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Vol 27 March 23, 2018 Dylan Weller signs to play with Alma College By Brittney Roberson out of town who would be Shark Scene Staff Writer on the sideline supporting him as well. Another Saint louis ath- “I’m excited to run the lete is college bound. Sen- ball again, and even more ior Dylan Weller signed excited to run behind my his letter of intent to con- former teammate Braden tinue playing football at Hanley who plays offen- Alma College Monday, sive tackle,” Weller stat- March 19. Weller has ed. been playing football for A real eye opener for nine years and is happy to Senior Dylan Weller continues his football career Weller was when the final continue his career at the with the Scots of Alma College (photo by Michael seconds on the clock ran next level. Munderloh). out against Breckenridge Weller will be playing his last high school game. running back and has been enth grade. His mom, dad his career and have done a He knew at that moment working for this oppor- and Rima have been his lot for him. He has other he didn’t want to be done tunity since he was in sev- biggest fans throughout friends and family from playing football. Students prepare for end of marking period grades By Mackenzie Strong At this point in the school year, Shark Scene Staff Writer students may start to tune out, wanting it to be the end of the year At Saint Louis High School, the and skipping school more often. students are getting ready for the However, it is important for stu- end of the marking period, Friday, dents to stay in school and to re- March 23. The end of the marking main focused on their studies. period happens to be right before “I have a lot to do before Friday, spring break. Students should be like packing for spring break, and getting all there missing assign- getting all my work done and study- ments turned in before grades are ing for tests, so I’m super stressed finalized. out,” commented Lily Hindenlang. “Mostly yes, my things in classes Dylan McCloskey (right) strug- are all caught up and I am 100 per- gles to finish up school work cent ready for spring break,” said Autumn Bradbury when asked if before the end of the marking she is prepared for the end of the period (photo by Michael marking period. Munderloh). Shark Scene News p. 2 BPA competes strongly at state

By Brittney Roberson first in Fundamental Spreadsheet Sharks Scene Staff Writer Applications, and Rachael Lovejoy also placed first in Advanced Members of BPA competed in Spreadsheet Applications. the state competition at the Amway Maverick Giles said “ I was in a Plaza and Hotel March 15-18. hard event so I didn't place, but it There was a big amount of stu- was still fun. I got the statesman dents who did an excellent job and award for my torch.” placed. Alex Lawhorne placed Rachael Lovejoy commented, “I sixth in Fundamental Accounting, wasn’t expecting at all to get first Allyse March got fifth in Funda- place in Advanced Spreadsheet. I mental Spreadsheet Applications, was very happy with the results Breck Hodges placed fourth in however. When we travel to Dal- Fundamentals of Web Design, Ad- las, I am most excited about stay- am Lawhorne got third in Funda- The BPA team crams into an ing in the hotel because it has a mentals of Web Design, Rachael elevator for a quick picture water park in it.” Lovejoy placed third in Database (Photo by Terri Reeves). Nash, Lovejoy, Hodges, Alex Applications, Elizabeth and Adam Lawhorne, March, Vanderhart, Alex Lawhorne, Al- in Graphic Design Promotion, Ad- Vanderhart, and Jewel will be ad- lyse March and Jenna Jewel placed am Lawhorne got a Bronze Medal vancing to Nationals in Dallas, second in Broadcast News Produc- in Information Technology Con- Texas May 9-15. tion Team, Joseph Nash got second cepts Open, Breck Hodges placed Singing Hands take to the stage STL students enjoy annual event By. Jake Davis atmosphere to be around.” mance if they have anoth- Shark Scene Staff Writer Fellow Shark Haylie Ha- er one soon.” worth said, “ I've never This is one of the big- The Deaf and Hard of been to a singing Hands gest events of the year as Hearing program at Saint before but I have seen plenty of friends and fam- Louis High School held videos of them perform- ily come to support and their annual Singing ing. I think it is great that pack the gym. Hands concert at Shep- the kids get to have an If anyone has the herd High School Thurs- opportunity to have fun chance to come watch day, March 15. This con- and show their parents next year who didn't this cert is put on by Mrs. Lar- how hard they have been year, take the opportunity son’s classes. working in class." and show those students Senior Travis courter Ryan Downs said, “This Senior Humberto Alba some Shark pride! If any- poses with sister was my first year being a said “ I watched one sing- one did end up making Brook Courter after part of the singing hands ing hands before and I the show and watched the Singing Hands 2017 thought that it was pretty students perform, they concert, and it was really (Photo by Amy Cour- fun. Everyone was really cool. I would definitely send their sincere thanks nice and it was just a good go watch another perfor- for attending the event. ter). Shark Scene Opinions p. 3 Hats and hoods hiding students

By Joseph Davis but unless the hat is outra- son isn’t unrecognizable takes. For the freedom of Shark Scene Staff Writer geous, I don’t see how. because you can’t see their the student body, and for It’s kind of irritating and I forehead. the freedom to express We’ve all asked it at one find it pointless.” Some even say we don’t oneself, I say it is time to point or another, why Many people see hats as wear hats or hoods be- legalize headwear. can’t we wear hats or unnecessary, a distraction, cause it’s what we’ve al- hoods in school? I get that or even disrespectful. I see ways done— you know, the dress code is decided it as an expression of who tradition. This is complete and enforced by the school I am as a person. I wear bogus as well. Just be- board, and they’re doing certain clothes because I cause we’ve been doing what they think is best for feel that they express how something for a long time us. However, sometimes it I feel. For many teenagers, doesn’t mean it’s right. seems that the “no hat or expression through clothes Look back in American hoodies” rule is the only is a big part of who they history and see how long dress code violation being are as a person. I under- some of our mistakes last- enforced. Jacob Fry said, stand if it is deliberately ed... go ahead look. The “I find the no hat rule to offensive, but otherwise I point is, you shouldn’t be a waste of time; if think its fine. Teachers continue doing something someone wants to wear a might say it’s because because it’s the “norm. Reyna Rojas sits with hat, I say why not? I be- they can’t identify you if You should always try to her hood on (photo lieve it could be because you have a hat on; well, improve your ways and by Carly Daniels). hats are a “distraction”, that’s a flat out lie. A per- look back on your mis- Website restriction– restricting our learning? By Faith Best definitely should not be allowed on Shark Scene Staff Writer our Chromebooks and they aren't. I think it really depends on the We all probably have our favorite person as to what websites they go game that we like to play on our to. Let’s say we have the privilege Chromebooks, but not all of us are of getting one of our favorite web- able to play it due to blocked web- sites unblocked; if someone uses sites. Or maybe you look up a ques- that privilege irresponsibly then tion on Google and you go to click they shouldn't have that privilege, on a link to hopefully get the an- but that doesn't mean that other swer, but you can’t because it’s people shouldn’t. Kyla Anderson blocked. Alayna Corder is very frustrat- says, “Yes, the school does block I think that some of the websites ed with the amount of blocked too many websites. There has been many times when I have tried to that our school blocks should be websites she encounters blocked, but some of them don’t research things and the websites (photo by Aleeya Bradley). need to be blocked. I have had ex- have been blocked.” periences before where I need help Overall, I think that the school finding an answer to a question an I sites because one time I was look- could let us have a little bit more can’t find it because all of the web- ing for a website for my work and it freedom with some websites. but it sites that I want to go to are was blocked even though it had no really all just comes down to how blocked. Trevor Tutan says, “The reason to be blocked.” Obviously, responsible students are with school does block too many web- there are some sites out there that them. Shark Scene Sports p. 4 Leaving home plate for college soon By Laurel Hrabal catch a lot of dubs. Shark Scene Staff Write But to get these dubs, there are challenges that need to be over- Earlier this school year, senior come. “The biggest challenge I’ll Dylan McCloskey signed to play have this year is trying not be the baseball at the collegiate level at umpire. I don’t know if you no- Cornerstone University. To get to ticed, but the umpires around here this level, he has put in hours of are about as good as three-month- hard work and dedication through- old warm milk,” McCloskey further out his years at St. Louis High Dylan McCloskey awaits for states. He has recently taken up be- School. He started his baseball ca- the hitter to strike out (photo ing a referee for football and bas- reer at age four, and in the summer by Monica McCloskey). ketball, and an umpire for baseball. before his freshman year, he began So he will have to work on playing playing travel baseball with the Mid rather than trying to be the umpire -Michigan Aces and he now plays well. “Personally, there is a lot that for the game. After his final season on the Saginaw Golds team with I want to improve on this season, as a Shark, McCloskey is heading Michael Munderloh. but mostly my swing,” comments to Grand Rapids to play at Corner- McCloskey is a three-year varsity McCloskey. He also acknowledges stone. He is projected to play as an starter who worked hard to earn his that he would like the team to get to outfielder and occasionally come in spot by coming to winter batting the point to where they are in a to the infield to catch. practice and playing in the off- good position to compete for a His last season on the Sharks league and district title. This is an season. Last season, he played out- baseball team will start at home important goal for McCloskey after field and sometimes would come in April 5, with the starting pitch be- coming off a district title last sea- and pitch, which is what he is look- ing thrown at 4 p.m. son. His goal for this season is to ing to do for the Sharks this year as Shark wrestling ends year on a high note By Jayce Kuehnlein For individual awards, number two, four, and Shark Scene Staff Writer the Sharks had six indi- seven all time win leaders, viduals earn first team all- and the all time pin leader. The varsity wrestling conference awards: Gavin Coach Kuhn said, “I team held its end-of- Giles, Ryan Downs, Isaac would have to say that the season award banquet Howd, Jayce Kuehnlein, 2018 wrestling season has March 19, in the St. Louis Jake Davis, and Ernie Di- to go down in Shark wres- High School cafeteria. az. Additionally, there tling history as one of the The wrestlers and coaches were four state qualifiers most memorable and suc- gathered with families to and three all-state wres- cessful. We accomplished get together as a group for Gavin Giles smiles at the tlers. Coach Kuhn also what we could team-wise, one last time and look camera with his awards had his first academic all- and yet another year of back on the season and the (photo by Carla Giles). state wrestler with Jayce three top four all state fin- Kuehnlein. ishers, and another state accomplishments through- season with 15-7 record, a out. Many awards were The banquet was also a champion. That is excep- sixth straight conference final send-off for the three tional.” The varsity wres- handed out at the banquet championship, and a third as the wrestling team cele- senior captains on the tling team had a success- straight district title. team as well. All three ful 2017-2018 season brated numerous amounts Along with that, the team of accomplishments in yet finished off very success- which required some cele- earned their first ever aca- ful careers which included bration. Stay tuned next another successful season. demic all-state award in The team finished the seven state medals, two year for the 2018-2019 program history. finalists, a state champion, wrestling squad. Shark Scene Features p. 5 National qualifier Joe Nash By Sarah Humphrey Rapids. March 16-17, all across the country Shark Scene Staff Editor were the competition competing. days. Some of these were Nash said, “I am really judged events, while oth- Junior Joseph Nash is looking forward to flying ers were simply tests. on a plane to Texas.” one of the ten students When not participating in who placed at the BPA The advisors of the St. events, the members went Louis High School BPA State Leadership Confer- to conferences, ate, and ence. This event took chapter are Mrs. Biehl, hung out. place March 15-18 in Mr. Goward, and Mrs. Grand Rapids. Nash re- “My favorite part was Reeves. ceived second place in the hanging around the hotel “The skills that students with my friends,” Nash category of Graphic De- learn through participating Joe Nash poses with sign Promotion. commented. in a variety of business his award at the com- “In my event, I had to Now that the state com- experiences are beneficial make a graphic and pre- petition is over, ten of the and will help prepare them petition (photo by Ter- sent it,” Nash explained. BPA national qualifiers for a career in the work- ri Reeves). will head to Dallas, Texas, During the exciting week- force,” the advisors elabo- in early May to continue rated. end, Nash and his 21 fel- their journey. Featured at there is much more excite- low BPA members stayed All in all, the BPA stu- ment on the way! the event will be over dents competed well, and at the Amway in Grand 5,000 other delegates from Creative clay projects in Art 2 class By Joseph Castellon simply by hand. Shark Scene Staff Writer The second project that students had to build with soft clay slabs to Some people like to draw, some make a more rounded art piece. like to paint, and others like to use Students enjoy this unit and liked clay. This winter in the art room, getting to make something in art Art 2 students take to the canvas that can be taken home and kept for boards to put their creativity to the a very long time. test by forming and making a clay SLHS art teacher Mr. Puffpaff art piece. The first clay project that had to say, “The students find the students had to complete was a hard clay unit to be the most enjoyable slab project where they had to roll and have lots of fun with it, and I out clay into specified shapes to am excited to have the opportunity create something square and then to teach the students to build and let it dry until it doesn’t bend, and experience with using clay.” Maddie Greenup flattens clay then make it interesting. Sophomore Kassidy Acker com- to work on her hard slab clay Additionally, there are many tools mented, “I am enjoying the clay project in Art 2 (photo by Jo- provided by the teacher, Mr. Puff- projects in art class, and I am work- seph Castellon). paff, which help shape and create a ing hard to create a great piece of piece with better precision than art.” Shark Scene Entertainment p. 6

Hey Ferb, where is Perry? By Lillian Windsor pretty cool," said senior Andy Shark Scene Staff Writer Stites. This T.V. show is also well known "Hey, where's Perry?" This is a for the music within it. Almost eve- famous catchphrase of the Disney ry episode features a song making channel original series, Phineas and this a musical comedy. It's not al- Ferb. This show aired on Disney ways the characters singing on- Channel as a one episode mini Keira Hopkins-Deline admires screen, and they don't break into show, and was loved so much that a a beautiful Perry the platypus song just to advance the plot like a musical. The music doesn't come year later and Jeff (Photo by Lillian Windsor). "Swampy" Marsh released the well- out of nowhere; most times it's just a montage over action. "I remember loved T.V. show Sept 28, 2007. which annoys Candace, their sister, Aspects of the show's humor are that Bowling for Soup did the who is obsessed with busting the theme song!" stated senior Adam aimed at adults, with many pop- boys. culture references. The creators pre- Lawhorne. Many different artist Along with this plot is another guest star as the band who does viously worked on Family Guy and plot that is about their pet platypus, sought to create a less raunchy these songs, and the songs are Perry, who is working as a spy show, but it contains the same hu- known by most people even, if they named “Agent P” to defeat Dr, morous blank stares, wordplay, and do not know it is from Phineas and Heinz Doofinshmirtz. breaking the fourth wall. Povenmire Ferb. At SLHS football games, the describes the show as a combina- Doofinshmirtz is a crazy scientist most popular song from the series, tion of Family Guy and Spongebob, who is driven by the need to assert "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" sometimes creating the perfect show. his evilness. The two plots come plays during the timeouts. together at the end of each episode This T.V. show is widely come- This show follows step-brothers to erase all traces of the boys' pro- on summer vaca- dic, and has diverse music tastes ject just before Candace can show it creating it to be the perfect blend tion. Every day, the brothers work to their mother. "This show was on an extravagant new project, for all to watch. Students enjoy the finer artistic opportunities By Cologio Alighire liked all the work with school have consistently Shark Scene Staff Writer clay, drawing and all of produced works of art to that stuff, but what I liked love and admire. One of Many SLHS students the most was painting Mr. these artists is Junior Eron enjoy the finer artistic Kuhns’ podium. It took a Morrow, also referred to things. Painting is an ex- lot of time and effort but as Bob Ross. He says, tremely fun hobby and the final product was awe- “Painting is one of my Brianna Fry poses pastime, but some take it some.” favorite things… There’s more seriously. Brianna The podium she painted next to her most spe- no mistakes in it, only Fry is one of those people will remain in Mr. Kuhn’s cial work of art (photo happy accidents.” who takes it to the next room for years to come by Kevin Kuhn). Although he remains level. Fry has dabbled in and will certainly help to busy doing other things, already. the arts through her four foster a group of people to Morrow says he always years of art class, but her love art. From painting the glass looks forward to painting favorite was something That is not to say our in the front of the building in his free time as well as she did far outside the art school does not have a to the tiles above our for the art classes. room. Fry said, “I really tradition of fantastic art heads, the students of our Shark Scene Hobbies p. 7 Taekwondon’t mess with these kids! By Brandon Emlinger of predators. Shark Scene Staff Writer Teens who know how to protect themselves can be HYAAAHH!!! High very assuring for parents. block, front snap kick, It provides the assurance spear hand. Learning self that their child will be defense can be a life saver home safe (maybe). in a dangerous situation. Dylan Rule commented, Whether it’s Taekwondo, “It's a big deal. Learning Karate, or Tang Soo Do, self defense can be an ex- martial arts can be really treme lifesaver." fun to learn. Dylan Crandall and Hunter Burr spar in a People would need to be extremely skilled to be Being under attack is a Taekwondo war (photo by Keegan Honig). serious situation. It would like Bruce Lee, but at be a lot better if people least people can have the were able to defend them- a very deadly situation can really save a life. Peo- ability to learn self- selves. that might not have a good ple having the ability to defense for any dangerous ending. Even though the defend themselves means Tasia Crandall stated, predicament. attackers could have they can rest easy know- “Learning to protect your- It’s either life or death weapons, it’s better know- ing that they have this self is very important. I when it comes to danger- ing that a sharp steel blade skill of protecting them- think everyone should at ous crimes being commit- won’t be the end as soon selves in a dangerous situ- least try to learn it." ted against you. as it starts. ation. Teens can be a It’s either defend and Learning self-defense prime target for all kinds run away, or get caught in Smash that like button for SLHS vlogging By Anthony Carrillo norant, immature, and he does dis- very inspiring to his viewers and Shark Scene Staff Writer respectful things just to get views.” gives them motivation to do things Although vlogging is very popular outside of their comfort zone.” Most people nowadays have an around the United States, it is rare unending passion for using elec- to see students vlogging here at tronics and fiddling with them. A SLHS. The most common reason great way to start enduring this pas- that students don’t try vlogging is sion is by vlogging. they don’t want to get made fun of Vlogging is where an individual by their peers or any one who video-records a day of footage, ed- views their content. its it, and posts it on the media (or Vlogging basically has four steps: keeps it private). This is a very come up with a video idea, actually good way to pass time while having video-record the video, edit the vid- fun. Also, vlogging is not very dif- eo, and publish it. Also, editing ficult to pursue. may sometimes be time-consuming Hunter Burr commented, “I don’t to get the video just right. really care for people that vlog be- Aidan Fisher added, “I love to cause all they want to do is rub all watch vlogs throughout my day, of their money in their viewers’ and my favorite vlogger on Camron Troyer conducts the faces. Also, my most hated vlogger Youtube is Roman Atwood because intro to his very popular vlog he is very entertaining. Also, he is is Jake Paul because he is very ig- (photo by Keegan Honig). Shark Scene Advice Column p. 8

If you have any questions about anything or wanting to seek advice, email Holli or Shelby at rivard- [email protected], [email protected] or write a letter and give it to Mr. Kuhn.

Dear Holli and Shelby, - Holli and Shelby Every morning I have been run- ning for a couple of blocks to get in Dear Holli and Shelby, shape. However, this is my prob- Every time I go to Walmart with lem; every time I go to a certain my family to get groceries, I can street I see the same man every sin- never decide what kind of pop tarts gle day. It is starting to get creepy, to get. I am only aloud to choose and I’m starting to get a little nerv- one kind. Should I go with a fruity ous. Yesterday when I was running, kind or a sweet kind? HELP! he started getting closer and yelling - Fellow student hello. So I ran faster and made it home safe. I told my parents, and Dear fellow student, they didn’t really believe me. What Maybe get one of each. I like to should I do? do that and eat a fruity kind one - Fellow student day and a sweet kind the next. Blueberry, brown sugar, and cin- Dear fellow student, chances are they wouldn’t be namon are the go to! First off, if you are seeing this coaching. Don’t be discouraged. - Holli and Shelby man every single day, then he is Just keep working hard to be- probably a stalker. Maybe start come better every day. Dear Holli and Shelby, taking a different route or invest - Holli and Shelby Exams are coming up and all of in a treadmill. If your parents my friends are leaving for spring still do not believe you, video Dear Holli and Shelby, break. I hate feeling like I’m alone your runs by using a GoPro of So the other day I was walking with nobody to talk to or hang out some sort. Also, it would be a through the woods and I saw a girl with over break. My family never good idea to start running with a wearing a red dress. She was sitting goes anywhere because they are partner— just someone to have down on a log eating a chicken always busy with work. I’m just around to make you feel more wing. I approached her and asked stressed about exams and not being safe and give you some company. her she was do- able to see anyone. Help? -Holli and Shelby ing and she wouldn’t answer me. I - Fellow student kept asking her and she finally said, Dear Holli and Shelby, “I’m just sitting on a log eating a Dear fellow student, I am really bad at softball. I’m chicken wing.” Ever since this has Exams can always be stressful, worried that I won’t even leave the happened, I keep having weird but you just have to study hard to bench. I mean, it’s my first year but dreams about it. What does this make sure you know the material. I really want to become better and mean? Maybe even have someone quiz actually play. I mean, I am not the - Fellow student you. Also, with the technology worst but I’m not the best either. I nowadays, it’ll seem like your don’t know what I need to do to get Dear fellow student, friends are just at their house. some playing time. Okay honestly this is so weird. It’s only a week and you have -Fellow student We don’t really know what to tell your family to spend some time you. Dreams are so hard to un- with. Even though they may be Dear fellow student, derstand as are the reasons be- busy, I’m sure they will find some A new sport can be hard at hind why we have them. It’s so time for you if you just talk to times. It’s not like you are going random that you just saw some them about doing something as a to get it at the first try. Just keep random girl sitting on a log eating family. That is kind of what trying your best and listen to a chicken wing also. Sorry that spring break is for, to spend time your coach! They know what they we don’t have any advice to give with family. are talking about. If they didn’t, you! - Holli and Shelby Shark Scene Letters to the editor Pg. 9 What do you have to say?

By Brianna Fry and Joseph -Anonymous head coach. Just thought I would Smith let you know. Thanks again for the Shark Scene Staff Writer Dear Anonymous, thoughtful response. Thank you for your feedback. I Dear Joseph Davis, noticed a couple errors in your let- Sincerely, Joseph Smith I really enjoyed your article ter, but you gave back positive you wrote on skipping school. I feedback and I am in a good mood agree with you that people should today, so I’ll let it slide. This is the not skip school because in the third time I have complained about Dear Jayce Kuehnlein, end you could get a very bad people leaving no names. It’s so Your article, “New head coach grade because you aren't in annoying. It literally takes like two Jason Luneack,” shouldn’t it be school and/or doing your work to seconds to write your name. I like more eye popping or eye opening keep your grades up. All in all, I knowing who is saying stuff along ya know? I have been thinking really liked your articles and with everyone who reads the paper. about this and what about some- can’t wait to see more from you. Do you turn in your other papers to thing like “Boys baseball team Mr. Kuhn without a name? I think has new head coach, Jason Sincerely, Mckenna Via not. Y’all should lose some points Luneack”? or something for no name. From, Faith Owen Dear Mckenna Via, Sincerely, Bri Fry I think it just depends on who you are as a person, whether or not you are able to skip school and keep Dear Jayce Kuehnlein, Dear Faith Owen, your crap together. Sometimes You did really good on these Thanks for the response. I have a there’s literally no point in coming paragraphs. I liked how you got few issues with your letter. Your because there’s nothing to do. Half right to the point when you start- new headline doesn’t really pop out of the homework is online so you ed it off. I enjoyed how you to me. It seems pretty bland. Also, can easily just sit at home all day, talked a little in depth about the your headline is too long to be a finish work, and then go on with new baseball coach. I also like proper headline for any newspaper. your day. However, some students how you got a quote from a play- Furthermore, if you have been don’t have the will to do things un- er on the team. In total, I really “thinking” about this, I feel as if less pressured to do so. It really enjoyed it. you could have come up with a way depends on what classes and what more creative headline than the type of person you are. Sincerely, Andrew Taipalus bland headline you have given us.

Sincerely, Bri Fry Sincerely, Joseph Smith

Dear Andrew Taipalus, Thank you for the response. Jayce New staff writer Joseph Smith Dear Brianna Fry, definitely did a great job on his ar- joins the letters to the editor crew. I think that you are doing a ticle this week and put some time He is excited to read/write to all wonderful job with writing back and effort into it. Just to point this the responses that will be arriving to these different authors. You out, if a news writer writes a fea- in the issues to come. So give him are doing a really good job with ture on a coach or a new team, a warm welcome, and flood him these. Keep up the good work. then that writer should 100 percent with letters to respond to. of the quotes from players and the