iQ AirPort with iPad

User Guide

iQ + AirPort Express + iPad

Because of the simplicity of this setup, it is ideal for first time reproducing piano system consumers. For tech savvy consumers, iQ systems offer the convenience of:  Plug and play operation.  transmission.  Storing, managing and playing PianoDisc from iTunes.  A standalone setup (after installation.)

Here’s how it works:

1. A certified PianoDisc technician will install the iQ system on your piano, following the instructions in the Installation Guide.

2. The AirPort Express is installed inside the piano (or near the piano). It is connected, using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable, from the Output of the AirPort to the Input on the iQ.

AirPort – Apple AirPort Express MC414Z/A CPU iQ – control box


 You can configure the AirPort Express using the software that came from Apple. In case you want to do this, please see Apple's documentation for information on connecting to the and configuring the AirPort.

PianoDisc Europe configures the AirPort Express as follows for you:  AirPort Express Name: PianoDisc iQ  Password for accessing the settings: 0000  SSID (Name of the WIFI Network): PianoDisc iQ  Security built into to WIFI Network: NONE – Open Network

3. Turn on the Galaxy Tablet. Register/log in with your account. Go to the Play Store and download/buy doubleTwist and AirSync.

4. The Galaxy Tablet will join the Apple wireless network “PianoDisc iQ”.  PianoDisc Europe has installed the music that comes with the iQ AirPort System in the Galaxy Tablet.  The Galaxy Tablet will connect to the “PianoDisc iQ” WIFI Network automatically.  For instructions about how to operate the Galaxy Tablet please see the web site.

5. To select and play music tap on the doubleTwist or AirSync on your App-screen. Synchronize the data with the program. Select an album.

6. Select an album then a song and press play. Press the MagicPlay symbol and turn PianoDisc iQ ON.

Use the volume button on the side of your tablet to adjust the volume.

7. To play a PianoDisc Video you must connect the Galaxy Tablet and the iQ Box with an audio cable.

iQ – control box

Than you can just play the Video with the doubleTwist or the Samsung video- program.


Galaxy video-program:

Frequently Asked Questions:

. How can I add more PianoDisc music to the iPad?

You can go to our US-website on your Computer or directly on the Galaxy Tablet and click on the “Music Store”. There you can easily buy the music of your choice online. The music is offered in four different formats: downloadable file (the right one for Galaxy Tablet), SD card, CD and Floppy Disk.

For Galaxy Tablet: When your album has finished downloading, select it from the notification shade and you will be brought to a file extraction page. Extract the album. Once your album is finished extracting, it will be ready to play in DoubleTwist.

For PC: Unzip the downloaded music with the WinZip program (the new Mac computers already come with the software for decompressing the music). If not already installed, please download and install iTunes. You can find the iTunes software on Apple's website Import the purchased music through drag-and-drop into iTunes. You can find more information about working with iTunes at Now you only have to transfer the new music from iTunes to your Galaxy Tablet.

. The selection box for choosing the speaker is not there?

Your Galaxy Tablet is not connected to the WIFI Network of the iQ System. Make sure it is connected to „PianoDisc iQ“ and make sure the piano as well as all devices in the piano are connected to power.

. The volume control range of the Galaxy Tablet seems to be out of sync with the volume control range of the piano and speakers, if available.

Adjust the Galaxy Tablet volume to a value between 50% and 75%. Make sure the volume of your speakers in the piano is turned down to only 10-20% !!! Play the song Downtown from the album called „Popular Hits – Live!“ from the Galaxy Tablet, and follow the iQ Level procedure (information on this procedure can be found in the iQ User Guide). Your iQ is now calibrated to the Galaxy Tablet and ready to play. . The volume of the Background music is to loud/to quiet compared to the volume of the acoustic piano.

Use the Volume control at the speakers to get the balance right. NOTE: The balance may slightly vary between songs/albums – so you may need to find a workable compromise.

. The Background music seams to be ahead/behind compared to the acoustic piano?

Use the Sync Function at the iQ control box to improve the synchronization between the piano and the background music. NOTE: The sync may slightly vary between songs/albums – so you may need to find a workable compromise.

. I have question that is not mentioned in the FAQ list.

Contact the PianoDisc dealer, he will be happy to assist you. . What are the recommended settings in the Galaxy Tablet for use with PianoDisc’s iQ system?

See the pictures below:

General Information on Software and Music backups

The music in the Galaxy Tablet is supplied as Backup DVD or CD. However, PianoDisc STRONGLY recommends to MAKE BACKUPS of the computer you are using to manage your Galaxy Tablet FREQUENTLY. This is the only way to avoid loosing the music data. PianoDisc can’t provide support regarding reinstalling you computer, restoring the data in your Galaxy Tablet after delivery or regarding maintenance of the Galaxy Tablet. Safeguarding the data on the Galaxy Tablet is a 100% responsibility of the user (end customer).

 Backup of the music is supplied on CD/DVD in the User Pack.

 Other software needs to be downloaded from the Internet or is supplied on CD/DVD if needed: o AirPort Setup is supplied as CD/DVD in the AirPort Express Box o iTunes (Available for downloading at the Apple Web Site)

For further information please contact: PianoDisc Europe GmbH – Schoenweißstr. 16 – 90461 Nuremberg – Tel. 0049-911-443035 – Fax 0049-911-443028 – Web: - E-Mail: [email protected]