Bonus Lesson: Many People, Many Plates | 119

Origin of Plants Plant Place of Origin Plant Place of Origin

Almond (Southwest Asia) Chili pepper () , Asia, Asia () Apple Cilantro/coriander (Mediterranean) Apricots Asia (Central Asia) Cinnamon Asia (Indian Subcontinent) Europe/Africa (Western Medi- Asia () Artichoke terranean, ) Clove Asparagus Asia () Asia (Southeast Asia)

Avocado North America (Mexico) Africa (Eastern Africa) Asia and ( and Asia (Eastern Banana Asia and Papua New ) Collards Mediterranean) Asia ( and Central North America (Mexico) Barley Asia) Corn North America ( (Indian subcontinent) Basil Cranberry and ) Beet Europe Cucumber Asia () Europe and Asia (Eastern Africa () Black-eyed pea Currant Europe, Northern Asia) Black pepper Asia (Indian subcontinent) Date Asia (Middle East)

Blackberry North America Eggplant Asia (Southeast Asia)

Blueberry North America and Europe Fig Asia (Southwest Asia)

Brazil nut Garlic Asia (Southwest Asia) Europe (Northern Mediter- Asia (Southeast Asia) Broccoli ranean) Ginger Brussels sprouts Europe Grapes Europe and North America Europe and Asia (Eastern Asia () Buckwheat Kale Mediterranean) Butter bean (Lima or Run- South America/North America Kiwi Asia (South Asia) ner bean) Cabbage Europe Lemon Asia (Indian Subcontinent) Africa and Asia (Eastern South America Cacoa/cocoa Lettuce Mediterranean, North Africa) Europe and Asia (Mediterra- Asia (Southeast Asia) Carrot nean and Central Asia) Lime Cashew South America Mango Asia (Indian subcontinent)

North American (NE United Europe Cauliflower Maple States and Asia, Europe, and Africa Asia (East Asia) Celery (Mediterranean) Asia (Eastern Mediterranean Asia (Eastern Mediterranean) Cherry Mustard and Indian subcontinent) Asia (Middle East and Eastern Asia (Southeast Asia) /garbanzo bean Mediterranean) Nutmeg

Student Archeologist 120 | Gathering, Gardening, & Agriculture

Plant Place of Origin Plant Place of Origin Europe/Asia (North Mediter- Oats Europe Rosemary ranean) Okra Africa and Asia Asia (Indian Subcontinent)

Olive Asia (Eastern Mediterranean) Sorghum Africa (North Africa)

Onion Asia (Central Asia) Soybean Asia (East Asia)

Orange Asia (South Asia) Spinach Asia (South Asia)

Oregano Asia Squash North and South America

Papaya North America (Mexico) Strawberry North America Europe and Asia (North and Asia (South and Southeast Parsley Sugar cane East Mediterranean) Asia) Passion fruit South America Sunflower North and South America Europe (Western Peach Asia (Central Asia) Sweet pea Mediterranean) South America Sweet potato South America

Pear Europe () Tea Asia (East Asia) North America (Southern Asia/Africa/Europe Pecan Thyme United States) (Mediterranean) Pineapple South America Tomato South America

Pistachio Asia (Eastern Mediterranean) Turnip Europe and Asia

Pomegranate Asia (Eastern Mediterranean) Vanilla North America (Mexico)

Potato South America Walnut North America and Asia

Quinoa South America Watermelon Africa (North Africa)

Radish Europe Asia (Eastern Mediterranean)

Raspberry North America/Asia/Europe Yam Asia and Africa

Rhubarb Asia (Central and East Asia) Zucchini North and South America Asia (East Asia or Indian Rice Subcontinent)

Student Archeologist