Marine Corps" said Tom Bauer, dangers and many other aspects students return to their about dangers on-the-job is what Charles Maclin. He requested safety manager at 3d Marine which can be home or job related. commands. They should be able The need for safety awareness the Ground Safety School is all the course be' held to raise the Aircraft Wing at Marine Corps For example, an El Toro woman to run an effective safety program of the work, home and ahout level of safety awareness. Air Station El Toro, Calif. was cleaning her toilet bowl and for their commands." recreational environment are The Ground Safety School is. a "There have been an increasing "Safety is very important and poured bleach in the bowl in an "One of the main points of increasingly important to the 40-hour training program that amount of accidents involving should be emphasized." Bauer attempt to clean it. She also emphasis of the course is to be military lifestyle.

that the Mairnes were under the beverage was detected emitting Other Incidents A Marine was apprehended processing where he was later Blotter legal age to consume alcohol. The from his breath. The Marine A Marine reported that while by military police for fraudulent released to his unit representative. Marines were transported to MPD was administered and failed a watching TV in his off-station use of a DoD decal. During a Military Police Department where they were processed and field sobriety test. He was residence, two unidentified males command authorized vehicle Seven dependents and one MCAS Kaneohe Boy released to their unit transported to HPD where he entered the quarters, assaulted check at the H-3 gate an enlisted Marine were apprehended for representative. refused all testing. The Marine and handcuffed him to the Marine attempted to gain access illegal gambling after an Alcohol-Related Incidents Two Marines were was released on $160 bail and is bathroom sink. The Marine later to the station in a vehicle bearing investigation was conducted by to appear in Kaneohe the CID. Various homes A Marine was apprehended apprehended by military police scheduled broke free and searched a KMCAS officer's blue decal. were used Court. He that his as gambling facilities on by HPD for DUI. Contact was for open containers, drunk in District residence. found Investigation revealed the vehicle board public and to comply to Marine was apprehended card, driver's license and the air station and the occupant made with the Marine when he failure A AFID belonged to another enlisted military police instructions at the by military police during a various papers had been stolen. Marine, who was contacted and of the quarters would receive a was observed driving with his portion of the winnings. headlights off. The Marine was H-3 gate. Military police observed comand, authorized identification A Marine reported larceny of transported to MPD for All a cup containing an alcoholic check at the 11-3 gate for driving was suspects admitted to culpability. administered and failed a field private property when he processing. The Marine one Marine's hand. on state suspension/DUL after a test. The Marine elected beverage in his unsecured, released to his unit representative. Sobriety to comply strong odor an discoverd Lost and Found to submit to an intoxilyzer test After failing with of alcoholic unattended wallet containing $170 military police instructions .to beverage was detected emitting A Marine was apprehended The Lost and Found custodian which resulted in a BAC of .17. was missing from the common dispose of the beverage and leave from his breath. The by military police for failure to has in his possesion a Seiko The Marine was processed and Marine area of a barracks aboard the the two Marines were, comply with base regulations. watch, jewelry, a bottle released on bail. the area, was transported to MPD where station. The Marine found the of transported to MPD where they he was administered a field During a command authorized children's perfume, keys, Three Marines were wallet in the duty desk; however, were processed and released to sobriety test which he failed. The identification check, military Gameboy and numerous bicycles. apprehended for underage the money was missing. . There are a drinking and open containers by their unit representative. Marine elected to submit to a police observed a vehicle with an also pair of military police while attempting A Marine, was arrested by blood test, the results of which A Marine was arrested by expired KMCAS temporary pass. eyeglasses, camera and case, a observed was revealed blue to gain access through the H-3 HPD for DUI,afer being are pending. Investigation HPD for assault in the third Upon contact, it the child's jean purse and intersection had no no speakers, which have been gate. Military police observed a lane weaving at the revealed the Marine to be on degree. The Marine was Marine insurance, turned cup containing an alcoholic of the Pali and Kern Highways. California suspension. The transported to HPD for processing safety inspection and no out of in. If you think any of these beverage inside the Marines' Upon contact with the Marine a Marine was released to his unit and is being held on $50 bail state vehicle permit. The Marine ,items may belong to you, please gehicle. Investigation revealed strong odor of an alcoholic representative. with a court date pending. was transported to MPD for call Cpl. Dunbar at 257-3110.

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Postal personnel hand sorts mall received at the station post oMce. Join the Mail early-beat the rush Kailua during the holiday season. in length and girth. Dec. 3 - Jan. 2 By Cpl. Lou Ramirez "Normally we receive about All packages brought to the SW Wei two truck loads of mail per post office should be packaged Chamber day but around the holiday correctly. The post office will 530 p.m. -1 a.m. As the Christmas season season, it increases from that not accept incorrectly approaches thoughts turn to to about three or four." said packaged items. Items should of Commerce gift giving. What should also MSgt. Ray Rivera, postal chief. be packaged in properly sized be kept in mind is that if the "In the middle of December boxes. There shouldn't be any person receiving the gifts is we hardly have any room to rattling inside a box. and the on the mainland or overseas, walk." If a box is incorrectly gifts should be mailed early. What everyone must packaged and there is To help ensure that gifts remember is that even though insuffucient filler the box Lani-Kailua reach their destination by as the amount of mail might be crushed in transit. Christmas the post office has increases, the usual crew of When a small item is Outdoor Circle put out a list of suggested 15 Marines handling mail packaged, the box should be mailing dates. While some of remains the same. The station filled with newspaper, plastic the mailing dates may seem post office is open from 9 a.m.- foam balls or something of in celebrating a bit early, it is better to be 4:30p.m. Monday thru'Friday, the sort. early than late. but postal personnel are there Breakables should be packed All air letters, cards and from 5:30 a.m. until the job properly. "If requested the holiday season priority mail should be mailed is done. breakable items will be marked by Dec. 2 to ensure it is "Last year our holiday hours "fragile" and we normally received before Christmas. were an hour later and we recommend that these by placing mini white The suggested mailing date were also open Saturdays. packages be insured," said Cpl. for parcel airlift is Sunday. Even though people get this Briana Bell, postal clerk. Even though the suggested much time to mail, we still lights on your buildings, for space Even though few items are mailing dates had people coming in three or officials available mail and surface four days before Christmas to lost in transit, Postal mail have already passed, try to mail packages," said recommend that anything of homes, trees and bushes. packages might still arrive Rivera. "We have even had high value be insured, said before Christmas. Express people come in on Christmas Bell. mail offers guaranteed arrival Eve looking for packages Christmas is closer than you in two days. which were supposedly mailed think. Mail early to beat the The station post office out a month ago." last minute rush receives a large quantity of Packages should still adhere "So that mom and dad won't Let's make Kailua the place packages daily. During the to normal United States postal be disappointed we strongly holiday season the mail regulations. They must not recommend that all Christmas received at the post office weigh more than 70 pounds packages be mailed out as to visit during the holidays! increases by about 50 percent or be larger than 108 inches early as possible," said Rivera.

meal for all single Marines Christmas and sailors Saturday, starting at 3 p.m. For more information, Briefs greetings call the 1st Marine Expeditionary Servicemembers from the New Brigade Chaplain's Office at 257- York City area are invited to 1027. Waste oil participate in the annual Personnel serving with the 1st Christmas Greeting Calls program Marine Expeditionary Brigade sponsored by radio station WCBS. now have a unit point of contact The service is free and open to Housing referral for disposal of waste oil. anyone from the New York City- The Housing Referral According to the Commanding Long Island, central and Interservice Coordination Office, General's Policy Letter 02-92, 1st southern Connecticut and Rhode located at Building 4, Catlin MEB personnel will contact their Island areas. To participate, Park, 3189 Nimitz Road, will unit hazardous waste contact WO Joe Boyer at 257- be closed every Wednesday noncommissioned officer, who will 1347. during December for training. For then properly dispose of the oil. more information contact Janet Tree Lighting Ceremony Waste oil points of contact are: Holtzman at 474-2343. Celebrate the beginning of Light Up Kailua at Castle Medical Center's Community BSSG-1- GySgt. Vaughn, 257- Bible study Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony on the lawn in front of the hospital. 5504; 3d Marines- SSgt. Richard, An officer's Christian bible 257-0500; MAG-24 - GySgt. Taylor, study group has been formed Job listing 257-1403; B Co. 7th CommBn. group aboard the air station. The A computerized listing of island - SSgt. Newman, 257-2214; and meets each Monday night from jobs is available from the HQSvcCo.- LCpI. Yarnish, 257- 7-8:30 p.m. For more information, 4400 Employment Resource Center. call Capt. Whitbeck ay 254-1174 Job seekers should contact the or Lt. Adams at 245-2141. center, located in building 215 for Professional an appointment with a counselor. For more information, call 257- breakfast Post office hours 3135. Headquarters and The post office near the Marine Headquarters Squadron staff Corps exchange will be open Dec. noncommissioned officers and 5, 12 and 19 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. noncommissioned officers should The hours are being extended to make plans to attend the allow more time to mail MSG duty SPONSORED BY: quarterly professional breakfasts Christmas packages. Representatives from the to be held Dec. 8 and Dec. 10 Marine Security Guard school at Pleas Hall, starting at 6:30 will visit the air station Monday. a.m. each day. Staff NCOs will Hispanic Marines interested in MSG duty Off-Kai,/e, attend the Dec. 8 meeting, while are encouraged to attend a brief \ NCOs will attend Dec. 10. Eating fellowship to be held at the enlisted club breakfast is not mandatory, but The station Hispanic here, starting at 2:30 p.m. For lastle Medical attendance is. For more worshipping community will more information about the MSG Chamber of Commerce information, contact SgtMaj. host a special Hispanic program, consult the unit career Baker at 257-5737. Thanksgiving fellowship and planner. Cast Your hyes On This USE YOUR PHONE TO SOLVE A DRUG

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Call for more information and a free catalog of educational materials for children, LENSES AIL TINTED EXTENDED WEAR DISPOSABLE SOFT CONTACT teenagers, and adults. VISION SERVICES the American COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL Council "Dedicated to Quality & Service in Vision Care" for Drug Education Family Eye Examination Plan DR. CHARLES DEAN Fe:/,/ drug abuse with facts. OPTOMETRIST Contact Lenses M) OH MUG 139 Hekill Street, Kailua Prescription Glasses 261-9735 A-4 Hawaii Marine November 26, 1992 , Feature Compusive eating can be a 'weighty' problem officers, paramedics and other increases again. Like other of insight. These failed attempts By Roger O'Guin medical personnel often suffer JOlrlt Alcohol and DAM Center Ritual overeating destroys compulsive behaviors, obsessive generally lead to an "I'll quit from this disturbance. Rape eating results from trying to fill tomorrow," or "I'll start tomorrow" Recently the Joint Alcohol and victims and victims of childhood a psychological and emotional solution which is not really a Drug Center (JDAC) has been abuse are also likely candidates careers, self-esteem, health void; a mental or spiritual solution at all. Anyone who has seeing more Marines and sailors for this disorder. This problem vacuum. The problem is made a New Year's resolution who are referred because of weight can and does result in compulsive to some servicemember's eating striking facts have emerged. substances don't meet the need. about losing weight or quitting problems. Many more in fact behaviors after the fact and behaviors long after the shooting For some people eating This is why dieting has little drinking may have experienced than have been referred appears to be responsible for some has stopped. disorders can become so severe effect on eating problems and this mental phenomenon. previously. In talking with these eating disorders. Another factor for some they literally rule the often make them worse. Professionals in human services servicemen and women a pattern Another issue appears to be veterans, but not all, is a prior person's life. There is an out-of- Everytime a compulsive eater and psychology have developed has emerged. They all are having deprivation. Servicemembers in service history of being control eating cycle that results tries and fails at a diet, it adds new and improved methods for a combat zone . do not have overweight. These veterans report in underlying confusion, guilt, self ' problems with their weight to their sense of hopelessness and assisting people with these following the war in Saudi restaurants on every corner, nor they had to lose weight to enlist, blame and rationalizing which isolation. This is why mechanical problems. They are insight- Arabia. After a careful review do they get home-cooked meals. oftentimes with their recruiter's become the psychological or format solutions do not work oriented solutions and they work of these servicemembers personal It doesn't take long for thoughts assistance. During recruit foundation for even more eating. for addictive behaviors. providing the person troubled with histories more obvious patterns to turn to hamburgers and fries training, they were able to shed There is little hope of this problem Mechanical approaches include the problem takes responsibility are emerging. when they are not available. even more unwanted pounds and disappearing until the person diets, food plans, exercise for it and begins to follow what One issue seems to be post- When we are deprived of that then stabilized their weight until anguished by it comes to the programs and other control is called a treatment regimen. traumatic stress. This is a fairly which we are used to, certain after their return from Saudi final realization that diet and attempts that generally prove This usually consists of figuring common problem that affects problems will follow. Arabia. Following the war, they exercise aren't working. Some unsuccessful. Format solutions out what drives the compulsion military personnel who have been When I was in the Corps during seem to have relapsed back into problem eaters never come around consist of weekly or monthly and honestly evaluating the exposed to a traumatic event that Vietnam, my unit went without a pattern of ritual eating. to this reality and suffer some of calendars, behavioral controls, development and history of it. is outside the range of usual resupply for two days. Most of The effects of being overweight the same losses and traumas as group support, etc. These This includes exposing what are human experience and is us would have sacrificed a year's on one's career are obvious but alcohol abusers or compulsive techniques are supposed to called mental triggers or cues that psychologically distressing. This pay for a hot meal. I think all obesity goes well beyond this gamblers. interrupt the habit. caused the previous sabotage of usually involves a serious threat veterans of all wars have carried problem. Self-esteem and health Compulsive eating can and does Much like smoking or drinking other control attempts, like diets, to one's own or someone else's an conversations about good food are issues that are commonly result in obesity and recent habits however, these approaches food plans, etc. life, or living with the constant and our favorite restaurants while overlooked by the layman but are research indicates that overweight usually become failed attempts Believe it or not, not everyone threat of death or severe injury. nerving in the trenches. This very evident to a trained people are at higher risk for heart because they are not says they want to lose weight is A servicemember does not factor, when combined with the counselor. There has been a lot problems, diabetes and certain supplemented with the emotional really ready. This is due to an necessarily have to be shot at to usual stress and uncertainty of of interesting research into eating types of cancer. Add cigarettes and psychological support that is underlying fear of self suffer from this disorder. Police war, seems to contribute heavily disorders and recently some and or alcohol abuse and the risk necessary for the key ingredient See Eating A-14

But other factors also turned Anyone who spills anything Safety_Spatlight up again and again in should be responsible for accident reports. Among the cleaning it up immediately. big troublemakers: Chairs, The same goes for litter. litter, objects in the walkway, Pencils, paper clips and Falls are number one hazard telephone and electric cords, hairpins can all act as skids open drawers and slippery underfoot. The person who was still damp. His feet flew time, with a walking cast for disabling injury rate from floors. drops it should pick it up Joint Public Affairs Office out from under him and he many weeks more. falls was twice as high Wax, spilled coffee or water immediately. landed on his wrist. Result: A counter attendant among office workers as from a washbasin, air Of course, there will be A statistician stood on a A fractured wrist and 52 days stepped on a pencil and fell, among non-office workers. conditioning pipe or dripping occasional visitors who don't stool with casters to replace lost time. striking her left ankle and leg Women fell more frequently umbrella - any substance follow the rule. When that books on a shelf - as she An accounting supervisor against a radiator. Result: A than men, leading to that makes the floor happens, the first person to .had often done before without was seated at a desk in chipped, sprained ankle and speculation that the unstable slippery- can cause painful see it should take care of it. mishap. This time the stool discussion with another 40 days lost time. design of many women's shoes falls. You'll have to call in Slippery surfaces are not the rolled backward, she lost her employee. As he got up to Falls claim more victims is a major cause of accidents. the maintenance department to only hazard. Worn spots in balance an fell. Result: A walk around the desk to than any other type of office All employees should be deal with some of those the carpet or chipped tiles can fractured right knee and 60 explain an item on a chart, accident. In one survey falls encouraged to wear sensible hazards, but you can wipe up cause falls too. A supervisor days lost time. his heel caught in a long accounted for 55 percent of shoes, even if it means a small spill yourself. It's should be alert for walking A telephone operator telephone cord and he fell on the total days lost because of changing from their high- faster, it's safer and you can surfaces in need of repair, stepped out into a hallway his right hip. Result: A office injuries. The same fashion street wear after they be sure it's done. then have the maintenance that had just been waxed and fractured leg and 30 days lost survey showed that the get to the office. In fact, the rule should be: people to fix it.

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It would save them controllers because their path eight jets to fulfill the The members of Marine very long hours to keep up from having to go back and takes them through squadron's routine schedule. Fighter Attack Squadrons-212 the squadron's normal training forth every day and would commercially congested "The aircraft get used that town' and -232 aren't exactly schedule. They begin the day mean a lot less hours for airways. much quicker, and therefore deployed, but they're not at 4:30 a.m. and don't end it them," Barbour said. Other than this technicality, need maintenance that much By Sgt. Jason Erickson exactly here, either. until about 5 p.m. While logistically the squadron is actually doing quicker," explained lstLt. Bob Sloll Wake For the past three weeks, Moving over to Barbers challenging, deployment to a lot of training, mostly Krekel, material maintenance both squadrons have been Point did not involve anything Barbers has not hampered because this happens to be a control officer foi VMFA-212. "My Marines have The Marines of Crash Fire bussing back and forth to out of the ordinary , flight training, explained Capt. busy time in its schedule. Rescue (CFR) are taking their Barbers Point Naval Air explained Capt. Ed Barbour, Matt Norman, VMFA-212 S-3. Among other things, the constantly been under the gun knowledge out in town. Since Station. Their F/A-18 aircraft S-4 officer. It required some The same tempo is being squadron will be flying with to perform and amazingly mid-September, they've been are operating from there while liaison with the command maintained and training is airmen from Elmendorf Air they've kept doing it despite training with sections of the the runway here undergoes there, and of course prior being conducted in the same Force Base, Alaska, in the brutal hours and tough Honolulu, Hickam and Pearl repairs. planning, but the move itself airspace. However, there is coming weeks. demands," Krekel said. Harbor Fire Departments in a Although flying out of went without any major one little inconvenience. For the mechanics, But the working Marines cooperative effort to improve Barbers is hardly any problems. Norman explained that when deployment to Barbers Point seem to keep a good sense of the skills of everyone involved. different than flights from Barbour pointed out, flying out of Kaneohe, pilots has been difficult. humor about the whole According to GySgt. Philip Kaneohe, the logistics of going however, that the ongoing use visual flight rules, In addition to the long situation. Asked what was Plessinger, training back and forth each day and logistics are a bit of a meaning once they're airborne, hours which all squadron different about being at noncommissioned officer-in- keeping supplies in stock is challenge. "Since our support they do not have to be guided members have been dealing Barbers Point, LCpl. Stephen charge at CFR, this cross enough to make the trip a comes from K-Bay, it took by controllers. This is with, those who keep the Lopeman paused, then said, training venture represents a challenge, said most Marines some adjustment to get used because the air space is aircraft flying have had to "well we have to walk further dream come true for the interviewed from VMFA-212. to being so far away from restricted for military training deal with the fact that four to the planes out here." This "We have to get up at what is usually right up the and is therefore uncrowded. of the F/A-18s are being drew approving laughter from detachment. fellow avionicsmen. "We've been trying to make about 4:30 a.m. to catch the street, but we have managed." Flying out of Barbers Point, completely overhauled by this happen for years, but different obstacles have gotten in the way before," he said. "We've finally made it happen DENTAL IMPLANTS ARE THE MODERN METHOD and it is a credit to the troops." FOR REPLACING MISSING TEETH. Plessinger explained that the EKE T TENS EWE eagerness of the Marines and "Implants are wonderful. They their civilian firefighting NOW FEATURING.. . counterparts really provided feel so natural I forget they are the motivation for the higher there." echelons to make it happen. HYDRAULIC "It serves all of us I Al PLANTS immensely," Plessinger said. SUSPENSION KITS "We may have to work 'PLACEMENT together in an emergency some RESTORATION Headers day, and the more we know $109 about each other's way of Extractions General Dentistry BRACES doing business, the smoother Dual Exhaust troff, $239 things will go." We He said this type of training Dr. Philip K.B. Tom, Inc. will MEET or BEAT any competitors is not completely new to the Dr. Mark A. Weiskopf, USN Retired written estimate unit, but hasn't been done in "eons," admitting a slight Dr. Robert J. Becker -Unsurpassed Quality -Competitive Prices exaggeration. Rersonalized Service Service NI Makes & Models The Member: DELTA-HDS-HMSA Korean Spoken Evening Hours first cross-training KAlLUA 171 Hamakuo venture was with' the crew of 3221 Waialae Ave. Suite 376 Dr. 263-8111 the newly constructed Kaneohe Fire Department in September. Kaimuki Shopping Center HONOLULU 2457 S. King St. 946-7110 Since then, CFR has been to WAIPAHU Leoleo Hickam several times, to Kaimuki Center for Dentistry 737-9032 94-15o St., 3-A 671-8111 various other Honolulu Fire Department outposts. They've also hosted the Kailua and Hickam Fire Departments here. TOWER HOLIDAY SALE 4ideiftwi The whole idea, Plessinger explained, is to enhance Ray-Battle readiness to make these & Marsalis- ''Marines as capable Baroque as possible Duet CD to respond to any and all Bud-Larry 12.99 emergencies' they could Carlton- Kid Gloves encounter. CD 11.99 Kim-Prince-Diamonds & Pearls Video 14.95 Merle-The Judds- Love Can LESS Build FOR A Bridge CD 9.99 Whitney-Bobby WE CAN. 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In the Marine Corps, professional schedule much a deployed unit." encouraging the Marines and The wisdom of the chaplains perform a vital like a corpsman manages a Being with the unit is an helping the wounded. "The Lord has given me the Continental Congress to service for Marines and sailors doctor's schedule," explained important part of the Eventually he was severely tongue of those who are establish the Chaplain Corps who are in need. It may be Chief J. L. Kringle, the senior Chaplain Corps mission. wounded by a mortar round, taught, that I may know how has been proven every day in the middle of a war or enlisted advisor with the "We don't say to a unit, but continued to carry on. to sustain with a word him since. during peacetime, but they are Brigade Chaplain's Office. 'we'll see you when you get He was finally killed by that is weary." Navy chaplains have played always there. "We support the chaplains in back,' we go with them," he machine gun fire while trying Isaiah a vital role in the success of "Very often a Marine or every aspect of the ministry said. "It's important that we to rescue a wounded 50:4a sailors and Marines during sailor in trouble will start out except those areas that require don't live separated from the corpsman. peace and war. In addition at the chaplain's office," ordination." military. They get to see our While there have certainly The Navy was little more they serve with the Coast Travers said. "People that Kringle said that since the strengths and weaknesses and been many more cases of tlicm a month old and the Guard and at the Merchant come in have great trust in religious program specialists it helps us make our message chaplains caring for their Marine Corps only 18 days Marine Academy. the chaplain and the Chaplain were added, taking away more believable." Marines and sailors in oJil when the U.S. Navy There are about 1,100 Corps. We will either solve much of the administrative In the field, the chaplain combat, it's often their every Chaplain Corps was born. clergymen and -women of the problem or point them in burden from the chaplains, the will perform services whenever day tasks which are most The second article of the many different denominations the right direction." military religious programs he can get to the unit. As important. Navy Regulations adopted which currently serve in the Of course the chaplains also have taken off. FitzGerald put it, whatever Many chaplains, like Nov. 28, 1775 stated that "The Chaplain Corps. fill a traditional religious need While it may seem as if the day the chaplain can get to a FitzGerald, make a point to commanders of ships of the "The Chaplain Corps is very for Marines, sailors and their military would be the last unit for services is Sunday. get out and talk to Marines thirteen United Colonies, are important because it's another families. They provide place a chaplain would feel "The mission of the Marine and sailors every day to see to take care that divine asset for commanders who are Catholic and Protestant comfortable, given the Corps is combat and how they are doing. He said services be performed." concerned for the spiritual and religious services, counseling, military's mission, both preparation for combat," he often gets several Navy Capt. J.L. FitzGerald, emotional needs of their baptism, confirmation and chaplains said that wasn't FitzGerald said. "Therefore a appointments he wouldn't the 1st Marine Expeditionary Marines and sailors," marriage services. true. chaplain's ministry must work normally get by doing that. Brigade chaplain, explained explained Cmdr. David Religious education has "I feel needed," Travers said. off that. You can't use the By seeing each Marine and that although it might seem Travers, the station chaplain. always been an important "The Marine Corps and Navy civilian model of ministry in sailor, he can also give the strange to have our Chaplains are often faced mission of chaplains, but have always been supportive the military." unit commander input on the government creating the with a tough job. A doctor Travers explained that in the and I'm very comfortable in Being there when needed, overall morale of the unit. Chaplain Corps, it was can easily fix an ailment, but early days of the Corps, the the military setting even wherever it may be, has Much like the rest of the because the government can't a chaplain has to work with chaplains were also teachers though I'm in the clergy. always been important to military, the future of the since many of those in the Chaplains become very close Marines and sailors. It may Chaplain Corps will have Navy and Marine Corps had to the unit they are assigned have been in the vast deserts some changes. limited schooling. to." of Saudi Arabia or a jungle With many units downsizing Although chaplains may not A chaplain is available 24 battlefield in Vietnam -- some or disbanding, FitzGerald sees have to teach school anymore, hours a day, whenever and have even given the ultimate the Chaplain Corps also their mission has continued to wherever needed. If a sacrifice and been awarded growing smaller in the future. be important and has grown. chaplain can't satisfy a our county's highest honor. "I think there will be fewer In 1979, the Navy added the particular religious need, they During the Vietnam War, a Catholic chaplains and more enlisted religious program know what is available in the Navy Lt. Vincent Capodanno, chaplains who are not going' specialist rating to the Navy local community. the chaplain for 3/5, was to serve 20 or more years. and Marine Corps religious Besides the need in garrison, posthumously awarded the They will serve for a few programs. a chaplain always goes along Medal of Honor for his years and then go back to "The addition of the when a unit deploys during actions in the Quang Tin their parish, which I think religious program specialist peacetime or war. Province Sept. 4, 1967. will be healthy for both the was a significant change," "We have 10 chaplains in When reports came in that military and civilian churches. FitzGerald said. "It freed up the brigade of various faith the 2d Plt. of Company M Whatever the future holds, the chaplains for ministry." groups to provide directly or was in danger of being chaplains will continue, like The Navy enlisted religious facilitate the free exercise of overrun, he left the relative they have done for 217 years, program specialists are not religion for Marines, sailors safety of the company to be where they are needed enlisted chaplains. They can and their families," FitzGerald command post and ran to "sustain the weary" during do no counseling nor can they said. "I feel the most through enemy fire to reach crucial times.

USMC Photo ,(Above) PFC Richard Ferns, 3d Bn., 4th Marines, reads his Bible during break after three hours of maneuvers during Operation Prairie In Vietnam. (Right) Navy Chaplain Harris White celebrates Mass for the 1st Bn., 26th Marines near the demilitarized zone In Vietnam.

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Aaron Martin The State Department motivation, can't comply with which became Stoll Weer there. I believe that the duty takes great care in providin re, lack the physical Marines in March 1988 when eight hours. The Marines are is the best educational and for the at react a fire occured in the Moscow no longer outside the building maturing process that any station. ave maturely t ituation. Embassy. The Marines are but are serving as control Travel to exotic far off Marine could experience during common as, kitch The school pr Marines also taught about explosives entry access. The Marines lands, live in a beautiful his military career." bar. to learn many skills and how to investigate are inside the building mansion and spend your off- Marines are hesistant to The second !that will it. The suspicious devices. The checking personnel as they time seeing the world. This commit to MSG duty for a of applicants arines tiquette, Marines are taken to various enter the building and serving is not a travel agency but a number of reasons. The first the school zotoca ' Some buildings and told to search as an interior guard. group of mature, well reason is the "hardship" degree of mss ari for bugging and tampering busy disciplined Marines known as station. The "hardship" much hig r a devices as part of their "The Marines are very Marine Security Guard (MSG) ct, h, working the control entry station is where the Marine is posts tha m . 1. P ape the training. detachment. - access that the shift they posted his first 15 months stations. e'N; ng of 1 the who graduate SSgt. William Q. Highsmith, "The Marines work goes by very fast" said and is often a third world "Every arine, reg of training the the school are a cut above you platoon Sgt. for Guard country. The element rank, is en responsibiliti Highsmith. "Many times that (..?" "7. The FBI cademy the rest" said Highsmith. are being relieved before you Company West Loch, knows Marines do is or collate duties which "4, not consider < r the Marines he "Those who have completed know it." what MSG duty is like. that the State Department is affect all embers of t of ri and always Highsmith was attached to an MSG tour have providing the housing for the unit" said Highemi thy ,4 e been the cream of the crop." Highsmith's first station was four different detachments Marines. The peo e in yo the Paris. The second station . 1" graduation, junior during his tour. The Marine House is depend o you wer of Upon Arabia and ,t6 Marines receive 100 points was in Saudia For many years Marines usually the house of a former task. Thi ma/ es from there he went to have been responsible for ambassador or high executive very tigh uired to toward their composite score. The opportunity for education Moscow. His final station embassy duty. The duty, official, so each Marine has lasting re agnum, was in Bern, Switzerland. which is controlled by both his own room and a lot of The ech eta six for MSG such as college or MCIs is the Marine Corps and the said. "The ' always available to the "The people in Paris space," Highsmith weeks is uantico, It is stations. State Department has been in places that I have stayed are Va., gives /'nine the on the Marines at the were wonderful to the need of Marines since what I would consider to be worst-case sc of what it e yearly The final reason many Marines. We were shown a Operation Desert Shield/Storm. mansions." could be like at a duty Z the Marine Marines are hesistant about lot of respect because the "The tours I served in MSG The accomodations are far station. The people who don' going on MSG duty is that is Marines are highly regarded were the best times in my above the normal lifestyle that make it through the school Some of the other skills the misconception that they by the French" said career" said Highsmith. "I most Marines are accustomed are those who have lost include firefighting techniques, will be standing outside the See MSG, A-14

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This advertisement was not paid for in whole or In part by the Department of the Navy or the Navy FREE Signatures Exchange. This advertisement does not constitute endorsement by the Navy Exchange, the Depart- ment of the Navy or the U.S. Government of the products or services advertised. nid 6 Oi WV6 :AVII1113 S11110H Ivoads atioauum 'prou kemOm riptuelptuum unou AIM ASVJ rNLL 3S1) zwnivm MOW DHINO3 'MP

- /7, ji1;717/',i1 ii; ri Tr; r;:-

jj /1, // //1/ , . 1,11 I

1-; -7(1(irr.r.id ''Hfc).11:,,, -1111.]. L.11;7.1-I 7-1(-1 fir; i;IIMJ'I.I1.1'J

r J J 1.1 r - - - 7 . 7 .7 (7 '-

2666 .9z JeqwenoN OUPOIN IIOMOH 8-V November 26, 1992 Hawall Marine A-9 Center helps veterans readjust to peacetime counseling as they transitioned of the Persian Gulf, Panama, Services include individual and outreach program designed of Persian Gulf veterans who By Sgt. Kevin Doll to peacetime service or the Grenada and Lebanon. group readjustment counseling, primarily for Marines and have contacted a VA medical Mall %SW civilian lifestyle. Today, the Readjustment benefits-assistance referral, sailors involved in the Persian center about health problems In 1979, Congress authorized Counseling Service, part of the liaison for community Gulf Conflict. and what symptoms are being It is often believed that the establishment of Veterans Administration (VA), agencies, marital and family "Anyone who has been to experienced. The registry will when a conflict or war is readjustment counseling operates 201 Vet Centers counseling, substance abuse the Persian Gulf needs to be used to diagnose, track over, the warrior's and their centers, recognizing that a across the United States, information and referral and know they are eligible for and treat illness related to family members' personal significant number of Vietnam , Puerto Rico and the job counseling and placement. benefits at the center," she service in the Gulf. The Gulf crisis are also past. veterans continued to Virgin Islands. Susan Thompson-Hoffa, a said. "We especially want registry was initiated after the The Vietnam War experience readjustment The Honolulu Vet Center, licensed professional counselor people to know about the problems involving the alleged highlighted the need for problems. In 1991, legislation one of five in Hawaii, has and social worker from the importance of the VA medical destructive effects of Agent combat veterans immediate extended eligibility for been helping veterans and center, visits the station every registry." Orange upon Vietnam vets. and continuing readjustment counseling to combat veterans their families since 1980. Tuesday as part of an This registry is a data base See Vets, A-14 helps MORE THAN 100 STORES TO CHOOSE FROM CEAP WINDWARD MALL employees Corner of Haiku Road and Kamehameha Highway fa;,. Special Holiday Hours Starting December 1 with difficulties Special Hours Friday: 9am to 9 pm their use of the program. By Sgt. J. Kinchen-Schnelder Rua 'VALL M "All records of counseling, at treatment and/or rehabilitation will be treated with confidentiality." inr0 If a servicemember has a problem with substance abuse, stress, anger or family So far the program has members, there are programs been very successful. Ninety- available through the Family nine percent of all employees Service Center and the Marine who were offered a chance to Corps to help. enter a program successfully completed the program and There are similar services are still employed, she said. available for the station's civilian employees, too. The Civilian Employee Assistance Also, anyone who attends Program (CEAP) is a CEAP program is granted management program which approved leave time to offers assistance to employees participate so he can become who have problems involving a productive employee again," alcoholism, drug abuse or she said. other serious personal difficulties. These may result Examples of what may in the impairment of job make an employee performance or job-related unproductive include alcohol, conduct, explained Gina Little Restaurant Enrique, employee relations Windward Mall 247-6400 officer at the Civilian Personnel Office (CPO) here. e want peo- "CEAP is a program We designed to help employees ple to get help and their families," she said. "It is for any type of problem before their pro- they may feel is impairing their job performance." blem excalates Programs such as CEAP are and blows.' mandated by laws like Public Laws 91.616 and 92-255 which states that federal agencies family, marital, social, must implement appropriate spiritual, legal, health, drugs educational programs for the and/or financial difficulties. r T prevention alcoholism and Some signs that one or a drug abuse, according to Air combination of problems may The Best Tex-Mex Food Station Order 12723.1B. It be occurring is a drastic also states that these two change in behavior such as On The Island! laws also require agencies to an employee becoming implement programs and argumentative or introverted, services for the treatment and and/or constantly tardy or Wishes You A rehabilitation of employees absent from work. suffering from the misuse of 1r alcohol and drugs. Although this may be a HAPPY potential problem, there is -.41 Enrique explained that most another issue that may cause employees who are referred to the situation to worsen. That THANKSGIVING the program by their is if a supervisor or manager supervisors may be counseled doesn't deal with the problem. Now Hiring Holiday Helpers! to seek medical treatment, Instead, many choose to cover SALE rehabilitative counseling or be it up, make excuses, ignore $48 WINDWARD MALL FOOD COURT problem, or give referred to other services as the the One Better Perm ClipiThese Coupons And Save! necessary to resolve their employee to someone else. Rag. $58. Just in time for the problems. The supervisor may rate his holidays, a glamorous look. Price performance too high, not includes shampoo, haircut and Present This Coupon "It is required by the air assign normal work, accept styling. Long hair and design wraps poor excuses or lower extra. $100 LARGE NACHO station order, if a supervisor Sale price effective suspicions performance expectations. This has that an will hurt the employee rather through Sat., Dee. 5. MAGNIFICO employee is under the help, Enrique explained. Made with your choice of ground beef or chicken. Limit influence of drugs or alcohol, than one coupon per customer. Not valid with any other offer I he is required to make a I Expires 12/9/92. A quote by W. Edwards OFF THE TACO SHOP mandatory referral," she said. Mon. Tues., Wed Deming, author of the book I Present This Coupon "However, any employee who 'Out of the Crisis' is SENIOR cmZENS has a problem, any problem, JCPenney Take 10% OFF which he feels is appropriate in summing up Styling Salon All Salon Servicos 00 affecting his that kind of situation. He $100 LARGE BEEF OR performance is encouraged to wrote: my experience, ALSO ON SALE 20% Olt voluntarily seek counseling "In All liaircolor Services with BABY BACK RIB PLATE I people news styling. and information on a can face almost any Reg. $35 and up Includes corn on the cob, home made baked beans and problem except the problems Sale $28 and up. Extra cole slam. Limit one coupon per customer. Not valid with any confidential basis from his charge for long hag. I OF '17 of people ... . Faced with other offer. Expires 12/9/92. immediate supervisor, the 413W. ,ICPorrloy ,,,trIpar, problems , THE TACO SHOP I employee relations specialist or of people ... Windward: T15-422.'1. the contact and referral management, in my experience, goes into a state counselor." of paralysis." * Even though employees are encouraged to seek help for "When employees are referred their problem or problems, to us or come to us IN A HURRY? many won't do so because voluntarily, we want them they feel it may mark their and their supervisors to RB's records or be interpreted as a understand the philosophy Stop in to for a punitive or disciplinary action. behind the program," she said. Enrique said that this is not "If the program is utilized to the case. its maximum, then there will quick bite while "Most employees don't be less on- the -job injuries, less understand the purpose of absenteeism, better morale and Holiday Shopping CEAP. We want people to more productivity. That's why and get help through CEAP before we encourage more their problem escalates and participation. Fear of the enjoy our Fantastic_L blows," she said. "We realize unknown and worries of the old adage of 'Once you confidentiality is what stops a enter the gate, you leave your lot of programs." Holiday Special! problems at the gate' doesn't apply in today's reality." Any employee who wishes to participate in the CEAP She went on to say that program can call Gina employees' jobs, futures and Enrique at 257-1349 or go A Touch Of Crass** reputations will not be through his supervisor for an hindered or jeopardized by appointment. Pearlridge & Windward Mall SHIRLEY DEVARIS Regular Roastbeef Attorney at Law Divorce Sandwich * *Low fees for uncontested *Support *Custody *Visitation * GENERAL BUSINESS LAW *International Transactions nor R...ppeol - *Business Organizations HONOLULU* *Dispute Resolution Personal Bankruptcy FREE INITIAL CONSULTATIONS Buy up to 10 sandwiches with_a_ Evening and Weekend Hours Member ABA and ASH, this coupon. Offer expires 12/15/92. Not valid with any other offer 970 N. Kalaheo Ave., MC-210, Kailua 254-3345 A-10 Hawaii Marine November 26, 1992 Feature %,-----Tsunamis: Unpredictable, deadly which may reach to heights most recent tsunami was May 18 inches in the open sea but misconception of a tsunami is of more than 100 feet, can 7,1986. The effect of that will continue to move quickly also that it is just one wave wreak havoc upon any area tsunami was almost across the ocean. The or a group of waves that hit of the coastal shores. The unnoticeable because it did not National Oceanic and the shores. The distance force of the waves can send produce the massive wave Atmospheric Adminstration, between the waves could be a ships inland, as well as height that the series of headquartered in Ewa Beach matter of minutes or more flatten homes and completely waves often times produce. on Oahu, receives signals from than one hour apart. sweep away anything in its The size of the waves when the seismic tide gages which "The third or fourth wave path. they reach the shore vary indicate if the earthquake has in a tsunami is usually the A tsunami is a series of with the seismic activity. The caused a major shift in the most damaging wave because destructive waves caused by height of the waves cannot be tides. A tsunami warning is the waves are returning to the earthquakes in areas ranging predicted. The inability to issued once that type of ocean and collision of the from Japan, the Aleutian know the force of the waves earthquake has occurred. incoming waves create a Islands in Alaska and as far makes them most dangerous. "The 1986 tsunami brought higher and more devastating south as Chile in South The tsunami which struck the islands into a 'gridlock' wave" Nabeshima said. America. the islands in 1960 killed 61 because people did not know "The importance of being Tsunami waves are people in Hilo. Many people how to react" said Barbara prepared is simply by knowing generated by underwater thought that the waves would Hendrie, public information what to do" Hendrie said. disturbances such as an not be as devastating as they specialist for Hawaii State "The city and county has a earthquake. The earth's plate were. The tsunami of 1946 Civil Defense. "The islands roadblock system set up to slips and causes an was caused by an earthquake had not had a warning since protect those in the low-lying By Cpl. Aaron Martin underwater landslide. The in the Aleutian Islands. The 1964 so people did not know areas because it is important Rol Wei primary cause of a tsunami is loss of life from this tsunami what to do." to keep them off the roads earthquakes but may also be was 159 people. The most important step in that pose a danger to The town of Hilo on the caused by volcanic eruptions. "The earthquakes which preparedness is to get out of anyone.' big island was transformed "The cause of a tsunami is originate in the Aleutians are all low lying or shoreline Upon a tsunami warning from a rapidly growing harbor earthquakes 99 percent of the of great concern here in areas. Tsunamis are stay tuned to radio and area to a scene which could time. Volcanic activity is the Hawaii,"said Nabeshima. "The devastating and unpredictable television stations for news compare with the destruction other cause of the devastating 'directionality' of the shock so do not try to view or and official information from of Hurricane Iniki but with phenomenon. This makes waves make it far more observe them. Evacuate the the Emergency Broadcast far more disasterous results. Hawaii a likely candidate for dangerous than a quake coastal areas immediately. systems. Cooperation with the Cars are overturned, ships are tsunami occurances more than originating in South America." "The tsunami has the ability federal, state and local resting more than one mile any other place in the The magnitude of the to literally envelope the island agencies could save one from inland, and parts of what Pacific" said George earthquake does not determine because the waves are coming injury or death. once were stores and Nabeshima who works at the force of the tsunami. For from all directions not just Hawaii can be one of the warehouses were nothing more University of Hawaii in the example, the tsunami of 1960 one aide or area of the most enjoyable places to live Than broken and destroyed tsunami research effort. orginated from Chile was 8.5 island" Hendrie said. "The with all of natures wonderful fragments of wood and glass. Tsunamis are very rare but on the Richter scale. The people who want to see the attributes but can also present The year was 1946, the can bring most tragic results. tsunami of 1946 originated tsunami are endangering some of the most dangerous devastation which killed 159 One of the most destructive from the Aleutians and was themselves with their and deadly disasters in the people was a tsunami. tsunamis in history occurred 7.5 on the Richter scale. The curiosity and unfortunately world. The importance is to be prepared and 40, The effect of a tsunami can in 1883. The volcanic island force of the tsunami in 1946 could cost them their lives." know how to be most devastating to the of Krakatoa exploded, sending was much greater although The intensity which the react when a warning or Hawaiian Islands. In 100-foot waves crashing into the magnitude of the waves hit one part of the crisis such as a tsunami Hawaiian history there has Java and Sumatra and killing earthquake was less than that island may be different than should occur. Do not be been almost 400 lives lost and 36,500 persons. In 1896 a of the one in 1960. another part of the island. foolish and disregard the more than $100 million tsunami struck Japan with Once an earthquake has The waves approach the warning systems and never be damage to Hawaii which 100-foot waves killing 27,000 occurred the waves begin to shore just as the wave the curious observer. would make it the most costly people. travel at speeds of 500 miles normally does and as it hits Remember that the water can natural disaster in terms of Hawaii has had many per hour or more. The waves the reef it begins to roll and be enjoyable but can also be loss of life. The waves, tsunamis in the past. The may only be at a height of increases in height. The a powerful and deadly force. r Marine-0 Pizza Quality Legal Service Immediate Help . . . Hours: M41100-2130 To Thank You Sunday 1630-2130 Fos Walk-In and Tak-Out Orders 1 OFF ALL Dilry Unice 7 Days A Week DIVORCE-BANKRUPTCY 5% 1700-2130 Flat Fee Quick Court Settings Flat Fee Get Out of Debt! 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i/f) WE CENTER 263-2311 46 Hoolai Street, Kailas (Next to Blockbuster Video) Open 7 Days Sate ends 12-2-92 $300 Minimum Loan Amount, 0% APR for 12 mos., O.A.C. November 26, 1992 Hawaii Marine A-11

View Technology of the Future at AFCEA HAWAII '92 Aift 1-3, 1992 SHERATONDECEMBER WAIKIKI HOTEL

Opening the Window of Technology Among the Nations of the Pacific Rim


Semiconductors: Global Partnership or National Parochialism in Cooperation with the CALS: A Program forlmproved System Life Cycle Efficiency Securing Information Systems: The Challenges & Opportunities AFCEA Hawaii Chapter on behalf of the Pacific Region CIM Revisited: Successes, Ongoing Initiatives, and Industry Prospectives


Wen Johnnie Corns, USA GEN Jimmie Adams, RAdm David B. Robinson, PREVIEW STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY IN COMMUNICATIONS, Commanding General, USAF USN COMMAND AND CONTROL, COMPUTERS AND ELECTRONICS U.S. Army Pacific CINCPACAF Deputy Commander in Chief/Chief of Staff U.S. Pacific Fleet Exhibit Hours: VAdm. Jerry 0. Tuttle, USN ADM Charles Larson, USN RECEPTION Director, Space and Electronic Commander in Chief, December 1, 1992 11:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. TECHNOLOGY December 2, 1992 Warfare U.S. Forces Pacific December 2, 1992 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Office of the Chief of Naval 5:30 p.m. - 7:45 p.m. December 3, 1992 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Operations

FOR MORE INFORMATION ADC Telecommunications Alascom, Inc. ANDATACO Apple Computer, Inc. AT&T AT&T Secure Products BBN Communications Booz, Allen & Hamilton Cincinnati Electronics ATTENDING/ TECHNICAL PROGRAM SIGNAL ADVERTISING: Corporation Comtest Technologies Cryptek Secure Communications CSTI Service Co., Inc. EXHIBITING: Defense Commercial Communications Office Dynatech, Inc. Electronic Data Systems Enable Software Fed. Soft Corp. G.E.T. Engineering Corporation The Grass Valley Corporation Great AFCEA International AFCEA International AFCEA International Lakes Case & Cabinet Co., Inc. GSA/Information Security Management Division GTE Government Telephone: (800) 336-4583, Telephone: (800) 3364583, Telephone: (800) 3364583, Systems IBM Corporation, Federal Sector Company Iomega Corporation-Federal Systems Group ext. 6200 or ext. 6238 or ext. 6187 or Lockheed Missiles & Space Co. Loral, Western Development Labs Metrum Information Storage 1703) 631-6200 (703) 631-6238 (703) 631-6187 Metrum Information Storage Microsoft Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine Miltope Facsimile: (703) 818-9177 Facsimile: (703) 631-4693 Facsimile: (703) 222-8762 Corporation Miniature /Microminiature (2M) Automated Test Equipment (ATE) Program Modern Technologies Corporation Motorola GEG Page One Science Inc. Radar Devices, Inc. Rockwell International, Collins Avionics & Communications Division Sabtech Industries SCI Systems AFCEA'S YOU: WELCOME EXTENDS TO Corporation Spec Systems Corporation Sun Microsystems Syquest Technology Timeplex

It is our sincere desire to comply fully with both the letter and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Attendees Federal Systems, Inc. University Copy Systems of Hawaii USAF, AFCC HQ CSC Verdix with special needs should call (703) 631-6200 no we can ensure that your visit at our Conference is a pleasurable one. Corporation U.S. Coast Guard Word Perfect Corporation r AFCEA HAWAII REGISTRATION FORM HM NAME TITLE ORG. O ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP TELEPHONE( FACSIMILE L._

APPUCATION PRIMARY OCCUPATIONAL REA OF INVOLVEMENT CHECK ALL THAT APPLY: CHECKOW THAT BEST CLASSIFICATION HECK ONE THAT BEST DESCRUES YOUR SPEOALIY CHECK ONE ONLY ESCRIBES YOUR WORK complute 01. AFCEA MEMBER LI 1. Avionics 1. Business/Industry 1. Management form and 02. EMPLOYEE OF AFCEA CORPORATE SPONSOR 0 2. Command/Control 0 2, Consultant 2. Englneering/R8D 03. Computers 0 3. Active Army 3. Procurement/Test & Evaluation O prt-4.111 I 04. Communications 04. Active Navy 4. Operations 3. MEMBER OF EXHIBITING COMPANY 05. Electronic Warfare 5. Active Coast Guard 5. Data Processing 6. Electronics 0 6. Active Marine Corps 6. Production at the 04. MILITARY OR GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE 0 7. Radar 0 7. Active Air Force 7. Maintenance B. Satellites 0 8. Civilian Government Employee 8. Sales \ I ( I \ 0 9. Intelligence 0 9. Educator/Academia 9. ProfessionaVEduc. 5. NONE OF THE ABOVE (DESCRIBE) 010. Other (Describe) 010. Other (Describe) 10. Other (Describe)

0 11. Full-lime Student 0 11. Information Systems/IRM

PLAN "A" Includes entrance to the exhibits and three-day technical program, one dinner ticket, three luncheon tickets, one ticket for the reception at Sea Life Park, one ticket for the Cableship Party, technology reception and conference materials. AFCEA Non-Member $225.00 AFCEA Member $125.00 Membership # Military/Government/DoD $150.00

PLAN "B" Exhibits Only (NO CHARGE)

Social Function Tickets

Luncheon - Tuesday $ 25.00 Luncheon - Wednesday $ 25.00 Luncheon - Thursday $ 25.00 ti* Dinner/Floor Show $ 50.00 Sea Life Park Reception $ 40.00 Cableship Party $ 30.00 Cancellation Penalties: Cancellations received prior to October 30, 1992 will be refunded for the amount remitted less a $75 administrative fee. Any cancellation received after that date will be subject to a 100 percent cancellation fee.

dab Payment Method: EJI Credit Card (Please see below) Purchase Order Check (Payable to: AFCEA) ICE Credit Card Information: Visa Diners Club MasterCard American Express

LLI Name on Card: Card Number: L IU Exp. Date: Signature:

L im TOTAL ENCLOSED: $ Please note that forms received without appropriate remittance do not constitute registration and will not he processed. A-12 Hawaii Marine November 26, 1992 :II Navajo honors native traditions tradition of military service, is Navajo Code Talkers of World together. By Sgt. Paul Schneider something he takes very War II - even among Native He said his tribe keeps in 511M Water seriously. He tries to ensure Americans. History is passed touch with him periodically. He also knows several other he does nothing to blemish down orally from the old days -7"- For many the decision to the precedence they set. to the present. There is also Native Americans from various rat join the military is a tough "I'm very traditional," the a strong belief in having tribes on base. Currently one. In addition, many hours warehouseman with Brigade experience before talking about they don't do anything can be spent deciding which Service Support Group-1 said. something. Being a warrior together, but that's something branch of the service to enter. "I speak the traditional instills duty to family and he would like to change. It wasn't a difficult decision language and believe in the c omm unity. Another challenge he has is for Sgt. Edmund Austin traditional religion." "My religion engulfs the within his own family. His though. When he made up In his community of warrior society," Austin wife is from Guam and at his mind to enter the military, Kayenta, Ariz., veterans are explained. "To be a whole times it is tough to merge the he didn't hesitate. given the highest respect. person - to know about life two cultures. He tries to values he After going to college for 1 Much of that has to do - you have to know about teach the same 1/2 years, he decided he with the respect his tribe has peace and war. You can't be learned to his kids. needed more discipline in his for its elders. In much of diplomatic unless you know "It's hard to maintain your life. Therefore in 1984, he American society, senior both." traditions when you marry followed a Native American citizens are seen as old people Although the Navajo believe outside your culture. I've tradition by joining the with nothing to offer, but it in the warrior, it might learned a lot from my wife military and his Navajo is the opposite among Native surprise some that war is a though," he explained. "I've tribe's tradition by joining the Americans. touchy subject in the tribe. taken her home but she didn't Marine Corps. "Elderly people are important To his tribe, war is not like the country. When I was "I felt it was my patriotic in our society; they are the glamorous or romanticized. growing up I didn't like it duty to join," the 28-year-old experts," he said. "When you They praise the warrior, but either, but now I miss explained. "My tribe has talk to elders, some type of not necessarily war, he everything about it." always had an affair with the token is given or you sit and explained. He used to be very involved Marine Corps. Guys from my be silent until they talk. You For Austin, maintaining the in many of the traditional area would always join the can't be too direct or it is strong family values and his aspects of his tribe. Although Marine Corps because it was seen as being disrespectful." traditional values he learned he cannot actively participate the toughest and they were That is one reason little is growing up is a challenge. in that aspect of his tribe, he always on the front lines." known about the exploits of He said they believe the fulfills the warrior portion SW Paul Schneider The Native American Native Americans like the family prays and plays everyday by being a Marine. Sgt. Edmund Austin Code talkers contributions recognized by DoD Records show Choctaw code talkers of the Army's 142nd general said, "I was told the decision was to recruit a By F. Peter Wigginton Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division, were the first group from one locale, all from one tribe, so they would Aneetcan Forces Infornsahon SeMos to use their native language to transmit messages during have lingual commonality which might not be shared by World War I. The German army was never able to other groups, even of the same major tribe." Their very existence was a matter of Pentagon secrecy decipher their messages. In his memoirs, Foster said that since there was no for more than two decades. Their value to the U.S. As a result, these code talkers were instrumental in written Commanche language, he and his men developed a military was so great, it worked against them getting the helping American forces win several key battles in the vocabulary of about 260 basic military terms. These recognition they deserved. Meuse-Argonne campaign in France. They were especially covered terms even other Commanches would not "They" were the American Indian "code talkers." Indian effective in helping capture a German strong-hold at understand. This was to guard against the possibility of code talkers used their native languages to befuddle Forest Ferme in October 1918. Choctaws also served as the Germans capturing other Commanches and forcing German and Japanese forces and contributed significantly code talkers with the Amry's 180th Infantry Regiment in them to interpret the code. to Allied victories. Among ethnic groups, a high Europe during World' War II. For example, though the Commanches had a word for proportion of American Indians volunteered for military According to the book, World War II: The Thirty-Sixth "airplane," there was none to distinguish between a service. They also suffered among the highest casualty Division, the Americans uncovered many German bomber and a fighter. Hence, they adopted the rates. communications lines during the assault at Forest Ferme. Commanche phrase for "pregnant airplane" when referring These facts were noted during the recent unveiling of "Suspicious as to why the enemy would leave them in to a bomber. They added the Commanche word for the code talkers exhibit in the Pentagon. It will become such an exposed area, Col. A.W. Bloor, commander of the "sewing machine" to their word for gun, because the part of a larger permanent exhibit honoring American 142nd Infantry, reasoned that they had been left behind sounds were so similar. This was pronounced phonetically Indians. deliberately. The Germans, he thought, hoped that the as "tuh sah gun nah tah was." Because each had a Deputy Defense Secretary Donald Atwood spoke of their Americans would tap into the lines for their own tough outer shell, the Commanches used the word for contributions. He told how American Indians used their communications network. The Germans, in turn, would be "turtle" as code for tank. native languages as code to relay tactical battlefield able to monitor the American conversations. In November 1989, the French government honored information, movements and orders. "Colonel Bloor was correct," the book notes, "and the Choctaw and the Commanche code talkers with that "Every person and every group of people bring although the Americans utilized the captured enemy nation's highest honor, the Chevalier de l'Ordre National something special to our nation in time of crisis," Atwood telephone lines for their own communications system, Bloor du Merite. The medal was presented to representatives of said. "It's those times that bring out the best in all prevented any leak of information by using Choctaw the two nations in ceremonies at the Oklahoma State Americans." members of Company E to transmit messages in their Capitol. Guest speaker Arizona Sen. John McCain noted 400 Indian dialect. The tactic was a resounding success and When asked why the story of the 4th Signal Company Navajo code talkers served in the Pacific during World later a captured German officer confessed that his had not been told, Commanche Raymond Nauni Jr. told a War H. Their job was to transmit messages for the intelligence personnel were completely confused by the news reporter, "It goes back to the old Commanches. Marine Corps. "The consequences of this success saved Indian language and gained no benefit whatsoever from They told nothing to outsiders. It just wasn't done. thousands of Marines' lives," he said. "The achievements their wiretaps." That is a custom we need to change." of the code talkers were kept secret by the military, who Another group, Comanche Indiana, were recruited to Anderson said in addition to Choctaws, Commanches thought they might need their services again in future serve as code talkers with the 4th Signal Company, 4th and Navajos, his records also reveal the existence of conflicts. Finally 1968, the military made public their Infantry Division, during World War II. They used the Kiowa code talkers assigned to the 689th Field Artillery accomplishments.* language skills from the time they hit the Normandy Battalion, XX Corps in Europe during World War II. While the Navajo code talkers have received the most beaches June 6, 1944, through campaigns in northern Further, an unspecified Indian group also operated in publicity, other American Indians have contributed their France and Luxembourg. Sicily. talents as well, according to Jerry Anderson, the Following graduation from West Point in 1941, 2dLt. McCain added, "Many Americans are not aware that if Department of Defense equal employment opportunity Hugh F. Foster Jr. was assigned to the 4th Signal you look at the vital statistics of the suffering, wounded manager conducting historical research for the permanent Company. One of his first missions was to train a group and killed in battle, the highest percentage of those Pentagon exhibit. of 18 young Commanche men. Foster, a retired major terrible casualties have been sustained by Native Americans. $ CASH $ 1 ' NOW LENOX* WE WILL CASH YOUR PERSONAL CHECK AND WILL NOT DEPOSIT C_iinom, and Crystal IT TIL YOUR NEXT PAYDAY Proof of Payroll Direct Deposit Required and 3057 Koapaka (Near Airport, first right off Lagoon Drive) Navy Exchange Pearl Harbor 833-2529 Cordia ly Invite Yon T© A Special Holiday Signing Event KOA! KOA! KOA! Mr. Roy Harbert, Artisan, will be present to demonstrate the craftsmanship of Lenox China. Mr. Harbert will be available to 30°k-40°h OFF P ZrE personalize and sign your purchases. All Dining Room Tables, November 27, 1000-1500 Hours China Hutches, November 28, 1000-1500 Hours & Curio Cabinets Also Come in and See our November 29, 1200-1500 Hours Rockers Coffee Tables Sofa Tables The PLAZA at Pearla __ar,orTH1 Desk Bedroom Furniture 10% LAY-AWAY NOW FOR DISCOUNT ON LENOX DURING THE CHRISTMAS DEMONSTRATION FINANCING AVAILABLE NO PAYMENTS FOR 32. 3 MONTHS Bring the whole family to this one-of-a-kind experience. (Upon Approved Credit) MasterCard JEX Navy tlgYAQ13 H H Iferetve Exchange luroittere Crfucelber Ca 2870 Ualsna St. 839-8856 OPEN MON.-FRI. 9-5:30 tre-e-- -- Oiler expires 11/30/112 SAT. 9-5, CLOSED SUNDAY November 26, 1992 Hawaii Marine A-13 Feature Bravo Company 1/3, AAVs seize Bellows primary AAV company so we The new Marines have done By Sgt. Paul Schneider put together a two-day AAV operations once before Sidi Wale package of day and night, while in the School of wet and dry, training," Infantry, but the experience They came rolling out of explained Capt. Peter there was very limited. An the haze, smoke and rain, Petronzio, company actual company attack is very plowing low though the water commander, Bravo Co., 1/3. different. like alligators on the prowl. "I gained a lot of experience For many of the squad and in my job," explained LCpl. The company of amphibious platoon leaders, the chance to assault vehicles (AAVs) George Taylor, a rifleman, work with the AAVs was very Bravo Co., 1/3. "I learned a steadily closed in on the beneficial. beach as the tracks began to lot about amphibious bite into the sand and raise "We are getting an influx of operations and how the the armored hulks out of the new Marines and this is the infantry and AAVs work surf. first time for them to get hand-in-hand." As soon as the AAVs from hands-on training with the Besides hitting the beach, Company A, 3d Amphibian AAVs," explained Sgt. Darren the Marines also worked on Salazar, squad leader, Bravo land practicing mechanized Assault Battalion, were up on Sgt. Pool Schnekke beach, fell Co., 1/3. "It was also a good warfare. the the ramps and of us who Marines from Company B, 1st refresher for those "The new guys now have a A SMAW gunner keeps an eye on the beach as the Marines from Bravo Co., 1/3 seized the beach at Battalion, 3d Marines, raced have been around a while. good handle on the basics," Bellows Air Force Station with the help of AAVs from Alpha Co.. 3d AA Bn. out of the amtracs to begin We need to do it more often." Salazar said. securing the beach and then pushed inland. The Marines in the AAVs A radioman keeps didn't disappear though, they communications provided fire support from wtth the advancing their weapons stations for the Marines. The Infantry advancing Marines. worked for two days Although the weather didn't at Bellows Air Force cooperated with the Marines Station with the AAV - rain fell throughout the Marines. exercise - the Marines didn't seem to mind as they stormed the beaches in classic Marine Corps style. The Bravo Co. Marines joined the "trackers" at Bellows Air Force Station Thursday and Friday for amphibious and mechanized training. The Marines of Alpha Co., 3d AA Bn., spent all week training with the infantry Marines seizing the opportunity to train with the AAVs the last two days. Marines pour out of AAVs on Bellows beach and race to secure the beach and push Inland. "We are designated the

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is stressed at the school. The of my career. I strongly Marines are representing the encourage any Marine who recreational. The safety level. This is not the MSG beet that the United States desires to excel in their concerns are at the user lev,e1 traditional method that has from A-7 has to offer so the Marine Marine Corps career as well Safety but everyone must be educated been used in the past but this Highsmith. "In Saudia must look his best. as experience a unique and aware of the hazards." will give a close unbiased front Art Arabia and Switzerland we "In the Soviet Union we opportunity to see the world The safety program should look at the user level. Open were treated very well. used to show the Russians to consider the duty." The standown is focused to include a review of the recent discussions within the Moscow was a very unique how hard we were by going If a Marine is single, has a reverse the trend of accidents mishaps and highlight the department will hopefully experience. I was stationed out and running a physical 4.2/4.2 or above pro/con which have plagued the focus of safety in all factors provide some constructive there upon the removal of the fitness test in the snow or marks and is interested in command. The emphasis is involved. A successful program criticism to solve this entire staff after the freezing cold weather" said MSG duty the representatives that a solid safety program should help preserve assets problem." "Lonetree" investigation. We Highsmith. "It was a real from the school will be at the will minimize the number of and enhance readiness. The hopes of the standown were closely watched during troop motivator and I ran one air station on Monday. The accidents. The unite which "We hope that this is that it will provide that time." of my best times during those brief will take place at the have a safety program that is etandown will produce a lot significant insight of the Marines are required to weather conditions." enlisted club at 2:30 p.m. For supported by the unit of ideas for various safety safety posture of the ground maintain a good physical "I would love to return to further information consult the commanders are uOcessful, programs and ways to improve and aviation units. The appearance. This can the duty as a deck unit career planner. The innovative and ;,highly the system," st%id Napu standown should be used only sometimes be difficult in a commander or even serve as opportunity to excel and the proaeliere Thompson, rector of the to solve the concerns of safety. small unit. Physical training an instructor at the school" knowledge which could be "The commands need to Joint Safety Center. "The The need for suggestions and is performed more as an said Highsmith. "Those learned makes this unit one cover all *spools of NAAS'," purpose of th standown is to ideas to improve the work individual than in a group. experiences at the different of the most unique in the said SukOw. "Safety is both identify mom of the hazards environments safety are key The importance of this aspect stations were some of the best Marine Corps. on the job as well as at a' squadron or departmental to the success of the standown.

After the guest speakers community involvement, the cost smaller castles and that could be matter would be looked into. broken-down furniture and lack presentation, the board addressed could be $175,000 or higher." But a more viable avenue to pursue. The next issue concerned an of curtains and linen bays. NQLB the previous issue of the "Keiki Agana stressed that approval After Agana discussion, the attendee's desire to have the Boardmember Cheryl Loomis the from A-1 Castle." The castle is a large from the station commander must board began taking new issues exchange open longer on stressed that Marines living in children's playground which was be given to even begin from those attending the meeting. weekends. Walt Skierkowski, the barracks fill out the NQLB "Last year, 31 children were Recreation forms killed and 160,000 injured constructed at Hickam Air Force construction and a site has to be One issue addressed bus service, Morale, Welfare and available or attend the nationwide by unsafe toys," Base, largely with the help of the chosen for the playground. That specifically why The Bus, the director, said longer hours are meetings to make their concerns Mueller said. "An important rule base community. Some station involves surveying and an county bus service, had such beginning tomorrow, the start of known. Keene emphasized the for parents is to follow the age residents have expressed a desire environmental OK, which, he limited stops aboard station. the holiday season. importance of the NQLB meetings to try and have one constructed said, takes time. Boardmembers acknowledged the For the next issue, a lieutenant to all Marines. limit suggested for toys." colonel spoke on behalf of his "We're here to help Referring to the station housing here. But according to "Hickam had massive system did not have stop times but we can't boardmember Ed Agans, it will community involvement for the conducive to military and family enlisted Marines and the quality do it on our own," he said. "We fire started by a child playing of life in their barracks. Other can't expect (station with a lighter, Mueller said the be an uphill nettle. construction of their castle and members' schedules. A survey commander) "If we get all the community that included donated construction from prospective users was needed attendees also voiced their Col. Crawford or (1st Marine two biggest causes of fires in the problems with life, Expeditionary home are from children playing help required for this project, it materials and labor," Agana said. to show the county more stops barracks Brigade will cost us about $65,000 to He added that the company that here would be profitable for the including bad lighting, faulty air- commander) Gen. Kuhn to come with matches or lighters or from up adults with cigarettes. build," he said. "Without sells the blueprints has plans for system. The board said the conditioning and hot water, with all the solutions."

related illness to answer any combat, natural disasters, successfully help most victims active-duty members," "The military is often questions people may have violent accidents or violent of PTS recover, more severe Thompson-Hoffa said, "but viewed as a "man's only" Vets about them," said the former crime. Symptoms of PTS cases are referred to medical guidance can be given about world," she said. "But many Army soldier. "We don't want. usually occur immediately or doctors, but the Vet Center whether more detailed women were in the combat from A-9 to make people Thompson-Hoffa paranoid but shortly after the trauma. will still assist them. information should be entered theater of operations." said it is important to "know" your They can go away and return, veterans should ensure their in a medical record for future The counselor war and any medical and sometimes years later. The Vet Center also assists claims? is presently medical records are up to date legislative action taken." Symptoms include flashbacks with educational assistance, working on establishing a and that they have copies of of the trauma, nightmares, job placement and job hunting Thompson-Hoffa stresses the Desert Storm counseling group. their records. This could be Another way the VetVenter importance of leaving the Anyone interested in the can assist combat veterans is depression, lack of interest in skills, Thompson-Hoffa said, used for verification of family and friends, jumpiness, and is also a liaison for the service with an honorable group or would like more possible claims after exiting by helping them identify and American Veterans discharge in order to be information about the facility deal with post-traumatic stress or guilt for surviving when Disabled the service. others did not. (DAV), and a DAV eligible for all benefits. She can contact the Vet Center at (PTS). This is a normal representative visits regularly. also said women vets who 541-1764. The center is open "We keep information about emotional and psychological Although Thompson-Hoffa meet eligibility requirements 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday the medical registry and Gulf- response to trauma, including said counseling can "The DAV cannot represent rate all benefits. through Friday.

personal insight. This describes how people with dimension. Again, an honest understanding traditionally Marines take care As for the old "use a little will personal problems often feel and Eating releases brain chemicals of what is really behind the of their own. Marines can also Eating power" myth, anyone who has why they become isolated and called endorphins. This is why compulsions and the reason as to teach one another how to exercise from A-4 struggled with some obsession sometimes feel helpless. it is a pleasurable experience. For why food is so important to the the body but for compulsive eaters examination. When dealing with knows better. When the mind Dependencies on other compulsive eaters this complicates individual is the only lasting there has to be an added mental triggers people often find becomes a personal battleground substances are often overcome by the process of controlled eating. solution to the problem. There dimension of exercising one's out more about themselves and of psychological repartee, it is giving them up: Nicotine, alcohol This is also one of the reasons is a big difference between a insight. This is not a problem their family than they are willing often nearly impossible to be or drugs. why they cycle in and out of normal and an emotionally driven that will go away on its own. to accept or disclose. Long-term objective about one's own Now imagine trying to give up diets, or pretend to be on a diet appetite. Most of us eat to live If someone you know has been solutions to overcoming thoughts. I once heard someone eating! "No can do," you say. only in the presence of those who but compulsive eaters live to eat. struggling with a weight problem compulsive eating, however, must say that "when I'm in my own That's right. So for compulsive are pressuring them or express Some servicemembers and some there may be help. Let them include self evaluation and head, I'm in enemy territory." eaters there is an additional concern over the issue. dependents are in trouble and know about the JDAC.

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aril) oro

16 mg 'IBC 1.2 mg nicotine ay. per cigarette by FTC method.

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide.

011411, Moo Inc 1002 A-16 Hawaii Marine November 26, 1992

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Smith Marines in men's basketball The Hawaii Marines went on a The nutritionally complete, lowfat, action. scoring frenzy in the second half. packaged meal consists of fruit juice, Within three minutes of play, they and a In spite of Camp Smith not having yogurt, muffin, two pieces of fruit any substitutes, they kept the score increased their 10-point lead to 19, 57- hard boiled egg. Units wishing to utilize close in the first half. Fatigue, 38. Their defense was tighter and the runners breakfast must request it five their offense was stronger. By the card holders must however, took control of their bodies days in advance. Meal in the latter portion of the game. 14-minute mark, the Hawaii Marines have meal card, ID card and sign for their had taken the score to 63-40 with an meal. Runners on comrats must pay for They couldn't keep up with the Hawaii Marines' running game, allowing them 18-5 scoring run. their breakfast. Point of contact for request Willie Martin was Camp Smith's or information is GySgt. Parr at 257-1007. to break 100 points, 105-71. Will Davis was the backbone of the go-to-man. He basketed 25 points in Hawaii Marines' offensive assault. a valiant effort to keep his team in Game bird hunting Firing up jumpers from three-point the game. It wasn't enough. land was all in a day's work for the Camp Smith's goal was to break The annual game bird hunting season the Hawaii Marines' zone defense by is open on the island of Hawaii and guard who led in scoring with 18 points. Inside the paint, big men slowing the ball down and pass it continues through Jan. 17, 1993. Hunting around more. But it didn't work. days will be Saturday, Sunday and state Haven Rucker and Ken Glass contributed 14 points apiece to follow According to assistant coach Beau holidays. All hunters will be required to Baker, Camp Smith couldn't get into have a 1992-93 State of Hawaii hunting Davis' high score. "Their downfall was playing a zone. their running game with only five license and to check in and check out at players. the hunter checking station for the area When my shot is on, I'll tear a zone to be hunted. Hunter checking stations are apart," said a confident Davis who The strategy was torn to pieces by located at Kapapala, Puu Waawaa, was coming off a good game against the overpowering Hawaii Marines Kilohana, Puu Huluhulu and the Pokakuloa Fort Shafter. defense. On offense, the scoring was Training Area (PTA) Range Control. Davis and the Hawaii Marines balanced with each Marine adding a Telephone the Division of Forestry and jumped to a seven point lead. Forward few points. With key baskets from Wildlife in Hilo at 933-4221 or in Honolulu Dean Price flexed a little wrist action newcomers Haven Rucker and Bryant at 587 -0166 for further information. and boosted the lead to 10 with a Marshall and Reggie Jhons hustling three-pointer. back on defense, winning the game Expecting a few more players to was no longer a factor. How much Racquetball show up at any moment, Lemuel Kline would they win by was more of a The Almost Christmas Racquetball repeated, "Settle down." The Camp question. Tournament is scheduled for Dec. 11-13 at Smith coach knew his team was "The second half was obviously the main gym. Registration forms are benchless and would tire quickly if better than the first one, but we still How's the weather up there? For guard Reggie "Twin" Jhons and the rest of available at the gym and entry deadline they played too hard. The Camp Smith didn't execute our plays as well as the Hawaii Marine team, It was fair. They slaughtered the Marines from Camp is 4 p.m., Dec. 7. Divisions include men's Marines listened. As a result, they we should've," said Hall. Smith in recent action, 105-71, making good use of their home-court advantage. open, A, B, C/D (novice) and senior/ masters; women's open (limited number of women's entries will be placed one rank Team searches for players lower and bracketed with men); and doubles (co-ed encouraged but not mandatory). Army Tournament play is best two out of three. Awards will be given for first, second and third place in each division. For more Azzuri fly by Air Force information, contact the athletic office silences at. 254-2516. keeper. He was a little nervous at By Cpl. Marlon J. Martin first, because he had never played 6 sirs ss' this position and the last thing he W One-pitch softball wanted to do was disappoint his team. e don't have a women Individuals interested in starting a one- Azzuri players were on cloud nine Showing aggressiveness and agility, 9 pitch softball tournament during lunchtime after winning a tough match against Byrd aided Azzuri in shutting the Air problem playing should contact GySgt. Ed Peerenboom at the Air Force in regent soccer action Force down by stopping everything . . . 257-3267 or 264-3469. Players are being the airmen booted his way. After one military teams hoopsters at Kapiolani Park. A strong showing Coach Roger Brown sought from intramural, class 'D' and was successful in edging the Kaneohe or two blocks, coach Kenny Bryan civilian teams. Marine men's soccer team past the knew he had made the right choice. s8 Cpl. Marlon J. Martin boys in blue, 2-0. Azzuri also dominated the offense. gallant aerobiotic saves, he failed to country Returning from a second-place finish Striker Kordell Hyde consistently set stop Hyde from scoring yet another CISM cross in the Fleet Marine Force Pacific up several breakaways, delivering goal. Hyde slipped past the persistent Even though Conni Sadler The Armed Forces Sports Committee is Regionals Championship, Azzuri is hard shots at a tough and reluctant keeper to give the Marines a 2-0 lead opened the game with a couple of forming a cross country team for the still hurting for players. They had to Air Force keeper. Hyde persistently and put the finishing touch on the jumpers, it was Schofield who had Conseil International Du Sport Militaire rely on a host of new players in their hammered at the goal keeper 'until he Azzuri victory. the last word. They silenced the (CISM) Championships to be held in contest with the Air Force. found a weak spot. He scored the only In spite of going into the second Hawaii Marines in an all-out battle, Ossendrecht, Netherlands. The competition "We don't have a problem playing first-half goal to put the Marines on half of the season in the Honolulu 73-64. will take place March 15-21, 1993. Events against other military teams," said top, 1-0. Soccer League, Azzuri welcomes new The Lady Marines hung neck- will include a 5K for women and a 5K The second half was a mirror image players to come out and participate. and-neck with the soldier girls, Roger Brown, assistant coach/player. the first half. Point guard and 12K for men. "but the local teams have been playing of the first. The Marines continued Practice and games will continue into during Marines interested in being considered together for years and are really to launch an arsenal of hard shots next year. Patricia Carter handled the offense for the CISM team must submit a summary tough." at the Air Force keeper, with many According to Brown, "players are very carefully. The game was going of athletic achievements accordingto Figure only missing by inches. looking forward to an interservice back and forth with each team With only a few veteran players on scoring a basket after the other 3-16 of Marine Corps Order P1700.27. the field, pressure lay on the shoulders Although the keeper won the soccer championship, which will Summaries must include races entered, team hopefully be coordinated during the until she canned a three-pointer. for of Ryan Byrd who was chosen at the admiration of the entire Marine The field goal put the Marines up times run and place finished races minute to be the Marine's goal with his Spiderman maneuvers and month of January." after Jan.1, 1991. All applications must last by three points, but the Army stuck be received by the MWR headquarters in with them like glue. Quantico, Va., by Dec. 15. Call the athletic "Nothing comes in the middle," office at 254-2516 for more information. shouted coach Jeff Ellis to his Hawaii Marines. He was wrong. Marines break Navy's streak Terry Lee worked her way inside Varsity softball on more than one occasion. The men's varsity softball season has Ian Montgomery, Keith The Marines seemed to be begun and all active duty Marines and By Cpl. Marlon J. Martin Johnson, John Devine, Danny swrvmler running in place. Schofield was Navy personnel stationed here are eligible Pinyard, Johnnie Johnson, Curtis increasing their lead while they to play. Interested individuals can call the Durham and Donald White were were still trying to muster an athletic office at 254-2516/2548 for more Winning the Hawaii Armed Marine runners in the men's open Services Athletic offensive attack. information. Council Cross division. In the masters, Chris With key rebounds from center Country Championships had Cortez, Bob Flath, Wayne Prebor Johnnie Jackson and forwards become a tradition for the United and Mike Schoelch competed. The States Navy. Since 1988, Tanya Edwards and Jackie Referees they women's division was made up Atkinson, the Marines finally Referees are needed to officiate at high had been "running off" with the of five runners, Ann Buckley, overall team trophy. But not this developed a scoring drive. An 8- school wrestling matches on the island of Loretta Vandenburg, Polly Carter, 2 run brought the Marines within Oahu. Officiating experience is not year. The 1992 championships Kelly McPherson and Rose boiled down to a foot race between five, 20.15, with four minutes necessary but a desire to learn is essential. Martinez. Credit for winning the remaining in the half. At halftime Interested persons should contact Wayne the Air Force and the Marine championships went to all Marine Corps in the drizzling rain. the score was 21-24, Army. Ohashi at 488-5194 or at Radford High participants. Jackson was also hot inside the School, 422-2751. Outstanding performances by In the men's open Montgomery top speedsters in the Air Force was two minutes and eight paint. She dominated the boards and Army highlighted the annual under the basket. Leading the seconds behind Jim Tuson. The Marines in scoring, Jackson Youth sports event held here Nov. 20, but it Air Force's top runner jetted netted Registration for youth winter soccer and 25 points. Sadler was second in was the Marine Corps who swiped across the finish line with a 31:19 command, proving youth basketball will be held at Dependent the overall trophy. time. Montgomery still led the to be a threat Recreation from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. through race was Marine team from the outside with 15. "Finishing the OK, to a first place finish It took forward Tanya Edwards November. Soccer coaches and referees but everyone dreads the start," with 86 points. Chopping at the are also needed. Interested individuals said Marine Kelly a little longer than she had McPherson, distance between him and expected to get warmed up, but can call SSgt. Smith at 257-2997 or 254- who commented on running in Montgomery was teammate Keith 1892. the rain. "After becoming dry and Johnson who finished next at she overheated in the second half hot, runners look forward to a after scrapping with one of the 33:48. Army players in a physical Adventure treks little rain." According to the athletic office, Having a team in altercation. People who thrive on adventure can each category, the race was a little longer than She entered the game with a make a difference in the fight against lung men's open, women's and masters, the Marine Corps birthday run. is a requirement fierce determination to motivate disease by participating in an American to compete for Montgomery ran faster and better the Marines, reminiscing over their Lung Association Adventure Trek. The the overall trophy. The Navy on the hilly and longer course didn't have a in last contest with the soldier girls. Lung Association is offering these treks team the men's than he did on the birthday run, However, just as she began of fun as a unique opportunity for open division, cancelling their which was flat. chances at a fifth title. The Army "Lack of wind crashing the boards and getting individuals to realize their dreams of exotic caused the rain more involved in the game, she travel while helping their local communities didn't have a team in the masters to be warm and humid in some division. and the Army player were ejected fight lung disease. Participants are spots," said Montgomery who and had to leave the gymnasium. provided with fund-raising materials, The Marines dominated the finished fourth in 33:27, "I am point system, placing first in the That really put a dent in the information about local programs that will just happy I crossed the line Marines offense and defense. benefit form the pledges raised and further men's open, second in the before John Devine." women's and third in the masters. After losing Edwards, the suggestions on creative fund raising. For Devine, Montgomery's former Marines slipped deeper and deeper more information, call 1-800-758-TREK or Their team score from all three running coach, was not far The Air Force into a scoring abyss. Carter Kimberly Mikami at (808) 537.5966. categories was 272. behind. A two-time All-Marine continue to supervise the offense, had 358. cross country athlete, Devine was thinking before she acted. Jackson Rod and Gun Club Runners were given the number also a member of the armed forces and Atkinson racked up on of where they finished in the track team. He finished the race grabbing rebounds, but the Army The Rod and Gun Club will hold its next race, equalling the amount of in eighth place at the 34:43 mark. still managed to pull away in meeting Monday at 7 p.m. in the Marine points they had earned. The top The Marines fell a point shy sawing. Aircraft Group-29 conference room, building Cpl Marlon J. Movlin three finishers in the women's in the masters division to the Air 301. The club is open to any interested and masters division and the top Force with 57 points. Airmen Russ Pleased with his players style of station resident. The December meeting Curtis Durham was one of the Marine runners seven in the men's open were Cutting ran away with top honors play, coach Roderick Sthith said, will focus on upcoming hunting trips and to participate In the 1992 Hawaii Armed SeMces selected in calculating points for with a time of 35:02. Had he "They' played hard, they listened the election of new club officers. For more Athletic Council Cross Country Championships, team scores. The team with the looked behind him, he might have and they ran the plays the way Marines won the information, call 264-5739. overall trophy for the first We, lowest total combined score won. they were supposed to." ending the Navy's four-year winning streak. See Break, B-2 1-2 Hawaii Marine November 26, 1992 Sports Marine grapplers take it to the mats a little longer with no breaks. Stanco. Durham just couldn't Unlike Smith, Durham has only asset if he were on our team." Although the tournament was liy Cpl. Marlon J. Martin comprised of individual wrestling, std Mew Freestylers have one five-minute handle Stanco, who outweighed four and one half years of Losing to Manteau prevented period to wrestle, whereas, there him by 10 pounds or more. experience and this was his first him from going to the final round, several of Smith's wrestlers Allen Smith, a 1990 All-Marine are normally three two-minute "I was pleased with my competition, since joining the but it didn't stop him from enjoyed the final moment of wrestler and world qualifier, rounds in collegiate-style performance, but I could've done Marine Corps in July 1991. pounding the rest of his opponents glory...having their arm lifted into recently started coaching wrestlers wrestling. better if I hadn't been so tired," Smith, on the other hand, has into the ground. the air by the referee. here and is seeking interested The tournament was wrestled said an exhausted Durham. 15 years of experience, wrestling individuals to form a Kaneohe cqllegiate-style. Due to a shortage Durham participated on the since the fourth grade. He Bay wrestling team. From the in time, however, competitors Marine team in the 1992 Hawaii wrestled in possibly the best turnout of the recent 1992 K-Bay wrestled for three one-minute Armed Services Athletic Council match of the day against Rich wrestling tournament, he may be periods. Cross Country Championships the Manteau. He rolled around with well on his way. Also competing, Smith and day before, running 6.2 miles on Manteau in the second round of The tournament was an all-day Curtis Durham highlighted the a hilly course. wrestling, but fell short by one event, comprised of individual matches. Durham, one of Smith's Durham was very quick. point, 2-1. competition. It hosted more than pupils, was the lightest wrestler Coaching him from the sidelines, According to Smith, Manteau 56 competitors from here, Camp in the tournament. Yet, he Smith's advice to him was to get is a fellow K-Bay wrestler, but he Smith, Marine Btfrracks Hawaii possessed a tremendous amount a bit closer before striking. hasn't 'yet' joined the team. "He's and Fort Shafter. of strength. According to Smith, "Lightning strikes without aggressive and very good on his Fort Shafter was gladly he's going to work on sending warning," he yelled. feet," said Smith. "He'd he a real accepted with open arms and did Durham to the All-Marine camp. rather well in the competition "Durham is definitely a hopeful Made up of Marine wrestlers. Out for going to Quantico. He's strong Of nine wrestlers, the Army had for his size and is steadily four make it to the final round improving. With some fine-tuning With three finishing first in their and training, he will get on the respective weight classes. right track," commented Smith. "The tournament seemed Durham was lionhearted. The unorganized at first, but it ran 19-year old'North Carolina native smoothly after everything got was anxious to dig into the mats started," said Smith, who felt his from the moment he heard about team of Marirles performed the tournament. Patiently outstandingly well. "We wrestled awaiting to flex his strength, in this tournament to see who is Durham couldn't wait to make ready to go to the All-Marine an appearance. He toyed with camp in Quantico, Va." wrestlers in the first two rounds Last-minute changes and and earned a berth in the final decisions, like going from freestyle round of his weight group. to collegiate-style wrestling, were Durham's first win came on otontrary to Smith's teachings. He points and his second was due and his wrestlers had tq adjust to a "tech fall," beating his to a difference in time and opponent by fifteen points or scoring. Some of the techniques more. He had to wait a long time they had practiced in preparation to for his next match. for the meet were now illegal. When the final round finally For instance, wrestlers can lock arrived, Durham realized that he their hands in freestyle wrestling. had bitten off more than he could Kacaping a hold is not grounds chew. He placed second after This wrestler Is on the verge of being pinned. He was one of many tot.a point and wrestlers tangle losing to the Army's Frank to find himself In a hurt-locker, during Sundays' wrestling tournament.

Group 8 (150-159 lb.) Group 0(180-189 lb.) Group 9 (221-250 lb.) 1 992 Wrestling fat - Joe %alit - Marine Barracks fat--S. Homburg - Marine Barracks let- Andrea eerier - Army 2nd Peter Fonder MSG Supply 2nd - John Remixes- - Army 2nd - Andre Hall - 314 Matinee' Meet Results Group 7 (100-190 Me) Group 4 (160-169 lb.) Note: The most was held here at , 1 .1st Steve Feesee . Group (129-189 the) let Rob Gajani 1/12 - - SSW MU Cpl. Mouton J. Martin 1st Frei* Stance - Army - - 2nd James Pool - HQ, 1/12 KMCAS, Saturday, Nov. 21. Thal - 2nd Lou Van Cleave - R8SG-1 - a large showing of over 66 particiOnta. 2nd Curtis Durham - let MEB - Like a pit bull, Alen Smith put a lock-hold on.his opponent in wrestling - Group 6 (170-179 lb.) Group' 8 (200.220 lbs) Participants came from Marine , Group 2 (140-149 lbs) Pearl Harbor, Camp Smith; 1992 K-Bay The was 'lawn Army let Rudy Trevino -A Co, 1/3 ..let -Tim Carry - VMFA 212 Barrack., action during the wrestling tournament. tourney let - Mere - - Army Ft. Shifter; and KMCAS. 2nd - Paul White - Motor T BSSG 2nd- Rich Manteau MALS-24 '2nd- Lloyd Bakei held Nov. 21 in the station gym. It attracted over 56 participants to compete in collegiate-style wrestling. points in the women's division, puts in 50 miles a week. Losing of cake." Buckley finished the Johnson, a few "ooh rahs" from the pace." Johnson was 11th 129-121. Joann Nowak led the one of her contact lens, however, race at the 44:56 mark. fellow Marines helped him finish overall. Break Army with a time of 41:02. The didn't put her mind at ease. She It wasn't that easy for some the race. from Navy had 141 and the Air Force managed to put it out of her Marines. Not finishing in last Teamwork played a vital role seen Chris Cortez, only seconds landed in fouith place with 143. mind and keep running. place was Rose Martinez' only "I was going to keep running in the Marine's success. If there behind his pace. Cortez was the For Ann Buckley, the Marines' When asked how she felt after wish. She didn't and her points the same pace and possibly stop, hadn't been complete participation -first Marine finisher with a 35:45 top finisher, the race became running the hilly course, Buckley were equally needed. because my legs were cramping in each category, Marines mental as well as physical. The said, "After running three-mile In a similar situation, Johnnie up," said Johnson. "But a little wouldn't be gazing at the gigantic The Marines trailed the first- physical portion of the race was KT runs every week, going up Johnson thought about dropping encouragement from Marines trophy which now rests in the station gymnasium. . ' place finishing Army by eight no problem for the runner who and down the hills was a piece out of the ace. According to passing by enabled me to pickup THE PLAZA AT PEARL HARBOR ome Play With Us! toil 1 Ex. Hawattan Holidays isiii ELECTROGAMER* Navy 3001 4441,,a, Exchange . Pentax Sale ---PLUu_ November 27 thru December 6,1992 See the Pentax factory representative demonstrate the latest Pentax products on: GENesis..)CARTR/O...... , (iirIPER ) Frid at November 27 1992 10:00 am li/ 3:00 , 11. m allir rpm. Hipp oGKEy p,---=' NHLPA FREEGIFT With Deuvrei Pentax Purchase MENACER II Or ' ' , ,. & HOCKEY 11 6170.r: v93 ...... 1...., 11 "- '' ''''-' ---tr,-_-..- _.,,,:::::7-:-:-77-, $6499 ' PENTAX ESPIO DATE 0 mac - $5499 ,. ::::::::[6. , ) ,--",;, li :::::Iiiio oSig q Or 35-70mm Zoom DESERT . See it to believe it! in :`.. I: NED 2_1 NcICPT '',;Ci - The smallest, lightest 35-70mm Zoom STRIKE ,4.77:::'::7Nk s ' Camera on the market. Easily fits in $5499 411.0 .. your shirt pocket Or handbag. All the ,n6tHOG ' ...... , ESPIO .:1 \ $5499 "F '"'''' . standard easy7tcHuse features --,,,xa.le pa:1mA . PLUS more ...... 131MI JOHN During Hawaiian Holidays Sale Only -zf, CRUE , --. a; ,--- . MADDEN Reg, FREE Case .,c,,,x_ BALL lv,t'noll- * FOOTBALL SALE $179 & Battery Included .' ) . 2240 ''''' 2;11 si ;,'(;'.';t7.;7 - 2 .--_.; $4299 c., ... . During $5499 EASY Hawaiian Holidays Sale i FREE RENTAL rig ,g7 0 US 1 El Only: WITH EACH 7111:1-11.- FREE Carrying SPECIAL: P l PURCHASE - Receive FREE Case and Lithium i SYSTEM 1 Battery 1" b; carrying case and GAME CARTRIDGE NOT INCLUDED -M".11111.."' batteries. Valued ar$25 ...\--..F...... di , VALUE Z-0-0-M PENTAX PC-606W. DATE , tkOlie* .j. fl6 (" 41-,-.40...... '4 -7..-;* .." ' ' 6k/4k! ' PENTAX IQZoom.60-X DATE NEW LOW ." Weatherized 35mm AF camera-dunk & SUPER NINTENDO splash proof Totally automatic controls PRICE! 38-60 built-in zoom lens SALE ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM Point and shoot convenience Auto focus & exposure built-in advance & or creative control Automatic film automatic fl ash Auto load, .$9999 handling Built-in smart zoom flash rewind Auto DX coding Date $9999 $ 1 39. imprints on photo $9999 Date imprints on photo Reg. $149

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(Far Right) Lynne Griffith helps her 1-and-a-half-year-old daughter Hannah slam dunk a ball Into the basket. (Bottom Right) There's nothing like a good roll upside down to make a kid feel alive. (Top Right) Thls future Picasso may not know exactly what she is painting, but at least It's fun trying.

An alternative to staying home their Playmorning van loaded By' Sgt. Kevin Doll with toys and crafts to keep Stoll Water toddlers occupied from 9-11 a.m. The preschool visits It's a nice day and the kids 2460 Cochran Street Monday, are crying to get outside to Harris and Elrod Streets play. You wouldn't mind Tuesday, Cochran and Dodson some conversation yourself but Streets Wednesday morning most of your friends aren't and Daly and Bordelon home. It looks like another Thursday. day of TV, the kids and housework. But the Family "This is the fifth year for Service Center (FSC) has an the program here," Judge said alternative. of the free service which For parents and daycare continues until May. "It's a providers who need to get good way for children to play their children out of the with other children and for house, the station FSC parents to meet their provides the Playmorning neighbors." Mobile Preschool. Judge said up to 30 children Playmorning is an Armed and 20 adults make use of Services YMCA program the mobile preschool each day. Sg1 KesAn Doll contracted to FSC and Daycare providers can bring designed for children and their up to six children. Parents offered every day. During a Children enjoy a snack and chance for kids to run out all new friends. This is a great parents or providers to play are asked to keep personal recent outing of the preschool, juice after playing and the their energy," said Susie program." together. Staff members games and toys at home as macaroni jewelry was made morning wraps up with songs Stewart, a daycare provider Playmorning will also be Kathy Judge and Yvonne Playmorning has plenty to go and kids had a chance to related to the theme of the who manages five children. sponsoring a booth at Santa's Ewers visit a different location around. exhibit their blossoming art month. "It lets me interact with other Village, the station yuletide Monday through Thursday in An arts and craft project is skills with a paint set. "Playmorning gives the adults and the children meet event, at hangar 105. .56qt:ea DAWN SMITH Military Specialist - so you don't have to keep explaining all your terminology. Attorney At Law Award Winning Writer - to put you in the best possible light. Hawaii's Different Adult Store Fast Service at No Extra Charge Laser Set Availability - to set you out in a crowd. Comfortable shopping for you and your MasterCard & Visa Accepted COMPLETE wife and friends BANKRUPTCY CALL FOR A FREE QUOTATION BUSINESS All categories of adult items STOP Creditor Harassment STOP Collectors STOP Lawsuits STOP Evictions SERVICES Video: Sales & Rental STOP Garnishments STOP Foreclo 488-2800 Mags, Books, Leather, Lingerie, Kama Sutra, etc. ImmedI1 RIlef Chapters 7, 11 813 Proloct Your Co-Signors Kemp Your Friendly Male & Female Clerks A.e.t. Sat stay Aroarntenerm MO* Aiea Shopping Center Second Level Phone 486-3103 Open Daily 8 a.m. - Midnight 521-6600 737 Bishop SI. Susie 1850 Honolulu. Hawan 96813 d Make his I holidays sparkle. I I Windward Business & I Professional I Services I Directory

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Wide Variety WINDWARD BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL oolau Of Seeds OUTDOOR FURNITURE SERVICE DIRECTORY Baskets & Leis Quality Deck & Patio Furniture Made To Order To Place Your Business Card Ad Popular Adirondack Style In This Section Call Solid Mahogany or Heart Redwood

KAILUA BUSINESSES Chairs - Unfinished & Finished KANEOHE BUSINESSES Michelle Reed, eats 337 Berle lealee, eats 315 254-5452 or 261-6917

Welcome! THE ONE TO CALL TO REPAIR OR INSTALL *Shave Ice if you have moved to ,UALITY Fresh Popcorn/ I Kallua, Kaneohe or K.M.CA.S. O within the past year, call ipsoll sCrackseeds >601110 LUMBI NG *Party Favors 1,,,,,e0 ALOHA WELCOME SERVICE Thru < 12t Candies "When You Get The Ono's Come See UM" 254-5413 t,tovenutl, New Construction Repairs / Sewer Connections Trenching Services Available *Toys & Gifts Community Information A Complete Map of Your Area FREE Next To Time's Supermarket KORNER Glffs & Discounts from Local Merchants .JAMES J SANTOS ESTIMATES LIG N C, 1711.11 (lik)) Temple Valley Shopping 247-5158 Center 239-6663 FREE to new residents -with a warm ALOHA! Same Day Service Available B-4 Hawaii Marine November 26, 1992 Fa mil TA funds tighten; Term 2-93 Kaneohe Bay CHAMINADE : C mAmnil PACIFIC : H EMBRY-RIDDLE 24 - E WAYLAND Ii Jan. 11-March BAPTIST - budget increases 4 SEE CATALOG FOR PRE-RFQ 84 PLACEMENT TEST 0 II T FIT F S M T W TH "People are looking for CR8 1730 1950 1730 that 1950 1730 0800 1220 1145 By Sgt. Jason Erickson extra edge that will give them 1935 2155 1935 2155 CRII VA119t 2140 1210 1630 Rol a leg up on everyone else and 1250 PRINC help them get a job when the ACCI US MIL 14.1 PRINC ACC2 INTRO CSCI STOAT PLN PASCAL I BUS APPS INTRO CSCI I ACCT 200 economy is bad." H HI 392 H ACCT 201 H CSI 100A H MGMT 340 H CSI With the massive drawdown 305 H CSI 338 H CSI 100C H I of troops over the past year, She said the high level of MTH FOUND POE CALC INTER ALG use of tuition assistance support from the station PER FIN PSYCH/MGT INTRO CSCI ASSEMBLER AFCT REVIEW commanding officer has also 2 MTH 101 H MTH 130A H MTH 105 H MTH 320 H benefits has exploded here and PSY/MG329H CSCI 1008 H CSCI 381 H IL E. S. across the Corps. It has led to an increase in the INTRO 111111 INTRO caused Headquarters Marine amount of service education SOC EXP WRIT SS/NOVEL PERSONALIT SAT REVIEW SAT REVIEW AFCT REVIEW provided. 3 EN 101 C SOC 200 C EN 102 C EN 255 C PSY 321 Corps to cap education C R. E. S. R. E. S. A. E. S. 3 benefits, but Kaneohe Bay's "We ran out of money towards the end of the year (mom) (WED) (TUE) (1H) budget actually increased for .1 HUMAN RES MGT Col. (R.R.) AP MGM-. INTRO ASF HIST AV AM the upcoming year. and Crawford INT COMPCV AV MARKET TOT QUAL MG1 4 MS 408 E SF 210 E In the span of just one (station commander) freed up SS 130 E POL 101 C MS 405 E MGT 4/67514 MGT 325 H fiscal year, spending for local other funds to help us meet our high demand,' Cornett (MON) (WED) (TUE) (TH) education by the Joint FED /STATE NT Education Center here sky- said. "This in turn, caused HIS1 INTPER COM FIN MGMT PROO&OPS PAIN OF MKT PRECALC 5 PS 2301 H RLGN 1302W SP 4310 W FIN 3309 W rocketed from approximately us to get more money put in MGT 4318 W MKT 3312 W MTH 1308 H 5 $450,000 in fiscal year 1991 to our budget for this year PUO 5PC11 MGR ACCT COL Al G ELEM JAPN more than $850,000 in FY '92. because we spent more than BUS on I NIRI) C J OHM JUST1CL 6 SP 140 C ACC 202 C There was also an expense of we were allocated for last M1H 103 C JA 105 C 8U 301 C CJ 201 C CJ 424 C $278,000 for correspondence year." CALC 1 CALC courses by Marines in Saudi The other reason she cited 3 ADV COMP ENG COMP WORLD LIT HI HERITAGE A MTH 214 H MTH 306 H Arabia during FY '91, but for the increase was a greater ENG 1200 II ENG 1108 H ENG 220 H HI 316 H emphasis by the Education n Education Director Loretta ENG COMP Center to encourage AOV COMP GEN 810 FED ITAX INTL MKT DISCRETE MTH BUS Cornett said this is misleading B ENG & SOC enrollment 1108 II ENG 120A H SCI 101 H ACC 330 H MKT 405 H MTH 301 and shouldn't be considered H MGT 301 H [3 " I have an part of that year's local MIL BUS BASIC PROG BUS LAW I ORG & education spending. extensive background in MGMT INFO SYS ' COMP MGT AM GOV C MGT II CSCI 331 opportunities and 3'3 H LAW 300 H MGT IOU H CSCI 610 II MGT Either way, there is a educational 398 H POLSCI 100 II dramatic rise in am able to share that with the demand large 0 WORLD CI V2 MACRO ECO MGR ECON for off-duty education. Cornett numbers of Marines to ALCOICHEM ORG 8 MGMT HIST 222 H ECON 215 H ECON 400 H PSY 325 said in addition to the increase enrollment in various H MGT 1000 II n drawdown, other factors have education programs." also led to the increase. In fact, during FY '92, INTRO CS One major factor is the Cornett conducted 98 group CS 100 C sliding civilian economy. briefings for a total of 7,152 Cornett said the demand for people. Also, 1,745 iftINTERIM TERM*** 19 DEC '92 - 9 JAN '93 higher education historically counseling sessions were ACTING WORKSHOP ENTREPRENEURSHIP SS IN CAPITAL MKT POETRY WRITING FOR MGT WORLD CIV I DRAMA 205 C MGT 336 H FIN 440 H 390 H ENG 105 H HI 101 C increases during tough times. See TA, B-7 ENG

BOSS HAWAII TEAM AIR EXPRESS "WA; EHOUSE INVENTORY REDUCTI N' TILL DEC. 31, 1992 WHILE FREIGHT FORWARDING BE PREPARED - SUPPLY LASTS SERVICES XXXXXX SEE US TODAY XXXXXX ALL YOU NEED TO GET STARTED! NEED HELP GETTING FOR YOUR PARCELS ,; HAMMER) BACK HOME? THE CLASSIC PS 1$24 99 -BALLS- MARSHALL HOLMAN' GREAT RESULTS! . Bring them to oui. 7999 Pr. 2,0 LA MODE Honolulu drop point, Let Sylvan Learning Centers show you AP. DBL. BALL BAGS ALL RIGHT HANDED Monday- Saturda; . MAKE YOUR BEST DEAL ON ITEMS IN THIS AD, how a little advance preparation can lead Limited Supply COMPLETE THIS COUPON AND RECEIVE AN NEED HELP WITH ADDITIONAL 10% OFF. to great things (like great grades on LEFT HAND SPECIALS 10% Bowling 10% Limited One Stop Service YOUR VENDORS To Weight & Discount Discount homework and report cards, great scores LADMS'8MENSCLASSIC Colors In Stock OR SUPPLIERS? LIMITED SUPPLY BOSS on admissions tests, and great attitudes HAWAII Fax us the proper information 7999 $69niLLED andsvellarrangeforthe towards studying, to name a few.) Ask Us About Other Great Savings NAME pickup and transport. We On Bowling Accessories - Over Stock! ADD covertheentiretiSA BOSS HAWAII 96-1337 WAIHONA ST.-PH. 455-3800 CITY ZIP piSylvan (Bowling One Stop Service) Pearl City, HI. 96782 EXP. 12-31 -9211 PER CUSTOMER) SP-12-92 TEAM AIR EXPRESS Tom Greene, Director of Operations Learning 707 Richards Street, Suite 717 Honolulu, HI 96813 Phone: (808)524-9088 Fa>, 277-, Center KAILuA New location! Doin' The Hale Koa. Corner of Oneawa & Uluniu For a day or a stay, there's no place WORLD BOOK DISTRIBUTOR like the Hale Koa for your kind of fun. For active kind of fun, doin' the Hale Koa can be a day of tennis, volley. ball on Waikiki SECURITY CONRAD Beach, all sorts of water sports and O DIAMOND JEWELERS picnicking on our shady beachfront

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1 November 26, 1992 Hawaii Marine B-5

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Ex Navy Exchange 0411e 0

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Sale Da es: Nov 27-29, 1992 l4iItite' Ottpptieo Lust! Interiors Plus, Pearl Harbor Rainbow Annex, Barbers Point This advertisement was by not paid for, in whole or in part, the Department of the Navy or the Navy Exchange. This advertisement does not constitute MasterCard endorsement by the Navy Exchange, the Department of the Navy or the U.S. Government of the products or services advertised. r : B-6 Hawaii Marine November 26, 1992 `In the world there is no one like me' professionals have debated this - "We automatically act out because we need to understand By Sgt. J. Klnchen -Schnelder generations. Mental health the rules and patterns learned them," he said. "So Sid N1/el that does not imply an absence of over many years. We come when they come into play, we Self-esteem is an important emotion or conflict but rather to believe there is no other can catch them and change quality for a person to have. an ability to cope with life's way to live," he said. "We them.° transitions, traumatic learn to blindly obey rules It plays a crucial part in the It's the emotional charge of way a person feels about experiences and losses in a even when they serve no way that allows a person's practical purpose. Most of things that were experienced himself and the things in the past as a child or in accomplished during his life. personality to remain intact the time we aren't aware of and eventually contributes to the process. We often fail to a previous relationship that During a class given by emotional growth, according to see the connection between people have to learn to let go Roger O'Guin, a counselor at 'Health and Medicine' a book these rules and their present of or forget, O'Guin explained. the Joint Drug and Alcohol published by a group of consequences." Center here, he explained that psychiatrists. "If we learn to let go of the a' person's self esteem is Loyalty to old values and emotional charge then it established during his They also stated in the of self-esteem, understanding "Now we must learn to patterns creates chaos - "Old doesn't hurt so much and childhood. book that in today's society, how low self-esteem affects discern what was then from values are buried in our then it's not one of these anxiety and lack of self-esteem your life and discovering how what is now." subconscious," he explained. covert messages that can "If people hear as they're to build positive self-esteem "Some examples are, 'everyone affect us so much in our growing up 'You're stupid ... may be the two biggest obstacles to achieving mental were discussed. I am not my own sunshine else is smarter than me'; 'I lives," he said. it becomes a self-fulfilling will always be the loser'; or prophecy," he said. "If they health. A person's lack of He suggested that one way - "We have learned that self-esteem may be the result things like happiness, self- 'I'm not lovable so eventually This was one of many hear it from enough caregivers to start building self-esteem is everyone will leave me."' suggestions on how to start such as parents,* of failing to live up to by understanding what he esteem and confidence come grandparents from external building self-esteem. O'Guin Or educators; negative expectations. In addition, termed as the "Covert Rules." sources, complaints of fatigue, especially other people," he O'Guin explained that these suggested that personal messages such as this are rules can sometimes affect growth, therapy and change reinforced and eventually insomnia and poor Then is always now - "We told the class. "We seldom concentration are also don't always live in the believe that we have any real people in negative ways in within oneself are other ways. people will start to believe terms of how they deal with common. present. We don't always rely control over our own lives Anyone wishing to on our perceptions to deal and especially our feelings." other people, how they deal with intimate relationships or participate in the workshop ' A lack of self-esteem can With this in mind, O'Guin with every situation. We should call the Family Service Also affect a person's mental focused his workshop on often use old worn habits how they deal with What we live with we learn, relationships in the workplace. Center at 257-3655. The health. Defining mental building self-esteem. Topics from the past that are rooted what we learn we practice, workshop is given once every health is difficult - such as learning the sources in fear or anger," he said. what we practice we become "These rules are important other month. `Don't fix me; I'm not broken just different' published by the Consulting talking rather than writing now. They like an Some intuitive people may and finished, but may decide Sgt. J. Klnchen - Schnelder Psychologists Press, and they like to learn a new established way of doing leap to conclusions quickly things too quickly. They 568 Incorporated, people with task by talking it through things and enjoy applying and follow their inspirations don't like interruptions to a opposite preferences tend to be with someone else. what they have already and hunches. Sometimes they project they are working on Do you ever wonder why opposites in many different Introverts like the quiet for learned. People who are . may get their facts a bit for more urgent one; however, you and your boss or spouse ways. For example, your concentration and they have sensing also work steadily wrong and dislike taking time they tend to be satisfied once or best friend don't always spouse may be weak where trouble remembering names with a realistic idea of how for precision. they reach a judgment on a see eye-to-eye? The answer is you are strong or you may be and faces. They can work on long it will take and usually Thinking people are good at thing, situation or person. very simple - each of you is weak where he/she is strong. one project for long time reach a conclusion step by putting things in logical order different. and respond more to people's Perceptive people don't mind Each person has his own set without interruptions. They're step. They are not often leaving things open for last- In a relationship, people of inherent strengths. interested in the idea behind inspired, but they are careful ideas than their feelings. need to about They anticipate or predict minute changes and adapt understand and The test is divided into four the job and they dislike the facts and may be well to changing situations. appreciate their differences. scales - the EI scale which telephone interruptions. They good at precise work. They logical outcomes of choices The "Cherishing and need to be treated fairly. They may have trouble Our describes extraverts and also think before they act, can also oversimplify a task. making decisions, feeling like Differences" class conducted by introverts; the SN scale which sometimes without acting. Intuitive people are aware of They also tend to be firm Navy Lt. Lyn and tough-minded and are they never have enough Juckiness, a describes sensing and intuitive Introverts work alone new challenges and information. Perceptive people station chaplain, helps people people; the TF scale which contentedly and may prefer possibilities and they focus on able to reprimand or fire to understand what people when necessary. may also start too many jobs, makes describes thinking and feeling communications to be written. how things could be improved. but want to know all about a everyone different based on people; and the JP scale They may also prefer to learn They dislike doing the same However, they may hurt people's feelings without new job. Some get a lot their preferences. which describes the judging by reading rather than talking thing repeatedly and enjoy accomplished at the By using the "Myers-Briggs and perceptive people. or experiencing. learning new skills. They knowing it and they have a last for analyzing a problem minute under pressure of a Type Indicator" test, which is Juckiness explained the Sensing people are aware of may also work in bursts of talent deadline. based on a theory of description of each type in the the uniqueness of each event energy powered by enthusiasm or situations. psychological types, Juckiness class and why some people and focus on what works with slack periods in between. People who use their "It's not unusual for helps people to find out what have problems understanding feelings more like harmony someone to have or display a types fit them and which ones each other. and will work to make it combination of each of the fit their boss, spouse or According to the booklet, happen. They respond to types in different situations," friend. extraverts like action and Which type are you? people's values as much as to Juckiness said. "There are no She explained there is no variety. They are often good their thoughts. They are also good or bad individual types right or wrong to a person's at greeting people and are good at seeing the effects of and there are no better or preferences. This is what sometimes impatient with long Do you like variety and action or quiet for concentration? choices on people and need worse combinations of types makes people different. slow jobs. They are occasional praise. Feeling in relationships. All of us The test is concerned with interested in how others do Do you focus on what works now or how things can be improved? people tend to be sympathetic use all of the functions and the differences in people that their jobs. They often enjoy and dislike telling people attitudes at different times. result from where they focus talking on the phone and Are you good at putting things in logical order or do you like harmony and will work to unpleasant things, but enjoy Our type is made up of those their attention, the way they often act quickly, sometimes make it happen? pleasing people. that we prefer the most. take in information, the way without thinking. Extraverts Judging people work best This is 'why we need to they make decisions and the like to have people around in Do you like to get things settled and finished or do you adapt well to when they can plan their cherish our differences and lifestyle they adopt. work and follow the plan. not pounce on each others their work environment. They changing situations? According to a booklet may prefer to communicate by They like to get things settled 'weaknesses."

LAW OFFICES OF 417 PORTRAIT STIAIO :/CT:ENx PORTRAIT STUDIO o CotEEn and 0Eoz.9E _CP fioto Tapfiy, _Yne. JOSEPH P.H. AHUNA, JR. COTEEPZ and gEoT9E fiotorapfiy, gne. 2. r A .4 rr PORTRAITS ARE THE MOST PERSONAL AND Beginning Fri. Nov. 27, 1992 and every Sat. & Sun. APPRECIATED GIFTS ANYONE CAN RECEIVE! 'til Christmas from CALL IF YOU ARE: 10am-3pm. The PLAZA at Pearl Harbor Inside Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange Injured In an Auto Accident Photo Greeting Cards THE PLAZA at PFARI, HAPISOR Injured at Walt I-8x10 25 Christmas Cardss39" air Suffering from Personal Injury 2_5x7 1 Pose a 77 ("End! $5900 FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION NO FEE FOR REPRESENTATION 8 Wallets Ac. Package ( Package 13-' A UNLESS YOUR CASE IS DECIDED I -5x7 1-8x10 IN YOUR FAVOR 011ers do not Includ sIttIng fees. 2-3x5 $1795 2-5x7 $2 195 Joseph P.H. Ahuna, Jr. Special Portrait 235.4000 Packages available 4yvallets wallets / Attorney At Law Christmas specials ,44 ready In 10 days IN Slop. 12/15/921 . 0:41.01,4- The Castle Professional Center * CiD/' s1295 1..1.1.1 Instant Polaroids: I for 3 for 46-001 Kamehameha Hwy., Suite 101 For more information call: Come early-Avoid long lines! 422-2539 422-2539 By Appointment m M, atm wa ermon,o1 Nmy of M., E.M.17 KANEOHE HAWAII ol Mw or MU 5 Gormfmni of m pro...0o ..M. DV m Neve ExtImMs In by to Mparlil.ni N, or M.N.? mg con.. m pmamen ol Nerer U 6 Govormeni na.cOle, mho ma slix* 40tr vrog. .0v* .'*kr cr* .0r or. oltr. oir Christmas Gift Ideas Children's 20% KOOLAU For Keikis! Clothing OFF I ETS MANY MORE AQUARIUM KITS AVAILABLE! This Week Only!! THE GARFIELD Lower Level gv,c0Acv,Cdt" AQUARIUM co it= Next to J.C. Penney GOODWILL RETAIL STORES Windward Mall 18" Tall, 2 Gal. Capacity, 95 Lighting System, Air Pump, THE LITTLE Filter System & Food. Come in and see our large selection Offer Good While Supplies Last. of top quality merchandise. Limit one per family BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Beretania Dillingham THE LITTLE MERMAID Kaimuki Under- the -lieu Kailua Available In 2 sizes and 3 colors. Kam Shopping Center Kaneohe IiiRgdom Includes aquarium with base and cover, Pearl City Wahiawa air pump, filter system, colored plants, A complete aquarium air tubing, And ornament, colored Sale prices good until November 29, 1992 kit for goldfish gravel, full color background. fish food and care booklet. Goodwill Induetrles of Honolulu. 2610 KWh. Street. Honolulu, HI 96619.2020, Phone 1336-0313 geo At* vogo* At* 40gto At* $014 vIle 00403. volltw 4044 sohto 415 November 26, 1992 Hawaii Marine B-7 Famil

classes per person, per term," or even using a portion of necessary tests, you could take their dependents increase their she said. "In the past, I their G.I. Bill," she care of large portions of your education. TA would allow proven performers explained. As a last resort, degree requirements at many Liaison from 8-4 to take more than two, but they could also look into a schools." "It's going to take some conducted and 9,895 people we just can't afford that student loan. Cornett stressed that limited creativity to find ways around made at least an office visit anymore." According to the statistics, a budgets does not mean limited apparent road blocks to conduct some sort of She said ambitious students great many- students are service. The office is eager to sometimes, but that's what I between business. need not abandon their hopes already taking advantage of provide whatever assistance it enjoy about this job Cornett said she does not of more than two classes a the testing opportunities can in helping Marines and challenges." expect the demand to drop in term, however. Nor should available to eervicemembers. parents, the coming year. In fact, she they expect to dig deep in There were 1,519 tests said it may continue to rise. their own pockets if they have administered last fiscal year, It Works Wonders. However, her budget is firmly to take more than two. of which 848 were DANTES schools fixed, and she doesn't Cornett said there are many tests. anticipate getting additional other alternatives. "Testing is a great way to funds. "I'm recommending that they save money and time, for "We're going to have to be look into some of the many both the government and the American relocates very strict in our adherence to available grants they may individual," Cornett said. "If Heart the cap of two tuition-assisted apply for, or perhaps testing you can pass all the firsiari Association By Cpl. Lou Ramlrez akill WNW The Military Liaison Resource Teacher's office will Brenda Reichel, G.G., R.J., C.G., CG.A., I.S.A. now be located in building Custom Jewelry Design & Repair 220. Along with the change WIFE WANTED 545-5426 in office, the liason says, a situation New Home Sewing Center is Phone comes a change to better Due to massive overstock offering for sale to the public a limited number of new special 1991 ' services. CARATS & KARATS FINE JEWELRY at 1254 S. King Street, is a jeweler in the old fashioned tradition, who's HEAVY DUTY New Home Zig Zag Sewing Machines (MODEL 535) that first concern is always the satisfaction of their customers! Kathy Watson is the are made of METAL and sew on all fabrics, Levi's, canvas. upholstery, Brenda Reichel is the first woman in Hawaii holding the title of Certified Gemologist Appraiser by the American military liaison. She aids nyld'n stretch, vinyl, silk, EVEN SEWS ON LEATHER! No attachments Gem Society, and is the owner. View quality precious gems, fine gold items, created and designed with the "sensitive" military families in adjusting needed for button holes (any size), monograms, sews on buttons, satin touch with traditional Old World craftsmanship. The experts will create for you a "treasure" of lasting value. to new school systems, stitches, darns, appliques and more Just set dials and see magic CARATS & KARATS FINE JEWELRY are members of the Hawaii Jewelers Association, and a charter member providing this service to the happen without old fashioned cams or programmers. These HEAVY of the GIA Alumni Association. By shopping with an AGS member store, the consumer is virtually assured of value children and parents of seven DUTY New Home Sewing Machines are suitable for home, professional for the dollar. Founded in 1934, the American Gem Society is a nonprofit association of fine jewelers throughout different schools. or school room sewing 25 year warranty Head only. Your price with North America and Canada who are dedicated to consumer protection. CARATS & KARATS is proud to be a member Because her office will now ad $99, without this ad $399. Check, cash, VISA/MasterCard accepted. of the AGS and a part of National JEM DAY DECEMBER 5, 1992. A portion of that days sales will be donated be more accessible to military 4 DAYS ONLY Nov 25-28 to charity by 209 jewelers across the U.S. Dec. 7-Dec. 8 - Gary Bowersox presents the Afghanistan Gemstone Collection. Monday & Tuesday 9 em -9 pm families, Watson will be able you to stop by the store .cE with special slide presentation at 6:30 pm each evening. - We invite to view this collection provide a wider selection of 869 and also for free jewelry cleaning and inspection. It's the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with the many programs, such as school MEIN II expert jewelry services offered by an AGS store. registration and more specific 762 Kapiolani Blvd. CARATS & KARATS FINE JEWELRY is your headquarters for professional jewelry repair, appraisals and design. information on special SEWING CENTER 524-6700 For any of your gemstone and jewelry questions, listen to "Gemwise" on K108 1080 AM on Sunday from 10:00 education available for Free store front parking (Mauka between Ward & Cooke St.) AM to 11:00 AM children. The military liaison was created five years ago. °e***420e2,4**V0-Wf411:$4* Because of the large number of military in Hawaii, it was decided that a liaison between the schools system and WINDWARD BOATS ocessories military parents was needed. "We realize that our system & OUTBOARDS e for the holiday is different, Hawaii's school system is statewide and is "Where not divided by districts like most others," said Watson. youW find In the past Watson helped the largest families adjust to a new duty On all 'station by providing a smooth seleotion of transition. To do this she boats In powered provides families with an by information packet about the Hawaii" Nissan out 18' Seaswirl school. An invitation is also Center Console sent to school aged children, powered by a 70-hp. to be pen-pals with other GlassPro Livingston ivingston Nissan Outboard & Trailer. children their own age. "This way the children can 14' Center 15'5 Center ask questions about the school 19' Glasspro LAC, Console LIVINI3STONJ Console and about living in Hawaii," Runabout powered by a Watson said. "Sometimes they powered by a 70-hp. Nissan write powered by twin 70-hp. Nissan 25-hp. Nissan Outboard & Trailer. each other one or two Outboard & Trailer. letters but in many instances Outboard & a friendship is developed." Trailer. Only Illyg/mo.* An orientation tour around $8995 Oahu is also prepared for $16,995 $199/mo.* Only teenagers arriving to the $4995 $99/mo.* island. The military liaison also coordinates with teachers and 16' Osprey school administrators and sets up workshops so that they Center Console can learn more. about the Ultra stable hull w/7W beam. powered by a 40-hp. military. ',Soft, dry patented twin-V hull w/loads of open space. Nissan Outboard "Kathy Watson does a lot of & Trailer. the coordinating between the superintendent and the air $799m Only station," said Jim Schlosser, NISSAN Mokapu Elementary School $129/mo.* principal. "Most importantly the military liaison connects INFLATABLES* .....-- , Heavy-duty hypalon fabric inflatables, highly the schools with military." 8' NX82 Reg. $1195 resistant to ultra-violet rays, abrasion & gasoline. NOW $895 One program Watson Aluminum frame floorboard system. non-skid coordinates, which keeps the rubberized flooring. 11' NX108 military and the children in NOW $ 1295 touch is, "Partners in Education" or better known as the Adopt-A-School 12' NX118 Reg. $2695 NOW $1995 PrOgrani. "The reason we like to call it "partners in education" is Interphase GPS Interphase because the time Marines give Matrix' Interphase Echo 200 Star Pilot 6 ..... Winner of the Prestigious IMTEC the children is reciprocated Experience superior satellite I EconorniCal easy to use LCD Innovation Award for 1992 Split screen zoom Simultaneous Includes 200 kHz depth with little things," reception with this 6-channel ' said .opening menu w. icons Fora & an dual frequency operations utilizing receiver. Includes plotter 8 transducer providing range Watson. "For example one ...mg *Chad bottom nisi, both 200 kkHz ebd 50 kHz frequen- scales from 0-10 to 0-840 feet. course navigator. Split screen track plotter thing they will be doing, is - cies. Depth ranges to 1,280-ft. opening some of their homes $139995 $59995 for Marines without a place Reg. S1995.95 Reg. 3979.95 to go on Thanksgiving Day." $6999.5 9. According to Watson this has been a very successful Marine Atlas Hawaiian Islands Losing Your Fish? Garmin GPS 50 program because it keeps Complete charts for mariners cruising the waters in Ritchie Compass end wound Kauai, Niihau, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Get a "Shotgun" Let this compact Marines in touch with children Kahoolawe Hawaii. Rodholders F-50 $3495 nepulated lishinp areas Large navigator work for you! not only aboard the air station scan, duly stainless steel Actionable lor sae Reg. S.57.95 sax shield nein. lancing end bay cnerts & dmno mount *Excellent tor outriggers & ham, also children from other totes but duly rods tyerrole Ca. areas of the community. X- 10$1995 Reg. S34.95 "This program has been so blue cloal Reg. 539.95 successful that at this time $3295 $12995 Reg. SI69.95 Ouild.on nigh! bon, Exclus.vo 3 yr we have four schools waiting to get into the program," said Aquatronics Watson. Ranger RCI 6500 Cypress Gardens Survivor I Hydro Kneeboard Once situated in the new VHF Marine Radio Ventage Genesis Skis Retractable dual -tin office aboard the air station, Class B Eprib 0-weather channels Wider tall design Three-inch wide padded belt n t) her office will be called the faada in USA.Siltall.COmpeCt Clan 'B" EPIRBwith manual 16-emergency channels 68" deluxe adjustable Channeled bottom switch artivalion Designed tel literal( Itteboal, survival l-ligh-tech slalom ski One year warranty A,Pg- Student Information suit or stomal lot altithcs,t0h. Placement Center. The center will also be staffed in the $22995 Reg /325 95 $1699Reg 5 S271 95 summer and will be able to $1492.1.. $1 2695Reg SI61 95 provide early registration. if families "In the past, Wave Runner Doe! Fins Quality S Tempo 6-Gallon arrived in the summer, they Hydrofoil Saves 10-30% on fuel were not registered SEV-ST-2000-1 8182 & #1.3 Trailer Hitches Vole Fuel Tank $1995 immediately and had to wait Reg $33.95 to the beginning of the school 300/0OFFII4LITHaf(HES' fryear to find out what school the children would be $2295Reg. 559.95 Class I from $34.95 ' attending," said Schlosser. Class II from $69.95 The aid given to families does not stop once they are settled in. If at any time Todd Boat Westland 011.11/ Garelick Deluxe Safegard Kapok during their stay here in Chairs Ladder Safety Hawaii parents have any New shipment! Bimini Tops $14995 Cushions questions, the military liaison Starting et 3-Step $2995 is available to help thorn. ----- Reg. $44.95 "I try to answer any 25°Arstrellii Boat Covers $8995 - 4-Step $3995 questions parents might have From $19.95 Sterling et $895 about the school system or Reg. $54.95 Reg. {13.95 channel them to the proper people." Watson said. "But We are moving & consolidating our Parts, Accessories & Service 1, Departments to 789 Rake Road on December 1, 1992. most importantly I remind the parents that they should always stay in close contact 46 Hoolai St., Kallua with the classroom teacher." MIN Kanua 83-6 ttortco.-4t40.70.:for-44s$ B-8 Hawaii Marine November 26, 1992 Leisure Space Expo launches imaginatins, dreams

By Sgt. Paul Schneider take the curious on a computer-aided space voyage. 616111WITer For children, or children at heart, the second floor of the Wonder what the future Castle Building offers the might hold? chance to fly the space Bishop Museum's Space shuttle using computer Expo '92 shows a view that simulation, build space is way out in orbit. stations and play some space In celebration of games. There are even some International Space Year, the quizzes to test astronomy museum brought together knowledge. exhibits from six NASA If the displays aren't centers, six aerospace enough, each Family Sunday companies and several - the first Sunday of every countries. month - during the run of Although the exhibits do the exhibit a United States show some of the past astronaut or Russian accomplishments in space, the cosmonaut will be at the focus of the displays in a museum. Family Sundays are giant air-conditioned tent and free to local residents and the Castle Building are on the military personnel with present and future. military ID. Everything from space Besides the special exhibits, exploration to moon and Mars the museum still offers the bases can be found in the Past and future are regular planetarium shows, placed next to each tent. Large models of the Hawaiian history displays and space shuttle, the Hubble other at Bishop the children's Hall of Museum. Space Expo Telescope and the proposed Discovery to round out an National Space Plane are just exciting and educational day '92 is the special a few things which also museum exhibit until at the museum. Jan. 3,1993. dazzle visitors. The Space Expo '92 displays Video tapes at several of will Jan. 3, continue through VI. Paul Schneider the displays show current and 1993. The museum is open planned NASA programs daily from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. A child looks out the mask of a manned maneuvering unit (MMU). through animation. There is an entrance fee. For The displays at the museum are In celebration of the International Before walking over to the more information call 847-3511. Space Year. Castle Building, it's possible to check what the weather is like outside. While the tent is devoted mainly to United States efforts in space, the displays in the Castle Building have an international flare. In addition, visitors can interact with several of the displays through computers and models. Some of the displays included are from Russia, Canada, Japan, Australia and the nations of the European Space Agency. Ever wonder what the Russian space station Mir is like? Visitors can step aboard the large display model and get a feel of what it might Sgt. Poul Schn eider be like. Visitors view a model of the proposed National Aero-Space Plane which Is part of the displays for Space Expo The Canadian display will V2 at Bishop Museum. sot Paul Schneider

Bunn Sc Bunn Attorneys at glow PERMANENT MAKE-U1371 /"A The Gift Every Woman Would Love REG. SPECIAL ' Gift Certificate. Available A Flaw (frorporation Brows 1250. $175. Low Uncontested Divorce --""Easting Beat.0 Top Liner MOO. $195. Bankruptcy Lower Liner '250. $175. Low Uncontested Adoption 6 Exp. 14VN Lesta8 to years 12/81/92 Car Accidents & Deaths lierdated by Physician and Dept. of Health I eCustom Designed Custom Mixed Colors 1 e llecolor & Reshape Old Cosmetic Tattoos * Scare, Brown Spots, (lover-Ups E49 HONOLULU: AIEA /PEARLUTY: Greg T. Dunn velyn FREE Video Demonstration Former Military our Artist makes a Difference 841 Bishop Street, 0450 98.1247 lisehmeme91,212 el 9A-Z0444,..doe:S4, byAppt. Ph. 5.74-4529 Ph. 487.8464 JAG Attorney ajlglekDefeer . .

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Honolulu Alea Kaneohe Howell tel 1149 S King St. 98-019 Kam Hwy Windward City Shopping Center 396 -8342 531-7071 487-3615 Shopping Center 230.8722 November 26-December 2

Annual Pearlridge visitor and major shopper, Kris Kringle, North Pole.

Kamehameha Highway at Pali Momi across from Pearl Harbor/488-0981 o, &Y. 1,14 1.11141 Surfin' Santa and Friends Arrive This Friday! You and the keikis will definitely want to catch Santa Friday morning, 9:30AM, as he comes wheeling into Pearlridge Center, Phase I. He'll arrive "island-style" with music, the Elf Club elves, and wonderful costumed characters. Then he'll open "Santa's Magical lbyland," our Christmas fantasyland. Join Santa's Elf Club and receive free Elf Club goodies. There'll be photos with Santa. And, of course, you'll get the island's cearlridge best selection and value for ItsYour Center your Christmas shopping. Help Santa open his Extended Holiday Hours: Monday Sunday, lOAM In NI'M "Magical lbyland': 170 Stores/Entertainment/I6 Thealres0 lul (Mth B-10 Hawaii Marine November 26,1992 Leisure

In the Whalers Capital a replica of a whaling boat Is displayed.

Cpl. Lou Ramirez A look back at Hawaii's seafarers dance and sports. According traders for teas, spices and The display H. Hackfeld's By Cpl. Lou Ramirez to the center, Kalakaua was a silks of China. The fur Chandlery is a replica of an kill MOW fascinating man. He was an traders used the islands as a 1850 chandlery a local inventor, a skilled diplomat provisioning stop and then The colorful history of the business which was a success Hawaiian islands and the first Hawaiian lured many Hawaiians to from the beginnig. In the is in many monarch to visit the United voyage the Pacific Northwest 1850s instances forgotten, but the these business's were Maritime States and circumnavigate the as fur trappers. the lifeblood of Honolulu Hawaii Center globe. Sandalwood was highly Harbor. opened to make people aware The center consists of three prized for carving and incense One exhibit focuses on the of the beauty of it. parts. Upstairs exhibits, in China was soon found ocean around the islands and The Hawaii Maritime Center downstairs exhibits and the growing in the islands. In the on the islands themselves. opened in 1988, after two crewmen on Fall of Clyde, the last four- next two decades following, Island marine life, climate a ship began masted, full rigged ship still Hawaii was virtually denuded zones and volcanoes are all talking about how Hawaii is from afloat. of sandalwood trees, according part of this display. A the ocean, but there Pictures, maps and even a to the center. video of lava pouring into the wasn't a place on Oahu to pocket globe to time, thousands sea off the big is tell are displayed During that island the story. tell about the discovery and of Hawaiians died from the shown as part of the exhibit. "The center tells visitors the of harvesting the The upstairs exhibits ocean story of Hawaii," said settlement of the Hawaiian brutal work also MacKinnon islands by Polynesians and "wooden gold," says the include displays on commercial Simpson, center center. fishing, ocean communications Cpl. Lou Ronslrox historian. "We take visitors the rediscovery of the islands Sandalwood was through the some 1300 years later by traded for cash, fancy items, and the history of the Visitors of the center look at old ship remains. early Hawaiian Westerners. Western ships and weapons. Honolulu harbor. naval history and early Hawaii was first discovered Both traditional Hawaiian The first floor focuses on like Duke Kahanamoku. the Falls of Clyde. One can tattooing parlors up to the and Western weapons are Hawaiian present." by the Polynesians in their culture, from the Another display tells about feel the swaying of the ship great voyaging canoes. displayed in the early days before Western contact to windsurfing, which began with and can almost see the The Hawaii Maritime Center Hawaiian Naval History Kalakaua Boathouse houses Hawaii is the most the present. one man on a surfboard with captain sailing the ship into remote on display. The chessboard floor A huge 45-foot, koa double- an umbrella. Both of these the early Hawaiian islands. more than 35 major exhibits geographically land Earth. For 250 years western suggests internal and external hulled canoe case holds displays feature videos of The center did not forget which are explained by ships missed the islands. political struggles. exhibits which represent the world-class athletes riding about Hawaii's youth and cassette-taped audio tour. The audio tour explains how importance of the canoe to Hawaii's legendary waves. built a schooner on the dock The tour gives a The great navigator Captain narration James Cook correctly mapped these struggles continued Hawaii. One hull tells the Other first floor displays alongside Falls of Clyde, with sounds of Hawaii's past the first throughout the 19th century story of the Hawaiian canoe feature sharks and medicines where the children can play well the Pacific Ocean for as as quotes and time, in 1768. His voyage as Hawaiian rulers attempted and the other the story of from the sea along with a and learn a little about comments from its most charts and journals were to retain their own autonomy qraditional Hawaiian fishing. replica of a tattooing parlor; a Hawaiian culture. famous figures. quickly published and his while they dealt with larger, "A recreation of the common practice in old The Hawaii Maritime Center "I have been on the island discoveries were shared with more powerful nations, such Hokule'a voyaging canoe Polynesia. brings the sights and sounds for more than three weeks the world. Not long after as England, Russia, France demonstrates the incredible The museum also houses of Hawaii's plentiful maritime touring the islands but I this, other Westerners arrived. and especially the United process of navigating with no one of the two humpback heritage alive, with more than hadn't learned more than I Shortly after Cook's charts States. instruments, but by observing whale skeletons displayed in just displays and videos but learned here today," said Ute were published, fur traders In The Whalers Capital, one the stars and the swelling of the world. The magnitude of also rare artifacts and other Horbach, a tourist from arrived on the islands. The is able to see how the shaky the ocean," said Simpson. the 750-pound skull is Hawaiian cultural Germany. early trading exhibit livens economy was rescued by the Early Hawaiian surf boards certainly something that demonstrations. The boathouse is named the smell and feeling senses rowdy whalers after the are featured in a display should not be missed. The The center is located on after King Kalakua, who ruled with samples of sea otter sandalwood began to disappear which tells about early skeleton is displayed in the Pier 7, in the Honolulu Hawaii from 1874 to 1891. pelts and sandalwood tree from the islands. The Hawaiian surfing. During the shape of a 40-foot diving Harbor next to the Aloha King Kalakaua is remembered chips. whalers began to arrive after early 1900s, surfing was kept whale. Tower. It is open from 9 for his revival of the Northwest sea otter pelts the discovery of the sperm alive on Waikiki beach by a After the audio tour, patrons a.m.-5 p.m. daily except Hawaiian culture, language, were traded by early fur whale. handful of skilled watermen are allowed to walk freely on Christmas.


Where People Care . and Where the Bible Makes "Former Prosecutor and Sense for Daily Living. Plasma Center of Hawaii Experienced Trial Lawyer" 9,30 .N1. Bible School Or all ages) Criminal Law Adoption I 1:00 A.NI. Nlorning Worship Donate Plasma Today Divorces Business Law Traffic Offenses & D.U.I Real Estate Child Custody 262-8587 $ CASH $ Immediately 593-0052 875 Auloa Road 836-0647 available 24 hours Kai l ua 3179 Koapaka St., Honolulu 550 HALEKAUWILA SUITE 208

ROSS PROMOTIONS PRESENTS ... SFO $119 $189 LAX $169 $279 Seattle $299 DAVID ALLAN COE Denver 428 28 November 1992 8:30 pm -1 1:00 pm Dallas 478 Chicago $528 New York $578 Appearing at New Orleans $428 CLUB PEARL ENLISTED RaleighDurham $578 Guam $569 Pearl Harbor Naval Station, In the Paradise Lounge Doors Open at 7:30 pm


DISNEYLAND CALIFORNIA AIRFARE, FROM Tickets sold at TRANSFERS Bloch Arena, Club Pearl, a HOTEL AND $399 PASS Kaneohe & Coast Guard

Military . . . $2000 SERVING ALL ARMED FORCES ' Presale SPECIAL MILITARY (at the door) $2250 RATES AVAILABLE 4. Presale Civilian . . . . $2250 CALL 946-1484 (itt the door) $2400 711 KEEAUMOKU STREET SUITE 209 NEXT TO THE LIKELIKE DRIVE IN FREE VALIDATED PARKING CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS ARMY IA I016 Limited seating & standing room only! November 26, 1992 Hawaii Marine 8-11 leisure

a.m. in building 1391 for Circus to play Oahu preschoolers through high school students and in the The Texax-based King Royal Religion Family Service Center for purchased at the gate. King Royal Bros. Circus information Bros. Circus will present an Advance group sales are allows the opportunity to look adults. For more Movies 111 In the station chapel: about the station's religious old-fashioned "Under the Big available. back and relive a glorious theater, wild Catholic Mass is held services, call 267-3552. All movies shown at the Top" three-ring animal page of our nation's rich and building 219, begin at 7:15 p.m. The circus , Monday Friday, beginning circus beginning Dec. 3 is in fact, the colorful history. The let MEB will hold unless otherwise noted. For more through Dec. 20 at Richardson oldest form of entertainment at 11:45 a.m.; Saturday, Established in 1950, The starting. at 8 p.m.; and Catholic Maze, Monday and information, call the theater at Field across from Aloha in recorded history. And in Thursday at 11:80 am. and America, the circus King Bros. Circus is the result Sunday, beginning at 7:30 254-2113. Stadium. has of Protestant Bible Study, Sponsored by the Pearl City traditionally been a favorite of the combination of two a.m. and again at 9:30 prominent world-class CCD classes Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. in the Elks, King Royal Bros. Circus both young and old for many begin Sept 28 Brigade Chapel. generations. Before the performers - the Dailey Bros. at the following tittles: "Stay Tuned" (Comedy - will contribute a portion of Circus, one of America's the ticket sales towards the advent of television, circus Preschool/kindergarten - At Camp H.M. Smith: PG; 83 minutes) will play fraternal provided a unique form of largest railroad circuses, and 3:45.4:30 p.m. at the station Friday and Saturday. John Ritter organizations' the Italian-based Cristiani Catholic Mass is held to the devil in charitable activities. entertainment that made it's chapel; grades 1.12 from 6- Sunday, beginning at 8 a.m., sells his soul coming to family of bareback riders - 7:15 p.m. at Mokapu 'exchange for a satellite dish and Weekday performances are town a holiday. once acclaimed the best in and again at 11:30 a.m. scheduled for 6 and 8 p.m. On circus day, people would Elementary School. a monster TV with 666 demonic Europe. Protestant Worship and channels. Showtimes Saturday and come from miles around. Protestant Communion Sunday EiChool both begin at Sunday are scheduled for 1, 3 Schools would close and shops Today, The King Bros. takes place Sunday', 9:80 a.m. For more and 5 p.m. would cut work hours so that Circus features an exciting beginning,watoX a.m.begintnadt information about religious General admission is $10 for everyone could go to watch collection of more than a services at Camp Smith, call "Bob Roberts" (Satire - R; adults. Free passes for the elephant parade, view the dozen exciting acts, including 11 am, 477-8098. 103 minutes) will play Sunday. children ages 3 through 12 circus and have a good time. wild cats and their trainers, We Sunday Tim Roberts stars as a senatorial will be distributed through all aerial performers, clowns, A Gospel ' Jewish services are held candidate whose political message public and private schools. Today, with modern elephants and a menagerie of ProtestiantJo *IA Service at the Aloha Jewish Chapel is "Greed is good. I' ve got mine Military discounts of $2 off electronics dominating our rare exotic animals, as well takes plain at 7:80 *Weird Naval Base Pearl and I want more!" are available at the gate for lives, the public seldom as, an old-fashioned circus igiltant Harbor. Shabbat services Monday performances only OR experiences the traditional sideshow featuring a fire-eater *A* Place Friday beginning at 7t30 p.m.. For more for any show if purchased circus that brings live exotic and sword swallower. It's 100 No movies from official military ticket animals and fearless minuets of thrills - and all informatidn, call 471 -3971. Monday, Tuesday, outlets. All tickets may be performers to audiences. The under one giant Big Tent. Wednesday or Thursday.

program is available at the same 257-2131 to sign up for the class. Volunteers will be asked to work is the Hawaii chapter of the vs. Learned Techniques" Tuesday time. Call Julie Ramsey for more one half day per week through National Committee for from 6-8 p.m. A children's group Briefly information, 257-3655. Dec. 31. Interested persons should Prevention of Child Abuse, which will focus on "Family Ties: What Catholic family call the volunteer officer at 848- has 67 chapters nationwide. The is a Family?" For more 4180. local organization's activities information, call 257-3655. Fun fair College day emphasize public awareness, The Moanalua Elementary Catholic family day will be held education and training and scholarships Dec. 6 from 9 a..m-3 p.m. at St. Perform in "A legislative efforts in the School will hold their 10th Annual The Marine Corps Scholarship Fun Fair Dec. 4 from 2:30-9 p.m. Stephen's. There is a $10 pre- prevention of child abuse and This fund-raising event provides Foundation is looking for students registration fee. For more Christmas Carol" neglect. Marriage skills monies to improve our children's who may qualify for academic information, call 257-8110/1026/ Earn three college credits while "Breakfast with Santa" is part A 14-hour marriage skills learning environment and year 1993-94 scholarships. 3552. performing in a video presentation of PREVENT Child Abuse's workshop will be held Dec. 8 and curriculum. You could qualify is you are of "A Christmas Carol." program to promote family well- 9 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. The the dependent son or daughter of Richard MacPherson will be being during the sometimes workshop is designed as a a Marine who served honorably Lamaze class instructing Chaminade's interim, stressful holiday season. proactive measure to assist Playmorning for a minimum of 90 days in the The ASYMCA is offering a six- Dec. 19-Jan. 9, Acting Workshop. "Breakfast with Santa" is from Marines and sailors with A free, mobile preschool Marine Corps; a Marine on active week series of Lamaze classes. MacPherson has established his 8:30.10:30 a.m, and lunch is from marriage adjustments and program for children, infant to 6 duty or in the reserves; a former The class instructor was trained acting credentials with his role responsibilities in general, and Marine or Marine reservist who 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Tickets are years of age, will be available by Dr. LaMaze. Sessions are set as Stork in the motion picture, $12.50 per person and are tax- specifically, related to duty in has been honorably discharged up based on your baby's projected "Fists of Steel" as well as several Hawaii. For more information four mornings each week and/or medically discharged deductible. All proceeds benefit from 9.11 a.m. at the following or birth date. Husbands/coaches appearances in the former PREVENT Child Abuse Hawaii. contact your chain of command. who is deceased. Applicants can are included. Classes are held "Magnum P.I." addresses: Mondays - 2460 be high school television series For more information, call 951- Cochran St.; Tuesdays Harris seniors, high Mondays from 6-8 p.m. For more He will also appear in the season 0200. - school graduates, currently information, call 254.4719. St. and Elrod Drive; Wednesdays enrolled opener of "Raven." Cochran St. and Dodson St.; as an undergraduate in MacPherson and Chaminade - an accredited college or post-high Shell collectors Newcomers club Thursdays - Daly Road and school accredited vocational USS Bowfin University invite interested people The Windward Newcomers Club Bordelon Loop. to come and explore that creative The Hawaiian Malacological will host an aloha coffee school. Gross family income must The USS Bowfin Submarine "other" you. For more information Society, malacology is the study not exceed $37,000. Submission Museum and Park will celebrate Wednesday at 9 a.m. The purpose call, 254-1256. of mullusks/shells, will hold its of the aloho coffee is to welcome DD 295 deadline if Feb. 1, 1993. the fiftieth anniversary of the annual Christmas Party in lieu For an application packet write launching of the USS Bowfin Dec. new arrivals to the Windward of a regular meeting Wedneday community and to familiarize workshop to: Marine -Corps Scholarship 7 at 6 p.m. Cocktails and hors Breakfast with at 5:30 p.m. It will be held at Foundation, James Forrestal d'oeuvres will be served at a them with the club's various A DD 295 workshop is offered the Elks Club in Waikiki at 2933 activities. Any person who has at the Joint Education Center Campus, P.O. Box 3008, reception following the ceremony. Santa Kalakaua Avenue. The cost is Princeton, NJ 08543-3008. To purchase tickets or for more PREVENT Child Abuse moved to Windward Oahu within weekly from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Bring $12 per person. The Christmas the past three years is eligible to your service record book and information, contact the museum Hawaii's "Breakfast with Santa" party will be culmination of the document your military training curartor. fundraiser celebrates its fifth year society's 50th anniversary join. Please call 261-2238 or 262- for college credit. For more Cold seminar this December. Sponsored by 9957 for the location of the next The Kaneohe Outrigger celebraton. For more information, coffee. information, call 2574232. Branch Medical Hotels Hawaii, the call Cheryl Jacobs at 423-4475. Clinic is offering a health Anthropology breakfast will be held in the maintenace seminar on the Outrigger Prince Kuhio ballroom Women's self- "Common Cold." Learn to treat volunteers Dec. 6. There will also be a Parents support the common cold at home. Cold Bishop Museum has volunteer "Luncheon with Santa" on the Volunteers empowerment medications will be prescribed openings for several anthropology same day. group Volunteers are needed to assist A women's self-empowerment after successful completion of the projects. Interested individuals Entertainment for the breakfast Do you ever feel the job of in the operation of two food program is offered by the Family seminar with refills for six can volunteer to catalog dance and lunch includes clowns, parenting is more than you booths at Aloha Stadium to. Service Center every Thursday months. No need to make an costumes from New Guinea; assist magicians and face painting. bargained for, or find yourself benefit Kalaheo High School. from 3-5 p.m. The program appointment every time you or in photography of objects; Keikis will receive gifts and have yelling at your children when you Proceeds from the booths go focuses on safety, assertiveness, your family members have a cold. construct "props" for artifact photos taken with Santa. lose patience? A weekly parents toward student scholarships. For self-esteem, agner and stress Classes are offered to groups of storage; or help duplicate oral PREVENT Child Abuse, a group will meet to discuss more information, call SSgt. management. A children's six or more. Bring a friend. Call history reel tapes onto cassettes. private, not-for-profit organization, "Parenting Skills: Hand-ma -down Sharrer at 257-5733.

Efficient, Hawaiian Quilt Friendly, Professional Collection Service House and Fie Office Calls brim free CHRISTMAS (SALE Available

JANE WETZEL, CPA 30% OFF TAXATION: Estate 8 Trust, Individual, Corporate, Divorce, Franchise, Real Estate, Creative (Hope Quilts, Wall-hangings Tax Planning, IRS Of Handbags and MORE at Representation CONSULTING: Business Valuations HAR12Y6 CAFE Business Plans. New Business, Accounting System. Bookkeeping and Your $5 donation to the Army Community Service 629 Kailua Rd. Payroll. Open for Lunch and Dinner 262-6116 (ACS) Christmas Dinner Basket Program will light Tel. 599-7766 11 Member AICPA 8 HSCPA the lights and brighten the season for those less fortunate....

In C.VdCaiii 14, Al/ 70'141 ' the spirit of the holiday season, we invite you to help the Army Community Service "spread the light" to those less Nil I I1 fortunate through their Christmas Dinner Basket Program. This program 1.1 1 1 traditionally provides meals and support to soldiers and their families during the holiday season, EVERY WOMAN IS SENSUAL... sharing the plenty with those that have less. WE HELP BRING IT OUT Make-up & hair For a $5 donation, an elegantly designed card will be sent 3 different looks 45 shots to someone with a message inside indicating that a light will be lit in their honor at the December Tree Lighting FOR HIM...FOR YOURSELF Ceremonies at either Fort Shatter or Schofield Barracks. The donation proceeds will go to the Army Community WE ALSO DO: Pholo,dphk lot Make -Avers Model Portfolios Service Christmas Dinner Basket Program. Families Weddings klal,..-up 11...,Ithoq Grad, t 396-7721 Join us in supporting this important program while honoring someone special to you! For more information, call 655-4862 or fill out the form below and return it to Army Community :"""IIXOXIIVirs46466tY61("4""41: Service, Building 556, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii 96786. MARTIAL ARTS * INSTRUCTION Your Name: CALL . ODA 3 MONTH SPECIAL! Address: Phone No.: : FREE UNIFORM .1, * With Registration offer Ends 12/5/02 M - 1. Recipient's Name: Honoree's Name : * Children & Adults 41.4' ), : Morning & Evening Mailing Address: * & Saturday Classes , 114i State * * SMITH TAE KWON-DO Light to be lit at (circle one): Ft Shatter Schofield Barracks Zip * ( M) INSTITUTE Please Make Checks Payable To IMWRF. 46-144 Kahuhl a Street 11.'' $5 Donation Per Card. * '441!!! V \MWR :******** * w tinMew alti*******-- B-12 Hawaii Marine November 26, 1992 0E19 .11010...... WIMP ....d11111111111

$18. Ugly Kid Joe - Performing restaurants and clubs - a must Dec. 30 &31 at C5 Rock-n-Roll Tickets for dining and entertainment in Hawaii. Pro Bowl - Tickets on sale Night Club. Show starts at 8 The MWR Ticket Office offers now for the Pro Bowl game Feb. p.m. and 9 p.m. Tickets are tickets and information on how 7. Sideline seats are $20.50 and $16.60 and $20.50. to get them at special military Barefoot Catamaran Cruise end zone seats are $15.50. rates. The office also takes - Three and a half hours of fun, David Allan Coe - Sunday reservations for events and breakfast, lunch, snorkeling, at the enlisted club here. Doors attractions around the island. entertainment and much more. U of H Football - Tulsa plays Saturday and Pittsburgh open and 7:30 p.m. Tickets are Call the Entertainment Hotline A special for all servicemembers $20.50. at 254.3304 or stop by the Marine and their dependents for only $30. Dec. 5. Sideline tickets, $14.50; Corps Exchange for information endzone, $12.60; senior citizens The office is and youth, $7.50. Mary's Danish and reservations. & - open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Jesus Mary Chain - Performing at the Garage Dec. 11 Concert tomorrow and Nov. 29 at and Saturday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. & 12. Tickets are $16.50. This week's offerings include: the Garage. Tickets are $16.50. Atlantis Submarine - A super special for only $32 for the military and their guests. White Zombie - Concert Consolidated Movie Theatre Aikane Catamaran Cruise - at the Garage Dec. 18 & 19. discount tickets cost $4.25 and A special discount for all military Tickets are $13. are good through June 1993. personnel and their dependents Atlantis Reef Divers - Ask is currently being offered. A two- about the special charters for hour dinner cruise and show is certified and non-certified divers. Ministry - Performing at Ocean Concepts promises four only $23 for adults and $17 for Richardson Field Jan. 2. Tickets hours of the best night fishing children. are $22.50. charter, soft drinks and snacks Nautilus - A semi- for only $220. Daytime fishing submersible, underwater viewing charters are available for $180. Inner Circle in Concert - vessel, see the wonders of the sea Iron Butterfly - Performing (The Bad Boys of Reggae) will either above or below deck. Dec. 5 & 6 at 5% Rock-N-Roll be performing at Richardson Field Expert narration in an air Night Club on Sand Island. Entertainment '93 - Nov. 28. Gates open 6 p.m. and conditioned cabin beginning at 9 KPOI Electric Lunch Band will Discounts available for many show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are a.m. also perform.

254-5627. started in 5 years, $250; 261-1828 Windward Review on Occqnie Cable Ads Computer - IBM-clone, w/ 6-9 p.m. Channel 2 offers educational options TUESDAY WEDNESDAY monitor and keyboard, approx. 7 THIJRSDAY MOAT MONDAY Autos years old, 20 megabite hard drive, Wanted 100 A.M. NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK 'NAVY NEM THIS WEEK 512K memory, great word Babyeitter beginning mid- 0.30 A.M. WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW 1987 Honda Accord LX - - 9.00 A.M. AIDS FACTS AIDS FACTS COMBAT LEADERS COMBAT LEADERS YOUR WAY 5 speed, sun roof, A/C, alarm, processor, $350; 261.1828 between January 1993, infant, 6 weeks 1100 AM. SMALLEST FRACTION SMALLEST FRACTION PATROL VEHICLE PATROL VEHICLE LASER WEAPON 6-9 p.m. 7 a.m.-5 p.m., 1100 A.M. NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK AM/FM cassette, new tires, old, full time, 1110 A.M. WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW brakes, $5,950 OBO; 254.1086. 1992 Brittanica Monday-Friday, in your home or 12:00 P.M. BULLETIN BOARD BULLETIN BOARD BULLETIN BOARD BULLETIN BOARD BULLETIN BOARD mine, preferrably on station; 254- 100 P.M. AIDS FACTS AIDS FACTS COMBAT'LEADERS. COMBAT LEADERS YOUR WAY Encyclopedias - 33 volumes, 200 P.M. SMALLEST FRACTION SMALLEST FRACTION PATROL VEHICLE PATROL VEHICLE LASER WEAPON Miscellaneous brand new, $600 OBO; 546.7003 1215 after 6:30 p.m. 300 P.M. WHY PLANES CRASH WHY PLANES CRASH TOLL -FRAUD - UNDER THE INFLUENCE UNDER THE INFLUENCE 4.00 P.M. NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY MOWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK Diving Equipment - U.S. ask for Rodney or Lisa. 4.30 P.M. WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW WINOS/WC REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW Diver and Decor, like new, one Yard Sale 5:00 P.M. AIDS FACTS AIDS FACTS COMBAT LEADERS COMBAT LEADERS YOUR WAY 655 P.M. SMALLEST FRACTION SMALLEST FRACTION PATROL VEHICLE PATROL VEHICLE LASER WEAPON package only, $1,000 OBO; 254- Mulit-Family - great new 7:00 P.M. NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEW THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK NAVY NEWS THIS WEEK 5493, Mike, leave message. Motorcycles items for Christmas, clothes too, T:30 P.M. WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW WINDWARD REVIEW 8:00 P.M. BULLETIN BOARD BULLETIN BOARD BULLETIN BOARD BULLETIN 50080 BULLETIN BOARD 1982 650 Heritage some FREE, Dec. 5; 2660 Conor YOUR WAY Bed - double, mattress and Yamaha 9:00 P.M.. Alps PACTS AIDS FACTS COMBAT LEADERS COMBAT LEADERS box springs, great condition, $80; Special - fix it or parts, not Loop.

r iNACLASSIFIEDET Service Counter Service 011414i1914111K Thiaplione Important information 235-56541 45-525 Luluku Una Ads due by 12 Noon - Tuesday Pleas chest your act on the firs pay and brew any seem lo the emotion of Clasadied inirredistaly RFO PotriestIona aseivolle PeepOlegAly Isf pion 4o copy fro thytin9 inset lion only, and any adjust manta Or Mon.-Frl. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Kaneohe Class Display Ads due by 4:00 p.m. Friday 0,1411 elII not exceed me value of Me AO TBe putsamr alstOna to fyrther lianally and the advatt8 expressly wires soy and all balsa n4 COnlegraSertlel Orenegfee'las to snore. Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CANCELLATIONS & CORRECTIONS this by 12 Noon-Mon. RFD Pubaca moo cAnnot miss soponsibility for the chants or oerforinance of advenittena

TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES St to the makai property line of 1266 Kanewai St., during hour 7:30 NEW ARRIVAL? am to 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except holidays" Traffic Schedule No. 92-10 f. By amending Schedule XXII of Sec. 15-14.6(a) establishing prohibited Tell everyone ALAN V. EDMUNDS g. IN with ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF ORDINANCE NO. parking certain areas in the following particulars: Attorneysttorneys Al Low 91-87 AMENDING ARTICLE III, THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANS- 1. By adding thereto the following item: Hsodpaioled PORTATION SERVICES, CITY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU, "Ala .. 1 / Over 17 years experience Napunani St., Ewa side, distance approximately 35' mauka TV, Foot Stork HEREBY ESTABLISHES TRAFFIC SCHEDULE NO. 92-10 TO direction from a point 175' mauka of the masks curb prolongation sQ ' RETIRED MILITARY JUDGES AMEND SCHEDULE V OF SECTION 15-7.2(b)(3) ESTABLISHING of Ala Polls Pl." Delivery ON STAFF SPEED LIMIT-25 MPH; SCHEDULE XIV OF SECTION 15-11.3 "Awalai St, both sides, from Waipio Access Rd. to Awanui St., during Charge for ESTABLISHING STOP INTERTSECTIONS: SCHEDULE XVI OF hours 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, school days only." remote arena SECTION 15- 13.4(a) ESTABLISHING RESERVED PARKING "Kanewai St., Ewa side, from the makai property line of 1266 Kanewai fifl Certtfiretn. STALLS; SCHEDULE XX OF SECTION 15-13.10(a)(7) ESTABLISH- St. to the entrance of Hokulani Elementary School." Ave:lab?. NEED A CALIFORNIA ING TOW ZONES - 24 HOURS; SCHEDULE XXI OF SECTION 15- "Kanewai St., Koko Head side, distance 107' makai direction from 13.10(a)(8) ESTABLISHING TOW ZONES - SPECIFIED TIME; the makai curb prolongation of Dole St." salaam", ATTORNEY? SCHEDULE XXII OF SECTION 15-14.5(a) ESTABLISHING PROH- "Kuilei St., makai side, distance 52' Koko Head direction from the NewBorn Announconwen/SonAce IBITED PARKING CERTAIN AREAS; SCHEDULE XXVI OF SEC- Koko Head curb prolongation of Kahosloha For MOR uilortas two TION 15-18.1 ESTABLISHING TIME LIMIT PARKING. "Miloilci St., within its turnaround area." 263 -3777 SECTION 1. Chapter 16 (1990 Traffic Code), City and County of Honolulu, "Nalii St., odd.numbered side, from a point 140' mauka of the masks is hereby further amended in the following particulars: curb prolongation of Leinani Pl. to and including its mauka terminus" DIVORCE a. By amending Schedule-V of Sec. 157.2(6)(3) establishing speed limit- "Nalii St., even-numbered aide, from a point 200' masks of the mauka SHORT ON CASH? 26 mph by adding thereto the following items: curb prolongation of Leinani PI. to its mauka terminus." CONTESTED & UNCONTESTED "Alma St, for its entire length." EASY MONEY "Niolopa Pl., makai side, distance 11' Koko Head direction from the CHILD CUSTODY SUPPORT "Ainamakua Dr., for its entire length." Koko Head property line of 29 Niolopa Pl." PAWN & "Henry St., for its entire length." "Niolopa P1., makai aide, distance 41' Ewa direction from the Ewa "Kanewai St., for its entire length." curb prolongation of Pali Hwy." CALL 839-2005 "Koka St., for its entire length." "Palm Dr., Koko Head side, distance 25' makai direction from the 3180A KOAPAXA ST. MILITAR Y LAW "Kolowaka Dr., from Fort Weaver Rd. to Koka St." makai curb prolongation of Young St." Behind Airport Plaza Hotel "Liho St., for its entire length." "Piipii St., within its east turnaround area." ADMINISTRATIVE DISCHARGE "Miloiki St., for its entire length." "Pohahawai Pl., within its west turnaround area." MEDICAL HEARINGS "Piipii St., for its entire length." "Pohahawai Pl., within its east turnaround area." Suntime. "Pohahawai Pl., for its entire length." "Pohahawai St., within its east turnaround area." Indoor fanning hod supple; CAPTAIN'S MAST & COURTS MARTIAL "Pohahawai St., for its entire length." "Puaina Pl., within its turnaround area." "Puaina Pl., for its entire length." "Puaina St., within its east turnaround area." FREE! GOVERNMENT SECURITY "Puaina St, for its entire length." "Seventh Ave., Koko Head aide, distance 34' makai direction from 1ST VISIT CLEARANCE MATTERS "Uluopihi Lp., for its entire length." the makai curb prolongation of Harding Ave." 98-0251-10FM. St. Aloe "Wailohia PI., for its entire length." "Seventh Ave., Koko Head aide, distance 83' masks direction from 486-0085 "Waimapuna Pl., for its entire length." the masks curb prolongation of Pahos Ave." WORLDWIDE REPRESENTATION HELPING MEN & WOMEN IN UNIFORM b. By amending Schedule XIV of Sec. 1511.3 establishing stop intersections "Seventh Ave., Koko Head aide, distance 145' makai direction from by adding the the following items: a point 242' makai of the makai curb prolongation of Harding Ave." ALOHA PAWN MONTHLY PAYMENT "Ahahuina P1. Traffic on Ahahuina Pl. shall atop before entering Ahea "Seventh Ave., Ewa aide, between Harding Ave. and Pahoa Ave." V7S4 St." "Varsity Pl., mauka aide, distance 126' Koko Head direction from (Buy, Sell, Loan, Trade) "Alma Pl. Traffic on Ahea Pl. shall stop before entering Ahea St." the Koko Head curb prolongation of University Ave." Come see us for best PLANS AVAILABLE "Koka St. Traffic on Koka St. shall stop before entering Kolowaka Dr." "Wailohia Pl., within its turnaround area." deals in Wahiawa "Lauae St Traffic on Lamle St. shall stop before entering Ahea St." "Waimapuna Pl., with its turnaround area." CALL 1-800-995-0392 TOLL FREE "Lamm St., Traffic on Lauae St. shall stop before entering Ainamakua 2. By deleting therefrom the following items: Ph. 622-2098 Dr." "Kanewai St, Ewa side, between Dole St. and Kamakini St., during 540 California Are. "Liho St. Traffic on Liho St shall stop before entering Ahea St." hours 7:30 am and 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays." "Liho St. Traffic on Liho St. shall stop before entering Laurie St." "Kanewai St., both sides, distance 115' makai direction from the makai "Lilii Pl. traffic on Lilii Pl. shall stop before entering Ahea St." curbline prolongation of Dole St" "Piipii St. Traffic on Piipii St. shall stop before entering Koka St." g. By amending Schedule XXVI of Sec.15-16.1 establishing time limit parking "Pohahawai Pl. Traffic on Pohahawai Pl., south bound, shall stop before by amending item relating to Auahi St., (1 hr.) both sides, between Kaewe Serving Oahu VOICE MAIL entering Pohahawai Pl. (east, west)." and Coral Sta. during hours 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, except "Pohahawai Pl. Traffic on Pohahawai P1., north bound, shall stop before Saturday, Sunday and holidays; to read: Since 1977 YOUR OWN PHONE NUMBER entering Pohahawai St." "Auahi St., (2 hrs.) both aides, between Kaewe and Coral Sta. YOUR PRIVATE VOICE MAILBOX "Pohahawai St. Traffic on Pohahawai St. shall atop before entering Koka during hours 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday, except Sunday UNLIMITED MESSAGES St." and holidays." $12500 24 HRS. A DAY OPERATION "Puaina Pl. Traffic on Puaina Pl. shall stop before entering Puaina St." By amending item relating to Auahi St., (1 hr.) masks side, between LEAVE/RETRIEVE MESSAGES "Puaina St. Traffic on Puaina St.. shall stop before entering Koka St." Coral and Cooke Sta. during hours 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, 595-2533 FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD "Wailohia P1. Traffic on Wailohia Pl. shall atop before entering Puaina except Saturday, Sunday and holidays; to read: Stall Attorney NO SET-UP FEES SL" "Auahi St., (2 hrs.) masks side, between Coral and Cooke Sta. "Waimapuna Pl. Traffic on Waimapuna Pl. shall stop before entering during hours 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday, except Sunday Gene Bridges Puaina St." and holidays." HOLIDAY SPECIAL By amending Schedule XVI of Sec. 15-13.4(a) establishing reserved parking By amending item relating to Pohukaina St., (1 hr.) both sides, between A NBA stalls in the following particulars: South and Cooke Ste. during hours 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, PlowP.L1 FREE3 MONTH 1. By adding thereto the following item: except Saturday, Sunday and holidays; to read: MAILBOX "Beretania St., makai aide, distance 122' Ewe direction from a point "Pohukaina St., (2 hrs.) both sides, between South and Cooke ADVERTISING 29' Ewa of the Ewa curb prolongation of Hale Mekai St." Ste. during hours 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday, except STANDARDS WITH PURCHASE OF 1 YEAR 2. By amending item relating to Beretania St, makai aide, distance 205' Sunday and holidays." Advertising published in Koko Head direction from the Koko Head curb prolongation of Alapai Section 2. This Schedule is hereby attached to and made a part of Article the Sun Press and t> COMMITMENT FOR ONLY $16 A MONTH St.; to read. VI hereof and shall take effect ten (10) working days after its publication. MidWeek papers Is "Beretania St., makai side, distance 312' Koko Head direction from accepted on the premise OFFER GOOD TILL DECEMBER 24, 1992 the Kola, ilead curb prolongation of Alapai St." JOSEPH M. MAGALDI, JR., Director that the merchandise i By amending Schedule XX of Sec. 1513.10(0(7) establishing tow zones Department of Transportation Services and/or services offered - 24 hours by adding thereto the following items: City and County of Honolulu are accurately described Voice Mail Hawaii "Iwilei Rd., Ewa side, between King St. and Pacific St." and willingly sold to Dated: November 18, 1992 customers at the the ANSWER to your calls "Kanewai St, Ewa side, distance 109' makai direction from the makai advertised price. curb prolongation of Dole St." Copies of the Schedule are on file in the City Clerk's Office for use and Advertisers are aware of Call 5)11-1 1 111 e By amending Schedule XXI of Sec. 1543.10 (a)(8) establishing tow zones examination by the public. these conditions. - specified time by adding thereto the following items: Advertising that does not "Kanewai St., Ewa aide, from the Tallinn curb prolongation of Dole (Sun Press: 11/26/92) conform to these stan- dards or that is deceptive or misleading Is never knowingly accepted. 11 0 Free Bees 4 Health & Fitness 15 Announcements any reader encounters 15 Announcements 20 Lost & Found 25 Personals noncompliance with "ONE DAY DIET" Lose 8TH ANNUAL SANTA these standards, we ask 1 NEED YEAR OLD part Lab, 15-30 lbs. or more in 30 HELPERS BOUTIQUE. FOUND SWEET gentle, BACKYARD Party Tent that you inform... 25 Personals 30 Income Tax great w/kids. Needs days. Call 737-7883. Sat. 11/28, 9-4 8 Sun. NEW BABY CLUBI extremely affectionate 20 x 20 or 30 x 30, rental good home, 261-8303. CLASSIFIED MORE 11/29, 11-3. 596 Auwina Receive A Free male kitten, orange 8 & sale Call 737-9662. ADVERTISING WEDDINGS OVERWEIGHT? Try St.. Enchanted Lake. Beautiful LATE TAXES, past yrs. FREE 2 rabbits plus Irg. delicious Nutri-Cookie. Casa of Formula! white, neutered 8 shots, 235-5656 Music to add elegance to in your home. svc. Steve MONEY? cage to good home. Call Free sample 488-5867. LIVING TRUST Plus the publication needs loving owner. MARY KAY COSMETICS or your ceremony or recep- White MBA, 395-7141. 261-8303. or "Saving money on your 237-7349. Photo shoot $15, Xmas BETTER tion. Viola 8 guitar. WANT TO PROSTATE PROBLEM?, baby' Free Gifts, Baskets, Vera 533-2811. TAX/BOOKKEEPING in FREE German WILL? FOUND: Cockatiel, BUSINESS BUREAU Steve, 235-5505. HELP OTHERS? Shepard Strictly confidential. Call Get all the facts. diapers, food, toys, home svc., back years, mix. 9 mos. old. Female. for free information by coupons and offers for Kaneohe area. Identify. PSYCHIC Mary Vine 942-2355 WEDDINGS, ALWAYS all stales. Call Capt. Stan AS A BEAUTICONTROL Free Consultation, no pre- Call 262-40056-9pm. helps all problems con- spayed. 236-4514. licensed RN, Nutrition ssure. Your personal babies up to 12 months YOURS. Short Notice Tax Man. 949-5501. IMAGE CONSULTANT Express Store 537-1174. of age. $3.95 covers cerning love, marriage, OK. Nondenominational. FREE Schnauzer rmayed, trust will be thoroughly business, reunites loved TAXES TAXES TAXES II You Can Do Both) reviewed and approved shipping to: 25 Personals Spectacular Seaside or female, 1 yr. Needs 25 Personals ones. Reveals future. Do you need help filing PART-TIME/FULL-TIME by one of Hawaii's most J. Lantz Anywhere Oahu. Budget permanent loving inside 10 Cemetery Plots 64-091 Hauula Hmsld., Immediate results. oL*uzeNaonymeCounsel- beck or current taxes? Opportunities inspected attorneys. No Call Rachel 521-0078. home, older couple with .11suula, HI. 96717. ABC BUDGET Wedding 1-800-225-4533. WEDDING Ceremonies - ing. professional no children. 668-7222. HAWAIIAN MEMORIAL Trust too big or small. Baptisms - Memorials VERY AFFORDABLE Save Hundreds of vows blessed by tic. OUIT Smoking) Results Training Provided PARK very rare. MI. Dollars on your baby Kahuna. Nondenominational. Any FREE two 8 week old kit- Calvary Circle. Catholic Call Mid-America Living Experience. guaranteed. Certified 50 Business nowll Affordable 926-6688. Hypnotherapist 261-4595. location. 'Rev. Joan Income Tax 672-4610 tens, bottle raised. Call area. 4 plots, $2900 each, Trust Company Drake, 239-7120. Opportunities 254-3357. 26141963 will sell 2. 923-8899. FOR THE BEST in LIVE PARTY MUSIC. All SAXOPHONE TEACHER FREE: Puppies, Husky/ VALLEY of the Temples, JUST STARTING OUT? Home, Apartment 8 types. Decades of exp. WANTED for beginner WEDDING Ceremonies. FAST IN HOME Tex svc. 6 PEOPLE wanted to CLASSIFIED German Shepherd, 6 Chapel Hill $850 each. Check the Real Estate Condominium listings, Hear us first. Reasonable adult student. Windward Anywhere, ream. lee. Rea. at tees. rates. All states expand mall order bus. ads get the job done. week old. Call 262-7515. Call 236-2310. Section of the Classifieds check the classifieds. 6 terrific. 396-0546 area. Call 237-7083. Gail Silva 488-5887. BACK YEARS. 523-1651 24 hr. rec. msg. 948-4428 Call today 235-5656

rf November 26-December 2 Classified II

TEACHERS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY! MORTGAGE SUPERVISOR LUMBERCLERKS CAR/RISERS If you are a self-motivated individual who has retail Word Processors Secretarles Accept the challenge of joining the staff of sales experience, enjoys providing excellent customer a Rill time and part time positions avail- General Clerical Receptionists growing nationwide lender. We are look- service and works well as a TEAM member, CITY MILL ing a able. Benefits include 50 to 100% child Data Entry/Acct'g Clerics for self-motivated individual with wants to challenge you. care discount. Work in a clean, well "hands on" experience to be a supervisor equipped environment. TEMPORARY & FULL-TIME POSITIONS of our residential mortgage office in Kailua. VA and conventional processing/closing SUNRISE PRESCHOOLS 533-8889 experience a must. Excellent job security Pearl City 488-9377 Kellum 282-2331 ADL4 and benefits. Salary commensurate with The Employment NEVER A FEE Equal Opportunity Employer Fbople experience. To arrange an interview please send resume, including salary history, to: DIVERSIFIED SALESPEOPLE WANTED NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION DRIVER TRAINING Enthusiasm Required! #A-103 Pali Palms Plaza CENTER Great Money Opportunity 970 North Kalaheo Avenue CDL Excellent Benefits Kailua, Hi 96734-1868 Night Classes Fun People Attention: Marsha Shultz Competitive Wages Mitten Test Preparation Paid Training Provided WE OFFER: Excellent Benefits Package Rood Training Stores in Dole Cannery, EOE M/F/V/H Advancement Opportunities Driver & other jobs available Waimea, & Waikiki! APPLY IN PERSON (NO PHONE CALLS) CALL TODAY FOR INFORMATION, Call Curie 923-4971 Monday - Thursday 8:30-11:00 a.m. or 1:00-3:00 p.m 456-2491 The Sultan Company ANN PEARL CITY MILL HAS 5 LOCATIONS SERVING OAHU KAIMUKI KANEOHE WAIMALU NIMITZ WAIPAHU EXECUTIVE SALES DO YOU INTERMEDIATE CARE FACILITY SECRETARY POSITIONS s. sr49904, NO. exec INTAKE PRIDE IN EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES )7 mn, rc 44P., AVAILABLE Intery4rsonal elm. 4 yr. M.*. M.. Up to 50% YOUR CLEANING? EXCELLENT STARTING BENEFITS ANN PEARL is a family owned and operated Intermediate Care Facility LIBERTY BANK Commission & have 1 or more days 527-943591 committed to providing quality health care services to the people of the Windward 40IK Plan week? Um up to ;Mr.! side since 1950. Insurance FULL or PART-TIME LILL Demo Beam Program Monday- Saturday! 50 Business Apply In Person Great tenets, Includng CLERK/BOOKKEEPER Opportunities KANEOHE HR DEPARTMENT CUTTER CHEVROLET Dental, Wog a neon corsage P/T, Flexible Full-time 660 N. NImitz Hwy. Honolulu, HI 96817 CEO-PONT1AC Paid Vacates SECRETARY/ $500 WEEKLY 1391 Kapiolani Blvd Employer Incenlire Program RECEPTIONIST RN/LPN eoe/m/f/h/v NEWT EASY! F/T, 8am-4:30pm, Adler ement °goody* Stay Home, any hours. 946-8311 Monday -Friday. No Long Term Care Experience Needed *New Graduates Welcome EASY ASSEMBLY lINeary & HouseMv se One yr. secretary $21,000 welcome! EASY SEWING experience. Typo BENEFITS Die U.S. A.* Bousainning 45wpm. Computer $36,600 58 Schools Expiate Medical plan including Dental, Drug & Vision Alta }eaQt{, Cate Cate( EASY WOOD & Instruction skills: Word Perfect Starting Pay ASSEMBLY merry maids & Lotus 123. Light Excellent 247-6661 $98,755 accounting. Most Flexible Schedules VOCAL: classical, pop; 1415 Dillingham Blvd. Positions EASY CRAFTS dance jazz or street funk. be enthusiastic, Full & Part Time $76,450 943-0718. 841-4133 personable and Employer Paid Pension Plans EASY JEWELRY Regular Wage Increases $19,500 CALI. FOR APPONTMENT detail oriented. EASY ELECTRONICS Paid lnservice Training CNA'S 60 Help Wanted ALTERATIONS Certification $29200 Male/Female TWOGOOD FREE CPR Training & MATCHMAKING KAYAKS HAWAII PERSON Supportive Administration $82,500 Part-time, WISH ON OUR STAR tm n ony water llam-2pm INVESTIGATING Participative Management e ineg e re Monday - Saturday. $74,450 "AVON" FREE PARKING BE YOUR OWN BOSS may be a place for you on Experienced. More REALIZE YOUR DREAMS TV TALENT AGENT For the best earnings the TWOGOOD team. Full hours available NO TRAFFIC HASSLES $40,900 or part-time. Paid Vacation & Sick Leave ROMANCE AGENT possible $$ CALL $$ Apo'yin person PRESSERS WE OFFER $62,500 THIS AD ONLY 1716 Hemekue Dr. Prefer experience 45-181 Wailudeus Road Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744 No Selling, Fully Guar- 282-5658 - COMPETITIVE WAGE anteed. FREE informa- Jo 395 -8970 F/T days. tion 24 HOUR HOTLINE. or 247 -8558 - 3 MONTH INCREASE Kandy 235-7641 ISLAND 801-379-2900 Copyright 60 Help Wanted PAID HMSA INSURANCE. BENEFITS ACCRUED ON #16102YH Male/Female WIDE TV TrTir \Tr' MIKESALTA LINCOLN- FOR EMPLOYEES HOURS WORKED 'HOME CLEANERS! AUTO/TRUCK 40IK ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU NEED extre Xmas 4 weeks away!!! COUNTER FREE PARKING TUITION REIMBURSEMENT cash. You can earn up to SALES Eam $$ Nowt AVON IS CONSULTANTS SERVICE OPENING FREE TRAINING AIR-CONDITIONED FACILITY 500-$1000 a week. Send Up to $9.50/hour Due to increase in sales, SASE and $1 to: CD GROWING!! Full -time, FREE MEALS ' Flex. day time hours our high volume new 8 IN Pacific Accounting ' Need own car Earn money for the 1-7:30pm, Monday WAIPAHU 590-C Paperbark Pl., -Saturday. Also on used truck operation ' Need home phone holidays for 820 own needs. EXPERIENCED FORD TECH CARE CENTER Honolulu, HI. 98818. Paid weakly your own business. call float position ALOHA HEALTH OIN TUPPERWARE Honolulu/W ndward Earn up to 50% and available. Must be TRUCK 45-545 KAM HIGHWAY lexible hours, great $$ Call 7124190 work convenient hours. people & detail SALESPERSONS -$19 per hr. 96744 Money $6, discounts DANA'S Sign up now & get a oriented. Will train. 918 KANEOHE, HAWAII and bonuses 455-6138. HOUSEKEEPING free cosmetic bag. Call Excl. pay, wkly bonuses (JOURNEYMEN) assistant mangers 8 profit sharing. Apply in (808) 247-6661 PERSONNEL SERVICE Call Theresa An Equal Opportunity employer LOANS LOANS SINCE 1976 Kathryn.423-0893 person. Linda...833-2082 235-2533 * MEDICAL 'BAD CREDIT/OK Narci...422-8348 JN TRUCK CENTER DENTAL *$1000-$25,000 $200 - $500 WEEKLY Penny...834-6839 * Assemble products at Wanted 3033 N. Nimitz Hwy. 'PERSONAL/AUTO home. Easyl No selling. Tina....836-1947 60 Help * PROFIT SHARING Cabe 'CONSOLIDATION You're paid direct. Fully Or call District Male/Female LAPoliaafeaffi Cepteit Guaranteed. FREE Manager 948-8758. * 401 K PLAN 1-800-995-6799 Information - 24 Hour EARN EXTRA INCOME 60 Help Wanted Hotline. 801-379-2900 CARPET CLEANING assembling products at Male/Female * PAID VACATION 247-6661 Copyright 01-11102DH crafts, START your own cares TECH $8 Experience o home. Jewelry, will train. Must be famil automotIves, typing, sew- LUNCH SUPERVISOR, APPLY IN PERSON or CALL In a fast growing busl- ACTORS/ACTRESS ing. 1-800 852-2242. ess. Sales exper. no needed for an upcoming iar with Oahu. Bring Clerical worker, for For Appointment drivers abstract. Must be Enchanted Lake Elem. ec. Graeme 948-1999. TV program. No exp. EARN XMAS MONEY Gil nec. We train. 845-4494. able to lift 100 lbs. or NOW! Sun Press carriers P/T. Audrey 281-1220. Hickman 830 6-2441 STRESS REDUCTION, more. Apply et: 98-1197 needed ages 10 & up in elf empowerment device St. 0E1, MANAGEMENT RN's Weihona Pearl Wahiawa and Whitmore 4 hr. rec. msg. 948-0428 ASSISTANT to Director JUST Wanted Qualifications: BA or City. Village. Thursdays only DO tr. 60 Help Wanted 60 Help equivalent exper. Prefer Call Mrs. Rose 624-2951. National marketing Male/Female Male/Female TUPPERWARE CARRIERS NEEDED! Start by Nov. 30 to earn company seeking several TO BUY OR SELL 3 yrs. voluntary agency people to PUT YOUR ROOTS WHERE THEY CAN GROW! exper. Interpersonal Adults & children in SPECIAL GIFT. help run our POSTAL JOBS. CALL AVA, 423-7634. Mamma, Pearl City, /ilea, rapidly expanding busi- TELEPHONE RECEP- $18,392-$67,125/yr. . INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATION communication skills. McGrew, Hale Moku, EASY ASSEMBLY any ness. Must enjoy people Now TIONIST Heavy phone, Responsibilities: Assist Makalapa, Moanelue, hours, $339.84 week, and challenges. $1200. will train, entry level posi- MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES Director in planning & t11015!9183-8000 1.1403(1"1 58 Schools Halsey & Radford. family of 3 earns PIT. $3500. F/T. tion. Apply at: 96-1197 coordinating education Catlin, Call Weihona. St. 9E1, Pearl WEEKEND INCENTIVE & Instruction Earn money delivering $4417.92 monthly. FREE Jeannette 844-1188. & fund raising assign- one day/ Information - 24 Hour SECRETARY WANTED City. PAID BENEFITS ments, work with volun- newspapers MILITARY Welcome! "PIANO LESSONS" week. Once a month Hotline. 801-379-2985 a self-confident, TEMPORARY HELP for teers E. community sales in In your home. Juilliard collect for 4 or 5 days. Copyright 01-11102HH lmmed. P/T responsible individual house cleaning service. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED M. Music. 528-4427. leaders. Position avail- retail store. 532-5770. for full-time legal able 1/1/93 Windward Call 235-5881 / 423-1858. FABRIC painters needed, Call Lori, 262-2247. TOGETHER NEWSPAPER CARRIERS secretarial position LET'S SUCCEED DRUM LESSONS area. P/T. Hiring range: flexible hours. No art A.S.A.P. Downtown XMAS Bell Ringers, P/T Rock, Reggae, Metal. $11,000 to $13,000 per CASHIERS/SALES exper noc., but pref., 2 WANTED "WE CARE FOR OUR HERITAGE" 10 years to adult. Deliver area. business skills, & FIT. Kaneohe Salva- B. S. In Music. 422-5811 yr. Excel. benefits. !filmed. P/T openings to 3 mo. position or required. Will train. tion Army. Call 235-1408. Apply In person Send resume to: Amer- In Honolulu, Kaneohe permanent. 254-3127 1 day a week in your JOHN SCHOUTEN own neighborhood. Please call 528-3428. ican Cancer Society, & Pearlrldge for retell Piano Studio 200 Na. Blvd., FUN JOBI Learn & earn 247-6010 Vinerd shoes & clothing at the some time. Flexi- Areas Available in: XMAS RUSH 9100, Hon., Al.H 96817 Bay Drive SERVICE If you are departments. ble hours, free training Kaneohe & Care STAINED GLASS Deadline 11/30/92 EOE Kaneohe Yacht Club responsible sel WAREHOUSE OPENED Aloha Health Center 532-5770 provided. Call Arlene for motivated & like to wor Learn In 6 weeks. more info:455-5742, Kalaheo Hillside $350-$475 weekly. Due 45-545 Kam Hwy. Kaneohe, HI 96744 Phone 488-9538 M-F 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oneawa Hills outdoors, Pacific Pool & AUTO DETAILERS Spa has immed. full time to recent expansion, An EEOC Employer Excellent pay plu HOUSEKEEPER live-in, Respond NOW & if hired openings. 281-3508. now hiring 20 to 25 TRAVEL TRAINING medical. Call Justin CHURCH NURSERY Ta galog/English spoken. by Nov. 30 you'll recieve people Immediately. Call 239-7993. Airlines, Travel Agency 848-8080 for appt. ssistant needed Sun- a special bonus. SPECIALIST'S needed Full-time only. Car a gaty.s.r ft3an-1-12/n208n. for after school must. Full training pro- Cruises, Tours & Call 235-5881 ext. 352 BALLET, JAZZ, TAP, Cal l HOUSEPROUD INC. workshops. Share your vided. 120 Home Computer Street Dancing 64 Domestic instructor 281-230g.ty.m.g., HOUSEKEEPERS. Most P/T employment. Drivers talents in crafts, music, 64 Domestic Furnishings Windward Travel 949 -7874. honest, trustworthy, drama, drawing etc. 513 Call Lod at 84241714 Jobs Wanted COMPUTER BILLING be position avail. Depend. Jobs Wanted BLACK Institute BOBCAT operator reliable. dependable, and hard working. Most per hr. 2 week session LACQUER 5 262-7749 or 233-1155 CLERK Medical insur- able to communicate & Mon.- Thurs., pm - XMAS SALES P/T. Food CHILDCARE in my WEEKEND, overnight piece bdrin. set. Like needed. Kaneohe area. a nce exper., F/T, M-F, have car and valid baby sitting, Fri. to Sun., new $000. Licensed by DOE 236-1693 or 207-1830. take constructive criti- drivers lie. 235-5588. 3:30pm. Windward side, demos. English/Japanes home. Ewa Gentry. Patch 236-2338. BENEFITS. Avail. Nov. cism. We offer paid Kahaluu area. For more speaking helpful. Salary ( Cert. Call 881-0448. 24 hrs. or 48 hrs., etc. 30. Call 281-8931 My chIldrenxpe's 20 FINISHED Koa rockers days off & vacation, PICTURE FRAMER: F/T, Information. Call Lanette/ comm. Kell 944-8132. ranch by will train, good wage/ COOK- Exp. chef, private years Karin Chairmaster. standard benefits, Roberta 239-5777 Key etc er. 293-8392. CREATIVE PEOPLE bonuses, transportation benefit potential. Call Project. Partially funded 62 Domestic parties, holidays, 259-5284. Age 3 to 10 Expand your Income available. Only sincere 834-4420. by state foundation on Help Wanted 262-2315. Also pony rides. M-F. LOVESEAT & chair - INDEX beyond the limits of applicants please. Culture & Arts. Equal DEPENDABLE SITTER Jan. 1, wkly. care avail. BIG - peach/blue. Near new $400. your imagination in an 623-8185 PILOTS Opportunity Employer. BABY-SITTER needed will watch 2 toddlers. WILL APARTMENT SIT Ph. 247-8410. HEADING CLASS HEADING CLASS association of syn- for 1 year old, my home. Cell Dona 236-1764. for small fee over long METAL bunkbed for sale, MECHANICS TEACHER Assistant for days a week. Announcements 15 Howes Unfurnished 82 dicators. Open ter- KAILUA church needs Nationwide/Worldwide Christian Preschool in Schofield, 2 term. 621-7883. 2 years old, great' condi- ' 624-2002. I WILL BABYSIT In my 130 Income Property ....113 ritories, Mainland & dependable, loving nurs- employment K011ua, F/T. tion, mattress included, Antiques-Art Hawaii. We train and Aviation Also pre- MaunawIll home. Lie., Apts. Furnished 73 Houses ery attendant for 2 to 3 opportunities. school teacher beginning CARING SITTER needed 120 Home $800 or offer. Call assist. For interview $6/ exp., flex. hrs. & wknds. 825-3545. Apts. Partly Part. Furnished 83 hrs. Sun. mornings. Free Brochure 6/93. Phone 262-8501. for 18 mo. old in your Full time. Call 261-3795. Furnishings call 845-4494. hr Rosemary 254-1213 coif Toll Free Kailua home 1/93. Refs Furnished 74 Income Tex 30 TELEMARKETERS MUST SELL, or Peggy 262-9340. 1 (t00)643-5201 needed. Call 261-0018 NEED RESPITE CARE? 5 PC. bdrm. set, like Apts. Unfurnished 75 Jewelry & Clothing 133 24 hrs.,/ days! 9 needed. Salary Beautiful Teak Desk, CUSTOMER SERVICE Going on vacation/rest, new, includes frame, no paid $900, Auto Jobs Wanted 63 MID PACIFIC commissions. Benefits, HOUSECLEANER 4 hrs. box spring/mattress first $51110 P/T $1600. F/T $3500. COUNTRY or short/long term In my takes It. New Diniqg Announcements 173 Legal Notices seeking 7 CLUB SALESCLERK F/T flex. hrs. Call 735-6452 twice a week $9 an hour. $325. Call 423-1465. Local company golfing privileges. hm. Senior citizens day Table, paid $2200, yours 172 Livmtock & Horses 150 F/T, and 5 P/T career Now hiring bus boys, P/T, up to $5.50/hr. Kahaluu area. 239-8322. care. Flex. Auto Leasing Honolulu and Windward UNDERCOVER WEAR hrs. 261-9886. DINING SET beautiful for $1050. Two over- Automobiles Lost & Found 20 minded individuals. If waiters, maintenance, Home Lingerie Parties. NO MATTER what you're black lacquer w/smoked stuffed contemporary like to have fun, and & Oahu locations. Call WILL baby-sit for Sale 176 Office Equipment ...153 you dishwashers, 838-0313 for Be your own boss. F/T buying or selling, the F/T-P/T. glass top & 4 cushioned sofas, paid $1800, $980 have a great personality. housekeeping. Call Thomas at Mililani home. Auto Service/Parts 158 Mimellaneous 126 an appointment. hay for P/T work. Flex. Classifieds give you fast Call chairs. Like new, $425/ owns them. Call Call Jeannette, 844-1188. 282-8161. rs. 239-7008 Bev. results. 235-56561 625-9526. Autos Wanted 181 Miscellaneous Call offer. 455-3781. 236-1282. Aviation 3 Wanted 127 Bicycle Sales & Investment Service 131 Opportunities 55 Boob, Supplies & Motorcycles, Service 148 Mopeds & Scooter, 171 Business Moving & Storage ...123 Opportunities 50 Musical Instruments 144 Prof. Services/ Personals 25 Cleaning' 37 Pete-Everything ....151 140 & Photography HOME GUIDE Thanks 8 APARTMENT Card of Cemetery Plots 10 Pickups, Trucks 166 Iii living with parents or 74 Apts. Partly EQUAL HOUSING 88 Rooms For Rent Rent 109 Condos/Townhouses 114 Real Estate Condos/ Property legal custodians: preg- Furnished 88 Rooms For Townhouses Fore. 88 Management 112 OPPORTUNITY nant women and people For Sale For Sale SCHOFIELD/WHEELER Condos/Townhouses Real Estate securing custody of chil- MAKAHA VALLEY PLAN- KAILUA 'Vacation Rent 919EST IN MP MAHE, KAILUA turn. rm., TV, ale. Near Beach. FOR SALE BY OWNER 3 Announcement. 115 dren under 18. TATION 2/1, partly or USE HOUSING for Side 109 All real estate advertising All priv. bath/entry, ref rig. Call 261-5174. bdrm, l'h bath, Hale II Condos /Townhouses Real Estate for Sale 114 in this newspaper is sub- This newspaper will not fully furnished. $500 Incl. utils. 283-8121 Makakilo. By app'l NO WAIT! ALLOWANCE TO 095! amenities Incl. $750/mo 1 Part. Furn 85 Real Estate Loans 119 ject to the Federal Fair knowingly accept any KAILUA beautiful 672-6515. EXTRA LG. 6 BORM. Call Clint, 698-2660. KAILUA turn. rm. adv. 2 Bedroom 1 Bain Condos/Townhoinee Real Estate for Trade 117 Housing Act which advertising for real estate bdrm. house nr. beach & - bath, W/D, pool, prkg., shops $975/mo. 254-5757 4 bath. Over 4000 sq. Unfurnished 87 Real EOM. Wanted 118 makes it illegal to which is in violation of utile. Incl. $565/mo 114 Real Estate Ii, extended family FEE SIMPLE Computers 132 Rentels to Sher. 78 advertise "any pre- the law. Our readers are 76 Rentals To Share deposit. Call 262-0011. KAILUA on/nr. beach, 3 ..... ference, limitation or dis- hereby Informed that all For Sale home, Convienient to $169,00030 Year Finance Domestic Rentals Wanted bdrm. home or 1-2 bdrm shopping, schools, bus crimination based on dwellings advertised in KAILUA house near 3 BDRM, 2 NO DOWN 62 Restaurant., Bars ...181119 cottage. 282-5445. BIG ISLAND line In bealiful family- PAYMENT Help Wanted race, color, religion, sex, this newspaper are avail- beach, covered parking, be., fire place, $49,500. Domestic Rooms for Rent 88 93 KAILUA small studio/ oriented Hawaii Kai E6' or 011 To Qualify national origin, handi- able on en equal oppor- W/D, $595/mo. Incl. utile. Vacation Rentals 2 bdrm. Townhouse Must sell Jobs Wanted' 84 Schools & Inetruction 58 cap, familial stotus,or tunity basis. To complain cottage from $40, near $549,000 FS. Call 254-1322. $49.500. Dec. 5. Ask for IZ CALL 94 or an beach. Call 262-9545. by Employment Short Term Rentals national origin, of discrimination. call ADORABLE COTTAGE Clark & Assoc. (H) (Elinor) CAMPBELL. intention, to make any H U D toll free at BRIAN HELLIWELL Opportunitle 59 Sporting Goods ....147 83 Houses 943-6037 1 51 737-7969 such preference. limita- 1-800-589-9777. The toll In Kailua near beach. KAILUA small studio (RA) CONLEY DEW, Free Bee Stereo, Video & $40/day. 2 4 4 free number the hear- Partly Furnished Priv. & clean. 281-0758. 3 houses from MILILANI TWNHSE- 3L55.54TD.39824- OR (RA) 129 tion or discrimination." for beach. 262-0862. Garege/Lanal Television Familial status includes n g Spacious, FS., 4-5 impaired is BIG ISLAND RENTAL KAILUA 1 BDRM Apt. w/ bdrm./2.5 625-4896, 623-1258 SmitMoving 124 Stores & Offices children under the age of 1-800-927-9275. ant. Walk to ba., 5 min. to Health & Fitness 4 for Rent 103 Brand new 2-bdrm., 1 be. frwy & military bases. in Hawaii Paradise beach. Call 281-1237. 98 Rentals Wanted STEEL Buildings. Heavy Machinery Swaps A Exchenges 126 home Patricia Bovard, RA, Cen- Truckload sale o Park (20 min. South of tury, 21, Kallua HERITAGE & Equipment 174 Travel 122 KAILUA 2 units, large SINGLE MALE prol- Bch. Atty. nclaimed inventory. 400- 73 Apts. Furnished 73 Apts. Furnished Hilo at 9th and Kaloill. atudio/bdrm., private 283 6000, Hm 272-7712. Help Wanted o callon Rents!, 93 lesslonal looking for 42, 40098, 50x132. Is HOMES KAILUA, beach aide Includes stove, refrig., ant., pool. Ph. 282.8540. ome 1st served. Avail. Mat. /Female so Veils, Campers, and a great house to share In CLEAN UP rte THE stuaio, Incl. utile., prkg., high ceilings Wahiawa/Milliani. mmed. 303-757-3107. OP Home Appliances 125 Jeeps, 4WD wooden deck. Sur- KAILUA 3 or 4 bdrm., Call CLASSIFIEDS! Find a 175 KAILUA STUDIO. Cable, W/D, $850/mo. 262-0862. 8am-10am. 422-2037. HAWAII Homo Furnishings 120 Water Sport rounded by wild orchids house furnished, beach bargain for sale and sell CLASSIFIEDS are money private entiy/lanal.One side on/nr. beach with or Houses Furnished 61 Equipment 146 JUST STARTING OUT? & Ohla trees. $625/mo. WHEN IT'S TIME FOR your unwanted Items for makers, Call today-and person/non-smoker. Incl. Check the Reel Estate Call without pool, In March to cash in the Classifieds, place your ad where It'll HouarnItting 84 'COD Rel. needed. RESULTS... call the util.,prkg. $700, 282-8344 Section of the Classifieds 237-7083. April 93'. Call 262-4302. Classifieds, 235-56561 cell 235-5656. get last results, 235-5656. Classified III November 26-December 2 LARGEST ADOPT NOW& COMBO HAWAII'S Thanksgiving Celebration! Immediate Openings Sun Press TROPICAL FISH STORE 1 wk $2.45 per line 1 wk $4.34 per line 1 wk NEWSPAPER EMPLOYEES $5.41 per line ICI We'll beat any 2-4 wks $2.36 per line 2-4 wks .$4.05 per line 2-4 wks $5.14 per line I ADOPT! ADOPT! (per week) (per week) (Per week) WANTED competitor's prices, I PUPPIES DOGS? KITTENS CATS! Progressive company offering excellent 5-8 wks. $2.24 per line 5-8 wks .$3.54 per line 5-8 wks .$5.05 per line wages and benefits has the following full (per week) (per week) (Per week) ANYTIME! PUREBREEDS time positions open: 9 wks $2.14 per line 9 wks+ ....$3.64 per line 9 wks+ ....$4.64 per line ICE Come In TODAY and 55 GALLON KASS see our lebulous Commercial Truck Driver ASK ABOUT OUR 3 WEEKS FOR 2 COMBO SPECIAL TANK-only $60.00 selection of cute 8 Looking for the right Individual with a Commercial advertising, ren ale. employment, Whets toles or services are NOT eligible for the = cuddly pets. Don't Commercial Drivers License B to work In 3 Weeks 1012 Special PlexIglass Aquariums wait_ ADOPT NOWI our distribution department. Come in and Name 1.1=Glass Aquariums itir fill out an application or call Ted Stencil. Bubble Tanks ' Directions: Exit H-1 Freeway 44y- Address CO, ',Hexagon Tanks jli. 0125A. Corner of King and Waialee I FREE- Equipment Operator Home Ph Bus. Ph: Stands Hawaiian Humane I Adopter's Wanted for established mailing operation. 'VP Experience preferred, but we are willing 1 VISA MasterCard No. ExP Lin. CNanDop Society I Bonus Open: Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM to train persons with the right aptitude. Full A ND HiesU OF p..aeopt Shots PUCE YOUR AD HERE Sat & Sun 10AM-3PM and part-time hours are available, must be VARIETY OF FISHES! Closed Thanksgiving Day -Starter Kit able to work weekends. Wages commen- Allow for each letter, punctuation or space. Please do not abbreviate. Vol Exam =1 HOURS: M-F 11-7 5-S 10-5 2700 Waialae Ave. Neutering surate with experience. Apply in person. Please run this ad In your next Issue: LtIonoluie _946.21 87120d much mot' Field Programs Supervisor MINIMUM 3 LINES PER AD scr. 488-8801 Seeking energetic person with creative II:= 98-810 MOANALUA RD., AMA ideas for motivating children and adults au, Sett 74.4411e alike. Supervisory and/or teaching expe- FIRST UNE EXPIRES 12/3/92 1 rience helpful. Flex hrs. use own vehicle. 11111=1111111111111=1111111 FREE! '79 DODGE '71 MG 2 cp r I Submit resume to Sun Press Office, or call 11111111111111111111111111111011111111MNINNIIM u THISHIS AD IN FOR COLT Linda Bulatao. I A $2 GIFT CERTIFICATE! MG 3 11=1 4 DR. 4 SPD 4 SPEED, WIRE RIMS Mall List Clerk 111111111111111111111111111=111111111MININI EBD695 ERY930 4 Entry level position for individuals inter- 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111MINME IMPORTERS OF QUALITY ested in the field of direct mail marketing. $395 $1695 5 Must have pleasant telephone manner and IMEN111111111111111MIN111111=1111111 REGISTERED PUPPIES FOR computer data entry experience. organi- 6 THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS '82 TOYOTA '81 VW zation, accuracy and attention to detail are 1111111111=11111111BENINEMINIIIIMEM TERCEL VANAGON necessary traits for the position. Apply in 4 DR, AUTO 4 SPD, STEREO 7 Closelikallon person. THANKSGIVING EVD376 EPP696 No. of Wes 2 Cod per IIIs. x No of WeeiCI Pressroom Trainee 1Www111H111.1wAP1IPHA... THANK YOU SALE! Entry level positions in the printing trade "Who Says You Can't Buy Love" $595 $1895 minded individuals. 45.525 LULUKU RD. for mechanically smooth), in machinery environment. 235.5656 Golden Retrievers, Chihuahuas (long coat & '79 CHEVY '74 DODGE Physical work Sun Press/ MidWA KANEOHE, HI 96744 German Shepherds, Maltese, Papillon, Miniature Must be capable of heavy lifting and Pinchers, Shetland Sheepdog, Rhodesian Ridgeback, NOVA 3A TON P/U working 12 hour shifts. Full-time only, Collies, Welch Corgis, Yorkshire Terrier, Cocker P /S, PIB V&, AUTO, P/S 57.22/hr. to start. Up to $9.19/hr. after one `FURNITURE Spaniels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Dalma- ESCO25 ETG325 year. Apply in person - no phone calls. FAN MASTER tians. CONNECTION No phone quotes $695 $1995 PART-TIME POSITIONS All pups leave with complete health plan ONLY '80 TOYOTA CELICA GT '87 NISSAN SENTRA & warranty in writing. Business Representative UFIBACK XE CPE Must be cordial and energetic. Must have us CUPSITU9S 4401b, IAMS LAMB & RICE CANNED DOG FOOD 14 OZ. 5 SPD AM /FM, P/S 5 SPD, STEREO, P/S AIR RE COND $39 own vehicle for delivery of newspapers to SLOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED meta Mawr $28.75 CASE SHOWCOAT ADULT DOG FOODS 8WY137 CP0887 QUEEN BEDS - $149 ant twee businesses each Thursday in designated ASSORTED BRAND NAMES 10 lbs. $6.99; 20-lbs. $12.99 areas of Kaneohe and Kailua. Good salary. 3 pc. LIVING ROOM SETS PERSONALIZED SERVICE allowance. Call Linda Bulatao. A complete line of Dog Food 8 Supplies. $1295 $3195 Gas - FROM $149 set FREE DELIVERY/INSTALLATION OMEN 7 OATS A WEEK Drivers 5 pc"oAr BEDROOM SET-8595 ON SOME BRANDS Cars subject la par sale. All prima plus.141111.and 00C IEEE Need dependable, energetic persons to CALL 682-3874 LEEWARD USED CARS deliver newspapers to military facilites and 486.2677 431 = 94-819 FARRINGTON HWY. agencies. Must be available for ST. 025 AEA advertising 98-025 HEKAHA WAIPAHU.11196797 677-3333 Thursday only, or Thursday/Friday sched- (Behind Cutter Ford) ule. Use company or private vehicle, Must Available HnancIng & Delivery MOVING? $ CASH $ 2333 Alahao Place, Building E 8 Campers drivers abstract. Call Linda Bulatao. 175 Vans have (Just on Sand island Rosa) 168 Pickup Trucks 4 Wheel Drive We Buy Fine WE BUY BEDS Territory Managers HOTEL FURNITURE Ph. 848-1888 '87 B2200 MAZDA King '89MITSUBISHI VAN Remnant Sale & FURNITURE cab,' auto., P/S, nice Must be able to communicate and work Quality Used 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., 7 days a week Popular family model. Quality SALE black. $3950.'85 F150, CYS-157, $9,988 well with pre-teens and teens. Work from Twin Bed $90 Furniture. 486-2677 Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover auto., P/S, 68K ml., nice your own home in Hawaii Kai, Kaneohe Upholstery Fabric Financing available white. $3950. 239-7873. I III p 1111, King Bed .... $160 Fast, Free and Million'. Must have own vehicle. Have Large selection of TV/Ceb, $100 '89 ISUZU P/U Custom fun and make money on your own sched- Pick-up. wheels tool DCC-990, Med Refrigerators '92 CHEVY ASTRO VAN ule by recruiting, training and supervising 1 -10 yd. pcs. to $510 126 Miscellaneous clean, fun family car. $50 1 1111 NII and girls who deliver newspapers. PARADISE USED 132 Computers 151 Pets/Everything I, 111,111 I 747-TJE $15,488 boys $1.00/$20.00 Well Mirrors 330 Good salary and bonuses. Gas allowance. FURNITURE PIANO Tune-Up Time Complete. AMEGA 512K 32-bytes, 2 AKC Samoyed pups, CUTTER Call Linda Bulatao. per yd. THE Special-$35 fluffy wht., terms avail. 2315-8056 Expert Repairs. Free est, drives, monitor, printer. '91 NISSAN P/U CjfIEVROLET SALVAGE Mr. Mayers 395-0304. $500/offer. 235-3408. Special Gift? Hold for GEO - PONTIAC ./1,4oarza ua Xmas $750 ea. 247-5893. A/C, 5 spd., stereo, Sun Press STORE ANI SPORTS CARDS, comics COMPUTER FOR SALE utility box. 942-TGN, 737-0500 204.Atz,y 456-2525 and body boards. Very 640K, WP, 8 games incl. COCKATOO fem.(a $7,950. lesser), $1,000. HANS '92 GEO TRACKER 45-525 Luluku Road, Kaneohe P.O. InclkatrIal Pork 845-4444 cheap. 247-7210. $350./offer. 254-4718. McCAW, male (mini.) MIKE McKENNA'S 4X4, Red. 5 spd., low Phone 235-5881 Monday-FrIday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. 061167WAIPOHA STREET, CO 611 Middle St. GARAGE SALE VACUUM Cleaners, like $500. COCKATIEL, fem. PEARL CITY, HAWAII 967112 WINDWARD miles. Won't last! PLANTS & FURNITURE new $24.95 & up with 134 imports OHIO, $100, w/cage. VOLKSWAGEN ISUZU EPJ-847, $14,560. guarantee. Ph 423-1858. Sat. 9:00 a.m. 1288 735-8452. Healthy/tame. 288-8000 Maleko St., Maunawill. WANTED: Water hose IN need of quality MIKE McKENNA'S Val.q34. DRUGLORD TRUCKS! DUCTLESS, SPLIT GARAGE SALE (connection broken). I affordable vet care? Dr. WINDWARD 120 Home SALE XMAS CRAFT FAIR $100 AIR CONDITIONING GARAGE Kokokahl Gym Team, need only the hose. AFRICA Eric Pearson's Home Pet VOLKSWAGEN ISUZU Furnishings GARAGE SALE Sat. islandwide. '88 BRONCO 540 Sat., 11/28, 9 to 4pm., Please call 262-4102. Svc. 235-8457 268 -8000 3 FAMILY GARAGE sale. 10/30% OFF '9771 BLAZER 1720 Ullum/ a2w8aC4'.,-35Kallua. 1213 Mokapu Blvd., TEAC X1000R 10 %" open Mice. items and Kos 127 AFRICAN GIFTS PAMPERED PETSIII ' JEEP CJ $50 '92 MAZDA MP V Kallua. Great Gifts. Miscellaneous Pet sitting In your home. reel tape deck, $1200. frame. 156 Omao St., GARAGE SALE: Sat., Wanted & ACCESSORIES Seized Vans, 4x4's Auto., rear A/C, loaded, Sofa and ioveseat semi Kailua. 8-4. 11/27 & 11/28, 9-5, 128-A YARD SALE Sat. Nov. LADS 11/23 Ref. available. 622-4999. Boats. Choose from low miles, white. recliners, $5100/set, will 11/28. Malunlu Ave., Kallua. 28. 8-1. 1270 KWH St., N. Mesita Ste. B HOME. Pet thousands starting $50. EGT-687, PETS AT sit- FREE Information $18,980. sell separately. 825-3808. Kailua. A 8TH ANNUAL SANTA GARAGE SALE: 7 to 526-0662 ting service. caring 24 Hour Hotline WANTED alternative to boarding. MIKE McKENNA'S WHITE WICKER 2 twin HELPERS BOUTIQUE. 3pm., Sat., Nov. 28, 1477 HAWAIIAN items, Books, 801-379-2930 Sat. 11/28, 9-4 & Sun. 125 Home 423-1213. WINDWARD headboards, $15. each. Akulearie Pl., Kallua. Papers, Collectables. Copyright #-11102KC $50. 11/29, 11-3 598 Auwina Appliances VOLKSWAGEN ISUZU Matching chest, GARAGE SALE: Sun Jewelry, Antiques, Any- 141 Video Taping PRIVATE OBEDIENCE Twin-size peach, mint, St., Enchanted Lake. Training, Puppies & 266-8000 and comforters, 11/29, 9am 3pm. Multi thing of Value. 171 Motorcycles gray ANTIQUE SALE. Art Family, 46-261 Heels St., DRYERS FILMS transferred to Adults, results guar. No shame, bed skirts, sheets Deco, old sports cards, Kaneohe, toys, books, Large capacity, heavy HUNTER 262-4868 video. Many locations. abuse! $90. 698-4357. & Scooters Buick Os seen in model homes and blankets. Like new. ukuleles, 132 Ullama St., duty from $179. 1 year household, etc. 784 Mum Rd. Kailas Econ Photo 239-4295 PUPS TERRIER 2-9 mo. '88 SUZUKI 500 QUAD Quiet & energy efficient $150. for all. 262-4272. Kailua. Nov. 28 &29. warranty. '84 CENTURY SanyoeMitsubishiOuasat GARAGE SALE: Misc. Fox Terrier M/F 1 yr. RACER excel. cond., WICKER WORKS: Delivery available. BLOW-UP FURNITURE 1 owner, only 38,500 CHEAP! Tools, antiques, Items. Playbuoys-great Inflatable Toy Terrier M/F 688-7222 Champion Breed locks. furniture, baskets, windsurfer $50, surf Ross' Appliances. sofa/chair 144 Musical Orig. owner, rare limited miles, leather, clean. WINTER SPECIAL Xmas gifts. Sat., Nov. 28, table. $ ceramics, Christmas, out- board, furniture, kidstuff, Open Daily per condition Instruments series. $3,000, 689-6333 BSW-208, Make Offer. Complete Systems From: let. Corner Sand Island & 8 to 4, 169 Pauahllanl Call 941-0647 iv. meg. 153 Office clothes, & much more. Way, Kallue 841-7338 & evenings. Nimitz. 841-3055. Fri. & Sat Elam, 45-202 UNWANTED CONCERMATE portable Equipment MIKE McKENNA'S $179500 Lilipuna Rd., Kaneohe. HUGE SALE Furniture UPHOLSTERY? We will electronic musical Instru- '91 KAWASAKI KX, WINDWARD clothes, care, & morel haul away ment with 49 full size 200 FOLDING TABLES, $2500, good condition. VOLKSWAGEN ISUZU 122 Travel CHRISTMAS BOUTIQUE 126 Miscellaneous it for you at 259-8197. FREE ESTIMATE 854 Maine St. Sat 8 no charge. 453-3333. keys and 100 sound tone 819- $99.300 0 Stack 268-8000 Decorations & gifts, Sun., 8-2pm. Kellum. CLIFF'S Economy Furn. bank $170.282 -9034. chairs, $9-$49. 847 -7268. 1 WAY from HNL to 90 YAMAHA RAZZ Red, LOCAL CONTRACTING Nov. 27, 28, 29, 10-3pm. & Thrift Shop. 1716 N WANT to rent, parking, SKYHAWK Automatic West Palm Beach, FL., 771 Wanaao Rd., Kailua. MOVING 9 drawer DRUMS 8 hardware, new USED OFFICE FURN. helmet, bike cover, excel. c.12229 235-7932 King St. Ph, 841-4443. place for 21' boat on CF N-263. $3988. expires 3/30/93, $350. dresser/mirror/2 nite trailer. 247-4006. S used. Buy 8 Sell. 7-40 foot containers from cond., $700. 422-0207. Call 946-3527. CHRISTMAS CRAFTS stands, $120. Desk /chair, FILTER Queen Vacuum Drum lessons. Fred's Pro mainland. Commercial I III It 511.1s1 Fri., 11/27, 9 to 4pm., HONOLULU TO LOS $15. Mower, plants, Cost, $850. Must sell Drums. Call 533-7550. bank 8 Institutional MOTORCYCLE 830 Papalani St., Kailua. lamps, chest, & more. $250. 735-4651, 926-7292. 129 Stereo 8 Video desks, files, chairs, part- 120 Home ANGELES one way. KNABE GRAND PIANO, itions, conference tables. INSURANCE Leave by Dec. 5. CRAFT SALE! Gifts for Cheep. 247-3457. superb '87 SKYHAWK 4 d r. Furnishings FREEZER CHEST $75, WE Buy or Repair non 82 In. Mehagony, Like newt 847-7268. Best rates 8 sevice , make offer. Call C$100.all 373-4527. XMAS. 203 Akiohala St., tone, Mal 1 MUM & MOVING SALE kitchen & Bridge Table/4 chairs, working VCR's & Nin- oil 262-4133. Kallua. 11/28. 9-3. mice. Items. $35.281- 4283/281 -3172. Ivories. $5,411, 235-3040. in town, 2 payment PAT'S Furniture and ONE WAY TO Charlotte Sat Nov. 28, tendo systems. Call Econ plans. Thrift Shop. Hookele NC. via St. Louis. Call GARAGE SALE Crib, 9am-4pm. 45-138 INVENTORY REDUC- Photo 239-4295. PIANO - Upright 158 Auto Service St., Mikihillna St., Kaneohe. Cadillac 688 -2006. Mon., Tues., with offer 488 -8329. baby things, mica. Items. TION. Wave skis, kayaks, Cable-Nelson, good & Parts 261-7922. Thurs., & 12/5, 9 -3 m. 45-212 windsurfing equip. '92 condition $600. 834-4023 Jack Wolfe Insurance $45 TRANSFER FEE 8 Sat. 10-5pm., MOVING out sale. Every- PORSCHE Wed. & Fri. 12:30-5pm. Namoku St. Kaneohe. thing Sat. sails 25-40% off. Great 130 Antiques & Art Auto Parts. paperwork - '80 must go. Nov. New 8 used. Call for low 123 Moving/Storage 28. 8-4. 508 Churlish'. Cor- gift Items $5. and up. ELDORADO, EGZ-970 GARAGE SALE Sat. Nov. DECORATE your baby's prices. 734-5335. Payments of $141/mo. 28. 10am-2 pm. Furn., ner of Ulupil. Kallue. Misc. Incl. cash register. nursery or child's wall 146 Boat Sales 175 Vans 8 Campers FLY CAR TO LAX. SAME 155 A & 158 C Hamakua Apr 15%, 24 mo. OAC. RATTAN surf boards, household NOV. 27, 26, 29 9am- with an original mural or & Service 4 Wheel Drive DAY SVC. $750 FLAT items, toys, & books. Dr., Kallua. 262-8088. FAMILY MOTORS KOA ' 4pm. 210 Kuupua St., oil painting. By N.J. 188 Pickup Trucks RATE. AMERICAN INT. 47-223 Hui Aeko St., MARTIAL arts pads 8 Ford. Call 254-5188. 20' RIENEL No motor '68 ASTRO Van, 87,500 678-1800 808 -838 -0858 Kallua. Estate items, CARGO. Kaneohe. Cash only. books, toys, handcrafted uniforms. $25-830. 35mm Boat and trailer. $1500. '70 DATSUN P/U $595, ml., auto., A/C, P/S, P/B, ROSS' OR 1-800 -642 -5121. EGX-505. Culler Ford - '89 ELDO BIARITTZ oriental clocks, & more. 0M-10. $300. 838-2068. Jay, 261-7639. clean, $7500. 499-3052. BUYS & SELLS GARAGE SALE: Sal., 131 Bicycle Sales Ales, 487-3811. white, tan leather, DON'T gat swamped by 1 1/2 8, 9am-3pm, 984 MICROWAVE OVEN LET'S GO FISHING 33' 'Be CHEVY ASTRO van loaded, maint. records, SAT NOV. 28 9:00-3:00. '83 DATSUN P/U $1,495, 841-7338 inflation. Let the Holoholo St., Enchanted Old & new, gifts for Panasonic Genius 2 HUFFY BIKE 20" boys. boat, lit. Capt. Military/ cargo. V-6, auto., 84K mi. pristine! One owner. ON NIMITZ HWY. 211sts. pifr!oendes23karse you Lake, Kallua, several Runs well, $150 Good cond. New 570/ Kameeina rates. You EON -912. Culler Ford - $ 6500 /off er. Jay, $18,400/offer. Paul Christmas. 48 -325 Ales, 487-3811. interesting bargain items. Nahewai St., Kaneohe. 395-8395. offer. 422-9189. keep the fish. 488-4854. 261-7839. 449-2891,423 -2663 meg. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PROFESSIONAL Contracting 8 Financial Services Professional SERVICES: Carpentry Cleaning Construction Handyman Hauling Painting Services Sewing & Alterations - Accounting/Bkpg. CARPENTRY PLUS Hawaii law, Chapter 444, BAD CREDIT, B. STANLEY Carpentry, LIGHT HAULING HAWAIIAN PAINTING PROFESSIONAL sewing/ - Appliances Dry wall, Tile, Painting. "GENERAL CLEANING HRS, prdhlbits any person, drywall, termite, home 236-3477 quality alter. for all occasions. 4 Hr. Service $71.88 NO CREDIT', work reasonable CLOCK AND - Cabinetry Termite/water rot. We do corporation or entity from repairs, ciainting. Low 236-3477. rates To $1000. Free p/u & del. 239-5601. 8 hr. special $123.38 Free est. WATCH REPAIR - Carpentry it all. 235-0347 TO $1000. offering or performing con- cost. To $1000. 396-3483 622-2917. SEW Unique. Custom - Carpets Reg or occasional svc. struction work without s con- Iv. meg. or 264-5081. Rolex, Seiko, and A CARREIRA Home Also offer carpets, tractor's license issued by ' We Can Help' LEE'S Pointing, 20 years sewing, clothing, drapes, - Cleaning Landscaping others. Batteries alterations. Ph. 423-2899. - Clerical/Typing repairs 8 painting. One move-In/out, offices, the Connector's License 800.467-Lend C & C MAINTENANCE & business exp. Lic, Contracting /Constr. call we do it all. Free eat. parties, windows & Board. Appearance In this 5363 REPAIR, APEX LANDSCAPING 8 MC3858. Call 247-1454. James Tobita 821-8005 - classification electrical/ - Electrical Call 239-4857. To $1000. yard service. does not Registered & Bonded carpentry. Free Sprinkler Systems FREE Westervelt Street, Near Tree Call 732-9450 mean the license issued to estimates. To $1000. Call Est. CC- 15292.988 -4444. Trimming - Entertainment PROFESSIONAL Car- the listed contractor may . r Wahiawa Post Office - Equipment Rentals DANA'S Housekeeping 943-8802 or 262-4302, Plumbing ALL Paradise Tree Svc. pentry. Home repairs, 15 Personnel Service still be current and valid. II HAWAIIAN GARDEN - Fencing yrs. exper, work guar. To you have any questions con- LOAN UP TO $20K SPRINKLERS Maintenance Lrg. removal to orna- Financial Services (Since 19701 Bad Credit Okay CHEEP CHEEP han- KANEOHE Plumbing - $1000. Michael 595-3857. corning a contractor's dymech. Carpentry, elec., 8 remodeling. Free est To mental trimming. 15 yrs. - Flooring/Tiles license, please contest the 1-800-995-9735 $1000. Cell: 254-4801. Repairs & remodeling Repair exp., licensed 8 insured - Graphic/Printing O 0 YOU FIND you lac plumbing, kitchens, and Lic. C9153. 239-9262 Department of Commerce baths. Convert garage to Contractor #C14433. -Handyman, Carpets ime or energy to ties and Consumer Affairs Free Est. B ATHTUBS REPAIRED Free estimates. 695-8228. apt. You name It I It. our house? I can help do and reglazed on location. - Hauling 1 ROOM FREE Licensing Board at Floors & Tile Massage Therapist - Landscaping Affordable rates 588-3000. To file current Special.... Bathtub PLUMBING home repair, Sinks, tiles, fiberglass. NILO LANDSCAPING Shampoo extraction, Pic. Windward side. 261-5294. AA CERAMIC TILE and reglaze, $280. Call YOU DESERVE TO FEEL Tree trimming, install - Legal Services & complaint, cell 687 -3222. drain cleaning. Call Mira- Guaranteed! D. E. H. ins. Islandwide. Free To check on contractor's CULTURED MARBLE Marcel 261-8301. GOOD] Massage reduces sprinkler, lawn renova- - Masonry est. Call Frank 672-8063. HOLIDAY HELP cle Maintenance for free Refinishing. 261-8430. - Massage Therapist c588omp-28 lai nt history, call Free estimate. 225-3972 CUSTOM HOME REPAIR stress 8 pain. MAE388 eat. 488-5845 tele-pager. tion, haul, maint. Free Top Jobs Bottom Price. 77. er 365-5445. To $1000. Call Eve 531-8959. CANE chair repair, also est. C-17853 671-9947. - Painting A to Z CARPET & Window Cleaning, Odd since 1903. Carpentry. 526-8568. Up to $1000. - Plastering UPHOLSTERY Cleaning rush weave. Guaranteed, Jobs. Henry 396-1655. CERAMIC TILE, marble, electrical, 8 plumbing. Call 734-8492. - Plumbing 10% Discount with this Electrical flagstone. Expert work, No Mb to small. Free est. Painting Yard Service - Professional Svc. ad. Call 283-0300. HOLIDAY cleaning, the 20 yrs. exper. To $1000 Up to $1000. 281 -8048. ISLANDWIDE Elec., qual- 'ISLAND BUDGET PAIN- Professional Remodeling personalized svc. Ins., 247-6189/dig. M 574-1590. CHEAP Yard Services. AL'S CARPET CLEANING ity svc. 8 rpr. Insured, to J. L. HANDYMAN Home TING 8 MILDEW WASH. Services Resumes - Repair $14/per rm., stab., reliable. 947-7395. Resumes 10% off with 5100. 898-8065/288-7356. MARBLES Ceramic Tile Repairs S R floe. Interior/exterior painting. this ad. Call 422-0457. HOME CLEANING: Carpentry, Plumbing, WIII beat most estimates. weeding. Ric Roofing Weekly, monthly, yearly. Specialist also complete LIVING TRUST - Screens & Jalousies bathroom & kitchen Water Rot, Termite, OG17021. refs. 239-5158 JUST TYPING AWAY DAVID'S Gardening Move-outs. Call Of Fast 8 efficient - & Alterations Entertainment renovations. To Drywall 8 Ceramic Tiles. work. Services, commercial & Sewing Cleaning Linda 262-3836 $1000 FATHER 8 SONS PAINT - WILL? You name It, I'll type ill - Telephone Service Guar. Free est 942-3939. To $1000. Call 236-0052. Get all the facts. residential/clean ups. LASER KARAOKE NO islandwide, Neat 8 Cell Joni, 259-5479. Tree pruning. 261-8756. Termite/Pest Control "CLEAN WINDOWS" HOUSEPROUD Clean- All occasion party rent- SPECIALIZING IN Senior ast. To $1030, 254-1329. Free Consultation, no pre Tree Trimming Prof. Service since 1968. ing. Res. /Comml. rase. Handyman als. Star Productions, Citizen Painting, plumb- scare. Your personal JACOBSEN a SON 1 - Wallpaper Call Ron Albert 699-8779 Guaranteed. 623-8185. Tex 872-8437. ing, elect., carpentry, to MILILANI trust will be thoroughly Screens & Jalousies time clean-up, hauling, - Yard Service /1-1 HANDYMAN and Doors, drywall, tile, paint- $1000.948 -9358. PAINTING COMPANY reviewed approved gen. labor svc. 282-0184 For as ilttle as 621.96/ BUDGET CLEANERS Contracting 8 by one of Hawaii's most Need help for holidays? Fencing ing, termite repair, & interior 8 exterior. 01 SCREENS S Jalousies RIGO'S TROPIC me. you can piece 3 Construction plumbing. 422-1404. To respected attorneys. No line Professional Ser- Low rates. Sherry Hauling Small company, small Trust too big or smell. repair. Wood or alum- Landscape svc., comml./ NEW OR REPAIRS $1000. Mum. To $100. 236-1804. res., vice ad. Call today for 237-8887. B ARNETT & ASSOC. And any general price. VERY AFFORDABLE grdn. svc. 261-2230. car- A. HAULING II Moving. Licensed 8 Insured. Call Mid-America Living details, 2364856. I II Quality construction, pentry. Call us for free ALL HOME replies done, B UYERS a sellers agree TIRED of. cleaning? :Fgftill.6.cArr.27379-21311.6 2, C-17108 Tru2s0t1C4orzany IF A LITTLE extra cash do It for you. Monica new/remodel/additions estimates. 225-3972 or .aoriiintr.ybcfrie16nArlact. that the classifieds ere a would light up your life, 423-1695. NBC- 16471.264 -2928. 395-5445. To $1000. Call David 823-0300 reel bargain. 235-5858. turn on to the Classifieds November 26-December 2 Classified IV

REPO & OWNER TRANSFER "A PUBLIC NOTICE" V. rig '81 JEEP WAGONEER EXCL '82 CHEVROLET MAIJBU DEMO (BFT-650) (EBX 126) utility vehicle Balance $2676.21 Auto, stereo Balance8967.61 I '87 SAAB 900 TURBO '83 GMC 3/4 TON I (CPY-525) sunroof, (271-TJU) I air, cruise Balance $5998.00 Excl utility vehicle Balance $3989.69 II! I '86 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER '85 ISUZU PICKUP SALE U (CUX-598) (CM 614) CHOOSE FROM II auto, stereo, Excl salon°. $3766.21 50 TO !! exci. transp Balance $2,169.21 '82 NISSAN STANZA '87 PLYMOUTH HORIZON (AUV-831) (CNE-981) ALL CLEARLY MARKED!! I air, stereo, exci Balance $966.21 auto, air Balance 41679.21 '92 CHEROKEE LTD '84 DODGE DAYTONA '86 NISSAN 3007Y (BXX 820) (DJC-370) tow miles Auto, air, stereo Balance *966.21 stereo Balance $5976.88 '87 JEEP WRANGLER '89 MASERATI (CFB-709) (DWF-341 ) smelb car, showroom auto, exci Balance $5769.21 condition Balance $17,989.11 I Dealers Welcome All cars stored at CALL NOW & SAVE WHOLESALE MOTORS, Inc. 3033 N. NImItz Highway $2070

L.EASE A 1./Y. ( 11, MAC Kawasaki N' .15 6 - 3994 The 1993 TRI STAR LEASING Kawasaki's Are Here! Chevrolet Come in Today for the Best Selection.

$45 TRANSFER FEE & paperwork -'87 CELEBRI- V TY, CPC-391. Pymts of $150/mo. Apr 15%, 30 mo. OAC. Plus, Save Big On FAMILY MOTORS 676-1600 All Remaining 1992 $45 TRANSFER FEE & paperwork -'88 COR- SICA, HTU-647. Pymts of Kawasaki's In Stock! $100/mo. Apr 15%, 30 mo. OAC. FAMILY MOTORS Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale 676-1800 V '89 BERETTA GTU, 5 Bpd., wht., air, 1 owner. FINANCING AVAILABLE List $8300, sell $ 700 O. Private. Call 625-6061. TO QUALIFIED '91 CAMARO. RS sport car at a low, ow price! NtOrP BUYERS $7,988, ECC-268. 311114i17111 'CUTER CHEVRTOLET LTO 831-2600 CHECK OUT THE GREAT USED CAR VALUES GE - PONTIAC ® 2965 N. NIMITZ HWY. r' 737-0500 AT OUR NEW KANEOHE LOCATION! Hawaii's Oldest Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki & Moto Guzzi Dealer Classic Cars A Division of Wholesale Motors, Inc. Established in 1961 II 46-004 KAWA STREET. 247-2277 '83 BUICK RIVIERA Conv't. Excel cond. Real beauty. Offer 263-3431. IKEII Jeep Mazda Dodge rstOUTN SEAS 10511 '83 RX7 in top shape. FAMILY AIRPORT CORNER $45 TRANSFER FEE & Original paint, no rust. OF NIMITZ & LAGOON DRIVE 836-0515 paperwork - '84 DODGE Low mileage, $3500. Mov- CONV'T. BWA-636 Pay- ing, most sell. Call Ken, MOTORS ments of $141/mo. Apr 247 -6322, 247 -3201, or 15%, 24 mo. OAC. 235-5881. MILITARY AND CIVILIAN FAMILY MOTORS '88 323 DX 5 spd., A/C, FINANCING 676-1800. CD AM/FM stereo, alarm & cellular phone. HOT NEW PAINT '87 NISSAN '89 DAYTONA $4 9 9 5, Interested parties only. ECP-514. Cutter Ford, $4000/otter. 395-9235. SCIROCCO) SENTRA Zisa ..dge44. Ales - 487-3811. AUTO,40111IMMAI Mercedes $1895 $2995 Ford CHEAP! FBI/US SEIZED $45 TRANSFER FEE & '89 MERCEDES ... $200 TOURER '86 DODGE 600 paperwork - '86 TEMPO, '86 VW $50 '83 MAZDA 626 CONVT CVA-755. Pymts of $141/ '87 MERCEDES ... $100 (AUM) PM, JUE, P7W, TILT (MINI) H N D mo. Apr 15 %, 24 mo. '65 MUSTANG $50 0 WINDWARD OAC. Chodse from thousands $1995 $3695 FAMILY starting $25. 24 Hour MOTORS Recording Reveals CAMARO '88 FORD Only 20 Minutes From Almost 676-1800 Details 801-37 9-29 2 9 In Kaneohe Anywhere! Copyright HI102JC. TEMPO '72 COUNTRY SQUIRE 'Atitittni rrT (SYDOW $3 9 5, BJF-135 2. Cutter Ford, Ales 487-3811. Mercury $2495 $3695 '85 TEMPO 4 dr., 5 spd., A/C, fr. wheel dr., asking '87 COUGAR XR-7 $495, '86 NISSAN '87 HONDA Thanks to all our customers and $2700/offer, 456-4030. CAC-828. Cutter Ford, SIENTMSdri CIVIC DX Atria - 487-9811. AuTo, u., P/I (COMA) '87 ESCORT '89 , 4 dr., auto., A/C, 29,000 miles, in excellent 72495 $4295 friends for making this year low mi. CGR-957, condition. White w/silver, make offer. red trim, new battery, '87 TOYOTA '85 CADILLAC front brakes. Luxurious TERCEL FLEETWOOD MIKE McKENNA'S one of our best. We wish you a interior, like new, no AUTO, AM Pi (DOOM/ LoinDto, cLEAN (11WFININ WINDWARD rust. Deluxe Kenwood VOLKSWAGEN ISUZU stereo system $4 50 O. $4995 266-8000 Call Ken 3 9 6-1 8 21 or 78 FAIRMONT Great 2350-5881. '86 JEEP CHEROKEE Happy Thanksgiving. transportation. ELZ-001, T-BIRD 6 en, LOADED, INROAD. (CEC104) $588. MG AUTO, P/S, AM, PAY MUMS) III I< \ 111,1'111-1 '79 MOB conv't. Yellow & $299 $5995 black, runs great, sexy. 00. . . IN HOUSE FINANCING Geo INSTANT DELIVERY '91 STORM clean, fun Nissan SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE car. $7,888, EEC-892. '85 MAXIMA silver, auto., SPECIALIZE IN BANKRUPTCY '93 HONDA ACCORD LX 4-DOOR AM/FM case., CGoCUTTER loaded, OP 1 111011-FRI 9Mil6PIA , CHEVROLET leather, sunroof, $4,400. EO - PONTIAC 293-2638 / 288-0600 pgr. SAT 91114-SPIA, UN 12MA-4PN AT LEOKANE WAIPAHU, 737-0500 HI 96797 Plymouth PHONE: 676-1600 $199.00* Honda '90 LASER RS Auto., air, more, EAB-724, $9,880. '86 ACCORD H/B, auto, air, AM/FM case., tinted I rt I it ti '111,111P...4F' Porsche Volkswagen glass, excel. cond., $4995/offer, 261-1160. '879248 Excel. cond., a/c, cass., sunroof. Make '74 CONV'T BUG '86 ACCORD LX, 4 dr., 5 Pontiac spd., excel. cond., new roes. offer. 834-0066. Runs & looks great Per Month Stock a 1859 includes A/C, AM /PM Cass., Pwr. tlres/shocks/bettery, 88K '88 FIERO Perfect Hawaii car OT popular ACB-105, Windows, Pwr. Doors and much morel miles, $7400. 484-0979. modal, Bala CIT-110, Toyota $2,995. '90 ACCORD LX MIKE McKENNA'S 4 dr., maintained, great (1111, III IN 111,111' '81 CRESSIDA, auto., air, WINDWARD buy. 68,788. EAB-238. good cond. $2500. Call VOLKSWAGEN ISUZU USED CAR SPECIALS CUTTER 238-0459 or 732-3054. 266-8000 CHEVROLET '68 BONNEVILLE '83 COROLLA 4 dr., CONV'T '78 HONDA '85 NIS5AN '86 OLDSMOBILE '89 FORD GEO-PONnAC loaded, great buy! auto., P/S, very nice, '83 RABBIT EBX-498, $5,988. cream. $1950. '83 COR- Must sell. $2500/offer. ACCORD SENTRA CUTLASS SUPREME TEMPO GLX 737-0500 423-4495, Iv. msg. CCUTTER OLLA 4 dr., S/Wagon Licit ERU-503 Lic.# CCD-393 Lic.B CRX-375 Lic.# CXD-250 HEVROLET auto., excel. cond., '86 VW GOLF Mum GEO - PONTIAC $2250.239-7873. A/C, Low Miles, Rims. $1,495 $2,295 $2,495 $3,995 Make offer. '86 ISUZU IMPULSE 737-0500 '84 TERCEL WAGON CFV-667, Good cond., $950/offer A/C, runs & looks '86 MIKE McKENNA'S '86 CHRYSLER '86 PLYMOUTH '86 NISSAN '82 MAZDA groatl ERV-498, PONTIAC GTA 263-4562. T-top, tint, loaded & WINDWARD NEW YORKER CARAVELLE PULSAR NX 626 $3,895. fastl Leather. CWE-731, '84 TOYOTA 8/W $1795, VOLKSWAGEN ISUZU BXB-327. Cutter Ford - Lic. 8 CDC-647 Lic. it OFF-199 Lic.# EDU-761 Lic. AUP-831 MIKE McKENNA'S $10,995. Alec, 487-3811. 266-8000 WINDWARD $2,295 $2,995 '88 PICKUP 4 sod., A/C, , '87 VW FOX $2,995 $1,995 VOLKSWAGEN ISUZU MIKE McKENNA'S WINDWARD rims, tires, good. cond. Low miles. Runs great, 266-8000 VOLKSWAGEN ISUZU $5000,259-8197. good on gas. CPV-970, ' Based on 60 months closed-end lease with option to purchase. First payment in advance plus tax, license, $188 DOC Fee, security deposit and $500 CAP. reduction. 266-8000 $4,495. Residual value $7075 Total payment 11,940. On Approved Credit. All cars subject to rior sale. Sale ends 11/30192. Lincoln '90 SUNBIRD Volvo MIKE McKENNA'S '58 LINCOLNS MARK II Convertible. Auto., WINDWARD '91 740 TURBO WAGON (2), buy 1, get 1 free, P/W, tilt, low miles. VOLKSWAGEN ISUZU I Military Financing needs some restoring, EVF-152, $9,850. Fully loaded, leather 266-8000 66800/offer 235-6663. seats, low miles, wrnty HONDA Immaculate cond. Priced '77 CONTINENTAL Mark MIKE McKENNA'S '87 VW JETTA GL & Mainland to sell, below blue book auto., A/C, cass. (CA.) WINDWARD V, loaded, needs WINDWARD at $21,950. Call 625-0518. HONDA windshield. Collectors VOLKSWAGEN ISUZU 2KHN420, Make offer. Te-r e Item. $700/takes it. 286-8000 #1 in Hawaii For -:. Releases Available! 239-7015 or pager Volkswagen MIKE McKENNA'S = 288-5688. '91 FIREBIRD Won't last, -WINDWARD Service Satisfaction great condition! '63 RAG Rimmed, tires, VOLKSWAGEN ISUZU Open 7 Days a. Week: DGS-077, 611,988. motor, good cond. $3500 286-8000 Mazda 259-8197. Hotline: Mon -Sat: 9 -9p.m. CCUTTERHEVROLET '91 PAW:4AT GL power HONDA '64 lrCe. 4$1,35t GEO - PONTIAC '70 BUG, rebuilt engine, pkg. Must Sell. Asking cond., good condition, $2000 or $15,500/otter. 254-6549 247-8544 45-671 Kam Hwy., Kaneohe Sun:10-6p.m. offer. tall 247 -0033. 737-0500 offer. Call 262-5764, Iv. msg. Classified V November 28-December 2, 1992


CUTTER CUTTER v CUTTER 71 F. 71 17 MITSUBISHI CUTTER CHEVROLET FORD-ISUZU CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH GEO-PONTIAC 94 HI .1 K..11101,1ifirlt.1 H, . ,, WAIPAHU DODGE JEEP/EAGLE 2 AIEA 94-i 49 Far' iiigt(111 H iv 487 -381 I 2 GIANT LOCATIONS 67 I -2626 IN TOWN LOCATIONS QUALITY PEOPLE... QUALITY PRODUCTS C UTTER SMART BUYS LHs' are Here i BEST INTREPID, VISION, CONCORDE MITSUBISHI tklAIPAHU ?eulogy VAR UP TRADE-INS WELCOME I .."' REST REBATE PAID FOR OR NOT! 'TRANSN23010 NEVER $2000 $ 20 ,^1 E 117 2489-9". '920E600) v 81kmori, C. PRICES VALUE* SELECTION LaAS N 2 9% FINANCING , 111 .'1 'S A.14 minis WE ARE MAKING GREAT DEALS ON SELECTED MODELS A- ',;-.4 ',.-I--'--.:=-1-4 Ban-41-11 111111116. ON EVERYTHING, FORD'S/ISUZU'S . SO /fop- - ' ----...._ .---- AND EXECUTIVE DEMO'S - -T a s6988 s RUNG PRICE $20,254.95, DOWN PAYMENT $3100, RESIDULE$8101.013 AU '93 COLT '93 SHADOW 44 MIGHTY MAX 193 GL 2.4 SOHC ENGINE, (43100351 0310224) 5 SPEED, MUCH V-6, Auto, Air, P/W, P/L, Dual Air Bags, MORE! ONE TIME 0/D TRANS. AIR BAG. 0/0 TRANS, P/B, MINI LIMITED OFFER IS AM/FM Cass #379 HEAD PIS. RIB. MOREG! CONSOLE, HALOGEN 0 AND LAMPS, AND MORE! 1 / cyo INTEREST $27999 '92 IM38121z=1. '31v4 -- eq.- 11100. /2 TERM $6988 -$7988 ,010* 1 -

#379 . ,-., p ,.-- Mb:\ 24 MONTHS OR S0 - .2 4rol, re9..., ,,;,,-,,,. PURCHASE FOR 00.11° $14 '93 WRANGLER tt411 MWAGE 57788 P 988 '93 DAKOTA 5 YR/ 000 MILE SPORT 4X4 POWER TRAIN WARRANTY 1410 93 1033006.1 MUCH MORE! 1 1 FESTIVA (#3,0110) . BUMPERET1S 0 'r 00 GREAT VALUE SMALL PRICE! #488 P/S, P/B, STEP BUMPER, P 'B. TINT GI ASS c:. .. 92 (mem 46,-.36,-, --, '''' :...... ---..... - .. I - CASS, ALM WHEELS SKID PLATE AND - 1st TIME BUYERS PRICE! MOH,' ---i- A ' / di 1 i r7.4\1\1'\''N2.001voso- dr/ /Z. ----,91669.....010 ..w; -- .1,411111. _...h.,------0 di"..-.-.. 41/4 p,..... --.... ,000. .. '.' ,,.....,_,....---011111101 $8988 $10,988 - d) '---- :o,) ----ii ''' - .- 5988 ...... coith., '93 CHEROKEE 0 ECLIPSE ... ._,..., 4 WHEEL DISC BRAKES, $1 0,888 STYLED STEEL WHEELS, A %, BEST FINANCING '9344 DR 4 4 & MUCH MORE! I ,,n.;..1, (#330124) P/S, P/B TINTED C,A S. 1114°1° NO DOWN PAYMENT! . ' P AIR CASS IC i OW 01) GLASS, STABELIZER '92 (M3782) 4/ 2.9% APR OR UP TO S2OCIO REBATE FINANCING FROM CRUISE a2,01 l'' BARS, AND MORE! Allill.....,1I\N .cs . 1...... a`. t40. .... ---.. 40"--i*, IS lame . - - -- AT-2-.-4,*va.7..--/;. ., i - i C.) $12 ...W,- ' - .,',. I S UZ U PICK-UP $10,988 988 rp. STILL HAWAII'S BEST BUY! #2550 i , --, 2.3 LITER, 5-SPEED, MIRRORS s1 1,8 8, ,,,..-0,,,"".' .dr. '92 STEALTH R/T '93 DODGE "TOP tillY IMPORT SEDAN" iNishomel-Ogew MOTOR TREND MAGAZINE --.._.----.-- TWIN-TURBO CARAVAN MmimivmmmAmmi 44r. ,Wt. 41°/ ,..., $6888 (4310350) molkw,cA 1,0t (#310394) EXECUTIVE DEMO AUTO, AIR, AIR BAG, '93 1-1111-12-. t.t.)-s,cr6s . FULLY LOADED 300 HP. P/S, P/B, AND MORE' gol -,--....-- Et ,911 FORD ESCORT _. <1011 ) PA'.°1 \so --;-- 4 --,-.. vio DNE OF AMERICA'S BEST SELLERS :$23,988 $14 988 ...f --,-Ass - 1st TIME BUYERS PRICE! #334 P 0 viN\l'\4 0 f-c%....--...-... V.-4r- HAWAII'S USED CAR CAPITAL * EXPO ALL 0-- ...;;,,.._...,$6888 2.4 SOHC ENGINE, I & MORE! NEW. ij.,,,, :,.....,...... -.:itlitiV. '87 SENTRA XE COUPE 52788 AUTOMATIC MUCH ...... ,z-=, an. ...im % St '85 DODGE COLT VISTA 52988 i Stiktil0A I No etaael o'' RANGER P/U s '87 TERCEL 52988 CLASS .._, 'el\)%gi 1 SO*1°1'Si (#52VIN A BY ITSELF, .798 '88 TRACER 5 DOOR EXOTIC HIGH n, > ON0,00,10.0" 1ST TIME BUYERS PRICE! Alf More VIO 0 8 Ai. CassePe d P1281,04V6.5? 52988 PERFORMANCE! 02003 Mtir. Yli,, '89 FORD ESCORT 1,m."A\ ak MUSTANG LX Padro. P/S d Much Mote P18.17/MUS328 52988 TWIN TURBO 3000 GT VR-4 z4 7 85 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS iiimow." 9 02237) CASS, SPEED CONTROL $.2988 9, $8988 6, e Auto Alf P,Seats. loaded Only 15.000 PlOes aa,WATABS(11 ...... jr -"; & MORE 1ST TIME BUYER PRICE WM tial/111/''411111117:1,111111111. itdd. '86 53988 ArmirgilUNEW %it i,.... -----..,:... RUGGED SPORT UTILITY .90 TEMPO GL ,,,,, , ACIONV f OUIPPEO 17,5 IOC-kV 54488 Pr7111WV" (#1648) AUTO, AIR, TILT , ,.- ,r,, -11-owi 4" EXCITING! 9 92 $9888 .87 TOYOTA CELICA ---- FINANCING 1ST TIME BUYERS PRICE S5688 v `'\4. IAA .88 NISSAN PULSAR 55988 MONTERO .....:iiablw. . MADE EASY - CALL r F-150 P/U si .6 9'NO' NIA"C1' V.41'C'' g P,'S AM 1 'h r.8 f M A More 7210/081,80' ._!;) (Mg) TON FULL SIZE P/U , 55988 CREDIT MANAGER 946-8311 ';:-7=---(.* ' ,it' iiiwi #1 SELLING TRUCK IN U.S.A. pIll '91 GEO METRO ., rasa S Mora a 'INEIRIelb 55988 .89 RAM 50 4X4 SEE "JAPAN'S CAR OF THE VIC A.a, Cass P" 5' d Mute a 7,110100W06.7 s6688 r,,,,,,_ CROWN DIAMANTE LS YEAR LUXURY! USED CAR SPECIALS PI i jp No. (#499) AUTO, AIR $, '89 DODGE 3/4 TON VAN kiwi ALL POWER, GREAT PRICE 1 56988 7488 90 ISUZU SPACECAB 4X4 Phone 737-0500 . M. 1,um IV.5 am lina laes Camera. m5 Pl d Mar, Atirl,ANCMS 58988 QUALIT USED CARS QUALITY USED CARS '91 JEEP WRANGLER 'INTIMIGIAMV $2288 .,,., P S P B d Mo,e 45151MTWIP $9988 FORD MD FANG 91 CHRYSLER LEBARON $ in ono EXCELLENT CON 10 CLEAN EJ,1452 $3488 '84 $3495 .. ,,,,. - s, ,,.,. PP1 DI low M. .18,3,MYRIlu 1 Lii, ..710i0 VERY NICE illY(1018. . 8.07 WOK REGAL '87 FORD TAURUS GL G D CONDI uON MUST SEE CTG058 $3988 AUTO AIR P/S ,CXV08, . $3495 AZ '88 CHEVY CORSICA WE DO CREDIT MAGIC! .....14- EIIIRM,PUIT $4488 GNI Al SHAPE MM, . $3495 AM NAME. '89 PONTIAC GRAND '82 TOYOTA SUPRA SMOOTH DRIVING STOP AND SEE ESY078 $4888 AI UM WHIRS LOAM, rES(133tri . .. . $ 3695 ADDRESS' '90 FORD RANGE XLT '88 CHRYSLER LEBARON ZIP GREAT BUY, GREAT SHAPE MWD794 $5988 CASSE T TE. AUTO Alll NICE rCV9615, $4995 CITY PHONE WORK PHONE '88 CHEVROLET ASTRO PASS. VAN $7988 GREAT FAMILY TRUCK, LOW PRICE CST /71 88 FORD F150 4X4 ...t',.ii-7171----1-.' "I ,, BELOW THE WHOLESALE VALUE IFNW451, $5395 SOCIAL SECURITY NO '89 CHEVROLET CAMARO IROC-Z '86 FORD MUSTANG CONVT $5395 TYPE OF CLEAN, PLENTY OF OPTIONS EPD940 $7988 WO AIR RI AT ,/r API. (CO1629) CAR INTERESTED IN '91 '92 FORD FESTIVA GL CLEAN, LIKE New GREAT BUY EVB877 $8988 CASMAIL. WO TRANSMISSION II Nfri , $6395 ARE YOU WORKING? HOW LONG IN PRESENT JOB? '92 CAMARO RS '90 HONDA CIVIC $6995 YES 0 NO 0 6 mo. 0 1 yr. 0 2r-yrs. 0 SHOWROOM, CLEAN, SEt TODAY EGB837 $10,988 GREAT BUY 11)07161 '91 PONTIAC FIR BIRD '90 TOYOTA COROLLA $6995 SIGNATURE' GREAT CONDITION, MUST Su DGSO77 $1 1 ,988 AUTO AIR IS GREAT SHAPE 1H11111?, VANS AM '92 CHEVY ASTRO PASS VAN '91 GEO PRIZM COMPLETE & MAIL IN TODAY TO LOADED CLEAN $ 1 5,488 ALIT() GPI Al IIIIV rEE81989i . $6995 '89 MITSUBISHI GALANT LE CUTTER FULL V 10A ED IL E ADS, $7495 '91 MERCURY TOPAZ LS CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DODGE JEEP/EAGLE CUTTER FULL V 0A HD 1M 1M2111, $7695 735 DILLILNGHAM BLVD.

. Gr40111.0744' 4411.10) '91 FORD FI50 HONOLULU, HI 96817 ''''.4 CUSTOM Mt BI SEE .1[1,/.'lfi, . s8595 PH: 842-6300 FAX 842-6398 CHEVROLET '91 FORD F150 . CUSTOM VERY LOW M111', .ria^11,31 .. . s9595 '91 CHEVROLET LUMINA lerteli=b1.01:1T,.."1",r,..t.":="°,,1141::::7_, &CANNY . AUTO. AIR (BY CIE AN .04Dfirii . . W4R. NWEDIAOS) $9695 verily emplommt, sad Mat I earful, that Misinformation is mum. GEO-PONTIAC 19 CHEVROLET ASTRO Two In-Town Locations .1 CAPE AIN, CHAIRS FLI110 I OARED fr f'N, $9995 J CUTTER '91 CHEVROLET CAMARO RS DODGE 1,1 Member of the CUTTER TEAM . CUTTER sit v i I I , r4 .1 1.111S1 benI I I I $ 1 0 ,995 3 , CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DODGE r.-er!,: * 89 BUICK REATTA JEEP/EAGLE PEARL CITY .,,,.. 4...... (FAIRER IAI POWER SI AI NA I .5.'1 . $ 1 2,495495 3060 1391 '91 FORD F-150 8/C XL 842-6300 455-1071 KAPIOLANI BLVD. KAPIOLANI BLVD. MI 110% DUAL I WO' VERY C, r AN AAA O.A . $ 1 4,495 Prices Indult Al factory Incowtives and rebate. Can BOW lo prior sato. Plus lax. II. 6 PH. 737-0800 PH. 948-8311 1149 doe fees OAC Some cars Totaled at 921 Earn Hwy, Cutter Dodge Pearl Sty RIM Include Include eIlleciory rebate, 8 DrenAves No previous record or new vehlote llnencIng 0 ,. N.] all applicable consumer rebates Ilme buyers incentrse eublert re sale 'Financing Omen Ford Isl 14 91% FMAnCIng oti Sel.cled modOe An with special finance leasing lue me. I.c AS119 doe lee rien.cles DID MC. 6 OISCOPPIIIncl. Mind all applicable Wary Indintlyn. 411 veldt. sublut to Nal combinable rates. coo close end lease Lev only, for 74 months Ask dealer (or details 'Chrysler 3 MoIXCO MI9e11410 Power Train warranty Dolor Cradd al mos on Wooed models OAC FAD Dm. buyer. 24 prior Ill, Prices pluse thy Ilc 6 $149 dot I,,, SAC. Rebates & assistance on selecled model, Sulbscl lo prior sale, phrs tax. lic 9 1149 doc December 2. 1992 available on 1966 models and newer with less Men 100,000 miles SAN ends December 2. 1922 OM TI1M mu pyrn1 279 99 sac *MO plus ar lees 11899 Sales ends Sale ends December 2. 1999 fee All applicable rebates. first time buyer applied Sole wei. *somber 2, 1117