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The Gifts of the Serpent-Like, Semi-Divine, Nawakened Spiritual Beings, Highly Revered As Masters of Wisdom by Shamans and Spiritual Practitioners

The Gifts of the Serpent-Like, Semi-Divine, Nawakened Spiritual Beings, Highly Revered As Masters of Wisdom by Shamans and Spiritual Practitioners

agas are a class of long-lived, The Gifts of the serpent-like, semi-divine, Nawakened spiritual beings, highly revered as masters of wisdom by shamans and spiritual practitioners. They are respected Nagas for their healing powers, their magical skill, and their great courage; but sometimes they are feared for their violence and quick tempers. Nagas vary in their types Serpent Spirits and their of perception and also vary in their role within the Shamanic levels of wisdom. Nagas can transfigure into other Traditions of forms at will, but mostly they appear snake-like, typically Bhola Banstola depicted as attractive beings, richly adorned with jewels. They are awe-inspiring, their upper bodies appear , either male of female, but they have a serpentine tail below their waists. They are deeply connected to the earth, water and the other realms, and nagas are seen as protectors and the bestowers of abundance, both material and spiritual.

The word ‘naga’ is Sanskrit for cobra, and in most of the languages of Nepal and the word nag means snake, especially a cobra. The word can be used for nagas of either gender, but often a female naga will be called a nagini. The word naga is also the name of the forest-dwelling people of north- eastern India and . Naga practices have been a living tradition in Nepal from time immemorial.

In the Himalayas, some of the most powerful deities and spirit beings are depicted with crowns, necklaces, bracelets and anklets in the form of serpents, nagas, and a strong serpent cult is present in all the leading religious practices of Asia, such as the Vedic religion, , Buddhism, and the Bön practices. This importance of nagas is also found within the prevalent myths, rites, rituals, and healing practices of the dhami- jhankri (shamans) of Nepal and the Himalayan regions, as nagas are primal spirit beings who play a dominant role. Nagas are considered to be present in all of the phases of the creation, nurturance and final Left: termination of the universe, and Bronze Cobra they play the same role in all of the Northern India life phases of individual living C18th beings too.

HOOP ISSUE 107 2020 0 www.sacredhoop.org The realm of the nagas is called naga loka, and it is the lowest part of the Lower World realms. From there, the nagas command and rule There is a special naga, the whole universe. They are also thought to inhabit the underworlds called Naga Kanya. below the land and the sea, as well She is called the ‘virgin as being in rivers, lakes, wells and oceans, as well as inaccessible naga,’ which means caves and caverns. They can also be where there are geothermal she has no family vents and hot water springs, which and lives on her own provide pockets of warmth to protect them from harsh weather conditions. But they are not just Naga Kanya lives beyond thought of as physical beings, as they are also considered to be the boundaries between unseen spirits, associated with realms, and has no single space, air, fire, water and fluidity. domain to which she There is an archetypal image of Shiva and Shakti - the primordial belongs. She takes care male and female aspects of creation of the earth, the waters - as two mating serpents, interwoven to form a caduceus symbol. This is and the atmosphere an image found in esoteric tantric art, and symbolises complete union; the great naga, kundali. In this form the great Shiva and nagas. This is called the naga no family and lives on her own. Above: painted Shakti nagas are at the centre of mani, and it is one of the most Naga Kanya lives beyond the and gilded five the naga universe, at the centre of precious things that a naga holds. boundaries between realms, and hooded Naga the naga loka. In our tradition, we say that has no single domain to which she Kanya statue Flanking these primordial male when a shaman journeys to the belongs. She takes care of the Patan, Nepal and female aspects of creation, lowest part of the Lower World, it earth, the waters and the late C20th and all around them, there are said is not dark, deep down there, atmosphere. to be the eight Naga Raja [naga because of the light that the naga- She is always depicted with kings] and Naga Rani [naga mani radiates, making everything several small serpents rising above queens] with four Naga Dikpala luminous instead of dark. So we her, growing out from within her, [guardians] - at the four quarters of say the naga mani is one of the and forming a canopy over her the circle of the universe. most precious things that the world head. When she has a five hooded The Naga Raja can be has ever had. recognised by a glowing gem, which is found on the top of his There is also a special naga, head, or on his forehead, or in his called Naga Kanya, or sometimes mouth. This gem can grant wishes Naga Kumari. Naga Kanya is the and manifest the power of the ‘virgin naga,’ which means she has

Far left: Shiva and Shakti. Temple Carving Kathmandu Left: male and female snakes entwine during their mating

HOOP ISSUE 107 2020 www.sacredhoop.org 0 Every household pastes pictures The lower half of her body is shown as a serpent, and the top of nagas above the door to their half of her is shown as a woman, and she also has wings. The wings house and give offerings of milk are essential, because they and other to the pictures. symbolise that she has no limitation to her domain. There is a belief that making In her hands, she holds a white conch shell, which recalls all the offerings protects the house from primordial memories. lightning and fire, and the family The naga loka is where many from snakes and scorpions types of nagas dwell, and some traditions say that there are eight This page: snake canopy she is Pancha Kanya different kinds of nagas, collectively posters sold for Devi; when she has a seven called the aasta naga, but some the annula Naga serpent canopy she is Sapta Kanya cosmologies say there are nine or Panchami day Devi, and when she has a nine even twelve different types. when disrespectful urinate festival in serpent canopy she is called Nava Shesha - who is also known as or defecate in the place of a naga. various forms Kanya Devi. Ananta - is said to be the supreme of These kinds of actions can result in all the naga kings. Lord Vishnu rests the manifestation of emotional upon him, the naga taking the form imbalance, physical diseases, or of a sacred couch. He represents various natural calamities. the concept of ‘endlessness,’ and he is said to support the entire weight of Nagas are closely associated the earth. with the earth and the water. They are protectors or guardian spirits of Nagas can have either a rivers, lakes, reservoirs and seas, beneficial, hostile or neutral influence on human beings. They can suffer greatly because of humanity's carelessness and our ignorance of the proper conduct towards nature, as well as all our disrespectful actions towards environment. When this happens, nagas often retaliate towards humans, especially when their environment is polluted such as

HOOP ISSUE 107 220 0 www.sacredhoop.org swamps and forests. They also Left: giving a control rainfall, and thus affect the milk offering fertility of the land. to a carving Because they bring rain, they of a naga on may also cause a drought. That is a building in why during the annual Nepalese Kathmandu naga festival, they are celebrated as the Naga Raja and Naga Rani, in recognition of their many attributes.

NAGA PANCHAMI FESTIVAL The Naga Panchami or Naag Panchami Festival is celebrated on the fifth day after the new moon in the lunar month of Srawana (July or August) to honour the nagas. Every household pastes pictures of nagas above the main entrance door to their house, traditionally using cow dung as a paste, and give offerings of milk, and other foods to the pictures. There is a popular belief that pasting the picture above the main door and making offerings protects the house from lightning and fire, and the family from snakes and scorpions.

Snakes are often welcomed if they venture into a Nepali home, Left: giving a and are given a saucer of milk to milk offering encourage them to stay. There is a to a carved belief held by many rural people naga at the that snakes milk, and cobras sacred Naag are therefore often given milk- Pokhari pool offerings, especially during Naga Panchami. But snakes, being reptiles, cannot digest milk. Some people are fearful that milk is harmful to the snakes and, might even cause death to them, but milk, as a universal nurturing offering, is given to most deities and spirit beings as a sign of honour and auspiciousness, and in reality the snakes don’t drink it. Killing, or even harming a cobra, is dreaded and thought of as the deadliest of sins. It is feared that the wrath of the snake will haunt generation after generation, and the remedial rituals needed in order to mollify this wrath are quite elaborate. It is said that a cobra can nurture a grudge against any injustice meted out to it and take its revenge, which is in part cobras are placated by giving them these offerings.

The power to resurrect the dead Left: a carved is also attributed to snakes, along naga festooned with their power to break droughts, with offerings a vital ability in monsoon- during the dependent Nepal. Traditionally, on Naga Panchami this day of Naga Panchami, the day festival

HOOP ISSUE 107 2020 www.sacredhoop.org 0 Erecting carvings are connected with the nagas and the major gods of the Hindu Vedic and statues of pantheon; for example Vishnu and Shiva are frequently shown nagas, and special wreathed in, or protected by a naga poles, in order multi-headed snake. The celebrations of Naga to worship them has Panchami are especially intense in the Kathmandu Valley itself, which been done since both local tradition and geologists time immemorial agree was once a large lake. Legend holds this to have been the snake gods' earthly seat, and so every riverside shrine, lake and artificial pool in Kathmandu, and Above: the throughout much of Nepal in sacred Naag general, has images of nagas, and Pokhari pool are considered sacred to them. Right: a naga- Wells and fountains are also kastha pole at normally marked by snake sacred Naag carvings, and can only be cleaned Pokhari pool once a year, at a time when the snakes are believed to be away worshipping their ancestors.

And so each year Nepalis offer prayers to the nagas in their gardens and near water courses and pools, and farmers will pour milk into the sacred Bagmati River monsoon rains are considered to be such as Naag Bahal in the city of for the nagas too. over, and in order to thank the Patan, and Basukithan - in the Virtually every house and serpent deities - as the protectors temple of Pashupatinath - and commercial building is blessed by of earth and bringers of timely rain Naag Pokhari, both of which are in cleaning its entrance with a for the planting season - they are Kathmandu. of water and cow dung, and then honoured with special pujas Naag Pokhari is a pool or small one of the brightly coloured images Below: offering [ceremonies] and rituals. lake sacred to the nagas, within of the snake deities will be pasted milk to a snake People believe that worship of Kathmandu, and a special there. Very often a tika - a spot of during the nagas ensures that there will be no ceremony is held there to mark the rice mixed with vermillion powder - Naga Panchami drought, and every household will festival; just as special ceremonies will be placed on the images to day festival offer prayers and rituals in their are held at other naaga kunda - adorn the snakes, and family Below right: own ways throughout Nepal. pools dedicated to nagas - members will offers flowers, herbs a carved Devotees also often gather at throughout the whole country. and to them. stone Naga in places considered sacred to the Many legends and stories The practice of erecting statues Kathmandu nagas to pay homage to them; associated with water and miracles and carvings of nagas in order to

HOOP ISSUE 107 2020 0 www.sacredhoop.org worship them has been practiced Shesha is said to be the supreme since time immemorial. There is also the practice of erecting of all the naga kings. Lord Vishnu special naga poles, called naga- kastha which have a snake-shaped rests upon him, the naga taking image at the top, in order the form of a sacred couch. to mark the occasion of Nag Panchami. He represents ‘endlessness,’ and is said to support the Because nagas are considered to be the closest entire weight of the earth alleys of Bhumi Devi (the sacred civilizations of the world - such as Above: a statue Earth the Sumerians and the of Naga Kanya Mesopotamians of the Middle East, designed to be ), they are because they shed and change or the Mayan culture of Central fixed to a wall thought to be everywhere; and their skins for their renewal - which America, or the ancient Indus valley or a door so, before the planting of a new is the beginning of all new life. civilizations - we see the presence rice crop in a paddy field, before Because of this, they teach us of sacred serpents beings in Below: the naga planting a tree, before starting the to let go of old things, unhelpful different forms. Shesha in the building of any new structure, the memories, trauma, grudges and Some of these beings are form of a couch, shamans and astrologers are anger about the past, and so give precisely like serpents, but some with Lord Vishnu consulted in order to find the most to us a new beginning. If we are half- standing upon auspicious moment for beginning, cannot let go of our old patterns, him and also to find the location of the our past thoughts, our old stories - abode of the nagas so as to avoid all the things which are unhealthy disturbing it. - we cannot begin new projects. On the day of Naga Panchami, That is why nagas are revered and also on the day of Vasanta as primal spirits, beings who teach Panchami1 - which is dedicated to the us about change, because change Mother Earth - we do not work on the is inevitable; we are all perishable land, no tilling, or ploughing, or cutting beings, not immortal ones. down trees. We avoid these jobs as a sign of respect, so the nagas and But although all things change, the earth are not disturbed. at the same time the nagas are After the first harvest of the thought of as the 'spirits of season - especially the rice harvest immortality.’ This does not mean - a nuwagi [ceremony to offer they are immortal and do not die, it the first harvest] is performed, to merely means they have a very tnak Mother Earth and the nagas. highly developed consciousness; In this puja we express gratitude for and their consciousness and the timely rain, the fertility of the wisdom are helpful for us fields and the crops, and the help because we can learn to and importance of the ancestors. understand things from them. The ceremony consists of Our myths tell us that at the collecting the first rice from the foundation of all things is a conch harvest, which is prepaired by shell, and above the conch shell is thrashing it to remove the husks, and a naga, and above the naga is a the chaff, and then cooking it and turtle, and above the turtle there offering it both to the fire and also are eight elephants, and above the out in nature, where it is offered, elephants is the earth herself. along with milk and colour , The naga who supports the turtle is at special stone shrines decorated called Sesha-Ananta Naga Dev; and with colourful stripes of cloth. this naga holds the whole world on its nine heads. Our stories say that if this HEALING AND HARMING naga is unhappy and moves one of Nagas can be seen as both those nine heads, an earthquake auspicious and inauspicious by happens, and when it spits out its different traditions. This is, as I said venom a volcano erupts. Sesha- above, because if they are not Ananta Naga Dev holds up the sky happy they can create disharmony too and is known as the pillar which within our bodies, our minds or our holds up everything, everywhere. environment. They are also considered the It is so important that we most important archetypes of remember these serpentine beings. change and transformation, If we look at the ancient

HOOP ISSUE 107 2020 www.sacredhoop.org 0 Left: offerings both human and serpentine on stone qualities. They have a peculiar carvings of shape, can move swiftly in their cobras in mysterious gliding motion without Kathmandu the aid of any limbs or wings. They have unblinking mesmerizing eyes that holds one spellbound. They have their peculiar forked tongue; and perhaps most importantly they cast off their skin, seemingly rejuvenating themselves each time. This practise of skin shedding suggests longevity, or even immortality. It also suggests a sense of freeing oneself from burdens and ignorance, and progressing towards freedom from mundane existence.

But of course, not everything about nagas is positive. There is a Snakes seem to have a belief that through the mere fiery These spirit beings were envisioned powerful hold upon the imagination blast of their nostrils an angry naga and understood by our ancestors, of people, a great allure, perhaps can cause destruction. Such ‘ill- because of the mysteries and wind’ can also pollute the air and who saw and comprehended how symbolism they hold. They are bring about diseases. undoubtedly unique creatures; We have a term, naga dosha, the world was created and what decidedly un-human and yet which means the negative effect role these serpentine beings have exhibiting a bewildering blend of that a naga can have on someone, in it; and so, because of this awareness, they understood how important it was to honour them serpent and half-human, some are half-serpent and half-bird, and Right: the some are half-serpent and half author making another of one kind or offerings to another. the nagas at These spirit beings were a sacred site envisioned and understood by our in Nepal ancestors, who saw and Below: comprehended how the world was offerings on created and what role these carvings of serpentine beings have in it; and cobras and so, because of this awareness, a naga in they understood how important it Kathmandu was to honour them.

HOOP ISSUE 107 2020 0 www.sacredhoop.org person is not in harmony with the ida and pingala - and the central Right: stone nagas in some way. staff - called sushumna or meru- carving of danda - as well. wraithing snakes But it is not only human Sushumna is a neutral channel, in Kathmandu reproduction that they can affect. neither male nor female, and it We have another term, kala sarpa carries all of the memories from dosha, which is the adverse our previous existences. In our effect of a naga on the tradition, at the base of course of a the sushumna, the person's life. In nagas coil three our life, we may and a half times have things we want around it. This coil is to do, but we are blocked called kundali. from doing them. It is not When we do sacred enough that we want to do breathing exercises, and when something, it is not enough that we stimulate our base - our our ancestors approve, or our genitals - through breathing family approves, or our spirit processes of contraction and helpers approve; something relaxation, consciously for happens all the time which blocks sacred self-regeneration but not us. for sexual pleasure, we generate The nagas have a significant harmony within us, which role to play in the cycle and path of maintains our inner body or something, if we do not respect all our lives, and we believe that temperature, enlivens our cells and them and so pollute their sacred the naga serpents can cause these our tissues, and gives life to our places etc.. types of obstacles. organs. This is the same naga, In Vedic astrology, snakes are Sesha-Ananta Naga Deo - the symbolically related to the invisible NAGAS WITHIN OUR BODY mighty naga who holds up the planet Rahu - which is identified As we know, caduceus, the famous earth and the sky - within our own with the head of the snake - while symbol of medicine the sign - which body. an other invisible planet, Ketu, is many pharmacies and hospitals When Sesha-Ananta Naga Deo identified with the snake’s tail. have outside - is a staff with two within our body contracts, it is like When the other planets in a serpents, two nagas winding up it a serpent going in a cave, or a hole person’s horoscope fall in between and looking at each other. in the ground. these two invisible planets, it is said Nagas are the symbol of Like the realm of the nagas in to give rise to naga dosha. When medicine, because we have nagas the lowest of the Lower World this is determined astrologically, a inside us, and the caduceus sign - realms, naga loka, the domain of set of special prayers and rituals the two snakes and the central the nagas within the human body is are recommended to get rid of the staff - represent the three energy at the lowest part, the base of the Below: Tibetan ill effects of the dosha. channels we have in our bodies. vertebral column. In that space the thangka painting We also speak about something The nagas represent two aspects, serpent rests, all coiled up. But of a naga we call sarpa dosha, which is the one female and one male - called when it moves out on its own, or and a dragon negative effect a naga can have on a woman. We believe that the nagas are responsible for fertility and that they are the protectors of the human race. Nagas bring abundance, and nagas also give progeny to people, they are responsible for human pregnancy. Even today, rural women who wish to have offspring often make offerings to nagas and worship them in hope they will help them conceive. So nagas affect the ability of a woman to conceive a child, and because of this, they may give a woman a series of miscarriages, or they may cause problems with a woman's menstrual cycle, or create physical issues in a woman's sacred reproductive organs: and of course, they affect male reproduction too. When those things happen, we say it is sarpa dosha, because the

HOOP ISSUE 107 2020 www.sacredhoop.org When a serpent moves in a zig-zag, it is a lesson as the nagas tell us that one single track, one direction, one way, may not have the answer. We cannot remain fixed on one path alone; we have to look for opportunities; we have to look for different resources

This page: because of certain spiritual nagas within ourselves, and this nagas, the question comes, how dough nagas practices, it goes out in a zig-zag process of contraction and do we appease them, interact with on an , so line with its head raised. relaxation is called shesha-ananta. them, and generate a healthy that offerings This is the same way that a relationship with them? of rice and thala naga [earthbound serpent - We say that sneezing, and the Approaching a naga with an other things physical snake] remains coiled up blinking of our eyes, our heartbeat, open heart, clear understanding, can be made in a crevices in the earth, and our breathing, the sacred fire in our and lack of greed or desire should to them comes out from time to time. belly, knees, calves, under the bring positive results to you. Nagas soles of our feet; every place, every prefer respectful human relations house, every space within us, every and being given the appropriate important spirit point in our body, offerings, and it is good to request these are all governed by the naga. their intervention on auspicious So nagas are not something days like Mondays and Thursdays that we have to go to look for or on the day of Naga Panchami. somewhere very far away from us, we can reflect upon ourselves, To perform a naga puja, a simpler because we are the carriers of the one is generally more effective. nagas, deep within us in an You will need a picture, or a unconscious form. statue of a naga, or anything that The nagas are the most excellent represents naga or serpent world. teachers and mentors to humans. A This could be a long stone or a snake will not attack any being, wavy stick or anything that makes unless it perceives that it is in you think of a serpent. danger, but once there is a danger It is perfectly possible to make then a snake will attack quickly. your own nagas, two serpents - And nagas teach us about our male and female - from a dough course through life too. Serpents made from . Make them When we are in a state of low move in a zig-zag way, showing in a zig-zag shape, with three or energy; of slow motion; when we their connection to the earth, five curves along their body, and do not see the light of life; when we because nagas collaborate with the do not know that the door of life is Earth Mother; they work together. opening; when we do not see the So when a serpent moves in a opportunities of life coming; then zig-zag manner, it is a lesson for we become like the coiled naga. those of us on a spiritual path, as When this is the case, we do not the nagas tell us that one single move, and we remain locked down. track, one direction, one way, may This contraction makes time not have the answer. We cannot shorter, and when - through remain fixed on one path alone; we healing and ceremonies and rituals have to look for opportunities; we Right: and sacred practices - we start to have to look for different resources. a wall painting make things happen, we are no of a naga in a longer stagnant, and the naga WORKING WITH THE NAGAS Buddhist temple opens up itself, and this prolongs After having understood the in Nepal time. So, we are governed by the healthy and unhealthy aspects of pouring milk from the milk bowl Left: an altar for into the empty bowl in front of the making offerings statue and scattering rice grains to Naga Kanya over the statue too. When you have finished cleanse the statue or picture by sprinkling a little of the clean water on to it.

The next day, after the puja is completed, some of the offering can be eaten as a sacred , and the rest of the fruit and the other offerings - including the milk and water - need to be taken to a local river, pond or natural spring and left there. If this is not possible, placing them under a tree will be fine. Please be respectful when you leave offerings, don’t leave a mess that other people may with their heads in upright position, A white unscented candle, or an be upset about. not flat to the ground. oil burner with a wick. You will need some white or Strips of clean yellow or white yellow flowers, or even green cloth, which are used to decorate Bhola Banstola is a traditional long lineage leaves if flowers are not possible, the statue, or picture of the naga. carrier Jhankri-shaman from Nepal. He to be given as an offering. travels worldwide to share his tradition and A banana or an apple, either the Ideally one should wear yellow has organised experiential shamanic learning trips and pilgrimages to Nepal whole washed fruit, or peeled and or white clothes while performing and the Himalayas for more than two sliced. Put these on a small saucer the puja, but if that is not possible decades. He is documenting the shamanic or in a bowl. clean clothes of any colour will be healing practices from different Some milk in a cup, glass or acceptable. It is recommended that communities of Nepal for the benefit of bowl. Sometimes ground rice flour you maintain a fast on the day of the next generation. is mixed with water, to make a the puja until after you have [email protected] www.nepal-shaman.com/en white liquid instead of using milk. completed it. If you are unable to www.nepal-shaman.com It is good to offer saffron water, fast eat only vegetarian food. FaceBook: Bhola Banstola/Nepal Shaman yellow water made by soaking saffron in water; or if you do not When all of this is set up and NOTES: Below: an have saffron, you can make yellow you have made your special altar 1: Vasant Panchami is a festival which altar made for a water out of a mixture of for the naga puja, sit facing the marks the preparation for the arrival of naga puja made powder and water. east while doing the actual spring, celebrated forty days before spring offically arrives. It is celebrated in by the author on A spoon and a small empty cup, ceremony. Now you recite the naga the lunar month of Magha, which falls in a recent visit saucer or bowl. Put this in front of and make your offerings, late January or February. to England your naga statue or picture, or object that represents the nagas to you, and you will spoon milk from the big bowl of milk to this empty bowl, in order to make offerings to the nagas. A glass, or cup of clean water for cleansing the statue, or whatever represents nagas, after the ritual has been completed. Some coins and precious, or semi-precious stones, and ideally some silver jewellery. All of these need to be washed before they are put into the sacred ceremonial place. Some grains of uncooked rice. Some natural incense, as much as possible. Traditionally a mixture of cow’s and crushed juniper are used, but if this is not possible regular incense is good. It is possible to buy specific Tibetan naga incense for use in naga pujas, if you look for it online.