IB English Language and Literature Year 1 Summer Reading Assignment 2021

Welcome to IB English Language and Literature. In addition to providing you an excellent reading experience, this assignment will help you develop your ability to identify the main idea in a text, understand unfamiliar words in context, and become conversant in what IB calls Global Issues. We’ve prepared for you a list of 15 varied novels from which you are free to choose. We recommend researching some of the titles online or at your library and even reading a chapter or two into a few of them before settling on your choice.

Once you have selected a book, read it carefully, taking notes as you read, and address the following prompt:

How does the novel you selected discuss, suggest, or treat ONE (1) of the following topics: family, gender, class, ethnicity, inequality, injustice, immigration, politics, education, crime, the environment, or technology?

Type a double-spaced essay of a minimum of 500 words (include the word count) IB English Language and Literature Year 1 answering the prompt. Your essay is due on the first day of class (Monday, August Summer Reading Assignment Book List: 23rd) and will be worth 40 points in the “Skills” grading category (25% weight). Due to the amount of work we’ll be doing once the year begins, late papers cannot be by accepted. Your essay will be evaluated in accordance with the attached rubric. La Rose by Louise Erdich Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale To turn in your essay, join our Turnitin.com class by signing in or creating an account, Hurston then use the class ID 28990415 and the enrollment key summer. Click “submit”, then The House of Broken Angels by Luis Alberto Urrea “upload”, select your file, and click “confirm.” Be sure to check your email to make Cry, the Country by Alan Paton sure you have received a confirmation email. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by If you are interested, we offer an Early Submission Option. If you submit your essay It Can’t Happen Here by before the end of July, you will receive a 5% bonus. If you submit your essay by the by end of June, you will receive a 10% bonus. The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson We wish you an enriching summer and look forward to working with you. Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins Uncle Tom’s Cabin by The House of Spirits by

The Color Purple by Black Boy by

Rubric: IB English Summer Reading 2021 (40 points)

0 2 4 6 8 10 Criterion A: Virtually no Little knowledge Some knowledge of the Knowledge of the Knowledge of the Knowledge of the Knowledge and understanding knowledge is of the work is work and is demonstrated, work is adequately work is substantially work is thoroughly • How much knowledge and demonstrated. demonstrated. but understanding is demonstrated and demonstrated, and demonstrated, and the understanding of the work has limited. Some textual shows a general the understanding understanding shown the student demonstrated? evidence is present, and it understanding. Textual shown is good. is very good. Textual somewhat supports the evidence is sufficient Textual evidence is evidence is abundant thesis. and somewhat ample and supports and supports the thesis. supports the thesis. the thesis.

Criterion B: There is There is little There is some awareness There is adequate There is good There is very good Response to the question virtually no awareness of the of the main expectations awareness of the main understanding and understanding and • To what extent does the recognition of main expectations of the question; the expectations of the awareness of the main awareness of the student's response answer the the question. of the question. response is mainly question, with a expectations of the expectations of the question? unsubstantiated generally relevant question, with a mostly question, with a generalization. Analysis response. Analysis is relevant response. consistently relevant is present and relates to adequate and supports Analysis is thoughtful, response. Analysis is the thesis. the thesis. clearly supporting the thorough and insightful, thesis. clearly supporting the thesis. Criterion C: There is There is little There is some There is adequate There is good There is very good focus, Organization and development virtually no focus, structure focus, structure and focus, structure and focus, structure structure and • How coherent and effective is coherent and development. development. Ideas development. Ideas are and development. development. Ideas are the argument of the essay? organization are somewhat somewhat logically Ideas are mostly logically ordered with • How effective is the formal structure or logically ordered ordered with fairly clear logically ordered clear transitions. of the essay? development. with fairly clear transitions. with clear transitions. transitions. Criterion D: Language Language is Language is rarely Language is sometimes Language is clear and Language is clear Language is very clear, • How clear, varied and accurate is incoherent and clear and clear and carefully carefully chosen with and carefully effective, carefully the language? inaccurate. appropriate; there chosen; grammar, an adequate degree of chosen, with a good chosen and precise, with • How appropriate is the choice of are many errors in vocabulary and sentence accuracy in grammar, degree of accuracy a high degree of register, style and terminology? grammar, construction are fairly vocabulary and in grammar, accuracy in grammar, (''Register'' refers, in this context, to vocabulary and accurate, although errors sentence construction vocabulary and vocabulary and sentence the student's use of elements such sentence and inconsistencies are despite some lapses; sentence construction; register as vocabulary, tone, sentence construction and apparent; the register register and style are construction; register and style are effective structure, and terminology little sense of andstyle are to some mostly and style are and appropriate to the appropriate to the task.) register extent appropriate to the task. consistently task. and style. appropriate to the task. appropriate to the task.