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Non-profit Org. FREE U.S. Postage Paid FRIDAY Newark. DE Volume 122, Number 2 Student Center B-1, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716 Permit No. 26 September 8, 1995 UD ranked 52nd in the nation for Money magazine's best buy BY CRAIG L. BLACK 95th best college value as it broke into the honor roll is a secondary goal, Kirkpatrick "College is probably the second most R ounding off the institutions making Seniur Staff Reponer financial publication's top 100 list for the said. He added that if a consistent reputation expensive thing people will buy in their life M o ney Magazine's top 10 list are: Rice The university earned another stellar first time. of quality instruction is built, students will after a house," said Jillian Kasky, associate University, Northeast Missouri State report card from Money Magazine as the Andrew B. Kirkpatrick, chairman of the come. editor of statistics at Money Magazine. University, Trenton State, California institution was named the 52nd best college university's Board of Trustees, said offering " Applications have decreased at many "It's a way to comparison shop," she said. Institute of Technology, University of North buy in the nation and the II th best value in quality education and extracurricular institutions," he said. "They've more than "You pick up Consumer Reports to purchase Carolina- Chapel Hill, State University of the Mid-Atlantic. activities for a competitive price, is an held their own at the University of Delaware a refrigerator. This is a way to make sure New York at Binghamton, Spelman College, A team of nine researchers for the 1996 ongoing challenge. and the caliber of students applying has you' 11 know all the parts of the colleges University of Illinois and State University of edition of Money Guide analyzed 16 "We've got some programs that are top­ steadily been a little higher." you're looking at." New York at Albany_ measures of the educational quality of I ,049 flight on a worldwide point of view and they The sixth annual best college buys list hit For the third year in a row, New College Stabilizing tuition and fees is the key to four-year schools. After factoring in the bring prestige to the university as a whole," the stands three and a half months after of the University of South Florida reigns as moving to the top of the list and unlocking tuition and fees of each college, a value said Kirkpatrick, who has been a member of researchers began p rocessing more than valedictorian. The No. I value in the country the potential to provide a valuable academic rating was assessed. the Board of Trustees for 10 years. 200,000 pieces of data resulting from I 0,000 increased its tuition by only $7 since last atmosphere, Kasky said. Last year the university was ranked the Maintaining a spot on Money Magazine's telephone calls. year. see UD RANKED page A9 Is that a beach? Controversy surrounds gay benefits BY KRISTIN COLLINS President David P. Roselle said their Administrative News Editor Aug. 30 story, claiming the Diversity has become the university decided to deny the administration's No. I buzz word in benefits, ·'doesn't bear any reality." recent years, but a controversial David Colton, president of the faculty proposal may force it to put AAUP and a member of the its money where its mouth is. committee that proposed the A committee comprised of university faculty and administrators see GAY PROFS page A9 sent the final version of a proposal that , if approved, would give medical , dental and educational benefits to same-sex domestic Hawaii partners to the Board of Trustees at the end of June. The proposal had been under discussion since could December. The committee that approved and • THE REVIEW I Kelly Bennett sent the benefits pro posal was Kris Clark (AS JR) and Rob Perisi (AS JR) enjoy games and festivities at the Life-0-Matic promotional event on fo rmed as a result o f a faculty recogmze Harrington Beach. See story page AS. request. Despite reports in The Delaware Spectator, a conservative newspaper gay mates published by Young Americans for Freedom, the proposal has not yet come before the board fo r Island state may be discussion, according to Andrew first to legalize '95 drought could be worst ever Kirkpatrick, chairman of the Board of Trustees. No decision regarding same-sex marrzage 35 the benefits proposal has been made. October is the While the board hasn't yet BY GARY GEISE formally discussed it, the proposed Copy Desk Chief driest month in benefits have become a heated topic While individual companies with clearly drawn sides- the and institutions across the United Del., so it's going ... American Association of University States debate extending domestic ~=25 Professors taking a stand for p'artncr benefi ts to their to get worse ... domestic partner benefits and Y AF employees' same-sex and willing to go to any length to defeat unmarried opposite-sex " life BY MARK JOLLY Copy Editor ~ 20 the proposal. partners," Hawaii is edging closer ~ YAF President Paul Smith Jr. to being the first state in the union The rainfall deficit caused by ...... e': this year's drought is the largest in (AS SR) said he believes the to legally reco gnize same-sex marriages. the past 29 years and is fast Q 15 benefits would "belittle marriage," ~ and by passing them the board The H awaiian Supreme Court approaching some of the worst ~ .... has charged t he state to sho w records of the century. ... would be " recognizing something =1o that does not exist," s ince gay " compelling state interest" for On Monday, Gov. Thomas R . ~ ~ marriage is not legally recognized. denying two persons of the same Carper declared northern New Ill gender the right to marry. The Castle County's water shortage an " Besides the fact that we think § 5 homosexuality is wrong, we don't trial date, originally set fo r this emergency, the first official u think the university should be fall , was recently pushed back to emerge ncy since the system funding it, especially since the state July 15, 1996. designed a way to determine a 0 doesn't legally recognize it," said The lines are drawn for a drought's severi ty. Nov. '63 Sept. '66 Oct. '68 Nov_ '76 May '86 Dec. '88 Today Delaware has not experienced O ct. '59 Nov. '64 Feb. '68 O ct. '73 Feb. '77 July '88 Nov. '9 1 Michael Kaplan (BE SR), editor in spectacular legal battle, with an actual drought since a five-year Dry Periods of 20 Days or Longer Since 1948 chief of The Spectator and member Hawaiian politicians, outside legal period in the mid 1960s, according ofYAF. experts, gay rights activists and to Dr. R obert Jordan, director of THE REVIEW/Kelly Bennett When they heard last spring that the Church of Jesus Christ of the the Delaware Geological Survey. magnitude is seen only about once A lo ng with the population , the News Journal. domestic partner benefits were Latter-Day Saints (the Mormo ns) mentioned in the AAUP contract, set to lock horns on the issue. This drought is probably more every 50 years. demand for water has probably Dr. J o hn Martin, associate Y AF made their opinion known to detrimental than the one in the "It's the worst one we've seen doubled since the earlier drought, director of the university's Water The original decision by the '60s, according to Stewart Lovell, since I've been here," Lovell said. he said, and the water shortage is Resources Center, said he believes all the members of the board, all Hawaiian Supreme Court (Baehr state representatives and the student v. Levin, in M ay 1993) explicitly manager of water supply with the "It goes beyond our experience." nearly the same_ the f requent drought warnings body. compared same-sex marriage to Delaware Natural Resources Although the drought in the In the past 20 years, however, reveal a trend for which Mother Environmental Commission. 1960s had a slightly higher deficit Delawar e has heard drought Nature may not be solely YAF members believed their interracial marriage in ruling that lobbying efforts had successfully the court could find no reason to He said a drought of this of rainfall, Lovell said he believes warnings every four to six years, responsible. defeated the proposal, although this one will be worse for the area. according to The Wilm ingt on see DROUGHTS page A8 see HAWAil page A 7 .-----INDEX ----. Dining changes ...... A2 U.N. women's News Analysis ...... A2 Public Safety gets a new chief Classifieds ...... 88 Comics ...... BS Officers now Committee and the Office of Police Report ...... A2 women's studies. meeting draws fire "If there's a communication Editorial ...... A 12 report to VP component, there is a likelihood that BY KIM WALKER the State Department: Sports ...... B 10 Associate News Editor it has to do with my department," she • Human rights, including violence World briefs ...... A3 Domestic violence is the leading against women Maxine Colm said. "Public Safety interfaces with cause of d eath worldwide for • A life-span approach to health ---Also inside: --- BY ALYSON ZAMKOFF faculty , staff and students. My City News Editor women ages 14-44. care and education History of the Mall ...... A3 department interfaces with faculty, About 500,000 women die of • Shared responsibilities of work Bosnia update ...... A4 In an effort to further the staff and students. pregnancy-re lated cau ses every and family between men and Greek directory ...... AIO partnership between the university " It's helpful if one of the year. women community and university police, departments which interacts Globally, women comprise 60-80 • Economic security Public Safety has begun reporting to constantly with our students has an percent of impoverished people. • Participatio n in community the vice president for employee opportunity to work within a unit The Department of State said the building on the local, national and relations. where we do address ad verse Unjted States plans to address these international sector Maxine Colm, who replaced Vice concerns." pro blems at tl)e • Participatio n in economic and President for Government and Public According to Public Safety Fourth World Conference on political decision making Relations John Brook as the person Director Doug Tuttle, the national Women being held in Sept. The main agenda for the to whom Public Safety reports, said trend in universities is to have public 4-15. conference is to ratify the Platform she believes her new responsibility safety report to an administrative With Hillary Rodham Clinton as for Action , a non-binding with Public Safety will fit well with division such as Colm's. the honorary chair of the u_s, agreement between nations to the other groups she oversees. These Although Tuttle said he basically delegation, the will improve women's lives, said units include such groups as the regards Colm' s involvement as "a lead the conference in the following Kathleen M. Meyer , the executive World Wide Web Center for Black Culture, Campus matter of reporting to someone exploring, page AS Diversity Unit, Affirmative Action areas, according to a fact sheet from see WOMEN'S page A4 see PULIC SAFETY page A4 Colm A2. THE REVIEW. September 8, 1995 Democrats defect to the other side en masse to the right over the last election. "I There have bee n n o party conservative and liberal factions. retirement at the end of their terms, "It's OK to be a Republican in think that we have seen just about defections from either side during Before, it was difficult to get with Sam Nunn of South Carolina as far as the pendulum will swing." Clinton's administration, Veto said. elected in the South without being a expected to do so soon. the South" -Delaware not His counterpart in the state, Delaware is politically moderate, Democrat, Pika said. " 1994 set this The latest retirement was Barbara Jackson, the Executive and " people are respectful of what out. It's OK to be a R epublican in Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island, a Director of the Republican party in the Democrats have accomplished," the South." 76-year old man who was diagnosed affected by switch trend Texas, believes, " The grass roots Veto said. in April with Parkinson's disease, a majority that votes is becoming The reason for Delaware has not degenerative nerve disorder. He BY DEREK HARPER these office holders, however, much more educated about their been affected, according to political announced his plans Tuesday. A.f.ttJc:i(Ue News Editur changed on June 27, 1995, when it elected officials." Jackson added science professor Joseph A . Pika, is Only one Republican incumbent Since Bill Clinton was elected in was announced by Gov. George W. that the switches, which occurred in fairly simple. Delaware isn' t part of INews Analysis I has stepped down. Hank B rown of 1992, 117 Democrats have switched Bush (R-Tex.) that 23 Democrats 22 states, are "a sign of the future." the South. Colorado announced his retirement, parties to the Republican side, with were defecting. Bernard Ericson is one of the few Pika said the party switch by with one more Republican , Nancy 74 chan ging since the midterm " Most of these are so-cailed people that went the other way. He conservative Southern Democrats is Indeed, the results seem to bear Landon K assebaum of Kansas, elections. activists that had been appointed changed to the Democratic Party long overdue. "Conservative this out. Of the seven states with considering the move. These former D emocrats are and weren' t elected . It wasn't a from the Republicans before a local Democrats have been out of step more than five Democrat This is all not being taken well from around the entire country, massive party switch," said Ed 1994 election . He lost, prompting with the rest of the party s ince defections, South Carolina is the by the Democrats. Kevin Cerullo from Ed Sanford, Pensacola, Martin, Executive Director of the Jackson to say "he made the wrong 1948, when Strom Thurmond ran on furthest north of them all. (AS JR), president of the Florida School Board Chairman, to Democratic Party in Texas, adding decision." a States Rights ballot," Pika added. At the national level, the university's C ollege Democrats, Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R­ that around 70 percent of the more What has happened in Texas is Thurmond had his strongest Democrats have also lost members. said " Most of these Senators [that Col.). than 4,000 city, county and state not exactly what has happened here. appeal in the South, where the Two senators, Richard Shelby of switched parties) are conservative In Texas, the state with the offices in Texas are still held by C. "It's a non-issue . It has just not Democrats were virtually the only Alabama and Campbell of in their ideologies. They don't greatest change, 37 politicians have Democrats. happened here," said Joanne Veto, party since the Civil War. He drew Colorado, have both switched belong in the Democratic Party c hanged their affiliation since Martin thought the switch was the Executive Director of the m any votes from conservative parties. Seven incumbent anyway." September 1993. The majority of also partly due to the national swing Democratic Party in Delaware. Democrats, splitting the party into Democrats have announced their Leadership Express way to the UD workshops open to whole campus Dining halls "I'd like to see students look to Greeks IFC and Pan-Hel for these type of pro-active programs." Summer changes in Dining " I would Like to see students stan set conference for looking to the Greek community as a Services keep Kent open, leadership backbone of the university end of September instead ofjust a social one," Werde said. Russell Express on way Werde promises a variety of BY MICHELLE MATI1A BY ERIN R UTH motivational speakers to head the Copy Editor SraffReponer interactive workshops. "I turned down Eating on campus should be much more In an unprecedented campus-uniting plenty of qualified people because they conference, student leaders now have weren't enthusiastic or dynamic exciting this year, especially if you can elbow the opportunity to learn new ways to enough," Werde said. your way through the hordes of hungry dining motivate and inspire. Vice President for Student Life hall goers. The Inter-Fraternity Council and Roland Smith will head a workshop Continuous dining from 8:30 a .m . until 8 Panhellenic Council plan to help called Organizational Leadership and p.m. at Kent dining h a ll, located on south improve student leadership in university Management. He will give advice about central campus, and the new take-out area at student organizations by sponsoring the managing an organization as well as Russell dining hall, located on east campus, first annual Delta Conference on Sept. ways to inspire its members. will hopefully bring relief from the dining hall 22 and 23. "Leaders provide a vision and lead woes. The conference will be a two-day others into the future," Smith said. "The Beach Express" at Russell is "an event, including two workshop series "We'll show people how to create that alternative to sittin g and eating in the dining concentrating specifically on the needs vision. hall," said Duayne Clark, district manager of of student-run organizations at the Motivational speaker Dr. Will Keirn, dining services. The take-out area opened university. . known for his passionate and yesterday for lunch, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., This conference differs from other inspirational speeches, will be a featured and accepts the meal plan, Flex, or points. leadership conferences by specifically speaker at the conference. He has "If you don't want to sit down and only have targeting university student groups and spoken to over 2 million students at 750 15 minutes for lunch, it's great," Mike providing interactive workshops, said campuses. Giacometti (AS SO) said. Bill Werde (AS JR), IFC president and Smith has seen Keirn speak at other ,. Continuous dining and the take-out lunch conference coordinator. universities and therefore recommended will encourage students to buy a meal plan, ''I think it's an outstanding program, him for the conference. "I have spoken Clark said. and I encourage every member of the to many people who have heard him 1 " It's like Marketing 101 : when you add student body to attend," said Damian speak and they've all said great things," something, you hope to entice more people to 0 ' Doherty (AS SR), president of the Werde said. use it," he said. Delaware Undergraduate Student Keirn will speak at the opening rally The changes to the dining halls will not cost Council. "What I hope to accomplish on the North Mall at 3 p.m. on Sept.22. the university more money, Clark said. from this conference is to improve the He will also head a community service For example, instead of hiri ng additional university by improving its workshop the next day. staff, the break schedules of existing organizations," Werde said. ''I think the The workshop run by Keirn, employees were staggered in order to average student will receive a lot of Community Service and Vounteerism, accommodate the continuous dining hours, he THE REVIEW I Barry P. Bush education that will benefit their own is designed to help student leaders assess said. The new Russell take-out area offers three meals every weekday. It will be organization." their members' interests in this area in The take- out area in Russell offers three open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and accepts meal plans, points or Flex. Werde' s original idea of a rally to order to make helping the community a combination meals every weekday. The meal promote leadership skills to Greeks on more rewarding experience for everyone consists of either a sandwich or a salad and a campus was the ------=--'involved. "I think [the piece of fruit or cookies and beverage. The should thin out in about two weeks, university aims to " keep pace with the prelude to the Delta conference] is an meals alternate every day on a three week when stude nts are on set class changing needs and desires of the Conference. excellent idea," Smith schedule. schedules. student," he said. "The Beach Express" begins at the entrance Since dining halls are s lowest on Some student s, however, were " I got together " I encourage said. "The and brainstormed enhancement and of Russell, and feeds into the former sm oking Friday and Saturday nights, Clark said, daunted by the long lines during peak section. K ent does not need to be open. hours at Kent dining hall. :~· ~~:e :~~ development of every student to student leadership is The opening of the take-out section was The dining hall is closed for dinner on " I don ' t see continuous dining pushed back due to construction delays, said Fridays and is closed all day Saturday. helping any. It doesn' t matter," Vashti me he would be att en d'' extremely important willing to help fund today, and it is the R obin Bellarmino, marketing director for S outh Central dwellers will have to Nevadomski ( AS SO) said. " Who's the event," Werde university's 1·0 b to Russell dining hall. trek to Russell on the weekends. " The going to go to dinner at eight? Slll.d ''Th t' h -Damian O'Doherty (AS SR) Clark credited the currently packed dining Everyone goes to dinner at six." · a s w en train our future B each Express" is open lunchtime on we decided on the leaders." halls to the beginning of a new semester, when weekdays only. Brian Pippin (AS FR) said, " If you conference and to One workshop, called students are not yet "into the flow" of classes Christy Puzycki (BE FR) said Kent don ' t go at the traditional times, like open it up to all Multi-Culturalism and and professors often let students out of class should be open for dinner on weekends six for dinner, you miss the rush.'' students." early. "even like normal lunch hours, from " The Beach Express" offers only Mu.tual Respect, will be run by Nancy This conference is free of charge to Geist-Giacomini, assistant dean of Also, when students return from breaks, noon until 3, a nd dinner from 5:30 sodas to drink and three meal choices all university students. Registration students. "We're going to pUt together a Clark said , they spend more time chatting in until 8 on weekends, and all day on presently. However, there will be a forms are now available at the Black panel of student leaders from different the dining halls. He estimated people normally weekdays." suggestion box for student i nput on Student Union, Greek Affairs and groups that may not normally come spend half an hour in t h e dining halls, but "The Beach Express" and continuous expanding the take-out section as its Student Activities office. The cut off to~ether to discuss life on campus," she catching up with friends e:: .~. te nds this time to 45 dining are " new and creative ways to popula rity grows. date for registration is Sept. 15. satd. minutes to an hour. serve the student," Clark said. " I want to stress that this is not "I think this program," O 'Doherty He expected the o vercrowded eating areas With t hese n ew features, the exclusively for Greeks," Werde said. sai~, "will jump-start what will be a long "We'd like to bridge the gap between stnng of leadership conferences." Greeks and the rest of campus," he said.

Telemarketing ---Police Reports WELCOME BACK!! EARN EXTRA CASH & GAIN VALUABLE ARRESTS MADE ON arrest. car wi ndow partially open, a n CAMPUS BURGLARIES The juvenile was h e ld with a $6,000 ; unknown subject to unlock and open the car EXPERIENCE!! Two suspects were arrested Monday unsecured bond a nd the other su spect was ' door and remove the wallet. evening for burglaries they had committed held with a $7,000 unsecu red bond. Both ICT Group, a leading, multinational direct marketing service . T~e victi~ did not realize the wallet was in the Dickinson Complex, according to s uspects were released pending arraignment. missmg until Tuesday. ag~ncy, is now hiring in its College Square Shopping Center Cpt. Jim Flatley of University Po lice. off1ce. Gain valuable skills placing calls and making sales Two m a le suspects, one a juvenile, were ATTENTION K-MART SHOPPERS BRINGING IT HOME FOR BABY presentations on behalf of major Fortune 500 companies. arrested by police for stealing property from A 1995 Dodge Avenger was stolen from A 25-year-old Newark resident was two unsecured rooms in Dickinson. College Square Shopping Center Tuesday arrest~d Wednesday afternoon for trying to UP TO $8/HOUR Police gave this account of the incident: afternoon while the owner shopped in K­ shopii.ft baby formula from Pathmark, PLUS BONUSES & FREQUENT RAISES A wallet with numero u s pieces of mart for 90 minutes, according to Newark accordmg to Newark Police. pe rsonal identification was stolen from a Police. . Todd Fisher attempted to leave Pathmark FLEXIBLE HOURS room in Dickinson A. The Avenger is black with a gray interior In the College Square Shopping Center with WILL WORK AROUND YOUR CLASS SCHEDULE! Approximately one hour later, two and bucket seats. Although the keys were in .16 cans of Enfamil baby formula concealed subjects entered a room in D ickinson F and the ignition, the alarm had been turned on m a backpack. $50 BONUS r emoved a Swiss army knife, personal and the windows, doors and ignition were Pathmar~ Security Officer Larry Walker (Bring ad to interview by 9/15) identification, a temporary checkbook and a locked. o?served Fisher conceal the baby formula in PDI. The car had 4,000 registered miles and is his bac~pack and then attempt to leave the Police contacted university officials who valued at $19,000. !o qu~lify, you must be articulate and outgoing with good read­ store Without paying for the formula. Ing skills. In return, we offer paid training, holidays, vacation, told them the PDI had been used . P ol ice I Ofc . Walker stopped Fisher in then a pprehended the two s u spects in ROLL UP WINDOWS OR LOSE and 401K. Call Carl at 456-1811 for an interview. Pathmark' s pharmacy department and then Dickinson F . MONEY tra~sported the defendant to the Ne~ark ICT GROUP, INC. Witnesses identified both suspects and A wallet was removed from a vehicle Police Department. they were each charged with two counts of parked o n East Main Street across from Fisher was arrested for shoplifting and burglary in the second degree, two counts of Klondike Kate ' s Saturday afternoon , was released pending an arraignment. theft and one count of conspiracy. The adult according to Newark Police. suspect was also c harged with resisting A 54-year-old man left the driver's side -compiled by Amanda Talley September 8, 1995 • THE REVIEW • AJ

World News Summary


While racism may be easy enough to spot in ID Europe, thousands of intellectuals writers and politicians across the continent h'ave found it easier to identify far across the Atlantic. In the United States Mumia Abu-Jamal a black man wh~ sits on Death Row in Phi,ladelphia, is hopmg for a reprieve and a new trial. On the front page of the respected Paris daily Le Monde, French philosopher Jacques Derrida trashed Pennsylvania as a "drunkenly racis t s tate ... that dares to call itself the birthplace of '· the U .S. Constitution while every day violating ). the letter and spirit of that document." Why has a man convicted of killing a Philadelphia police officer 14 years ago, who is ... now one of 3,000 inmates facing death in the United State , become the summer's "cause celebre" in Europe? The answers to that question say ple nty about ....., the modern passions and predile c tions of .::: European writers and intellectuals, a lways in .•...·. search of a noble cause. It• But they a lso reflect a dee p feeling o n this .. "o\' s ide of the Atlantic that the United Sta tes is .. fundamentally a racis t land and tha t capital ,· ,~ punis hment is a barbaric practice. ...,. Why Abu -Jamal? One reason is the man .. himself. He is a writer and former free-la nce if journalist, unques tioned b a d ges of ho no r in ,,.. countries s uch as France. His recent book of Counesy of University Archives Photograph Collection ;:: •I., es ays, " Live From Death Row," tho ug h s till •l' availa ble only in English , is popular in ., ,,I European literary circles. ...·) He a lso has politica l crede ntials, having o nce :, lo bee n a member of the Black Panthers, a radical The evolution of the UD Mall j\ m o v e ment that s till fascinates European n intellectuals . ,,~. The view widely held among E urope's elite is .~ ., :, that Abu-Jamal faces a death sente nce because With the coming of· the Gore building, .,·, he holds political be li efs unpopular with white ~ America. UD's trademark landscape gets afacelift ~I "In Abu-Jamal, you have the ' inte llectual in actio n ,' a nd the French really admire tha t ," BY STEVE GIVENS explained a W este rn diploma t in Paris. " S o Staff Reporter you've for someone with a bit of an inte llectual The North Mall as seen T he constructi on of a new c lassroom building o n a ura. He ' s black, and that is a factor. And they from Main Street circa 1924 be lie ve his death sentence is a political thing. the Mall is the fina l realization of a dream that began 80 years ago, said his to ry professor Carol (above); the same scene He's the little g uy, the unde rdog, fighting the Hoffecker. from the bell tower of big political power." The ne w b uilding, made possible throug h a $ 15 Memorial Hall in the late Originally set to die by le thal injec tion A ug. million d ona tion from the Robert Gore fa mily, will 17, Abu- J amal h as been granted a s t ay of 1920s (right); staring down complete the symmetrica l design of the M a ll , which execution pe nding legal appeals. A hearing on at Memorial from the other his motion for a reprieve a nd a r e tri a l is reca lls 18 th Centu ry patterns of bal a n ce a nd side of Main Street, circa proportion. scheduled to resume Sept. II . The design was first visua lized by a ma n named 1935. D efen se lawyers say Abu -J a m a l did n o t receive a fair tria l because the judge dis played Hug h Rodney Sharp, a De laware College g raduate who was appointed to the Board of Trus tees in Courtesy of University Archives Photograph Collection open conte mpt for him, a nd they content police 19 15. s uppressed e vide nce in the case. They h ave I n a speech s he d e live red at the N e w Student presented a new witness, who testified that Abu­ Convocation a t the beg innin g o f Septe mber, Jamal d id not fire a shot. Hoffecker re lated the Ma ll's unique history and the Prosec utors have questioned the credibility of that -n e w witness, a prison inmate whose part Sharp p layed in its c reati on. testimo ny contradic ts two other eyewitnesses. At the time Sharp was a membe r of the board, the uni versity consisted of separate single-sex colleges. 'I And the a uthorities, b acke d by local police • organizations , conte nd that the first tria l was T his inte nt was reinforced in the 1920s when the 'r two colleges we re joined into one. scrupulously fair. B efore the M a ll 's co n s truc tion . these two coll eges we re phys icall y separa ted by a ha lf- mile stre tc h of peach a nd apple orcha rds, som e marshy BRITAIN, IRELAND AT IMPASSE ON lowland, a few scattered houses and an o ld tavern. ULSTER TALKS S harp e nvisione d this are a , labe led "No M an' s LONDON - L o ndo n and Dublin W ednesday La nd" by the students , to be a possible link be twee n faced the mos t difficult impasse yet between the two governments over the Northern I rela nd the two colleges. To tha t e nd , Sh a rp enticed his brothe r-in- law, peace process, on a day whe n they were to have Pie rre S . duPont, to secretl y buy " No M an's La nd" announced a breakthro ugh at a s ummit m eeting. for the Board o f T rus tees. The dispute - whic h cau sed Ire la nd Sharp, along with Board Preside nt Samuel C hiles W ednesd ay to " pos tpone" the meeting between Mitc he ll , hire d the na ti on's m ost di s ting uis h ed prime ministers John Major of B rita in and John arc hitects of co ll egiate structures, Frank Miles D ay Bruto n of Ireland hours before it was scheduled to sta rt - ste m s from the same issue tha t has and C h arles A . K la ude r , who had prev io u s l y desig ned buildings for Princeton, Yale, Corne ll a nd s talled negoti a tio ns a mong Northe rn Ire la nd 's the Univers ity of Pe nnsylvania. po litical parties for months: the dispositio n of Day a nd Kla ud e r' s desig n did no t call for the Irish Republican Army weapons a nd bombs. construction of any partic ul ar building , but rather M ore troublin g to both s ides tha n the Counesy of Uni versity Archives Photograph Collection postponement of the summit is that the issues the restructuring of the e ntire college campus . T he M a ll as it is today, despite s ub tl e c hanges that were to be settled there re mained unsettled , However. H offecker expresse d thro ug h the d ecades, is s till representa tive of the night underneath the arches by M e morial Hall. threate ning the year- o ld cease-fire tha t h as concern that the average university s tude nt knows original D ay a nd Kl aude r plan of 19 17 . They h a d to do this becau se a s tric t c u rfew halte d a generation of killing in the Britis h very little about the M a ll 's his tory or how its T he additio n of the ne w still- unnamed building b arr e d m e n from comin g o nto the w omen 's province. cons truction affected the campus . next to M itc hell H all will complete the symme trical campus at night. Sinn Fe in, the IRA' s legal political wing, has S till, so m e s mall a n ecdo tes do seem to b e desig n li ke a missing puzzle piece. While the finer details of the Ma ll's history may refused British d ema nds that it commit the IRA passed down from c lass to class. Aft e r 8 0 years, S h arp's dream s are b e in g not be wide ly known, it would seem the e ffects of to "decommissioning" weapons prio r to the start A ll a n Jo hnson (ED JR) said he learned about complete ly reali zed . the M a ll 's presence s ince the ve ry beginning do o f talks among the parties toward a pe rmanent Me morial's so -called kissing arches from a friend. "I'd li ke to think that s tude nt s can draw some ge t passed down. settle m e nt of N o rthern Ire l a nd's sect ari a n Apparentl y , in the ear ly days of the M a ll' s insp iratio n from S harp," said Hoffecke r. '; Lofty troubles. cons truc tion, sweethearts kissed each othe r good Both Britis h and Irish offi c ia ls had tho ug ht goals can be achie ved through diligent e fforts." they had found a way around tha t stale mate : the .""',. creation of an interna ti ona l panel to be chaired " by form er U .S. Sen. George Mitche ll that would discu ss the weapons issue independe ntl y of Motor voter law spurs increase in registration ' talks. This " parallel track" solutio n, which was to b e a nnounced a t the s ummit, would h ave BY MAUREEN BE RESTECKY of the s implic ity of registering to vote near 40,000, and we a re o n a record from the DMV ," Scho ll said. "Motor • te mpo ra rily fudged the we apons issue while Staff Reporter at M otor Ve hic les,'' said Joanne Ve to, pace this year." V e hi c l es h a s r eall y bec ome the ~ letting political dialogue begin. In the e ig ht m o nth s s i n ce the executive director for the De mocratic " I think it gives people the ability pipe line for registering voters.'' · ~ N ationa l Voter Regis tra tio n Ac t has State Committee. to registe r to vote , w here they mig ht One of the c lear-cut advantages of ~ b ee n e n acte d , there h as b een a "Thi s is a progr a m d esig ne d to not have had it as accessible before," the " M otor Voter " law is tha t whe n ~ VATICAN WILL NOT CONTEST significant rise in vote r reg istratio n, make it easie r for pote nti a l vote rs to Cook said. people move into the state they can . • L ANGUAGE OF ABORTION according to offic ials. become registere d,'' she said. "So far In N e w Castle C o unty , vote r regis ter to vote while obtaining the ir • BEIJING - The Vatican says it will not fi ght The " Mo tor V o te r'' la w , as it is it has been a tre mendous success.'' r e g is t ratio n h as inc reased to driving license. • over la ng uage o n reproduc ti ve rig hts at the commonly c a lled , e nables people to De laware actu a ll y adopte d the approxima te ly I ,600 to I ,7 00 ne w J e nnife r G u s ikoff [ AS JR] said ~ United Na tions Fourth World Conference on registe r to vote at the De partme nt of " M o tor Vote r " l aw in J a n . 1994 , regis trants per month, according to whe n she go t her D e laware d riving ~ . Women, a move that s urprised delegatio ns here Moto r V e hic les w h e n obtai ning a months be fore it becam e a fe de ral H oward Sc h o ll , th e d e p uty license, she registe red to vote for the ~ that expected a renewed battle ove r abortion in driver's license. law, according to Cook. a dminis t ra ti ve direc tor for the first time . •: I negoti ati ons on a women's rights m anifesto. "Before the "Motor Vote r" law was In the first s ix months afte r the law Departme nt o f E lecti o n s in Ne w I ' ve ne v e r regis te red to vote ~ A senior V atican negotiator, J anne Halland e nac ted , vote r registration took place was adopted in De laware , 16,000 new Castle Coumy. be fore, but I' ve always wanted to," ·l Ma tlary, said W ednesday tha t a n all-out fight in various registrar offices suc h as the registrants were recorded . At least 80 B e fore the law was e nacte d , G usikoff said. "Bas ica lly everybody · ~ over re productive issues could "sidetrack this Dis a b i l ity A gen c ies, R ecruitin g percent of the d ocume nt s produced registration in o ff-e lecti on time was d r i v es, and thi s syst e m m a kes i t ;~ confe re nce - and this will be ve ry unfortunate Offices a nd m a il- in reg is tra tions, came from the DMV. Cook sa id. b e t wee n I 00 a nd 15 0 vote rs per really conve nie nt to do bo th a t the •l indeed." a ccordin g to S t a te E lectio n " Normally w e regis te r around mo nth, Scholl said. same time ." · ~ Commissioner T homas J. Cook. II ,000 voters pe r year,'' C ook sa id . "Anywhe re between 70 perce nt and :, She and the head of the Vatican delegation, ' t Ame rican law professo r Mary Ann G le ndon, "M any people are taking advantage " Last year registrati on inc reased to 90 pe rcent of these voters a re coming •• re ite rated the c hurch ' s ad a mant opposition to abortion and artific ia l contraception but made H clear that the Va tican would not use the Beijing r------~------, ; 1 conference to c ontest lang uage a g reed to in a doc ume nt drawn up during a U .N .-sponsore d Fashion, function, frivolity. !I popula tion conference last year in Cairo.

- compile d from The Was hing ton Pos t/Los Angeles Times N e w s Servic e by David A . Fridays in Section 2 ~ Newsom , assis tant new editor A4. THE REVIEW. September 8, 1995 NATO at war with Bosnia; Allied hands tied arrangement, he said. he said. resistance and drove half a million Allied planes bombed Bosnian Serbs Currently, there is a plan to divide Croatian Serbs into Bosnia this Bosnia into two states, g i ving the The United States may have already summer, he said. Bosnian Serbs only 49 percent of the played one winning card in this war. again this week in the latest attempt territory of which they already control With Croatia, though, the Un ited 70 percent, Bilinsky said. States had rediscovered the balance of to force a peace agreement The remaining 51 percent would be power they had lost sight of when this mess had started in 1991, he said. BY DAVE NEWSOM "I would suggest that they ought to given to a Bosnian-Croat Assistant N

·Bike thefts rise in BIKE SAFETY TIPS New abortion technique . Register your bike with Public Safety first few weeks • Avoid using chain locks combines two legal drugs • Secure your bike with a BY MARCIE SAUNDERS During the 1994-95 academic Kryptonite lock BY JENNIFER TALLMAN bleeding and infection. With the combined drugs used in the non­ Staff Reporter year, Flatley said 185 bicycles • Lock your bike to objects Staff Reporter two-drug combination, general surgi cal meth od c ost A number of bicycle thefts were stole n . According to A two-drug combination b leeding and cramps were the approximately $6. that are stationary since the semester began has Investigator Vince Shipman of abortion method may soon make only consistent side effects Another advantage of the non­ resulted in $4,700 of lost Public Safety, men's mountain · Don't lock your bike to the getting an abortion as easy as a fo und in a June 1995 study in surgical method of abortio n, property, according to Cpt. bikes are the o nes most typically railings shot and a pill, if approved by the journal Family Planning argued its supporters, is it would James Flatley of Public Safety. stolen. . Don't lock your bike to the Food and Drug Perspectives. allow patients to avoid an ti­ " W e stress to students to " Don' t buy a high price bike itself Administration. Researchers have found this abortion protests. secure their bikes," Flatley said. because that's what the thieves new method to be 96 percent According to Cohen, there has • Remove your seat when The drugs u sed are already "We suggest they register their are looking for," Shipman said. available to doctors for separate effective. With both procedures, been a decline in the number of bike with Public Safety by "Just buy a good enough bike to leaving your bike unattended uses and have been individually the possibility of an incomplete abortion providers over the past giving us the serial number of get from point A to point B." · Secure your bike in an area approved by the FDA. They or partial abortion is slim but I 0 years. For low-income the bike." Although Flatley explained no that is wel l lit have not, however, been possible. women, the two-drug method If a registered bicycle is one place on campus is any safer • When leaving your bike approved in a combined form for The low price of the drug would render abortions safe stolen, Public Safety can look up for bicycles than another, he said would enable abortions to accessible and affordable. ' make sure it's locked the purpose of an abortion. the bicycle's serial numbers, the bes t protection against Although us ing this combined become more accessible, said While standard s urgical Flatley explained. When a stolen ,. thievery is the .-U-shaped Cohen. A surgical abortion can abortions often allow the patient Graphic by Steve Myers procedure is legal, said Dr. bicycle is recovered by Public kryptonite lock, which anyone Susan M . Lowry a university cost anywhere from $225 to and the clinic to be easily Safety, they place their own lock can purchase at a sporting good various residence halls. gynecologist, doctors risk being $885 , which does not include sing ed out by protesters, agreed on the bicycle to prevent the store for a reasonable price. "These new r ~cks allow you sued by patients if new side $75 for general anesthesia, $ 15 Susan Hatton, director of Patient thief from seizing the bicycle According to Flatley, the to hook the frame of your bike effects surface. for a post-operative exam or $40 Services for Wilmington again. correct way to lock a bicycle is and the front tire to the rack," Methot rexate is a drug for a gynecological exam. Planned Parenthood, with this Just last week, a person was to place the U-bar around the the Bowman said, " the old ones injected to treat cancer and is In a ddition to the cost of drug there can be more privacy caught at the university by bike seat tube, the pole of the didn't allow that." also used in abort in g multiple office visits and use of for doctors and patients. Public Safety while riding a bike rack and through both of These new serpentine (or pregnancies that take place in laboratory facilities, the $500 stolen bicycle and carrying the wheels. The n a ttach the ribbon) racks are stronger than the fallopian tubes. Misoprostol, the tire of another bicycle in his crossbar and lock it, he said. the racks currently in place, they an ulcer medicine in pill form, is h and. Flatley said it is very To deter b icycle thefts, are easier to maintain and they the second half of the uncommon to recover the bike Flatley said new bike racks are make it harder for the thief to combination. and catch the thief. now being installed throughout Read The Review steal a bicycle, he said. The procedure utilizes a shot The assailant was arrested and campus. Roger Bowman of the " You can take every of 50 milligrams of charged with one count of university's grounds department precaution in the world to lock Methotrexa te per square meter receiving stolen property a nd said they have add ed 35 up your bike," he said. "But you of the patient's body surface. A one count of trespassing. additional ribbon racks at can still be a victim." week later the patient is given 800 micrograms of Misoprostol tablets vaginally. Within 24 hours after the woman returns home, the baby is NOW HIRING: Public Safety reports to new head aborted. continued from page A I "I think that people will start Part Time Computer Lab different," he does believe there will Through her involvement with relations with the African American using that as a means of birth be significant impact. Public Safety, Colm said one of her community. control," said Pam Grieder (NU Managers "I think this will try to get us more goals is to improve Public Safety's "When we look at the problems of SO) who is pro-life, instead of in touch with the mainstream of relations with the African American last spring, there didn't seem to be an using condoms and other for Continuing Education campus activities," he said. "If you community. Last semester, the understanding of what our officers' preventative forms of birth look at the other units in employee student movement SACRIFICE roles were. It makes sense to bridge control. · Wilmington Campus relations, we certainly interact with (Students Against Continued Racial that gap," he said. " Any method of abortion is them." Ignorance Found in College Although Colm said she has no valuable to have," disagreed Brook, who turned over his role Environments), which formed last plans to revolutionize the public Sheri11 Cohen, public education $7.50 per hour to start. with Public Safety to Colm on July I, May in reaction to threats against an safety department, she said she does coordinator for the Reproduction said he believed the change in the African American student, brought to hope to make the department more Freedom Project at American Computer experience and dependable car chain of command is positive. light issues which Colm said are "user friendly" with programs such as Civil Liberties Union in New "We think it was probably a good being examined. the newly implemented car York. "Women should be able to requi red. choice to move Public Safety to the "SACRIFICE raised a number of registration by phone fo r faculty, and choose whether or not to carry a vice president who is responsible for concerns, many of which dealt with to improve relations between the pregnancy to term. I f they the diversity unit," he said. " I recruitment and relations with Public department and the community. choose to termina te the advocated it because I wanted to Safety," Colm said. "There are a "All I can do is hope to build good pregnancy, they should have the For details, ca II Sandy Jamison spend more time with government number of recommendations from will between students, staff and right to a safe and effective relations. SACRIFICE which need to be public safety," she said. "If you have abortion." 831-8842 "I'm not aware of any university addressed and are being addressed." a reservoir of good wi ll , then if you Side effects fo r a surgical public safety unit that reports to the Tuttle, too, said he believes their have a problem, that reservoir of abortion can range from simple vice president of government," he issues require addressing and he good will save the day." to severe, including cramps, said. hopes Colm will help improve intra- abdominal and vaginal , , Women's conference draws conservative fire J. Crew continued from page AI center of American values. giving them the same rights as men, vice president of the Delaware Gender equality does not hurt the she said. GETTING THERE chapter of People to People family, she said, it just redefines the The results of this year's The Delaware Forum on Clothing Sale International, a non-profit roles of the parents, giving fathers conference will be discussed in organization that links together other responsibilities. several national forums. One of Glohal Women's Issues: Sept. 20 - Sept. 24 people across the world through Haught said these critics are them will be held at the DuPont 7:30p.m. Sept. 27 educational and cultural programs. couching their opposition to the Country Club in Wilmington on ..\t the DuPont Countr~· Cluh, Opponents of the conference conference with the argument that Sept. 27. The forum is sponsored by ·Temporary Help neeed for large refer to discussions about abortion China has a bad reputation for the Department of State, the Rorkland Road, \\'ilm. and birth control at the conference human rights violations. Delaware chapter of People to Tkkcts arc $10 and are J. Crew Clothing Sale 9 I 20 - 9 I 24 to tag the conference "anti-family," It is clear that China has made People Internat ional and the said Mary-Elise Haught, the state horrible human rights violations, Department of Labor Women's offered through mail until at Bob Carpenter Center at the coordinator of the Delaware chapter Haught said, but the conference is Bureau. Sept. 22. Sl'lld rhc,·ks, of the National Organization for too important to dismiss for that Speakers inc I ude Marjorie University of Delaware Women. reason. Mezvinsky, the deputy chairwoman payahh• to Pcople-To-Pl•oplc, Katherine Conway-Turner, The influence of past of the U.S. delegation to the Forum on (;Johal \\'onwn's conferences, she added, varies from director of women's studies, agreed, conference, and Gracia Hillman, the Issues, 1S06 .Ia~ hec Road, arguing that conservatives are country to country. senior coordinator for international To sign up, stop by our table at hoping to undercut gender equality After the 1975 conference, which issues in the Office of the \\ ilmington, I>E 19S03 the Student Union Monday 9111 issues by call ing the conference globally adopted the concept of Under-secretary for Global Affairs in For mon.· info: ( 'all Kathleen "anti -family" and linking it to an women's equality, Canada included the Department of State. inflammatory subject that is at the women in its national charter, \1. i\h·yer at 76-t-665-t II.,. beginning at lO:OOam .Ill September 8, 1995 • THE REVIEW • AS UD gets more secure WWW access U.S. Congress BY KEITH WINER record s a re available on ly to Staff R~p ortu their rightful and legal owners. reconvenes with New computer system "Many students are cavalier technology on the World Wide with their PIN," Jacobson said . Web was introduced at t his He stressed t he need fo r an budget top priority year' s new student orientation increas e in security of these to make everday stude nt documents. "I've seen people at business safe and as easy as the the student serv ices building BY ANTONIO M . PRADO undermine or rewrite Staff Reportu touch of a button. doing fo ur schedules," he said. environmental laws in the name The WWW is a g lobal " W e have to prote ct y o ur Delaware's three of regulatory reform," Spinelli computer link w hich contains records." C o n gress iona l m embers we nt said. If the Gingrich Republicans thousnads of images and bits of Netsc ape protects not only bac k to work on T uesd ay, and succeed in cutting the information. It also now enables student information, but faculty found themselves fac ed with a E nvironmental P rot ection students to obtain thei r own and staff records as well. This number of tasks. Age n cy's grade reports , transcripts, new security system will keep T hese responsibilities are budget it would fi nancial aid status, as well as hackers from breaking into staff agreeing on a budget this month have a drastic ID photograph images. and student records, Jacobson tha t includes votes on s pending effect on Until this year, these said. cuts, tax cuts, education cuts and De laware's docume nts were o nly before Personal records are not the red uc t ion s in e n v iro n mental o c e a n availa b le by means o f only thing avai table on this -wel.J regulations. coast l ine , univers ity a d m ini s tation in pa ge. One can obtain a ll the Sen. W illiam V . Roth (R-Del) r ivers and air, places such as student services informatio n o n v is iting t h ~ introduced legislation yesterday, he said. and the ir dean ' s o ffice . No w university and student activities which would reduce government Spinelli also they are safe ly kept by t he needed for prospective students by 35 percent, said Ginny Koops, said Biden will WWW and only available to the and admissions applicati ons. a Roth spokesperson. Roth hopes oppose Roth use rs with the nece ssary Alo ng with the v isito r ':, to set up a comm ission w hic h R epublican compute r so ftware a nd information, a menu di splays a would meet outside of Congress, p lans to c u t equipment a s well as their bre akdown of the vari o us thereby taking politics out of the education, Sp inelli said. Personal Identification Number. coll eges within the uni versity. issue. Rep. Michael N . Castle (R ­ Carl J acobson, Direc tor of Within each college choice, a T h e Del) believes "spending needs to M a nage me nt Info rma tio n complete description down to co mm ission be reduced and he supports Se r v ices ex plaine d tha t pho tos of th e college's wou ld report efforts to reach a balanced budget b ac k to Netscape, the security system programs are shown. This menu THE REVIEW /Barry P. Bush by 2002," said Kristin Nolt, a used to pro tec t the is s im ila r t o the visi to r 's Michelle Bart (AS SR) explores the World Wide Web out there. C ongress with spokesperson for Castle. He ideas on opposes cutting funds for the comp uterized informatio n, is booklet which is normally sent The Web now enables students to obtain grade reports, designed to ensure that personal in the mail. getting r id of EPA, which transcripts, ID photograph images and financial aid status. o u tdated would reduce federal money by 34 programs and percent if the downs i zing Castle bill is passed, government , Nolt said. TV murder coverage up with OJ trial Koops said. Castle, along BY BRIAN RUBIN "The amount and severity of crime shown on of 15 scenes of violence per hour per channel. "Th is would bring the with the Staff Reporter the news scares me," Chugerman said. "I fear "After watch ing t he news each n ight governm ent into t he 21st Bipartisan In a society dominated by TV, the news is the day when it will be a family member or a become more paranoid," Scott Freimauer (BE century," she said. R eform Team, being dominated by an overwhelming amount of friend of mine w ho is a victim of a horrific JR) said. "I really don't enjoy looking over my Sen. Joseph R . Biden (D-Del) introduced will look to bu ild on his crime leg i s latio n murder stories. cri me." shoulder each time I walk down a street." Bide n In an a rtic le that appeare d in T he "Where I live we have a community watch," Dee said she felt that overblown coverage of law, his major achievement of the Wednesday to Philadelphia Inquirer, a survey released by the Dave Kresman (AS SO) said. "I also carry a murder in the news can sometimes cause people last Congress, said Larry Spinelli, reform Center for Medi a and Public Affairs said murder personal alarm with me at all times." to replace the surreal with reality. a spokesperson for Biden . The lobbying and ban gifts in coverage by the three major TV networks has The Inquirer article went on to say that fear "The violence which is shown on the news c rime law includes the Crime Congress, Noll said. grown astoundingly in the past year while the of random crime is a huge issue, the media plays makes all of us more fearful, " Dee said. "It's Again st Women Act and Biden Castle call~d yesterday for national murder rate hasn' t budged. · up that random crime, and that coverage adds to almost as if you have to be accompanied by an will attempt to add an act which lobbying reform to be brought to Dr. Juliet D ee of the communicat ion the fear. escort while walking at night." would curtai l rising violence the House floor and passed. department said the reason behind the network's A graph that was ru n with the Inquirer article Through all the distortions and hype which among today's youth, Spinelli " When members of Cong ress decision to increase the amount of stori es about shows that the number of stories appearing on television news presents to the public, there are said. were working in their states and violence is due to ratings. the major network's news broadcasts in 1994 many students who feel that it is to their benefit B iden also intends to make meeting with constituents in "The reason w h y g raphic v iolence is was 802. The O.J. Simpson double murder trial that they see these stories. sure the contract with America August, I am sure they heard - e mphasized on the ne ws is becau se it gets contributed an astounding 431 of these stories. "It shows what the real world is like," Valerie does not succeed in overturning as I did - the concerns that their ratings," Dee said, "or at least the network · "I fee l that the media is pumping violence B utler (AS SO) said. "We'd be shelte ring effective e n vironmental laws, con stituents' views are less executives believe it does." into o ur brains," Steve Rosen (AS SR) said . ourselves if we closed our eyes to it." Spinelli said. important than those of One stude nt, Evan Chugerman (AS JR) , "Alth ough it scares me, I guess I consider it "I think that it raises our conscience," Kevin "The Newt Gingrich in fluential , Washington, DC agreed with Dee's assertion and said he felt that entertainment." Weiss (AS SR) said. "It makes you aware of the Republicans have been trying to lobbyists," Castle said. the media's blatant attempt to gain attention The Inquirer article noted that in one day in fact that there are sick people out there." ignores the possibly severe consequences this 1994, a survey which monitored 10 broadcast action could have on society. and cable television channels found an average France approves nuclear weapons testing Free cosmetics BY STEVE GIVENS "The moratorium on nuc lear medication in order to prevent "This is just a slap in the face to StafF Rreporrer testing was entirely voluntary," said possible side effects from exposure to those who suffered because of the promotion on The French government's first in a Patrick Villemur, head of French nuclear fallout after the Chernobyl explosion," Lingo said . "I can ' t series of nuclear bomb tests on the Affairs at the French embassy, in disaster. believe the French's fl agrant small South Pacific island of Mururoa response to such criticism. ''We have The possibility for fallout to affect disregard for how this affects the took place Tuesday, despite fervant always reserved the possibilty to counties neighboring Mururoa is very world community." Harrington Beach protests from around the world. resume testing." possible, she said, despite the French The most strongly opposed to the Since the announcement of the Meg Chandler (AS SO), president government's reports to the contrary. testing are residents of Tahiti and the BY DA VID NEWSOM "I wish classes were this fun,'' testing earlier this summer, the French of the university's chapter of the The resuming of testing on neighboring nations of Australia and Assistant News Editor said Bob Kalik (HR JR) after he government, particularly French Student E nvironmental Actio n Mururoa has also reopened some past New Zealand. University students took part competed in the course. president Jacques Chirac, has been Coalition, said although SEAC has wounds for members ofGreenpeace. All three areas are within an in an event full of games, trivia Shortly before the Velcro subjected to worldwide criticism. not formerly addressed the issue, she In 1985, French special agents approximate 3,000 mile range, with and prizes at the Life-0-Matic Olympics had begun, many This critic ism, coming mostly feels the nuclear testing is wrong. blew up a Greenpeace ship heading Tahiti being the closest. Tour Wedne sday a nd Thursday students hovered around the from anti-arms and environmental "I believe the French government for Mururoa's Auckland Harbor to In protest, a boycott of French on the Harrington Beach. center stage as the speaker gave groups, accuses the French deserves all the bad reaction it has protest nuclear testing, resulting in products has taken place in all three The free promotional tour is out free priz e s and students government of violating an agreement gotten," Chandler said. one death. areas. An article in last Sunday's traveling to 25 college and competed in Brady Bunch Trivia. observed since 1992 to cease nuclear Chandler said she had a friend Heather Lingo (AS SO) has been a Wilmington News Journal reported university campuses across the Students could also view testi ng. from Poland who had to take member of Greenpeace for five years. an estimated drop in the sales of contine ntal United State s this interactive CD-Rom programs fall , according to Colin Cadogan, while they visited the General the tour's manager. Foods Internatio nal Coffee T he event was set up as a House. festival to promote and display There students could get free City apprOves new Main St. building samples of various products from samples of coffee or receive a participat ing sponsors, said visit from Phil Mayes (AS JR), a BY VANESSA ROTHSCHILD five retail suites, each between I ,500 Residents Bob, Lucy and Barbara "thruway" from Main Street to Cadogan. student volunteer who wore a StaffReport er and I, 700 square feet. There was no George reported water from the Delaware A venue. The event's main sponsor was coffee-filled tank on his back Rezoning approval for the comment by the complex owners as existing Trader' s Alley floods the The acceptance of the proposal is Conde Nast Publications whose with an extended tap to provide a buildi ng across from Klondike Kate's to what retail stores will be designed. street and they fear the problem will contingent upon the addition of trees magaz ines Mademoiselle and passer-by with coffee. on the south side of East Mai n Street The second floor wi ll house eight grow with the building additions. to the proposed parking lot. As Details were the main headliners "I'm the coffee boy,'' said along with the addition of II 0 two-bedroom apartments. T he "The water is already a foot and a required by city code, one tree must of the tour. Mayes, "and it's 90 degrees and additional parking spaces was building will also include an half higher than my yard," Barbara be planted per e very 25 parking " A ll we are trying to do is they want me to give away approved T uesday night b y the upgraded parking area wi th access to George said. spaces, said Planning Commissioner create this f un atmosphere for coffee." Although some students Newark Planning Commission. both Delaware Avenue and Main To rectify this potential flooding Alexine Cloonan. students, and give them a chance sampled the free coffee, the heat Despite residents' concerns about Street. situation, a representative from KCI T he commission approved the to win some prizes, play some did indeed keep many away. floodi ng and traffic problems, the Though the project was approved Technologies said the complex wi ll zoning with two provisions: Owners games and see what the sponsors Free coffee wasn't the only planning commission approved the by both the Newark Poli ce be using an undergrou nd trench must submit a landscape plan with have to offer," he said. thing offered. Diet Coke, another expa,nsion of the existing retail store Department and the Public Works running behind the buildi ng fo r water the number and location of additional T he tou r had plenty of one of the tour' s sponsors, could Trader's Alley, requiring new zoning Department, some residents along disposal. trees and 40 additional parking attractions to offer for the curious be won In many of the for a 17 ,000-square-foot building Delaware Avenue expressed concern The commi ss ion decided to spaces must be added for employees student. T he Velcro Olympics, attractions. with off-street parking. that the building may cause redesign the lot to make it curved, while eight of the re maining 70 sponsored by Sprint Telephone, Countless other prizes such as T he new building will provide additi onal flooding, according to rather than straight to a lle viate spaces must be reserved for the was a prime example of such an T -shirts, CDs and key c hains both commerc ial and residential Planning Commissioner Roy H. residential concerns that the new residents of the complex. event. were also given away at the tour. space. The first flo_or will consist of Lopata. parking lot might be used as a Students put on heavy Velcro­ T he most popular giveaway lined suits, in the blazing heat, was given by Mademoise lle, c limbed over large hi lls and where complementary gift bags Economics Department GOQD.CLEAN ·FURNITURE competed on a Velcro- fi l led of many sample items were course. offered. GRE·AT LOW :PRICES Chris Larson (NU SR), a Unfortunately, they ran out London Program student who competed i n the q uite quickly - 75 minutes on London, Dublin, Edinburgh, York, Pari s Velcro Olympics, said, "I like the first day, said Joy Lawler, an NEW ITEMS bei n g wrapped i n Velcro. employee of Mademoiselle. Winter Session - J anuary 199 6 Coming over those Velcro hills ARRIVE DAILY were tough." Informational Meetings: Sofas • Chairs • Kitchen Thursday, Sept 7th; 5pm; 325 Purnell Sets • Dressers • Tools Monday, Sept 11th; 3:30pm; 330 Purnell • Toys • Lamps and much more ..• Faculty Directors: I ~ Review Sports: Dr. Charles Link 831-1921 Dr. David Black 831-1902 ~ II CIC .. London provides a unique e nvir~n m en t . f o rth e study. of economic issues. In color and in This program combines classroom 1nstruct10n 1n economiCS wrth guest lecturers . . and visits to corporate & governmental offices and universities. Vis its to PARTNERS THRIFr STORE Yo rk, Dublin, Edinburgh, a nd Paris pr~>Vid e ~ broa.derperspective on health Chesmar Plaza economics and on changing economic relat1onsh1 ps 1n Western Europe. (~ I ( .I full effect Y I I I IJJ..AL. f I W l I I Rt. 4 a• Marrows Rd. I d dit Slxrequre e

1 I I Read The Review. It rocks. - • ,...... '1E 'C:'?'~~..::a BE A PART OF THE 1995 •·: FOOTBALL IS BACK F001'BALL SEASON I •' Classes have started, it's Saturday afternoon, what are you going to do? 't Come an~ join your friends at Delaware Stadium on Saturday, 1:00p.m., for the kickoff of the first 199S Delaware Football game. STUDENT WORKERS NEEDED ...,• The first 10,000 fans will receive a free FOR HOME FOOTBALL GAMES • •.• Grotto Pizza schedule magnet. EARN MONEY FOR SCHOOL WHILE HAVING I i FUN WITH YOUR FRIENDS : Delaware vs. West Chester ,r', CONTACT: Delaware Stadium JIM KADEN SUPERVISOR, l:OOp.m. EVENTS Tom morrow I I . 'i 831·8660 FOR MORE INFORMATION Don't forget tq get your FREE TICKETS for SATURDAY'S GAME with West I Chester. Tickets are available at the Perkins Student Center Box Office until 8:00 p.m. daily or at the Bob Carpenter Center Box Office beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. You can get reserved or open seats. Groups of 10 or more, bring your legible list of names & SSN's to Perkins Box Office to get your seats!

.Delaware local Cluaranleed }()\\·esl prices t)ll ne\\. & used ht)()ks ! !! bands: N() cxtrc.1 cllc.lrgc l()r SlJCCi(:_ll <-)r(lcrs J:. ·~:you.:~. don't Save here..... know what you're missing & spend it on bSerl Delaware Bool




I • CALL NOW! WORK AVAIL. MON·SAT I : OF DELAWARE 454·6430 I 232 E. Cleveland Ave. 7AM·4PM (flexible) STORE HOURS: MON·SAT 11AM·3AM, SUN 11AM·1AM MUST HAVE DRIVER'S LICENSE ss. CONTACT ROGER BOWMAN 8."UOFD UOFD MIDNIGHT 8U•Sb6 DEAL! PARTY·" DEAL! MADNESS I i I 14.LARGE OR STOP BY GROUNDS SERVICES BLDG. I 14• WGE PIZZA HEW1r ! . 1·TOPPIHG WI1H ll' TO 5 OF EXTRA-LARGE PIZZA. YOUI FAVORITE CHEESE PIZZA. NEW LONDON ROAD (BEHIND DEER TOPPINGS I VALID loiiDtiiGifl'.(l()SIDAILY (AN.W Ill .W.TOSB) PARK) FOR APPLICATION. September 8, 1995 • THE REVIEW • A 7 Hawaii marriages• continued from page A 1 deny a gay couple the same right as a straight couple. Hawaiian Gov. Ben Cayetano, long a supporter of gay civil rights, has said, "Marriage has a religious and a legal aspect. The state should leave the sanctioning of marriage to the religious organizations." The implication is FAMOUS MAKE MENS DENIM .lEANS $FAMOUS MAKE LADIES PRINTED TURTLENECKS that the state is not an appropriate $ entity to approve or deny a 99 · SLIGHT IRS & PERFECTS 9 99 · AU PERFECT QUALITY marriage license. 15 • • IUNDS YOUR SURE TO RECOGNIZE • • SEYEUL PATTERNS At stake is the future of same­ sex marriages: If the state of FAMOUS MAKE PRINTED STUDENT DISCOUNTS SUNDAY ONLY!! FAMOUS MAKE MENS Hawaii fai ls to provide compelling SWEATSHIRTS ., OFF • YOUR PURCHASE .lEAN SHORTS state interest to overturn Baehr v. $ 99 - 10 /0 WITH YOUR STUDENT I.D. e 99 Levin, homosexuals will soon be :::= $ 15 flocking to Hawaii to wed and 17I IIIIUIIT ==n~ *Mot Polo or lolllloB Fotlte•sl honeymoon. The precedent of heterosexual marriages, which are FA~~~~::KE $ FAMOUS MAKE $ 9 99 recognized universally across state lines, suggests that every other SWEATERS 15. '' a~::EsR 1 • state would be forced to recognize SPORT SHIRTS PERFECT QUALITY the Hawaiian unions. Discussions of domestic partner benefits among institutions like the university may thereby be rendered moot: the perceived need for such provisions is based solidly on the fact that same-sex couples cannot legally marry at present. To complicate the political battle, Hawaii's economic future is also at stake. Hawaii's tourist economy has been lagging for several years, and state budget deficits have been enormous, according to a Jaw professor at Vermont's Quinnipiac College of Law, Jennifer Brown, who in May published an article in the Southern California Law Review. Brown estimated that legalizing gay marriage would bring Hawaii $4 billion in much-needed revenues over the next few years. Her estimations were based on the conservative estimate that between one and three percent of the population is homosexual. Taking exception to the 1993 ruling, many Hawaiian politicians have since mounted an opposition to gay marriage. In April 1994, Rep. Terrance Tom introduced a bill attempting to block the ruling by establishing that "procreation is the basis of marriage." More recently, in August, Tom and two fellow representatives introduced a series of hearings to explore the possibility of legalizing gambling in Hawaii, 1 ostensibly to provide an alternative income source. The interested parties promise to be busy between now and next July, preparing their arguments for what will no doubt be- however it is decided - a landmark civil rights case. SORRENTO HAYRIDES Shimano component package with Rapid Fire thumb shifters. Oversized WITH chromoly main frame and fork, 21 speeds of serious fun! BONFIRES VISA STORE HOURS: Only 9 miles off campus MC to:=r=!Xl •- M, W, F, 10-8 30 minute Scenic DCoiMIDIND &IIC« RAaNO ==::.-- Tu, Th 10-6 DISCOVER -- Wooded Paths to DfAMQM:)~ FINANCING AVAILABLE Sat. 10-5 AMEX BACK. 90 DAYS SAME AS CASH!!! AVENIR. Sun. 11-4 bonfire and 30 minute ride back to your cars. Minimum charge of $80. Groups over 20 -­ $4 per person Call after 6:00 PM Steve Cook 3156 Frazer Rd. Newark, DE 19702 (302) 834-3721

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·• - .:: AS• THE REVIEW • September 8, 1995 Drought R E S E R V E 0 F F I C E R S T R A I N I N G C 0 R P S r history

~- continued from page AI "What we're looking at now is the symptom of a larger problem," he said. "A really hard look has to PREREQUISITE: be taken at the water management system. We're basically using more water than the natural system can replace." ADRENALINE Since 1948, there have been 16 dry periods - times without Drive. Intensity. ter, self-confidence rainfall for more than 20 days - Those aren't words and decision-making in northern New Castle County, you're likely to see in skills. Again, words according to the university's many course require­ other courses seldom geography department. Today will ments. Then again, use. But they're the be the 24th day of the current dry Army ROTC is unlike credits you need to period, eight days short of the any other elective. It's succeed in life. ROTC record of 32 days without rainfall. hands-on excitement. is open to freshmen Dry periods, however, do not ROTC will challenge . and sophomores with- necessarily indicate a drought. you mentally and out obligation and Although 1988's dry period of 32 physically through requires .about 4 days was the longest in 40 years, intense leadership hours per week. training. Training Register this term the drought the area is facing now for Army ROTC. - is much more severe since that builds charac- Northern New Castle County has only one major reservoir. Jordan emphasized that there ARMY ROTC are currently efforts underway to improve water storage and THE SMARTEST COWGE ~anagement , which is now reliant on Hoopes Reservoir as well as COIJRSEYOU CAN TAKE. surface and ground water supplies, Try MLSC 105 or 205 with No Military Obligation. See page all of which are running seriously 97 in The Student Directory of Classes. For More Information, low. As with past droughts, there is stop by room 210, Mechanical Hall, or call: no g uarantee that the water Captain Shawn Phillips - 831 -8213 , ,-..shortage won't drag on for several 0 , years. "We can't count on thi s being ,t.Pf short duration," Martin said. b/'The droug ht in 1966 really ~, ,s tart e d in 1964. Even if it rains :•ilJomorrow, it's going to take quite :::•;;a while to recover." A prolonged drought, according ,,:. to Dr. John Nye, the director of GEAR UP FOR F ~the university' s Water Resources bi·Center, could lead to wate r c: ·.rationing and hi gher charges for

•1 !;water usage. That cost could be passed along to s tudents in ~J residence housing fees. ~;,, To prevent suc h restrictions, :; , ~ tate agencies and university L" iluthorities are asking residents to Survival conserve as muc h water as :;>:: possible. :::;;• " We're d e pe nde nt on the ·! ,residents to do their best to be IJ"aware that this is a very serious check list situation," Lovell said. " And 1,,we're trying to keep it from being Phone cords and accessories · ,a crisis situation with the water o l>frestrictions." • ,_. ,,, ..------...., o Alarm clock or clock radio ~·: -:;j:< :~H.· 5999 o TV, VCR and video accessories Book 4999 Upright cordless phone )I Voice-activated won't tie you down Security devices Reviews, CCT circuitry provides excellent o ~ ,; micro answerer Don't miss important calls clarity and range. Handy base­ ~:; every week when you 're not in your to-handset paging. room . Remote operation. #43-1005MB o Computer and accessories in the #43-752MB Batteries i: :: Review. · 2499 o Basic trim phone o Stereo equipment, speakers If you're saves space Lighted keypad for dialing and audio accessories ~~ . interested.''in in the dark. Three colors. j,. ' White, #43-585MB. Almond, #43·586MB. Gray, #43·587MB. o Heavy-duty flashlight rlt writing u• ~hem, call 3499 o Smoke alarm AM/FM cassette music 8.31-2771, system withE-Bass 79!,~ Compact speakers let you share 0 Part-time job (see the manager or the music, headphones let you your local Radio Shack store) ask for Shielded die-cast listen privately. #14·1209MB 2-way A/V speaker ~· Lara, Joe or Great for use near PC or TV. 4" woofer and 1" soft-dome tweeter. Lauren. . Black. #40·2048MB. White. #40-2059MB rvtFM antenna \J\~V amproves~!: reception ~:· Fhe Review 0 Fine-tuning control for clearer picture and sound. 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We fix 1tad1e lhaell most maJor brands of out-of-warranty service. For a store near you or to order, call You've got questions. We've got answers.sM electronics. For a store near you, cafl 1-800-THE-SHACKSM 1-800-THE-SHACKSM September 8, 1995 • THE REVIEW • A9 UD ranked 11 in Mid Atlantic states by Money Magazine editors continued from page A 1 Bruce Walker, associate provost contributions from many Since 1994, the university has of admissions, said while the rise in corporations allow the university to hiked its tuition by one percent, applicant interest was modest, trends function smoothly without compared to the annual national have shown an increase of incoming significant tuition increases, said average tuition increase of 6.5 Total Costs Of 25 Schools With Respect To Ranking students is to be expected in the President David P. Roselle. percent. future. Last year the university amassed 0 500 0 10 000 15000 2 0000 25000 30000 Along with keeping charges "[Students] are gelling what $61 million of grant funding along relatively static, the university offers Trenton State would amount to a highly selective with $22.8 million in gifts. Both Rutgers U. a 17- 1 student/faculty ratio and private college education at a public figures arc up from $40 million and SL Mary's graduation rates in four, five and six university price," he said. "A lot of $12.5 million respectively in 1990. James Madison years that are above the national U. of Virginia the privates have j ust priced "We' ve not only kept the cost average. Mary Washington _ themselves out of the market." down but we're adding a lot of new " W e really think we' ve got a Washington and Lee : Because of a larger applicant and important reasons for students to Howard U. · finger on virtually everything that a pool, the university has attracted choose to come to the University of Emory and Henry college has to offer you," said William and Mary higher quality students as this year' s Delaware," said Roselle , who Kasky, who added future ratings U. of Delaware freshman class can attest. referred to the building of the Bob will factor computer resources at N.J. Tech. This fall ' s class of 3,222 Carpenter Center, the new student Penn. State universities into the master equation newcomers, up from 3,070 last year, center and a campus-wide Rutgers (Camden) of the poll. include 50 National Merit, computing network. Chestnut Hill "Parents like to use it because Johns Hopkins Achievement and Hispanic scholars, Making a move up the Money they trust Money and they trust that Virginia Tech. 42 valedictorians, 31 salutatorians Magazine listing is not a priority for we're giving them a valuable tool St. Vincent and I 34 students with perfect 4.0 Roselle, but if it happens, he said for a nalyzing where their next U. of Pitt. grade point averages in high school. positive results are inevitable. U. of Md. $50,000 to $100,000 is going to go," "On nearly every measure this is "Those kinds of ratings perhaps Duquesne _ she said. Sweet Briar a better class than last year's class," cause some people to look at the After the premiere of the Swarthmore Walker said. "That' s an indication university who might not university in Money Magazine's Westminster that the better students are deciding otherwise,'' he said. "However, once V.M.I. ranking in 1994, 13, I 28 applications to come to Delaware." people look at the university, it sells u/1 dara is from rhe 1996 MoneyGaide To Colle 'es made their way to Hullihen Hall, An influx of grants from state and itself." 3 I I more than the previous year. THE REVIEW!Devin Hamer federal government along with Gay profs benefits · continued from page A 1 benefits, agreed and said the wriCers of The Spectator article were "out to lunch in some obscure place." Although The Spectator stands behind their story, which Smith said was based on information from anonymous sources, they admit the proposed benefits are still an issue to be decided. " It's an issue that will not ·go away," Colton said, claiming a refusal to pass the proposal wotild No be in conflict with the university' s anti-discrimination, pro-divers"ity policy. "It' s accepted not to tbe FEE~ discriminatory toward blacks and women," Colton said of resistance to the benefits, "but toward gays and lesbians, it's still fair game." Although Y AF has brought the morality of homosexuality into the debate, Colton said the ethicstof alternative lifestyles have no bearing on their proposal. " We' re not in the business of trying to define what a family is," he said. Colton claimed fairness and a desire to recruit the best faculty, regardless of sexual orientation, were the union's motivations to assure benefits for homosexua l partners. "Any kind of benefits are a question of equal work for equal pay," said Hilton Brown, an art conservation professor who is gay. Although he would not apply for the benefits because he does not have a partner, he said he supports the proposal out of a concern for human rights. Aside from moral questions, Y AF cited possible fraud and high costs as reasons for their opposition to the proposal. Colton and Brown said fraud was no more a concern than with heterosexual couples, who are not required to show a marriage license to receive benefits. Colton said homosexual couples would probably receive far more scrutiny than heterosexual partners. Colton also claimed that it would not be a large expense to the university, estimating only five to 10 couples would apply for the benefits. Many professors are not willing to come forward with their homosexuality, he said, or do not need benefits for their partners. Smith and Kaplan asserted that the proposal would never be passed thanks to Y AF efforts which kept it from being quietly " rubber stamped" by Roselle. Roselle and Kirkpatrick, however, denied that Y AF has played any part in their delayed decision. Kaplan said he was confident that neither the student body nor the board supports the benefits. Smith said state representatives would "dock [the university] a few million" if the proposal was passed. Tensions are beginning to mount as the board delays their decision on the issue. "In my view they've had enough time to decide on this, and it's not a radical issue," said Colton, who claimed all the Ivy League schools along with many other universities have already adopted the policy. Roselle, however, said the u niversity would be "a unique institution" if the proposal was passed. He said few other public universities have adopted the policy and many schools who now have domestic partner benefits rejected the proposal the first time around. Both Roselle and Kirkpatrick said they do not know when the proposal wil l official ly come before the board, a lthough Roselle said he expects a decision before the end of the Fa11 Semester. AIO • THE REVIEW • September 8, 1995

LONDON AND SCOTLAND Educational Studies an.d V'/omen's Studies Educational Studies Foreign Languages & Literatures EDST 201-School and Society (3 cr) cOST 390-lnstructlonal Strategies (3 cr) SPAN 107-Spanish Ill- Intermediate (4 cr) EDST 258-Cultura! Diversity, Schooling & the Teacher (3 cr) EDST 431-Applied Behavior Analysis (3 cr) (prereq: EDST 230 & SO status) SPAN 206-Culture Through Conversation (3 cr) EDST 376-Education Practicum ( 1-3 cr) Faculty Directors: Ludwig Mosberg (831-1646), 206B Willard & SPAN 208-Contemporary Spain 1 (3 cr) ENGL 209-lntroduction to the Novel (Focus on Southern ) (3 cr) Ralph Ferren1 (831-1644), 2130 Willard Faculty Directors: Judy Mcinnis (831 -2597), 441 Smith & EDST 367-South African Studies (3 cr) Jorge Cubillos (831-2041), 416 Smith WOMS 202-lntro. to International Women's Studies (3 cr) ENGLAND/LONDON ·special Problems and Independent Studies may be arranged. t:nglish COSTA RICA/SAN JOSE Faculty Director. Victor Manuza (831- 3649). 221A Willard ENGL 208-lntn:xiJction to Drama: On Stage in London (3 cr) (prereq: E11 0 or equ1v .) Nursing BULGARIA ENGL 472-Studies in Drama: The London Theatre from Page to Stage (3 cr) NURS 411-Transcultural Nursing (3 cr.) (prereq: E110 or equiv.) POSC 311 - Politics of Developing Nations (3 cr.) Foreign Languages & Literatures and International Faculty Directors: Ellen Pifer & Drury Pifer (831 -6965), 164 S. College, Am. 204 Faculty Director: Clare Conner (831-8384), 206A McDow ell Programs & Special Sessions FLLT 1CO-Essential Bulgarian (1 cr) p1f ENGLAND/LONDON MARTINIQUE FLLT 105 -Bulgarian I - Elementary (4 cr\ The British Press Foreign Languages & Literatures FLLT 267-Contemporary Bulgaria (3 cr) E GL 480-Seminar: The British Press (3 cr) FLLT 100-Essential French (1 cr) plf ECON 367-Economics of Transition {prereq: ECON 151 & 152) Faculty Director: Ben Yagoda (83 1-2766), 007 Memorial FLL T 320- Writers in Translation (3 cr) Faculty Directors: Jeanette Miller & Baerbel Schumacher 1.831-4965), 4 Kent Way FREN 106-French II - Elementary/Intermediate (4 cr) PANAMA ENGLAND/LONDON cREN 207-The Contemporary Caribbean World (3 cr) Faculty Director. Lysette Hall (831 -3580), 34 West Delaware Ave, Am. 201 Educational Studies Multicultural Studies in London/Ireland ENGL 382-Multicultural Performance (3 cr) 3 sections CROSS LIST: EDST 258-Cultural Diversity, Schooling & the Teacher (3 cr) WOMS 382-Studies 1n Multicultural Literature in English (3 cr) THE HAGUE. NETHERLANDS req. for Elementary Education students or EDST 201-School and Society (3 c r) ARTH 150-Methods and Monuments (3 cr) optional Food and Resource Economics req. for Secondary Teacher Education students Faculty Directors: Edward Guerrero & Alvina OJintana (831·2367), 3C FREC 367-Socioeconomics of Technological Change: The Biotech Revolution (3 cr) EDST 376-Education Practicum (3 cr) FREC 467-Trade, Policy & the Environment: EU Perspective (3 cr) HIST 135-lntro. to Latin American Histo ry (3 cr) ENGLAND/LONDON l;:nereq: FREC 120 or ECON 151) EDST 367-Educational Issues (3 cr) Economics Faculty Directors: Gerald L. Cole (831 -1309), 212 Townsend & Faculty Director. Hernan Navarro-Leyes (831-8820). 017 Willard ECON 367-Europe in Econorric Transition (3cr.) (prereq :. ECON 151 and ECON 152) Cathenne Halbrendt (831-6773), 21 0 Townsend ECON 381-Economics of Hurren Resources: Heallh Care and Labor Markets (3 cr.) MEXICO/MERIDA (YUCATAM (prereq. ECON 151 and ECON 152) GERMANY/SA YREUTH Political Science and Foreign Languages & Literatures Faculty Director s: Charles Link (831-1921 ). 408 Purnell & Foreign Languages & Literatures POSC 311 -Polltics of Developing Nations (3 cr) Dav1d Black (831 -1902). 415 Purnell GRMN 106-German II - Elementary/Intermediate {4 cr) POSC 436-Politics & Literature (3 cr) GRMN 107-German Ill- Intermediate (4 cr) ARTH 367-Maya Art & Architecture (3 cr) ENGLAND/LONDON GRMN 206-Culture Through Conversation (3 cr) FLL T 100-Essential Spanish ( 1 cr) plf Accounting & Marketing GRMN 208-Contemporary Germany 1 (3 cr) S PAN 207-Contemporary Latin America I (3 cr) ACCT 367-lntemational Business, Joint Ventures & Law (3 cr) Faculty Director. Nancy Nobile (831-41 01), 442 Smith SPAN 106-Spanish II- Elementary/Intermediate (4 cr\ BUAD 393-Semlnar in International Marketing (3 cr) (prereq: BUAD 301) Faculty Directors: America Martinez-Lewis (831 -2758\. 429 Smith & Faculty Directors: Carter Broach (83 1· 11 90). 338 Purnell & FRANCE!CAEN Mark Huddleston (831-2358), 468 Smith Van Langley (831-1797), 1040 Purnell Foreign Languages & Literatures COSTA RICA/SAN JOSE FREN 107-French Ill- Intermediate (4 cr) ENGLAND/LONDON FREN 206-Culture Through Conversation (3 cr) Foreign Languages & Literatures The Compleat London: Society, Art, and Culture in London FREN 208-Contemporary France 1 (3 cr) SPAN 107-Spanish Ill - Interm ediate (4 cr.) GEOG 102-Human Geography (3 c r) Faculty Director. Alice Cataldi (831 -3580), 34 W. Delaware, Am. 201 SPAN 206-Culture Through Conversation 13 cr.) GEOG 266-Speclal Problem (1 cr) Honors and non-honors secnons SPAN 207-Contemporary Latin America I (3 cr.) Faculty DirectOf : Peter Rees ( 831-2294), 228 Pearson /TAL Y!SIENA Faculty Directors: Amalia Veitia (831 -2452), 41 5 Smith & & SuzanneTierney-Gula (831 ·3 51 ~). 34 W . Delaware. Rm. 102 Foreign Languages Literatures ENGLAND/LONDON !TAL 106-ltalian II · Elementary/Intermediate (4 cr) ISRAEL Shakespeare and Modern British Theatre !TAL 1 07-ltalian Ill - Intermediate (4 cr) ITAL 206-Culture Through Conversation (3 cr) Sociology and Political Science ENGL 365-81\..dies 1n l..Jterary Genres. Types. and MJvements (3 cr.) Faculty Director: Jay Halio (831 -2228), 118 Memorial IT AL 208-Contemporary Italy 1 (3 cr) c :JSC 452-Problems in Urban Politics-In conJunction with: Faculty Director. Gabriella Finizio (831-2452), 415 Smith SOC I 430/070-Comparatlve Sociology (3 cr) ENGLAND/LONDON POSC 409-Contemporary Problems: World Politlcs--;n con1uncnon with: HIST 375-History of England: 1715 to Present (3 cr) SOCI 430/071-Comparatlve Sociology (3 cr) · Theatre ootlonal r::ourse offering a vat/able to students in London-based programs. Faculty Directors: Marian Palley (831 -1938). 460 Smith & T:-'EA 106 · The Theatrical Experience Abroad (3 cr) 2 sect1ons Faculty D~re ctor. Harry Hendrick (831-2852). 4 Kent W ay Vivian Klaff (831 -6791 ), 25 Amstel Avenue Factity Directors. Je.vei H. Wak er & Marge Waker (831-3582). 104B . Hanshom Gym

SPEND YOCJR WINTER SESSION ABROAD FOR CREDrr APPUCAT70N DEADliNE: OCTOBER 13, t 995 _/ ? Septem~ 8, 1995 • THE REVIEW • All First Greek directory makes a splash ·• r======9 ' I • BY BRYAN D. VARGO everybody." member Suzanne Donovan (AS SO) in their organization. • • :; HEALTH INSURANCE Copy Editor Lerner said he chose to publish a said. ''I'm not opposed to it but I don't In this area Lerner feels the "social"•: ,· The Greek community at the Greek directory at this university think it's completely necessary." directory will enhance the contact ... For Individual/Family university will soon be supplied with because there is a level balance Others fe lt the directory is among Greek students and the Greek USE YOUR OWN DOCTOR! the premiere issue of The Greek between student activities, school imperative to communication between office and students. •• Telephone Directory. spirit and academics. "Q th G k Greek members. "I thought it was a great idea, • GOOD RATES! The directory is a comprehensive Greek members nee e ree "It's good because a because we do a lot of things together• compilation listing all Greek expressed mixed • lot of people live in with different fraternities," Alpha Tau organization members' phone feelings toward the students have It, chapter houses and Omega member John Buckwalter (AS • Other benefits available to members numbers and addresses, supplemented directory. T he th 't b their numbers and SR) said. •; include PRESCRIPTION /VISION card & with advertisements from local majority were as ey won e addresses aren't in He also said in terms of segregation;:~ businesses. enthused as Lerner • the student he doesn't think the directory would ) DENTAL INSURANCE "Once the Greek students have it , but some were able tO liVe directory," said Cara disassociate the Greek community ., they won't be able to live without it," skeptical of the • • Campo (HR JR), a from the rest of the university's ~ said Keith Lerner, publisher of the directory' s potential WithOUt It" member of Alpha student body. ..; directory. 1 MANY benefits available to members call your for further Phi. Campo said The directory is circulated twice a ~ Lerner, a recent graduate of segregation between _Keith Lerner she also believes the year in September and January to • LOCAL NCC National Business Association Syracuse Uni versity, where the Greeks and non- irectory will be ensure the extensive listing of new :: rep for an appt@ 292-0313 directory made its first debut in 1994 Greeks. beneficial in bringing more people members to Greek life. All fraternity.:: said, "It worked so well at Syracuse "I don't think it is necessary. The into the Greek community, when they and sorority members will be given .·! and the response was outstanding. student directory is sufficient enough. see the advantage to having a separate copies of this free publication. •: "It's a win-win situation for Why be exclusive?" Sigma Kappa directory to keep in touch with others •• .·•=·....•• •• ....•:•• • -4 •!• ~;.;terested in Pursuing :~r ;.:...... •...•. Advertising Career? ..••.....•• =~.. Come join the Review staff and :=~~3 .•..: gain valuable resume experience! :~ :~ Opportunities are available as an: •.:0•• ...... ·~ .....:, :3 • Advertising Rep ...·~~ •• • Advertising Assistant

If interested, please call The Review b/w lOam- 3pm M - F and ask for Tamara.

Dexter's not his usual self.

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So you call Dr. Nusblatt, your family vet back home.

The call is cheap.

(Too bad about the consultation fee.)

Life can be complicated. AT&T True Savings is simple. Just spend $10 a month on long distance and we'll subtract 25% off your AT&T bill~ Spend $50 a month, get 30o/o off Guaranteed. This special offer ends soon, so you've got to call 1800 TRUE-ATT to enroll by September 15. No fees. No lists. And no circles. Thafs Your True Choice.sMAT&T. A12. T H E R EVIE W. September 8, 1995 EDIT ORIAL/LETT E RS ~E\!TEW Founded in 1882 Homosexual rights on point A proposal that would give equal benefits to homosexual faculty members with spouses comes before the Board of Trustees. Which path will the university take? It's getting near crunch time on a s pouses are given these benefits i s controversial issue p laced before the b ecause they are a financia l unit. university's administration. The Sexuality plays absolute ly n o part in B oard of Trus tees has a chance t o this. make a step t owards eliminating Along with advan cin g the cause of discrimi nation toward homosexuals. diversity, the Board of Trustees All that r e mains is w hether or not the s h o uld pass this proposal in the university will step up t o the interests of pro t ectin g a quality challenge. faculty. If passed, the proposal would offer The university s h o uld ensure that it the same medical, dental and l eaves its doors open t o th e best educational benefits to h o mosexual professors out there. If h omosexu a l couples as to opposite-sex couples. couples can't recieve e mpl oye r It's about time for the university to benefits here, what 's t o s t o p the m formally recognize homosexual from going to other sch ools? rights. Making this move would be a Delaware would n o t be the f irst strong step in the right direction for sch ool to pass a proposal like this. achieving diversity, and an indication Most Ivy League sc h ools already - to the s tate t h at laws legitimizing offer these benefits, as do a number - -- of o the r private sch oo ls and three - homosexual marriages need to be passed. public universities. Ohower ~ether Spouses should receive benefits Let's see if we can p r ove that o ur through an employer, regardless of sch ool is on the cusp of acceptance ;f necessaG',,',.._,_ _ _. the couple's sexual orientation. by being o n e of th e first public Homesexua l marriages are not lega lly institutions to take this step. --· -~ recognized in the state of D e laware, As for those who are opposed t o so criteria for determining who a ll o ttin g the extra m o n ey these would qualify f o r these benefi t s benefits would e nta il, re m e mbe r that would have to be established, and thi s money is going t o faculty. would probably be a point of Witho ut quality prof essor s, where contention for those opposed. would an institution of hi g h er It doesn't have to b e complicate d. learning b e? The deciding fac tor in d e te rming Legality s h ould n ot interfere with a who is a legal spouse s hould be loving relationship. economic dependence or co­ It's unfortunate that the s ta t e of Teamsters damage workers' rights d e pendence. Delaware docsn ' t recognize same-sex ·' Married couples d o n ' t have to marriages. Maybe local governm e nts Chapter 1 around the country. Formerly, Chrysler had m ost truckers wou ld rather drive than show thei r marriage licen ses to wi ll follow the university ' s lead. in which we explore one of the ways the a contrac t with a compa n y that hired picket. r eceive benefits, and neither s h o uld Assuming we muster the cour age to working class is exploited by it's purported Teamsters. Unions do other silly things which make'' homosexual couples. The k ey reason take a stand, that is. saviors Members of the Teamsters U nion are work harder to find for, union members. paid a ridiculo us ly hig h wage. T hey a re • Unions require overly high wages for Everyone o n campus has seen those also forbidden to work at lower wages. their employees, causing many companies guys in front of the Chrysler plant, but do A new company appeared o n the scene to take jobs overseas where labor costs are ' Corrections you know who they are? and told Chrysler they could haul parts for cheaper. t They are not on strike. a lot c heaper. Therefore, they did not hire • For jobs that cannot be sent overseas, In the Sep. 5 issue of The They have not been fired. Teamsters. like service industries, these costs are R eview, Dami an 0' Doherty, T hey do, however, have nothing to do A new partnership was born, between passed on to you the consumer. president of the Delaware A limited number of slots. fo but stand in front of that plant and sweat all R yder Dedicated Logistics and Chrysler. • I don' t know if any of you would be' Undergraduate Student weekly and bi-weekly columns summer, or shiver, r;::======:::;-, This partnership ripped several truckers interested, but every employee of Dining ' Congress, was paraphrased as are still open. 'f.hose interested il!, huddled around a from behind the ir wheels and landed them Services who is not a student is required to ;. saying "O'Doherty promises to beinga columnist should call fire a ll winter. in lawn chairs o n the side of South College be a union member. Avenue. ensure tha t a student's PaurFainif at (302) 831-2771 o~ They have been • This could explain why it costs more ' disciplinary records are made stop by the office: B-1 Student doing thi s for a But a re n 't unions supposed to be to buy a meal plan than it does to use cash year because their b e nevolent protector s of the American a ll semester but all students who live on 1 available" (to landlords). The C.enter~ewark, DE 19716. ww ·&, unio n won't le t worker? campus are required to buy meal plans. statement should have read that i4 j O ' Doherty intends for the '@' $ them work. Union s were necessary during the early • Unions place ridiculous restrictions on 1 records to not be made available . Freshmen: This means you. For fun they' ve parts of the industrial revolution to protect the t ypes of work their m e mbers can 1 -q been known to workers from dangerous conditions and engage in. ~OU· . were. iD'-:.OlVe~ in jo~t:r,ta!!sm The Review ran a ·picture of 1n" high school or have an mtere1l hurl insu lts or exploitatio n . Even today, these ro les are T his i!> why there' are about three shovel threaten passers­ My Manifesto necessary. holders for each person actually working at •, Betty Gore Snyder on the front ~ n writ~ng and voicin.g opinions page of the Sep. 5, issue. She is then contact The Revzew ASAP, by on occasion. Peter R. Hall What the Teamsters and other unions your average construction site. Bob Gore's sister and was not and a position as a columnist rna · Yesterday was .______. have done , in the name of protecting the Unions are supposed to protect workers, part of the $ 15 million donation be available to you. the 365th day of American Worker, is to negotiate said a difficult and noble task. Unfortunately, 1 the Gore family gave to the this protest. workers o ut of existence. they have lost sight of that task. Due to the 1 university for a new building. The men who s ta nd in f ro nt of the This trend has been occurring in every intractability of the unio ns, the jobs they ' The Review regrets both errors. C h rys ler plant are truck drivers, mo re aspect of American industry for the last are t rying t o protect are slowly' ib specifically , they are Teamst e rs. Y es, several years . Bumper stickers proclaim, disappearing. gentle reader, the Teamsters, of J immy "Buy American and America works." It has been said that the American ' H offa fame, h ave come to cause This is true, but unions have lately taken worker is an endangered species. I believe • controversy and wreak havoc in Newark, s u ch bel li gerent stands tha t corporate this is because of the tireless efforts of the · Delaware. America refuses to deal with them. unions. A note about letters to the editor What are they protesting? Look at the debacle that baseball was T hey are picketing because their maste r, last s ummer. D o professional athletes Pete r R. Hall is a columnist for T he All letters printed in the Letters to the Editor section are printed the union, has declared the ir labor to be really need any more money? Review. My Manifesto appears every other with minima[ editing so th at the author's diction and style will not worth far more th an what C h rysler is The Teamsters should have negotiated Fridav. be destroyed. Any changes, however, are made in the interest of willing to pay. with C hrysler to get their drivers' positions Send e-mail responses to · good taste, grammar, clarity and brevity when necessary. Printina T he C hrysler Corporation hires outside protected. pnkfloyd@ ·. of letters. is feft up to the dis~retion of the editor. Keep letter l engt~ companies to haul parts and automobiles Even with a slight pay cut, I'm sure that down_, With a goal of a m_ax 1mum of 400 words. Questions should '• b e dnecte d to Paul Fa1n at (302) 831-2771 ore- mailed to [email protected] Universities lose vision Letters to ,, The Review's in the P.C. scramble the Editor T he college campus can seem to serve a overlooked. T he r;======:l Faulkner's failure was a result of policy for variety of functions. Some see it as a pivotal controversia l place of deve lopment, or a bustling social speaker mu st be media pressure, not her physical · guest columnists scene unparalleled by any workplace or h eard merely condition recreational retreat. Still others might because of where This le tte r is in response to Leanne actuall y see it as a place to learn. But it' s h e stands; not Milway's article about Shannon Faulkner. is looking for guest editorial columns from students and hard to escape the image that so many regal becau se of the I was not at all happy that M s. Faulkner was ' . other ~m~ of the uoive~ity community. campus buildings and refined Latin college s t rength of his accepted into the Citadel in the first place, any . llt"tlra/\G!A mterested m wntmg columns this semester, contact Paul Fain, mottoes project: that of an intellectual forum. platform. more that I would have been if a man had · Jimmy P. Miller or Heather Moore at Frequently, colleges are unable to attai n their Mi s t aking gotten into B ryn M awr. But I would like the . • 831-277.1 ; potentia ls as such forums. Polemics a nd achievements of Pardon the Elitism opportunity to write in defense of her decision send letters to: cont roversiali sm are mistaken for the publicity and to leave, since I understand it more than most. Mark Radoff During my freshman year of college I was a Editorial Editor groundbreaking and the philosophical. forcon troversialthat ismof ....______. The Review T he political climate of many colleges military school cadet. Student Center B-1 exacerbates this s ituation. Where once a excellence is a fallacy committed ofte n Let '~ be blunt - yes, it's true, she was . Newadc. DE 19717 li beral college, like Cali fornia' s Berkeley, enough regardless of location and political overwe1ght. Her physical condition could have ot e-mail to: [email protected]. 8 was a venue for those with groundbreaking c limate. I spoke to one professor who been much better upon anival, but there are no liberal interests, the liberal agenda is no w recalled that a government grant had been exercises to build up the mental endurance ' ironclad in the school' s codes of conduct. given to an "artist" whose artistic "vision" needed to withstand unrelenting abuse. Make T ha t is, political correctness has now meant coveri ng h ersel f with butter and no mistake - she didn' t leave because she was The Review immobilized the intellectual g rowth of the having members of her audience lick her. Did fat. p lace: Everybody must have a say, a ll her "art" merit a government grant? While . Neithe~ did she quit because she chipped a ' Editor in Chief: Jimmy P. Miller Assistant Features Editors: opinions are to be weighed equall y. keeping an open mind, and while accepting ftngernall, M s . Milway. She bo wed o ut < Executive Editor: Heather Moore Michelle Lisi H ow does this impede inte llectual that art can be radical, dynamic and very because she had a nervous breakdown defined " Managing Features Editors: Karen Salmansohn progress? Certainly, in a n ideal world, all difficult to define, I still believe it likely this as an "attack of mental or emotional 'disorder Joe McDevitt Assistant News Editors: Lauren Murphy Lisa lntrabanola opinions must indeed be weighed equally; all woman was chosen merely because of her of sufficient severity to be incapacitating." Ms. ' Managing News Editors: Dave Newsom voices must surely be heard. But if a college shock value. She was controversial. Faulkner e ndured much more than "harsh Ashley Gray Assistant Photography Editor: like Berkeley is to be an intellectu al forum, People h ave argued that a college is jibes" form her classmates. For over two years April Helmer Christine Fuller essentially a public place, and that in a public Leanne Milway Assistant Sports Editors: the soapboxes and podiums within its campus she has been threate ned, sexually harassed : Editorial Editor: Paul Fain Dan Clark gates must be reserved for those arguing their place everybody has a right to be heard. At emotionally tormented and has suffered the Copy Desk Chief: Gary Geise Dan Steinberg points logicall y, and for those whose ideas the surface, it' s hard not to agree with this h _umili ~ ti o n of being ostracized by an entire ' Photography Editor: Alisa Colley Copy Editors: are truly original. In an effort to make all assertion. But I think such assertions cause ctty. Is It any wonder she couldn't function? • Managing Sports Editor: Michael Lewis Dana Giardina Bill Jaeger Art Editor: Steve Myers Mark Jolly Tory Merkel voices heard, colleges sometimes import o ne to l ose sight of some important _M s. Milway, you were correct when .you Entertainment Editor: Lara M. Zeises Erin Ruth Bryan Vargo speakers who do not provide refined questions. What is a college, and what is it' s saJd that you couldn't begin to understand the 1 Features Editor: Chris Green Senior Staff Reporters: arguments and new ideas, displacing those purpose? If it is to serve· as an inte llectual pressure she felt. I do realize that it is hard for: Sports Editor: Eric Heisler Craig L. Black who could. fo rum, should it not be selective in those who News Editors: Moll y Higgi ns others to imagine if they have never been Peter Bothum Kristin Coll ins Deb Wolf In the quest to hear ''all" voices, colleges are heard? It may be true that a mountainside through it. But it would he lp the women's I Sharon Graber Derek Harper Advertising Director: Tamara L. Denlinger conduct a forced search for representatives of is public to all th ose w ho hike slowly, and movement so much more if you would channel Kathy Lackovic Matt Manochio Business Managers: a broad fl avor of people. Naturally, among who turn back before reac hing the your anger away from Faulkner and direct it I Amy Sims Amanda Talley Gary Epstein Alicia Olesinski Kim Walker Alyson Zamkoff Advertising Graphics Designer: Liz Forand this group are those with controversial mountain's top. But wouldn' t hordes of such toward the men involved, who didn' t exactly ; Assistant Entertainment Editors: opinions, and these are the people who are lethargic people bottleneck the trails for behave like officers and gentlemen. Oakland Childers Office and Mailing Address: easiest to fi nd. T he salie nt speakers in a those intent o n reaching the mountain's S. Hill 1 Catherine Hopkinson Student Center B· l. Newark. DE I 97 I 6 peak? Heather Lynch Business (302) 8.\ I· I 397 crowd are usua ll y the polemic ones, and ASSR · Advertising {302) 83 I· I 198 unfo rtunately, any lack of cleverness they News/Editorial (302) 83 I · 2'17 I Send e-mail responses to ! FAX (302) 83 1-1 396 may employ in supporting their arguments is Mark Radoff is a columnist for The Review. [email protected]. edu. OP-ED September 8, 1995 • THE REVIEW • AlJ 1 The voice of reason cuts through throngs of emotionalism

things fall apart; the center cannot here, I'm going to take a look around, if life). And all too frequently , the Now, on the other hand, le t 's not computer and printer's ink to shout my hold; you don't mind. Obviously, I have to do casualty of such straight-jacketing is make the mistake of thinking that this is (admittedly considered) o pinions as Mere anarchy is loosed upon the some guessing to figure out what the communication and real debate. a new thing, and that the world is lo ud as I can ? I also happen to think world, editorial page looks like, but if it's To me, the "ceremony of innocence" suddenly going to ' hell in a handbasket' along with Y eats that when you've The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, anything like any Review editorial that Yeats talks about in his poem is the on a composite blast of political hot air listened e nough, and made up your and everywhere section I 've ever seen, I imagine act of listening - the often painful -measured opinions have alwa ys been mind about just what exactly the "best" The ceremony of innocence is someone' s using the words " liberal" or process of hearing many different rare things. But if I have one shining is, you' ve only yourself to blame if the • drowned; "conservative," most likely as a opinions, forming one's own opinion, hope for our generation (if a collection worst happens because you didn' t speak Fhe best lack all conviction, while rhetorical device to group all the and then having the wisdom and mental of umpteen million people spread out up. That's what makes our country a the worst columnist's enemies into a group so flexibility to realize when that opinion over s ix continents and thousands of democracy - that matters of state and Are full of passionate intensity. apparently malicious and misbegotten needs to be changed. In today's cultures ever had anything in common), the economy a re d ecided among the William Butler Yeats, that even their own mothers would wish it is not that we should abolish poverty government, but guided through the "The Second Coming" them dead, and dispose of them thusly. or war or disease - those would be courts of public opinion first. And And if no-one's using the words today, In today's newspapers miracles, not acts of M an. where are these courts? You' re looking not to worry- we' ll be seeing a lot of No, I would be happy if I could look at one right here . So here I am - my first editorial them soon, I suppose. too much editorial back over our time and say tha t we In upcoming columns I'm going to be column has been published in The Sadly, the myth that you can reduce didn' t (or a t leas t very often) call a looking a t various issues a round this Review. Let me introduce myself, then. any thinking person's opinions to a space is wasted on person evil or stupid nor value their school, our nation, and our planet, and My name is Evan Williford, and you point on a one-dimensional line has columnists who opinions simply because of their I' m going to be te lling you what I think can usually find me around the music been one of the most prevalent ideas of political or sexual orientation, or their is "best." Of course, I reserve the right building because I ' m a vocal the 20th century. constantly regurgitate race. to be abjectly wrong o nce in a while, performance major. I 've lived in For example, a perfectly reasonable I would be happy if we didn' t yell at and defiantly right most of the time. Delaware for almost my entire life - a person might favor abortion rights the same old party line each other and fight things out on the And if you think I 'm just full of it, you r;::======~l fact I intend to during the first trimester, be virulently streets, but sat down and talked them can write a le tter telling everybody rectify as I move opposed to affirmative action, favor the over, and if we couldn't come to a ny why, or even a column yourself if you o n to graduate legalization of marijuana and oppose newspapers too much editorial space is sort of an agreement, rea lized that want to. That' s what the edito rial page school next year. the death penalty. That would make him wasted on columnists who constantly instead of then going back out to war, it is for, after all. If you don' t feel or her a conservative in the sense that regurgitate the same o ld party line, who might be better if we all went home a nd you know me this person seems to like less instead of l istening every o nce in a got some sleep and perspec tive first. Evan Williford is a columnist for The yet, don' t worry government instead of more, but you'd while are too busy s houting. And when And it would m ake me very happy if I Review. Holding the Center appears I haven' t have a hard time shoe-horning someone you throw in the words " liberal" a nd could look back and say that there were every Tuesaay. Send e-mail responses to quite figured like this into the Republican party along "conservative," you get people who are some issues that were threate ning to [email protected]. myself out yet with other such conservative groups as arguing a t a target - a 'straw man,' tear us apart, and we solved them and Holding the Center either, so I'll get the Christian right (who'd like abortion specially constructed to be easy to hate. became closer. back to you. banned) and law-a nd-order types (still This is n ' t deba te, this is more like So where does tha t leave me, c urrent Evan Williford Now that I'm holding on to "reefer madness" for dear ideological cheer-leading. R eview column ist, given fiat by Spreading little ripples in a big pond O.J. trial brings L.A. The calendar pages have flipped too quickly, Campus. Every day, like a tenuous termite, I university administration live up to its declaration and once again a lazy summer abandons us for chew at the walls of my former closet, digesting that "the University of Delaware does not the excitement and stress of fall. As I stroll the the bitter wood to make a sweet, life-affmning, discriminate ... based on sexual orientation ... " cops under scrutiny brick paths of campus, alongside hundreds of comfortable home for myself. Let the University of Delaware not wait until new freshpersons, I remember with great But this world lacks perfection, and everyday I every other university in the nation has approved This editorial is dedicated to m y The feeling or r;:======:;-, intenstiy my first few weeks at UD. I remember face ignorance and prejudice. After an exhausting such a bill, but show itself a leader- not a parents, who for so long listened to me racial tension has searching frantically for classrooms, dining halls day of sharing my talents and drive with this follower - in the areas of liberal education, complain about the O .J. Simpson trial. a lways lingered and parties. Most vividly, though, I remember University, I ascend the Student Center stairs only social equality and civil rights. " Why the hell do you guys watc h this in L.A., and will searching high and low for myself. to hear two young women passing by the To the suffering, desperate queer freshpersons garbage?! Something better has got to be not die soon. After my father's big gray pick-up pulled LGBSU bulletin board, flaunting their ignorance: on this campus, let the administration send a on!" I s uppose I just wanted to watch Fuhrman's away from Dickinson, I realized that for the first "I just don't think a man should be attracted to message in written word and solid policy that the something more important like " The lawyer was time in my life, I was truly all alone. I had no another man." I argue with my mother, who asks University of Delaware rejects prejudice and Simpsons." I must admit, I was wrong to s ugges ting that friends, no family and no familiar bed to fall back me not to write all my columns this year on being discrimination, and embraces democracy and do ubt the O.J. trial, for it is immensley the tapes were on. I returned stolidly to my room and walked queer in an inhospitable society. "People get tired equality. important in this day and age. actua ll y being anxiously to dinner with eight strangers whom I of reading just about being gay." I take her point Regardless, however, of how the My main complaint about the trial was used fo r a Napalm Bliss had no idea would become my best friends in the to heart, but strive to explain that I must respond administration rules on the Domestic Partnership the fact that it has lost focus of the two screenplay and world. I came "home," crawled between the cold, to the self-defamation and queer-hatred I'm fed Benefits bill, queer freshpersons can nurture an victims. I feel I need not mention them, that some of the Matt Manochio foreign sheets and dreamed about walking into every day, lest they fester inside me like tiny inner-strength, self-respect and will that no by n ow they are household names. Fuhrman 's ~------~ my first class naked. worms, growing fatter with each morsel of my academic official can steal or deny. In my three However, Ronald Goldman and Nicole rantings were "fictionalized." Basically I The neurotic anxieties of the average soul they bite off. I attempt but blatantly fail to years at UD, I have learned a few moral lessons Brown Simpson were brutally slain, and saying that Fuhrman was trying to pass j freshperson were enough for me. Coming from a vocalize my great which many queer friends attempted to impart to this shouldn't be forgotten. The case has himself off as macho with his stories. • small southern Delaware town into the "busy r.:==;;;:;:;:::=:::;l empathy for queer me my first year. I have finally digested these taken a decidedly gruesome turn, in the And the fact that he li ed under oath about metropolis" of Newark and the bustle of Main freshpersons at a lessons and now I offer them to the latest UD n ame of former Los Angeles Police using the word nigger, which he Street, I was a wreck. Too many people. Too university which freshpersons . As was the case with me, they may detective Mark Fuhrman. supposedly used 40 or more times in the many stores. Too many campus buildings. Too professes liberal seem only words now. Hopefully, though, these This person, who was hired to " protect interviews, makes him look even more m1lfly feelings running in circles inside of me. education and words will serve as seeds of inspiration and hope and serve," lied under oath about using repulsive. On the stand he denied using Much to my chagrin, however, most of the democratic ideals to grow into fruition over the next few years. the word " nigger" and other slurs that the phrase. Later, whe n the contents of feelings running Olympic .laps inside ·IllY but does not always Friends offered the seeds to me, and now I targeted almost every ethnicity a nd the tapes were revealed , his story quivering stomach did not concern in the least practice what it continue the cycle. gender imaginable. He bragged in depth c hanged to "I forgot." classes, campus or Main Street. The feelings preaches. Only by remaining self-centered - though to screenwriter Laura Hart McKinny The African-American population of betrayed a concern much, much deeper, an Now, President not selfish in the popular use of the word - only about beating suspects, tampering with L.A. and the nation shouldn' t be the only insecurity much greater than becoming a little fish Untitled Roselle and the then can I help other queer persons to find the evidence and other reprehen s ible a ngry group . Hard-working police in a big pond. The feelings betrayed an 18-year­ Eric Morrison Board of Trustees joys I have found in my three years out of the offenses. All of these converstati ons are officers who actually do their duty should old internal battle between what I knew myself to faces a unique closet. My primary goal is no longer classes, now on a udio cassettes and a re being be up in arm s about th is, a nd they I be and what everyone else told me I should be. opportunity to put grades and school per se. Instead, I use my time relentlesly purs ued by O.J.' s defense to undoubtedly are. The biggest problem I Earlier that summer, I had been dating a young their morals where their mouths are. The here and my resources at this university to be admitted into evidence. that remains is h ow the public will woman quite seriously. I truly did love her, Domestic Partnership Bill for university faculty develop myself. I've learned to use my I was watching Geraldo Rivera the receive the L.A. police force now. And I although she always wondered why, during our and staff hangs in the bureaucratic air, waiting for classmates, professors and books to develop and other night and they had aired some of for former Police Chief Darryl Gates to 1 after-work sexcapades in my tiny Cavalier, she a yay or a nay. The bill would give to same-sex heal me, to make me a more powerful, wise and the Fuhrman conversations to the public. suggest that this was a freak occurrence was so much more excited than me. I always partners of faculty and staff the same benefits intelligent person, to improve the situation of In one scenario Fuhrman boasted about is an insult. The Rodney King beatings knew the answer to that predictable question, currently given to heterosexual couples. Passing those around me by improving myself. how he and his partner had chased down prove the opposite. although I could admit it to myself no more than I the bill would also send a clear message to the I've learned the hard but vital lesson of which a couple of gang members and beaten Los Angeles isn' t the only city with could admit it to her. University of Delaware community that we truly the Delaney sisters speak in their inspirational them. One of the suspects died. Another these problems either. Other major cities Fmally, college drew near and our differences cherish and respect our lesbian, gay and bisexual biography, Having Our Say. You cannot change event was when Fuhrman bragged about s uch as New York, Miami , Detroit, grew more tangible. One summer night, walking community. the world. You can only change yourself and, how he and some of the members on his and others probably have a few alone on the sands of Rehoboth Beach, I made a Passing the bill would send an even more being a part of the world, the world will be better force could have gotten away with Mark Fuhrmans slithering around their pledge to myself which would come back to important message, however. To the miserable off when you have improved yourself. Learning murder, literally. streets as well. Anybody who thinks haunt me only a few weeks later. I promised freshman, sitting in his dorm room, questioning to love yourself and others will ripple and spread Let' s just say tha t for some reason otherwise is naive. The problem is how to myself that if things between my girlfriend and I his right to exist as he knows himself to be, like a tiny pebble dropped in a pond. True leaders Judge Lance Ito never decided to air the deal with it. did not pan through, I would admit to myself­ contemplating the long, hard road ahead if he lead themselves first, and others recognize that trial. Imagine, an O .J.-Iess television I don' t have a solution. But for one, then maybe, eventually, to the world - my true decides to come out, and the bleak, deceitful leadership quality and follow. To the freshpersons station. I thought that this wo uld be a maybe the internal affairs department of sexual and emotional feelings. I would "come years ahead should he remain closeted, and at the University of Delaware - both queer and blessing. every police station with possible out" to myself, then maybe, if I could somehow perhaps even considering a quicker, easier way not - that is my humble advice, learned in my Today I realize that if nothing else problems might start investigating such dig deeply enough (to China?) to find the out, to this desperate freshman, who was me three short two decades on this confused and confusing happens in the O.J. Simpson murder trail, racial matters, i n s tead of trying to : courage, then to the world. short years ago, passing this bill would send a planet. the public s hould be a le rted to the downplay them. Three years later, only during my darkest bold, palpable message of concern, hope and For now, let us hope that the administration presence of Fuhrman. Without the The O.J. trial has done a service to the nightmares can I recall what my pre-collegiate support. will show the courage and bravery that television coverage of the trial, the public nation. It reminded us "again" that the • closet looked like. Today, I'm owning my In the past, the University of Delaware has not generations of queer persons have displayed. Let would be grossly uninformed about the idea of a police force is to protect the , emotions and my sexuality. Today, I know the always shown itself to be a leader in supporting us hope that the administration will courageously wrong-doings in L.A. The media blitz weak and defend the innocent. many joys and hardships of loving men. Today, its lesbian, gay and bisexual students. Too many drop into the pond the tiny pebble that lies in their that has swarmed Fuhrman has re-opened as the gold button on my book bag proudly times, we have been let down. Let the university hands. a can of w o rms that was seemingly Matt Manochio is administrative news declares, ''I'm not just out of the closet...I'm in the administration sei:re this opportunity to prove that closed when Stacy C. Koon and Laurence editor for The Review. i1ving room with my feet propped up" I've been this center or ieaming bears no prejudice against Eric Morrison is a columnist for The Review. M. Powell were sentenced for the 1991 Education Chair for LGBSU, served on the LGB same-sex partners, against two people very much Untitled appears every Fri£/ay. beating of Rodney King. Concerns Caucus and even as President of Queer in love who happen to be of the same sex. Let the The Ultimate Fighting Challenge: Sign of Armageddon?

Even the late r::======::::;~ Fighting, and Jim Brown, former football the man's knee. I hear his head is the strongest beat up the nerd from high-school. some fictional violence is undeniable. But Howard Cosell, player. in the world. Ignore the blood coming out of But why do they risk their lives? Not for the Ultimate Fighting is like pulling over and famed sports They are there to promote the sport, to money. The winner gets only $60,000. watching a bad accident; you may watch, but announcer, called increase interest in it, and to down-play George Foreman gets paid tens of it 's not entertainment. boxing a brutal the violence. · ;? millions of dollars to be hit - with Go ahead and beat each other up if you sgort which Ironic, really, that it's called Ultimate (; gloves. want. To censor the act of fighting would be 1 should be Fighting, even though they say it's not so Then why? inappropriate. But it shouldn't be on television. ' b~ nned . Cosell violent. ~ I think the champion said to his I'm sure Bob Meyrowitz, who espouses the said this, despite Prager plays a clip from The Ultimate ~ :>pponent, "My penis is bigger than beauty and skill of Ultimate Fighting, will the fact he made Fighting Challenge (a Pay-Per-View your penis." emerge from his hole in the wall and hand the his living off of event to determine the world champion) I'm not sure, though. Don't quote winner $60,000 of his own money. No doubt the so-called in which the ring-side announcer is heard 0 me on that. Meyrowitz would part with his money just sport. saying, "He's going to break his arm, L Regardless of why they fight, because the winner was the most skilled at I . One step at a he's going to break his arm." Ultimate Fighting has no place in our· torture. l time, Howard, civilize this country one step at Someone forgot to inform the >ociety (even on Pay-Per-View). It Tonight, the world will witness The . a time. announcer that the violence is being glorifies all that is bad; all that needs Ultimate Fighting Championship VII. , You see, there exists a flourishing sport in down-played. ~1111!!!'-""" fixing. According to Meyrowitz, 4000 people applied tlu:se United States, home of the free, land of The president responds: "Well, he was a.-....llf~::- We have decided we are sick of for the four spots open to new contestants. the testosterone. It's called Ultimate Fighting. only trying to get his opponent to submit. violence on our streets, so we can't in They come from around the world. In Ultimate Fighting, there are no rules. He wouldn't really break his arm." good conscience allow it on television. They climb into the ring, surrounded on all Two opponents in a fenced-in ring punch, And if he didn't submit? fhe delicate balance is in trying to sides by a metal, chain-linked fence. 1 kick, slap and basically mangle each ~ther Bob Meyrowitz' comments are in maintain our freedoms while doing The fence stands about six feet high, the until one surrendersor is knocked unconsciOus. strong contrast to his advertisements, what is morally right. same height as the one in my backyard where This is not wrestling, mind you, this is real which read, "It's bloody, it's violent. It's \. . _< A clear distinction can be drawn we keep the dog. stuff. Men fight - and risk their lives - Pay-Per-View's newest hit. The Ultimate ]2/ between fictional violence such as JQyce Gracie, one of the former worl_d Fighting Championship ..." /~ tJ~.~ horror movies or police dramas, and Brian Glassberg is a columnist for The champions says, to prove thei_r fi~hting_ style _JS In another clip, one man is repeatedly -::7· real violence such as boxing or Ultimate Review. Throwing Stones appears every the best. His wife, a pod1atnst, hves m smashing his knee into the head of his his ears, he has plenty more." Fighting. Friday. Send e-mail responses to Philadelphia. opponent. If he could, Meyrowitz might have The head, an offensive weapon for sure. When we make this distinction between [email protected]. The Ultimate Fighting , He is on The Dennis Prager Show, along us believe the situation was reverse: "I think All types participate, too. Black-belt karate entertainment and barbarism, we have balance. Championship VII will be aired on Pay-Per­ with Bob Meyrowitz, president of Ultimate the opponent is banging his own head against experts, wrestlers, large men who still want to The entertainment and artistic value of View tonight. A14. THE REVIEW. September 8, 1995

.. Towne Court Apartments Did! Owner Frank Acierno has totally renovated Towne Court just for you! The hallways and apartments The apartments are much safer and quieter than others because they are constructed of concrete and have new carpeting and GE appliances. Also, a new student-sensitive, U of D oriented management masonry instead of wood. The hallways are enclosed and have steel stairs and concrete walls. AND THE team is now in place! In addition, he has added a complete fitness center for your convenience. As RENTS ARE AMONG THE LOWEST IN THE AREA. seen in the picture above, Mr. Acierno had his son, Golds Gym owner Frank Jr., consult with him to Just think ...wh ile attending the University you will not only develop your mind ... but your body too! help meet all your fitness needs. On site along with the fitness center there 's a 25 meter Olympic pool, tennis courts, basketball Check us Out!- 368-7000 courts, baseball fields and covered picnic areas! Oh , we forgot. .. Heat, Hot Water and Parking are al l inclusive. So ... for the Best rental in town, CALL NOW!



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• Tubby talks Student overcomes • football, B9 paralysis, B3

• Wornens soccer Waves crash at • splits pair, B 10 Mako's, B3


Dead or alive: what were the conse­ quences of crazy Kimberly's passion for Recycling sounds pyrotechnics? Will Ross and Rachel's Questions surround the romance take flight, or has bad timing doomed the possible twosome to Never/and? And sampledelic genre .. _.: just who in the heck did shoot Mr. Burns? All these questions and more will be answered within the next week as the four major networks (plus the new guys) unleash their tal/lineups on the television viewers of America. Couch potatoes of the world, unite and take over! By Lara M. Zeises

NBC Coasting on the success of the network's patented Thursday night powerhous- es "Mad About You,'' "Seinfeld," "Friends'' and "ER," the big blue peacock taunts the mercurial god of television and completely destroys that seem­ ingly unpenetrable block of viewing pleasure. Moving "Mad About You" to a deadly Sunday night timeslot, NBC shifts "Friends" into that vacan­ cy (8 p.m. Thursdays). "Seinfeld," which has just gone into syndication, holds strong at 9 p.m. Sandwiching "Seinfeld" are two new "Friends" clones: ''The Single Guy" (8:30 p.m.), which stars the nebbishy Jonathan "Weekend at Bernie's" Silverman and the Lea "Back to the Future" Thompson vehicle "Caroline in the City" (9:30 p.m.). Of course, the best reason for staying in on a Thursday night: the critically acclaimed hospital drama "ER." With a cast so sharp it could cut glass, • THE REVIEW I Alisa Colley Juruor Jeff Akala, aka ''DJ Aak," says sampling in music is a-OK.

BY OAKLAND L. CHILDERS they're just mad because when Assistant E11tertainment Editor they were [up-and- coming] Nearly every form of popular artists, what they were doing was music - whether it be rap, rock, banned too." He says he feels that jazz or R&B - has its roots in the because early rock' n'roll was African-American community. frowned upon by society, people From a grizzled old man singing a of that generation feel the need to spiritual to Jimi Hendrix's immor­ scrutinize todays music. tal version of the national anthem, An issue which is at the fore­ our country's musical history is front of the debate between old­ rich with images of African timers and newcomers is the Americans in the role of creator debate over sampling. Akala is and virtuoso. quick to argue against the idea that But today's airwaves are more sampling is not a legitimate way likely to be filled with samples of of creating music. " [Rappers) 25-year-old-funk albums than the have the ability to take old stuff sounds of musicians raking sore and improve on it ," Akala says: fingers up and down the frets of a " Sampling is appreciating the guitar or across the ivories. past, helping them remember. It's Hip-hop and gangsta rap not stealing." records don't have any trouble This seems to be an argument Life," possibly the best hour of prime time TV Bonnie Hunt Show" (8:30 p.m. Fridays), a David selling at the music store, but at a based along the lines of age. in years, loose due to low ratings? The fools. Letterman-produced deal which promises to com­ recent conference among produc­ Martin Bailey, manager of the One cool bonus though: Lecy Goranson, the bine scripted and improvisational material. ers and industry moguls in Rainbow Records jazz annex says original Becky on " ," wi ll return, Despite the sucky timeslot, "Bonnie" is worth set­ Philadelphia, the old-timers of he thinks sampling can be taken replacing the wooden blonde chick who's been ting the timer on your VCR for. African-American music made it too far. " It's paying tribute to a playing her part the past two seasons (the oh-so­ clear they weren't buying the point," says Bailey. "All the sam­ talented ). Goranson, who left the FOX records or the excuses for why pling artist is doing is making a Hour-long prime time soaps are what's on the this season's "ER'' promises to have hearts racing, show to grab a college education, was also wood­ todays black musicians use so copy of sound, not really analyz­ • tongues wagging and most of all, butts glued to en, but not half as much so as her alter ego. menu at Fox. From the Monday monster known as many samples and foul language. ing the music." "Melrose Place" (8 p.m.), to the sagging saga of • the edge of their seats. The passage of time seems to be Bailey, a keyboard player who "Beverly Hills 90210" (8 p.m. Wednesdays), the CBS the biggest factor in determining uses sampling. says he likes sam­ network doesn't stray far from the cheeseballs that ' ABC The weakling of the big four goes for the gusto who likes or dislikes today's ples when they complement the Fall's looking pretty grim for this still-floun­ this season, trying to snare former Fox viewers put Fox on the map. African-American music. WVUD music, rather than overtaking 'the dering network. Barring the return of such suc­ with its Aaron Spelling project, "Central Park Kudos must be given, however, for the station disk jockey Jeff Akala, known to main music. West." Airing in the still-up-for-grabs slot of 9 to green-lighting the return of the family drama, cessful sitcoms as "Roseanne," "Home li steners as "DJ Aak'' on his show George Clinton and other funk Improvement," "Ellen" and "Grace Under Fire," 10 p.m. Wednesdays, "CPW" stars Marie! "Party of Five." The decision to stick with the "Club 9 1.3," says he believes jeal­ artists from the '70s, as Akala Hemingway in this soapy ensemble piece set in low-rated but high-quality show is a risky one. But ABC has little to offer in the way of new pro- ousy and greed cause much of the explains, have been given a ney.o the slick world Fox, who also backed up such once-in • gramming that looks the least bit promising. of a Manhattan magazine. Can you -danger pro­ dissent among industry's upper chance to have their music heard Then again, what do you say sleaze with ease? jects like "Married With Children," "The echelon. "Older people are out of by having it sampled by hip-hop expect of the same idiots But the real coup was snatching top-rate Simpsons" and "The X-Files" has never shied touch with the way things are artists. He says these artists should who cut "My So­ comedienne Bonnie Hunt. Hunt will star away from a challenge. You have to like that in a today," says Akala. "Maybe Called "The network. see SAMPLED page 84

THE LITTLE GUYS UPN attempts to garner a larger audience this Stmnble around the season with a total overhaul of its lineup. The only non-casualty is, of course, "Star Trek: Voyager" (8 p.m. Mondays) the third spin-off from the Trek cash cow. world for $400 Trying to milk the whole sci-fi genre, UPN launches "Nowwhere Man" (9 p.m. BY CHRIS GREEN a new clientele, but to offer th ~ r Mondays), a bizarre futuristic deal in Features Editor patrons greater variety and e~­ which some unknown force of evil How can one see Europe, the Far sure to brews they can find nowbeie attempts to rid the world of one Thomas East and Latin America for the cost else. ··: Veil, a photographer played by " St. of about $400? One simply cannot. "We are not trying to becollJe Elsewhere's" Bruce Greenwood. But with the introduction of the another [Klondike] Kate's or Oeer .. Warner Brothers bursts forth with two International Bee,r Quest at Park [Tavern]," Bennigan's General feathers in its proverbial cap: "Kirk" (8 Newark's Bennigan 's one can, at Manager Kim Cross says. "[Traffic p.m. Sundays), the warm sitcom that marks the very least, drink up some for­ at the bar] just isn't really what the return of the lovable Kirk Cameron to eign culture. we're trying for." , weekly TV and "Pinky and the Brain" (7 In a time when bland American The Newark Bennigan's w•s • p.m. Sundays), the wacky half-hour spin-off mega-beers are being replaced with selected to join the ranks of about ·~ of the crazy-cool cartoon, ''Animaniacs." trendy homemade brews, this new 240 other branch locations natio~­ Ooh, the possibilities. Copper Clover club offers a beer wide to pilot the program, Cfoss connoisseur the opportunity to get explained. The idea, aime

Hit List Mortal Kombat delivers a powerful punch to the silver screen Show You!," a collection of Mortal Kombat vs. Kan.o, Mortal Kombat's tou.rna- \ We all know how easy it is ine Cinema ment bnngs the essence of the vtdeo to fall into that vicious cycle of five one-act plays by comedian N ew L h b. David Ives. Wrapped in a Rating: 1Zf1Zr1Zr1Zr1Zr game to t e tg screen. . . vegging - spending every package of double entendres Each and every fight IS funously spare moment spacing out tn and laced with wicked-fun sex­ BY STEVE MYERS choreographed in a variety of lushly front of a shimmering TV ual innuendo, "lves" promises Art Editor designed settings. On their own, they screen o' soap operas, or per­ NOTHING CAN PREPARE YOU! look like high quality music videos. haps sucking down a vast arr.ay plenty of alternative humor. And it's free! (What more This tag line from the advertising campaign Together, they feel like a two-hour, of alcoholic beverages wtth that launched the second coming of the Mortal adrenaline-pumping roller coaster your buds while reciting the could you ask for?) Curtain is Kombat video game directly applies to the ride. lines to a corny '80s comedy. at 8: 15 p.m. sharp. film. The fights do refrain from the But here's the thing - time The soundtrack alone is worth the price of excessive violence that made the is a precious gift, and who are SATURDAY admission. From the moment the previews end video game a nationwide hit. With you to waste it? If you're and the New Line Cinema logo appears, the the fervor of the tournament, though, plunging head-first into your Two-left-feeters sonic barrage blows you away. the lack of blood is hardly missed. senior year, your time at this / take heart: The New Slick production and sleek editing adroitly GET OVER HERE! cultural wasteland of a univer­ ., Dance Studio is move the film from scene to scene. The pace The most powerful fight sequence sity is limited. And if you're a offering free trial of the entire film is the battle sprightly young freshman just dance classes today from attains a pulse-pounding rhythm with one remtm between Scorpion and Johnny Cage. landing on Planet Newark, take 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. The action-packed fight leading into another. folk tales. Unfortunately, for moviegoers who feel that The Scorpion "Kombat" sequence takes advantage of the clean start studio, which offers work­ The evil ninja attains an advantage over college provides and fall into a shops running the gamut from plot, emotional depth, and characterization are place in a geographically geometric bamboo Johnny Cage and he then pounces. Scorpion forest which comes to life with a full wide­ positive pattern of enhancing ballet to tap to modern, is essential viewing elements, " Mortal Kombat" rips his face off and reveals his true self: a will disappoint. screen establishment shot. The eerie tensions yourself as a human being. located on the corner of East skull with hellfire powers. My point? Don't settle for Delaware Avenue and Haines The storyline basically boils down to one of the pre-fight setup are then brought to a boil Scorpion, j ust as he does in the first Mortal when Scorpion appears. sub-par weekend entertain­ Street. Call 368-0365 for more facet: fighting. Kombat video game, then opens his mouth and Uttering his famous command, "Get over ment. Instead, check out "The information. The depth of emotional involvement is spits fl ame at the cringing hero. linked to one aspect: fighting. here," Scorpion flings his demonic hook hun­ Hit List" every Friday in Th e On a funnier note, FLAWLESS VICTORY! Review. Each week, we' ll Wilmington's own And the range of characterization boils dreds of feet at the fleeing Johnny Cage. In short, "Mortal Kombat" delivers on its FATALITY! bring you info on some of the Comedy Cabaret down to one vein: fighting. expectations. It is a well-crafted action film The only "fatality" move that makes the coolest events of which you (1001 Jefferson St.) But unlike other thinly plotted, bare-bones with all of the punch of the martial arts video action films, Mortal Kombat crafts its intense­ jump from the video game to the big screen should partake, mixing a smat­ will be hosting a trio of comics game from which it sprang. tering of culture with a whole from diverse backgrounds ly dynamic fight sequences with extreme skill takes place during Scorpion's fight. As the evil sorcerer Shang-Tsung says, The fatality comes after Scorpion teleports pile of good, clean fun. including "that Krazy Korean and precision. Mortal Kombat is a "flawless victory." Be it Liu Kang vs. Reptile or Sonya Blade Johnny Cage into an twisted hell-like realm Komic Woodie." The show FRIDAY starts around 9:30 p.m. and tickets will set you back 10 / Those wacky, crazy bucks. Direct all questions to lives of her troubled students. You can also philly with "I-also-need-a-comeback" Dennis ., cooks who schedule the box office at 652-6873. catch Ms. Pfeiffer in the new Coolie video (his Quaid. Written by Academy Award-winning the movies in Smith For a little foreign song, "Gangsta's Paradise," is fresh off the sell­ . screenwriter Callie Khouri ("Thelma and In The Theaters Hall have done a ./ flavor, traipse on over ing-like-hotcakes soundtrack). Louise") and directed by Lasse Hallstrom super-smart thing. Not only to Mitchell Hall for ("What's Eating Gilbert Grape"), "Something" did they bring the ultra-cool the Tamburizans, an Babe Lord of Illusions is definitely something to see. "Pulp Fiction" back by popular Eastern European dance and "Quantum Leap's" Scott Bakula makes the jump The movie with the talking pig. You' ll laugh till demand, they scheduled a music troupe. The 8 p.m. show you snort. back to the big screen in Clive Barker's latest. The Usual Suspects whopping four showings over is just one being offered by the Even media darling Quentin Tarentino is simply This complicated crime caper begins when the the weekend. Get pulped University's Performing Arts gushing about this horror movie lover's heaven. title characters meet in a police li neup and does­ The Brothers McMullen Friday at 8 p.m. and then again Series. For ticket information, In this romantic comedy, three Long Island n't end until twist after twist in plotline makes at 10:30 p.m. For the low, low call 831-2204. brothers wi th various women problems must National Lampoon's Senior Trip you feel like you're playing "pin the tail on the price of $1, you can afford to grapple with moral issues tied to their Irish­ "Vacati on" lovers, take note: In· the latest donkey." Director Bryan Singer has been com­ return on Saturday and catch SUNDAY Catholic upbringing. Writer/director Ed Burns, National Lampoon installment, a bunch of high pared to Quentin Tarantino, and like "Pulp the Academy Award-nominat­ Even God rested on who also stars in the fi lm and bears a striking school seniors from Ohio take a cross-country Fiction," this is a movie you' ll want to see at ed flick at the same times it Sunday, so take this -': resemblance to Ethan Hawke, has been called trek in a big yellow school bus that will remind least twice to ful ly understand it. was shown the night before. day to sit back, relax ~ you of some of the worst days of your young the Irish Woody Allen. Topics probed include _ For other nearby, and refleci on the cul- love, sex, guilt, religion, and the dynamics life. The characters are unapologetically stereo­ A Walk in the Clouds I ight-on-the-pocket­ turally enhancing weekend between men and women. typical, but then again, this isn't the kind of Love! War! A Cali fornia vineyard! Keanu book entertainment, you've enjoyed. movie you go to see for the characterization. Reeves stars in this old-fashioned romance (and swing by the Dangerous Minds looks pretty danged cute in hi s uniform, to boot). Bacchus Lounge and check out - Lara M. Zeises -. Ex-Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer takes on an Something to Talk About E-52's "Ives Got Something to even tougher role as an inner-city high school Hailed as the comeback film for Julia Roberts, -Compiled by CaJherine Hopkinson dnd Lara M. Zeises teacher determined to make a difference in the "Something to Talk About" pairs the redheaded

Vale Band Arena's Deli & Bar · CONCERT DATES Salurday-Fear ofFlying Friday -Julius Bloom BlgKahWI8 Saturday - Touch of Strange Delaware: Friday -The Snap Sunday-Open Mind TbeBamDoor Stone Balloon Buggy'Dmm Friday - LaLa Does Jesus Friday - Love Seed Friday-Rare Fonn s.urday- Tune Puppets with Mirth and Sarurday-Everything ralhion rocul Repention Kelly's Logan House Pln1actelplria· Deer Park Friday -Big Jaclc Jolmson Trocadero BY JENNIE M.TAGLE "Memory." Now, find a top. That in itself is a chore urday -Monterey Popsicle Saturday - Rattlecats Friday - Jamiroquai Special to The Review totaling six, maybe seven minutes. A lot of time and Kn11drlebead Saloon Bottle & Cork Sallmlay -The Goals Ideally, dresses are pink. More specifically powder primping for late folk. Friday -Seekers Friday-Dan Kibler Band Khyber Ba. Pub pink, with layers o' frills, underlining a baby doll Personally, right about now my common sense is Sabirday- Deadfest: Montana WJ!daxe, Saturday-Brad and the Bombers Friday-The ~ the lemons, ape hangers style. Complete with dancing layers of white doilie­ Double Dose, Tequila Mockingbird, Grinch Varsity GriD shouting in my ear, "Slipping one piece of clothing, Sallmlay - Edwyn CoUins, Legendary Jim laced collars, splashed wi th an array of pastel nowers. regardless of style, onto your body, would not only Cromwell's Friday - Tweed Ruiz Group, lin Ear ~y - Geri Smith GAG! Those are the dresses in which we used to take less time, but actually look like you put some Sarurday - Shake Dog Shake Sunday - UnWOWJd, Cuckarar. lckataway Boalealps O'Frlels clothe our Cabbage Patch Preemies. Please! thought into the process." Then it would proceed to ~-Rhythm U., Keli UpcollU!g - Tnnijn & Kane This very specific style draws a gender barrier as kick my ass out the door. obnoxious as the dress itself. With styles as such, it's . Sound ridiculous? I mean who the hell really wants no wonder there are so many battles of the sexes. to get dressed up for learning? Besides, dresses are There's for Sundays and birthday parties. More importantly, JI01\_0SCOPCS no denying the design is specifcally for girls. Well, with that atti­ the fact I tude we could argue fashion trends are purely for For Friday, September 8, 1995 am of the girls. Think about it, for every one men's fashion fe male gen­ magazine there's probably 12 for the ladies. But that's der, which a topic all to itself. unmis t ak­ ~ewark Cinema Center (737-3720) VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) There are so many styles of casual dresses that take ably quali­ less time to zip up or slip into, than the actual task of (,All times good through Thws, Sepl. t4) You will be in no mood for empty You may actually feel rather timid Dangerous Minm 5:30, 8, 10 Mortal fies me as a waking. From the A-line polo-shirt style dress, to the ~t 8:15, 10:15 Dr. JekyU and Ms. l;lyde courtesies today. When someone and sheepish today, so there will be g i r I . plaid tank jumper style or s lip-on dress (fully ~ Belle du Jour 5:45. 7:45, 9:45 speaks to you, it had better be with little attractive about an opportunity However, a equipped with a white baby t-shirt), these variations real intentions and striking honesty. to show off. dress as of fas hi onable, simple, pure, comfortable tunics are l40 Smjtb Hall (All movies Sl) descr i bed ready and waiting to be challenged by the toughest, ~Fiction (Fri) 8, 10:30 (Sal.) 8, 10:30 in the most rugged girl. LIBRA (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) ARIES (March 21-April19) aforemen­ In fact, these styles are so versitile and easygoing, Baal Peoj)les Plaza 13 (834-8510) You may be more stubborn today Your confidence is on the rise, and t i o n e d b 0 y s (NI times good through Thurs., Sepll4) than anyone could possibly antici­ that truly says something, for you w o u I d shouldn' t f)ugerous Minm 12:35, 2:50,4:50, 7:10, pate, so it would be wise to keep are currently enjoying a wave of undoubtful­ be scared ly rekindle to cross 10:05 Lord of I11us1oos 2:40, 4:55, I 0: I 0 your demands to a minimum. self-confidence! Nine Months 12:20, 7:25 Apollo 13 t2:30, 4, the "Who the social 1, 9:50A Walk In the Cloucls 12:05,2:25, in ven t ed cul t ure 4:40,7:05, 9:55 Tbe Prophecy 12:10,2:15, SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) . TAURUS (April 20-May 20) t h e barrier 4:35,7:15, 10 To Wong Foo 12, 2:20, 4:45. Surrounding yourself with the best You won't have to pretend today, ' Kinder­ that reads 7:05, 9:55 National Lampoon's Senior Trip whore' look may be your prime objective today, publicly or privately. Be yourself at something 12:05,2:15, 4:20, 7:25, 9:45 Something to first?" war a b o u t Tilt About 12:20,2:35,4:55,7:20,9:50 but it may prove unrealistic or even all times, and let others react as they between " b 0 y s Mortal Kombat 12:10,2:25,4:40, 7:30, 10 impossible. Compromise will be will. Courtney b e i n g 'l'be'l\eThat Binds 12:05.2:25, 5, 7:15, 10:05 necessary. Love and sissies." brspcrado 12:15, 2:35, 5, 7:15, 9:45 Magic in K t Then the tbc Water 12, 2: I0, 4: 15 The Net 7:40, 10: I0 GEMINI (May 21-June 20) a Bjelland I a d i e s The Amazing Panda Advenlure 12:05, 2:20, SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- You understand the value of money, ; Wlllerworld 9:55 Babe 12:35, 2:40, 4:45, 7 from Babes would also Dec.21) but you may not know quite what to In Toyland. have the Chrjctjaoo MaQ (368-9600) If you set your sights a little higher do to increase your bank balance. So it's 5 o ppurtuni­ (All times good liYough Sunday, Sept 10) To than usual today, the ~esult will sur­ Explore your options and get expert minutes before whatever class and you're still lying ty to gawk WoaR Foo 12, 2:30,4:45,7:15, 9:45. The Tie prise you. You can bring someone advice. face down in bed, listening to a deafening tone blar­ and whis­ ing directly from the alarm clock. And what's the first tle shame­ Tlaat Binds 12,2:15, 4:30. 7, 9:30The Usual special to a friend. ~ 12:15, 2:45, 5, 7:30, 9:50 A Walk In thing you grab - blue jeans and a white T-shirt, lessly. ..Clouds 12, 2:30, 4:45, 7. 9:45 The CANCER (June 21-July 22) right? Wait a minute. That's two pieces of clothing to Now , lralben McMulm 12:15, 2:30,5, 7:15, 9:30 CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. An obstacle that rises in your path strap on. Not as "quick and easy" as the average tired­ this dress J . 19) today will only solidify your eyed sleepyhead may have fully expected. thing isn' t Onanark Moyjrs 10(994-7075) Let's review the steps briefly here. Assuming your a battle of Style may be more important to you resolve. Once you get past this (All times good through llurs., Sept. 14) Babe challenge, you'll be home free. undergarments are tidy and good to go, the first step the sexes. 12 : ~~. 3:10, 5 : 1~. 7:30, 9:35 than substance today,.and that is all is locating the ratty-covered bottom half of the ensem­ It's really ...... Minds I :30,4:45, 7:30, 9:50 right for the time being. Try not to ble -jeans (usually found buried underneath layers a ll about Dllllpendo 4:05, 7:05, 9:30 The Amazing get carried away, howev~~r. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) of towels harvesting fresh mildew). Now, try squeez­ comfort ...... Adwneure I :25 The Prupbecy I :05, Early in the day, you'll want to ing into that same pair of rigid, wrinkled, cold, not to and look­ 3115,5:25, 7:45,10 l..altalthelluplm 1, 4, mention smelly pair of jeans that could easily walk ing good 7, 9:40 W..,_..l, 4, 7,9:50Mortlll make sure your goals and objectives AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.18) themselves to the washing machine. This is a strenu­ without----­ ...... 1:35, 4:15, 7:15, 9:45 NMiaaal are clear. You will have little time You can display your true qualities as ous activity which could take a good eight-and-a-half ...... Scaiar Trip 12:50, 3, 5:20, 7:40, much effort or detail, not having to really think about for soul-searching later on. minutes. 9:~5 A Kid In Kin&Artbur's Caurt 1:20 a connoisseur today on the way you what you're wearing. Just doing it-or wearing it, in Llnlalllullom 4:20,7:15, 9:45 react to the offerings of others. Do Obviously you can' t leave the house topless. The this case. matching game begins here. So gather all the skills S•••'&lkAbout4:10, 7, 9:25 Mack not act like a snob, however...... w.. 1:15 learned from endless rounds of the ma!ching game Fashion Focus appears Fridays in The Review. One step ahead: A student's trek on the road to recovery

"I want everything that I had before [the acci­ her long brown hair off her face. She couldn't reach :Laura Kartch spent dent];' Laura says. "It's tough being 19 and having the !'adio or even call for help because she was your parents constantly watching over you." unable to press the nurse call button. this summer learning The doctors told Laura she would not be able to The nurse finally gave Laura the walkrnan, but go to the bathroom on her own ever again. But her more aggravation followed. "I couldn't press the mother persistently tried anything new. "My moth­ buttons on the walkman and I couldn't put the head­ to walk again after er is like a witch doctor. She's really into vitamins. phones on," Laura says. "After that, I just broke She gave me herbal tea and told me to try to go to down because it was the first time I realized I could­ an auto accident par­ the bathroom. After sitting on the commode for a n't do what I wanted to." few hours, I was able to go on my own." The first thing to come back were the muscles in alyzed her. Before the accident, Laura had hopes of being Laura's upper legs; her triceps followed. Laura now on the tennis team. "I wanted to be on the team has limited feeling in her upper arms, fingertips, BY KAREN SALMANSOHN more than anything, but I wanted to be number one and feet. She can also feel pressure everywhere. even more." Her determination is fierce, but Laura "I have to watch my body in the sun because I Paralyzed. still does not know if she will ever be able to play only started sweating a week ago," she says as she Lying there all alone. In a ditch on the wrono tennis again. gently rubs her arms with her fingertips. side of the highway. Cars passing, people stoppin;. It was only because she was so physically fit that "Sometimes I'd lay out and get really sick after­ Family, police, and onlookers calling "Laura, her spinal cord did not break - her muscles cush­ wards because I couldn't sweat," she says. "When I Laura," Still, no answer. ioned the vertebrae in her back. got sick it would feel like everything started all over Imagine losing everything but the very existence Laura says she never feared death, but she did again - I'd start shaking, I'd get a fever and I of life itself. Movements are unimaginable; sensa­ worry about losing something else very precious to couldn't move. I'd just lay in bed." tions of hot and cold, softness and touch cannot be her. "All I could think of was I was wearing my A trip to the beach in the summer once again felt anymore. favorite pair ofjeans, my favorite pair ofjeans." The reminded Laura of her pain. "My friends told me to On March 24, 1995, sophomore Laura Kartch paramedics told Laura that they were going to cut watch the sand because it was so hot and I didn't was lying asleep and unbuckled in the back seat of them off her. "I said, 'Please, please don't cut my think anything of it until I saw blisters on my feet her family's Ford Explorer. While they were return­ jeans,"' she says. the next day." ing to their Kutztown, Pa, home from New York, a Her jeans were the least of her worries. Laura Laura never had to deal with the pain and frus­ hit-and-run truck driver collided with her family 's had to get an operation which involved removing a tration on her own - her friends and family were car twice, the second time connecting the two auto­ piece of her thigh bone and inserting it into her always there. "It was cool. People came from all mobiles' bumpers. The cars swung around to the neck. The doctor told her the operation was very over to visit me. At times like that, you don't want middle lane and the truck hit the Explorer head-on. risky. to be alone." Landing on her back 32 feet away from the car "It didn't hit me then, either. What did hit me Laura believes her effort was worthwhile, she was in, Laura could not move or speak. was right before surgery, the doctor told me I was although she is aware of the dangers she may have Although still conscious, the wind had been going to have a very large tube stuck in my esoph­ to face. 'The slightest thing could set me back to knocked out of her when the vertebrae in her neck agus. That's what bothered me. I didn't care about where I started [after the accident]," she says. "It's snapped. anything else," Laura remembers. better to have the problem for a couple of years than "It felt like my whole body was asleep, but my A high-spirited attitude carried Laura quickly the rest of my life." legs and arms were sticking straight up," Laura through her ordeal. She was supposed to stay at Laura owes a lot of her recovery to her own explains as she recalls being thrown through the Good Shepherd, a rehabilitation hospital in efforts. She walks an hour and a half and lifts light side window of her car. Pennsylvania, for three months. But Laura only weights every day. The next day, the doctor told Laura she would be stayed for three weeks. After two weeks of rehab, "I never did, but now I give myself credit paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of her Laura was on the parallel bars. "I told the nurse I because I always had a feeling that the harder I life. However, she did not take this to heart. "I joked wanted to stand up and she said it was not a good worked, the faster I would recover." with my doctor and told him I'd be walking into his idea She held me but it didn't feel like I had legs," It's shocking how a near-fatal accident can office in July, when he came back from his vaca­ Laura says, adjusting her neck brace. change a person. Laura says before the accident, tion." The nurse told Laura that the only way she could she was not a very emotional person. "Now I show After a summer filled with therapy for four walk was with the aid of walking sticks. However, my emotions; I call my friends back, I write letters." hours a day, five days a week, Laura is now back in weight must be put on the walking sticks in order Sophomore Sally Kasting, a lifelong friend of school walking to class and living on her own in the for them grip the floor. Laura had no use of her tri­ Laura's, enters the sunny, pink-and-peach colored dorms. ceps and couldn't use the walking sticks. room. 'The best part of being her friend was watch­ She looks back at the painful recovery process. "I never felt that I couldn't walk [again]," Laura ing her get better," Kasting says with a smile. "We "It was the most humiliating experience as far as the says, but there were frustrating moments in the hos­ knew she was improving when she gave us the fin­ THE REVIEW I Christine Fuller nurses taking care of me and my parents giving me pital. "My brother gave me a walkman to listen to, ger in the hospital," she continues. "I was waiting "I have to watch my body in the sun, because I only started sweating a week :showers," Laura remembers. but it was on the windowsill," Laura says, pushing for that." ago," said Laura Kartch, currently a sophomore at Delaware. Mako's food: one heinous wipeout

BY MICHELLE LISI AND into the cracked engravings of the table. The lack of peach KAREN SALMANSOHN taste in the beverage hinted at flavor mishaps to come. Assistam F~arure.s Ediwrs Mako's problem with seasoning lies between the Fluorescent lights imd wall art, street signs and surf extremities of flavor. The flavorless foods lie impotent boards. Elvis, Sinatra, and the Cars groovin · on the radio. upon the palate while the overly-spiced dishes agitate the The legacy of lovers past engraved in the antique senses. wooden tables. Just who are Butch and Donna and will Medium ground was reached, however, in the salad they be together forever? department. Peanut shells take the place of sawdust at your feet in An entow·age of vegetables accompanied all entrees~ Newark's newest bar and grill. These salads included huge chunks of tomato, bountifut The ambiance of Mako's is unlike any other in town. bean sprouts, and an ample serving of sliced carrot. :' Less than four months old, the decor feigns a far more Compared to the side dishes, the entrees fell sho~ weathered appear- Although rela~ ance. tively inexpen; Don' t let this sive ($7.95), the fool you, however. "North Shor~ Mako's is a good meatloaf' was place to hang out not satisfying. Ji for nightly bar spe­ had a cat food:.l cials, air hockey like consistency. ~ and pool - but T h e don' t go fishing for "smashed" pota= great-tasting food. toes, however; "It's a retired were delish~ surfers club," says Partially pureed: manager John partially lumpy Cecchi, standing - the homestyle behind the laminat­ taste of this side ed bar. dish was a win'.. A myriad of ner. l surfer pictures and In contrast, our island native shots serving of is sprawled beneath broiled tuna w~ the cracked glass of bland. The the bar top. accompanyin$, "Everything is sup­ steak fries, on th~ posed to be laid other hand, over.!' back," he says. flowed with Old THE REVIEW I Alisa Colley Everything pret­ Bay. In fact there E-52, the campus student theater group, will present a slew of one-act plays this weekend ty much is, includ­ was so much 01<1 ing the service. Our Bay, we found" waitress seemed ourselves rub,. eager to take our bing the friei order but quickly onto the tuna~ E-52's 'Got Something To Show You' lost interest in us Needless to say, once the entrees this did not work: were served. The climax BY LEANNE MILWAY you are force-fed anything- you E-52 chose to return to Bacchus of the meal was i~ Managing New1 Editor have to think for all of them, and Theater because the traditional However, appe­ tizers were served ending. The Tonight, there is the unique for college audiences, especially, use of the Wolf Hall stage did not frosting on the< opportunity to take advantage of that is important." fit the directors' idea for the promptly. The "combination fin­ cake, so to speakt the deal of the century. In the Both Immediato and Mulvanity s how's stage dimensions. "We was dessert. Bacchus Theater, on the ground are first-time directors for E-52 wanted a more intimate program," gers" include fresh slices of shark and Our waitress. floor of Perkins Student Center, and they made the most of the Mulvanity says, and the close chicken, lightly enticed us with .4· E-52 Student Theatre will present occasion by placing men in some audience-to-cast interaction in breaded and fried. platter of deJec! a collection of five one-act plays of the roles originally designed Bacchus worked best. At about a dollar a table delights? - free of charge. for women and vice-versa. The one-act plays by Ives were finger for $5.95, Sampled from Free. One play explores modern dat­ recently produced off-Broadway these babies were ~!l'fu~!f:wr;, this platter were Monkeys quoting Shakespeare, ing rites and is set at a miniature to critical acclaim. E-52 per­ not worth the trip. slices of th~ gender-bending dating situations golf course. Immediato says there formed one of his shows last year, The breading banana chocolate and a man walking around with an is a lot of sexual innuendo - "At and Immediato says that gave him and seasonings chip and choce;-: ax through his head fi 11 the one point, everyone is moaning the idea to try Ives' work again. drowned out much late raspberrx evening's program. The five one­ and there are climaxes- with the This time, though, the perfor­ of the flavor of the acts by American writer David miniature golf." mance is free. THE REVIEW I Mark Dabelstein cakes. , shark, although the Ives incorporate " intellectual Produced on a relatively small Rehearsals began in July for the Frank Dougherty at the newly opened Mako's Bar and Grill The banana mustard sauce it chocolate optio~ comedy - without being too hard budget of $200, sets are minimal one-acts, each approximately I 0 came with complemented the subtle fishy taste. proved most satiable. Rich chocolate frosting smothered to understand," says sophomore and the eight cast members play minutes long. "It has been very Next was the peel-and-eat shrimp -a not-so-large the outer layers of the moist cake which was striped wit!) Mollie Mulvanity, co-director of multiple characters in the featured laid-back," Mulvanity says. "It white banana cream. , , 18 roles. Accentuating the sketch­ was a fun summer project. plate of small sea creatures, their cute little legs still intact. the show. Old Bay seasoning sprinkled atop the shells made for a The chocolate raspberry cake was as.sinful as it looked,;' Through this weekend and the comedy style of the program. "It was definitely a challenge," hint of spice which the lemon and cocktail sauce alone sweet raspberry juice encrusted within layers of chocola~ original dancing or monologues she says. "It's been a nerve­ next, "Ives got Something to lacked. decadence. . ; are featured between plays to pull wracking but exciting experience Show You" will be presented to Although tasty, this is not an appetizer for the frugal More attention should be placed on future preparatioJ11 those students searching for some­ all five one-acts into one show. for me. It's fun, it's short and it's diner. Mako's charges $7.95 for about a dozen shrimp. of entrees. However, Mako's side dishes and desserts giv~ One free show. free- that's all I can say." thing saucy. Perhaps Old Bay is expensive. enough reason to come backJor more. "There is no continuing theme "The plays are funny, but While waiting for your meal, you might be tempted to A.:ld, of course, the ambience alone of this joint makef between the plays," Immediato they're not average funny," says sample a spirit or two. We tried the peach margarita. it one cool hang-out whether you are a retired surfer or if says, except that they are all sophomore co-director Aaron Upon arrival, the margarita belched some of its volume you just look like one. Immediato. " You won't feel like penned by the same man. ,- .• '\ IJ4II THE REVIEW • September 8, 1995 1 pie, I assume, who resisted the microwave Prodigy, members bf the once-sequestered the heart of the integration between the old bly spurn friendly oyertures from middle oven when it was introduced), those who computer cu1t11re now (sometimes with computer user and the new. The World aged, balding men) using computers to played games and used a few applications cogent objections) accept new, less­ Wide Web - a huge network of personal­ explore the internet or the World Wide I:OMPU·TALK like word processors, and those ~iJh-o ...... appear on a brass plate mounted on ship card. The white plastic shields ... -w...'l! ...... the bar. have a magnetic strip on the back ...... JUWCA ...... ~­IOCII There isn' t a one-time payoff which enables the bar to keep track ...... ,...... _ . for questers completing the jour­ of the number of brands consumed ...... ,...._., ...... ,....,_ , _...... _.....,...... ,...,...... ,..._ .... ney, Cross says. Joining the club by club members after each visit. .. .,.,._..... l4ltlf "' gives a member the opportunity to "I'm thinkin' I'll be done some­ ._...... ,6Qitl ...... -~ ··.':; .. -...... :~r ..... earn incentives along the way: where around December - unless ...... _ ...... ,, when a member gets to 20 and 40 they add more beer," Schaedler ...... 1IOQI' .. beers they receive restaurant gift says with a chuckle. .. ~lh-lllielii ... \::· . - ,•¥'' -· wtw

Sampled sounds --· ~ ·: The Review is looking for peopletcr··

continued from page B I the old records have merit as well. do book reviews. "I guess it's good that they knew be glad to have their music heard by where the samples were coming more people who might not have from," Bright says. listened to it otherwise. The state of modern African­ If you enjoy reading recently published Steven Pierce of the local rap American music weighs heavi ly on -.. group Mad State of Mind says sam­ Bailey's mind. "I feel that the pub­ pling is not just ripping off other lic recently is just getting really books and want to write about them, then we have the people's work. He thinks using complacent," says Bailey. "They samples is fine, as long as credit is like to have their music spoon-fed job for you . _given to the original artist. to them. Those musicians who real­ "Sampling brings older groups ly know their craft don' t get recog­ back to life," says Pierce. "It sparks nition because people don' t have people's interest in these bands. access to these artists." Now they're booking [the sampled Both sides, young and groups] in clubs again," Pierce ametuer or professional, have Call Joe ~r Lauren at 831-4629 .. says. He cites groups such as The seemed to know just what they want Isley Brothers, who have seen a from their music. Despite who is " growth in popularity over the last right or wrong, the modern music few years, owing mostly to having scene does not appear to be ripping their songs sampled. apart at the seams - it's just going ·= Rainbow Records manager through a few growing pains. In the Dascha Bright says sales of such words of Q-tip from A Tribe Called records have increased since sam­ Quest, "Jazz and Hip-Hop and the AFRICAN STUDIES PROGRAM - FILM SERIES ples of them were used. This indi­ African-American experience/! see The African Studies Program is pleased to present a film series for fall1995. The films are free and cates that not only do consumers the similarities as almost one, the like the new music, they realize that only difference is the time." open to the public. All are welcome!

• Location: Room 205 Kirkbride Hall Time: Tuesday, 7 - 1 0 p.m. i JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU . Sept. 12 Chocolat

: A young woman has returned to Cameroon (West Africa) to trace her Marvell Scott WORK PART TIME FLEXIBLE HOURS THAT past. Soon the sights, sounds and smells return to her childhood and ACCOMODATES YOUR SCHEDULE WITH THE memories of the people who populated her youth. wrote for The Sept. 26 Gold Widows: Women in Lesotho L BUILDING SERVICES DIVISION OF FACILITIES Review last year, Interviews with women in Lesotho; a small country surrounded by . . MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT. South Africa. The women live as virtual widows; most of their and now he is a : husbands work in South African gold mines. Oct. 10 -The Ashanti Kingdom (Ghana) fullback for the CONVENIENT LOCATIONS! Explains the strict hierarchical organization of the Ashanti; importance Hens. of the characteristic Kente, garment, naming of children, religious MAKE EXTRA MONEY: $6.00 PER HOUR! beliefs, etc . - The Bambara Kingdom of Segu (Mali) LEARN A NEW SKILL! The history of the Bambara can be traced at least as far back as 7th century, A.D. This is a film about their extraordinary past. (we told you so) - The Lost City of Zimbabwe Long mistakenly identified as the remnants of some ancient white For further information, please contact Marty Quirk, civilization, the spectacular ruins of the Great Zimbabwe are now Building Services Office: 831-8469 recognized as Southern Africa's first city. A great achievement. Oct. 24 Namibia: Rebirth of a Nation Monday-Friday - 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. A profile of Namibia's struggle for independence under the leadership of SWAPO movement and its President, Sam Nujoma. Independence attained 21st March, 1990. A study in determined struggle for freedom. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER Nov. 7 Vee len Focuses on fundamental oppositions: change and tradition, life and death, light and darkness. Considered "the most beautifully photographed African film ever made." Nov. 28 Maids and Madams ·we would like to thank Examines the tragedy of apartheid through the complex relationship between black household workers and white employers. Mark Jolly for coming ·aboard For further information, contact Dr. W.O. Maloba, Coordinator, African Studies Program, 831-2189. .C_.o_TJn._ic~s~~~------~------~~~~~~~~~~~September 8,1995 • THE REVIEW BS ~ -~;.....-"

A ....,.,_ .... ffiUP ~U • 'j II " I ' ' '~ WTTif A TACO IUl A•o · ' ~ j A IIFC COMP£T111G FOil Tlf[ FAYOII OF Tlf[ (CHIJIIM111G MASSES.


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--' ~ •' w' • '":.-tf ' .. .=.:--::J . , ~ ... ~ ,.."T, 'I- : • ' . ,. "· I -· .) •I ' ,J " ·:

' I J -,•, .J '' .I; .... , •' J \1 l.i,, I ,,. ., . , , 1 •• ;- , Jl [ JI\ THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN ® ·.Jv:!, .;( : • : .~ 'I , li} -mt. ~Rf.~t-t\ I?P\\\ FOR I l ~P AGAINf:.T P\~1\N&. .. , ...-l l" ··.. .•~

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson Doonesbury /!()()P§If., IT'5 HARP 7U cx­ l't.AI/'1. I JUfiT caJ/..IJN'T '::0 'NII111"S 5\JR£, W\1~ MOl . 1 WHr..r \'; \l ? TAX£ AN16 /N THAT 61l/MY 1 GEi TO I tu'TI.~ If l'M Sl/JMP eVeR r::r:en;R INTlJHISBI.ACJ(f/Of£l I ' \

Alii> \r I 00 Ali.. l11'1 11£~, '(OJ C/\1'1 OOJ~lf. C\1£<.\( 'rlt:Rt. 1\£11£ m 111\'lt. " 1-ll(t. fiOMt'rlORK, wt G£1 TO M'i W,\1\ I'RPI~\H\S 'tlmLE nME. l R~ !-lOT m 11\llo\'( STI\'I IJI' ,._!-\ HTRI\ 1-\,._Lf l SThRI ON M'( 1\\STOR'I M!J::IJr Ali.. 11-11:. l RO~BL£. I10JR 1b 1\.M CI'\LIJ\tiBI\LL .' wt'lt GOi TO CI\L~It-iS Gtn\t-IG \NTC> GH 11\IS 1»\t

GR.V-1 1\R£. FIRS\ 'tl£ fi\\HI iOJ PLII"i ~lti, NO OH( S ~l.rJ•tit.O '10.1 Rf:"l>~ 1££ 1> ro C,._L'IINB"\1.., lC> OOtSTION 111£. I'W)(S 10 PLM iOJR HI\~ '(()\) r-,___ _..., iotJ WEAR. r.. G~ M:t-1 ? " MI'\Sl( . 1~1\5¥. .

I l 8~ THE REVIEW • September 8, 1995

telephone Order Clerks •••••••••••••••••••••••• Full Time or Part Time Days or Evenings Bonfire Included for: Clubs • Dorms • Private Parties • Social Groups Guaranteed Salary plus Bonuses Sorority • Fraternity Celebrations of all kinds. Call 452-0315 20 Min. Drive from Campus, New Castle, DE ~, ~~t 328-71~ for· Re~rvations Captain Blue Hen UNIVERSITY FACULTY SENATE >>NOTICE<< Comics SUMMARY OF AGENDA Free Drop/Add Ends Wednesday, l!l Cards SEPTEMBER 11, 1995 September 13, 1995 280 E. Main Street, Newark After this date: Shops at Market East I . ADOPTION OF THE AGENDA 737-3434 A one time per semester $15.00 fee will Street Fair & Collectibles Show II. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: be charged for any change made in Saturday, September 9 • 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. MAY 1, 1995 your registration and ... Special Guests: III. REMARKS BY UNIVERSITY PROVOST MARKWAID · SCHIAVELLI .. .if you withdraw from (drop) a course, Writer of The Flash. Captain you will be charged tuition for that America and Underworld Unleashed and more IV. ANNOUNCEMENTS: course. KCCARLSON · Senate President Hall DC Comics editor of the .. .if you simultaneously add a course Superman & Legion of Super· v. OLD BUSINESS - None heroes titles and Zero Hour and withdraw from (drop) a different LARRY course, you will be charged tuition for MAHLSTEDT · VI. NEW BUSINESS: both courses. • inker of Amazing Spider-man A. Recommendation regarding & Amazing Scarlet Spider and the University more Exce llence in Please finalize your registration prior Silent Auction to benefit charity Teaching Award and the to this deadline to avoid additional University Undergraduate tuition charges and a "W" grade on Over 20 vendors offering - Academic Advising Award. Comics, sports & non-sports cards, your transcript. Magic: the Gathering, action figures, B. I n troduction of new toys, & original art business. This policy does not apply to register changes No Admission fee or charge for autographs prompted by university placement tests or Door prizes and free gifts for everyone other university requirements. Call 737-3434 for details

Sometimes Life Gets


ometimes w e bring it on ourselves. At oth er times we're blind sided by il. Either way, we find ourselves in G m~:· .;s . At times like that vm nued a helping hand: some people who care enough ;o risk getting messy tho:nselves; some people who will reach c-,ut to us with ac ~ eptonc~ .

If life's been messy for you, w e invite you to come visit us. You'll find people who c.arEl, teaching that relates to real life. and worship that finds healing in • FRIENDSHIP God's presence. CHURCH O ur church is unique. Drama, contem­ porary worship music, comments from A C~urch within walking distance at the University. th e audie;- ce. W e're designed primarily PEARSON HALL for the entire University community of all (Next to Stude nt Services Center) ages and diverse backgrounds. W e're Acad e my a nd LoveH within walking distance for many. W e major in serving students.

SUNDAY MORNING LIVE • 11 A.M. Church and Campus Connection


~ I . September 8,1995 • THE REVIEW. 87

I' I{ I '\ ( I I' I I S ,, 1 S < l l '\ I) I{ I I I It I \\ I '\ I I '\ \ I s I I '- •. Aaa


ou put more than just your savings into insurance companies only, so they do not Ya retirement company. You put in apply to CREF.) fRll ADMISSION your trust and hopes for the future, too. So And TIAA-which, backed by the company's before you choose one, ask some questions. claims-paying ability, offers a guaranteed rate How stable is the company? How solid are of return and the opportunity for dividends-is with student 10 its investments? How sound is its overall one of a handful of insurance companies nation­ Enter our FREE Fantasy Football financial health? wide that currently hold these highest marks. League every weekend. Prizes Every Sunday enter our FREE Budweiser NFL Super B0wl Game. A good place to start looking for answers awarded to winners every week. Just select your picks of the week. CREF. FOUR MORE LETTERS All weekly wi:1ners compete at the 5Mins. is in the ratings of independent analysts. end of the season for the Weekly prize winners. All weekly EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW. $1000.00 Grand Prize. Then sit winners compete for a Free Trip for Four companies, all widely recognized two to the Super Bowl in Phoenix. For further growth potential and diversi­ back and watch every From campus BONUS names drawn weekly to resources for finding out how strong a player. .. because w~'ll have every compete for the trip.* financial services company really is, gave fication, there's the CREF variable annuity, TIAA their top grade. with seven different investment accounts to give you the flexibility you war as you save IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS, TIAA for the future:t' IS LETTER PERFECT. Together, TIAA and CREF f01 u1 the world's TIAA received A++ (Superior) from A.M. largest private retirement system based Best Co., AAA from Duff & Phelps Credit on assets under management, with over Rating Co., Aaa from Moody's Investors $145 billion in assets and more than 75 Service and AAA from Standard & Poor's. years of experience serving the education • These ratings reflect TIAA's stability, sound community. For over a million and a half investments, claims-paying ability and ove,·­ people nationwide, the only letters to · all financial strength. (These are ratings of remember are TIAA-CREF.

l L!!g~w~IP~J Ensuring the future Rt.l, Rt4 or KirkWood llwY. 2nd Level Clubhouse. for those who shape iV"' FREE Admission &Parking tor sunJMon. Night Games Ret vnur Bud Clinl for Discounts & Freables. Til a!1-nl Bar fnr SJJDl'ti Fa!ls! . 'iuons ·C Call994-2521 Ext. 363 for Contest Info. •• •. • Not all accounts are available under the basic retirement plans at all institutions. They are. however, all available for TIAA·CREF Supplemental Retirement Annuities (SRAs). CREF cenificates are distributed by TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Sen·icc:s. ~======~====~======~ ·,! 1


IIIWIJIIIt:llll~rtm M~liN OOmlMII~ rmrnw ~ ~lffi~ ~Ill ~M Mrul ~IN 11m ~m .H UIH1AI ·m. fill ffi~ fill l~D~. Jlll NlWM~~· ~~~M~~ ~~~NNIN~ ~lnlll ~~Nffi ~m.J~ ~~~~~~1M •a,I.&Jillllt.WI ~IUAW1 WMH~ IW Mdlm~l =Mll~lllll =~IHOO~ Mil~ m~ rJ.ffiiiiiMl -,~.ttl~ ON ~~ I!:!:.;!!J::!o::=:.:l®'11!" ~·~ ~mAN ~'~ ~=t~J~M!! .!tl\11 ~~ ltlllllllli~IIM~ 1111-~lJilll WI~M lftUI~ 11~1M WH IBIJJ IIIMm m•1tilllll rMJIIJilli- PREVIEW "TO WONG FOO, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, JULIE NEWMAR" ON THE INTERNET (http:/! STARTS fRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH AT ATHEATRE NEAR YOU. September 8, 1995. THE REVIEW. B8

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Contact: SYLVIA BROOKS @ 831-1641 OR PEGGY DIFULVI_O @ 832-2319.


" ·.

September 8,1995 • THE REY~W -~ t . : - H View ofthe Fan The world according to Watters by Eric Heisler something like 17 rushes for 37 yards. for being too loud and not allowing the Eagles to 6. Be angry, not happy when your teammates iced. Let the fans know whose fault it is whehJ I. Begin by making promises you can't keep. call plays or hear audibles. Was it also too loud to do well. Let everyone know how upset you are you and the team make mistakes. Even thougtY! The front page of this week's TV Guide reads hear the Buccaneer defenders' footsteps who when your replacement, say a Charlie Garner, they already know they're too loud, remind them .~; "Cunningham and Watters Exclusive: How we'll caused two Watters fumbles? He sure heard them does well. After all, it's only good for the team. Warning: If you follow this list you won't beiV get to the Super Bowl." Sounds a little far-fetched fine twice later in the game when Ricky dropped Not for you. Guys like that shouldn't be showing star. You'll end up fumbling twice a game and_ for a team that loses 21-6 to Tampa Bay and for two Cunningham passes. you up. compiling a 2.2 yard rushing average. In addi.-_ In tqday's world, parents. teachers, and others a running back who averages 2.2 yards per carry. 4. Know that no one could ever do as well as 1. When things get tough, back off Give up. tion, if this is your goal, make sure you don't concerned are always complaining about a lack As an added bonus, this will do a hell of a lot for you. No one can replace Ricky Watters as far as Just don't get hurt. When you're behind by more clean up your act, for you may experience Greflg1 of role models in professional sports. The .400 your credibility, when you want people to believe Ricky Watters is concerned. Especially, a lower- than 14 points, it's time to give up. Forget getting Jefferies Syndrome, a rare disorder associated._ . . itter who throws temper tantrums, or the NHL that you're really sorry for acting like a boor. salaried Charlie Gamer who averaged 4.6 yards in there and doing what it takes. ''For wbo? For with another great role model, who began to bat -: - : MVP who punches women in bars. Thanks to 2. Try not to rernain Loyal to your friends. per rush compared to Watters' 2.2. what?" Certainly not for the fans paying $40 a .300 after he stopped throwing temper tantrum~ ~ ({icky Watters, there's now an alternative, a new While Watters was the first player to the locker 5. Don't listen to your superiors. They're ticket. Not for your teammates and "friends" like Thanks, Ricky, for showing us all how not tO? chapter in the book of role models: room after Sunday's game, new chum, according always wrong, anyway. When you get pulled out Cunningham. Not for long-time coach Ray act. Your on the field (and off the field) perf~:> How to act in order to become a subpar play- to TV Guide, Randall Cunningham, was left to of a game you're playing poor in, wave your arms Rhodes. And definitely not for your salary- mance have made it clear who the real role mod:_ er. the fans who proceeded to shower him with beer. and make a big scene on the sideline. Cry to the remember, you're underpaid. els are. Unlike other chapters, which provide insight 3. Always blame other people for your mis- coach; he had to be wrong to take YOU out. 8. Turn your back on your supporters. on how to tum a moderately talented athlete into cakes. After a poor performance, think of the Make sure he knows that so he can put you back Criticize the fans for not liking you immediately Eric Heisler is the sports editor ofThe RevieW.~ a star, this will do the opposite. The result will be most ridiculous excuse. Watters blamed the fans in the game. to insure that they won't, as if it's not already VIew Fan in The RevieWI 'l r-~-----=~------~~------~legend of the gridiron o:f Longevity anwng college coaches The Review: What in particular do be much-improved; he's played very is becoming as extinct as 8-track cas­ you see that leads you to believe the well. settes and honest lawyers.Every few team has promise? The Review: What specifically has years at alnwst every big-time univer­ Raymond: I think the defense is bet­ Leo worked on? sity a coach is fired or is forced to ter, there's more hardness on the Raymond: Well, he's throwing the resign because of failure to win or defensive side than there was last ball a lot better, a lot more accurate. some kind of embarassing scamlal. year. He's much more confident in where But there are a few men who have The Review: Undoubtedly the he's going with the football, and in his stood the test of time, and Harold R. biggest loss from last year's team is decision-making. "Tubby" Raymond is one of them. Daryl Brown, who always got the ball The Review: The defense, at least in When the Hens take the gridiron in key situations. Do you expect the preseason, seems to be a bit more Saturday against West Chester, it will attack to be more varied this season? aggressive this year. mark the beginning of Raymond's Raymond: I think we had a fair Raymond: I think we definitely have 30th season as the head coach of the amount of balance last year. I never to be more aggressive rushing the football team. Last week The thought we were real heavy on the passer this year. We've got Josh Review's Michael Lewis sat down run over the pass. We threw a lot of Mastrangelo moving to the line, Mike with the coach to discuss the upcom­ touchdown passes last year; we had Bergey, a freshman, should help us, Last year Daryl Brown tore up the West Chester defense, rush­ ing season. two guys (Courtney Batts and Eddie as well as Todd Volitis, who trans­ ing for 93 yards and the winning TO in Delaware's 58-55 win Conti) who averaged over 24 yards ferred from Virginia Tech. We're still 1)! The Review: Last year at this time per reception. looking at a lot of people. you were cautiously optimistic about The Review: Do you look at the run­ The Review: The secondary returns the team's chances. Are you more ning game as more of a backfield-by­ three starters from a unit that had 1 ~I confident going into this season? committee this year with the depth trouble stopping the pass last year. Do Football looks to Raymond: Well, everybody says I'm you have? you see improvement with them? 1?. more confident, but I don't think I'm r 1 Raymond: Our fullback ordinarily Raymond: I think they'll be better; • • • -i :-{ as confident as I read about! (laugh­ carries the ball more than the halfback both of our returning safeties are ing) I think we have a chance to have in our offense, and the halfback usu­ stronger and better. I don't worry as a decent football team. We're a little ally catches the ball more in our much about ·the secondary as I do azr zt out zn opener.g bit banged up as far as injuries are offense, so I expect that to continue. I about getting to the passer, if we can't concerned; we're not as healthy as I'd think all of our backs, Pat Williams, rush the quarterback, we can't stop like to see us. But I think we've got (Norman) Coleman, and the two full­ the pass. BY ERIC HEISLER like that." the talent to have a solid year. backs (Marvell Scott and Kai The Review: Did you ever think Sports Editor Raymond added· that the new faces ~!i This Saturday, when Delaware in this year's defensive line, featuring ,\ The Review: Does this team possess Hebron) will get their fair share of when you started this job you'd be anything that some of your other playing time. here 30 years later? plays host to West Chester, their sole freshmen Todd Volitis and junior Josh< I championship teams didn't have? The Review: The quarterback situa­ Raymond: (laughing) Well, I look at Division II oppoilent this season, the M astrangelo, will make the line quick-!;; Raymond: Well, we have a measure tion is drastically different this year, it like I fi nished the front nine and I'm Hens can expect anything but an easy er and give the team a better pass rush.':" i victory. West Chester Coach Rick Daniels . of speed; we're a little bit faster than with Leo Hamlett fi.rmly established on the back nine now, going for we ordinarily are, generally. In some as the starter. Do you feel more confi­ another 30. I figured I'd be here for Unlike Yankee Conference rival called Levin a "pleasant surprise" and _ THE REVIEW/file photo ways I think this team has a special dent with Leo this season? three years and then be coaching at James Madison, who pounded Morgan admitted that he couldn't explain why West Chester always plays up to1-! Hens coach Thbby Raymond promise; whether they're going to ful­ Raymond: Both quarterbacks played Notre Dame, but that didn't quite St. 76-7 last weekend, or West Chester has won three national titles fill it, I don't know. well in preseason. Hamlett appears to work out. themselves, who defeated Cheyney 56- Delaware. in his 30 seasons at Delaware. 7, the 12th-ranked Hens will be play­ "I kind of think it's because our kids- ; ing'1I'Rams1·wmn tlml'h'as' onceAdefeat-- • are• ~ pretty C. puUipea ur •to-· ·pia ?. ed them and twice 'lost' to the Hens by De l aWhl-~ :" saidl Dani8s;' adding that H three points or less in the past five he didn't see a large difference.!-' years. between Division II and Division I-M ;..., ;\[olleyball splits "I've been trying to get Goldey teams. "We have a lot of kids who '1 ~· Beacom for years, but no one will help could play in the Yankee Conference.'': A. .. me out," joked Delaware Coach Tubby He said that, even without Daryf ?. Raymond, poking fun at teams like Brown, he would expect many of th{ ?. pair in URI tourney JMU and West Chester who begin their same things from the Hens' offensePI1 season with soft opponents. "We're which he holds in high regard. ~!:: going to have to play a midseason "I don't think we'll see anything' 0 BY ERIC HEISLER an improved Hofstra team, touted game to win." different," Daniels said. "I think they'll': Sports Editor by Viera as "the team to beat." To West Chester's advantage, the run the Wing-T, which is what they dol£ ~ Coming off a disappointing per- Along with gains made playing game will pit a strong Ram passing best, and come at us." ormance at the National against tough competition, Viera game against a Delaware secondary However, sophomore wide receiver - Invitational Volleyba ll said the team will rely on its depth which, based on last season, may be Courtney Batts said West Chester can Championships last year, the and unity to reach the next level in a the Hens' biggest question mark. expect to see some variations on the A Delaware volleyball team has season in which they lost NAC In last year's 58-55 Delaware win, Hens usual Wing-T, including anum-' already shown promise for this sea­ Player of the Year Kathy Shaw, Rams' All-American quarterback Dave ber of two receiver sets. ' r son. along with captain Katie Nieradka. MacDonald threw for 317 yards and "It's still going to be the Wing-T; ..:·~ · In an attempt to move the team to " We have so much talent and five touchdown passes, including four it's going to be different forms," said0 . ~ new level through facing tougher depth. There's people who can step to receiver Brian Penecale. Batts, who last year caught four touch--_ - : - . competition, the Hens entered a up," said senior outside hitter Sue "Certainly Penecale is at least as down passes against West Chester_ _ rournament in Rhode Island last Diener. "We'll miss them as people good as any receiver we' ll see, and ''We're just trying to throw people off a weekend in which they faced more than as players." maybe the best," Raymond said. little bit." ; H nationally-ranked Illinois, along It is this type of unity that the Penecale will return to Delaware Although Raymond was upset'(( with Jacksonville. players and Viera feel is the most Stadium tomorrow, along with fifth­ about a poor performance in last: !> "Upgrading the schedule has important e lement to the Hens' suc­ year senior Matt Levin, who threw six Friday's scrimmage, he and the team _ made us a better team. It forces us to cess. touchdown passes last week, after are both positive on starting the season. -- step up our game," said Delaware "The fact that we're close is one playing behind MacDonald for four '1t was embarassing, but we can't Coach Barbara Viera, whose of the most important things," said years. let one scrimmage get us down;· said;,~ defending North Atlantic senior middle hitter Emily Rome, "He's a good quarterback. He obvi­ Batts, adding that the team wants to., v1 Conference champion team came last year's NAC tournament MVP. ously can pass," said senior linebacker move on with the season. +- ! away from Rhode I sland satisfied. "We have an advantage ove r other Larry McSeed. "We're going to need "Everyone's tired of talking. We;_: The Hens defeated Jacksonville teams that don't click as well." to cut down on the mental mistakes." just want to get going and get the sea-_ _ 15-6, 15- 12, 15-8, and lost a com­ "We don't have any stars, only Raymond said that on Saturday the son underway." petitive match to Illinois, 15- 13, 15- good players," Viera said. "They Hens will need a more effective pass EXTRA POINTS: Although the 7, 15-5 . have a strong commitment to work­ rush, which produced a paltry zero Hens didn't play last week, they man­ "I was pleased with the ease in ing together and doing it as a team." sacks against West Chester last year, aged to drop from 11 th to 12th in thi:;. which we beat [Jacksonville]. Other than Rome and Diener, despite the 55 passes attempted by week's Division I-AA poll. [Delaware] came out strong and seniors Nikki Brassell and Carolyn MacDonald. Youngstown St., Delaware's week ready to play," said Viera, who Boc kius and juniors Kare n 'That's the thing that bothers me," five opponent and ranked number one added that she was not disapointed Kunselman and Beth Van Ryper are Raymond said. "He threw 55 times in the preseason poll, lost last week in the loss to Illinois, since the team again expected to play important and we never sacked him. He was in a and dropped to fifth. McNeese St. is had been hurt by playing Illinois roles. Kunselman, who was named glass house and you can't play defense now number one. soon after their first match. to the All-Tournament team in "We proved to ourselves that we Rhode Island, totaled 33 kills for the c;an play at that level. In a way we tournament. were a victim of our schedule. We The Hens also have ,a trio of Tennis just ran out of gas," Viera said. underclassmen- sophomore Carlyn If the opening tournament is any Cangiano, freshman Joanna Dusza, continued from pageB 10 to lure quality players to its squad, indication, Viera may be correct to and sophomore Kris-Andra Pekar at a luxury Delaware does not enjoy. outside hitter, who will attempt to say that it is "realistic" for her team, The team's depth extends While finally earning a NAC fill the shoes of Shaw. whose record now stands at 3-2, to beyond its top six players, espe­ title looms as a long-term goal for Cangiano led Delaware with nine reach the NCAA tournament for the cially with the addition of three tal­ Delaware, one of its more immedi­ kills, along with five digs, in the first time. ented freshmen. Lori Chambers, ate goals is to gain revenge for its To the He ns' advantage, begin­ Hens' first match against Caroline Smit~, and Marilyn only three losses of last season, to Jacksonyille. ning in the 1995 season, the NAC THE REVIEW /Aiisa Colley Gardner will gain experience this non-league foes Lafayette, " I expect both of our outside hit­ champion will enter into a play-in The Delaware volleyball team is looking to make a second year, -although they.probably won' t Bucknell, and Mt. St. M ary's. ters to have good matches," Viera with the Northeast Conference see muc h playing time, LeRoy This quest will begin prised by Cangiano's performance: O)ent. ing upon last season. tality." part of Delaware's rebuilding pro­ Lafayette, which defeated "Advancing to the NCAAs will "Outsi<;le hitter is where we go when "Last year we increased the effi. Viera said that while last season's ject after Brune and Z usi graduate Delaware 4-3 at the beginning of we're in trouble." be a real challenge," Viera said. ciency of our attack," she said. I'd poor performance in the NIVC was this year. last year's campaign. Dusza, labe led by Viera as a "You know you're playing at the like to see us keep that level of effi­ a disappointing way to end the year, "We have new players that are "That will be one of our tough­ "comple te player," is the Hens' top next level when you play the top ciency and increase the strength." the season as a whole was a success. really good," Zusi S


~EW September 8, 1995 • BJO Tamed by a Lion, but not a Leopard Women's soccer falls to Penn State, but blows out Lafayette, 5-0

BY DAN CLARK up to the Nittany Lions in the opener. ·\ Hl'ifdnt Sport'i Eel! tor Senior defender Julie The Delaware women's soccer Ma tromonaco helped explain why team began their season on Monday the Hens' defense played stronger in with a tough los . but improved to their second game of the season. .500 by Wednesday. " You're first game is always a lit­ On Monday. Delaware lost its sea­ tle shaky. It always takes one game to son opener at Penn State. 5-3, but get you going. We've had two scrim­ rehounded Wednesday afternoon at mages but it's not the same as a home hy blowing away Lafayette, 5- game," Mastromonaco said. 0 The season opener against the The two opponents were as differ­ Nittany Lions showed Delaware was ent as night and day, which helps not only "shaky" but also outplayed. explain the two different results. The Hens started off slowly and On Wednesday at Delaware Field before they knew it they were trailing the Hens had an explosive offense 3-0 with more than 20 minutes left in and rock solid defense against the the first half. Leopards. On Monday against the De laware got a score from Nittany Lion the offense was tenta­ Gregory assisted by freshman for­ ti\·e and the defense exposed. ward Michelle Loux to go into the ··we were allowed to move the ball half trailing 3-l. l--etter." said H.!ns · coach Scott '·I was going toward the goal and I Grtenda. "We took advantage of happened to catch Beth out of the (Lafayette's) weaknesses. which was comer of my eye and she just made a a lot easier to do (than against Penn really nice run on the ball," Loux litate) ... explained. Lafayette's defensive weaknesses The Hens made a run at Penn State were taken advantage of early as the immediately at the opening of the Hen scored four first-half goals. second half. Only 35 seconds into the Leading the way for Delaware half, Han scooted a low kick by the with two scores was junior midfield­ Niuany Lion goalkeeper to move er Beth Hatt, \\hO started off the scor­ Delaware within one goal. ing early in the first half. However, Penn State came right Seven and a half minutes into the back 35 seconds later, sli pping a goal first half. sophomore forward Beth of their own past Delaware junior Gregory kicked a high pass to Hatt, goalkeeper Melissa Kulp. who was planted in front of the net. Grzenda commented that giving Hatt jumped up and blasted a header up a quick goal was something he h1gh over the left shoulder of the warned his team about after scoring. Leopard goalkeeper for a 1-0 Hens "It was something we talked about lead. at halftime. That was something that From that point Delaware got probably shouldn't have happened," goals from junior midfielder Jessie Grzenda said. Reynolds. another from Hatt, one Penn State added their final goal from Gregory. and a final goal early with 33: 17 remaining, giving them a 111 the second half from freshman for­ 5-2 lead. \\ard Sarah \Vinh. Gregory added her second goal When ask.ed about the improve­ and the Hens' final threat with 22:40 ment of the offensive play, Wirth remaining in the game, leaving the n::plied, 'This \\US a s lower team. score at 5-3. When you play against a slower team NOTES AND QUOTES: you're u ually able to get more shots Delaware's next game will be at ,m goal." Monmouth College on Saturday, The defense also improved from Sept. 16th. The Hens will return for a the first game. allowing only two home matchup against Temple on shots on goal Wednesday as opposed Tuesday. Sept. 19th at 3:30. THE REVIEW I Thomas Nutter to the 12 shots and .fiv e goals given Delaware sophomore forward Beth Gregory plays a ball off her chest during Wednesday's win over Lafayette. 'We just got our butts kicked'

Terps a 2-0 lead. Field hockey ''Our players reall y wanted Always a bridesmaid, to win this game after w hat happened last year," Maryland trounced by Coach Missy M eharg said. "Delaware has a lot of talent, so never a bride we knew we had to jump on Maryland, 5-0 the m quickly." With the Hens flustered and Women 's tennis looks to win NAC By Michael Lewis down two goals in a hurry, MtiiiUPIIH! Snort.\· Edrtor Miller elected not to call a BY DAN STEINBERG seven out of the II players on llmeout to settle her troops As.

' •