WCHS Instructor: Mr. Whitney

Course Syllabus: 8th Grade

Course Goals: Welcome to Theatre Arts 8th Grade. This class is designed to give a brief introduction and overview of all the aspects of the theatre world, including theatre , playwriting, , and acting. The craft of acting incorporates techniques of movement and vocal variety. We will perform monologues and scenes. We will also explore theatre games and improvisation. Many of the performing aspects of this class will require more space than a typical classroom, therefore much of the class will take place in the black box theatre and the auditorium.

Course Expectation:

1) Always come to class on . 2) Be prepared with proper materials. (Pencil, paper, scene or monologue memorized!) DON’T LOSE YOUR MONOLOGUE OR SCENE!!!!!!!!! 3) This is a performing arts class. You are expected to memorize lines and perform them in front of the entire class any day and every day. 4) You are expected to try your best every day that you are here.

Rules: 1) Be on time with all your materials. 2) Be respectful to everyone in the classroom and to all the school facilities. No food, drink, or gum in the black box or auditorium. Not even water. 3) No cell phones, Ipods, or any type of electronic devices during class time.

Consequences: 1) Verbal Warning 2) Conference with teacher 3) Referral 4) Phone call home

Materials: Pens (Any color is fine) Pencils Notebook paper. *** If you would like to donate a box of tissues, your fellow students and I would be very pleased!**

Grading: Grading Scale Improv 10% A 100-90 Midterm 10% B 89-80 Quizzes 5% C 79-70 Test (monologues) 30% D 69-60 Class work 10% F Below 60 Final 35%

Some theatre subjects we will cover:

Theatre History: Greek Theatre (playwrights, plays and practices), Shakespeare (Life and plays), American Theatre History (Playwrights, Plays, innovation, acting theory)

Theatre Jobs: Performers, creative aspects, technical aspects, business. Theory: Stanislavski, Adler, Meyerhold, Strasburg, Laban. Improv: Games, Exercises, Spolin.

If you have any questions at anytime during the school year, please feel free to contact me.

Email: [email protected] Phone: 540-635-4144 ext. 44148

If you have an interest in participating in the school productions, we have after school. We have a drama club that meets on Thursdays during advisory. We are always looking for help. If you have a parent that is interesting in helping out with school productions, please email Mr. Whitney.

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Film will be used in this class to study acting, directing and writing. Some of the films will be PG-13. Please sign here to give you son/daughter permission to watch PG-13 movies.


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