All these post-1965 movements under the “conceptual ” umbrella- or , Site Specific works, Conceptual proper, art, and all combinations thereof- move the practice of art away from art-as-autonomous object, and art-as-commodification, and towards art-as-experience, where subject becomes object, hierarchy between subject and object is critiqued and intersubjectivity of , viewer and artwork abounds! , Live-Taped Video Corridor, 1970, Conceptual Body art, Postmodern beginning “As opposed to being viewers of the work, once again they are viewers in it.” (“Subject as Object,” p. 199) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IrqXiqgQBo A Postmodern beginning: Body art and as critique of art-as-object recap: -Bruce Nauman -

focus on: - - - - Chapter 3, pp. 114-132 (Carolee Schneemann and Hannah Wilke, First Generation ) Bruce Nauman, Bouncing Two Balls Between the Floor and Ceiling with Changing Rhythms, 1967-1968. 16mm film transferred to video (black and white, sound), 10 min. Body art/Performance art, Postmodern beginning- performed elementary gestures in the privacy of his studio and documented them in a variety of media Vito Acconci, Following Piece, 1969, Body art, Performance art- outside the studio, Postmodern beginning Video documentation of the event Print made from bite mark

Vito Acconci, Trademarks, 1970, Body art, Performance art, Postmodern beginning Video and Print documentation of the event Richard Serra, Hand Catching Lead, 1968, Performance art, Body art, Postmodern beginning Video documentation of the event http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NBSuQLVpK4 Richard Serra, Splashing, 1968, lead, Performance art, Body art, Postmodern beginning Object of lead between the wall and floor is the documentation of the event, Postmodern beginning Installed in Castelli Warehouse for exhibition Richard Serra, of Cards: One Ton Prop, 1969, lead, Postmodern beginning “prop” piece; Instable Chris Burden, Shoot, 1970, Performance art, Body art, Postmodern beginning Bullet wounds document event along with photography, audio Chris Burden, Five Day Locker Piece, 1971, Performance art, Body art, Postmodern beginning Image of the lockers he lived in for five consecutive days Feminism, First Generation- the work of some women beginning in the 1960s and 1970s was influenced by their and their interest in feminist issues, which are issues of discrimination they faced in their careers as women artists such as: it was rare for women to be taken seriously in artists’ groups; galleries were more willing to show the work of men than women; and museums collected the work of men far more often than that of women Feminism and subject as object- Women as object for the male subject in the history of Western art The “gaze”- hierarchy implied in the “gaze,” male subjects capture female objects History of women as nude models, and mistresses, for male artists Ingres, Odalisque and Slave, 1839 , Representational , 1972, video, “theater of the self” Feminist Performance art, Postmodern beginning Hannah Wilke, S.O.S. Starification Object Series, 1974, Performance art, Body art, Postmodern beginning Feminist Performance art