Lesson 6: Selling

We’ve been diligently working through our lessons and our discussions all to benefit our writing skills and get our Steampunk stories sold. And now we are at of our lesson and I’ll be taking Q&A as we wind up this, our last lesson, on Steampunk. What have we looked at so far?

The 2 biggies:

1. History We talked about the history of Steampunk, how it grew out of the Industrial Age, that change in that fed the middle class. We talked about “ Romances” of the early days, and H. G. Wells. And all that was well and good but Steampunk never really took off as a until J. K. Jeter dubbed the phrase in a to Locus Mag.

2. Elements We broke several stories down to their essential genre elements—what was essential, what was not— and how we can use them to best effect. We studied how some of today’s popular Steampunk writers presented their stories to the public and how we could use that information to infuse into our own.

3. Writing Then we presented our own writing, and discussed how we can improve and present our stories with “Steampunk Style.”

Now let’s look at where we can sell our work. Selling Steampunk

Steampunk is a subgenre of Science —it has the science of a certain age, usually Victorian, and the Fiction of , well, fiction of fiction, of going one step further than SF and into its own .

But that doesn’t mean, as much as we love our Steampunk, that there’s a lot of markets available nor does it mean it’s easy to sell. Because there aren’t and it isn’t.

So I want to offer you some potential info.

Of course, the best thing a writer can do is Google it. Try something like “Steampunk publishers” and “Steampunk” and “Steampunk ” and so on. And while I can’t list all the potential markets for you (and I wouldn’t even if I could), I can give you some tried-and-true market listings and that us experience and writers know and love. Lesson 6: Selling Steampunk / 2

If you have a Steampunk or series you love, see who published it. Could be, they’ll be accepting submissions . And you can inquire about agents and editors accepting Steampunk on and Twitter. You’d be amazed at the response!

Ralan.com Is a great listing of all things Science Fiction and Fantasy, including Steampunk. You can get novel markets, , anthologies, magazines, ezines, contests, and all things in between. Ralan lists pro markets down to “for the love.”

Duotrope.com Duotrope is a subscription-based service for writers that offers an extensive, searchable database of current fiction, , and non-fiction markets, a calendar of upcoming deadlines, submissions trackers, and useful statistics.

Tachyon Editors, Ann & Jeff VanderMeer. Listen to the download of Jeff VanderMeer being interviewed about steampunk on Australian public radio HERE. submission guidelines.

Samhain This house has been around a while and earned quite a reputation for itself. And there’s a “Special Call’ at this writing for gothic Horror Anthology.

Steampunk Publishing This one is new to me,.This is more about Steampunk gaming, but writers tell stories, right? And so do games.

Kindling Press Kindling Press was founded by to give readers a choice: to pay $10 for a paperback, of which the sees 25 cents, or to pay $5 for an ebook, of which the author gets $5.

Xchyler Publishing A new in Fantasy, and Steampunk. With inspiring writers, innovative strategies, and a progressive editorial staff, The plays a key role in defining the emerging domain of independent publishing. Up-coming contests include: Fantasy: July 31, 2013 through August 30, 2013 ; : Back to the ; Steampunk: October 31, 2013 through November 30, 2013 ; Theme: Around the World in Eighty Days ; Mystery: January 31, 2014 through March 2, 2014

Goth, Gadgets & Grunge: Steampunk With Style!© By Pat Hauldren Lesson 6: Selling Steampunk / 3

Fiction Magazines At this writing is looking for eSteampunk short stories 7500 words or less.

White Publications Our new Steampunk , called simply “Steam” will be debuting October 1st over at our Sam’s Dot imprint. We’re be deciding on an editor over the next weeks and will then issue the guidelines and the call for submissions.

Red Sage Publishing Publishers of erotic romance

Tor Books

So say I have a fave book and I think I write like that author. Let’s say I love The Glass Book of the Dream Eaters by Gordon Dahlquist. I go on Amazon and look it up, find the publisher. Bantam Books, and if a particular publishing house wants to deal with agents only, find the author’s agent. A little can a lot of great and useful info . LocusMag is a great way to track down editors and agents.

And don’t forget your local and no-so-local conventions! RWA, World Science Fiction & Fantasy (), World Fantasy, DragonCon, and authentic Steampunk conventions from Long Beach, California, to Camber Sands, Engiand, to Rome, Italy, to Daytona Beach, Florida, to Gettysburg, PA (now there’s a place to punk out!), to Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Wow, right?

You can get a great 2013 listing at Tor.com/blogs

Have fun and keep writing!

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Goth, Gadgets & Grunge: Steampunk With Style!© By Pat Hauldren