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COMMUTER COLUMN Adventure Cycling’s Alex Strickland: Helping You Commute Across Town and Travel Around the World

Alex Strickland and his wife on tour in . Photo by Alex Strickland the T-shirts say, “I wish they’d had travel. Plus, the venn diagram of CW: I know you mostly worked this when I was a kid.” Though we what makes a good touring bike and from home during your time in Salt loved Utah, an opportunity came up a good commuting bike is nearly a Lake City, but you did get a chance with Adventure Cycling Association circle. Rack mounts, bigger tires, to ride to various establishments to in Missoula to work on their member fenders, comfortable riding position, shop, eat, etc. How does riding in magazine Adventure Cyclist, which an eye toward safety? These are all Missoula compare to Salt Lake City? pulled us back to Montana. features that appeal to everyone from Alex Strickland on his winter Missoula, Montana commuter bike. Photo by half-mile commuters to million-mile A.S.: Downtown Salt Lake is Dan Meyer CW: Can you review a little travelers. way better. No offense to Missoula, about your position with Adventure but we’ve got a mash-up of crum- amazing. A few of us bought hand- Cycling Association? The ACA is CW: Tell me a little about why bling infrastructure and retrofits By Lou Melini me-downs from him and started rid- about bike travel but what can some- you commute? that aren’t quite right. Missoula has ing and racing a little. There was a one riding to work learn from your an amazing (and growing!) river- Alex Strickland is editor-in-chief great local race called the Tour de magazine and the ACA? A.S.: Full disclosure: when peo- front trail system that now links of Adventure Cyclist, published by Wolf and Gary Fisher and Tinker us to Hamilton, Montana, 50 miles ple are impressed by the fact that the Adventure Cycling Association Juarez would always compete and to the south. That’s an incredible A.S.: I’m the editor-in-chief of I commute year-round in Western (ACA). Adventure Cyclist is the best sign autographs and all. It was just asset, but chances are your commute Adventure Cycling’s member maga- Montana, I have to admit that I live bicycle travel magazine that is pub- the perfect time to bridge being a kid in Missoula relies on some surface zine, Adventure Cyclist. We publish less than a mile from the office. So lished in a print edition in my humble who rode bikes around town to being , which aren’t great. Salt Lake nine times per year for our 52,000 while -10° is cold, it’s not cold for opinion. ACA, based in Missoula, a “cyclist.” That played a role in has such an benefit in the super-wide members, which makes us one of long! Plus, I can ride home for lunch. Montana, the leading bicycle travel moving west to Missoula, Montana streets that allow for things like the the largest cycling mags in the coun- Just having an excuse to be outside a organization in the U.S., began by for college with its solid journal- separated lanes on 300 South or just try. We’re definitely focused on bike few times a day regardless of weather starting the Bikecentennial cross ism school and abundant singletrack. a little more elbow room in the lanes travel, whether that’s an overnight in is a pretty great mood-booster, and country tour (the organization also Eventually, after working for com- on streets like 800 S (I was lucky to Connecticut or a months-long epic since we’re often reviewing bikes had the same name then) in 1976 and peting newspapers in Montana, my live near Liberty Park). in Kazakhstan. Of course, not every- for Adventure Cyclist, it’s a chance by creating maps and tours. wife got into grad school in Salt one can take months off (including to spend a little extra seat time on Lake and we made the move to magazine editors…), and we know CW: Would you say that in gen- different rigs and a reason to take a Cycling West: Alex, it was great Utah where I worked for a small that other types of riding like com- circuitous route to the office. Continued on page 22 to meet you in person last summer PR agency (SOAR Communications) muting are a natural gateway to bike after years of exchanging emails. that represented the Sea Otter Classic Tell my readers a little about you. and Interbike, among other cycling industry clients. It was amazing to Alex Strickland: I grew up in land in the cycling industry and com- Reach Memphis, Tennessee — not exactly bine recreation with occupation. We a cycling hotbed (well, not in the helped out with the launch of NICA Cyclists in nineties, anyway) — and when I was in Utah and it was amazing to think of in middle school a friend’s neighbor how different those kids’ experience 8 Western was a sponsored racer was vs. the dumb luck that pointed for KHS and this just seemed … me toward . Like States! Advertise in Cycling West and Cycling Utah!

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COACHING Bringing Back Motivation to Your Cycling ness/coaching/six-tips-to-get-started- Maybe you were only riding with-intervals/ ). every week or two but you strung a If you are training with a power few weeks together with four days of meter, this means no training with riding. Again, celebrate! Don’t dwell a vanity FTP (functional threshold on the disappoints. Cycling training power) or using a previous FTP for is hard work! So enjoy the successes. your training zones. Do a power test Celebrating the victories along and be honest with the results. If you the way will help you shift your find accountability difficult in test- focus from the outcome to the pro- ing yourself, find a coach who can cess. Try to see the goal not just as an Just put on the chammy. administer a test. end to reach but the whole journey as and make the process effective, the As you start to get back into regu- part of the goal. We hear it so much goals will come. lar training, remember to celebrate it is a cliche, but ‘be present.’ Be in the victories as they come. Maybe the moment and enjoy the work you Sarah Kaufmann is the owner you take your second power test and put in toward the goal. Let go of the of K Cycling Coaching. She is an the number has gone up. Celebrate! anxiety around where you currently elite level XC and CX racer based Maybe the number still isn’t where are or are not. View your goals with you want it to be or where it was excitement so you can soak in and in Salt Lake City, Utah. She can previously. You put in work and saw enjoy the process of getting there. be reached at sarah@kcycling- improvement, enjoy the moment! If you put in smart, consistent work, or 413.522.3180.

How do recapture motivation? RIder: Ben Hess Photo by Matt McKinney to build on that, start with consistent By Sarah Kaufmann training. I have a friend who would say, ‘just put on the chammy.’ That’s If you ride consistently, chances the main thing, put the chammy on are, eventually you will suffer some and get out the door. Worry about the kind of setback. Maybe an injury rest after that. forces you off the bike for an extend- If you have not been riding at all ed period, maybe outside life/ family/ or only sporadically, start with two to work stress gets out of control and three days per week. Try to work up riding takes a backseat for a time. to four days of riding per week. That Whatever it is, you are forced off might be all your schedule allows. the bike, fitness has dwindled and That’s fine, four days is enough to now the thought of starting over is build fitness. If you have been rid- overwhelming. You worked so hard ing a little more than sporadically, to build fitness previously and it feels increase to five or six days of regular insurmountable to get back there. riding. How do you find the motivation to The main tenet here is to ramp start where you are and get back to slowly and not increase your days, where you were - and beyond? volume, or intensity too quickly. First and foremost, let go of pre- Ramping up too quickly will lead vious measurements of success. Be to burnout or injury. If you are not where you are now. The goal is to get stronger and faster and to do that you sure how to approach that, a coach need to be honest with yourself about can help. If you are short on train- where you are right now. Instead of ing time, a coach will also help you stressing about where you were or make the most efficient use of that where you want to get back to, focus time. (See my article on the efficacy your energy on how make progress. of interval training on page 16 in the Once you are being honest about May issue of Cycling West and here your current fitness and have a desire too: Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 7 8 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

Team Managers, What Do They makes miracles.” It was a logo used Dr. Max Testa- Do? by a company that manufactured Continued from page 3 That was a perfect segue for my leather products, primarily purses next question. I asked Max to explain and . The team is co-owned fortably, improve power, prevent how many cars are used for each by American Jim Ochowicz, who injuries, train more efficiently, and team and what were the responsibili- founded the 7-Eleven Cycling Team be properly fitted to their bike. In this ties of those in the cars. “There are and is presently the team manager. article, Max will share with you the three cars per team,” he described. Although the first stage of this year’s inside decisions made by the team “In the first car, you have two sports Tour de France is on Saturday, July managers. He will explain and define directors. One is driving, the other is 6, Max will fly over on Tuesday July what it takes to make the jump from communicating with the riders. He 2. He must be there three-four days a serious recreational cyclist to one has the map in front of him, tells the ahead for the anti-doping tests for the of the top professionals in the world. riders if the wind is going to change, team. Normally the doctor is there Basically, you will learn the physical you’ll be on a narrow road for five witnessing the doping control of his attributes these riders possess and kilometers, then big turn to the right, team. There are reports and paper how they are able to withstand such then you’re going to have a cross work to get in order. a grueling event. He will provide wind, and so forth. We have a car you with an insight to the strategy of ahead on the course and he tells the Tour Riders versus You: What’s breakaways, the value of sports director what the conditions the Difference? riders and what it takes to sprint like will be in an hour. For example, if Max was asked what the main or fly down the there’s a rainstorm ahead and the difference was between recreational mountain roads in the at more road will be slippery, he tells the riders and those professionals com- than 60 miles per hour. sports director so he can have one peting in the Tour de France. “Power or two riders drop back and get rain is the main difference between those A Cycling Team’s Doctor is One even though they are miles who ride the Tour and everyday rid- Busy Man from the storms. The third car is the ers,” he explained, “or even serious A few weeks ago, prior to flying service car and I am there with anoth- competitive cyclists who are not on to this year’s Tour de France, Max er sports director and the mechanic. the same level. We at strength sat down and explained some intrica- If there is a breakaway, we pass the and talent as the number of watts cies concerning the Tour and exactly peloton and go behind the breakaway. you can push for a given amount of what his role will be for the team If there is a bad crash, they drop me time, and the ratio between weight CCC. “This will be my 27th or 28th out and then they jump in the ambu- and power. For example, you take the Tour de France, I stopped counting lance with the rider. That’s what amount of watts you push for a climb a while ago,” he quipped, “I talk to happened last year with that takes 30-40 minutes, then you people who watch the Tour de France when I was with the BMC team.” divide by body weight and you have on television, they focus on the race, Dr. Max Testa in one of his first tours in 1986 or 1987 with my friend Bob Roll (now a television commentator at the Tour). Photo courtesy Max Testa Dr. Max Testa was with BMC for watts per kilo. That’s what makes but everybody thinks it’s a vacation. 12 years. Before that he was the team your speed going uphill. Many times, I come back and friends take care of any injuries. Sometimes committee. Before you know it, it’s they wake you up in the middle of six in the morning, time to wake up doctor for Motorola, and prior to that “So you take the winners of the ask, ‘Hey Doc, how was your vaca- he was with the 7-Eleven team. The Tour de France, and they win mostly tion at the Tour de France?’ It’s not the night for doping control tests. the riders, go to breakfast, prepare, CCC is comprised of about 30% of on the climbs. In comparison, take a quite a vacation, especially for the They may select one or two riders, transfer the riders two-three hours to last year’s BMC team. Needless to Cat 1 cyclist, who trains 15-20 hours staff. You have long days that start then you have to go wake the riders, the starting point for that day’s stage. say, over the last 28 years he has pro- a week and imagine he is on a major very early in the morning and you go down to the first floor to the dop- There are days, I don’t have time to vided quite a bit of medical attention climb after four or five hours on the go all day, sometimes past midnight. ing control room. Then they might open the suitcase in my room. I go to to many riders in the Tour de France. bike. He can average 4.5 to 5.5 watts You have to transfer every day, from say, we need two more riders, and bed, wake up, take a shower, boom, The CCC team existed on the conti- per kilo while a fit recreational rider finishing point to the next hotel. On we go through the whole process all out of there.” nental level and BMC had the UCI will average 2 to 3 watts per kilo. So occasion it’s a two or three hour over again. They don’t tell you how At that point, I was exhausted World Tour license and joined forces if a Cat 1 rider, the fittest guy locally, drive. You may have dinner at 9:00- many riders are going to be tested listening to Max’s agenda, but he with them this season. CCC is a averages 4.5 to 5.5 watts per kilo, the 10:00, then you have to go see the or when. Sometimes, you are awake continued with more interesting Polish phrase that means “The price Tour de France top riders are between riders and change the dressing and all night assisting the doping control detail. “Actually, the doctors have one of the easiest jobs,” he explained. “Especially if there has not been a recent crash. Think about the mas- sage therapists; they have to move all the luggage from one hotel to the next, then give four or five massages at the end of the day. Sometimes start- ing after dinner. Then they have to prepare two hundred bottles of water for the next day. They work through the night. They make bottles of elec- trolyte, water, carbohydrate mix, and it depends on the temperature of the next day, the length of the ride and the amount of vertical involved. They modify the water depending on the environmental changes. On average, each rider needs about three gallons of water during each stage. Plus you have to have enough water for each car. Sometimes cars are stuck behind the breakaway and you must have a sufficient number of bottles in the second car.”

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with learning the techniques. They understand the race; one day you have to chase and attack and the next day you don’t. For example the gift that a 7-footer has on the court is visible. But the gift these guys have, that they have been born with, it’s in the quality of their lungs, the quality of their heart, the qual- ity of their muscle, their ability to generate power in the mitochondria, an organelle in the cytoplasm of cells that functions in energy produc- tion. In a good way, they are a freak of nature. Some of these people deliver 70-80 milliliter of oxygen every minute per kilo of body weight. The normal person has 25-40. These young people can process oxygen at double the normal speed. Training Dr. Max Testa in one of his first tours in 1986 or 1987 with Raul Alcala (win- Dr. Max Testa with Greg Avermaet’s yellow bike after wearing the yellow ner of best young rider), and Dag Otto Lauritzen (winner of the stage of Luz can contribute 10-15 per cent of VO2 jersey. Photo courtesy Max Testa Max (milliliters of oxygen per kilo of Ardidens). Photo courtesy Max Testa recover. Another thing is to do every- body weight) the amount of oxygen series of aches,” he surmised, “mod- 6.3 and 6.8. So they can go up about measure how hard you work. For they can deliver to the muscles. It’s erate your training so that you have thing you can do to optimize your 10 per cent faster than a good local example, six-time Tour de France just that they have a different engine. enough recovery days especially if recovery. Stretching is one, some- regional level cyclist. Pretty much a stage winner Andre Greipel, can It’s like having a furnace that runs you are older than 40 or 50. Because times a cold bath after a long ride Tour de France rider climbs double generate a charge of 1,900 watts at double the normal speed. When I as you grow older, recovery takes could help. Also, make sure you have the speed of a good, well fit recre- of power in a single sprint. Mark was in Milan, we tested 800 juniors longer. You can still train hard but good nutrition for recovery, so after ational serious rider. They can go up Cavendish says he sprints at 1,500 every year when they were 12. And you might need two or three light you are done you have your shake a steep grade at 15-18 miles an hour.” watts. Most pro cyclists produce when they were 14-15 you could see days before you train hard again. with protein and carbohydrates, in When asked, what is the ratio of close to 300 watts on average during the ones that were 70 plus VO2. You Stretching can help but one of the order to speed up recovery. These are watts to kilos, he responded, “Say a four-hour tour stage. could see who would become good first pieces of advice is to make sure good recommendations but every- a rider is pushing 420-440 watts for I was anxious to hear about how professionals. In the ten years we your position on the bike is correct. thing starts with a good bike fitting 45 minutes, then you divide by body these Tour de France riders became brought a lot of juniors to become Because if you are sitting in the and a good training program. weight, which is about 65 kilos, and so strong, fit, and skilled. “The con- pro because we have monitored them wrong position, too low or too far “Then there are complicated cases that number determines how fast dition of these riders is genetically since age 12. It was a pipeline.” forward, you many have more knee where you have the person that does they can climb. The higher the num- determined,” Max explained. “They or quad pain. If you are sitting too far everything right but he or she has ber, the faster you go up. So you take are born with this gift. On top of Tips on Staying Healthy back, you may have more hamstring a bad knee that happened playing a good cyclist that pushes 250-300 that, they have training and a career As far as recreational riders are or glute pain. It’s important to start watts, say you divide by 75 kilos, or and have been racing since they concerned, I asked Max if he had with a good bike fitting. If the posi- 165 pounds, the ratio is much lower. were 8-9 years-old. So they have the some advice so riders could avoid tion is correct, work on your training Continued on page 10 It’s like a big engine mounted on a skills, they know how to envision time off the bike during the season organization so you have days that light frame.” In simpler terms, watts the race and everything that comes and stay healthy. “If the pain is a you train hard but days when you can 10 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

of a heart attack in early December at domestique but because other team- Dr. Max Testa- his home in South Africa. Following mates were injured, he rode out front Continued from page 9 his time with Motorola, Sherwin and finished second in the Tour of became affiliated with Phil Liggett Switzerland and tenth in the Tour de , , or an assortment of and the duo became professional France. If you are a team manager sports injuries and they have chronic cycling’s best television broadcasters and build a team, you identify your knee pain. Sometimes, we do what by a long shot. I asked Max about team leaders but you also find those we call ‘medical bike fitting.’ We do his friendship with Paul Sherwin. “I strong riders who can play the role anywhere between 300-500 a year got to know Paul very well and like of being a helpful and successful right here. Some people come in with everyone I appreciated his friend- domestique. Each team looks for their bike, not because they have a ship,” Max recalled, “but he was the best domestique rider and it’s no wrong position in terms of fitting much more than a guy. He was surprise, they are in high demand. but because they have knee or neck super smart, a very good rider in For example, you take last year’s pain. So we adjust the position to the 80’s but extremely passionate SKY team. Of the eight riders on the reduce the load on the knee or the about the sport. He knew so much tour team, you have six that could achilles or the neck or whatever. So about the culture of cycling, riders be leaders on any other team. Those we put together the medical condi- from the past and the present and his six riders, cost more than the budget tion of the patient, their flexibility, memory was unbelievable. He could of most of the other teams. The bud- Dr. Max Testa in 2017 receiving his with the position. That may prevent have been a great Sport Director or gets are really different between the award from Tour director for 25 years of par- Dr. Max Testa on the day of the them from being a super fast rider Coach because he really understood intermediate level teams compared to ticipation in the Tour de France as 20 year anniversary of the death but allow them to ride without a lot the sport.” those at the top.” a team doctor. Photo courtesy Max of Olympic gold medalist Fabio of pain.” During the same time in the 90’s, Testa Casartelli. He died during the 1995 Tour, on the col de Portet d’ Aspet. Bob Roll was a rider for Motorola How Does the Peloton Catch up even though most of us have no idea Intervals I was there when it happened. I and Max was the Doctor for the with the Breakaway Riders? how difficult that ascent really was Regarding training, I looked for- was his team doctor, and his coach. 7-Eleven team. Once a year Bob I posed that question to Max and nor do we feel the pain that every ward to hear Max’s opinion on the He was from my hometown of comes to Park City to get his physi- it took him less time to reply than rider is going through at that very Como, Italy. The monument is there role intervals play for professional cal for insurance purposes. Max it takes many of us to change gears. moment. But we have some idea where he crashed, in Memory. In recalled that a few years ago after “Maybe they don’t have a precise cyclists and recreational riders. “I the picture I am with his son Marco what lies ahead because the commen- think intervals are more important (born 1 month before his father Bob turned 50, Max asked him when mathematical formula,” he explained, tators have briefed us that the descent for recreational riders than pros,” he died), Fabio’s Mom, and widow, he had his last physical. Bob’s reply “but by rule of thumb, you know how may be in the 5-7 mile category and explained, “because the pros race or Annalisa. The Tour had a stage was, “When was the last time we much you can gain every 10 kilome- these riders will be approaching 60 train 20-25 hours a week. They ride on the same mountain in 2015, in were together during the Tour de ters if you have two riders pulling, or mph or more. How do they do it? memory. Photo courtesy Max Testa over all kinds of terrain, so naturally France?” That was some 20 years three, or even four riders. Normally, “First of all,” Max remarked with intervals are included. The intervals weeks in Park City. Pete just left in ago but now he gets his physical the strategy is to let the breakaway a smile, “this is second nature to tend to give the rider more in return early June, 3-4 days before the Tour annually. Max reassured me that the go, knowing there may be more many of these riders. They have been humor Bob Roll shares on television than one team motivated to chase. for the time invested in training than of Switzerland, and by the time we descending mountains like this since is not designed solely for the camera. Maybe the riders in the breakaway steady training. Steady training is did this interview he had already won they were 8-10 years old. Sometimes, “That’s Bob,” Max reiterated, “he’s can bother more than one team for good for recovery days or training a stage. “He comes here a couple you see a big difference in skill very genuine, has a sense of humor, overall, for intermediate sprints or for a long event. Intervals are good times a year,” Max recalled, “Peter going downhill. Some are not very sometimes hard to understand or pick whatever the situation. If there are but as you get older, you tend to lose rides all around the Park City area, good and make square turns rather up but he’s a fun guy to be around. three or four teams in the peloton the top end. You can still go long six hours a day and that includes that making the turns as straight as We ride together every November; a that want to bring the breakaway rid- but people my age prefer riding long many canyons here on the Wasatch they can. This comes with practice. weekend with a group from Colorado ers back, most of these teams have and steady because it feels natural. Front. He spends a lot of time on a Also, using the properly is in the Moab area. He’s still a very sprinters and they want the race to It’s easier than riding hard. But I mountain bike, that’s his background very important. A tip is not to hold strong rider, he can keep together finish with a sprint. Another situa- do recommend that seniors in good and a major part of his training.” too long on the brakes because you with the young guys.” tion is that a rider in the breakaway condition, should introduce intervals While talking about his time can heat up the , especially might be in position to pass the in their training at least one or twice with the Motorola Team from 1991- the carbon fiber wheels that heat up The Peloton: overall leader. A rule of thumb, as I a week.” quickly. Let the bike go; you can sit 1996, Max mentioned that for five “Domestique Riders” are said, is that the peloton can gain one up or even stand to allow your body seasons he was a roommate with Invaluable minute every ten kilometers (that’s mass to slow you down. Make sure Peter Sagan, Paul Sherwin, and Paul Sherwin, who at that time was Despite an avid viewer of pro tour 6.2 miles). Despite the number of you use the brakes progressively and Bob Roll the PR-Media Representative for racing, this writer never thoroughly riders in the breakaway, say there not lock things up. And when you are Max mentioned that Peter Sagan Motorola. As many readers know, understood the role “domestique” are 12, not every rider is necessarily getting out of a turn, let the brakes had been up here training for two Paul Sherwin died suddenly at age 62 riders provide to each team and how working, doing his part, taking pulls. cool down a little so you’ll be ready they are selected. The dictionary Sometimes only five riders are work- defines a domestique as a member ing because a rider might know that if for the next turn. For the recreational of a bicycle-racing team who assists this breakaway works, my teammate, cyclist, I recommend not to increase the leader by setting a pace, prevent- who is currently in sixth position, your speed even more when you ing breakaways by other teams, or may fall back to eighth. So they stay know you have a steep pitch right supplying food and water to team passive in the breakaway. If they pull, ahead and you’re going to need your members. It took Max no more than a they do the minimum so not to be brakes again. Disc brakes are a good split second to define the importance kicked out of the breakaway.” option if you are coming down a lot of the domestique rider. “Cycling is If the breakaway fails, let’s use of steep canyons. These pros on the a team sport,” he described, “even the term dissolves, with just a few tour try to limit the overuse of their though there is a perception there is kilometers remaining, sometimes the brakes and they go with the flow of a winner, but most of the time, the body language of a rider who has the riders in front of them. My rec- winner could not reach that plateau been in this breakaway, speaks vol- ommendation is to be aware of your without the support of the other rid- umes. Needless to say, Max had the skill level and not try to go too fast ers. What happens in the pro peloton, perfect response. “In the Tour de for your ability and avoid over using is that by a certain phase of your pro France, you are happy to be in the the brakes. Be cautious, practice in career, you realize that you are good breakaway for 100 miles, even if they training, maybe on the low grade enough to be a leader, so that you can catch you,” Max replied. “First of hills first, that are not so steep. Learn deliver on the day of the big races. all, the rider will be on television for to shift your weight a little more on You can be an overall prospect for two-three hours, the sponsor is happy the inside like the motorcycle riders stage races, or a one day specialist. If because the camera keeps showing do.” you’re not quite there, maybe shy by the jersey, the rider’s name has been only two-three percent, you realize mentioned over and over, so it’s nice As the interview came to a close, you can be a domestique. They play to have your name mentioned many we shook hands, thanked each other an amazing role. Some keep their times on the international stage.” for the time, but I felt it necessary teams leaders out of the wind, they to share one message with Dr. Max go back to the car and get bottles The Tour Riders Descend So Testa. “Max, have a great experience (sometimes more than eight or ten) of Fast? Yikes! during this year’s Tour de France, water or electrolyte drinks, jackets if After watching the Tour de France but I hope you never have to get out a rainstorm is coming, and of course riders climb a most challenging of the car and help a rider who had they make sure their teammates have mountain in the Alps or the an accident.” His response was short food and fluid throughout the race. that lasted quite some time, our first and right to the point. “Bill, that’s our One time we had a rider who was a reaction is to breath a sigh of relief goal, every year!” Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 11

BIKE COMMUNITY Utah Mountain Bike Legend Cyndi Schwandt Passes Away were the very trails she pioneered traded her bike for Nordic and

Park City’s Cyndi Schwandt, a to help create over the last 40 years, could be found most days on the

pioneering and premier mountain in the heart of the community she trails. In all seasons, she ate choco- bike racer, passed away following called home. late and wore purple. If we can’t a mountain bike crash on June 10, She was a force to be reckoned praise Cyndi for her athletic accom- 2019. with, characterized by a quiet pres- plishments, let us remember instead Schwandt won the Utah moun- ence and unapologetic approach to the impact she had on the women she tain bike series in 1987, 1989, 1990, life. The impact Cyndi made on the mentored and taught through Team 1991, and 1992, among many other community will be forever remem- Sugar to mountain bike over the victories. She also competed in sev- bered. Whether it was through her eral mountain bike world - involvement as a Mountain Trails last 15 years, or the help offered to ships and numerous national cham- Ambassador, passion for the Adopt- friends in need that was truly remark- pionships, as well as in the pro-elite A-Native Elder Program, or utilizing able. Through overarching kindness

class in the NORBA National Series. her masters degree in horticulture and mentorship of others, she truly

The following is a portion of her at Summit Community Garden, her transformed lives. obituary provided by her family. We love for Park City was apparent in Cyndi is survived by her 91 year will have additional remembrances of her varied activities and avid vol- old mother, Willi. Her baby broth- Cyndi in an upcoming issue. unteerism. She created a family that er, Tom and wife Amy, two nieces, will miss her forever. Meghan and and Sara, and her cat, Cyndi Schwandt was just a few For those of you who knew Cyndi, Jas. All share the same amazing last weeks away from turning 69 on July she would hate being recognized as a name, Schwandt. We will miss you 11th when she died Monday, June National Champion Mountain Bike Cyndi Schwandt at the Joyride Mountain Bike Race in May 2004. Photo by 10th doing what she loved best, rid- Racer, or for her achievements as one Cyndi. Sherise Crosby ing her bike on the trails in Park City. of the first women to compete at the In lieu of flowers, please donate It was especially fitting that these professional level. In the winter, she to Mountain Trails Foundation. 12 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

MECHANIC’S CORNER Tubeless Road Bike Tires – Have You Made the Switch? er. There are so many elements that run counter to traditional bicycling thought about what is fast. Wider tires. Wider rims. Lower pressures. Can these really add up to a faster bike? But there is a real difference between testing on a drum in lab and riding on real roads with constant irregularities. Hit a pebble and your tire will either deflect (usually up and back, not the direction we want to go) or deform. Deforming keeps you moving forward. When you are on a chip-sealed road, you are hitting pebbles non-stop. The pressure you run in a tube is not the right pressure for a tubeless Road tubeless tires need sealant, but are easy to take on and off. Photo by tire. Many tire and manufac- Ian Matteson - ENVE Composites turers have online charts that factor tubeless tutorials. Remember that No center groove, which makes for a in rim internal width, tire width and NoTubes has been doing this longer tough fit. But the ride is still sublime rider weight, and then suggest the and better than anyone. Go to their once the tire is mounted. correct pounds per square inch, or site, take no shortcuts, and life will Remember, it is all about the ride psi. For longtime road riders, these be peachy. quality. But you might also save are hard to believe. And your existing tires? Don’t weight. The new Continental Grand The tubeless compatible ENVE SES 3.4 Disc wheel. The setup looks just “Our tire pressure chart is based even try! You can make almost any Prix 5000 TL, a highly anticipated like any other road wheel from the outside but ride smoother and get off an algorithm and comparisons wheel and tire combo tubeless in the tubeless update from the king of fewer flats. Photo by Ian Matteson - ENVE Composites with real world feedback from rid- mountain bike world if you know a German tire makers, weighs 300 when I couldn’t afford a new sew-up, ers of every size and ability,” says handful of tricks. In the road world, grams at 700 x 25. The standard ver- By Chris Magerl not even the cheap Cyrillic-stamped Pantone. “I’m all about 28mm tires using anything other than a real tube- sion weighs 220 grams at 700 x 25. sew-ups Steve Tilford would sell us and on a wide rim like the 3.4 AR, less tire is asking for a trip to the ER. Add a high-end Continental tube (143 More comfort, fewer flats, better after his race trips to Eastern . I generally run between 50-60 psi Or worse. grams for the Race, 78 grams for the speed. Road tubeless comes down I could buy 20 tubes for the cost depending on the tire.” Tubeless tires have very exacting Race Light) and you are not paying a to that. It is truly a superior ride. of one of those mystery Tilford tubu- “I ride with a lot of different peo- specifications on tire bead diameter. weight penalty for tubeless. Adoption of this technology has lars, and Steve’s were the lowest cost ple of every ability and size. I don’t Non-tubeless might set up, and might But wait, what about sealant? been slow, but there are some recent you could find. Eventually the conve- know a single person a tire ride for a while. But you are going Sealant adds weight, and it is rota- changes that might help riders get up nience of clinchers won out, and sew- smaller than 25mm and I don’t know to end in catastrophic failure. Please, tional weight a long way from the to speed. ups were relegated to race-day-only. anyone running above 90 psi and do not try this with non-tubeless hub. Yup. BicycleRollingResistance. In the old days, you could spot Fast-forward three decades, filled that includes several guys well north road tires! com tests have shown that 30 ml of the serious racer out training by see- with continual riding and thousands of 200 pounds,” says Pantone. “Tire If you do try with your existing sealant requires an additional 1 watt ing the spare sew-up, or tubular, tire of road miles. The first time I pedaled pressure can really affect the overall rim and real tubeless road tires, know at 23 mph on a 700 x 25. You’ll get strapped to the saddle rails with a road tubeless, I was instantly drawn ride experience so it’s important to that there will be trade-offs. A com- that watt back in reduced buzz and leather toe strap. In the early ‘80s, back to those hours on farm roads in get it right.” monly heard refrain is that tubeless fatigue. the ride quality of even cheap train- Kansas in the early ‘80s. Road tube- These pressures are based on new, tires are almost impossible to put on One other factor that needs to be ing sew-ups was so far superior to less was the best clincher ride I had wider internal rim widths. The Enve or take off. That is true. And false. mentioned is that rims, wheels, tires any clincher. But there were catches. ever experienced, no matter the tire, 3.4AR wheels Pantone mentioned Pantone explains how easy it can and frames have all been evolving If you flatted, you had to rip the tube or wheel configuration. It was have an internal width of 25mm. be on a modern rim designed for quickly in reaction to disc brakes. glued-on tire/tube/casing combo off like training on sew-ups again. Compare that with something like tubeless. Don’t buy a new frame for the disc your rim, put on the new tire, and Road buzz was reduced dramati- the old Mavic Open Pro, the stan- “A tubeless rim has a deep cen- brakes. Buy a new frame for the then gently work your way back cally. I had to worry far less about dard of great alloy wheels for a gen- ter channel and two shoulders. The benefits that come with disc brakes. home. Corners were questionable as flats, either from debris or pinch flats. eration, which has an internal width shoulders are the surface on which “Disc brakes aren’t cool because you waited to roll that unglued spare We are 20 years into commer- of 14.5mm. A 700 x 25 tubeless the tire and rim create the air-tight of the stopping power they provide,” says Pantone. “They are cool because off your rim. More than one flat cially available tubeless road tires. will have differing width and height seal. The center channel reduces the of what it allows us as a wheel manu- and you were hitchhiking home, as Choices abound from a variety of dimensions and road characteristics rim’s diameter, effectively allowing facturer to create. The SES AR Series there was no quick way to patch the manufacturers, including the biggest on each of those rims. the tire to be installed. It is absolutely of wheels would have never been flat in the field. If you did choose to names in tires, many With lower pressure, you will get imperative that every single millime- imagined in a rim world. There patch at home, you had to peel the offering multiple widths. Wheel less road buzz, less stiffness in your ter of tire bead be in that center drop just wasn’t clearance available in a rim strip, cut the stitching that held makers are designing in ways to neck, fewer jolts to your wrists and channel when installing a tubeless rim brake constrained frame. The the tire together, pull out a portion make the most of these tires, includ- elbows and shoulders, a much kinder tire. If not, you’ll fight it till your amazing thing is that with this new of the inner tube, patch, re-sew and ing offering much wider rims and saddle experience, and less soreness fingers are raw.” wheel technology we get the best of re-glue. Yeah, I did this in college internal grooves that make all the and vibration in your feet. Yup, it is Most wheel manufacturers offer everything: world-class aerodynam- difference in mounting tubeless tires. that nice, assuming you don’t air up some variation of this now. Watch ics, cross wind stability, lower rolling A lot of hard-learned lessons have the tires like you always have. the GCN guy mount Mavic tubeless resistance, better cornering traction, come in those 20 years. With help We associate vibration with the tires on Mavic tubeless wheels with all while riding in more comfort and from Jake Pantone, Vice President of sensation of speed, so it might take virtually no effort in his video “Have confidence. Road riding has never Product and Consumer Experience a bit to get over the feeling that you Mavic Nailed Tubeless for Road?” been this fun.” What’s on your at Enve Composites of Ogden, Utah, must be going slower. Resist the (This video is also fun to watch as he we will help you get up to speed. temptation to pump up to 95 psi. intentionally rides over increasingly mind? Enve is an industry leader in the Trust your cycling computer to show large tacks to see what it takes to Send your feedback world of carbon bicycle components. you that you are covering the same get the tire to fail.) I have mounted and letters to the Should you make the switch? terrain at quicker times. You won’t Hutchinson Fusion tubeless tires on editor to: dave@ “The technology is real and riders need the computer to tell you that NoTubes Alpha rims with no tire are going faster and in more comfort/ you are doing so with more comfort. lever. Not because I had to, because confidence with this new technol- Want to get in on this on the it was easy to do. ogy,” according to Pantone. “The cheap? Your existing wheels are But that very same Hutchinson ride experience overall is too good probably up to it. According to Stan’s Fusion tubeless tire on my favorite to pass up.” NoTubes, most road wheels can be set of 12-year-old DT Swiss rims? You can join the limitless online converted using their road tubeless Can be done, but it is a fight to the debate about whether tubeless is fast- bundle. There are loads of online finish, even with a very strong lever. Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 13


Mountain 2. ANDREW CONOVER Spry Cycles 1:53:37.70 0:39:23 Open 3. JEFF BENDER Kuhl Cycling 1:53:44.38 6 jim demet 0:51:33 Open Bike 4. MATTHEW TURNER Summit Bike Club 1:55:50.65 Open Women 45+ Racing 5. CHRIS HOLLEY Kuhl Cycling 1:56:04.39 1 Kelly McPherson Zone Five Racing 0:36:33 6. THOMAS BENDER Kuhl Cycling 1:59:01.34 Open Women 55+ Three Peaks Classic ICup, Intermountain Cup, 7. ANDREW DRAPER Maybird Reyes-Psych 1 Denise Higgison Nebo Peaks Cycles 0:31:31 Cedar City, UT, May 18, 2019 1:59:09.37 2 Jo Garuccio Hangar 15 0:37:13 Lil’ Shredders [9 and Under] 8. JOSH WOLFE Red Rock Bicycle 2:01:51.77 Cat 5 Men 1. NASH THOMPSON 02:53.38 9. KYLER GIBB Rapid Cycling 2:06:01.01 1 Matthew Clark Advanced Spine & Disc 0:27:00 2. LUXTON RICH 03:01.47 10. STEVE CARWILE Bingham Cyclery Peak 2 Tommy Anderson Plan7 0:29:54 3. MCKAY HOLM 03:02.95 Fasteners 2:08:45.16 3 Kevin Hashimoto 0:29:59 4. RYKER FRANK Ten23 Racing 03:14.26 Elite Women 4 Scott Baldwin EPIC 0:31:26 5. MIKAH THOMPSON Bike Fix 03:17.57 1. NATALIE QUINN ImpactDevo p/b Bountiful 5 Brian Ressa PorcupineCityworks Cycling 0:32:50 Shredders Boys [10-12] Bicycle 1:41:24.92 6 Justin Lizama 0:33:56 1. DAVID HARRISON 19:14.29 2. MEGHAN SHERIDAN Bingham Cyclery Peak Open Men 2. KADE JOHNSON 20:09.15 Fasteners 1:44:19.83 1 Justin Wagner Johnson Elite Orthodontics 3. CHASE BACON Velolove Elite 20:12.81 3. NANCY RUSSELL 1:44:21.31 0:40:43 4. SAM RAINER 20:19.34 4. KC HOLLEY Kuhl Cycling 1:44:28.26 2 Alex Whitney Ski City Cycling 0:49:09 5. ISAAC LOWRY Maybird Reyes-Psych 20:31.20 5. ERIKA POWERS 1:51:09.45 3 Lance Gamero Zone Five Racing 1:01:06 Shredders Girls [10-12] 6. SPRING BASTOW Stay Park City Cycling Cat 4 Men 1. LAURA STEWART 22:51.57 1:55:50.79 1 Anthony Lemon 0:43:02 2. ELLIE HORTIN Impact Devo p/b Bountiful Singlespeed 2 Brad Montierth 0:44:29 Bicycle 23:46.39 1. DANIEL NELSON Racers Cycle 1:42:17.65 3 Chris Frampton Nebo peaks Racing 0:46:25 3. CALLA BEYKIRCH 23:46.61 4 Kristopher Mahoney Zone Five Racing 0:54:55 4. SADIE HOLM 24:10.47 5 Jamie Ziegler Porcupine/Cityworks Cycling JH Boys [Grade 8 or Younger] Wasatch 50, Intermountain Cup, Heber, UT, Team 1:01:42 1. JAXON MARSHALL Fezzari Factory Racing June 8, 2019 Tandem Men 34:59.80 Elite Men 1 Keith Norris Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team 2. JAXSON WEAVER Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1. DREW FREE KUHL Santa Cruz GoRide 3:11:24.08 0:41:50 36:35.42 2. JULES GOGUELY Summit Bike Club 3:11:28.64 1 Brad Perry Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team 0:41:50 3. HADDEN BEYKIRCH 38:29.09 3. SAM SWEETSER Cole Sport 3:12:29.04 Open Men 35-39 4. ANDREW BURTON 39:45.42 4. MATTHEW TURNER Summit Bike Club 3:18:48.61 1 Nathan Manwaring Johnson Elite Orthodontics 5. LUKE SKOUSEN 40:16.87 5. GEOFFREY MONTAGUE Specifix 3:18:49.13 0:51:16 JH Girls [Grade 8 or Younger] Elite Women Open Men 40-44 1. EMMA CALLAHAN 46:24.94 1. CAEDRAN HARVEY Fitzgeralds 1 Matthew Wikstrom 0:41:04 2. RACHEL MOTT 51:16.91 3:43:48.17 2 Eric Jensen 0:46:01 3. BROOKLYN SHALLENBERGER Draper Park Middle 2. MEGHAN SHERIDAN Bingham Cyclery Peak Open Men 45-49 School 1:17:25.06 Fasteners 3:53:36.30 1 Kevin Gibson ICE 0:42:19 JV Boys 3. KC HOLLEY Kuhl Cycling 4:09:25.73 2 Jared Kirby Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team 1. LUKE ANDERSON Fezzari Factory Racing 4. SHIRLEY LEYDSMAN Red Rock Bicycle 4:25:54.51 0:45;23 1:02:58.08 5. NANCY RUSSELL TOSHHyperthreads 4:28:19.17 Open Men 50-54 2. ELIJAH Team Portal 1:03:08.35 Expert Women Full 1 Ken Morris 0:41:31 3. TYLER YOUNG Summit Bike Club 1:06:09.10 1. HATTIE RANSOM Velo Love 4:30:05.89 2 Vigen Sarkisian Armenia-Porcupine 0:41:46 4. JOSH KAELBERER Maybird Reyes-Psych 2. ERIN SWEETSER Park City Bike Racing 4:35:24.69 3 brent cannon Team Elevate 0:41:53 1:06:12.10 3. JODY YARBROUGH TOSH Hyperthreads 4 Stephen Rogers Porcupine 0:42:08 5. ISAAC HORTIN ImpactDevo p/b Bountiful Bicycle 4:46:03.11 5 Jeffrey Eckert Elko Velo 0:45:18 1:06:12.72 4. KELLIE OLIVER Red Rock Bicycle 5:02:53.15 6 Brian Meacham Contender 0:52:54 JV Girls 5. ALLY KEENAN Red Rock Bicycle 5:07:55.02 7 kevin zollinger Zone Five Racing 1:48:55 1. AUNIKA KEMP 1:18:26.80 6. KRISTI MCILMOIL 5:25:15.40 Open Men 55-59 2. KAMBER SASSER Fezzari Factory Racing Expert Men Open Full 1 Mark Schaefer 0:41:00 1:20:56.95 1. RYAN HONEA 3:37:02.59 2 Paul Hughes Velosport Racing 0:42:22 3. SAIGE LAWRENCE Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 2. ERIC NOBLE Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners 3 LOUIS RIEL Hangar 15 Bicycles 0:44:49 1:22:39.08 3:51:52.13 Open Men 60-64 4. AVERY WALLIN ImpactDevo p/b Bountiful 3. MICHAEL WALKER 3:54:14.52 1 Mark Zimbelman Volo Cycling 0:41:18 Bicycle 1:24:28.61 4. LUKE COLLINGS 3:54:58.38 2 Andres Maricq 0:44:10 5. ANNA NIELSON 1:44:34.48 5. MICHAEL NUNEZ 3:55:12.50 3 Dirk Cowley Velo Sport Racing Team 0:44:47 Varsity Boys Expert Men 40-49 Full 4 Norm Frye 0:45:11 1. CARTER ANDERSON Spry Cycles 1:26:53.46 1. DAN MAHLUM 3:33:39.87 5 Jeff Clawson Hangar 15 Bicycles 0:46:46 2. JAXON COLES ImpactDevo p/b Bountiful Bicycle 2. MARK ESPLIN 3:37:33.21 6 Bob Wynalek Contender 0:49:45 1:27:56.46 3. CHARLES JENKINS 3:37:53.47 Cat 1/ 2 Men 3. PORTER MITCHELL Spry Cycles 1:30:28.77 4. JACOB HOLLANDER 3:39:25.05 1 Spencer Johnson Johnson Elite Orthodontics 4. AUSTIN JONAS Spry Cycles 1:31:15.42 5. NATE MARINE Plan 7 DS 3:44:21.02 0:49:49 5. AIDAN DEAN 1:31:39.52 Expert Men 50-59 Full 2 Bonn Turkington Hangar 15 0:50:04 Varsity Girls 1. CARY SMITH 3:26:57.16 3 Erik Brockhoff Cicada Racing Inc. 0:50:13 1. HEATHER GILLESPIE 1:15:03.60 2. REED TOPHAM Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners 4 Robert Smallman Hangar 15 0:50:39 2. ALISHA BACON Velolove Elite 1:19:20.39 3:46:49.76 5 Griffin Park 0:50:42 3. MIA MENLOVE 1:22:43.03 3. MATT CROWLEY QQQQ Racing 3:47:54.96 6 Viggo Moore Society Cycles Racing 0:51:07 Novice Men 4. ANDY COMPAS Velo Love 3:51:34.38 Cat 3 Men 1. BRIAN TRITLE 1:15:08.21 5. BILL HARRIS Maybird Reyes-Psych 3:54:54.73 1 Troy Tomkinson Zone Five Racing 0:49:53 2. RICHARD MCCANN 1:16:23.48 Expert Men 60+ Full 2 Nathan Spratt Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health 3. JASON VANDERWARF 1:17:19.55 1. JOHN LAUCK Bountiful Bicycle Racing p/b Nate 0:50:27 4. CHAD DUNBAR Rouleur Devo p/b DNA Wade Subaru 4:02:40.02 3 Scott Miller LiVeWell p/b Harristone 0:53:32 1:18:49.83 2. DWIGHT HIBDON 4:30:09.58 4 Devin Smith Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team 5. ALEJANDRO RUIZ 1:21:20.08 3. LAWRENCE WOOLSON Bingham Cyclery Peak 0:53:45 Novice Women Fasteners 4:45:58.76 5 Christian Koi Moreno Society Cycles 1:04:26 1. ERICA ROGERS 48:03.14 4. LARRY TUCKER 5:00:59.54 2. TESSA WHATLEY Maybird Reyes-Psych 49:05.46 5. RYAN SPAINHOWER Team Red Rock 5:17:37.39 Porcupine Hill Climb, UCA Series, Salt Lake 3. KATIE RAINER 51:11.94 6. CRAIG WILLIAMS Bingham Cyclery Peak City, Utah, 18th Annual, June 22, 2019 4. CHRISSIE OWEN 58:53.92 Fasteners 5:25:30.09 Place, Name, Team, Time 5. RACHELLE SUAREZ 1:04:26.05 Sport Men Open Full Cat 3 Men Sport Women 1. KEATON LARRABEE Kuhl Cycling 3:48:52.35 1 Luke Gangi-Wellman Ascent Cycling p/b RB 1. HEATHER RAMSDELL 1:23:16.58 2. PARKE TAYLOR 3:57:59.73 Health 1:01:56 2. STACEY NOBLE 1:24:52.81 3. DAN EVANS 3:58:42.05 2 Tommy Moncur 1:02:03 3. TARA FERGUSON 1:25:37.10 4. JACKSON OGDEN 4:07:36.29 3 Ryder Jordin Hangar 15 1:02:03 4. ELIZABETH ROOKLIDGE 1:27:21.02 5. Tallen Voth 4:10:40.88 4 Nathan Spratt Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health 5. MEGAN BRADLEY Rouleur Devo p/b DNA Sport Men 40+ Full 1:02:51 1:29:50.39 1. JOSHUA BOND Johnson Elite Orthodontics 5 Lance Heaton FFKR Velosport racing 1:07:06 6. DIANE LIDDELL Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 3:56:18.23 Cat 4 Men 1:31:54.73 2. MK MORTENSEN 4:14:29.25 1 Anthony Lemon 1:03:21 7. DANIELLE DECARO 1:49:16.45 3. NATHAN SMITH Velo Love 4:17:56.91 2 Ben Raybould 1:04:59 Freshman/Sophomore Boys 4. MIKE TURNER Summit Bike Club 4:19:17.83 3 Tim Frost 1:05:20 1. ETHAN ALTAMIRANO Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 5. PETER YARBROUGH TOSH Hyperthreads 4 Morten Pedersen Mi Duole 1:06:00 1:06:15.54 4:19:23.94 5 Matthew McGarry 1:06:08 2. RUSH PETERSON 1:06:42.00 Singlespeed Full Cat 5 Men 3. JACKSON SORENSEN Team Portal 1:08:05.81 1. MILLARD ALLEN Scheels 3:44:39.50 1 Brennon Peterson 1:03:47 4. JAXON WIGGINS Bike fix 1:09:10.64 2. COREY LARRABEE Kuhl Cycling 3:49:21.66 2 Aleksander Hansen 1:04:06 5. ANDREW SCHAELLING ImpactDevo p/b 3. SHANE HORTON 4:00:49.67 3 Gregory Best Stay Park City Cycling 1:04:47 Bountiful Bicycle 1:09:12.24 4. JAMEN BENNION 4:15:20.43 4 Erme Catino Plan7 DS 1:04:55 Freshman/Sophomore Girls Sport Women Half 5 Neil Lande SPCC 1:05:21 1. TESSA LIDDELL Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1. ASHLEE CRESSWELL 2:25:35.19 Pro/1/2/3 Men 1:21:46.22 2. HEATHER RAMSDELL 2:32:25.66 1 Zach Calton 0:59:20 2. ABBY LOWRY Maybird Reyes-Psych 1:27:43.08 Sport Men Open Half 2 Griffin Park Hangar 15 0:59:20 3. JESSICA LINDSEY 1:40:23.20 1. MALACHI ARTICE The Hub Bicycles 1:53:47.85 3 Taylor Edwards Zone Five Racing 0:59:21 4. NATALIE DECARO 1:58:08.85 2. ROBERT SORENSON 2:01:55.10 4 Joe Goettl Above and Beyond Cancer p/b 5. EMERY PEASE Ten23 Racing 2:01:14.59 3. CAMERON ANDERSON Sch 0:59:35 6. ELLIE CAMPBELL 2:22:50.61 2:03:17.96 5 Samuel Dearden Zone Five Racing 0:59:50 Sport Men Open 4. PAUL FRANDSEN Team I Hate Cancer 2:08:43.73 Citizen Women 1. RYAN KEATING 1:11:32.24 5. ASHTON HEITZ 2:12:13.67 1 Abbie Spencer 1:21:12 2. TYLER FRANEK 1:11:35.23 6. NATHAN SMITH 2:15:22.29 2 Mary Beacco 1:29:14 3. CAMERON ANDERSON University of Utah 7. STEPHEN WEAVER 2:43:46.97 3 Laura Prussin 1:39:20 1:15:30.20 8. RANDY GARCIA 4:01:25.85 4 Chrissy Fairbanks 1:42:50 4. TREVOR GRAYSON 1:17:48.69 Sport Men 40-49 Half 5 Shelley Miller 2:06:02 5. SHANE CHRISTENSEN Team Red Rock 1:21:04.05 1. JASON SCARBROUGH 2:01:39.77 6 Pauline Higgins 2:07:57 6. KELBY CALDWELL 1:34:43.39 2. BRADLEY NICKELL Summit Bike Club 2:06:23.47 Citizen Men Under 20 Sport Men [35-49] 3. STEVEN WEAVER 2:06:59.61 1 Nick Morgan 1:07:33 1. MARC MENLOVE 1:09:48.59 4. JOHN KRAUSE 2:22:04.87 2 Peter Balk 2:09:29 2. JERAMIE THOMPSON 1:11:15.01 5. BRIAN AVERY 2:37:02.66 Citizen Men 20-25 3. DALE HORBA 1:11:16.53 Sport Men 50+ Half 1 Calen Albert 1:18:53 4. DAN DRAPER Maybird Reyes-Psych 1:11:49.87 1. BRIAN RESSA 2:01:20.29 2 Gregor Banrey 1:24:30 5. JONATHAN LIDDELL Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 2. COURT WINEGAR 2:17:31.68 3 Nick Chaney 1:33:03 1:13:05.17 3. DENNY TYNAN Stay PC Cycling Storm Cycles Citizen Men 26-30 Sport Men [50+] 2:26:53.31 1 Michael Walker 1:10:36 1. GREGG BROMKA PEARL iZUMi 1:16:31.41 4. BOGDAN BALASA 2 Casey Ross 1:17:17 2. STEVE FOX 1:16:53.67 2:31:37.31 3 Will Hess 1:24:50 3. AARON MULLUNS Team Red Rock 1:17:39.17 5. STAN BEAGLEY 2:53:28.04 Citizen Men 31-35 4. JIM OWEN 1:22:07.16 Junior Boys 1 Bartek Ksok 1:13:39 5. WILLIAM EDWARDS 1:22:28.39 1. THOMAS KRAUSE Barries Ski and Sports 2 Pascal Goffin 1:21:32 Expert Men Open 1:50:18.08 3 Christopher Collard 1:42:08 1. RYAN HONEA 1:31:52.40 2. TY DOWDLE 1:54:12.79 Citizen Men 36-40 2. JOE DRAPER Maybird Reyes-Psych 1:32:08.10 3. TANNER RICKS Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1:54:13.31 1 Andrew McCloskey 1:07:42 3. JON HOUK Red Rock Bicycle 1:33:41.13 4. MADDUX LEONARD Summit Bike Club 2 Sean Quill 1:18:53 4. ERIC NOBLE Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners 1:59:09.54 3 Corey Unger 1:21:32 1:38:41.92 5. MONTE MCDONALD RED BURRitO Racing 4 Jin Zhang 1:24:27 5. TOMMY FENDLER Summit Bike Club 1:42:13.96 2:01:32.10 5 David Fuhrman 1:28:30 Expert Men [40-49] Junior Girls 6 Jonathan Stoddard 1:31:09 1. SETH BRADLEY Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1. JANE HAIGHT Summit Bike Club 2:24:43.05 7 Clark Davis 1:38:18 1:36:04.74 2. CLAIRE SCARBROUGH 2:27:08.20 8 Jason George 2:20:22 2. TYLER KNUDSEN 1:36:08.75 Citizen Men 41-45 3. ERIC LANDON 1:36:17.29 Road 1 Bradley Nickell 1:27:40 4. MATT HUNT Spry Cycles 1:36:40.42 2 Colin Jones 1:31:21 5. BRYAN GILLESPIE 1:37:20.59 Racing 3 Ryan warner 1:49:25 Expert Men [50-59] 4 Tony Brown 1:53:46 1. CHRISTOPH HEINRICH Kuhl Cycling 1:31:37.99 Citizen Men 46-50 2. BILL HARRIS Maybird Reyes-Psych 1:34:53.01 Utah State Time Trial Championship, UCA 1 Jay Simpson 1:29:47 3. REED TOPHAM Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners Series, Rush Valley, Utah, June 15, 2019 2 Steve Maisch 1:30:13 1:34:56.32 Place, Name, Team, Time 3 Bob Ebert 1:35:02 4. MIKE HILEMAN 1:35:32.59 Junior Men 14 & Under Citizen Men 51-55 5. BOB SAFFELL Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners 1 Lucas Judycki Mr. Greens/Top Step cycling 1 Eric Swanson 1:22:12 1:37:14.00 0:18:58 2 Richard Lainez 1:34:08 Expert Men [60+] 2 Thor Eckert 0:23:59 3 Jeff Dillman 1:39:07 1. DAVE MENDENHALL Team Red Rock 1:16:19.72 Junior Men 15-16 4 David Miner 1:42:09 2. RYAN SPAINHOWER Team Red Rock 1:18:52.95 1 Carter Baldwin EPIC 0:31:42 Citizen Men 56-60 3. RICK MORRIS Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners 2 Thomas Baldwin EPIC 0:32:05 1 Michael Johnson 1:17:16 1:19:40.51 Junior Men 17-18 2 mark mueller 1:38:38 4. DENNY TYNAN Stay Park City Cycling Storm 1 Jack Shuckra FFKR Architects racing 0:26:28 3 Mark Skidmore 1:59:40 Cycles 1:20:42.99 2 Joshua Gilbert FFKR Architects racing 0:28:31 4 Mark Balk 2:03:22 5. CRAIG WILLIAMS Bingham Cyclery Peak Cat 4/5 Men Citizen Men 61-65 Fasteners 1:21:22.20 1 Adrienne Steinhorst 0:32:14 1 Jerry Chaney 1:30:37 6. RANDY BANALES 1:23:47.37 Open Men 65+ 2 Alan Jarrett 1:32:14 Expert Women 1 Ravell Call Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team 3 Bob Greer 1:43:03 1. PATTY MURPHY 1:16:34.79 0:29:18 Open 2. KELLIE OLIVER Red Rock Bicycle 1:24:26.12 2 Larry Peterson Endurance360 0:29:22 Open 3. KRISTI MCILMOIL 1:29:45.67 3 Ken Louder VeloSport Racing 0:29:40 Open Continued on Elite Men 4 Steve Moss Endurance 360 0:32:27 Open 1. JULES GOGUELY 1:53:01.28 5 Henry Ebell Porcupine Racing/City Works page 15 14 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019 BICYCLE SHOP DIRECTORY

Skyline Cycle Gear Rush Consignment Hangar 15 Bicycles 834 Blvd. 53 W Truman Ave. 11445 S. Redwood Rd Southern Utah Northern Utah Ogden, UT 84404 South Salt Lake, UT 84115 S. Jordan, UT 84095 Brian /Cedar City Logan (801) 394-7700 385-202-7196 (801) 790-9999 Brian Head Resort Mountain Bike Park Al’s Cyclery / Al’s Sporting Goods 329 S. Hwy 143 1075 N Main , Suite 120 P.O. Box 190008 Logan, UT 84341 The Bike Shoppe Mountain Bikes Lake Town Bicycles Brian Head, UT 84719 435-752-5151 4390 Washington Blvd. 2066 S 2100 E 1520 W. 9000 S., Unit E 435-677-2035 Ogden, UT 84403 Salt Lake City, UT 84108 West Jordan, UT 84088 (801) 476-1600 (801) 474-0081 (801) 432-2995 Joy Ride Bicycles Cedar Cycle 131 E 1600 N 38 E. 200 S. North Logan, UT 84341 Two Hoosiers Cyclery Guthrie Bicycle 2374 Harrison Blvd. REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) Cedar City, UT 84720 (435) 753-7175 803 East 2100 South 230 W. 10600 S. ​Ogden, UT 84401 (435) 586-5210 Salt Lake City, UT 84106 385-238-4973 Sandy, UT 84070 (801) 484-0404 (801) 501-0850 Sunrise Cyclery Hurricane 138 North 100 East Logan, UT 84321 DAVIS COUNTY Highlander Bike Salt Cycles Over the Edge Sports (435) 753-3294 3333 S. Highland Drive 2073 E. 9400 S. 76 E. 100 S. Biker’s Edge Hurricane, UT 84737 232 N. Main Street Salt Lake City, UT 84106 Sandy, UT 84093 (435) 635-5455 Kaysville, UT 84037 (801) 487-3508 (801) 943-8502 Wimmer’s Ultimate Bicycles (801) 544-5300 745 N. Main St. Logan, UT 84321 Hyland Cyclery Moab (435) 752-2326 Bingham Cyclery 3040 S. Highland Drive UTAH COUNTY Chile Pepper 2317 North Main Street Salt Lake City, UT 84106 702 S. Main Sunset, UT 84015 (801) 467-0914 Alpine/American Fork/Cedar Hills/ (next to Moab Brewery) (801) 825-8632 Moab , UT 84532 Park City/Heber Lehi/Pleasant Grove/Lindon (435) 259-4688 Cole Sport Jerks Bike Shop Bike Peddler (888) 677-4688 Bountiful Bicycle 3600 Ashton Blvd Suite A 1615 Park Avenue 4967 S. State St. Park City, UT 84060 2482 S. Hwy 89 Murray, UT 84107 Lehi, Utah 84043 (435) 649-4806 Bountiful, UT 84010 (801) 261-0736 Bike Fiend (801) 295-6711 69 E. Center Street Moab, UT 84532 Bicycle Motion Mobile Bike Shop 435-315-0002 Contender Bicycles Level 9 Sports 77 N. 200 E. 1352 White Pine Canyon Road Bountiful Bicycle Alpine, UT 84004 151 N. Main St. 660 S 400 W Park City, UT 84060 Salt Lake City, UT 84101 385-444-6666 435-214-7287 Kaysville, UT 84037 [email protected] (801) 444-2453 801-973-7350 Moab Cyclery 391 S Main St. Moab, UT 84532 Eddy’s Bicycle Barn (435) 259-7423 Jans Mountain Outfitters Guthrie Bicycle Pedego Electric Bikes 9449 N. Canyon Road 1600 Park Avenue 1095 S. State Street Cedar Hills, UT 84062 P.O. Box 280 420 W. 500 S. Bountiful, UT 84010 Salt Lake City, UT 84111 801-503-7872 Park City, UT 84060 801-341-2202 Poison Spider Bicycles (435) 649-4949 (801) 683-0166 497 North Main Moab, UT 84532 Fezzari Bicycles (435) 259-BIKE Loyal Cycle Co. REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) 850 W. 200 S. (800) 635-1792 Mountain Velo Lindon, UT 84042 1612 W. Ute Blvd, Suite 115 15 E. State St. 3285 E. 3300 S. 801-471-0440 Park City, UT 84098 Farmington, UT 84025 Salt Lake City, UT 84109 (435) 575-8356 801-451-7560 (801) 486-2100 Rim Cyclery 94 W. 100 North Hangar 15 Bicycles Moab, UT 84532 Park City Bike Demos Masherz Salt Lake City Bicycle Company 1678 East SR-92 (435) 259-5333 2226 N. 640 W. Highland/Lehi, UT 84043 1500 Kearns Blvd 247 S. 500 E. Park City, UT 84060 West Bountiful, UT 84087 Salt Lake City, UT 84102 (801) 901-6370 435-659-3991 (801) 683-7556 (801) 746-8366 Monticello Roam Industry Pedego Electric Bikes 265 N. Main St. Slim and Knobby’s Bike Shop SALT LAKE COUNTY Salt Lake Ebikes 4161 N. Thanksgiving Way, #205 Monticello, UT 84535 84 S Main 1035 S. 700 E. Lehi, UT 8411184043 (435) 590-2741 Heber, UT 84032 Central Valley Salt Lake City, UT 84105 801-405-7383 (435) 654-2282 Cottonwood Cyclery (801) 997-0002 2594 Bengal Blvd Price Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121 Timpanogos Cyclery Stein Eriksen Sport (801) 942-1015 Saturday Cycles 665 West State St. Altitude Cycle At The Stein Eriksen Lodge 7700 Stein Way 605 N. 300 W. Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 82 N. 100 W. (Mid-Mountain/Silver Lake) Salt Lake City, UT 84103 (801)-796-7500 Price, UT 84501 Deer Valley, UT 84060 Flynn Cyclery (801) 935-4605 (435) 637-2453 (435) 658-0680 4640 S. Holladay Village Sq., Suite 101 Holladay, UT 84117 801-432-8447 Trek Bicycle Store of American Fork SLC Bicycle Collective Meadows Shopping Center St. George Silver Star Ski and Sport 2312 S. West Temple 356 N 750 W, #D-11 1825 Three Kings Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84115 American Fork, UT 84003 Bicycles Unlimited Park City, UT 84060 Hangar 15 Bicycles (801) 328-BIKE (801) 763-1222 90 S. 100 E. 435-645-7827 3969 Wasatch Blvd. St. George, UT 84770 (Olympus Hills Mall) (435) 673-4492 Salt Lake City, UT 84124 (888) 673-4492 (801) 278-1500 2nd Track Sports Utah Mountain Biking Storm Cycles 1153 Center Drive, Suite G140 2927 E 3300 South 169 W. Main St. Park City, UT 84098 Salt Lake City, UT 84109 Lehi, UT 84043 IBB Cyclery & Multisport (435) 200-9120 Summit Cyclery 801-466-9880, ext. 1 801-653-2689 185 E Center St 4644 S. Holladay Blvd Ivins, UT 84738 Holladay, UT 84117 435-319-0011 801-676-9136 White Pine Touring Sports Den Payson 1790 Bonanza Drive 1350 South Foothill Dr P.O. Box 280 (Foothill Village) Nebo Peaks Cycles Rapid Cycling Park City, UT 84060 Salt Lake City, UT 84108 36 W. Utah Ave 705 N. Bluff Street (435) 649-8710 Salt Lake City (801) 582-5611 Payson, UT 84651 St. George, UT 84770 Bicycle Center (801) 465-8881 435-703-9880 2200 S. 700 E. Salt Lake City, UT 84106 Vernal (801) 484-5275 The Bike Lady 1555 So. 900 E. Provo/Orem/Springville Rapid Cycling Altitude Cycle Salt Lake City, UT 84105 446 S. Mall Drive, #3 580 E. Main Street (801) 638-0956 Al’s Cyclery / Al’s Sporting Goods St. George, UT 84790 Vernal, UT 84078 BikeFitr 643 East University Parkway 435-703-9880 (435) 781-2595 1549 S 1100 E Orem, UT 84097 Suite D 435-752-5151 Salt Lake City, Ut 84105 Wasatch Touring Red Rock Bicycle Co. 801-930-0855 702 East 100 South 446 W. 100 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84102 (801) 359-9361 Hangar 15 Bicycles (100 S. and Bluff) Wasatch Front Bingham Cyclery 1756 S State Street St. George, UT 84770 336 W. Broadway (300 S) Orem, UT 84097 (435) 674-3185 WEBER COUNTY Salt Lake City, UT 84101 385-375-2133 Eden/Huntsville/Mountain Green 801-583-1940 South and West Valley Diamond Peak Mountain Sports Bingham Cyclery Springdale 2429 N. Highway 158 10510 S. 1300 East Hangar 15 Bicycles Eden, UT 84310 Contender Bicycles (106th S.) 187 West Center Street Zion Cycles 989 East 900 South 868 Zion Park Blvd. (801) 745-0101 Sandy, UT 84094 Provo, UT 84601 Salt Lake City, UT 84105 P.O. Box 276 (801) 571-4480 (801) 374-9890 (801) 364-0344 Springdale, UT 84767 (435) 772-0400 Ogden Bingham Cyclery Cranky's Bike Shop Mountain Bikes Level 9 Sports 1895 S. Washington Blvd. 250 S. 1300 E. 12288 S. 900 E. 644 State St. Torrey Ogden, UT 84401 Salt Lake City, UT 84102 Draper, UT 84020 Orem, UT 84057 (801) 399-4981 (801) 582-9870 (801) 474-0082 801-466-9880, ext. 3 Salt Lake Ebikes in Torrey 107 E. Main Street Torrey, UT 84775 435-241-1302 2nd Track Sports Fishers Cyclery Hangar 15 Bicycles Mad Dog Cycles 1273 Canyon Road 2175 South 900 East 762 E. 12300 South 350 N. Orem Blvd Ogden, UT 84404 Salt Lake City, UT 84106 Draper, UT 84020 Orem, UT 84057 801-466-9880, ext. 2 (801) 466-3971 (801) 576-8844 (801) 222-9577 Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 15

Noble Cycling Boise Bicycle Project Peaked Sports Cycle Therapy 877 N. 700 E. COLORADO 1027 S Lusk St. 70 E Little Ave, 1542 Fillmore St Spanish Fork, UT 84660 Boise, ID 83796 Driggs, ID 83422 Twin Falls, ID 83301 (801) 798-6624 208-429-6520 208-354-2354 208-733-1319 Fruita Colorado Backcountry Biker Racer’s Cycle Service 150 S Park Square Custom Cycles Mobile Bike Shop Fruita, CO 81521 2515. N. Lander St. Salmon Provo, UT 970-858-3917 Boise, ID 83703 Idaho Falls The Hub (801) 375-5873 208-559-6917 Bill’s Bike and Run 206 Van Dreff Street [email protected] Over the Edge Sports 930 Pier View Dr Salmon, ID 83467 202 E Aspen Ave Idaho Falls, ID 208-357-9109 Society Cycles Fruita, CO 81521 208-522-3341 858 S. State St. 970-858-7220 Eastside Cycles Orem, UT 84097 3123 South Brown Way (801) 225-0076 Boise, ID 83706 Dave’s Bike Shop Sun Valley/Hailey/Ketchum 208.344.3005 367 W Broadway St Durance Idaho Falls, ID 83402 131 2nd Ave S Taylor’s Bike Shop WYOMING 208-529-6886 Ketchum, ID 83340 1520 N. 200 W. Jackson Area George’s Cycles 208-726-7693 Provo, UT 84604 312 S. 3rd Street Fitzgeralds Bicycles (801) 377-8044 Boise, ID 83702 Idaho Mountain Trading 500 S. Hwy 89 208-343-3782 474 Shoup Ave Jackson, WY Power House Idaho Falls, ID 83402 502 N. Main St. 307-201-5453 208-523-6679 George’s Cycles Hailey, ID 83333 ARIZONA 515 West State Street 208-788-9184 Flagstaff Hoback Sports Boise, ID 83702 Intergalatic Bicycle Service 208-853-1964 Absolute Bikes 520 W Broadway Ave # 3 263 N. Woodruff Jackson, Wyoming 83001 202 East Route 66 Idaho Falls, ID 83401 Sturtevants 307-733-5335 Flagstaff, AZ 86001 208-360-9542 340 N. Main 928-779-5969 Idaho Mountain Touring Ketchum, ID 83340 1310 West Main Street 208-726-4512 Hoff’s Bike Smith Boise, ID 83702 265 W. Broadway 208-336-3854 Pocatello Sedona Barries Ski and Sport Jackson, WY 83001 Sun Summit South Absolute Bikes 307-203-0444 624 Yellowstone Ave 418 South Main Street 6101 Highway 179 Suite D Joyride Cycles Pocatello, ID Hailey, ID 83333 Village of Oak Creek 1306 Alturas Street 208-232-8996 Sedona, AZ 86351 Boise, ID 83702 208-788-6006 The Hub 928-284-1242 1160 Alpine Ln, 208-947-0017 Jackson, WY 83001 Element Outfitters 307-200-6144 222 S 5th AVE The Elephant Perch Over the Edge Sports TriTown Pocatello, ID 280 East Ave 1695 W. Hwy 89A 1517 North 13th Street 208-232-8722 Ketchum, ID 83340 Sedona, AZ 86336 Teton Bike Boise, ID 83702 208-726-3497 928-282-1106 490 W. Broadway 208-297-7943 Jackson, Wyoming 83001 Element Outfitters 307-690-4715 1570 N Yellowstone Ave Rolling H Cycles Pocatello, ID 115 13th Ave South 208-232-8722 NEVADA CALIFORNIA Teton Village Sports Nampa, ID 83651 3285 W Village Drive 208-466-7655 Boulder City Tour of Nevada City Bicycle Shop Teton Village, WY 83025 Rexburg Bill’s Bike and Run All Mountain Cyclery 457 Sacramento St. 113 S 2nd W 1601 Nevada Highway Nevada City, CA 95959 Victor/Driggs Rexburg, ID Boulder City, NV 89005 530-265-2187 Wilson Backcountry Sports Fitzgeralds Bicycles 208-932-2719 702-250-6596 1230 Ida Lane 20 Cedron Rd Wilson, WY 83014 Victor, ID 83455 Dr. J’s Bicycle Shop 307-733-5228 208-787-2453 1693 Mission Dr. Twin Falls Las Vegas Solvang, CA 93463 Epic Elevation Sports Giant Las Vegas 805-688-6263 Habitat 2064 Kimberly Rd. 9345 S. Cimarron 18 N Main St, IDAHO Twin Falls, ID 83301 Las Vegas, NV 89178 Driggs, ID 83422 208-733-7433 702-844-2453 Boise 208-354-7669 Bob’s Bicycles Spoke and Wheel 6681 West Fairview Avenue 148 Addison Ave Las Vegas Cyclery Boise, ID. 83704 Twin Falls, ID83301 10575 Discovery Dr 208-322-8042 (208) 734-6033 Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 596-2953

Results - Continued from page 13 4 Thomas Miller 2:11:18 5 Kenneth Picillo 2:15:27 Citizen Men Over 65 1 Steve Swanson 2:09:53 Junior Boys 12-14 1 Isaac Tuckett 0:24:00 Junior Boys 15-18 1 Zach Despain LHM Cycling 1:08:31 2 Carter Baldwin EPIC 1:11:31 3 Thomas Baldwin EPIC 1:14:29 4 Caleb Grow Summit Bike Club 1:14:55 5 Hale Nickell Summit Bike Club 1:29:39 Master Men 35+ 1 Nathan Manwaring Johnson Elite Orthodontics 1:01:53 2 Matthew Wikstrom 1:02:17 3 Troy Tomkinson Zone Five Racing 1:02:53 4 Dan Hopes Zone Five 1:04:57 5 jesse gaudet Extra Mile Racing 1:06:49 Master Men 45+ 1 Brett Peterson Zone Five Racing 1:05:12 2 Dwaine Allgier Zanconato 1:05:30 3 Aaron Phillips Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners 1:07:38 4 Richard Dalcanto 1:07:41 5 Paul Larson Team Larson 1:08:07 Master Men 55+ 1 Mark Schaefer Maddog Racing PB Hammer Nutriti 1:09:37 2 curtis madsen AFCU 1:09:39 3 James Ferguson Bountiful Mazda 1:09:41 4 David Sharp Mi Duole 1:10:19 5 Jeff Olsen America First CU Racing Team 1:10:21 Master Men 60+ 1 Dirk Cowley Velo Sport Racing Team 1:10:14 2 Mark Zimbelman Volo Cycling Clothing 1:10:41 3 Paul Watson MiDuole, Barbacoa 1:12:06 4 Mark Messick Bountiful Mazda 1:13:23 5 Andres Maricq 1:14:15 Master Men 65+ 1 Ravell Call Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team 1:19:43 2 dwight Hibdon Stay Park City Cycling (SPCC) 1:28:09 Cat 4/5 Women 1 Adrienne Tyler Zanconato Racing 1:11:05 2 heidi madsen 1:11:06 3 Ashley Kline Zone Five Racing 1:18:02 4 Amy Heaton 1:19:13 5 Adrienne Steinhorst 1:23:51 Open Master Women 35-49 1 Liz Apking Zone Five Racing 1:17:14 2 Kristin Anderson Mi Duole 1:21:32 3 Elizabeth Kuhni 1:24:40 4 Colleen Neider 1:26:46 5 Michelle Andrus Nebo Peaks Cycles Racing 1:29:04 Open Master Women 50-59 1 Alison Frye Ski City Cycling 1:14:03 2 Roxanne Toly 1:16:00 3 Denise Higgison Nebo Peaks Cycles 1:18:51 4 Lisa FitzGerald Kuhl Cycling 1:49:52 Open Master Women 60+ 1 Laura Howat Kuhl Cycling Team 1:23:15 2 Cathleen Wilde Team Endurance 360 1:33:29 Pro/1/2/3 Women 1 Marci Kimball 1:10:49 2 Hannah Finchamp Clif Pro Team 1:12:47 3 Anne Perry Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners 1:14:38 4 Nicole Tittensor Jans Park City/Scott 1:17:41 5 Eleise Hinton Zone Five Racing 1:19:40 16 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

ROAD RIDING 5 More Great Northern Utah Century Rides 1. Eden to Bear Lake Best Post-Ride Eats: Cody’s Gastro Garage in Garden City. A Route: Eden, Huntsville, Monte converted mechanic’s garage (com- Cristo, Woodruff, Randolph, Garden plete with a couple of hot rods on City lifts inside the restaurant). Open year 102 Miles round and a great place to tuck into two or three pounds of wings (be sure Terrain: Alpine terrain marked by to get the raspberry chipotle sauce for multiple climbs and descents includ- the wings – the area is famous for ing miles of riding higher than 9,000 mountain raspberry farms). If you ft. above sea level. do this ride in reverse and end up in Eden, grub-up at Carlos and Harley’s What to See: Mountains (Wasatch Fresh-Mex Cantina. It’s loaded with and Monte Cristo ranges); high mountain vibe, delicious chow and mountain meadows loaded with chilled drinks for every fancy. Bald Mountain Summit - a scene wildlife and colorful wildflowers; from the Park City and the High distant vistas and repeating mountain Still Have Legs, Lungs and Uintas ride. Photo by Scott Collins ranges layered on the horizon; rural Sunlight? Turn east on Hwy 30 at farm towns; ranchlands; barns and Sage Creek Junction and follow the finish in Evanston, Wyoming. A scene from the Eden to Bear Lake ride. Photo by David Collins out buildings; hiking and snowmo- road to Cokeville Wyoming. The 100 miles biling trailheads; a ride along one of road skirts Cokeville Meadows vary depending on your tracking sys- the most beautiful lakes in the west- National Wildlife Refuge for miles. Terrain: Alpine terrain marked by By David Collins tem and whims of the ride. Be sure ern ; Bear Lake is a blue It’s a 70 mile round trip detour all multiple climbs and descents. Ride to tell someone your plans and allow marble plopped down in the middle the way to Cokeville and back, but begins at 7,000 ft. above sea level Ride a 100 Miles or More in One them to track your location using a of a memorable valley, surrounded you can bite off as much as you want and peaks out at 10,759 ft. above sea Day - Entry Points Within 60 Miles smartphone or other device. by alpine mountains. Nothing quite to chew. level on the highest paved road in of Salt Lake City Solo or unsupported distance like it. Utah. The ride features 7,500 ft. of (This article is the second part of cycling often presents potentially Note: The road through the Monte high altitude ascent. a series, to see the first, checkout the dangerous situations related to ter- Selfies and Photo Ops: Eastern Cristo Mountains is closed during 2019 Early Spring / March issue of rain, weather, equipment, traffic, rim of Pineview Reservoir with the winter months and although snow- Wildlife: Elk, deer, moose, birds Cycling West) navigation and mental awareness. collection of Snowbasin Ski Resort’s mobiles often gather at the entry gate of prey, buzzards, ducks, geese, fox, Even experienced cyclists must plan peaks in the distance; an archway of to explore the area, cyclists should coyotes, beaver, trophy fish, black Northern Utah is blessed with carefully and use wise judgment to deer and elk antlers in the front yard not be tempted to cross through the bears, mountain lions, badgers, por- iconic geography, famous resorts and successfully mitigate inherent risks of a local rancher (at the turn-off for closed gate since the passage is often cupines, snakes, jackrabbits, rac- gentrified mountain towns. Although of the sport or terminate a ride before Causey Dam, across the street from dangerous and/or impassable for coons, mountain goats, pica, and these rides include stunning scenery, it turns injurious or deadly. If you Sill’s Cafe); river side stops with dra- bicycle travel. Also, cell coverage is other little ground grounders. they often feature hidden gems and are new to the sport, or have never matic foothills and cliffs throughout not available for about 30-35 miles forgotten highways and byways – a ridden a bicycle 100 miles in a single the first canyon entry (about miles (from about halfway to Causey Dam Best Post-Ride Eats: Freshies in cyclist’s dream – filled with unfor- day, learn the ropes with a seasoned 8-12), high mountain vistas on top from Eden, through Monte Cristo, Park City. The owners are nation- gettable imagery, points of historical buddy or local riding club before giv- of Monte Cristo (9,000+ ft.), smiley until the final descent into Woodruff). ally known for their lobster rolls interest and quirky pit-stops. ing one of these routes a go. barn just outside of Randolph on the (yep, award winning lobster in Utah). Extended shoulder seasons are Make sure to check maps, plan west side of Hwy 16, the miles along They are made with lobster tail and usually the best time of year to ride your route and check local road con- the southern and southwestern shore- 2. Park City and the High knuckle claws flown in from New most of these routes but depending ditions before you go. As with any line of Bear Lake from Laketown to Uintas . These rolls compare favor- on your skills and equipment, you ride, be aware of your surroundings Garden City. ably to my favorite lobster pound in might be able to ride nearly year and of roadway traffic. Route: Park City, Deer Mountain, Trenton, Maine. Oh, and don’t miss round. Be weather aware, riding con- Time to fill water bottles, stuff Wildlife: Elk, deer, birds of prey, Hideout, Kamas, Mirror Lake the blueberry pie – it’s made with ditions can swiftly change. gear bags, click in and start pedal- buzzards, fox, coyotes, beaver, tro- Highway past Iron Mine Mountain, those little tiny wild blueberries like Excursions and explorations are ing more of northern Utah’s great phy fish, black bears, badgers, jack- Upper Provo Falls, Bald Mountain, they serve in the best bakeries in Bar part of the fun of unsupported bicycle century rides. rabbits, raccoons and little ground Mirror Lake and back. Riders look- Harbor. touring at your own pace. Mileage scurriers. ing for a one-way adventure may estimates are approximate and may continue on past Mirror Lake and Still have Legs, Lungs and Sunlight? Take a detour through Heber City, home of the Heber Valley Airshow and Heber Valley Railroad (a heritage railroad with two 1907 Baldwin steam locomotives). While you’re there, checkout Midway (right next door) and soak your bones in the 90 degree waters of a geo-thermal caldera, but you may not have the will to return to the saddle after- wards. That’s okay, get a room at The Homestead Resort and finish your ride the next day. The detour adds approximately 40 miles.

What to see: Mountains (Wasatch and Uinta ranges—Uinta range is a subrange of the Rocky Mountains and is unusual for being the highest range in the contiguous United States running east to west); Jordanelle State Park and reservoir; world-class fly fishing Provo River; high moun- tain meadows loaded with wildlife and colorful wildflowers; distant vis- tas and repeating mountain ranges layered on the horizon; Upper Provo Falls; Mirror Lake, a high mountain lake stocked with rainbow, brook and tiger trout and named for the near-perfect reflection of surround- ing mountains and trees; rural farm towns; ranchlands; barns and out buildings; hiking and snowmobiling trailheads.

Selfies and Photo Ops: Tranquil Silver Creek ponds along the Historic Union Pacific (plenty of wildlife activity in the early morn- Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 17

Highway, is closed during winter months. Check the local weather forecast before you ride and be pre- pared for quickly changing condi- tions.

3. Over the Border

Route: Ogden, Brigham City, Corrine, Tremonton, Riverside, Collinston, Petersburo, Newton, Trenton, with quick detour to Clarkston and back, Cornish, Bald Mountain on the horizon - a scene from the Park City and the High Preston—the first town in Idaho after Uintas ride. Photo by Scott Collins crossing the border (one way). ing hours); Park City Ice and 101 miles Sports Complex; Northern rim of Jordanelle Reservoir with a collection Terrain: Early route through city of Deer Valley Ski Resort’s alpine suburbs, long streaky roads lined peaks and trails in the distance (be by regal mountains, rural valleys, sure to look behind you as you climb mountain pass, historic river sites, A scene from the Over the Border ride. Photo by David Collins past Jordanelle in the early morning farmlands. mooo, whinnie or bray, see if you can Napoleon Dynamite (the lead char- hours, especially just before dawn); get livestock to respond. acter is depicted in the film as being Beaver Creek Nudist Ranch road What to See: Historic Bear River from Preston and most of the movie City (home to first recorded white sign - about 30 years ago somebody Selfies and Photo Ops: Martin was shot in Preston). man discovery of the Great Salt Lake, added “Nudist Ranch” on the bottom Harris (early senior Mormon leader) of the Beaver Creek sign); the Provo although it was thought to be the Pacific Ocean); defunct U and I sugar gravesite in Clarkston; Bear River Wildlife: Elk, deer, black bear River flowing alongside the Mirror City historical featuring (although remote chance to see bears Lake Highway climb including factory; old stomping grounds of mountain man Jim Bridger story; close to the road), birds of prey, Upper Provo Falls; Lilly Lake; the famous mountain men and fur trap- old Bernard Mason and Co. Grocer beaver, muskrat, waterfowl, otters, “SUMMIT 10,759 FT” sign; Bald pers; mountains and valleys typi- façade on Main Street in Bear River snakes, fox, coyote. Mountain and Mirror Lake. cal of the intermountain region; big Beaver Creek Nudist Ranch - from ; farmers working their craft (or City; U and I Sugar mural in Garland; the gap in distant mountains as you the Park City and the High Uintas Note: Cell coverage is not avail- silent fields in the off-season with Best Post-Ride Eats: It’s an Idaho ride. Photo by Scott Collins able past Kamas. Also, Mirror Lake farm machines parked and waiting— head east toward the mountain pass a farm community but you can find livestock wandering nearby, wonder- few miles after the turn in Riverside; ing when the next feed is scheduled). Welcome to Idaho sign; quaint store Continued on page 18 As you pedal by, try your best/loudest fronts and buildings featured in 18 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

Brigham City (rather than slipping water strips throughout the bird ref- 5 More Utah Century over through Corrine before head- uge; Rattlesnake Pass; NASA and Rides - ing north again) you’ll cover fewer USAF rockets; roadside cattle who Continued from page 17 miles and see fabulous mountains seem to have a knack for photobomb- ing; Welcome to Howell sign on the northern end of town and the Bernard Hansen and Co. Grocery storefront in Bear River City (see Still Have Legs section below).

Wildlife: Migratory birds, birds of prey, coyotes, deer, rattlesnakes and various little furry fellows.

Best Post-Ride Eats: Maddox in Brigham City. Famous fried chicken (on my top five list for best fried chicken in America) and they serve delicious steaks in a casual ranch A scene from the Riding the Shelves ride. Photo by David Collins style setting. Be sure to get a piece of banana cream pie - a delicious The Wasatch; tiny quaint townships the ride can whip up gusts that may finisher and a house specialty. including Mona, Levan and Salina; prevent safe passage, especially if long stretches of semi-arid rolling they are crosswinds. Still Have Legs, Lungs and plains through huge swaths of BLM Sunlight? Turn north at Corinne and lands; valley after valley lined with ride to Bear River City (total ten A Brigham City scene from the Over the Border ride. Photo by David Collins mountains running north and south 5. Rockets and Cattle mile detour there and back to route). a pretty decent pizza at Sporty’s on all the way to your destination; rural Main Street in Preston. They are up-close and you’ll pass by Call’s homesteads and old pioneer build- cyclist friendly and are anxious to Fort Monument, an important road- ings slowly crumbling under the fill your belly with all things pizza. side landmark related to early Utah bright sunlight (seems like this place They’re generous with toppings--just history. has 365 days of blue skies each tell ‘em to cover it with meats and year, surely that’s an exaggeration, stuff. You might be surprised how but it probably won’t be difficult to good a post ride pie can be chased 4. Riding the Shelves find a day drenched with sunshine); by a cold Mountain Dew or two and windswept vistas; tempting turns into accompanied with some greens. Route: Payson to Richfield (one feeder canyons and periodic arroyos. way) Selfies and Photo Ops: Still Have Legs, Lungs and 101 miles Historical Sunlight? Head 60 miles north after public square tile display in Gunnison; a brief stop in Preston and finish your Terrain: Rolling plains from shelf lavender fields near Mona (especially long day at Lava Hot Springs Resort. to shelf to shelf to shelf, you get the during bloom season); long empty road looking north with Mount Nebo The healing waters of Lava will be picture. on the horizon and the road dis- a perfect way to celebrate your bre- appearing into infinity; dilapidating vet. Congratulations, you are now an What to See: Lavender fields pioneer era out buildings strewn informal randonneur plus. (stunning color near Mona if you ride when the lavender is in bloom); along the way; Famous Mom’s Café A scene from the Rockets and Cattle ride. Photo by David Collins mural in Salina; Welcome to Mona Note: If you ride due north from Mount Nebo, the highest peak in sign with elk and tree silhouette To settle a wager, old west mountain Route: Brigham City, Corrine, (north entry into town). man Jim Bridger floated down the Howell, Snowville (and back). Bear River in a bull boat to discover 104 miles Wildlife: Rabbits, coons, deer and its outlet. His 1824 journey was the elk, snakes and lizards, birds of prey, first recorded white man discovery waterfowl, and buzzards. Terrain: Mostly flats, some roll- of the Great Salt Lake. His termina- ing hills, one minor mountain pass tion point is nearby the small town. Best Post-Ride Eats: Sagebrush While you’re there, check out the old Grill on Main Street in Richfield. Get What to See: Horizons loaded with storefront of the Bernard Hansen and the House Blackened Ribeye with mountains and hills including the Co. Grocery stand before it’s gone. It roasted garlic bleu cheese butter and Wasatch, Promontory, Blue Spring still stands proudly in the afternoon have them top it off with a scoop of and Hansel Mountains; wetlands sun but appears to be on its last legs blue crab if it’s in season. Best pro- and the Bear River Migratory Bird –looks like it belongs in a ghost town. teins in the region. Refuge; long stretches of grazing cattle and farmlands; Howell (tiny Note: Part of the ride is on Still have Legs, Lungs and cowboy town); Snowville township Interstate 84, which has generously Sunlight? Turn east at Gunnison and (named after early Mormon leader wide shoulders and is usually clear of ride to Sterling, a fabulous 14 mile Lorenzo Snow); Rocket Garden at debris, stickers etc. detour featuring memorable geology, Northrop Grumman’s base (rocket water pockets, and farmlands. display is free to the public and David Collins is a cycling en- includes a space shuttle booster and thusiast and amateur randon- Note: Pay attention to the local patriot missile). neur. Follow him on Instagram wind forecast. Steady winds may be @rockypumpkin. relatively safe but sometimes parts of Selfies and Photo Ops: Roadside Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 19

Support Your ! 20 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

TOUR DE FRANCE Milestones: 100 Years of the Maillot Jaune did not officially end until the Treaty well known for his tragicomic experi- of Versailles was signed, the French ences in the pre-war Tours de France army only demobilized soldiers of 1912 and 1913, but 1919 sealed over the age of 30 over the winter. his place in Tour de France history. Younger soldiers were kept in service A scandal-ridden race in 1904 had in case the armistice fell apart and threatened to derail the legitimacy fighting resumed. While this did not of the Tour de France, so from 1905 happen, by the time the Tour did start through 1912 in an effort to reduce on June 29, 1919, there were only 67 cheating by the riders, the Tour was entries; 43 professional riders and 24 scored on points instead of time. isolés (unsponsored amateur riders), In 1912, Christophe won three almost all of whom were over the consecutive stages in the mountains, age of 30. opening up quite a large time gap to France was devastated during the his rivals, most notably the Belgian war, especially in the North where . Defraye was primar- much of the fighting had been con- ily known for his sprint, but he was centrated. The 1919 Tour avoid- able to limit his time losses in the ed the worst of the battle-scarred mountains. Christophe, on the other regions, unlike the ill-fated Circuit hand, did not have a strong sprint, des Champs de Bataille (Tour of the and would generally finish further Battlefields) whose solitary edition down the order on the flat stages happened just a few months earlier in when several riders came in at the April 1919. However, by the summer same time. of 1919 road conditions were still not By the end of the 1912 Tour, ideal for a bicycle race. When the Christophe had the lowest over- race reached on July 27, only all time, but because the Tour was 11 riders remained, 10 of whom were scored on points, the overall victory professionals. Of these, Frenchman went to his Belgian rival. This was Eugène Christophe sporting the first maillot jaune, 1919 Tour de France. Photo by Unknown Paul Duboc was later disqualified the last year overall victory in the

The 1919 Tour de France, which By Steven Sheffield had been suspended from 1915 to 1918 due to The Great War, was 2019 marks a number of mile- announced in L’Auto in November stones for the Tour de France. It is the 1918, just days after the Armistice 30th anniversary of Greg LeMond’s bringing a halt to fighting was signed; 58-second defeat of however the Treaty of Versailles, in the final time trial on the Champs- officially ending the war was not Élysées to win the 1989 Tour by 8 subsequently signed until June 28, seconds, the slimmest margin in the 1919, just one day before the start of history of the Tour de France. the Tour. It is also the 50th anniversary of Many of the pre-war stars of the ’s first of five Tour de Tour de France were killed in the France victories in 1969. In his début fighting. Luxembourger François appearance, Merckx took the first 6 Faber, the winner of the 1909 Tour, of his 34 stage wins and wore the joined the French Foreign Legion maillot jaune as leader of the race for and was killed during the Battle 18 stages in the process. By the time of Artois in 1915. , the race finished in Paris 3 weeks winner of the 1910 Tour, became a later, Merckx had also clinched the fighter pilot during the war, and was Points and King of the Mountains shot down in July 1917, subsequently competitions on his way to an over- dying from his injuries in hospital. whelming 17’54” victory over sec- Lucien Petit-Breton, winner of the ond-place finisher , 1907 and 1908 editions of the Tour with third-place finisher Raymond was killed in December 1917 while Poulidor at 22’13”. driving for the French Army. In total, Most importantly, 2019 also over 60 professional riders, on both marks the 100th anniversary of the sides, were killed during the course introduction of the maillot jaune, the of the war. yellow jersey, to signify the leader of While the Armistice did bring a Eugene Christophe, July 1, 1925 on the montée d’Aubisque in the Tour de France. This was his last Tour at age 40. the race, and that is a story in itself. cessation to hostilities, since the war He finished 18th. Photo by Agence Rol, Source - National Library of France.

for accepting a ride in a car early in Tour was decided on points, although the race. the competition was reintroduced in Many stars of the peloton who 1953 as a secondary classification. had survived the war were not able In the 1913 Tour de France, to survive the brutal conditions of Christophe’s fork broke while the race, abandoning along the way. descending the as Riders dropping out included the the leader on the road, after he was French Pélissier brothers, Henri and hit by a race . In those early Francis; the Belgian Buysse brothers, races, riders were responsible for Lucien and Marcel; and the Belgian carrying out all repairs on their own, winner of the 1913 and 1914 edi- except at a few officially designated tions of the Tour, . All checkpoints. Since Christophe was of the amateur riders, save one, also not near one of these checkpoints, he dropped out of the event along the was forced to hike 10km down the way. mountain to the village of Ste-Marie- Jules Nempon, the last remain- de-Campan followed by one of the ing isolé, thus earned the honor of race commissaires. a 10th place finish as well as tak- He then had to find a blacksmith ing the prize for being the lanterne with a working forge, and repair his rouge, the last rider in the process. own fork, then climb back up the Henri Pélissier would eventually go mountain to the site of his mishap on to win the Tour de France in 1923, to resume his race nearly 4 hours while would do the later. Adding insult to injury, he was same in 1926. fined an additional 10 minutes by the Amongst the 10 official finish- commissaire for allowing a village ers was the Frenchman Eugène boy to operate the bellows on the Christophe. Christophe was already forge while he conducted his repairs. Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 21

Christophe ultimately finished the 1913 Tour in tinue, and in 1922, once again he was forced 7th place, a little over 14 hours behind the win- to hike out of the mountains, this time off the TOUR DE FRANCE ner, Philippe Thys. , with a broken fork. In 11 total By Stage 10 of the 1919 Tour, Christophe participations in the Tour, Eugène Christophe was once again the general classification leader would finish a total of 8 times including his final Tour of the Tour de France. However, spectators and attempt in 1925 at the age of 40, spending a the press had problems distinguishing one rider total of 13 days in yellow in 1919 and 1922. He By Steven Sheffield from another on the road, as most were wear- would finish twice on the final podium, in 1912 ing the grey woolen jerseys of La Sportive, a and 1919, but never as the overall winner. conglomeration of bicycle manufacturers whose Nonetheless, the rider who was mocked for Tour de France. businesses survived the war. Until this point, the looking like a canary had the honor of wearing leader of the race was designated by wearing the first official maillot jaune in the history of Prologue. a small green armband, which could easily be the Tour de France, which is still one of the The clock ticks. missed in a fast-moving peloton, especially in sport’s most coveted prizes 100 years later. wet and muddy conditions. For more on the 1919 Tour, We Rode All Day: Members of the press suggested to Henri The Story of the 1919 Tour de France, by Gareth Visions of heroes. Le favori porte le numéro cinquante-et-un, comme Merckx en 1969. Desgrange, L’Auto’s publisher and organizer of Cartman is a great book. Imagined and told from the Tour, that the general classification leader be the perspectives of the riders and organizers, this Speedsters hiding behind a train, given a special jersey to wear so that he could be is not a typical historical recap of the race, but waiting, waiting, waiting. easily picked out of a group of riders. Desgrange rather attempts to take the reader into the minds approved of the idea, and a yellow jersey was of those who made the event special. 236 pages. Sprint! found and given to Christophe to wear starting Another great read on the impact the Great with Stage 11 on July 19; whether the color of War had on pro cycling, is The Shattered Peloton: Post up, arms aloft. the jersey was inspired by the yellow paper on The Devastating Impact of World War I on the which L’Auto was printed, or was simply the Tour de France, by Graham Healy. 240 pages. only color available due to postwar shortages is Maillot vert. up for debate. Celebrating the Maillot Jaune at the 2019 Eugène Christophe, for his part, was initially Tour de France Breakaway glory, none too pleased about being asked to wear the The starts on Saturday, or hopes dashed until the next stage? yellow jersey, claiming that he was mocked by July 6, 2019 in , to commemo- the other riders for looking like a canary. rate the 50th anniversary of Eddy Merckx’s first Unfortunately for Christophe, he would not participation and victory. The anniversary of the Dossard treize à l’envers pour la bonne chance. be able to wear the yellow jersey into Paris. On maillot jaune will be celebrated in Pau on July the penultimate Stage 14, on July 25 on cobbled 19, 100 years to the day after the first maillot Mountains loom, roads near Valenciennes, he once again broke jaune was awarded to Eugène Christophe. peloton climbs, eagles fly. his fork. This time, he only had to travel one Throughout this year’s race, an individual kilometer to find a bike shop with a forge, but as jersey design will be awarded to the general in 1913 he had to conduct his own repairs, losing classification leader featuring an appropriate Tourmalet. about 2.5 hours in the process to stage and even- image for that day’s stage. The jersey issued tual overall winner . Christophe after Stage 1 (to be worn on Stage 2) will feature Sweat drips, ultimately finished the 1919 Tour de France in the Atomium, to commemorate the race start third place. in Brussels. Stage 2’s jersey will feature Eddy sun beats down, Christophe’s story captured the imaginations Merckx, in honor of the 50th anniversary of his lungs burst, of L’Auto’s readership, and victory in 1969. The jersey to be worn during heart pumps, launched a subscription to raise money to award the Stage 13 time trial memorializes Eugène legs spin. him for his perseverance; ultimately Christophe’s Christophe, the first wearer of the maillot jaune prize of 13,310 francs was nearly triple the 5,000 in 1919. The final jersey issued after Stage 20 francs awarded to Firmin Lambot for winning will feature Paris’s iconic Arc de Triomphe Ventoux, tragic memories of Simpson. the overall race. on the Champs-Élysées, which has hosted the grand finale of the Tour de France every year Sadly, Christophe’s bad luck would con- Seconds gained. since 1975. Minutes lost.

Screaming descents, Alps and Pyrenees.

Chute au peloton!

L’Autobus, struggling to finish, only to fight another day.

Les grimpeurs attaquent avec leurs rêves de pois rouges.

Galibier. Souvenir Desgrange, Dutch Corner, l’Alpe d’Huez.

Contre-le-montre. Cinq, quatre, trois, deux, et aller. Tic-tac, tic-tac. L’Auto map cover from the . Image in Public Domain, from David Ramsey Map Collection, reprinted under Creative Commons License. Paris, aux Champs-Élysées, enfin, le maillot jaune. 22 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

Study: Sharrows Don’t Appear to Increase Bike Commuter Column - Safety Continued from page 4

eral Missoula is a bike crazy town, Will sharrows reduce the chances of getting doored? The best place to look, one study found, is in , where the city actually examined the thus explaining the large number of extent of in 2010. The study was just accepted for publication this bike commuters in town? year, though. One reason for sharrows is to encourage cyclists to move out of dooring A.S.: There were some great range. The researchers compared crash data on Chicago streets with shar- rows to those on streets with marked bike lanes and those with nothing T-shirts printed by the long-gone special for bikes. (but justly famous) Braxton Bike Sharrows didn’t seem to help much. The authors realize they couldn’t Shop that said, “Missoula, Montana: determine why, but found areas “that had sharrows installed experienced The Bicycle Town,” and that’s less than desirable safety outcomes....” They couldn’t say why for sure but about right. There’s a real culture of suggest that sharrows may “provide a false sense of security to bicyclists” since bike lanes provide dedicated space and cyclists know to look out if cycling and bike commuting here, there’s no marking. Sharrows may also attract inexperienced cyclists. even if the infrastructure hasn’t quite kept up. No one bats an eye at Alex Strickland’s Soma Wolverine commuter bike. Photo by Alex Strickland See N.N. Ferenchak, W.E. Marshall, Advancing Healthy Cities Through people with ski goggles, puffy coats, 40-47mm tires depending on the for snow and walk. We’ve got Safer Cycling: An Examination of Shared Lane Markings, International and studded tires leaning into the season and leave fenders on most a great secure courtyard here at the Journal of Transportation Science and Technology (2019), doi: https://doi. org/10.1016/j.ijtst.2018.12.003 wind during a January blizzard on of the year. It’s set up as a 1x10, office for bike parking and enough though I keep a double and covered spots for most people to the way to work. -Charles Pekow front in the parts bin for get under a roof in the rain. We’ve CW: I used to have one of those steeper touring trips. The de-icer in got work stands and tools for quick t-shirts. I purchased it from (sadly Missoula absolutely eats drivetrain fixes and showers for those who are Bikes Are Faster for Most Short City Trips gone) Sam Braxton. He was tre- components, so the most important working harder or getting in bigger mendously helpful during my first piece of winter commuting gear I rides on the way in or during lunch. Urban transit frameworks need to include bicycling, the Paris-based cross-country ride in 1975. have is probably one of those little CW: The Adventure Cycling International Transport Forum warns planners. “For trips of 15 minutes... pump garden sprayers that I fill with Association has a number of the bicycle performs better in most cities” than autos or public transit in hot water and rinse the bike once mapped routes that run through CW: Missoula has a decent cli- most instances, based on research in Europe. The study includes time spent or twice a week to prolong the Missoula or are close to Missoula. mate, but on average it is colder getting to your vehicle and finding a parking space as part of transit time. inevitable. (TransAmerica, Great Divide, than Salt Lake City. What are some Bikesharing, e-bikes, and scooters also be figured into the equations, of your cold weather gear that you Of course, one way to solve that Northern Tier, Great Parks North) Is says Benchmarking Accessibility in Cities: Measuring the Impact of recommend? Are the roads fairly is with a belt drive. I did spend a lit- there a fairly active touring group in Proximity and Transport, the forum’s recent guide for urban planners. well maintained for commuting? Do tle time this winter on a belt-driven, Missoula that goes out on overnight- In the typical European city, you could take your choice of visiting any you have winter specific and sum- Pinion gearbox bike from Priority ers or short tours? of 400,000 people with a bike ride of half an hour or less, says the guide mer specific tires? Cycles. My wife’s commuter has a ( belt and an 8-speed Alfine A.S.: Weeknight overnights are transport-performance.pdf). A.S.: I finally broke down and hub. I’ve long seen the advantages definitely an occupational hazard. The study didn’t include . But it found that 97 percent of people bought studded tires this winter, but of a more sealed system for com- There’s a great local group called in European cities live within a 15-minute bike ride of a park. The study I was a little more skittish than usual muting (or more). The Alfine line is Pedal Missoula (URL) that gets out coming off a broken collarbone last pretty affordable and great for com- a lot, as well as a less formal group assumed a steady ride of 16 km/hr (about 10 mph). fall. You can usually slip and muting, but not up to loaded touring. led by our magazine staff writer that -Charles Pekow on regular rubber, but I can’t deny A Rohloff hub has more range and practices “burritopacking,” which that the studs are nice. I swear by is incredibly robust, but costs more is exactly what you think it is! Bar Mitts for warm hands (and than many bikes. The Pinion has Plus, we see about 1,200 cyclists SAFE Streets Act May Improve Bike Safety the ability to wear thin gloves for some advantages, such as moving at Adventure Cycling headquarters Funding better feel at the controls) and a the weight of an internally geared every summer who stop in during system to the bottom bracket area their ride on one of our routes. merino Buff for a little face pro- Ideas are beginning to come in for reauthorization of federal surface instead of the rear axle, but because tection when the windchill really transportation law. The current statute, the Fixing America’s Surface of its shape can’t be retrofitted on CW: Alex, I wish to thank you plummets. Missoula is not known Transportation (FAST) Act technically expires at the end of Fiscal Year an existing bike. Still, that Priority for taking time off from your May for its incredible road maintenance, 2020. But if history is a guide, current law may wind up getting temporarily left an impression and could easily issue to do the commuter column. so having good lights and riding extended a year or two. with some authority is helpful when pull double duty as a commuter and I think the readers of Cycling West But sometimes small pieces of legislation get put in the hopper to give you’re forced farther into the travel touring bike. As gearboxes become learned quite a bit from the column. Congress something to think about and perhaps fold into the major reau- lanes than you might prefer. more common, it’s an intriguing If you are in Salt Lake City, I would thorization. The latest idea that could affect is called the option for a lot of different riding be happy to go for a ride on our bike Safe And Friendly for the Environment Streets Act or the SAFE Streets Act CW: I have read all of your bike styles. friendly streets that you seem to (H.R. 3040) introduced by Rep. Julia Brownley (D-CA) with two cospon- reviews in Adventure Cyclist maga- miss, though you have the bike trail sors ( zine. What is your current commut- CW: I am always amazed by to Hamilton that is awesome to ride. The bill would not add any safety money but would alter the formula to ing bike? What would you like to the number of commuter bikes I direct more federal funding to areas with high levels of bicycle and pedes- have as your current commuting have seen during the several vis- For more information on trian fatalities. (The legislation uses the term “vulnerable users;” which bike? its to the ACA headquarters. What Adventure Cycling, visit adventure- also includes those riding scooters, e-bikes, , etc. For every amenities does the ACA provide for planning area with a bike and pedestrian fatality rate of at least 1.5 per A.S.: My do-it-all bike is a Soma employees? 100,000 residents, states and metropolitan planning organizations receiv- Wolverine, which I’ve had for a few If you have a suggestion for ing Highway Safety Improvement Grants would get a guaranteed share of years. I did some commuting this A.S.: There is some peer pressure a commuter profile, especially the money. winter on a Salsa fat bike to commute by bike! I would say in from Idaho, Montana, Nevada, The bill doesn’t specify that the grantees would have to use the money too, which is not fast, but was pretty spring, summer, and fall, it’s 85 or Wyoming, W. CO, and N. AZ, for cycling safety, though. It was referred to the Transportation and fun. I really like the Wolverine for 90 percent and in winter it drops have a commuter question, or Infrastructure Subcommittee on Highways and Transit. commuting and general “all-road” down to 25 percent or so. Though other comments, please send it -Charles Pekow riding, plus a bit of touring. I run many people just swap their bikes to [email protected] Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 23

BOOK REVIEW Peter Sagan’s My World is a Great Read for Bike Racing Fans! Sagan’s thoughtfulness and intelli- he burst onto the pro racing scene, and, joined by his teammate, Maciej gence exhibited as he relates his story which is most of us pro cycling fans, Bodnar, opened a small gap. of the racing his book describes. know what an entertainer he is. He Another alert leader also staying It is divided into three parts, each describes throughout the book his close to the front, , one titled for one of his three con- efforts to embrace this role. saw the gap form and Sagan at the secutive world championship road Sagan also spends time describing lead. He bridged, as then did Geraint race victories (Richmond, Doha, and a number of his adversaries, quickly Thomas. “I thought at first he was Bergin), the only man to have accom- making clear that he mostly knows trying to close me down, which plished that feat. It ends with an them as cyclists. He discusses their would be fair enough. But a quick epilogue describing his victory in the styles and strengths, particularly the look and a word between us estab- 2018 Paris-Roubaix classic. Written sprinters whom of course he knows lished that we had seen the same with co-author John Deering, who of best because they are the ones he opportunity: ‘Let’s do it’”. As Sagan course did most of the actual writing, mostly competes against. But it is explains, [W]e slipped into team trial the book reads quickly and smoothly, impressive is that he never speaks ill mode immediately. . . . We smashed and in an entertaining manner that of anyone. He praises and comple- it for 10 kilometers . . . [W]hen that makes it hard to put down. Or, as in ments certain riders, and is muted break is comprised of the race leader, my case, hit the pause button, since and restrained on the things he might the points leader, and two of the I actually listened to most of the be inclined to criticize. He would strongest teammates . . . good luck.” book (thanks to my subscription to clearly have liked Mark Cavendish Sagan won and Froome took second while riding my own to come to his defense following and gained precious bonus seconds. bike, no less. Cavendish’s spectacular crash dur- This win illustrates intelligent In reading this book, you get the ing the finish line sprint into Vittel racing, good preparation and talent sense at how well grounded Sagan during the for which allowed Sagan and Froome to is. Two themes running through the which Sagan was blamed and criti- be in key places at a critical time, and book bring this out. He emphasizes cized, and then tossed from the Tour. luck in their favor with crosswinds the idea that for each race there are In the end, it was a bad decision, and battering and splitting any possible “a hundred different stories”, and most of us came to recognize that. chase. I remember watching this his is only one of them. He is often On Cavendish’s failure to speak up, stage and how exciting it was. This asked about planning and strategy for Sagan says, “I was really hoping that is Sagan, and pro racing, at its finest. a race, and he is quite open about the Mark might go on to tell the I really enjoyed this book, as fact that, while a plan is made, it rare- world that it was a bit of joke, but will any fan of professional road ly plays out that way. Rather, a race that was his decision to make. Not racing. It provided a small view into is a fluid, living thing in which you mine, and I respect that. It would also Sagan’s personal life, a detailed view have to be alert and able to react. He have obviously been in opposition to into his professional racing life, an is honest that winning often comes his team’s position, which is never a understanding of his personal and down to good luck. He is keen to good place to be.” inner character, and exciting tales of point out that each rider has his own Finally, one race that epito- professional bike racing. story about how each race played out. mizes Sagan for me was stage 11 Early in his career, Sagan adopted of the from My World by Peter Sagan (from his perception of Australians) Carcasonne to Montpelier. Battered Hardcover with two 8-page color Peter Sagan’s My World is a great book for bike racing fans. the mantra, “Why so serious?”, by crosswinds toward the end of the photo sections. the second theme illustrating how and on which it focuses. stage and the peloton forming into 6” x 9”, 320 pp., $24.95, grounded he is. This is referred to echelons, Sagan made certain to stay 9781937715946 By David Ward I expect there will be a lot of repeatedly throughout the book. It at the front. With 11 kilometers to go Velopress, Boulder, Colorado, different takes on this book. It effec- is a theme that has served him well. and feeling good, he pushed the pace 2018 Peter Sagan’s book, My World, is tively covers a lot of themes and I recall how, during a year with a great read for a bicycle racing fan. territory in a relatively short number he kept placing second in so It is interesting because of the insight of pages. Well, 293 pages, but large many important races, and even came into and story of Sagan’s life, but was print and wide line spacing. But my under criticism from his team owner, really enjoyable for the professional take is this: It is a great book because Oleg Tinkoff who threatened to bike racing context in which it is set of the excitement it generates and negotiate his contract down. During this period, I remember Sagan mak- ing comments that reflected his fall back on this attitude. Nevertheless, he does make clear in his book how this stretch was so frustrating to him. While sitting in second place in the green points jersey standings in the Tour de France during this stretch, he says, “I was thinking of getting a new jersey made. Most second places. The brown jersey, maybe.” And speaking of Oleg Tinkoff, it was fascinating to read Sagan’s account of riding on Oleg’s team. I suspect many people are like me, with a not very favorable view of the man. But Sagan, while speaking frankly of Tinkoff, also speaks posi- tively overall of him. What Sagan seemed to appreciate most about Tinkoff was his frankness. If he was happy with you, he told you. If he was upset with you, he told you, and then he was over it. “You were shit today, Peter. But you tried, so f___ it, let’s go eat. Do you fancy caviar” He summarizes Tinkoff with these words, “As you can imagine, his capacity to offend is limitless, but he is also fantastic, engaging, and provocative company.” Sagan makes clear that he recog- MOUNT EVANS, COLORADO nizes bike racing as entertainment. Those who have followed him since 24 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

BICYCLE ART Open Road - The Bicycle Art of Bernadette Regnier

guage is ART. She grew up on a farm ing and continued while completing dent of art she visited Great Britain, Arts Center in Idaho Falls. Regnier’s Artist: Bernadette Regnier along the front range of the Rocky a degree in agronomy at Colorado France passion is expressing her love of the Mountains near Longmont, Colorado. State University studying fiber arts, and China. After working in earth and all its beings through art. Title: Open Road Expressing herself through art printmaking and figure drawing. Colorado, Montana and Idaho as a Medium: Linocut started at an early age and con- Regnier’s art reflects the land she full-time Originals and prints available in tinued as she pursued her degree has lived and traveled in. As an agronomist and part-time artist, The Art Museum gift shop (theart- in agriculture at the University of agronomist she traveled through- she now enjoys being a full-time Artist Bio: Northern Colorado where she stud- out the United States, , Chile, artist and part-time agronomist with Bernadette Regnier’s first lan- ied watercolor, acrylic and oil paint- Australia and Mexico. As a stu- a printmaking studio at the Willard Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 25

ELECTRIC BIKES ADVOCACY Ebikes: Studies Look at Reducing Pollution; Bike Utah Executive Director Getting More People to Ride and Farther; and Stepping Down at the End of Exercise the Summer; Search for New the Market (https://ppms.trec. to offer discounts in return for the By Charles Pekow county government marketing the bike_Incentives_Paper_05_15_19_ offer. But the program only worked Executive Director Open E-bikes make urban air clearer by Final_1.pdf ) looked at incentive for so long. Vendors quit when sales getting people out of their cars. But programs to get people to use them. slowed. less clear is if making e-bikes more Results came back mixed and incon- TREC researchers acknowledge affordable will expand their use. clusive. that they couldn’t determine the So conclude a pair of studies from An experiment in Switzerland long-term effects of e-bike incen- an ongoing e-bike research proj- that gave 1,800 people free use of an tives, nor the relationship between ect at the Transportation Research e-bike for two weeks on the condi- the size of the incentive to the cost and Education Center (TREC) at tion they not drive their cars found of the bikes. Portland State University in Oregon. that 27 percent of them liked their And what’s next for LEVER? TREC and other research institu- trial two-wheelers so much that they Consortium members are work- tions are collaborating on the Light bought one. A program in Holland ing on a project called Novel Electric Vehicle Education and in 2013 paid people per mile rid- Approaches to Model Travel Research (LEVER) Initiative, which den on an e-bike. It increased use Behavior and Sustainability Impacts is studying all aspects of the use of for sure, but only about half of the of E-Bike Use. They are looking for e-bikes from policies to impacts to extra miles came at the expense volunteer e-bike users to participate getting people to use them. of auto trips and it’s not clear to in a year-long study that will “lever- Cities around the world in recent what degree people continued riding age smartphones to conduct ad-hoc years have added to bicycle infra- e-bikes once the trial ended. travel surveys to supplement the structure for, among other reasons, Several other programs in passive data collection and, using the need to reduce smog by mov- Great Britain and the United States machine learning algorithms, cre- ing people out of their autos. And showed that giving people access ate the largest and richest dataset to despite some success, the level to an e-bike for a limited period Phil Sarnoff has been the executive director of Bike Utah since 2014. support the growth of e-bike use as Photo courtesy Bike Utah of bicycling has only gone up so even without compensating them a transportation option.” much and may have come close to will encourage some to buy one, Participants must already peaking. E-bikes could increase the because they’ve had a cost-free pos- own an e-bike. If you’re interest- level of biking and reduce the level itive experience. A problem, though ed in participating or want more By Phil Sarnoff of carbon emissions both by get- was that e-bikes tend to cost more data, go to ting more people onto bikes and by than people wanted to spend. com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfZv- After five and a half years in the position, I will be stepping down as encouraging bicyclists to go further, Would rebates work? Programs aBiZUWRLEtiW6ZzcPXy-Ik-_ suggests TREC’s recent white paper in Vietnam and California found Executive Director later this summer. My wife has accepted a position out OIpc8pw9gf7Rg98BbF_w/view- The E-Bike Potential: Estimating that waiving the tax proved a bet- of state and we will be moving in the coming months. form. the Effect of E-bikes On Person ter incentive than offering buyers a Serving as Bike Utah’s Executive Director has truly been my honor and Miles Traveled and Greenhouse rebate equal to the tax. Do E-Bikers Get More Exercise? I couldn’t be more proud of our progress. Gas Emissions (https://ppms.trec. Employers and communities And in a continent that you have tried everything from dis- can’t get to from America by e-bike, We have come a long way in the last five years. Together we have: Potential_Paper_05_15_19_Final_ counts to cheap loans, government researchers wanted to examine jHFUiVl.pdf ). subsidies and employer subsidies. • Grown from an organization of one full-time staff member to seven whether riding one will result in a TREC, naturally, did its research The Cycle to Work program in full-time employees, allowing us to expand our reach across Utah net increase or decrease in physical in Portland, Oregon. It conclud- Britain allows employers to write • Educated more than 9,000 children around the state through the Youth activity. The answer, as you might ed that the “strategy of increasing off the cost of e-bikes that they loan have expected, depends on whether BEST Program e-bike mode share within a given to employees to commute to work. you switch to an e-bike from a regu- • Increased the percentage of Wasatch Front communities with Bicycle region used confidently as Incentives work better with some lar bike or from an auto. The study Master Plans from 13% to 63% a tool to help meet that region’s employers than others. Live Electric carbon emission reduction goals.” If offered a discount program to Utah looked at 10,000 e-bikers in seven • Launched the 1,000 Miles Campaign with the Governor to build 1,000 14-15 percent of trips were on bikes state employees and employees of European cities. miles of new family-friendly bike lanes, paths, and trails by 2027 or e-bikes, emissions could drop 11 Rocky Mountain Power in Utah The study reports “e-bike use • Engaged thousands of mountain bikers through the Mid Week MTB leads to substantial increases in percent, the study estimates. starting last fall. TREC reports that Series physical activity in e-bikers switch- the University of Utah eagerly pro- • Passed numerous laws to improve bicycle safety and increase funding How to Get More People on moted the program and got a good ing from private motorized vehicle for bicycle infrastructure E-Bikes response but other agencies didn’t and public transport, while net loss- That begs the question of how sell as many as they didn’t promote es in physical activity in e-bikers • Put countless communities on track for building more bike lanes, paths, to get people on e-bikes. Another it as well. switching from cycling were much and trails for transportation and recreation TREC study examined efforts to People bought about 400 e-bikes less due to increases in overall trav- el distance.” do that. How E-Bike Incentive in Boulder County, CO in a pro- It has never been an easy road (or path or trail), but it has been much Programs are Used to Expand But e-bkers rode longer distanc- gram that called on the vendors easier knowing that thousands of people around Utah are supporting our es than conventional bikers, and thus used more pedal strokes. But efforts. The organization is in great hands with an outstanding board of Reach Cyclists in the research didn’t explain to what directors and a phenomenal staff team. degree e-bikers were former con- We still have a long way to go until everyone can ride regardless of 8 Western States! ventional cyclists who switched to age, ability, or income and we need your help to make sure that all of our longer rides vs. those who didn’t current efforts stay on track. bike before. UT, ID, CO, NV, I have one important request as we move forward in making Utah a bet- MT, WY, AZ, CA See Castro, Alberto, et ter place to ride. We are opening up the search for a new Executive Director al. “Physical activity of electric and there are numerous qualified, passionate candidates out there that will Advertise in bicycle users compared to con- take Bike Utah’s efforts to the next level. Help us find those great people ventional bicycle users and non- by sharing our posting and referring any great candidates. Cycling West! cyclists: Insights based on health The position description can be found at The application and transport data from an online deadline is July 14, 2019. survey in seven European cit- Thank you again for all of the support and for helping to make Utah a Email: ies.” Transportation Research [email protected] Interdisciplinary Perspectives better place to ride. Web: (2019): 100017.,https://doi. Sincerely, org/10.1016/j.trip.2019.100017. Phil Sarnoff 26 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

September 22, 2019 — World Car Free Day, UT, Ride your bike and leave the car at WESTERN STATES Calendar Guidelines: home!, None , [email protected], Listings are free on a space available basis and Mountain Bike at our discretion. Tours and Festivals Submit your event to: July 7-August 16, 2019 — Glacier National CALENDAR OF EVENTS [email protected] Park Bike Tour, Whitefish, MT, 7/7-12; 7/14-19; 7/21-7/26; 7/28-8/2; 8/4-9; 8/11-16. Options with date, name of event, for cyclists of all abilities. Ride the Going to the Sun Road! Big climbs and bonus mileage website, phone number options available., John Humphries, 970-728- 5891, [email protected], Weber Pathways — Ogden, UT, Weber Provo Bike Committee — Provo, UT, Please and contact person and County’s trails group. We are committed join us every first Thursday of the month at July 13, 2019 — Wildflower Trailfest, Snowbasin, to the idea that a non-motorized network 5 pm at 48 N. 300 W. to help make Provo a other appropiate informa- UT, A non-competitive, women only moun- Utah BMX of public pathways significantly contribute more bicycle-friendly community., Heather tain bike ride. All ages and levels welcome. to our community’s economic vitality and Skabelund, 971-404-1557, bikeprovo@ tion. Come join us for a day of fun on Powder RAD Canyon BMX — South Jordan, UT, Indoor quality of life., Mark Benigni, 801-393-2304,, Aaron Skabelund, 385-207-6879, Mountain!, Nick Bowsher, 801-610-9422, and outdoor BMX racing. Location: 5200 [email protected], Rod Kramer, 801- [email protected], Let us know about any [email protected], wildflowerout- W, 9800 South, Practice Tuesday 6:30- 8:30, 393-2304, [email protected], weber- Race Thursday, Registration 6:00- 7:00, Race Dixie Trails and Mountain Bike Advocacy — St. corrections to existing at 7, May through September (practices George, UT, Cimarron Chacon, 970-759- July 21, 2019 — Wydaho 100 Gravel Ride, starting in April with additional practices Mooseknuckler Alliance — St. George, UT, 3048, [email protected], listings! Jackson, WY, From the foothills of the Teton on Tuesdays through May), Dallas Edwards, We accept all types and styles of riders; Southern Utah Bicycle Alliance — St. George, Range, looking into the depths of Wilderness 801-803-1900, radcanyonbmx@radcanyon- most importantly we want people to ride to the Big Hole Mountains, featuring some .com, their bikes and enjoy doing it. Most of us UT, Southern Utah’s road advocacy group., Craig Shanklin, 435-674-1742, southernutah- of the best gravel this Eastern Idaho has love riding our bikes in all types of weather Salt Lake Valley Trails Society — Salt Lake City, to offer, this route completes a 360-degree Legacy BMX — Farmington, UT, Indoor bmx and in multiple disciplines. The Alliance is [email protected], southernutahbicycleal- UT, Salt Lake Valley’s natural surface bicy- circumnavigation of Teton Valley! The road racing at the Legacy Events center 151 located in Southern Utah and has group cle trails non-profit., Kevin Dwyer, kevin@ surface is predominately gravel and dirt South 1100 West, Farmington, UT., Practice, saltlakevalley- rides to help people get out, meet new WOBAC - Weber Ogden Bicycle Advisory ranging between steep mountain and rut- Wednesday 6:00- 9:00; Race Saturday, friends, and most importantly, have fun ted farm roads. Bring your gravel bike or May through September, Kevin , 801-698- Committee — Ogden, UT, Josh Jones, 801- riding their bikes., Lukas Brinkerhoff, 435- 629-8757, [email protected], Teton Valley Trails and Pathways (TVTAP) — any bike for that matter. Self-supported, 1490, [email protected],, rad- 632-8215, [email protected], Fitzgerald’s , 307-201-5453, info@fitzgeralds- Jackson, WY, Promotes trails and pathways Idaho Bike Walk Alliance — Boise, ID, Idaho’s in the Wydaho area of Wyoming and Idaho.,, Outdoor_Schedule_2014.pdf Statewide bicycle advocacy organization, Mountain Trails Foundation — Park City, UT, Dan Verbeten, 208-201-1622, dan@tvtap. August 3, 2019 — South Boundary Big Ride, Cynthia Gibson, 208-345-1105, cynthia@ida- org,, Advocacy Park City’s Trails Group, Charlie Sturgis, 435-, Angel Fire, NM, The South Boundary BigRide 649-6839, [email protected], moun- Bike Orem — Orem, UT, The Orem Bicycle is an absolutely stunning 40 mile mostly Greater Arizona Bicycling Association — Coalition exists to cultivate a more bicycle singletrack ride from Angel Fire Resort to Bike Utah — UT, Utah’s Statewide Advocacy Tucson, AZ, Arizona’s Statewide bicycle Taos Youth and Family Center on the South Group., Phil Sarnoff, 385-831-1515, psarnoff@ Bonneville Shoreline Trail Committee — Salt friendly community in Orem so that more advocacy organization, Eric Post, presi- residents will be able and excited to ride Boundary Trail. The South Boundary trail is, Lake City, UT, Volunteer to help build the [email protected], Bonneville Shoreline Trail. (801) 485-6974 or in our community. We do this by encourag- arguably the best ride in New Mexico and Salt Lake City Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory visit our web page., Dave Roth, 801-824- Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists — Phoenix, AZ, ing bicycle safety, accessibility, inclusivity, probably one of the top rides in the whole Committee (MBAC) — Salt Lake City, UT, 5339, [email protected], Statewide bicycle advocacy organization, and infrastructure to the community and country with beautiful high alpine views and Meetings are the 3rd Monday of the month Bob Beane, 623-252-0931, cazbike@cazbike. its residents. Come join us! Currently we amazing aspen forests. It will be a perfect from 5-7 pm in the SLC Transportation org, are meeting on the second Wednesday warm up for those training for Leadville, Division Conference room., Salt Lake City Parley’s Rails, Trails and Tunnels (PRATT) — Salt of each month, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm at as the course tops out at nearly 11,000 Transportation , 801-535-6630, bikeslc@slc- Lake City, UT, PRATT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Wyoming Pathways — Wilson, WY, Statewide Mad Dog Cycles. The address is 350 North feet!, Seth Bush, 505-554-0059, ElCapitan@, organization, run by volunteers. The mis- bicycle advocacy organization, Tim Young, Orem Blvd, Orem, UT 84057, Randy Gibb,, sion of the Parley’s Rails, Trails and Tunnels 307-413-8464, , 801-222-9577, [email protected], August 10-11, 2019 — Trek Dirt Series Mountain Salt Lake County Bicycle Advisory Committee (PRATT) Coalition is to assist city, county, — Salt Lake City, UT, The SLCBAC committee Bicycle Colorado — Denver, CO, Statewide Bike Camp, Park City, UT, Women’s Mountain state and federal agencies and other pub- bicycle advocacy organization, Dan Grunig, works to improve cycling conditions in Salt lic and private partners in completing a Bike Camp for beginner to advanced levels, Lake County and is an official committee. 303-417-1544, [email protected], Events, Swaps,Lectures focusing on skill development and trail rid- multi-use trail along I-80 via Parley’s Creek Meetings are the second Wednesday of Corridor and the Sugar House Rail Spur ing, for cross country and downhill riders. Skill each month from 5:30-7:30 pm and are to connect the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Bike Walk Montana — Helena, MT, Statewide Salt Lake — Salt Lake City, UT, instruction ranges from basic front wheel lifts held in Suite N-2800 of the Salt Lake County with the Provo/Jordan River Parkway., Juan bicycle advocacy organization, Taylor Last Friday of every month, 6:30 pm, meet and switchback turns to technical climbs, Government Center, 2001 S. State St., Salt Arce-Larreta, 801-694-8925, parleystrail@ , 406-449-2787, bznbybike@gmail. at the Gallivan Center, 200 S. between State descents, drops, jumps and more., Cynthia Lake City, UT, , Helen Peters, 385-468-4860,, com, and Main in SLC., None , noemail@cyclingu- Chung, 604-484-6238 (Canada), register@ [email protected],,, Emily Neuman, 604-484- 6238, [email protected], Elli Petersilie, elli@ Beehive Bike Polo Club — Salt Lake City,, UT, Weekly hardcourt and grass bike polo. Tuesdays at 8pm, Saturday afternoons. August 16-18, 2019 — Outerbike Summer in Check out the Beehive Bike Polo Club on Crested Butte, Crested Butte, CO, An oppor- Facebook for location., Chuck Heaton, 801- tunity to ride next year’s bikes and gears 688-7268, [email protected], on world class trails. Participants get bike, demos,shuttles, lunch, beer, and admis- sion to parties and films, at Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Mark Sevenoff, 800-845- Cole Sport Weekly Road Ride — Park City, UT, 2453, 435-259-8732, outerbike@westernspirit. Weekly Road Ride Mondays June 4-Aug. 27. com, Ride leaves Cole Sport, 1615 Park Ave. at 6 pm. Park at lower PCMR lot., Scott Dudevoir, August 17-18, 2019 — VIDA MTB Series: 435-649-4806, [email protected], Snowmass Bike Park, VIDA MTB Series, Flagship Clinics, Snowmass Village, CO, Women’s mountain bike skills clinic, Rachel Moab Bike Party — Moab, UT, 4th Wednesday Gottfried, 949-677-6809, [email protected], of every month. 6:30 or 7:30 pm., Jeff Gutierrez, , August 22-25, 2019 — Jurassic Classic Mountain Kidical Mass — Salt Lake City, UT, Group ride Bike Festival, Lander, WY, Mountain bike for families. This will be a monthly ride, the Festival in Lander, WY . Demos, shuttles, clin- 1st Sunday of every month, at Liberty Park ics, group rides, parties, live music, film fest, (south entrance) from 3pm- 5pm. All ages beer, food trucks, and raffles! All skill levels are welcome., Lee Chung, 865-850-3589, welcome., Nyssa , [email protected], [email protected], Tony Ferlisi, [email protected], Mike groups/109360246125277 Dicken, 307-332-2926, jurassicclassicfest@ Slow Roll SLC — Salt Lake City, UT, Fun, Bikes,,, lander- and Party Rides on Tuesday Nights at 7 behind Crank SLC 749 S. State Street., August 24, 2019 — 38 Special, York, MT, Christian Clemens, 385-528-1158, 801-440- Mountain bike rides of either 38 or 76 miles 0546, [email protected], of breathtaking scenery through the Big Belt August 31-September 1, 2019 — Outside Bike Mountains, gaining 3,000 vertical feet from & Brew Festival, Santa Fe, NM, There are lowest point, 6 aid stations. Starts at York mountain and road rides, skill clinics, a Fire Station 7:00 – 9:00 am; Spirit of 76 starts Festival Expo and bike art show, bike demos, at 6:30 am, gravel roads and Forest Service poker ride, beer dinners, concerts, movies roads, Rita Naylor, 406-475-3085, rbnmon- and more!, Tim Fowler, 505-209-5760, tim@ [email protected],, August 30-September 2, 2019 — Wydaho September 9-13, 2019 — University of Utah Bike Rendezvous Teton Mountain Bike Festival, Week, Salt Lake City, UT, A week of educa- Teton Valley, WY/ID, 10th annual hosted at tion and encouragement for bicyclists at the Grand Targhee Resort. Come enjoy endless University of Utah, Ginger Cannon, 801-581- miles of epic singletrack, lift-served downhill, 7505, [email protected], sustainabil- dirt jump and freeride. Wydaho Rendezvous Bike Festival supports Teton Valley Trails and Pathways Includes 2019 demos, group rides, skills clinics, shenanigans, kids Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 27

activities, music and libations., TVTAP , 208-, Elli Petersilie, elli@dirtseries. August 17, 2019 — Eagle Point Mini , 800-562-1268, 435-674-0550, hwsg@senior- 201-1622, [email protected], Devin com, Utah Mountain Beaver, UT, 3 stage enduro mtb race total, Dwyer, 208-201-1622, devin@tetonbikefest. of about 7 miles with 692’ ascent and 1037’ org,, October 5-6, 2019 — October Trek, Weiser, decent. Course opens at 8:00 am for pre October 25, 2019 — Red Bull Rampage, Virgin, ID, 2 day mountain bike gravel ride, 86 Bike and Gravel ride and first racer on course at 10:00 am., UT, Downhill, slopestyle and freeride MTB September 7-8, 2019 — VIDA MTB Series: mile rails-to-trails conversion trail from New Lane Tucker, 435-438-3619, 435-438-3700, athletes will converge on the demanding Purgatory, VIDA MTB Series Flagship Clinics, Meadows to Weiser, Idaho. Supported ride [email protected], eaglepointresort. terrain of Virgin, Utah to compete for glory in Purgatory, CO, Women’s mountain bike skills with meals and camping., Craig Kjar, 208- Racing com/blog/archive/201807/eagle-point- one of the biggest tests of skill and guts in the clinic, Rachel Gottfried, 949-677-6809, info@ 571-7447, 208-253-4433, octobertrek@gmail. mini-enduro-2018 world. 14th annual!, Red Bull, 310-393-4647,, com,, [email protected], Chris Worden, July 13, 2019 — The Crusher in the Tushar, August 17-October 19, 2019 — Utah High 310-393-4647, [email protected], September 7, 2019 — Shred Charity MTB Ride, Beaver, UT, 70 grueling miles exploring School Cycling League, Utah High School Draper, UT, Held at Corner Canyon, With the October 19, 2019 — VIDA MTB Series: Valmont Southern Utah’s Tushar Mountains on a mix Cycling League Race Series, Various great trail network of Corner Canyon open Bike Park, VIDA MTB Series Flagship Clinics, of dirt, gravel, and asphalt. Features 10,000+ Locations, UT, Utah High School Cycling November 2-3, 2019 — 25 Hours of Frog Hollow, to us courtesy of Draper City it’s sure to be Boulder, CO, Women’s mountain bike skills of climbing traversing Utah’s highest and League is an interscholastic mountain bike Frog Hollow Endurance Series, Hurricane, UT, a blast! 100%of the proceeds go to Wheels clinic, Rachel Gottfried, 949-677-6809, info@ most scenic roads. Join us for the origi- race series that offers racers from 7th grade Held Sat 10 am to Sun 10 am with the bonus- 4 Life. Prizes donated for top finishers in vari-, nal mixed-surface gravel and road classic!, to 12th grade. We offer 4 races for each of double midnight lap due to the fallback ous categories including fastest segments, Burke Swindlehurst, [email protected], tush- our three Regions and one State Champs time change. 13 mile long course in the UT longest distance, most vertical and more!, October 24-27, 2019 — Moab Ho-Down desert combines sweet single track, with Mountain Bike Festival & Film Fest, Moab, event. Utah league races are the culmi- Sam Buckmiller, [email protected], nation of months of fun and practice on some technical sections, and great climbs. UT, 14th Annual - Mountain bike festival July 20, 2019 — El Doce at Pow Mow, Powder 11th Annual, Cimarron Chacon, 970-759- with dual stage enduro race, group shuttle Mountain - Eden, UT, 12/6 Hour Mountain school-based mountain bike teams all over the state. Grades 7-12 participate in individ- 3048, [email protected], 25hoursinfroghol- September 13-15, 2019 — Northstar Freeride rides, bike films, townie tour with poker run, Bike Race at Powder Mountain, Utah. Solo, Festival, Truckee, CA, Held at Northstar dirt jump comp and costume party! The Duo and 3-4 Person Teams. 12 Mile lap, 1200’ ual categories and include both individual Resort. Join us for the Northstar Free-Ride festival is a fundraiser for local trails and vertical per lap, 12 hours. Limited to 400 rid- and team scoring. Join or start a team in Festival September 13-15, 2019 as The the bike park!, Tracy Bentley, 435-259-4688, ers., Jenny Scothern, 801-399-1773, jenny@ your area. The Utah League has 3000+ Regional Mountain Village comes alive with over 90 bike, [email protected],,, Clairesse Miljour, 801- students on 90+ teams across the state accessory and apparel vendors. Talk to the 399-1773, [email protected], eldo- participating. , Lori Harward, 801-502-8516, experts, demo the bikes, test the accesso- 801-885-6884, [email protected], Brooke Bike and Gravel ries, try on apparel and get insider tips. There November 8-10, 2019 — Roam Bike Fest, Howard, 385-227-5741, brooke@utahmtb. will also be races, clinics, kid’s activities, live Sedona, AZ, Roam Bike Fest is a three day August 2-3, 2019 — Abajo (Blue Mountain) org, music, pub crawls, wine walks and retail gathering (aka party) of female riders, influ- Enduro, Monticello, UT, Two day, three stage Racing encers, and play makers all here for one race in the Abajo Mountains by Monticello August 31, 2019 — Park City Point 2 Point, Park discounts all weekend long! , Jack Morrissey, City, UT, A true point 2 point race! Thanks to 949-226-5729, jack.morrissey@Emeraldexpo. purpose: to have a ridiculously fun weekend Utah. Stage 1 starts at 3:00 PM on Friday. exploring, learning, and shredding trail in a A shuttle will be provided from the end the plethora of trails in this area, the race is com, never on the same trail twice. Over 90% of ID, WY, MT, NV, AZ, ride-festival/ world-class riding destination. No pandering, of each stage to the start of the follow- no skills clinics, just plain unsucky fun., Ash ing course or to the parking area for the the race is single-track. 75 miles & 12,000ft September 20-22, 2019 — Salida Bike Fest, Bocast, 530-521-8913, [email protected], stage. Stages announced May 2019, Dustin of climbing., Jay Burke, 801-330-3214, snow- NM, CO, MT, OR, WA, Salida, CO, A 4 day festival celebrating, Randall, 435-590-2741, [email protected], [email protected], bicycles of all kinds! Various groups in Salida May 1-3, 2020 — MECCA Spring MTB Festival, September 14, 2019 — Kokopelli 100, Moab, have teamed up to create and promote UT, 103.6 mile, point to point mountain and Beyond unique and fun bike events throughout Green River, UT, 34th Annual, Held at the August 10, 2019 — North Fork Punisher ICup, John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River, Intermountain Cup, Liberty, UT, XC race, bike race from the Colorado border to the week. Free group rides, bike-related Moab, Solo riders, or 8 person teams., Mark July 7, 2019 — Silver Rush 50, Leadville Race travelogue, the chainless race, a kick-off Utah. Registration begins Friday at 1:00 p.m. Distance: 7-28 miles, Elevation Gain: 1,300’/ followed by a warm up ride, refreshments, lap, Margaret Gibson, 435-229-6251, mar- Jensen, 503-970-1215, mark@kokopelli100. Series, Leadville, CO, At 10,000-12,500 feet party at Soulcraft Brewing with live music, com, above sea level, this challenging 50 mile a bike parade, the Banana Belt Mountain games and a prize drawing. Saturday is full [email protected], Darren Goff, of all-day guided rides, ranging from begin- 801-896-8244, [email protected], out-and-back course takes racers through Bike Race sponsored by Absolute Bikes, September 15, 2019 — Tour des Suds, Park the historic mining district on Leadville’s East the 20th Annual Monarch Crest Crank and ner to advanced followed by a yummy din- City, UT, 7-mile mountain bike climb from ner, games and more FUN. Finish up on side. This race is known for its long, lung- much more!, Monica Gutierrez, 719-539- August 17-18, 2019 — Flyin’ Brian Downhill City Park, to the top of Guardsman Pass burning climbs and rocky, steep terrain. Solo 6738, [email protected], Lanette Sunday with a guided (or on your own) with a 2,700ft elevation gain., Ginger Ries, scenic ride. Family friendly., Kim Player, and Dark Hollow Super D, Go-Ride Gravity or Tandem 50m. Leadville Trail 100 Qualifier., Hartmann, [email protected], salid- Series, Brian Head, UT, Practice opens on 435-649-6839, [email protected], Paul Anderson, 719-219-9364, panderson4@ 435-653-2440, [email protected], Friday, August 12 at noon. The downhill is on, September 21-22, 2019 — Trek Dirt Series Saturday, August 13. Dark Hollow Super D September 28, 2019 — Antelope Island 50K is on Sunday, August 14. , Ron Lindley, 801- July 13, 2019 — Tahoe Trail 100, Leadville Race Mountain Bike Camp, Angel Fire, NM, MTB Race, Antelope Island, UT, 5th edition Series, Northstar, CA, Ride 50K or 100K of Co-ed Mountain Bike Camp for beginner Utah Weekly MTB 375-3231, [email protected],, of Antelope 50k Mountain Bike Race will be rocky summits, breathtaking pine forests to advanced levels, focusing on skill devel- held at White Rock Bay Trailhead, Antelope and beautiful Lake Tahoe views. 100K rid- opment and trail riding, for cross country Race Series August 17, 2019 — Cedar City Fire Road 100 Island State Park. There will be 3 race dis- ers can qualify for the Leadville Trail 100 and downhill riders. Skill instruction ranges Gravel Grinder, Cedar City, UT, 100K or 60K tances: 50k, 25k, and 15k. This is an MTB race MTB, Josh Colley, 719-219-9357, youpho- from basic front wheel lifts and switchback on double and single track with varying April 24-August 7, 2019 — Weekly Race options - with over 80% dirt! Chip timed. [email protected], Todd Jackson, 530- turns to technical climbs, descents, drops, Prizes for top finishers., Deborah Bowling, elevation and some technical stretches on 546-1019, [email protected], jumps and more., Cynthia Chung, 604-484- Series, WRS, Sundance, Wasatch County, the 50k and 25k distances. Start time 9:00 UT, Wednesday nights, May -Aug. Venue 818-889-2453, [email protected],, youphoriaproductions. 6238 (Canada), [email protected], Elli AM, Packet pickup 7:30 AM., Wynn Hall, 801- com Petersilie, [email protected], alternates between Wasatch County sites 941-4255, [email protected], Matt Hall, and Sundance, 6:30 pm. Prompt start time. August 17, 2019 — Dirty Arts Gravel Grinder 801-648-4659, [email protected], July 13, 2019 — Enduro Pescado Whitefish September 21, 2019 — Banana Belt Mountain Pros/Experts 1hr race time, Sports 50mins, Fondo, Helper, UT, The Fondo is a 62 mile Enduro, Montana Enduro Series, Whitefish, Bike Race, Salida, CO, This classic race Beginners 30-40mins., Tyson Apostol, 435-200- ride on pavement, gravel and dirt roads. MT, Montana Enduro Series , contact@mon- leads racers south out of town up a 3,000ft 3239 (Wasatch), 801-223-4849 (Sundance), The route takes you through central Carbon September 28, 2019 — Eden Epic, Eden, UT, On, Christine Wike, christine@ climb to the Rainbow trail, across the front [email protected], John Woodruff, County exploring some high desert vis- the trails above beautiful Ogden Valley, the, montanaenduro. of Methodist Mountain and back down 801-223-4044, 801-223-4849, johnw@sun- tas and the foothills of the Manti La-Sal Eden Epic is a truly “epic” mountain bike com to town., Monica Gutierrez, 719-539-6738, , Josey Apostol, 435-200- mountains. 5,000’ of climbing and 5,000’ of adventure. With a focus more on the adven- [email protected], monar- 3239 (Wasatch), 801-223-4849 (Sundance), descending consisting of 2 main long climbs ture than the finishing times, this is an epic July 13, 2019 — Breckenridge 100, Postponed [email protected], weeklyrace- with plenty of short climbs. Enjoy the Helper adventure that has a place for those look- until 2020, RME, Breckenridge, CO, Arts & Film Festival afterwards for food, drink ing to push themselves. , Clay Christensen, Colorado’s premier off-road endurance September 22 — Monarch Crest Crank, Salida, 801-234-0399, [email protected], race, the 13th annual BRECK 100, climbs CO, A mountain bike event along one of the April 30-August 27, 2019 — Mid-Week and fun, if you have the strength. Start: Historic Conoco Station, Mark Jesperson, 13,719 feet over 100 miles. Not quite ready top mountain bike trails in the nation. The Mountain Bike Race Series, Wasatch Front, for the Ultra 100? Challenge your abilities Crest Crank will be the final day of Salida Wasatch Back, Salt Lake Valley, UT, Tuesday 435-637-2453, mark@castlecountrycycling. October 14-15, 2019 — Huntsman World Senior com, Ed Malmgren, 435-637-2453, ed@ and ride the B-68 Marathon, the B-32 XC, Bike Fest, which includes several events for nights, starting April 30! 2019’s season fea- Games Mountain Biking, St. George, UT, or enter a two or three-person relay team, cyclists of all abilities and their families. End tures 8 XC races, 4 Mini Enduro races, and, castlecountrycy- Must be 50 years or older. Three events: hill, Colorado State Marathon Championship, Bike Fest weekend with us for this bucket list 1 Women’s Mini Enduro. Fun, competitive climb, downhill, and cross country. Expert, Thane Wright, 970-401-1422, tanoricardo@ ride followed by an after party at Riverside for all ages and abili- Sport and Beginner Skill Divisions., Kyle Case, Park open for Crest Crank cyclists and the ties. Each XC race features a free kids’ public. Your entry fee will include the ride, race!, Phil Sarnoff, 385-831-1515, psarnoff@ a guide, breakfast snacks, a shuttle to and, Jackie Baker, 385-831-1515, from downtown Salida, and an after party [email protected], in Riverside Park, featuring live music, free lunch, libations, a goodie bag, silent auc- June 12-August 28, 2019 — Mt. Ogden tion, and more. Entry fee and individual Midweek Race Series, Snowbasin Resort, fundraising efforts will raise money for The UT, Courses change every two weeks. Alliance, a nonprofit organization with a mis- Courses set the prior weekend for pre rid- sion to empower individuals beyond domes- ing. Fun races, great prizes. Registration- tic and sexual violence., Monica Gutierrez, 5pm-6:30pm at Grizzly Center, Race Start: 719-539-6738, director@alliancechaffee. promptly at 6:30. Cash and prizes each org, Becky Rupp, [email protected], week. Beg, sport, expert, pro classes. No race June 6th and July 3rd, Tim Eastley, 801- 620-1000, 801-620-1045, teastley@snowbasin. September 27-29, 2019 — Albuquerque MTB com, Festival, Albuquerque, NM, 12 hour race, 2 hour race, and weekend long mtb fes- tival, Seth Bush, 505-554-0059, ElCapitan@ Regional Weekly, September 28, 2019 — VIDA MTB Series: MTB Race Series Golden Giddyup, VIDA MTB Series , Golden, CO, Women’s mountain bike skills clinic, May 14-August 20, 2019 — Gallatin Valley Rachel Gottfried, 949-677-6809, info@vidam- Summer Series, Bozeman, MT, Weekly, series that includes road races, time tri- als, , mountain bike races and September 28-29, 2019 — Trek Dirt Series more, Alex Lussier, [email protected], Mountain Bike Camp, Sedona, AZ, Women’s Phil Rotherman, [email protected], Mollie Mountain Bike Camp for beginner to McKiernan, [email protected], advanced levels, focusing on skill devel- Patrick Wessel, [email protected], opment and trail riding, for cross country and downhill riders. Skill instruction ranges from basic front wheel lifts and switchback June 18-July 23, 2019 — Laramie Mountain turns to technical climbs, descents, drops, Bike Series, Laramie, WY, Tuesdays. Local jumps and more., Cynthia Chung, 604-484- mountain bike series, great for riders of 6238 (Canada), [email protected], Elli any age and ability. Starts at Happy Jack Petersilie, [email protected], Trailhead at 6:00 p.m. Food and fun await at each finish line. Medicine Bow National October 4-6, 2019 — Outerbike Fall, Moab, UT, Forest, Niesey Heckart, 307-761-1741, nie- An opportunity to ride next year’s bikes and [email protected], laramieracing. gears on world class trails. Participants get com, bike demos,shuttles, lunch, beer, and admis- sion to parties and films, 7000 N. Hwy 191 at July 10-August 7, 2019 — Ten Dollar Downhill, Moab Brands Trailhead, Mark Sevenoff, 800- Whitefish, MT, Wednesday downhill, Josh 845-2453, 435-259-8732, outerbike@western- Knight, 406-862-2900, [email protected],, October 5-6, 2019 — Trek Dirt Series Mountain July 11-August 8, 2019 — Thursday Night Race Bike Camp, Fruita, CO, Women’s Mountain Series, Whitefish, MT, cross country series, Bike Camp for beginner to advanced levels, Josh Knight, 406-862-2900, info@skiwhitefish. focusing on skill development and trail rid- com, ing, for cross country and downhill riders. Skill instruction ranges from basic front wheel lifts and switchback turns to technical climbs, descents, drops, jumps and more., Cynthia Chung, 604-484-6238 (Canada), register@ 28 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019, rockymountainendurance. fast and flowy course, Jan Bear, 505-670- Bird, 866-464-6639, [email protected], Ketchum, ID, Lifestyle, mountain bike and September 15, 2019 — Sunrise Ski Resort com 4665, [email protected], Par , 505-730- Jordan Edwards, 866-464-6639, steamboat- outdoor festival staged in beautiful Sun Enduro, Sunrise Ski Resort, AZ, MBAA , 480- 2615, [email protected], [email protected], honeystinger. Valley, Idaho over Labor Day Weekend. 442-4229, [email protected], July 13, 2019 — Philipsburg 46, Western, com/steamboatstinger.html The cornerstone of the two-day event is a Montana Trail Series, Philipsburg, MT, Cross 100-mile Gravel Grinder (or 50-mile option) September 15, 2019 — High Desert Screamer country race., Ben Horan, 312-502-5997, bfh- August 1-4, 2019 — Downieville Classic, Lost August 10, 2019 — Tamarack Twister, Knobby mountain bike race & ride in the scenic MTB Race, New Mexico Off Road Series, [email protected], Sierra Triple Crown, Downieville, CA, All Tire Series, Donnelly, ID, Cross country and Pioneer Mountains of Central Idaho, with Gallup, NM, Takes place on the High Desert mountain, cross country, and downhill races, enduro race on Sunday at a beautiful renown mountain bike champion and Trail System, a series of loops on the pris- July 13, 2019 — Brundage Mountain Cross Live music, premium beer, food vendors venue. Cross County race, Fast and flowy, tine mesas overlooking Gallup. The course Country, Knobby Tire Series, McCall, ID, endurance athlete Rebecca Rusch. The and anall-weekend mainstreet industry Alex Phipps, 208-841-4120, alex01phipps@ weekend activities are centered around is primarily single-track, hard packed clay Cross country and endurance mtb race expo top off the event, mountain bike, interspersed with slick rock, small climbs on Sunday, Alex Phipps, 208-841-4120, alex- giving back to Rebecca’s favorite local, festival, Greg Williams, [email protected], national and global cycling charities. Join and technical sections., Jan Bear, 505-670- [email protected], August 16-17, 2019 — Ruby Mountain Relay, 4665, [email protected], Andy Stravers, Wells, NV, 184 mile relay gravel grinder., the “Queen of Pain” on this beautiful route July 13, 2019 — Big Mountain Enduro, Big that ends in a great down-home party 505-862-2442, SquashBlossomClassic@gmail. August 2-4, 2019 — NW Cup Downhill Series, Robert Johnson, 775-340-5943, 801-718-0557, com, Mountain Enduro Series, Winter Park, CO, Northwest Cup Downhill Series, Kellogg, ID, [email protected], rubymoun- with food, festivities, music, and libations., 3-4 stages enduro, Brandon Ontiveros, bran- Downhill race. Held at Silver Mountain Bike Colleen Quindlen, 254-541-9661, colleen@ September 21-22, 2019 — Rendezvous Enduro, [email protected], bigmoun- Park. Friday will be open practice. Saturday, rebeccasprivateidaho. Montana Enduro Series, Teton Village, WY, will be split practice by category. Pro/ August 17-18, 2019 — Big Mountain Enduro/ com Montana Enduro Series , contact@mon- JuniorX seeding Saturday evening. Sunday Enduro World Series Aspen Snowmass, Big, Christine Wike, christine@ July 14, 2019 — Victor Gravel Grinder, Tour Mountain Enduro Series, Aspen Snowmass, September 1, 2019 — Royal 50 Mountain of Colorado Series, Victor, CO, The Victor racing all categories, Scott Tucker, 360-797- Bike Race, Canon City, CO, The Royal 50, montanaenduro. 4288, [email protected], CO, Aspen Snowmass will host the BME com, Gold Rush is an epic gravel challenge in Finals for 2018. The two-day event will blend takes place on a challenging singletrack the heart of the Rockies with nearly 9000 August 3, 2019 — Pierre’s Hole MTB Race, high altitude riding adventures mixed with course overlooking the famed Royal Gorge. September 22, 2019 — Horny Toad Hustle ft of climbing and incredible views. Start National Ultra Endurance Series, Alta, WY, some of the biggest descents and best Multiple distances options, including 20 or MTB Race, New Mexico Off Road Series, and finish in downtown Victor! 93.3 miles, 11th Annual! Staging begins at the Grand riding in the area. , Brandon Ontiveros, 50 miles. Elevation gains of over 1,000 or Las Cruces, NM, Jan Bear, 505-670-4665, Andy Bohlmann, 719-428-5807, 719-651-1677, Targhee Resort, ample lodging and ameni- [email protected], big- 2,000 feet (depending on course), Ashlee [email protected], Dave Halliburton, 575- [email protected], tourofcolorado. ties available. 100 consists of 33-mile loop, Sack, 719-248-6376, coordinator@joinFAR. 312-5991, [email protected], hornyt- com each lap features approx. 4,000 ft climbing org,,, on single and double-track trails. The race August 17-18, 2019 — 12 and 24 Hours of July 20-21, 2019 — Steamboat Springs Enduro, Flathead, Kalispell, MT, A non-profit race to September 1, 2019 — Powderhorn Enduro, September 28, 2019 — JayP’s Backyard Revolution Enduro Series, Steamboat course is on an IMBA Epic trails at Grand Targhee. Total elevation for the 100 mile provide awareness and adaptive equip- Revolution Enduro Series, Powderhorn, CO, Gravel Pursuit, JayP’s Backyard Series, Island Springs, CO, Saturday racing will start with a ment to individuals living with paralysis and one day, lift service race, David Scully, 970- Park/West Yellowstone, ID, 60 or 120 miles shuttle ride to access new never raced trails race is approx. 13,000 ft. 100 mile (3 laps), 100km (2 laps), 50km (1 lap) events. The 100 other life altering disabilities. Race fea- 846-5012, [email protected], near Yellowstone National Park on Forest for 3-4 Stages in the back country. Sunday tures both bicycle and hand cycle cours- Service roads. It’s an incredible time of August 19, will be three Stages with lift and mile race is part of the NUE Series and the 100 k is a new NUE marathon series race., es. Held in Herron Park., Tia Celentano, September 1, 2019 — Signal Peak Challenge year to be in this area and visit YNP!, Jay pedal transfers at the Steamboat Bike Park 406-261-1769, info@24hoursofflathead. Petervary, 307-413-2248, jaypetervary@ and Forest Service trail system, David Scully, Andy Williams, 800-TARGHEE ext. 1309, awil- MTB Race, New Mexico Off Road Series, [email protected], grandtarghee. org,, facebook. Silver City, NM, 12, 25, and 31 mile races,, 970-846-5012, [email protected], com/24HoursOfFlathead com/pierres-hole-50-100-mountain-bike- Jan Bear, 505-670-4665, [email protected], September 28, 2019 — Grinduro, Lost Sierra race/ August 18, 2019 — Palisades Gravel Fondo, Martyn Pearson, 575-654-3966, martynpear- Triple Crown, Quincy, CA, 62 miles of pave- July 23-28, 2019 — USA Cycling Mountain Jackson , WY, Held at Palisades Reservoir, 25 [email protected], signalpeakchallenge. ment, gravel, and singletrack with a TON Bike National Championships, Winter Park, August 3-4, 2019 — Pomerelle Pounder DH, Go-Ride Gravity Series, Albion, ID, Two USAC miles from Jackson, 60 and 100 mile options, com, of climbing and twisty descents. Most of CO, Chuck Hodge, 719-434-4200, chodge@ Palisades Reservoir is in a scenic valley with, sanctioned downhill races in two days. , September 7, 2019 — Barn Burner 104, Leadville the ride is casual, there are four timed sec- Ron Lindley, 801-375-3231, [email protected], forested hillsides rising from the water to Race Series, Flagstaff, AZ, 104 mile mountain tions that are designed to cater to specific July 26-28, 2019 — Leadville Stage Race, Darren Lightfield, 208-608-6444, wildrockie- the towering snowcapped mountains which bike race, Solo, Duo, Teams, Kaibab and strengths. Grinduro racers and spectators Leadville Race Series, Leadville, CO, 100M [email protected],, utahdh. form the background and has about 70 Coconino National Forest, Camping on pri- are treated tothree days of camping, live (100 miles over three days), Team Option. org miles of shoreline., Forest Dramis, jacksonho- vate land. 26 and 52 mile options. Party music (including a late-night DJ), beer, awe- Experience the legendary Leadville Trail 100 [email protected], afterwards with music, food, and beer, Jeff some food, and campfires., Greg Williams, course over three days. Push the pace to August 3, 2019 — South Boundary Big Ride, [email protected], Angel Fire, NM, 40 mile singletrack race and August 18, 2019 — SBT GRVL Gravel Grinder, Frost, 928-380-0633, [email protected], see what you’re made of, or use the stages Steamboat Springs, CO, 6:30 am on Yampa, leadvilleraceseries. to prepare or qualify for the Leadville Trail ride, Seth Bush, 505-554-0059, ElCapitan@ September 28-30, 2019 — 12 Hour of, Street. Three distances: 37/100/141 miles com Albuquerque Race and MTB Festival, 100 in August. This is one amazing party, with with 2000/6000/9000 feet of climbing, daily stage prizes, raffles, unmatched swag, September 7, 2019 — Wyo 131 Gravel Grinder, Albuquerque, NM, The weekend will be full August 3, 2019 — Joe Cosley Pancake Ride respectively. Mixed surface with the majority of activities with the anchor event being the food, beer and live music. , Paul Anderson, Gravel Grinder, Whitefish, MT, The Uff da Wyoming Gravel Grinder Series, Lander, WY, on hard packed gravel roads, Amy Charity, Wyoming’s premier gravel race! A 131 mile 12 Hours of Albuquerque from 7am to 7pm 719-219-9364, panderson4@lifetimefitness. 184 rolls out to about 184 miles with 18k of 970-215-4045, [email protected], com, race that starts and finishes in beautiful, on Saturday. The course for the 12 Hours of climbing and descending. The route is a Albuquerque is 11+ miles of fast, fun, occa- August 23-25, 2019 — NW Cup Downhill Series, Lander Wyoming. Race through sagebrush July 27, 2019 — Laramie Range Epic, Laramie, loop, with an aid station at about mile 40, sionally technical, but mostly flowy single- Northwest Cup Downhill Series, Whitefish, MT, desert to alpine forests, along the his- WY, The Laramie Range Epic (Formerly 100, 150, and a convenience store at mile track in the beautiful pine forests above Downhill race. Held at Whitefish Bike Park. toric Oregon Trail, and Atlantic City mining the Laramie Enduro) will have two course 60. The route rolls over mixed surfaces. 90% Albuquerque, Seth Bush, 505-554-0059, Friday will be open practice. Saturday will district., Tony Ferlisi, landercycling@gmail. options, 30/60ish miles. 80% singletrack from dirt and 10% chipseal/pavement. Roads are [email protected], a combination of Forest Service, Montana be split practice by category. Pro/JuniorX com, Mike Dicken, 307-332-2926, juras- smooth and flowy to steep and technical. [email protected], Scott Van Orman, Choose the One & Done to do one lap, or, Dept. of Resources, BLM and County. seeding Saturday evening. Sunday racing September 28-29, 2019 — Flagstaff Enduro, Dirt roads are improved and suitable for all categories, Scott Tucker, 360-797-4288, 307-349-4987, [email protected], Flagstaff, AZ, MBAA , 480-442-4229, racing@ the Laramie Range Epic to do two laps. Aid stations with fresh food, water and perfor- 2 wheel drive . Paved roads are, [email protected],, mance nutrition. Legendary after-party with well paved. All roads are open to general August 24-25, 2019 — Grand Targhee Enduro, September 7, 2019 — Race the Rails, Ely, NV, October 4-6, 2019 — Monarch Crest Enduro, live music, awards, cash pay-outs, raffle, vehicle traffic, Route: https://ridewithgps. Montana Enduro Series, Grand Targhee, Race the train in Ely! Fun for the whole Rocky Mountain Enduro Series, Salida, CO, free refreshments and warm, fresh food! com/routes/29517384, Brad Lamson, joe@ WY, There’s some seriously fun trails at family! Race a coal fired steam engine that 5 stage epic backcountry enduro in the San Limited on-course camping and room spe-, Wyoming’s Grand Targhee Resort, so we’re is over 100 years old. The event will accom- Isabel and Gunnison National Forests., Keith cials, Dewey Gallegos, 307-742-5533, racedi- August 3, 2019 — Eagle Enduro, Revolution going to race ‘em. It’s going to be a week- modate both road and mountain bike riders Darner, 719-221-1251, keith@chocolate- [email protected], laramieenduro. Enduro Series, Eagle, CO, Stop 4 at Eagle end long celebration of the Tetons. , Andy of all ages., Kyle Horvath, 775-289-3720, kyle., chocolatebunny- org CO is the series Finale for the 2019 Revolution Williams, 800-TARGHEE ext. 1309, awilliams@ [email protected],, Montana Enduro Series July 27, 2019 — Butte 100 Races, Butte, MT, Enduro. This new venue for the series will be September 14, 2019 — Fire on the Rim October 5, 2019 — Tour of the White Mountains, Continental Divide Trail, Single Track, Big a big one day back country race venturing , [email protected], Christine Mountain Bike Race, Pine, AZ, 15, 30, and up into the high country with both technical Wike, [email protected], Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ, Arizona’s longest Sky Country, 100 and 50 mile options, and a 45 mile mtb races near Payson, AZ, Janet standing mountain bike event. At 7,000 feet, Sorini 25 mile option. 13th Annual, Stephanie and high speed courses! We’re excited to, Brandt, [email protected], fireontherim. serve up new trails to the Colorado enduro The Tour is a grassroots event with laid back Sorini, 406-490-7632, stephaniesorini@ August 24, 2019 — Big Sky Biggie, Big Sky, com vibes among a gathering of bike-minded, racing scene. Look for course maps to MT, 30 and 50 Mile races on Saturday. be released in July., David Scully, 970-846- September 14-15, 2019 — Two Moon 24, individuals., Dave Castro, 520-623-1584, July 27, 2019 — Whit Henry Memorial Galena Starting in Big Sky’s Town Center (Meadow Glendo, WY, 24 hour race on the trails of [email protected], Dave Castro, dcastro@ 5012, [email protected], revolu- Village) and climbing into the scenic views Grinder, Knobby Tire Series, Galena Lodge, Glendo State Park in eastern Wyoming. 9.5, ID, XC/Marathon, 22.5 mile loop with 50% from Lone Peak and Buck Ridge, riders will mile loop; approximately 10 laps possible. August 3-4, 2019 — Big Mountain Enduro, Big ride some of the area’s most exhilarating October 5, 2019 — Road Apple Rally MTB Race, single track, start/finish at 7,000 feet with Fun time all night with hot breakfast served New Mexico Off Road Series, Farmington, total gain of 3200 in one loop, open catego- Mountain Enduro Series, Big Sky, MT, 3-4 (and challenging) pieces of single-track, Sunday morning!, Niesey Heckart, 307-761- stages enduro, Big Sky Resort has more than double-track, gravel roads and the occa- NM, The Road Apple Rally began in 1981 as ry (for racers who choose not to purchase a 1741, [email protected], twom- a competition between horses and bicycles. license) held for the marathon, which is 22.5 50 miles of hiking and biking trails, with more sional paved segment, Short-Track event, than 40 miles dedicated to mountain biking., on August 23, the Friday night before offer- It has since become a bicycle only race mile loops., Alex Phipps, 208-841-4120, alex- and stands as the longest running annual [email protected], Brandon Ontiveros, brandon@bigmoun- ing a family-friendly venue and fun race September 15, 2019 — Junior Enduro,, for children and adults., Natalie Osborne, Revolution Enduro Series, Crested Butte, mountain bike race in the United States. July 27, 2019 — Lone Peak’s Revenge Big Sky 907-223-0858, [email protected], CO, For ages 10-17, David Scully, 970-846- Bring the family for a day of fun and try Enduro, Montana Enduro Series, Big Sky, MT, August 4, 2019 — Race Montana Triathlon, 5012, [email protected], revolu- the children’s riding obstacle course. This Montana Enduro Series , contact@mon- Great Falls, MT, Electric City Water Park, celebrated mountain bike race features, Christine Wike, christine@ Olympic and Sprint distances, youth short August 24, 2019 — Lake City Alpine 50, Lake five divisions: Beginner, Pro, Expert, Sport,, montanaenduro. and long courses, Ron Ray, info@racemt. City, CO, This lung-busting race will take September 15, 2019 — Battle of the Gravel, Single Speed. The Beginner course is a 15 com, com, you by the iconic Lake San Cristobal before Savery, WY, South of , WY, The mile loop, all others ride the full 30 mile Road triathlon, climbing through the alpine tundra to the race will start and finish at the Little Snake Apple Rally course. Both courses feature the July 27, 2019 — Big Mountain Enduro, Big two of the highest passes in Colorado: River Museum. Riders will start between 7 whoops, where you spend more time in the Mountain Enduro Series, Telluride, CO, 3-4 August 10, 2019 — Leadville Trail 100, Leadville Cinnamon Pass (12,640 feet) and Engineer and 9 am and return to a BBQ, band and air then on the ground! Course terrain also stages enduro, stages will be broken up Race Series, Leadville, CO, Leadville Trail Pass (12,800) feet. The race will feature over brews on the grounds of the Museum. 95 includes short climbs, flats, sandy arroyos across the box canyon, mixing bike park 100 is one of the most notorious and chal- 7,500 feet of climbing through some of the miles, Kimberly Coats, 307-383-7778, 530- and sharp corners. , Jan Bear, 505-670-4665, and backcountry terrain. Competitors will lenging bike races in the world. 100 mile out- most incredible sections of the San Juan 744-8773, [email protected], [email protected], Leslie Mueller, 505- experience a wide range of trails in Telluride, and-back. , Paul Anderson, 719-219-9364, Mountains. This is a USA Cycling sanctioned 599-1184, [email protected], from 1,000 feet of hard hitting downhill in [email protected], leadville- event. benefit the Town of Lake City and Road-Apple-Rally, the Mountain Village Bike Park, to arduous the Lake Fork Valley Conservancy., Michael September 15, 2019 — Double Dip Downhill, Whitefish, MT, Josh Knight, 406-862-2900, October 5-6, 2019 — Glorieta Cyclocross, climbs and technical turns on the historic August 10, 2019 — Steamboat Stinger, Fleishman, [email protected], mining paths., Brandon Ontiveros, bran- [email protected], Glorieta, NM, New Mexico-El Paso Regional Mountain Town Challenge Series, events XC Championship, Glorieta Camps, Jan [email protected], bigmoun- Steamboat Springs, CO, Beginning at August 24, 2019 — Salt River Challenge, Alpine, 8:00am at the Howelsen Hill Ski Area in the WY, A one-day challenging race course in July 27, 2019 — Telluride 100 Mountain Bike heart of Steamboat Springs. The course Wyoming’s incredible backcountry., Taunya Race, Telluride, CO, 100 mile mtb race, takes a 50 mile singletrack detour into the Lofgran, 801-671-9798, saltrivermtb@gmail. Tobin , 970-417-1751, [email protected], beautiful backcountry of Routt County with com, a total of roughly 3,500ft elevation gain July 28, 2019 — Oak Flats MTB Race, New before returning to the transition/finish area. August 29-September 1, 2019 — Rebecca’s Mexico Off Road Series, Albequerque, NM, Solo and duo team options available, Nate Private Idaho Gravel Grinder and Festival, Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 29

Bear, 505-670-4665, [email protected], Logan Race Club Thursday Night Time Trial UT to Jackson Hole, WY, Brent Chambers, July 27, 2019 — Targhee Hill Climb, Driggs, ID, mile circuit, 27-81 miles, Cyndi , cyndi@ Series — Logan, UT, Thursdays. TT series con- 801-546-0090, [email protected], Wyoming State Hill Climb Championships., sisting of 18 races on five difference courses, Day 1 - Targhee Hill Climb. Day 2 - Teton October 12, 2019 — 6 Hours of Disco, with weekly and end-of-series prizes. Check October 8-11, 2019 — Huntsman World Senior Pass Hill Climb. Compete in one or both. August 3-4, 2019 — Idaho Senior Games, Anaconda, MT, Held at Discovery Ski Area, the website for the location of the week- Games Cycling, St. George, UT, Must be To be scored for the State Champs you Kuna, ID, 5k and 10K Time Trials both at A lap format race lasting 6 hours plus one ly course., Stephen Clyde, 435-750-8785, 50 years or older. Three events: hill climb, must race both days. Winners based on 9 a.m. date cooresponds to order of list- lap. It will start and end in front of Discovery [email protected], Ben Kofeod, benhkof@ downhill, and cross country. Expert, Sport combined times.Time trial starts at 10 am ing, 20 K Aug 5 and 40 K Aug 4 Road Ski Lodge. Finishers with the most laps wins,, Travis Dunn, travis.dunn@usu. and Beginner Skill Divisions., Kyle Case, 800- with 30 second intervals. Starts at Peaked Races at 10 a.m., qualifying year for 2019 Finishers with the same number of laps will edu, 562-1268, 435-674-0550, hwsg@seniorgames. Sports in Driggs, climbs Ski Hill Road and National Senior Games. Held at S. Cole then go by time (or first over the start finish net, ends half a mile from the Grand Targhee Road & Hubbard/10 Mile Creek Rd., Mike line)., Brian Cyr, 406-563-5538 ext. 15, info@ October 12, 2019 — City Creek Bike Sprint, Resort. The course covers 12 miles and 2,200 Thorton, 208-861-8000, idahoseniorgamesin-, anacondatrail- Utah Road Racing vertical feet. Awards, Raffle and results [email protected], Frank Gilbert, 208-853-1964,, Salt Lake City, UT, Race starts at the mouth of City Creek Canyon and finishes at Rotary 1 pm at Peaked Sports. Net proceeds [email protected], idahosenior- hours-of-disco/ July 6, 2019 — Rush Valley Road Race, UCA benefit Teton Valley Trails and Pathways., Series, Rush Valley, UT, Marek Shon, 801-209- Park where we will have awards, food, October 13, 2019 — Prescott Enduro, Prescott, music and fun, James Zwick, 801-870-4578, Dick Weinbrandt, 208-354-2354, peaked@ August 4, 2019 — Arizona State Time Trial 20K 2479, [email protected], race2wheels., Forest Dramis, jacksonhole- AZ, MBAA , 480-442-4229, racing@mbaa. com [email protected], Championships, Picacho, AZ, Arizona State net, [email protected],, , 20K. Course out & back, July 13, 2019 — Cache , UCI October 18-20, 2019 — USA Cycling Regional Weekly flat, first ride start 6:30 AM, rider go off in Gran Fondo World Series, USA AND Gran July 27, 2019 — Bob Cook Memorial Mount 30 seconds intervals. USA Cycling State Collegiate Mountain Bike National Fondo National Series, Logan, UT, 8th annu- Championships, Durango, CO, Collegiate Evans Hill Climb, Colorado Summit Cycling awards., Joey Luliano, jiuliano88@gmail. al, Beginning in 2019, the Cache Gran Series, Idaho Springs, CO, 53rd annual, This com,, National Championships and Montana Fondo has been chosen as an UCI World Road Race Series High School Championships, Chuck Hodge, is an arduous 27 mile bicycle race and gran Championship Qualifier, and riders of all fondo that ends on the highest paved road August 8-11, 2019 — USA Cycling Masters 719-434-4200, [email protected], abilities invited. 38, 50, 70 and 112-mile May 14-July 16, 2019 — Expo Idaho SWICA Road National Championships, Colorado Chad Sperry, [email protected], Ben Horan, Series, SWICA Criterium Series, in the United States to the summit of Mount courses follow a fun, mostly-flat scenic route Evans at 14,130’, 6000 feet elevation gain, Springs, CO, Chuck Hodge, 719-434-4200, 312-502-5997, [email protected], usacy- through Northern and Cache Valley, UT Boise, ID, Local training crit series at Expo [email protected], Idaho West lot (Glenwood Street south of Jennifer Barbour, 303-503-4616, execdir@ with a challenging hill in each. The finish is a, Kim Nordquist, 303- festival on a closed-off city-block in down- Hawks Stadium). Tuesdays except June 4 August 10, 2019 — Lamoille Canyon Hill October 26, 2019 — Prescott 6er, Prescott, AZ, and June 21, Kurt Holzer, 208-890-3118, ida- 249-6168, [email protected], bicy- Climb, Lamoille, NV, 13th annual. Road 6 hour and 12 hour mountain bike race on town Logan including race prizes, (UCI win-, ners jersey and medal), recreational rider [email protected], Kevin Spiegel, Race hill climb, 12 miles, 3000ft hill climb a 9 mile loop with solo, duo, junior, masters [email protected], idahobiker- in Ruby Mountains. Race starts at 9am. and singlespeed categories, Breanna Bissell, prizes, finisher medals, and unique jerseys July 27, 2019 — Double Eagle Time Trial at cost. 25% of UCI racers in 16 age catego- Series, Albequerque, NM, 20k, Phil Neis, Post event picnic and awards in Lamoille 480-734-0558, info@mangledmomentum. Grove, 11:30am, Gayle Hughes, 775-753- com, ries qualify for UCI World Championships., May 15-August 14, 2019 — ICE BAR Time Trial/ [email protected], echelonracing- Troy Oldham, 435-764-2979, oldhamtroy@, 7789, 775-934-4532, [email protected], Hillclimb Series, ICE BAR Series, Pocatello, October 26, 2019 — Mount Lemmon Gravel, ID, Flat time trials: Start at Rainbow Road, Grinder, Oracle, AZ, 3rd Annual, 40, 50, 60 July 28, 2019 — Teton Pass Hill Climb, July 20, 2019 — Iron Lung Race, Salt Lake 6.2m(10k). Scoring is best 2 of 4 times., Wilson, WY, Wyoming State Hill Climb August 10, 2019 — Pikes Peak Hill Climb, mile options on the back gravel roads of May 15 at 6:30 pm, 7:00 pm, June 12, July Mt. Lemmon with elevation gains ranging City, UT, 40, 80, or 100 mile options out and Championships. Day 1 - Targhee Hill Climb. Colorado Summit Cycling Series, Colorado back starting in Huntsville with a solid climb 10 and July 31Hill Climbs: Park at Cherry Day 2 - Teton Pass Hill Climb. Compete in Springs, CO, The start line is located at from 3,000 to 8,000ft. Begins at 7 a.m. at Springs, Crystal start at Cherry Springs the YMCA - Triangle Y Ranch just north of up Old Snowbasin Road, down Trappers one or both. To be scored for the State 9,390 ft./2,862 m and the finish line is 156 Loop, through Morgan and out to the top and Scout start at bottom of Scout Mtn Champs you must race both days. Winners turns, 12.42 mi./20 km, later, with an aver- Tucson on the “backside” of the Santa Rd. Scoring is best Crystal plus best Scout Catalina Mountains., John McCarrell, 615- of Big Mountain. Challenging climbing, with based on combined times.9:15 AM road age grade of 7%, and a gain in altitude plenty of rollers and flats to recover. Utah time. Approximately 5 mile climbs. mass race (4.7 miles, 2284 ft. vertical), 21st of 4,725 ft./1.440 m, to conclude at 14,115 636-4828, john@mtlemmongravelgrinder. start., May 29 -Crystal Summit, 6:30 pm.7:00 com, Triple Crank qualifier, along with LOTOJA Anniversary, this year held on Old Pass Road ft./4,302m. It will be held in conjunction and Kokopelli Relay., Michelle Lyman, 801- pm: June 26-Scout, July 17-Crystal Summit, instead of the highway! No cars, no brake with The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling October 27, 2019 — Kingman Enduro, 941-5526, [email protected], ironlun- August 14-Scout, Categories: End of season dust, just peace and quiet for you to enjoy Hill Climb gran fondo fun ride, The Sports Kingman, AZ, MBAA , 480-442-4229, racing@ awards for men and women’s overall win- your suffering!, Dick Weinbrandt, 208-354- Corp , 719-634-7333, info@thesportscorp., ners of these categories: A’s , B’s , Master’s 2354, [email protected], Forest Dramis, org, Jeff Mosher, 719-634-7333 Ext 1005, July 20, 2019 — The Salt Lake Criterium, USA 50+, Masters 60+, Triathlete, Recreational [email protected],, November 2, 2019 — Showdown at Usery Crits Series, Salt Lake City, UT, Professional [email protected], jhcycling. (Non TT bike, Eddie Merckx style), Single org Pass, Phoenix, AZ, 8 hour cross country race and amateur categories, expo and more! Speed, and Clydesdale (210 lbs+) and on an 11 mile loop, solo, duo, quad, and Benefits the Utah Food Bank, Eric Gardiner, Athena (150 lbs+), Peter Joyce, 208-282- July 28, 2019 — Tour de Los Alamos, Los August 17, 2019 — Bogus Basin Hill Climb, relay options, free kids races, Two Wheel 801-660-9173, [email protected], 3912, [email protected], Tony Chesrow, Alamos, NM, 47th Annual, road race, 27 Boise, ID, 42nd Annual, Mike Cooley, 208- Jones , [email protected], mes- 435-671-2506, [email protected], July 26-27, 2019 — Saints to Sinners Bike Relay, November 8-10, 2019 — Bootleg Canyon Salt Lake City, UT, Fundraiser relay road race Gravity and Demo Fest, DVO Suspension, from Salt Lake to Las Vegas. Over 500 miles Regional Road Racing Alchemy Bikes, Trucker Co, Boulder City, with elevations from 1500 to 10500 feet. NV, Please join us at our 6th annual Bootleg Race in teams through the night, fundraiser Canyon Gravity Fest. Expect more shuttles, event for ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease., Steven ID, WY, MT, NV, AZ, more group rides, more demos, product Tew, 801-822-4870, Steven@SaintstoSinners. demos, huck and bunny hop contests, daily com, Chad Neusmeyer, 801-856-7018, happy hour and free camping!, Downhill [email protected], SaintstoSinners. NM, CO, MT, OR, WA, Mike, 518-524-9805, [email protected], com July 27, 2019 — Ophir Road Race, UCA Series, November 16, 2019 — 12 Hours of Fury, Ophir, UT, 19-68 Mile courses from Ophir and Beyond Fountain Hills, AZ, 12 Hours of Fury will test Canyon to Dugway and looping back for a your body, mind and mountain biking skills. solid uphill finish., Jared Eborn, 801-599-9268, July 4-7, 2019 — Northwest Tandem Rally, The race will begin and end at the Four [email protected], extramilerac- Boise, ID, We have two group rides Peaks Staging Area in McDowell Mountain planned and several social functions. 4 Regional Park. The 15 mile loop is smooth, days of tandem rides!, Mike Cooley, 208- fast and fun. The most loops in 12 hours August 3, 2019 — Goshen Circuit Race, UCA 343-3782, [email protected], wins it!, Jeremy Graham, 623-330-0913, Series, Goshen, UT, 5.7 mile loop with a couple of punchy rollers and about 375 [email protected], 4peaksracing. July 6, 2019 — Twin Falls Criterium, SWICA, com/events/12-hours-of-fury-2017 feet of up and down each lap on paved farm roads in southern Utah County., Jared Twin Falls, ID, Idaho State Criterium December 7, 2019 — Dawn to Dusk, Fountain Eborn, 801-599-9268, jared@extramilerac- Championships, Rick Greenawald, 208-316- Hills, AZ, Endurance mountain bike relay., 6176, [email protected], idahobi- Compete as a solo, duo, or team on a fast,, August 12-18, 2019 — Larry H. Miller Tour of fun course in McDowell Mountain Regional July 7, 2019 — Sunshine Pass Hill Climb, Park. Family friendly camping and event Utah, Various, UT, The Tour of Utah is a UCI 2.HC sanctioned stage race for the top Boulder, CO, 3000 feet in 9.8 miles including expo promises a fun weekend! Space is 3 miles of hard pack dirt., Barry Lee, 720- limited to 125 solo riders, 100 two-person, 50 men’s teams in the world. As America’s Toughest Stage Race, the race covers more 244-8228, 720-409-7048, blee1216@icloud. four-person, and 10 corporate entries, Seth com, Bush, 505-554-0059, ElCapitan@ZiaRides. than 500 miles across Utah, and 52,000 feet com, of climbing. It is broadcast worldwide on July 12, 2019 — Chrono Kristin Armstrong dusk-arizona Tour Tracker and is free for spectators., Larry Time Trial, Pro Road Tour, Boise, ID, UCI 1.2 H. Miller Tour of Utah , 801-325-7000, info@ men’s, women’s time trial, Mike Cooley, January 4, 2020 — 6 Hours in the Papago pow-, 208-343-3782, mcooley@georgescycles. ered by SRAM, Tempe, AZ, 6 hours in the August 17, 2019 — Utah Tour de Donut, com,, chronokristi- Papago will test you like never before. Get ready for a highly entertaining course to Highland, UT, 12th Annual event - Most fun kick off your racing season. Ride solo, with you’ll have on a bike. Three 7-mile laps, eat July 13, 2019 — ASWB Twilight Criterium, USA a friend or on a team to tackle this looped donuts to reduce your time. Starts at 8:00 Crits, Boise, ID, 33rd Annual, Pro Road Tour, course in Tempe’s infamous Papago Park am., Glenn Smith, 801-477-5214, info@utah- races for all categories, and race under to rack up as many laps as possible., Jeff, the lights for the pros., Mike Cooley, 208- Frost, 928-380-0633, [email protected], August 17, 2019 — Wildflower Hill Climb, 343-3782, [email protected], Mountain Green, UT, Timed 5.5 mile climb during the 65 mile course option in this July 14, 2019 — Double Eagle Time Trial Utah Weekly women-only cycling event. , Nick Bowsher, Series, Albequerque, NM, 20k, Phil Neis, 801-610-9422, [email protected], [email protected], echelonracing-, Road Race Series August 17, 2019 — The Ultimate Challenge July 17-20, 2019 — Southeast Idaho Senior Presented by University of Utah Health Care, Games, Pocatello, ID, Scout Mountain Hill Utah Criterium Series — Locations TBD, Utah Salt Lake City, UT, A Gran Fondo hosted by Climb, Criterium, 10k Time Trial and 20k Crit Series, West Valley City, UT, Saturdays the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah. Riders will Road Race, 5k Time Trial, 40k Road Race, at 11 am in March - Tuesdays at 6pm, follow the Tour of Utah’s Queen Stage route Dana Olson, 208-233-2034, 208-317-3918, April - through September, A and B at 6, C before the pros start, with the same climbs [email protected], and D at 7 pm, Locations TBD, Marek Shon, and high altitude finish. This ride has earned 801-209-2479, [email protected], utah- the title of “America’s Toughest One Day Cycling Adventure” and for this year will July 21, 2019 — Bill McLain Memorial - Sandia feature timing on the final climb up Little Crest Road Race, Albequerque, NM, 27 or Salt Air Time Trial Series — Utah Crit Series, 57 miles, Randy Corcoran, 505-440-0603, Salt Lake City, UT, Every other Thursday Cottonwood Canyon, Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah , 801-325-7000, [email protected], [email protected], nmcycling. April - September, I-80 Frontage Road West org of the International Center, Marek Shon, 801-209-2479, [email protected], utah- August 23-26, 2019 — Hoodoo 500, Planet Ultra Grand Slam Endurance Series, St. DLD (DMV) Criterium — Utah Crit Series, West George, UT, 500 mile loop race through Valley City, UT, Weekly Training Crit at the Southern Utah. Non-stop or stage race, solo Driver’s Training Center, 4700S. 2780W., A and relay team divisions. 300 mile option flite - 6 pm, B flite between 6:45 and as well., Deborah Bowling, 818-889-2453, 7:05, Call for information regarding C flite. [email protected], Hoodoo500. Wednesdays April April - August, Marek com Shon, 801-209-2479, [email protected], August 31, 2019 — West Mountain Road Race, UCA Series, Benjamin, UT, 100 Miles of roll- ing terrain around West Mountain in Utah Emigration Canyon Hillclimb Series — Utah County, Jared Eborn, 801-599-9268, jared@ Crit Series, Salt Lake City, UT, Starts north, of Zoo 7.4 miles to top of Emigration. First rider off at 6:30. Every other Thursday April September 7, 2019 — LOTOJA Classic Road through August, Marek Shon, 801-209-2479, Race, Logan, UT, 37th Annual, 1 day, 3 [email protected], states, 200-plus mile road race from Logan, 30 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

343-3782, [email protected], with a challenging hill in each. The finish August 17, 2019 — The Ultimate Challenge September 14, 2019 — 9.90:Road.Pedal, is a festival on a closed-off city-block in Presented by University of Utah Health Care, Scofield, UT, Mark Jesperson, 435-637- Regional Road Touring downtown Logan including race prizes, (UCI Salt Lake City, UT, A Gran Fondo hosted by 2453, [email protected], Ed August 18, 2019 — Double Eagle Time Trial winners jersey and medal), recreational rider the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah. Riders will Malmgren, 435-637-2453, ed@castlecoun- Series, Albequerque, NM, 20k, Phil Neis, prizes, finisher medals, and unique jerseys at follow the Tour of Utah’s Queen Stage route,, and Gran Fondos [email protected], echelonracing- cost. 25% of UCI racers in 16 age categories before the pros start, with the same climbs, qualify for UCI World Championships., Troy and high altitude finish. This ride has earned September 20-21, 2019 — Bike the Bear August 24, 2019 — Las Campanas Classic Oldham, 435-764-2979, oldhamtroy@gmail. the title of “America’s Toughest One Day ID, WY, MT, NV, AZ, com, , Cycling Adventure” and for this year will Century, Garden City, UT, 100 and 50 miles. Road Race, Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico Begins at Raspberry Square in Garden City, Regional Road Race Championships, 8.8 feature timing on the final climb up Little July 20, 2019 — Pedal Away Parkinson’s, Cottonwood Canyon, Larry H. Miller Tour of UT. Ride around the scenic Bear Lake loop mile circuit, 17-70 miles, Tom Egelhoff, 505- Kaysville, UT, The 13th Annual 10 mile fam- on the Utah/Idaho border!, Nelson Palmer, NM, CO, MT, OR, WA, 995-3612, [email protected],, Utah , 801-325-7000, [email protected], ily fun ride begins at 8 am at Gailey Park 435-760-6901, 801-479-5460 , nrpalmer@ in Kaysville. All proceeds benefit the Utah, Tom Jensen, 801-475-7488, and Beyond September 1, 2019 — Kitt Peak Time Trial, Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease August 17, 2019 — Wildflower Pedalfest, [email protected], Association., Rebecca Starks, 801-585-2354, Morgan, UT, A non-competitive, women bike Tucson, AZ, 11.6 mile hill climb time trial up July 13-20, 2019 — Ride Idaho, Boise, ID, 7-Day Kitt Peak, 3400’ vertical., Donald Melhado, [email protected], pedalawayparkin- only road bike ride. All ages and levels welcome. The 65 mile course option has a September 20-21, 2019 — Salt to Saint Relay, fully supported, noncompetitive roadbike 520-325-7978, [email protected], azcy- Salt Lake City, UT, 420 mile relay race from tour with SAG support, mechanics, show-, timed hill climb with prizes., Nick Bowsher, July 20, 2019 — Desperado Duel, Panguitch, 801-610-9422, [email protected], Salt Lake City to St. George following Hwy ers, beer garden, entertainment, 355 miles September 8-14, 2019 — World Human UT, Come and experience the flattest and 89. Broken into 24 legs. Ride Solo, or as 4 or of spectacular scenery. Tent and Porter Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC), Battle best 100 mile course and 50 mile option, 8 person relay teams. Men, Women, and Service available. Boise to Boise, 355 miles, Mountain, NV, 20th annual hosted by the we have also added a grueling 150 mile August 17, 2019 — To the Moon and Back Mixed categories., Clay Christensen, 801- to Idaho City, Lowman, Parma, Walter’s IHPVA. Current record is 89.59 mph. Classes: option for those training for the big 209 in , Tabiona, UT, Come and enjoy 234-0399, [email protected], salt- Ferry, and more., Earl Grief, 208-890-4434, Men’s, Women’s, Juniors in Open, Multi- September. Enjoy the scenery and virtually the High Uintas. There are four ride options: [email protected], track, tandem and Arm Power. International no traffic. Desperado Duel is one of the best 150 miles, Century, 75, 50, and 25 mile. All 4 Gran Fondos in Utah., Joey Dye, 435-674- rides will cover the back roads of Duchesne September 21-22, 2019 — Moab Century Tour, July 13, 2019 — The Triple Bypass, Evergreen, cyclists from around the world will gather on Moab, UT, The Moab Century Tour sends CO, The legendary Triple Bypass is 120 miles SR305, the fastest stretch of road in the world 3185, [email protected], Margaret County that has very minimal traffic. Free Gibson, 435-229-6251, margaret@redrockbi- overnight camping is available. The ride will riders across Moab’s unique topography of with 10,000’ of climbing and travels over 3 to see who can break the World Record., Al mountain passes, canyons, and the mighty beautiful mountain passes from Evergreen or Alice Krause, 707-443-8261, 707-845-3683,, be based out of Tabiona, Utah. Elevations from 6,522 to 8,150. This ride is fully sup- Colorado River. From gaining elevation into to Avon, CO. 30, 75, 120 mile options, [email protected],, whpsc. July 20, 2019 — Iron Lung Ride, Huntsville, UT, the La Sal Mountains (including “The Big Jennifer Barbour, 303-503-4616, execdir@ org ported by providing lunch and dinner. All 40, 80, or 100 mile options out and back proceeds will go to the Rapha House & Nasty!”), to carving down red rock canyons,, Kim Nordquist, 303-249- September 13-15, 2019 — Silver State 508, starting in Huntsville with a solid climb up Operation Underground Railroad, non-profit and finishing along the Colorado River, this 6168, [email protected], Reno, NV, 36th Annual, Founded by John Old Snowbasin Road, down Trappers Loop, organizations that help rescue children from event has landscape worth training for! Live through Morgan and out to the top of Big music, beverages, great food await you at July 14-19, 2019 — Tour de Wyoming, Marino in 1983 and recognized as “The trafficking and sexual exploitation., Karen Thermopolis, WY, 23rd Annual. Bike tour Toughest 48 hours in Sport,” This 508-mile Mountain. Challenging climbing, with plenty Redden, 435-828-0467, roxyredden@gmail. the post-ride party. Join us in September of rollers and flats to recover. Utah Triple when temperatures cool down, the fall foli- circling Wyoming’s Bighorn Basin with daily bicycle race is revered the world over for its com, distances from 55 to 70 miles, Amber Travky, epic mountain climbs, stark desert scenery, Crank qualifier, along with LOTOJA and age comes alive, and cyclists from across Kokopelli Relay., Michelle Lyman, 801-941- August 23-25, 2019 — Haute Route Utah, Cedar the country unite in red rock country to 307-742-5840 , [email protected], desolate roads, and its reputation as one, of the toughest but most gratifying endur- 5526, [email protected], ironlungride. City, UT, Three-day social/competitive event experience awe-inspiring landscapes. An ance challenges available, bar none. Solo com (2 road stages, 1 hill-climb) featuring timed- annual fundraiser to benefit cancer survivor- July 14, 2019 — Gran Fondo Hincapie Boise, segment racing, pro-level mechanical and ship programs, your registration includes a supported, randonneur, two-person relay, July 24, 2019 — South Sevier Ram Ride, Monroe, Boise, ID, 80, 50, 15 miles, The Medio and and four-person relay divisions. The Silver nutritional support, post-stage massages, donation to Moab Healthcare Foundation. Gran routes both feature dirt road sec- UT, 15 miles, 38 miles, and a metric Century. rider briefings and great food., Gretchen Groups use the event to inspire fundrais- State 508 is a Race Across AMerica (RAAM) Start time is 7:00 a.m. Start & Finish location tions—the Medio for about five miles, and Qualifier, which traverses Highway 50, the Brett, 719-287-8489, contact.northamerica@ ing for large and small foundations. Ask the Gran for approximately 20 miles, includ- is Monroe Fire Station, Heather Newby, 435-, Micah Rice, micah.rice@ how your beneficiary can participate., Beth Loneliest Road in America., Robert Panzera, 201-0138, [email protected], ing a dirt KOM up Jackass Gulch. If you’ve 917-543-2670, [email protected], Jo Panzera,, Logan, 435-260-8889, 435-260-2334, info@ never ridden on gravel before, no fear. Most, [email protected], August 24, 2019 — Cache Valley Century cyclists find a nice comfort level after just a July 26-27, 2019 — Saints to Sinners Bike Relay, Tour, Richmond, UT, 35, 60, or 100 mile September 21, 2019 — Goldilocks Utah, few minutes of riding on this surface. Our September 15, 2019 — Mt. Graham Hill Climb, Salt Lake City, UT, Fundraiser relay road race route planners have partnered with local Safford, AZ, 8 am, mass start, Nippy Feldhake options. Proceeds benefit Common Ground, Goldilocks Bike Ride, Provo, UT, Goldilocks from Salt Lake to Las Vegas. Over 500 miles a Logan, Utah non-profit. Funds support is a women only bike ride, with a gorgeous riders to identify the safest and most scenic III, 520-747-2544 , nippy-mr-smarty-pants@ with elevations from 1500 to 10500 feet. dirt roads. All of these roads are in fantastic, their adaptive cycling program. Richmond route starting at Utah State Park and beauti- Race in teams through the night, fundraiser to Preston, Idaho and back through scenic ful fall weather! With 100, 80, 60, 40, and 20 shape and have a predominantly flat eleva- September 28, 2019 — Bear Lake Monster event for ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease., Steven terrain. Great last century before LoToJa!, mile route options, Goldilocks has a route tion profile., Hincapie , 866-359-4796, info@ Cross, St. Charles, UT/ID, A Dirt Fondo along Tew, 801-822-4870, Steven@SaintstoSinners. Bob Jardine, 435-713-0288, 435-757-2889, that is ‘just right’ for everyone!, Randy Gibb,, the back roads of the Bear Lake Valley. com, Chad Neusmeyer, 801-856-7018, [email protected], Sammie 801-222-9577, [email protected], [email protected], SaintstoSinners. July 20, 2019 — Pepsi Cola Taylor House Starting and finishing at St. Charles, Idaho, Macfarlane, 435-713-0288, Sammie@cgad- Benefit Century Ride, Flagstaff, AZ, Benefit the race tours the foothills and backcountry com, CJ Sherlock, 435-713-0288, 435- September 21, 2019 — Wheels of Justice, Ain’t ride in the high-altitude cool pines of of the Bear Lake Valley with approximately July 28, 2019 — Fiesta Days 50 - Blue Haven 757-2889, [email protected], Northern Arizona. There are 32, 50, 63, and 70 miles of dirt and gravel and just enough No Mountain High Enough, Sandy, UT, The Half Century, Spanish Fork, UT, Provides sup- ride will ascend each of Salt Lake City’s 100 mile route options., Anthony Quintile, pavement to get you where you’re going. A port for fallen police officers families. For the 928-779-5969, [email protected], cut off exists for those looking for closer to 60 August 24, 2019 — Summit Challenge, Park five riding canyons, for a total of 116.3 miles third year, in conjunction with Spanish Fork City, UT, Riders of all ages and abilities will and 14,272 feet - one of the most chal- Ashley Hammarstrom, 877-527-5291, Ashley. miles. Cyclocross or Mountain Bikes are your Fiesta Days, Blue Haven has organized a 50 [email protected], absolute- best options. Race it, ride it, love it., Jared hit the pavement for a 100, 80, 50 or 16-mile lenging one-day bike rides in Utah! Raises mile bike ride and a 10 mile family fun ride road ride event in support of the National money to prevent childhood trauma and Eborn, 801-599-9268, jared@extramileracing. with proceeds going to the Spanish Fork com, Ability Center’s mission. All three fully-sup- abuse, Greg Hoole, 801-272-7556, gregh@ July 20, 2019 — Tour de Steamboat, Steamboat Police Department and to the Blue Haven ported routes of this event follow paved, aintnomountain- Foundation. The 50 mile timed event will be Springs, CO, An annual bicycle event that September 28, 2019 — Man vs Machine, roads in and around the beautiful Park City brings together 1,200 cyclists for a one-day Williams, AZ, The Grand Canyon Railway, routed from the South parking lot of Spanish mountainside. This exciting event promises Fork High School around West Mountain and October 19, 2019 — SoJo Marathon Bike Tour, ride through beautiful Northwest Colorado. in partnership with Grand Canyon Racing, to serve up a challenge for a wide range of We host four different road ride routes—26, will fire up its steam engine 4960 - a 310- back., Blue Haven Foundation , 801-380- cycling levels and abilities. And don’t forget tentative date, SoJo Race Series, South 7400, [email protected], raceen- Jordan, UT, SoJo isn’t just for runners! Our 46, 66 and 116 miles—something for riders ton behemoth built in 1923 - to take on – all Summit Challenge riders who have a dis- of all ages and abilities and new this year, a hundreds of intrepid bicyclists on a 53-mile ability can register and ride for free! The 100 non-competitive Bike Tour offers a beautiful haven-half-century ride that begins in Daybreak and continues 100 mile (TBD) gravel route. We are a non- course that will climb 2,023 feet starting at ride goes through the prestigious Wolf Creek competitive event, and participants are the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to icon- Ranch property which is usually closed off along the Oquirrh Mountains before winding August 3, 2019 — CF Cycle For Life, Coalville/ through Herriman and South Jordan, Janell encouraged to ride at their own pace and ic Williams, AZ, finishing on historic route 66., Morgan, UT, Fully supported, beautiful ride to road bikers. Enjoy a ride length of your enjoy the majestic scenery in our part of the PJ Borman, 602-296-8313, info@grandcan- choice and end up back at the National Payne, 801-253-5203, ext 1411, jpayne@sjc. with five route options - 20,40, 60, 80 and, world! We offer superb aid stations, support,, 100 miles. All funds raised go to the Cystic Ability Center for food, drinks and music., and end of the ride barbecue and beer October 5-6, 2019 — Nevada Senior Games, Fibrosis Foundation., Laura Hadley, 801-532- Tommy Youngblood, 435-649-3991, 435-200- October 26, 2019 — Fall Tour de St. George, garden with local microbrews. All proceeds Las Vegas, NV, Cycling competition for 2335, 801-558-8310, [email protected], Patti 0990, [email protected], Whitney St. George, UT, Tour around southern Utah from the Tour de Steamboat go directly age groups: 50-94. 5 and 10k time trials, 20 Balli, 801-532-2335, [email protected], fightcf. Thompson, 435-649-3991, whitneyt@discov- and see some of the most scenic views to our local beneficiary non-profits., Katie and 40k road races, I-15 & US-93, 10 miles,, discov- as you climb to Veyo and go through Lindquist, 970-846-9206, info@tourdesteam- north of Las Vegas, Tim Jones, 702-994-6205, Gunlock State Park as well as all the beauti-, August 3, 2019 — Punisher Ride, Powder ful colors throughout this 35, 75, or 100 mile [email protected],, Mountain, UT, 116 Miles and 11,000 feet August 24, 2019 — Sevier Valley Rooster Ride, July 21, 2019 — Cycle Magic Valley, Twin Falls, Richfield, UT, Sevier County in conjunction ride. This event is one of our best Gran of climbing. Starts in Eden and finishes at Fondos in southern Utah., Joey Dye, 435-674- ID, A 12, 30, 62, or 100 mile bicycle ride for all Powder Mountain. Yep, it’s gonna hurt., with Sevier County Trail Days is presenting levels. There is a family friendly 12 mile route a 33, 55, or 100 mile bike ride thru scenic 3185, [email protected], Margaret Utah Road Touring and Jared Eborn, 801-599-9268, jared@extramil- Gibson, 435-229-6251, margaret@redrockbi- that takes you out to Meander Point. The, Central Utah. Event will be chipped, with 30 mile route heads out west, north of Filer. fully stocked rest stops, great swag and, Ryan Gurr, [email protected], The metric century route takes you down Gran Fondos August 10, 2019 — Ride for the Kids, Syracuse, lunch. Metal and Tee Shirt provided. 33 mile into Melon Valley and the challenging cen- UT, 100% of monies raised go to the MAKE-A- option has a 800 ft gain, 1,163 ft gain for tury route takes you down into Melon Valley, WISH UTAH FOUNDATION. Ride to Antelope July 12, 2019 — Antelope by Moonlight Bike the 55 mile option, and 4,061 ft for the 100 Island. Ride options: 25/50/100 miles, mile option., Chad McWilliams, 435-893-0457, Ride, Antelope Island, UT, 26th Annual, 10pm. depending on skill level of the rider. Ride Open to participants of all ages and starts at 435-421-2743, [email protected], times available at the Antelope Island’s White Rock Bay. The Ride begins at Syracuse RC Willey, 1693 W. half way point is the historic Fielding Garr 2700 S. Syracuse, UT. Breakfast, lunch and September 8-14, 2019 — Tour of Southern Ranch where refreshments are served. The drinks will be provided. Tons of prizes given Utah, St. George, UT, 7-day tour including entire route is 24 miles on an asphalt road., away in raffle., Devin Kingsbury, 801-663- Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef and More. 60-100 Neka Roundy, 801-451-3286, 801-451-3282, 3267, [email protected] , Brent miles per day. Opportunities to work part/ [email protected],, Jones, 801-774-2801, 801-645-0247, brent. ride part., Deborah Bowling, 818-889-2453, [email protected], [email protected], July 13, 2019 — Cache Gran Fondo, UCI August 10, 2019 — Metro Salt Lake Brevet September 14, 2019 — Wonder Woman Ride, Gran Fondo World Series, USA AND Gran Series, Salt Lake Randonneurs Brevet Series, Payson, UT, Join us for the 10th annual fully Fondo National Series, Logan, UT, 8th Salt Lake City, UT, Self-supported ride up supported all women’s bike ride, choose annual, Beginning in 2019, the Cache Gran Emigration Canyon, along the Wasatch between the 15, 30, 70 or 100 mile options. Fondo has been chosen as an UCI World Front and out to Antelope Island. 100, 200 Remember that every woman is a wonder Championship Qualifier, and riders of all km (65 to 125 mile) options. A brevet (bruh woman!, Mahogani Thurston, 801-318-1420, abilities invited. 38, 50, 70 and 112-mile vay) is a timed ultra distance event, Richard [email protected], Carolina courses follow a fun, mostly-flat scenic route Stum, 435-462-2266, [email protected], Herrin, [email protected], wonder- through Northern and Cache Valley, UT Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 31

Hagerman, out to the windmills and back! athletic event or your hundredth. Choose through Colorado’s Wine County just prior, and a run on the Historic Rail Trail makes for The ride is fully supported with a barbecue among a rolling 32-mile course, a 64-mile to the Colorado Mountain Winefest., Scott glv the perfect event for both seasoned ath- at the finish line. Tech t-shirts for all par- metric century, and a 100-mile century Olmsted, [email protected], letes and beginners. 600 rider cap., Brogg ticipants., Denise Alexander, dalexander@ course. All courses go through beautiful Amanda Knutson, 515-681-6036, amanda@ November 9, 2019 — Ride 2 Recovery Honor Sterrett, 702-401-6044, [email protected],, Boulder County. Fundraiser for Greenhouse, Ride Las Vegas, Honor Ride, Las Vegas, NV, Scholars., Greenhouse Scholars , 303-459- Starts and rides down Las Vegas Boulevard July 27, 2019 — Fondo on the Palouse, Moscow, 5473, [email protected], September 21, 2019 — Mountains to the Desert with a full escort down the strip! 2 routes will July 13, 2019 — West Yellowstone Mountain ID, Starting at 7:00AM in Moscow, pick from Bike Ride, Telluride, CO, 16th Annual, Ride be available with the longer heading out Bike Biathlon, West Yellowstone, MT, Match 3 courses (2x, 15, 50, 100 miles) that build from the beautiful mountains of Telluride to towards Henderson. , Jack Shepard, 818- class division for experienced biathletes and on themselves to provide a touring experi- August 18-24, 2019 — Yellowstone National the incredible desert landscape of Gateway, 888-7091 Ext. 106, [email protected], r2r. a Sport class for novices that includes a ence of the Palouse as its communities Park Bike Tour, Belgrade, MT, Experience CO for the Just for Kids Foundation! Choose safety clinic and loaner rifles. All racers celebrate along the way., T-Jay Clevenger, the world’s first national park! 7-Day tour your distance (72 miles, 101 miles, 104 miles November 23, 2019 — Death Valley Century, , must provide their own mountain bike and 208-882-0703, [email protected], includes 6 nights lodging/meals, guide ser- or 132 miles) and pass through golden wear a helmet., Toni , 406-646-7701, info@ vice, entrance fees, daily lunch en route, aspens and brilliant red canyon walls to our Death Valley, CA, 50 and 100 mile options. Entry includes chip timing; fully stocked,, ren- and more!, John Humphries, 970-728-5891, destination at Gateway Canyons Resort., August 3, 2019 — Copper Triangle Alpine [email protected], lizard- Katie Geissler, 970-708-0566, director@just- checkpoints along the route with water and Classic, Copper Mountain, CO, 12th Annual., justforkidsfoundation. a great selection of food and snacks; roving July 14, 2019 — Boulder Peak Triathlon, The Copper Triangle has long been con- org/sign-up-to-ride SAG support; tech tee and finish line award. Boulder, CO, Sprint and Olympic distances, sidered one of Colorado’s classic alpine August 24, 2019 — Tour de Fox, Santa Rosa, Start at The Ranch at Furnace Creek Resort., at Boulder Reservoir, Triathlon, Duathlon, road rides. Graced with breathtaking scen- CA, 4 course options, 70.2-mile, 52.4-mile, September 22-28, 2019 — OATBRAN, Lake Deborah Bowling, 818-889-2453, embassy@ Aquabike, Lance Panigutti, 303-408-1195, ery, gorgeous roads and three challenging 34.5-mile or 10.7-mile ride. Raises funds for Tahoe, NV, 28th annual One Awesome Tour, [email protected], climbs, the ride exemplifies cycling in the Parkinson’s research and the Michael J. Fox Bike Ride Across Nevada! Following the Colorado Rockies. The course is 78 miles, Foundation, Bike Monkey , info@bikemon- Legendary Pony Express Trail on U.S. Hwy. 50. July 20, 2019 — XTERRA Mountain with an elevation gain of almost 6,000 feet, 5 days of riding, 420 miles from Lake Tahoe Multisport Races Championship, XTERRA America Tour, Avon, over three mountain passes., Scott Olmsted, to Great Basin National Park. Fully Supported CO, The last of four regionals in the XTERRA September 1, 2019 — West Elk Bicycle Classic, July 6, 2019 — Cache Valley Super Sprint America Tour, featuring sprint and champi- [email protected], Scott Olmsted, Gunnison, CO, 34-46 mile north rim Black motel style tour… limited to 50 participants., [email protected], Amanda Curtis Fong, 800-565-2704, 775-771-3246, Triathlon, Logan, UT, Held at the Logan onship distance off-road triathlon options., Canyon, 52 mile Raghorn, or 134 mile West Aquatic Center. This race is a great pool Raena Cassidy, 877-751-8880, info@xterra- Knutson, 515-681-6036, amanda@clippe- Elk Bicycle Classic routes options available. [email protected],, triathlon with a 500 meter serpentine swim,, This ride is fully supported with optional fund- September 22, 2019 — Gran Fondo Taos- 12.4 Mile bike on the Mendon Road which August 3, 2019 — Tour de Big Bear, WIN Real raising to help stop type 1 diabetes by dona- Mora-Angel Fire, Taos, NM, 8:00 am start. 105 is a flat straight paved road out along farm July 20-21, 2019 — Donner Lake Triathlon, Estate Group, Sariol Legal, Sports in Science, tions to research and treatment. Bikes and , 84, or 46 miles. Five aid stations. Beautiful lands, 3.1 Mile Run on the Logan River Trail Truckee, CA, Kids TRI, Sprint TRI, Half TRI, Big Bear Lake, CA, 10th Anniversary Edition, Books for Kids will also benefit. Gran Fondo., scenery. Ride for fun, ride for time; all rid- under a canopy of trees. For those racers AquaBike, Olympic TRI, Todd Jackson, 530- Southern California’s favorite ride! Features Jeff Hillis, [email protected], westelkbi- ers welcome! Proceeds from this event will who want to do it Olympic style they will 546-1019, [email protected], legendary aid stations, beautiful mountain, go to the Taos Sports Alliance, whose goal do it twice in an F1 format., Joe Coles, 801- Kiley McInroy, [email protected], scenery and spectacular summer weather. September 7, 2019 — Race the Rails, Ely, NV, is bringing more sporting opportunities to 335-4940, [email protected],,, With 25, 50, 70, 106 and 109 mile courses, Taos County youth. Start/finish for all three Race the train in Ely! Fun for the whole July 20, 2019 — Mt. Pleasant City Triathlon, there’s a route for every cycling enthusiast!, family! Race a coal fired steam engine that distances is at the Taos Youth and Family Chris Barnes, 951-970-6720, 909-878-0707, Center, 407 Paseo del Canon East, Taos NM, July 12-13, 2019 — San Rafael Classic Triathlon, Mt. Pleasant, UT, Sprint Triathlon (3.1 mile is over 100 years old. The event will accom- Huntington, UT, Huntington State Park, run/12.1 mile bike/300 yard swim), Mt [email protected], tourdebigbear. modate both road and mountain bike riders 87571, Registration: newmexicosportsonline. com, com/Cycling/GRANDFONDO-Taos,-Mora,- Olympic distance tri, Olympic team relay, Pleasant Aquatic Center , Brittany Adams, of all ages., Kyle Horvath, 775-289-3720, kyle. Sprint Tri, Sprint team relay, spring swim/bike 435-462-1333, [email protected], [email protected], Angel-Fire!-2018/67872, Jennifer Buntz , 505- August 10, 2019 — Le Tour de Koocanusa, 306-1443, [email protected], duathlon, sprint bike/run duathlon, youth tri. Libby, MT, Fully supported 83 or 44 mile bike September 7, 2019 — American Diabetes, dukecitywheelmen. Friday night activities offer live music during the pasta dinner. Body marking and packet July 21, 2019 — Tri Boulder, BBSC Twin Tri Series, ride which tours the breathtaking shoreline Association’s Tour de Cure Colorado, Parker, org of Lake Koocanusa. Ride finishes with a pickup available Friday night. Camping Boulder, CO, One of the fastest growing CO, Tour de Cure is an incredible expe- in Colorado. Challenge yourself Blues Festival Finale. Fundraiser for Search & rience for cyclists, runners, walkers, and September 27-29, 2019 — Haute Route San available. Reservations necessary to ensure Rescue. Starts at 8 am., Dejon Raines, 406- Francisco, , CA, In one of campsite. Held on a closed course. Special at mile high elevation, Sprint, Olympic, and extreme ninjas! All routes end back at the Half distances., Craig Towler, 318-518-7303, 291-3635, [email protected], Pam Salisbury Park Festival where community the most visited and beautiful cities in the prizes and awards will be issued to the Boyke, 406-293-3556, info@letourdekooca- world, the three timed and ranked stages athletes, Wade Allinson, 435-609-3126, allin- [email protected], Michelle Lund, michelle@ members are invited to join in the fun. If,, you have diabetes you are the VIP of the including iconic views of the Golden Gate [email protected], Bridge, a climb to East Peak in Marin County August 10-11, 2019 — Bike MS - Wyoming’s day. Route options of 5K Walk/Run, 20K July 13, 2019 — Echo Triathlon, TriUtah Points July 21, 2019 — Valley Girl Triathlon, Liberty Ride, 50K Ride, 100K Ride, 100 Mile Century and an ascent to the landmark Mt. Diablo, Series, Coalville, UT, Warm July temperatures, Lake, WA, Sprint, Olympic distances, and Bighorn Country Classic, Bike MS, Sheridan, where the summit view encompasses 80,000 WY, Bike MS has become a rallying point Ride, and Xtreme Obstacle Course, Lindsay, a scenic ride in Utah’s unique Echo Canyon, duathlon, Marla Emde, 509-953-9924, 509- Mark, Megan, Sasha , 720-855-1102 x7010, square miles of California., Gretchen Brett, of the MS movement creating a commu- 719-287-8489, contact.northamerica@ nity of shared commitment determined to [email protected], MTaylor@diabetes. org, [email protected], SReeves@diabe-, Micah Rice, micah.rice@ end MS. Bike MS is a weekend that allows, people to come together and celebrate, being part of a movement by and for September 8, 2019 — Tour de Tahoe - Bike September 28, 2019 — Tri-States Gran Fondo, the 400,000 Americans living with MS. This Big Blue, Lake Tahoe, NV, 17th Annual ride Mesquite, NV, 112 miles, 7,500ft of climb- two-day, fully supported ride covers rolling around Lake Tahoe’s 72 mile Shoreline. Fully ing, three States - Nevada, Arizona, Utah, plains, mountain climbs, scenic vistas, and supported with rest stops, tech support and all in one spectacular day of cycling. Fully historic towns including Buffalo, Story, Big SAG. 72 miles, 4300 ft vertical gain. (Boat supported / Chip Timed., Deborah Bowling, Horn, Ranchester, Dayton and many more! cruise and 35 mile fun ride TBD). Limited to 818-889-2453, [email protected], We offer a challenge for novice and expe- 2000 participants, Curtis Fong, 800-565-2704,, rienced cyclists alike. , Alexis Johnson, 303- 775-771-3246, [email protected], biketh- September 28, 2019 — ICON Eyecare Tour 698-5403, [email protected], Molly Palmer, 307-433-8664, 855-372-1331, molly. of the Moon, Grand Junction, CO, 6th [email protected], September 13-14, 2019 — Grind de Galena, Anniversary Metric Century or Classic 41 Pocatello, ID, 100 miles, 2 day group ride, mile loop over the beautiful canyons of August 10, 2019 — Four Peaks Gran Fondo, Danielle Bagley, 208-339-2043, barriesev- the Colorado National Monument made Pocatello, ID, One Day: 82 miles, Four Peaks: [email protected], famous by the Coors Classic and American 7800ft total elevation gain. Climb the 4 Flyer movie., Scott Olmsted, 303-282- peaks of the Portneuf Valley; Crystal, Scout September 13-15, 2019 — Pedal the Plains, 9015, [email protected], Amanda Mountain, Pebble Creek, Buckskin. The hill Kiowa, CO, PTP will take cyclists through Knutson, 515-681-6036, amanda@clippe- climb portions are timed with timing chips. the host communities of Holly, Lamar,, Downhill portions are not timed. Cumulative Springfield. Celebrates the agricultural roots climb times will be combined to determine and frontier heritage of the Eastern Plains October 5, 2019 — West Yellowstone Old rank. Ride 1-4 peaks as you wish, Danielle of Colorado. Learn about farming and Faithful Cycling Tour, West Yellowstone, MT, Bagley, 208-339-2043, barriesevents@ ranching, while experiencing the culture, West Yellowstone to Old Faithful and back,, David George, 208-317-2225, history and landscape of Colorado’s high 60 miles past golden aspen, bugling elk, [email protected], plains.The Tour incorporates interactive on- majestic bison, gurgling geysers, and steam- route experiences by staging rest stops on ing hot pots, supported ride., Toni , 406-646- August 10, 2019 — The Broadmoor Pikes Peak farms, posting educational points of interest 7701, 307-899-3367, westyellowstonecycle- Cycling Hill Climb, Colorado Springs, CO, and serving community meals composed [email protected], This is an epic hill climb on Pikes Peak of locally sourced food. Also includes the October 5, 2019 — Pink Ribbon Tour, Pocatello, America’s Mountain, starting at 9,390 feet Great Mustang Gravel 100 – 80% on packed and finishing 12.42 miles later at 14,115 dirt or gravel roads, this route will be fun and ID, A road cycling event centered on build- feet. There is a timed race and gran fondo, challenging for the gravel expert or rookie! ing awareness for breast cancer while rais- with waves starting at 6:15 am. 4725 feet of Proceeds from Pedal The Plains benefit The ing funds for local cancer patients and elevation gain., The Sports Corp , 719-634- Denver Post Community Foundation in sup- providing access to early detection mam- 7333, [email protected], Jeff Mosher, port of the Colorado FFA Foundation and mograms. Distances of 50, 35, 20, and 8.5 719-634-7333 Ext 1005, jeff@thesportscorp. Colorado 4-H., Deirdre Moynihan, 303-954- miles, Bruce Wayne, 208-851-2329, traskb1@ org, 6704, [email protected], ride-, August 17, 2019 — HeART of Idaho Century October 5, 2019 — Levi’s Gran Fondo, Santa Ride, Idaho Falls, ID, 25, 62, and 100 mile September 15, 2019 — Edible Pedal 100, Carson Rosa, CA, 8.8 to 117 mile options, Raises options. Entry fees cover entry, t-shirts, fully City, NV, 10 mile, 32 mile, 50 mile, 74 mile money for Kings Ridge Foundation to help at stocked rest stops, and post ride BBQ. Route and Nevada 150K ride options, Start: Bowers risk youth., Bike Monkey , info@bikemonkey. is flat to rolling, easy to moderate difficulty. Mansion Regional Park, Washoe Valley, NV. net, Benefit for the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho., Challenging course, fully equipped ride October 12, 2019 — Park to Park Pedal Miyai Griggs, 208-524-7777, 208-766-6485, stops, SAG, water bottle, maps, post ride Extreme Nevada 100, Caliente, NV, Road [email protected], theartmuseum. BBQ, priceless views, camaraderie and an bike ride starting and ending at Kershaw- org/Century.htm unbeatable sense of accomplishment., Don Ryan State Park. Cyclists visit the towns of Iddings, 775-393-9158, ride@ediblepedal100. Caliente and Pioche, and three other state August 17, 2019 — Venus de Miles, Longmont, org, CO, Venus de Miles is for all skill levels parks: Cathedral Gorge, Echo Canyon, and and features courses to accommodate any September 21, 2019 — Tour de Vineyards, Spring Valley. 3 rides available: 100, 60 and active woman – whether this is your first Palisade, CO, Come join this 25-mile ride 40 mile options. There is a Dutch oven dinner at the end!, Dawn Andone, 775-728-8101, [email protected], park-, lincolncountynevada. com/exploring/biking/park-to-park-pedal/ October 19, 2019 — Gila Monster Gran Fondo, Silver City, NM, With three distances to choose from, everyone can find their chal- lenge. Gran Fondo 115 miles, Gough Park, Silver City 8:00am. Medio Fondo 78 miles, Gough Park, Silver City 8:00am. Nano Fondo 40 miles, Camp Thunderbird, HWY 35 10:00 am. , Jack Brennan, 575-590-2612, bren- [email protected], October 19, 2019 — Solvang Autumn Double Century and Double Metric Century, Solvang, CA, 200 miles or 200 kilometers in Southern CA’s most scenic and popular cycling region. A perfect first time double century. 100 mile option too., Deborah Bowling, 818-889-2453, embassy@planetul-, October 26, 2019 — Goldilocks Vegas, Goldilocks Bike Ride, Las Vegas, NV, The only women exclusive ride event in Nevada. Cyclists can choose from a 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 mile ride all featuring downhill, flat, and rolling terrain in Red Rock Canyon. , Randy Gibb, 801-222-9577, randy@goldi-

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939-0552, [email protected], emde- August 17, 2019 — Stansbury Days Triathlon, Stansbury Park, UT, Sprint triathlon, unofficial distances: Swim 500m, Bike 20k, Run 5k. Start ROAD RIDING July 27, 2019 — Burley Idaho Lions Spudman 7 AM. Swim is open water in Stansbury Lake, Triathlon, Burley, ID, The race starts at 7 am starts at Stansbury Park Club House, Elliot with the world’s fastest 1.5K swim (current- Morris, 801-647-8383, emorris53@hotmail. aided) then a 40K Bike and 10K run., Cade com, Hillary Luke, 435-840-3290, HillaryLuke@ Tips for Cycling So that Drivers Notice You Richman, [email protected],, July 28, 2019 — Steamboat Lake Triathlon, August 18, 2019 — XTERRA Wild Ride Mountain that driver to your presence. The putting small lights on the back Steamboat Lake, CO, Sprint Distance Triathlon (American Tour Points), XTERRA By Utah Department of Public road is full of lights: street lights, or front of your will, like the Triathlon, Aquabike, & Stand-Up Paddle- America / Wild Rockies Series, McCall, ID, Safety Board Options at Steamboat Lake, Lance Ponderosa State Park at Payette Lake, 3/4- reflective signs, other cars, motor- reflective gear, highlight the motion Panigutti, 303-408-1195, lance@withoutlimits. mile swim, a 18.5-mile mountain bike and a com, 6.2-mile trail run, mass start at 9 am in the cycles. Too often drivers see a light of cycling. August 9, 2019 — The Lunatic Triathlon, Helper, Park and the finish line festivities begin at Utah is a wonderful place to in the distance but can’t recog- UT, Held under the Full Moon! Choose noon with the racer feed and music. Kids enjoy the outdoors, especially on between a Kids Triathlon, 5k Run, Run-Bike triathlon (tentative) to follow--2 different nize what that light means until the Tip 4: Use bike boxes when Duathlon,Mini-Sprint Triathlon, Sprint Triathlon, lengths, 13 and under., Darren Lightfield, a bike. Now that summer is in full object is quite close. By utilizing available Triathlon or an off-road singletrack 208-608-6444, [email protected], swing plenty of cyclists are out course, Scott , 435-650-0345, scott@, both light and motion you actually The concept of Bike Boxes is, August 18, 2019 — Outdoor Divas Triathlon, regularly enjoying all the beauty communicate, “cyclist here, please being used nationally as well as August 10, 2019 — Jordanelle Triathlon, TriUtah Longmont, CO, Union Reservoir, Sprint, Utah has to offer. One of the greatest Points Series, Park City, UT, 21st annual, Enjoy women only triathlon, Lance Panigutti, 303- share the road.” right here in Utah. Bike Boxes can everything from the wildlife and board- 408-1195, [email protected], without- challenges faced by cyclists is being be found in downtown Salt Lake walks on the river bottoms in Rock Cliff seen and recognized by drivers. So Tip 2: Wear fluorescents in the City and this summer UDOT has Recreation Area at Jordanelle to the local August 24, 2019 — Boulder Sunset Triathlon, here are a few tips and tricks to get country backdrop of the towns of Francis Boulder, CO, Scenic course, sweet swag daytime adapted them to improve safety in and Woodland., Brogg Sterrett, 702-401- and all for a good cause! Includes olym- drivers to notice you and share the 6044, [email protected], pic, sprint, duathlon, Aquabike, 10k, and Research has shown that drivers Utah County. Bike Boxes provide 5k, Craig Towler, 318-518-7303, info@bbsctri. road. August 10, 2019 — XTERRA Indian Peaks, com, Michelle Lund, [email protected], consistently recognize fluorescent a safe and visible way for cyclists XTERRA America Tour, Eldora, CO, time trial colors faster, more consistently and to stay ahead of queuing traffic at a start on a chilly 1000 meter swim, followed Tip 1: At Dawn, dusk, and dark, by a 600 meter run to the transition area, a August 24, 2019 — Race on the Rock, Rock from farther away than standard red light. The newest Bike Boxes in very hilly but beautiful 22km bike ride on the Springs, WY, The 6th Race on the Rock hosts Use reflective gear – especially roads and single track of the Eldora Nordic Olympic,Sprint, and a possible long course colors. So when picking cycling the state are located in Utah County below the waist Center, and finally a 7km run on the east- Triathlon. Specialty and youth divisions at gear go for fluorescents. There isn’t on Redwood Road at the Pioneer ern trails of the Eldora Nordic Center, Paul Flaming Gorge Reservoir., Traci Ciepiela, If you want drivers to see you Karlsson, 303-960-8129, info@digdeepsports. 307-922-1840, [email protected], any research pointing to which fluo- Crossing and 2100 North intersec- com, wear reflective gear. And make sure rescent color is best, so you’re on tions. To learn how they work visit August 10, 2019 — Kids Tri Harder, Idaho Falls, August 25-26, 2019 — Lake Tahoe Triathlon, you wear enough reflective gear. ID, 13 and under kids triathlon, Michael Tahoma, CA, Kids TRI, Sprint TRI, Half TRI, your own there. However, fluores- Hayes, 208-521-2243, michael@pb-perfor- AquaBike, Olympic TRI, Duathlon. Held The small reflective piping found, at Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park, on most athletic garments is not cent orange is always a good pick Triathlon Todd Jackson, 530-546-1019, todd@big- because drivers already associate Tip 5: Educate others, Kiley McInroy, kiley@ enough to make a difference. The August 10, 2019 — Rexburg Youth Triathlon,, bigblueadventure. that color with caution. A large percentage of crashes can Rexburg, ID, at Riverside Park, Two skill level com more reflective you can become categories for 5-12 year olds , Bob Yeatman, the better. be avoided if motorists and cyclists 208-359-3020, 208-716-1349, boby@rex- September 2, 2019 — South Davis Labor Day, Jeff Crowther, 208-372-2395, jeff. Triathlon, South Davis Racing Series, Bountiful, If you want drivers to recognize Tip 3: Use lights always look out for each other. When riding [email protected], UT, Start at 8:00 am, Swim 350 yds; Bike 12.02 Utah law states that any cyclist in groups or with friends encourage youth_triathlon/ mi; Run 5k, relay: Split the Sprint between you as a cyclist, wear reflective gear 2-3 racers,Novice: Swim 150 yds; Bike 2.5 mi; on your shoes, around your ankles riding during dawn, dusk or dark others to ride safely. Also teach August 11, 2019 — Steamboat Triathlon, Run 1.5 miNovices start at: 8:45amLocation: Steamboat Springs, CO, Sprint and Olympic South Davis Recreation Center; 550 N 200 W, or wear full reflective leg cover- is required to have a white head- other riders how to make them- distances, at Lake Catamount, Triathlon, John Miller, 801-298-6220, john@southdavis- Duathlon, Aquabike, Lance Panigutti, 303-, Cindy Hunt, 801-298-6220, ings. By incorporating reflective light, red tail light or reflector, and selves more visible to drivers. If you 408-1195, [email protected], without- [email protected], southda- gear below the knee you highlight side reflectors (41-6a-1114). But see unsafe behavior among fellow, the movement of cycling or the remember these are the minimum cyclists make sure to address it and August 17, 2019 — TriathaMom, Riverton, UT, September 7, 2019 — Salem Spring Triathlon, Women only triathlon at the Riverton Country RACE TRI, Salem, UT, Utah Triathlon State up-down motion of cycling. This requirements. You can use lights educate friends and family, espe- Pool. 300 yard swim, 12 mile bike ride, and 5k Championships, 800 meter swim, 12.5 mile run. Carnival style cheering section pro- bike, and 3.1 mile run triathlon course, spec- motion is much more likely to grab both day and night. You can also get cially those who may not ride, on vided for families of participants., Cody tator friendly park and race venue, Race the attention of the driver, alerting creative with lights. For example, how to share the road with cyclists. Ford, 801-558-2503, 801-432-0511, cody@ shirts and finisher medals., Aaron Shamy,, Aly Brooks, alybrooks@gmail. 801-358-1411, [email protected], triathletes and their fans, and a fun end October 5, 2019 — Las Vegas Triathlon, BBSC Quail Creek Reservoir, Temps are ideal for tri- com, September 7-8, 2019 — XTERRA USA/Pan to the Colorado Tri Season. Desert’s Edge Double Down Series, Boulder City, NV, The athlons with water temps in the high 60’s to Las Vegas Triathlon is turning 21 this year, low 70’s and air temps in the 70’s. This venue August 17, 2019 — XTERRA Lake Tahoe, XTERRA American Championship and XTERRA Utah weekend includes your choice of XTERRA so we’re going to party! Featuring a Half, is truly beautiful with mesas and buttes all America, Incline Village, NV, XTERRA, Sprint, Sprint Race, XTERRA America Tour, Ogden, Sprint (not eligible for points) or XTERRA Tri on Olympic, Sprint, Duathlon, Aquabike, and around. Enjoy the red rock landscape of and Duathlon. Course Distance: Full Course: UT, XTERRA Utah, two distance options: 750m Saturday, your choice of Sprint or Olympic distance road tri’s on Sunday!, John Klish, 10k, 5k, Boulder Beach, Lake Mead , Craig Southern Utah. , Joe Coles, 801-335-4940, 2X 750 meter swim laps with a 50 meter / 19K mountain bike / 5K trail and 1.5k swim/ 970-744-4450, madness@madracingcolo- Towler, 318-518-7303, [email protected], [email protected], southernutahtriath- beach run, 22 mile bike, 6 mile run. Bike 30k mountain bike/ 10k trail run; XTERRA USA/,, madracing- Michelle Lund, [email protected], bbsc-, Tunnel Creek, and then onto the Flume Pan America Championship: 1.5k swim / 30k Trail, which overlooks Lake Tahoe to the mountain bike / 10k trail run., Raena Cassidy, October 26, 2019 — Pumpkinman Triathlon, Tahoe Rim Trail. Both the Short and Long 877-751-8880, [email protected], xter- September 14, 2019 — Bear Lake Brawl October 5, 2019 — Nevada Senior Games BBSC Double Down Series, Boulder City, NV, course complete the 22 mile bike, approxi-, Triathlon, St. Charles, ID, This race is a great Triathlon, Las Vegas, NV, The sprint race of Point-to-point race begins in Lake Mead mately 4000 feet of climbing. The trail run- September 7, 2019 — Brine Man Triathlon, course. Bluest water in Utah and Idaho. This the Las Vegas Triathlon is Nevada’s qualify- National Recreation Area and ends in ning course is relatively flat, fast and scenic., TriUtah Points Series, Syracuse, UT, 4th annu- is often called the Caribbean of the rockies. ing event to the 2019 National Senior Games Boulder City, with Sprint, Olympic, Aquabike, Todd Jackson, 530-546-1019, todd@big- al. This event not only boasts a spectator In 2019 the course will go around the lake for triathletes ages 50 or better, Boulder 10k, and 5k; costumes welcome!, Craig, Kiley McInroy, kiley@ friendly swim, a bike course you’ve only again for the Half and Full. This course is Beach, Lake Mead N. R. A., Tim Jones, 702- Towler, 318-518-7303, [email protected],, bigblueadventure. dreamt of and a fast/ flat run, but this year primarily flat with rolling hills. The East side of 994-6205, [email protected], Bonnie Parish-Kell, Michelle Lund, [email protected], bbsc- com/event/xterra-lake-tahoe/, xterraplanet. it’s also the home of the first ever Olympic the lake road just had a resurfacing in 2018 702-373-5293 , bparrishkell@slowpokedivas. com, com Course Utah State Triathlon Championship. so it should be the fastest for this race., Joe November 2, 2019 — Telos Turkey Triathlon Sprint, Olympic, and Long Courses, Brogg Coles, 801-335-4940, [email protected], October 12, 2019 — Huntsman World Senior & 5K, T3TRI EVENTS, Orem, UT, Splash dis- August 17, 2019 — Polson Triathlon, Polson, MT,, Olympic Distance Triathlon. 1.5 km, two-lap Sterrett, 702-401-6044, [email protected], Games Triathlon, St. George, UT, Triathlon. tance triathlon which includes a 5K Run, triangular swim in Flathead Lake. 40km bike, September 14, 2019 — Tahoe Big Blue Must be 50 years or older. 450 Meter 12 Mile Bike, and 350 Meter Swim in that loop course through the valley southwest of September 7-8, 2019 — XTERRA Fruita Triathlon Adventure Race, Truckee, CA, A multi-sport Outdoor Swim, 20K Bike, 5K Run. It’s the best order. Located at the Orem Rec Center, 665 Polson. 10km run single loop course through and Desert’s Edge Triathlon Festival, XTERRA event in which teams and individuals partici- little triathlon in the world., Kyle Case, 800- W Center Street, Shaun Christian, 801-769- scenic Polson., Matt Seeley, 406-871-0216, America Tour, Fruita, CO, The Desert’s Edge pate and compete in kayaking or stand up 562-1268, 435-674-0550, hwsg@seniorgames. 3576, 801-678-4032, [email protected], 406-883-9264, seeleyspeedwagon@gmail. Tri Festival brings you two days of rac- paddling, mountain biking, , and net, Parker Goodwin, 801-769-3576, parker@t3tri-, com, ing, a weekend of camping with other navigation. Designed such that participat- October 26, 2019 — Southern Utah Triathlon, ing teams will complete in an 8 hour maxi- Hurricane, UT, Sprint and Olympic. Held at mum time format. Teams travel on land and lake to gather as many checkpoints as pos- sible and finish within the 8 hour time limit., Todd Jackson, 530-546-1019, todd@big-, Kiley McInroy, kiley@, bigblueadventure. com, September 15, 2019 — Harvest Moon Triathlon, Boulder, CO, Long course, at Boulder Reservoir, Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike, Lance Panigutti, 303-408-1195, lance@with-, September 21, 2019 — Kokopelli Triathlon, BBSC Triathlon Series, Hurricane, UT, This fam- ily-friendly event at Sand Hollow Reservoir has something for everyone! Featuring a Sprint, Olympic, Duathlon, Aquabike,10k and 5k distances., Craig Towler, 318-518- 7303, [email protected], Michelle Lund, [email protected], September 22, 2019 — Oktoberfest Triathlon, Longmont, CO, Union Reservoir, Sprint, Lance Panigutti, 303-408-1195, lance@with-, Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 33

BIKE FIT A Guide to Cycling Shoes around the heel and side to side at the wideset points of your fore- foot, without creating unnecessary pinching and side compression. They should offer ease of adjustment to tighten or loosen the shoes depend- ing on your insoles and thick- ness, and to accommodate any foot swelling in hot weather. The shape of the shoe should accommodate your foot shape, rather than the other way around, and you should have a little bit of toe clearance at the front, but not as much as is needed in walking or running shoes. In summary, they should feel like a nice fitting glove on your feet: not too tight, not to big. Just right. But maybe you have hard- to-fit-feet, which leads to… John Higgins measuring feet for cycling shoes. Photo by Derek Israelsen A classic bunion. Photo by John Higgins Feet Considerations walking awkward in a reversed sti- Most cycling shoes will fit most leable. Mesh is more breathable, and system. Use the sort of sock that you By John Higgins letto kind of way. Intended for riding people, but if you are reading this it can be integrated with stretch panels would use for riding. Do you have only, not perambulating. Triathlon could be because you are an excep- to accommodate bunions or wide custom insoles that need to go in the Your cycling shoes are a major shoes are modified road shoes with tion, and there are a lot of exceptions feet, but may lack durability. shoes? Remove the stock insoles and player in 2 out of the 5 direct contact fewer straps and increased ventila- which may be due to: 4. Closures. How you do them try yours out in the shoes. I recently points you have to your bicycle, and tion designed for ease of on bike • Width. If you have narrow (A, up. Lace is back in vogue. Velcro solved a “shoes too tight” issue by therefore merit careful consideration entry when pre-attached to the ped- B) or wide (E+) feet, particularly 2E straps are common. Boa closures discovering and removing a second in their selection to suit both your als, to save seconds in the transition or above then finding well fitting (ratcheting lace system) have largely set of insoles that were in the shoes! feet (pun intended) and the style of zone. cycling shoes can be a challenge, replaced ratcheting strap systems. cycling you do. but let me assure you they do exist. Many shoes will feature some com- Where to buy The purpose of cycling shoes is to Functional Considerations Shoes that are too narrow or mis- bination of closures. Personal prefer- Bike shops: If you have aver- efficiently transfer force to the ped- 1. Efficient power transfer: in gen- matched in shape to your feet can be ence and ease of adjusting tension age, easy to fit feet with no special als while at the same time supporting eral you want as much of your energy a contributor to foot numbness. over the top of your feet are what you needs, your local bike or outdoor your feet appropriately and distribut- expenditure as possible to provide • Volume. This is how much 3D want to think about, and whether you equipment store will likely have a ing (rather than concentrating) the productive forward motion, and not space your feet take up. Low vol- can do that on the move. Yes with range of brands, models and price pressure your feet experience, as well have it lost in the transition from ume feet are often narrow and flat, boa closures, no with normal laceup. points with something to check all as being practical for the totality of body to bike via a floppy, flexible and high volume feet are high,wide, In between with Velcro. your boxes. You will rarely encoun- your cycling experience. Other than shoe. This is why most cycling shoes and bulky, at least for cramming 5. Last and Width. The shape ter wide models on offer in a bike cycling, this may entail walking your have a rigid sole. You don’t require in cycling shoes. Some brands and and width of the shoe where your shop, just the most heavily marketed bike, negotiating stairways, or fre- the flex needed for walking or run- models do a much better job than foot contacts it. Feet are different brands like Shimano, Pearl Izumi, quent stops. In next month’s article ning because cycling is not a natural others of scaling up or down to suit shapes. Some are widest in the fore- Fizik and Garneau, along with bike I’ll explore pedal systems, as the foot activity but relies on the conver- your feet. foot, some are widest at the mid-foot. house brands like Bontrager (Trek), selection of a pedal system has direct sion of biomechanical energy into • Bunions. If you have them you’ll Some are narrow. Having a shoe Scott and Specialized. influence on cycling shoe selection mechanical energy. know it – the first metatarsal head is that conforms to your feet instead of Online: if you already have shoes and vice versa. displaced outwards which presents expecting your feet to conform to the that work, and you just need to Numb feet, hot feet, pressure 2. Pedal attachment options: as a big bulge on the side of the big shoes will result in a happier cyclist. replace them, and you are shopping points, blisters and other discomforts there are 3 main types and some toe ball of the foot. Bunions can also 6. Other Features for the best deal, you will usually could be symptoms that your shoe variations, the choice of which will occur on the little toe side. Bunions a. Color options (but not always) find what you need choice needs re-evaluating, but the dictate your pedal options. make otherwise normal width feet b. Heat moldable forefoot to suit online. total interface of foot, sock, insole, a. Flat (no cleat) present as wide, and need accom- different widths Specialty suppliers: If you are shoe and cleat choice and position, b. 2 hole side by side (common modating for either in the width of c. Heat moldable heel counter to a skier with hard to fit feet you and well as saddle height (too high for mountain bike, commuter bike the shoe or in stretching the shoe to snug the heel wouldn’t go anywhere other than a can cause feet issues) should be con- and spin bike pedals) create some extra space. well regarded ski fitter to get sidered as well. c. 3 hole triangular pattern (com- • Feet length discrepancy. A half Buying Cycling Shoes your ski boots. Fitting cycling shoes In this article I’ll take a brief look mon for road bike pedal systems) size difference between left and right The most common buying mis- doesn’t require the same experience at: the types of cycling shoes; what d. 4 hole rectangular pattern (spe- is normal; a full size difference is takes I see are cyclist’s settling for and art but some bike fitters like they are used for; a few things about cific to the Speedplay brand of road common. More than that and you shoes that are too narrow, or address- myself see a lot of cyclist’s feet, hear your feet that may influence your pedal systems) may be a candidate for a different ing that by upsizing to get more about a wide range of feet issues, and choice; salient features, and how to e. 2 hole / 3 hole combination shoe size for each foot unless an width. The latter is the obvious work- work hard to resolve these. As well as buy them. (have it both ways – your choice) appropriate insole keeps the length around when you can’t seem to find setting or adjusting cleat position this discrepancy in check. what you really need, but has down- may involve recommending a dif- Type of Shoes 3. Off bike practicality: a dedi- stroke consequences as this often ferent cycling shoe and often times Cycling shoes fall into 3 broad cated and devoted road cyclist will Shoe Features makes it harder to position the cleats an insole as well. Recently someone categories based on intended use and minimize the amount of off bike Let’s take a brief tour through in a suitable position relative to your who found their way to me after pedal system: walking they need to do in their some of the key features and materi- foot structure. Another common error doing the rounds of bike shops and 1. Flat: for use on “flat” ped- cycling shoes, because its awkward als of a cycling shoe. is expecting them to feel like running podiatrists said ”I should have come als which relies on direct foot pres- to walk in road shoes and acceler- 1. Outsole. i.e the bottom. Usually shoes. They wont. Don’t test them by here first!” sure and sole friction. No “cleat” is ates wear on the cleats. But if you nylon on lower priced shoes and walking around, as your heel is going If you have struggled to find well attached to the sole of the shoe. The need or want the versatility to do a composite (carbon fiber and resin) to be leveraged out of the shoe due fitting and suitable cycling shoes, shoes will be somewhat stiffer than bit of walking around in your cycling on higher price models. Stiffer is to the rigid sole. To choose a shoe know that there are options avail- regular running / gym/training shoes, shoes because you are commuting, better will be the marketing tag line consider these factors. able that should work for you, and but do not have a fully rigid sole and gravel, or mountain biking and may but this depends on the application. that sometimes it is not just the shoe will exhibit good toe flex for normal have “hike-a-bike” sections to con- There can be issues with shoes that 1. Function – for the intended but other elements of the foot-pedal walking. tend with, a lugged outsole will be are too stiff for your feet. Flat shoes cycling use and purpose interface that may be causing prob- 2. Mountain: for use in situations desirable. Commuters with frequent will have a grippy rubber outsole, 2. Fit – for your feet lems. when off bike walking is expected, stop signs or traffic signals requir- and mountain bike shoes will have 3. Features – materials, closure In full disclosure I am a dealer for so the outsole features lugs for trac- ing frequent cleat disengagement and nylon or rubber lugs and possibly toe system, color Lake Cycling Shoes, Rocket7 custom tion, and the cleat that attaches to the foot down time or stairs and eleva- spikes, all for traction when walking 4. Price – that you are willing to shoes and G8 Performance insoles, pedal is recessed flush with the lugs. tors to negotiate need to think about or running off the bike. pay to achieve the above 3. and I have selected these brands As well as mountain bikers this style ease of pedal engagement when get- 2. Cleat bolt pattern. As previ- because they give me the ability to of shoe is also a popular choice for ting going again, as well as traction ously discussed, there are 2, 3 ,4 or Note that choosing a brand first, help solve foot related cycling issues. commuters and tourers who are on when walking. combo holes for different type of or what the pro’s are wearing, or Other bike fitters may use and rec- and off the bike regularly. Shoe stiff- pedal systems. what the gear magazines are review- ommend other brands that they have ness will vary from semi flexible for 4. Fit. There is tradition and there 3. Uppers. Genuine leather (yes, ing (on behalf of paying advertis- found work well. more casual use to race-stiff where is reality. Tradition says your cycling still an option), synthetic leather ers) do not feature in the selection the emphasis is on light, strong, and shoes should be narrow and tight. (most common) or one of the above criteria! The best cycling shoes for John Higgins is a profes- stiff for competition with little off- Reality says your shoes should be plus mesh. Genuine leather is long you could be ones you haven’t heard sional bike fitter and purveyor bike functionality. comfortable and functional. Let’s lasting with care, will mold more of yet. of unique and boutique bicycles 3. Road: these shoes have a rigid go with reality. Comfortable doesn’t to your feet, and can be stretched Try them on if possible. Feel for and fit-related components and sole with minimal traction and the ele- mean big and sloppy. Cycling shoes to accommodate bunions. Synthetic snugness, not tightness. Check for accessories in Salt Lake City. vated cleat under the forefoot makes should be snug (not tight), both leather is cheaper but not as mal- toe clearance. Test out the closure More info on 34 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

BICYCLE TOURING Adventure Cycling Leadership Training Course Teaches People to Guide Bike Tours and stretch the legs. These were set up camp at the group site as dark- arrived and set up camp. Participants designated smoke breaks as the other ness was falling fast. John carries a represented the states: SC, NC, D.C., stops were not long enough to get off pocket projector and a few movies NY, MO, MI, OH, CA, UT, TX, CO, the train. Between Grand Junction on his tablet and always game to set OR, WY, IL. The course started at and Denver, there are 28 tunnels that up his small screen and show a bik- 16:00 with intro from course direc- the train goes through. The longest ing movie. He uses a folded piece of tor Lynn and the three other lead- is 6 miles long. The mountain views corrugated plastic that levels out the ers then all participants introduced are awesome. There are areas with ground below his air pad that doubles themselves. It was great to see like- no other access than the Train in as a small movie screen. minded tourers and we were excited steep canyons with raging rivers at The following day we rode around for the coming days. This course the bottom. The train is slow and if the park with Becca from Kansas was designed to be run like a regular you’re in a hurry, it may not be the City, one of the early arriving LTC ACA tour without all the cycling best option but for some time away participants. The weather was nice miles. We were quickly split into and enjoying the journey rather than and typical for this year’s ongoing four groups and assigned a leader. the destination, it is a good option. Spring weather. Riding required as This allowed us to have a 4:1 par- The train does not have Wi-Fi. Cell least bringing an extra layer. Cherry ticipant-leader ratio and allowed for service is spotty in the remote areas Creek State Park is large with a big an excellent span of control. Some of the mountains on the route. For lake and walk/bike paths that go all meetings were everyone (all 17) those who can’t tolerate not being the way around and marina, swim while others were the smaller groups. beach, huge dog park and bird view- We were assigned chores that all self- The 2019 ACA LTC participants. Photo by Barbara Wade connected, it may not be a good option. ing area. It is in the Southeast area of supported tours include like cooking through the mountains. When we We arrived in Denver in the eve- Metro Denver. and food buying responsibilities. We By Chris Blinzinger rode back from Grand Junction two ning and quickly found the Cherry We greeted participants as they would all have to ride to the store and years ago we departed in the eve- Creek bike path downtown that John and I have been touring ning and did not have much daylight would lead us the 15 miles out to together for almost 5 years and in as darkness quickly set in after or our Campground at Cherry Creek that time we have enjoyed taking departure. The train is very com- State Park. The path is great and other people with us on our adven- fortable and the seats are wide and pretty much follows the creek for tures. We have not necessarily been recline to facilitate sleeping. We most of the way. It is signed well Tour Leaders, but have gone on trips both slept well until the sun was up. and had we printed the map sent in with people of varying degrees of We were just coming out of Price the email from ACA, we may have touring experience. We are certainly Canyon when I stirred enough to had an easier time knowing whether not world travelers but have had the look out the window. The train has to say right or left at the forks. One opportunity to tour in semi-extreme, an observation car where seats are minor detour for a couple miles was semi-remote areas in the deserts and not assigned and it’s a first come easily signed and no problem. We mountains of the West. When plan- first served. It was a great car with arrived on Wednesday evening and ning trips, we throw out an invitation big windows and great views. We the course did not start until the fol- for anyone interested in accompany- stopped in Glenwood Springs and lowing late afternoon so we met a ing us. Winter Park long enough to get out few other early arrivals and quickly We have thrown around the idea of creating a touring company to accomplish a couple objectives. 1. To provide an opportunity for inter- ested touring-minded people to have Reach Cyclists in a supported/guided tour. 2. To use it as an opportunity to spend more 8 Western States! time on our passion of bike touring and share it with others. I spotted the UT, ID, CO, NV, Leadership Training Course (LTC) ( MT, WY, AZ, CA guided-tours/educational-tours/) on the Adventure Cycling tour page Advertise in guided-tours/ and sent it to John for consideration about doing it. We Cycling West! agreed that it may offer some infor- mation about how to conduct a guid- Email: ed tour and another benefit was that [email protected] it was a requirement to become an Web: Adventure Cycling tour leader. We decided to do it and registered for the course in Denver scheduled for June 6-9, 2019. We decided to use the train again to get us and our bikes to Denver and back. We had used it before and it is convenient when using to bike roll-on service for $20 each way. Before the LTC we received maps and information about the tour, how to prepare, what to bring and some of the expectations of the participants. All participants were included in a Google email group so introductions and coordination were facilitated easily. It’s interesting how reading the introductions prior to meeting participants offers one perception and then when meeting reality, per- ceptions change. We boarded the train in Salt Lake City at 3:30 AM on the day of our departure. I was excited for the views Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 35

The group camp at Cherry Creek. Photo by Chris Blinzinger The ride home from Denver to Salt Lake City. Photo by Chris Blinzinger forward to a self-supported ACA tour see right here in the good ole USA? buy food to stay within the budget first place. We participated in Role next year. I am interested in becom- I will continue to work on becoming and cook for the group. This is how it Plays. For me, most these have been ing an ACA tour leader and perhaps an ACA tour leader. works on ACA self-supported tours. less than helpful in training through- I will have the opportunity someday. Whether you are interested in Each participant carries a portion of out my life so I was not looking I have looked at and considered an leading tours on your own or for the “Group Gear” that includes small forward to them. I was surprised how ACA tour in the past but was uncer- ACA, the LTC can be valuable to stoves, fuel bottles, utensils, French helpful they were. We were given The Safety Triangle is a helpful addition to any bike touring setup. tain of its value, now I have a new understand the importance of group press (perhaps the most important) scenarios (each that has occurred Photo by Chris Blinzinger perspective and look forward par- dynamics and give new perspec- and a few other items. on a previous ACA tour) and had to the tour. This is meant to allow ticipating because of the diverse like- tive on tour leader responsibilities. When considering self-support- work through it using the concepts each cyclist to “Ride their own ride” minded cyclists and doing it in a part LTC’s are offered each year around ed tours, I imagined that everyone of leadership and ACA procedures to and prevent each leader from getting of the country away from home. John the country. would carry their own stove and pots. resolve them. They were very real- unnecessarily bogged down details. and I were put in separate groups Not on ACA tours. Each participant istic and helpful. I appreciated the I like this principle and believe it is during the week to which John said Becoming a Adventure Cycling is asked to leave 20% space available diversity of our group with the single my style. “I’m glad we didn’t spend a lot of Association Tour Leader in their bags to carry a portion of the “Bike Touring” interest in common. Communication is important time together”. His point, to which I From the ACA website, the first Group Gear. This makes total sense. Breakfast was a 7 and class start- while touring with another or oth- agreed is that we had an opportunity step to becoming a tour leader is to John and I may have too much dupli- ed at 8. We were usually done by ers. A golden rule is to wear a hel- to spend time and mingle with bike take the Leadership Training Course cation when we tour together, but I 15:30 in the afternoon to give those met whilst on the bike and…wear tourists from around the country. We as described above. Additionally, also call it redundancy. Either way, responsible time for shopping and a reflective triangle (provided with took full advantage of that. tour leaders must take CPR and have each participant must carry some of meal prep. One valuable tool when cost of tour) that can be worn around We stayed an extra night and left a First Aid Certification. Tour lead- the gear. Two people assigned for “Hangry” occurs is to tell people to the waist or strapped to the rear early Monday morning. It was great ers need a recommendation from the dinner and two for breakfast/lunch. eat. Number one rule for food is rack. This can be left roadside when to leave having developed friend- LTC, followed by a phone interview. Meals are included in the cost of quantity. Have plenty to feed hungry someone is off the course. This lets ships over the week with people I The next step is to staff or co-lead the tour. cyclists. What do you cook for a 16 the sweeper know that someone has hope to see somewhere down the an ACA tour, followed by becom- The participants in our LTC came member cycling group? Whatever stopped. They carry a few extra just road. The train was several hours ing an independent tour leader. For from varying backgrounds and tour- you are good at. One Leader suggest- in case. I like this idea as John and I late and the ride home was long. I more information, see: https://www. ing experience. Several had done ed to have one solid recipe. There is ride together but the whole concept sleep fine in a tent but the train is cross country tours, some had never a recipe book (I think it can be found of leaving something on the side slow and it turned into a very long become-a-tour-leader/ carried their own gear, and some on their website) that can provide of the road if you’ve pulled off is a day. I arrived home with many plans had only done self-supported while good menu items but food is a plenty great communication tool. percolating about when and where to Chris Blinzinger is an avid cy- others rode pedal assist bikes. There on ACA bike tours. I believe them We did not have much bike riding take the next tour. Looks like Idaho clist, commuter and tourer. He are so many variables with bike tour- when they say food is plentiful. opportunity although the time spent Hot Springs in the Fall, but my desire is a member of the Provo Bike ing gear and experience. They all One of the main principles for in the course was valuable. I enjoyed to tour other regions of the country Committee and advocate for ac- seem to work and I think whatever an ACA tour leader is the Hands- meeting and working with all the can be accomplished on my own or tive transportation. He tours with your preference, you can make it Off principle. This means to make participants and hope to see them with an ACA tour. Bike touring is friends and family and hopes to work one way or another. Learning important decisions when they are again on rode in the future. I am my hobby, I will always dream of ride back to his home state of In- the ACA way of doing business and necessary but to not micromanage better for participating and looking far off lands but there is so much to diana in the near future. company concepts were helpful. Not just from a bike touring perspective, but from a Leadership professional development perspective. Have you ever been on a tour and run into trou- ble. Whether it is with gear, weather or a conflict between people, we’ve all experienced it. How do you get through it and resolve it? John and I had a guy on one of our trips bail after the third day. This was another reason we wanted to participate, to know what we could do to avoid it happening again or avoid it in the 36 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

BIKEPACKING A Weekend Bike Tour in the Uintas

Hard to convey in a pic looking back, but this is pretty steep...and the the gravel was a little soft for our tires. On the Currant Creek road. Photo by Tom Diegel

Some great views of the highest Uintas in the distance on the Currant Creek road. Photo by Tom Diegel ment starts to pitch upward, we took climb suddenly we saw a couple of By Tom Diegel the right onto the Soapstone Basin cyclists coming at us, which was road. I had sorta thought that a road pretty surprising: we weren’t on the While it’s easy to think about going through a thing called a “basin” roads, and we weren’t on singletrack, far-flung places like Europe for bike would be fairly flat, but it turns out and those are the two venues that As I chugged past on my bike, I’m sure that we both had the exact same tours or time-intensive big trips like that Soapstone is a pretty healthy Utah riders ride! But again, Gravel thought: “I could never, ever do that!” Photo by Tom Diegel the Great Divide for bikepacking climb up and out of the Provo river Bikes are changing that, and these adventures, it’s good to keep in mind canyon to a pass between it and the two were a couple of 60ish guys on that there are fantastic paved and dirt South Fork Provo, where the Wolf Gravelers doing a smaller, but simi- road combos near Salt Lake City, Creek highway is. The gravel road larly-proportioned day ride (Kamas- Utah that offer up fantastic tours for climb and descent was the first good Wolf Creek-Soapstone-Mirror Lake- quick weekends or three-day out- test of our tire choice: doing a paved/ Kamas) and they were so stoked; ings. From the West Desert in the dirt road combo is always a little “We have always been roadies but spring and the fall to the higher alti- tricky to plan for in terms of tires in we realized how many gravel roads tude (and therefore cooler) Wasatch that there’s going to be a compro- are in Utah and these things open up Plateau and the Uintas there are lots mise. Either you are humming along a whole new world!” Until, that is, of options. And thus it was in the somewhat annoyingly for many they saw us with our light overnight heat of the summer that we cooked miles on pavement with the knobbies gear, and realized that the ability to up a super-scenic yet simply-local that you brought to march through do weekends or more on both surfac- tour through the Western Uintas last the gravel, or you’re spinning out, es opened up an even-bigger world of year that’s perfect for the new gen- sinking in, or flatting with too-skinny covering that many more wild miles. eration of gravel bikes. or too-slick tires on the gravel but It’s not often that a coupla roadies Mirror Lake Highway and Wolf blissfully zipping along on the roads. on expensive carbon bikes are obvi- Creek pass are both well know to With the new generation of “gravel ously envious of a couple of old steel local cyclists as fantastic road climbs, bikes” this is less of an issue, but still, bikes, but these guys were, and as we but what’s lesser known is that they as Burke Swindlehurst points out in parted ways we realized that those can be easily connected by a well- his description of his epic Crusher in guys would be buying the gear to maintained gravel road “through” the Tushar, at some point your tire/ take their bikes on overnights by the On the backroads of the Uintas. Note the diesel Soapstone Basin (I’ll get to that bike choice will feel wrong, and you end of the summer. white F750’s; the official vehicle of the Utah “camper.” later) and once over Wolf Creek, the just gotta be okay with that. The riding over the Soapstone Photo by Tom Diegel adventures can just keep going. In this case we anticipated that pass was great; the Uintas seem to Our weekend tour started in we’d be on gravel for about 25-30 be characterized by a wide band weekends and are on gravel roads, escaped to the Uintas for a weekend Kamas and had the familiar spin up miles and on pavement for 85-100 of aspens and pines that goes up to you’ll undoubtedly see a fair num- of “camping”. As an example, we the first few miles of the Mirror Lake miles, so we opted for pretty road- about 8500 feet, and then it transi- ber of internal combustion-propelled passed one guy who was just sitting Highway. However, about where friendly tires. tions to nice open meadows. If you Utahns camping, and for our tour out in front of his RV in a lawn chair the winter gate is and the pave- A ways up the Soapstone Basin head for the cooler hills over the over a hot weekend, a lot of folks had in the full midday sun by himself, CLASSIFIED AD: Lizard Head Cycling Guides Ride with the local area experts! GLACIER NATIONAL PARK YELLOWSTONE The Cascades Utah’s National Parks Natchez Trace Shenandoah Nova Scotia to Montréal TRANS-UTAH MTB Register using promo code CYCLINGWEST and receive a free or $150 off all 6-14 day tours. Not sure which trip to do yet? No worries! You can still get in on this offer. Place your deposit now, and pick your trip later. [email protected] 970-728-5891 Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 37

This descent in to the Heber Valley would make for an incredible road bike climb as well; 5000 feet, almost no cars... Photo by Tom Diegel

A map of Tom and Ashley’s 135 mile bike tour in the Uinta Mountains, Utah. Map by Google Maps

An hour east of Park City, or down in the mesas of southern Utah? Nice to have both on a weekend Uintas tour. Photo by Tom Diegel

Great views west to the backside of the Wasatch on this descent into the Heber Valley. Photo by Tom Diegel in front of a fire-less fire, listen- nice pedaling. butter-smooth pavement than snaked ing to classic rock turned up loud The only mild annoyance of this its way down a sublime descent enough to drown out the generator loop was a few miles on Highway through the aspens, now with the that was cranking out the power to 40. This major conduit from Summit views encompassing the Wasatch turn up his stereo, and staring at us County to points east is a bit busy, Back and the Timpanogos massif. as we chugged by him up the hill. but it has a pretty wide shoulder and We rolled into Heber City with well- There’s no doubt the both he and I the buzz of traffic only lasts for a warmed brakes and turned right on had exactly the same thought as we few miles before the quiet conduit highway 40, where we realized that looked at each other: “I could never, of the Currant Creek valley turns off the highway had a huge traffic jam ever do that!” to the north, complete with a “watch due to a constriction to one lane. After cresting the “basin” (pass) for bicycles” sign right at the start. Doing a not-very-good-job of keep- We found ourselves in a great, dispersed, creekside campsite shaded by we did a bit of a descent down to Currant Creek is headed by a dam, ing the smug look off our faces, willows and cottonwoods by Currant Creek. Photo by Tom Diegel the highway, where we turned left so there’s almost always water in it, we spun past hundreds of virtually- and climbed the last couple of famil- and after traversing the arid desert parked cars to our turn onto Highway iar road miles to Wolf Creek Pass. we found ourselves a great, dispersed, 32 that goes up and over the small Many folks from Salt Lake and Park creekside campsite shaded by wil- pass above Jordanelle reservoir and City get to the 10,000 foot pass and lows and cottonwoods. The soak in back to the familiar roads between turn about, since the ride from PC, the cool creek was a welcome relief Francis and Kamas, for another man- Kamas, or Francis to the pass is a from the 70-odd mile day. ageable 65 mile day. healthy ride round trip itself. But on On Sunday morning we had a Getting out of town on an a weekend adventure we were able nice spin up the paved Currant Creek impromptu weekend adventure? to carry on, and the 10 mile descent road, which was traffic-free aside Check. Great, new riding terrain? down the backside is equally great from the occasional campers head- Check. Riding our bikes all day for and took us into the agricultural com- ing back out to get to church. Soon 2 days? Check. Nice riverside camp- munity of Tabiona and the Duschene enough - as we anticipated - the road ing? Check. Starting only an hour river valley. Though it’s close to our turned to gravel and we started a from the Salt Lake Valley? check. home, this area was new territory to long grind up to another 10,000 foot Another awesome bike tour! Check! us, and we realized that the terrain pass that had some steep sections, This would be a lonnggg day out there was more akin to southern but of course that resulted in more ride for the strong, but a much more Utah than the more-lush west side of great views of the high Uintas in the approachable one day gravel-pave- the Uintas. That desert-type scenery distance. ment combo is the Kamas/Soapstone/ is great, but it also meant that we We anticipated more gravel for Wolf Creek/Francis loop at 44 miles. needed to go another 30 miles to get the 5000 foot plunge down to Heber Another longer day ride would be go In the morning we had a nice spin up the paved Currant Creek road. Photo to decent camping. But the day’s City, but were surprised to find – just to south/west from Wolf Creek pass by Tom Diegel moderate distance meant that was a mile or so below the pass – the on the gravel FR 054 to that great FR fine at that point, as it was swift and surface of Forest Road 083 turned to 083 paved descent. 38 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019

THE ATHLETE’S KITCHEN Sports Nutrition Myths: Busted! and watching TV. When your brain is effect snow boarding, running, soccer, plus because they skip meals and fail By Nancy Clark MS, RD, CSSD tired from having made endless deci- With caffeinated beverages, the more.) to plan a balanced vegan menu. sions all day, you can easily decide to diuretic effect might be 1.2 ml. The key to consuming an effec- Vegan athletes who are restricting Keeping up with the latest sci- eat more food than required. excess fluid lost per mg. of caffeine. tive vegan sports diet is to include food intake to lose undesired body ence-based sports nutrition recom- That said, bedtime carbohydrates That means, if you were to drink a adequate leucine, the essential amino fat need to be particularly vigilant mendations is a challenge. We are to refuel depleted muscles and bed- small mug (7 oz./200 ml.) of cof- acid that triggers muscles to grow. to consume an effective sports diet. constantly bombarded with media time protein to build and repair mus- fee that contains 125 milligrams of The richest sources of leucine are Plan ahead! messages touting the next miracle cles can optimize recovery after a caffeine, you might lose about 150 found in animal foods, such as eggs, sports food or supplement that will day of hard training or competing. ml. water through excess urine loss. dairy, fish, and meats. If you swap Nancy Clark, MS, RD coun- enhance athletic performance, pro- For body builders and others who But you’d still have 50 ml. fluid animal proteins for plant proteins, sels both casual and competitive mote fat loss, build muscle, and help want to optimize muscle growth, eat- to hydrate your body—and likely you reduce your leucine intake by athletes at her office in Newton, you be a super-athlete. At this year’s ing about 40 grams of protein before more if you drink coffee regularly. about 50%. For athletes, consum- MA (617-795-1875). The new- Annual Meeting of the American bed provides an extended flow of Athletes who regularly consume caf- ing 2.5 grams of leucine every 3 to est 6th edition of her best sell- College of Sports Medicine (www. amino acids needed to build muscle. feine habituate and experience less 4 hours during the day optimizes ing Sports Nutrition Guidebook, a sports nutrition myth- (This bedtime snack has not been of a diuretic effect. In general, most muscular development. This means is being released in July 2019. busters session sponsored by the linked with fat gain). Cottage cheese, caffeinated beverages contribute to a vegan athletes need to eat adequate For information about ready- global network of Professionals In anyone? positive fluid balance; avoiding them nuts, soy foods, lentils, beans and made handouts and PowerPoint Nutrition for Exercise and Sport on the basis of their caffeine content other plant proteins regularly at presentations, visit www.Nan- ( featured Myth: A gluten-free diet cures is not justified. every meal and snack. For her popular experts who resolved confusion with athletes’ gut problems. Most athletes can consume online workshop, see www.Nu- science-based research. If you have celiac disease (as Myth: Athletes should be wary adequate leucine, but some don’t verified by blood tests), your gut will of creatine because it is bad for Myth: Protein supplements indeed feel better if you avoid wheat kidneys. build bigger muscles. and other gluten-containing foods. Creatine is sometimes used by Protein needs for a 150-pound However, very few gut issues for athletes who want to bulk up. It (68 kg) athlete average about 110 non-celiac athletes are related to glu- allows muscles to recover faster to 150 grams of protein per day. ten. FODMAPs (Fermentable Oligo-, from, let’s say, lifting weights, so (More precisely, 0.7 to 1.0 g pro/lb. Di-, Mono-saccharides and Polyols) the athlete can do more reps and body weight/day; 1.6 to 2.2 g pro/ are often the culprit. These are types gain strength. A review of 21 studies kg./day) Hungry athletes can easily of hard-for-some-people-to-digest that assessed kidney function with consume this amount from standard carbohydrates found in commonly creatine doses ranging from 2 to 30 meals. Yet, many athletes believe eaten foods such as wheat, apples, grams a day for up to five and a half they need extra protein. They con- onion, garlic, and milk. For example, years indicates creatine is safe for sume protein shakes and bars in addi- the di-saccharide lactose (a kind of young healthy athletes as well as for tion to protein-laden meals. They are sugar found in milk) creates gut elderly people. Even the most recent unlikely to see any additional ben- turmoil in people who are lactose studies using sophisticated meth- efits from this higher-than-needed intolerant. The poorly digested and ods to assess renal function support protein intake. Resistance exercise absorbed lactose creates gas, bloat creatine supplements as being well is a far more potent way to increase and diarrhea. tolerated and not related to kidney muscle size and strength than any For certain athletes, a low dysfunction. protein supplement. FODMAP diet two or three days before a competition or long training Myth: The vegan diet fails to Myth: Eating just before bed- session can help curb intestinal dis- support optimal performance in time makes an athlete fat. tress. If you live in fear of undesired athletes. While it is true the body responds pit stops, a consultation with your Without a doubt, vegan athletes differently to the same meal eaten sports dietitian to learn more about a can —and do—excel in sport. Just at 9:00 a.m., 5:00 pm, or 1:00 a.m., short-term FODMAP reduction diet Google vegan athletes; you’ll find an athlete will not “get fat” by eat- is worth considering. an impressive list that includes ing at night. The main problem with Olympians and professional ath- nighttime eating relates to the ease of Myth: Athletes should avoid letes from many sports (including over-eating while lounging around caffeine because of its diuretic football, basketball, tennis, , Summer 2019 CYCLINGWEST.COM 39

BICYCLE TOURING Crossing Baja in the second half of the pack and and the tire rim so hot I burned my sprit and put some spunk in my as we picked up speed to hit the hill, hands fixing the tube. I pulled up legs. I was going to make it. I came the crowd was so close together that my and hit the road a very up on another rider and we talked even here, bikes got tangled and discouraged rider. I passed another which lifted my spirits even further. riders went down. The first hill was truck full of defeated bikers heading I picked up the pace the closer I got long and as the pack unwound, the back to Tecate and this energized to the ocean and when the road met line was shoulder to shoulder with me. Mile after mile I was getting the ocean highway to Ensenada I felt the more powerful riders working closer to Guadalupe where many like I could roar into town; almost. I their way to the left to pass the years before, Barbara and I used to crossed the finish line in a bit over slow but steady masses. We fell visit the Russians who moved there 7 hours which was slow but I felt I into a rhythm using every gear we to escape the revolution in 1917. It could justifiably chalk it up to some had. When Mike and I reached the was there that we joined in Sunday problems. I had finished, avoiding first water station, all 5,000 gal- services in the flat roofed rectangular the sweeper, the lumbering truck that lons of support water was gone. It building they used as their Russian returned so many to Tecate in igno- was obvious that riders guzzled and Orthodox Church. It was there that I minious defeat. My sister Deena was poured water over their hot heads was asked to talk to the congregation still waiting at the finish line and she without regard to the masses still not knowing Russian or Spanish and hugged me as though I had just rid- working their way up the mountain. the audience not knowing English. den around the world. I found Mike Five thousand gallons simply disap- It was there that we ate borscht in and his wife Marsha in a restaurant peared. Thousands of us were forced a private home and enjoyed Sunday and we all ordered Mexican with a to continue with little reserves in our with resting farmers. It was there race sponsored Tecate beer chaser bottles hoping that a resupply was that I hoped I would find water and while reliving the race with stories available at the next station. it was there that I should be able to and laughter. We left the summit hot and a bit smell the ocean and enjoy its cool- There was a hiatus in the race angry but knowing it would be roll- ing breeze so many miles from its shortly after my experience, but it ing hills for a couple of hours and Pacific shore. is back and as adventurous as ever. then a long downhill into a valley for It was getting late when I went I do wish that hydration packs and the next water station. The downhill through Guadalupe where I filled my evaporative cooling bandanas were would be a chance to relax, let the water bottles and wondered what my available in 1986. They would have wind cool us and enjoy the scenery. sister was thinking as so many riders made a significant difference. What we found on the downhill was had already passed the finish line. I still have the map with all the scattered broken bike parts and water Would she think that I was one of water stops listed. All the water stops bottles strewn on the road making the defeated that had been scooped without the promised water. fast riding all the more hazardous. up with the thousands and returned Riders were sitting and lying beside to Tecate? After another half hour, I For more information on the the road next to broken bikes nursing could feel the breeze from the ocean ride, now called the Baja Bike wounds and waiting to be scooped up and smell the salt. It both lifted my Race, visit: by the trucks. Mike and I stopped to assist one fellow who was covered Jay Hudson with his sister Deena after the Tecate - Ensenada Bike Ride in with road rash and in pain. Mike, 1986. Photo courtesy Jay Hudson being a physician, diagnosed the fel- to survive to the finish. Relatives low with a broken collar bone but he By Jay Hudson waited in Ensenada for me and I was could provide no medical assistance. convinced that while I was swelter- We resumed our downhill plunge The 1986 Tecate-Ensenada Bike ing on the upgrades, they were sitting dodging debris and broken bodies Ride in the shade sipping cool ones. most of who got themselves in trou- All six thousand, plus, of us, had We were told that there would ble simply by letting it all hang out bicycles. That’s where the similarity be plenty of water at the top of the on the downhill. ended. We were jammed together first and substantial small mountain. At the top of the next hill, I broke in the center of Tecate, Mexico just Our map showed an additional ten a spoke and Mike was forced to say down the street from the sponsoring watering stations along the route. We goodbye. I spent some time replac- Tecate brewery in May, 1986. We were told that there would be first- ing the spoke and resumed the ride were waiting for the gun to sound aid vehicles patrolling the road and not looking forward to at least fifty sending us pedaling seventy five trucks to scoop up those who gave miles of hot effort without a buddy miles on our way south to Ensenada. out, for whatever reason. We felt and knowing I was probably now They issued us a map and “sug- strong, confident and convinced that accident prone. At the next station gestions” to take two water bottles with all the support, we should com- I found no water and the only shade for drinking and for “sprinkling on plete the route in about five hours. thrown by the one tree taken by head.” I carried fruit, a tire pump, Gonzo riders would be much faster. stretched out riders. I crawled under patches, tire irons, wrench, a spare We were not told that by the end of an old rusted truck and stared up spoke, helmet and sun screen. It was the day, first-aid personnel would at the worn out radiator. At least it May and the weather promised to be be overwhelmed by riders who went was shade and a couple of minutes over 90 F and a road with many long down and suffered road rash, heat rest would do me well. When I climbs. Some of us were in shape exhaustion, broken bones, torn mus- crawled out, I found I had a flat tire and some not. We were sartorially cles, dislocations. We were not told correct and most of us were no more that more than half the starters would than a 7 on a scale of 1-10 in our rid- be piled into trucks because of equip- ing experience. We were almost all ment failures, fatigue, defeatism, and white, tanned, tall and short, gloved injury. and bare handed. Some of us were The gun sounded in a morning excited, others restrained. Some getting hotter by the minute. My were out to break records. I was out buddy Mike Woolman, and I were Support Your Local Bike Shop! 40 CYCLINGUTAH.COM Summer 2019