8PBCUL ΝΟΤΙβΚβ. milCELIiANEOCII. niMBLLANIIOIie. THERE WILL BE AN EXTRA er told the best stoiy of the evening. Here assisted by Miss Henrietta Rice, contralto. INTO THE SESSION. MAINE METHODISTS AT LEWISTON. THERE WILL BE FIGHTING TODAY Moore A VALLEY OF DESTRUCTION it is as he told it : "1 bed an experience one* Draperies, furnished by Owen. Co., made the front of the hall look very pretty. TROY LAUNDRY· that nie more than anything else thai taught The was as follows, and the sev- ambition once to programme laun- I ever did. I had an speak eral were rendered very pleasingly : Roirers and DowÏÏûff's superior Aspirants for the Speakership It Annual Conference If Resistance Is Made parts Crashed the Say on for either Mr. Frye or Mr. The Sixty-fifth by Holders of ttebarwenka engineering Triumph of dry for Col In re and Cuffs· Good» sent the stump Duet-Intermezzo aU'(>ugarese..Pli. Will Be In October. Dingley, It was in the daya of the Green- Bishop Hurst. Claims. Misses Jordan and Ureen. the fjeri Monday niffht. Opened by Illegal Ketterer Oroya Route. back craze, and I was assigned to a town in Maudolinata ···.·· Mr. Mariner. SO. 470 COHUKESS STREET. Prices for the western of the Stat·. The .. Families and part house Hummel was crowded. It reminds me of this crowd. Cf price Miss Offices: It was in a church and was a joint so Knight. The Capitol Deserted Alike Con- debate, What the Bishop Said In His Inter- Armed Men at Cuthrlo Will Seize Cade la Sera L. MlUlottl General HASKELL & by to I to address them first and Boulanger Received by a JONES, Agents. 10 lbs. per month, $1.6C speak. my op- Miss Henrietta Bice. apr20 sotf dally gressmen and Visitors. to follow me. There were those who esting Opening Address. Their Choice Lots. Lltoiff Cheering Crowd In 15 " «' » ponent Splnnlled London-* 3.00 admired the sentiments 1 expressed, and I Miss Jordan. DYE HOUSE NOTICE. 20 " " " 2.60 really had intended to be eloquent. I had in Valse Caprice Schubert-Liszt " one hand a twenty dollar greenback, and in Miss Harrington. (Jarments 60 «15 de la Belne Bad Cleansed or Dyed am of the other a dollar gold piece, and I Officers and Committees OfflcialsiAccused of Taktne the La Polka The Catholic Whole, Importance Forestry Preservation twenty Appointed Best Mr. Claude M. Urltteth. Conereee at Madrid 1'reesed ready for wear, 100" .26 had come to that in my speech when it Presented to the President. point at the Business Session. for .Themselves. Sweetheart F. Lynes embarrasse· the waxed as as 1 was able to—to wax. 8pots Oovernment. By the cake, 20c 100 lbs. eloquent I· Maiden wlth;the Lips so Kosy.Meyer-Helmimd per I was best work, and putting in my carrying Sac (iondolaSong Fesca tilings possibly quite by (Jstorm, when I Miss Bice. FOSTER'S FOREST CITY DYE HOUSE chanced to look down Into a wing pew in the Bigoletto Fantasle LIsxt Customers can commence taking Ice at any t Ime to the Washington, April 24.—Thomas B. Retd occasioned no [Speclil Press.] Kansas City, Mo., April 24.—A Journal Miss Yeaton. Panama, 24.—The 13 I'reble Hi., Opp- Preble H···*. deeire, and delivery will be continued until crowded church. It surprise April Coinercio of tliey 34.—Last a re- Dance Meyerbeer notice to Is received at the office is the for the of there but what I saw surprised Lkwiston, April evening from Oklahoma : "Okla- Duet-Torchlight (lsted March : oct2» enoedtf stop only aspirant Speakership apparently, special City says Miss Vcaton and Mr. Urlfletb. Lima, Peru, 'il, says "P«ar- Any customer leaving town, giving notice at me a all at once a man union by the now in good deal,for straight- prayer meeting was held in Park street homa like was built In a lul land slides occurred the office, will be entitled to a reduction Kifty-third Congress Washing- an City, Guthrie, (lay, NOTER. recently from toe 'It te Hard to make au proper ened out in an epileptic fit, uttering aw- Einpt) We particularly request our customers to report ton, with the exception ot Mr. Cameron of church, conducted by Rev. \V. S. Mclntire, or claimed in an walls which iiack ful yell and kicking like fury. I stopped. I properly speaking, hour, The old folks' concert was re- perpendicular through the tun- Sliiiid Upright." any neglect of our drivers In leaving the Ice | com·· of the Park street church. successfully Illinois. Mr. Reed says there will undoubted- was a trifle alarmed. I looked over the aud- pastor The that before the nels on the route are cot In It t· hard to And plaints for carelessness or any other cause, if excepting portion captured peated by the young folks at the second Par- Oroya order to equully when all at once one of my enthusias- church was well filled and the service was made at the office, will be attended to promptly. ly be an extra session of Congress called ience, time by those appointed to go there and ex- ish last night enable the Verrugas .bridge to be thrown tic friends in the back seats jumped up, 10 ministers The ladies of Fine street church will con- about the middle of Octob r. deeply interesting, nearly being ecute the law. United States mar- across the waved his hand to me and shouted out, "Go Deputy tinue the fair chasm from tunnel to tunnel. A present. A prayer meeting will be held In Y. M. C. A. hall today. Mojor McKinley of Ohio, another very on there, Foster, by the Eternal you are shals laid out the .town Sunday night and Useful and articles will be for sale. cloud burst caused a mass of rocks and earth 'em fits." every morning at 5.30 o'clock. fancy Clark & Chaplin Ice Co., prominent Spreakership candidate, said on givin' Monday morning and covered the supposed Today the fair will not open until afternoon, to crash down and sweep the into This at 9 the bridge an morning o'clock Maine Meth- choice sites with When and only supper will be served. Admission and Saturday that extra session would be MAINE. tents. the train what may be called the "yalley of destruc- Boots free. All are Shoos called In October. The same were odist Conference commenced its tatb session invited. opinion from the South arrived at 2 o'clock consist- Prof. tion." The bridge cost $300,001) and was 573 Burnham & by Messrs. Cannon and Burrows in Kankln will give a musical recital at at lower ices than at Co., POWDER expressed Park street church. Bishop John F. of 23 cars and about 3000 pi ing containing peo- street church feet of Michigan, the other well known Speaker- The State Mouse. High Monday evening. long and 200 leet high, the highest m Hurst, 1). D., L.L. D., presiding. The Bish- had been The Pure. ship candidates, within the two weeks. ple, about 700 at work. Later com. Stockbrldge mu«lc store will be kept the world but once since built in the United & Absolutely past Auosta, April 24.—At a meeting of the introduced the open to accommodate customers and Libby Co., These gentlemen have all talked to the op services by reading the era did not repeat the wild rush at Guthrie. today States." State House was for the sale of the tickets : ΓΛ κ never varies. A marvel ol President on the subject of an extra session, commission, today, lit lesson. following Span- powder purity scripture They were too much astroundod to run and ish Hen Several rases ol and More and.their are based the decided Students, Hur, Stockbrldge Compli- yellow lever have occurred WELCH'S. ureugtb wholesomeness. economical opinions upon to advertise for building proposals was offered Kev. C. F. Thomas Prayer by Allen. over to the town site and took Canton etc. R. Phinney. Uau the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold In knowledge they gleaned from the Chief Ex- walked what mentary, Ridgeley, at Callao. apl <11 f at once, in all the daily papers in the Slate, Miss Nettie M. __ >mpetttion with the multitude of low test, short ecutive. Nine-tenths of the Republicans In The bishop, assisted by the pastor of the the government officials, not wanting, kind, Flaherty, who la to appear weight alum or phosphate powders. Sold in of specifications to be in readiness May Gth and church in the entertainment at Kavanagh Hall to- FROM BRUSSKLS only botli houses Congress are of the same and the presiding elder, then left went on out two stak- TO LONDON. «. Koyal Bimno Powder Co., 106 Wall ly They miles, night, has recited in many Massachusetts opinion. bids opened May 15. to Ν. Y. foot of the mountain ranges. police are not going to hear any comDlaints. Folks /•nrpflennndflnta." Lysander aged Bangor, admirers gathered in Iront ol the hotel April 24, 1889, 8 p.m. J complaint of Âsa W. Robinson of Sidney. wno non complain oeiorenanu will not was iuuuu ucau 111 uiocic»akui at iuo natau- and extended a cordial welcome to the gen- complain afterwards, ί don't believe any din ice house yesterday morning. where he eral. Market : : : xuuiuabiuas LUi UIC UCAIi IIUU'3 iur Rolinson bad been to selling apples THERE WAS NO Fquare. 461 St. Presidential Appointments. one can find any happier faces or TROUBLE. had committed suicide by strangling himself Congress and had a happier LEAF ap20 eodlf are rain and warmer weather, considerable sum of money, workers than here in Maine. it with a small cord. A note was found on hU The LARD! 34.—Frank M. Smith Let be our Pope'· Temporal Power. Washington, April Ceneral Merritt'· Report of the Put followed In western portions by lower tem- Cummings is Mr, Robinson's brother-in-law care that this continues. Our church has peison saying, "Bum did it." up expressif of Maryland has been appointed superin- Creat Rush Into Oklahoma. MAintiD, April 34.—The Catholic congres» perature and southwesterly winds. and shared his state room. In the morning had a good year's success throughout the Mr. Fred L. Cram of Bangor, brother of tendent of mails at Baltimore, and S. O. world. Nothing like that we ought to have General Manager F. W. Cram of the New assembled today with a large and enthusias- FOR FAMILY USE Cautionary signale displayed on the At- Mr. Rolinson missed bis money which was Washington, April 24.—Gen. Crook re- STEVENS & J01S Sullivan of Ohio was reinstated as superin- and nothing such as will make us puffed up, Brunswick railway, died suddenly in Ban- tic attendance. Twelve bishop· were pres- afterwards from the in lantic coast from Delaware Breakwater to found on the person of Cum- but such as will make us humble and ports Chicago following message 8, 6, 10 lb pails and 10 tt> tubs ; is (or sale by tendent of mails in Cincinnati. John A. just gor Monday evening. ent. The Pope sent a telegram blessing the First-Class '.roeer with three thankful. Our mission work has been sent yesterday by Gen. Merritt from Okla- every and Provision I Dealer: Eastport. Chapman of Illinois has been mings together watches.also Rob- KENNEBEC COUNTY. all I.aid rendered us is appointed Congress, and the body unanimously adopt- by free from all Cotton Booksellers and stationers, chief of division of the inson's property. grand." Bishop Hurst spoke particularly ol homa station : Seed Oil, and inspection office of The wedding of Kandall J. Condon of a Tallow, Huet, other adulterations so LOCAL WEATHER the work of the missions In India. "In the ed reply, declaring the chief purpose of the commonly and Is HAVE A FULL LINE OF BEPOBT. the Second Assistant Postmaster General. Cummings proposed to the matter from Kingfisher, Guthrie and and £llza Alice Sturtevant of used, Wnrra*ir Max. vel. wind 32 IH>dge returned from Purcell ((HIKE, Woman'· Relief The Lord is blessing the church just as A named of a positions. Maximum tlier 60.8 INCREASE. Corps. last night and reported everything moving family Carson, consisting Total piecip 0 signally in the frontier missions as lie is In at Minimum tlier 40.0 24.—The fifth In a satisfactory manner. Incoming father, mother and three daughters, living An Ex-Convlcta ELASTIC Very Low Prices. Tliaddeus Littlefleld, Sanlord. Dkxtkk, April annual con- the realms of India. In expressive terms Bequests. CUT-AWAY Ira Libby, Limerick. settlers «re cheerful and well disposed. This in Chelsea, have cost Kennebec county more ALSO A GREAT VABIETY OF vention of the Woman's National Relief Bishop Hurst the church on Wimnu'eo, Man., April 34.— A man named Howard Doyle, Soutl) Gardiner. congratulated may be said to be the condition of affairs in than $1000 yearly for five years, I)uring METEOKOLOQICAL BEPOBT. of its future and its past. We Methodist min- an Corps Maine began at Dexter, Wednesday all sections of the country. In my opinion their stay the family has continuously had Monroe, ex-convict from Manitoba peni- Notes. isters like the conference. Let us see that 8ox Pads and (April 24,1889, 8.00IP. M). Washington 85 all the offi- quite a number of were deterred from at least one delegate in the county jail, tentiary, died In his Papers, Blocks. delegates attending. Nearly we have a conference that we can look back people recently Kngland. In Observation· taken at tie same moment of time A. the and all have been incarcerated together more Washington, April 24.—H. Ellis, who cers of the State were As enteriug country owing to exaggerated will he makes curious HIP at all stations Corps present. on In future feeling that Ood has than once. The town of Chelsea has also bequests, including CORSET. FIM: STATlOJEtt A SPC u who was as on years reports as to the numbers coming in and the LTV. removed postal clerk the Me- one of the comes Fast in- blessed us. Bishop Hurst asked for renewed $100,000 to Warden Bed so η of the TMermote'r Wind day meeting Day, difficulties of getting here. Reports froui been obliged to furnish them with much sup. Manitoba chanic and confidence and trust in God and for Falls Canton route by the lato teresting complications are presented foi pleaded Forts bill and Reno and elsewhere port, a portion of which expense has been penitentiary. $90,000 to a Winnipeg consecration daily and hourly to the grand satisfy lawyer administration, and J. 6. Iloyt, who was discussion. me that the arrangements perfected will pre- reimbursed by the State. When they leave named Vivian and a like sum to Rev. Canon 193 work of the spread of the gospel. He closed the barn which now it is MIDDLE STREET. ~ vent serious trouole of any kind, they occupy proba- Matheson. hp-AS Place of β .a also removed ou the Farmington and Lewis- At the afternoon session the the after a brief address of about 10 minutes though dl))y21 reports of there may in remote sections be individual ble that they will go directly to Bridgeport. ^5 αί at ton have reinstated. Thro· Thousand Slaves Released. route, been officers were made and showed fifteen new length. cases of strife." Conn., where in times past they have found ι ί si Postmaster General Wanamaker has Is- Elder Adams nominated the list established In the and Presiding a domicile. Mr. Carson hat yet a fine of London, April 24.—Despatches from Observation. corps year $1900.19 of committees as ll sued an order authorizing all postmasters to standing follows: #1ϋθ unpaid, but it Is expected that he will West Africa the British ; sî expended in chanty. The is Cobbling the Cherokee Strip. say expedition has ηΠ W eeci observe April 30th during the usual membership Public T. Adams, W. 8. Mclntlre» raise the 11 holiday Worship—Ε. money and depart. the chief town Atkinsou House Γο. cft hours. the whole number P. Chandler, A. 8. Ladd. Cuicaoo, April 24.—A Daily News specia destroyed of the Wendeb Furnishing β increasing, being 1355. SOMERSET COUNTT. Secretary Blaine was Stewards—8. F. Wetherbee, R. Sanderson, J. P. tribe on Sulymah river and released 3UIX> PAYS IT8 STOCKHOLDERS slightly indisposed One hundred and fifteen delegates were pres- from Diamond Bar Ranche, I. Τ says the today and remained at home. Walker Blaine Lapham, O. S. Pillsbury, M. £. King. Dr. J. X. Merrill of Skowhegan. was ent from Education-Charles E. Bans. P. of the Cherekee has slaves. Kastport, Me 30.32 40! 4-2 s I 12 Cloudy said it was not true that his father was thirty-six corps. Henry Torsey, occupation strip begun kicked by a colt Saturday noon ami narrow- seri- Ednar M. Smith, Wilbur F. Holmes. Portland, Me 30.18 +4 8 18 Cloudy along the line. The Cherokee strip now in ly Instant death. The colt struck Prosecution to be 46, ously ill. lie was suffering with a light at- The Case Nol Pressed. Methodist Literature—C. F. Alleu, F. A. escaped Abandoned. Boston, Mass 30.26 66; 4-10 3 W 14 Cl'dles Brag- him in the (ice the cheek bone Block Island 30.28 sw 18 tack of lumbago, and thought he would re- don, J. Nixon. P. Chandler, H. E. Foss. process of being gobbled comprises uearly smashing St. 60| Cl'dles Augusta, April 24.—The case and his face. The fact ΡκτΕΒβΒί'ΒΟ, April Ά.-Μ. Gaahdan- ΙΟ ffi Nantucket.. 30.301 46 s 8 Cl'dles inaiu at home today. against Admission to Conference—Charles E. Springer, million and is terriby disfiguring Per Annum ! eight acres, four times as in the that the colt was says Council of the has rec- Albany 30.06 60 II 24 Ρ C Mrs. Gilford of Oakland, for murder was nol George K. Palmer, Charles E. Blsbee, Ί rue P. unshod alone saved him £mplre JANIAK* noil ϋΙΛ. S lane M OklalNHU. New iork... «0.20 66 +81 SB Ρ C THE DEFENDANT'S STORY. this afternoon. Adams, W. F. Berry. from a shocking death. ommended the abandonment of the proseen pressed Conference Relations-Gersham F. Fran- Stock at par until April 1, Philadelphl |30.18 68 +8 SE Cl'dles Cobb, YORK COUNTY. tlon of Admiral cis L. Hanicom. C. Posslot, ex-minister of ways Subscribe now and full five oer cent dividend Washington. 3O.08 68 S Cl'ules Grovenor, Loring Asbury MUSIC AND DRAMA. get +12 YELLOW JACK IN A. ccmes from in July. Norfolk, Va. 30.16 62 +10 S Cl'dles Chandler Collins's Account of the FLORIDA. Trafton, James Corey. A report ileitis that the and M. Stamernval, Inspector of railways, Halteras .... 130.28 50 -4 s Fraternal Relations—N. T. Wliltaker, William of an man named Full particulars from the Company at Portland, Cl'dles of daughters aged Curtls,who held responsible for the accident to the Im- Wilmington.. 130.16 66| Β Cl'dles Killing Ingalls. H. Foster, John Collins, J. Collins, C. F. Parsons, UKX was in that when Maine, or Measures Taken to Drive Him from HVK. dying town, summoned to perial train near Borkl. Jacksonville 30.18 +οβ Ε Cl'dles J. M. Woodbury. bis bedside abused him and DAVID W. 8. F. C. An audience, far too small In numbers, but robbed him of SEARS, Galveston.. 30.12 51 + Η Cl'dles His Temperance—A. Ladd, Haddock, A. W. Notes. Strong* Easy-Fitting:, Com- 2i Ellsworth, April 24.—In the case of the Stronghold. W. S. B. MitchelL his money and left. Foreign IT ill ilk Ntrerl, ICoiiu 5, KonIoii, Mrhm. Montgomery 30.18 64 « S Cloudy Pottle, Mclntire, ,H. not wanting In enthusiasm, witnessed with fortable and Health marft d3m New Orleans 30.10! 76 S Cl'dles State vs. Chandler A.Collins, for manslaugh- Marriage and Divorce—U.S. Pillsbury, D. Pratt, Five persons were killed by an explosion G. D. M. C. J. P. Robie. interest last evening. Lew Wallace's wonder' Slireveport.. 130.12 tl NW Cl'dles ter, on trial Dr. J. S. Moore of Bar Jacksonville:, Fla., April 24—Dr. Daniel, Holmes, Pendexter, in Brancapeth colliery, Durham, fcng. Kuoxvflle.... Î30.00 W here. Observance of the Sabbath-1. Luce, F. W. Preserving. % Cl'dles of the State Board ful story of lien llur, depicted in life-like An Imjwrlal decree has been Issued in WTI. Jl. iTIAKKS Memphis 30.041 72 W Cl'dlss Harbor testified today : president of Health, de- Smith. L. H. Bean, T. F. Jones, J. H. Roberts. of of tiAMK TODAY. Austria the diets and Cincinnati,O. 29.88 68 —6 NW clared the death of Mrs. Charles of Bible Cause-D. B. Holt, Κ. T. Allen, A. R. representations many its characters dissolving provincial Cloudy lie was acquainted with Ingalls, the mur- Domont new 29.88 60 W ttaia Sylvester. R. H. Kimball, J. H. York. and situations. The and will ordering elections. The House Patent Molded Pittsburg.... -10; Sanford to be from fever. She was Colbys Presumps"ota open Shape. Buffalo, N.V. 29.86 52 8 Kain dered man. Was called on the of yellow Sunday Sehool and Tracts—H. Hewitt, W. Can- night A. Bellows read a ball in 29.92 60 sick two ham, W. B. Bartlett, H. F. A. Patterson. 8. D. Mrs. J. condensation of the base season this city this after- "Near to Nature's Oswego W Haiti March 4th to see him ; found him in the weeks. Her health has been bad Hsart." desirable for Ladies of Une —8 Brown. so Especially Card Clevemnd.... 29.82 68 S Ρ C months. The the story clearly that her voice was easily noon, and a rattling good game should be for case was not virulent or of No words come to me with contour or of delicate constitution. Book, Detroit 29.78 68 NW Cloudy office of the stable lying on his side on the Church Extension—K. Atkinson, H. Hoitt, J. such force—no 4-61 W. Smith. C. L. Southard. P. T. Record. heard in all parts of the ball, and as each the result, as both clubs are evenly matched — — 111. 58 —1( SW the infectious but No words so 'l he Hip Sections are Lnt-Away, there- 4Kb Chicago, 29.88j Cloudy lloor ; found .'cratches on .the right cheek as type, sporadic. other fitting in whlcn to appeal tor help Duluth 29.96 42 j —2 Ν Cl'dles Freedman's Aid and Southern Education Socie- scone was the curtain rose and the and will werk hard to win. The removing uncomfortable and cases have occurred in the The reached, following for the children in our midst—as by Injuri- gt.Paul.Minji 29.90 48 -10 NE Cl'dles though he had fallen in the sand ; examined family. ty—S. Hooper, J. Gibson, G. W. Barber, Ο. H. those of ous 8t. house is and Stevens. A. E. Parlin. characters, appropriately costumed, were will be the batting order of both clubs: pressure. Vincent. 30.06 58 18 Ν Cl'dles especially the head ; found on the side isolated, all precautions have Mr*. Browning's "Cry of the Children." Bismarck.... right Domestic Missions—H. Chase. J. M. B. as in The French Coided Iiaud* over the 30.04 66 SE Cloudy been taken. has Frost, presented life. Presumpscots—Morton, lb. ; Webb, p. ; them—Jo 30.18 near the temple a contusion ; could not de- Sanford voluntarily em- Freeman, J. R. Masterman, John Cobb. Read read them. You will look and a Job Printer Cheyenne... β0| SW Cloudy who witnessed Hips prevent wrinkling, To all them it was an en- Batchelder, give North Platte 30.lt- 66 NW Cl'dles bargoed all from for 15 Church Aid-C. W. F. Marshall. D. R. 3b.; Files, 2b.; Campbell, is.; upon and think of Portland children as u re. tect a s welling above the right ear; the pa- people leaving days, Munger, rf. per graceful 11k Col. 80.181 70 8 Ρ Frost, H.Crockett, A.Hamilton. series of tableaux of Clark, ; Elkins, c. ; Smith, cf. ; ilarmon, ■t-INTKKH' Denver, +16 C and traffic from 5 m. to 7.30 a. joyable descriptive haos never have before. The Elastic («ores render this KXDHAKd», Halifax 38 tient was unconscious and the was prohibited p. Memoirs—R. Sanderson, A. 8. A. W. Pot- if.. p. ; Koberts.cf. ; you Corset 30.501 4-21 S Ρ c pulse Ladd, manners and Colbys—Parsons, Wagg, Montreal m. No fears of an tle. Eastern customs. Many of the absolutely perfect fitting, and 29.88 561 4-14 8' Cloudy feeble. The primary cause of the death of epidemic are enter- 2b. ; GUmore, lb. ; Bonne v, 3b. ; Kallocb, FT ; Whether you aid the Fresh Air Society by expaud ι Yarmouth... 30.40i Publishing of Minutes—W. F. T. F. scenes were to motion of the 97 -a bxchauge St., Portland, M< · 401 4-41 SW Cl'dles tained. Under the new Berry, exceedingly effective, as for in- Meggulre, ss. ; Merrill, If. ; Foster, c. tickets for the readily every body, giv- Ingalls, in the opinion of the witness, was health laws every Jones, J. M. Frost. buying tableaux from "Ben a Health effect and free- Ρ in the State is stance, "Judah and Ttrzah oa the house- PORTLANDS, 12; DOWDOINS, 7. ing Preserving PINE JOB A C—Partly Cloudy. external violence and blows. point kept under close watch, Resolution—G. R. Palmer, P. Chandler, I. Luce. Hur" tonight, or by giving money directly to of ΡΒΙΛΪΙνΗ SPECIAL!V Resolutions of F. A. 8. "Ben Hur and Iras on tbe dom motion. on of doubtful Sympathy—C. Allen, top;" the Lake," on [Special to Press. 1 tHa nfHAAra VAtt will ursnt tKotu» /iKtlileun »«· Hon. A. P. Wiswell opened for the defence reports cases. Sanford's case 8. F. Wetherbee. »r Ladd, Perfect satisfaction or the Ail order*· tuati ion" .· which the curtain was guaranteed My u-iep promptly tr- Real Estate Transfers. is the first and one The called ; and "Ben Brunswick, April 24.—The following is next summer < this afternoon. He said the defence only this year. know the Joy ol the price paid will be refunded. ended to ovl lend m admitted The following officers were elected for the seeing cheerfully The transfers board is Hur in the palace of llderim." the full score of today's game : Ν. H. Ladles, beware of imitations of following of real estate In the death of Ingalls and that the blow which composed of the best medical aud ensuing year: lambs In the meadows, the birds In the nest this have been sanitary experts in the State, and clothed Mo-t of the principal characters in the sto- PORTLANDS. this Corset, now on the market, which IIA \ 11 I county recorded at tbe Regis- caused tlie death was struck by Collins, but Secretary—Wilber F. Berry. and the flowers In the field. DSOÏÏK OÏ S with almost despotic powers. It may al- Assistant E. Foss. were and Ail «V un in nil IU Λ are not molded mid are of inferior try of Deeds : in Secretary—Herbert ry represented, even to one who Is Τ self-defence. so be said that neither a nor an exten- Statistical F. Jones. You think Portland cool and healthful panis Secretary—J, has never read the Webster, c 4 3 ϊ ϊ Ο ιβ δ ο lie member that "KoomerV is Cape Elizabeth—W. M. S. Lowell to J. W. Low- is M. Frost. book, the portion of the | shape, Chandler A. Collins, the defendant, was sive epidemic possible in Florida this year. Recording Secretary—J. ρ 4 a 2 3 0 0 17 2 Oo next July into the streets yon do not fre- iisr ell. *l,&e. narrative nrflaonfaH woo auM/iianO» #.»!! » « Kelly, the only molded shape high hip Corset μαιγ^έϊ. Financial Secretary—C. E. Blsbee. McGovern. 11— Harriet T. Preble et al. to Annie M. Starling. called. He said: 413301U0 quent and seek out the children In unventil- in the world. See that the name of $375. Explosion ,Fire and Injuries, Eight o'clock a. m. was fixed as the hour keep up the Interest throughout. Mahoney. lb 5 2 2 3 0 4 0 0 Why, because when they Had their hair Is fall- "1 am 20 vears old ; was Dorn on a farm in 3b ate 0 2 1 " other, if desire a lit. which invigorates and the *325. look with their aud sunken faces. you perfect spee ily strengthens North 4th Ingalls shouted to me to Did not natural gas at noon wrecked Hotel was rendered Mrs. Kos», 2b 43220122 They lip pale eradicates all diseases and Yarmouth—Cyrus Soper to O. F. I Ml loti. stop. today be in devotional service. admirably by Bellows, And tneir looks are sad to see. growth, scalp restores at but did later. spent rf 4 ο ο υ Ο Ο 2 o ■ KOIt 8ΛΙ.Κ 1IY it to its natural $52. first, Ingalls drove up to I.undmark. a lartri> Swpdiah hntal nt \f/>_ and won (juicier, draws and healthy condition. Keineniber Drafts were ordered on the charter fund quite the enthusiastic plaudits of cf 3 Ο Ο ο ο 1 υ ο For the maa's hoary angoisb presses Windham—Jennie A. Johnson to E. J. my pung, reached cut and and Cooper, Devine's Jlair Grower Is not a Dye, and warranted Sawyer. grabbed me, for $30, and on the Book concern for Down the face u( Infancy. $1100 told me 1 did not know Keesport, and dangerously injured the pro- $831 the audience. The waits were not long, and free from all -nous minerals. enough to drive into 12 0 23 pom Portland—A. D. for the Preachers' Aid Society. Totals 38 ii ι* 27 4 " Hon. H. Maul use Smith to Jane S. Lewis, et al. the barn-vard. He i?av« lllft ft vank anrl tiinn John Lundmark. A little the time for 'Your old earth,' uy, 1» very ; Joseph y ays, "My family &c. prietor, girl A claim on Maine necessarily required re-setting they dreary 1) vine's Hair Grower and $1 |the Conference for BOWVOIlf. Our 'are weak' RINES consider it the best jumped out. Ingalls hit me in the nose. 1 in the was the scenes was filled to young feet,' they say, very BROS. Westbrook—F. M. Pemiell to Catli&rlue B. standing door blown across the 8115 was for of the full acceptance sep27 dlawThtf preparation they ever used." Mrs. E. C. as presented unpaid expenses All Β ΒΗ ΤΒ «ι Κ) 1 Κ Few paces have we taken, yet are weary- Burleigh, il &c. clinched him, and the road was rough I " wife of Governor says "Devine's Iiair Hughes, street. The building was burned w 1th three the last General Conference,and was referred of the hearers, selections Our itnverest Is very far to seek.· Burleigh, £. J. Peniiell to backed him down the hill. by appropriate 3b fi ϊ ϊ 1 Ô ϊ ΰ Ô Grower will do all that is claimed for it the Catharine B. Hughes. SI &c. Ingalls struggled to the elders. Packard, i Bcarboro—E. D. to and 1 asked frame dwellings the presiding rendered Qrimmer's orchestra and the Kreeiii.ui, 2b.... 51110142 You will not wonder that they do not Ιοτ· members of our familv all use it." Crocker to C. 11. Sawver. *1 get up, him his name, which adjoining. During pro- by Dr. C. S. Payne, agent for the IMethodist If 2 3 4 «c. he told me. 1 knew his reputation. I told gress of the fire Chief McAllister, of the lire Portland Male Kor«. 6 0 2 1 1 this life. You will wonder how you could For »ulr nil Educational Society, was introduced and ad- Quartette. Andrew», e 6 2 2 2 0 7 2 1 (WHITE by Ι)η·ν|»ί«ι». 7 5 cent* ρ«τ Gorliam—Lydia Cannell to George 8. Turner. him there was no use of our department, was painfully, but not fata'.ly love It and endure it If your Uvea were cast Sc. having trouble, dressed the Conference on educational inter- Mrs. is to be Hilton. Cf 5 O 2 2 1 2 Ο 3 boltle. $1 that we were both burned. The loss is three-fourths Hayes congratulated upon in lust such If you do not want to Uolliver men, and 1 want- $25,000, ests. Jordan. ss 500000 2 2 places. LEAD, apr'22 nrm2m* Harpswell—Paul S. Merriman to W. I. Merri- ed him covered insurance. the very effective manner in which the tab- now, will want then to : ) man. to let me alone. by Downs, lb 20000910 you surely say 11.60'-. Dr. Foster of the New York Conference " "1 let him ui>, and he leaux were and rf 41000100 (Jo out, children, fron· the mine and from U» POLICIES I'roleclwl the John Merriman to Paul 8. Merriman. reached out his hand was arranged conducted. Taker, by Pop- $1.200. as 1 introduced and addressed the confer- 40000180 OIL Freeport—W. C. Mitchell to WilliamGore. $1 th'iught to shake hands, but he otruck at CENERAL NEWS. The will be Gately, ρ city, ence in reference to certain books of which performance repeated this out, children, as the little thrushes do. ular Se. me. 1 told hiui that he was not as he Blng jUNSEED Haine Non-Forfeiture Law doing he was the author and 1» 1 fluck handfuls of the publisher. and the hall should on that occa- Totals 40 10 24 18 U your Raymond—Bela Latham to Phcbe J. l.eacli. SI promised. 1 pointed a revolver at Film and A evening, 1 ineadow-cowsllp· Se. forest fire in Waterbury, Conn has The minutes were read and corrected and ν issued (he OLD UNION told him I should have to shoot him. He done sion be fi'led ; for, aside from the object for Innings 123456780 Colors, PAINT, only by Portland—E. G. Hodgdon to Ueorge $3000 damages. the conference adjourned. Laugh ai.«inl. to feel your fingers lei them Libby. $1, paid no attention to it, but on. 1 the entertainment is Portlands 12128003 x-12 etc. kept right Murat Halstead's condition is im- At the afternoon session the roll call which given, it is one through!'' Stains, Varnishes, MUTUAL LIFE threw the revolver into the sleigh, ingalls greatly Bowiloins... 10031020 O— 7 INSURANCE Dcering-Fr»ncis Fessenden, et. al., to W. II. proved. showed 160 members Special reviv- which will be sure to please those who have With our "missions" and our CiMiant. S1000. gut it aud pointed it at me. 1 did not fear it, present. Two base hits—Kelly. Boule: Sunday Calsom Finish, The of al exercises were held, followed a sermon the of Mahoney, Koga. schools we try to "save their souls." Can Brushes, off Portland, Main*. Biunswlck-J. F. Files, et. al.,to M. 11. as it was not loaded. 1 feared that he would League American Wheelmen will by read story Ben Ilur. and those who First base on balls—Webster, Kelly. Mcuovern, COMPANY, Riley, meet tills in by Kev. T. Whiteside. At the close of the we not show them more of God in &c. et. al. il, etc. hurt me, and as I happened upon a stick 1 year Uagerstown, Md. still have that pleasure before them. Boss, Cooper, Downs (2V Struck out- Portlands, nature, Bronze Powders, session the conference adjourned to evening, in the summer months, than we can tell Gorliaui—D. P. Getcliellto F. I. Whitney. SI, struck him aud knocked him down. When Gen. Butterfield will cut the civl·· parade 4; Bowdolns, 15. Passed balls-Webster, 8; when educational services were If suggestions may be made, we would Andrews. 2. Time—lb. 56m. them in the not under- he fell he dropped the revolver. The sleighs at the New York Centennial down tu anniversary Umpire—Moulton, year? Might they * Η. H. HAY & sujwmT_WATE Casco—Sarah F. Day to Α. Ν. $2 ). 80,000 led by Rev. Dr. Payne of Ohio. say that the tableaux would have been far Bowdolu '87. stand the better what we teach If SON,* Tenney. were abreast. 1 then tried to help him on men. they The water from the Colby Jordan to Sarah K. Mi-Lellan. $50. saw the and the which ST. celebrated Sum- with his coat. was more effective if the hall had been THE NATIONAL LKAOl'K. really beauty love|of KS&tS MIDDIUB Falmouih—J. W. Stubbs t. That the blessed One who blessed all Uu HONORS last night, was a great success. F. K. Law- spearean scholars, a reception was held at Inulngs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1» «Mers, Major Thaxter was Answered TO CAPTAIN MURRELL. MURRAY AND MURPHY. Will bless them another R. STANLEY & rence and Rev. Robert Collyer delivered ad- of Dr. H. P. day," SON, the house Conn, given by Mrs. and Bostons 4 4000000 0- H 4IO Fere Promptly. dresses. Tonight tomorrow night, Murray and and the childish hearts, lifted above Htren, Conn and Mrs. Helen M. Walker. Hand- NewYorks 1 00320010-7 perhaps aprie dtf The Tired Seaman Ob to will the listlessness of life In the [Rockland Courier Gazette.] iged Rest The Vanderbilt roads east of will Murphy appear in "Out Irish Ύ isitors," dreary squalid Chleago some invitations ornamented Shake- Bate hits—Bostons 10; New York*, 1). Errors and filled with tbe summer Gen. in visit to After abandon many of their by at Portland Theatre. An homes gladness Cilley his recent Middle- HisCaetles. Sunday freight exchange says : Bostons, 8; New Yorks, ». Batteries-Welch and will no I trains in order to the speare's coat of arms were sent out to the that quickens birds flowers, Ε ! and C Va give men more time at "Those Kwlng, Clarkson and Bennett. town, and while conversing with some 300. sterling, and popular, and Irresist- longer answer: home. number of nearly The honored guest At LAOIES' GOLD ol the at that Philadelphia, Hamilton ibly funny comedians, Murray and Pittsburg. ■Win Is that lie should hear uaf If are a of WATCHES Confederate soldiers place April.—Capt. of the occasion was Mrs. Abba Goold Wool- Murphy, liod, You in Want of Full Supply Albert Holt, aged 13. of un the at 1 2 3 45678» we sob the human found the Murrell, the hero of the rescue Lawrence, Mass., son of Boston. The were met at appeared stage Ilaviin's last night Innings When aloud, creatures uear us. at COST at gunner whose piece lired the shot of the Dan- was a rine guests the examining yesterday, when the and achieved a brilliant success. ap- Plttsburns Ο 00008600—· Pass by, hearing not, or answer uot a word. that tumbled from Ills horse. He mark's passengers, was to door by a little page in the picturesque cos- They theJGeneral have been pre- was discharged. The boy was instant- peared in their enti- 3 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0- ο Mount also conversed with Smith a mem- tume of the Elizabethan era. The guests "nondescript" comedy Chicago* Is It Gutter Mineral Water MORRISON & Cooley, sented today to the 1400 in y killed. tled "Our Irish and 11. Errors likely liod, with angels singing around him Ice, CO.,Jewelers ber of the 12th orphan boys Gir- filece were to the hostess Dr. M. Visitors," they kept the Base hits- Plttsburgs, 11 ; Hears Va. Cavalry, into whose camp presented by II. 7.Cblçaeoe, Halterles-i.alvln our weeping any more?" LEAVE the 1st Me. ard College. After entertained at Concerning the case of yellow fever re- W. large audience present in a contiuual uproar —Pittsburg*. 'J; Chicago·, YOUK ORDERS AT Cavalry, came near riding during being French, Henry Stevens, l.uther S. Mor- Hutchinson and Kartell. Ella S. 565 Congress Street. the of lunch in at Sanford, Florida, Surgeon General of laughter. The plav has been reconstruct- and Miller, Sahokht. mar4 dtt night Oct. 12. '(κ!,and one of whose men, the Stock Exchange, he had an at- rill and William P. Fiske. The parlors and [auiilton said that he would not ed ana enhanced In value as a fun-producer At Imtianapolln. just roused from sleep, informed Major Sid- tack of Ëorted be sur- the inclosed piazzas were beautifully de> vertigo which forced him to retire to if there should be a by the introduction of new and humorous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1» Workroom Sale·. POLICIES Protected by thé ney \V. Thaxter: "It was the 12th Regi- prised considerable orated with laurel (lowers and Inulngs BURNHAM & his (quarters on board the number of cases. Shakespear- Irish situations. lu short, the play, as now CO.'S, ment," and when the major the in- Missouri to take a ean pictures. In the about 30o Indianapolis ...O 112 2 0 3 0 1—10 The sale of garments made in the work- No· 71 pressed well evening peo- produced, is a happv conglomeration of all 0 Cr°88 Street. Maine Non-Forfeiture quiry, "The 12th what?" earned rest from the social Roscoe M. Plaisted, in the assembled In a Cleveland!) 0000200 1-3 «020 Popular was astonished by whirl leather business ple G. A. R. ball to hear lec- sorts of refined fun." room opens Monday, April 2Utb, at No. aw dlm-lstp the reply: "The 12th d d which he at 249 Congress street, ture on "The Homes of Base hits—Indianapolis, 16; Cleveland», 7. Er- issued the OLD UN- Virginia, you through has passed during his Boston, under the Shakespeare," by Life Law only by fool!' stay firm name of Plaisted A Mrs. THE SPANISH STUDENTS. rors- Indianapolis. 2 ; Clavelands, 11. Batteries- Congress street. In the Union Mutual Cooley was w 1th his regiment April in this The fund George Co., has as- Abba Goold Woolson. This lecture city. started last night for Getzeln and Buckley, Bakeley and Is no ION MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE 9th, '65, at the surrender at Appomatox signed. His liabilities are 836,000, of which was kindly given by Mrs. Woolson in aid of The seventh popular entertainment under Snyder. Insurance Company's building. There the captain, officers and crew At Court House, and said that the first shot as a substan- $7000 is wholly or partially secured. There the furnishing of the Shakespeare room of Mr. Stockbridge's auspices, will be given at Washington. charity in the city that yields such practical COMPANY, of Portland, Maine. fired by a cavalry brigade on the tial reward for the humane are good assets of $8000, and idoubtful the Fowler building. It was in the Innings 1 2 3 4 5 0 road to Ap- act bas already assets Library City Hall Saturday evening, the Span- 7 8» results for good as this. Only those who are pomatox Station that killed reached over 82000 and will which nominally aggregate $8000. usual vivid and eloquent style, by morning a com- probably be speaker's Philadelphia! 0 5001 2 000-8 familiar with the Individual experience of rade of his and would have swelled to Lord Lonsdale has arrived at and was received with much favor the ish Students, assisted by Prof. Ryerson, the hit him had he nearly 85000. San Francis- by Washington» 1 00010020-4 tbe workeis can realize how uiany hard we wish to state U> the patrons ol not just moved. after co. of his in the audience. Mrs. Woolson was introduced humorist. Uood seats can now be obtained Mr. l'ait»' iifa» AT COST ! He, burying his Speaking journey Polar re- by are over by the weekly help we liave a and full SELLING mounted places bridged complete record of the r,ïii his horse and struck out for gions lie said the object was not to find the Judge Sargent. at that have lieeii and friend, THE RUINS BLOWN at Stockbrldge'e. There will ta a special given in honorable employment this work- they usIiik j therefore shall h« the valley, and the DOWN. North Pole, as but to lurulsh them with the subsequent proceedings published, explore the matinee, Just the for the children, Sat- room. We only wish our old friends and tbe able to same kiudofCniLi MORRISON & CO.. Jewelers. interested no thing him more. Islands in the Arctic Ocean and the birds Washington's Inauguration. afternoon. bright. como in and become We shall keep lu stock the best and most reliable urday public generally would Firemen Killed a and animals found there. While on A.MKK1CAN Coals that are mined for domestic use and bv ONE MONTH ONLY I ONE MONTH ONI.Y During Cloud Buret Kay The committee on the celebration of the ONE OF THE OLD STOCK. ASSOCIATION. better acquainted with our work. We do strict attention to business we Patriarchs Militant. river, he saw the most beautiful hope to please all in Ca. waterfall in of Baltimore—Baltimore*, 11 ; Brooklyns, 8. not ask you to give but only to buy at fair who favor us with their orders. Atlanta, the world. It Is horseshoe la centennial Washington's inauguration Mr. Davis, whose impersonation of "Alvin At I (Signed) 565 Congress Street. Grand Canton Kidgeley, No. Patriarchs shape, and hlladelphla—Athletic*, 7 ; Coliunbus, 6. prices tbe garments made by our women. mar28(1 If A. H. WRKiflTft co. ^ 2, has a sheer fall of 200 feet, with met in the Mayor's office yesterday and this Joslin" is well known in will mar4 of this another fall Portland, ap- NOTES No dealer in the city can show you better Militant, city, has been for some far above about one and a Atlanta, Ga., April 24.—One of the it, half miles programme was arranged : and a bedding, shirts and chil- one pear Monday Tuesday evenings, in The tiual of the stockholders of wrappers, night POLICIES Protected time making to wide at the and and .. meeting by the preparations properly ob- heaviest rain and hail storms top three-fourths of church bells from 12 in. to 12.30 p. in. dren's aprons at any price, than we offer you ever known at the bottom. It is Ringing new play at Portland Theatre, called "One the Portsmouth Ba.se Hall Club was held L\ CLASS- serve the Odd Fellows' 70th miles wide more beauti- Evening exercises at City Hall, Mayor Meicher at cost, or less thau cost, when we consider INSTRUCTION EKtiLISHAKV annlvet- here began at 4.30 this afternoon. It was a of the Old Stock." The tickets will be for The committee Maine Non-Forfeiture ful than Niagara, although not the same Tuesday evening. appointed that the ladies their labor in and Popular sary. The are presiding. sale at the box office give cutting arangements completed, veritable cloud burst. At the time it of water. Concert by First Band, F. L. Collins, today. to ascertain the total indebtedness reported ICAL STUDIES began height Regiment heaviest fitting two mornings each week tor tbe live- Law ieeued the OLD UN- and the exercises will take Leader, from 7.30 to 8 o'clock. THE UARRETTS' ENTERTAINMENT. the amount fl.tiOU. One of the only by place members of the fire department were inside long winter. M. J. Lji.lt. <»1ven to ttie subscriber Prayer Kev. Ν. T. WhI taker, 0. D. stockholders stated that he would assume private pupils by in City Hall, tumorrow evening, as follows : Colby University. Tickets for the Barretts' ION MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE the gutted Jackson building burned Sunday, Vocal music by select chorus-"Brtng Brightest entertainment one-half the amount if the club would raise Band concert the First of the Laurels." B. F. Gould. are Champion Shingle Buncher. by Regiment Band, a fire the The annual meeting Colby Univer· Words by Mrs. selling rapidly, and If the sale continues the other half. It was voted that each stock- of Portland, Maine. J. w. COLCORI), Fran κ L. Collins, leader, from 7.30 to 8.15. putting out among debris. Before of COMPANY, sity Alumni Association of Western Reading Washington's Inaugural as large Kavanagh Ilall will be holder be assessed 88.90 per share and that L Piscataquis Observer.' Conferring Decoration of Chivalry. they could get out on to the street the walls New Ueorge C. Burgess, Esq crowded to- STREET. Sailors' held at the business be wound up. The of the Exeter who tend* |aoa4l«SPEABL ^ Hornpipe Dance, by the young gentle- fell Firemen W. P. England will be Hotel Warwick, Vocal Music—"Union and Liberty." Words by night. The members who are to exploits girl, men « ho cave it recently in City Hall. in, killing Leach and participate Herwickers organized a fine Mass., Friday O. W. Holmes. are and The South tall-stock in a saw-mill, having been set Exhibition Drill and Ball. and others. Springfield, evening, May 3d oration Hon. J. P. Baxter rehearsing dally, the committee give consist- VIETH'S HOTEL, Henry Howell, injuring Both team of amateurs Tuesday evening forth in tbe columns of an exchange, Mr. A. the papers read at the annua: Vocal Music words written for the assurance of a most beet in that section. * firemen leave families. The Among -Washington's entertaining programme. of the players They who has been a 245 Tremont Boston. HAINE contract Ivy Street Mis- occaslou Rev. Thomas Hill, l>. D. ing Thompson, running shingle St., STEiJlSHlP COUPANT The between Adam meeting ol the National by Tickets be are ready to meet good amateur nines any Forepaugh sion building was blown down and Academy of Scien Address Rev. William H. Fenn, D. D. may procured at the book store machine la Olltnaa's mill this winter tells us CI«*e«fniiiMnl Vamuw|>ie—e«l. and P. T. Barnum, by which the two complete- held In the National of McGowan & where. Games can be arranged address- For NEW great ces, Museum, Washing· Music—"My Country'tla of Thee." Young, C. D. Cunningham Λ- by that his daughter. Sadie E., aged ten year·, for YORK. showmen agree not to exhibit in the same ly destroyed. D. and Will Lord, Manager, fcoutb Berwick. KxceJlent accommodations people visiting ton, C., commencing April ie, was one bj Benediction Rev. A. K. P. Small, P. P. Co., several of the drug stores. ing has IrequenUjr bunched from six to eight Boston to do their PARCEL ROOM Bteainets territory continues during the season of Prof. W. A. of Colby Men's shopping. leave Kraokltn Wharf on Wednesday· Rogers University, on PUPII.R OI HARVEY The Youug Christian Association's thousand shingles In a «lay. and she does the KKKK. Convenient to all the large retail stores and 1889, and 18»o. Uat'uum the MURRAY. Saturdays at β p. 111. leave Mer played western How Judge Foster Cave Them Fits. the aduitlonal experimental proof that tht Peter Bennett, the miser, the base ball nine played a game of ball with a work lu good shape. ami theatre s. Horse cars to all pass the East Keturntug, circuit last and Plymouth Mechanics Hall was au Thirty-two bunches of points 88, Klver, New York, on ana year, Forepaugh the eastern. relative coefficient of expansion so much ex- filled last night t>y nicked nine on the Eastern eleven Is door. IIKNKY I». VlKI Wednesdays At the of the Lewiston between robbery of whose till caused yesterday stilnglesln hours a record that the II, l*ropririoi. Saturdays at 4 p. tn. J, I). Y This year liarnum gees east, and banquet whole- and steel is andience dSrn CO LE, Forepaugh Bailey's metal constant between citement about a year is dead, and is to assembled to hear the musicale Promenade. Tb* score was 'J to 0 in favor average ten-year-old girl would find It apr!8 aept21-dtf Ueueral salers the other evening, Judge Knoch Fos- 95° of ago, bard A«en Ht the limits zero and temperature. have a monument that will cost over 9200. given by the pupils of Mr. Ilarvey Murray, of tbo Young Men's nine. to beat. Tuesday an old man, a stranger In the city, m 18C EljLANBOUR miM!KLL*NEaCR. THE PRESS. CITY AUVRHTiMK IlKNTH. FIV4N[ the United Stated of Amer- prolific as to any of the foregoing prov is Ions, Dt TUB man the blood. This vital fluid makes up the substance of the body it circu- large, contrary COUPON A\I» KKUIMTKKKD. ica the one hundred and thirteenth. should have been put into it. And the owner or thereof, or the head of the lates through every part and every organ; if the blood becomes impure, keeper HALL OF THE V. n. C. A. or of the house, store, ofllce, or EDWIN C. BURLEIGH. furthermore he should have been furnished poisoned, or contaminated in any way from Constipation, Biliousness, or family keeper Trust Com New other where such Is or harbored, Cenirul |»un y of and the any other cause, some especially weak organ must soon become diseased plaoe dog kept Wedntsuf Thumb) Aftaraoou ud Emnmji, By Governor.] medical aid. To be sure he did not ask it, shall forfeit and a sum not ten thereby, or the whole system may suffer iu consequence. Never neglect to cleanse the blood. pay exceeding Vork, Trustee. Λ PKI I. J lib ADD Ult. Okamandal Smith, but an observant eye could have readily dis- dollars. There «111 be for sale a variety of useful and fancy article·. Also lee eream and otber refresh- Secretary of State. covered that he needed it, for when he was CITV OF PORTLAND. ments. locked up be was within a few hours of Secured the Ont and only mortgage of the On Wednesday a bot dinner will be served from In Board or Mayob and I by The American Aldkbhex, Denver Kailway a now 12 to 2 o'clock. "boodler" already In Cana- death from exposure, and certainly of 16th, 188». f City Company, corporation signs April horde* under a charter giving exclu- will be served each from β da is not Ordered, That the Marshal be and he is operation by evening to β cornered yet; but an excellent trap feebleness could not have been wanting. City sive horse-car fifteen car lines over 42 at directed to cause to be enforced the ordi- rights; INGALLS' VIGORINE hereby miles of track In a ol Admission free. bas been Denver, city 100,000 people. 35 cts. arranged tor such as may Join the No man ought to be committed to a cell at nance relating to the licensing of dogs. Dinner, Supper, U eta. The bonds are further secured a first and d3t colouy in future. until IS WORTHY OF THE CONFIDENCE OF ALL WHO Read and pissed. by jipr>3 night he is examined by the deputy Attest: only mortgage upon nine and one-naif miles of GEO. C. BURGESS. double marshal in charge. SUFFER WITH BLOOD DISEASES. City Clerk. track of cable road with land, viaducts, Lord Salisbury thinks his is con- machinery, etc., now being constracted by the party City Makkhal's Okfick, ) Denver Cable which ENTERTAINMENT, fronted FOR SALE EVERYWHERE, or sent by express paid on receipt of price. City Railway Company, latter FAST DAV with two phalanxes, one political and April 16, 1880. ) company owns the horse car lines, and will EVENINO, In oper- the other criminal. But Lord CURRENT COMMENT. accordance with the above order, the above ate the two systems in connection with each other. Salisbury's Price. $1.00: Six Bottles. $5.00. ordinance relating to dugs will be strictly en- Particulars and friends pamphlets upon application. do not make much headway proving feblG TTASnrm forced by me, WILLIAM H. GREEN, PKICK l'A Κ and accrued Interest with the right Kavana«h Hall, HIGHLY NJSKVOCS. Marshal. BY «- the crime the leaders of aprl7dtf City to advance the same without notice. TUB against any pha- For sale lanx. [Rockland Courier-Gazette.] by BARKKTT ΙΓΓΚΚ MtY ASSOCIATION, Augusta has been all torn up over a mys- In aid of the Orphans. terious stranger, whose strange TitUei. 3Q I».J The Oklanoma boomers who expected to language Crntm. iprt3da« inizzled the Kennebec linguists. He was fiud a laud flowing with milk and honey EASTER set down as a South SUNDAY finally Sea cannibal. It SWAN & have met with a COLCHIS BARRETT, grievous disappointment. now transpires that he is a Russian sailor. Since Portland made that Work and plenty of it is the penalty of audacious grab at was a new 186 Middle Street, Portland, Me. 1819.I.O.O.F. the State House has been in a great day for 14 ing in Oklahoma as well as everywhere else Augusta very Spring; MINING COMPANY. dec dtf nervous frame of mind and looks upon all as and —and it looks if there might be some as secret Coats, my stock was strangers Portland agents who are largely SEVENTIETH ANNIVERSARY. fighting thrown in. planning to carry off the old legislative den some CAPITAL $500,000 surreptitiously in the wssMEDICINE represented by of the best night. PI ""Wo* ii.-ii η__i · n. It appears that the retroactive of LLS In full BAND clause Nervous such at Wind and Pain In the Stomach. Sick Headache. Giddiness. 100,000 Share·, paid. NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED. For Bilious and Disorders, fitting, best ones saw. CONCERT, the Weldon extradition bill was defeated Fulness, and Swellingaftor Meals, Dizziness and Drowsiness. Cold Chills, Flushings of Heat, L0MM looking you [Bath Times.] Shortness of Breath, Costivenes, Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful DECORATION OP CHIVAI.RT. almost votes of Appetite. Scurvy, I can entirely by French Canadian Over and above "the show of hands" as to Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations. *0. THE FIRST DOSE WILL GIVE RELIEF IN fit you to one just as well. NUIUItjlllDailMllgbU. one Box of these nun, nuDr.iii υ. inur.iuui.ij. rivr.si- — — members from Quebec. It is in Quebec that a great moral question, the vote upon con- TWENTY MINUTES. This is no fiction. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try orrsus roe sal· EXHIBITION DRILL, and thrj/ will be to be a Medic ine.-"\Vorlh asruineaabox."- DENT; C. D. JENKINS. M. D., VICE PRESI- most of the American stitutional prohibition in a Slate like Massa- Pills, acknowledged Wonderful colony are located, BKECH AM'S PILLS, taken as directed, will restore female» to complete health. For a DENT; FRANK N. WEDGE. TREASURER. chusetts is meaningless, as nothing is really quiclcly 6 Fer Cent Debenture Bonds of the Com· AMD and as they are well supplied with BALL, money, accomplished iu the way of legislation, DIRECTORS: pany. a leva! investment for and aie understood to shell out it pretty lib· whatever the result. The returns from the WEAK STOMACH; IMPAIRED DIGESTION; DISORDERED LIVER; HON. ROBERT G. 1NGERSOLL. HON. NA- tenais Bank·. AT CITY » HALL, doses ave» vote in seem to iudicate that they ACT LIKE MAGIC few will work wonders uponiwu themc Vital Organsvrirjau •. erally, their presence Is not dis- Massachusetts ~ Strengthening FRED R. THAN CLEAVES. HON. CHARLES E. 7 Fer Cent First Loan» on Real altogether the muscular back the krkeen of COON, Mortgage a of the voter» in that System ; restorini)ring long-lost Complexion ; bringinging edge appetite, FARRINGTON, GEORGE L. D. M. very C. tasteful. large majority tmhols •tirai of the BHOREY, JENKINS, D., Estate in the be»t sections of Kansas. and arousingrwith with thé ROSEBUD OF HEALTH the physical_ energy human frame. State are to for one " FRANK N. WEDGE. opposed prohibition, These are "Tacts admitted iu all classes of and one of the best Hatter 8 Per Cent First Real Estate Friday Evening, April 1881, the local by thousands, society, guaran- Clothier, and Furnisher, Mortgage New York thieves are a thriv- reason and another, and that option tees to the Nervous and Debilitated is that BEECHAM'S PILLS HAVE THE LARGEST SALE OF ANY UNDER THE AUSPICES OB expecting The Directors bave decided to sell a small Loans of the Maricopa Loan and Trust system now In vogue is to be continued for MEDICINE THE Full directions with each Box. ing business at the Centennial. The PATENT IN WORLD. amount of the Stock to their of district the present at least. As, under that plan, Treasury complete Company, Fhœnlx, Arizona. Prepared only by THOS. BEECIIAM, St. Helena, Lancashire, Kngland. extensive mill. In doing so we are not asking in which the electric light have been is secured every New Ritiss' 542 Street. Also Bank Stocks and otherinrestments. poles prohibition by community Sold by JtruggUts r/enerally. B. F. ALLEN à CO., 365 and 387 Canal St., New York, Sole Building, Congress any one to take the risk of coming into an unde- Graud Canton k we see how apL>3eodtI mhio STATU Ridgely, 2, cut down by the Mayor is likely to be left in that desires It, fall to anything Agents for the United States, who, {If your druggist doe» not keep them,) veloped enterprise. more could have been accomplished had the The amount of ore Is there Is PATRIARCHS MILITANT. darkness, and as it is one of the most fre~ OF unlimited, nearly State into its funda- WILL MAIL BEECHAM'S PILLS ON RECEIPT PRICE 25 CENTS A BOX. thousand on the dumps for the incorporated prohibition thirty ready The of the of Chit quented in the city the and law. No statute can ever be made mill. conferring Degree airy «UI pickpockets cog- mental BONOS WANTED. be a moat feature o( this A mill built and well on the pleasing occasion. nate gentry will find abundant effective not supported by public sentiment. M&Tbftwnrmly being way. Those sixteen opportunities It will be hiiished about and to young men In the Hornpipe July, according Drill «111 their to ply their vocations. The New York Post four of the best In the will give interesting seen· of "Sailors mining experts country on Shore." A Maine Derylen. Interest on the stock. tbinks the Mavor chose a very unfortunate pay very large capital IMachias Republican.] The Directors are not asking the public to do State of time to cut Maine 6's down the poles. The thieves, what tbev have not done themselves, as they have Musio by hi Band, f. L. Collins, Lea ter. There resides In South Addison a singular Reg! however, heartily approve the selection. thoroughly satisfied themselves of the value of character whose strange conduct for the past the mines, and have expended upward of two Due Jane and October 1889. tient sad hundred thousand la Tickets, admitting Ladies, AU the honors dollars machinery and de- paid to Capt. Murrell of the year is beginning to create a stlr.iu the out- velopment of the mines. ♦ 1.00, A of the stock was taken In New steamship Missouri are deserted. side world. He is a man about 30 years old, large portion to be obtained of the members. York and Huston, by men who have seen the Audros. & Kennebec R. R. 6's It is true that very few mariners of respectable but when connections, young mines and know the country. Reserved Seats In the balcony. 26 cent· each would have left, without assistance, a it is said heïbecame a victim of religious ex- Nothing short of an earthquake can make a fail- (extra), on sale at Stockbrldge's. Mil CougrtM citement. bo was he imbued with ure of this. Doe 1890 and 1891 street, on vessel in the condition of the deeply Soap and alter Saturday, April 30th. but Danmark, what he termed the of God" that he The stock will be sold until the 10th of aprl9 dlw ''Spirit April AND we imagine that very few of them would would manifest bis devotion in the school (unless previously disposed of) at three dollars hands. per share. have decision and skill in room by the school with displayed equal interrupting prayer. No certWcates for less than shares Later on he became a reader of the twenty-Bve meeting the exigencies of the case as they Koran, white will be Issued. and finally embraced the Mohemmedan re- Pears' Make checks to arose. Capt. Murrell's action was F?*»** payable UNITED STATES i ligion. Within the past year he has taken to l-2's Afternoon and quite as creditable to hli head as a hermit life, and lives in a store-house in a Saturday Evening, complexion BEST HAND RICKED APRIL STtfc. to his heart, and It is a glorious tribute to neighboring wood. Id the centre of his do- clear C. D. JENKINS, M.D., Vice President, Dne 1891. both. micll, resting upon four posts, U a wooden EVENING EXTRA We would advise holders of above bonds Co dis- box which serves as a bed. He is strict In his mar28dtf 45 BROADWAY. NEW YORK skin. pose of them while present premiums are obtain devotional which Bright exercises, consist tin 7th The Boston Herald says it was the inten- pray- able. Popular. Grand latino. ing three times each day. When at prayer PEA We are to offer an — BEANS! MEMORIAL, excellent Une of BY THE tion of the Massachusetts Legislature to he assumes a prostrate bis Emyrterc.'' prepared OmiOUfAL attitude, resting healthful lecurlties for reinvestment, a list of which we shall a If head a At SOUP,-Sold COMMENCEMENT, pass prohibitory law the majority upon stone. sunrise, after rising Soft be pleased to furnish upon application. Corres- from his he Complexion against the amendment was only a small bed, washes bis feet land hands, English EXHIBITION, pondence solicited. and bows to the east, which custom is re- Great one. It that the Prohibi- " appears, then, peated at noon and sunset. He tabes but ANNIVERSARY, PEARS'—The And all Day tionists in striving for constitutional two meals the secular and from Festival Music can certainly be during days, u red of ! Ht till the he ton romjuiny. Send freely for prohibition, bave sacrificed statutory prohi- Saturday night following Monday, sts, and advice. abstains from food. Broc descriptions bition, for if the Legislature was ready to entirely au4 SffM & 6 Octavo BARRETT, TUDENTO S«Spanish~0Under GENTS PER Music. th· direction οi pass a law in the face of a small majority QUART! We cannot too strongly recommend our BANKERS, nbi.QtÎAIDKH ukkm *>dk» against the amendment, it would have been Sneezing Catarrh. Ex- We offer one car load, about 400 bushels, of new, bright Octavo Pieces, 6000 In number. All are most selected, as — as to do so carefully containing the best — quite ready without any test ol Tlie tlie ac- and clean Hand Picked Pea Beans at the assisted by distressing sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, above price. Anthems, Glees, Choruses, Quartets and Sacred 186 Middle Street, Portland, Ne. the mar 11 public opinion upon subject. rid, watery discbarges from the eyes and nose, the Tailored, Those who want a trade in Beans should come early, as Selections. More expeuslve to publish than dtf Prof. L. L. RYERSON, Humorist and Character sheet we still sell them for the low Artist; ANNA HOWES painful Inflammation extending to the throat, the the lot is liable to last a few at music, price HERNANDES, Pianist. The next State that will undertake to only days this figure. of 5 to 10 cents each. under the Lan of the State of Missouri swelling of the mucous lining, causing choking Merchant Incorporated Reserved seats and 35c 50c; Admission create a prohibitory law by popular vote- School 25c. sensations, cough, ringing noises In the head and Teachers Μαγινκκ Pkic ««-Reserved seats 2 ~.c and 35e ; in other to Price! will And numerous Concert and Admission 15c. words, put prohibition into splitting headaches,—how familiar these symp- to Exhibition Children—Reserved seats 15c Songs Id our well made School Song Collections, NATÎONAL and 25c ; Admission 10c. Tickets now on sale at the constitution—is Pennsylvania. A toms aie to thousands who suffer cept periodically responded of which some of the newest are "(Jailed Stockbrldge's music store, 840 street. from colds or and who live has we Congress resolve submitting a measure of ln;ad influenza, in Ig- trade which Voire»," (60 cts., $4.80 del.) "('ktWrf·'· ap23 dlw of tlie fact that a of for ABOUT norant single application daily COFFEE ! Mrhool of Wang»," "Kin this sort was the last Sanford's Radical (36ctS„ |3.t>0 doz) passed by Cube fob Catabuh will stream Clothing dergarlea nod Primary SchHl afford instantaneous The Spring Moaga," Legislature, and is now pending before the relief. of If you are a lover of Coffee and bothered to find (30 cts., 13.00 doz ) and "Maag· and tiaan Loan and Trust PORTLANDTH Ε ATRE But tliis treatment in cases of simple Catarrh sale Stan- what Co,, We preparations. ? far Liltle Han," ($2.00). people. don't tblnk a man need be a ves but a faint idea of what this remedy will do our great over you like try ORIENTAL It will come to No. SOI Delaware Kansas the chronic where the munificent over and cloth- JAVA· up Street, Gift, Mo. TWO NIUHTS. prophet or the son of a prophet to predict forms, breathing is ob- made it Books for Social Singing. structed mucous accumula- have to tell among your ideal. by choking, putrid we a for have many effective Songs and Choruses, as the result. If neither Massachusetts nor the smell and taste peer CAPITAL, PAID UP, * 1,004),ΟΟΟ.ΟΟ. tions, bearing affected, gone, Oughtn't is without "('allege Mongn," (60 cts.) "War Sm|·," and and New Hampshire could get prohibition into throat ulcerated and hacking cough gradually for excellence, (60 cts.) "Jabilre and Plaalalioa Monday Teesday, Âpril 39 :W. itself the debilitated Man»,» J. 8. Chick, Prest. W. W. Vlce-Prest. fastening upon system. Then Clothing guess- (30 cts.) "Aaaerieaa Male < boir.'' Kendall, its constitution it is hardly within the range it Is that the marvellous curative dard vastness, Without ($1.) Ο Eu. Κ. Putnam. Treas. C. E. Bush, 2dVtce-Prea power of San- for four "Teaaperaace Hallyiag (36 cts.) fobd's Radical Cpre manifests Itself In instan- and Snii/' P. V. Worn all, Secretary. of possibility for Pennsylvania to. It looks ing stocks low prices. three ".Tlrmarial Day Moaga and Hymn·," (26 taneous and grateful relief. Cure begins from tlie and of Geo. C. Shaw & cts.) Trustees for to us as if the Prohibitionists needed more first It is deposit of mortgages securing deben- ALVIN JOSH Ν application. rapid, radical, permanent, quality patterns Co., tures: Knickerbocker Trust New York good gentlemen Co., City; than anything else some efficient economical, safe. different for boys, va- managers in sizes a better Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co., Boston, Mass. IN A NEW PLAY, in the shape of practical politicians. Sanfobd'8 Radical Cube consists of one bot work--49 suits for OLIVER DIM COilPAVY, Κ after» Offices: Orwell. Vt With Vermont In- tie of the Radical one box Catabbual ask suits Nos. 585 and 587 and 235 vestment Cube, frock you line of Congress Middle Streets. BOUTON. and Guarautee Go.; Portland, Me.—Jose Solvent and an Lmi-boved Inhaleb; price, $1. button Could our apr23 eodet Bldg, US Exchange St., Fred E. Kichards, Director. The railway mail service is the one gov- men. when to the aprl8 TSSItf Potteb Dbcg & Chemical Co., Boston and young to buy them ernment service which, above all others, re- It is easy put way The Debenture Bonds of this company are se- One of the Old Stock ? you; cured first of real In- quires honesty and efficiency in its employes. riety before in every leibic by mortgages estate, mostly IT STOPS THE PAIN. is laid superior we side property In growing cities. No loan is made It is no sort of a home are ~ In excess for broken down poli- at $20.00 they when COMPANY'S of 50 per cent o( appraisers'valuation. BEAUTIFUL SINGING ! Aching Muscles, Back, Hips, and The security Is ample and the Debenture Bonds ticians. The demoralization consequent and Uterine and scrutiny; foundation Sides, Kidney Pains, rickety EXTRACT OF VI EAT pay the Investor 0 per cent Interest. CHARMING MUSIC ! upon Cleveland's treating it as "spoils" to all Pain, Inflammation, and Weakness closest on no icllered in Me in·ιι«·κ the at $10, Finest and Meat Stock M be distributed for KIT by stand make. Suits Cheapest Flavouring for EXCELLENT CO l'A NT ! faithful political service, Italien· η Λ nti-l'nita Planter. The fret and You our own Sack Soups. Made Dishes and Sauces. As Beef Tea is notorious. At the eleventh hour he re- only palu-subdulng plaster. New, original, lu- Men's '■anjnvaluahle tonic and an agreeable stimul ant.' MAGNIFICENT STAGE SETTINGS st antaneous. never failing. superior to guarantee Young & Annual sale 8,000,000 Jars. Vastly our $8, HASKELL pented of his conduct and ordered all other and remedies for the relief of at at FRED E, plasters Look . Suits JONES, RICHARDS, the service placed under the civil service pain. At all druggists, 25 cents; live for S1.00; and $1 Pant 98 or, postage free, ot Potteb Dbuq and Chemi- $15 Long Exchange Street, A Production. rules. It was well $50,000 enough perhaps that the cal Corporation, Boston, Mass. $12, our Boys' at men, Reserved execution of this order was there apr!6 M&Th&w2w Look for Seats on sale Friday. Prices 75.50 delayed,for and $18. MAINE. and 35 cents. was $15 of Trousers PORTLAND, apr34dtd mach poor timber in (he service that it $10, $12, full line Announcement was easier to get rid of than would other- TRUE'S PIN WORM ELIXIR l Look at our for the Spring wise have been the case. boys. account But President men and fully the him «ι no. a Harrison's determination to tbe that at liorps, place service young are things business Goial» only with fac-aimil· of J··!» Horn Investment! under the civil service rules on the first of There flow of April FOR 1889. τ·ιι l.tebig'· ·ϊ(·αΙΗΓ« ni blae mre« label should as above. May be rigidly adhered to, no matter We are now ready to show to the borers of Portland how uninterrupted Clothing many protests go up from men who are and vicinity the largest and finest Une of Clothing ever placed Bold by Storekeepers, Grocers and Druggists. anxious to it out. oar counters. LIEBIG'S EXTRACT OK MEAT CO.. L?d Lon- keep -·»ηηιηΤϋ|||βΡ« npon doD. Foreign and Domestic Fabrics made In sellTuTh&Sly CARNIVAL np elegant and At the style wholesale»' banquet In Le» iston flnish In onr own workshop. NKW $20,000 I.INK TO Α. Τ C. I. Barker, Esq., brought out the striking Nobby Scotch Plaids and Stripes In Sacks and styllih worsted that cutaway Suits for men. WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE fact while there is over nine million yoong Water Co. CITY ΤΤΑΤ.Γ, dollars of Fine French Serge Salts in black and bine; a very desirable Wakefield, Mass., incorporated capital In the cotton article. mills of not over ten (IMKII B. ·( M « CONSOLIDATED MORTGAGE 5s. — Lewiston, thousand The line of onr well known custom made B. JEBNEY — Overcoats Is now PHII.A A KKIDIKH Κ. K. Due MAY DAY dollars a year ever stopped in Lewiston in ι February 1,1906, optional February 1,1896 complete, but those Intending buying his should make aid Β Al4TI.HO Β Κ Λ. OHIO Β. Β. dlvdends. spring "We aie," he declared,"irere hew- an early selection as the demand for these Garments excoeds Afternoon and ers of wood and drawers of the Solid Trains-No Transfers. No Extra fart for Fast Time Evening. water." Of A CREAT DISCOVERY supply. Tbe Wakefield Water Company le a corporation course it is Oar on Salts and Overcoats from PULLMAN CAR HKRVICE chartered under the laws of Massachusetts and better to be hewers of wood and It Is acknowledged to be the best, aafent an< prices range $10 to $35, ON ALL TRAINS. and we that no one furnishes water for lire protection and domestic drawers of water than to do most mitent nnD" KKUAmch20dÛ eodly Easy Chairs and Rockers, dtt eter and less, there being a large amount of 1*- work or easy work. The men linsisted tha< Beds, Dining Room Inch main and only a small amount of less diameter Mattresses, Spring Furniture, OOLD than 4 Inches. Tbe normal varies the firm should hire no men who were not LIBIA'S BOTTLES Desks, MEDAL, PABI8,1878. pressure nefMngei»»»■ a Warrant m the people of Klchmond, to the LOW to InsotiîL? J^prt A·."· according PRICES, GOT Warranted these lrot.i the two towns amounts $6,740. out ol the c"nr« lM"1" & absolutely pure vënev fnfLùn l,Sue4 DEANE are and the revenue from Gardiner Home Journal this seem to TO There about 1,600 taps, of the week, Cocoaf from which estate touuty Cumberland, against COLLEY, the excess of was. in December, 1888. at of MOVE! Oil has private consumption have Schlotterbeck & been sided with the strikers, refusing ίboard Foss. removed. It has more the rate of annum, making a total UEOKOE pato oSjtf No. 46 Exolianee Street. than three (22,000 per LIBBY, of Portland, to non-union in some cases to •pro times the strength revenue annum of $28,800. Therefore the workingmen and Building be Torn eodlm of per adjudged to be an Insolvent Debtor, on of Down. Cocoa mixed with Arrow- Inancial condition I· as follows : petition even Starch, Ueorge which peciii"ii discriminating against them at the POLICIES the root or Sugar, and is therefore far Llbby, protected by Pop (iross earnings -(*8,800 "I**d on the seventeenth of Apt Π. A. f>. stores. more economical, Λ,:Μ day The proprietors then determined ta All costing less than Expenses »·>.οοο 188», to which date Interest on claims Is to be alar Maine Non-Forfeiture Law Goods at To Our Friends in Brunswick! one cent a cup. It is Interest on ortgagc computed. leave the town, and having obtained assur- Cost SOUTHERN YELLOW PINE éeheious, charges for 60 nourishing, strengthening, easily di- That the payment of any debts to or by said ances of ! We desire 21^2 sympathy from the citizens of issued only by the OLD UNION Days LUMBER AND TIMBER. to call attention to the arrival of Mr. gested. and admirably adapted for in- a^ooo Debtor, and the transfer and delivery of aay NOW UKOHUK A. valids as are their to that FOR Memorandums of Lumber furnished At the low. lIl.mKK, our authorized a«eDt. well as for persons in health. property l,y hlni are forbidden by law. Randolph, moving plant in your That MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE All BARGAINS. est market prices from our stock on tne wharf, or midst; he will make his headquarters at $6,H00 a meeting of the Creditors of said Debtor village. The net result Is that the Richmond 50c the Taminr Hold to one or more and 35c direct from our Southerh pine Mills, and In the Hair I, and will be pleased to make by 6roc«rs everywhere. The Company this Sd >» will extcind Us pipe prove their debts anil choose Books now - - appointments a Court of lose their and quickest possible time. with the Brunswick needing line about ν Va miles wbu h will assignees of his estate, will be held at workingmen employment the of Portland, Maine. people largely increase Koom. COMPANY, Room 23c 8pring supplies ; he has a splendid line ol samples ^ Insolvency, to be holden at Probate Court Richmond lose an Paper 8c a DEBRINd, UINNLOW Λ CO., and is of people industry ; while and furnished with photographs of Furniture, 1 BAKER & Mass. A^ter a" careful personal examination of the tn said Portland, on the sttth day April. roll, upward. Gill SÏ3 Cmaaeretal PoMlaed Kanges, &c. We CO., Dorchester, A. D. forenoon. the proprietors have been obliged to make a Paper 8c roll Room Street, trust he may be liberally patron- works, we purchased the within described 1889. at 10 o'clock In the JEWELRY and and ized Dy our friends (liven under band the date flrst above writ- DIAMOIMIS, HATCHES, upward. In Brunswick. κ bonds andean recommend Ibis security as being my move more or less costly. The of an- to match μκκκβυ υινκη, that the ten. H. Κ 8AK«iK.NT people Bordering Noticesubscriber has been In our Judgment particularly safe for Trust Funds. other SIEVE ! duly appointed and as of the Court of In- town have been most benefited. If ther· WAKE, taken upon himself Deputy Sheriff, Messenger the trust o( Administrator solvency for said County of Cumberland. are ahy other of the estate o( labor organizations in Maine ■ I COST VOK ONE MONTH ONLY, m aptH&'JS that TheAtkinsonHoûûFuniishinKCo., HARRIET E. contemplate to the free HEADQUARTERS. HASKELL, late of Portland, denying labor- In the the ers of Maine the MORRISON ii County of Cumberland, deceased, and POLICIES-Protected by opportunity of working for CO., Jewelers, PORTRAIT given bends as the & ARTIST, law directs. All per- Moulton whomsoever will = Cor. Pearl and Middle Portland, He. sons Non-Forfeiture hire FOHMK1U.T WITH ■ Sts., demands the Woodbury .Maine and having ιι,κιιι estate of them, forbidding maridtf }B5« OKH It KMW KTUIitl said Popular employers to hire BHAXCUM, deceased, are required to exhibit the same; whomsoever and the OLD UN- they may τ OLL1VIER, 1162 Broad wny, Ν. V. all persons Indebted to Law issued only by they ftrryTo DUO rr.ny Oe rounn or. Auburn, said estate are called BANKERS, please, should ponder over the result of XXJlAO.J A -t JUiJCvI*. Howell Kockland, Bangor, Biddeford, Norway, upon to make payment to âcCo'el^^ap-si Colesworthy'sBookStore 400 Gardiner. ION MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE affair In Richmond. 92 St., Ground B. "Kïsr aiar2u Congress BEWALL HASKELL, Adni'r. Cor. Middle and ÎSSSgStfiFÏÊi" Ρ,'ινΛ'ϊΰ»" ^Studio Floor.lm ap23tf Issu»» C. AUîuiuu, Ueu. Uau'r. Kichange Streets. of Maine. EXCHANGE STREET. Perttaud, MwcUv, 189». «KUOUwXMw* •ρΐβ dti COMPANY, Portland, 4lm On entering the covered bridge the horse be- and without l'or Haut), digest inconvenience. Nervousness, Me,, City 6s, 1807 124% nilCBLLANEO ('β. THE Ban te kick and succeeded in freeing himself bancor 1894 nieCILLANKOl». PRESS. headache, biliousness. Impaired appetite and a City β», 107% from the wagon. Young SUnley was pulled Maine State 6s. 1889 leeble, troublesome stomach, are all and speeddy 100% out over the frort of the wagon onto the Hitl Manufacturing Co 85 THURSDAY APRIL 25. set this matchless and invlgor- New York and New MORNING, floor of the bridge but fortunately was not right by regulator England Hallroad.... 42% seriously injured. ant. The mineral poisons, among them strychnia Doprei 118% Davis is Atcb. Topeka and Santa Fe Kill 1 road Postmaster confined to the house and nux vomica, are never safe tonics, even in Hell 42% Catarrh Telephone 23β with rheumatic trouble. Infinitesimal doses. The Bitters answers the pur- Easteau WHY MEN ARE NERVOUS. Railroad 80 a blood disease. Until the The public examination of the pose more effectually, and can be relied upon as Mexican Central poison le students ol safe Fever and the the Piper free high school was on perfectly byilie most prndent. IS expelled from system, there can Wednes- It. C.B.&Q 93% ague, kidney troubles and rheumatism yield to F1 nt « lire this day. Marque»" Railroad coin be no cure for loathsome and xEASTER HATSϊχ the Over. Upon South side last at dopref 96 malady. Therefore, the district school Saturday the Hooligan—Bo ye do bees tellin' me thet Iirannl Rostou & Lowell Kailroad dangerous only meeting Allen Garner was Boston 165% effective treatment 1» a thorough couree elected agent and gan was murthered by burglars? «ι Albany 216 colors in a mau who himself money was — the English to match overcoat, Cuba, Chrome, and three Many formerly supposed raised tc Cnlcago, Burlington & Northern 44 of Ayer's SursapariUa best of all Nutria, Fan, Maple, Cinnamon, Copper, Melton, and purchase land to enlarge the Mooney—Yls, bo jabers, it's a fact. O'd possessed of a powerful physique and strong school grounds Colony Kailroad 172 blood The sooner shades of Brown. We to have more A· oi Hooligan—An' did his Wisconsin Central purifiers. you begin guarantee colors and than any retailer east of Boston. These goods nerves wonders at his feeling of exhaus H; S alk,er Briagton, and D. K. Has they get money?" 16 styles steady tings of have Mooney—Νiver a cent. Sure be had it hid safe, the better ; delay is dangerous. for Fryeburg, been in town pre we ourselves, Eleven colors and 20 to select from. Gloves also to at tlon, lassitude and lack of Inclination physical paring and barrln' losln his life, Brannlgan klm out wld a " imported styles match, reduced prices. tbejJlaintiff's side of the horse case New York Stock and I was troubled with catarrh for over and mental exertion. Where before he had a vs. whole shkin. Money Market. Llbby Eastman, which is to be two years. I tried various Silk Umbrellas with every conceivable of in silver and natural stick. and nerve next tried fBy Telegraph.] remedies, style handle, gold, feeling of strong and vigorous physical Monday before H. Fairfield of A New Kind of Insurance aud was treated by a number of Saco. NEW YORK, April 24. has physi- power he now has only a sense of weakness, 1889—Money been but received no benefit until I Cumberland Centre. has been In the manufacturers of easy, ranging from 2 to 2% per cent; last loan cians, OUR SILK HAT Is .ften put operation by at $7.00 FOR 0N OUR SHELVES. languor and dullness. This especially 2% per cent, closing at 2%. Prime "began to take Ayer's Sarsaparilla. A $5.00 One day last week Dr. Pierce's medicines. His "Golden Medical mercantile cured noticeable in the morning. The night s sleep- Ralph S., youngest sou paper 4@6 per cent. Government bond* dull but few bottles of this medicine me of of and "Favorite are sold and which should refresh the system and restore Special Deputy Sheriff Porter, of thif Discovery" Prescription" steady. Kailroad bonds are fairly active. The this troublesome complaint com- under the manufacturers' stock market remained dull after health."—Jesse and to the nerves and place, went after by druggists positive delvery hour, pletely restored my M. strength vigor muscles, May flowers in the long but a firm to strong tone was N. guarantee. Either benefit or complete cure is maintained, closing Boggs, Holmau's Mills, C. often leaves the person In the morning more tired woods, so called. As he turned from thi quiet and strong at best prices of the day. thus attained, or money paid for these medicines The transactions at "When Sarsaparilla was rec- and exhausted than on retiring. Harris road the the.Stock Exchange aggre- Ayer's into main road his horse be- 124 me for catarrh, I was in- whose is returned. The certificate of guarantee given gated 076 shares. ommended to Huslness men, prosperity depends upon" came The frightened by a large dog and clearing in connection with sale of these following are to-day's quotations o( Govern- clined to doubt its efficacy. Having their clearness of brain and medicines Is ment mind, And their men securities : tried bo remedies, with little ben- himself from the carriage went home. The equivalent to a of Insurance. The "Golden many F. policy ROBERT United States 3s tai strength Impaired and tlielr endurance will need I had no faith that anything would SOMERS and some efit, carriage repairs, as both Medical Dlsoovery" cures all humors and blood New 4s, reg power to work diminished. one wheel 129% cure me. I became emaciated from loss Professional men, thills, and the dasher were some- New 4s, coup students and what shattered. taints, from whatever cause arising, skin and t29% of and digestion. I clerks, whose brains constant- The boy escaped injury. New 4vis, reg 108 appetite impaired 232 MIDDLE being diseases, sense of STREET. Easter the church was scalp scrofulous sores and swellings. New 4%s, 108 bad nearly lost the smell, and ly active, require a more than amount Sunday tastefully coup ordinary of with The "Favorite cures Central Pacific lets was deranged. I was nerve force often And dressed various varieties of flowers. Prescription" all those de- 116 my system badly their power of de- Denver & R. U. lets when a friend thought In the afternoon the pastor Rev. Daniel rangements aud weaknesses peculiar to women. 121 Mi about discouraged, urged One Price Hatter. : : : : One creased ; where Erie 2ds and Price Hatter; formerly they could endure many Greene, preached an excellent sermon ad- 106% me to try Ayer's Sarsaparilla, re- Pacific Consols 116 consecutive hours of close Don't and Oregon ferred me to whom it had cured application of the mind, ducing arguments in proof of the divinity, hawk, hawk, blow, blow, disgusting Union Nav. lets persons FOR MU. now And Ill of After taking half a dozen VKJIALK IlKl.r. FOR HALE. they that the thoughts wander and there the atonement and resurrection of Christ everybody, but use Dr. Catarrh Kansas Pacific lsts.... catarrh. Sage's Keinedy. 116 I am convinced Is to fix the mind In the evening there was an bottles of this medicine, Inability tor any length of time interestiug The following! are the of CO Κ one Easter concert. closing qoutatlons that the only sure way of treating this MALK—2nd band; a lady, a situation as rash 1er ΚΑ Ρ (OB ϋΛΜ·—One Henry If. Miller upon one subject; with this there stocks: 60 as one is an extremely Wonderful Talent: obstinate disease is through the blood." BICVCI.BeExpert Columbia, good new, $85 ; WANTBD-llyor to do writing or bookkeeping. Address CMupright piano: the last In stock; must .go at nervous Marion, daughter of M. W. Pearson, Is April 24 23. 55 Inch Roadster. BOX and Irritable April — light ditto, $85.00, nickeled; >47. Woodtords. Best ut references. 23-1 once: Itlsachauce condition, a dull, cloudy sick with a be Charles H. Maloney, 113 Kiver st., you disorder closely resembling the Adolphus—Will you mine, darling? Adams Exp.< se 160 160 one 50 Expert Columbia. $05.00, lair one NEW 2£iV BOSTON seuiatlou, often Mass. order; ENGLAND ORGAN CO 1β Kree »»r«et. accompanied by disagreeable shingles. Alicia—I cannot. Am Eipress 114 114 Lowell, 53 light Koadster. (75.00; one Rudge, $40. a young lady position to do feelings in the head and The Schubert Central Pacific 34% 3* These are bargains taken in (or the WAHTED-Bywriting In an office or as clerk in store. eyes. Quartette of Portland, will Adolphus—But have you pondered on the sub exchange STEAMERS. As these Chicago Burlington & ... 93% 93 new Columbia Safeties. C. H. LA M SON. 177 Address T., Preys Office. 22-1 OK symptoms increase there Is a furnish the music at the exer- Qaincy N4LE-At Uorhain village. Maine, on usually graduating ject? Do you realize to what an alliance with me llelaware & Hudson Cmal Co....133 134 Middle street. 24-1 of cises at F State St., a two story frame house, nine derangement the digestive The feel- Greely Institute. could raise you? am the L'icka. woiuan (or organs. Think, darling—I only- Delaware, S Western... 136% 136% attendance upon an rooms and stable, with about 1/3 acre of land. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. of Ât the annual parish held member of tills bar who can Ο H NALK-A 54 in Invalid ing languor Is increased, with a gradual falling meeting Monday county cross-exam- Denver & Rio (iraude 15% 16% Sarsaparilla, Inch Columbia bicycle WANTED—A; duties light, and home pleasant; to CAPT. VVM. LEAVITT, 107 Commer- ine a worn m and do Ayer's Apply afternoon the the 111 Clover Erie BT order for E. 8. a of some of strengtn and weakness and In following persons were chosen Pigs puzzle at 28 27% FnEFAREO F good $30. PENDEXTER, person experience preferred. Call at cial St., Portland, Malue. or MB. II. J. UCAVITT pain the back. officers for the the same time. 561 St. 24-1 121) SPUING altemoons. There Is ensuing year: Clerk, 0. S, Erie pref 69% 69% Congress ST., 20-1 School St., Gorham, Maine. Ki-a Fare $1.00. often a bad taste In tke mouth In the Alicia—Take me, I am tnine! ■ lllnoi» Central Only Thomes; treasurer, Arno S. assess- Dolly; 112 112 Dr. J. C. & Co., Lowell, Mat». TU rilfNJLAM ΙΊΙΑΜΙΙΙ the Chase; Ind S Ayer Ο Κ SA I, Κ- At Jones' Peaks' D-A working for a morning, vision becomes dim, the memory Is ors, A. G. L. H. Bloom West 8% 9 Landing, housekeeper Osgood, Merrill, and Geo. Price elx bottle*, $6. Worth (i a bottle. Island, a house, finished for summer WANT*small ou an Island In Casco Impaired and there Is Blanchard. A man's wife should always bo the Lake Erie & We t 18% 18% (1 ; F good family, Hay. BCMNBM CHAHCIR. frequent dizziness. Persons Lake Snore aud winter, lot 75 feet on the avenue and extend- Address with references, B-. This Office. 11>-1 thus same, especially to lier but If 102% 102% affected are often and husband, she is Louis Nash ing 175 feet to the shore, one of the most desir- FOREST CITY and JOHN BROOKS despondent, suffer Deerlng. & 66% 66% OK Μ αι.κ from weak and nervous, and uses Carter's Iron Manhattan able locations, will be sold or good blacksmltblng situation, by JOHN SMITH, Jr., Business FRANK 1,IN Fort gloom and depression of the mind. The Pills, Elevated 96 97 cheap exchanged Herald alternately IMn WHARF, la»4, The Portland <& Rochester Railroad Is site cannot Scti Ε I. ic for W. H. 180 Mid- WANTED—Aby an experienced workman; will pur- F Broker, Building, Boston; wood, week at Τ la nerves so be, for they make her "feel like a Michigan Central 86% 86% Godfrey, Young, Philadelphia—coat city property. WALDRON. •very day evening o'clock; arriving become weakened after a time that the chase rent or work for : references coal, κ am, building materials, &c. ; business run grading the lots at the corner different M un & St. Lou a 6% 6 Sargent, Dennison Si Co. dle street. 24-1 wages good season tor connection with earliest train· fat least or of Ocean street person," so they all say, and their hus- with fine success by owners 2*1 who uow excitement shock will flush the face or 11 Soli c J Wlllard, Wallace, Philadelphia-coal U given: Address BOX 1U, East liirain. Me. 1-4 years; point· beyond. aud Forest bands so dopref 11% retire; will sell stock and bring on a tremor or often Avenue, and the lot nerr Clifton say tool MHsourt Pacific Sargent. Dennison & Co. male—House. ell and stable.l situated. rolling materials, Sc., Through ticket· (or Cr.vl4c.er, I trembling, attended by 70% 70 at value and lease buildings, Sc., to more street and New Hell Cbas A White, tc FORNo. 1G Forest street, near Congress street responsible W.rrralrr, l*.w Y*rk, Ac. or less palpitation of the heart. Forest avenue, Woodfords. These Jersey Central 96% »5'„ Tripp. Philadelphia—coal on the Apropos the Hamoan 2 Mills. Une, !) cellar, nice well and WANTED. parties to carry business ; city 75,ihmi. leave INDIA Unthm The Dispute: Nor. Pacific common 126% 26% Rolling rooms, good cistern, Returning, WHARF, ev- patient having these or a lots will be made attractive A W lot at a soon. (JAKIll 24-1 symptoms, por- by thd Deering Johnny comes in to his mother with torn dopref 60% 60% Sch Kills, Ryder, Rondout—cement to C A 40x100, bargain; apply ery week day evening at 7 yeloek. tion of them. Is from nervous Northwestern Chase. NEK & ROBERTS. Oxford Building, 185 Middle man and wife aprltl J. H. COYLB. Manager. suffering debility, Tillage Improvement Society. clothes, a scratched face and a bawl. 104% 106% WANTED-By mai.V—By JOHN SMITU, JR., Bus! caused Sch Lucy Hammond, from New York for Yar street. 24-1 to take full of a farm ; much ex- by exhausted nervous from over- The new post office at Woodfords will Northwestern pref 137% 136% SITUATION charge FOBness Broker, Herald Building. Boston; vitality be Mother—Why, Johnny, who have vou been Vork mouth. and recommendations. Address work, excesses and built on the lot next to E. New Central ....106% 107% perience good If.OOO; steam laundry, 12 years established; nn abuses, which must C. Chase's fighting «1th? Sell Marion New York—coal to Randal! OK MALE-Now liyourtime to buy Books G. 'J. 301 St. 24-1 PACIFIC NAIL STEAMSHIP COXPAilTl Inevitably store. New York, Chicago & St l-ouls.. 17% 17 Draper, It, Congress with tine success ; all modern ; gradually break down the Johnny—With—Hans—Kielnhammer. & McAllister. F 500 more of those fine cloth bound Book*, machinery capacit) —lin· worn— nervous and physical do Dre! 71 'il $350 work and can do It at good prices Ail unknown man a ran Mother- What were you fighting with him for? 8ch Woodbury M Snow. Maddocks, Wood's 27 cents each, 4 for $1.00. A very few copies persons In want of trunks or weekly system, unless a proper riding bicycle in- Ohio & Miss 22% 22% chance for one or tw. 054 and Oallfwitla, Japan, China, Centrai George Stevens Tuesday uight as yesterday—that we- Ont, & Western 16% 16% bags HKYNOLDS', few mile» out. 22-1 orating remedy Is used to OÎercome the could lick—the Dutch? Bell before ate all sold. FRANK B. Cl.A liK, 650 cor. as we floodmiabltants; weakness she was returning from the given Oraimn Trans-Cont'l 31% 30% Mariel, Nutter, Steuben for Boston. they Congress St., of Oak ; manufacture and South America and and re-establish health reception Sch A Κ 515 Congress street. 24-1 our and can therefore bottom Mexico. and strength. to Mr. Shinu. She escaped with Pacific Mail 36% 36% Kimball, Kimball, Wiseasset for Bo» goodie give you MAI.B-By JOHN SMITH, JR.. Busl .A slight ton. Trunks tepaired. 23-1 Prom New toot of This Is precisely what that bruises. When waj we her prices. FOKliess Broker, Herald Building, Boston; York, pier Canal et., Nortt great medical dis- Baby sick, gave CastoifQ, Ptillmui Palace 189 188% OK MALE—Very desirable house, contain- tor Sui At a Cleared. half Interest In a boot and shoe manufacturing KWer. Francisco, rU The l.ika.· a| covery, l>r. Greene's the meeting of the Stevens Plains La- W she Heading 44% 44% F ing 7 rooms and out buildings, with 1 acre ol to know that can Nervura, great brain he» was α Child, she cried for Castoris, freight business a in this all to and nerve dies' Circle the officers Kock is anil 92% 92% Steamship Eleanora. Bennett, New York—J Β land; floe view of ocean: 2o minutes walk WANTED—Peoplebe taken to of the Order ; specialty city ; money ge invlgorant, does. It Is all following were any parv bay. In to the business not essential OF 1Ά Κ A Mils beyond chosen : When she became Miss, she clung to Caetorlit St Louts & Sau Fran 23% 23% Co>le. floodroin Cape shore; situated In Pond Cove District, slate at LITTLEFIELD & CO.'S. Custom House experience ; pay- CITY Wednesday, May i. Nooo. question the most 50 cent, hand sewed will wonderful tonic, do pref 69% 59% Sch Union, Rice, Machlas—J Η Blake. 4 miles from Portland. GARDINER & Wharf. ing per profit; goods; From Ban Francisco, lit and Bran nan lnvlgorator Président—Mis. David Torry. When she Sloop Alice, Capt. Plnkliain; sloop Har- eta. and restorer of had Children, she gave then> Castoris, do 1st Ill 111 Sch Cinderella, Round Pond—J Η 24-1 bear investigation. 22-1 nervous and physical and Vice President -Mrs. Mrs. D. W. prf Nichols, ROBERTS, Oxford Building. riet, Capt. Johnson. Telephone for connection. For aid Chlaa. strength George Seal, St Paul 64% 64% Blake. Jap·· vitality in existence. It Is a Hawkes. 20-1 purely vegetable and aonrer OK MALE—At two storied CITY OK KIO UK JANEIRO, «alla Ti easurer—Miss 8. B. Morrill. McFadden home 104% 104% Woodfords, LOUT AND BOUND. Thursday. harmless and under (coming Sunday morning St Paul. Minn & Man m. remedy, its use the weak and Secretary—Miss C. M. Goodrich. 97% 93% FBOM OUR CORRESPONDENT. F house, 12 rooms, all In good repair, for two mules, five to eight years May 2,3 p. mother of Moses, save me ! I have St. Paul & oinana 33 33 exhausted feelings give place to and earlv)—Howly 8ACO, Adril 24—Ar, schs Annie Ρ families, Sebago water, large stable, large lot, WANTED—Twoold, ten to eleven hundred pounds weight. For Freight, Pasaage. or general laform*;iue strength Two sisters named Ft Paul & Omaha 91 91 Chase, Poole, silver back Room Papers at the bralu Knights were driving 'em sure! prf fm New Annie with fruit trees, full view of Portland, two mln BERLIN MILLS CO. 20-1 to or address the Oeneral Eastern Agents. vigor, becomes clear, the nerves to their home Texas Philadelphia; Empress, York; L FOUND—Those5 cents a roll, borderings toimatch one cent apply strong at Pride's Corner Pacific(new) 20% 2 % Green. Webster. Mt Desert. u es to streetcars; $2,500; $800down; balance and the Tuesday Mrs. McFadden (entering)—What's the mather, λ Gold Room Papers, Η and 10 cents a m. Α. Λ U A TIN A CO.. steady, gloom and depression are lifted night with a youug horse Union Pacific 60 69% schs Ε A $100 per annum. W. if. WALDRON, 180 to know tbat J. G. yard. spirited when a Con? Cld, Dennison, Garland, Boston; Danl public roll. You can save money by buying your Wall from the and team them. Π. S. Express 84 84% Middle street. 23-1 WANTED-TheCURRIEli Bell Hanger, has removed to lie Mlale Rirrali Cw. Hr..d ■«., >..«.a· mind, perfect and permanent health passed The horse started to run McFadden—Luk at the eggs on the table. Yal- Webster, Tupper, Rockland. Papers at COLESWORTHY'B Book Store, »2 Wabash St. Louis & Pacific ... 14% 18% 137 Clark street. lubes and bells of elO dtf is restored. It Is an absolute and at that moment a of the red, an' all colors but WISCASSET, April 22—Ar, sch Coquette, Orne Speaking street. specific for nervous part harness ler, green, blue, pink, do 28 21% WALE—On India street, a two story Into houses Exchange 24-1 broke. The horse white. Sure, I have'em! I'll nlver dhrlnk anoth- pref Boston. every description put hotels, private deblljty. Young men with weakened nerves became uumanageable Western Onion 85% frame dwelling, containing sixteen rooms, and steamboats at short notlee. All work and er 85% April 23—Ar, schs Millie FOΚ and ran into a team ahead, the dhrop! Richmond West Point Washburn, Brown, water closets, cemented shed, exhausted vitality can regain their Its overturning & 26% and Cock of the Walk, Lewis, Bar· Sebago. cellar, warranted. Orders by mail attended to. li»-l Kuons. strength by wagou and the Mrs. McFadden—They bes only me Ayster eggs Boston; Pearl, 4500 ft. of now for International Co. use. hurling girls to the ground. land, letting $27.00 per Steamship It restores lost I've — — energy and Invigorates the been ncolonn'. East Tenn. month. to il. S. 3 Cahoon Block. in Portland to know torn They were picked up and carried to the pref ®5 BOOTH BAY. April 28—Ar, echs Robin· Apply PRIDE, lady weakened vital forces In old and Wells. 137 .37 R'pple, 23-1 WANTED—Everythat I have Just In an line of TO I.BT- A pleasant front nhainber young. No one house of Mr. Wlnslow where it was fouud woman who la and Fargo express son, Rockland for Boston; put elegant CALAIS. ST. *.B., A weak, nervous Exchange, Dillingham, These are new near ; will furnish EASTPORT, JOHV. HAIIFAI. U. need despair of a cure. Do not that the Oregon Nav. |< do lor Fans. goods all styles and prices ROO.TI Congress Square board If fail to use this younger girl was badly cut about and who bas cold hands and feet can- do; Regalia, Hallowed, do tor do; Odell, BALE—One of the nicest residences in with M. sVcpless, mm» ton » Texas Wade. Belfast for very low. Also a large assortment of Jewelry; desired. Address name, C., Press Office. and all part* o( Slaw Braaawftck, ^1·?· ■·· remedy, and an cei tain the head. Mr. Winslow took them do; Mary Willey, Williams, one absolutely cure will result. home. •ιοί icei ana aci ime a wen — Maine, mile from Portland, city. Island latest FRANK B. 516 24-1 Prince Krtwurde Ι·Ι«αΙ· equalize circulation, nervous- and six 10 discoverer, Dr. 34 Alton & Ter. c Haute 43 43« trees, apple, plum pear, grapevines, and Hi. Andrew·, N. H. Greene, Temple Place, Boston, On the two ness and and rest. PORT acres of to nieCILLANBOD*. Tuesday evening little year old give strength do pref lu CLYDE, April 22-Ar, echs Hortensia, verv best land. Enquire PETER JOHN- people know that Cancer Mass., the great specialist In nervous and onn nl ΓΤ Sanborn, Boston; Alma, do. 5 Veranda street, East 23-1 WANTED—The the external surface and 1819. SPRING ARRANGEMENTS. 1M9. », Johnson, SON, Peering. anywhere upon curing M, uuvw I.J.J.VU v/ivt η il n.u chronic Kg IClliereal Wife also of the Throat, Uterus and Alter diseases, can be consulted free, (rapturously)—Oh, George; New Tongue, tectum, P. HARMON, mason and March 1st, and until further notice, the persona'ly lamp and the oi! saturated liis clothes York Mining Stocks. S Ρ Hitchcock, of Bath. SALE—In Farm containing can now be cured Dr. aud Mrs. Van Doreml has the Ship Capt Nichols, Freeport. positively by MacRae'e builder has removed to 185 Brackett street; steamers ot this line leave lUilro.ul Wharf. Port- bought elegant sapphires NEW 24 1889—The are wblcii arrived at Ban Francisco 110 acres, well divided; cuts 50 tons hay; Chemical tbat will RK.WOVAlr-G. ignited, burning the little fellow YORK, April following Apl 22 front New FOR Electro /*roccss, exclude the lobbing done a' reasonable prices; orders by mall laud. MONDAYS and THURSDAYS at ft.30 p. m. severely which hav· been on exhibition at Stlffany's. She York, made the In 100 good pastures with plenty of water; wood enough circulation from the diseased pails, which Is today's closing quotat ona of mining stocks: passage dars. mild will receive prompt attention. 6-4 for Eastport and St. John, with above connec- about the shoulders and back. The for home use; IV4 >tory house with French rout; and scientific In all Its on the Catcerous Maine towns. pres- paid (12,000 for them. Oh, I have never seen Col. Coal 00 bearings tions, returning, leave Ht. John and Eastport 23 ΚBOM barn one mile from Freeport and a ence ο I mind of his mother such a rich blue as they are! MBKCHANT8' KXCKANOK. 40x80; village Tissue. Also Piles cured In (ew days without enlarged In crayon at ι TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS. saved hiiufrotn a Hocking Coal 18 00 R. K. station. Will be sold at s bargain. Husband—It could have s«en Mr. Van Do- Ar at New York 24th, Apply pain or detention front business. Letters reasonable rate best of reference* can be Thruagb tleketa issued and cheeked la worse injury as she quickly wrapped him in you Ontario ; 34 60 US steamers Brooklyn, F. Centennial Block. 23-1 PROTOURAPHM; baggage Fairfield. as 1 after his wife told him of her and of to JOHN PROCTOR. promptly answered. Ko. 381 Congress street. 38 BROWN destination. received a rug and extinguished the remi, did, just Quicksilver 676 Essex, the Asiatic squadron. given. STREET. 14-4 jy Freight uptoAOOr. a. flames, burning would not that. Be was in- Ar at Havre 22d 17-4 For Ticket» and Staterooms, at the I nioa The several crews are od the rivers and her hand in the act. purchase, you say dopref 36 60 Inst, ship Hecla, Snow, from ABU FOR MALE—In Falmouth, two apply quite badly finitely more blue than the stones. Tacoma. Ticket Office, 40 Exchange St., or tor «her Infer- Honiestake 7 60 F miles from Portland, 20 acres, cuts 20 tons cash for cast- BOARD. headwaters, hoping to secure their logs and Weduesday noon a little son of Mr. C. J. Passed Prawle Point Wm G prices paid Hat Ion at Company'» Office, Kaltruad Wharf, foot Bodle 140 23d, ship Davis, hay, plenty of bay and pasture (or 4 cows aud off ladles or or them McLelbn had his jaw broken a kick froiu Prince, San Francisco for Havre. WANTED—Highestclothing, gents, exchange of State street., J. B. COY LE. get iDto the main river before the wa- by borse, earlv land, very good buildings, of (or Turkish Please send letter or to a horse in his father's stable. Drs. Rev. Mr. Kneeland Pray Sid im (Jueenstown sch plenty rugs. postal LET—With board, a nice large front room, feb'J8dt> itaa'l I Horrand 13th, Henry Ρ Mason, apples and small fruit lor family use; price $1600. M. Dm; HOOT. Middle street. £tf2w* ter falls. Just now there is a was mortified the other Chicago Cattle Market. New York. 94Mi furnished at 112 FREE ST. 23 tf good driving Burroughs were called. greatly Sunday morning Percy. L. O. BEAN * CO., 40 Ht. 23-1 TO a violent aud uncontrollable fit Ar at Exchange pitch, and new logs are dally expected in the The selectmen are macadamizing by of coughing In By Telegraph.) St Pierre prey to 4th Inst, sch James Κ DOMINION LINE. Central of liis was Β D-Wlth or without rooms, at 00 India the midst sermon, but lie all right the CHICAGO, 24 1889-Cattle market— Talbot, Crocker. Feroaudlna for Humacoa and MALE -Pleasant No. 282 Mutual Reserve Fund life ItMimtinn ISMS * — wurrtl AJUtAMOgXftSTS IKM · boom. If a fair run is street. April house, Spring BOASt. MRS. HATCH. 23-1 secured, about eight- Sabbath, cured his cold by the North of Hatteras. on Union services following liaviug Receipts 12,' 00; shipments β,ΟΟΟ; weak and lon- FORSt., line of cars, contains 10 rooais, een to millions be religious at 11 o'clock this us* of AdamioD'* Botanic I — twenty will rafted and liberal Cough Balsam er; beeves at 4 S6®4 70; steers 3 30,0,4 00:stock Sebago, lot 40 by 112 ; brick bouse on line of cars ; want» Life Insurance Solicitors in all Sailing between and via Mo In the ». in. at the mptist church. Liverpool Portland, yarded several inlets and along the ers aud feeders 2 60Λ3 66 : cows, bulls and mixed Memoranda. 2 modern brick houses on tirant St., near High ville and Halifax. shores Quite a party went frem parts of the State to commence work of the river. This means husv work large here by 1 70@3 10 ; Texas steers 3 20. Sch Belle O'Neil, Butler, at Boston from Clen- nesiraoie, » rooms. UAAUincn Λ in team to on Block. April 1.1th. liberal guarantee to first- ν Fairfield six days in a week until Novem- Deerlug Tuesday evening tu at- Hogs—receipts 18,000; shipments 4400; slow luegos, reports, Apl 16. lat 38 4», Ion 76 60, had a |^·ι.,HUBKKTS, Oxford 23-1 I.· ν Ε hfooI. hkκ ιt K. ( via Londonderry ) tend and men. 8. EXHAUSTED VITALITY. ber. the reception given Kev. Q. H. Shiuu, lower mixed 4 60S4 76; heavy 4 4 M£4 70; gale from ESE, in which shipped a sea, dus» SCHWARZSL'HILl), Mail··! Unit-·. at 4 heavy torse lumber In It is to be that Arbor will who has been the earnest and active iSn^SERCUL light 00(34 76; skips 3 50a 4 40. broke malnboom, damaged sails, &c ; 21st. passed wagon State Agent, 185 Middle SU, Portland, hoped Day not paster wheels A. fireat Medical Work fur and Kroni I From Portland of the Sheen-receipts 7,000; shipments 3600: weak a quantity of timber, several house FOKNALB-Atvogood order; lias Archibald and axles, Youn? 8TKAMKKS. be neglected by the of this as Universallst church here for the past REVIEW OF POBTLAND WHOLESALE MARKET pieces: deck Xe. vl» Halifax. people village, and lower; natives at 4 C0®6 40: Western corn and a smashed yawl boat, white. extension stakes, seat Irons, etc. BERLIN Liverpool· by a little few years.· painted dim Middle· Aged Men. giving atteution and setting a few FOR THK WEEK ENDING 24. fed at 4 50g0 36 ; Texans —; lambs 4 00. Sch MIL,La CO. 23-1 apr4 31 14. trees tin* The band fair April 60®β Cayenne, Stimpson. from New York for February Sarnla, March streets may soon be made shady Salaberry began last eve- Eastport. put Into New London 22d with loss of In commercial circles (business nas been quiet HAIiB—Brick house, three In KNOWLEDGE 18 POWER BEAD! March 7 Oregon, March 38. and cool. Surely, in these no town ning. mainmast head, In a while off Stratford. storied, days, the and values in some instances have Boston Produce Market. squall two and Wanted. can afford to neglect the work of The net receipts of the Congregational past week, Will have new mast put lu. FORthorough repair, families, bath, Llverp'l direct planting BOSTON. Apr 24 188» The following are to- modern conveniences, new lurnace, the most HAND SAFE, large size, Id good shade trees by the roadside, vestry society fair held last week, were weakened. Flour is m moderate request; quota New York. April 24—Sch Wm(i U Mowrey. fm March 1U Montreal of Sc.: for desirable and sightly location In the central part A.-ECONDcondition. Any one having one to dispose about $650. At a last a tlons revised. Fish are In limited demand day's quotations Provisions, Amboy Portsmouth, with tlron. was run Into Friday evening the Odd Fellows hold high meeting evening Dry of the city, a bargain for Investment or a home, of address, Inside dimensions and April Perk- cuts 14 75®16 short cuts 16 last evening and sank In four fathoms water, In- please giving carnival at the Opera Bouse, and for permanent organization of this society was and lower for Cod, wbteh are In good Long 00; 00 live minutes walk to City Hall. W. H. WAL- P. O. Box, 1479, March 21 Vancouver. April It. this, supply,while (£16 50; backs at 16 00@15 60; lean ends at side Fort Hamilton, by a tugboat. price. City. expensive arrangements are made. It effected. DKON, 180 Middle street. apr22-l feb4 dtf being Pollock are very scarce and command better 16 60; port tongues at 18 00; prime mess 16 60® April 4 Sarin». April 35. is intended that it shall be the most com- Dennysville. figures. Mo Mackerel on the market. 17 00. Domestic Potrs. HALE—The vacant lot. No. 13 St. Law »l. held in town tiiis Provisiong »KHVICK, (Avoumoulh Dock. plete gathering season. The Soldiers' Monument of Den- I Ard—Choice at 8c » ft in tes and tubs, 10-ft SAN FRANCISCO—81d 16th, rence street, the onlv vacant lot on T0 LET This order has Society unchanged; the general tone of the market for ship Prussia, Rey FOR being been one of the active agents pails In cases S^c; fi-tb palls 8%c; 3-lb, 9c. nolds. Port Blakely. the street; size of lot about 41x87. BENJAMIN Fron Briatol | HTKAMtUtS. iFro· Port land in nysville held a meeting in Hall on Pork and Lard Is continues to show the prosperity of the town, building in Denny quiet. Sugar Hams at 11 : Dressed hams llMic. Cld 16th, ship Robert L for 811 AW. 48V;· street. 22-1 Belknap, Staples, Exchange LET-On Great Diamond Island, t'.vo I Toronto. I About April β. 1876 what was then the best block in the vil- the evening of the 20th inst., In furtherance considerable strength and prices have advanced Hogs—Choice city dressed hogs at «Sic ρ ft; Nanalmo and return. KNOW THYSELF. country do at situated, furnished cottages ; one This is now of the to 9c for and for 6We. Cld 16th, ship Eureka, Diusmore, Port Towns- NALB-1Two roll top desks. Enquire at TO pleasantly More Than One Million Sold. Kale· »t P«a<«gri lage. owned entirely by the object of the society. Dr. A. R. Lin- granulated 8V4c Extra C. A1 ten rooms and one six rooms; good Copie· nutter- Western extra creamery 26@:S V4 fa i, y end. FOR50 Exchange street. 22 1 containing lodge, and already the members are discuss- New York another advance was establish- water closet and water (roin the water and men who are Cabin....«SO, $«S, »TS Return »loo, |I3A, I'M coln presided. Addresses were made by to-day litgher: first» end extra firsts 21 a24c:extra nuita- Sid 17th, ship Alex Gibson, Speed. Port Towns- drains, middle-aged suffering ing the hotel as a means of ; also a well with in the Intermediate.. ?(), ..Return. ttO. question using ed on granulated j the stock of raw in the four tton era at 19@20e ; do seconds 17.518c; choice end. OR EXCHANGE—For City company good pumps YOUNG*-om the lndlscrettons of youth, Exhausto-d Comrades Dr. J. I'. H. of H. L. «8 Steerage 30, .. Keturn at lowest rate*. their accumulated surplus and still further Sheaiian, George Hay* New York and Vermont extra A FORMALBproperty, a desirable farm, containing 38 sinks. Enquire MUS. BEALS, Nervou.x and Premature ports at latest dates was factory, 18@19c; April 23—Chartered, ship J Fuller, for Liver Vitality, Physical Debility, or the ward and 11,903 tons, against acres of under state of Franklin Ht, or ol NELSON TENNEY A CO.. For freight pas*»*·, apply to promoting prosperity of the town. Such Charles H. Abbott, also crm ile ; do ext firsts 23324; New York and Ver- pool, at 26s yd, grain. τ land, good cultivation, and the thousand 'intoId miseries con by Benja- 102,669 tons in 1888 and tons in of 24-1 Decline, Ac., DAVID TORltANCB * CO.. an organization is worth min Lincoln and Mrs. K. Allan 95,362 1887. mont, dairy, xood to choice, 22 â24c ; fair to PENSACOl.A—Ar Cattle Ε large orchard, buildings consist two story Exchange something to the Squires. good 22d, brig Plckerlug, St^ sequent thereon, and all who *re nick and suffering nov27dtl Kuot nt lud'.a Street. The Molasses is stronger and for Porto at 19i>21c; Eastern crin good to choice at Marshall, Havana. house, ell. large barn and hennery, all In first- community. singing Dy the young gentlemeu and higher Rico, 20§ LUT—Four rents of seven rooms each, in and do know what aile be 26c. The above quotations are receivers' JACKSONVILLE—Cld 22U, sch class condition, s tuated online M. C. Κ. H., 11 not them, can cured with- An Faster concert was given at the Unl- ladies was worth bearing. A good of which is now selling in a Jobbing way at 3E@ 16c ; prices Penobscot.Car- new house on William St., Oakdale, Deerlng, degree for strictly wholesale lots. Jobbing Drices lffi2c ter, Boston. miles from 1'ortland. Apply to JOHN K. l"KOC TO out fall ly following the Instructions in the Science versalist church which was interest was manifested. The treasurer re- Ponce is also better in tbe four will he ready about May 16th; also rent of seven Sunday, richly fancy doing ;stock hieber. SATILlA RIVKR-Ar 17th, sch Mary J Cook, TOIt. Centennial Bio' k. 20-1 of Life or Self Preservation. Price only $1 by nWl ALL enjoyed by all who attended. The most at- ported that she had received in rooms and one of four rooms on Oxford St. En- ANILINE. $176 cash, iris at latest dates was 71« Cneese—North choice lower HoHses. New York via Brunswick. ρ hogsheads against lO^igllc; grades at house in or at No. 203 Oxford postpaid, scaletl. It le a book for every man, 9U> tractive feature of the and that sums had been at to HAI.E—In Oakdale, a new and desirable Deerlng, 1888. Winter programme was the pledged and be- 6276 in 1888 and 3246 as quality; Western at lGV4@lo%c. Jobbing DAR1EN—Cld 23d. scb Fortuna, Ellis, Camdeu. Arrangements. 1889. fore the hogsheads hogsheads In FORtwo story 8 rooms, be- 3ulret. P. KAY FKOHOCK. 24-1 pages, full gilt, U!3 prescriptions for all acute and reading of an original poem, written for the meeting which would bring the prices V4c nigber. CHARLESTON—Ar 23d. brig II Β Hnssey, dwelling, containing 1.1'rrpMl »■«! Ptrilnad Mervtc·. 1887. In domestic molasses some large sales are extras — sch sides bath room, cemented cellar, soap stone chronic dtecases. Fully lndorwd by the National occasion by Mrs. R. W. whole amount up to $400. Eggs—Eastern @13c; fancy near-by Hodgdoii. Wlscasset; Satilla. Skolfield, Bath. LET—Farm three miles from city; con- Dunn, Waterville, tubs, furnace heat, lot 60x120. Also one of the Medical who awarded the and Fron Portland entitled "An Mr. reported in New York at 23c for ordinary and 46 stock nieher: Eastern firsta at lis;12c; extra Vt BEAUFORT, SC—Sid 22d, sch Maud Η 10 acres set of Association, frokt Easter Legend." It was Pyarn Wilder, the last son of Dudley, most corner the town of Decr- TO tains tillage land; good finely surviving and Ν 11 at fresh Western at Savannah. desirable lots In to via Halifax. rendered Miss who Zenas Wilder, one of the to 47c for fancy. Utiruing Oils li .ve He- 133; 125,12 Vfc c ; Oliver, buildings ; accommodations for ten cows and three Jewelled medal the author. Illustrative sample, by Lucy Connor, brought early settlers of dropped Michigan choice at Jobbing lng situated in Oakdale. Apply Immediately to out the this 12V4c. prices lc GEORGETOWN, SC-Ar 21st, sch Lucy M Col- horses; cuts 18 tons hay. Also farm near with indorsements of the press, sent free If you beauties of the rare production in au place, died on the 22nd inst., Hged 07 The supply of Fresh Beef Is short with prices firm higher. lins, Savannah. JOHN F. PROCTOR. 1)3 Exchange street. *0-1 Uorhani to lease ; cuts 20 to 2.1 tons of hay : good apply now. Address, The Peabody Medical Insti- effective manner. years. er and demand NORFOLK—Sid sell Ruth generally higher ; good j sides are Poultry—Chickens,Northern and Eastern choice 22d, Robinson, for HOUSE FOR MALE—3 set of buildings. GARDINER & HUBERTS. tute, P. O. box IS!*., ihmton. Ma*a, or Dr. W. H. Farmers are their Portland. of Harvard very busy working up- Norway. quoted at tl@7V4e ρ lb, hind quarters 8V4@9V4c, spring at 18a20c; fatr to good at 14@16c; fowls, brick No. 205 10 Oxford Block. 24-1 PARKER. graduate Medical College, a DC-Ar schs Will Dwelliinostory house, Newbury St., year»' practice in Boaton. an consulting lands, sowing peas and grain, and choice at i β'α 17c common to 12 α 16 ; GEORGETOWN, 23d, M Bird physician preparing Charles Meserve of has ore qtrs 4V^rd6Wc. rouuds with flanks ; good Wes- rooms anu bath room; genteel and prettv; three to the Medical w\io be their fields lor other The Templeton, Mass., βVi@7c, tern Penobscot; Puritan, Mt Desert; William OSnow. Ο LET—Furnished cottage at Great PealxKly IniOJtute, inay eon- crops. early sea- loins loins 11 Γα turkeys, choice at 16@16c; fair to good at minutes walk ol Post Office. BENJAMIN xulted confidentially. Specialty, of F. H. Hurd's blacksmith rumps 10gl2c, JS( choice I3al4c; fair to good SHAW. St. 20-1 Τ Island, landing ; Do not be deceived by worthless imitators. Besur* many chucks Bifttje, st:ort ribs lO^lSic, backs 6.®7c, BALTIMORE—Ar sch 48·* Exchange to be will for 1 OS 12c; fowls, choice. 11® 12c.' 22d, Emma Me Adam, his excellent water supply and drainage. Apply y«w addretisorcall at the i'eabody Medical Ilir.ti· thought lost last fall, and perhaps the work Meserve. rattles at 4c. Seeds are quite active and tfrm. New Beans—choice small Ν Y band at Brown. York. COLLARN FOR to Κ L. GODING, 160Middle St. 24-1 tute.No. 4 Bulftuch St. No. L usual time will be well as Teas quiet without in valHes. llutter Is picked pea HALK-Thelargest planting advanced Ε. H. Brown has been to fill tho change 1 80,iI 90 choice New PHILADELPHIA—Ar 23d, oarque Ε Ο Clark, accommodations usual. appointed easier on the best grades. at 12M Ρ hush; York large hand DO»assortment to be found in the city; prices Paasenger anequ.ille·!. Kggs bteady 1 Stahl. Barbados; Aaron Reppard, from LEASE-To a reliable party for a term of and vacancy caused by the expiration of H. E. 13c. Poultry firm for stock. is' l.'ked do 70,®1 80; small Vermont hand nick- Steelman, low. O.L.BAILEY, 2C3 Middle Street. 20-1 aepll $«6 |76; Intermediate, S30; steerage, Mr. Q. W. March, the efficient superin- good Turpentine el do 2 3032 Darieu. TO years, store, house, stable and lot 60x100 TT&S&wl2_ at 60 » In wc 40: choice yellow eyes 3 4063 60 Mixer's term on higher 67c. Cordage note a decline Also ar W of to lessee's re- J50, tendent of the Horse Railroad Company,and the local board of health. !air to 23d, brig Maria Norwood. Thompson, landing from Schooner Rlverdale, 600 M feet, with privilege converting τ For apply to H. & A. ALLAN, limerai on Manilla. Duck i9 firmer and higher Hay—Choice prime hay |18 00@$18 60; > passage who Harry Νevens of this prices may Cardenas; sens Allen Green, finest cedar ever seen For at No. 110 80 has become very popular during his village, will work at be for. good at Î16 Λ0@ί17 60; Eastern fine f IKocklaud; Harry NOW shingles In this quirements. particulars inquire SCHUMACHER'S j"0 Passenger Agents, St»;e ML. Boston, and C. Γ looked 14ufl6; Mener. Kennebec. Winter street. 24-1 F. residence has to a the Everett House, Old Orchard this poor to ordinary $14(5110: East swale market ; extras, clears and Ex. No. l's; for sale WALDKON, 40 Exchange St. ; T. P. MidOWAX, here, resigned accept posi- lieacb, The ard 10;5f—; Λ-tiW «4 summer as bell following to-day's closing quotations of straw, ai 800 00®18 Oat Below 23d, ;brtg Ε Η Williams, Johnson, from at bottom RUFUS DEERING & CO. 433 Congress Bt., or :or or freight to H. tion in.the Thompson-Houston electric motor boy. Kye choice, 00; straw prices. LET—A desirable rent of six rooms passage Grain, 4c.: 10 00®00 (X). Cardenas for Philadelphia. 20 1 upper il Λ A. ALLAN, Agents, No. 1 India Ht., Portland. system, and left last for The reappointment ol Charles F. Whit- Provisioni, in new rear Monroe Place ; and Saturday Toledo, Potatoes—Houlton liose r>8 Cld 23d. ;shlp John R Kelley, Gibbons, Hlogo; TO house, gas ■ nov30 dtt where he is to man of the flour. cram. a0(!c,v> bush,Hebron Sebaeo. at Γ.2 or to JOHN C be stationed. judge Norway Municipal Court, — brig Stockton. Allen, Turks Island. for male—Land enough, Apply High street, W ana Η MxdCorn. atteOc: Aroostook Hebrons a 56c; Burbanks quality gives general satisfaction in this vicinity. nuperdne 4°(gji9 Also cld 23d. selis Lizzie Carr, Bulger, Bruns FarmA 1, well divided in tillage, wood and F. ITtOCTOK, 03 Exchange street. 23-1 Porter. low grades. 3 60 Corn, bag lots.. 30§35c. pas- ISLAM» HTKAHKHS Arrangements are made for the cen- 85®4 .6υ@51 wick ; Emma Crosby, Fernandina. tures, 500 bushels apples last year, new two story being X and Meal, bag lots Campbell. Ο No. 22 The ground is and rain is tennial celebration of the Spring ..48®49 Ar 24th. ship St Frauces, Scrtbuer, Havre; sch bouse, 12 rooms, large barn aud poultry house, LET-House, Gray street, sunny, getting dry inauguration of XX 4 00 car domestic Markets. Sprint;.. 60 «6 Oats, lots 37@38 Decora, Clark, St Kitts. location, three in a radius of Τ and contains all modern conveniences. Also needed for grass. Farmers are and George Washington. Patent splendid villages f No. 183 sowing Serine Oats, bag lots 40@42 (By Telegraph.] PERTH AMBOY-Ar schs D M two miles. 10 miles from W. rent six rooms at Pearl street. GEO. Justus Miilett will commence 21st, French, Portland; cheap. FOR BREAKFAST. GASGO BAY STEAMBOAT CO. Mr. Sewell sprinkling Wneats β 60&8 76 Cottonseed. NEW YORK April 24 1889,-Flenr market French. New Wm G R H. 180 Middle street. 19-1 C. HOPKINS. 88V, Exchange street. 23 1 planting early crops. Sawyer the streets this week. Mich, York; Mowry, Motz, and WALDRON, The dust accumulates straight i car lots..26 00-5iS5 60 receipts 11,867 packages; exports 13.202 bbls Loduskla. Robblns, do. has peas up iu the roller LET—An stairs tenement on St. Law- growing'uicely. stores and places of business to such 6 2B®6,v« do bag .2βΟΟ®ϊ7·.Ό antl 2766 sacks: dull and heavy;0@18 mills extra at 4 mills at 5 10 Ar horse cars, has the sun all when it Apply on POKTLAND for Peaks'. Little Dia- Mr. I. L. has a West 25g6 50;city patents 2d, sch 8 L Davis, Jones, New York. day shines; IiiHutt gi'tUnt· tHuuiuu-hi or "A. 31.1 l> anUt French silver crown dated Cumberland. St Louis st'H I do bag. ..19 00@20 00 winter low @5.15; wheat, grades at 2 76S3 25; Ar 23d, schs Η Τ Townseud, New York ; the best lot in the city for the money. Inquire it.-Hid <)*!«. ltolk·.! Whrat, i'rnrkt-d Wl.wi. R .ll«l B«r·., LEAVEmond, (treat Diamond and Evergreen at 5.46, also another dated but rouer λ Smith, LET—A furnished on Peaks 1753, 1818, people can L. 11. a 6 f.O 6 kingdom it belongs. It is *6 bag lots,20 00@22 Muim sota clear 3 5«4 60; straights do at 4 35 <$ Passed by 22d. sell David from NYork Leave Portland (or Long Island at H.IXI. 11>.3U, lar ■ Torrey, 112 Free St. 23-tf %ιη»~ > ·. we ha**i tin· 1*Γμ··.* cutabluthmcut of the kind »<· ti·.* circumstances the other She R RR flit liatfnt.s at X <5 λΒΒft 9f>· fin rvn nilvtnraa BALE—The two story frame house and -1.30 m. The 1.00 o'clock down thought Portugal. day. lor Woodbridge. workl. Λ-k your grtHvr tor lue purdml Fnrtn 1.00, 3.15, p. trip Patent» ... 5%-β.β οοι No. a «anipW Mr. and Miillkeu dropped dead A Provisions, at 3 c,r. α>4 60; superfine at 2 2(Va3 10: fine 1 75® NEW YORK—Ar schs FORbarn, 78 Winter Street; pleasaut, the mo«t «U'hciou:·. end r.ouiinhine of alt hrcakffett dialte*. will make no landing coming bac*. ap24d3t Eugene Stanley George suddenly. post Fora— 22d, Preecott, Hazeltine, LET—Three story brick house, with 8 fish. 2 60; Southern flour is dull and common Brunswick: Clara sunny and comfortable residence : the lot has a tHK i' fClll'MAl'llKR M1LM.M» CO. AKBUN.Λ South Hiram had their dam washed away oil mortem eYaininnttrm ivaa ,ηο.Ια Pi.I heavy; Kneeland, Dlnsmore, Hilllard, TO nice rooms, on the corner of Pearl and Cod. «-utl— Packe...l6 00®16 60 to fair extia at 2 75 à 3 25; good to oholce do at Jas Warren, frontage of about 40 feet. BENJAMIN SHAW, Sunday ilast, and considerable was 4 Lubec; Falkingliam, Providence. laurel St., sun all day, rent 121.00, will consider damage showed Lariie Hliore 25im4 60 Ciear 16 ικιία 16 EO 3 35 α 5 G5. Kvc flour dull; 2 48i , St. 19-1 Steamboat Co. a darning needle, piercing the heart. superfine 75g3 16. Also ar 234, schs S U J Rawsou, French. Mobile Exchange that to small furnace goes with Harpswell done. Mr. Millikeu losses a large lot of logs. ΐΛΓϋΡ »aol3 5iKg4 26 Short Ctst6 Β0®1β W Cornineal family; louse; Potter & Ν. E. steady. Lizzie Dewey, Burge, Port Royal. SC; Douglas will show the honse any time by calling at KOOM Wrightiugtoa, The first hor>e trot for the seasou came off The needle was probably eaten with apple 8ma!l Η 2δ(α.4 60 Reel— 1100 HAI.E—Arrived this morning, 10 Prince Agent», On and alter Oct. 10, 1888, steamer HKB lVh*al-receipts bush; exports 11.996 Haynes, Dnnton. Boston ; Nancy J Day, Fountain 3i>, First Building, or me dec! TT&Sem at on PollocK 8 7Biii3 76 Ki Keen 8 75®9 26 FOREdward Island horses; all good drivers; Natlonal^Jank dropping HO»TO>. MAM. lttt o> UAH will leave Orr's Island <..45 a.n Cornishvllle last between cuttings. bush. sales G6,000 bush ; firmer and quiet ; No 2 Tiverton. a or send at Thursday from 800 to seen at card, card 10 Ocean St., Woodfords, ♦*. r. Haddock a OO-ii 60 Plate... ουοβββυ tied weight 1000 pounds. Can be 1.00: lireat I'heheaicne Aiiuiupftuij aiiu ij. r. rise υι Loroisn. They finished sawing staves at Wilson's at 82^c store, 8ti*(a8'%c afloat, 83V4® Ar 23d, sells Annie Lord, Randall, Liz to J. J. GILBERT. 22-1 Bailey's Harpewell 7.15; Hake Kx Plan 10 50 Bailla; H. I. HOLLAND'S No. 11 Silver street. Little Che- Conditions of the race were best 2 in 3 in mill Tuesday, sawed about SOOt$8jl6 00(310 85i,4cί ο b; No 3 Ked 7(iV4c: No 1 Red 9Rc ; No 1 zle L uie, Closson, and Abbott.. Zaza. Stable, 7.45; Jenks 8.00; Hope Island 8.06; having 35,000. Herrius lJtro- Maggie 10-1 In Port· will commence White at 880. Kye quiet. Herlry Is quiet. Car· Ar 24th, Matthew (ram TO LET-On Little Diamond beague M.ift; Long Island 8.35. Arme harness; wagon owners to drive their own They sawing long lumber SrA'.ed S» b».- ?ιι,α85> barque Balrd, Williams, Tuïst» t·· 7Va(a;K% —receipts 30,584'in sh exports Ή .749 bush sales Ant Una ; Havana, Klce. schs 8 Ο Hart Island, furnished or unfurnished. horses. The was for 25 bushels of immediately. Sol Matanzas; HALB-A Martin & Pennell COTTAC3EN Enquire DRUNKENNESS purse 14ά18ι Tierces.. 7%®κ>/4 134,000 less active and No 2 at 44 good Pier. Or the Mquor Habit Post Ce red and all Intermediate landings at 3.30 p. ι». M. t'lish; steady; Smith, Guantanamo; Nelson Bajtlett, Watts, liu re- of A. M. SMITH, Portland 22-1 lively oats. I'ike won the II. who has been the Maeusrei »> Mil— — S FORphaeton; very light In weight; In fine race, winning two Wilsou, training Pall*.. 'a. 10% fa44Mic elev, 4f>a45'/>v»c. Uni·-receipts 103,000 bush exports Ponce; Dora Matthews, Brown, TOsirable cottage, 26 Cedar St., corner of given cup of coffee or Ira wKhont the On and after 2», Steamer ALICE Galveston; Mary knowledge of the it. Is abeolut* harm- April lWU, band Yia',1.'«.|18ini;c8000 Oii 197 usn sales 77,000 t.ush: No3at29V4c: do F Pike. Mitchell, Oxford St. also the two tenement house 26 M av person friw<**g ly ForMlo· lor died in Wisconsin, has returned to her East Key West, Martinique, Lowell, sale at a ba ne new ; less and will effect a permanent and core, w bether will leave Town l.andtng, Falmouth Raymond. L&rire .. 8(ΗιαιΌ00 r.>rn»in·- White at 32c; No 2 at 3' c do White at rgain, riy door St. speedy 6.1·. native town She has five 33ία,33<4 ; King's Ferry. COLLATERAL BANKING SC. 2 from Spring M.G. PALMEK, 19/ the patient Is a m ode rate drinker or an akroholie wreck- Portland at e.uo and 7.So». m., ta.eo and again, Porter. -Pe found at 26 aplO fodI y thirteen for that number of Congressional autumn fur the Warren granulated HH'a8mc; Cuhe<8%c. tl'ell, Carver, do for Boston ; Horatio, Perry, Pro- bathroom: lias laundry and all modern conven- Frreporl Sleiiiiibout loiiipimy. Paper Company. !*(>r»iO"».i>Ufi 45aiioclET—A tenement of six rooms on second follows: —Between Kreeport and Portland, touch- forming one; YorK one; Kennebec, Han- tlier ponds into Great lake. It will Turkeys 19q8 >>gr»>u tarée pit- 9 nent 7 12Ά®7 BO; S A at 7 90. Huuer is quiet NEW BEDFORD- Ar sch Rock- and lot at Old Orchard ; Sebago 23d, Billow, MALE-Cottage X floo* also one of four rooms ; also for sale ing at Ureal Cheheague, Little John's and oosins cock and aud one. he Ctilckens .18 β 80 Kxtrai 8% and ea-ler State new at 19B26c;West rn on ; ; Washington one; Lincoln then taken by another lot of men and dairy land. FORCamp Ground, Mvplewood Avenue, one ! Islands and Falmouth Koresule. Leave south Fowls 1 ; Elgin 2(1 Vi. Chm· several houses by J. C. WOODMAN, 106Va From the first Maine district, Cumberland, floated to Cumberland its quiet. VINEYABD-HAVEN—Ar 22d. schs Wllddre, minute's walk from Auditorium; 7 rooms. En- 7.i») Mills, place of des- 'Jeese 00rd< Ο lied 26 10 Exchange street. 19-1 *ree,>ort dally (Sundays excepted) at a. M Charles Turner of Turner was the tination. Top 00$8 Prei«hi· Liverpool steadier. from Amboy for Portsmouth; Nautilus, Amboy quire of W. M. SANBOHN. Peabody, Mass., or candidate; nueks O'SjlH rtuiotiiy -.et': 1 7iiu 1 8ft Returning will leave Burnham's whart. Portland, second John Woodman of CHICAGO. April !4. 1*89 —The Flour market (or Lynn ; Edith Λ Mary, fm Brunswick (or Mill- Rev. 1. Luce. Old Orchard, Me. 12-K I.KT—Tbe store and chambers district, Buxton; Quite a number of our schools commence ;Oiov»r 9%çt14': spacious 3 p.m. H. B. ttOULR, Mauager. Is uomlua'ly unchanged. Whea' stronger; No S bridge. Woodman True & Co., marl'Jdtf fourth, John Farley of Newcastle. Each Monday, the 29th. Kaldwin-* 1 ν.ό'μ ι 7r>j Ciseese. Sid FOR and ΊΙΟ recently occupied by Kreeport. HpriiiK ami >o 2 lied 79%@80*iC. Corn is firm; 22d, barque l'lskataqua; schs R F llart, MALE—Grocery pro corner of Middle ami Pearl one of the 37 votes. 75α.2 % ermont.... î2'■ ■■ ■ 18 Streets; candidate received These nine- Kitting itpplesl 'Όj So 2 at 34V c. Oats slowand 2 Kennebec, Helen G King, and others. Bl'MINEMMvision store, centrally sales Wlnthrop. Κν easy;No at 2y». located; $72,- and best in the well for teen been ..nar.wi 1' 1h 7«»«i V.S. 12% Ar schs ooo In three years, can be doubled must be largest city; arranged JOBS candidates having chosen voted t»etorjli:% mi 2 at 4uc. λ ο 2 Barley is nominal. Fro 23d. Bertha D Nlckeraou. Nickerson, ; sold, or other IN UUXS. KilLKOADa. ■ Uye dry g'ods, clothing any business. For for for and Clin Easter services were held at the Saae 14 .-.4% visions—1 oik I.ard easier 6 Laguna (or Boston; Albert Jameson, and Κ owner has other business ; rent low for particulars Price. Job Jefferson President George Congrega- lower. at 82Ά. Dry Mary to GEO. W. WOODMAN, ... _ ^t Regular write care of 1\ O. BOX fort land. 12-2 particulars apply 1 ton for President. Butter. tubed * u d rs at 5 25^6 60; short clear sides Atneilen, lloboken (or do; Daniel PlersoR. do for 1503. 19 tf Harrington & Klchardsou hainmerless. $75 $55 Vice tional and Unitarian churches.both of which tî j Ltirrois. I Creamery t* !t-...8r»(a at β 23tt(i 37Mi. Whlske do; Searsville, Ellzabetliport for do; Jennie F 3 Remington Damascus barrel», 10 Ο 40 30 Ρ r .· 3 HA LB—A farm of 80 Rumford. were beautifully decorated. In the o0u4 00|«!lt Bdlte Ver....':i 4 Flour 181x10 bbls wheat Willey. for Ira Ε acres, IVi miles Ο l,É4T—House 13 Cedar street. Just below 2 Colt Double Barrel Twist 10 & la « 45 3* evening VI Keceipts 11,000 bus, Philadelphia Newburyport; from Lisbon δ miles from Ceutral R. R. of \ew Jersey. 3 5 >ai OOICbOtee I8'a20 1 Rondout for FOR Village, Va Lowls- U 1 snot and Kill»· a concert was cor 801 00 bus. oats 11 β 000 bus barley 19,ι Ου Wight. Belfast; Mazurka, Amboy for τ Cumberland, containing rooms, Sebago Combined. 13 G 44 ral. 30 16 A snow drifts to be seen given by the Congregation- M·.· ι1' .. 7- 9 ton Hall; good soil; well water and 46 or BENJ. few remnants of lOood hush I've δ,'»"1 bush. Rockport; Anna Elizabeth,do for Damariscotta; City good buildings; gas. Apply West street, 2 Hollls English Complete G«n, 10 G 35 26 NEW ROUTE TO al 1H tore— '8 wooded and watered ; orchard cuts 40 tons 13-2 in north sides of hills and mountains Sabbath school. Shipments Flour 11,000 tbls. wheat 23,000 Billow, Rockland for New Bedford. large ; ; SUAW, Exchange street. 2 Bonelilll do do do 10 G 35 25 fields, F·; 4 50 hay, and ail mowed by machine. N. BUCKNAM, PHILADELPHIA* BALTIMORE W^SHINGTOM and the Last 00.44 Eges bush corn 34,000 bush oats 93,00(. bush barlev Il Υ Α Ν Ν IS—Ar 22d. sch Jos Eaton, Chalfleid, BKMDEHCK TO Ι,ΕΤ-Fur- 1 Wliltn'y Ke"edy Rifle, 38 wllh Waldurl the Thursday evening the ladies of the -i r. ου α 5 » Me. 12-2&w2wie i wClltKH | look winterish. Warn weather of past Vale··.'1 8.1 ftauttîm e 12al8 9mo bush, 6.000 I uib Hallowell for New York. Lisbon, 35 30 WEST. Shortest and Route ry Ο nlsbed house of eleven rooms, fluely situated cc...... telescope Quickest Congregational Society gave a "C" supper. Λ .a «···<· *· UBâWiklM» .2il8 5 week snow at headwaters has Passed west 22d, schs Anita Ε J Morse, and at Cumberland six miles from Single barrel Semihammerless, 10 U 15 12 Via CENTRAL RAILROAD of NEW JERSEY* by melting The vestry was decorated with i'lii·"" 7 V" Sim. i.tjn.ul ST. LOU IS. April ?4 1889.—The Flour market MAI.E—Two IVi «tory houses at Pine Foreslde, Portlaud, colored tlssu.ι Luring C Ballard. In 3 Dlckermau Shot and Rifle, 3» 18 PHILADELPHIA and READING RAILROAD is Is dull and weak Wheat weak ; No 2 Ked '< V* c. 1}l«»RPoint, Maine, finished suitable to live In the ( garden of small fruits full bearing, stable ao- put the Androscoggin on the rampage. It paper. They will give a May breakfast BOSTON—Ar 24th, schs Rebecca F 100 Double barrel breech and RAILROAD. 1 D* May C iru closed firm—No 2 Mixed at 31Λ» c Oats are Lanideu, round, no summer water in both, I cominodation for four horses. The steamer loaders, top snap, and BALTIMORE OHIO Morris W year cottage, twist rubber 18"!»: 12 feet than the first of the month. In Imports. better ; No 2 at 24c bid. Digging. Apalachicola; Child, Torrey, Alice makes four rouud to Portland. barrel, but, pistol grip, TIME TABLE ol MARCH 10. Leave New higher Kye dull at 43c for No Mentor, sheds attached, rents readily. Inquire of G. H. trips dally MATANZAS. Schr O'Neill—930 lilids 14 at 1 l'hiladeldhla; Perry, Bath; Stella Lee, For to No. 167 Commercial and complete loading tools, 21.50 IB York station Central RailroadI of New'Jersey loot the river roads are inundated. Con- WIT AND May Whiskey steady 02V4. Provisions dull and Deer Isle; MERRILL, Pine Point, or L. B. 401, Waterville, particulars apply places WISDOM. iialf lilids 110 tes molasses to Geo 8 Hunt & Co. ower. Fork Treat, Seraph, Merrimau, Harpswell; street. 100 Complete Klsh Rods-Reel A Silk Line 3.60 3 of Liberty street. N. R., for I HILADELPtll A-- at 12 25. ljird—prime steam 6 60. Orland Maine. 1-8 13-J siderable of logs and poplar pulp salted meats Alfala, Gott, ; Mentora, Gott, do ; Adaliue All the above are new and Id perfect order and At 4:00, 7 .45. 8.30, U:30. 11:00 A. *. 1 UO. J 30, quantities Sclir Biancli Hopkins—958 lilids 16 liait lilids Dry lower—shoulders 6 1 2Vj ; longs 10 stock are Gilbert, Newcastle; Northern Light, Norton, fm LÏT-House No· Park Place. ». W. condition. Goods sent 0. O. D. on of 3 15, 4:00, 4:48, 6 30. 7:30. 1» oor. si. ; Sundays floating past. A Brilliant 100 les molasses to Geo 8 llunt & Co. 1.nd ribs at β 10; short clear at β 25. Bacon- MALE—A small farm In receipt Conception: Maclilas; Ben Hur, Lewis, Bath ; Laura Τ Ches- Windham, TOTHAXTER, Gait Block. 3 tf to ll:HO A. M., 1:30, Ζ :SP. 4 45. * JO. There are few cases of scarlet fever at the shoulders at « Ο ; longs and ribs at U 76 FORfllteeu acres; new house, cost $ό60; will sell $2.00 guarantee express charges. 8'80, Mr. Hugh Ebbonie—Ain't Mrs 60%6 ; ter, V. OO For BALTIMORE and WASH I Nil Point and Corner and one death at the yo' agwine to short clear 6 7547 00. Hams at Beal, Rockport. for what the house cost to build. ALFRED FVICBR TO L.BT.—The Bl'VVALO AH H* «:θ.. Wuft·!». K. là P.M. J9% ■ bbls : wheat 3 >· 0 Keuuebee, WOODMAN. Portland. 1-4 office Hon. Wilbur F. Wllley. tonight] 24 1 <-9 Fiheman. Senator Grimes. Sarah Eaton. O' recently occupied by 1:30, 2:30. 4:45, 12:00 P. M. Connecting tickets PORTLAND. April corn 2ο.··ο0 bush oats ! Lunt rooms health are measures to its 'Gustus? bush; 6,090 bush; rye Passed Lticbl and other vacant In the First Nation- on sale at taking prevent Receipt* by Maine central Railroad—For Port- 2.'»'·ι bush 2.01» Highland 23d, barque Ttllle Baker OK MALE — schooner Gracle principal points barley tush. Fishing C al Bank building iicludlng steam heat, safes, ele- and SLEEPING spread. Mr. Augustus Whitewash—'Fraid I kaln't go land 08 ears miscellaneous merchandise : (or con- schs Empress. Kate Walker, Maud I DRAWING ROOM CARS. Shipments—Flour. 4'WO bbls, wheat. >,000 Malloch.Jos F Young, 83.70 tons net. For particulars In vator and Janitor service. at the Bank. Mr. J. C. Perkin's at the Hugh. It am a full dress affair, an'1 hab no neelinu r.iads cars 181 -net-char, Souther, Pushaw, and others. ; Apply mar 11 dtl private school, miscellaneous b 1I1 corn I6,1 km 1 bush; oats : quire of R. FRED CRIE & CO., Me. lias dise. 12,000 bush rye Ar Tillie Rockland, 641 Centre, been closed in consequence of gloves. 10 Hi bush bar ey 3,010 bu-b. 24tli. barque Baker.Carty, Melbourne; ll-tl Mr. Ebbonie—Sho' chile! sche Bertha D Nickerson, FRAZERbrejse the fever. Hugh jus'dip yo' Nickerson, Laguna; BEST IN Til Κ WORLD. o' whitewash ober I >K1 24 188',·.- Wheat No I White Butler. LET—The beautilul constructed atore with KOCK ISLAND ROUTE Wilder Chase's hail's lu dat pall dar, an' you'll c.î».r. Qiiatat'ens. KOIT,April Belle O'Neil. Clenfuegos ; Ella 61 Have». ma I,Ε—l second-hand 12 borse I to wearlnK qualities aro nmnirpuAHed, nctually dancing school at the at 91c; No 2 Ked at 2 powei a and : Nos. 117 hab a skin-tight pair ob white kids in no time.— 84V4c. Corn—No at 36c. Purlngton. Jacksonville; Joseph Souther, and one 14 TO lovely basement, light dry •utlaetlnir two boxes of any other brand. » Hit Mill Gats-No 2 at Baxter. FORengine, horse power poller with suitable EXCURSIONS ^uesda1, evening with an KOAR OK ΤΚΑΠΗ 24V4e; No 2 Wldto 27V4C. Brunswick; Albert Jameson. Candage, New York heated ; * 119 Middle street, Thompson Bb>ck; Hot effected bj hemL· THE UKM1NE. Old Judge, pump, inspirator and all fittings at a I'ur- let or leased to Folke'8ballttSt Keceipts—wheat 4100 bush; corn 4500 bush ; Nellie Grant. Dodge, and Commerce. ! for wholesale or retail ; It will be ^KT To ruesday's.Quotatlons. Nash, Ron- galn. Address, BIDDEFORD «TOTE FOUN- E. THOMP- uud Dewier* Kiiiimm, Colorado, CulUoriilu, East O'its 4000 busb. Jed Langley, New the right parties, low. Enquire of Η. Merchants (ienernMy. Kuinford have TO SUFFERERS FROM WEAK SPINE. WHKAT. dout; Frye. York; Mary Ε DRY, Blddeford. Me. oe6tf 6-» and all points WEST. cars leaving Bos- causedF0"I„si^,C0W8 a little scare ai for Weehawken; Dan'l SON, No. 164 Brackett street Through fear had con- Amsden,Clark, Plersou, Har- ton every two weeks, with accom- diseases. they from weak back will May. June. Elizabeth M dMplag tagious One died, one was Persons suffering take July. i'jr.iMsn Markets. ris, Hobokeu ; Cook, Clark, Weehaw- modations. Low Rates to all killed Openinc κι mj% 79 Coombs. New York points. Express aud the other two are no In the letter from Mr. Hv ken ; Β D Prince, ; C Β Wood, Trains to destination. Call ou nearest better. I)r Itailpv comfort reading following Highest 81% 81% 79% Telegraph.) Oliver your has been Stanley, Elizabethport; Ames, fm VINEGAR. Ticket Agent for circulars and or notified, though the parties are of Ν. Y. : Lowest 80 LONDON, April 24, 1889.—Consols 98 Handy, Information, Parues are A,. W. Barrett, Oswego, po% 77% 9-18 for ; Searsville, Meservey. Ε of the best corner Meat and Provision address W. E. probably a little hasty. Closing both money and the account. Philadelphia Elizabeth- CHATTERTON. Manager, I was a filleted with a lame back 80% 6.0% 78 Adam Bowlby, Bowden, Rondout. Stores Boston ; to add a line V. of Ten years ago poit ; ON ill large enough Μβ Washington St.. Boston. Mass. C. Knight Turner has driven 98 OOHN. LONDON. April 24. 1889.—U. Cld schs Wyer G Sargent, of Groceries if desired show windows On Island, Portland Harbor, Jer- Hie was so severe that I could hardly walk 8.4s, 132V4. 4th, Sargent, Tonala; ; plate glass ; Loog Haskell Farm Cider lebll MAThdam. sey cows and heifers into town pain G Hart. Williams. Havana. will be sold at a is Vinegar. tho past May. June. June. LIVERPOOL, April 24—The Cotton market- MegKie great thoroughfare ; sacrifice, THE LARGEST winter and and has )r about. Hearing much said about All- Opening schs Jennie Guaranteed Pure. Manufactured spring, found readv get 34% 34% 35% with falrdemand; middling (Id; sales SALEM-AT 23d, U Plllsbury.Wall, owner Is compelled to attend to other business; Absolutely I two quiet 10,000 In lots purchaseis among the patrons of the butter cock's Ponous Plasteiis, applied to the Highest 34% 35 35% t.al. speculation and export 1,010 New York. cash trade $600 to $000 weekly; a splendid bar- and for sale to suit, by CA8TO REIWEL, Lowest 84% biles,receipts 22d, sell don't miss one chance in a life time. Clam Bake Pavilion Th· factory. lower In a week I was vtry 34% 35% 78,000 bales. PORTSMOUTH-Ar Georgia, Berry, gain, It, Call LITl LKfOJ Ï mA cur* ftif s. part of my spiue. WM. B. HASKELL, THKi»TB"U»l.r*. ■ '·>-.« Closing New York. or address 40 DOV ER Boston, Mass. _ li,. Sx, About 300 acres of 34% 34% 35% _ ST., STATE or nAIltE sweet corn have been I on fresh plasters at the end LI VKKPOOL,April 24 1889—quotations—Win- D IN THE ion,.· UVAVIUK km». much better. put oais. ΒΑΤΗ-ΑΓ 23d, J lngraham, apr22 d2w· Wtrtwwr €?·., WTII.I, HI VΚH. MAM. for LSurnham & Morrill's ter at Hs 8d; Sprlug wheat at 7s 4d; Club Wheat sçhs stacey, jrl what rr u mai·.. ο» t»i. ·»■, factory at uf ten and two weeks afterwards found my New Η Β Dlverty, Clsslo, irvwrr i«niv days, 1 Vad. i'ohi, mixed American 3s 9i4d. Feas York; Boston, (and equipped with all the modern Improve- /y MmTlltMi asu l>led^e,d May. —27s both I'RoMl'i ι* self well. If I get a very severe cold, I Opening 88% sS^d. Provisions, & passed up.) FOB MAI.E. ments and capable of seatlug four hundred 4 la ■ «tliit *—· for rli.U Grass proves not to be winter killed as entirely Co,—1'ork. prime Eastern FULLY th*n sud μ!πΙι· >tt * s rvsbv vr*t was Highest 83iid lor short of late Also Pier where all boats the thick of sometimes have a return of this weakness of the 28% 65s; Bacon at clear and 32s (id farm the Beth K. Rogers. This (400) people. private PACIFIC COAST EXCLUSION Tiua ALLTui h lui »iusu>l I'm expected coating ice on the Lowest Forelsn Ports. make a The 1 by 22% tor long clear. Lard at 86> Od. Cheese at 62s. THEfarm contains about 1)0 acres of good laud, of Casco Bay Steamboat Co. landing. Sir* ! κ λ « .· ( l„ '.-ran fields all winter. spine, but allock's Plasters cure me in three D.4NCE li t I.I. In (be WAHHINCiTW* TKHKITOKV Closing 22% TaUow Mi C4. AtAdeUide. SA. Mch 10, S R cuts 30 tons liay, lias good pasture with plenty of Pavilion has the largest barque Beerse, suitable it- William Clark's eleven colonies of bees or four days. Wednesday's quotations. from Boston, ar Feb 12, for water, good wood lot, orcharh, (Sc. The build- State, and Is surrounded witb grounds AND OKKCiO*. winter fine Thestrtip, Newcastle. for all kinds of Terms reasonable. address aeo. c. oooDwiN * ca, ι came out of quarters in condi- WHEAT. Ar at Yokohama Apl 17, ship Lucy A ings consist of a large old fashioned house, large sports. For circulars giving all Information, wish would up your M1NIATUKK ALMANAC APKIL 25. Nichols, O. A. JIAHIfllilt, ■··■** ■•■«■<1, tion. lie put them on summer stands from "George, dear, I you give Nickels, New York. barn and wood-house. This property Is situated Applv to E. IflcPHKKNON, or U tHINkR ft C. Idl —ÊÊm the cellar aud foolish idea of to Oklahema, You'll be May. June. July eun rises. Ar at Melbourne Feb 26, barque about one mile from Freeport village, where there i'orlliind. Tlitiar, CO., April Oth, they brought pollen going opening ί 22i high" water I Jennie Hark- •ill Wa«hlM«iM Ml·. S 80% 80% 7*% 8un eels 6 87 Π27 65 ness, Boston. are churches, stores, depot, mills, «iW ■■ h no» Μι, aprl3dtf 11th. Last year they brough pollen murdered." Amesbury. ... poetoffice, April Hlghes' sow, 81% 78% of 13B8 to shoe Ae. Hul··. .11···. POLICIES, Protected by the 2Gth. Lowest Length , that the (ortuue. —Chicago Herald. Lowest. 34% 84% News. his and 36% pard, Newport two slate roof situ- subscribers have been^luly appointed Execu- COMPANY, of Portland, Maine. Mr. Collins was in best|hutuor with Closing. 84% 85% 85% Ar at Trinidad 8th Inst, sch story, dwellings, NOTIK WEDNESDAY, 24. Maggie Andrews. THEated on Crescent Street, on lot 86 leet front tors ol the Will of ο» ra. April Barbados. _ cV\£0Q\AV his characteristic wit and eloquence moved Snow, Man Wants a Tonic iu»t. whs and running from Crescent to Congress Street. SUSAN II. SMITH, late of Portland. To Builder· and People Arrived. At Matanzas 17th Thos R Each house Hunting his hearers from to tears. Mr. When there is a April. Plllsbury, contains 30 rooms beside bath and to secure home» laughter lack of elastic energy in the Esdale. Pitcher, fnr |North of Batterie H G Moselev In the County of » umberland. deceased, and ol ibelr own. Collins will be remembered lu this vi- Opening 8a% Barque Plskataqua, (Br) Barbados via laundry with set tubs ; heated by steam, pipes for long system, shown by a sensation of un- she In To Holt, and Carrie Strong, Strong, do. have takenl upon themselves that trust as the law languor and Highest 28% Bermuda, (where put leaky). Kyan & sch gas, speaking tubes and electric bells, cemented i few choice lots left on Hartley si., ilnlty as mi earnest, conscientious worker rest lu the Lowest Ai at St John, NB, 23d, Jennie Cor- direct.··. All having demands upon the Dcertag, morning, the 22% Kelsey. Parker, cellar floors, and perfect drainage; persons V at low prices. Persons to for the public frequent yawning during Closing bett, Portland; Τ A Stuart, everything Li ••state of salil deceased, are required to exhibit wishing build eut new TIM good. and Scb Matan/as-inolasses Ealklngham.Machias, and modern and the these lots and have day disturbed at 28% May O'Nell.Crelgbton, finest and most Interest- all buy lumber tor ad Sunday a horse of I. M. sleep night, Hostetter's Emu, Colwell, Rockland. view to be ■ he same, and persons indebted to said estate hmUIIng morning young Stomach to Geo S Hunt & Co. ing had in Portland ; houses open dur- vaiwed them, for which payment can b· Bitters infuses d Boston Stock are called upou to make payment to made on Stanley's became frightened at a bicycle unwontf energy into Market. Sch Blanche Hopkins, Tunnell, Matanzas-ino- ing the day for Inspection, and ready for occu- 514 the Installment plan. lu I he Spoken. CONGRESS ST., JAMKS HOPKINS SMITH. I Proper!) this vicinity near W. IL Nov s enfeebled and them The followlugjquotatlons of stocks are received lasses to Geo 8 Hunt & Co. For nrices and terms to «««"tors lu begin cigar manufactory nervous, endowing with Ion pancy. apply owner, IlKNKY ST. JOHN SMITH. I constantly Increasing value. Apply to J I'· and ran muscular Soli Maud Sherwood, Kelley, Daileu -hard pine Jan 17, lat|lat 6 52 8. 104 25 K. baruu· t. E. 3VK> Κυοιιι rear of away with Stanley'* «on Oliver. energy, au ability to dallyi PKOCTOK, Congress St., «3, Ιββν. BAXTER, Portland Savings Bask repose healthfully, 0 U X Co. Wakelleld, from Hung Kong tot New York. Davis Building. niarivdtf Portlana, Me. Portland, AprU 1», spriadlawThSw. Ky an24 H apria 411 A LARGE ESTABLISHMENT. RELICS OF GETTYSBURG. A Centennial Service. APT1BTIΜΜΚΤΙ. NBW THE PRESS. «DVBBTiaitniNTS. WEW «v«»T„Hlmxi, In accordance with President Harrison's AUCTION RALM. The Machine Col. Richard C. THURSDAY KORXINti. APRIL 85. Portland Foundry and Shannon's Generous request, Bishop Neely has arranged to have Gift Work· Have Started Up. to the 5th Maine. a service at St. Luke's Cathedral Tuesday F. Ο. BAILEY & at 9 o'clock. The ThTTwo CO., next, Greatest NEW ADVCBTHBHtNTV TODAI. morning April 30th, the Yesterday the Ι'κκββ reporter visited Capt. George E. Brown, has received a let- form of service will be the same as that ap- Auctioneer* and Commission Servants. AMUSEMENTS. Portland Foundry and Machine Works, Dan ter from Col. Richard C. Shannon of New for St. Paul's church. New Tork, at Boswurtli pointed ® Nnlf*rooK 18 Exekâaire Street. relief eorps—Carnival. iel T. that have recently York, president of Our citizens are ThisWeekandSaturdayEvenif)£WE OFFEK THESE Kelley proprietor, the Fifth Maine Regi- the same hour. generally FAST DAY. iPEC.4L Washington's inauguration—lecture. BAKUAI^ AT f. O. Htll.K V. €·. w. 1LLM been on Kennebec Back ment Blessings. completed street, Association, In which he to be at this service. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. he says that Invited present Thejr are seme and marl 4 *** It is an extensive establishment. The in good good _____ Cook wanted. Bay. company with his brother, Dr. J. H· health. Use to the manufacture of Shannon of A Stormy Sea. your good sense this City of Portland. building devoted agri- Saco, who was also a member of Shine's Nevv York fTo bailey a co. uxvÊÊun Owen. Moore and & Co. cultural tools bas a of over 190 feet, Company 5th The strong wind yesterday made a rough spring get good health. Store. Found—Breast frontage H, Maine, has just returned Real Ε «lute, Wo. *2· pin. white and High Wanted—Good rent. is three stories high, and has a floor surface from Gettysburg. While there he purchased sea. The waves were capped Our 100 Hamburg Dress Patterns, In colored and white, $2.00; reduced .. Auction. Governor's Proclamation at By Htcycle»—G. L. Bailey. for a into the harbor for shelter. Most 5 Black Silk, 24 inches wide, it.OB; reduced from si of 18,600 feet. It was built especially collection of relics gathered from all many vessels put folks need medi- pieces (Gulnet) So MONDAY, S». at 3 p. m., we .hail Shine's New York store. parts spring at and ™ April of Indies a bard 1» pieces Black and Colored Kbadames $1,00 $1.25; reduced froin Αι ON •ell the two (nun· home. Μ». SU Wanted—Cast off clothing. that purpose, and Is supplied with every that famous battle field and them Vessels from the West report eine. Have taken »tory presents you yours? SO pieces French Dress Goods, 42 inches wide and all the new shade» at τοί«·*· ?η<ΐ ?2,.°°· High street; 14 flulsiicd room», ru, Hebago. with The two greatest blessliiKS. for of mowing to the were a lot of fish arrivals, Just price. •onvenience the manufacture Association to be in the Fifth passage. There 25 Fancv Sarah Silks at $1.25. good cellar anil can be arranged lor two Mou- Salesmen—Centennial Mau'f'gCo. placed invites os to Inks. pieces Striped hard metal Maine and schooners coming pa at and fle»; lot about Sux 130. Term» at sale. For sale at Old Orchard—Cottage. machines, steel plows, plows, Regiment Memorial Hall at Peak's numerous small boats Paine's A full line of Ladies' Spring and Summer Jackets $2.50 upwards. & in all to is the and Bonnets at half apras JW Maine horses—Stevens Hideout. cultivators, horse hoes and all kinds of agri- Island. This collection in with small catches that amounted Celery Compound Children's White Dresses, Cloaks price. The Atkinson House Co. has more than 150 best 59c Furnishing spring medicine. Your good 50 dozen $1.00 Corsets, In Cream, White and Drab, at pair. "* cultural tools. The foundry extends towards different about pounds. * F. 0. AUCTKMKERS. C. J. Farrlngton-180 Middle streel. pieces and is more extensive and 75,000 sense Hamburg* at half to close. BAILEY 4 CO., Ho, for the Islands—Str. Greenwood. the build- should tell to take it. price the bay, making a right anglejwith valuable than one presented to the State of Notes. you $1.50 Ladles' Kid Gloves, in all at 79c pair. A wonderful difference—J. M. Gooding. Railroad shades, devoted to the manufacture of tools. It $1.25 Ladies' Kid Id all shades, at 59c ing Pennsylvania that cost 9500. Among other The Maine Central locomotive. No. 58, WE Gloves, pair. 76 feet wide. It is well The HAVE MUCH TO BE Heal Castile 6 cakes for 25c ; regular 10c cake. is 110 feet long, and things is the of a tree In eminent Dr. Soap, price Rock Island Soute Excursions to all polntsWest stump wblch a con- which was in the Kingman accident and so Phelps' pre- A full line of Black Waists from 75c up. makes an excellent for ical Jersey offer line lighted and building shall U burled. This tree was cut near scription, it is a scientific medi- accommodations, good aervlce and com- badly broken up has been overhauled and Assignee's Sale. fortable travel a foundry. The entered the tool Gen. cine. It at low rates. For circular write reporter Slocum's headquarters. Col. Shannon thoroughly repaired at the Waterville shops is purely vegetable. It ^JOTICgla W. E. and in the first for the line The THANKFUL FOR. hereby (Wen that pursuant to a IV· Chatterton, 296 Washington Boston. building, meeting nobody had been on Gen. Slocum's staff for some and is now ready again. bv street, after gives you the two things you most j,„i„®.dÎÎL«rantea Boo. Henr» C. PeaboUj, room he wont to the west end of the build- engine was in very bad shape directly time. He had been taken ex- need cS,n!LiLV,i Γ Mn,cJr (!ourt· 'he County ol For cas· of prisoner, the accident. this blood and Cumberland, I shall self at any nervousness, sleep· Here was a on which was spring—pure Shine's York public auctloo on ing. door, paint- changed and New iessness. weak stomach, reached Gettysburg just in sea- strong nerves. Store, indigestion, dyspepsia ed in letters the words "No admit- son to *ay lf ,βββ> Carter's large take part in that battle. The mem- : afternoon at 3 o'clock In the try Little Nerve Pills. Relief is sure. Congress Hall Social dance ; afternoon, on the tance." This door Into the bers apr2G hereinafter Dr^mlMn The nerve for the In market. opens foundry. of the Fifth Maine Association are to ball eodtjyll mentioned, all tte rlfht. mfe aad only medicine; price grand masquerade evening. Twenty Early Spring, good times gener- terest, to the "I I'll in said the Press And there's another reason for belonging e«t»te SlOeo. H. dwlw guess go there," be congratulated on this valuable and gen- and man. Insolvent debtor, dances furnished each session. ally good opportunities la and to a certain i.»t <4 man to and his action to his faith and confidence in par- «CI» U OA ΤI ON At*. Hi·»*. land with the house himself, suiting erous gift from their president. dwelling thereon, situated on Castorla cures Colic, : ticularly. the tide of Constipation words be the door and on- Clean house with Index Jour'aine's westerly t.arleton street, la the at Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation; opened passed The following Is a list of relics : your Soap. Celery Compound. It's and city that fortlaad, uumbered utoety two on iaM MreM Gives healthy also aids digestion; ward. Here were a number of men Opportunities should be sleep; busy at 20-pound Farrott shell. ALICE €. HON ES, aplfldtd UKUBUK 1.IBBT, Assignee. Without narcotl stupefaction octftd&wly Confederate canteen. MARRIAGES. and in work at the moulds, in which are improved, view of the fact Β. shaped all Bottle shell. the medicine is DR. Ε. REED, Clairvoyant everybody taking that is a 3 DEER1NC manner of Iron castings. |In the centre of 0-pound shot (Confed.) this today day of leisure, we PLACE. SUPERIOR COURT. Mess tin. spring. It's booming all invite the foundry is a large Blakeley cupola fur- cSr- you before or after you Cartridge box. M? over the country. 'Twouldn't do have and Rotanic Physician. nace, which has a capacity of from seven to Farrott, Ά discussed the good Elocution ami Literature. BKFOBKJCDOB DONKEY. lo-pound. that if it wasn't the sort. things Houm and Offlce Congress St., Portland, ten tons of iron. A crew |had finished Sharpened shell, 10-pound. right around the festal Oliver Rloux vs. Klzeard Houle. just 12-pound solid shot. board, to visit Delsarte Expression · Specialty. 3UU^·» Action to recover 146.20 claimed to be due the "charging" It, that Is it with all man- Haud our for UEKD treats all chronic dlaea.it·» tbat Best) filling grenade. store, the purpose of be- KsrKBZKCB—Prof. Moses True Boston plaintiff for his own labor and as assignee of an- snot °°'β a"d Ctlilrlotle Brown, In heir all ewes tbat are ner of scrap and pig and were drape (Union.) Let your good sense talk. It School of DK. to; given up as In other, In wood and In iron, they coming acquainted with some Oratory. curable the and chopping cutting logs Hotchklss shell. of dec» hjr allopathic homeopathic phy- In the winter of 1888 and a about to start the fire β· Kred H Miss will oodtf Naples toenforce lien ready underneath and Uebei grape. Comp^'l^rof2HiddetordK' WyUeaad say, "Gain good health at the for which sicians, I will take tbelr eut tu treat aud cure tlie logs and wood for the same. things all of us upon melt the 12-pound suarpened. them. I find tbat about lour-ftftb» 01 me cases The counsel lor the charge. «eralU.„U Mls, once, to-day, by using Paine's should be defendant made no objec- Canteen Irom grave. H^^ thankful. For this up to die eau be cured. Examinations at a tion to the "How does it plaintif! having judgment against the long take to melt a furnace 10-pound sbenkle. uVet.nw&tr!'U· Celery Compound. It's just what purpose we shall SlvenIstance by letter with their full name nnd place defendant but claimed that be could not enforce be open to of residence nad une 2 cent and full of Iron?" asked the writer. "About an Ci rape shot. you need now." < Λ., stamp $2.00 Kx- » Hen upon the logs and cordwood In the same Bottle shell. DEATHS. receive you from 7 A. M. to 12 L'>C animation at tlie offlre, $1.00. (Consultation tree. suit ; ana that it he could he has lost his lien by hour," replied Mr. Kelley, who, having dis- Andrein Office hours 8 a. m. to 1» p. m. »ei>14t< Insufficient attachment. Decision sharpshooter. Noon, and from 5 nntil 9 P. reserved. covered that a was had ad- Broken Hotchklss with bullets. In Sherman, April 20, Andrew J. Lufkln, aged The M. William for reporter present, weather today 1880. Lyons pltff. Cannlster. 56 yearsa member of the 1 St. Me Cavalry. Our floor will be Ferllttiid PoBTLA.ND, April IS, F. for dft. vanced with a very cordial salutation. You ie likely to be rainy. Carpet bright- Meheol ef Mteinraphy· M.Ray 12-pound shot. In Silver Kidge Plantation, April 17, Mrs. Mary On account of Ill-health I am obliged see we have it 13th New Jersey. wife of tùe late Dea. C. ly illuminated in the just got charged. First, we Α., Henry Spooner, aged FOBTLAXD. APRIL 2G, 1889. evening Pupils thoroughly instructed in shorthand and to MUNICIPAL COURT. Kebel Parrott. 59 years. our friends and dispose of my business and I take put into the furnace 500 pounds of coke ; on giving full typewriting. Day evening sessions. English Whltworth shot. in Xnumaston, April 13, Mrs. Catharine P. Starr opportunity 8end "V T"E would to our for circular. ρ easnre In recommending as my sue· top of the coke we put in 4000 pounds of Percussion sbenkle. aged 82 years. be inspect Brussels, Tapestries BBFOBJC JUDO· OOULD. Bullet and wood. In Tliomaston, April 15, Keuben Prior, aged and cessor, DK. C.T.ÛTETEÛÎ), Iron, which will be melted by the heat given Solid shot Wools, all of which are formerly Wednesday—Thomas Carey, Frank McUrlne. 12-pouud. 79 years. sorry to think of R. I. Intoxication ; each fined and out the of. the 300 of Coal oil from shell. In Tliomaston, 16, Mrs. Deborah M. Stone marked at Providence, »3 costs. b7 burning pounds lamp April prices to command *>m A- I·· Sawier. 837 St. Jo-eph McGulre. Common drunkard; five in 32-pound sbenkle. aged 73 years, that Congrats J. P. WENTWOKTH. coke. Then we put another charge of Wlntworth your earnest attention. A Parting JU months in county Jail. English shell- lu WInslow, April 16, Sidney Howard, aged 69 premature floor SVi Mtrrei. aprl7dlm .Unies Fendergrass. Common drunkard; two coke, and on top of it as much iron as the Collection of bullets, 50 speclmeus. years. of can be covered for very little months In county Jail. Broken shell. In Dorchester. Mass., April 23, William Henry advertising Summer just J. A. second charge of coke will melt. That is Ohio and BATVEH, James McOraw. Larceuy ; sixty days in county Cavalry monument. Ramsey. now, with the best of material. Jail. the way the furnace is charged. Then the 7th New Jaisey. [Funeral Thursday torenoon at 11 o'clock, at be Our PORTLAND LATIN SCHOOL 1st Massachusetts. No. loi Cumberland street, burial Underclothing might Chamber 8et floor is STENOGRAPHER Daniel F. Smith and Wm. Hunter. Larceuy; fire is started underneath. A blowing ma- private. just Reform School during minority. Snare drum, round top. the indirect cause full of from a solid Ash Students are solicited for tbe next half S1V4KJLCHA*(}■ HT.. PoKTLAMD, Ha chine forces a current of air Betel and of even Bargains tebl6 dtl Martin Foley. Larceny ; thirty days In county strong through Union bayonets. of the Portland Sabre. Chamber Set at to a year Latin School,which a blow-pipe cannected with the bottom of a case of $18.00, Feb. 11. Bugle. single pneumonia magnificent Walnut at opens Monday, BRIEF the furnace, and thus the fire is fanned to a Carbine, It Costs Less $500. JOTTINGS. (Confed.) Medium JOSHUA E. very high heat, and is made to burn Gun, plowed up Oct. 10, 1888. or that advice of ours as Sets of first-class CRAME, rapidly. Offl er's (Bound On the ol real Hood's Sarsa- Head Master. the revolver, Top.) question economy for There was a cold south-west wind When furnace of iron is melted, it is 18 Indiana. workmanship $25 to $45. feb7 yes- parilla is so far ahead of other preparations as to the of unseason- dtf afternoon. drawn off and turned Into the different Breast plate, bullets, buttons, spur, etc., In cab- buying Some of them with Marble *£. ■■ ml terday of about to place them entirely out of the race as compet- Tops moulds. Thus inet, consisting 10i pieces In frame .also able at A special meeting of the managers of the castings of all kinds are ink stand and gavel with bullets imbeded in them. itors. Here are facts In regard to this result in that price. popular goods might VI Λ. — ... made. Board of Trade is to be held at 11 o'clock to- medicine, easily susceptible of conclusive proof : ill to juivmiui η IU OTOQ liUUFt SU lllftl Mr. Fast STEPHEN morrow morning. Kelley then showed the reporter the Day. 1· Bm4'· danaparlll· Cub ike Π···· anybody. to say our fourth floor contains a BERRY, Martin was mills in which the Today is Fast and the and nation- facnrar ill arc than auy other of the celebrated "Cui- Foley sentenced to 30 days in castings are cleaned, and Day city competing Still it is the of our splendid variety of goods need not ami after that al offices, banks and preparatlou, because It Is more highly concen- duty $ook, (ραϊ<1 ffiiink: the county jail yesterday morning for steal- led the way to the machine shop, public buildings will be bring a vision of endless Job net" Black Silk from closed. trated and contains more real medicinal value. stairs, the ing an aaze irom »v. n, isrower. «νitère sifaui amis, etc., were in operation. advertising department to and tired No. 37 P.iun 8tre«t. Ί. Il eaaia the Jabbrr Dim, as a conse- limbs. The choice Ëasy The of W. In the room Is a fine 50-horse power There will be a union Fast service at who sold at a semi-montbly meeting the C. T. engine Day of the fact stated. 3.— with importer street quence Just acquaint you what's Chairs, Hattan Rockers and U. will occur Friday at 3 p. m., at tbeir head- eDglne, the castings for which Mr. Kelley High church at 11 o'clock. Rev. A. K. P. on Chairs, Mantel Beds, quarters, 514 Exchange street. Subject, made. Tbe engine is powerful for its size, Small, D. D., will preach. His subject Hood's Sarsaparilla going here and Lounges, will be keep Parlor Suits, Dining Chairs and "Sabbath Desecration." and has a pretty motion. There are three "Humility." Γ..·. «La »«*«!■ It»».!.·. 1W— *a- you informed in other well There will a elevators xuoio mu uc α sci νicc αι> tuc rii&b χ arisn dry goods goods will repay a visit. be temperance meeting and In the tool building, by which the same reason-as can easily be learned by Inquiry. this at are the Bed Our new Goods GREAT SACRIFICE. entertainment consisting of readings, recita- upper stories are reached. On one floor the morning 11 o'clock, when Dr. HiU Hence tbe desire of some retailers to sell their news,—so that when we Many Tags on this Spring v. ill floor tions, vocal and instrumental at wooden parts of the different defend the constitutionality of chapter own preparations, wbicb cost them less, and for indicating and a music, the agricultural our whole Bargains, are to show. XI, section 97 of the Revised Statutes. which the same price, thus more say line of Im- of Oilcloth ready Mission this evening at 7.30 o'clock. Ail are tools are made ; another floor is used for a they get making pile Bemnants at cost IDEAL SHOE ! The But The prices beinc; such an invited. storeroom, and still another for an exhibi- Presumpscots and Colbye will play money. ported and Domestic Un- price to clear them out. If you contemplate us- this 4. It ceils the Cnnaer LHSH than ! The Inmates of the Old Ladles' Home have tion or salesroom. The process of making afternoon at the Portland grounds. any We shall be very to see inducement, we closed other medicine, because of its greater concen- derwear for pleased LECANT! again been remembered in the ef plows and other tools from scrap iron is Game will begin at 2.30 o'clock. Reserved Men, Women, as of our any Wall Papers this kindly gift trated and the in each many customers as can ing the we seats at Somers strength, quanity bottle, EasyNDURINC ! lot and have just fruit from a friend who himself quite interesting. Mr. Kelley'e establish- Brothers, Congress street. and styles "The and because it is the only preparation of which children is on the spare the time, even though they us an Old ment is a fine There will be a ball at Trefethen's Spring· give early Sailor," and in the receipt of a box of very one, and figures conspicu- game can truly be said, "lOO Do·» One Dellar." may not desire added a small on goods, the stock is percentage fine from Mrs S. E. ously among the "infant industries" of Back Landing. The steamer Greenwood will run counter, the shelves oranges spring. On this platform Hood's Sarsaparilla stands worth seeing. call. to the cost for our retail Tuesday afternoon as Dr. Dunn his Bay. from Burnham's wharf today to Trefethen's the of and absolutely beyond approach competitors and to be seen,—to Open from 7 to 12 and 5 to 9. were and Jones's and our methods of ready DEAN niece Island. use BROS.' driving toward home from Cape Landing Cushing's They copy advertising, they uumpcicni ffommcn prices in order to make Good to Professor Doldt. At our steal our but be sold if Elizabeth, the carriage was accidentally Bye Portland Theatre Murray and Murphy language, they headlines, they you're ready for New French Process Boots for Ladies ; a do not, Thar Caaaat, or reproduce our and work done combination of hand and machine Hew overturned and thoroughly wrecked. For- Last evening a number of tbe friends of will appear in the evening. copy it—we're furnished, "Ben will preparation, Hood's Sarsaparilla, Ing; they never rip; they never tunately neither Dr. Dunn or his niece were Professor J. Everett Doldt, who has re- Hur" tableaux be given at City only following squeak; Hall in First, Became It caal« I· much limy promptly. they require no breaking in and are as Injured in the least. signed his position as instructor of the Port- the evening. out our usual method to do it profitably. of flexible an turns. $3.00 per pair. If afternoon Mr. C. O. Hick land Turnverein to a The Barrett Literary Association will ATKINSON SALES. Tuesday ford, accept in give want in QUICK position Second. The Camhiaati··, Prapariiaa, new you perfection flU with freedom foreman for J. P. Thomas Λ killed two X. tendered him a a Fast Day entertainment at HaU arrivals. corns Co., Orange, J., supper at Kavanagh aad Praceu in preparing Hood's Barsaparilla announcing ™ from and all discomfort, try a pair in the " big black tnakes in New which William Grewer's cafe. There were a evening. ■ of the;e shoes; will Hampshire, about are peculiar to Itself, and competitors cannot A year or two has seen & they surely please measured seven and Wllllston church will hold a Honse Co. you, afford satisfaction and comfort one-half feet. He dozen present and,' when the Havana* had prayer meet find tlx secret by which this medicine secures its Furnishing [0RIN6, you This is one of the best gHORT jjHRMON and will wear none a radical in Ieb2 you other. brought them home and is now exhibiting been lighted Mr. Forrest Libby, in behalf of ing In their vestry at 9 o'clock a. m. real merit, and in consequence of which it effects change the eodtf them to his friends. tbe The Casco remarkable cures where other manufacturers in company, gave Mr. Doldt a gold beaded Bay Steamboat Company will preparations fall. character of the Summer Headquarters: Lyons. C. H. Nelson of Waterville, has sold a half ebony cane. Mr. Libby, in a few well chosen make extra trips from all landings. The Ladies' Front Lace Boots A Point For iou Interest In the standard bred stallion "Grif- words, expressed the regret of Mr. Doldt's steamer Emita will be run. Underwear made for La- FISHING a When TACKLE. Specialty. fin," to Gregg & Smith of and be Portland friends at Eighteen of the retail stores will you buy your spring medicine, you want Andover, many his departure and be closed and the is for will stand there this season. the entire the best. Ask for Hood's Sarsaparilla, and insist dies, An line for The horse bas wished him continued success in his new day. change Cor. MIDDLE and PEARL STS. elegant $2.60, with patent been upon having it. Do not let any argument or per- leather and leather front very popular at Sunnyslde Farm. Nel- field of labor. Mr. Doldt made a fitting re- The grocers, provision dealers and fish the better of course. Fine Split Bamboo, Lancewood and Green· tips patent stay suasion influence you to buy what you do not son has Bold this half Interest in him and al- ply, and remarks followed by others present dealers will be closed all day. heart Fly and Bait Bods, Jointed Bain- LOT No. $.75 want. Be sure to get the Ideal spring medicine, PORTLAND, DIE. OUR CREAT SPECIALTY. 1, lowed him to to Andover to reduce music store ribbed and soft boo and Ash Β dû, Reels, Lines, Basket!, go the expressive of their esteem for the popular Stockbridge's will be open all Hood's Sarsaparilla. weaving volume of at Files, Boohs and Artificial Baits, Ac. business Sunnyslde. Instructor and wishes for his future (success. dav. I was "Last spring completely fagged out. My clinging textures predom- Branches—Auburn, Bangor, Headquarters for U. M. C. and Win- Ladies' Glazed Mr. Doldt's faithful and efficient work for Winona Council, D. of P., are to give an strength left me and I felt sick and miserable all Biddeford, chester Dongola PERSONAL. inate Ammunition. "Colt," "Win- LOT No. M the entertainment at the on the so that I could attend to and the sleeveless Turnverein, as wall as his personal qual- Wigwam Congress time, hardly my Gardiner, Norway and Rockland. chester" and "Marlin" Blfles; S2.00 Boots. 2, ities, have won for him hosts of friends in street in the evening, to be followed by an business. I procured one bottle of Hood's Sarsa- "Parker," ".Smith," and "Colt" Bam- Hon. C. H. Frost of is at low neck vests are the kind By devoting great care in perfecting this Springvaie the Portland who will order of dances. Music will parilla, and It cured me." B. C. Beooli, Editor ISAAC υ. merless Double buns: "Forehand & follow his future career eight be fur- ATKINSON, Gen. Manager. line we have become the acknowledged United States Hotel. with nished Grlmmer's Enterprise, Belleville, Mich. best liked. ap24 dtf Wadsworth," "ChampUn" and "Semi- interest. by orchestra. The pro- leaders. Patent leather tips or plain. LOT Hon. Elliott Wood of "Hood's Sarsaparilla Is tbe medicine Bammerless" So. [M Winthrop and George cane will be a cheapest Single «uns. Also a full Fine 3, The presented to Mr. Doldt bears the gramme pleasing one consisting of New York Band Sewed Boot* la a Cary of Houlton are at the Falmouth Hotel. I can buy." F. H. Hiedel, Belleville, III. We're one now line of English Double Guns of our own following Inscription : vocal and Instrumental music, readings, etc., showing variety of styles. Call and get our prices. Mr. H. E. Duncan bas hie Ν. B. If you decide to take Hooa's Sarsaparilla importations. Sporting, Mining, Blast- We have the resigned posi- followed a "The of a at largest store and largest by farce, Capture Red- do not be induced to other. that looks as ing and ATLAS Powder, tion as organist at High street church, to buy any 25c quite Fuse, Caps, stock of shoes in Maine. skin." he., in any quantity. LOT No. 1.20 take effect 1st. May Presented to : a well and is better 4, There will be Fast Day service at St. really Rev. Kinsman Atkinson, pastor of the ! J. ETERETT DOLDT : Lawrence street church at 11 a. m., conduct- than WHOLESALE AM RETAIL. Methodist church on the old time dollar Peaks Island, has re- ed by Rev. Mr. Wright. Hood's i Friends in signed bis charge, and on Sunday last by sort. Pink, blue, flesh, LOT No. IM preached his farewell sermon. Portland Yacht T. 13, DAVIS, 5, Portland, Maine, : Club. Dr. George W. Stoner, formerly of Port- for the cream, white and ecru is April 24, 1888. ! Arrangements anniversary dinner Sarsaparilla 178 Middle Street. DEAN land, now surgeon at the United States Ma- apr23 eodt t ! of the Portland Yacht Club on even- Sold by all druggist·. |1 ; six for $fi. Prepared the line BROS., Friday of delicate shades rine Hospital at Detroit, has been appointed C. I. ing next, have been completed, and every- only by HOOD fc CO., Lowell, Uass. 453 and 455 professor of clinical surgery in the Michi- cane to a that this and all our other Ladies, this is your oppor- The came from tbe store of A. M. thing points highly sucaessful entertain- 100 Doses One Dollsr. gan College of Medicine and Surgery. Wentworth & Co., jewelers. ment. Members of the club and their guests apr27 d&wly lines come in. The DRESS PATTERNS. CONGRESS STREET tunity to purchase a first- Charles Edwards of Aliuon H. Paris, will meet in the parlors of the Preble House prices >pl3 eodtt Cressey and Granville A. Leavlttof Stan- at 7.30 and from class Black Silk meeting of Pomona Grange. o'clock, dinner will be served go 25c up to half as We have Just received an Invoice of those Dress, dish, R. T. Wood of Gardiner, and M. S. after 8. Tbe above Grange met with the Oak Hill shortly The sale of tickets has been SICK HEADACHE We have a few Dress Patterns at at Ward of are dollars with every yard warranted, Madison, who on the jury for even than the many Grange yesterday. Officers present : Master larger committee had reason J'wItlveljCsndm every $3.40 which are extra good for that the April term of the United States Circuit 1 an unusual low Samuel Bell, Overseer T. D. Scammoa, to anticipate, and members who desire to at- these Little Pill*. price between. The fab- price. FINE PHILADELPHIA price. Court, are at the Merchants Exchange Hotel. tend The 93.00 Combination Suits are Lecturer S. B. Steward A. P. are requested to make their arrange- rtiey also relieve Dis- T. H. of Gunnison, CARTER'S rics are McLaln Rockland, recently elect- ments at once. from cotton, lisle thread, going rapidly. Ayer, Assistant Steward J. W. _ Dyspepsia, ed cashier of the Lime Rock National Rideout, , [tress We hare secured another case of those Bank, Treasurer James iTTLEI Lb (Indigestion and Too BOOTS Hardy. Secretary G. W. • silk and fine Fast Black Hose at 10 cents per is one of the oldest school teachers in Maine. The Commercial Union. riearty Eating. A per· saxony wool, pair. Hatch was absent, and L. B. Dennett acted Customers that called for them A native of I VER Ject for Dizzi-· after For Ladies. he was educated _ Manson G. Farnington, A ¥ remedy in Larrabee meeting of the Maino _M a and combina- as secretary pro tem; Chaplin J. S. Barstow, company has been separate last lot was gone can now be supplied. under the Instruction ol A. H. Abbott and and a Nansea,Drowsi· All New Gate Mrs. K. held, contract made with the paternal RILLS.PILLS, jnesB, Mow Is the time for new Deddlnr. Woods Dally Arriving. Rev. Jonas Keeper Joseph Foys, Ceres, A. ess. Bad Taste In the tion. Burnham. Mr. McLaln taught company, C. E. I Feathers ana Mattress Ticks, Sheets cfc Fogg pro tem. ; Pomona, Mrs. M. H. Jones; through Arnold, general Ladles wishing Pine CO., his first school in Industry in 1847-8, getting :outh,Co&tedToogua, and Pillow Cases on hand or made to Stylish manager, and E. J. Slattery, treasurer, to In the Our assortment of Swiss a Side, TO& order. #10 month and board. He entered the commence the Address of welcome was by Mr. Walter B. building of the lines at once. «TD LIVER. They regulate the Bowels. BOOTS AND SHOES MIDDLE STREET. Lincoln street grammar school in Rockland The have ribbed underwear is un- 246 dU Nutter, and response by Mr. Samuel Bell. poles already been ordered, and »p2~ in and was there seventeen Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Priée. should remember 1872, years. He the construction of the line will Suits that we (re the only Mrs. R. A. Fogg, Miss Κ. N. Gunnison and begin dur- the in again. Nobby, Stylish, dealers this side of H. H. Tnttle's, has taught in all 91 terms ol tchool, 63 of the next questionably largest Tailor made Mrs. M. F. Kideout were appointed a com- ing thirty days. Major Winsor will Carments In BostoD. that keep the cele- which have been In Rockland. Many κ be sunerintendpnt town and it includes brated mittee on memorial resolutions the WW ASTERTIREHKNTR. about prices from $12 to 825. Some Ε. Μ. OWEN upon & Rockland boy owes to him training that has CO., death of sister Mary A. Sweetsir of North that's new lower price and but few 538 served In after life. Y. M. C. A. Club. everything and Congress Street. LAIRD, &CH0BER ami MITCHELL Yarmouth to be reported at the next Outlng Issued by the Northwestern Mutual Life hieher. apr!3 eodtf CARRIAGES. meeting. Tue Brother Cole in regular meeting ο £ the Y. M. C. A. Insurance Co. desirable. The fact that Assaulted on the Street. behalf of the Wescustigo Why do we tell these old Outing Club was held Grange invited the Fomona to meet with last evening. Two facts over? NOTICE. At about noon yesterday a man who was we all the that the second new members were admitted to the club. A import foreign on Grange Wednesday of June the Removed to New FUE SHOES. Annual Season of 1889 walking Commercial street near the old They light up present Having my Store, opening, committee was appointed to for an we Boston next. The invitation was accepted. arrange A wonderfJTdifferenge. goods sell, and & Maine and and the future. This These are Maine Central railroad entertainment to be given buy isn't the goods acknowledged by all competent The following received the fifth degree : Saturday evening, Judges to be the finest produced In depot, was suddenly seized by a young 4tb. from the mills all store of the We So. 548 Congress St, Comer of Oak, Κ. N. Helien B. May TP POLICIESOF 510,000 EACH straight sleepers. go this country. drunken fellow and then struck another Jordan, Deering, Charles from NEW by The base ball committee was authorized to better to better and / LOCATION, Ellsworth Jordan, Laura Frank A. Erickson the domestic I SHALL OPEN ON OR BOUT APRIL 17ih, man who had also been drinking. He was Pettengill, Perkins. Cashier of the Union Bank kinds, places best. secure players ior ihe team, and also secure of Rochester, Ν. in at hit on W. McConkey, Eva McConkey, Mary B. Y., February, 1873, age 21, Z= ▲ FULL LIN* OF the head near the ear, causing the insured bis lite on the Life Plan for in us on a E. P. a suitable uniform. $10,000 rather more advan- We're following up the Elm Cor. (Juinberland. blood to flow The two ruffians Morrill, Carman, Fioreece A. Webb each of two companies with the following results : Street, freely. then remarks were custom Lewis C. Mrs. Very interesting made by Rrc.rd of tailor; his styles, his fled and the man who had Hannaford, L. C. Hanna- Pmiiaatud Dividend»· as been assaulted General Secretary Betts, expressing tageous footing regards materials are and Summer ford, Kufus E. J. Scott regret ours; his ways Spring Millinery. finished out we are gave chase. He followed them around sev- Jordan, Jordan, NORTHWESTERN Mutual Lift of Ν. Y. Having remodeling factory, that he could not longer remain with the than now lor business and are now Arabellas. Addition Addition prices, any of our of almost ours. We I shall alio a stock ol all kinds of fully prepared eral down toward the Joseph Stanford, Jordan, Myra tailoring keep large/ In oar buildings, Internation- club, and bis best wishes for Its lu- Premium Premium Hlbbons thaii ever. scale of BROWN BLOCK. showing Warerooms a very large ana nineteen new members. giving by by shall overtake him and My prices ap»Q stock of al steamboat to Jordan, making Year Paid Dividend by by will be as low as ever. eodtf varied Carriages ol office, Portland bridge over ture A vote thanks was Paid Dividend competitors. W. W. Harris prosperity. of ex- and then which the rascals escaped to the Cape. It announced that the Cumber- 187 9 $177.00 $198.80 keep on. tended to Mr. Betts for his Interest and ser- 188 0 177.00 This is OUR OWN MANUFACTURE, was for them land County Agricultural Society had voted 198.90 $18β worth remember- That is the future of our lucky their pursuer did not 188 1 177.00 to offer vices to the club, and also a committee was $190 189.10 204 — Λ» WELL ΑΛ STRICTLY — overtake inem. for the best exhibit of any Grange 188 2 177.00 192 business. to draw resolutions 169.10 117 when to Gr. S. WATERIIOUSE. $12 for the secoad and appointed up regretting 1888 177.00 198 169.10 120 ing you're ready t'uitaoi H will Wnk *f Oihr, Maker·, >25, premium $10 Our Store till aprlO dim Away From It· his near 188 4 177.00 198 169.10 123 open one o'clock Today. Native Wood. for the third departure. underwear. which In all cast» will be Uaaraimd a, premium. 188 5 177.00 2U2 169.10 125 buy Grand Her Last two Altogether a very successful business Opening rr^rnirtl, and sold at the lowest possible night young men on their The woman's hour was 188 6 177.00 210 169.10 107 prVe*. way occupied by the OB' We Invite the attention of Intending imrenaser» down town found a was held, a of the 188 7 177.00 «429 169.10 107 GRAND OPENING woodcock under the following ladles: Mrs. M. P. Hunnewell meeting large majority to our stock, and teel assured we can offer you 188 8 177.00 219 169.10 77 — electric light at the members present. OF satisfactory Inducements. corner of Emery and read a humorous paper upon house being 188 9 177.00 223 169.10 79 Fine cleaning streets. The bird was alive but bleed- full of new points and which NEW suggestions, Worst Than Brutal Treatment. Premium.$1947.00 $1919-70 OWEN, MOORE & CO C. J. SPRING GOODS. it had lost its were ilie Misfit ing. Evidently way, and In received with universal laughter; Miss Total FARRINGTON, Portland Clothing Co. Patrick and his wife were attempting to fly over the city bad become Anna Hunnewell and Miss Wary L. Free- Flaherty ar- Additions $2061 $1245 The Middle St. Clothier, IINDKR V. β. HOTKE, rested last at their of Percentage CITY OF PORTLAND. All the novelties of the season ; best bewildered by the light of the arc lamp and man gave even night place residence, variety of readings excelling their usual of Dividend Pattern Pranch and THOMPSON & 40Federal street. He had been NEAR EXCHANGE STREET. Market Square, near Congress and Elm Streets Dresses, American Satines, ZENAS BfiO., flown against it breaking one of Its wings. great success in this line. drinking,' Additions tbe Joint Committee of (ïlnghams, Printed Poulard Silks In the 106 65 Standing apr26 dit market and after to Premiums.. the on out Elegant In Scotch Elm Cor. CnaberUad. State Master Robie addressed the frightfully bruising her face by WHEREAS,City Council laying New Streets, designs Ginghams at wholesale Street, meeting Northwestern's Excess of Additions, $8.16. to out new or prices. All Wool dam Fast In her blows proposes lay streets public ways In Dress Roods lor sea shore aprl» Day Exercise· the Y. M. C. A. in his usual striking heavy with his fist he Ne on a and Island happy style. Also Brother Han- ■aid city, as follows: Beginning at Congress have had Une Une of Merchant Tailors' dresses at «Oc,worth 87c ; Printed Pou- drove her out of the threw "Double Dividend. street and to near to afid suits and lard Silk 50c, worth 75c Morning, 9.15, Prayer meeting. Subject: cock of the Saco Grange made an house, her upon running Portland street, ifisflts—Spring Overcoats, l'antaloons : Kerr's Spool Cotton. We acceptable to St. John and certain new rom the merchant tailors Invite to and the pavement and inflicted a parallel street; leading throughout the cordially you come in and see the goods, "Fasting Feasting." Leader, Ε. H. speech and invited all to meet long deep in. streets on the to which we sell at about SO Cm· ·* whether wish the York J. GOODING, City Poor Farm, according plans mlon, ikr you to purchase or not. We leel J. A. MERRILL & CO., wound in her head with a club. of the civil a continuation of Dollar from the cost. It will confident that il Judkins. County Pomona at Buxton Center The poor city engineer; and original pay you to you buy goods ot us once you will today. General : : : : : : 12 Smith Street. Wilson street from to the be so well satisfied JEWELERS, woman was covered with blood from Agent, Beckett street Eastern HO! FOR THE ISLANDS with I hem you will become a Afternoon, 4 o'clock. Song and praise ser- Brother of Saco was head Moody present. Promenade. and the But Ball Uame at Trefetheu's Land- Eiamine Our Stock Before Purchasing Elsewhere ! regular customer. Manufacturers and Dealers la vice. "The to foot when taken to the station. She Notice is to all Interested, Subject: Vessel let down from If to get new light and is to hereby given parties lug, Fast Day. II pleasant the nar23eod4m STHK TLV OKI knowledge that the Joint Committee of the City PBIGK Heaven." succeed fainted at the station but recovered again. Standing NTEAKIKK UBEENWOOD MILITARY, the meeting was certainly success- Council on laying out new streets, will meet Evening, 7.30, Young men's meeting, In ful. Dr. King dressed her wounds. to hear the partlee and view the proposed way on will run trom Burnliam's Wharf for Trefethen's MASONIC, the 2nd £t three and Jones Landings and Island as charge of F. M. Sirout. Subject: "The KNABE Thursday day of May, 1889, Cushlng's fol- o'clock In the afternoon, at the comer of Portland lows: Leave Burnliam's Wharl at 9.00, 10.30 a. ODD Christian's Mission." Died In the International Steamers-Change ο FELLOWS, 8tatlon. J and St. John streets, and at four o'clock m., 12.00 M., 2.00, 3.15, 4.30 p. in. Returning J.M.DYËR&CO., at the leaves Trelethen's Yesterday morning, when Officer Massure Time. corner of Beckett and Wilson at 9.30, 11.10 a.m., 12.20, CRAND Larceny. streets, and will then and there pro- 2.20. 3.65, 6.15 p. m. Leave Jones at 9.30, 11a. 511 Congres» Street. ARMY, itnd other _ entered the cell No. 1 at the ceed to determine and whether the pub- m., 12.30, 2.30,3.46. 6.00 p. m. Leave mai'-is eodtf Society good» ; Lodge outfits Sword, Two boys, aged twelve and fifteen police station, The steamers of the International Com- adjudge Cushlng's Belts, years he found the lic convenience requires saia streets or ways to at !».40,10.60 a. m.. 12.40, 2.40, 3.36,4.50 lladges, fcegallas (ioUl and Silver were occupant sitting up on the end will their summer p.m. Fringes, Sc. Lai·?'; respectively, arrested and brought be- pany commence arrange- be laid out. Will commence her regular trips to the above Correspondence solicited. of the bunk seat. to Given under fore the municipal court for He*spoke him, but re- ment on April 29th, leaving Boston at 8.30 a. our hands on this 24th day of landings, Monday, April 29th. Kates lor Cot- yesterday break- ceived no April A. D. 1881). will be the same as last answer. The man was PIANO! tagers year. ing into a car some time ago and dead. m., and Portland at 5.30 p. m. Mondays) HOLMAN S. WEEKS & 239 stealing a Coroner Gould MELCHER, Mayor,* apr25dlt WEBBKK, Proprietors. R. H. MIDDLE STREET. and Dr. JOHN Stearns & Co. were F. A. quantity of raisins. Gould King called, Wednesdays and Fridays for Eastport, HAND, ™ J. Merrill. Judge sentenced and Tbe sole agency of tbls world renowned instru ROBERT A. (apOdlm) A. Kbit· decided the man died from Mcued VOK 64 Hamilton, D., Brooklyn, No. 3 ΝΑΙ,Ε-ltoyal Mail, $3 SHOE FOR 'argo Schooner Jennie Parker ; sailed March 10. and had no money. The officer Stevens ''""IT Inch, 54 LADIES. GINGHAMS. Hall, Woodfords this evening. There are then took Ν. will of BICYCLE!)|00. British Challenge, luch, (50, Best In the arrived 11. Y., read his celebrated story In condition. world. Examine his April him to the station. On the man's good Full sized tricycle, new, $75. .00 GENUINE HAN several indications of a attendance. person a "From the to the in the BIIRDRTT OBGAN PAINTER WABTBD-AI G.L. l>-SKWKI> SHOE. The line comprises hun- large Pulpit Poor House," the IV. B.-Aak 1er BAILEY, 263 Middle street. 25-1 Κ .00 II IND-8EWED WKI.T SHOE. letter was found B. S. CARRIAHKJ. F. street. 25-1 13.50 dred und coloring*. We signed by Snow and Chestnut street M. E. church this at HOVEï'8. 73 Portland POLICE AM» FARMERS' SHOE. pattern!· 389 Hhds. evening η Α Ι. Β-At Old H'JJSO EXTRA Post Office. his nance as Lewis Ocean Park, Orchard, VALUE CALF SHOE. think It Is not >ver-»tuting the others, giving Joseph and 7.30 p. m. The lecture will be free but a col- τσΝΓΝο το o&dkb. «it! a nice two storied in IMS WORKING MAN'S jyu FOB cottage, eight rooms, SHOE. truth to sny thai 'ur slock of One Th« usual holiday office hours will be ob- recommending him as a temperate, hard- POLICIES Protected by the perfect repair, with less; must be Γ-'.ΟΟ and β 1.1.1 BOYS' SCHOOL SHOES. 35 Tierces. lection will be taken. The public are cor- piazza, jSOOor Is uc io sold. W. H. 1U0 Middle street. Fraudulent when my name aud price are not Ginghams aowlrdged be served at the Post Office today, viz: Cash- working man, who had coaae to need from WALDKON, Λ stamped dially Invited. Dr. Hamilton Is an able and ENGINES, Popular Maine Non-Forfeiture 25-1 bottom. W.L.lJOUULAS, Brockton.Ma··. the best in New iglaud. Now landed mid (or sale by ier's 8 to 9 a. 1 to 2 m. sickness. Mr. J. M. the office open m., p. The Freeman, Exchange pleasing speaker and the Methodists of Port- Law Examine W. L. Douglas's *2 shoes for A full set of impies will be isened only by the OLD UK good rent within 10 minutes gentle- carrlers's usual morning delivery and col- street shipping agent, the body as Und will do well to men and ladies." sent on receipt ο ΙΟ cents, which recognized hear him. Boilers, WANTED-awalk of City Building ; willing to pay a good that of ION MUTUAL INSURANCE FOR SALE BY be refunded if are lections will be made, also collection at β p. Joseph Lewis,born in Wellfleet.Mass., LIFE price for the right kind of a rent ; no children. will goods or- Address X. 25-1 the CHAMPLIN&C0. and about 65 a 0. Α.. This Offlce. dered from sumple». TWITCHELL, dlw m., others omitted. years of age. He used to be Young Men's Republican Olub. SAW COMPANY, of Portland, Maine. L. M. DOUCLASS, apr22 was The HILL, the cash THIS fisherman, and employed by a large oil Young Men's Republican Club will pay highest prices Janiy 478 (.'«agrees Ht. MENTION PAPER. Chess Tournament. WANTED—Ipossible lor Gents cast off clothing. POLICIES Protected by the firm In He a of give a reception to the Lynn. has a wife, relative Portland Club in the Crist Mill. Please apply by mall to M. BERCSTEIN, 411 The well known chess rooms ! following players George Atkins of Portland, a brother new club of the former tomor- REGARDLESS OF COST Fore St. Ho business transacted on Saturday. POLICIES Protected bj the Maine Ν on-Forfeiture will Jand cluo, and all kinds of Wood 2 ο 2 Popular engage in a tournament In the Y. M. C. James in Haverhill. of row evening. For One A. The Boston Globe Working Machinery Month Only· *opnlar Maine R. H. Stearns rooms Non-Forfeiture & Co. the OLD UN- next F. and Mill 61 apll Law issued commencing Saturday. L. yesterday stated that Mr. Joseph Lewis, of On the evening of Thursday, May 2d, the supplies. competent cook, Deerlng eodïm only by WANTED-aSt. MRS. .1. P. BAXTER. Dockerty, W. H. Jenks, H. S. J. Lawrence Young Men's Club will a MORRISON & J 4it