exist-ence a festival of live art, and action art

13 – 16 October, 2011 Brisbane Powerhouse Queensland, Australia



This event would not be possible without the generosity of each and every participant. You have given your time and your work for free for us to experience your art. Thank You.


[2011 crew] Thomas Quirk & Rebecca Cunningham





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about exist

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exist acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which it is situated, and is committed to fostering a culture of remembrance and respect for Indigenous people.

The contents of this catalogue is printed in good faith; any errors within are the curators alone. Opinions expressed by exist-ence participants are theirs alone and not necessarily the opinions of the curators of exist-ence.

exist-ence: a festival of live art, performance art and action art presented by exist and the Brisbane Powerhouse Venue: Brisbane Powerhouse, 119 Lamington St. New Farm Admission: $10/8 day pass $30/25 festival pass Presenting work by artists from Australia, Canada, , , The Netherlands, , Portugal, , Spain, Sweden, UK, USA

About exist-ence: a festival of live art, performance art and action art Following the success of exist in 08, exist presents the fourth annual exist-ence festival, bringing the best, the bold and the brave to Brisbane Powerhouse. Emerging, mid-career and established artists from across the city, nation and globe will gather in Brisbane exploring unknown terrain, unanswered questions and unresolved conversations. Across four days these artists will carve a space for live art, action art and performance art into our city. Audiences are invited to take part by exploring our diverse program including performances, artist talks, films, networking events, forums and symposia.

About exist exist is an independent artist run initiative based in Brisbane, Australia that has evolved from Rebecca Cunningham’s initial vision: exist’s inaugural international live event “exist in 08“. exist’s core members comprise of Rebecca Cunningham, Melody Woodnutt, Nicola Morton and Thomas Quirk and also includes volunteers who offer their valuable time and resources exist aims to make spaces where artists, audiences and communities can engage openly; spaces where one can pause; ask, discover, surrender, to being – to existing. exist holds a range of events – from international festivals, “exist-ence”, to regular local events, “exist-ing”, to cultivate an open and visible platform for live, action, and performance arts through altruistic curation. exist is committed to the inclusion of willing artists that need a space to practice, produce, progress, share, present, and develop work that builds their practice and contributes to a larger dialogue within the Australian establishment of live arts culture.

About the curators: - Thomas Quirk is a director of contemporary performance and inter-arts forms. Thomas’ focus is towards creating an immersive and sensory experience for theatre audiences. Driving his practice are questions about closing the space between audience and performer: How do we manage the line between challenging an audience and alienating our audiences? What moral and ethical values are we as artists responsible for upholding where the treatment of our audiences is concerned? Are we causing our audiences discomfort? Does this discomfort cause change?Most recently Thomas directed The Pact presented by Backbone Youth Arts and Brisbane Powerhouse for World Theatre Festival 2011. Over the past two years Thomas has created and directed Pro-stasis (BF09 UNDER THE RADAR Festival, 2009), Shades of Grey (Vena Cava Productions, 2009), [vacant] at the burned down skate arena in Red Hill (2009), the initial development of Pro-stasis (Vena Cava Productions’ Capillaries Festival, 2008) and The Girl Who Fell In Love With Winter with the Queensland University of Technology. Thomas is a term-based workshop facilitator for young people with Backbone Youth Arts, is an associate artist with the company and in 2010 was the Performance Coordinator for the company’s annual 2high Festival. 2011 will see Thomas develop The Raven; an experiential live performance adaptation of the literary masterpiece by Edgar Allan Poe.

- Rebecca Cunningham is an Australian sound and performance artist, curator interested in all methods of making. Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Music, Performance from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University and Bachelor of Creative Industries 2A Honours, Interdisciplinary from QUT and is currently undertaking a PHD in Business [Griffith University] exploring the impact of trust in the global performance art network. www.rebeccacunningham.wordpress.com

exist-ence schedule

Thursday October 13 Time Artist(s) / Program Venue 1700 – 2200 various \ performance on DVD {free} Turbine Platform 1700 – 2200 various \ documentation/2 day project Graffiti Room 1700 – 2200 Robert Millett \ live Graffiti Room 1900 – 2200 Andi & Sun \ live Various 1900 – 2000 Agnes Nedregard \ remote Turbine Rehearsal Studio 2015 – 2100 VestAndPage \ film Turbine Rehearsal Studio 2100 – 2200 Ron Seeto\Benji Johnson \ live Turbine Rehearsal Studio Friday October14 1600 – 1800 artist talks/forums {free} Graffiti Room 1700 – 2000 Malcolm Whittaker & Georgie Meagher {free} Lift 1800 – 2300 documentation / 2 day project [various] Graffiti Room 1800 – 2300 Robert Millett \ live Graffiti Room 1900 – 2200 Andi & Sun \ live Various 1800 – 1830 BBB Johannes Deimling \ remote Performance lawn 1830 – 1845 Michael Mayhew \ film Turbine Rehearsal Studio 1845 – 1900 Francis O’Shaughnessy \ film Turbine Rehearsal Studio 1900 – 2200 Lady Kitt \ live streaming Graffiti Room 1900 – 2000 Jake Sun & Annie Bowman \ live Turbine Rehearsal Studio 2020 – 2100 Rebecca Cunningham \ live Turbine Rehearsal Studio 2100 – 2145 VestAndPage \ film Turbine Rehearsal Studio 2145 – 2200 John G. Boehme \ film Turbine Rehearsal Studio 2200 – 2210 Beatriz Albuquerque \ film Turbine Rehearsal Studio 2210 – 2230 Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter \ film Turbine Rehearsal Studio Saturday October 15 1400 – 1800 artist talks/forums {free} Graffiti Room/Performance Lawn 1700 – 2000 Malcolm Whittaker & Georgie Meagher {free} Lift 1800 – 2300 documentation / 2 day project [various] Graffiti Room 1800 – 2300 Peter Baren \ documentation Graffiti Room 1800 – 1900 Teatro Deluxe \ live streaming Graffiti Room 1800 – 2300 Clare Dyson \ live Dressing Room / Graffiti Room 1900 – 2000 Jamie McMurry \ live Turbine Rehearsal Studio 2000 – 2030 Frans van Lent \ film Turbine Rehearsal Studio 2030 – 2300 Performance on DVD Turbine Rehearsal Studio Sunday October 16 1600 – 1730 artist talks/forums {free} Graffiti Room 1730 – 1830 Symposia {free} Graffiti Room 1800 – 2300 documentation / 2 day project [various] Graffiti Room 1900 – 2200 Rachel Parry \ remote Graffiti Room 1900 – 2200 James Cunningham \ live Turbine Rehearsal Studio 1900 – 1910 Adam Gruba \ film Graffiti Room 1910 – 1930 Nicola Morton \ film Graffiti Room 1930 – 2200 Michael Mayhew \ film Graffiti Room 2000 – 2200 Michelle Xen & Dhana Merritt \ live Turbine Rehearsal Studio

This catalogue is printed on Australian sourced Reflex carbon neutral paper

About the program:

Artist talks / forums/symposia are a series of talks, panels and debates will bring together artists, researchers and audiences to discuss issues of Live Art Practice.

Live performance: Live performances will occur in various spaces in the Brisbane Powerhouse. See the exist-ence schedule for full details

Streaming Performance: Some international artists will perform live streaming their performances into the various spaces in the venue.

Remote Performance There are a number of artists who wished to be present in person at this event, however due to funding constraints, they were unable to join us in the flesh, but have instead, offered documents, films, instructions, and actions for us to explore and experience in their absentia.

Performance Art on Film: DVDs of performance documentation or performance for film will be screened in space

Performance archive/art-i-fact/documentation Want to know more about performance art, live art, action art? Spend some time perusing the archive materials, books, pictures and art-i-facts, collected by the curators and submitted by artists for you to enjoy each day in the Graffiti Room.

Artists information from A - Z

Adam Gruba Poland Performance art on Film

GOLEM performance-in-process

GOLEM is a series of performances based on his own philosophy (Adam Gruba) as an emerging powerhouse in its own way-against-the method of constructing a message to the space chosen intuitively as possible to adapt the situation of being a physical representation of the deduction inside the mind as the main representative of the context and its own traditions. The presented work is a summary presentation of the different


Agnes Nedregard Norway Remote Performance

Agnes Nedregard is a Norwegian performance artist based in Scotland and Norway. Her working practice is primarily based in live performance, while exploring a bodily language in other mediums like video drawings and sculptural installations. She holds a Masters of Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art (2005), and has since showed her work in festivals, galleries and screenings in Europe, North America and Asia. Frequently she engages in collaborative practice with other artists, among these Scottish visual artist Moray Hillary and Brazilian aerialist and performer Raquel Nicoletti. Recent projects includes participation in 2010 in and workshop for 7a*11d International Performance Art festival in , as a FADO artist, a solo show incl. live performances in 2011 for Acme Project Space, , in collaboration with Moray Hillary. Also in 2011, she was invited by Black Market International to perform at New Territories in Glasgow, as well as performing for the opening of the group show The Northern Stars: White, at gallery .NO in New York. Nedregard teaches performance art workshops to students of art, film, theatre and architecture in Europe, as well as lecturing, occationally in her pervious role as editor (2009 – 2011) of www.nordictantrum.org, a web magazine for Nordic performance art. She is joint initiator of Bergen Kjøtt, a studio and showcasing facility for and music in Bergen. In 2011 she is the initiator and curator of Never or Now, an international performance art festival at Bergen Kjøtt, www.neverornow.no.

Image credit: Entrances, Acme Project Space, London 2011, Christoffer Eide / Julia Lancaster

More at www.axisweb.org/artist/agnesnedregard

Alyssa Lee Wilmot USA Remote Performance

alyssa lee Wilmot is a choreographer, dancer, performance artist, photographer, producer, and educator, who draws upon a rich variety of movement vocabularies, techniques, forms, and experiences to create her work. alyssa holds a B.A. in philosophy from the college of wooster, ohio, an M.F.A. in dance choreography and performance from mills college, california. in 2003 alyssa established group A, an experimental dance and performance company committed to placing dance and ACTION art in close contact with other forms. alyssa's work with group A has been shown at various venues, festivals, art galleries, and events in the US and other countries such as spain, germany, + Lithuania. alyssa is also the co- creator, curator, and producer of POW! mini performance art festival in san francisco along with gal*in_dog and Guillermo Gómez-Peña. short text about work /a/=a is a self portrait experiment: what happens when we document personal real emotional experiences?


Andi & Sun Australia Live Performance

Andi & Sun are a Brisbane based performative duo. Their practice negotiates the semiotics of language through the subversion of codes and conventions associated with communication. They negate the potential for language and gesture to act as a fixed signifier for meaning, employing paradoxical loops and durational performances that seek to emphasize and ubiquitise gesture. Andi & Sun’s work relies on recognition of visual and audible cues that are obsessed over to a point in which they reach a terminal velocity in impact. The duo then push beyond this to render the significance of the gesture almost unrecognizable. This absence is left with the viewer, creating a poignant moment of reflection, though at times not in solace, but in anxiety.

Their practice encourages a questioning of one’s own epistemology by drawing attention to the affect of language, and the arbitrary nature of meaning. The artists often use their work as a platform to engage with the intricacies of social norms that act, whether directly or indirectly, as an exercise of cathartic action, channeling the release of personal and cultural tensions.

Performance Artist Talk Thursday 13 Oct 7 – 10pm | Friday 14 Oct 7 – 10pm Saturday 15 Oct 2pm

BBB Johannes Deimling Germany Remote Performance

BBB Johannes Deimling (Born Germany, 1969) uses everyday objects to create living images reflecting a society full of contradictions, sentimentality, stupidity, creativity and co-operation. Finding ideas and influences from the banality of daily life, he transforms themes such as patience, will, war, religion, memory and transportation into physical and poetical images. Since 1988 Deimling has worked as an artist in the fields of performance art, action art, video, installation, drawing and sound. His work has been presented at events, exhibitions and festivals all over the world. Deimling is a networker and uses his international contacts for to organize and curate various performance art festivals and events such as “Seanahk” in Haapsalu, Estonia, “From Me To You” and “Men Only” in . Since 1998 he has devoted much of his practice to lecturing and teaching on performance art at various academic institutions including the F+F School for Art and Media Design in Zürich, the Estonian Art Academy in Tallinn and the TU in Dresden in Germany. He also founded PAS - Performance Art Studies, a workshop project for international art students and young artists which has been realized in Canada, Germany, Israel, , France, Poland, Norway and the Czech Republic. Since 2011 Deimling is working at the NTA - Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad.

Image credit: Monika Sobczak [www.mmonikasobczak.com], taken at the performance ‘leaking memories [part 3], Prezentacja Eksperyment Działanie, curated by Danka Milewska, club mozg, Bydgoszcz, Poland 2011

http://www.bbbjohannesdeimling.de personal website

http://pas.bbbjohannesdeimling.de PAS – Performance Art Studies

http://www.p-a-i-l.net PAIL – Performance Art Information List

http://www.hiof.no/scenekunst NTA - Norwegian Theatre Academy

Beatriz Albuquerque Portugal Performance on film

Colour [2009]

Description: It's a variation of the performance Cor that was realized in Cadiz in the Workshop of performance with Marina Abramovic, Fundacion MontenmedioArte Contemporâneo in 2004. This performance explores key notions about ethnic background and race. 1st my face is entirely painted with red lipstick in circular movements, after that I take individual pieces of fabric and press them to my face to make impressions of my face, as the fabric that surround Christ when he died, Shroud of Turin.

Bio: Born in Portugal. She finished her Master of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of in 2006 and in 2004 she joined the Independent Performance Group founded by Marina Abramovic. In 2005 she won the Distinction Prize from the Ambient Series in the PAC/edge Performance Festival in Chicago and in 2009 the Myers Award: Mix Media Prize from the Columbia University, New York. She is currently (2011) taking the Doctor of Education in Art and Art Education at the Teachers College, Columbia University, New York.


Clare Dyson Australia Live Performance

UNSETTLED II: all we have is right now.

Clare is a choreographer who has creates dance, theatre and site specific performances focusing on the collaborative process. She has created work with a variety of multi- form artists and scientists and has been working with her brother and lighting designer over the last ten years to create work that seamlessly blends movement, light, dance and installation. She received her BA (Dance) and Honours (Visual Art) and has recently finished her PhD looking at how audiences engage with contemporary dance. She has worked as an Artist-In-Resident at the American Dance Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, at Tanzfabrik in Berlin and for four years at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in Brisbane. In 2006 she was nominated for best choreography and won for best independent dance at the Australian Dance Award and received the Ann and Rodney Pearlman Choreographic Fellowship from the US. In 2008 Clare was awarded the Australia Council Cité Internationale des Arts Residency where she spent six months creating her new work The Voyeur. Clare received a National Dance Project grant from the US to tour this work in the United States where it performed to sold out seasons. This work was recently nominated for and Australian Dance Award. She is currently creating a trilogy of short solo works titled UNSETTLED, each creating an intimate experience for the audience. http://www.dysonindustries.com.au http://roomsixty.blogspot.com/

Performance Artist Talk Saturday 15 Oct 7 - 11pm Sunday 16 Oct 4pm

Francis O’Shaughnessy Canada Performance on film

mon divan de bois

English Description

Sit on a wooden couch, she is thinking patiently. During this time, the guys are building a white sand arena for the lemon throwing.


Quebec artist in Fine Arts, with frequent presentations in performance art, installation and videography in Canada and abroad. He graduated from Laval University in Quebec city and has a Masters degree in Art from the Quebec University in Chicoutimi. Since 2002, he has give more than 100 different performances in 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. In 2007, he made his first film Henri and Charlotte, in 2009, my wooden couch and in 2010 The Posh. In 2007, he created the Art Nomade Event at Saguenay and he is collaborating with different curators on other art projects. He is actually doing his Doctorat in Performance at the University of Quebec in Montréal. He lives and works in Montréal CANADA.

Générique : Réalisation : Francis O’Shaughnessy Script : Mariève Gagnon Acteurs : Julien Boily, Étienne Boulanger, Patrice Fortin, Catherine Gagnon, Olivier Riffon Directeur photo : Ken Allaire Costumes : Geneviève Bouchard Narrations : Sébastien Harvey, Patrice Leblanc, Sara Létourneau, Guillaume Ouellet Son : Mathieu Tardif Perchiste : Pierre Luc Maltais Photo plateau : Valérie Lavoie Musique : Pascal Beaulieu photo credit is: Valérie Lavoie


Frans van Lent The Netherlands Performance on film Frans van Lent (Rotterdam 1955) lives and works in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, and lectures at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

His work is part of several public collections.

His recent video-performances are available full screen and in full length on the website www.fransvanlent.nl.

The work of Frans van Lent is characterized by simplicity of form and subject matter. The starting point is the artist's body and its locomotion in relationship to the physical surroundings and to the passing of time.

[curator ‘s note: Head is a work made for live streaming at exist-ence Nov 2010. However due to technical difficulties, the link was broken.]

Henrik Hedinge Sweden Performance Documentation

An exhibit of performances. Not photos. Nor video. Nor objects. Only the titles.

There are different kinds of poetry in performance. The actions. The space. The sounds. The audience. The Titles.

Participants include:

Béatrice Didier Carlos Alberto Amaya Barrie James Sutcliffe Stina Pehrsdotter Chris Mollon Mary K Babcock Roi Vaara Kimberly Dark Paul Hurley Adina Bar-On Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson subRosa Sebastian Franzén Johannes Deimling Pomodoro Bolzano Smitha Cariappa


Jake Sun & Annie Bowman Australia Live Performance

Jake Sun:

Jake Sun’s practice is rhizomatic in nature, allowing for multiple, non-hierarchical entry and exit points. Sun explores notions of consciousness, and experience, spanning a variety of mediums including installation, sculpture, video, photography, and performance. Though at times disparate in their engagement and aesthetics, all are united through a sense of the condition. His work is largely informed by personal interests and obsessions with music, literature and film, and often incorporates found elements of the media sphere and pop-culture. Considerations of physicality and spatiality inform the ways in which he restructures the subjects’ pre- existing denotations and associated meanings. The appropriation and orchestration of these materials, invite a relational questioning of broader contexts by positioning both artist and audience, in a negotiable cultural constellation, rather than a defined linear narrative.

Annie Boman

My work is experimenting with the written word and what is lost or gained from this form of communication. I aim to involve text with the ephemeral, the experiential, the appropriated and the responsive. The end product is of less concern to me than the continual process of rearrangement and re-juxtaposition of text, sound and object. I’m interested in making work that is small in scale or that uses more negative space than the space the materials occupy. The demonstration of subtlety is important for me.

I frame my practice loosely as . Many of the questions raised by conceptual art and artists are significant concerns of my own such as ‘what kind of thing can qualify as art?’, ‘must art be beautiful?’ and ‘what is the role of the artist?'.

Image credit: Jake Sun self portrait

Performance Artist Talk Friday 14 Oct 7- 8pm Saturday 15 Oct 2pm

James Cunningham Australia Live Performance

Slow Build My task in this performance is to build a shelter with one arm tied behind my back. It's about ability and disability. The free arm is my left one, which is almost totally paralysed. It might take a while. It's futility/failure vs. ingenuity/integration.

James Cunningham has devised, choreographed and performed solo and ensemble stage shows, performance-installations, live art works, video-dance works and networked/online performances in Australia, Europe, UK, Canada and . He is an artist with a disability, having permanently paralysed his left arm in a motorbike accident in 92. He has practiced independently, and collaboratively with IGNEOUS (SINCE 97); STICKS AND STONES (10); CUNNINGHAM & KEANE (08-09); ACTIVELAYERS (07-09); DV8 PHYSICAL THEATRE (00); NANETTE HASSELL AND DANCERS (92); and DANCE NORTH (89-91). With IGNEOUS, he co-choreographed and performed in Mirage (06, 07, 10), Liquid Skin (05, 06), Fragmentation (02), Thanatonauts, Navigators of Death (02), The Hands Project (00-01), and Body in Question (99-05). With Jondi Keane he created and performed Tuning Fork for The Judith Wright Centre Shopfront (08) and Critical Path’s Drill Hall, Sydney (09). He presented the participatory event Still/City in Exist in 08 and at SEAM2011 Spacing Movement Outside In Symposium, Sydney (11). In 2010 he read his paper Breathing the Walls on performative perceptual awareness at the World Dance Alliance Global Summit, NYC, and was an international participant in Live.Media+Performance.Lab at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Centre, NY.

Image credit: James Cunningham www.igneous.org.au www.tuning-fork.blogspot.com

Performance Artist Talk Sunday 16 October 7-11pm Sunday 16 Oct 4pm

Jamie McMurray USA Live Performance

Devil you know

Jamie McMurry has been working in the fields of performance, video, installation and conceptual art as an organizer, educator and artist for over 15 years. He currently resides in Los Angeles, USA.

Image credit: Henry Chan

Performance Artist Talk Saturday 15 Oct 7-8pm Sunday16 Oct 4pm

John G Boehme Performance on Film

John G. Boehme’s early art practice included painting, sculpture, performance video and digital technology, installation and photography. Boehme describes his recent work as "trans-disciplinary" employing performance, video, audio and objects simultaneously. Boehme is not constrained to any particular creative modality. Boehme has exhibited at screenings and festivals across Canada, the Americas, United Kingdom, Europe and China. John lectures at University of Victoria and is a faculty member at Camosun College and Brentwood College School.

M.o.U BREAK Memorandum of Understanding

Memoranda of Understanding, a new body of trans-disciplinary artworks. Memoranda of Understanding is a series of task-focused actions that attend to "understanding". These actions will be organized in the following way: • Undertake task. • Document task using video and photography. • Answer a standard set of questions; For example, what do I taste, what do I smell, what do I hear, what do I feel? • Consider the answers to these questions in relation to similar previous experience. • Develop an "understanding" and document this understanding within a Memorandum. • Exhibit Memorandum of Understanding, along with documentation of the task in video and still photography and with indexical objects.

Explanation of methodology: It provides a formal structure. It alludes to pseudo-scientific inquiry. It invokes a management paradigm of information representation. All of which draw from a bureaucratic variant of conceptual praxis and serve to heighten an hysterical formalism. MEME Gallery meme.templeofmessages.com/index.html May 11th to 13th 55 Norfolk Street Cambridge, MA 02139 Latitude 42.36553 Longitude 71.10110 IV UNFORESEEN May 15th @ Am Flutgraben 3 - 12435 Berlin kunstfabrik.org/ Longitude 52.496991 Latitude 13.451298 "Break" (something of someone else) Infraction , Italy infractionvenice.org/ June 1-4th Via Giuseppe Garibaldi and Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi Longitude 45.432267 Latitude 12.353145

"Yours as always in perpetual service"

John G. Boehme [email protected] http://people.finearts.uvic.ca/~jgboehme/

Lady Kitt UK Streaming Performance

Co-oper8. Decor8. Recre8.

This performance is inspired by ongoing collaborations with: Peace Campaigner Lisa French, in particular her “Peace of Cake” events, which aim to promote co-operative and harmonious communities by inviting people to share peaceful discussions and cake. Evolutionary Biologist Dr. John Lazarus, with whom Lady Kitt recently collaborated on a project exploring co-operation this resulted in an event that was simultaneously a live art work and a method of collecting scientific data.

“Co-oper8. Decor8. Recre8.” aims to promote consideration of the individual actions and thoughts that are vital in addressing conflict in both domestic and global settings.

Actions: The artist invites members of the public to assist her in creating a series of actions, objects and dioramas which will promote thoughts and discussions about peace. During the performance Lady Kitt will stand motionless in her studio in Newcastle,UK, surrounded by various creative supplies (for example paints, toothpaste, an etch-a-sketch, pound shop toy soldiers, Plasticine etc.). Footage of her will be streamed via live video link to Brisbane.To participate in the work viewers must use a computer in the exhibition space in Brisbane. Each participant will use the “chat” facility on Skype, to send Kitt one brief message (no more than 50 words) containing thoughts about peace and co-operation (for example; what it is, what it isn't, what you have done today to make it happen, what you would [or would not] feel comfortable doing in order to achieve these things).

Kitt will create one action, object or diorama per message, using the content of the message as inspiration

Why?: In September 2001 the United States were subject to a series of four coordinated suicide attacks which killed nearly 3,000 people. Reactions to these events have included: The founding of charities/ government initiatives to promote peace and co-operative communities

• Wars • The construction of religious and secular monuments and buildings for the celebration and research of peace • The detention and alleged torture of prisoners in facilities around the world • Suicide attacks, including the 7 7 bombings in London, of which Lisa French is a survivor • Millions of small, individual acts of peace and co-operation

Whilst raising questions about who can (or should) determine the content of works of art, this piece encourages examination of personal and cultural solutions to conflict; Highlighting the impact of individual actions in maintaining peaceful, co-operative communities and inviting exploration of the moral complexities of using conflict as a tool for creating peace.

Lady Kitt is a Newcastle based live artist*. She likes to think about and do art that makes people happy and encourages them to create happiness for and with others. Aged 3, Kitt produced her first live art work when she (and friend Claire) invited neighbours to watch as they decorated one another with poster paint. As a young child Kitt travelled Europe with (and was educated by) her parents, allowing her to focus on creative pursuits. During this time she spent four years training in the Indian performance discipline Bharata Natyam. More recently, whilst studying Fine Art at Northumbria University, she developed an interest in social engagement and performative research. These experiences and interests have all formed a basis for her current practice.

The desire to remove boundaries between art and viewer(s) have led Kitt to collaborate with practitioners in a variety of disciplines (from composers to a beauty therapist and an evolutionary biologist) and make work for an interesting assortment of venues (including a Manor House in Brighton, a pig shed in Portugal, Fullerton University [California], and The Royal Opera House [Covent Garden]). Kitt currently lives in Newcastle; performing and exhibiting nationally and internationally. To find out more about her work please see: www.ladykitt.co.uk or join her on Facebook. *This means Kitt makes art that is more about actions than about objects

Malcolm Whittaker & Georgie Meagher Australia Live Performance

Kansas Kansas is an experiment in anti-cultural cartography; mapping sights that lack signifiers conveying the culture they are a part of. By weaving imagination into the everyday, and in doing so expanding the meaning of what is ‘local’, the work invites audiences to share condensed points of view and explore where they could be right now. The sight-specific / site-non-specific work uses text, cartography and very basic quantum psychology and solipsism to seduce the audience into a space of possibility and impossibility, a space of imagination and re-imagination, a space of time travel and of fantasy. It starts with an elevator ride and invites the public to share further points of view throughout the general area. Actively engaging audiences in their own process of (re-)mapping toward an imaginative and playful interpretation of places that are somehow dislocated from their context and could be absolutely anywhere. Kansas was originally made for and presented at the 2010 ANTI Festival in Kuopio, Finland. ------GEORGIE MEAGHER is an artist and curator with an interest in interdisciplinary and experimental artforms and practices. Georgie is a founding member of Bake Sale For Art and is currently a co-director of Firstdraft Gallery. She is currently employed at Performance Space, where she undertook an Australia Council funded Emerging Producer Mentorship in 2009-10, curating and producing ClubHouse. Creating performances and installations, Georgie has presented her work at arts festivals across Australia and in 2010 Georgie travelled to ANTI Festival, Finland where she presented a collaborative performance project with Malcolm Whittaker. Georgie was awarded a Masters of Creative Arts with Distinction in 2008 from the University of Wollongong. ------MALCOLM WHITTAKER is a young man from Sydney who works as an interdisciplinary artist. He does this in solo pursuits, as a member of performance group Team MESS and in other collaborations with artists and non-artists. Each is a process of consistently struggling and toying within the conventions, rituals and spectacles of the everyday – seeking to close a critical distance between the work and the viewer in order to open up a shared space of experience, exchange and possibility. The material situations of these spaces range from theatre and gallery settings to site-specific and public interventions to performance lectures, telephone calls, letters in the mail and the borrowing of books from the library. Since graduating with a Masters of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong in 2008 Malcolm has been regularly supported by the Australia Council for the Arts. Personal highlights have been presenting Kansas, with Georgie Meagher, at the ANTI Festival in Kuopio, Finland; This Is It, with Team MESS at the Performance Space in Sydney, Arts House in Melbourne and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts; and the on-going international participatory art love project a lover’s discourse which has been supported by both Performance Space and Arts House. Malcolm recently held his first solo exhibition at Firsdraft Gallery, Sydney and was a collaborator for Sylvia Rimat’s I guess if the stage exploded... at the Spill Festival, London and Mayfest, . He is currently working on a new project with Team MESS as part of the Kickstart Initiative for the 2012 Next Wave Festival, Melbourne. http://malcolmwhittaker.com

Performance Artist Talk Friday 14 Oct 5 – 8pm | Saturday 15 Oct 5 - 8 pm Saturday 15 Oct 2pm

Michael Mayhew UK Performance on film

Cited as as

‘One of the most original and searching artists currently working in the UK’.

(John E McGrath – Artistic Director, National Theatre of Wales)

Michael works out of art, a self-supporting studio in Manchester. art makes art that is curious, questioning and audacious. Art is presently producing and curating 11 11 11 – in remembrance – Manchester, a 14 hour performance art event, that will witness 11 artist present 11 performance focusing on memory, www.inremebrance.org.uk.

Michael’s process and praxis has witnessed him travel extensively around the world, this interaction and existence with people and environments has produced work that is cited as ‘Important, significant, and influential’. (Lois Keidan – Director, Live Art Development Agency) It is work that often challenges the borders of what is possible within performance along with an aim of extending and altering the relationship between performer and audience.

Michael has recently been nominated for a British Composer Award for his work with graphic scores.

The work being presented at exist is a series of short videos from past work.

Image credit: Roshana Rubin-Mayhew. 'Away In A Manger'

[email protected]


Michelle Xen & Dhana Merrit

Australia Live Performance

Deconstructed | where is the line

I will put on my clothes, and my make up, just how I like, just before the show, following certain rules, making the image slowly and then I give up control to you. To deconstruct and reconstruct as you please.

Dhana Merritt’s installations are a combination of hand stitched soft sculptures, with low-fi technology roused by rituals, folklore, and symbolism within nature, and are often a test of endurance. Transforming accumulated textiles and objects gathered and collected, challenging traditions by the placement of these objects within a space or performance and at the same time recognizing the influence of nature, people and history tied to specific sites. Focus is placed upon colour, texture and pattern as they stimulate the senses.

Michelle Xen works in visual installation and sound art, music production and performance and the strange places in between. Xen writes words, and then collects images to be formed into a song, then turns the song into a music video, then warps the video into installation. Sometimes the performances are straight up pop electro music, other times they are strange experiments with shapes, vocals and time. Her work is formed from broad contexts, and then transformed from genre to genre to genre, sometimes failing and sometimes working.


Performance Artist Talk Sunday 16 Oct 8 – 10pm Sunday 16 Oct 4pm

Nicola Morton Australia Performance on film


Video Dialogue? Does it exist?

This was an experiment in perception, I asked 3 friends if they could perceive what these two people were thinking in the video footage I showed them, I then helped direct them to form a video response. Rebecca Clunn-Cunningham thought it was too hard to catch thoughts in a moving object because we didn't have time to pause and reflect, instead she could relate to the nervousness of the context (it was a wedding) and told the story of her wedding. Francesca Hoy is also pregnant and thought of trying to catch an elusive kick in the belly on camera. She also is tired all the time. Marisa Allen has planetary tuning forks and a crushed vertebrae. I recorded her playing the tuning forks while I focused on the close up of her crushed vertebrae that I drew a heart around with lipstick. My response was quite textual I had been reading the quran, so I inserted two texts - one about marriage/divorce and a mother's back and one about the flesh of the left thigh being the first to know on judgement day. I have the word 'sin' tattooed on my left thigh, but I wrote over this with the fidelity vow in Indonesian.

Nicola Morton is a writer-artist-future-time-woman that declares the end of capitalism. Her moving image quirkily explores the phenomena of magic, psychic ability and transformative ritual. Her performances document time travel, development of alternative intelligence and now ---HYPNOSIS. She is the relational object that directs others to see themselves with fresher eyes and a broader mind. From a musical background, she has lived in Kiruna, Brisbane and Berlin and collaborated with artists from Turkey, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Holland and Australia. Her current interests lie in exploring the freedom of displaced culture, and in 2011 will be researching in Indonesia and moving to New York.


Peter Baren The Netherlands Performance documentation

*1954, The Netherlands. Lives and works

“ARK series”

‘Operatic in nature, ARK (Blind Dates with history) finds a meeting ground between sensual bewilderment and political commentary which points out the constructed nature of our ideas of cultural memory and our sometimes superficial notions of identity.’

During “Currency 2004, an International Festival of Contemporary Performance” in New York, Peter BAREN started an ongoing series of performances entitled ARK ( ), that has continued to evolve and change shape over time. The performance in Brisbane is part of this series.

A multi-sensory work, the ARK performances include fog, saranwrapped performers, circling satellites, orphaned whisperings, molasses, written and spoken texts, boomerangs and more. Baren's practice uses the public assumptions of performance – the promise of drama, duration and theatricality – to evoke a disquieting sense of primordial mystery, public yearning, fear and cultural reformation. Blending props common to show business(fog machines, aural moodscapes and nearly nude performers) with cross-cultural signifiers (Aboriginal boomerangs, Palestinian scarves, Chinese toys), Baren's work creates a site of what photographer and art critic Kristoff Steinruck dubbed ‘radical mystical fundamentalism’ (LIVE2005 performance, ). (Lance Blomgren)

The involvement of the audience is triggered by mobilizing all the senses. It cannot and should not be that the spectators leave the location unmoved. A performance by Peter Baren is not a visual spectacle, but an emotional experience. (Rob Perree)

(Selected) performances and presentations:

LIVE2005 Biennial, Vancouver (2005)- CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.Trace, Cardiff (2005)- BLURRR 5. Biennial of Performance Art.Tel Aviv (2005)- The National Review of Live Art/ New Moves International. Tramway, Glasgow (2007)- Incantation in the sense of stillness. Bewaerschole, Burgh-Haamstede, together with Aaron Williamson and Toine Horvers (2007)- ASIATOPIA 10. Bangkok Arts And Culture Centre, Bangkok (2008)- Exist in 08. International Live Art Event. The Judy Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane and Artsworx, Toowoomba (2008)- INTERAKCJE. Galeria OFF, Piotrkow Trybunalski and Galeria BWA, Bielsko Biala (2009)- 3. Préavis de Dèsordre Urbain, Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille (2009)- 10th OPENART festival. 798 Art Zone, Beijing (2009)- The manifold (after) lives of performance. Frascati theatre/de Appel, and STUK, kunstencentrum, Leuven (2009)- WHAT’S NEW? Recent acquisitions. MMKA/ museum voor moderne kunst arnhem, Arnhem (2010)- INFR’ACTION, Sète (2010)- GUANGZHOU LIVE. 53 Art Museum, Guangzhou (2010)- 1.TRANSMUTED festival internacional de performance. Ex Teresa Arte Actual, (2011)

Image credit: Willem Wilhelmus, Mexico City 2011

Rachel Parry UK Remote Performance

Life Line

Rachel Parry’s work is primarily concerned with belonging, the fallen woman and various representations and deconstruction of the body and mind. Parry creates surreal, raw, powerful and tactile experiences, as she transforms the space between her body and the audience, finding both dark and sometimes humorous moments. Parry’s art takes risks, embraces experimentation and aims to create questioning on the social issues she highlights.

Parry’s work is semi-autobiographical in its nature: utilizing her wild and bizarre experiences, from tragic trauma and illness to simple lifestyle choices. Narratives from the people she has met along her ‘adventures’: Such as sex workers (both empowered and enslaved) and the strength of people in their last days are interwoven with hand me down hereditary tales, to explore Love of Self from forgotten births to the heartbreaking journey to the morgue.

Rachel Parry is an Interdisciplinary artist and educator born in 1983, in Nottinghamshire, with English, Irish, Welsh and Eastern European roots. Parry has been exhibiting as an artist since 2004, making pieces of body based live art, performances, video, installations, sculpture and visual art. Parry is a member of Backlit Artist studios and gallery in Nottingham and Green door Printmaking studio in Derby. Parry has received various funding for her projects including The Arts Council of England.

Parry has taught Drama, Art & Design, Multimedia in FE Colleges and schools, lead community outreach projects and facilitated workshops.Since graduating from Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne in 2005, in Fine Art BA (hons), Parry has exhibited in the UK, Europe, USA, Mexico and Australia; in art festivals, Galleries, University spaces, Theatres, Artist led studios, Hijacked spaces, nightclub venues and site specific places such as caves and hotel rooms. Parry has been supported by the Arts Council of England.

Performer in ’s ‘Gift of the Spirit’, Aine Philips ‘Louder than Bombs’, Stacy Makishi’s D.I.Y:Creative Sauce, residency with Guillermo Gomez Pena/La Pocha Nostra and Ernst Fisher/Helen Spackman/LEBNIZ “Book of Blood” and created DIY musical machines as part of ‘The Dirty Electronic ensemble’ with John Richards.

Artist interview in “The body in performance art: the real, the abject, the vulnerable, the sexed.” R. Clunn Cunningham.

Selected important festivals as follows supported by The Arts Council of England;, Xplore festival of Art and Lust, Berlin.A Queer (Dis)Position, The Performance Space,London. Circuit East Midlands Live Art, De Montford University,Leicester. ACT ART (Gasworks&The Arches) London. Art Evict, London and others

Rebecca Cunningham Australia

Live Performance & Performance on Film SILENCE

Rebecca Cunningham is an Australian performance artist, researcher, curator. She has been curating exist events since in Brisbane its inception in 2008, performing wherever, whenever she can, and is undertaking a PhD at Griffith University,. She sees performance art as a way of living utopia in the moment, offering a space of pause, a place for personal meta- physical transformation in a world that all too often is too busy jumping up and down to realize what is right in front of it.

"I like performance art because it is where I can experience honesty and reality in a way I can nowhere else - it is real, raw and wonderful."

A study in silence ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ – Edmund Burke “Silence is sexy” – Einstürzende Neubauten there is no such thing as silence “


Performance Artist Talk Friday 14 Oct 8:20 - 9pm Saturday 15 Oct 2pm

Robert Millett Australia Live Performance

Vodka and Truth

Bio: Robert is a live artist from Brisbane, Australia. He has being doing the live art thing long enough to have once spent four hours standing under a rain-machine chain smoking in a suit. He was a part of the 2010 Forest Fringe in Edinburgh where he performed "Vodka and Truth". He has a degree in Creative Industries majoring in Drama, he still isn't sure what that qualifies him to do but he met a lot of interesting people there, so it was worth it. Come talk to him if you are interested in what he does, or if you just want to talk some sense into him.

Performance Description: Let me be a stranger in a darkened room, blind and without judgement. Tell me your truth. We’ll drink vodka and never speak of it again. I have written an agreement to bind my tongue. I will take on your truth and wash it away and we'll look for absolution. I am an atheist robbed of ritual. I’ve no anchors to this world, no steadying pillars of rigid regularity. Help me build a new ritual; rough, godless and cleansing. At the very least we'll share some vodka and truth.

Performance Artist Talk Thursday 13 Oct 5 – 10pm | Friday 14 Oct 6 – 11pm Saturday 15 Oct 2pm

Teatro Deluxe France Streaming Performance & Performance on Film

GREETINGS FROM CONEY ISLAND PERFORMATIVE PROJECT FOR THEATRE, MUSEUM, GALLERY & URBAN SP0ACE - Streaming perrformance concept Claudio Oliva & Vera Michela Suprani performer Vera Michela Suprani staff Giulia Di Vincenzo direction Claudio Oliva Teatro Deluxe production 2011 Coney Island, degraded land of sea and entertainment… In this work, the body becomes the place, embodying the countered, dark and striking soul through the ambiguous figure of a prostitute, woman-beast-freak that expresses the complexity and charm of this neighborhood that has, like her, a mutilated sensuality. The project was presented in 2011 at: Arteficerie Almagià, Ravenna - The House / Casa delle Arti, Modena - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino, Rimini. Paris - International experimental performance event Dimanche Rouge#4, Le Chapon Rouge. Collective exhibition Altre Narrazioni curated by Andrea Fogli presso MLAC – Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Università la Sapienza, Rome – CAP03 azioni di danza su strada, historical centre of San Giovanni in Marignano, (RN); Contemporanea Teatro Festival, Segni (RM); Danza in Vetrina, Festival Ammutinamenti, Ravenna. VIDEO: TEASER http://www.vimeo.com/26907167 - Performance on film Imperfetta Solitudine A Teatro Deluxe production 2011 an idea by Claudio Oliva & Vera Michela Suprani performer Vera Michela Suprani direction & post production Claudio Oliva length 8′ 52”minutes Video shot entirely in Ravenna (Italy), city where Dante Alghieri is The work is loosely based on the figure of Francesca da Polenta, who was born in Ravenna “su la marina dove il Po discende ” around 1260: adulterer soul sentenced to dantesque Inferno, along with that of Paolo Malatesta, in the circle of the lustful . The woman wanders through some suggestive places in the city, as if her soul was imprisoned where the poet who has recalled and raised to a symbol of lust is buried. She cannot escape, chained to the convict book as a perpetual reminder of her guilt. Presented in the following contest: Primo Piano Living Gallery – Language is a Virus – Video Art & Digital Cultures, Lecce; El Comado, Off Loop Videoart Festival, Barcelona; Villa Aldrovandi Mazzacorati, Bologna.

Teatro Deluxe [Roma/Ravenna) is an artistic research project that explores reality through photography, video and performance. Reborn in 2008 by Vera Michela Suprani and Claudio Oliva, the group presented its works in Italy and abroad, with dates in Germany, U.S.A. and Israel.

www.teatrodeluxe.org [email protected] 0039 328 8225039 0039 328 3019925

Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes (VestAndPage) Italy Performance on Film

Australian premiere sin∞fin

Verena Stenke and Andrea Pagnes have been working together since 2006 as VestAndPage in Live art, visual art and filmmaking. Their art practice explores the limits of communication as well as a research based on Micro-and Macrospherology, fragility, transformation, impermanence and memory activation.

They are present in galleries, museums, biennials, theatres and festivals in Europe, Asia, South Africa, the United States and South America, with solo exhibitions at Alice Chilton Gallery (New York), AdmCom (Bologna), Fondaco dell’Arte (Venice) and LOGE Gallery at Checkpoint Charlie (Berlin).

Live performances have been shown among others at XI. BJCEM Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (), Sarai CSDS Centre for the Studies of Developing Societies (), 5° Biennial of Performance art Deformes (Chile), 10° OPEN Festival (Beijing), Rooted in the Ephemeral Speak and 7° FOI Future of Imagination (Singapore), TINA B Contemporary Art Festival (), LAPSody (), Kunstinvasion (Berlin), Transmuted (San Luis Potosi, Mexico), Asiatopia (Bangkok), 5° PIPAF (Manila), Grace Exhibition Space (New York), Contaminante (Venice), Zonedeartenaccion (), 5° World Encounter of (), Triennial of Expanded Media Art (), Transitstation (Copenhagen), Epipiderme (), Galata Perform (), 4° Trampolim (Vitoria, Brazil), Performance (Punta Arenas, Chile), Muliqui Prize 2007 (Pristine), PPP Progr Performance Platform (Bern), Blauverschiebung (). Their videos and installations have been shown among others at MyMementoVid (53° Venice Biennial), Manifesta 7 / Artmobil (Italy), Goldsmith University Heterotopia Provocation Exhibition (London), From the 4 Corners of the World (Beijing), One Shot (Venice), Visions in (New York, Miami), EmergenzaVideoarte (Venice), Habeas Corpus (Cordoba, Argentine) and HEP (Geneva, Macau, Rome, Copenhagen, Beijing, Helsinki). Their works are in the collections of Casoria Contemporary Art Museum (Casoria, Italy), Thetis s.p.a. (Venice), AdmCom (Bologna) Sernavimar s.r.l. (Venice), Human Emotion Project (South Africa) and private.

VestAndPage lecture on Methodology of Contemporary arts and conduct practical workshops on Performance and Live art in institutions worldwide as the New York University, Royal Academy of Copenhagen, Theatre Academy, Helsinki; Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes, Caracas; Universidad de Chile, .

They are initiators and curators of the current global art initiative FRAGILE global performance chain journey. The hybrid movie series in progress sin∞fin (Performances at the End of the World, Chile/Italy, 2010 and Performances at the Holy Centre, India/Italy/Germany, 2011) is an example of combining Live art and filmmaking and gained international recognition in screenings i.e. on X° Festival of Cinema (Puerto Natales, Chile), Homero Massena Gallery (Vitoria, Brazil), CloseUp Vallarta Video Festival (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) or The Forest Gallery (Edinburgh). The book The Fall of Faust – Considerations on Contemporary Art and Art Action by Andrea Pagnes has been published by VestAndPage press, in 2010.

Verena Stenke (1981) is a German performance artist, dancer and video maker. Venetian born Andrea Pagnes (1962) is performer, visual artist, independent curator and writer. They live in Florence, Italy and Neckarsulm, Germany.


Zierle & Carter – Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter England Performance on film

Zierle & Carter’s collaborative work critically examines different modes of communication and what it means to be human, addressing notions of belonging, dynamics within relationships, and the transformation of limitations. Their work sites an embodied investigation into human interactions and encounters, acting as an invitation to venture into the spaces in-between the external and internal, permanent and transient, spoken and unheard.

Zierle & Carter's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including MOMA (US), and Plymouth Arts Centre (UK) as part of Marina Abramovic’s Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art and The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow. They are currently in receipt of an Arts Council England grant for their Through the Heart: Works on Love, Life, and Laughter project.

Head to Head (2010), The Exchange Gallery (UK) Head to Head explores Zierle & Carter’s relationship dynamic in a raw and spontaneous way. Unrehearsed and oblivious to what might come, with their heads rigidly connected to each other, they step blindly into space. As they move through an array of emotions, occasionally halting, crashing, stumbling and falling, they dance from tenderness and child like curiosity to push, pull, force, dominance and retaliation. Credits: Filmed by Sebastian Hao Walker and edited by Zierle & Carter

Pearls of Sustenance (2010), The Exchange Gallery (UK) Through Pearls of Sustenance, Zierle & Carter explore the deliberate search for the other, using white sliced bread to muffle their senses. Wordlessly they feel their way towards each other, investigating each other’s skin like disguises. Through picking, digging and tearing away the layers of their soft covers are gradually removed, and transformed into ‘Pearls of Sustenance’. Credits: Filmed by Maritea Daehlin Sitchet-Kanda and edited by Zierle & Carter

The Treasure House (2011), The Taubman Museum of Art (US) In this site specific piece, Zierle and Carter invite the audience on a journey through the ‘Treasure House’, asking the audience directly to reflect upon their own treasures, weaving their answers into a rich tapesty of material-led ritualised actions that deliberately yet poetically echo Roanoke’s history and the matters from which its foundation are built from. Credits: Filmed and edited by Matt Ames of Philosophy Inc.

www.zierlecarterliveart.com www.throughtheheartperformances.tumblr.com

Writing on performance\ writers in residence Tess Maunder & Martyn Coutts Australia

Writing on performance \ writers in residence allows an intimate interaction between text and performance. We know that writing about performance is fraught with difficulty – as soon as we begin to write about the performance, it becomes something else (Phelan, P., {1993}. Unmarked: The Politics of Performance. London, Routledge., P147). This however does not relinquish our desire to document our experience of such phenomena. Writing on performance \ writers in residence undertakes such a task, offering live text, blogs, and papers, daily streamed into the space.

Tess Maunder


Martyn is an interdisciplinary artist who works with interactivity both in the digital and the performative realms. He has created media and systems for performance works and similarly provides dramaturgy to enable experiences for audiences, participants and artists.

He is a member of the Field Theory Live Art collective in Melbourne and founder of Live Art online resource LALA.



Writing on Performance Artist Talk Thursday 13 Oct - Sunday 16 Oct daily 6-10pm Friday 14 Oct 4pm & Saturday 15 Oct 2pm

exist ARI hosts the - 2 Day Project curated by melody woodnutt "All we have is here, and now"

Connect now, fast. Spontaneously. Keep up. Make. DO.

From nothing comes something. Here we connect, here we need each other, here we exist. All we have is right now.

September 19 – October 16 @ Studio 3.10 Metro Arts www.existenceperformanceart.wordpress.com

Artists are provided a space, and work side by side with another to create with liveness and spontaneity. There are no pre-requisites or themes to comply with. They simply are IN the space (a space left bare). How artists fill it, use it, adapt it, how they create, or how they respond to the space and each other is the curatorial curiosity behind this project. What is our relationship to our given environment at any moment? If all we have is now and each other, what then, becomes of this?

Artists include

Kat Danger Sawyer http://paarts.wordpress.com/ + Emma Lindsay http://www.oneslowlife.com/

Clark Beaumont http://www.clarkbeaumont.wordpress.com or http://www.youtube.com/ClarkBeaumont

(Sarah Clark + Nicole Beaumont)

Anja Homburg + Karike Ashworth

Ron Seeto http://expperformance.webs.com/ + Benji Jackson

Courtney Coombs + another. www.courtneycoombs.com

Melody Woodnutt A descendent of pirates, Melody Woodnutt thieved her studies while on the run in the USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Iceland, and Australia. Melody works as an interdisciplinary artist at the intersection of visual art installation and live art. Exploring our existence in relationship to our environments and developing works as installations or performance; her works employ 360° immersive space, sound, projection, object, sculpted environments, and lighting. They use the body and environments to construct a new dimension and consider humanity. A co-director of exist ARI, and a contributing member of international artist collective Operation France, Melody bases herself between Iceland and Brisbane.

Opportunities have included the Young Artist Mentorship Program (Youth Arts Queensland 2008), Brisbane Festival - Under The Radar (2009), Independent Exhibitions Brisbane (2009-2010), Existence Live Art Festival (2009, 2010), Nes Listamiðstöð Artist Residency - Iceland (2010, 2011), Free Range - CROSS - STITCH: No Pluto, Just Stars - Metro Arts 2010 (Collapse - Immersive Installation), Melbourne Fringe Keynote Project - Visible City, the Harvest Festival (2011), Home Festival, and various group and solo shows. Melody has worked in film (art direction), collaborations, and been supported with grants from Arts Queensland and Youth Arts Queensland.


Websites of interest – not a comprehensive list 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art – http://www.7a-11d.ca/ AGORA8 - www.agora8.org Aidana Rico & Ignacio Pérez Pérez - http://www.antesdenadaydespuesdetodo.net Asia Art Archive - http://www.aaa.org.hk/home.aspx Asiatopia – http://asiatopia.blogspot.com/2008/10/bangkok-celebrates-10th-anniversary-of.html Artaction.pl – www.artaction.pl ARTCONCEPT Festival - http://artconcept.narod.ru Artsadmin – www.artsadmin.co.uk Art Service Association - www.asa.de BBeyond – www.bbeyondperformance.org Beyond Pressure – http://www.beyondpressure.org/ Black Market International - www.asa.de/projects/index.htm Castle of the Imagination – http://www.performance.art.pl/en/12castle.html Day de Dada - http://daydedada.com/ The Digital Performance Archive – http://www.bristol.ac.uk/theatrecollection/liveart/liveart_DPA.html epipiderme - http://epipiderme.blogspot.com/ Fado Performance Inc - www.performanceart.ca Fetter Field - www.geocities.com/fetterfield2007/index.htm FRAGILE global performance chain journey - http://www.fragile-global-performance.net/FRAGILE/HOME.html Future of the Imagination [FOI] - http://www.foi.sg/ Guangzhou Live International Art Action Festival – http://guangzhoulive.org/index.html IAPAO: international association of performance art organizations -www.iapao.net IMAF - http://imaf-festival.weebly.com/index.html IPAH - http://www.i-pa.org KHOJ International Aritst’s Association – http://khojworkshop.org/ LALA (Live Art List Australia) – www.lalaishere.net Live Action: International Performance Art Festival – http://www.liveaction.se/ Live Art Development Agency – www.thisisliveart.co.uk Live Art Incubator – www.punctum.com Live Art UK - www.liveartuk.org Momentum - http://www.momentum-festival.org/intro.php NAVINKI – http://www.navinkifestival.org New Moves International - www.newmoves.co.uk New Work Network - www.newworknetwork.org.uk Nhasan Studio - http://nhasanstudio.org/web/index.php NIPAF – http://www.avis.ne.jp/~nipaf/ Now or Never festival - http://nonfestival.wordpress.com PANDA: Performing Arts Network and Development Agency - www.panda-arts.org.uk PERFORMA - http://performa-arts.org Performance Art Union of Latvia – http://performance.lv/Jaunumi/49&lang=en Performance Kunst - www.performancekunst.no/en Performance Space – http://www.performancespace.com.au/ PERFORMANCELOGÍA - www.performancelogia.org Performerstammtisch - http://performerstammtisch.de/ POW – http://www.myspace.com/powminiperformanceartfestival SPART ACTION - www.spartaction.com trace: – http://www.tracegallery.org/ Tulca - www.tulca.ie Unbound | Live Art and Performance Publishing – www.thisisunbound.co.uk Undisclosed territory performance art event www.lemahputih.com/undisclosedterritory.html Up-on Live Art Space – www.up-onspace.com ZAZ Festival – http://www.miklat209.org.il/41561/zaz2010

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