Teachers! This is played just like "Go "Go Red Photocopy these cards! We suggest ." Each player draws 7 cards. you copy them on heavy-weight Pair the pictures of the red copy paper or laminate them before and the pictures of the prey. Pairs !" you cut them out. There are 13 get placed face down on the table. pictures. You will need to photocopy Each player in turn asks another four sheets so that you have 52 player for a specific card, trying to A game cards with 4 of each kind in a deck. match one of his or her single cards. You can play with 40 cards if you When the player gets a match from of red wish. an opponent, he or she lays the pair face down on the table and takes wolves Red wolves, like their relatives the another turn. If the opponent does gray wolves, eat whatever they can not have a match, the opponent catch! is never easy; the says, "Go ." The player and prey usually has the advantage! then draws a card from the pile, and Red wolves eat a variety of small to it is then the next player's turn to their medium sized , white- ask for a match. If a player gets a tailed , wild , insects, and match when drawing, that pair of prey even fruit! cards may be placed faced down. The winner is the player who goes "out" first!


Rabbit Squirrel

38 Idea! Idea!

Have the students Color the backgrounds of the cards and review the spelling of prey . If you want a two-sided playing card, line up the “Go Red Wolf” designs with the prey cards and photo copy front and back. Have the children research the prey animals. What do THEY eat? Use these words on a spelling list!

Go Go Red Red Wolf! Wolf!

Go Go Red Red Wolf! Wolf!

39 Rice Rat Rat Cotton Rat

Beaver Wild Nutria

Red Wolf Insects Fruits

40 Go Go Go Red Red Red Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

Go Go Go Red Red Red Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

Go Go Go Red Red Red Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!