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Health Minister bans of pa- The newly appointed Secretary to the signs US$1.1 billion deal to lease the 01 tients in Government hospitals with blood test- The European Commission proposed GSP+ con- President appoints 04 President, Defence Secretary, Command- 29 Southern Hambantota Port to China. ing facilities from taking blood tests from private sec- 12 cessions to Sri Lanka in exchange for the govern- 28 members to Special Presidential Com- er of the Army and the Eastern Province Gover- tor. ment’s commitment to ratify 27 international conven- mission on CB Bond issue. Supreme Court Judge nor sworn in before President Maithripala Siris- tions on human rights, labour conditions, protection of Kankanithanthri T. Chitrasiri, Supreme Court ena The government announces free health insur- the environment and good governance. Judge Prasanna Sujeewa Jayawardena, and re- The Colombo High Court impose death 01 - Sri Lanka – China Logistics and Industrial Zone tired Deputy Auditor General Vellupillai Kan- 06 sentence on Anthony Ramson George, num for every student. 08 (SLCLIZ) in Hambantota inaugurated dasamy appointed. convicted for the murder of journalist Melicia Gunas- 01 President Maithripala Sirisena launches the 08 Inauguration ceremony of the Third Year of 30 First-ever President’s Truncheon and the ekara in 2014.

Government’s vision for ‘Sustainable Era’ and the Sustainable Era national initiative held at Regimental Truncheon awarded to Sri DECEMBER NOVEMBER OCTOBER SEPTEMBER AUGUST JULY presented the framework program of Sri Lanka, set to BMICH Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR), at the Sinha Regi- outline the Government’s strategies for achieving 2030 mental Headquarters in Ambepussa UN Sustainable Development Goals. The 1818 Uva – Wellassa Rebellion and its lead- 10 ers commemorated at BMICH National Elderly Health policy approved by Cab- 04 inet An agreement with the Japanese International 11 Cooperation Agency signed to build Rs 1.5 bil- JANUARY JANUARY 04 Tymeron Carvalho from Sri Lanka wins the lion pharmaceutical manufacturing plant Award for the Best Asian Male Model award at 12 Asia Fashion Awards 2017, held in China. 11 National Dengue Prevention Unit says 1,000 den- terminal in Northern Province Central Environmental Authority (CEA) halts a 10 days of 2017 4President Maithripala Sirisena receive award - Government takes over Dr. Neville Fernando 06 large-scale, illegal land reclamation carried out 2for his commitment towards mitigating climate 10 fully performed at the Kandy General Hospital. 17 Hospital in two separate locations in Dandugama, Ja-ela Moragahakanda reservoir declared open by change from the American Chamber of Commerce in 11 President Maithripala Sirisena Sri Lanka President opens Deepa Uyana Park in Polonna- 10 ruwa

Neville Fer- Foreign Affairs Minister re- Inauguration of the construction of the second 01 nando Hos- 11 signs from his portfolio. 01 phase of the Central Expressway from Mirigama pital provides free to Kurunegala treatment The pilot program for the implementation of 27 mandatory education for 13 years commences. Right to Information Act comes into effect Former Fi- 03 03 nance Minis- ter Ravi Karunanay- The 69th Independence Day celebrated at the ake explained that 04 Galle Face Green on the theme National Unity. he was unaware Australia, for economic, educational and Human Re- about matters relat- M.G. Jayatissa, the Director (Information) ap- source reforms. ing to the Penthouse 06 - rental and its sub- partment of Government Information, under the Right 17 Top Travel sequent purchase to Information Act. magazine, FLASHBACK in relation to China, names Sr- Bond Com-

FEBRUARY iLankan Airlines - mission 10 Eluvathivu Island, Jaffna by the Minister of Pow- the Best Airline in 17 formation to the public held under the patron- issue. er and Renewable Energy Ranjith Siyambalapitiya. South Asia at the age of President Maithripala Sirisena. 10th Annual Top Prime Minister awarded Travel Awards. The railway time table revised by the Depart- 14 an honorary doctorate by Deakin University, 20

Uththamabiwandana ceremony held in Kandy to Krystal Reid of Sri Lanka, co-founder of the ‘En- Former Presidential Secretary Lalith Weeratun- President Sirisena addresses the 72nd session 01declare approximately 82 heroes of the 1818 Uva- 06 Cucumber breeding centre commenced in 15 able Lanka Foundation’, won the overall Com- 08 ga and former Director General of the Telecom- 19 of the United Nations General Assembly in New Wellassa Rebellion, sentenced to capital punishment Olaithuduwa, Mannar. monwealth Young Person of the Year 2017 award at an munication Regulatory Commission (TRC), Anusha York and were expelled, as patriots, under the patronage of award ceremony held at the Commonwealth Secretar- Palpita sentenced to three years of rigorous imprison- President Maithripala Sirisena. Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) announced iat in London. ment. They were subsequently released on bail. Seven of the nine 14 the issue of new set of Rs 1 and 5 coins changing 27 accused in Siv- The senior most judge of the Supreme Court Pri- the metal/alloy from brass plated steel (gold colour) to aloganathan Vidya’s ab- 02 yasath Dep sworn in as the new Chief Justice be- stainless steel (silver colour) duction, rape and mur- fore President Maithripala Sirisena. der sentenced to death An account of by a three-judge bench of the Jaffna High Court. MARCH happenings in 2017 13 President Maithripa- la Sirisena removes Deputy Minister of Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs, from portfolio.

Mahanayaka of the Sri Lanka Amarapura Maha Meethotamulla garbage Education Ministry introduces ‘Suraksha’ Litro Gas Chairman Shalila Moonasinghe ar- tees of non recurrence, Pablo De Greiff visits Sri Lanka The Unit- 03 Nikaya,Venarable Davuldena Gnanissara Thera 14 dump collapses, taking 17 Eco-religious site 04 Health Insurance Scheme for schoolchil- 09 rested by the CID in connection with the alleged 28 ed States’ passes away. 32 lives and damaging approxi- dren transferring of USD 1.1 million from Far Eastern Inter- The Karaka Maha Sangha Sabha of the Malwatu Nirmitz Carrier mately 100 houses. - national Bank of Taiwan to his personal account in Sri 19 and Asgiriya Chapters urge authorities to sus- Strike Group Aluth Sahal Mangalya”, of the year was held at the 21 bage disposal as an essential service, ef- Health authorities in the North focused Lanka. comprising the 11Gal Vihara temple, Polonnaruwa Government acquired fective from midnight. 05 oldest American 17 Neville Fernando Teach- ‘Anopheles stephens.’ United Nations Special Rapporteur on the pro- Jaffna High Court bans all forms of animal sac- ing Hospital in Malabe. 10 motion of truth , justice, reparation and guaran- 25 in active service enters Colombo Rear Admiral Sirimevan Ranasinghe appointed Port on a four 26 as the new Commander of Sri Lanka Navy APRIL

The Cabinet of Ministers approves proposal Tripitakaya, was universalized by releasing the Floods and landslides in eight districts contrib- 02 09 Deega Nikaya to the internet in parallel with the 27 ute to a death toll of 183, displacing 144,000 fam- New Constitution to include “Right to Budget 2018 was presented by Minister of Fi- Vesak celebration from the Department of Government ilies. 103 people reported missing. 04 Life” as FR 09 nance and Mass Media, National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR), Chaired by Information Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumara- ‘Island Economies of the Future’ of fDi Maga- The government decided to abolish - tunga. Sri Lanka Regains GSP + from the European 30 zine, UK awarded Sri Lanka status as the country 08 SAITM. 28sen from 92 participants at the 66th Miss Uni- 11 Union. with the best potential to build the strongest economy verse Pageant held in Las Vegas, US. among 27 island nations in the future. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives The body of a tusker suspected to be ‘Dala Poot- 11 in Sri Lanka to participate in the 14th UN Vesak 29tuva’ recovered by the Special Task Force at Ka- Day Celebrations. halla – Pallekele Sanctuary in Thabbowa.

MAY Indian PM Modi announced that India has de- 12 cided to extend the 1990 emergency ambulance service to all the provinces of Sri Lanka.

Exports from Sri Lankan manufacturers allowed 19 to enjoy EU GSP+

Three-month The Central Bank announces that it will not Commander of the Army, Lieutenant 01long National 16 make payments to mutilated, altered and de- 27 General Crisanthe De Silva promoted to Ban imposed on production, im- sworn in as the State Minister Dengue Prevention Pro- the rank of General and appointed as the Chief 20 29of Law and Order and Southern Development gram begins of Defence Staff. Moragahakanda hydro-electricity plant declared Eran Wickrem- 22 ready to generate electricity, concluding all test- 01 eratne assumes ing work. duties as the State Min- ister of Finance

Health Minister 12 Rajitha Senara- JUNE thne elected as one of Hundreds of sea snakes found trapped in the 34 members of the 03 Executive Council of the World Health Orga- The Christmas tree which was constructed nization. 14at the Galle Face Grounds last year makes it to the Guinness Records as the world’s tallest