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This guide will help you research and Everyone needs to make the most plan your next steps. of their skills and experiences - on pages 24 and 25 you’ll find some Here are some tips for getting the most ideas on how to develop yours. out of this publication:

To find out more about qualifications, No-one likes the thought of Top tip! routes and education and training job interviews, but pages pathways, go to pages 6, 7 and 8. 26 and 27 are full of useful Whatever stage information about making you are at in your Go to pages 10-21 to find out more successful applications. about work “sectors” – the name for career, always do as

a collection of jobs that may need There’s a page for parents much research as possible into the similar subjects for entry. Page 9 and carers to look at - so options available - you could contains information about self- encourage yours to read employment if you’re interested in page 30. find yourself doing a career working for yourself. Links and further you would never have Pages 22 and 23 provide some information can be found imagined! examples of some new and possible on page 31. jobs in the future.

Disclaimer The information has been researched and all the web links Salary information has been sourced from the National have been checked within this publication. The inclusion of Careers Service website (job profiles page) to provide an organisation does not signify an endorsement. Remember consistent starting salaries. website and other information can change rapidly.

2 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire Welcome 4 Contents Changes in the Labour Market 5 Qualifications and Pathways 6-7 Your Choices 8 Self Employment 9 Advanced Manufacturing 10 and Engineering Construction and Property 11 Creative and Digital 12 Finance and Business Services 13 Health and Social Care 14-15 Travel & Tourism 16 Sport & Active Leisure 17 Retail 18 Transport and Distribution (Logistics) 19 Green Jobs 20 Public Services 21 Jobs in the Future 22-23 It’s all about Skills! 24-25 Making Successful Applications 26-27 What about going onto Higher Education? 28 Glossary and Hepp Information 29 Calling all Parents and Carers! 30 Further Sources of Information 31

Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 3 Welcome to Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire

The future world of work will be exciting, innovative, dynamic, and you are an important part of that future. As Mayor, I believe you are important to the future of our region Our region has a unique mix of a diverse economy across numerous and our country. I want our region to produce a workforce fit for sectors while boasting one of the greenest cities in the world, with the the 21st century; adaptable, skilled, creative, and supported, with Peak District on our doorstep, and thriving towns. We also have a proud the ambition and drive to achieve their potential. heritage in steel and engineering, and this legacy continues today with our strong manufacturing sector. I want young people to feel empowered to aim high, achieve their potential, and realise their ambitions. We’re home to the UK’s fastest-growing airport; two world-class universities in ; the National College for High Speed Rail Helping to improve opportunities and enabling you in Doncaster; Barnsley’s Digital Media Centre and to a brand-new to realise your full potential is a priority for me. I University Centre in Rotherham. have supported initiatives such as the Children’s University, which helps young people from all Through schemes like Sheffield City Region’s Talent Bank, we’re backgrounds take part in activities outside of the connecting people with inspirational leaders. classroom, encouraging self-confidence and Whichever part of our region you call home, there will be courses, aspirations. apprenticeships, and training to match your ambition. Helping improve life opportunities for young As Mayor, I am working to ensure that whatever your background, people in our region who need it most is you have access to outstanding opportunities. Because I believe that something I am passionate about, which is it’s important to broaden horizons and the work we are doing with why I also support the South Yorkshire Futures businesses, schools, universities and governments will go a long way to initiative, led by Sheffield Hallam University. developing the workforce of the future. With exciting new developments, such as I hope this leaflet goes some way in helping you decide which career investments from global companies, our path you want to take and which will be the best choice for you. region is going places – and the range of jobs and careers across countless industries offer You are the future of our region! a real chance for you to do something you feel passionate about. As a region, we are committed to ensuring you have every opportunity to succeed, whether through higher education, training or apprenticeship schemes with some of our biggest and most exciting companies. Mayor Dan Jarvis MBE MP

4 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire * Changes in the Labour Market FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SKILLS Change How will it affect careers of the future? Which job areas will be important? ON PAGES 24 & 25 New technology New technology is one of the reasons for some jobs disappearing. Think about the self- Electronics ICT and big data is being service machines in supermarkets and robots on production lines; these work a lot of Design engineering Aerospace developed machines that used to be operated by people. We could soon be seeing driverless cars and Which Creative and media Cyber security constantly. drones being used for deliveries. skills will New technology creates new jobs especially those using higher level skills, such as 3-D be most designers and software engineers. important? People are living People will need more health and social care. There will be demand for research into drugs Health care Pharmacology longer than and ways for people to keep their independence. Social care Leisure before. Technological More care, health and social workers will be needed look after an ageing population - Bioscience especially workers on a mobile basis to deliver services to people.

The skills of There is more competition from the rest of the world. China and Japan both have more than Education Creative and media Communication people around twice as many graduates as the UK. There are competitive apprenticeship programmes in Science (including gaming) the world are countries such as Germany. Workers need to keep their skills and qualifications current to give Engineering Manufacturing increasing. them the best chance of productive careers. Creativity Manufacturing ICT including Finance Design

‘Green’ issues; More research into saving energy and developing greener technology. If we all start driving Engineering Energy and utilities We need to take electric cars we’ll need skilled mechanics to maintain them. including motor Innovation Reasoning more care of the vehicle New building materials and ways to use less energy. More efficient design and use of Design and Problem environment. materials. Chemical processing Research (including Solving Less pollution of the environment. Reduction in the use of plastics and other non- Recycling into alternative food biodegradable materials. We need to eat less meat to make world food supplies go further. Agriculture sources) These skills are People are Increased demand for services such as catering, fitness, health spas and gaming. Health and beauty Creative and media important for nearly all the thinking carefully Some farms are turning to tourism on top of farming (diversifying their businesses). Sport and leisure Sales and how they spend marketing jobs! their money, There are more overseas visitors coming to the UK. More hotels are offering spa facilities. Hospitality and especially in their People are having longer retirements so need to plan their finances effectively. tourism Financial advice leisure time.

*The labour market refers to all the people who are able to work and want jobs in a country or area, in relation to the number of jobs there are available in that country or area. Want to find out more about automation and the impact on jobs? Visit; Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 5 Qualifications and Pathways On the next two pages we’ve listed some of the qualifications and their ‘levels’. It’s important for you to research qualifications for your future career – remember not all qualifications are offered everywhere!

14 to 16 Level 1 14 to 16 Level 2 16 to 18 Level 3

GCSEs (grades D-G or 3-1) GCSEs (grades A-C or 9-4) A Levels You will study a variety of subjects and the Maths and English at Grade 4 or higher is Students study A-Levels at a further education grades you get can affect your future career essential for more advanced study and most college or sixth form. choices. employment. Vocational/applied courses Vocational/applied courses Vocational/applied courses include BTEC Level 3 Diploma Extended include BTEC Introduction Diplomas. include BTEC Level 2 (First) Diplomas, CACHE Diplomas, T Levels*, Cambridge Technicals and Cambridge Technicals. and CACHE. Traineeship A traineeship is an education and training Intermediate Apprenticeships Advanced Apprenticeships programme which incorporates work These are the first level of apprenticeship. These are a step above Intermediate experience, preparing young people for their Apprentices work towards work-based Apprenticeships. It’s a chance to access future careers by helping them to become learning qualifications such as an NVQ Level 2. training, develop skills and gain qualifications ‘work ready’. whilst working for an employer.

* Available from 2020.

Top tip! Remember qualifications are changing all the time and we’ve not been able to list every one that is available. Talk to your teachers and tutors for the latest information.

6 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 18+ Level 4 18+ Level 5 18+ Level 6

Degree Studying for your Degree Completing your Degree A course of study usually undertaken after You’ll undertake varied study depending on You’ll be able to access support throughout Level 3 qualification(s) studied at university or your course: time in lectures, seminars and your course on a variety of issues such as college. Normally involves three or four years of self-study are all common on most courses. study and well-being and help to progress study and spans qualification Levels 4-6. to your next step.

Vocational/applied courses include Vocational/applied courses include Higher National Diploma and some TopUniversities tip! Universities offer opportunities often for studying Higher National Certificates: A full-time Higher Foundation Degrees: work-related vocational offerabroad opportunities or work experience. for National Certificate (HNC) takes one year to qualifications, ‘equivalent’ to the first two years studying abroad or work complete, or two years part-time. The HNC of a three year honours degree. experience. This may help you is equivalent to the first year of a university pick your higher education course. degree programme. Degree Apprenticeships Degree Apprenticeships are universities and Degree Apprenticeships Higher Apprenticeships colleges working with business to offer degree Degree Apprenticeship are a way of gaining An opportunity to gain Level 4 qualifications courses that combine academic study and a high-level qualification, giving you a salary including NVQ Level 4, HND or a foundation workplace experience. and valuable experience. They can last up to degree. A higher apprenticeship can take from five years. one to five years to complete and involves part-time study.

Further study: If you complete a degree course, there are a number of more advanced qualifications you can take including a Masters degree or a PhD. These (with some degree apprenticeships) would be classed as Level 7 qualifications and beyond.

Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 7 Your Choices REMEMBER; POST-16 POST-18 IT’S ALWAYS A–Levels University IMPORTANT Year 10 and Year 11 GCSEs BTEC/T Levels Degree Apprenticeship TO DO YOUR Apprenticeship Employment RESEARCH INTO QUALIFICATIONS In Year 8 or 9 you will need to choose which subjects you would like to REMEMBER: you now have to stay in some form of learning until you are 18 AND CAREERS TO study in Years 10 and 11. years old (this is called Raising the Participation Age (RPA)). RPA doesn’t KEEP AS MANY You will need to check with your School/Academy which GCSE subjects mean you have to stay on at school after Year 11. OPTIONS OPEN FOR are on offer and when you need to make your choices. You can carry on learning while you are on an apprenticeship with You will have to study English, Maths and Science as part of your an employer. YOURSELF. GCSE programme (these are called ‘compulsory’ subjects) but you will be able to choose others. REMEMBER: Visit colleges and sixth forms and look into apprenticeship opportunities - it’s always good to apply for more than one thing! REMEMBER: Not all GCSE subjects will be offered by your school but most will. Look out for any application closing dates.

In Years 10 & 11 it’s time to think about your next steps At the age of 18 you have some really significant choices and decisions to (post-16 - sometimes called further education and training or FE). make - potentially entering your higher education (HE) phase. Your Post-16 Options are; You may choose to go to university (or a higher education college) to study a 6th Form/College - You can carry on with full-time learning in a school sixth degree. There are a huge range of courses and options, so start researching form, sixth form college, FE (further education) college or UTC (university as soon as you can. Visit UCAS to get started. technical college). This could be where you are currently learning, but it Look at pages 28 and 29 for some things to consider about university. could mean moving somewhere new, depending on your choices. Find out more about different qualifications on pages 6 and 7. Check entry At 18, you could also choose to undertake a (Higher) Degree Apprenticeship, requirements to courses post-16. which you can access with A Levels/other Level 3 qualifications or you may be able to progress with an Advanced Apprenticeship. Work based learning/employment – apprenticeships, traineeships, study programmes. Opportunities for degree apprenticeships are expanding and as with all information, things change. Keep checking relevant websites. Part-time education or training whilst running your own business or volunteering. You might decide to get a job at 18, but remember you can always go back into education; part-time study and the Open University are two more Find out more about apprenticeships at: options for carrying on learning if you’re working.

8 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire Self Employment

The usual definition of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is any business with fewer than Skills/qualities IN 2018, Skills/qualities 250 employees. There were 5.7 million SMEs in the UK in 2018, which was over 99% of all businesses. • Determination • Determination THERE WERE • Self-discipline If you fancy being your own boss, then self-employment may be an option for you. • Self-discipline • Good organisation skills APPROXIMATELY • Good organisation skills You will need to think about: How will you let people know If you need to borrow money to • Persistent about your products or service? set up the business, you will need • Persistency 71,600 What are you passionate • Flexible about? a well-written business plan. Seek • Flexibility What will it cost to start your • Competitive SELF-EMPLOYED business? advice about what you will need • Competitive Could it make money or solve to include in the plan from either • Imaginative a problem? How much money will you • Imaginative PEOPLE IN the bank you are applying to, or • Willing to take risks need to survive until your • Willing to take risks What is your business offering? through a local college • Communication skills SOUTH business makes a profit? • Communication skills Who will be your customers? course in YORKSHIRE How will you raise this money? self-employment Is there a market for your You’ll need to find out about start-up. Useful subjects include; ABOUT 7.6% products or services? any laws that apply to your • Business • English OF THE Where and how will you run business and about things like • Maths • Administration POPULATION). your business? tax and National Insurance, so it’s important to get advice early. • ICT (FROM NOMIS) What is the competition? See the pages for How are you guidance. FREE different from or Top tip! DELIVERY better than others? Sonia in Stitches Check out local colleges for short business Textile Commissions courses such as Marketing, Website Design, Online Interested? For more information... Selling and Accountancy for Federation of Small Businesses Peter Jones Enterprise Academy (Dragon’s Den) Small Businesses. Confederation of British Industry Youth Employment UK Shell ment-help-young-people/choices/starting-your-own-business/ Young Enterprise Gov.UK Setting up as a sole trader National Citizen Service Princes Trust Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 9 Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

59,000 PEOPLE South Yorkshire is known worldwide for the cutting-edge quality of its precision engineering, metals Average ARE EMPLOYED and alloys, yet engineering and manufacturing still seem to have an image problem. With investment Types of Job Starting IN ADVANCED in technologies such as robotics, heavy industry is increasingly being replaced by a cleaner working Salary environment. The growth sector now focuses on high-tech jobs, rather than the more traditional side of Mechanical ENGINEERING AND £22,000 MANUFACTURING IN manufacturing or engineering, which is reflected in greater opportunities for graduates and the reward of engineer higher salaries for this new skill-set. SOUTH YORKSHIRE. Prosthetist £24,214 THESE INCLUDE: One in five manufacturing Advanced engineering has Manufacturing jobs are employees work in medium an ageing workforce and available in a wide range Design £20,000 FOOD & DRINK 6,900 and high technology the sector urgently needs of sectors, with strong links engineer WOOD, PAPER & environments in the Sheffield young people. There are skills to other sectors such as Biomedical PRINTING 4,800 City Region. shortages in most engineering Healthcare and Low Carbon £24,214 and technology work areas. Technologies. scientist CHEMICALS, RUBBER, Electronics PLASTIC & OTHER £18,000 Some local employers: technology solutions in our technician NON-METALLIC MINERAL Further employers include: The Advanced region for a range of high profile PRODUCTS 8,700 Boeing Manufacturing Park industries. Skills/qualities McLaren MACHINERY & This world-class manufacturing The Advanced Manufacturing • Problem solving Rolls Royce EQUIPMENT 3,800 technology site provides Research Centre (AMRC) • Attention to detail METALS & METAL advanced manufacturing Working in partnership with • Communication AESSEAL PRODUCTS 20,500 the , the • Accuracy Gripple AMRC builds on the shared • Creative thinking COMPUTERS, scientific excellence, expertise Premier Foods ELECTRICAL & and technological innovation of Wabtec Rail Ltd Useful subjects include OPTICAL 2,500 the world’s leading aerospace Koyo Bearings (Europe) Ltd • Maths • ICT MOTOR VEHICLES company and leading research within the University’s Faculty Sources: Business Register Employment Survey, • Physics • Biology & OTHER Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, Office for of Engineering. National Statistics. • Chemistry • Design TRANSPORT 3,000 Interested? For more information...

10 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire THE CONSTRUCTION Construction and Property INDUSTRY IS Employment will be driven by investment in housing, transport infrastructure and new commercial developments. The construction of low carbon Average Types of Job Skills/qualities NOW SHOWING buildings, need for social housing and energy efficiency modifications to Starting Salary • Practical and technical property, will all be a necessity in the years ahead. STRONG • Problem solving Sustainable construction skills leading to a greener society, and the Architect £27,500 GROWTH. • Attention to detail development of new technologies and materials will directly stimulate Painter/ £15,000 • Team working growth in the construction sector. decorator • Communication AROUND New and forward-thinking roles are emerging in response to rapid growth 40,000 PEOPLE in the sector, creating opportunities within skilled trades and higher-level Electrician £18,000 • Safety aware occupations. In turn, self-employment within the industry continues to be a • Able to work at heights Civil ARE EMPLOYED £24,000 popular pathway, offering a wide range of opportunities. engineer • Able to read drawings IN SHEFFIELD ‘The property and construction sector has an economic output of almost • Accurate measurement Quantity £1.4 billion and employs over 40,000 people in the Sheffield City Region’. £18,000 CITY REGION surveyor Source: Sheffield City Region Growth Hub Useful subjects include; Plumber £15,000 • Maths • Physics

Sources: • English • ICT Business Register Employment Survey Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings • Design

Some local employers Amco Giffen Harworth Group plc Keepmoat Eton Construction Kier Henry Boot Willmott Dixon Interested? For more information...

Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 11 Creative and Digital

Roles in the creative and digital sector use the latest technologies Average Skills/qualities and include work in film and TV, social media, advertising, Types of Job Starting Salary • Problem solving fashion, computer games and animation. • Communication skills Photographer £14,000 ‘The creative and digital sectors have grown faster in the Sheffield City • Creativity Region than anywhere else in the UK. This is thanks to competitive Journalist £15,000 • Strong ICT knowledge property and staff costs, a supportive business environment and a and experience large pool of well qualified staff.’ Graphic £15,000 • Attention to detail designer ‘The sector employs over 35,000 people and the region benefits from the two universities in terms of research expertise and talented graduates.’ Fashion £20,000 Useful subjects include Source: Sheffield City Region Growth Hub. designer • Design • ICT Creative • English • Art Interactive Media director £18,000 • Maths • Media Interactive services, applications and content bring together the worlds (advertising) of computing, the web, mobile phones and console games. South Yorkshire has a national reputation as leaders in this field, including Software hosting a leading international documentary film festival. development £20,000 Some local employers engineer Fripp Design (Industrial Design) E-learning Insight Direct (UK) Ltd The region has established itself as the UK centre of e-learning with over 1,000 people employed in e-learning development and Ledgard Jepson (Design Agency) service businesses. Sumo Digital Ltd

Sources: Plusnet Business Register Employment Survey Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings.

Did you know? Mo Farah wears trainers that were printed using 3D printing technology, one of the many applications of this developing technology.

Interested? For more information... (search through vast range of roles available)

12 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire Finance and Business Services

There is an increasing South Yorkshire is a growing location in the UK for business, Average Skills/qualities emphasis on digital professional and financial services companies. This varied sector Types of Job Starting skills used in many areas Salary • Communication is expected to continue to grow and the Sheffield City Region is including: • Presentation skills currently home to approximately 68,000 businesses which have Contact Financial Services £13,500 • ICT created and sustained approximately 700,000 jobs. centre worker Legal Services • Problem solving ‘While it is often assumed that job creation is South Yorkshire has Chartered £18,000 • Customer service Accountancy Services centred on London, the biggest regional increase a long-standing legal accountant • Numeracy and literacy Management Consultancy in the employment rate since the 2008 financial sector with 4,900 Financial crash was in South Yorkshire. Employment rose by people employed £25,000 • Accuracy and attention to detail Advertising and adviser Marketing 6.5 percentage points to 71.7% in the region, which across international • Sales contains Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and firms such as DLA Finance Employment Agencies £18,500 Barnsley’. Piper, Nabarro and officer Useful subjects include; Human Resources Guardian January 2019 Irwin Mitchell who Insurance • English • Business Provision sit alongside smaller £15,000 underwriter administration Contact Centres The sector has an output of almost £2.5 billion in niche firms. • ICT Sheffield City Region, and employs 43,200 people • Maths in South Yorkshire. There are several Financial services providers large contact centres including Sky, XLN Telecom in the area include HSBC’s and Capita in the region. Some local employers global IT shared service There are strong links to other sectors, especially AEON Finance services centre, the largest ICT, with an increasing emphasis on use of Norton Finance private sector technology. One Call Insurance Ltd employer in Sources: the region. Business Register Employment Survey. Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings Nationwide Office for National Statistics Nabarro Irwin Mitchell DLA Piper

Interested? For more information...

Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 13 Health & Social Care NATIONALLY, THE HEALTH AND The Health and Social Care sector which includes Graduate roles in health and social care include hundreds SOCIAL CARE SECTOR WILL the NHS, offers over 300 unique jobs, all in high of different career paths for people from all kinds of demand. From catering staff, hospital porters and academic backgrounds. For some roles such as social work, occupational therapy or nursing, you will need specialised NEED UP TO 650,000 MORE administrators, to rehabilitation workers, dieticians and training or a relevant degree to start practicing. WORKERS BY 2035 TO doctors, the range of skills sought in health and social If you don’t have a specialist degree there are lots of roles care offers incredible scope to find your perfect job. MEET GROWING DEMAND you could do with plenty of opportunities to work towards FOR CARE AND SUPPORT, 1 in 10 of people working in are employed in professional qualifications throughout your career. Health and Social Care jobs. That’s 2.3 million staff. The INCLUDING WORK BOTH IN THE sector is great for offering opportunities to progress using INDEPENDENT SECTOR apprenticeships and higher education in a whole range of Top tip! AND NHS. different careers. There are a number of career When deciding which path to take, ask about pathways within the NHS, including apprenticeships. opportunities for progression and if the employer offers As an apprentice you’ll do in-house training programmes leading to a qualification, a nationally recognised apprenticeships, part-time study or distance learning. qualification and earn a wage. An apprenticeship is a great way to develop your skills and No matter which role you choose, whether you provide knowledge to become a qualified services to patients and service users or look after things healthcare worker in your in the background such as: Management, IT or Human chosen career. (see page 8 for Resources, you will become part of a talented, passionate more apprenticeship info). team of people, committed to providing the best service, care and treatment for all. If you’re looking to start a rewarding and challenging career helping people, there’s a health and social care job for you.

Interested? For more information...

14 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire Healthcare Technologies

Average Skills/qualities Healthcare technology may not be familiar to you, but it is a Average Types of Job Starting growth area for jobs; there are strong links to the Engineering and Types of Job Starting Salary • Communication Advanced Manufacturing and Health and Social Care sectors. Salary • Compassion Advocacy This industry is so varied; you could work in a laboratory Biomedical £17,500 • Team working £24,214 worker finding cures/diagnoses for diseases, designing new surgical scientist • Patience instruments, working in prosthetics (artificial limbs), developing Care home Critical care £22,000 • People skills new technology for online health services to name a few options. £30,401 manager technologist • Problem solving Employment numbers are not high at around 1,570 in South Therapy £17, 652 • IT and technology Yorkshire, but this is an important and thriving sector. Pharma- assistant £25,000 People with engineering, maths and science skills earn more cologist Laboratory on average. Starting salaries for engineering and technology £15,000 Useful subjects include Prosthetist/ jobs can be as much as £32,000, putting them in the top 20% of £24,214 assistant • Science • ICT orthotist starting salaries (nationally). Nurse £24,214 • English • Psychology Robotics • Maths • Design Over the years, there has been a big increase in skills £24,214 Contracts shortages in scientific and healthcare technology engineer £26,000 manager careers and some of the most exciting career Some local employers opportunities of the next five years are predicted Some local employers Doctor (GP) £37,191 Local hospitals to occur in these sectors. Braun Medical Ltd Doctors’ surgeries and Social worker £24,000 Sheffield Teaching Hospital Trust has JRI Orthopaedics medical centres international recognition for its work in Symmetry Medical Paramedic £24,214 Residential homes neurosciences, spinal injuries, and orthopaedics. (for the elderly and other groups) Swann Morton Pharmacist £30,500 3D printing technology is rapidly advancing and Councils contributing to the area of healthcare technology; Millgate Ltd Radiographer £24,214 Yorkshire Ambulance Service patients can be scanned and replicas of body Hotels and restaurants parts, such as noses and ears, can Speech £24,214 be produced. therapist SHEFFIELD CITY REGION IS ONE OF THE LARGEST CENTRES FOR ORTHOPAEDIC, We’ve only been able to mention some of the wide range of opportunities in the Health and Social Care Sector; things MEDICAL DEVICE AND INSTRUMENTATION COMPANIES IN THE UK. are changing all the time, so make sure you keep checking the relevant websites to keep your knowledge current. Interested? For more information...

Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 15 Travel & Tourism

In the Sheffield South Yorkshire has less tourism than the rest of the Yorkshire region, Average City Region, there but the sector still accounts for about 5,214 businesses in the region, Types of Job Starting Skills/qualities are forecast and 10% of the South Yorkshire workforce. The sector contributes £193 Salary • Team working to be around million to South Yorkshire’s economy each year. Employers include tourist • Communication skills 48,000 vacancies Air cabin boards and local authorities, and often tourism development is in the context £12,000 in transport crew • Problem solving and storage, of economic or regeneration benefits to the region. The sector includes • Negotiation skills passenger transport, hotels and other holiday accommodation, catering, Hotel and 42,300 in £20,000 • Patience accommodation museums and other cultural attractions, amusement and recreation. manager Nationally the long-term prospects for the sector are good, and demand for • Customer focus and food up to Tourist 2022. graduates is expected to grow, with 69,000 more managerial jobs over the information £14,000 An increasing next eight years. centre Useful subjects include number of people Doncaster Sheffield airport handled 1,222,347 passengers in 2018. assistant • English • Business are attracted • Maths administration Since the Tour de France ‘Grand Depart’ and the Tour de Yorkshire, visitor Tour guide £18,000 to our historic • Sciences • ICT towns and cities, numbers have increased to the region. countryside and Sources: • Languages High profile visitor attractions include Doncaster Racecourse and the Business Register Employment Survey national parks. Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings Yorkshire Wildlife Park (one of the fastest growing Office for National Statistics attractions in the area). Some local employers Sheffield LEP Doncaster Sheffield Airport Good people skills are essential for most jobs within this sector as you’ll be dealing with customers Yorkshire Wildlife Park on a daily basis. Welcome to Yorkshire http://www. (places to visit and potential employers) Transport, hotels and restaurants.

Interested? For more information... See this website to find places to visit and potential employers, and to find out where you can become a volunteer: Welcome to Yorkshire

16 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire Sport and Active Leisure 12% of the UK ‘Move More’ is Sheffield’s physical activity strategy. Average (* Types of Job Starting Skills/qualities Salary population This aims to help Sheffield become the most active city in the UK • Team working are registered by 2020, and improve the health, wellbeing and quality of lives of Fitness trainer £14,000 • Customer focus everyone in the region. • Commitment to exercise members of a Leisure centre £13,000 health and Partners include the council, the NHS, activity and wellbeing providers, assistant • Specific sporting skills businesses and individuals who all want to make it easier for people • Communication skills fitness club or to be physically active. With such a strong focus on health and Sports coach £14,000 • Problem solving wellbeing, now is the perfect time to look at careers in the Sport and publicly-owned Sports • Negotiation skills Active Leisure sectors! £23,000 gym, and physiotherapist • Patience With strong links to the Travel and Tourism sector and Healthcare roles almost 90% Sport and such as Physiotherapist and Fitness Instructor (often with progression to Useful subjects include live within management level), a career in Sport and Active Leisure offers a range of exercise £20,000 interesting opportunities. psychologist • English • ICT two miles • Maths • Physical Venues such as Doncaster Racecourse, Yorkshire Wildlife Park and Sports £18,000 • Sciences education of one. Ponds Forge contribute to opportunities in leisure, tourism and sport. scientist • Business The region is well known as a centre of sporting excellence. Sources: administration Business Register Employment Survey This has been boosted by its association with former Olympic and Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings World Championship Gold medal winner Jessica Ennis-Hill. Office for National Statistics Some local employers For this sector (along with many others), it’s important to gain not only Ponds Forge qualifications but also experience. Look at doing a relevant coaching course, volunteering or helping younger students. Doncaster Dome Barnsley Metrodome * There is also information for other parts of South Yorkshire. Private health clubs (including the Nuffield chain) Interested? For more information... Local authority sport and English Football League Trust leisure centres National English Institute of Sport Self-employment opportunities Coaching Courses

Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 17 Retail

Retail is the largest private sector employer in the UK – that’s big business! Average Meadowhall The industry relies heavily on young people who often work in shops as Types of Job Starting Skills/qualities attracts students before moving on to other careers. However, retail as a career in Salary • Teamworking itself offers fast promotion opportunities, good financial rewards and diverse Retail buyer £18,000 • Communication 30 million roles including buying, merchandising and managerial positions. • Problem solving Sales Sheffield is home to Yorkshire’s largest shopping centre, Meadowhall. £11,000 • Flexible assistant visitors With more than 400,000 visitors per week and 290 stores selling top • Customer focus independent and international brands, it ranks as the tenth largest shopping Visual a year £12,000 centre in the UK. merchandiser The sector employs approximately 57,600 people and has an output of £1.6 Useful subjects include Retail £20,000 • English • Business billion in South Yorkshire. Around half of the retail workforce are employed manager in sales and customer service, with management being the • Maths administration second largest group. Customer • Design • ICT service £12,500 For larger companies there are assistant strong links to logistics and Some local employers distribution (think of all the Frenchgate Centre online shopping we do!) Meadowhall Parkgate Centre Amazon ASOS BIG SALE Sources: LIMITED TIME Business Register Employment Survey. Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings.

Interested? For more information... Source Academy (for training)

18 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire Transport and Distribution (Logistics)

As in many other Transport and Logistics plays a significant part in This sector has an Average Skills/qualities sectors, there the regional economy, providing rewarding graduate output of £930 million Types of Job Starting • Team working is a big demand career opportunities in many different but related in Sheffield City Region. Salary It employs around • Problem solving for younger, activities. Information technology skills are crucial for Airport planning and management purposes, as are the skills 27,900 people in South baggage £15,000 • Good organisation replacement Yorkshire, plus a further of problem-solving, teamwork, communication and handler • Attention to detail employees due commercial awareness. 20,500 in wholesale and is set to grow, Storage and • Confidence to an ageing The sector is becoming more complex as our needs creating hundreds of warehouse £18,000 • Communication workforce. Job for goods and services becomes more competitive. additional jobs in the manager • Ability to work under pressure areas within Employers need a workforce that can solve problems next few years. and organise things efficiently. Large goods the sector £18,500 The world’s largest vehicle driver include mail South Yorkshire is well-placed for transport and aircraft (AN-225) is Useful subjects include; logistics due to excellent road and rail connectivity. Fork lift • English • Business and couriering, chartered through £17,000 warehousing Over 8,300 people are employed in this sector in DS Airport by global truck driver • ICT studies Doncaster alone. This is set to grow/expand due to companies, including • Languages and storage, Road • Maths developments in the airport corridor Shell. It costs over £2 wholesaling, transport £23,000 and the i-port. million to hire! freight transport manager Some local employers and removals. Source: ASOS Amazon IKEA Seymoor Transport GIST Norbert Dentressangle Doncaster Sheffield Airport

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Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 19 Green Jobs

Jobs in demand With a move away from coal and oil and a focus In South Yorkshire Average include most types on environmental and economic concerns, the there are centres of Types of Job Starting Skills/qualities of engineers, government is targeting renewable sources of energy. excellence for research Salary • Problem-solving energy managers, The focus is on the future when it comes to green and development • Creating solutions technology. Renewable landscape and including the Siemens • Planning Wind Power Research energy £20,000 ‘Green jobs’ are found in many work sectors including engineer • Communication forestry managers Centre, Sheffield Construction (buildings need to be energy efficient), • Presentation skills to name but a University Waste Engineering and Manufacturing (creating new Environmental few. All STEM Incineration Unit, and £22,000 • Team working materials). consultant qualifications and the Nuclear Advanced ‘We need more engineers. For that we need more Manufacturing Research higher-level skills young people to understand how what they learn at Energy Useful subjects include Centre (NAMRC). £20,000 will be essential school is used in the real world. Giving young people engineer • Chemistry • Engineering The Templeborough • Physics • ICT for nearly all the chance to talk directly to engineers and engage in Geoscientist £22,000 ‘green’ jobs. hands-on activities that showcase and contextualise Biomass Power Plant • Maths engineering is at the heart of the Tomorrow’s (Rotherham) opened in Laboratory £15,000 Engineers approach’. 2018. It generates just technician over 41MW of green Some local employers Wind turbine ITM Power electricity; enough to £23,000 New ‘Green’ careers can be any occupation that supply 78,000 homes technician Magnomatics is affected by activities such as conserving energy, and save over 150,000 Construction companies developing alternative energy, reducing pollution, 2 tons of CO every year! Universities and other research or recycling. It is difficult to visualise how much that is but it would laboratories/companies Our region is also home to companies innovating look the same as 250,000 really big hot air balloons in renewable energy, low carbon transport and and the saving is equal to 1.75 million plane flights supply chain technologies, including Magtec, the to Paris! UK’s largest supplier of hybrid and electric drive systems such as electric buses.

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20 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire Public Services

The public sector The sector covers public services including the emergency The service is focusing Average Skills/qualities services, education, healthcare and housing services. Think more on prevention and Types of Job Starting makes up a large about all the schools, colleges and universities who employ protection work to reduce Salary • Calm under pressure hundreds of people - and that’s just the education aspect! the number and impact of • Professional and caring incidents. Army officer £26,500 amount of the UK The Uniformed and Public Services play a vital role in the • Communication skills SYFR have two types welfare and safety of people in the UK and abroad. If you want Aircrew (RAF) £15,200 • Team working workforce and a job where no two days are the same, a career in uniformed of Firefighter roles; • Physical fitness (for many roles) and public services could be for you. Wholetime Firefighters Immigration has a massive and On-call Firefighters. £21,500 • Decision making They are always looking for physically fit, enthusiastic and officer well-prepared recruits to train for a variety of careers within Yorkshire Ambulance 5.4 million Service: covers almost Police a wide range of services. £20,000 6,000 square miles of constable Useful subjects include employees South Yorkshire Police are looking to recruit around 369 new • English • Science varied terrain. It employs Firefighter £22,000 officers in the next few years. over 5,800 staff and • ICT • Psychology across the UK, provides 24-hour Entry to the police force is changing; increasingly you will need Call handler £18,224 • Maths a degree to enter the profession. Some forces are developing emergency and healthcare which accounts services to a population Degree Apprenticeship programmes to help recruitment, of more than five million. Paramedic £24,214 including South Yorkshire Police. for 17.1% of Over 1,100 volunteers also Top tip! people in South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (SYFR): Road traffic make a vital contribution to For information about collisions, people who are trapped, floods and storms, chemical the service. the huge range of employment. spillages and the growing threat of terrorism are just some of Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust (YAS) is the region’s other careers at all what the fire service are now trained to respond to. provider of emergency, urgent care and non-emergency patient transport services. levels within the local authority/council departments See pages 14 and 15 for more information on Health related roles check their websites to see what’s available and how you apply.

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Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 21 Jobs in the Future Some examples of ‘new jobs’ that didn’t exist 20 years ago. Many more new roles will be created in the future!

Job What is it? Search Engine SEO Specialists manage search campaigns for their clients by researching keywords Optimisation and increasing the ranking of websites on search engines such as Google. Logical Social Media Social Media Strategists take the traditional skills of the marketeer online and into the Specialist thinking and an analytical mind are essential in this role. Strategists ‘social’ world to reach a global audience. They increase website traffic and work with multidisciplinary creative and technical teams, to promote and sell products, services Data Scientist The Data Scientist does not simply collect and report on data, but analyses it from and ideas. The role uses a wide range of skills, including the strategist’s knowledge of all angles, draws conclusions and recommends ways to apply their findings. how the internet works (such as SEO and algorithms), the psychology of selling and Market Research Customer information is valuable to businesses, and the role of the Market Research brand awareness. Data Miner Data Miner is to compile and effectively use information gained through market Social Media The Social Media Manager uses social media activity to promote the products and research in future marketing campaigns. Manager services of a company. Using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, The Digital The Digital Marketing Specialist manages the execution of all digital and online Pinterest and Instagram, the Social Media Manager’s skills set includes copywriting Marketing marketing. specifically for new media and video creation. With a keen eye for what’s on trend, Specialist this fast-paced role is becoming increasingly more important in promoting the image of forward-thinking companies. The Cloud The Cloud Services Specialist uses their in-depth level of proficiency with Services Specialist mechanisms, devices, technologies, practices and overall assessment criteria relating Chief Listening Closely related to the role of Social Media Manager, the Chief Listening Officer to cloud storage technologies and services. Officer monitors social channels to gain feedback on customer opinions. The information and data they collect is used by the company to improve products and services and to The Big Data The Big Data Architect provides advanced technical support in the research, find innovative new ways of selling to the public. A lucrative and rapidly developing Architect experimentation, business analysis and use of systems technology, including role in the commercial world. architecture, integration capabilities and database management.

User Experience The role of User Experience Designer (UXD, UED, or XD) enhances user satisfaction Android The Android Developer works on new and existing applications and frameworks for Design by improving the usability, accessibility, and desirability provided in the interaction Developer Android devices. A growing and lucrative area of the tech industries. with a product. App Designer App Designers design the look and feel of apps for an increasingly more User Experience User Experience Analysts look for ways to make using a website easier, more sophisticated technology sector. Analyst pleasant and more engaging for consumers. App Developer Plans all aspects of how a user will navigate their way around an app. Web Content A Web Content Strategist is responsible for the creation, delivery and management Strategist of content in written, visual and audio formats. Virtual Business The way we work is changing. With developments in technology, many Service Providers traditional 9 to 5 commuter jobs are being replaced by telecommuting Robotics Developments in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence will create a range of roles. Customer Service, PAs, Public Relations and Administrative jobs and Artificial opportunities in the science and technology sectors of the future. are increasingly worked at a distance from the employee’s home, Intelligence saving companies money and changing the working day.


22 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire Bloggers Using a conversational style to engage online readers, Bloggers both market Senior Move Senior Move Management companies help older adults and families with the physical products and promote a wide range of ideas. Working either for companies or Management and emotional demands of downsizing, relocating and modifying their homes. promoting their own businesses and interests online, Blogging and Vlogging (using Video) can quickly reach a global audience through viral campaigns, generating Elderly Care With high levels of healthcare increasing life expectancy and an aging celebrity status for the Blogger! population, attention is being given to care of the elderly and future provision in Video Journalists In the 1980s, due to a lack of resources and manpower, reporters had to shoot this growth sector. and edit their own stories. In a drive to save money this role is back, with large- Genetic Scientist/ Genetic Scientists working in a clinical setting use their knowledge to guide and market news groups hiring small-market reporters as video journalists at a fraction Counsellors treat patients with hereditary diseases or disorders. Genetic counsellors test patients of the cost. for inherited conditions and advise them on possible treatments. Counsellors often 3D Printed 3D Designs are now appearing on catwalks, presenting affordable manufacturing specialize in one field, such as oncology. Clothing Designer possibilities and innovative new trends. Retail Opportunities are growing for entrepreneurs to sell their goods and services online in the global marketplace. While large high-street stores are suffering because of Chief Privacy The Chief Privacy Officer is a senior level executive within a business or organisation the popularity of online shopping, smaller, more specialist shops are appearing on Officer who is responsible for managing the risks and business impacts of privacy laws the high street, and supermarket staff roles are changing with the introduction of and policies. self-service checkouts. The way we shop will undoubtedly have an impact on the retail jobs of the future. Virtual Lawyer As more of our daily lives go online, we will need an increasing number of specialist lawyers to resolve legal disputes. Meditation and As life moves at an ever-faster pace, trends in health and wellbeing have opened Yoga Teacher up more opportunities for meditation and yoga teachers to work in the community, Interior Upcycling is environmentally friendly, on-trend and big business! Working as workplace, schools and colleges. Re-designers freelance consultants or as in-house interior design staff, re-designers will redesign a client’s home using objects they already own or upcycle their possessions for other uses. Top tip! Green Deal The Green Deal allows consumers to make energy-saving improvements to their science, technology, Assessor home or business without having to pay all the costs upfront. STEM engineering and maths Other skills Sustainability Sustainability Experts are hired by companies to share their expertise in the ‘green Many of the jobs listed in this brochure rely on high are really Expert or alternative energy space’, so companies can help their businesses move forward level STEM skills and qualifications that employers with more sustainable practices in place. will continue to value in the future. important such as creativity and Patient Advocates In the healthcare sector there are several types of Patient Advocate, and although For more ideas, see their services vary, all of them aim to ensure that patients and families are well problem solving. informed and reassured in what can be a stressful situation.

Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 23 It’s all about Skills! These are skills which are sometimes called ‘transferable skills’. They are needed in many different types of jobs by employers. Think about how you can show and develop your skills.

Skill What is it? Why is it important? What can I do to develop it?

Communication Getting along well with others, Effective communication is essential Get involved in class discussions, take listening and understanding for all aspects of life. It helps to keep opportunities to present your work, write instructions, joining in with organisations running smoothly. Being a blog, join a debating club. discussions. a good communicator allows you to share information or ideas to different audiences.

Problem Solving Being logical and finding solutions to Problem solving is a really valuable skill to Have a go at solving puzzles in magazines difficult situations or tasks. have. Employers want someone who can or online, challenge yourself with your help them find solutions to problems and work in school by working on the harder this will often involve team work, creativity concepts, read the news and get to know and resilience. more about the world.

Organisation Good time keeping, efficiency and Being organised is vital as an employer Stick to deadlines you’re set, set yourself being well prepared. will want to know that you will be able to targets or goals, get a part-time job stick to deadlines and be prepared for the alongside your studies, keep a diary or work that you do. calendar.

Leadership Being able to manage situations, Having leadership qualities shows a Take part in programmes like the Duke using all resources effectively and, potential employer that you can be of Edinburgh Award or National Citizen understanding and applying the skills strategic, have potential to progress Service (NCS), join a cadet programme, of those around you appropriately. further and maybe even manage a team take opportunities to lead on projects in of staff one day. school or college.

2024 ShapeShape Your Your Future Future in inSouth South Yorkshire Yorkshire 2017/18 Skill What is it? Why is it important? What can I do to develop it?

Creativity Creativity doesn’t just mean being Being creative is a great skill to have, it Keep up to date with the news, keep your artistic. To a lot of people creativity is helps with problem solving. Being able to brain active, write a blog or create videos thinking bigger and coming up with think creatively and think about new ways about something you are interested in. ideas or solutions that work well and of doing things will help. might not have been thought of before.

Teamwork Working well with others, knowing All job roles include some form of team Get involved with team sports or activities, each other’s skills and talents, and working whether it is direct or not. Being contribute to group projects, volunteer for supporting everyone in the team. able to work effectively and efficiently a local organisation. with your colleagues is a must!

Resilience Being able to pick yourself up after Being resilient is a great skill, it shows Reflect on feedback you are given being knocked back. Taking a moment you can take constructive feedback and whether that’s in your studies or after an to evaluate and then trying again build it into the way you work. It shows an interview, evaluate your work, understand from a different angle. employer or tutor that you are flexible and what works well for you and what you willing to grow. might need to do differently and try it that way.

Self-awareness Understanding your own strengths Being self-aware allows you to Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and areas for improvement and how understand your own skills and abilities do some adventurous activity, take up you can improve on these. and how you can apply them but also a sport, challenge yourself with your how you can improve on them. studies.

These pages are based on Skills Builder Partnership information. Find out more about skills at

Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 25 Making Successful Applications

Whatever age you are, gaining experience can help you succeed in your future, So, where’s the best place to start to by building your skills and knowledge. gain work experience? Volunteering with an organisation in the field in which This can be work experience organised by your school Doing dance or drama you would like to work is a great place to start. or college, experience you organise yourself, but it also Being part of a club or society at school includes a range of other things you might not think are You might be able to get experience through your important. Things like: Mentoring younger students at your school family and friends (always check with school that this is appropriate). Volunteering in your community Looking after your younger siblings All relevant experience looks good on your CV, and good Playing sport and helping to coach younger students Helping older members of your family references from voluntary work can make the difference Hobbies and interests, such as music, photography to you being successful. or computers For some future career areas, you need to have relevant Look at pages 24 and 25 to find out more about skills work experience. This includes many health careers and ideas to help you develop your strengths. such as nursing, medicine and dentistry. Start your research here; While you’re at school you’ll get chance to visit employers, colleges and universities, plus representatives will come to school to talk about their planning/improving-your-chances/gaining- jobs and industries. experience. Make the most of these opportunities to think about Remember that as well as the work experience itself, what sort of career you are interested in. what you learn and the skills you develop are equally Do your research into what sort of qualifications are important to record and talk about. needed. What sort of Don’t be afraid to explore the unusual. Famous writers, person do you need to artists, musicians and actors all started somewhere. be to make a success of Make the most of all your experiences. your ideas? Recruitment There are several ways that employers recruit, so make sure you read the instructions carefully. Is a CV acceptable or do you need to complete a separate application? Will there be an assessment centre? There could be a group task or an aptitude test. Read all the information carefully so you know what to take with you and what to expect. 26 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire CV Application forms Smile, be professional. Dress appropriately. Ask questions, be interesting and interested and learn CV stands for ‘Curriculum Vitae’ which means ‘story Sometimes you need to complete an application form from each interview experience. of my life’. This is a short document completed by you, too. It’s vital to complete the Supporting/Personal about you. Statement section of the form as fully as possible; this is Be prepared. Read about the company/organisation your opportunity to outline all the skills you hold that are online and think about what you would like to ask Along with your CV you should send a short cover relevant to the job/apprenticeship or course. them. Think of the interview as a two-way process. letter to your potential employer to introduce yourself and say why you would be suitable for the job. This If the application form is handwritten, be neat and You are learning about the people and organisation is your opportunity to sell your skills and to grab the remember to check your spelling and grammar you will be spending a lot of your time with, just as employer’s attention. (whatever the format). The document, like your CV, much as they are finding out about you. Thinking represents you and must give a good impression! about the experience in this way helps to calm any A CV is usually a maximum of two A4 pages. interview nerves. If you are applying to higher education, your school or Keep the design simple and use either 12-point Times college will help you through the process. https://www. Here are a few things an employer might talk about … New Roman or Arial font. Black text on white paper is standard. CV templates are available online. Your skills and strengths. What you know about the company or role. Photographs are not usually added to a CV in the UK but if this is asked for include a professional looking Interviews – Your chance to shine. Your ambitions and motivation. passport style head shot. There are several types of interview, and you may go Your work history and education/qualifications. Use plain and positive language and clear, concise through two or three interviews for each job before  Points covered in the ‘person specification’ of the content. Be factual, honest and grammatically correct. being made an offer. job description and how your background might fit Check for spelling mistakes and ask a friend or family Sometimes an initial interview might be done through with this. member to check your CV for mistakes and to give Skype or by telephone before proceeding to a face-to-  Your experience of working in a team or of being feedback. face meeting. able to work on your own initiative. People will Your CV is the first and only chance you have to sell often ask for examples so it’s wise to think these When attending a face-to-face interview: yourself to an employer. Start with a personal profile, things through in advance. which is a few concise lines to sum up your skills and Dress appropriately and be on time. Enjoy the experience and good luck! experience. Then list your paid work or voluntary work experience. Usually you put your most recent work experience and qualifications first and work backwards. After your work experience, list your qualifications. Find out more: Include both academic qualifications and any professional development achievements. Save your CV on your computer so you are ready to apply when you see an interesting job opportunity.

Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 27 What about going onto Higher Education (HE*)?

Here are a few common issues and facts to reassure you.

I’m worried about the Higher education is a big step but there is loads of help and support available. The repayments of the loan are manageable and money side of things. you won’t need to spend any of your own money to pay for anything upfront. Most universities offer bursaries (extra money that you don’t have to pay back) depending on family circumstances and other reasons.

What if I don’t get a job Many degrees involve placements and time in industry to help you get started on your career. Every university and higher afterwards? education college has a careers and employability team who are there to help you get a job when you graduate and beyond.

I’m not clever enough to Different courses have various methods of assessment, so don’t be put off. There is lots of study support available in higher go to university. education. Entry requirements for courses vary widely at different universities, so undertake research to find the best ones for you. You may surprise yourself so aim as high as you can!

I think I’ve had enough of Higher education is different to previous study. Many courses have practical and applied elements, plus you manage your own studying, I just want to learning. You could look at part-time study or there’s the Open University. There is an increase in the number of jobs needing a get a job. degree, so you need to check you’re not closing doors on potential careers.

I don’t want to move If you want to stay locally for your higher education, that is an option, but you might like the idea of living somewhere new! away from home.

What if I’m homesick? When you start at university, it is new to everyone. In your first few weeks there will be activities designed to help you settle I’m worried I won’t make in and find out about things like student societies you can join. It’s a great chance to make new friends. Visit universities and friends. colleges (such as on open days) to get a feel for the environment.

I don’t know anyone Ask in school about your ‘alumni’; these are ex-students who sometimes come back to school to explain about their career who’s been to university. path and experiences. They can help to act as role models for younger students. Higher education will help you increase in self-confidence so don’t let being nervous put you off applying.

My family are not that It’s important to talk to your family to see what they are worried about. If it’s money have a look at the information together. You keen on me going to can help to reassure them about your future. They can look at the family page near the end of this publication to find out more. university.

I’m not sure what courses The best place to start is the UCAS website to get an overview of all the higher education courses (including degree are available. apprenticeships). You need to think about where you want to study and what; you’ll get help from school/college with your decisions, remember to do your research and ask as many people as possible!

* This is studying at university or a college where they run higher education courses.

28 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire Glossary Visit the Hepp Outreach Hub for lots of useful information. The world of education and training is full of confusing Personal statement - Either a section on a job terms (jargon). Here are a few commonly used words application form or a part of a UCAS application: Your parents, carers and teachers/ and phrases; part of your research into your future a chance to sell yourself. tutors will find it helpful too! career can be investigating others you will come across! Referees/references - These are people who can Apprenticeship - ‘Learning on the job’ whilst working provide your potential future employer or university with towards a qualification. See pages 6-8 for more some information about you - not someone from your information about the different types of apprenticeship family, they would usually be your teacher or previous that are available. employer.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) - A bachelor’s degree with a STAR technique - This stands for Situation, Task, Hepp’s FREE focus on the arts, social sciences or humanities. Action, Result - it’s a good way of describing your skills and competencies. online resources Bachelor of Science (BSc) - A bachelor’s degree with a focus on the sciences. Tuition fees and loans - These are set by higher education providers. You will apply for a tuition fee loan Campus - The grounds and buildings of a university to cover the full cost of your course which is paid directly or college. to the course provider.

Clearing - A process for Higher Education applicants Tariff (points) - A scoring systems used by UCAS who did not receive offers, declined their offers, did not to measure students’ academic achievements. meet entry requirements or some cases did better than They show if a person qualifies for specific higher they were expecting. education courses.

CV/Resume - Curriculum Vitae (story of your life) - UCAS - University Centralised Admissions Service usually no longer than two pages. - runs the university and colleges higher education Foundation Degree - Combines academic and application process, plus holds information on degrees, vocations skills in a higher education course. Equivalent degree apprenticeships and how to make your choices. to two years of a bachelor’s degree. Undergraduate - A student who is studying for a bachelor’s degree. Hepp have produced a Graduate - A person who has successfully completed booklet covering everything you an undergraduate course. Unique Selling Points - Your USPs are what makes need to know about higher HE - Higher Education. you stand out - you may have a particular skill or education, which is available at: talent which can help you succeed. Sometimes you Maintenance loan - A loan for students to help them will be asked at interviews about your strengths and pay for their living costs while studying. weaknesses/areas of development.

Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 29 Calling all Parents and Carers! Based on research undertaken by Year 8 and 9 HeppSY*, parents and families are This is when GCSE options are selected. The core subjects such as English, Maths and Science will a huge influence when it comes to be compulsory, but there will be choices. Speak to your son or daughter and their school. young people and their career decision If they are thinking about a particular career, check if they need particular qualifications. making. This is also backed up by a survey by the National Citizen Service. Year 10 and 11 This publication provides information on some of the large During Year 10 and 11 students may get a chance to do work experience or volunteering which employment sectors within the local region and shows how your son can help them develop skills and/or their career planning. or daughter can apply for their next step. In Year 11, students should be focusing on their exams, but also researching subjects and Many of the new and emerging jobs are focused on high level skills qualifications needed for their next step. in all sectors, so encourage your son or daughter to make the most of If they are thinking about a particular career, check if they need particular qualifications. experiences they have both within school and their free time. After Year 11, all students need to stay in some form of education or training; this could be full-time It’s important for you to encourage your son/daughter to get advice at college or sixth form or through an apprenticeship. from advisers/teachers and speak to training providers, employers and colleges and universities. Year 12 and 13 Your son/daughter’s school/academy has the responsibility to provide In Year 12, students will be in their first year of sixth form or college and they will be preparing to access to independent and impartial careers guidance. Contact the apply to higher education if this is their preferred next step. school they attend to find out more. They will be supported to research courses, visit open days and undertake the application process The more they talk to people and the more information you can (visit gather, the easier it will be to make the right decision. In Year 13 they will make their applications. Encourage them to check when their school or college There are some key things to think about at specific ages/stages for deadline is (usually it is earlier than the official UCAS deadline). your son or daughter. Whatever route your son or daughter takes you can help and support them.

See below for some useful links - for information about higher education (including student finance)

*HeppSY is a collaborative programme which aims to significantly increase the numbers of young people progressing to higher education. Visit for more information.

30 Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire Further Sources of Information

There are loads of websites you can use to do further research. Always check the information is up to date as things can change rapidly! Also remember this is only a small selection of websites available.

Local area information Information about careers: Barnsley For teachers and tutors Business and education organisations are working together experience/job-sectors Doncaster to promote careers in workplaces and sectors aiming to increase the knowledge of local young people. Rotherham To see what’s happening in different Volunteering: areas, go to: Sheffield Enterprise Adviser Network

Higher education: Apprenticeships: Barnsley higher-and-degree-apprenticeships Doncaster best-course-4-me Advice when starting work: Rotherham young-people-and-employment/ Sheffield General: Much of this site is opinion based, so use Inspiring the Future with caution. Gatsby Benchmarks Top tip! Use the links on the other pages to help you find other information such as for specific job sectors.

Shape Your Future in South Yorkshire 31 Barnsley Doncaster Shape Your Future

Sheffield Rotherham

This information has been produced by aspire-igen in collaboration with HEPP For further information contact: and with the support of the following organisations:

Published October 2019