APR U 1981

\ oi. an James Madison University Early sign-ups limited for business courses By DONNA SIZEMORE Eliminating changes in major to In moves designed to reduce over- business was necessary to enforce the crowding, preregistration for upper-level preregistration rule, Hanlon said. "If business courses will be limited to students discovered this, they'd just run students who need them for their major. over and declare a business major," he Also, after April 8th students currently noted, adding that the two new rules tie enrolled here cannot switch their majors in and eliminate ways to beat the system. to business. According to Dr. William Hanlon, dean HANLON STRESSED that the rules of the School of Business, drastic are flexible, however. "For example, if a measures were necessary in order to student who is an undeclared major contain further growth. came to me with a transcript showing mostly business courses, he would probably be allowed to declare a business major now," he noted. Depending upon next year's growth rate in JMU's School of Business, the rule may not keep anyone who wants business courses from getting them, the dean said. Last year, growth within the department increased by 16 percent over the previous year, and according to Hanlon, the school probably only could accomodate an additional nine percent. "We only have so many faculty and our rooms are such a size. We can only squeeze so many people into a space," he said. Hanlon said during the past year he has studied alternatives to ease the overcrowding problem and at this time, this was the only feasible one. It is also likely that these solutions are short-term, he noted, adding that they are necessary until JMU can develop a more systematic procedure for ad- mitting students into the School of Business. THE MOST likely eventual alternative is the development of a "university- college" approach, in which students interested in majoring in business take —Rob Kaufhold and Sue King claim Presently, any student with 60 or more general studies courses during their first men's and women's individual hours can enroll in business courses. two years. At the end of their third archery titles in the Atlantic 900 "If there are still spaces available in semester students would apply to the Classic this weekend. See Sports, these courses students will be allowed in School of Business, Hanlon said, and an page 12. in the fall," he said, adding that through admissions committee would decide this system students who really need the admittance based on a student's —Taking an interesting approach to courses are more likely to get in. academic achievement. humor, Gallagher pleases a late The new regulation, developed by the Hanlon said this program could be Spring Fever crowd. See Folio School of Business, does not grant special implemented next year. review, page 9. consideration to business minors, Hanlon Some 3,000 students currently are HxM ay V* Naaaya aa* MUwBavhM said, but added that if seniors need majoring in business at JMU, Hanlon CLOSED blossom buds give away that JMU's Newman Lake sunbatbere may be several courses to fulfill their minor, noted, and some 10,000 course cards are out a little early, while below, Steve Starke watches the Greek tug-of-war near they probably would be allowed in. given for business classes. Ashby Hall. r— j } Friends, family influence applicants to attend JMU By TRICIA FISCHETTI, too big and not too small" and that she liked its university largely through recommendations from sports facilities. friends and family. This is the second of a series of two articles on Out of 8,013 freshmen applicants for 1981-82, about admissions here. HART ALSO commented that she was interested 37 percent were offered admission here, according in JMU because of the growing reputation of its to Francis Turner, director of admissions. Of those April 3 was a big day for Jenny Byrnes. That was communication arts department. students, about 1,686 are women and about 1,358 are the day this high school senior from Annandale, Patty Przybocki of Oaksville, Va., who like men. Va., received her acceptance letter from James Byrnes heard of her acceptance here April 3, said This year's number of applications continued the Madison University. JMU's image is that of a "friendly" and steady increase of recent years with 688 more She will be enrolling here this fall as a business "prestigious" university. In addition to JMU, Pr- students applying to JMU for this fall than last. major. zybocki, who has an older sister attending JMU, Byrnes cited the school's business reputation, applied to Virginia Tech, Radford and the "THERE IS no question in my mind that the location, size and general atmosphere as reasons University of Virginia. She was accepted at two of volume of applications influences our selectivity," why she applied to JMU, as well as the fact that her her other choices but will be enrolling here in the Turner said. "The more choices we have, the more brother, who currently is enrolled here, likes the fall. "It (JMU) seemed the best of the other selective we can be." school. schools," the high school senior said. "I never hear For 1980-81 JMU had the third lowest acceptance Danielle Hart of Wilmington, Del. found out she any bad comments about it." rate in Virginia, according to William Jackameit, was accepted to JMU while she was visiting the Byrnes, Hart and Przybocki are indicative of director of institutional research here. His figures campus in January. She had heard about JMU many of the high school seniors who apply for ad- indicate that JMU's acceptance rate is about 45 through friends and said she found "the people mission here. Each girl applied to other universities percent, as compared with the College of William friendly" here. She added that JMU's size is "not in addition to JMU, and each was familiar with this (Continued on Page 7) HtfEMi \ V ^ . . "

Page 2, THE BREEZE Tuesday. April 14. 1981 Polish diplomat attributes unrest to own government

By DREW MCKELL further development of Washington, had served his The present economic crisis strategic and conventional country in a similar capacity in Poland is the fault of the weapons is vital to the in Cairo. Polish government, according security of Eastern Europe Pawleszwki admitted that to a spokesman for the Polish and the SALT agreement is Poland had succeeded in Consulate crucial to the safety of the expanding its own relations in Stanislaw Pawlesezwki. is world." said the emissary, Western Europe and the the deputy head of the Polish who added that such an United States and cited mission in Washington. DC. agreement should not place bilateral profit-sharing as an cited his government for the undue restrictions upon the example to illustrate this problem existing in Poland security of either side. statement. today, while addressing a "There is a balance between "The economic sphere of group of James Madison the Warsaw Pact and NATO," Poland and the U.S. has University students and Pawleszwki said. "Although further improved with faculty on Thursday. one might be stronger in this American banks lending their "The economic situation area than in that, if one ap- aid in the development of our was caused by our govern- proaches the question from an industrial and natural ment over-emphasizing in- overall scope, he would resources." he added, "and dustry and not investing its realize that the two super- scientific and cultural ex- energies into the development powers are equal." changes have been much Photo by Mike Bievms of our natural resources." easier since the language STANISLAW PAWLESEZWKI, spokesman for the Polish Con- said Pawlesezwki. who has AVOIDING speculation as barrier is slowly dissolving. sulate, blamed the government for the current economic crisis in served at the Washington. towhether or not the Soviets Poland during a lecture at JMU on Wednesday. D.C. consulate for four years. would permit the establish- THE POLISH language, "Agriculture, due to the fact ment of trade unions 'in unlike German. French or that farms in Poland are ~HARRISONBURG ^ privately owned, has not had such emphasis placed upon it WHEEL &> W0LF'S«HEAD and this is what has driven our * Anyone with political insight knows f people to the cities." PARTS MOTOR ^0llS [ The diplomat added that if that extensive change doesn 't happen 680 North Main St. 434-4437 the Soviets invade his country. the Polish government has without war ' had a contingency plan ready STUDENTS since August. With This Coupon Buy 4 Quarts of

"BECAUSE OF our com- Eastern Europe, the diplomat Spanish, is extremely rare Wolfs Head Oil & Get The^th mitment to the Warsaw Pact, added that Solidarity leader and intercommunication is Quart FREE! the situation in Poland is Walenza is a moderate who handicapped crucial to the security of will not intentionally incite Eastern Europe and is Soviet intervention since it is The election of Cardinal critically important to East- impossible to withdraw from Karol Wojtyla as Pope John- Another First. . . West relations. the Warsaw Pact. Paul II has had a profound "We don'4 think that the "Solidarity is a very effect upon relations with the Soviets will intervene, but powerful trade union that is Vatican as well as between the with the present situation the still in the process of Church and state within way it is, anyone with political establishing its place in Poland, according to the £lceieta insight knows that extensive Poland's political spectrum," emissary. change doesn't happen he said. "Yet, since its in- presents the without war," he added. "Yet, ception, political life in Poland "In a country where 85 no one anticipates that this has been nerve-racking and percent of the people are FUN and SLAPSTICK will happen." intense. Roman Catholic, having a Pole in the papacy has widely COMEDY of Pawleszwki stressed the "I have been in Washington effected the relationship of the importance of Soviet-U.S. for four years, but I would church and state," he said. cooperation in providing a rather be in Warsaw (the condusive environment for the Polish capitol) where all of The Polish consul's visit to stability of smaller nations this historic change is taking JMU was sponsored by the OLD MOVIES such as Poland. place." said Pawleszwki who, I nterna tionalRela tions "Limitations upon the prior to serving in Association. Three Stooges, Marx Bros, etc., etc. In two SGA races 9:30 pm til 2 pm Run-off election slated Tuetrfatj Kigbio (My By DONNA SIZEMORE Kcut-Di|*a«ci-Sf)€aa£ Run-off elections for Student Government Association treasurer and 9«K U* Fe* A Mrf 0J vice president of the honor council are slated for Tuesday. FUK, FBML. £*U*Udm*rt\\ In the treasurer race. Sajan Thomas received twice as many votes as his closest The Price. . .only JfcO" competitor. Ted Colna in last Tuesday's election. However, he did not receive the 50 a Pitefca •! Been & HUvie* percent plus one vote necessary to claim victory in I {the election. DON'T MISS IT! IThomas received 40.8 percent and Colna received Phone 433-0892 20.5 percent. The other con- tenders, Lisa Clark and Gil 813 E. Market St Salyer were eliminated in last week's election. Closed Monday In the election for vice president of the honor council, Bridges, the other contender percent of the vote and Tuesday-Sat 11:00-9:00 Jim Windsor and Tim was eliminated. Reynolds 30 percent in Sunday 12^)0-9:00 Reynolds will compete. Tom Windsor received 44.8 Tuesday's election. 'El Salvador really isn't that far awa r. By CHARLES A. FAZIO Finally, they rounded me up an extra bag. WANTED: War correspondent. No By 8 a.m. Saturday we were on our experience necessary. Food and way. While half of the MS-3s went on lodging provided. Excellent op- patrol, the others went through portunity to see M-l6s, M-ls, M-60s. military skills. Here the MS-4s con- M- tss and a lot of other Ms you have ducted mini-clinics in combat first never heard of. Apply ROTC, Maury aid, combat tactics and instruction on Hall. the 50 caliber machine gun. I chose to tag along with one squad, War correspondent didn't sound too which was sent on patrol through bad. Besides, I thought it would be problem areas they might expect to good experience for a future reporter; encounter in a real war situation. El Salvador really isn't that far away. They were evaluated on how well they I made my mind up quickly so on a handled themselved under fire and if recent Friday night I was on my way they exhibited proper military to war...sort of. procedures. On the van to Fort Pickett I was Around noon we broke for lunch, briefed on the mission. The juniors, or which consisted of ('-rations (C-rats) MS-3s as they're called in ROTC and water. A C-rat is plain awful. jargon, will be going to Advanced Mine consisted of spiced beef that Camp this summer and this weekend looked like dogfood but tasted worse, mission was a practice for them. cheese and crackers, peaches and a In squadrons, they would engage in piece of chocolate that smelled like a tactical exercises and encounter candle but tasted like plastic. sniper attacks, ambushes, or a After lunch, I decided to stay with number of other simulated combat some MS-ls and MS-2s who were offensives, all designed to give the ambushing the M-3s. Actually, I got cadet an awareness that these things lost trying to find some MS-3s and may one day be real. came upon this ambush by mistake, I got my first taste of Army ef- but figured I'd stick around. ficiency on the drive down when we got lost four times. Our driver and THE MS-3s came down an em- navigator swore we were going in the bankment totally unaware we were right direction even though he pointed waiting for them on the other side. out landmarks that obviously didn't Some 40 minutes passed before we exist. I remember going 10 miles, then saw the MS-3s. Crouched in foxholes later he'd realize we had been the M-ls and M-2s waited until the M- traveling in the wrong direction for 15 3s started up the hill before they miles. This is how we ended up in opened fire. The juniors quickly Cambodia, I thought. We couldn't find realized they were wiped out. Vietnam. I wanted a piece of the action. Watching was fun but participating WE FINALLY arrived at the base was the experience I was looking for. I around 3 a.m., just about two hours was given an M-16 semi-automatic late. The only thing to do at this point rifle, a clip of blanks and told to hide was find a sleeping bag and a tent— in a foxhole which was hooked up to a TOP, TWO ROTC cadets are silhouetted following a long day of maneuvers at Fort for me no easy trick since no one told manual booby trap. To signal the Pickett. Above. JMU ROTC cadets engage In simulated combat ground offensives. them I was coming. Again, Army others to open fire, I was to trigger the efficiency: 110 cadets—110 sleeping booby trap. bags; one war correspondent no one knew was coming—no sleeping bag. (Continued on Page 6) PhotoM by Char let Fazio 'v, -■;;.-:,*■*. « --...

Page 4. THE BREEZE Tuesday. April 14. 1981

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THE BREEZE, Tuesday, April 14, 1981, Page 5 SIGMA prs Eight JMU students attend ANNUAL SUMMER AERho national convention LOFT STORAGE By CONNIE BILLMYER for students to find out what advisor to JMU's AERho. Eight James Madison jobs are available after A' ■> at the banquet the University students attended graduation. Professionals "K National Awards" were $30 Pick Up & Return. the national convention of from their respective fields presented. The JMU chapter Alpha Epsilon Rho, the headed the panel discussions. won an award for the second Pick Up The Saturday Before national broadcasting society, .IMF's AERho chapter is time in two years, this year in Nashville. Tenn. March 26- one of 90 nationwide. winning the Professional Finals. 29. "I think the highlight was a Development Coordinator of The convention included dinner and awards ceremony the Year award. For More Information Call panel discussions on Alter- which was held on Saturday Last year's JMU AERho native Broadcast Systems, night and hosted by Gordon president, Mark Goff, 7177, 7274, or 7186. Sales Promotion for Radio Jump, who portrays the received an award given to and TV, Radio and TV News manager on WKRP in Cin- the individual who excells in and a Career Focus session cinnati," said Jim Miskimen, getting professionals involved with the various AERho chapters. AT LAST year's convention in Las Vegas, Nev.. Miskimen was awarded National Faculty Advisor of the Year, and Susan Whitehurst, a communications major, was to take. awarded a $500 scholarship to continue her education. Whitehurst was the top candidate in the nation out of seven scholarships awarded. Currently, Mark Kline, one of this year's convention delegates, is being considered for Studenf Representative on the National AERho Advisory Board. The local AERho Com- munication Arts spring banquet will be held April 25, with guest speaker Dick Auerbaugh, the vice president for NBC Sports Program- ming. Tickets are available until April 22 at the Com- munication Arts office, the Television Film Center and WMRA radio station.

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(Continued from Page 3) fool I really didn't think anyone took I climbed into my foxhole and me seriously until I found myself waited for the enemy. My eyes were standing in line with a beer in my trained on the opposite hill, but it hand. seemed like hours had passed before 1 Sunday, like Saturday, began very saw the first hint they were coming— early but apparently not early enough a flicker of movement in the corner of for the colonel. my eye. then the rustling of leaves as "Willner, are your men going to be they made their way down the em- standing tall at 0530?" the colonel bankment. Finally there they were, in yelled. full view. "Yes sir." Al mumbled back. Around me I could hear the clicking "Good." the colonel retorted. "It's sound M-16s made when they were 10 to six." being loaded. This was it. The only thing planned for the day The squad of juniors now was was a display of M-48 tanks moving making its way up the hill. I couldn't through a training exercise firing live wait any longer so I pulled the booby rounds. trap. A shrill whistle blew as the rest of WHEN WE got to the range the my squad opened fire. We repeatedly crews gave tours of their tanks. fired our weapons, aiming above their Looking inside, one could figure why heads. The juniors tried to return the these things are called combat cof- fire but didn't have a chance. This fins. There hardly is any room to was fun. move around and practically every space has a function. A tank holds I STAYED at the ambush until the about 50 rounds of artillary and 750 end of the day. watching seven squads gallons of fuel. of MS-3s bite the dust. About 5:30 p.m. we made our way We watched one tank go through the back to the bivouc (campsite). range. The crew was tested on ac- Marching in formation the squad curacy and speed through a 10-target sang. course, with the first target at least "...I'm gonna get me a M-16 300 yards away from the tank. The M- I'm gonna be a killing machine 48 drove down a dirt road and stopped. I got me a forty-five The gunner made his calculations and I'm gonna leave more dead then we saw the massive gun move ever so alive..." slightly. Suddenly there was a burst of 50 cal. machine gun fire and then Saturday night after dinner the bull silence. A couple of seconds went by, was kicking. My biggest mistake then a tremendous explosion as the happened then when I challenged tank shot its round. Almost in- others to a chugging contest. I was a stantly—300 yards away—the round hit its target. The tank repeated this display further down the course. The bus arrived to take us back to civilization. The ride back was long which gave me time to think about the weekend. Sure, it was a lot of fun but one need not look too far to realize that these M-16 were quite real, that they fire real bullets. A few of the cadets I talked to were there to play Army for the weekend but others saw real purpose in the trip. Rick Batten, a sophomore, summed it up the best. "I'm here because I want to be," he said, "so that someone who doesn't want to fight won't have AT LEFT, a clip of blanks for an M-16 semi-automatic rifle. Top, ROTC cadets to." operate a tank to patrol the area during war games at Fort Pickett. Above, a Made a lot of sense I, thought. pyramid of M-16 rifles. Werners Party Package Store Fashion goes to work! DICKIES WORK CLOTHES Western Union 915 S. High Street 434-6895 (8 delicious colors) Tuborg Gold-Go For Gold 1.69 The Bull Malt Liquor 1*99 Mickey - Malt Liquor 1.49 Pabst RWB Party Pack 12/12 2.69 \c* MooseHead Canadian Import 2.99 & ?* Keg Room Specials ^rGe Busch Premium 15 Gal. 25.95 Schlitz Male Liquor "The Bull" 25.95 Save $ 2.00 on Free Ice $ 2.00 Processing Save 50% Pepsi Cola 2 lt."BigJug" 1.19 Orange Juice 100% Fresh Quart .89 Snyders Pretzels' Big Box" .99 !

THE BREEZE, Tuesday, April 14, 1981, Page 7 * Friends (Continued from Page 1) to enroll here. Her first choice surveyed have or did have graduates." she said. also are factors which appeal and Mary's rate of 35 and was UVA, she said, with JMU family members attending "The students have been to potential applicants. UVa's rate of 40 percent. as her second. JMU and were influenced by pleased with their experience According to Reubush, "a Turner commented that one Przybocki is an another their recommendations of the here." Reubush continued, lot of people become aware of problem the university faces example, since she applied to school. "and have passed it on to their JMU simply by driving down is in predicting the size of the three other schools, including "My sister is a senior younger brothers and Interstate 81 and seeing the actual freshman class, since Tech. with no definite choice there." Przybocki com- sisters." campus." They notice the there is no completely ac- in mind. mented, "and I know she attractive grounds and curate means of predicting Hart applied . to three really likes it." While many students facilities, she said. how many accepted students universities, but JMU was her According to Dr. Fay commented that JMU's actually will enroll here. first choice. Reubush. dean of admissions academic reputation, One surveyed freshmen "We really don't know if we In a random survey of 30 and records. JMU graduates epecially in the fields of commented. "I loved where are a student's first choice or current JMU freshmen. 75 are some of the university's education, business and the campus was, near the not." he said, noting that percent said that JMU was best recruiters. "We've communication arts is mountains, and that it was studies indicate that many of their first choice of colleges become more visible because respected and growing, the contained, not spread out like JMU's freshmen applicants with 50 percent citing this of the success of our university's location and size UVA." also apply to UVa. Virginia university as their only Tech arid William and Mary. choice. Of those who did apply "If these schools offer elsewhere, UVa. and Tech Women continue to earn less than men admission to the same were the most popular other student." Turner continued, choices. Female executives in U.S. companies still her parents did not attend college. "it is difficult to determine Survey results also revealed get paid less than their male counterparts The proportion of female executives who where they will enroll." that, like Byrnes, Hart and despite career gains in recent years, according have reached the level of vice president or Przybocki, many .current to a study, of women officers of the country's above continues to increase. In I960, the A PROJECTED number of freshmen were influenced in largest industrial companies and leading proportion was 28 percent as compared with students who will enroll is their decision to attend JMU financial and retailing businesses. 25.5 percent in 1979 and 25.2 percent in 1977. based on past years' results, by friends and family Women are not being given the same amount Six of every 10 female officers earn less than according to Turner. For the members. "Many people from of responsibilties as their male counterparts $50,000 a year and three out of every 10 earn fall, a projected 1,525 resident my hometown attend JMU either, according to the study. less than $30,000. The study also found that one freshmen and 50 commuter and they all love it," said one The typical female business executive earns of every five female executives earns $70,00 a freshmen will enter JMU. freshmen from the Tidewater less than $50,000 a year in cash. She is married, year or more and 8.6 percent of them earn Brynes is an example of a area. in her 40s and white. She comes from a low- $100,000 or more. student offered admission income or lower middle-income background. The women typically have had three dif- here who may have not chosen ABOUT 35 percent of those She has at least one college degree, however, ferent full-time employers over their careers.

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51 court square 434-3664 Downtown Harnsonburg ■ s THE BREEZE, Tuesday. April 14. 1981. Page 9 Folio c^Arts 6& People

\ ■ Gallagher, Chapin entertain amiable crowd

By IMAM-: KITZPATIMCK Although the show was AN EXAMPLE is his gun Gallagher aecurateiy IKISIC. it was well performed with an elongated, two-foot analyzed the Alison Mall Chapin. Harry's brother, l«irrel which Gallagher atmosphere Saturday night displayed amazing audience suggests would solve handgun when he said "There's a buzz appeal, inserting jokes and problems. He notes that this in here." After a lull day of --lories between his songs weapon would be impossible Spring Fever "en- Although his attempts at to conceal. It would prevent tertainment" and "ac- humor were commendable robberies since the robber tivities." the crowd was easy and well-received, they were could not reach the victim's to please no match for the performance pocket without removing the Taking advantage of these which was to follow gun from his back The conditions. Tom Chapin Gallagher, who goes by no weapon also would be too long captivated the audience with other name, often refers to his to commit suicide, since one nothing but an acoustic . enterprise "Wizard of Odd." could not reach the trigger a six string banjo and himself with the barrel pointed at lie opened with "Emily" and .THE CHEMIST-TURNED- one's head. sang a number of other COMEDIAN launched his Other gadgets include the originals from his new album show with the .Sledge-o-Matic. smoke alarm necklace to which should be released in the now-famous bastard wear to parties and a horn for the next two months. cousin of the Veg-o-Matic pedestriaas without a car. Gallagher offers logical solutions to human conditions. international affairs and 7 look for areas of tension politics. For a bigger savings of taxpayers' money he because laughter releases it ' proposes: "You know the MX missile program, the one where they put nuclear Clad in blue jeaas and a advertised on television. His missiles on underground Pholo by Tom Ligbton denim shirt. Chapin's key version is a huge hammer railroad so the Russians won't characteristic was simplicity know where they are?" GALLAGHER sheds his cap to demonstrate his sneaker-hat which dices, chops and used for heading soccer balls. His songs and lyrics were pulverizes He demonstrated similar to folk ballads, usually it with an apple, a beer can "WKLL, I have a plan I call concerned with daily hard and a watermelon, much to the ICBMW - ships and experiences. The the dismay of the front row Intercontinental Ballistic hearty wailing of his vocals audience which was showered Missile Winnebagos We just added a country touch to his with the sticky mess equip Winnebago motor music Gallagher combines an homes with a nuclear missile absurd mixture of nonsensical mounted on top and give them DESPITE LIMITING free to millions of Americans himself to the hare essentials. visual effects with seemingly practical yet far-fetched for the weekend—a six pack Chapin managed to bring the and a Polaris." L singing, clapping audience lo solutions to world woes. Visual gags similar to the He also suggested giving the then feet for an encore He Jehovah's Witnesses the mail concluded with "Make a Sledge-o Matic have become Gallagher's trademark He to deliver and moving deaf Wish." the theme song from people to the homes next to i.is former children's not only thinks of them, but he 4 television program. also builds them in his garage airports where nobody wants to live He believes that atheism gives the Russians a jump on Americans, since it permits them to work on Sundays

GALLAGHER POINTED out the absurdity of current social systems. "Why put a guarantee on a smoke alar- m?" he asked "Who wants their Sio back after jj everything else has burnt down?" Why do banks implement service charges for bad checks, charging more of what they know you don't have?" he asks Photo by Yo Nagaya Gallagher takes an in- 5M he is a fanatic about using nis social stereotypes, televis.on teresting approach to humor own material, the 33-year-old shows and average everyday "I look for areas of tension bachelor attempts to view occurances. because laughter releases it." common situations from a Another problem comics he explained "I address distorted perspective in order things that bother people- to use them in his act. face is monotony. Gallagher's pent-up agressions. I hope it According to Gallagher a constant use of visual aids, takes them away from joke is a surprise. "You lead including a slide show and reality." the people in one direction and numerous gadgets, combine then show them that the words with his constant change of .GALLAGHER CLAIMS that have two meanings." subject to keep his per- audiences are getting more formance flowing and his sophisticated and tougher to ONE OF the biggest audience rolling. crack "They're getting problems a comedian faces is Gallagher is a frequent harder to deal with because finding a common base to guest on "Make Me Laugh" they see so much They'll beat which everyone in the and has also appeared on you to the punch line." audience may relate "The Tonight Show." In late Photo by Yo Nagaya Gallagher hurdled this goal by 1979 he released his sole LP. TOM CHAPIN mesiiiorizes the audience with a soothing ballad. For this reason. the comedian places an emphasis ridiculing topics such as simply entitled "Gallagher," on writing his own jokes Since sports, international politics. on the United Artists label. ♦ &gei

By BRYAN POWELL Saturday's Spring Fever was quite a pal In spite of threatening overcast skies ov« Field, the party was ai. unqualified -access. I featuring the music ot NKBQ and Stillwa j variety of carnival games. Spring Fever is| JMU event which allows the entire studen gather on campus for a massive celebratii while yet to rival Easters at the Univ Virginia, is a legitimate party in its own i common denominator, of course, is alcor, punch, vodka and plenty of Red, White an Mickey's beer—which flowed freely throuj afternoon The festivities began about 1 p.m., an ha schedule, and rocked on into the late aften featured attraction, Rounder recordin; NRBQ, gave the large crowd a set of R&B-b n' roll which was a little disappointing in 11 the group's recorded material. While pa, audience apparently enjoyed the group, the paid them less attention than one would pected they would warrent. NRBQ OPENED their show with two ti more or less established the tone of the e cert—"Shake. Rattle, and Roll" and "Woo. Both songs are standard 50s tracks to which added nothing particularly noteworthy. As progressed, the band made use of a pre version of "Short Shorts" (remember commercials?) and worked through a n > covers and original material, none of wh ' captured the attention of the audience. But perhaps the fault lies as much with as with the band itself. It would have ' remarkable band just to hold the interest day's audience, since NRBQ couldn't quid successfully with all there was to see and dc But they did try. Despite the fact that played sloppily at times. AI Anderson did r good moments on guitar and keyboard Adams did his best to be a visual attractic even pulled a girl from the crowd and ask troduce herself. The "Whole Wheat Horns," comprise trombonist Donn Adams and tenor saxophc Spring, added a little extra flavor to t performance, particularly when they took ( for solos. But overall the show didn't really NRBQ left after a short performance.

THE OPENING act, Stillwater, was a pleasant surprise. Coming onstage and in crowd to have a good time and party, vocalist Sebie Lacey led the band th energetic set which could only be cla;

' A***i — i THE BREEZE, Tuesday, April 14, 1981, Page I' >E ^~ ■•■ '■ ^!*5< 7.: mi.Mtm'^i g Fever

lightforward rock 'n' roll. The band is basically wn for its Southern rock influences, having ap- < red with Charlie Daniels on two television cials and on two of Daniels' "Volunteer Jam" urns, but their Southern boogie associations were particularly evident Saturday, he band has recorded two LPs with the now jnct Capricorn Records. The first of these albums wned the sole hit for which Stillwater is known— indbender." In case you haven't heard it, the song bout a musician who has a conversation with a :ing guitar (the Mindbender) in a pawn shop. The g is enhanced with the use of a talk box by the d's rhythm guitarist for the lyrics in which the ar "speaks." One of the band's more imaginative ctions, "Mindbender" drew the most response n the crowd and was the highlight of the set. Vhile Stillwater put on a good show, they, like BQ, were unable to draw the crowd's attention m drinking or pursuing the variety of carnival nes, which were probably the biggest winners of day. Since the whole objective of Spring Fever ; to have a good time, the event has to be con- ;red a smashing (or "smashed") success. But in us of artistic values, perhaps Saturday's concert uld not be taken too seriously. Indeed, very little he crowd took it that way.

Photos by Yo Nagaya % and Mike Blevini

SPRING FEVER was quite a party. ABOVE LEFT: NR- BQ's Terry Adams gets into keyboards. ABOVE: Students celebrate the discovery of alcohol. ABOVE RIGHT: An insider's view of the bean bag toss. RIGHT: Lining up three wiffle balls was harder than it looked. LEFT: Stillwater's Sebie Lacey delivers vocals. FAR LEFT: A canine spec- tator joins in the fun. ,->• Kaufhold, King claim titles at national event; team sets records in stvwp %A iup comjJK^*on in the men's compel. !>■••• "- -d(6*fiflflkshire. who is By RICH AMACIIER and DANNY FINNEGAN The Dukes shot a combined score of 2.437 to head Glassboro College and East Stroudsburg State competing for the first tmieTshot a LWrrto finish 10th. Last weekend the James Madison University ar- Wilgus and Grace grabbed 14th and 15th positions chery team climaxed its winter season by capturing College, while the Duchesses' 2.349 held off East Stoudsburg and Barnard College. with scores of 1.047 and 1.040 respectively. the U.S. National Indoor Archery Championships in McCullough was the Duchesses' highest finisher Harrisburg. Pa. Kicking off its outdoor season this JMf EASILY won the mixed competition with a claiming fifth with tally of 1.O70. In addition Adamo weekend, the team grabbed top honors at the Atlantic took seventh, tallying 1.043 points and Williams 900 Classic held in Atlantic City. N.J. score of 3.244. "Once again Madison came through with flying placed eighth with 1.036 points. colors." said coach Margaret Horn. "We took a clean WHILE HORN was pleased with JMU's victory at sweep in everything. We're setting all kinds of 'Everyone hat total respect the national championships, she was disappointed records." that her team did not meet Indiana State University A clean sweep indeed: the team took firsts in all for Madison's archery team' "They have a pretty good team and they beat us last five categories. year. Now we won't get a chance to compete against Rob Kaufhold and Sue King claimed the men's and women's individual titles. Kaufhold shot an.835 out of them until the U.S. Intercollegiate Championships at a possible 900 and beat out 66 other participants, Last weekend's win at the national championships Arizona State in May." while King earned first place honors with an 810. was the grand finale to the indoor season, according The coach added that her team has gained national Four other Duchesses finished in the top 10 out of a to Horn. respect. "We're happy that we're doing well." she field of 47. Janet McCullough placed third scoring 792. Again the team was victorious as a unit winning all said. "Everyone is getting excited about finishing the three team titles. The Dukes edged out Case Western year strongly. Sandra Williams finished sixth at 742. Donna Adamo "We've been having a great year, breaking all shot a 726 to place eigth and Martha Zimmerman Reserve 3.222 to 3.207, and the Duchesses defeated sorts of records. Everyone has total respect for came in 10th with a 703. their closest competitor East Stroudsburg 3.190 to The Dukes' Johnny Grace took third with an 807 2.984. The team's balance was apparent in the mixed Madison's archery team." and Kevin Wilgus' 795 was good for fifth place in the competition, where it defeated Case Western by 130 This weekend JMU hosts the Mid-Atlantic Star- men's competition. points. FITA (Federation of International Target Archery) JMU won both the men's and women's team titles JMU's top individual was Kaufhold. an All- an open invitational that is run in accordance with as well as the mixed competition. America n. who took a third place scoring 1.114 points Olympic regualtions. „^o Page 12, THE BREEZE Tuesday. April 14. 1981 Sports

Dickerson near record Dukes run streak to 15 with sweep of Rams Compiled from staff reports host Virginia Commonwealth Crumb went the distance in and drove in two runs. The in the first inning of the second Warner Crumb pitched a University, 5-1 and 8-3. the opener to notch his fifth Harrisonburg native now has game in the sweep of William complete game, and Russ The two victories extended win in six decisions. The 53 RBI on the season, two shy and Mary. Dickerson continued his JMU's winning streak to 15 junior righthander scattered of the record set by Roger Lee Yancey. 3-2, pitched six- assault on the James Madison games and lifted the Dukes' three hits while striking out in 1978. and two-thirds innings and University seasonal RBI record to 25-8-1. The JMU four and walking four. Kwiatkoski got the final out record Sunday, as the Dukes record for consecutive wins is In the nightcap, Dickerson DAVE BLONDINO earned after the Indians scored in the swept a doubleheader from 17. established in 1977. had four hits in five at bats the win. as he came on in seventh on Greg Adams' relief of starter Justin Gannon double and Jeff Smethurst's in the fourth inning. Southpaw RBI single. Yancey struck out Bennie Hackley mopped up in four and walked one. the final two innings and picked up a save. DOUG SMETHURST. who In addition to Dickerson s gave William and Mary its offensive output, freshmen first run with a first-inning Mike Reeves and Tony home run. took the loss while Marant continued to hit the going the distance. Smethurst ball well. Reeves had two is 1-5. RBI, and Marant had one. JMU scored twice in the Veteran shortstop Tom third on an error, Jim Bocock also had two RBI. Knicely's RBI double and The two losses dropped the Bundy's run-scoring single. Rams' record to 8-25. Marant's sixth-inning single In the opener. Crumb accounted for the Dukes' final received all the help he tally. needed from first baseman Reeves hit a grand slam Lorenzo Bundy. Bundy had an homer and Bundy added a RBI double in the first and a three-run blast as JMU took two-run single in the fifth. advantage of seven walks and JMU's other runs came in an error in scoring 11 runs in the third when Jeff Kidd the first inning of the night- scored on Dale Wathier's wild cap. pitch and in the sixth when JMU hammered three Marant's sacrifice fly plated Indians' pitchers during its Bocock. explosion as William and Mary used a total of five for THE TW1NBILL against the contest. Starter Jim VCU was the second for JMU Bilodeau suffered the loss in in as many days. Saturday the his first decision of the season. Dukes hosted the College of Joe Carleton was the William and Mary, edging the beneficiary of the potent JMU Indians 3-2 in the first game offense, lasting into the sixth and crushing them 19-4 in the inning while earning his fifth nightcap. win against one loss. Hackley The two victories upped and Kwiatkoski provided JMU's record in the Eastern relief help in the sixth and College Athletic Conference's seventh innings. Southern Division to 9-1. The Dickerson added a three- Dukes are the defending run shot in the second and had champions in the ECAC- four RBI in the game. South. The Dukes play Wednesday Ptiolo by Midi ■levins Kip Yancey and John at the University of Rich- JMU'S offense continued to produce in Kwiatkoski combined on a mond. JMU defeated the doubleheader sweeps of William and Mary and runs in the four victories and have now won 15 five-hitter in the first game Spiders 13-2 last Tuesday in Virginia Commonwealth. The Dukes scored 35 consecutive games. The school record is 17. and JMU erupted fpr M runs . Harrisonburg THE BREEZE, Tuesday. April 14, 1981, Page 13 anelli removes name from list at Georgia Tech By DAVID TEEL Now entering his 10th year here, Campanelli After "three agonizing days", Lou Cam- guided the Dukes to their first appearance in pa nelli is glad it's over. The James Madison the NCAA tournament in 1980-61. JMU University head basketball coach has taken his defeated Georgetown University, 61-55, and name out of consideration for a similar lost to Notre Dame University, 54-45, in the position at Georgia Tech. NCAA. Campanelli emerged as a leading candidate At JMU, Campanelli has compiled a 165-73 for the job after being interviewed Tuesday in record. Atlanta by Georgia Tech Athletic Director Campanelli now becomes the fourth coach to Homer Rice and the school's selection com- him down the Georgia Tech job or to withdraw mittee. his name from consideration. Old Dominion Friday Campanelli released the following University's Paul Webb, Boston College's Tom statement through the JMU Office of Sports Davis and University of Pennslyvania's Bob Information: "It was an honor to be in- Weinhauer are the others. terviewed and considered for the head basketball coaching position at Georgia Tech. THE REMAINING candidates for the job Homer Rice is an outstanding individual, and I vacated by Dwayne Morrison are Bobby was certainly impressed with the Georgia Cremins of Appalachian State University, Tech athletic community. Roger Kaiser of West Georgia College and Hubie Brown, formerly of the Atlanta Hawks. "HOWEVER AFTER careful deliberation, I Since joining the ACC two years ago, have decided to withdraw my name from Georgia Tech has won only one conference consideration for the Georgia Tech position. game and is 14-41 overall. This past season, the Because of the close association I have Yellow Jackets were 4-23 and failed to defeat a developed with JMU Athletic Director Dean single Division I opponent. Ehlers, the university administration and During recent speculation concerning a players, I have decided that I would like to be a move, Campanelli said, "You owe it to yourself part of the continuing growth of the JMU and to your family to look at a chance to im- basketball program." prove your career." Sunday Campanelli said, "I'm glad its over. He decided the situation at Georgia Tech was Now I can back to the job at hand—JMU not an improvement. Campanelli said, "The basketball." minuses just outweighed the plusses." Terps rout Duchesses

Photo by Tom Litmon Loss of Eitenberg renders offense ineffective By JEFF NUCKLES THE DUKES' Mark Snead was beaten by Old the beginning of her five-goal rally, as Maryland upped its Dominion's Todd Furniss, 6-2.6-4 Saturday in ODU's 7-2 Following James Madison performance. margin to 10-2. victory. JMU is now 10-2. University's win over seventh- Opening the second half, Eisenberg scored again at ranked University of Virginia Eisenberg scored unassisted the 15:32 point, but last week, Duchesses' coach at the 23:35 mark to cut the Maryland's Gigi Daley an- Dee McDonough commented lead to 7-2. swered just over a minute on her lacrosse team's up- "THAT WAS a big lift for later to bring the score to 11-3. ODU tops JMU coming contest with third- us," Peacock noted. "We're a An unassisted score by By DANNY PINNEGAN ranked University of pretty balanced team, but Peacock with 13:48 remaining State tennis power Old Dominion University broke Maryland saying, "If we don't Cara scoring the goal was a was followed by Audrea James Madison University's nine-match winning streak beat them, we'll be close." really big factor in helping our LeMire's tally 48 seconds later . with a 7-2 victory over the Dukes here Saturday. She was wrong. confidence." to keep the spread at eight, 12- The loss dropped JMU, who last lost to West Virginia Sporting the ranking of However, any comeback 4. Eisenberg scored 5:40 later University, to 10-2 on the year and raised the Monarchs' number eight in the nation, thoughts were to only to linger to end the Duchesses' scoring record to 10-5. the Duchesses traveled to for a short while. and cut the lead to 12-5. ODU's record is deceiving, however, since one of its College Park Saturday and Lanahan. Daughterty and A four-goal run in the final losses was to ACC power Clemson, and another loss was lost to the undefeated Watson all scored goals over four and a half minutes to national power Furman University. Earlier in the Terrapins 16-5. the next 5:35 to douse any provided the final margin of week, the Monarchs soundly defeated the University of "We didn't play well thoughts of a Duchesses' victory for the Terps. Virginia. , • together at all," said fresh- ODU won five of the six singles points to assure itself man Sue Peacock. "Maryland of victory before the doubles competition began. played well together, and it At the number one singles match, JMU's Mark Michel was just one of those days for lost for only the second time this season to Monarch us. We had a long week with Robert Hale 7-5,7-5. Michel was up 5-3 in the first set, but the other games and were Hale rallied to capture the match. kind of tired." Playing without leading HALE IS ONE of the best players in the nation. A scorer Cara Eisenberg in the Jamaican by way of Florida, he has defeated top first half, the Duchesses were players, including Ail-American Andy Andrews of the virtually ineffective on of- University of North Carolina and Northwestern fense. Eisenberg was out with University's Mike Balkin, who is ranked 15th in the a back injury but returned in nation. the second half. Michel called Hale "definitely the best player I've seen all year. I played well, I could have played better, THE TERPS wasted little but he beat me. I tried and I have nothing to cry about." time scoring, as Judy Michel's statement summed up the Dukes' problems. Daughterly tallied the first of At number two singles, ODU's John Harrison defeated her three goals just 2:01' into Richard Schick 6-4, 6-3. At number three. JMU's Mark the match for a 1-0 lead. Snead fell to Todd Furniss 6-2, 64. Three minutes later. Freshman Rick Baker, seeded fourth, lost to Al Howe Peacock took a pass from 7-6 (5-1), 6-1 while playing on a sprained ankle suffered Kathy Fishpaugh to tie the in practice Friday. score at l-l. It was the closest The Dukes' Jorge Salas, number five seed, lost for the the Duchesses would come. first time this year despite a strong rally against Just 32 seconds later Monarch Dave Ryan, 6-3, 6-4. Daughterty fired her second shot home to spark a 6-0 spurt JMU GOT just one singles victory, which came from that carried Maryland to its senior John Witt. A model of consistency for the Dukes sixth win of the year. this year, Witt is the only player to compete in every The score remained 2-1 for singles and doubles match. He has lost just once, against the next 5>* minutes until West Virginia. Sharon Watson scored to boost Witt defeated ODU's Dennis Lange, 6-4, 6-4, to raise the Terps' margin to 3-1. his record to 11-1. Sandy Lanahan and Sally The Dukes' only other victory on the day came from Schofield alternated goals the number two doubles team of Snead and Salas, who over the next 12:43, as JMU combined for a 2-6.6-3,6-0 win over Howe and Ryan. trailed 7-1 at intermission. CARA EISENBERG, seen here in action against Virginia, saw Lanahan's two. goals were . limited playing time in JMU's 16-5 loss to Maryland. ' a, r+ta - .■VHigtKisx, * ..,- x**e+Sm; wm . :,•*■;-»-.

Page 14. THE BRKKZK Tuesday. April 14. 1981

BRUCE .MORTON returns an interception for the Varsity in its 17-6 victory over the Alumni in Saturday's spring football game. Tailback Bryan Moore scored both touchdowns for the Dukes as he rushed for K2 yards on 12 carries. Scott Norwood ac- counted for JMU's other points with a 40-yard field goal. Norwood's counterpart on the Alumni, Joe Showfcer. kicked two field goals for his team's only points. The game marked the end of spring practice for the Dukes.

Photo by Mint Bltvlni


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Page 16. THE BREEZE Tuesday, April 14. 1981 Classifieds Do°»"bu"' by Garry Trudeau

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V.-: THE BREEZE, Tuesday, April 14, 1981, Page 17 Wanted Madisonman by Scott Worner WANTED: Interested party to GOTTA KEEP EM sublease two bedroom fur- ITS GOOD we ITIME TO MENOTV.EM FENCES J GOT THCSC P A- M0VIN\ M THE QUAD.'Hl-HOGQLp? nished apartment in Squire HERE FENCES Hill. June-August. Many KJP TO GET ALONG extras - washer dryer, pool, KEEP THERF LITTLE" tennis spurts, air con- „ THEM , ditioning. ^?rice negotiable. f VARMITS Call Linda - 433-9345 for more OFF THE information GRASS! WANTED: Two male roommates to share 5 room. l\ bath townhouse. $80. monthly. Excellent living conditions. Kitchen, dish- washer, air conditioner, heater. '2 mile from campus. Call 433-2873. EXCELLENT SEAM- VOTE RIGHT. VOTE KILY, It means the same, but Help Wanted Services STRESS, good rates, all types REYNOLDS, for Honor the name's been changed. OVERSEAS JOBS - Sum- TYPING: Experienced of sewing, call Helen Hawkins Council V.P. Love ya Tim! Lake Todd with a Triumph - mer-year round. Europe. typist, on campus every at 289-9541 for more in- 'The First Lady". the battlefield with a Honda - South America. Austrailia, morning Monday through formation. someday with our leerio'' TO THE BLOND WITH THE SISSY. 'Asia. All fields. $500-$ 1.200 Friday. Call 434-7508 af- DIRTY MIND: monthly. Sightseeing. Free ternoons and evenings. TYPING SERVICE: TIM REYNOLDS: WRAP iT information. Write IJC, box Dissertations, theses, reports, Congratulations on winning UP for Honor Council Vice STORE YOUR LOFT FOR' etc. 17 years experience. $.80 the election. Love ya, Ray 52-VA4, Corona Del Mar, CA (and Swifty too!). President. Love, Lisa. 92625. THE SUMMER, $25. Call 433- per page. Call Mrs. Price. 879- 2889. 9935. EASTER BUNNY FOR WANTED: Head swim coach REX: How about some YOUR HONEY: Eastergrams - - Harrisonburg Rockingham TYPING SERVICES Personals cruisin' around soon now that on sale Monday, Tuesday, and Swim Club. League and AAU AVAILABLE. Call 434-6851 - the weather's warm?! Swifty. Wednesday in Harrison Annex Competition. June f-Augusf or'stop by 1161 Shenandoah REAGAN IN 80. BUSH IN 81. Lobby. 15. Assistant Coaches also Street. $.75 per page. Better luck next time, sin- TIM REYNOLDS: Good luck! needed. Call 703-434-495& or cerely, the poor, the needy, We're behind you all the way. VOTE RIGHT. VOTE 703-434-0519. COLLEGE TYPING AND the handicapped, college Pi Kappa Phi Little Sisters. REYNOLDS. FOR Honor EDITING SERVICES: students, friends of the en- Council Vice President on SUMMER COUNSELORS - to Typing and editing of theses, vironment, enemies of oil EASTER BUNNY FOR April 14. work with male handicapped term papers and other companies, and all the other YOUR HONEY!! Think campers." June 3-august 14. reports. Free paper, pick-up people who've been screwed Eastergrams this Easter... VOTE RIGHT. VOTE 800-542-5900. and delivery. Twenty years of by your ineptitude. REYNOLDS for Honor experience. Call: 896-5921. DEBBIE HANCHER!! With Council Vice President this TEACHERS WANTED: EASTER BUNNY FOR you cheering, I don't see how Tuesday. Elementary and Secondary. NEED A PLACE TO STORE YOUR HONEY!! Send an Marshall can lose. It was good West and other states. YOUR LOFT? For a $30. Eastergram to that special seeing you this weekend; TIM. Good luck in the run-off. Placements since 1946. Phone charge Sigma Pi will pick up, someone in your life. Orders you're the only girl in my life We're behind you all the way. (505) 877-7802. Southwest store, and return your left. taken in Harrison Annex lobby that "honks"! Love, JS the JV Love your devoted campaign Teachers Agency, Box 4337, Tor more information call Monday, Tuesday. and admirer.. managers: Ronda, Karen, Alb. NM 87196. 7274 or 7177. Wednesday. Only 25 cents!! Elizabeth, Christy, Lisa, and See ad in this issue for details. TIM REYNOLDS for Honor Noel. Council Vice President. Vote , ,1 All classified ads should be brought to" Tuesday, April 14. The Breeze office in the basement of Wine Price, with payment enclosed end To introduce you to our VOTE RIGHT. VOTE issue dates specified, no later man noon Tuesday for Friday's issue, and ne later REYNOLDS for Vice than noon Friday for Tuesday's issue. President Honor Council on Rates are f 75 for 0-2S words, SI SO for 2e- great values... April 14. 50 words. J? 50 for 5175 words, and S.05 ■or each additional word above 75.

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Page 18. THE BREEZE Tuesday. April 14, 1981 1k Viewpoint—

Keep it up I Waste study Let's have a toast for the Student Government Association Food Service Committee—but don't leave the crust behind. About 50 percent less food is wasted in D-hall now than was last semester, according to the committee's recent study. The reduced waste obviously is a result of the first study. In addition to commending the group, we offer a three-course meal for thought: • An SGA proposal to eliminate the "come back for seconds" policy should be recognized for what it is—baloney. The policy was started when the committee's first study revealed 15 to 20 percent food waste in D-hall: the second study proved the policy's worth. Repealing the policy would be a waste of the committee's work. • If the waste trimming really translates into a savings of over $100,000. as was reported in the April 5 Digest, could next year's $105 room and board increase be reduced? • The food waste study should be repeated the next two semesters for two reasons. First, another study would show if waste naturally drops during spring semester as students become more familiar with D-hall. Also, it would serve as a reminder not to waste food—to freshmen as well as to returning students. Greek move could be good It may seem that the well-done job by the Food Service Com- mittee brings no reward, only more work. But it would be a shame By RICK SETTLE General Assembly to fund money for ad- to waste a good job: University officials are studying the ditional living space there. economic feasibility of moving some of the Also, it has been suggested that members in Greek organizations across Interstate 81 the new houses could hire a cook rather than Keep it up U within the next few years. pay for a dining contract. If they all do this, it Greeks like the proposal because it will give might help ease some of the overcrowding in them greater independence. More students the dining-hall could live in each house, with fewer rules in Before any plans are enacted, the number of Birth control what could be more of a Greek community fraternities and We hate to say "We told you so," but we did. The referendum on than the present Greek Row. Others oppose the sororities willing the Student Government Association's election ballot showed that proposal because it shows a favoritism by the 'If only to move should be there is strong student desire for a campus birth control service. administration toward Greeks, a minority on large enough to Eighty-six percent of those who voted said that the university campus. make a dif- should provide birth control examinations and write con- Despite the fact that Greeks are only 14 one or two ference. If only traceptive prescriptions: 64 percent said they would use such a percent of the James Madison University one or two groups service. As Legislative Vice President Mark Davison put it, "It population, they provide many services for the groups move, move, it would be (the referendum) obviously shows that students want the ser- community and campus that their size does not a waste of money. vice." We hate to say it, but... indicate. The success of JMU's latest frater- The number of nity. Lambda Chi Alpha, shows the desire of vacancies should What remains is a student-administration cooperative effort. students for more Greek organizations. it would be be enough to The SGA could conduct a study on implementing the service, but If fraternities and sororities want to make allow new Greek it would need answers from the administration: Are more the move, they should be allowed to do so. a waste orgganiztions in, gynecologists needed? Are family counselors needed? Will health Under the current suggestion, each group will while allowing a build their own house on university land rented few houses to be '.»» care costs need to increase? The study could even enlist the aid of a social work or other appropriate class. Starting the service, of at a low price with a long term contract. of money' used for other course, is an administrative action. The individual organization will have to important groups, We ask the administration to cooperate with the SGA in starting raise its own money but JMU will help them such as a birth control service here. get low interest loans for the groups. The a foreign language house on campus. university also will have a significant in- If feasible, the new development will have an vestment in the move due to the need for 18-acre lake and playing fields. The new transportation, parking and utilities. playing fields, especially baseball fields, would The move would increase housing space on benefit everyone, not just Greeks. campus and possibly lay the groundwork for further building across 1-81. Once a tran- If enough groups can raise the money and I (iiiiid.cl |M22 sportation system and utilities are established, the feasibility study claims it would work, both it might be easier to convince the Virginia JMU and Greek organizations will benefit. Editor Cindy Elmore Managing Editor Tricia Fischetti Business Manager James Saunders Proficiency exam not News Editor Donna Sizemore Editorial Editor Chris Kouba Feature Editor Bryan Powell 'Haven't we already 'passed the test?" Sports Editors David Teel, Rich Amacher Photography Editor Mike Blevins By SHIRLEY HADLEY SATs, which include an English section, to be Graphics Editor Matt Wagner Beginning fall semester, all students wan- accepted to James Madison University. Next, Production Manager Martha Stevens ting to take Communication Arts 281 (in- the student had to pass English 101 and 102. Advisers Flip De Luca, Alan Neckowitz, troductory newswriting) first must pass a 100- Haven't we already "passed the test?" David Wendelken question English test on grammar, spelling, Newsroom 433-6127 punctuation and word usage. Journalism instructor Flip DeLuca Business office 433-6596 estimates that 75 percent of those who take the In the past, many students have registered The Breeze it published everv Tuesday and Friday except where otherwise test will pass it. But passing the test still does noted. for the course only to find that all classes are not assure a seat in the class. Students still will Correspondence should be addressed to The Breeze, Wine-Price Building, full. The Communication Arts Department James MAdison University, Harrlsonburg, Virginia 2)807. have to battle pre-registration and Letters to the editor are welcomed. All letters must be typed,signed, and believes a proficiency test will solve this registration, possibly to find that all courses include the author's address and telephone number. Unsigned letters will not be problem. This test has been designed to published. Unsolicited editorials may be used as guestspots are already full. All material will be edited at the discretion of the editor "screen out those students who are deficient in All letters, columns, reviews and guestspots reflect the opinions of their basic English skills." If you don't pass the test, authors and not necessarily those of the editors of The Sreeze or me students, Obviously, the demand for the course ex- faculty and staff of James Madison University. Unsigned editorials give the you can't take the course. majority opinion of the editors of The Breeze. ceeds the number of sections available. More Comments and complaints about The Breeze should be addressed to Clod, Each student had to pass several years of sections should be made available for this Elrnore. editor of The Breeze. English tests in high school to graduate. Then, course. A passing grade on a proficiency test is the student had to score high enough on the not the best solution. —*w**^ THE BREEZE, Tuesday, April 14, 1981. Page 19

Honor Council Intelligence, background Windsor it qualified, recognized leader support Colna

To the editor: senate it is obvious he has Council. He received 44.8 To the editor: say this will hurt him. In working with Jim considered all the options percent of the vote, Today there is a run off However, I must disagree, Windsor for the past year thoroughly. whereas his current op- for two major Student I think it will be a benefit. in both the Student As chairman of the SGA ponent only managed to get Government Association He will be an asset to an Government Association Student Services com- 30 percent of the vote. I feel offices: Treasurer and Executive Council that is senate and its Student mittee, I picked up on Jim's decision-making Honor Council vice composed of old SGA Services committee, I have Jim's leadership abilities experience, as well as his president. Regarding the senators. Ted will be a admired his assertiveness at our first meeting of the desire to . improve the office of Treasurer I would breath of fresh air in this and ability to get things year. He spoke in a awareness of the student done. relaxed, but authoritative body as to the ideal and In the senate he is a manner, and suggested procedures of the honor recognized leader. When certain goals that he felt system, will enable him to motions come up for a vote, were important to the carry out the duties of vice Treasurer the other senators look to group. president effectively. Windsor to see how he will Jim Windsor is now in a Scott Morris vote. When he brings up a runoff for the office of vice Chairman, SGA Student like to say that Ted Colna is somewhat stale at- point for discussion in the president of the Honor Services committee the best choice for SGA mosphere. Treasurer next year. I should also point out I have two bases for that the treasurer is Reynolds would bring experience supporting Ted. One is his probably the one office that individual merits and the needs the least amount of other is how much next To the editor: have the opportunity to well as introduce new ideas prior SGA experience. As 1980-81 Honor Council year's Executive Council elect who fills this position. which will enhance the needs him. President. I want to ex- I urge you to consider Tim Honor System. I say to you that Ted press my concern for Reynolds as the candidate Ted is a very intelligent would be a true Tim Reynolds believes in person. He will be Tuesday's run-off election. with a proven service the Honor System of this representative of the First, I congratulate record. As a member of the graduating after next year student body, as a non- university and desires to with a double major in Pamela Nelson as next Minor Violations Board, he work for it as vice SGAer he understands the year's Honor Council is familiar with judicial Accounting and Finance. problems of dealing with president. I support him in He is also a member of the president and extend my process. In addition, Tim his bid for this position. SGA. In addition with his appreciation for her ser- has served in other Accounting Honor Society technical background he Remember to vote and is his Hall Council vice as this year's vice- capacities for the students Tuesday and elect the most will have an easier time of president. Secondly. I of James Madison Treasurer. Because of this managing the daily ac- qualified candidate. Tim he has more than enough tivities. Please support Ted direct your attention to the University. I feel that he Reynolds—Honor Council vacant position of Honor can fulfill the respon- technical experience to Colna for SGA Treasurer. vice president. manage the position. Thank you! Council vice-president. sibilities of the Honor Barry DuVal On Tuesday, you will Council vice presidency as Some would point to his William P. Sulik Honor Council president lack of SGA experience and SGA Treasurer Candidate not covered To the editor: concerning the SGA proposal, Once again The Breeze but was unable to do so. At blunders. In the past The 1:40 p.m. he arrived at the Breeze has misinformed or student union, but the debates mislead their readers had not begun. After five to 10 frequently with articles on minutes of loitering in the sporting events, and more Warren University Union, Pat than occasionally with feature departed for his work as an articles. The Breeze continues athletic trainer this legacy of failure in its It appears . that this can- article on The Breeze debate didate had reasons for not between Student Government attending the debate. Pat had Association presidential to complete his work for the candidates. SGA and fulfill his obligations The Breeze mentioned the as an athletic trainer. But inability of one of the can- what was he doing working for didates, Pat O'Donoghue, to the SGA? Sande Snead attend the debate. It was reported that Lynn Tipton was informed three days before the only candidate with SGA the debate that he would be experience. • unable to attend, but Sande The answer is that once Snead wandered through this again The Breeze misin- article as though this can- formed its readers. Pat didate did not exist and as if O'Donoghue is a member of his opinion was meaningless. the SGA Students Services Off-campus life not very expensive She stated that four can- Committee (as is Lynn Tip- To the editor: didates agreed on birth ton), and is conducting a N estimate $110 for an average I would be the first to agree I have the following ob- control and Greek funding, feasibility study on the electricity bill. that living off campus does but what was Pat servations regarding the If you add this together possibility of operating a bus recent article concerning have its inconveniences, and O'Donoghue's point of view? service for handicapped and. ($365 plus $225 plus $110 equals that budgets are blown to The Breeze had interviewed rising prices for commuting $700), you arrive at the total injured students. students: pieces over gasoline and car Pat on these issues, but his It goes to show that you monthly expense. Since the expenses. But you receive an viewpoint was not contained can't believe all that you read, academic year actually runs entire apartment—kitchen, in the article. Why? and this fact is a shame. It is The student from central only eight months, September two baths, dishwasher, Virginia, Leslie, complained Why wasn't Pat time for The Breeze to shape I through May l, the total cost washer and dryer at Squire O'Donoghue at the debate, up, and for a more accurate because off-campus living for these eight months comes Hill, where Leslie lived—as made it "financially im- which was to take place on alternative. to $5,600 or $1,866 per student. compared to a rather small Friday. April 3 at 1 p.m.? At Patrick O'Donoghue practical" to survive. Please Follow? room on campus. consider the following: one o'clock, Pat had an ap- Yet consider that the ex- So, it really is not that much pointment with Dr. Dave Editor's note: The Breeze's She listed $365 per month for penses on campus are $900 per more expensive to live off rent. $75 per month for food Emmerling concerning SGA SGA debate, which was year (eight months) for room, campus. If you think it is, just proposal number 55, a bus scheduled for 1 p.m., April 3, ($225 for the three students and $900 per year (eight wait until you get next year's sharing the apartment), and service for handicapped and was delayed until nearly 1:M months) for meals, totaling on-campus room and board injured students. At 1:30 p.m., since a band playing on the «*'. the $136 for electricity, which $1,800 per student per fees. was her highest bill. ,Let's he went to the Health Center WL'L' paUo was late removing .academic year Steve Smith to obtain more information '•..':.■ ... -i . its equipment from the stage. • «-# . > • # r # « * « W9 » ♦ a 9 * « • * ■ *a • ■««••«fit.■<«««* . THE BREEZE Tuesday. April 14, 1981

Photo by Mlk* Bltvint STACEY TAYLOR and Denise Blaha relax in their mobile home's suite which contains paneling and wall-to-wall carpeting. Sense of unity follows residents Life in the trailers By BARBARA TOTO at the Hillside complex. "Living out at Last fall, while other students were the motel seemed pretty bad when we moving into residence halls, 70 first got there," said sophomore female students, mostly freshmen, Stacey Taylor. "We weren't going to were unpacking their belongings at be on campus and couldn't stay late at Photo by Mikt Bltvint the Belle Meade Motel. They were Darties. I really think once we got into ACCORDING TO Denise Blaha, the trailers are a source of curiosity among other initially told they would be there for the trailers there was a greater sense students here. "People will just be walking by and will stop to ask if they can three weeks. of comraderie at least within each tome in to look around." trailer, more than a regular dorm." The girls remained at the motel According to Denise Blaha, a fresh- campus students here. conditioning and cable TV in the until the end of October, while seven men resident, the girls drew up and The girls must also contend with a suites. The trailers, housing 10 girls modular homes were being con- signed a petition soon after they constant curiosity about where they each, contain five bedrooms. Inside structed for them on campus at the moved in to the trailers to allow live. "People will just be walking by walls are paneled, and the trailers base of Wine-Price Hill. alcohol in their suites. They couldn't and will stop to ask if they can come in have wall-to-wall carpeting. There were mixed emotions among have alcohol in the trailer suites. As a to look around." Blaha said. "One girl The trailers will be used for the next the students about living in the motel. result, the decision to restrict stopped by last Saturday and told us three years to house primarily fresh- "Belle Meade was a nice change from alcoholic consumption to their she was a senior graduating in May. man or upperclassmen who choose to living in dorms." said senior Brenda bedrooms was reversed by the office She wanted to see what the trailers live there. After the three-year Hogan, their head resident. of resident halls. looked like before she left JMU." period, the trailers probably will be "There was a lot of privacy living Overall, comments about living in The Hillside complex has seven-day moved to Godwin field to house there," said freshman Rebecca the trailers are positive. "It's real visitation, i in addition to air- graduate students. Weaver, adding "What was nice about homey." said Weaver, who plans to the motel was that we had maid live there again next year. service twice a week, and laundry "Hillside is like a home. It's quieter service once a week." than a dorm and it's a very relaxed Some of the negative aspects of atmosphere," Hogan commented. "If motel life included no alcohol I wasn't graduating, I'd stay. privileges and living by a bus Blaha, however, will be living in the schedule. village complex next year. "I like Finally, in late October, with the living in the trailers," she said. "But help of university supplied vans and I'd like to try something new." buses the students moved into their new dorms. A NEGATIVE aspect of the trailers is that according to Hogan, the A SENSE of unity has followed the residents there do not have the same girls who now are in their sixth month advantage of meeting other on-

Photo by Mikt Bltvlm

Photo by Mikt Bltvint SORORITY AND fraternity members enjoy a large-scale game of musical "A GREATER sense of comraderie' exists within the trailers, according to chairs Friday on the football field as part of Greek Week activities. Hillside resident Stacey Taylor.