Room 107’s Classroom Procedures The following information should answer many of the questions you have regarding our classroom procedures. *Please save this for future reference!*

1. Folders- Please review all contents of your child’s folder each night of the week, including Fridays. Here you will find homework and any important notices from Lee Avenue School. *Homework and notices found on the right hand side of the folder need to be returned to school.*

2. Snack- Each day we will have an afternoon snack. Please send one healthy snack in a separate bag or container from your child's lunch. Due to allergies, please send in snacks that do NOT contain nuts or peanut butter.

3. Birthdays- We do not need any snacks or food for birthdays, as we will be making a birthday book for each child. Any food sent to school will be sent home with your child. Students may bring in non-food items to share will the class (stickers, pencils, goodie bags, etc). There are 22 students in the class. Summer birthdays will be celebrated during the last month of school.

4. Absences and Lateness- Please remember to send in a note every time your child is absent or late to school. State law requires a note upon the child's return to school. Make sure to include your child’s name, the date(s) absent/late and the reason for the absence/lateness.

5. Lunch- If your child is buying lunch; please send in money to school in a wallet, envelope or plastic bag labeled with his or her name. It is important for your child to know what he or she is buying each day. Please remember to label your child’s lunchbox with his or her name. 6. Water Bottles- If your child would like to keep a water bottle in his or her cubby that is fine. Please send in a bottle with a top that pops up and down so the water will not spill. PLEASE NO SCREW TOPS!

7. Transportation- If there are any changes in the routine of picking-up your child such as: taking the bus home, someone other than the designated person(s) is picking up your child or an early pick-up (doctor or dentist appointment )… please send in a note ( emails will NOT be accepted for changes in dismissal), so that we can ensure your child’s safe arrival to his/her destination.

8. Homework Notebook- Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and will begin on September 15th. There will be a monthly homework calendar attached in the front of your child's homework notebook. Please sign/initial your child's homework calendar each night. Please remember the following in regard to homework assignments: homework should be done with supervision, please read all directions, your child should write the date on the top of the homework and all assignments should be completed with pencil unless otherwise directed. If you have any questions/concerns, a quick note in your child’s folder will alert me to any trouble your child is experiencing.

9. Reading Log- Please remember to read for at least 20 minutes each night and sign the reading log each night, which will be stapled in your child's folder. Please total the amount of minutes your child read each month and record it on the bottom of the reading log.

10. Sight Words- The children have Sight Word Books. These books contain words that the children need to know how to recognize not spell. These are common words in first grade readers. The children need to know these words by the date on the top of the page and will be tested on them.

11. Extra Help- Extra help will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and will begin promptly at 8:35 in the morning. Extra help will target specific subjects and will be by invitation only. *There is no bus service at this time so students must be dropped off at school. (There will be no extra help on the weeks of 9/22, 11/3, 12/15, 2/2, 3/23, 5/11, 6/22)

12. Parent Helpers-Parents always express an interest in helping with events that occur during the school year. Please let our class representative know if you are available to help the class in any way.

13. Assessments:

Measure of Academic Progress (MAP)- Students will be tested in September and May. The students are tested in mathematics and reading. These tests are used to measure each student’s growth in school and assess each student’s individual strengths. Reports will be sent home for each student. Please feel free to send in ear buds in a plastic ziplock baggie with your child’s name to use in the computer lab throughout the year.

Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS Benchmark) - This assessment monitors and measures the development of students' early literacy and reading skills. The test will be given in September, January and May.

14. Report Cards- Report cards go home three times a year with your child. You can keep your child’s report card, but the envelope needs to be signed and returned. A note can be place into the envelope to address and comments or concerns. Report cards will be sent home on the following dates: (The dates for the end of each trimester are also included.) Trimeste Trimester Ends Report Cards Sent Home 1st December 5th December 19th 2nd March 18th April 1st 3rd June 11th June 25th 15. Website- ( Any important information regarding the district, Lee Avenue and our class can be found on the website. Our class site is updated monthly with upcoming events and activities that will be going on in the classroom. You can also find the homework calendar and copies of classroom notes.

16. Scholastic Book Order- A book order flyer will be sent home periodically throughout the school year. If you would like to order books, you can order them online, using our class code. Be sure to place your order by the due date listed on the student flyer. (More information to follow)

Weekly Schedule of Special Area Classes

Monday: Music Tuesday: Physical education* Wednesday: Library** Thursday: Art Friday: Physical Education* *Please make sure you child is dressed appropriately for Physical Education. Students are not allowed to wear jeans and must wear sneakers.

**Please send the library book to school so you child may get a new one.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. The best ways to reach me are:

1. A note sent in your child’s folder to school. 2. School email address [email protected]

3. A telephone call to Lee Avenue School (733-2351).

Hopefully, this information will help our school year run smoothly. First grade has many wonderful things for your child to learn and explore. Together, we will make this an enjoyable year for your child! Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Mrs. Morgan