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Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Analytical Mechanics: Forty Exercises Resolved and Explained Reihe: UNITEXT for Physics

Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Analytical Mechanics: Forty Exercises Resolved and Explained Reihe: UNITEXT for Physics


Vladimir Pletser Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Analytical : Forty Exercises Resolved and Explained Reihe: UNITEXT for

Explains how to analytically solve classical problems and exercises Covers classical, celestial and Provides theoretical reviews before the problems and exercises Presents a solution to Einstein’s problem of the advance of Mercury perihelion This textbook introduces readers to the detailed and methodical resolution of classical and 1st ed. 2018, IX, 128 p. 23 illus. more recent problems in . This valuable learning tool includes worked examples and 40 exercises with step-by-step solutions, carefully chosen for their importance in Gedrucktes Buch classical, celestial and quantum mechanics. The collection comprises six chapters, offering Hardcover essential exercises on: (1) Lagrange Equations; (2) Hamilton Equations; (3) the First Integral 129,99 € | £109.99 | $159.99 and Variational Principle; (4) Canonical Transformations; (5) Hamilton – Jacobi Equations; and [1]139,09 € (D) | 142,99 € (A) | CHF (6) Phase Integral and Angular Frequencies Each chapter begins with a brief theoretical review 153,50 before presenting the clearly solved exercises. The last two chapters are of particular interest, eBook because of the importance and flexibility of the Hamilton-Jacobi method in solving many 106,99 € | £87.50 | $119.00 mechanical problems in , as well as quantum and celestial mechanics. [2]106,99 € (D) | 106,99 € (A) | CHF Above all, the book provides students and teachers alike with detailed, point-by-point and step- 122,50 by-step solutions of exercises in Lagrangian and , which are central to Erhältlich bei Ihrer Bibliothek oder most problems in , , celestial mechanics and quantum physics. springer.com/shop MyCopy [3] Printed eBook for just € | $ 24.99 springer.com/mycopy Error[de_DE | Export.Bookseller. MediumType | SE]

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