Be Caring have been delivering care in Liverpool for over 2 years. We have over 100 colleagues providing nearly 3,000 hours of care and support every week to over 176 people in areas including: TINA , , , , , WELCH Dovecot, , , , Gartson, OPERATIONS and . MANAGER

“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your As an employee-owned social enterprise; Growth, recruitment and retention, continued support, commitment, and hard work. our culture and values are at the heart moving to a digital process and of everything we do. Throughout the increasing our Care workforce, During these difficult and unprecedented times, I pandemic, our priority has been making reducing our turnover and responding can honestly say it has been an extremely positive sure our colleagues and Service users to the needs of those we support. and collaborative period, but also recognise the are safe. challenges that we have all had to face. Going above and beyond for our Throughout the pandemic, our service service users such as: deep cleaning I recognise the dedicated work that is ongoing has really pulled together, working as a homes, celebrating birthdays with those under difficult and concerning circumstances, strong. resilient team to support each who were shielding, and collecting delivering exceptional care ensuring both yourself other, and the people we provide care shopping and prescriptions. and customers are kept safe and well. for. Some of our key strengths have been: Keeping people safe, communicating I feel a great sense of pride for our team in the latest guidelines, ensuring we Liverpool, what we have achieved over the last kept all staff up to date with the few months is not by accident, it is our biggest latest practice, and that they have the success yet, and the best part is that you have correct and right amount of PPE. made it possible - here’s to a bright future!”

“I believe that in the Liverpool branch we have pulled together remarkably during this time, we have grown as a branch, and all our care staff have been really willing to help throughout.” JACQUI - CO-ORDINATOR OUR RESPONSE TO PANDEMIC THE COVID-19 LIVERPOOL SERVICE


We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you - to our THANK commissioners - for your support in such challenging times. We are truly grateful for the additional support you have given us, such as grants and emergency supplies for PPE, providing a taxi YOU service for Care Workers when public transport was reduced. Your unwavering, responsive support over the last few months has been incredible, and we are really looking

forward to continuing our strong partnership moving forward. OUR RESPONSE TO PANDEMIC THE COVID-19 LIVERPOOL SERVICE


LIVERPOOL SERVICE ABOVE ANDBEYOND OUR CULTURE: GOING changers, community-warriors withthewillto make adifference” mission communities –to live andbreathe ourvalues aswell asachieving our a difference inthelives of ourservice usersandbepartoftheir As anemployee owned business, we empower colleagues to make and theirfellow colleagues: and beyond for thepeoplewe support, examples ofCare Workers goingabove There have beensometrulyincredible been ourhardworking, passionate team. our largest strengths inLiverpool has Throughout theCovid-19 crisis, oneof

jigsaws withthem users company , chatting anddoing Spending extra timekeeping service collecting medications. groceries, organising food and Shopping for essentials suchas spent theirbirthday alone. shielding andsootherwisewould have a 100thbirthday!) for thosewhowere Organising birthday parties(including a loved onedueto Covid-19. struggling withlockdown, orhave lost colleagues emotionallywhowere Supporting service usersand “To becare-giving day-makers, hope-builders,smile-givers, life- 

pharmacies andotherservices. up medications, contacting GPs, extra cleaning,shoppingandpicking care for service users,for example; colleagues andensure safe andquality their usualremit , to helpout Stepping upto dotasksoutside to boost morale. Baking piesandcakes for colleagues time untiltheirrelatives arrived. visited theservice userintheirfree they were inhospital.ACare Worker Keeping aservice usercompany while on call,andalsointheirown time). hygienic livingconditions (bothwhilst to ensure they hadcomfortable and Deep cleaningservice usershomes childcare. self-isolate orwere struggling with help outcolleagues whoneededto Covering shiftsat shortnoticeto ,

ALIX -CAREWORKER I seeitasapositive to bothmine andtheirday.” can make peoplesmilewhileintheirhomescaringfor them,then above andbeyond for every individualthat Igo into care for. IfI “I don’tsingleoutanybody whenitcomes to caring.Itryandgo is outstanding... Shelives andbreathes thebecaringvalues!” values andcompassion that sheshows to eachservice usershevisits In therecent staff survey, one ofher colleagues wrote: “Michelle’s groceries andhouseholditems they need. have to worry aboutleaving theirhomeorstruggling to getthe shopping for vulnerable service usersinherfree time, sothey don’t are socleanIcould eat offthem!”Michellehas regularly gone house from top to bottom. floors Hisfeedback included,“the her asshehadtaken extra timeoutofherday to deepcleanhis One ofherservice users calledthebranch office to compliment and inspiration for hercolleagues. beyond for herservice users,andbeingabeacon ofpositivity enthusiasm, whollyembracing ourcore values, goingabove and to her. From day one, Michellehasworked withgreat skilland industry before, soherrole asaCare Worker was brand new us asCovid-19 was at itspeak.Shehadnever worked inthecare Michelle isanew employee at BeCaringinLiverpool andjoined MICHELLE CASE STUDY BE PROUD: - CAREWORKER


On the 4th July 2020, we sent out a company-wide survey about Covid-19. Of 325 responses, 45 colleagues from Liverpool completed the survey. The headlines from this survey are:

KEEPING VALUES PEOPLE SAFE SUPPORT COMMUNICATION & CULTURE 100% 100% 100% 98% 98% of colleagues know and of colleagues have felt of colleagues who started of colleagues agree the of colleagues believe understand the additional supported by their at Be Caring during the guidance and communications their role has made infection control and social immediate manger. (11% Covid-19 period think the have been frequent and clear. a difference to the distancing measures that more than the company induction and training (4% more than the company people they support. are in place (1% more than average). provided was good enough average). the company average). for them to perform their role. (12% more than the company average). 98% of colleagues said they

95% 95% 100% of colleagues have felt of colleagues think that were able to deliver of colleagues know what supported by their communications were helpful/ the care they aspire level of PPE is required to colleagues. (5% more than 100% useful and shared at the right to. (2% more than the their work (3% more than the company average). of colleagues have the time. (5% more than the company average). the company average). support they wanted while company average). self-isolating. (8% more than the company average) 93% *8 respondents. 88% 98% of colleagues have felt of colleagues believe of colleagues had the right supported by Be Caring their work has been amount and correct PPE to (the organisation). valued. do their role (11% more than (5% more than the the company average). company average). OUR RESPONSE TO PANDEMIC THE COVID-19 LIVERPOOL SERVICE


LIVERPOOL SERVICE and ways ofworking, thisincluded: We rapidly implemented new processes control measures andpersonalwellbeing. Covid testing, socialdistancing, infection organisation, focusing onPPEguidance, communications at alllevels ofthe We increased andestablished new challenges andpromote any learningandscalingofbest practice. in whichallourleadersandoffice teams were able toshare their As aseniorleadershipteam, we wanted to cultivate asafe environment, LEADERSHIP   

possible. process to bevirtual,wherever changing theinterview andinduction those we supportandsimultaneously workforce to meettheneeds of Recruiting andretaining ourCare social distancing measures. infection prevention andcontrol, and the changingguidance around PPE, guidance soCare Workers understood Frequent communications andclear safety guidance. have enhanced PPE,support,and face ofCovid-19 andensuringthey Promoting colleague safety inthe vulnerable. we supportsafe , many ofwhomare Keeping the individualsandfamilies   support they needed. furloughed, ensuringpeoplehadthe colleagues whowere isolating or Regular social distancing measures inplace. home-working andputtingoffice existing technologies to enable Implementing new andscaling (EAP). our Employee Assistance Programme their teams andpromoting access to through more frequent contact with Ensuring employees’ wellbeing DAUGHTER OFALIVERPOOL SERVICE USER safe journey through thisterrible time.” all withgratitude andhopeyou allhave avery Just to letyou know we are thinkingaboutyou and keeping yourselves and your families safe. must face every day whilst caringfor others the struggles you andotherfrontline workers such afabulous job. We seetimeand at BeCaring Liverpool andbeyond for doing “Just anotherlittlemessage to thankeveryone check-in callswith

to achieve thisambition.” working inpartnershipwithour commissioners wider healthcare system. We lookforward to and to realise thebenefitsthiswillbring to the Workers whowork tirelessly inourcommunities to transform socialcare, to really value ourCare We have significantambitionasanorganisation to say ahugethankyou. over thisCovid periodandfor thiswe would like Our commissioners have beenagreat support enhance thelives ofourwonderful service users. have continued to deliver highqualitycare and of ourservice usersandCare Workers andwe across theorganisation hasensured thesafety period ofCovid-19. The dedication ofcolleagues factor to theorganisation thrivingduringthis at theheartofeverything we dohasbeenakey “Being employee owned andkeeping ourvalues CEO OFBECARING LOWRIE SHARON


LIVERPOOL SERVICE there to supporteachother.” we were intogether andonthesame pageandwe were meetings meant we could askany questions, anditfelt like responding to thepandemic.The frequency of the offered reassurance abouthow we were coping and Tina Welch, ourOperations Manager said;“The meetings were symptomatic orwho’d tested positive. supporting whowere shielding/self-isolating andthosewho submitting information weekly onCarers andpeoplewe’re information around covid-related hospitaladmissions and resiliency for cover intheevent ofany staffing issues, and stock andsupply, changesto guidance andregulations, covered included: PPE-sharinginformation aboutlatest challenges, andourapproaches to tacklingthose. Topics to understand andshare pandemicrelated issues and the CICaswell asweekly meetingswithourcommissioner the pandemic,we established virtualmeetings, through made upofmore than20localproviders. Inresponse to We’re partofanestablished localcare provider partnership, ONLINE PROVIDER MEETINGS PARTNERSHIPS CASE STUDY: MEETINGS & COMMISSIONER LIVERPOOL CIC

their care ontime.” when we neededitmost, andgotourservices “it was invaluable, anditreally helpedusout branch. Operations Manager, Tina Welsh, says, time andwas usedover 40timesby ourLiverpool got thecare andsupportthey neededat theright was vitalinensuringourvulnerable service users made partitionsfor socialdistancing. This service secure taxis,withregular sanitisingandpurpose- with ComCab, whoprovided afleet of Covid- funded by Liverpool CityCouncil, inpartnership get to theirservice homes. Taxis user’s were fully transport services, somestaff were struggling to Due to theceasing andreduction ofpublic COMCAB TAXI SERVICE CASE STUDY:

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LIVERPOOL SERVICE us –runninguntiltheendof August. the council andhasbeeninvaluable to 2pm. This schemewas fullyfundedby delivered the next day, ifordered before as masks,handgel,andgloves were high demand.Orders ofsupplies such emergency PPEwhensupplieswere in Council setupawebsite to request were never withoutPPE.Liverpool City often limited to day-by-day need,we Although we hadto ration thesupply, fluid resistant (IIR)andFFP2masks. supplying uswithPPE,particularlythe Authority, who’ve beenfantastic in We received supported from ourLocal importation. through otherchannels,including working tirelessly to procure supplies re-directed to theNHS,whichmeant our existing supplychainfor PPEwas In thefirst few monthsofthepandemic, only usedby exception before theCovid pandemic. almost alldirect care andsupport,butmedical-grade maskswere As anorganisation, ourCare andSupportWorkers usePPEfor PEOPLE SAFE KEEPING equipment to domy work” the rightamountandcorrect PPEand disagreed withthestatement “I’ve had only 5%ofourcolleagues inLiverpool masks inMarch andAprilin particular, Although itwas achallengesourcing the virus. preventing exposure to, andspread of travel andcontact withtheoffice, other equipmentto colleagues, reducing Our Team Leaders delivered PPEand Covid-19 period had felt safe at work over the of Liverpool colleagues saidthey 91% PAULA -CAREWORKER sure Ihaditthat day or next day. They were brilliant.” calls to theoffice toask for drop off. They always made “When I’ve neededPPE that was runninglow phone


LIVERPOOL SERVICE we’ve continued to take on new care people. Despite theCovid pandemic, of essential care andsupportto 176 we’re now providing nearly 3,000 hours recruitment andretention meansthat by 16%. The overall improvements in in Liverpool andreduced ourturnover 2020, we recruited 58new Care Workers In the5monthsfrom March to July and onboarding strategy. Covid, we’ve refocusing ourrecruitment Caring, into thesector. Since thestart of passionate, people-driven ethosasBe attract peoplenew to care, withthesame changing ourinterview questions to We moved to values-based recruitment, distancing, we halved thenumberofattendees inevery induction. Emergency Aidcontinued to beclassroom-based. To maintainsocial of ourclassroom delivery. Learning unitssuchasManualHandlingand based interviews andonlinelearningunitsto replace approximately half We made our interview andinductionprocess virtual,moving to video- RETAINING TALENT ATTRACTING & 100% average) to perform theirrole. (12%more than provided was goodenoughfor them Covid* thinktheinductionandtraining of colleagues whojoinedduring *12 respondents. session, whichisthenconducted quarterly. and 12-untiltheirfirst “BeSupported” conducts check-in callsat week 1,2,4,8 day, andourVicky Sinclair (Co-ordinator) the Operations Managerafter theirfirst include aWelcome callfrom Tina Welch, we refined ouronboarding process to To ensure thewelfare ofnew starters, an additional23people, andtheirfamilies. packages, providing care andsupportto from 38days to 19days. time across BeCaringby 50%, We’ve reduced ouronboarding 50% ALISON -CAREWORKER are still there andhelpwhenIneedit... Ican’tfault thehelp andsupportIhave had.” them andthey helpedmewiththeinformation Ineeded.Astimehasgone on, I’ve calledthemless, butthey I needed.can’tnamejust oneperson.because they allcontributed. Myfirst day on my own, I kept calling “As anew Care Worker, Iwould like to say that theoffice team gave meallthesupport over thephonethat

rate for first stage interviews hasgreatly reduced. has removed somebarriersto peopleattending, sothedropout video calling.This hasproved to bea really positive move, asit she conducts interviews, runningthem virtuallyviaWhatsApp During thepandemic,she’s hadto completely transform theway service users. they are to doanamazing jobofproviding care for our candidate alignswithourcompany values, andhow motivated necessarily lookfor previous experience, shelooksat how the When interviewing prospective care workers, Lauren doesn’t well doneLauren! noted anamazingriseinnew care workers joiningourteam – at ourTyneside office. Since she’s beeninthepost, we’ve recruitment inMerseyside, liaisingwithourrecruitment team office administrator inLiverpool. She’s been working todrive Laura madethemove into recruitment, from arole asour LAUREN -RECRUITER CASE STUDY BE PROUD:


LIVERPOOL SERVICE LIVELIHOODS PROTECTING and rota management. Care Workers hasincreased through more effective co-ordination We’ve madezero redundancies andtheaverage income ofour and staff beingfurloughed, we saw asustained risein recruitment. Whilst many companies saw vast levels ofredundancies, closures August, we made357 Covid Top Up Caring, inthe5monthsfrom Aprilto ceasing theircare service. Across Be to service users shieldingortemporarily who’ve lost working hours(income) due the income ofCare andSupportWorkers and commissioners, we’ve supplemented implemented by ourLocal Authorities With theCovid-19 supportmeasures of income. without sustained orsubstantial loss colleagues, keeping themsafe at home, who isshielding.This meantprotecting people whoare livingwithsomeone shielding purposes,thisincludessome Government JobRetention schemefor Liverpool (45across BeCaring),onthe to work. We placed 3colleagues in furlough untilthey were safe to return shield theopportunityto beplaced on We offered employees whoneeded to

Support Workers. minimising theimpactonourCare and payment, protecting theincome, and Payments at anaverage of15hoursper (April to August 2020). average of13hoursperpayment to Care Workers inLiverpool, at an We made14Covid Top Uppayments 14 DONNA -CARER I’ve still gotajobto come backto.” that Icanbehomewithmy children andknowing that “I’ve beenable to pay my bills,it’s beenarelief knowing


LIVERPOOL SERVICE MOVING FORWARD OUR PRIORITIES support communication andaccess to mentalhealthandfinancial guidance, andimprove collegue wellbeing through effective We willcontinue to supportculture change, instil Covid-safe outcomes (withsomeslightvariations withineachservice, dependingontheirindividualcircumstances, strengths andneeds): As aresult ofouranalysis (includingtheCovid-19 survey feedback), asacompany BeCaringare moving to thefollowing engagement andexternal communications. Content Creators to help thebusiness to continue to improve internal During theCovid-19 period,we employed two part-time Digital colleague survey: out messages ofsupportandgratitude to ourcolleagues. Inourrecent supplies) andthelatest government guidelinesandhave regularly sent communicated clearguidance around PPE(includinghow to access feel protected andsafe at work. Throughout thepandemicwe have As acompany, we have created anenvironment where allemployees do my work.” know what PPEisrequired to agreed withthestatement “I of colleagues across BeCaring 97% frequent andclear. communications hadbeen agreed that guidance and of colleagues across BeCaring 94% online learningunitsfor more experienced Care andSupportWorkers. We’re continuing ourdigital/virtual recruitment process andwillretain to theDBSprocess, ouronboarding timehalved. time. Asaresult ofworking digitally, andwith thetemporary changes and that new starters were entering theirrole at suchanuncertain This isafantastic achievement given thescaleandpace ofchange, perform their role: provided was goodenoughfor themto were asked iftheinductionandtraining Be CaringduringtheCovid-19 period Those whohadstarted working at recruitment andinduction process We willcontinue ourdigital in theirrole. *52 respondents. training for themto perform a goodenoughinductionand Caring* agreed that they had of colleagues across Be 88%

Be Caring.*52 respondents. settled intheirnew role at Be Caring*saidthey felt of new colleagues across 87%


LIVERPOOL SERVICE launch alocalVoice initiative inthenew year. colleague recognition scheme–theAbove andBee-yond Award andwill our colleagues, isthenpassed onto ourservice users.We’re launchinganew wellbeing ofouremployees, andretain them.The respect andcare we offer and conditions for thoseworking inthecare sector, we want to protect the our colleagues inthelives ofthosewe support.Alongsidebetter terms As anemployee owned socialenterprise, we recognise theimportance of or increase productivity levels. will continue homeworking, retaining flexibility, while continuing to maintain working through virtualteam meetingsandhomeworking. Somecolleagues In response to theCovid-19 pandemic,we’ve developed greater team for teamwork andrecognise colleagues’ goodwork We’ll continue to establish andpromote opportunities MOVING FORWARD OUR PRIORITIES those Isupport.” work hasmadeadifference to agreed withthestatement “My of colleagues across BeCaring 98% work hasbeenvalued.” agreed withthestatement “My of colleagues across BeCaring 89%

Room for Growth Liverpool Service Priority: and makingthoseimportantcommunity connections. impact inlocalcommunities, beingvisiblewithourpartners We alsoseethislocation asbeingcentral to us having areal learn from, andsupporteachother. colleagues to come together, socialise, share best practice and are importantto us.We envision ournew office asaplace for As anemployee-owned organisation, ourteam andourculture people whoneedit. us to grow ourcapacityto deliver highqualitycare to more drive to attract talentto BeCaring,whichinturn,willenable colleagues. We hopethismove willcontinue to supportour which ismore centrally located, withmore space for Our ambitionasaservice isto finda new office location, tricky to access by publictransport. meant potential new starters dropped outoftheprocess, asit’s our most significant barriers-ouroffice location, which often to amore digitalprocess meantwe were ableto remove oneof attracting new Care Workers andretaining that talent.Shifting As aservice, we’ve already madesignificantheadway in


LIVERPOOL SERVICE SUMMARY open culture where theemployees feel valued andsafe at work. and closer-knitduringthistime, andthat BeCaringhave promoted an colleagues across thecompany have saidthey have felt more bonded When interviewed andsurveyed abouttheCovid-19 outbreak, of Covid-19. suffered aloss ofincome asa result for thosewhowould otherwisehave furlough schemeandwage top-ups offered themfinancial stabilityviathe to protect all our employees’ jobsand During thepandemic,we’ve beenable we support. improve thelives andwellbeing ofthose colleagues doingthe smallest things to with inspirational stories andexamples of and beyond for thepeoplewe support, support for. We’ve continued to goabove protected thosewe provide care and ensure we kept ourcolleagues safe and implemented processes neededto and practices. We acted quicklyand updated withchangingguidance correct PPEandkeeping colleagues We focused ourefforts onsourcing the

volunteers andvoluntary sector groups. a community asset andintegrating with the communities we serve –becoming support andhaving apositive impacton difference to thelives ofthose we of choice for everyone, makingareal partners sothat we canbetheProvider with ourcommissioners andsystem We’ll continue to work collaboratively offer alarger bonus at Christmas. £30 or£50bonusinJuly, andplanto able to reward every employee witha result, we are delighted that we were and growth across thebusiness. Asa Their hard work hasresulted instability colleagues have beenacredit to us. Throughout thepandemic,our LETISHA -CAREWORKER -LIVERPOOL know that we canhelpsomeone, give themlove andmake themhappy.” “I’ve saidthis before, butIdolove my job, itgives mesomuchjoy to

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