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Symphony holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification in quality and environmental management. Global leader in and Additives

A British Public Company Oxo-biodegradable, Anti-Microbial, Odour Adsorber F M 3 7 9 3 9 EMS567450 & Flame Retardant Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc is a global company, specialising in marketing innovative additives and masterbatches to enhance products.

Symphony’s trademarks Our leading brands d2w (oxo-biodegradable represent not just a plastic) and d2p (anti-microbial plastic) are suitable for a wide range of applications, in fact supply of additive or almost anything made of plastic, or packed in , but a plastic, can benefit from our technologies. whole system aimed at • Over 75 Distributors serving almost adding value to every 100 countries worldwide. participant in the supply • World leaders in oxo-biodegradable and anti-microbial technologies. chain – right through to • Continual research and development keeps the end-user us at the forefront of the industry and offers our customers a unique service.

• Our d2w masterbatch is the only oxo-biodegradable additive in the world to be awarded an ABNT Eco-Label, and is certified by the Oxo-biodegradable Association (OPA) • Symphony is regulated by the London Stock Exchange and traded on its AIM market as “SYM” and on NASDAQ as “SETPY”. Established in 1995 we have a wealth of experience in helping our customers and partners develop and improve their products.

01 The d2w brand together PLASTIC, with the Eco-Label represents Quality, Service, WITHOUT THE Security of Supply and ENVIRONMENTAL more importantly, Trust.

BAGGAGE • No need for new machinery or to re-train workforce. • Seamless integration into the manufacturing process. • Added at only 1% means little or no on-cost. • The same characteristics in terms of strength and flexibility as conventional plastics. • Proven performance in terms of degradation, and eco-toxicity by test methods prescribed by ASTM D 6954-04, AFNOR Accord T51-808, BS 8472 and ESMA standard 5009:2009. • Can be safely recycled with conventional plastic. • More than 200,000 tons of plastic

containing d2w have been successfully cause recycled in the last 5 years.

• 2dw has been tested for food-contact safety according to the requirements of the European Union Regulation No 10/2011 and the Food & Drugs Administration of the United States, Code of Federal Regulation, Title 21 and ANVISA RDC 17/2008: d2w controlled-life plastic technology • A study carried out by Intertek in 2012 into the life cycle of shopping bags, concluded that the environmental credentials of When d2w® is included at the manufacturing stage it converts everyday products (made from PE, PP or PS) at the end of their oxo- were ahead of bio-based and conventional plastic bags. useful life into materials which are biodegradable in the open environment in the same way as a leaf only quicker, and without leaving toxic residues. All of this adds up to substantial positive PR for customers, being d2w is the only oxo-biodegradable plastic additive to be awarded an internationally- a practical demonstration of their recognised Eco-Label. The Eco-Label proves the environmental credentials of d2w and distinguishes it from all other oxo-biodegradable additives on the market, concern for the environment and helping to enhance the ‘green value’ of the brand. their commitment to sustainability. Oxo-biodegradable technology is now mandatory in the United Arab Emirates and several other countries, who know that it is not possible to collect 100% of the plastic waste. They are continuing to use plastic because it is the most cost effective way to protect food and other goods from damage and contamination.

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Designed to protect A family of masterbatches which offer extra protection to plastic products from bacteria, insects, fungi, algae, odour, Extra fouling and fire. protection for toys, baby products and Designed to combat algae, fungi and bacteria which can cause contamination of food, shoes, re-usable bags with cables and a host of other items. Our anti-microbial d2p anti-bacterial masterbatch has been successfully tested against technology over 50 common organisms including dangerous bacteria such as MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Pseudomonas and Aspergillus Niger. • Cost effective protection against contamination, infections, staining, discolouration and odours • Available for food and non-food applications • Included in the polymer to inhibit the growth Flame retardants decrease the ignitability of of algae, fungi and bacteria. BAG 4 LIFE CONTAINS SANAFOR® ANTI-MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY materials and inhibit the combustion process. TO PREVENT THE BUILD-UP OF MICRO-ORGANISMS INSIDE* • It works at conventional processing • Reduces flame propagation speed temperatures, maintaining its effectiveness

• Reduces smoke emissions * Active substance in SANAFOR® antimicrobial technology is approved for long periods and with maximum stability by the US Food and Drug Administration for multiple-use food-contact plastics DURABLENEW! BAG WITH during manufacture, storage and use. ANTI-MICROBIAL anti-m • Flame retardant materials are obligatory ic ro PROTECTION b i a l


l a in many applications from automotive s t ic p ro ducts

SANAFOR® is a trademark of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Belgium materials, cabling, electrical and ® d2p is a registered trademark of Symphony Environmental Ltd BARCODE This bag is recyclable. TO GO HERE furnishing products, building and Warning: To avoid the danger of suffocation please keep this bag away from babies and small children. Dispose responsibly when no longer needed. 04 household appliances. Contains zinc pyrithione 05 Our d Detector plastic analysing device 2 Guarantee

A portable XRF (X-ray) device for analysing plastic products and determining their components Symphony guarantees its products to work, and including the addition rate of additives. The device is used for quality control and anti-counterfeiting. will advise on any production issues, unlike other additives and masterbatches which are often supplied For the very first time, commercial users and governments can know immediately (on the spot) what is inside plastic products and whether they have been made correctly. with no after-sales service or guarantee. • Used across Symphony’s worldwide distribution network, protecting commercial  Our products have been tested by internationally- end-users from fraud. respected and accredited research and testing institutions. • Takes less than 60 seconds to verify that a product has additive inside and in the right amounts.  Our technical experts are always at your disposal. • Essential tool for enforcement agencies in countries where legislation requires  Unrivalled monitoring and testing. oxo-biodegradable plastic. • An invaluable tool for quality control and anti-counterfeiting.  We will work tirelessly with your manufacturers to make sure the products meet all expectations.

d2t anti-counterfeiting system

Symphony’s d2t masterbatches provide a unique trace that is added to products at the manufacturing stage. • Provides plastic with a unique identity.

• Added at only 1%, d2trace is compatible with the vast majority of plastics.

• The trace can be easily read using Symphony’s portable d2Detector. • Field readability allows inspectors to confirm provenance of product without sending to a lab.

06 07 WE MAKE IT 2 Symphony Environmental Technologies plc OUR BUSINESS Annual Report and Accounts 2011 TO SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS 02 Symphony in detail Symphony Environmental Technologies plc specialises in developing and marketing Unbeatable technical help & support a wide range of technologies • Unique quality control systems, unmatched by other additive suppliers. and services. The group

• Free testing and reports for d2w, covering product-performance measurements and characteristics. is dedicated to finding • Masterbatches manufactured by specialist factories in 5 locations around the technological solutions world to ensure continuity and minimise our environmental footprint. • Products manufactured in accordance with our manufacturing instructions and technical to the world’s health and data sheets are rigorously tested in our laboratories before commercial production. • Free technical support to manufacturers using Symphony’s masterbatches. environmental problems. Our specialist engineers will travel to the factories if necessary. • We maintain close working relationships with research institutes and Universities around the world, including Queen Mary University of London and Nottingham University – UK, University of Pisa - Italy, UAM Mexico, University Blaise Pascal in France and many others. • Our technical managers are fully qualified polymer engineers and we have well-equipped, expertly staffed laboratories in the UK and other locations around the world. About Symphony Since 2010 the business has been broadening Symphony is an active member of Listings its horizons, looking at the wider health and the following organisations: Symphony is quoted on the AIM market of the environmental issues that could be solved by London Stock Exchange. The company is also innovation. We have launched d2p, an additive — The Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association traded on the Plus Market in London and US that provides plastic with antimicrobial (OPA) investors can access shares via the Bank of performance, the first additive is already on — The International Organisation for New York American Depository Receipt (ADR) the market and other variations and Standardisation (ISO) program. applications are in development. d2p — The American Society for Testing and complements our already popular, world Materials (ASTM) ISO accreditation leading, controlled life plastic additive d2w. — The European Standards Organisation (CEN) Symphony has held ISO standard 9001:2008 — The British Standards Institute (BSI) since 1997, operating a quality management An additional service enhancement is the — The British Plastics Federation (BPF) system which complies with the standard. d2Detector, providing customers with the — The Society of the Chemical Industry UK Symphony is now also delighted to hold reassurance that their products contain the (SCI) accreditation for ISO Standard 14001: 2004, Symphony’s products are being correctused additives. by some The detector of alsothe helps leading — companiesThe Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC) operating an environmental management detect products that have been counterfeited. — The Society of Plastics Engineers US (SPE) system that complies with the standard. and brand owners around the world. — The NH Hoteles Sustainability Programme — The European Organisation for Packaging Our Global Network Not only can our customers rely on outstanding technical and andafter-sales the Environment support, (EUROPEN) Our network of distributors continues to grow. We currently have 68 distributers covering 96 but we are able to advise on production, processing, manufacturing and materials, countries worldwide. This network is backed public relations and marketing. up by a global team of technical support.

European (CEN) American (ASTM) British (BSI) Worldwide (ISO) France (AFNOR) 08 Symphony participates in the committee work of standards bodies worldwide 09 Symphony Environmental Ltd 6 Elstree Gate, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 1JD, England

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8207 5900 Facsimile: +44 (0)20 8207 7632 Email: [email protected] | facebook | twitter | linkedin

Symphony holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification in quality and environmental management. Global leader in Polymer Masterbatches and Additives

A British Public Company Oxo-biodegradable, Anti-Microbial, Odour Adsorber F M 3 7 9 3 9 EMS567450 & Flame Retardant