P660 Take-Home Assignment Fall 2006 Busey

Using Java Applets in P211.

For this assignment, I’d like you to investigate an applet and report on how it could be used in P211. Spend some time on this, because eventually if your applet is selected it will become part of P211. Drafts of this are due in two weeks in class.

Pick an applet from these examples (also on the course web page):

Coglab (coglab.wadsworth.com) (user Demo-1 password michael) Soclab (soclab.wadworth.com) (user Demo-1 password michael) brainserver.psych.indiana.edu cognitrn.psych.indiana.edu/CogSciSoftware

Teach yourself to use it, and then address these questions:

1) Which applet did you select, and what phenomenon does this applet illustrate?

2) What information would you have to provide to students in order to have them make progress with this applet and phenomenon?

3) What assignment would you give them, and what products will you expect? Will they work in groups or work individually?

4) What learning goals would you have for the students, and how will you know if they have achieved them?

5) How does this fit into the larger curriculum for P211?