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n 2008, the California Supreme Court made homosex- see how it goes against everything God ual “marriages” legal. Millions of Californians voted in the stands for. Even the way human beings election five months later, and they passed a state constitu- are created teaches you that. (Request our tional amendment that banned these “marriages.” But this booklet The God Family Vision. All of our Ipast August, one homosexual federal judge from San Francis- literature is free.) co struck down that ban. He said the religious belief that homosex- Where are the religious people ual relationships are inferior to heterosexual relationships harms who will stand up and proclaim the homosexuals. Believing the Bible is harmful! He also ruled that the truth of God? Religion today is sick Constitution guarantees the right to homosexual “marriage.” and pitifully weak. What a false and twisted judgment! The Constitution was This nation is spiritually bankrupt! founded to a great extent on the law of God and the principles God wants us to stand up and fight for gerald Flurry of the Bible. All 13 of the original colonies defined sodomy as a our belief in Him and His law and tell the Editor in chief criminal offense! world His message! Only Sodom and Gomorrah ever had a constitution that The devil is behind the scenes doing everything he can to de- guaranteed the right to homosexual “marriage”! America’s re- stroy any understanding of marriage, because it is a type of mar- cent voting record shows that we are close to becoming a modern riage to Jesus Christ! (Ephesians 5:22-32). He is trying to destroy Sodom and Gomorrrah. any understanding of family, because it is a type of the Family Do we have any idea what this says about our spiritual con- of God. These are God-plane relationships! Marriage was dition? Do we see how dangerously degenerate we have become designed to lead the Church into marriage with Christ. The fam- since the time of our original 13 colonies? Do we realize what this ily was created to lead humanity into the Family of God. Satan is portends for our future? twisting these most noble institutions to push people into a black George Washington said that of all the things that lead to po- abyss! (Request our free booklets Why Marriage! Soon Obsolete? litical prosperity, “religion and morality are indispensable sup- and God Is a Family.) ports.” John Adams said that the Constitution was made “only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the Making Them an Example government of any other.” This judge, by contrast, hates God’s One of the strongest warnings in the Bible is against homosexu- law. To men like this, even the secular constitutional law ality. So we must bring God into the issue. There are many spe- carries no authority! cific scriptures we could go to, but notice 2 Peter 2:4—in the New It’s all about lawlessness. Testament: “For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but Even religious people—people who say they love Christ—hate cast them down to hell,” that is, restrained them to this Earth, the law of God! “and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto In 2006, when liberals swept into the majority in both houses judgment ….” Satan and the demons are in chains of darkness, of Congress, I wrote that American politics had been changed for- the highest degree of darkness. “And turning the cities of ever. Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the House of Representatives Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes condemned them with an and brought “San Francisco values” to Washington. “San Fran- overthrow, making them an example unto those that af- cisco values will now permeate every major decision made by the ter should live ungodly” (verse 6). American government,” I wrote at that time. “San Francisco is the What happened to Sodom was a warning of how God will re- homosexual capital of America. It is the seat of liberalism, and one spond to sodomy!—fire, nuclear fire, from heaven coming down of the most morally and spiritually bankrupt cities in the country. on your nation! God did not spare the rebellious angels, and He Now a leader saturated in San Francisco values and beliefs [Mrs. is not going to spare us! These verses tell us that evil spirits are Pelosi] is one of the most powerful politicians in the land.” the moving force behind homosexuality. In this environment, a homosexual judge has forced his Jude 7 repeats that same warning. twisted views on millions of people. When those “San Fran- When I read these scriptures, I realize that even when the best cisco values” become so powerful, there is no way a nation can thinkers in the world come up with a worst-case scenario, it’s not stand. even close to the suffering that is about to come on our people. The Bible is abundantly clear about God’s view of homo- God is going to blot that sin out with nuclear annihilation! sexuality. Sodomy is a grievous sin. God calls it an abomination! What is happening here tells us a lot about where we are in If you understand God’s purpose in creating family, you clearly Bible prophecy. ➤ See family page 36

The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 1 ‘Unconstitutional’?The danger in the ruling against Proposition 8 By Joel Hilliker

ccording to Vaughn later gave specific instructions on what to ing potential of self-conceived wisdom. Walker, it was “unconsti- do to enforce those laws. That same serpent is at work in the tutional” for Californians God is love, and His law represents His hearts of men today (Ephesians 2:2; Rev- to vote to declare homo- love (1 John 4:8; 5:3). His law is spiritual; elation 12:9). As a result, Paul wrote, sexual marriage illegal. it is holy, just and good (Romans 7:14, 12). “[T]he mind that is set on the flesh is hos- Why unconstitutional? Even the individual statutes and judg- tile to God; it does not submit to God’s In his ruling on Perry v. Schwarzenegger, ments enumerated in the Old Testament— law, indeed it cannot” (Romans 8:7, Re- JudgeA Walker criticized the moral reason- though many no longer apply in letter to- vised Standard Version). ing behind Proposition 8, by which voters day—illuminate the eternal principles of The notion that society would be bet- tried to prevent the institution of marriage that law. As King David wrote, “The law ter off if we only eliminated laws derived from being legally redefined from what it of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: from “moral and religious views” vividly has been for the whole of human history. … The statutes of the Lord are right, re- testifies of this carnal hatred for God’s law. “The evidence shows conclusively that joicing the heart: the commandment of Scripture is filled with admonitions moral and religious views form the only the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes. … and warnings about the dangers of human basis for a belief that same-sex couples [T]he judgments of the Lord are true and reasoning cut off from God’s direction. are different from opposite-sex couples,” righteous altogether” (Psalm 19:7-9). “There is a way which seemeth right unto Walker wrote. This, he concluded, is an ir- The fact is, the degree to which human a man, but the end thereof are the ways rational basis for legislating against same- beings obey the eternal spiritual law of of death” (Proverbs 14:12; 16:25). A society sex unions. God—whether or not they realize or un- that exalts rationalism and rejects divine Religion and morality, in other words, derstand it—will determine their success revelation as the foundation for its laws is must have absolutely no bearing on the law in their relationships with God and fellow writing its own epitaph. in these modern, secular United States. man. This is the latest and most prominent However, our rejection of that revealed Right to Privacy? example of an extraordinarily dangerous knowledge, and our selfish desire to The legal reasoning that led to Judge trend in American jurisprudence—and so- pursue the course of action Walker’s ruling in Perry v. Schwar- ciety in general: the effort to systematical- that seems right to us, is zenegger is a revealing case study ly, completely scrub God from public life. as old as humanity it- in how the human mind can jus- self. The first two people tify lawlessness. Where Does Law Come From? chose to discard God’s It shows contempt not only God is the Author of morality and law. instructions and believe for the absolute, eternal law of “There is one lawgiver, who is able to the deceitful serpent who God, but even for the law of the save and to destroy,” explained the Apos- seduced them with prom- land that should guide court tle James. ises of the glitter- decision and limit judicial Biblical history shows God instructing jurisdiction. man at various times in the particulars The ruling was built on a of His law. Just as the manufacturer of a few ambiguous or problematic sophisticated product includes an in- phrases that have accumu- struction manual, so the Creator lated in court opinions over of mankind provided detailed the past 45 years or instructions on how to make so. Within Amer- life work—specifically, how to ica’s precedent- cultivate harmony between God based legal sys- and man, and with fellow man. He did tem, that shaky not force man to work out on his own that sequence of murder, theft and deceit are wrong. He loaded lan- created sex, marriage and family, and then guage has safeguarded them by forbidding all extra- been used to marital sex. He spelled these laws out, and stretch and re-

2 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet istockphoto fashion the Fourteenth Amendment into privacy of one’s bedroom that are still il- behaviors was condescendingly dismissed ‘Unconstitutional’?a potent weapon with which liberal judges legal—rape or cooking up drugs, for exam- as “unwarranted governmental intrusion.” can force their twisted will on society. ple. As Justice Hugo Black wrote in his dis- The issue of homosexuality stormed The Fourteenth Amendment was senting opinion in Griswold v. Connecticut, the Supreme Court in 1986, in Bowers v. passed in 1868 to safeguard the rights of “‘Privacy’ is a broad, abstract and ambigu- Hardwick. In that case, a 5-4 majority up- the slaves freed after the Civil War. Part ous concept which can easily be shrunken held a Georgia state law against sodomy, of it reads, “No state shall make or en- in meaning but which can also, on the oth- pushing back against the forward march force any law which shall … deprive any er hand, easily be interpreted as a constitu- of the “right to privacy.” The court argued person of life, liberty, or property, without tional ban against many things other than that the notion that “any kind of private due process of law; nor deny to any person searches and seizures. … I like my privacy sexual conduct between consenting adults within its jurisdiction the equal protection as well as the next one, but I am neverthe- is constitutionally insulated from state of the laws” (emphasis mine throughout). less compelled to admit that government proscription is unsupportable.” These two clauses—the promise not has a right to invade it unless prohibited by Not only did that ruling uphold the to deprive anyone of “liberty … without some specific constitutional provision.” Constitution by respecting the power of due process of law” and that of “equal pro- Sure enough, the Griswold v. Connecti- individual states in such matters, but it tection” for all—are the two upon which cut decision enabled secularist thinking to also respected the legitimacy of using mo- Judge Walker based his legal argument. wedge the door open for greater influence rality as the basis for law. The road from protecting the rights of down the road. Sadly, it wouldn’t stand for long. freed slaves to banning voters from pro- hibiting homosexual “marriage” began “Unwarranted Governmental Intrusion” “The End of All Morals Legislation” with a single step. Seven years later, the issue of contraceptives In 1996 it was again court versus state in In his 2005 book Men in Black, Mark and unmarried couples came up in Eisen- Romer v. Evans. This case addressed the Levin traces its origins to the 1965 Gris- stadt v. Baird. Here the Supreme Court constitutionality of an amendment to Col- wold v. Connecticut case, in which Justice used the “equal protection” clause to say orado’s constitution that excluded “sexual William O. Douglas found a heretofore- that if married people could have access to orientation” from civil rights laws ban- nonexistent “right to privacy” in the “due birth control, then so should single people. ning racial and religious discrimination. process” clause. To strike down a law that The majority opinion predictably ex- The Supreme Court killed the amendment prohibited the sale of contraceptives, panded the “right to privacy,” saying, “If based on the “equal protection” clause. Douglas argued that it deprived married the right of privacy means anything, it In his dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia couples “liberty.” He wrote—try to fol- is the right of the individual, married or exposed the central fallacy in this deci- low this—that “specific guarantees in the single, to be free from unwarranted gov- sion: “If it is constitutionally permissible Bill of Rights have penumbras, formed by ernmental intrusion into matters so fun- for a state to make homosexual conduct emanations from those guarantees that damentally affecting a person as the de- criminal [which, of course, the court had help give them life and substance.” That is cision whether to bear or beget a child.” acknowledged it could only 10 years before smoke-and-mirrors phraseology. Penum- (The superfluous insertion of “whether to in Bowers v. Hardwick], surely it is consti- bras and emanations are scientific terms bear” a child, which had no connection to tutionally permissible for a state to enact without legal meaning—except as Doug- the case, proved significant the following other laws merely disfavoring homosexual las appropriated them to justify stretching year, 1973. In Roe v. Wade, the court relied conduct”—and certainly to pass a provi- the Fourteenth Amendment. on this thin justification to rule that the sion “merely prohibiting all levels of state By finding a “right to privacy” in a pen- “right to privacy” included a woman’s right government from bestowing special pro- umbra of an emanation, Justice Douglas to abortion. Here is another example of le- tections upon homosexual conduct.” put his personal opinion above the law gal language becoming a lethal weapon.) So true: There was a glaring contradic- and struck a severe blow to the foundation Thus the court again exalted the jus- tion between the court’s ruling on Bow- of many other laws. tices’ personal preferences—a mere five ers and its ruling on Romer. But rather The invention of this right is a perfect unelected individuals—over the laws legit- than judge according to precedent and in example of the danger in flawed, self- imately created by a state legislature elected respect of its clear constitutionally pre- justifying human reason. Essentially, the by the people. Levin calls this a “quiet revo- scribed limitations, the court doubled “right to privacy” as the court began to lution against representative government.” down and, in 2003, reversed its Bowers de- view it is a cloak for the “right” to commit More fundamentally, however, it further cision. In the landmark Lawrence v. Texas crimes and to sin. dismantled the moral underpinnings of the case, a 6-3 Supreme Court found that—lo Obviously, many acts can occur in the law. The state’s authority to forbid certain ➤ See unconstitutional page 15

The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 3 As the smoke clears and the mirrors begin to crack, Westerners are forced to acknowledge the menacing reality of China’s rise.

The Collapsing ‘China Fantasy’ by Jeremiah Jacques world. Based on this belief, Western na- China and its capitalist rivals, and moved ore than two centuries ago, tions pursued policies of engagement with Chinese leaders to launch an economic Napoleon Bonaparte nick- Beijing and worked to facilitate China’s reform in 1978. Political leader Deng Xiao­ named China the “Sleeping growth. James Mann’s 2008 book of the ping replaced the previous autarkic model MDragon” and advised the Eu- same name identified the pervasive West- with the opening-up strategy, and China’s ropeans of his day not ern optimism toward the export-oriented industries started to boom. to awaken it. Today, the force multiplier Middle Kingdom as the Since then, the growth rate has aver- dragon is wide awake, and China is translating its latent “China Fantasy.” aged a sizzling 9.8 percent per year. The the dynamic changes it has economic power into real But after Bei- number of citizens living in poverty has undergone are astounding. political and military capital. jing’s first moves toward plummeted from 250 million to 14 million. Few international rela- economic liberalization, In April of 2009, China Reform Forum tions developments have been as epic and the popular assumptions are coming un- Chairman Li Jingtian gave the Carnegie consequential as the exploding increase of der question. Westerners are beginning to Endowment for International Peace a star- China’s political power, military muscle, grasp a truth that the Trumpet and its pre- tling collection of statistics illustrating his cultural influence and, towering above all, decessor, the Plain Truth, have proclaimed country’s meteoric growth between 1978 economic capacity. And all of the monu- for decades: China’s rise means trouble on and 2008. During that period, China’s mental growth began with the liberaliza- the global stage, especially for Europe. overall foreign trade blossomed from $20.6 tion of China’s economy, when Beijing “When China wakes up,” Bonaparte billion to $2.56 trillion, its foreign exchange abandoned the Maoist economic planning said, “the world will shake.” Westerners reserves skyrocketed from $167 million to model and transformed more than 100 are now beginning to sober up to the im- $1.95 trillion, and foreign investment leaped million oppressed peasants from the “Great plications of China’s multiplying power. to more than $100 billion. In 1978, only 52 Leap Forward” into a colossal middle class. Chinese students were studying abroad. By Since China’s first steps toward this China Then and Now 2008, that number had risen to 1.36 million economic liberalization 35 years ago, The China of the mid-20th century was students matriculating in 109 countries. Western political and commercial leaders unmistakably hostile to the West. Under This August, news of China dominated have celebrated the trend. The assumption Maoist rule, the proclaimed constitution- headlines when it was revealed that Chi- was that Beijing’s rapid integration into al goal of the Chinese Communist Party na’s economic output, for the first time, the global economy would lead China to (ccp) was to eradicate capitalism from the had overtaken that of Japan to become replace its oppressive and authoritarian planet. But the country was in an ideolog- second only to the U.S. The World Bank political ideologies with responsible in- ical stupor. It was too mired in the fetid and other analysts say that, even though ternational behavior, and that the nation’s swamps of Maoism to pose a real threat or its economy is presently only one third as burgeoning middle class would be granted advance toward its goal. large, China will overtake the U.S. in no greater political rights. A set of political and diplomatic events more than a decade. In short, the West believed that China’s in the early 1970s prompted a reversal in The deep economic impacts of the rise would become a boon to the whole the hostile international relations between reform make it easy to see why China’s

4 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet reuters/david gray ascendancy as a world power was, un- a mind-boggling scale, a country requires increasing proportion of resources, they til recently, a globally celebrated story of resources—vast expanses of resources. are provoked to tighten the grip on their success. But China’s newfound economic In 2007, China was a net exporter of own supply channels. clout has enabled it to act with a growing coal. This year it will import between 105 On June 15, the Inter Press Service re- geopolitical assertiveness—a trend that is and 115 million tons of coal, putting it ported on the 25th Africa-France summit beginning to disillusion many observers, on track to overtake Japan as the world’s held in Nice, writing that French President especially in the West. largest coal importer. In recent years, Nicolas Sarkozy declared it was time for A growing list of grievances has on- China has also become the world’s lead- Europe to fight to increase its influence lookers on both sides of the Atlantic re- ing consumer of rice, meal, wheat, fertil- in Africa before China devours the Afri- evaluating their stance on China’s rise: izer, steel and cement. Twelve years ago, can pie. As China’s global footprint grows, the ccp’s refusal to liberalize the nation’s China was a net exporter of oil. Today, it is other nations, especially in Europe, will as- political system; Beijing’s behavior at last Saudi Arabia’s largest oil customer and the sume a more combative stance in securing year’s Copenhagen climate change sum- number-two global importer after the U.S. resources for themselves. When more than mit; China’s tarnished human rights re- Although the U.S. economy is “mature,” one power aggressively pursues the world’s cord; its heavy-handed political repres- its energy consumption continues to in- wealth with such ferocity, intense competi- sion; Beijing’s support for tyrannical crease. Despite China’s gargantuan size, it is tion results and eventually gives way to war. Third World regimes in a rapacious drive a developing economy—an “economic tod- for resources; its obstinacy over Iran’s dler” that is growing rapidly. If China’s ap- War Between East and West nuclear program; its military build-up; its petite for energy doubled in the past decade, More than 2,500 years ago, the Prophet soft power build-up; its increasingly bel- how will it change in the next 10 years? Daniel was inspired to write that in this ligerent claim to sovereignty over the en- The projected 2015 Chinese middle modern age, “tidings out of the east and tire South China Sea—and the list goes on. class—600 million strong—will be twice out of the north shall trouble [German-led The fantasy was that the budding eco- the size of America’s current population. Europe].” The northern threat mentioned nomic freedoms would become a boon for To meet the country’s skyrocketing de- here is Russia, and the eastern power is the world economy. The reality is that, as mands, China’s leaders have launched China. (To understand the details of these China gains power, it only becomes more an astounding global outreach program. astounding prophecies, request Russia antagonistic toward the West, more op- They have laid myriad inroads through- and China in Prophecy and Germany and pressive, and more authoritarian. out Latin America, Africa, the Middle the Holy Roman Empire.) Starry-eyed geopolitical forecasters East and Asia, paying particular attention While Russian power has been formi- have to come to terms with a sobering re- to nations with substantial reserves of oil dable for centuries, China, until it indus- ality: China is an authoritarian economic and natural gas such as Nigeria, Venezu- trialized, presented no genuine threat to behemoth with little in common with the ela and Kazakhstan. Beijing’s preference the West. Sure, it was belligerent, but it West except an appetite for resources. It for resource-rich nations includes third- was a belligerent grasshopper. Now, in the has always been oppressive and belliger- tier countries the West typically ignores. early stages of fulfilling Daniel’s prophe- ent, but its insularity and weakness made These developing countries have voting cies, China is a belligerent dragon—a real- it harmless. Pundits are beginning to un- rights in international organizations, so ity that has Europe on edge. derstand that Beijing’s newfound power Beijing cultivates relations with them, When the United States inevitably will enable it to project its same old com- forgiving billions in loans and lavishing succumbs to its weaknesses and fades off munist and nationalistic ideologies with them with infrastructure projects, asking the grid, Europe will be the world’s only far greater force. China has not liberalized only for their voting support in return. superpower—except for China. Absent its society as the West had hoped, and it Unlike Berlin or Washington, Beijing America, Europe would stand alone as the has not become a responsible member of does not entwine its development assis- world’s sole superpower, if not for this one the international community. tance to conditions of “good governance.” menacing threat that has become a jugger- The fantasy is collapsing. While Western powers sermonize and naut in a spectacularly short span of time. punish authoritarian actions by withhold- China is the one powerful civilization Feeding the Dragon ing aid or even effecting regime change, on the planet most opposed to European The speed at which China’s economy is China constructs palaces for tyrants and values and modes of thinking. And, very growing is staggering and historically un- builds summer villas for despots. It guar- soon, China alone will threaten EU heg­ precedented. As it wakes up from its long antees them territorial integrity regardless emony. If the U.S. had decomposed two slumber, China is bent on consumption, of any human rights violations they may decades ago, there would have been no consumption and more consumption. On be committing. nation to counter Europe. Now, there’s an July 19, International Energy Agency (iea) Decades ago, Chinese Marxist revolu- angry, menacing power to ally with Russia chief economist Fatih Birol said, “In the tionary Mao Tse Tung promised his peo- and fulfill that role. year 2000, the U.S. consumed twice as ple that “All that the West has, China will As the “China Fantasy” collapses and much energy as China; now, China con- have.” China’s historically unprecedented disillusionment hits the West, more and sumes more than the U.S.” growth—and the ethical low road it travels more European voices are expressing con- China is presently growing at five times to sustain it—is evidence that Mao’s words cern about Beijing’s growing assertiveness. the speed of the U.S. economy. Data re- still resonate clearly in the Chinese mindset. Sino-German relations veered into diffi- leased by the iea in July shows that, at some China’s frenetic drive for resources cult terrain in 2007 when German Chan- point in 2009, China overtook the U.S. to is intensifying the global scramble for cellor Angela Merkel rebuked China’s hu- become the world’s largest energy con- the planet’s wealth. As Europe and other man rights record. In June 2010, Sarkozy sumer. To sustain explosive growth on such powers watch China devour a rapidly admonished Europeans to fight to keep

The Philadeistolpckphhoiato Trumpet October/November 2010 5 pace with China’s rapacious resource pro- trends of the last two decades. And it is a on, and the and the early phases of these curement in Africa. In a July 2010 meeting powerful, ongoing reminder of the accu- predictions have come to pass to reveal that with Chinese President Wen Jiabao, two racy and inevitability of Bible prophecies. Mr. Armstrong was right! leading German industrialists attacked While the “China Fantasy” duped many Nations of the West are correct to be China’s business environment, which they Western political and commercial elites, sober about China’s mushrooming power. said was disadvantageous to non-Chinese those following Bible prophecy would have Bible prophecy reveals that the burgeon- firms. Also in July, the German Der Spie- never been taken in by the illusion. Long- ing hostility between China and Europe gel published a scathing report on the time Trumpet readers would not have been will culminate in the greatest military threat to the West posed by China’s mush- taken in by the delusion that China’s rise conflagration in mankind’s strife-rid- rooming soft power in Southeast Asia. An was good news for the world, even when den history. But just beyond the perilous August 2010 Pentagon report warned that the situation looked most promising. They times on the horizon is some amazingly China is using its growing wealth to de- would have known the true purpose of good news. Jesus Christ will return to put velop its military power. China’s rise all along: to check Europe. an end to the conflict between East and Clearly, Western concern is amplify- Right now, it’s easy for the world to fi- West, and between all other peoples of the ing and the rift between East and West is nally see what students of prophecy have Earth! He will usher in an era of divine growing broader. long understood. When Herbert W. Arm- rulership that will effect peace and pros- strong identified China as one of the key perity for all of mankind. n The Power of Prophecy pillars of the biblical “kings of the east,” The geopolitical realities of the world have it took faith to believe it. China was weak, To understand more about sharply shifted as a result of China’s rise as backward, and too mired in domestic tur- China’s rise, and its prophet- much as because of America’s decline. Be- moil to pose a formidable threat to world ic connection to this most cause it is easier to discern than Europe’s powers. Reality seemed to contradict Mr. hope-filled future, request rise, China’s ascendancy to juggernaut Armstrong’s prediction—for a time. But a free copy of Russia and status is among the starkest prophetic events have unfolded, time has marched China in Prophecy.

provide evidence proving that American leaders in particular don’t look even one generation into their future or past when making decisions. Thinking Long Term The mentality of Eastern nations is different. They zoom out. They broaden their perspective to see a significantly longer The Middle Kingdom’s view of stretch of the timeline, both past and future. Asia doesn’t itself and the outside world forget what has unfolded in past centuries as the West is apt to do, and an affront that occurred 100 years ago is he mantra of Chinese educational institutes and still a fresh wound for grudge-harboring China. media is that the nation’s history makes it special, China’s move to liberalize its economy was fueled by Tand that the people of China are heirs to a civiliza- long-term goals—and “long term” means something tion more ancient and more noble than any other in the different to China and other Asian powers than to the world. And the Chinese people believe it. The country’s five-year-plan nations of the Western world. ancient heritage is a source of great pride to Chinese A growing number of Chinese intellectuals openly ac- people, and a fundamental reason why they see their knowledge that their nation is working to realize its ancient nation’s place in the world as superior to all others. dreams of global hegemony. Mark Leonard, executive In his book Mao’s China and the Cold War, Cornell University Prof. director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, wrote in his article Jian Chen discusses China’s self-given nickname: “I believe that ‘Cen- “China’s New Intelligentsia” about this trend: “Their long-term goal is to tral Kingdom’ is a more accurate translation for ‘Zhong Guo’ (China) see China return to great-power status” (Prospect, March 28, 2008). He than ‘Middle Kingdom.’ The term ‘Middle Kingdom’ does not imply that explained that one factor fueling the desire of China’s “neocons” for their China is superior to other peoples and nations around it—China just nation’s dominance is the study of ancient Chinese philosophy. Leonard happens to be located in the middle geographically; the term ‘Central quoted Yan Xuetong, a member of Beijing’s leading military think tank, Kingdom,’ however, implies that China is superior to any other people as saying, “Recently I read all these books by ancient Chinese scholars and nation ‘under the heaven’ and that it thus occupies a ‘central’ posi- and discovered that these guys are smart—their ideas are much more tion in the known universe.” relevant than most modern international relations theory.” Recent years have seen Beijing install more than 500 Confucius Leonard explained that China’s decision to join the global economy Institutes globally. The aim of these facilities is promoting what the and international bodies was fueled by its slow and steady goal of “Central Kingdom” views as China’s cultural superiority. strengthening them, restraining the U.S., and creating an environment in Some Western analysts have concluded that China no longer has which the Central Kingdom could grow strong. In the long term, Beijing ambitions of militarily conquering the world because it has not at- aims to establish a new global order in the image of China. Beijing is tacked any other country in three decades, since it launched an of- laboring at present to pockets of this new alternative reality (as in fensive against Vietnam in 1979. But what are three paltry decades to a the 47 African nations with whom China currently has significant ties) in 5,000-year-old empire? which Chinese ideologies, rather than Western ones, dominate. This shortsighted Western thinking reflects a fundamental differ- China’s long-term perspective in its foreign policy and goals of he- ence between the East and the West: Western civilizations seem to gemony can be summarized by the words of the country’s most famous relegate the importance of history to a lower position each year. Stag- philosopher, Confucius: “It does not matter how slowly you go so long geringly reckless national borrowing habits and naive foreign policies as you do not stop.” jeremiah jacques

6 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet each trades off the other in an effort to accelerate Clash their individual efforts to dominate world trade. With the Unit- ed States patently of the broke and unpre- pared to admit it, the realists in Ber- lin and Beijing are Titans forging ahead to vie for global economic The world’s two dominance. Which nation will greatest export win in this grand clash of nations join battle the titans? on German soil. The Answer By Ron Fraser We can tell you who will be the winner in the short term. We can also tell you who ermany and China are this tronic goods,” wrote the New York Times. the winner will be in the longer term— world’s two greatest export econ- “Germany’s car industry, which suffered and who wins ultimately at the conclusion omies, by far. A few months ago, greatly during the global financial melt- of this battle of the titans. These outcomes Gafter years of heading the chart as down, has recovered thanks in large part are clearly documented in the prophecies the leading global exporter, Germany was to a surge in Chinese demand for the top of your Bible that are presently racing to- suddenly eclipsed by its chief rival in in- range of German cars …. Even the big ward fulfillment. ternational trade, China. Now China has German retailing chains, like Metro, are The answer lies in comparing the taken its trade battle right on to German setting up shop there” (July 13). prophecies of Revelation 13-17 with those of soil near the ancient city of Cologne. While the Federal Republic of Germany Isaiah 21, Ezekiel 38 and Revelation 21, and There, within view of the venerable old (then commonly known as West Germany simply allowing the Bible to interpret itself. Cologne Cathedral, China is building a to distinguish it from then Communist But there is a key you need to unlock pristine new factory to produce concrete East Germany) and the People’s Republic these prophecies. It was revealed through pumps. of China established diplomatic relations Herbert Armstrong’s writings in his book “Sany, one of China’s flagship machin- in 1972, essentially it has been largely over The United States and Britain in Prophecy. ery groups, is set to become the first engi- the last half decade that Germany has ce- If you read and comprehend that book neering company from the Middle King- mented close ties with China. Germany’s (which we will provide upon request, gra- dom to launch production in Germany, a federal government website declares that tis) and then read our booklet Russia and move that presages an attack by China’s “China is Germany’s most important eco- China in Prophecy with an open mind, the rapidly advancing industrial companies nomic partner in Asia and Germany is outcome to this clash of the world’s two on Europe’s engineering market” (Finan- China’s leading trading partner in Europe. greatest markets should become apparent. cial Times, August 11). In the face of the global economic and fi- Even as the events in Germany and This is the latest in a concerted effort nancial crisis, stable cooperation between China accelerate toward their current by China to challenge its major competi- the two countries’ strongly export-orient- competitive trade war becoming hotter— tor on its home ground—and it is being ed economies is of great importance.” and soon—other events involving the U.S., helped by the powers-that-be in Berlin. The importance of that cooperation Britain and its dominions (Canada, Aus- This is the power of “the merchants” in has risen dramatically in the wake of the tralia and New Zealand) are accelerating action (Revelation 18). impact of America’s fiscal irresponsibil- those countries toward subservience to ity on the global economy. Germany and one of these great powers. To find out the Partners and Rivals China see it as their unique responsibil- fascinating outcome to this whole dramat- Germany and China have become increas- ity as the two leading national economies ic scenario that will soon powerfully im- ingly interdependent economies. The recent of the world to fill the gap created by the pact your life and that of your loved ones, presence of China in the Mediterranean demise of the U.S. global economic leader- add our booklet He Was Right to your list and Europe, and increasingly in Europe’s ship that has prevailed since World War ii. of requests for our literature. leading nation, Germany, is part of a tit- Yet the Sany initiative is rather unique, You owe it to yourself to check more for-tat deal between the two. Even as Sany’s as it pits Chinese enterprise at the beating deeply into this. You may, indeed, find the Cologne facility reaches its commissioning heart of Germany’s export economy—the answers you have been searching for as to date, German industrialists are working to engineering and machinery core of its in- what today’s global disorder is all about establish a strong foothold on Chinese soil. dustrial center. So what’s going on here? and where it is leading! Isn’t it worth at “Germany is China’s biggest trading Well, it is a unique kind of trade war least a look? And it’s all given to you gra- partner by far in Europe, and the trade being played out to the temporary mutual tis, with no follow-up, even as our Head is increasing by leaps and bounds, espe- benefit of both Germany and China—a has commanded (Matthew 10:8). The rest cially for high-value electrical and elec- relationship of mutual convenience as is up to you. n

frederic j. brown/afp/getty images, istockphoto (2) The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 7 Do you stare at a for huge portions of your day? Descend into panic when you misplace your ? Feel compelled to check your e-mail or IM incessantly?

When you pick up a book or pause with a among the forest of shelves, a person could offer Wi-Fi networks so patrons using per- deeper reflection, do you easily succumb spend undistracted hours buried in a book, sonal laptops can surf the Web. These days to the glow of a screen, or the chirp of a lost in thought. The library was a place the “predominant sound in the modern li- newly arrived text? where thinking citizens could go to escape brary is the tapping of keys,” writes author If you do, then you are part of one of the rat race, where time stood still and new Nicholas Carr, “not the turning of pages.” the most significant cultural phenom- worlds and intellectual frontiers opened, Take the Bronx Library Center in enons in human history: screen addiction. where nuggets of knowledge could be dis- New York. “On the library’s four main This infatuation with the screen is pre- covered, mined and then locked away like floors,” noted an article in the journal cipitating a transformation—much like precious stones in the mental vault. For strategy+business, “the stacks of books the one unfolding within our libraries. thinkers, the library was utopia. have been placed at each end, leaving The library used to be an asylum for Today the most popular service of- ample space in the middle for tables that thought. Nestled amid the bustle of the fered by most libraries is Internet access. have computers on them, many with campus or city center, it was once a place of Ninety-nine percent of public libraries in broadband access to the Internet. The refuge, a cocoon of tranquility, a haven for the U.S. provide computers that connect people using the computers are young and reflection. Sprawled on the floor, concealed to the Internet; more than three quarters aren’t necessarily using them for academic TheScreencreen Perils of Addiction(and How to Beat It) By Brad Macdonald

8 purposes—here is one doing a Google than 10.5 hours in physical activity and just ing on the way we think. Dozens of studies search on Hannah Montana pictures, over five hours doing homework, per week. point to the same conclusion, he writes: there is one updating his Facebook page, But it’s not only the young who are ad- “When we go online, we enter an environ- and over there a few children are playing dicted to their screens. At work, many of ment that promotes cursory reading, hur- video games …” (Spring 2009). us stare at computer screens all day every ried and distracted thinking, and superficial Instead of shushing patrons, librarians day. Everyone carries a cell phone, or two. learning” (emphasis mine throughout). check out dvds and “organize gaming We instant message and e-mail. We chat We’ve grown quite adept at scanning tournaments.” In Toronto, teens swing by and text. At home, screens in every room and skimming, Carr says, but “what we the public library on Friday afternoons for emit an enticing glow. The average Ameri- are losing is our capacity for concentration, online games and music. The Stanford Uni- can home has 2.9 televisions. Nearly all contemplation and reflection.” versity Library created an online identity in of us have at least one computer, most of Our children especially are being af- Second Life, the online “virtual world.” The which are connected to the Internet. We go fected. In 2008, research firm nGenera modern library “is in the gaming business online for nearly everything: to shop, pay conducted a study into the effects of the or the entertainment business or maybe the bills, find work, check the weather, watch Internet on the brains of “Generation Net,” information connectivity business” (ibid.). videos, play games, download music, join the generation that has grown up latched In libraries around the world, books are clubs, read, skim, vent, connect. to the teat of the Internet. “Digital immer- being pushed aside and screens erected. Then there’s the ubiquity of other gad- sion,” concluded the lead researcher, “has Why should we care? Because screens gets—the iPhones, iPods, iPads, dvd play- even affected the way they absorb infor- are also refashioning our minds. ers, gps units, portable video games, lap- mation. They don’t necessarily read a page Like the public library, our minds are tops. Next time you’re driving, set down from left to right and from top to bottom. being overhauled by screens, and more your cell phone and absorb your surround- They might instead skip around, scanning specifically, the perpetually connected, ings: the vehicles with built-in dvd players; for pertinent information of interest.” superficial world they open to us. Mental- the driver checking sports scores on his According to Carr, screen addiction is ly, moments of peace and solitude are few iPod; the people engrossed in phone calls rewiring our brains. and far between. Our minds are devoid of or shooting off text messages while driving. Baroness Susan Greenfield, an Oxford quiet nooks. There’s nowhere to flee that Americans send more than a billion University neuroscientist, agrees. Refer- is free of noise and distraction. text messages each day. Last year, the aver- ring to the popularity of Twitter, Face- In many cases, this screen-induced age American cell phone user was sending book, texting, video games, and to tech- overhaul of the mind is changing the way or receiving nearly 400 texts per month. nology addiction in general, Greenfield our brains work, the way we absorb and di- Facebook has more than 500 million ac- told the Daily Mail, “My fear is that these gest information, the quality of our think- tive users, 50 percent of whom log on ev- technologies are infantilizing the brain ing—and ultimately, the nature of our lives. ery day. Nearly 10 percent of Facebook us- into the state of small children who are at- ers update their profile every day. tracted by buzzing noises and bright lights, Screen Addiction Mentally, gadgets plus perpetual con- who have a small attention span and who In January, the Kaiser Family Foundation nectivity equal information overload. live for the moment” (Feb. 24, 2009). published the results of a study that found According to research performed at the Deep down, it appears many of us that 8-to-18-year-olds log an average of 7½ University of California–San Diego, the av- know and fear the effect screen addiction hours a day with media, including tele- erage person today consumes nearly three is having on our minds. In a nationwide vision, computers, cell phones and mu- times as much information as the average New York Times/ poll in May, nearly sic players. When you take into account person in 1960. “At one time a screen meant 30 percent of those surveyed under 45 ad- that they spend much of this time media maybe something in your living room,” mitted they felt like their use of gadgets multi­tasking, the total daily exposure to says New York Times technology journal- was making it harder for them to focus. electronic media rises to an almost unbe- ist Matt Richtel. “But now it’s something in By becoming addicted to the screen, Carr lievable 10 hours per day. your pocket, so it goes everywhere—it can observes, we have “rejected the intellec- In 2000 there were roughly 500 million be behind the wheel, it can be at the dinner tual tradition of solidarity, single-minded cell phones in the world. Ten years later table, it can be in the bathroom. We see it concentration”—a state of mind often in- that number is nearing 5 billion. And these everywhere today” (npr, August 24). duced by reading a book, for example— phones aren’t merely devices for talking We sure do—and people are begin- and “cast our lot with the juggler” (op. cit.). with friends; they take pictures, send e- ning to wonder if this screen addiction is Increasingly, our minds are like the mail, play movies and surf the Web. not altering our minds and behavior in el- cursors on our computer screens. They They send texts too. Eighty percent of emental ways. “A lot of people seem here dart here and there, up and down, rarely all 15-to-18-year-olds own a cell phone and but not here,” observed Wall Street Journal settling, constantly moving, clicking and their texting has skyrocketed 600 percent columnist Peggy Noonan. “They’re peck- dragging. Like the modern library, the over the past three years. The average teen ing away on a piece of plastic; they’ve with- modern mind is devoid of nooks, places sends 3,000 text messages a month; 42 per- drawn from the immediate reality around to go for prolonged, single-focused, undis- cent of teens say they can text blindfolded. them and set up temporary camp in a real- tracted thought. Screen addicts are finding Not shocked? Then consider how much ity that exists in their heads” (August 20). they lack the mental capacity for sustained less time these youths are spending in more concentration on a single task, be it at work, productive and important activities. While Rewiring Our Brains on a homework assignment or in produc- the average teen is exposed to more than In his book The Shallows, Nicholas Carr tive conversation with friends and family. 70 hours of electronic media per week, he explores the impact that our perpetual con- The nature of our lives is being fun- spends less than 16 hours with parents, less nection, specifically to the Internet, is hav- damentally altered. Our captivation with

istockphoto, dreamstime, fotolia The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 9 gadgets is making life more “frantic and mastering purpose leaving no room for friends. His existence was defined by his rushed,” writes William Powers in Ham- inferior occupations”—stand apart for the place in the crowd. let’s Blackberry. This is causing us to lose “directness of their intellectual vision.” This is what screen addiction does: “something of great value, a way of think- How direct is your intellectual vision? It causes people to fear being alone with ing and moving through time that can be When an original or creative thought their own thoughts! summed up in a single word: depth.” comes to mind, are you able—do you in Living in the crowd is not conducive Not only are we losing depth of thought fact have an urge—to mull it over, to flesh to deep thinking. “The art of thinking,” and feeling, we’re losing “depth in our rela- it out, to tie it down, to lock it away in your writes Dimnet, “is the art of being one’s tionships, our work and everything we do,” mental vault? Do you love being alone in self and this art can only be learned if one is writes Powers. And “since depth is what thought? Is your environment conducive by one’s self.” Just as the reader loves quiet makes life fulfilling and meaningful, it’s as- to in-depth thought? nooks in the library, the thinker cherishes tounding that we’re allowing this to happen.” The mind of the weak thinker, Dimnet quiet nooks in life. He creates solitude. Screen addiction is refashioning the writes, has a “ fatal capacity for letting in ex- This is not easy. If we carry a cell way we think—and we’re allowing it! traneous thoughts or mental parasites.” Used phone or iPod, we are not alone. If we’re What is the way out of this maze? How unwisely, gadgets and the Internet can easily logged into Facebook or Googling, we are can we reclaim control over our mental become conduits through which our minds not alone. If we’re sitting in a silent room processes and salvage our capacity for are filled with mental parasites. pecking away at the computer but have depth? If you want answers, you are not Evaluate your mind against Dimnet’s e-mail or instant messenger open, we are alone. More and more discontented screen criteria for a thinker: “If we are bored by not alone. Chances are, if we have a screen addicts are seeking them too. a topic above those which give and it is switched on, we are not alone. food to our small dislikes or Creating the solitude needed for think- Consider Your Ways even smaller likes, we do not ing requires flicking the off switch on ev- When was the last time you think. If, the moment a book ery screen in our lives! took stock of your connection or newspaper raises a question Try it. to the screens in your life? demanding some supplemen- Consider also: Whether you’re us- When was the last time you tary information or reflection, ing a gadget or creating space for serious evaluated your capacity for we yawn, fidget or hurriedly thought, budget your time. Put a limit deep thinking? To beat screen do something else, we abhor on your recreational Internet use. When addiction and reclaim your thinking. If, when trying to you’re on the computer, set the timer so mind it is important to, as reflect, we at once feel weari- you don’t lose track of time. Limit the the Prophet Haggai put it, “consider your ness, drowsiness or a tendency to repeat number of texts you (or your teenager) ways” (Haggai 1:7). mere words, we do not know what send each day. Force yourself to only check Count the number of screens in your thought is. If we do know what it is, but your e-mail once an hour, or once a night. life. Calculate how much time you spend as Montaigne says, are too lazy to tackle a Turn the television off after the specified with each. Then consider how that time is problem with more than a ‘charge or two,’ maximum time each day or week. Carve spent: What percentage is for important, we are feeble thinkers.” out blocks during the evening when all engaging activities—perhaps reading se- Stop! If you bounced through that cell phones, or all gadgets, are off. rious news or researching for a term pa- paragraph without pausing to reflect on In Hamlet’s Blackberry, Powers explains per—versus being wasted on mindless or each point, you might be a weak thinker. the value of what he terms the “Internet thought-destroying surfing? Perhaps you’re more addicted to the sabbath.” A few years ago he and his wife How many texts do you send and re- screen than you thought. Or maybe you began turning off the modem on Friday ceive per day? How many of those texts lack the mental prowess you desire. What night and not switching it on until Monday make a valuable contribution to your life? can you do? Everyone’s circumstances morning. For the entire weekend, the fam- How much television do you watch? How and minds are different. What follows are ily was disconnected from the Internet and many times do you check your e-mail? some principles that may stimulate your the digital crowd. It wasn’t easy at first. But How many times do you need to check own thinking on how to balance your use as time passed, the impact of the Internet your e-mail? Do you visit a website 10 of gadgets with becoming a better thinker. sabbath was noticeable and welcomed. times a day when once or twice is enough? On the weekends, Powers writes, the Now, consider how much time you Create Solitude house became a “kind of island away spend in activities that deepen the mind, A study recently conducted at the Univer- from the madness.” Instead of each family that lend themselves to focused, undis- sity of Maryland asked 200 students to re- member retiring to a room with a gadget, tracted thought. How much time do you frain from using electronic media for a day. they gathered for board games and con- spend reading each week? How much time After the exercise, one student comment- versation. Naturally, the family grew clos- in meditation? How much in conversing ed: “Texting and im-ing my friends gives er. During the day they spent more time with your family? me a constant feeling of comfort. When I outdoors and grew to love nature. They Next, think about your ability to think. did not have those two luxuries, I felt quite got to know their neighbors. Would you call yourself a deep thinker? alone and secluded from my life.” For this Consider instituting a rest day from the In his bestselling book The Art of student, not being able to communicate Internet, or even all gadgets in your house- Thinking, Ernest Dimnet says that the “via technology was almost unbearable.” hold. If switching off gadgets for an entire thinking mind is like the eye: “It must Screen addiction had groomed him day isn’t practical, then carve out time— be single.” Great thinkers—or as Dim- to fear solitude. His mind had been con- perhaps during dinner and for an hour net calls them, “people possessed of a ditioned to find comfort and solace in afterward—when all screens must be off.

10 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet “Texting and im-ing my that is true, It’s filled with what the Apostle Paul honest, just and termed “the deep things of God” (1 Cor- friends gives me a constant pure. Develop a inthians 2:10). feeling of comfort. When reading list of In Romans 12, Paul wrote: “Be not con- I did not have those two quality books formed to this world, but be ye trans- that will uplift formed by the renewing of your mind luxuries, I felt quite alone and inspire and ….” Do you ever feel like your mind needs and secluded from my life.” educate your renewing? The more we study the Bible, mind. As you the more we give God the opportunity to —u. maryland student read, stop and renew our minds, to wash our thoughts in meditate on His truth and His deep thinking. Here’s something else to consider: Create what you’re consuming. For many, the Bible’s archaic language within your home nooks of solitude—areas Start keeping a journal. Make time to and seemingly illogical flow make it al- where family members can go to be free of write in it regularly. Record your goals and most impossible to understand. (Scripture noise, distractions and screens. Teach the aspirations, for you personally, but also for itself reveals that there is a profound rea- family to respect these as places where the your family. Take notes on a conversation son for that.) stressed can unwind and read a book or you had with a friend. Flesh out a creative Let us help. We have a smorgasbord poem, or simply reflect and contemplate. or original thought sparked earlier while of literature explaining all of the deepest Realize, though, that you can be iso- you were reading or driving. truths of the Bible. For those interested in lated in a silent environment and still be Take time to write a handwritten letter understanding Bible prophecy better, there plagued by thought-destroying noise and to a friend or distant relative. is our free book The United States and Brit- bustle within. The mind that is overload- All these activities will contribute to ain in Prophecy. If you’d like to learn more ed, filled with commotion and unorga- you developing the habit of thinking. about the Christian Sabbath, why it was nized, unfiled information, is incapable of How much thinking should we strive created and how to keep it, request and in-depth, concentrated thought. to engage in? Ideally, the more the bet- study Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? To think and reflect, we also need inte- ter. But strive for balance. Aim to devote We live at a time when traditional mar- rior solitude. at least the same amount of time (if not riage and family is under assault. Now This means switching off any extra- more) to serious, thought-provoking ac- would be an ideal time to investigate what neous programs running in our minds. tivities as you do to shallow, superficial the Bible says about marriage and fam- It means removing mental distractions, activities like watching television, surfing ily. Just request The Missing Dimension in obstacles that will divert us from focused the Internet or playing video games. Sex, or Why Marriage! Soon Obsolete? If concentration. If you’re distracted because Remember: Thinking doesn’t mean you want a more detailed understanding you haven’t paid a bill, go online and pay only reading or writing, or sitting cross- of the Bible, including all the major doc- it. Forget about the tv show you might legged in still silence on the living room trines and prophecies, consider enrolling be missing. When you sit down to read a floor. Abraham Lincoln took long walks in the Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible book, switch the computer off so it won’t on which he would meditate deeply. Noth- Correspondence Course. This course has entice you with its alluring glow. Switch off ing inspires original, creative thinking like been designed to guide you through a sys- your cell phone too. Do whatever it takes an in-depth conversation with friends. tematic study of your Bible—the Bible is to purge the distractions from your mind. Embrace a hobby that lends itself to the only textbook. And best of all, it’s free! “To lead happy, productive lives in solitude and meditation, like gardening Lastly, if our cultural infatuation and a connected world,” writes Powers, “we or painting. When you do these activities, addiction to screens—and the fundamen- need to master the art of disconnecting.” tal impact this is having on our brains— really concerns you, you need to study our Feed Your Mind free book The Incredible Human Potential. Okay, the screens have been switched off, The more you study this book, the bet- the children are asleep and your mind is ter you will see how screen addiction and clear and alert. You’ve managed to create its effect on our brains are actually dam- conditions conducive to thinking deeply aging a masterpiece of God’s creation: the and singularly. Now what? What should human mind! you think about? This book explains the magnificent dif- In Philippians 4:8, the Apostle Paul strive for interior solitude. Turn the cell ference between the human brain and the provides valuable instruction on this phone off. Have your own mental conversa- animal brain. It reveals the human mind point. “Finally, brethren, whatsoever tions. Sometimes background music is nice, for exactly what it is: an instrument that things are true, whatsoever things are but don’t be afraid to switch off the iPod or has the potential to receive God’s great- honest, whatsoever things are just, what- radio. Create your own mental music. est gift to mankind—to be joined with the soever things are pure, whatsoever things For those interested in pursuing some very mind of God! The Incredible Human are lovely, whatsoever things are of good of the deepest, most profound thoughts Potential will teach you how to take care of report; if there be any virtue, and if there available to man, study the Bible. No oth- your mind, how to build and strengthen it, be any praise, think on these things.” er knowledge on Earth will stretch and and, most importantly, how to add a spiri- That’s awesome advice. Be determined strengthen your mind like that found in tual dimension to your life that will truly and be active in feeding your mind a this book. Why? Because the Bible is the expand your mind so you can embrace healthy diet of information and knowledge mind of God in print. your full, incredible human potential! n

dreamstime (3) The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 11 The Dino That Learned

Birds came from dinosaurs, evolutionists to Fly say. Really? If so, they certainly faced some long odds. By Robert Morley

ccor ding engines able three quarters of an engine and half a tail. to evolu- to operate t i o n i s t s , at high alti- Baldy the Biped m i l l ion s tudes; com- Let’s begin our evolutionary test flight of dino- bustible fuel; with little Baldy the biped. Baldy is a wan- saurs get eaten each landing gear; nabe birdie because he doesn’t have any day. In fact, if you have complicated electrical circuitry and hy- feathers yet. And he is a biped because he ever had dinner at Kentucky Fried Chick- draulic systems; navigation systems, and walks on his two powerful hind legs since en or El Pollo Loco, you have probably an intricate array of instruments and his tiny arms are only a few inches long. dinedA on mutated dinosaur meat, they gauges. And an airplane is a vastly simpler For some reason, Baldy has decided he would say. machine than a bird. wants to fly. But before you turn your nose up at the Plus, each of the above complicated Scientists don’t really know how the humble chicken, let’s investigate to see if systems must work together in unison to first theropods like Baldy supposedly be- this evolutionary theory is hard science— make the plane fly. Either they work in gan to evolve the ability to fly, but they are or bird-brained. conjunction or the airplane doesn’t func- sure it happened. They have advanced two What does it take to make an alligator tion. Birds are the same way. They have main theories describing how: the arbore- fly? specifically designed wings, respiratory al theory and the cursorial theory. Odd as it may seem, this is an impor- systems, digestive systems, nervous sys- The arboreal theory is that birds owe tant question that troubles evolutionists. If tems and other features that uniquely their flying ability to tree-climbing ances- the prevailing theory of evolution is true, work together to make seemingly effort- tors. It gained in popularity in the early birds are the direct descendants of thero- less flight possible. 1900s when Othenio Abel proposed that pod dinosaurs—two-legged, carnivorous Nevertheless, not only do evolution- bird ancestors leaped back and forth in reptiles like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velo- ists teach that all this evolved, but that branched trees and gradually evolved ciraptor, only much smaller. But is it logi- birds developed their flying parts piece wings and flapping flight through stages cal, or even reasonable, to believe that? by piece! Does this make sense? Could an of parachuting and gliding until they be- Think of everything it entails to make airplane fly unless each piece were prop- came the eagles, ducks and doves we see an airplane fly: thousands of complex sys- erly engineered so that the whole unit was soaring high above us today. tems and backup systems. It requires aero- airworthy? Until that happens, the air- Poor Baldy. Just imagine the tragic dynamically designed wings, wing flaps plane is—at best—a useless, tube-shaped scene. Up to this point, neither he nor and rudder; a sturdy fuselage; powerful wagon with a half-finished proto-wing, any of his relatives has ever flown. Baldy

12 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet istockphoto (2)/Trumpet equipped for their environment? Can you picture poor Baldy? He is not Does it make sense that a reptile-like so bald anymore; he has a nice layer of creature could evolve feathers, or learn to fuzz; but he is shivering in the cold, trying fly just because it lived in trees? The an- to warm up his core body temperature be- swer is no. About half the scientific com- cause his beautiful feathers keep shading munity agrees it is very unlikely. Unfor- him. He wants to go out and hunt for food, tunately, these same scientists have their but he can’t because it takes all his energy own equally unbelievable theory. just to find the warmest rock possible to That Scientists supporting the cursorial theo- sit on. He no longer has any energy to ry of flight are quick to heap scorn on those climb trees or run around jumping in the who believe that “pre-birds” were jumping air to bite insects. Eventually, he starves. tree-climbers that eventually evolved the That is part of the reason why most ability to fly. Instead, these scientists say it scientists now believe that proto-feathers is much more obvious that theropod-type developed as an entirely new structure, Learned dinosaurs evolved the flying ability by unrelated to scales. First, reptiles became running on the ground, waving their fore- warm-blooded, these scientists argue. limbs and jumping, in order to “oar along Then the feathers developed to help keep in the air,” perhaps to better catch flying the internally generated heat in. That cer- insects, or other food. Others say the first tainly is good news for Baldy, and for the wings evolved for balancing purposes, for evolutionary cause, but again, it is all con- to Fly scaring off predators, for shading, or for jecture based upon the “birds are warm- jumping across clefts. Incidentally, the blooded and evolution is fact so it must scientists who believe flight developed by have happened” line of reasoning. The dinosaurs jumping out of trees generally same reasoning is generally used to ac- discard such ridiculous proposals. count for the magically appearing genetic code required to produce proto-feathers. Consider the Feather And remember: Evolution is hypo- The one thing that both sets of scientists thetically a slow process working over have in common is that neither group has thousands and millions of years. So if the been able to show how reptiles supposedly frayed-scale or proto-feather theory were evolved feathers. really true, there should be thousands of The feather is a marvel of construc- imprints of frayed scales and proto-feath- remembers his dear old uncle Stubby, tion—an engineering masterpiece. If you ers within the geologic record. Alas, after and all his brothers, sisters, cousins and have ever looked at a feather under a mi- more than 100 years of searching, not a friends who had been leaping to their croscope, you know that each parallel barb single example has been found. When deaths from the tops of tree branches and slanting diagonally from the shaft is not feathers appear in the record, they are towering cliff edges—all trying to get just a straight hair, but is actually a min- completely “modern.” their evolutionary jobs done. iature replica of the feather itself—with But Baldy is determined. In spite of his many side branches, complete with bar- Leaps of Faith many bumps, bruises and broken claws, bules and hooks that overlap the neigh- To get around this little problem, some Baldy the dinosaur knows that it is his boring side branches, creating specific scientists now promote the theory that destiny to fly. He has never seen anyone patterns. The outcome is a wing far more evolution occurs in big jumps—leaving fly before, and his arms are short, but who versatile than the most advanced aircraft’s. no transition fossils behind. But what knows? Maybe if he flaps hard enough, he Yet feathers must have evolved, we are these “big jumpers” are not able to explain will be able to overcome his aerodynami- told. One theory goes like this: At some is how these jumps could possibly occur cally unsound body form, and his dense point, a pre-bird was born with frayed genetically. For instance, how could the and heavy bone structure. But fly he scales—longish, loosely attached, frayed genetic code for fully functioning organs must—or so evolutionists say. scales. The frayed scales must have given suddenly appear out of nowhere? So, using his beak and claws, he scram- the reptiles some kind of (undiscovered) But let’s for a moment forget the lack of bles up to the highest limb he can find competitive advantage, so over time, more evidence and pretend that somehow Baldy to take advantage of the strongest wind and more of the pre-birds were covered in has managed to evolve wings out of his gusts. And then, with one great leap of frayed scales. Millions of years later, these scrawny forearms and that fully fledged faith, he lunges—or plunges—off into the broken, defective scales eventually became feathers have magically appeared. Baldy sweet, blue yonder. the incredibly complex, perfect-for-flying is now ready for his first real flight. He Flop, flutter, snap, crash! Stillness. Poor feathers we see today. Mystery solved, right? climbs up his tree. Baldy died of three broken ribs, a fractured Not so quick. If all of a sudden these One, two, three—hold on! “proto-wing,” a cracked skull, a twisted reptiles began developing a downy cov- ankle and third-degree wind burns. ering of feathers, how did they regulate Straighten Up and Fly Right But don’t worry, Baldy didn’t actually their body temperature? Reptiles are cold- Because flying is a high-energy activity, exist in the first place! How could he exist blooded and need to spend much of their birds require much more oxygen. An en- if all his ancestors were continually leap- day basking in the sun to warm up. Feath- tirely new respiratory system is required. ing to their deaths because they were not ers would block the sun. Birds have a much more efficient and

The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 13 superior set of lungs than reptiles. Spe- within other bones. Baldy also has a new and eliminate the leftovers. Baldy had bet- cifically, reptiles have a single large air type of backbone, fused and rigid, which ter tack on a divided stomach, and gizzard, sac divided by ingrowths for a lung. In helps him breathe since he no longer has a larger esophagus, and a cloaca for quick contrast, birds have an intricate two-cycle a diaphragm. Now his entire body cavity waste elimination. And while he is at it, breathing process that involves both lungs acts like bellows to move air through the he might as well get rid of his bladder—no and eight or nine additional air sacs that lungs—contracting to push air out, and need for hauling that extra water around. temporarily store air and then contract relaxing to let air in. After all that work (or tens of millions to force air through the system. This al- Baldy is very excited now. No longer of years of random mutation combined lows the lungs to constantly have fresh air will he pass out from oxygen deprivation with natural selection, according to evolu- when birds are both inhaling and exhal- when he tries to fly, especially since the air tionists) our mythical friend must be get- ing—the lungs are never empty! is so much thinner way up in the sky. But ting close to flight, right? Alas, no. Baldy But feathers and a respiratory system Baldy is still having trouble taking more needs a rewiring job if he is going to fly—a are only part of the problem. than a couple of uncoordinated flaps. He new nervous system. In order to fly, birds also need a unique just keeps tiring out. skeletal system. Flight demands a rigid If Baldy is to fly, he will need an en- Are We There Yet? airframe and light bones. tirely new digestive system too! The demands of flight require that the So now let’s assume that somehow bird must be able to specifically move Baldy has evolved his own completely Hungry for the Facts and position its body in an exact man- brand-new skeletal system. His bones The dilemma for birds is that they need to ner. The feathers and the wings must be have been transformed from large, dense, balance increased fuel consumption and manipulated. The “new,” bigger, rede- heavy reptile bones into the light hollow economy of weight. Reptiles on the other signed muscles required for flying must or honeycombed bones that birds gener- hand, in many cases, can go weeks, or be controlled. And don’t forget the new ally have today. Some of the heavier bones months, without eating. This won’t work for navigational equipment. Move over bi- have been completely discarded, while Baldy. Flying is much more energy intensive ped-brain—make way for a new upgraded new structures designed for specially built than sunning himself on trees or rocks. He set of oculars. Proportionally, birds have muscle attachments have also appeared. needs to eat foods with a minimum of in- massive eyes, practically filling up the cra- Some respiratory air sacs form air pockets digestible material, process them quickly nium in some cases. Last but not least, the bird needs a coordinating system to operate all these complex systems. You can have an entire airplane, but without the controls and in- strument panel, it isn’t going to fly. Simi- larly, you need the wings, the engine, the electrical and hydraulic systems, the land- ing gear. It is all or none. Everything or nothing. Black or white. Zero percent or 100 percent. Flight or no flight. With the new nervous system in place, little Baldy the biped is very happy. He has his feathers and wings. He has his re- vamped, lightweight skeleton. And he has his souped-up respiratory and digestive systems. Taking a running start and a flying leap, Baldy soars up into the air. Look- ing down at the beautiful world below, he couldn’t be more content—he can fly! Understand what Isaiah Returning home, Baldy is excited to tell all his friends about his newfound ability. But something strange has happened. No- really means! body recognizes him anymore. His muta- The book of Isaiah contains numerous prophecies. tions have caused him to be so different Are these forecasts accurate? Have they already that the other bipeds don’t know who he happened? Are they somehow connected with current is. He is all alone. events? Isaiah’s End-Time Vision will help you prove And that brings us to one more problem from the Bible the answers to all these questions. evolutionists have difficulty explaining. If Newly updated and expanded, this 123-page booklet Baldy has gone through all these amazing is now available to you for the first time. evolutionary progressions and “big genetic jumps,” with whom is Baldy to mate? Request your FREE copy today! Thus ends the story of Baldy the biped— (Check the back cover for ordering information.) the first and last of his kind. And so ends an evolutionary theory fit for the birds. n

14 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet ➤ unconstitutional from page 3 and behold—the Constitution did in fact from marrying, or parents from marry- Right in Our Own Eyes guarantee Americans the right to commit ing their own children, or minors from The liberal judiciary’s grandiloquent as- homosexual sodomy. marrying—all moral choices on the part sault on the Constitution is closely linked The majority held that the dissenting of states. Forget that all three branches of with a broader cultural trend toward cast- opinion in Bowers v. Hardwick—which the federal government as well as the state ing off restraint. The contempt for law said that just because something is consid- of California have already lawfully deter- that this decision represents is one of the ered immoral doesn’t make it illegal—was mined that for a state not to grant mar- most grievous plagues of our times. It in- actually correct. Justice Anthony Ken- riage to homosexuals is constitutional. fects every level of society from the child’s nedy, in writing the opinion, spoke of an Walker also said Prop 8 violated the nursery to the most exalted halls of power. “emerging awareness that liberty [that all- “equal protection” clause, which forbids This opinion is part of a movement to important word in the due process clause] sexual discrimination, by stretching the disinfect the nation’s laws of their reli- gives substantial protection” to sexual definition of sex to include sexual orien- gious underpinnings and retain only what decisions. He also brought out that the tation. This is legally unprecedented, and, survives rational-basis review. This will European Convention on Human Rights left unchallenged, opens the door for a supposedly increase justice, expand free- invalidated sodomy laws. Who needs the great deal more litigation by homosexuals dom and strengthen the nation. But that Constitution? and other sexual deviants. reasoning is already doing the opposite: “This effectively decrees the end of all In Judge Walker’s mind, it is Bible- increasing disorder and division, enslav- morals legislation,” lamented Justice Sca- based theology—not unnatural or ing people to their own lusts, and shred- lia in his dissent. “If, as the Court asserts, unlawful sexual orientation—that poses ding the nation’s social fabric. the promotion of majoritarian sexual mo- rality is not even a legitimate state inter- est,” he wrote, and all laws are subject to “rational-basis review” alone, then that “This effectively decrees the undermines the foundation for “criminal laws against fornication, bigamy, adultery, end of all morals legislation.” adult incest, bestiality and obscenity.” He continued, “The Supreme Court is —Justice Antonin Scalia clearly in the business of vetoing state (and federal) legislation by inventing new and increasingly more absurd justifications. It a dangerous threat to homosexuals and It’s a far cry from the way our Found- does not feel bound by the Constitu- lesbians. ing Fathers viewed constitutional law. The tion or even precedent. It is abandoning Among his “findings of fact,” for ex- way President John Adams viewed it, “Our the constitutional framework that supports ample, Judge Walker ruled, “Religious be- Constitution was made only for a moral the moral foundation of our laws. … State liefs that gay and lesbian relationships are and religious people. It is wholly inad- laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, sinful or inferior to heterosexual relation- equate to the government of any other.” adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, ships harm gays and lesbians.” To support America’s first president, George Wash- adultery, fornication, bestiality and obscen- this finding, he cited 18 examples—most ington, said during his farewell address in ity are likewise sustainable only in light of of them just doctrinal explanations from 1796, “Of all the dispositions and habits Bowers’ validation of laws based on moral religious groups denouncing homosexual which lead to political prosperity, religion choices. Every single one of these laws is behavior as unbiblical and sinful. and morality are indispensable supports.” called into question by today’s decision.” “[T]he evidence shows beyond debate These God-fearing men understood How right he was. Today, in Perry v. that allowing same-sex couples to marry well that without the moral restrictions Schwarzenegger, we witnessed the inevi- has at least a neutral, if not a positive, effect of a higher spiritual law, the many liber- table next step in this trend. on the institution of marriage,” he wrote. ties afforded Americans in the Constitu- Thus, this single district court judge cast tion would lead to anarchy—and end in Not Rational aside current law, ignored precedent, and destruction. Judge Walker roundly attacked the moral exalted his own secularist morality ahead It calls to mind the darkest period in argument against same-sex marriage. He of the moral judgment of a majority of vot- the history of ancient Israel—the period of argued that since “moral and religious ers in the most populous state in the union. the judges. As the nation turned its back views form the only basis for a belief Beyond that, he attacked religion as on God and His law, it suffered curse upon that same-sex couples are different from the basis for forming moral judgment. He nightmarish curse. Scripture uses a simple opposite-sex couples,” then, from a legal increased the growing supremacy of secu- description of the moral and intellectual standpoint, there is no basis for making larism. He advanced the cause of godless climate at that time—one that rings sicken- any distinction. Opposition to same-sex rationalism, and the ruinous campaign to ingly true today: “Every man did that which marriage is simply not rational, he said— make fallible human reasoning the only was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25). hence constitutionally impermissible. legitimate legal authority. Quoting that verse in his 2001 article Walker held that Proposition 8 violated Wearing the cloak of constitutionality, “Justice and Our ‘Evolving Constitution,’” the Fourteenth Amendment’s “due pro- he raised the banner of lawlessness. In rul- the Trumpet’s editor in chief wrote, “This cess” clause. Marriage is a fundamental ing Proposition 8 unconstitutional, this was the condition of our biblical forefa- right of Americans, he said, and homosex- judge tortured the Constitution. His 136- thers—just before their nation collapsed uals are Americans. Forget the fact that, page ruling uses the highbrow language of and they went into slavery!” for example, states also prohibit siblings law to dismantle the law. Watch for history to repeat itself. n

istockphoto, getty images The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 15 worldwatch 1 As America leaves … 2 A match he U.S. has offi- are leaving a country Tcially ended com- that is far from stable. made in Rome bat operations in Iraq. In addition to rising ermany has increase trade, harness Meanwhile, violence is violence, political par- Glaunched a new the diplomatic influ- rising and Iran stands ties have yet to form a diplomatic initiative to ence of key nations like ready. government months improve relations with Brazil, and take more In August, a promi- after elections were Latin America. collective responsibility nent Shiite militant held in March. German Foreign on transnational issues. leader returned to Iraq Iran is well placed Minister Guido West- Germany conducted from Iran under Ira- to intervene in Iraq. erwelle presented a 60- €36.5 billion (us$48.2 nian protection. Ismail “With the absence page strategy paper to billion) worth of trade al-Lami, who uses the of an agreed-upon an audience at the For- with Latin America in name Abu Deraa, has government and with eign Ministry, including 2009, an increase of 16.3 been wanted by the U.S. political rivals threat- ambassadors from Latin percent since 2005. since 2004 for his Ira- ening that the situation America, on August Latin American nian-sponsored attacks could deteriorate into 4. “The whole South diplomats welcomed against Iraqi Sunnis renewed civil war, the American continent the news. “We now as a leader in Muqtada political vacuum gives is taking off,” it read. have the pect this to al Sadr’s Shiite Mahdi Iran space to interfere “Despite many setbacks oppor- be exploited Army. He escaped to in Iraq’s affairs,” wrote and difficulties, it is a tunity to as the two Iran in 2008. Abu De- Zvi Bar’el in Israel’s singular success story, reestablish continents raa’s return to Iraq just Haaretz (August 3). and we should be smart a historic draw closer as the U.S. cut its troops Iran has a lot of lev­ enough to take part.” bond,” together. in Iraq down to 50,000 ers it can pull in Iraq, Germany’s last for- Argentina’s as its operations moved but it doesn’t yet have mal strategy for Latin Ambassa- n As the from combat to assist full control of the coun- America was formed dor Guiller- Church of was likely carefully try. But with the U.S. in 1995. Westerwelle mo Nielsen England deliberated by Iran. It is leaving the country, it is said the region now said. “At becomes a reminder to the U.S. only a matter of time. deserves more focused the start embroiled in that Iran still has pow- attention. He of the last controversy erful levers to influence said he wants century, our most over female bishops, 15 events in Iraq. If Tehran to bring a important market for Anglo-Catholic bishops perceives politics in “new qual- exports was Germany, have said that some in Iraq are not going its ity” to the but in the postwar era, their ranks would try way enough, it could German-Latin this relationship was to join the Catholic ratchet up the violence American lost. Now it’s coming Church. Expect the in the country. relationship. back.” Vatican to use Angli- Iraq received a taste He outlined a Europe and Latin can liberalism to gather of such violence on Au- Bombed Cars in Basra three-pronged America have a shared more members under gust 25, the day after the approach: Catholic heritage. Ex- the banner of Rome. U.S. announced it had shrunk its troop level. Thirty-four terrorist 3 attacks took place in 16 Another reason to love the EU cities across the coun- he European Union is signed the Lisbon Treaty, which Their point now is to establish try, killing more than Tconsidering a new EU-wide states, “The Union shall provide the power of Brussels to tax the 60 and wounding about tax, imposed on member states itself with the means necessary populations of the countries of 400. Most of the bomb- by Brussels. On August 9, EU to attain its objectives and carry the EU without any control by ings targeted police and Budget Commissioner Janusz Le- through its policies.” national parliaments. Once that security forces, with wandowski said he would unveil This, according to Synon, power is in place, the taxes can markets and neighbor- plans for the tax in September. means it can raise its own taxes. be ratcheted up” (August 9). hoods also being hit. The idea has been smacked “The British will have to pay the Though these taxes may These coordinated down by most of the important tax these people demand, but not come into force this time attacks hit more cities countries in Europe. However, can never vote them out,” she around, they are certain to simultaneously than according to Mary Ellen Synon wrote. “The Commission wants at some point. The proposed any previous round of of the Mail Online, these nations to start with a tax on all bank European-wide taxes will be just attacks. already gave Brussels the power transactions, or perhaps air trav- one more step toward the EU Clearly, U.S. troops to impose new taxes when they el. It doesn’t really matter which. becoming a superstate.

16 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet 5 HMS bankrupt 2 Her Majesty’s military is 3 cutting core capabilities.

1 4

4 Swallowing the Pacific 5 The incredible hina’s soft-power buildup is detailing plans for China to build shrinking military Cpaying dividends in the Pacific. a new military headquarters for In recent months, China has be- Dili’s army. The deal was the latest ritain’s armed meet, the second carrier come more aggressive in its claim on of many signals that East Timor is Bforces are making may not even make it to the entire South China Sea, which shifting away from its traditional drastic cuts to their completion, may have competes with claims by the Philip- patron, Australia, and toward China. operations, even sacri- to carry helicopters pines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei In May 1968—seven years before ficing core capabilities, instead of jets, or might and Taiwan. the unconditional surrender of South to fight government even have to be shared In July, the U.S. rejected China’s Vietnam to communism—the Trum- debt. In cutting up to with France. claims and declared that Washing- pet’s forerunner, the Plain Truth, stat- 16,000 personnel and Finances are also ton would get more involved in the ed, “Bible prophecy reveals that not thousands of weapons, dictating that in order disputes to guarantee free trade and even America, with all of her nuclear it appears the govern- to keep even these naval muscle, can prevent Southeast ment has resigned itself capabilities, Britain will Asia from eventually being to downgrading the likely have to give up its overrun by communism”—or, nation from a “major amphibious landing ca- more accurately, from being military power” to a pability altogether, the drawn into a Chinese-Russian- “medium-scale player.” heart of Britain’s opera- dominated geopolitical bloc. The Royal Air Force tions in the Falklands We can expect Southeast may shrink to its small- in 1982. Meanwhile, the Asian nations to increasingly est size since World War Royal Navy is likely to fall under China’s sway. As i under proposed cuts, lose two submarines, China’s soft-power diplomacy losing 7,000 airmen three amphibious ships, and hard-power buildup con- (one in six) and 295 air- more than 100 senior tinue to unify Asian nations, craft, leaving the branch officers and 2,000 sail- open navigation throughout the the influence of Australia and with fewer than 200 ors and marines. region. Several Southeast Asian na- America in the region will wane all fighter planes. The army The Ministry of De- tions, led by Vietnam, made clear the more. could lose 40 percent fense is also trying to they would welcome such a U.S. role of its 9,700 armored fathom the “black hole” to counter China’s muscle. n The annual report to Congress on vehicles and an entire in its finances: £72 bil- But others did not support Wash- China’s military power was released brigade of 5,000 troops. lion worth of orders ington’s stance. In a stark deviation on August 15, and describes a mas- Moreover, the Tele- that cannot be paid for. from historic allegiance, and in a sive Chinese military buildup de- graph reported August Britain is but a shell sign of Asia’s shifting tides, Manila signed with the purpose of pushing 25 that the Royal Navy of its former powerful said Washington should have no part America out of the Western Pacific. may be forced to borrow self. For a compre- in the territorial row. On August 9, The report says China is developing American warplanes hensive view on why Filipino Foreign Secretary Alberto Ro- technology designed specifically to for its two planned new this greatest empire in mulo said the U.S. should stay out of destroy U.S. carrier battle groups. aircraft carriers. The history has so quickly disputes between China and South- Beijing officials called the report ex- Treasury reportedly fallen, request a free east Asian nations over territories in aggerated, but Washington is right to has not budgeted any copy of Herbert W. the South China Sea. be concerned over China’s military money for actual planes Armstrong’s book The Then, on August 24, Beijing buildup. Concern alone, however, to be carried by the two United States and Brit- signed a contract with East Timor will not neutralize the threat. ships. To make ends ain in Prophecy.

afp/getty images, stan honda/afp/getty images, tim sloan/afp/getty images, getty images The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 17 worldwatch and the Christian Democrats further hurtful concessions by Europe announced they would form a Israel. The Trumpet has long Asia n While many countries are minority coalition. Wilders’s pointed out how the peace n Russia, China, India and facing financial ruin, Ger- party will back these two par- process is in fact a deadly Turkey have entered into trade many has experienced its ties on a case-by-case basis. “wound” for the Jewish state. deals that violate U.S.-led best quarter of growth since This allows Wilders to play a sanctions on Iran’s oil and gas reunification. During the sec- role in government without n Pakistan has suffered its sector. Washington and the ond quarter of this year, the having to stop speaking out worst floods in 80 years, be- EU hoped to intensify existing German economy grew by 2.2 about Islam in order to toe the ginning in July and continuing UN sanctions against Tehran percent, according to data re- government line. Wilders’s through August. At least 17.2 by adding restrictions on leased by Germany’s statistics powerful role in companies that office August 13. These strong Dutch politics shows supply fuel to results will probably cement how concerned the Iran, but their Germany’s role as Europe’s, people of Europe are efforts are prov- and even the world’s, econom- becoming with Islam- ing ineffective. ic leader. Germany wanted to ic immigration. For Russia, China, deal with the financial crisis more, see “How to Be India and Tur- in a much more cautious and Popular in Europe” in key are all rush- prudent way than the rest of our August edition. ing into the lu- the world. Now, the numbers crative void left seem to show that Germany by Western na- got it right. Germany’s econ- tions that won’t omy is stronger, while most Mideast sell to Iran, and n ruins of the world is economically Russia began load- Pakistanis all four have weak. More significantly, the ing uranium into cope with opened talks re- Germans are growing more Iran’s first nuclear flooding. garding invest- self-confident and assertive. power plant on Au- ments worth Expect this attitude to spread gust 21. If all goes billions of dol- beyond just economic policy. well, Iran will be producing million people have lost their lars in Iran’s energy resources. fissile material by October. homes and livelihoods, and As Eastern powers become n France wants to make its The activation is a milestone more than 1,500 people have more defiant, the rift between taxation and spending policies for Iran. On the global play- been killed, according to the East and West will broaden. more similar to Germany’s, ing field, Bushehr’s activation United Nation’s Office for the French Budget Minister Fran- is a symbolic victory for Iran Coordination of Humanitarian n Russia announced on Au- cois Baroin said on August in its confrontation with the Affairs. The disaster is helping gust 11 that it had deployed 25 after visiting his German West over its quest for nuclear the Taliban make a comeback. an S-300 advanced missile counterpart Wolfgang Schäu- weapons. Meanwhile, Iran has Before the floods hit, the Paki- defense system in Georgia’s ble. “Germany is a model stockpiled three tons of low- stani government seemed to be Moscow-backed rebel region which should be a source of enriched uranium—enough finally making progress in the of Abkhazia, saying it would inspiration for us,” he said. In for one or two nuclear weap- Swat Valley, one of the areas provide anti-aircraft defense July, French President Nicolas ons—according to former most affected by the flood- for Abkhazia and Georgia’s Sarkozy announced that he top UN nuclear official Olli ing, with every bridge there other Russia-supported wanted to coordinate France’s Heinonen. being destroyed. The Taliban breakaway enclave, South Os- is taking full advantage of the setia. The move signals that n French Budget Minister Francois Baroin opportunity, aiming for the Russian forces are bolstering “Germany is a model which should hearts and minds of the peo- involvement in the disputed ple. Islamist groups were quick area which was at the heart of be a source of inspiration for us.” to respond, with a network of the brief 2008 Russia-Georgia volunteers and donations from war. Stratfor noted that tax system with Germany’s. n Israel and the Palestinian urban middle-class Pakistanis. Russia’s defense buildup in Already other nations are see- National Authority, under “Given the circumstances, for Georgia’s rebel regions “is one ing Germany’s success and pressure from the U.S., agreed [the government] to now act component of a multi-pronged following its lead. to begin direct peace talks against groups who are seen Russian effort to consolidate September 2 in Washington. to be doing a sterling job in its military control over the n Geert Wilders’s anti-Islamic In practice, both sides are just terms of helping people will be Caucasus” (August 11). Freedom Party will play a key going through the motions absolutely suicidal,” said Paki- role in the new Dutch govern- once again, with neither side stan expert at London’s Royal n Kremlin experts say that ment as part of a coalition hopeful of actual progress. Institute of International Af- Russian Prime Minister arrangement agreed upon on The most significant outcome fairs, Farzana Shaikh. The gov- Vladimir Putin’s high-profile August 1. The People’s Party is likely to be internal politi- ernment, on the other hand, is response to wildfires and for Freedom and Democracy cal weakening of Israel and rapidly losing popularity. ownership of a recent spy

18 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet and perhaps even one or two carrier strike groups. The Pentagon is looking to de- velop less-expensive systems for smaller conflicts compa- rable to Iraq and Afghanistan. Gates has already halted production of the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter and scaled back or shelved missile defense systems, long-range nuclear bombers and other warplanes. While these attempts to trim budgets may seem prudent to some, the Trumpet projects turf war A car that the Pentagon will soon bomb carcass lies in the miss those “big war” weapons. streets of Ciudad Victoria. n On July 27, Britain opted in to the EU’s European Inves- scandal are designed to dem- mayor’s own police confessed wants access to. The two na- tigation Order. The decision onstrate to the Russian people to helping in the murder. tions signed commercial agree- means that Brussels can force that he, not President Dmi- These are just some of many ments relating to finance, min- British police to place British try Medvedev, is leading the ongoing incidents in Mexico’s ing, nuclear energy and many citizens under surveillance country. More than two years drug war, which has killed other sectors. South Africa or hand over dna records. ago, term limits forced Putin 28,000 over the past four years. already has a large trade deficit Police from European nations to surrender the presidential can even request informa- office and instead take the n newly appointed EU ambassador to the U.S. Joao Vale de Almeida tion about activities that prime minister’s title. With “Where we [EU nations] have a common position, I am aren’t crimes in the United the presidential election only the one leading the show. … I’m the first new type of am- Kingdom. 18 months away, Putin is gear- bassador for the European Union anywhere in the world. ing up to make his leadership Our delegations now cover a wide spectrum of issues well n The Daily Mail reported of Russia official once again. beyond the economic dimension, trade dimension and on August 3 that the number of pre-teenage girls on “the regulatory dimension, to cover all policies in the Union, pill” has quintupled over the including foreign policy and security policy.” last decade. In 2009, doctors Latin prescribed the contraceptive to n Even worse than Mexico is with China, its top trading more than 1,000 girls who were America/ Venezuela, where over 16,000 partner, so these deals aim to 11 or 12, usually without their Africa people were murdered in 2009 give China access to South Af- parents’ knowledge. According alone. By comparison, in Iraq, rica’s resources. Expect China to the National Health Service, n Mexico’s drug war continues which has a similar popula- to continue to make inroads another 200 children ages 11 to to escalate. On August 5, an tion to Venezuela, 4,644 civil- into Africa to get hold of them. 13 received long-term implant- improvised explosive device ians died violently in the same ed or injectable contraceptives. exploded inside a car near year. Since 1999, there have At least 58,000 15-year-old a police facility. On August been more than 118,000 homi- children were on the pill, com- 14 and 15, Los Zetas attacked cides. Since 2007, there have Anglo- pared to 23,000 in 1999. the local affiliates of Televisa, been over 43,000. Morgues re- a large media company. On ceive more bodies from homi- America n In August, Australian Prime August 24, Mexican marines cides than from car accidents. n The Pentagon is cut- Minister found the bodies of 72 recently The government’s response ting spending on “big war” Julia Gillard murdered people on a ranch has been to crack down not on weapons, the Washington said that a few miles south of the U.S. crime, but on a free press. Times reported on August Australia border; it was learned that the 3. Military planners are try- should reject Zetas committed the deed. n South Africa and China ing to save $100 billion over the Com- August 16, Edelmiro Cavazos, signed a “comprehensive stra- five years. Defense Secretary monwealth the mayor of Santiago, was tegic partnership” on August Robert Gates is looking to and become kidnapped in a reasonably safe 24, as South African President axe systems made for fighting a republic part of Mexico. Two days later, Jacob Zuma visited Beijing. large-scale international con- when Queen his dead body was discovered China has technical expertise flicts, such as next-generation Elizabeth ii on a nearby road. Six of the and money that South Africa ballistic-missile submarines dies or abdicates.

getty images, ronaldo schemidt/afp/getty images, getty images The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 19 What to Do With Germany?

Berlin is surging in power! Finally some observers are asking hard questions about the direction it is going. By Ron Fraser

ne of the great constants this planet who are destined to feel the “The Wolf on the Fold” about biblical prophecy is that correction of their Creator in a very direct Lord Byron aptly described the blitzkrieg if you wait long enough, it will and personal way. They are the people of nature of the Assyrian at war in one line eventually become today’s least excuse for their rejection of Almighty in his poem “The Destruction of Sennach- headline news. It’s inevitable. God—for they were once the direct recipi- erib.” Of the storming of Sennacherib, By- OSkeptics, doubters, those blinded to ents of His law, statutes and judgments ron declared, “The Assyrian came down the truth, may even then deny the reality designed to show man how to live accord- like the wolf on the fold.” that those headlines proclaim. But this is ing to the intention of his Maker. In fact, That lightning-strike approach to war- no surprise, for the Almighty Himself in recent history, they have been the most fare has since been demonstrated by the de- declared it would be so: “He hath blinded blessed people on Earth. scendents of those ancient Assyrians when their eyes, and hardened their heart that Anciently, these folk were labeled Is- motivated to war in more recent times. they should not see with their eyes, nor un- raelites. They consisted of 12 individual The Daily Reckoning summed up that derstand with their heart, and be convert- tribes that developed into separate na- history this way: “The Teuton tribes are ed, and I should heal them” (John 12:40). tions. They can be found today populating an aggressive lot. The Usipetes, Tenchteri, Humankind is about to learn a pow- the United States, Britain, Israel, Canada, Batavi, Cherusci, Chatti, Vandals, Goths, erful lesson. The Creator that man has Australia, New Zealand, the Nordic coun- Franks, Alans, Suebians—all jostled each ignored, rejected and generally rebelled tries, parts of the Baltic, France, Belgium other for centuries. … And when Rome against from creation to this day is pre- and the Netherlands and include many wheezed her last gasps they fell on her like paring for the inevitable: the fulfillment of the whites of South Africa. For proof French tax collectors on a widow’s estate. of Jesus Christ’s Olivet prophecy, par- of this reality, request our free book The The Vandals pushed all the way across ticularly that of His direct intervention United States and Britain in Prophecy. Gaul and Iberia, crossed to North Africa, in the affairs of this world to save man But of all these peoples, the Anglo-Sax- and from their new base in Carthage, from blowing himself and all life off this on and the Jewish nations are prophesied continued to tickle the old empire until it planet: “And except those days should be to suffer particularly drastic correction by rolled over on them” (August 20). shortened, there should no flesh be saved: God for their sins. Thus was formed the Holy Roman but for the elect’s sake those days shall be And there is one nation that God has Empire. shortened” (Matthew 24:22). reserved to deliver that correction. Bibli- Well, one might say, more power to the But before God intervenes to save man- cally, it is identified as Assyria. Today, we Teutons. But the past is the past, and Germa- kind from this fate, there are a people on call that nation Germany. ny has since proven itself a changed nation,

20 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet George Nell peace-loving and democratic, just like us! less ambitious about a more centralized low the dust of war to settle before quietly Well, is that so? European structure—especially after the emerging to reconstruct the nation into The same source observed, “It has been decision last year by Germany’s Supreme the powerhouse economy it is today. 65 years since Europe’s last major war. Court to limit increased control by Brussels The German captains of industry Still, when Germany gets up off its knees, over German sovereignty” (ibid.). rebuilt their shattered factories and in- the Continent trembles. Now that the wraps are off and Ger- dustrial empires courtesy of American “Last week, the Berlin government an- many’s rapid rise to dominance in Europe largesse via the Marshall Plan. Many nounced the best results since the Wall fell has become undeniable, questions are operatives of the German secret service in ’89. From the first quarter to the second again being raised as to its intentions be- under Hitler simply transferred their al- one the republic’s gdp rose 2.2 percent. yond Europe. legiance—at least publicly—to the British, At that rate—about 9 percent a year if it A rash of recent headlines spotlighted American and Russian secret services. continues—Germany is running neck and neck with China. Compared to France and the U.S., Germany is flying nearly four times as fast.” “During the last two decades the political and eco- Teutonic approach to warfare, Teuton- ic approach to its economy. Same people, nomic geometry of Europe has altered in favor of a same attitude, same lightning achieve- more dominant position for Germany.” —Dr. Jackson James ments—be it in war or business. What is really happening today in Ger- many, a nation that so powerfully impacted Germany’s rapid gain of financial, indus- Much of the Nazi gold and other booty the 20th century? How is Germany already trial and economic power even as the U.S. were spirited out of Germany via numer- affecting the present century, and what will continues to slide off its superpower perch. ous avenues—not the least being Vatican it do in the near future? Will Germany be With America having substantially drawn and Swiss banks—to accounts that would content to “fly four times as fast” as the down its presence in Europe over the past later be drawn on by those seeking to fi- U.S. and France economically alone, or 20 years and now withdrawing from Iraq nance a resurrection of the Holy Roman will it seek to transfer that powerful eco- in addition to planning withdrawal from Empire of the German Nation. nomic clout into offensive military power Afghanistan, will Germany—given its The result, with implicit support from yet again? Will Germany revert to its an- global industrial, financial and economic Germany’s old Anglo-Saxon enemies, cient Assyrian, Teutonic type, yet again? power—be able to resist converting that was what became known as the German Serious foreign-policy minds with a view into military power? Someone has to fill Wirtschaftswunder—the economic mir- to history are now asking that question. the increasing security vacuum being left acle of the rapid German rebound from by a rapidly weakening America. Ger- abject defeat in World War ii to the most An Opportunity to Act many will not like either Russia or China prosperous nation in Europe. In the August-September issue of Europe- getting the jump on the Fatherland in the During the 1950s, with the Anglo-Sax- an Affairs, Dr. Jackson Janes asked, “Dur- wake of American weakness. For Germa- ons running scared of what they perceived ing the last two decades the political and ny to not react would be to risk its pres- as an aggressive eastward and southward economic geometry of Europe has altered ence as a global power in all but military push by imperialist Soviet-style commu- in favor of a more dominant position for assertiveness and to be taken quick advan- nism, the U.S. and Britain believed their Germany. … The current economic cri- tage of by these two competitive powers. only hope of stemming the rising Com- sis has reaffirmed German dominance Germany will simply be forced to act, munist tide from sweeping across Europe in the European Central Bank (ecb) and and to act soon, to raise its international to the Atlantic was to create a bridgehead in almost all key economic and financial profile as a military power on a par with at the line that divided Soviet East Germa- policy choices of the eurozone and the its global economic weight. Otherwise it ny from the democratic West. This they EU overall. … During the 20 years since will not be taken seriously by a world that did by rearming their former enemy bare- German unification … Germany [has] only recognizes might as right! ly a decade after having totally dismantled increasingly [taken] de facto command of But there is more to this than would its military forces. Europe’s economic choices.” appear. For Germany’s elites have deliber- The new German armed forces, the Jackson Janes is executive director of the ately pursued a different strategy in their Bundeswehr, were formed in 1955. The American Institute for Contemporary Ger- third try at global domination. same year, Germany joined nato. man Studies at Johns Hopkins University Consider the history. From that point, Germany behaved like in Washington, d.c. He sums up Germa- a typical democracy. It built a strong export ny’s achievements as follows: “Right now, Releasing the Genie base for its rapidly burgeoning industry Germany has a Europe it likes. Unification Though Germany ceased to exist as a and relied on nato for its national security. was achieved along with a strong economic global power when the nation surrendered It was deliberately constrained to building position, limited exchange-rate risks and a to the Allies on May 8, 1945—its economy a strong national defense establishment for degree of discipline enacted in the Growth in ruins, its military power shattered and the sole purpose of securing its national and Stability Pact. Also it has the largest its society completely demoralized—the borders from within its own territory. weight in the European Parliament and the elite visionaries behind the Nazi dream of This continued for 34 years as West Ger- Council of Ministers under the rules set world conquest did not give up their goal many thrived economically while its coun- by the Lisbon Treaty. And the current ar- at that point. In fact, as is well document- terpart in the east remained in economic rangements suit a Berlin that has become ed, they simply went underground to al- stagnation under the Communist boot heel.

The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 21 Then something happened on Nov. 9, a newly united Germany at the top of the tory. And they raise a question. It’s an old 1989, that would change the whole face of pile in Europe. question that has periodically arisen ever German politics. The Berlin Wall, the sym- By December 2009, Germany was the since Aug. 6, 1806, when Franz ii, the last bolic division between the Communist East leading European economy by far: Eu- emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the and the free West, came tumbling down. rope’s top export nation; its greatest fi- German Nation, dissolved that empire The old genie was released. nancial power; its strongest political force; and capitulated to Napoleon. It raised its and its most aggressively expanding mili- head again in 1918 when the Allied nations What to Do With Germany? tary power in terms of active involvement met at Versailles to conclude an armistice The German reunification that followed outside its borders. with a Germany that had instigated the the fall of the Berlin Wall resulted in a These are all clearly demonstrable, in- greatest war in history to that time. Yet 20-year drive by German elites to place arguable facts of Germany’s postwar his- again, it arose when the Allies met at Pots- Leaner and Meaner

n August 23, German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg presented to Othe Bundestag five alternative plans for potential reforms to the German military. Under Guttenberg’s favored plan, military conscription would be suspended beginning next year, and the Bundeswehr reduced from 250,000 to about 160,000 troops. Given a passing glance, Germa- ny’s military power may appear to be diminishing. the man But look again. There is an important rea- Guttenberg has a son military conscription is written into the plan for a German German Constitution and why Germany has war machine. remained one of the last countries on Earth to practice compulsory military service. In the first decade after World Warii , as the shadow cast by the So- Stratfor wrote that Guttenberg’s proposed reforms “could greatly viet Union over Western Europe grew, it became apparent that West Ger- increase the Bundeswehr’s deployability—its capacity to deploy and many would need to develop an independent military. For America and sustain troops in a foreign theater … and begin to close the gap between Britain, the creation of a West German military came with a fundamental Germany and other European militaries …” (August 30). According to stipulation: It must be a democratic institution rather than a professional Thiel, Guttenberg is overhauling the German military because he wants army that might easily fall under the influence ofG erman imperialists. “to make the homeland defense an army of intervention.” Instituted in 1956, a year after West Germany entered nato, mili- For those prepared to take more than a fleeting glance at Germany’s tary conscription became a key bulwark preventing the formation of military transformation, the ambitions of Germany’s defense minister a professional military. It created an army of “citizens in uniform.” It are obvious. When it comes to military reform, and specifically sus- helped integrate the military with society and ensured the Bundeswehr pending conscription, Guttenberg is simply trimming the fat. remained transparent to the German public and the world. A mandatory The fact is, conscription is holding the military back. “Analysts say draft would create an army comprised of German citizens with loyalties that the conscription system is both expensive and of little use for a to sundry ideologies and political parties, making it difficult for the mili- modern army that must be able to deploy abroad quickly” (Deutsche tary to develop into a state-within-a-state, loyal only to itself or select Presse-Agentur, August 23). German elites. By filling the military with conscripts from all walks of Conscripts serve for only six months, reduced from nine months in life, as the New York Times observed, it would remain “immune to the July. This means that by the time the army trains them, they move on. kind of elitist force that dominated state affairs during the years of the Thus, the army finds all kinds of excuses to reduce the number of con- Weimar Republic and before” (August 30). scripts it gets burdened with. It has been raising the standards of its med- “Drafting young men instead of having professional soldiers was ical exams higher and higher as a way to reduce the number of conscripts. a guarantee for a democratic army,” stated Rainer Arnold, the ranking Under Guttenberg’s plan, the government’s power to draft conscripts member on the Defense Committee of the German parliament (ibid.). would still be enshrined in its Basic Law (a sort of constitution), so the Considered in the context of German history, the move to abolish the government could rapidly expand the army in the future if necessary. In draft is revealing. The elimination of military conscription will mark the the meantime, Germany would have “voluntary conscripts.” Men and elimination of one of the bulwarks built into the German Constitution to women could sign up for 12 to 23 months of voluntary service in the army, prevent the Bundeswehr from becoming a professional army! which would then be able to recruit professional soldiers from their ranks. As journalist Christian Thiel stated on German television: “This is not Look closely, and it’s obvious that Guttenberg’s ultimate goal is to a reform, but in reality a revolution, planned by the defense minister” forge the German military into a trimmer, more efficient—and more (August 23; our translation). powerful—fighting machine! Brad Macdonald

22 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet getty images dam in August 1945 after Germany’s de- fidante of Konrad Adenauer, Harry Beck- The facts are that Germany is on a feat in the second of two world wars that hough—the imperialist vision of German drive to consolidate military industry Germany had initiated in the first half of elites was perpetuated and continued to continent-wide in Europe and build a the 20th century. be promulgated by those elites through- strong military presence from the North The question is, what to do with Ger- out the whole fabric and infrastructure of Sea to the Persian Gulf, from Gibraltar to many? More importantly, what to do with what we call today the European Union. the Caucasus. It is already well advanced a united Germany? For history has shown Yet, one thing those elites who backed in doing so. Check theTrumpet.com ar- that is the real danger. the Kaiser and Hitler learned after the ex- chive for evidence. There’s plenty of it, and While Germany lay divided among tent of their defeat in 1945 was that there there will be more to come! the numerous competing local rulers of had to be a better way to achieve their goal On the ideological front, another Bavar- its various states, their own divisions and than by instigating outright war. Hence ian, Pope Benedict xvi, watches the masses jealousies kept them warring among them- selves and not against other nations. But when Germany unites, that spells trouble. That was the problem facing the Allies Twenty years on from reunification, Germany is in Potsdam seeking to conclude a rational again the most powerful nation in Europe. It vies peace after the war. Germany as a single united nation had twice shown itself dis- with China for the crown as the globe’s top export contented to constrain its power to within its national borders. So they partitioned nation. It is to Germany that Europe and the world Germany, with the east going to Soviet looked when the Greek financial crisis erupted. Russian control, and the west to Anglo- Saxon dominance. Now, we view Germany 20 years on they chose treaties as their method, and the being distracted from reality by a liberal from reunification. It is again the most entity that has evolved from the establish- press lasciviously publicizing the pedo- powerful nation in Europe. It vies with ment of the European Steel and Coal Com- philia scandal within the Catholic Church. China alone for the crown as the globe’s top munity in 1951 into what is now in all but In the meantime, powerfully supported by export nation. It is to Germany that Europe name a German-dominated European em- an ultra-conservative curia built up by his and, indeed, the world looked when the pire—the European Union—as the means. predecessor, the pope quietly goes about Greek financial crisis erupted, threatening Now, 60 years on from that first treaty, building Rome’s power within the ranks of a domino effect around the globe. the Treaty of Paris, a whole array of 12 the giants in commerce, industry, banking It is Germany that forced the hand of treaties, plus five acts of the European and diplomacy in the European Union. It unwilling national electorates to sign up to Parliament and one open-border agree- is they who will support and enforce the the Lisbon Treaty/European constitution. ment, have built an imperial European power of Rome when the pope rules in the Amid continuing global financial crisis, edifice of 27 nations into the greatest trad- future: There is coming a time when, if the it is Germany that has forced the imple- ing entity in the world. The latest treaty, masses want bread, they must first bow mentation of a global financial controlling the Lisbon Treaty, is but a European con- their knee to Rome (Revelation 13). body on the world, the Financial Stability stitution cloaked in a deceptive title. This It is such overwhelming ideological, Board. It is a German-dominated EU that is the enabling document for the creation “religious” influence that will bind frac- in turn dominates the body that now sets of a pan-European army! tious Europe together for its brief moment economic policy for the world, the G-20. of global power before its inevitable and What to do with Germany today? Beyond Lisbon final collapse. Well, it’s really too late to ask the ques- Today, a united Germany sitting atop a Yet, as we always indicate, with the tion. The horse has bolted. Germany is back united Europe lacks but two things to absolute confidence that is backed by strutting the world stage as a global power bring the elites’ dream of a resurrection the “more sure word of prophecy,” these and gearing right now, believe it or not, to of the Holy Roman Empire of the German current phenomena are building toward once again reinforce its military presence. Nation to full reality: consolidated mili- the greatest single event in the history of tary power, and a binding ideology with man—an event of which they are an iron- Conquest by Treaty which to control the minds of the masses. clad sign of its imminence: the very return The German elites who are of the imperi- Two individuals—the acts of each of your Savior to this world! alist mindset that has prevailed over the masked by a public facade of political Do you really believe the words of Je- centuries in the Teutonic quest for global and priestly contention and division—are sus Christ, the Savior of humankind? dominance did not abandon their dream working hard to achieve these objectives. Then read and prove your belief! Read when their nation faced certain defeat in The one, Germany’s defense minis- and study His great prophecy in Matthew the closing stages of World War ii. ter, the Bavarian Baron Karl-Theodor zu 24, Mark 12 and Luke 21. Then read and In fact, as a whole battery of authors Guttenberg, is gaining headlines weekly believe His unbreakable guarantee for and analysts has published over the by overtly touting for the elimination of our time: “And when these things begin years—from Sigrid Schultz in her reveal- military conscription. Pacifists, liberals to come to pass, then look up and lift up ing first-hand account Germany Will Try and their fellow travelers welcome this as your heads; for your redemption draweth It Again, to more recent publications such a further endorsement of the fiction that nigh” (Luke 21:28). as those of Bernard Connolly, Martin Lee, Germany has no aspiration to become a Now there’s a message of real hope for Rodney Atkinson, and that venerable con- military power. Don’t believe it! our times! n

The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 23 origins of nations part 2 The Remarkable Identity of the German people It underpins some of the strongest prophecies in the Bible! By David Vejil

rom its earliest editions, the works of ancient scholars and archeologi- The Assyrian Empire Trumpet magazine has reported cal data, we can tell the full story of the Anciently, the Assyrian Empire and its extensively on a particularly cru- German peoples’ migration from Meso- allies were originally located in Mesopo- cial geopolitical development. It is potamia—home of their patriarch Asshur, tamia on the Upper Tigris River. The As- Fan event highlighted in many major bibli- the father of the Assyrians—to their loca- syrians were renowned warriors whose cal prophecies. Yet those who don’t under- tion today! empire was built on perpetual warfare. stand these prophecies overlook the trend Even the German people—before the Their empire stretched north from Meso- and reject our analysis. 1900s when they rejected the history not potamia all the way to Asia Minor to reach This event is the final resurrection of only of the Bible but also of their own the shores of the Black Sea. the Holy Roman Empire led by Germany. chronicles—demonstrate in their own re- The Assyrians were a white race whose Though the German nation’s rise to cords that they descend from Asshur! fair features made them stand out from world-dominating power is recorded in the other people in the Middle East. several major prophecies, its identity has The Origins of Germany’s Oldest City Strabo, a first-century Greek geographer, remained largely unknown because the The oldest city in Germany is Trier, a noted their fair complexion, calling the modern German name is not the one used city whose inhabitants say was founded Assyrians “White Syrians” (Geography). in the prophecies. Only when Germany’s around 2000 b.c. by the Assyrians. Their empire’s power rapidly declined biblical identity is revealed can one under- Josef K.L. Bihl writes in his German just before Nineveh fell in 612 b.c. During stand these prophecies and comprehend textbook In Deutschen Landen, “Trier was their decline, the Assyrians were forced the role Germany will play on the inter- founded by Trebeta, a son of the famous to settle the southern shores of the Black national scene. Assyrian King Ninus. In fact, one finds Sea by a group of invading warriors from The key to understanding biblical … in Trier the inscription reading, ‘Trier Central Asia. Diodorus Siculus, a Greek prophecy is to know the prophetic iden- existed for 1,300 years before Rome was historian who lived in the first century tity of the world’s great powers. And the rebuilt.’” To this day, this story is used to b.c., wrote in his work The Library of His- identity of Germany is—after that of the attract tourists to Trier. tory that by these raiders, “many of the American and British people—the most According to Greek historians, the an- conquered peoples were removed to oth- important to recognize! cient Assyrian capital of Nineveh was built er homes, and two of these became very A united, revived Germany as the by Ninus. The biblical account tells us that great colonies: The one was composed of powerhouse behind Europe is once again the builder of Nineveh was Asshur, the son Assyrians and was removed to the land starting to dominate world affairs. It is a of Shem, who became the progenitor of the between Paphlagonia and Pontus.” position Germany historically has enjoyed Assyrians (Genesis 10:11). Ninus is simply Paphlagonia and Pontus both border with few exceptions for the past 1,500 years. the Greek name for the Asshur of the Bible. the southern shores of the Black Sea. The Just who are the German peoples, and While ancient German records—such land between was called Cappadocia by where did they come from? as the Bayerische Chronik, the official his- Herodotus, a Greek historian of the fifth The Bible, the foundation of all knowl- tory of Bavaria written by Johannes Tur- century b.c., who also confirmed the ex- edge, records that mankind first settled mair of Abensberg in the 1500s, but now istence of its Assyrian occupants in his just north of Mesopotamia after the relegated to pure myth—reveal that some work titled The Histories: “The Cappa- Flood. From there, tribes of people mi- of Asshur’s descendants settled in Europe docians are known to the Greeks by the grated to their current locations, where from Mesopotamia soon after the Flood, name Syrians …. This people, whom the they formed our modern nations. the great majority of the German people Greeks call Syrians, are called Assyrians As they migrated, various tribes often didn’t begin their migration until a much by the barbarians.” became identified by their locations of later time, when their Assyrian Empire By the fifth century b.c., the Assyrians settlement rather than the name of their declined and collapsed in the seventh cen- were so dominant in the Black Sea area tribal patriarch, as they are in the Bible. tury b.c. that Greek geographers actually called the Tracking the origins of the German peo- Let’s now track the migratory route of region Assyria: “The coast of the Euxine ple means identifying the ancestor from these remaining Germanic peoples and see [the Black Sea] … was called Assyria by whom they sprang. how and when they joined their Assyrian S[c]ylax, the author of Periplus” (History By traveling back in time through the kinsmen in the land of modern Germany. of Art in Sardinia, Judaea, Syria, and Asia

24 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet the urals

baltic sea

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e p Roman geographer r e 3 r Pliny wrote of a tribe r i v called “Assyrani” living er Third phase: to Germany north of the Black Sea. 100s b.c.-400s A.D. Facing population the alps pressures from other peoples migrating Second Phase: to scythia through Scythia, the Assyrians gradually 400s b.c. Following the weakening of moved northwest to modern-day Germany. sea of azov the Persian Empire, archeology shows an Assyrian migration into Scythia. Known as germani, various tribal names 2 Known as Scythians quick fact d iver a n u b e r Black Roman scholar Sea First Phase: to asia minor Jerome referred 600s b.c. Assyrians start to migrate to invading from the Assyrian Empire to the southern Paphlagonia pontus German tribes shores of the Black Sea. as “Assur.” Known as assyrians, White Syrians Cappadocia

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r i v At the time of the Assyrian Mesopotamia e Mediterranean migration, the shores of the r Sea Black Sea were called “As- syria” by Greek geographers. Assyrian Empire Migration of the Germans

Minor, Volume ii). The Periplus of Scylax The land, consisting of mainly steppes, as the Huns and Mongols, once established is considered by most scholars to have stretched eastward from Eastern Europe large empires stretching far into the east been compiled in the fourth century b.c., all the way past the Urals and from the and west. Anciently, Scythia was the same but it was based on source material from Baltic Sea south to the Black Sea. All the way, a land where different tribes and rac- the fifth and sixth centuries b.c., when the many different people who lived in the es of nomadic warrior bands traveled. Assyrians began migrating into the Black territory were labeled Scythians. Archaeology shows five major phases Sea area (Itineraria Phoenicia). Predominant in Scythian territory in the area between 750 and 250 b.c., “with Years later, the Assyrians were still off were numerous tribes from two races in a fresh nomadic component arriving in the shores of the Black Sea when Herodo- particular. “[T]wo major currently recog- three of them: 750-650 b.c. (‘Cimmerians’ tus recorded them fighting for the Persian nized racial types, Caucasoids and Mon- and ‘Scythians’); 475-430 b.c. (‘Scyth- King Xerxes i against the Greeks in a cam- goloids, are considered to have existed his- ians’); and 300-250 b.c. (‘Sarmatians’)” paign in 480 b.c. (op. cit.). torically in geographical proximity on the (ibid.). These great migrations were the ef- Archaeological data reveals that short- steppe,” observes The Cambridge Ancient fects of great population displacement in ly after Xerxes’s disastrous campaign, a History (Volume iii, Part 2). the Middle and Near East resulting from great migration of the Assyrian people Archaeology gives further insight into the collapse of various empires and king- from the Black Sea region occurred. With the area. “Archaeologically, it is clear doms. (They even included the movement the Persian Empire weakening, the As- that the eighth- and seventh-century b.c. of the Israelites following their overthrow syrians moved from Asia Minor and the ‘Scythians’ were not the same as the fifth- by Assyria.) southern shores of the Black Sea to the century ‘Scythians.’ Both were mounted When Herodotus wrote his Histories, sea’s northern shores—to a land called elite war-bands originating in the more he would have had knowledge of the first Scythia. Here they began to be called easterly regions of the steppe, and the two of those new settlements. The first Scythians, and their identity was eventu- Greeks, quite naturally, called both groups phase would have been recent history for ally obscured. But these people didn’t just by the same name” (ibid.). him—like the settlement of the Americas disappear into thin air. They migrated The composition of Scythia’s popula- by the Europeans is today. The second west and underwent a name change! tion was open to much change over time phase was current—like the breakup of as new tribes moved in and out of the area. Yugoslavia is today, though it was right af- Scythia Central Asia, with its vast steppes, has ter his death that this second phase really To Greek and Roman authors, Scythia served as a gigantic crossroads for differ- began to flourish in Scythia, with most of was the land beyond the civilized world. ent nomadic people, some of whom, such the spectacular archaeology material dat-

The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 25 Early German Art HE fact that the Assyrians, certain Scythians and Germans are one and the same people is further illustrated by some remarkable similarities in the Tartwork of these three groups. Assyria and its allied territories in Asia Minor, such as the Hittite kingdom, were known for their depictions of winged beasts and mythological creatures. (For more information on the Hittite kingdom’s relationship with the Assyrian Empire, request our booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire.) The double-headed eagle, which was a prominent symbol in Germany and the Holy Roman Empire as well as mod- ern-day nations through which the Germans migrated, was invented by the Assyri- an-dominated Hittite Empire. The earliest depiction is thought to have been found in Cappadocia, or modern-day Turkey (The Hittites: The Story of a Forgotten Empire). origins This eagle, Assyrian-winged animals feature prominently in Scythian art. “Scythian ani- found in Turkey near the mals … are peripheral Assyrian, perhaps even provincial Assyrian, as close—in Black Sea, bears a striking any case—to Assyrian art as the metalwork of Urartu” (Henri Frankfort, The Art resemblance to the Ger- and Architecture of the Ancient Orient). man symbol of the double- The kingdom of Urartu was located just north of Assyria and eventually came headed eagle. under its dominion. The fact that Scythian artwork found in central Europe is as similar to Assyrian art as the artwork found in Urartu exposes the extraordinary cultural link between these geographically far-flung peoples. These distorted animal depictions were also common in the Germanic tribes during the Middle Ages. “[T]he Scythic style is interesting as being one element in the art of the barbarians who conquered the Roman Empire and the zoomor- phic decoration of the early Middle Ages,” according to Encyclopedia Britannica (11th edition, 1911, “Scythia”). This makes complete sense considering that the Assyrians migrated through that same area, leaving behind some of their culture as they traveled. This Scyth- ian culture reached all the way to Germany, where the Assyrians finally stopped migrating! ing to the later fifth century b.c. peared in Roman records during the late grated through this crossroads: “The name Herodotus confirms this fresh phase second century b.c., it would take another ‘Scythian’ has extended, in every direction, of nomadic settlement: “The Scythians several hundred years for the bulk of the even to the Sarmatæ and the Germans; but say their nation is the youngest of all the Germanic people to finally reach the end this ancient appellation is now only given nations.” of their long migration. to those who dwell beyond those nations, It is clear that the Germanic people Even in the first century a.d., with and live unknown to nearly all the rest of comprised, at least in part, this second this migration still occurring, the Ger- the world” (The Natural History). phase of Scythian migration. We can know mans were feeling pressure from the Sar- Josephus, a first-century Jewish histo- this because Roman records show the Ger- matians. “All Germania is divided from rian, wrote this of a Germanic tribe called manic people first began invading central Gaul, Raetia and Pannonia by the Rhine the Alans: “[T]here was a nation of the and western Europe in the late second cen- and Danube rivers; from the Sarmatians Alans, which we have formerly mentioned tury b.c., soon after their northern move. and the Dacians by shared fear and moun- somewhere as being Scythians and inhab- Archaeology confirms these Scythians tains,” wrote Tacitus, a Roman historian iting at the Lake Meotis” (Josephus, 7.4). migrating all the way into Germany prop- of the first century, in his history of the The Alans lived off Lake Meotis, which is er. “Nomads and fierce warriors, they lived Germans, Germania. the ancient name for the Sea of Azov that in Central Asia … and their culture spread Thus, archaeology provides the evi- is linked by a narrow strait to the north- westward to southern Russia and Ukraine, dence, chronology and the catalyst for the east of the Black Sea. and even into Germany …” wrote Mike German migration out of the Black Sea As different Scythian people became Edwards in National Geographic (June region—and subsequent invasion of the known through warfare and trade, the 2003). This German migration would Roman Empire! Greeks and Romans gave them new have been a result of the pressure that the names. This happened to the Germanic newest migrants into Scythia, such as the A New Name tribes during the second and first centu- Sarmatians, were placing on the Germanic During this migration, the Assyrians were ries b.c., when the Roman generals called people who occupied the territory. After lumped in with the other Scythian occu- these fierce tribes they battled Germani, the Sarmatians began to move in during pants. Then, when they arrived on the Ro- meaning “war man” or “warrior.” the third century b.c., the Germanic peo- man scene, they acquired a new name. The same tribes that Greek historian ple were forced further west. Roman historian Pliny the Elder, a Herodotus of the fifth century b.c. called The dislocation of such a large popula- contemporary of Strabo, explains what Scythians, Pliny, Tacitus and Strabo of the tion took time. Though the first tribes ap- happened to the Assyrian people who mi- first century a.d. called Germans. (Inter-

26 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet Quadi, dwelling along the the time, it becomes clear that Jerome was Danube River. calling them actual Assyrians. Assur is Strabo described Ger- another biblical name for Asshur, as any man people living farther concordance will show. southeast, with one Ger- According to modern and ancient his- manic tribe, the Bastar- torians, these tribes listed—most of which nians, as far east as the were Germanic—came from the Black Sea Dnieper River, a major region. The Cambridge Ancient History river that drains into the lists all of these tribes as attacking from Black Sea. the east, mainly from the Danube region. From the Danube and Thus, the history of the German peo- the Black Sea, Germanic ple is made plain through the Roman and tribes once occupied land Greek writers. all the way north to the Baltic Sea and west to the The Clincher Rhine River. So when the Without a doubt, the Germans are mod- Germanic people were ern-day Assyrians! The Germans them- invading the Roman Em- selves say so in their ancient history. A Ro- pire, they were attacking man scholar wrote that the Germans were not just from the north but Assyrians. The Black Sea shores—the from the east as well! same area where the historians and schol- Jerome, the writer who ars from before the 1900s said the German gave us the Vulgate trans- people migrated from—are shown to have lation of the Bible, was an had Assyrians dwelling on both sides by eyewitness to these inva- Roman and Greek historians. sions in the mid-fourth The Germans and Assyrians share the century a.d. He writes: same physical features, the same warlike “Savage tribes in countless tendencies and even certain characteris- numbers have overrun all tics in art. parts of Gaul. The whole On top of all that, there is the over- country between the Alps whelmingly strong proof of prophecy! and the Pyrenees, between Only one nation today could fulfill the the Rhine and the ocean, prophecies of the Bible that pertain to the estingly, however, even in Pliny’s time, the has been laid waste by hordes of Quadi, Assyrians, and that is Germany! For more first century a.d., there were still rem- Vandals, Sarmatians, Alans, Gepids, Her- information, request our booklet Germa- nants of the Assyrians on the north side of ules, Saxons, Burgundians, Allemanni ny and the Holy Roman Empire. It will give the Black Sea who had not yet invaded the and … even Pannonians” (Nicene and you the eye-opening details of this final Roman Empire and evidently kept their Post-Nicene Fathers, Jerome Letter 123, and most important proof. Assyrian name: “At the river Carcinites, Section 16). Understanding the identity of the Ger- Scythia Taurica [modern-day Crimea] Remarkably, in this same letter, Jerome man people in prophecy opens up the begins … being inhabited by the … As- wrote, “Assur also is joined with them.” grave meaning of whole swaths of inspired syrani.” [Note: Some manuscripts replace Some say Jerome was using poetic license Scripture. Those prophecies were record- Assryani with Lagryani, giving more evi- by quoting Psalm 83:8, but based on all the ed in order to be understood in our day— dence of names changing.]) similarities of the people and the histories as a powerful warning from the great Cre- quoted that were available to scholars at ator God! n More Proof Before German rationalism was intro- duced into academia and the biblical re- cord was rejected, scholars knew exactly from where the Germanic people migrated. More Where This “[T]here can be no doubt that they … mi- grated into Europe from the Caucasus and the countries around the Black and Caspian Came From … seas” (A Classical Dictionary of Biography, Mythology and Geography, “Germania”). Understanding the origin of the German people It may seem strange today to think of unlocks many of the Bible’s most powerful German people dwelling on the Black Sea prophecies! For more explanation of their coast, but even during Roman times, Ger- manic tribes occupied territory that ex- identity, and to see what the Bible says about tended far beyond the borders of modern- their future, order a free copy of Germany and day Germany. the Holy Roman Empire. Tacitus wrote of one such tribe, the

The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 27 Why Did Christ Build His Church? By Stephen Flurry

esus Christ came to die has given a small portion of the Holy Spirit. power” from the Father (Matthew 28:18). for the sins of mankind!” cries With this Spirit, Christ said, “occupy till I Christ is under God the Father in God’s the preacher on Sunday morn- come.” Occupy means “to carry on a busi- government. Then, when Christ returns ing. And he’s right. But why so ness.” So these servants were to continue, to Earth, those servants who have been little understanding about the or carry on, something Christ started. called out of this world (John 6:44) will be many other reasons Christ The parable continues, “But his citizens commanded to come before Christ (Luke came“J to this Earth 2,000 years ago? hated him, and sent a message after him, 19:15). Christ went to the Father to receive In Matthew 16:18, for example, Jesus saying, We will not have this man to reign His authority—and true Christians will said, “I will build my church.” Why, af- over us” (Luke 19:14). Here Christ intro- go to Christ to receive their authority! ter 4,000 years of human history, was it duces another group of people. First, He That is how God’s government works. necessary to build something new like the says His servants are to occupy. Then He In order for the problems of this world Church? And why did Jesus select just 12 mentions the citizens—or the overwhelm- to finally end, there must be a completely disciples for special training and prepa- ing majority that hate Him and simply will new government established by Christ as ration in laying the “foundation” for the not have Christ reign in their lives! the supreme ruler—with many other ser- Church? And why, since that time, have Millions of people today claim to be vants serving under Him, fulfilling other nearly 2,000 years passed without any followers of Christ, but how many actu- governmental responsibilities. Christ is sign of Christ returning to this Earth as ally do what He taught? How many put coming as the King of kings and the Lord He promised He would? God first in everything they do in of lords (Revelation 17:14; 19:16). There What, exactly, is God working out here life and actually allow Christ to reign are to be many other kings and lords on Earth? over them? Nations in this world today serving under Christ. are suffering because they will not have The reason Christ did not set up His A Parable Reveals the Answer Christ reign over them. This is a message Kingdom when He first walked this Earth Throughout much of Christ’s ministry, the about government. is that God’s ruling family government disciples thought He was going to establish The small handful of Christ’s servants, was not yet ready. God is preparing ser- His Kingdom during their lifetimes. Real- however, are learning how to be ruled. vants for government positions today izing this, Christ uttered a prophetic par- Christ said occupy, or keep growing and within the Church! able in Luke 19 concerning the timing of learning how to be ruled so that you That is why Christ said, “I will build when that Kingdom would be set up. “He might eventually rule others! my church.” said therefore, A certain nobleman went Verse 15: “And it came to pass, that into a far country to receive for himself when he was returned, having received Christ Prepared the Early Apostles a kingdom, and to return” (verse 12). The the kingdom, then he commanded these Christ, as King of that future government, nobleman in this verse refers to Christ. He servants to be called unto him, to whom came first to establish His Church. But be- went away into a far country, or heaven, to he had given the money, that he might fore the Church could begin, the Holy Spir- receive for Himself a Kingdom. He is to re- know how much every man had gained it had to come—and that couldn’t happen turn when He receives the Kingdom. And by trading.” This is when Christ comes until Christ ascended to heaven (John 16:7). since He hasn’t returned yet, He hasn’t yet back—this time to RULE. And notice, He So during His earthly ministry, Christ received the Kingdom! But why? commands only His servants to come be- called out and prepared 12 disciples who “And he called his ten servants, and fore Him! Why not the citizens? He calls would be taught and trained in that gov- delivered them ten pounds, and said unto only the servants because they are the ernment, even prior to receiving the Holy them, Occupy till I come” (verse 13). Under- ones being judged now in this age (1 Pe- Spirit. Christ did this in advance because stand what the pounds represent. These are ter 4:17). The servants are being called out the Church needed a foundation; and even a gift the nobleman gives the servants. We of this world and trained now for future though the disciples couldn’t understand become a servant of Christ at baptism (see responsibilities when that world-ruling much of what Christ taught, He knew that Romans 6:4). And in Acts 2:38, Peter said government will be set up. Once that gov- once the Holy Spirit came, it would guide that at baptism we receive “the gift of the ernment is set up, then the citizens will them in the truth and help them remember Holy Spirit.” So the pounds in this parable have an opportunity to be called by God. much of what He told them (John 16:4, 13). represent a small portion of God’s Spirit. After Christ qualified to be King and When the Holy Spirit finally did arrive, Before returning to set up His Kingdom, after He finished His work (John 4:34), the Apostle Peter gave an inspired sermon Christ has called out servants to whom He He ascended to heaven and received “all of deep understanding (notice Acts 2:14-40).

28 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet After that, the early Church grew to restore the government of God. But it is return. Read Isaiah 40:10, Luke 19:15-27, rapidly. New converts were taught and only restored so far in the Church. I have and Revelation 11:18 and 22:12. trained to “occupy” the Spirit, or carry on no authority from God; no ability to re- Also notice Revelation 20:4: “And I saw the work of Christ, within the government store the government of God any further thrones, and they sat upon them, and judg- of God being administered in the Church. than just over you brethren in the Church. ment was given unto them ….” How dif- But it wasn’t long before persecution But that has been done.” ferent this plain biblical teaching is from came. Many became deceived. Paul re- The problems and evils of this world the popular belief today! These verses are buked those in Galatia for already hav- stem from the fact that nations simply do not talking about a life of ease in heaven. ing turned to “another gospel” (Gala- not want Christ to reign over them (Luke Those who have been called out today are tians 1:6). The saints during this first era 19:14). God will soon send His Son back preparing for a time when we will rule of God’s Church grew complacent. John to establish His government. But that will the nations from thrones! Christ will wrote about this era in Revelation 2:1-7. In not happen until other government posi- be our King! verse 4, it was criticized for losing its “first tions are filled by those who have been “Blessed and holy is he that hath part love.” True Christians became lukewarm thoroughly prepared for and taught under in the first resurrection: on such the and eventually lost their understanding of that government. That is why Mr. Arm- second death hath no power, but they God’s purpose and plan for man. And so, strong said it was only restored within the shall be priests of God and of Christ, Scripture reveals, God removed the lamp- Church and not the world—not yet. and shall reign with him a thousand stand that guided the Church. He raised a Mr. Armstrong knew who was be- years” (verse 6). Death will have no more new era to carry on with the work of God. hind him in his work. An example of this power over those resurrected to immortal But from the first century forward, spiritual reality appears in John 4:1-2: spirit life. God’s Church remained very small and “When therefore the Lord knew how the God’s plan ultimately gets down to ei- scattered and was virtually powerless. The Pharisees had heard that Jesus made and ther submitting to His reign, or submit- Church did continue just as Christ said it baptized more disciples than John, ting to the power of death. God’s servants would (Matthew 16:18), but it was made up (Though Jesus himself baptized not, but his have been called out of this world now of very few converts. There never was a disciples).” Notice that! Christ baptized to learn His way of life so that we might worldwide work—that is, not until the more than John and yet it says He didn’t teach all others during the wonderful 20th century. actually baptize any! His disciples did. Yet world of tomorrow! it was as if Jesus Christ did it Himself! What, then, is God doing? He is repro- Government Restored Within the Church Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church. ducing Himself in man. In doing so, He Jesus Christ prophesied that, prior to His He raised up Mr. Armstrong to establish has allowed this world to go according to return to Earth, a man would come on God’s government within the Church and the way of Satan for 6,000 years to prove the scene in the spirit and power of Elijah restore all things to the Church. God did beyond doubt that Satan’s way of selfish- the prophet, and prepare the way for His not raise up anyone else for this purpose. ness and get only results in misery and Second Coming (Isaiah 40:3; Malachi 3:1; death. In reproducing Himself, God’s plan 4:5-6). Restoring God’s Government allowed for His Son to come in the flesh Notice this exchange, recorded in Mat- God’s master plan is to reproduce Himself to not only die for mankind, but to estab- thew 17:10-11: “And his disciples asked (Genesis 1:26). Right now, that reproduc- lish the Church. The main function of the him, saying, Why then say the scribes that tion is happening in the Church first. But Church is to prepare people for positions Elias must first come? And Jesus answered God’s plan of salvation will soon be of- of rulership. When Christ finally does re- and said unto them, Elias truly shall fered to all who have ever lived! Those in turn as King of kings and Lord of lords, first come, and restore all things.” God’s Church right now, who have been the Church will have been made ready and This wasn’t referring to John the Baptist. called out of this present evil world, are will rule with Christ. Satan will then be put He had already come. This was referring being trained to administer the govern- away and God will proceed to reproduce to an end-time “Elijah” who would re- ment over all the Earth. Himself in every human being who has store all things! John the Baptist didn’t “And the seventh angel sounded; and ever lived—provided they sincerely want restore anything. But to whom would this there were great voices in heaven, say- God’s government to reign over them. end-time Elijah restore all things? The ing, The kingdoms of this world are be- Beyond that, as the Prophet Isaiah world? That won’t happen until Christ re- come the kingdoms of our Lord, and of wrote (Isaiah 9:6-7), the government of turns (Acts 3:19-21). The end-time “Elijah” his Christ; and he shall reign for ever God and peace will continue to grow for- was to restore all things to the Church! and ever” (Revelation 11:15). Remember ever. n Much of what Christ had revealed and in the parable of the pounds where the taught to the apostles was lost after the citizens wouldn’t have Christ reign over first century. For the government to be ul- them? When Christ is finally crowned as Why the Church? timately restored to the world, God had to King over the Earth, people will then have restore it to the Church in this end time in to submit to His reign. At first, Christ will This vital question is an- order to prepare the way for Christ’s return. literally have to force man to be happy. swered in far more detail We believe the individual who fulfilled The saints, or servants, who have been in Herbert Armstrong’s the prophetic role to which Christ referred called out in advance of the others, will masterful book Mystery was Herbert W. Armstrong. have been trained in that government of the Ages. Request In a sermon on Oct. 2, 1982, Herbert before Christ’s return. They will be re- your free copy. Armstrong said this: “God raised me up warded with government positions at His

The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 29 i n cr e a s e Y o u r B ibl e I Q

The Philadelphia Trumpet, in conjunction with the Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course, presents this brief excursion into the fascinating study of the Bible. Simply turn to and read in your Bible each verse given in answer to the questions. You will be amazed at the new understanding gained from this short study! The Crisis at the Close of This Age on-Christians—and today would occur in the end time besides against kingdom. Just since World War even many professing Chris- the coming of many false prophets? ii alone, there have been over 225 armed tians—scoff at the idea of the Matthew 24:6-7. conflicts in 148 countries! We are now fast prophesied intervention of Comment: The 20th century was the approaching the third and final world war! JesusN Christ. “There have always been bloodiest in human history. World War i 4. But are these events Jesus fore- prophets of doom,” the skeptics say. “Peo- began in 1914 and claimed 8.5 million lives. ple thought the world was coming to an Then World War ii resulted in 55 million end in the Middle Ages when the Black deaths. Moreover, according to author Death struck Europe.” and professor of political science These skeptics do not understand R.J. Rummel, totalitarian govern- God’s timetable of prophecy. The end of ments slaughtered 170 million man’s rule must, and will, come as God people for ethnic, racial, tribal, has scheduled it. Though some had igno- religious or political reasons. rantly thought otherwise, the end of man’s Nation has continued to rise rule was not due in the Middle Ages. against nation, and kingdom Every prophecy has a definite time set- ting—usually not in the prophet’s own day. Most prophecies of the Bible are for our time! Jesus taught that there is a timetable of prophecy—that certain specific events must occur in the months and years before He returns to rescue humanity from an- nihilation. Let’s begin to understand these prophecies. Let’s learn exactly what the world’s greatest newscaster foretold for this end-time generation!

The Beginning of Sorrows 1. While sitting on the Mount of Olives, Christ’s disciples questioned Him about His Second Coming (Matthew 24:3). Did Jesus foretell that many deceivers would arise to deceive many people before His return? Verses 4-5, 11, 24. 2. What are these so-called ministers of Christ called elsewhere? Are they the ministers of the archdeceiver him- self? 2 Corinthians 11:13-15. Are they themselves deceived—and is the whole world deceived as a result of their activities? Revelation 12:9. 3. What else did Christ say

30 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet told only the beginning of sorrows? Jesus knew that man, left to his taken to a place on Earth untouchable by Matthew 24:7-8. Satan, protected from the devastation of Comment: In addition to wars own devices, would severely afflict the world around them. Regardless of where and false prophets, Jesus also fore- himself and ultimately destroy this place may be, God’s promise to take told an increase in earthquakes, His obedient people there is sure! famines, and disease pandemics. all life—unless something totally However, some of God’s people will This “beginning of sorrows” is also unforeseen occurred to stop it. not receive this protection, and will have pictured by the first four “seals” of to experience this period of Satan’s wrath Revelation 6:1-8. whole world? Matthew 24:15-21 (compare to wake them up spiritually (Revelation These four seals—what are commonly Luke 21:20). 3:14-19; 12:17). Request our free book Mal- referred to as the four horsemen of the 3. Will this time that ensues—a time of achi’s Message for an in-depth scriptural apocalypse—represent the four major unequaled strife and bloodshed involving explanation of this sobering truth. world conditions Jesus said would exist at weapons of modern warfare, called the the end of this age—all increasing in se- Great Tribulation—threaten to utterly ex- Signs of God’s Intervention verity and overlapping in their effects on tinguish all life on Earth? Verse 22. 1. How is the sixth seal described? Revela- the entire world! 4. Who is responsible for inspiring this tion 6:12-13. Where else are these events The white horse represents the increas- nightmarish time of tribulation on the depicted? Matthew 24:29. How soon after ing number of false ministers preaching a whole world? Revelation 12:12. Why will the fifth seal is fulfilled does this occur? false Christ and false ways to “salvation.” the devil be extremely angry at this time? Same verse, first word. The red horse pictures the increasing Same verse, last part. Comment: The signs in heaven (the tempo of the ravages of wars. The black Comment: This period of great tribu- sixth seal) take place immediately after horse—increasing famine. And the pale lation is the time of Satan’s wrath. It the fifth seal—the period known as the horse—rampaging diseases. For a more will be unleashed not only on the Church Great Tribulation. detailed description of these sorrows, re- of God, but also on the modern descen- 2. Are these signs a warning that the quest our free booklet The Four Horsemen dants of ancient Israel (request our free “day of the Lord,” or the seventh seal—the of the Apocalypse. book The United States and Britain in time of God’s direct intervention to stop But let’s not forget that man is bringing Prophecy to learn who those people are the destructive ways of man—is about to this horrible suffering and death upon him- today) and on the whole world. begin? Joel 2:30-31; Zephaniah 1:14-15, 18. self! Jesus knew that man, left to his own 5. Does God promise to protect those 3. What is the reason for these punish- devices, would severely afflict himself and who faithfully keep His Word and do His ments from God? Is it really a manifesta- ultimately destroy all life—unless some- work? Revelation 3:7-8, 10. tion of God’s love for humanity? Notice thing totally unforeseen occurred to stop 6. A “woman” is sometimes used as a the principle in Hebrews 12:5-8. To what it. That is why He has promised to inter- symbol for a church (see 2 Corinthians purpose will God’s punishments be di- vene in world affairs. Jesus Christ is com- 11:1-2; Ephesians 5:23-32). Will God pro- rected? 1 Timothy 2:3-4; 2 Peter 3:9. ing soon to rescue the world from itself be- vide a place of safety for the end-time true Comment: This “day of the Lord” is cause man has reached the end of his rope! Church where it will be protected from mentioned in over 30 prophecies in both the devil? (the “dragon”—Revelation 12:9). the Old and New Testaments. Although a The Great Tribulation Revelation 12:13-14. time of divine chastisement, this period 1. How is the fifth seal described? Revela- Comment: This end-time prophecy culminates in the return of Jesus Christ to tion 6:9-11. What else did Jesus say about shows that God’s faithful people will be finally bring world peace! n this time of religious persecution? Luke 21:12-17. What will happen to Judah and Jerusalem at this time? Verses 20-24. At this point we need to under- Enroll in our stand the principle of prophetic dual- ity. Many prophecies have a former, typical free fulfillment, and then a final fulfillment in the end time. Some thought that Jeru- salem’s destruction by the Gentile Roman Bible course! armies in a.d. 70 was the fulfillment of this This short study you’ve just completed is prophecy. But a.d. 70 was not “the end”! a sample of the study method employed The presence of Roman armies in Jerusa- lem in a.d. 70 was only a type of what is to in each monthly lesson of the Herbert W. occur in the near future. The Roman le- Armstrong College Bible Correspondence gions that conquered Jerusalem then were Course. Over 50,000 people have already en- only a type of modern legions that soon rolled in this exciting, dynamic course! Ordering will again surge through the Middle East. 2. Will this future military action in information is on the back cover of this issue. the Middle East threaten to engulf the

trumpet The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 31 Economywatch

27-year high. That month the Food, shelter, money: scarce necessities economy lost 131,000 more jobs. Approximately 150,000 ood and shelter, and alone tell us that this has a trol, and that there is nothing new jobs per month need to Fmoney to provide for both, realistic chance of occurring” anyone can do about it. be created just to accommo- are basic necessities. Unfortu- (msn Money, August 26; em- And it is not just average date the growing population. nately, escalating numbers of phasis ours throughout). people on the street who feel That’s potentially a lot of Americans are having diffi- According to Rosenberg, this way, either. At between hungry people with time on culty finding all of the above. the high-end market is under $400,000 to $41 million a pop, their hands who might love to n Over 5 million home­owners particularly extreme pressure. it is the rich, powerful and in- find a well-stocked survival are now either in foreclosure “In fact, it is becoming non- fluential who are buying their bunker. or are seriously delinquent. existent,” he said. In July, not own personal escape plans— Consequently, as overstretched a single house priced above shelters that can hold anywhere n And if trends in China con- homeowners are forced out $750,000 was sold across the from 10 to 2,000 people from tinue, Americans might need the door, repossessions, short U.S.—not a single one. Only one to five years with power, those survival shelters sooner sales, and abandoned proper- 1,000 houses priced over food, water and filtered air. rather than later. China cut its ties are clogging markets. $500,000 were sold. holdings of U.S. debt in June by Thus it should be no sur- Falling home sales is an n Shelter owners had better the largest amount ever. Since prise that sales of new homes indication that economic keep locations secret because, July of last year, China had re- plunged in July to the slowest problems are intensifying. according to the U.S. De- duced its holdings of U.S. debt pace on record—even though But perhaps the one fac- partment of Agriculture, the by $100 billion—or 11 percent. it once again fooled analyst tor underscoring how bad the number of Americans on food This might normally have set consensus. Sales were down economy really is is the fact stamps is skyrocketing—de- off a stampede out of the dol- a sharp 12.4 percent from the that all home sales are plum- spite claims from government lar, but in this case, the falter- previous month. It was the meting despite record-low departments that the reces- ing global economy has ironi- worst turnout for buyers since mortgage rates. A person with sion ended during the last cally created demand for U.S. 1963—and in 1963 America’s good credit could obtain a 30- quarter of 2009. securities from institutional population was about 60 per- year fixed-rate mortgage for There are now a record investors and hedge funds. cent what it is today. 4.5 percent in July. 40.8 million people receiving The problem for America is For anyone suggesting that food stamps in the country. that hedge funds are notorious- the economy is recovering, n But if most people are not That equates to roughly one ly fickle. If they ever pull away they should note that May, buying houses, some people at in every eight Americans. from the dollar, it might leave June and July have been the least are trying to buy safety. There are now 19 percent the Federal Reserve as the only worst on record for new home For the first time since the more Americans receiving major buyer of U.S. govern- sales! And in July, new home Cold War, doomsday shel- food subsidies than there were ment debt. If that were to hap- sales were down in every re- ters are making a comeback, at this time last year. And par- pen, not only would the value gion of the U.S. reported USA Today. As the ticipation has set new records of the dollar plunge (taking Analyst David Rosenberg, economy collapses, builders of for 18 months in a row. down the value of people’s sav- who has accurately chronicled fortified bunkers are construct- Meanwhile, Congress has ings with it), but the credibility America’s housing decline, ing underground facilities at decided to cut food stamp of the dollar itself could come said, “If the truth be told, if the fastest pace in 30 years. funding and instead use the under increasing scrutiny. we are talking about reversing Why all the demand? In the money to help pay teacher all the bubble appreciation words of the Investor’s Business salaries. Food, shelter and money. that began a decade ago, then Daily, “Fear and uncertainty In July, the U.S. Bureau People have a whole lot less we are talking about another stalk the land” (July 30). There of Labor Statistics reported of each these days. And going 15 percent downside from here. is a sense of helplessness—that that the unemployment rate forward people should pre- The excess inventory data events are spiraling out of con- continues to hover close to a pare to do with a lot less too.

32 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet principles of living The Lost Art of Slow Reading Why the Information Age is making us shallower.

oing paperless is simpler than ever. Like many of While reading the pages of Carr’s you, I go online to shop, make travel arrangements, man- book, I kept thinking of a wonderful age bank accounts, pay utility bills and read the news. little book, written in 1905—one that has GBut when it comes to my bookshelves and file cabinets, been on my shelf for more than 15 years. it’s difficult for me to imagine a paperless environment. In The Art of Thinking, French philoso- Along two of the walls in my office, I have five rows of book- pher Ernest Dimnet said, “Do not read shelves sitting atop 30 file cabinet drawers. I haven’t read all the good books—life is too short for that— books on the shelves and I know there are files in those drawers I only read the best.” He recommended haven’t opened in years. But it’s a large collection of commentar- a personal library of just 20 or 30 vol- ies, encyclopedias, biographies, histories, periodicals, booklets, umes—classic works that you return to articles, clippings and notes I’ve accumulated over the past two over and again for greater depth and un- stephen decades. derstanding. What good is an extensive flurry Except for the news I skim online every day, I usually mark or library that fills our shelves, Dimnet ar- highlight what I read and study. This is why I generally buy my gued, if it doesn’t fill our minds? Or, given the massive amounts own books and print out or photocopy important articles I run of information available today, what good is a computer data- across in my research. base containing every book I still use the Internet a lot, known to man if all we do is particularly for my weekly skim the surface for snippets? columns. There is no substi- Even some educators are tute for the speed at which waking to the dangerous pit- you can obtain information falls of online multitasking that used to take hours to and cursory reading. A few find in a library. But at the are even calling for us to re- same time, there is simply turn to the tried and tested no online equivalent to the method of slowly poring over thoughts and ideas I have the printed word. Accord- tucked away in the drawers ing to the Associated Press, and shelves of my personal one teacher “is encourag- library. ing schools from elementary Besides that, studies are through college to return to beginning to show that the old strategies such as reading way we read and study on- aloud and memorization as line is much more superfi- a way to help students truly cial than the way we used ‘taste’ the words. He uses those to study the printed word. techniques in his own class- When reading online, we room, where students have tend to skim and bounce told him that they’ve become around the page. We’re often distracted by the numerous links so accustomed to flitting from page to page online that they have embedded into the text and the flashing advertisements designed trouble concentrating while reading printed books” (June 17). to grab our attention. Scanning a book for a salient quote certainly has its place. So Because of this, as Nicholas Carr writes in The Shallows, “Our does skimming text to get the gist of the author’s intent. Even oc- attachment to any one text becomes more tenuous, more provi- casional Web surfing might help one get a feel for current events. sional. Searches also lead to the fragmentation of online works. But none of this should be confused with studying the printed A search engine often draws our attention to a particular snip- word. In the case of God’s Word, the Apostle Paul wrote, “Study pet of text, a few words or sentences that have strong relevance to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth to whatever we’re searching for at the moment, while providing not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy little incentive for taking in the work as a whole. We don’t see the 2:15). The Greek word for “workman” is referring to one who ex- forest when we search the Web. We don’t even see the trees. We erts strenuous effort to study the right way. see twigs and leaves” (emphasis mine throughout). Online Bible helps can offer valuable assistance in this regard. Carr believes Google’s ambitious plan to digitize all the books But if you are really serious about plumbing the depths of God’s ever printed will only make matters worse. “To make a book inspired Word, crack open the Book alongside a companion ar- discoverable and searchable online is also to dismember it,” he ticle or booklet, grab a pen and highlighter and then start read- writes. The end result, he says, would not be a library of books— ing. Don’t skim through the information as fast as possible. Slow but one of snippets. down—make sure what you do read gets through to you. n

MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images; STR/AFP/Getty Images; Getty Images; PhotosToGo The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 33 letters to see, in the backyard, the same fence Jesus loves and died and rose for all man- How to Raise a Man we used to hit home runs over. It brought kind! The left plays the race card always. Having three sons, two of whom are back good memories. R.R.—New York They want non-whites to stay held down in their teens, we do appreciate this article so they will owe their votes to them. My (“How to Raise a Man,” Sep- Sea Now Desert family grew up near the West Side of Chi- tember). Rearing future lead- I watched a television cago where riots after King’s murder de- ers is not an easy task in the documentary on the Aral stroyed large sections of the city in 1968. midst of diminishing mas- Sea a few years ago (“The Many areas remain in near total poverty culinity. We have to learn it Sea That Became a Desert,” to this very day. If Obama is defeated in God’s way as you’ve written. September). They pointed 2012, I fear blacks will lash out even more Now we understand more. out that the edge of the sea than in 1968! It will be a bloodbath. We Love your other articles on receded 100 miles in about need our Lord now more than ever! family. L.C.—Philippines one generation. They showed Brandon—United States dozens of babies in the lo- I loved your article! I cal hospital, row after row, No Two Fathers have a grandson and often all with defects. The female I strongly agree with your article have to take the lead in doctor spent half a minute (“There Is No Such Thing as Two Fa- teaching him the lessons of life. I know describing their various illnesses and de- thers,” September). … I am only 21 but I can’t teach him these lessons the same formities. Heartbreaking material. It’s bad yet have already seen the breakdown of as a man would, but if the lessons are de- enough when people do an Esau in their traditional family (to my disgust) in soci- signed with the objective of teaching him own lives—selling their birthright for a ety. Such tv programs as Modern Family to become a strong leader, they are the bowl of soup. But to do it to others—in are a prime example of the media trying same and should make an everlasting im- this case, babies—is beyond words. As the to normalize something that is com- print in the mind and heart of the son. I good book says, Thy kingdom come. pletely against design—and we suffer the see so many young boys who have to jour- Ken Sack—Victoria, Australia consequences. Why do those who object ney this life not only without the teach- to traditional and natural relationships ing that you have outlined, but without a Tell Your Children the Truth seek out the benefits of such a union— strong male figure in their lives. Thank This article is so true! (“Tell Your marriage and children? It is a complete you for writing and sharing this article. I Children the Truth,” September). It is assault on the loving family. As a man, hope all who read it will be touched and baffling to witness the high number of you can have children with your wife, as inspired as I have. Dorothy—Georgia students who parade across the stage to a wife you can have children with your pick up an award at school for making the husband. As a homosexual woman or Healthy, Vibrant Teens Honor Roll, when in fact most of them man, you are unable to have children nat- I enjoyed your article (“Wanted: read or compute mathematically far below urally or “by design.” Are not children a Healthy, Vibrant Teens!” September). It is grade level. More than once I’ve been ques- great incentive to have a fulfilled married not a coincidence, but rather a natural re- tioned by my students’ parents regarding normal life? And people deny the truth sponse of the intelligently designed human the low percentage of boys and girls in my of God’s Word and design, but now when body, that an uplifted spirit/mood/mind class who are “given” this honor. They ar- society is pushing so far from God’s plan results from physical activity. God’s physi- gue that my bar is too high. I say, “Not high for us, we are full of despair, depression cal and spiritual laws are all one. Russ enough!” Suzanne—North Carolina and mental health issues, overmedicated, unfulfilled, hopeless and more lost than When I was a kid, there was not Coming Racial Explosion ever. Doesn’t our sorry state reflect our much to do but stay active. There were few Thank you for your fearless article poor decisions? … Thank you Trumpet. I channels on tv to watch, no video games (“The President, the Black Panthers, and hear you. Imogen—N.S.W., Australia to play, and few if any fast food joints to the Coming Racial Explosion,” Septem- get fat in. Even in school, we stayed active. ber). It is so sad to see how rife racism is Wow, after countless forms, origi- There was punch ball, stick ball, tag—we throughout the world and to see the awful nal certificate procurements, and applica- hiked in neighborhood parks, and all this results of racial hatred throughout his- tions for upcoming examinations in the for little or nothing in expense. Even in tory—no one ever wins. What a relief to “green card” process to prove exactly who the dead of winter our parents would kick know that God’s soon coming government I am so I can remain in the country, I find us out to play in the snow, but for the most here on Earth will put an absolute end to it incredible that citizens can choose to part they had a hard time getting us back it, once and for all! J.—South Africa make this paperwork say whatever they in. Recently I went up to visit the house want. I was born with a fantasy too: to be a I grew up in 60 years ago. I was amazed Racial division has been a hallmark billionaire. Can anyone legislate that into of the republic of America since James- fruition? I just know I am a rich woman town. You are talking about 400 years! trapped in a poor woman’s body! H.M. Correction We created the problem with our lust for In our August issue, the article "A Heartfelt cheap labor and our greed in many ways. Request to the Leaders of Britain" said that We held blacks down in slavery and Jim Comments? King Josiah was crowned in the seventh Crow from 1604 to 1964. This created a [email protected] century. It should have read "seventh divide in our country that seems unlikely or: The Trumpet, P.O. Box 1099, century B.C." to ever heal, sadly. Sad because the Lord Edmond, OK 73083

34 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet Commentary Sodom in Prophecy Same-sex “marriage” shows a society without restraint. By Stephen Flurry

hen Californians voted to ban same-sex flesh. The angels gave Lot and his family clear, precise instruc- “marriage” in 2008, some Republicans held up tions: “Have you any one else here? Sons-in-law, sons, daughters, the referendum as proof that America was con- or any one you have in the city, bring them out of the place; for servative to the core. But as we wrote at the time, we are about to destroy this place, because the outcry against its CaliforniaW and two other states voting against homosexual “mar- people has become great before the Lord, and the Lord has sent riage” did not mean America was in the midst of a moral revival. us to destroy it” (verses 12-13, Revised Standard Version). That it was even on the ballot perfectly illustrated how steep our Lot relayed this sobering message to the two young men who slide into deviant behavior has been over the past generation. were to marry his daughters. These were decent men—heterosex- Proposition 8 passed by a narrow 52-to-48 uals who had not taken advantage of Lot’s percent margin. “But with obnoxious protests daughters. They had probably even decried and numerous legal challenges now set to in- the evils and perversions of society with undate courtrooms,” we asked at the time, their future father-in-law. Yet without real- “how long will marriage remain defined in izing it, much of that evil had rubbed off on California as between a man and woman?” them! They had unknowingly grown accus- Answer: Less than two years. In August, tomed to living there—and actually enjoyed federal judge Vaughn Walker overturned much of it. California’s ban on same-sex unions. How strong society’s pull must have been Defenders of same-sex “marriage” often for these two men, at this most critical hour, argue that whether homosexuals marry or to mock God’s warning. not has absolutely no impact on traditional Their ridicule even caused doubt to families—that is, the rest of society. But they sprout in Lot’s mind. The next morning, miss the point—as do most opponents of even after the constant prodding from the same-sex “marriage”: The homosexual cause two angels, Lot lingered, delaying his depar- has already impacted our society. A debate ture so long that the angels seized him and over homosexual “marriage” would only be his wife and two daughters by the hands and possible in a society that has already cast off forcibly led them out of the sinful city! The moral restraint. angels then shouted, Run for your lives! Don’t Our slide into deviance has been steep, and it’s only getting even stop to look back, lest you be consumed as well! worse. Ten years ago, 62 percent of Californians were against same- “Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah sex “marriage.” Two years ago, with the passage of Proposition 8, it brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven; And he over- was 52 percent. Where will we be 10 years from now? threw those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the And remember—whether homosexuality is or is not morally cities, and that which grew upon the ground” (verses 24-25, rsv). right is not up for debate. That matter has already been mostly This is the road we are on. This is why, even as conservative settled, with a host of laws prohibiting anything that might be commentators assure Americans that a moral revival is right construed as discrimination against homosexuals. around the corner, we tell you the truth. Fact is, while “conservative” media pour scorn on Judge The Old Testament Prophet Isaiah compares our peoples to Walker for overturning California’s ban on same-sex unions— those of Sodom and Gomorrah, describing us as being “sick” from for being anti-democratic, anti-intellectual, anti-law, anti-tradi- head to toe. He prophesied of our eventual ruin and desolation as tion—they are often quick to defend the rights of homosexuals in a result of our universal sin and rebellion against God’s laws. The general. The horse has long bolted. Apostle Peter gave us grave warnings about Sodom and Gomor- When society turns into Sodom and Gomorrah, ultimately, it rah, saying that God turned those cities into ashes, “making them does impact everyone. A biblical example is instructive in this area. an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly” (2 Peter The word sodomy is derived from a Latin phrase meaning the 2:6). Jude speaks of them as suffering the “vengeance of eternal “sin of Sodom,” vividly discussed in the biblical book of Genesis. fire” and wrote that God set them forth as an example for our day. Ancient Sodom, like its neighboring city Gomorrah, was well Jesus Christ described our latter-day society as being exactly known for homosexuality. Jude 7 says that besides going after like Sodom and Gomorrah: abundantly prosperous, yet exceed- “strange flesh,” the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were “giving ingly wicked (Luke 17:28). They were eating and drinking, buy- themselves over to fornication.” Ezekiel tells us that Sodom was ing and selling, planting and building—right up to the day God a prosperous area, with an abundance of idleness. But it was also destroyed their cities (verse 29). “Even thus shall it be in the day full of pride and abominations (Ezekiel 16:49-50). when the Son of man is revealed” (verse 30). In the Genesis 19 account, the men of Sodom wanted to sod- Even thus shall it be. History, in other words, is repeating itself. omize two visitors, actually angels, who had come to see if the This is why Jesus warned, “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, city should be spared God’s wrath. While these angels remained that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall inside Lot’s home, an angry mob outside cried out for the new come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man” (Luke 21:36). n

trumpet The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 35 ➤ family from page 1 We must understand that homo- sexuality is a rotten fruit from a fatally diseased family tree! How abominable does it have to get before Americans truly repent of their ungodly marriages and families? Those sins have deeply infected the en- tire Western world. Many professing Christians in this world talk about loving God, but they ignore what He says and they excuse ho- mosexuals. In some cases they are homo- sexuals. The Italian press claims that a huge percentage of priests themselves are homosexuals. Meanwhile some of these people who are supposed to represent God perform “marriages” for two homosexu- als. The media is always there to take a U n i t e d S t a t e s Florida, Tallahassee-Thomasville lot of pictures, and America broadcasts it WTLF-DT/ Nationwide satellite Galaxy 3 Trans. 21 11:30 WTLH-DT 9:30 am, Sun around the world. Everyone can view our am ET, Tue/Thu; Galaxy 5 Trans. 7 8:00 am Florida, Tampa WXPX 6:00 am, Fri; WTTA 8:30 am, Sun families falling apart, our nation falling ET, Sun Florida, West Palm Beach WPXP 6:00 am, Fri apart, our churches falling apart. Every- Direct TV DBS WGN Chan. 307 8:00 am ET, Sun Georgia, Albany WBSK 9:30 am, Sun thing falls apart when God-plane family Direct TV DBS ION Ch. 305 6:00 am ET, Fri Georgia, Augusta WAGT-DT 9:30 am, Sun Dish Network ION Ch. 216 6:00 am ET, Fri Georgia, Brunswick WPXC 6:00 am, Fri falls apart. Satan knows that. Dish Network DBS WGN Chan. 239 8:00 am Georgia, Columbus WLGA 9:30 am, Sun These people know nothing about God ET, Sun Georgia, Macon WBMN 9:30 am, Sun and His plan for man. They think they Nationwide cable WGN 8:00 am ET, Sun Georgia, Savannah WGSA/WGCW-LP 9:30 am, Sun can live however they want. But that is Alabama, Birmingham WPXH 5:00 am, Fri Hawaii, Hawaii Na Leo Chan. 54 6:30 am, Sun; 8:30 opposite from the good news that Christ Alabama, Dothan WTVY-DT 8:30, Sun am, Wed Alabama, Montgomery WBMM/WBMM-DT Hawaii, Kaui Ho’ Ike Chan. 52 9:30 am, Tue came and died to deliver to us! 8:30, Sun Hawaii, Maui/Lanaii/Molokai/Niihau/Akaku Chan. Right here in the New Testament, God Alaska, Anchorage KIMO-DT 8:30 am, Sun 52 6:30 pm, Sun; 3:30 am, Mon says, I will not spare you! Alaska, Fairbanks KATN-DT 8:30 am, Sun Idaho, Idaho Falls KPIF/KBEO 10:30 am, Sun Israel, anciently, was the only nation Alaska, Juneau KJUD-DT 8:30 am, Sun Idaho, Pocatello KPIF 10:30 am, Sun Arizona, Phoenix KPPX 5:00 am, Fri Idaho, Twin Falls KMVT-DT/KTWT-LP 10:30 am, that has ever known God, and God want- Arizona, Yuma-El Centro KSWT-DT 9:30 am, Sun ed it to set an example that other nations Sun Illinois, Bloomington WHOI-DT 8:30 am, Sun could follow. But what if the nations fol- Arkansas, Fayetteville KWFT 8:30, Sun lllinois, Chicago WCIU 9:30 am, Sun; WCPX 5:00 low the modern nations of Israel—Amer- Arkansas, Fort Smith KCWA 8:30, Sun am, Fri ica and Britain—today? They follow them Arkansas, Jonesboro KJOS 8:30 am, Sun Illinois, Peoria WHOI-DT 8:30 am, Sun Arkansas, Rogers KWFT 8:30, Sun Illinois, Rockford WREX-DT 8:30 am, Sun right into exalting sodomy—and reap- Arkansas, Springdale KWFT 8:30 am, Sun Indiana, Fort Wayne WPTA-DT 21.2 9:30 am, Sun ing destruction! California, Bakersfield KGET-DT 9:30 am, Sun Indiana, Indianapolis WIPX 6:00 am, Fri Repentant homosexuals are going to California, Chico KHSL-DT 9:30 am, Sun Indiana, Terre Haute WBI 8:30 am, Sun be forgiven, like everybody else. But we California, El Centro KWUB 9:30 am, Sun Iowa, Austin KTTC-DT 8:30 am, Sun California, Eureka KUVU-DT 9:30 am, Sun Iowa, Cedar Rapids KPXR 5:00 am, Fri should be deeply alarmed by these dys- California, Los Angeles KPXN 6:00 am, Fri Iowa, Des Moines KFPX 5:00 am, Fri functional, upside-down families produc- California, Monterey KMWB 9:30 am, Sun Iowa, Keokuk WEWB 8:30 am, Sun ing dysfunctional, upside-down people, California, Palm Springs KESQ/KCWQ-DT 9:30 Iowa, Kirksville KWOT 8:30 am, Sun and twisting family and sex. We should am, Sun Iowa, Mason City KTTC-DT 8:30 am, Sun be very troubled by them trampling so California, Redding KHSL-DT 9:30 am, Sun Iowa, Ottumwa KWOT 8:30 am, Sun California, Sacramento KSPX 6:00 am, Fri Iowa, Rochester KTTC-DT 8:30 am, Sun many of God’s laws, and trying to destroy California, Salinas KION 9:30 am, Sun Iowa, Sioux City KTIV-DT 8:30 am, Sun the beautiful vision of the Family of God. California, San Francisco KKPX 6:00 am, Fri Kansas, Topeka KSNT 8:30 am, Sun Homosexuals call themselves gays. California, Santa Barbara KSBY-DT 9:30 am, Kentucky, Bowling Green WBKO 8:30 am, Sun That is only a pitiful attempt to cover their Sun Kentucky, Lexington WUPX 6:00 am, Fri Colorado, Denver KPXC 5:00 am, Fri; KWGN Louisiana, Alexandria KBCA 8:30 am, Sun profound misery. Homosexual lifestyles 10:00 am, Sun Louisiana, El Dorado-Monroe KNOE-DT 8:30 am, can never produce happiness! That is be- Colorado, Grand Junction KKCO-DT 10:30 Sun cause they are trampling all over God’s law am, Sun Louisiana, Lafayette KLWB 8:30 am, Sun of happiness (Proverbs 29:18; John 13:17). Colorado, Montrose KKCO-DT 10:30 am, Sun Louisiana, Lake Charles WBLC 8:30 am, Sun Developing close relationships between Connecticut, Hartford WHPX 6:00 am, Fri Louisiana, New Orleans WPXL 5:00 am, Fri Delaware, Dover WBD 9:30 am, Sun Maine, Bangor WABI-DT 9:30 am, Sun parents and children may be the most im- Delaware, Salisbury WMDT-DT 9:30 am, Sun Maine, Presque Isle WBPQ 9:30 am, Sun portant job we have yet to do before Christ Florida, Gainesville WCJB-DT 9:30 am, Sun Maryland, Hagerstown WJAL 12:00 pm, Sun comes. It is a beautiful thing for parents Florida, Jacksonville WPXC/WPXJ-LP 6:00 Maryland, Salisbury WBD 9:30 am, Sun and children to have a close relationship. am, Fri Massachusetts, Boston WBPX 6:00 am, Fri; Florida, Miami WPXM 6:00 am, Fri WZMY 8:00 am, Sun What an inspiring, sacred institution! Florida, Orlando WOPX 6:00 am, Fri Massachusetts, Holyoke WBQT 9:30 am, Sun And it leads to something really special: Florida, Panama City WJHG-DT 8:30 am, Sun Massachusetts, Springfield WBQT 9:30 am, Sun the Family of God! n Florida, Tallahassee WTXL 7:30 am, Sun Michigan, Alpena WBAE 9:30 am, Sun

36 October/November 2010 The Philadelphia Trumpet North Carolina, Fayetteville WFPX 6:00 am, Fri Utah, Salt Lake City KUPX 5:00 am, Fri North Carolina, Greensboro WGPX 6:00 am, Fri Vermont, Burlington WVNY 10:00 am, Sun North Carolina, Greenville WEPX 6:00 am, Fri; Virginia, Charlottesville WVIR-DT 9:30 am, Sun WNCT-DT 9:30 am, Sun Virginia, Harrisonburg WVIR-DT 9:30 am, Sun North Carolina, Lumber Bridge WFPX 6:00 am, Fri Virginia, Norfolk WPXV 6:00 am, Fri North Carolina, New Bern WNCT-DT 9:30 am, Sun Virginia, Roanoke WPXR 6:00 am, Fri North Carolina, Raleigh WRPX 6:00 am, Fri; Washington D.C. WDCW 8:00 am, Sun; WPXW 9:00 am, Sun 6:00 am, Fri North Carolina, Washington WNCT-DT 9:30 am, Washington, Kennewick KCWK 9:30 am, Sun Sun Washington, Richland KCWK 9:30 am, Sun North Carolina, Wilmington WBW 9:30 am, Sun Washington, Seattle KVOS 8:30 am, Sun North Dakota, Bismarck KWMK 10:30 am, Sun Washington, Seattle-Tacoma KWPX 6:00 am, Fri North Dakota, Dickinson KWMK 10:30 am, Sun Washington, Spokane KGPX 6:00 am, Fri North Dakota, Fargo WDAY-DT 8:30 am, Sun Washington, Yakima-Pasco-Richland-Kenne- North Dakota, Minot KWMK 10:30 am, Sun wick KCWK/KCWK-LP 9:30 am, Sun North Dakota, Valley City WDAY-DT 8:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Beckley KVVA-DT 9:30 am, Sun Ohio, Cincinnati WSTR 8:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Bluefield KVVA-DT 9:30 am, Sun Ohio, Cleveland WVPX 6:00 am, Fri West Virginia, Charleston WLPX 6:00 am, Fri Michigan, Cadillac WGTU/WGTQ 9:30 am, Sun Ohio, Lima WLIO-DT 9:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Clarksburg WVFX-DT 9:30 am, Sun Michigan, Detroit WPXD 6:00 am, Fri; WADL Ohio, Steubenville WBWO 9:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Oak Hill KVVA-DT 9:30 am, Sun 10:00 am, Sun Ohio, Zanesville WBZV 9:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Parkersburg WBPB 9:30 am, Sun Michigan, Grand Rapids WZPX 5:00 am, Fri Oklahoma, Ada KSHD 8:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Weston WVFX-DT 9:30 am, Sun Michigan, Lansing WLAJ-DT 9:30 am, Sun Oklahoma, Lawton KAUZ 8:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Wheeling WBWO 9:30 am, Sun Michigan, Marquette WBKP 9:30 am, Sun Oklahoma, Oklahoma City KOPX 5:00 am, Fri Wisconsin, Eau Claire WQOW-DT/WXOW-DT Michigan, Traverse City-Cadillac WGTU-DT/ Oklahoma, Tulsa KTPX 5:00 am, Fri 8:30 am, Sun WGTQ-DT 9:30 am, Sun Oregon, Bend KTVZ-DT 9:30 am, Sun Wisconsin, La Crosse WQOW/WXOW 8:30 am, Minnesota, Duluth-Superior WDLH 8:30 am, Sun Oregon, Eugene KMTR-DT 9:30 am, Sun; KEVU Sun Minnesota, Mankato KWYE 8:30 am, Sun 10:00 am, Sun Wisconsin, Milwaukee WPXE 5:00 am, Fri Minnesota, Minneapolis KPXM 5:00 am, Fri Oregon, Klamath Falls KMFD 9:30 am, Sun Wisconsin, Rhinelander WAOW/WYOW 8:30 Mississippi, Biloxi WBGP 8:30 am, Sun Oregon, Medford KMFD 9:30 am, Sun am, Sun Mississippi, Columbus WCBI-DT 8:30 am, Sun Oregon, Portland KPXG 6:00 am, Fri Wisconsin, Wausau WAOW-DT/WYOW-DT 8:30 Mississippi, Greenville WBWD 8:30 am, Sun Pennsylvania, Erie WBEP 9:30 am, Sun am, Sun Mississippi, Greenwood WBWD 8:30 am, Sun Pennsylvania, Philadelphia WPPX 6:00 am, Fri Wyoming, Casper 10:30 am, Sun Mississippi, Gulfport WBGP 8:30 am, Sun Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh WPCW 9:00 am, Sun Wyoming, Cheyenne KCHW 10:30 am, Sun Mississippi, Hattiesburg WBH 8:30 am, Sun Pennsylvania, Wilkes Barre WQPX 6:00 am, Fri Wyoming, Riverton 10:30 am, Sun Mississippi, Laurel WBH 8:30 am, Sun Rhode Island, Providence WPXQ 6:00 am, Fri Mississippi, Meridian WTOK-DT 8:30 am, Sun South Carolina, Charleston WCBD-DT 9:30 am, Sun C a n a d a Mississippi, Tupelo WCBI-DT 8:30 am, Sun South Carolina, Florence WWMB/WWMB-DT Nationwide satellite Galaxy 3 Trans. 21 11:30 am Mississippi, West Point WCBI-DT 8:30 am, Sun 9:30 am, Sun ET, Tue/Thu; Galaxy 5 Trans. 7 8:00 am ET, Sun Missouri, Columbia KOMU-DT 8:30 am, Sun South Carolina, Myrtle Beach WWMB/WWMB- Nationwide cable WGN 8:00 am ET, Sun; Vision Missouri, Hannibal WGEM-DT 8:30 am, Sun DT 9:30 am, Sun TV 4:30 pm ET, Sun; Grace Television Network Missouri, Jefferson City KOMU-DT 8:30 am, Sun South Dakota, Mitchell KWSD 8:30 am, Sun 11:00 am ET, Sun. Missouri, Joplin-Pittsburg KSXF 8:30 am, Sun South Dakota, Rapid City KWBH-LP 10:30 am, Sun British Columbia, Vancouver KVOS 8:30 am, Sun; Missouri, Kansas City KPXE 5:00 am, Fri South Dakota, Sioux Falls KWSD 8:30 am, Sun CHNU 5:30 pm, Sun Missouri, Quincy-Keokuk WGEM-DT 8:30 am, Sun Tennessee, Jackson WBJK 8:30 am, Sun British Columbia, Victoria CHNU 5:30 pm, Sun Missouri, St. Joseph WBJO 8:30 am, Sun Tennessee, Knoxville WPXK 6:00 am, Fri Maritime Provinces CIHF 7:30 am, Sun Montana, Billings KTVQ-DT 8:30 am, Sun Tennessee, Memphis WPXX 5:00 am, Fri Ontario, Toronto WADL 10:00 am Sun; CHNU 8:30 Montana, Bozeman-Butte KBZK-DT/KXLF-DT 10:30 Tennessee, Nashville WNPX 5:00 am, Fri pm, Sun; WUTV 10:00 am, Sun am, Sun Texas, Abilene KTWS-DT 8:30 am, Sun Quebec, Montreal WVNY 10:00 am, Sun Montana, Glendive KWZB 10:30 am, Sun Texas, Amarillo KVII-DT/KVIH/KVIH-DT 8:30 Montana, Great Falls KRTV-DT 10:30 am, Sun am, Sun Montana, Helena KMTF-DT 10:30 am, Sun Texas, Beaumont KFDM-DT 8:30 am, Sun L a t i n A m e r i c a Montana, Missoula KPAX-DT 10:30 am, Sun Texas, Brownsville KSFE-LP/KTIZ-LP 8:30 am, Sun Regional satellite Galaxy 3 Trans. 21 11:30 am ET, Nebraska, Lincoln-Hastings KCWL-TV 8:30 am, Texas, Corpus Christi KRIS-DT 8:30 am, Sun Tue/Thu Sun Texas, Harlingen KSFE-LP/KTIZ-LP 8:30 am, Sun El Salvador WGN 6:00 am, Sun Nebraska, Kearney KCWL-TV 8:30 am, Sun Texas, Houston KPXB 5:00 am, Fri Guatemala WGN 6:00 am, Sun Nebraska, North Platte KWPL 8:30 am, Sun Texas, Laredo KTXW 8:30 am, Sun Honduras WGN 6:00 am, Sun Nebraska, Scottsbluff KCHW 10:30 am, Sun Texas, Longview KCEB 8:30 am, Sun Mexico WGN 7:00 am, Sun Nevada, Reno KREN/KREN-DT 9:30 am, Sun Texas, Lubbock KLCW 8:30 am, Sun Panama WGN 7:00 am, Sun New York, Albany WYPX 6:00 am, Fri Texas, Midland KWWT 8:30 am, Sun; KMID New York, Binghamton WBXI 9:30 am, Sun 9:00 am, Sun C a r i b b e a n New York, Buffalo WPXJ 6:00 am, Fri; WUTV Texas, Odessa KWWT 8:30 am, Sun; KMID Regional satellite Galaxy 3 Trans. 21 11:30 am ET, 10:00 am, Sun 9:00 am, Sun Tue/Thu; Galaxy 5 Trans. 7 8:00 am ET, Sun New York, Elmira WBE 9:30 am, Sun Texas, Port Arthur KFDM 8:30 am, Sun Aruba WGN 8:00 am, Sun New York, New York City WPXN 6:00 am, Fri; Texas, San Angelo KWSA 8:30 am, Sun Bahamas WGN 8:00 am, Sun WLNY 10:00 am Sun Texas, San Antonio KPXL 5:00 am, Fri Belize WGN 7:00 am, Sun New York, Syracuse WSPX 6:00 am, Fri Texas, Sherman-Ada KTEN-DT 8:30 am, Sun Cuba WGN 8:00 am, Sun New York, Utica WBU 9:30 am, Sun Texas, Sweetwater KTWS-DT 8:30 am, Sun Dominican Republic WGN 8:00 am, Sun New York, Watertown WWTI-DT 9:30 am, Sun Texas, Tyler KCEB 8:30 am, Sun Haiti WGN 7:00 am, Sun North Carolina, Charlotte WLMY 8:30 am, Sun Texas, Victoria KWVB 8:30 am, Sun Jamaica WGN 9:00 am, Sun North Carolina, Durham WRPX 6:00 am, Fri; Texas, Weslaco KSFE-LP/KTIZ-LP 8:30 am, Sun Puerto Rico WGN 8:00 am, Sun 9:00 am, Sun Texas, Wichita Falls KAUZ-DT 8:30 am, Sun Trinidad and Tobago WGN 8:00 am, Sun

The Philadelphia Trumpet October/November 2010 37 98%of his DNA is identical to yours.

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