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Thomas Huxley (1949) provided limited scope for activities of No news. Just keeping my head down note. In fact, the most significant event in our wee Perthshire village and impacting my life was the closure of Edward Gelles considering myself to be exceedingly our indoor ice arenas, which resulted (1944) lucky still to be walking the dog, have in the likely end of my 80-year ice My study of an amazingly kind wife and be able to hockey career with both ‘a bang and European Jewry keep on with various projects. We have a whimper’. This had been the one began 20 years our Covid jabs tomorrow. Best wishes consistent chapter in my life story ago with a search to Balliol and all who sail in that ship. – through membership on school for my family teams, in competitive organisations, antecedents. It at the for four has developed years, with the OUIHC for three years into the much wider tracing of Jewish 1950s (including the legendary 29–0 win migrations in the context of our over Cambridge in 1955), and with ’s history. I embarked on Corman (1950) Oldtimer teams over the past 65 years, this interdisciplinary study of history, On 14 November 2009 Roger Corman culminating in my induction into the genealogy, genetics, and onomastics, was given an Oscar by the Academy Canadian Oldtimer Hockey Hall of drawing on birth, , death, and of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Fame. Of my many memories, nothing other community records, marriage for his ‘rich engendering of films and can being invited to perform contracts and property transactions, filmmakers’. On 13 July 2017 Roger was the ceremonial face-off at the 100th tombstone inscriptions, and all manner given the Commandeur des Arts et des –Cambridge Match on 24 March of ephemera, supported at by Lettres, the highest honour the French 2018 in St Moritz, Switzerland, and to DNA tests, linguistic considerations, government bestows in the arts. be the Honorary Coach of the Oxford and much else. My first published team. As for the future, I have now book on the subject, An Ancient Lineage John Mallet (1950) resolved to write and publish more. (Vallentine Mitchell, 2006), presented My news is that some kind friends in a large amount of research material the -based French Porcelain Colin Simpson (1952) on my ancestral descent from many Society put on a Zoom symposium My first great-grandson, Alwyn Charles of the leading European rabbis and on the evenings of 7 and 8 November Simpson, was born on 10 September their families over the past five 2020, in recognition of my 90th 2020. centuries. The study expanded to take birthday. My own contribution to the in the inter- of more than a occasion was a talk on ‘Collecting for Alan Spencer (1952) hundred families. My sixth book, The the Victoria and Albert ’. After such a year with many sad losses Jewish Journey (Bloomsbury Publishing, of friends along the way, it feels almost 2016), outlined some of the religious, Professor Hugh Burkhardt (1952) embarrassing to report that one is still social, economic and other changes My main project currently is working here and feeling just the same as ever. leading to periods of tolerance or to convince the government, There was a Jerome K. Jerome reference , with voluntary or enforced mainly through the Royal Society, to someone whose only achievement religious conversions in the course of that improving education needs an was displayed in his (presumably millennial movements across . ‘engineering’ approach, like that smallpox) vaccination certificate hung My continuing work on this history in medicine, which uses research on the bedroom wall. That about sums has included the study of genetic methods to develop effective tools for up my lockdown year, although I was admixtures and is recorded on the practitioners to use – see e.g. Burkhardt, warned by a friend not to boast about Balliol College Archives & Manuscripts H. (2019), ‘Improving Policy and it since it only shows how ancient and website – of Edward Gelles. Practice. Educational Designer, 3(12)’. decrepit you are. Hoping fervently to In the past year I have put together Retrieved from: educationaldesigner. stay much the same until the next issue. a book of Photographs Relating to My org/ed/volume3/issue12/article46. Family and Ancestral Background (CEWE, Derek Clements (1953) 2020) and I am preparing my eighth Professor Ian Macdonald (1952) I have now reached the stage where book, Facets of My Family History, As with most people my age, lockdown my bodily integrity has been severely which can be read on the website. at home since mid-March of 2020 compromised by the insertion of an

Front cover photo: Julian Mylchreest (1987) at the South Pole NEWS AND NOTES 2 assemblage of spare parts. As a result I lately been limited to ‘Thought for Day’ Brian Doman (1955) am now a fine example of the on BBC Radio . But at least I I don’t remember whether I reported of modern medical engineering no got well past 500 pieces there, plus a the death of my second daughter less. However, writer’s osteocramps handful on BBC Radio 4’s version. Juliette on 12 March 2019 from a have not yet overtaken me and I sudden brain haemorrhage. She was a

NEWS AND NOTES have used the lull in my proposed Donald Rickerd (1953) fervent campaigner for rights excursions into foreign territory I’m presently a Senior Fellow of Massey and animal welfare. She had spent five (mainly Cornwall and Australia) to College, the University of Toronto’s years administering a small Spanish start writing my life history. Mostly graduate college, and a Senior Research language school up in the mountains for my grandchildren, I admit, but Associate at the University’s Trinity of Guatemala. She attended the trial of they are the ones more likely to be College. After practising and two generals accused of human rights interested in stories of rushing out then teaching at York University, I violations during the Guatemalan civil to shovel up horse droppings for the became the President of the Donner war. With the help of an interpreter garden after the delivery of various Canadian and Max Bell Foundations she interviewed Guatemalan women household comestibles. Apart from of Toronto, and the William H. who had suffered gross human rights that, I have been self-isolating for Donner Foundation of New York. abuses. On her return to she what seems like an eternity, thereby I also sat on the boards of German, was documenting all of this in a PhD making a mockery of a large painted Swiss and Jamaican Foundations. I thesis entitled ‘Transitional ’. sign in my home town that for many was volunteer chair of the boards of Her supervisors and contemporaries years graced of a building Central Hospital and the Ontario were so impressed with the material with the words ‘Where will you spend College of Art, now the Ontario College that they determined to complete the eternity?’ I have also spent some of my of Art and Design University, both writing up. A Google search on ‘Juliette wondering how I came to miss of Toronto. I served four difficult but Doman’ gives more detail of the work Covid Nos. 1 to 18. Perhaps I was just very stimulating years in Ottawa on she was doing. too young to remember them. Finally, the Royal Commission on Certain as my world has been turned upside Activities of the Royal Canadian Alexander Hopkinson-Woolley (1955) down this year due to the wretched Mounted Police, acting as one of three My book is now awaiting the virus, I have decided to do the same Commissioners. Its reports, based on preliminary print version which with my age and have determined to investigations and hearings across should be sent to me in early January. be only 68 next year (work it out). , led to a major reorganisation I am very keen that the book should of Canada’s security and intelligence appear and be paid for before I die! The Barry Day (1953) operations and the establishment of first photograph, of a painting by my For some years a separate Security and Intelligence mother of Ezekiel’s vision in the first I have been Service, better known to Canadians chapter, is to be the front cover of the literary advisor as CSIS. In addition to having taught book, while the second photograph is to the Noël for a time in , PRC, I am now of Margaret, my wife, and me. Coward Estate. pursuing my interests in Asia. I have I am also chair developed a special interest in the of the Coward Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Archive Trust. I which I have visited on a number of have written and occasions, beginning in 1996. For the performed in last several years, I have organised several cabaret revues based on Coward one-week visits to Toronto for groups material in the US and UK and written of North Korean professors studying or edited books such as Complete , at the University of British Columbia. Theatrical Companion, Letters, Complete Verse, Coward Reader, Coward Screenplays, Vivian Rivlin (1953) Coward on Film, Star Quality: The Treasures We have been back in our of Noël Coward, Coward in his Own Words. home for quite a long time. Our usual In 2021 Alfred Knopf will publish routine, alternating between the UK Coward on Theatre. and Chile, has been interrupted and it looks as if we shall be here for the Robert Kernohan (1953) foreseeable future. It means the family Lockdowns have been knockdowns, is split up. Our son and his family are though they have probably only brought settled in Santiago. He appears to be some things sooner rather than later. I doing very well in academic admin. gave up driving and broadcasting and lost the notion to pontificate in print Professor Paul Sheats (1954) amid so many pandemical uncertainties. I was saddened to read that Christopher I miss the broadcasting, even if a career Gardner (1954) has passed away. I’d sideline, which had ranged from Round appreciate hearing from anyone who Britain Quiz to BBC Radio 3 talks, had can tell me more.


Professor Paul Braterman (1956) People’s Chancellor, the Skwawkbox Gabriel, our 16-year-old, and I have Paul Braterman continues to write and Jewish Voice for Labour. The now completed our second 1,000-piece occasional pieces about science (and pandemic has caught the government jigsaw: first , second its enemies), and his work this past out badly and the December 2019 Japanese temple. I have now also year has appeared in The Panda’s Thumb, General Election showed the dire finished ‘Learning’, the story of my life 3 Quarks Daily, and his own at effect of Establishment power and its aged 0–21, with a book-length account paulbraterman.wordpress.com, as well to work for the common good. of my time at Balliol 1958–1961. If as The Conversation, where his articles My protests against the cruelty towards you would like a copy, please contact have now attracted over a million reads. the people of Palestine led to me being me at [email protected] ‘administratively suspended’ from John Stabler (1956) the Labour Party and I have observed Philip Daubeney (1958) In 2006 I published a of with horror as it moves further away Spending lockdown in more garden Norfolk Furniture Makers 1700–1840. I’m from being democratic or representing planting of shrubs and trees to now working through the 1,500-odd the people of this country. All this is Gertrude Jekyll’s plans from 1905. entries, reconfiguring them for an a long way from when I witnessed, Now proficient in chairing meetings of online compendium called British and with some wonderment, Harold Parish Council using Zoom, although Irish Furniture Makers Online. I hope Macmillan (1912) emerge from the one misses the real human eye contact! to finish before catching Covid. Master’s Lodgings, in his robes, about to be installed as Chancellor of the Sir Richard Heygate Bt (1958) Harry Johnstone (1957) University. The lady from Somerville I am still working for ’s largest My history of the 18th-century London College and her friend, Ron, have a lot state-owned company, CREC, as Academy of Ancient , some 50 to answer for, because their actions international consultant. Our problems years in the making, has been published set the path not just to the storming in implementing President Xi’s ‘Belt as a long article (136 pages) in the Royal of the Capitol in early January 2021, Road’ strategy have been ones of Musical Association Research Chronicle, but also the fiasco of Brexit that culture and capability in setting up vol. 51. I also have an edition of the followed the market fundamentalism overseas offices and projects. Luckily complete harpsichord music of Maurice adopted by the , help is at hand. The UK’s international Greene (1696–1755) in press, to be and more so in Britain. How long it engineering consultancy companies published as vol. 106 in the series Musica will take for the world as we know Gleeds, Arup and Mace all have the Britannica (of which I am now General it to end in a ball of fire remains to capability we need and offices all Editor Emeritus). At age 85, I am still be seen. I keep with my over the world. Unlike so many UK active as a musicological researcher. contacts on the Continent because companies they have well established some of them do have influence in presence in China itself. A partnership Brian Richardson (1957) the way things could move forward. could well be a first for the UK in I had the great pleasure of completing relations with China. We certainly 50 years as a church organist and HE Kamal Uddin Azfar (1958) need one, with the EU establishing choir director in Canada, mostly for I have published a collection of essays such a link whilst the UK was sucking the Anglican church, in the year 2020. on the Orientalist Dr Leitner, the first up to Mr Trump through grossly In addition to this, I have played for Principal of the first undergraduate unfair treatment to Huawei (the only countless funerals and weddings, and college where I was a student in the foreign investor who put £1 billion am now organist on call for all the Indus Valley, Government College into our country during the Brexit funeral homes in the of Victoria, University, Lahore, established in 1864 announcement slide). When will we capital city of British Columbia. by the after the liberation wake up to realise that the future is in from the Muslim majority province the East (China GDP up 8.5% in 2021) Professor Aaron Sloman (1957) of the Punjab in 1864. The Judaic Dr and we are shutting ourselves into the In May I was awarded the American Lietner chose ‘Courage to Know’, Kant’s past, with a soon plunging dollar and Philosophical Association (APA) Barwise definition of the Enlightenment, as the a failure to join the new developing Prize 2020 (for research on motto of the university. country trade groups like RCEP? Even and computing): blog.apaonline. the big US investment banks have org/2020/05/26/aaron-sloman-awarded- Geoffrey (1958) got and are investing the-2020-barwise-prize/. The award Thanks to wife Raquel, the family eastwards in a way they once did with lecture was presented at the APA 2021 here is well and safe, living above the City. In the words of Oliver Hardy, Eastern Division Meeting. Juiz de Fora, a big provincial city, ‘Who will get us out of this fine mess surrounded by Mata Atlántica . we have got ourselves into?’ Anthony Sperryn (1957) Don’t believe sweeping generalisations I have been writing and networking about Brazil: its regions vary culturally Graham Nesbitt (1958) a lot, trying to make a contribution and politically. All human life is here! Graham Nesbitt retired from the to straight thinking, much via the I have become one of 19 scholars practice of law in Montreal several medium most readily open to me, based in Brazil to be among the Web years ago, remarried in 2000, and now namely . This has been of Science most cited researchers has two sons of 18 and 19: his first political, with me being at times a in the world 2020: publons.com/ children … Everyone well in these ‘top fan’ of John McDonnell – the researcher/4130735/geoffrey-cannon. difficult times.

NEWS AND NOTES 4 Malyn Newitt (1958) Professor Richard Rubenstein (1959) Malyn Newitt, ed. and trans, Journey I have edited a book (with my Which Father António Gomes Made to the colleague Solon Simmons) entitled of Manomotapa, (OUP for the Conflict Resolution after the Pandemic: Cristina Macía British Academy, 2020). Building Peace, Pursuing Justice, published

NEWS AND NOTES by Routledge Press in February. My Stephen Winkworth (1958) school at Mason University At the request of the eminent Italian has been renamed the Jimmy and publisher Roberto Calasso of Adelphi Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and editions, I am compiling a collection of Conflict Resolution. Seecarterschool. the writings of my father, the sinologist gmu.edu for a description of its William Wilberforce Winkworth, who personnel and activities. was a Balliol scholar in 1919. From there he took up employment in the Colin Wyman (1959) . When he left this Gave a Zoom lecture, ‘Wedgwood and position his friend Lytton Strachey Beyond’, for the Oxford Ceramics asked him why. ‘Was it because you Group; available (not encouraged) on weren’t clever enough? or was it, the group’s website. perhaps, because you were too clever?’ He went on to write for the Burlington Magazine, and for other journals in the Ian Watson (1960) field of connoisseurship and the arts. I 1960s In July 2020 the University of Pisa am making a selection of his writings celebrated the 850th birthday of and adding a biographical essay. Timothy Ades (1960) mathematician with a As a rhyming translator-poet I’ve specially commissioned anthology of Peter Buckman (1959) produced eight books: most are stories in Italian,Ipotesi Peter Buckman continues chairing the bilingual, with my English text facing per Fibonacci, including my own ‘The Ampersand Agency, though handing the French or Spanish original. Kidnap of Fibonacci’. Since Fibonacci’s over day-to-day management to younger I’ve won some awards. I also tackle famous number sequence isn’t exactly colleagues has given him time to return German and, rarely, Greek, and appear his, since his only survived to writing. He has self-published in the best journals, such as Agenda by sheer chance and wasn’t in any his latest , Breaking Cover, partly where I’m a trustee, and Long Poem case his real name, and since nobody to avoid upstaging the authors he Magazine which recently published my knows what he looked like, maybe only represents, and partly because he lacks ‘Calypso’s Song’, a wonderful Greek science fiction can pin down the truth! the patience to wait around for editors poem by Sikelianós. In 2020 the My story starts in Oxford in the year to make up their minds. Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society (he 2050 CE then visits medieval Algeria, lived there) put a single long poem just as it should. www.ianwatson.info. Professor Charles Leedham-Green into the schools – Covid stopped (1959) me visiting – and ran a competition The Rt Hon the Lord Alan Beith PC My translation of Newton’s Principia is which I co-judged. My bookstall of MP (1961) about to be published by Cambridge translated poetry hasn’t been out for a I am sad to report that my wife . year. I am on Facebook and YouTube. Baroness Maddock, former MP for Married to Dawn for 54 years with Christchurch and former President two grandchildren in London and of the Liberal Democrats, died from three in Denmark; the composer cancer on 26 June 2020. Timothy Ades is one of our sons. Professor Richard Hyman (1961) Matthew Nimetz (1960) In 2020 I was elected a Fellow of the Matthew Nimetz completed his 20-year British Academy (why?, and why now?, service as Personal Representative of I ask myself). So I fear that I have the UN Secretary-General, successfully broken the Groucho Marx rule. mediating the ‘name’ dispute between and (now) North Macedonia, in Stephen Jessel (1961) 2019. He recently published an article In mid-November I received about the dispute and its resolution, notification that my application for ‘The Macedonian ‘Name’ Dispute: French citizenship had been approved. The Macedonian Question Resolved?’, Logical enough request: I have lived in Nationalities Papers, Cambridge outside the UK for 42 of the last 43 University Press, 2020: tinyurl. years, 35 of them in France. It is also com/6mztw8uz. the case that I no longer recognise or relate to the Britain, or perhaps the England, of my treasured Balliol days.


Doug Rosenthal (1961) people forced to change direction or her children. Chairing Curdridge As the pandemic was isolating us in worse still those just starting or at a Parish Council provides a welcome March, I requested some information key educational stage. We have kept distraction, especially as we are from a high school classmate I had not well but miss the delight of a young working with Action Hampshire to seen in 63 years. We started to talk by grandchild, which is the main sadness develop a small ‘Rural Exception Site’ phone each evening, as I found her along with not seeing good friends. to build some affordable housing in engaging. We talked each night for 100 Last year we managed to book and the village. The government’s planning straight days. She lives in New York enjoy three country retreats with our proposals are causing consternation City, in an apartment overlooking young family, which was a joy with an throughout Winchester district, as they Central Park, and I live in Washington, active two-year-old. This year looks are based on an erroneous metric for DC, close to the Maryland border. She even more unpredictable and difficult affordability – instead of comparing has led a fascinating life in theatre, to plan anything. More treading . house prices with the earnings of those music, art, publishing and commercial who live in the district, they compare design in NY City, has travelled widely Richard Bevan (1962) with the earnings of those working with her musician husband of 55 years, After retiring from consulting and in the district, ignoring commuters and has two accomplished children. We teaching about ten years ago I found into local town and . The result is finally arranged to meet in September myself newly occupied with writing to elevate the number of new houses – and declared our love shortly and publishing through my own ‘required’ by around 50%. Curdridge is thereafter. Neither of us was looking for imprint ChangeStart Press. So far I’ve doing its bit to provide housing, and a relationship, but this chance phone produced four books of my own and has supported a planned development call, and the isolation of the pandemic, helped three other writers publish near Botley station. The pandemic has brought us together. We have been their work. My books are Changemaking meant no trips since March for the together since, in Washington, but (2011) and The Changemaking Checklists IBM Hursley Retirees’ Club, which I hope, eventually, to divide our time (2015), both dealing with the also chair. We are organising lectures between our two cities, and enjoy our management of change; The Galley Slave’s and other events on Zoom, but are four children and four grandchildren, Handbook (2010, revised edition 2020) holding off from physically meeting, as and friends, and travel, when feasible. on provisioning and cooking for an many of our members are in high-risk ocean voyage; and The Hidden Triceratops, groups, and would be unwilling even to David Wickham (1961) a story for children in the 4-to-8 age attend with . Perhaps I was fascinated to read in the 2020 range. The latter, a Covid lockdown we’ll all be vaccinated by the time News and Notes what Malcolm Forrest project, is illustrated beautifully by you read this, and enjoying the wide (1959) had to say about the worst 12-year-old Io Shepard. Assuming that variety of trips previously arranged. Oxford sin of being a ‘Grey Man’. a little shameless self-promotion is I had heard that phrase only once permitted in these pages, I will add that John Dalton (1962) before. In the 1960s I was instantly all these are available at Amazon or can John Dalton has welcomed a recognisable in Balliol as a member be ordered from your local bookshop. granddaughter, Sophia Grace Dalton, of the first and ultimately finalist born 10 August, 2020. College team for . I was also much given to wearing Professor Richard Portes (1962) a heavy but natty brown corduroy Still working full-time for London jacket which survives in a dark corner Business School. We often strain of my wardrobe and, though never broadband capacity with our daughter worn, can just about accommodate in school and my wife and I teaching, my fuller figure. Around that time a speaking, or in meetings. One daily College contemporary, I think Stephen walk in Regent’s Park over the road. Jessel (1961), accosted or described The real news is my other job. The me loudly, in public and perfectly macroprudential authority (responsible amicably, as ‘the most colourful of for financial stability) of the EU is the the grey men’. I had not heard the European Systemic Risk Board. I chair phrase before but took it as a huge its Advisory Scientific Committee, compliment, as I still do nearly sixty co-chair its committee on ‘shadow years later. Someone in a position to banking’, and sit as a voting member on know had recognised my ‘specialness’, the General Board. When we realised my uniqueness even. Floreat Jessel! Eric Bodger (1962) in mid-March that the economic and Slowly coming to terms with the death financial impact of the pandemic Hugh Beevor (1962) of my wife Pamela on 26 October 2020. would be dramatic, ESRB went into Covid lockdown feels like treading She was an enthusiastic and skilful ‘crisis mode’. We chose five priority water but for those of us retired with gardener, so my family and friends topics to develop policy responses. an adequate pension and close to green rightly expect a deterioration from Along with the Governor of the Bank spaces as in Putney, it is a comfortable her high standards. My children have of , I supervised all five working if frustrating experience. Nothing been a big help, and I’m in a support groups and chaired one. Each drew like the challenge of mid-career bubble with my daughter Laura and up recommendations, addressed

NEWS AND NOTES 6 to regulatory authorities. Endless Professor Brian Cosgrove (1963) wrote much of the material contained meetings in April and May, chaired My wife and I became grandparents therein. I had thought my days of by Christine Lagarde, in which we for the first time on 2 November last; publishing were over when I retired had to convince national central bank we are both in our late seventies. My in 2010, but during the past year I governors and other officials to adopt youngest daughter and her husband have become a regular contributor to

NEWS AND NOTES our proposals. There followed a series called her Sadhbh, a traditional Irish a physical fitness blog under the aegis of measures and reports (see ESRB name, pronounced ‘Sive’. It is apparently of a company called Set For Set whose website). These and our subsequent derived from Proto-Celtic and means primary product is exercise maces (or actions have, I believe, contributed ‘sweet and lovely [lady]’. It is said to be macebells, as they are more properly significantly to avoiding a financial related to the word suavis. called). Well, it has been a colourful meltdown like that of 2008–2009. writing career from ancient battles to I now co-chair a task force charged Derek Davis (1963) firearms (lots and lots on firearms) with producing a report and policy I visited Russia last January for the to fighting dogs and now maces! As I measures to deal with undesirable first time since 1962, attending the close in on my ninth decade, I have to effects of the prevailing low interest 225th Griboyedov Jubilee Conference wonder what’s ahead for me … rate environment. For me, all this at Khmelita, where I gave a on beats retirement and other less Pushkin’s Journey to Arzrum and even Richard Mills (1963) desirable alternatives. But frustrating appeared briefly on TV (Rossiya-K). My In 2020 I finally retired as Director to live in London with no opera, live wife Diana and Carolyn McMillan then of the International Union of Air music, theatre, restaurants, joined me for a quick tour of Pollution Prevention Associations, a … Still, I’ve had my first jab. and Petersburg. The Royal Asiatic post I had held since retirement from Society are publishing my translation the Civil Service, only to find that Professor the with commentary of the Pushkin – the time this liberated was soon lost Hon Robin begun in 1963 on Staircase XV and to increasing commitments as the Wilson (1962) well underway by the time Chris Bayly non-governmental representative on Last summer (1963) and I passed through Erzurum the board of the Climate and Clean Oxford in 1965 en route to , just ahead of Air Coalition, which now includes University Press fellow Cliftonian Chris Trease (1964) more than sixty national governments published Number who, sadly, died climbing Ararat that and inter-governmental agencies. So Theory: A Very year. Diana’s groundbreaking book The perennial neglect of the garden (and Short Introduction. Tastemakers: British Dealers and the Anglo- much else) goes on. This was my 50th Gallic Interior, 1785–1865 (Getty, 2020), book, and has tracing the emergence of the modern Paul Williams (1963) been presented ‘antique’, has been well received in I have used lockdown to write to the Balliol College Library. specialist circles and even made a a biography of my life. Nothing booklist. spectacular, just the story of an Professor Russell Bryant (1963) ordinary person who happened to go I feel guilty reporting that 2020 has Jan Libourel (1963) to Balliol and has led an interesting been a good year for me. Why? My Over the years my writing and life. It’s not too long; it takes about an former student and the MSNBC publishing career has taken some hour to read. If anyone is interested I’d anchor, Joe Scarborough, has endowed strange turns: I had anticipated be pleased to it. Please contact a scholarship in my name at the having a career in higher education, me at [email protected] , where I taught and during my few years teaching for 30 years. For the second time a I did publish some few articles on Professor Alexander Broadie (1964) former student has named a son after Greek and Roman history. After my Alexander Broadie (ed.), The Cambridge me. Moreover, I finally finished the enforced exile from the groves of Companion to the Scottish Enlightenment, first draft of my biography of the academe, I was reduced to writing 2nd edition (co-editor, Craig ) British financier and diplomat Lord nothing more than the fine print of (Cambridge University Press, 2019). D’Abernon. In December I celebrated insurance contracts – a dreary time Alexander Broadie (ed.), Scottish my 80th birthday in good health. that! From 1979 to 2010, I was in the Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century Finally, I have made it to the end of field of firearms journalism, including (, 2020). Recent this horrendous year without catching 13 years as editor of Handguns and appointment: Honorary Vice President, the coronavirus. I am looking forward 11½ years editing Gun World. During The Saltire Society, since July 2020. to 2021 being an even better year. that time I generated a positively I remain grateful that I was lucky enormous quantity of verbiage on Professor Stephen Clark (1964) enough to attend Balliol. So many of firearms in the form of product Books published in 2020: Can We its graduates I subsequently lectured reviews, editorials and miscellaneous Believe in People: Human Significance in an on and many formed part of Lord articles. For four years around the Interconnected Cosmos (Angelico Press, D’Abernon’s story. turn of the century I also edited the 2020); Plotinus: Ennead VI.9, on the Good periodical of a breed club for Japanese or the One: Translation and Commentary Tosa fighting dogs (banned in the UK (Parmenides Press, 2020). under the Dangerous Dogs Act) and


Sandy Gray (1964) Daljit Singh (1964) 1990s. I had a hip replacement operation Positive Covid consequences! An I have not kept in touch since towards the end of November 2020. It initiative taken up by George Russell, graduating in 1966 in PPE. I worked was a major bit of carpentry, but already Howard Shaw, and myself (all 1964, in the Singapore Ministry of Defence I am a new man and I look forward to ) in May 2020 has resulted (1966–1979) as an analyst of resuming golf and cycling in the spring. in a 4–6-weekly Zoom gathering of and international relations of Southeast moderated by other Balliol Asia and then Head of Research in Robert Yates (1964) men of the same vintage but various the organisation. During this period I In 2020 I marked two anniversaries, other disciplines. At each session, 2–3 spent an academic year (1970–1971) at both at the end of the year. It is now 40 hours are spent in animated sharing of the Center for International Studies, years since I nearly died from chronic views and knowledge of various topics Massachusetts Institute of , kidney failure; and ten years since I of current or future significance. We USA, working on the policies of the received my third transplant, which are normally guided by a loose agenda in Asia. There was a is still going strong. In 1980 my wife which is never completed. Inevitably, good deal of travel in Southeast Asian was pregnant but we were assured that Covid and US politics have been key countries for seminars/discussions kidney failure was not hereditary; but topics each time so far (as of January with the various defence ministries, medical opinion has changed now. My 2021), but other learned topics will including a couple of familiarisation son Gilbert is now 40, but in 2009 he now be debated more frequently and tours of South during the too was diagnosed with chronic renal extensively. Participants, all but one . In 1979 I was posted to failure; and it is the tenth anniversary of 1964 matriculation, are George the Ministry of Culture (later re-named of his transplant as well. We have both Barisas (1965, Chem., Rhodes Scholar), Ministry of Information and the Arts) as contributed to ongoing research into Philip Burns (Chem.), Jonathon Director of Information in charge of the the genetic causes of kidney failure. Davies (Eng.), ‘Sandy’ Gray (Chem.), government’s publicity work and had For 40 years I have received wonderful Anthony Hall (Chem.), David Long frequent interactions with the media, care from a wide variety of people (Hist.), Robert Munford (Medicine, including the foreign correspondents – family, friends and many aspects Rhodes Scholar), Kenneth Picton based in Singapore. I retired from of the medical profession. During (Chem.), George Russell (Chem.), the Civil Service in 1991 and joined periods of all the sorts of dialysis, and Howard Shaw (Chem.) and Richard a research institute in Singapore, the of transplantation, I have managed to Weyman (Eng.). An early discussion Institute of Southeast Asian Studies pursue a career in the second-hand topic was ‘Governments are (now called ISEAS-the Yusof Ishak and antiquarian book trade, mostly being led by science: why aren’t there Institute), as a scholar/researcher, where working for myself. This has been a lot more science trained members of I still am as a Senior Fellow and where of fun, and I have seen the trade change governments?’ Good question! from 2012 to 2019 I headed the Strategic dramatically, from crusty characters and Political Studies department. In presiding over dusty shops to the global Professor Edwin Hartman (1964) 2019 I spent five weeks as a visiting internet-enabled system of today. Less Springer has published my Arriving scholar at the Sigur Center, Elliott fun now, but certainly more efficient! Where We Started: and Business School of International Affairs, George in its Eminent Voices Washington University, Washington, Sir Michael Burton (1965) Ethics series (2020). It traces my work DC, working on US foreign policy to In this otherwise miserable year I from Aristotle to management theory Southeast Asia. I have published papers, have still continued to try cases in the to business ethics to an Aristotelian book chapters, op-eds over the years Commercial Court, the Abu Dhabi approach to business ethics. and also edited or co-edited books, Commercial Court and the RICS including, since 1991, Southeast Asian Appeal Tribunal, all virtually, with very Christopher Moxon (1964) Affairs, the annual review of the politics, little if any loss of effectiveness. During the first Covid lockdown I economics and foreign relations of used the time to write and publish a Southeast Asia and its constituent Phillip Gordon (1965) memoir of my 40-year career in theatre member states. My wife and I love I continue to practise law although at a administration. Entitled Teamwork travelling to enjoy different natural far less hectic pace than in the past. My it is available from Amazon or from landscapes, cultures and histories. wife and I celebrated our 50th wedding www.lulu.com. This is the sixth book anniversary in January, regrettably in that I have written or edited since David Willington (1964) isolation from our children and ten my retirement in 2011. Most of these These are strange times, indeed. As we grandchildren, due to the pandemic. have been genealogical books about have not been anywhere, I have had Nevertheless, we are happy to have family history, but the first, published more time to write without distraction. been able to celebrate this milestone in in 2013, was the fulfilment of a My fourth novel, A Polish Adventure, will good health. promise I made in 1972 to write up the be out in 2021. It is a Cold War story, but doctoral thesis that I wrote at Balliol, not in the le Carré mould. Researching Michael Levene (1965) on the social and economic history the period has been as enjoyable as the Michael Levene celebrated his Bar of a small market town – Ashby-de- actual writing. I am currently engaged Mitzvah in late November 2020 under la-Zouch – in the 17th century. on a story set in Kenya during the Mau Tier 3 restrictions at the Orthodox Mau period, the impetus being the Synagogue, , Bristol. Only 60 three visits I made to the country in the years late!

NEWS AND NOTES 8 Hubert Murray (1965) Ian Prattis Emeritus of the Economist) the Global A short piece written in May appearing (1965) Commission for Post-Pandemic in Oxford Magazine on the effects of Past, Present and Policy, to enable informed discourse the coronavirus on higher education Future: Stories and decision-making regarding the seems to stand up to scrutiny seven that Haunt by pandemic and interconnected crises:

NEWS AND NOTES or eight months later. Delayed but Dr Ian Prattis globalcommissionforpostpandemic unbowed, colleagues and I are nearing (2021). Intention: policy.org. Have been confined to completion on a kindergarten in Aida this collection quarters with Alti in Ottawa since camp in Bethlehem and building a contains stories, March; looking forward to again teaching team. Very happy to be in personal essays communing other than Zooming touch with Charles Burroughs (1964), and futuristic with our six children and eleven Mark Glouberman (1966) and Ben writings. They grandchildren on three . White (1965). Deeply sorry to lose Mike illuminate facets Prescod (1964). of humanity that are both wholesome Professor Graham Anderson (1966) and deadly. There is a subtle tapestry I have published Fantasy in Greek and Professor Stephen Oppenheimer from Indigenous throughout Roman Literature and Ancient Fairy and (1965) the three phases that must apply to Folk Tales: An Anthology (both Routledge, Please find my Google scholar page at: our damaged planet if Homo sapiens is 2020). tinyurl.com/jw76787c and follow the to have a home. The past dwells on links there to my homepage and my the significance of indigenous history Professor Charles Baden-Fuller research interests. I cannot vouch for and beliefs, a spirituality that crosses (1966) my Wiki page, which has numerous centuries to realise redemption and I was elected a Fellow of the British errors, e.g. ‘He is a graduate of Green connection. These stories stand in Academy. I am also a Fellow of some Templeton College, Oxford and an contrast to the ethnocentric illusions long standing of Strategic Management honorary fellow of the Liverpool of the wider society where violence, Society (only active UK Fellow among School of Tropical Medicine.’ fear and betrayal are rampant. Present the 88 Fellows in a society with includes flash fictions to highlight the membership of many thousands), AsSS Michael Paling (1965) destructive illusions and the gentle and BAM. Early last year I was in the third month memories of modern society. The of work at my volunteer post at the remaining chapters seek to mentor Stuart Baldock (1966) Hospitalito Atitlan in the Guatemala and inspire children to save the world. I moved to Athens (Greece) last highlands, when the imminent closure ‘Respecting Indigenous Wisdom’ year with my wife and our youngest of the national airport was announced. provides a pause through poetry to daughter, who is enrolled here at the I was fortunate, the next day, to get outline a different foundation for Lycée français in her penultimate year. the last seat on the penultimate flight humanity. Future is not kind to Homo Covid has prevented me from being out of the country, which being in sapiens and their habitation of Mother able to commute regularly to France, first class was a novel experience for . Scientists scramble to provide so business is conducted online as far me, but quite disappointing in value. an exit from the Earth, seeding faraway as is practical. Back home in the USA life soon planets. A single person remains in the became subject to the restrictions High Arctic’s last outpost while pioneers Christopher Currie (1966) that we all have experienced. Regular who occupy a new planet must fight to No real news this year. I remain a Senior meditation, which I began years ago prevent terrorists from taking it over. Fellow of the Institute of Historical when working in Cambodia, is helpful Very little has changed. Humanity owes Research and have been busy with that, in understanding that adversity is an apology to the children of the world. as well as attending seminars, including simply a part of the ‘suchness of life’. a few of the Balliol online lectures. Thus the unexpected time available Berel Rodal (1965) due to the pandemic proved valuable Co-founded and codirecting (with Aidan Foster-Carter (1966) for self-improvement. I read more, Bill Emmott, Editor-in-Chief My life now, I dare say, is rather including cover to cover ’s different from most of my magnum opus Ulysses. Hard work contemporaries’. After half a lifetime but interesting, to say the least! My in Yorkshire – briefly Hull, mostly Spanish is improved, and my Leeds and Bradford – in 2006 game is stronger, both courtesy of everything changed when love drew the internet. The bizarre political me to Exeter. Kate Hext and I were antics that have transpired here have married in 2011; Rufus was born that given rise to much outstanding dark year, and Laurence followed in 2016. comedy, as we adjusted our common Raising children again in one’s 70s mindset to that of life in a ‘banana is a wonderful tonic – and fitness republic’. Gun sales have set records, programme. Devon is a lovely place to even for a nation that already had dwell, even (or especially) as more firearms than people. We darken. Workwise, having long ago left indeed live in interesting times. academe – in the previous century,

9 FLOREAT DOMUS JUNE 2021 NEWS AND NOTESNEWS already! – I still write about Korea; Richard Heller (1966) Michael Venning (1966) including for Oxford Analytica, ever I have just published a new book, Back to work in the NHS in January since the 1980s. Never a dull moment The Prisoner of Rubato Towers (Xerus 2021 as vaccinator at the Etihad Stadium, there: the North just gets worse; the Publishing, 2020). It is an increasingly (employed as healthcare South could teach us how to handle crazed account of my life in London assistant until they needed me to Covid competently. And since Kate is lockdown, shared with a literary mouse, draw up the Oxford vaccine – then now head of her department – English a poetic cockroach and a bridge-playing promoted to senior staff nurse grade). and History, at Exeter University’s goldfish, and blighted by two sex-crazed Great teamwork, happy patients and Cornish campus: a challenging role urban foxes. It contains songs and satire we are contributing to herd immunity these days – I’m also becoming more of and many new ways to insult Donald – albeit (1983) and his a house husband, very contentedly. The Trump and the Balliol man ruling delays in taking precautions in the face wider world is a worry, especially the the country in my place. It reveals of Covid-19 have contributed greatly to retreat from liberal internationalism. fascinating details of the secret lives of herd immunity already by allowing the Imperfect though that was, the famous people who know me. ‘Raises virus to spread while the government alternatives – Trump, Brexit, and I’m English comic prose to heights never were wondering when to act. afraid the Balliol chancer in Number before attempted, let alone achieved,’ Ten – are all palpably worse. Never said one of them, when I asked. Martin Walker (1966) have the ideals of 1968 seemed so Although the Covid lockdowns remote. I hope my children will Martin Kaufman (1966) prevented my usual US and European see, and make, a better planet. As Martin Kaufman Philanthropy, I am book tours, my new Bruno novel still providing strategic and practical Connaisseur simultaneously topped the Professor Mark Glouberman (1966) fundraising advice to charities, mainly bestseller lists in Germany, Austria Building on The Raven, the Dove, and in the educational and cultural sectors. and Switzerland. The lockdown also the Owl of Minerva (2012), and on ‘I AM’ Although I only went down to watch prevented my debut at the German (2019), Persons and Other Things (2021), the Balliol Eight perhaps six times National Opera House in , concludes the case for the Torah’s (max.) in my Balliol career, I have been singing on stage during their jazz week. being a work of philosophy. (Search advising on a fundraising campaign It is now rescheduled for 28 March ‘Glouberman’ at utorontopress.com.) It for rowing for an East London group 2021. Bruno’s Garden Cookbook won the isn’t a sheer fortuity that such a word of academies which want to break the Gourmand International prize for about the Hebrew should come barriers facing state school rowing! I World’s Best French Cookbook of the forth from Balliol. ‘I never knew any don’t have to get into the water for Year. And in association with Coda Trinity men,’ remonstrates the Balliol that one, I’m glad to say … Facing this Media in New York, we launched the man Lord Peter Wimsey. ‘The pandemic, and staying well and safe, Bruno Fellowship, to support five have no dealings with the Samaritans.’ I have helped organise – in my role young journalists over five years to In the JCR’s Book of Wagers, a bold as chair of the Chartered Institute cover stories that might otherwise undergraduate of my day put his soul of Fundraising’s RAISE: Arts Culture never be told. My monthly wine at hazard on the proposition of ’s Heritage Steering Committee – a columns in The Bugle, the anglophone existence. (A brown-edged hole which survey of cultural fundraisers during paper in France, are now also published only the terminally literal would the pandemic, in partnership with the in the German wine magazine attribute to the business end of a lit University of Management Weinseller. My own wine, Cuvée Bruno, cigarette signalled the other party’s School. This was followed up by went on sale this year in Germany and acceptance.) If a coin decides, the Zoom interviews, and we should be the USA as well as in France. The New soul’s survival requires an edge-on publishing the results around March. In York Times suggested ‘It’s impossible landing. Or so I argue in the Bible’s a nutshell, it’s no change and all change to read a Bruno novel without getting name. And me? ‘No change,’ replied – fundraising has to go on if arts and hungry and thirsty,’ and the Minneapolis poker star ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott to the cultural organisations are to survive, but Star-Tribune reckoned I had created panhandler. ‘Still living in the big there has been a great deal of ‘France’s answer to James Bond’. house; still driving the big car.’ The and resilience to try to create a hybrid spoils apart, I echo the punter as I model in these challenging times, Oliver Franklin (1967) enter my 50th year of teaching. which almost certainly we will have On 13 November 2019, I attended a to further adapt in the post-pandemic Consilium dinner in honour of my Alan Heeks (1966) world. Very happy to hear from any election as an Honorary Fellow of the Amid the mesh of restrictions we’re all alumni who want to quiz me further! College. It is a great honour to have in, I’ve found gaps where I can make a received the Fellowship. I expected to contribution. One is online resilience Philip Kendall (1966) return in May 2020 to work with the workshops, the other is increasing Covid provided the perfect opportunity College on the ‘Balliol and Slavery’ local communities’ food security – to return to the English countryside. exhibition scheduled to open this something we can all help in. See more C12th churches, the stunning Welland coming Michaelmas Term in the at www.seedingourfuture.org.uk. I Valley in Rutland, historic Dam Library. Naturally, we’ve working can also highly recommend growing Busters’ 1942 practice bombing runs digitally and it’s a real pleasure to be your own vegetables as an antidote to over the Eyebrook outside Uppingham. involved intensely with the College lockdown! Unbeatable! again. In addition to the exhibition,

NEWS AND NOTES 10 we’re planning an Oxford/Philadelphia on the history of her native American countryside and charming villages. We teacher seminar, as teaching the family – she is part Creek, part are looking forward to exploring further transatlantic slave trade to secondary Cherokee, part black. It is a study of how and enjoying more family time together school students can be a daunting different categories of people with tribal as soon as that becomes possible. task. Two highlights for this year: our affiliations (citizens and freedmen)

NEWS AND NOTES first grandchild arrived, and I had were deprived of their rights, property David Gartside (1968) a dynamic discussion with Sudhir and human alike, during and since the In a year that has been so difficult for Hazareesingh (1981 and CUF Lecturer Allotment period, and both within the so many people I can report a modest in Politics and Tutorial Fellow in tribe and more broadly in the country advance. My fledgling journalistic Politics) on his extraordinary epic as a whole. The book – Untangling a , career saw a doubling of printed output biography of Toussaint Louverture White, and Black Heritage: A Personal History compared with 2019. I had an article (check it out on Zoom: tinyurl.com/ of the Allotment Era – is now available in published in Swiss Express, the quarterly j3vsxkrd). Still in isolation and working paperback and on Kindle. The internet journal of the Swiss Railways Society, as a senior advisor, board director and webinars offered by the College have and another in Signpost, the quarterly British Honorary Consul. Cannot wait been a lovely way to keep in touch, and journal of the Peak & Northern to walk through the Balliol gates again. broaden knowledge. Keep them up. Footpath Society. It’s hard to avoid the See you at the exhibition! conclusion that they were desperate Anthony Klouda (1967) for copy. Professor Francis Green (1967) I have finally given up on the world of I am still working at UCL Institute of international aid; rather sickened by it, Professor David Gowland (1968) Education for four days a week. With it must be said, and its development into Recently my life has been dominated my historian friend a rather corrupt industry over the last by the diagnosis of bowel cancer and we published Engines of Privilege: Britain’s decade or so. In retirement I’ve taken a major operation on 30 December Private School Problem in 2019, with up translation of French monographs 2020 to remove it. By an unfortunate Bloomsbury Publishing. This was my of 18th- and 19th-century ships into coincidence it was diagnosed on the first attempt at a non-academic book. English. That, and using the plans anniversary of the diagnosis of my son I am now a co-founder of Private to model in wood those very ships, Edward with sarcoma (he eventually Education Policy Forum. Other than certainly occupies me intellectually died aged 22) in 2017. researching private schools, I continue and manually in this time of lockdown. to contribute to the multidisciplinary I also now have a rare blood cancer William Outhwaite (1968) field of work and job quality studies. I recently diagnosed, but since I may In October 2019 my co-editors (Luca have at last given up cricket, and last live up to ten more years with it, as Corchia and Stefan Müller-Doohm) year played instead my first competitive long as the treatment continues its and I presented Jürgen Habermas with tennis match since representing good work, I’ll be delighted if I can Habermas global – Wirkungsgeschichte Balliol nearly half a century ago. Alison get to 80. My website documenting eines Werks (Suhrkamp) at a conference and my first grandchild, Sophie, was some of my experience is at www. in the delightful town of Cortona born on 15 April 2020 and joins the klouda.co.uk and I have a Facebook in central Italy. In February 2020 I pandemic generation. page called ‘The Poor-Poor Divide’. published Transregional Europe (Emerald).

Brendan Horton (1967) Professor Terrell Carver (1968) David Satter (1968) Now in my 15th year of retirement, Busy year with the bicentenary of the I have been named to the academic wondering where the time has gone. birth of , though after advisory board of the Victims of The last year has been a mixture of a celebratory conference in February in Memorial Foundation in the usual and abnormal due to Covid, his hometown Wuppertal, Germany, all Washington, DC. which has kept us pretty housebound else has been online. I published two here in Washington. I have been kept books marking the event: Engels Before Professor Richard Healey (1969) busy by continuing to work on a book Marx (Palgrave, 2020) and The Life and Julie and I are now living on our fruit on the economic history of Morocco, Thought of Friedrich Engels: 30th Anniversary farm in the hills ten minutes from the specifically a retrospective on the Edition (Palgrave, 2020), the latter with Mediterranean coast of Spain, where country’s experience with stabilisation a somewhat autobiographical new I will retire to from my professorship and structural adjustment since the introduction. at the University of Arizona in May. 1980s, when they ran into a debt Meanwhile we wait out the pandemic crisis. Interesting and intellectually Paul Frith (1968) in seclusion as I prepare a volume of challenging task, trying to present a Finally left the North East and moved to papers for publication and participate view other than that of the IMF and East Sussex to be nearer our daughters in worldwide Zoom virtual seminars. the World Bank. Two main conclusions: and grandson. We loved being there, stabilisation is difficult but can be enjoying all the Dales, the Lake District Sir John Holmes (1969) achieved in a relatively short period. and the North York , but it’s time Just completed terms as chair of the Adjustment and economic are, however, to look to the future as we get older and Electoral Commission and of the much more difficult and take much travelling long distances becomes harder International Rescue Committee – longer. I hope to finish this year. My for everyone. We are in the High Weald UK, the former not voluntarily. Now wife, Darnella Davis, has written a book AONB which has delightful rolling looking for new challenges.


Rhion Jones (1969) Cities: A Story of Friendship from to degrees in Social Anthropology and The pandemic presented a real challenge Mali, by Ana Edwards & Robin Poulton Modern History. It has taken all that for the Consultation Institute, which I (Brandylane, 2019) Richmond’s Sister I learned in seven years at Oxford founded back in 2003. But it also gave City relationship with Ségou changes and all that I have learned since then everyone an insight into the importance perceptions of Africa as a continent of from my students in four decades of of public engagement and consultation catastrophe, and tells African Americans university work simply to make sense as governments and public bodies felt that they are the descendants of the of the daily papers and nightly news. obliged to restrict our liberties and ancient Malian civilisation and the I am retired now from ‘classroom make dramatic changes through top- Empire founded by Sunjata Keita, the teaching’, but since making the down edicts. Only slowly did ministers Lion King. This is a book of amusing transition to ‘online teaching’ 20 years realise that it is always better to have a stories that will be precious for all ago at Harvard, I continue the ‘each- dialogue with key stakeholders, even if students of Africa and of America’s one-reach-one/each-one-teach-one’ time is short. Through books (including African heritage, as it explores shared tradition through Transition-Studies. The Politics of Consultation, 2018) and over experiences going back as far as the Net and Transition-Studies.TV. Fellow 600 articles and papers, this has been Mali Empire founded in 1235. travellers, please do keep in touch. much of my life’s work, and its endless and ever-changing fascination explains The Hon Bob Rae (1969) why I remain resistant to any form of I have started my new job as Canada’s retirement. Ambassador to the UN in New York 1970s after serving as PM’s Special Envoy on Professor Lawrence Keppie (1969) Humanitarian and Refugee Issues and Professor Dennis Goldford (1970) I am the recent recipient of a large enjoying teaching as Professor of Public Starting the final sabbatical of my commemorative volume (a Festschrift) Policy at the University of Toronto. career, hoping to write my swan song, honouring my academic publications a critique of the way my own discipline and fieldwork on the Antonine Wall, Professor Timothy Weiskel (1969) of political science (mis)understands at one time the northern frontier of Letter from America … I am reminded as a form of political power Roman Britain. of ’s tradition of due to its conventional understanding writing a Letter from America over many of the nature of political theory itself. Robin Poulton decades – in which he made America (1969) intelligible to the Brits – but, alas, Charles Green (1970) After 15 years I despair. The attempt seems futile It was a jolt to see myself looking out advising the now not only because the economy boldly in my pomp from half a century European and wit of Cooke’s literary style can ago in the 2020 News and Notes, the Union on peace never be matched but also because only Fresher in that 1970/71 football and security, America is no longer intelligible to team, members of which subsequently I have moved any rational citizen of the world and gleaned more knighthoods than from futility to perhaps, sadly enough, not even to England’s 1966 World Cup winners. I oblivion. Futility: literate Americans themselves. Briefly was left back, even in the photo. Balliol the EU is run put, we’ve been going through what guided me for only a year, including by accountants, Brits might call ‘a bad patch’. With the a fortnight’s isolation with glandular plus 25-year-old French elitists who combination of a traumatic election fever in the Slade Hospital, without a want no advice, swollen as they are by cycle, the flowering of White racism peep from the College. Then I migrated their degree certificates and their EU as a major component of a national from PPP at Balliol to Human tax-free salaries. Oblivion: 15 years of political party and the record-setting Sciences at Hertford. Balliol, even writing Reports-Not-Read provides impact of a deadly global pandemic under the enlightened Christopher my expertise to create a Books-Not- whose per capita death rates in America Hill (Master 1965–1978), refused to Read website: robinpoulton.com. soar above all other countries on this touch this then new-fangled subject, Scholars in Covid depression, cheer fragile and beleaguered Earth, we claiming it lacked rigour and would yourselves up with my two monthly have been, in effect, reeling from the be taught by lowly research graduates. ! ‘The Dancing Hippo’ attacks the impact of the self-inflicted wounds of At Hertford, tutorials were fixed by Covid viral blues with hilarity; ‘The late capitalism. I ‘came up’ to Balliol John Patten, the future MP for Oxford Richmond Chiwara’ discusses Africa over fifty years ago and completed and afterwards Education Secretary, and music, peace and development and with such eminent scholars as Richard the legacies of slavery. Also available Dawkins (1959), shining out even then. from my website are my most recent After a working life with Deloitte and books. Peace is Possible (2020) takes its predecessors dealing with farms readers into rural pagodas along the Ho and landed estates, I inherited some Chi Minh Trail, travelling along tracks family acres in the Welsh Marches of threaded between fields of landmines Shropshire (motto Floreat Salopia). My and rice paddies. It is an uplifting and daughter, with homozygous Human amusing short story proving that even Scientist parentage and the eighth in a civil war, peace is possible. Sister generation in our pre-Civil War house,

NEWS AND NOTES 12 Hew Balfour (1970) On a chilly February day 50 years ago, eight 20-somethings and one very nervous 18-year- old were preparing to lower NEWS AND NOTES their boat into the water under the watchful eye of Ernie Harris, the Balliol boatman, to warm up and begin the defence of their title as Head of Torpids, won and held for the previous three years. Would Balliol pull off a fourth consecutive headship? The rowing world was holding its breath. The five-minute gun would be fired at 15.55 hours, 17 February 1971. Fifty years after they Key, including the position they rowed in the ’71 Torpid, as well as the location triumphed, at 4.00pm GMT on where they Zoom-called from (left to right): 20 February 2021, we mustered seven of the original ’71 crew Top row Roger Fowler (1968), 7, Ottawa; Hew Balfour (1970), 3, Scotland; Alain and one from another Torpid Pineau (1967), 4, Ottawa; middle row Robin Ashton (1968), 5, Wiltshire; David 1st VIII on Zoom, to raise our Keane (1968) stroke, , with Julia Bowring from 50 years ago, now Mrs glasses to the glorious memory Keane; Antony Wynn (1968), cox, Kent; bottom row Robin Wood (1970), bow, of Orlando Gordouli. ; Andy Lane (1969), 2 in reserve, London.

was married in summer 2020 under track and making sense of developments (social indicators) and discerning the cathedral-like branches of our in this area in Canada over 35 years has our international responsibilities. pre- in a reduced been quite a challenge! event forced by Covid-19, that possible Professor Jon Berrick (1971) evolutionary leveller. In our glorious HE Philip McDonagh (1970) I’ve retired from Yale-NUS College rural isolation, I now spend my time In 2020, I was appointed Adjunct (though still an Emeritus Professor helping CPRE Shropshire try to keep Professor at City University, at National University of Singapore), the English countryside free from where I’m director of a new Centre and returned to after half the worst ravages of selfish mankind, for Religion, Human Values, and a century away. With Honorary quite content not to have achieved International Relations. With three Professorships at Sydney and the high honours of many Balliol friends, I’ve just published On Sydney Universities, I still pursue contemporaries. the Significance of Religion for Global mathematical research, and am Editor- Diplomacy (Routledge, 2020). Our in-Chief of the Journal of the Australian David Jones (1970) centre has a partnership with the Mathematical Society. My research The seventh edition of Jones & de churches on the island of Ireland to interests also include tobacco control Villars, Principles of Administrative Law was undertake multi-stakeholder policy and related aspects of public health published in September 2020. Keeping research on measuring the economy and safety.


Andrew Craig (1971) No Lubbock Engineering dinner in College in 2020, so we arranged a Zoom call instead and had a great turnout with several people from around Europe able to take part too – an unexpected bonus. My main passion remains sailing and I am back in post as Commodore of Queen Mary Sailing Club in West London. When not locked down the enthusiasm of all members to get out in the fresh air has been great to see. Don’t anyone say they had nowhere else to go! Main thing that keeps me sane is a monthly walk with a group of Oxford engineers. Many problems solved en route and in the .

Left to right: top row John Bridgwater (Lubbock Fellow and Tutor in Engineering, 1973–1980), Andrew Craig (1971), Robert Field (Emeritus Fellow), Peter Cookson (1970), Dominic O’Brien Professor of Engineering Science and Senior Research Fellow in Engineering); second row Arman Karshenas Najafabadi (2017), Malcolm Forrest (1959), Howard Cook (1974), Charles Jones (1969), Lyulph Lubbock; third row Brian Tang (Lecturer in Engineering Science), Paul Buckley (Emeritus Fellow), Rasmus Rothe (2009), Andrew MacGowan (2016), Felix Faber (2008); bottom row Guy Swift (1977), Mark Cummins (2001), Theo Kyriacou (2000).

Professor Adam Fairclough (1971) Andrew Foster (1971) thesis submitted in 1978 and coming I retired in 2016 after 11 happy and I am in that phase of life when I out in April 2021 under the title Sweet rewarding years as the Raymond and am giving up things, attempting to Land of Liberty: America in the of the Beverly Sackler Professor of American complete others, and generally slowing French Left, 1848–1871 (Louisiana State History at Leiden University. The down. After 34 years as a Literary University Press). Better late than never! timing was fortuitous in light of the Director of the Sussex Record Society scandal that subsequently erupted (SRS) I have been kicked upstairs to Ravi Sekhar (1971) over the Sackler family’s involvement be one of the Vice-Presidents; after The devastation caused by Covid-19 will in the marketing of oxycontin, which 15 years’ service on what is now the no doubt colour many of our posts. It has led to the renaming of my old Education Committee of the Royal has been the same here but mercifully chair. During my time at Leiden I Historical Society, I have retired! With neither we nor anyone close to us have managed to learn passable Dutch one of my research students, Joan been affected. The development of a (although I taught in English), Barham, I edited volume 98 for the Covishield vaccine at the Pune-based and served for several years as SRS entitled Church Surveys of Serum Institute of India (where we chair of the Netherlands American Archdeaconry 1602, 1610 & 1636 in 2018. I live) is welcome news. I continue to Studies Association. The relaxed also contributed an essay to the Oxford write actively for travel and job and atmosphere at Leiden’s Instituut voor History of Anglicanism, volume 1, edited networking sites on the internet. It is Geschiedenis was a refreshing contrast by Anthony Milton, in 2017. I continue to my experience at UK universities. to be pleasantly involved in research Academics were allowed get on with on Oxford colleges in the early modern their teaching and research without period and currently enjoy my status having to worry about admissions, as a Visiting Researcher with Lincoln REFs, and stifling committee work. Unlocked, Lincoln College, Oxford. And all my colleagues were unfailingly Larger studies on ‘ Richard polite. I am still a working, if unpaid, Neile’ (for the historian. In 2018 I published The Record Society) and ‘The Dioceses of Revolution That Failed: Reconstruction England and , c.1540–1700’ are in Natchitoches (University Press of inching ever closer to completion … ); later this year Louisiana State University Press will publish Bulldozed Thomas Sancton (1971) and Betrayed: Louisiana and the Stolen Under lockdown and curfew here Elections of 1876. Since 2016 I have spent in France much of the past year, I much of my time in Washington, DC managed to put the finishing touches with my wife, Mary Ellen Curtin, and on a long-deferred project: the updating college-age son, Arthur. and revision of my Oxford DPhil

NEWS AND NOTES 14 satisfying to connect with like-minded latter role, my focus is mainly on the hoping to attend a reunion with my people, many of whom are Oxford EU and on British/Irish relations. Along school mates in Mendoza, Argentina, graduates, and to hold educative and with several other Balliol alumni, I at the end of 2021. intelligent conversations. Our annual have been trying to ensure that Balliol’s holiday abroad was affected by the overall contribution to the Brexit debate Ian Bell (1973)

NEWS AND NOTES travel restrictions; that was a blow, has reflected the College’s values by Sandy and I were delighted to celebrate further exacerbated by the lockdown. encouraging fact-based discussion, our 40th wedding anniversary in We are hopeful of making it later in the celebration of diversity, respect College, with a dinner in the old 2021. Following the domestic easing up for neighbouring countries and an SCR, where we held our reception. earlier last year, we acquired an SUV, understanding of the interdependence We continue to run the Chamber determined to visit tourist destinations of nations. My 11th grandchild, Clodagh of Commerce in Bath, ensuring the nearer home in Maharashtra. There Charlotte, was born on 25 June 2020. business community has its say in how are numerous ancient Hindu temples economic development happens in the (mandirs) dedicated to Lord Shiva Neil Record (1972) district. Elder son Matthew is bringing and Ganesha, and it was revelation for Neil Record continues to chair Record up his family in Australia – quite close my wife and me to visit them. Lately plc, a LSE-quoted asset manager. to where Robin Oliphant (1972) lives to take a break, we made a road trip In addition he chairs the Institute near Sydney – and younger son Andrew to the city of Nashik, about 350km of Economic Affairs, a London- is doing likewise in . Must from Pune, known for its religious based free market think-tank (with have been something we said. Air places and temples. We had seen Mark Littlewood, 1990, as Director are good, though! these before and hence devoted our General), and the Global Warming time to booking into a luxury hotel, Policy Forum, a think-tank which Andrew Burnham (1973) recharge batteries and, since Nashik provides evidence and analysis to One for the Wall emerged from a duo is wine country, visit the York Winery counter climate hysteria. He is on the formed by two students at Bristol in the vicinity. The wine tasting and Advisory Committees of Migration University which, with Oxford students a case of the best rejuvenated our Watch (an immigration think-tank) became a six-piece band in which I was spirits (see photo). It was the worst and the Centre for the Study of bass player, with melodic arrangements of times and the best of times, in Financial (another financial to accompany sophisticated lyrics by that order. We are not complaining. think-tank). He has retired from his singer-songwriter Bernard Hanaway. governorship at Magdalen College Gigs included Balliol JCR, of course. Sanjeev Gupta (1972) School, Oxford, but is continuing his They recorded a dozen of Bern’s songs I retired from the IMF at the end of association with Nuffield College, on four-track tape in the University 2017 after 31 years at the institution, the Oxford, currently chairing the Broadcasting Society’s Road last 11 years as a Deputy Director of the Remuneration Committee. His son studios. But appointments with Fiscal Affairs Department. Since leaving Chris (2006) now has two children, record company A&R men came the IMF, I have joined the Center for George and Martha, who have brought to nothing. By autumn 1979 even Global Development in Washington, Neil the joys of grandparenthood! the younger members of the band DC as a Senior Policy Fellow, had left university and were going focusing principally on fiscal issues in Peter Stephens (1972) their separate ways, seeking proper developing countries. This is a welcome I am still in , where I will no employment. Fast forward to 2013: change from a more regimented work doubt stay. Because of Brexit, I have as a result of meeting at a funeral, it at the IMF, with freedom to express acquired Czech citizenship – partly was suggested that the band should views on policy issues. My personal life for practical , as it makes life get back together and make some changed as well with the arrival of three simpler, and partly for ideological recordings using modern digital grandchildren in the past four years. ones, because I prefer to remain an EU technology. As well as reviving the citizen. I have now retired from my job old songs, they have developed a new HE Bobby McDonagh (1972) in the International Office at Charles and very diverse repertoire, all written Having retired from the Irish diplomatic University, but am still doing some by Bernard. While playing as a group service in 2018, I am now an executive freelance translating. remains on hold due to the pandemic, coach and public commentator. In that Andrew Thompson (1972) Having left the BBC in 2013 I’m living near Chichester with my partner Catherine and doing freelance journalism with a focus on political risk in Latin America; I’m also blogging for Canning House, where I am an Associate Fellow. In a venture into new territory, I’m starting work on a book on a UK miscarriage of justice case, which is going to require a lot of research. Covid permitting, I am

15 FLOREAT DOMUS JUNE 2021 NEWS AND NOTESNEWS the band continues to work on new I also paid homage to my old mentor & Gas after leaving BP. Our plans to material remotely. A new CD, entitled and supervisor (at Magdalen) with this spend more time on leisure activities ‘The Lover’s Song’, was released on 4 two-volume collection of essays: ‘Alberti and concert-going with family and December 2020. You can find more Lvdens: In Memory of , ed. friends were scuppered by Covid. But about the band at oneforthewall.club, Francesco Furlan, Martin McLaughlin, we did manage a ski break, a dive trip, where sample tracks are available Hartmut Wulfram’, special issue of and a walking holiday in the German for listening. A couple of years ago Albertiana, 22 (2019), and Albertiana, 23 Alps in 2020, in between quarantine we played at the Harcourt Arms in (2020). restrictions. Our youngest decided to . By chance, in the audience was study engineering, and was pleased someone who had seen us play in the Professor Sir David Skegg (1973) to be accepted at Wadham College, JCR at St Peter’s in 1978! Remarkably, As an epidemiologist and public health Oxford, from October 2020. (Parental he could even remember some of the physician, I have been very busy with advice on college choice fell on deaf song titles! We must have made an the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. ears; although maybe the Cuppers impression. If only we had had more In 2020 I served as a special adviser to water polo performance was an fans like that … the Epidemic Response Committee of attraction at the end of Broad Street!) the Parliament of , and I Mike Chisholm (1973) was invited as a witness by the Home Ian Duncan (1974) Having retired in 2014 after 30-plus Affairs Committee of the UK House of Forty-four years after leaving Balliol I years as a librarian in universities, Commons. finally earned a PhD this year (2020) at I have spent the subsequent period Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, in re-inventing myself as an artist- Neil Stuart (1973) statistics. Still teaching (statistics) at the photographer and bookmaker. I have Whilst it must have been an extremely University of and running had substantial solo shows in Austria difficult year for many, I have found my actuarial consulting company. and Italy, shown work at various group the lockdown experience both exhibitions (including two prints at refreshing and liberating: my local Martin Edwards (1974) the Royal Academy, both of which crags have been much quieter and This year I was awarded the sold out their editions of 50, one on the slower pace of life has enabled Writers’ Association’s Diamond the first preview day), self-published a greater time for reading those works Dagger, the highest honour in UK dozen books of my work, and blogged postponed until that rainy day of crime writing. Since it means I have about anything that came into my head which so many have now been forced joined a select list including John le several times a week since 2008. No upon us. We also moved house after Carré, P.D. James, Ian Rankin, and Lee wonder I’m feeling so tired. After 40 16 years of woodland idyll, catching Child, it prompted a touch of imposter years together and raising two children, the buoyant market and changing to syndrome, accentuated by the fact Gemma and I are intending to enter a waterside property by Plymouth that I received the award in an online into a civil partnership in 2021, having Sound with its own pontoon in the ceremony while stationed in my loft had our first attempt in 2020 cancelled marina we overlook. All I need now rather than at a glitzy ceremony, but by the Registry Office due to Covid-19 is a yacht. Hopefully dates for visits it was still a great moment. My latest precautions. No rush: we’ll achieve to Balliol and meeting up with old novel, Mortmain Hall (Head of Zeus, respectability eventually … friends can be put in my diary soon. 2020), was published recently, as was Howdunit (Collins Crime Club, 2020), Professor David D’Avray (1973) Andrew Weir (1973) a book I edited about the art and craft Papal , c.400: Sources of My wife, Alex Webber (Somerville, of crime writing with essays by 90 the Canon Law Tradition (Cambridge 1972), and I first became acquainted at members of the Detection Club past University Press, 2019). Presented to Oxford. We had two girls (one went and present, ranging from Chesterton the College Library. to York, the other to Balliol) and we and Christie to Val McDermid, Len still live in south London. I’ve had Deighton, and Alexander McCall Smith. Brian Groom (1973) a tortuous career in journalism in My book Northerners: A History: From magazines, newspapers, and many jobs John Foley (1974) the Ice Ages to the 21st Century will be in documentaries before I ran the 8th London Chess Conference published in April 2022 by Harper they changed too much, out of which (www.chessconference.org), which North, a new imprint of HarperCollins. came a book or two. I returned to the this year (2020) was online for the Our first grandchild, Oscar, was born print world and have been at Africa first time. The theme was Chess and in September. Confidential newsletter and website Technology. I captained my team, the last ten years. I edge towards ChessPlus Kingston, to victory in Professor Martin McLaughlin (1973) retirement and time for more Wagner, the British Team Championships: It was a year of paying my debts to two Coltrane, Morton Feldman, classic www.4nclresults.co.uk/2020-21/ great scholars of the past: for The Oxford cinema, piano, and maybe another online/1st/9/1p/export. Gratifying the Dictionary of National Biography I wrote the book or two. top two boards are female. entry on a superb Ariosto expert (and my first boss after leaving Balliol for the Howard Cook (1974) Professor John Helliwell (1974) ), Peter Brand, Just about fully retired after six years My new book The Whens and Wheres of now online at: tinyurl.com/tw25wses. of occasional consulting jobs in Oil a Scientific Life was published in mid-

NEWS AND NOTES 16 February 2021: its webpage is here: has continued to be an inspiration (1975), as well as Noeleen Scrider, https://www.routledge.com/The- and a solace in these difficult months, Paul Kane (Exeter, 1976) and Simon Whens-and-Wheres-of-a-Scientific- and this became one of several Appleton (Trinity, 1979). There were Life/Helliwell/p/book/9780367489717. projects that have kept us engaged and also cameo appearances by various entertained. Ably assisted by Rachel spouses, partners and pets. Whilst the

NEWS AND NOTES Professor David Kennedy (1974) Graff, a music technician, composer, unique events of 2020 provided plenty Discovered a further enormous and daughter of one of our long-term of stimulus to conversation there advantage of not only being in a musical collaborators, we launched the was usually a sartorial or epicurean country on the other side of the world recording of Gawain in Winter shortly theme such as colourful shirts, loud (Australia) but living in its most isolated before Christmas. We shared it as a ties, delicious desserts or plumptious city (). The effects of the pandemic free offering with various friendship pudding wines. We reconvened are barely detectable on a daily basis. On and musical groups, and we’d like to in festive garb on the sixth day of the other hand, we have been unable to extend the invitation to any readers Christmas to review the year and eat up spend our usual six months annually in who have not yet had enough of any remaining seasonal fare. Oxford, much less have the side trips cold and solitude! It can be found on to Italy. I continue research on western Rachel Graff’s Bandcamp webpage: Paul Bailey (1975) travellers in Egypt and the Near East in rachelgraffcomposer.bandcamp.com/ The highlight of 2019 was undoubtedly the 19th century and am struck by how /gawain-in-winter. Click on ‘free a Balliol reunion before and at the many were Balliol graduates. download’ (in blue) to get the words Varsity Rugby Match, organised by and music in a zip file. very Alan Murdoch (1976), our man in Neil Robinson (1974) welcome to [email protected] Washington, DC. Also present were Tim Boardman (1975) com or [email protected] Howard Cook (1974), Rob Griffiths As residents of Stafford who share Readers may also like these (1976) and Simon Guest (1976). A good musical interests, we have been lockdown projects, in a lighter vein: time was had by all, even though the collaborating for many years on a range The Compleat Works of Shakespeare Cantabs won. of projects, largely as members of our (youtu.be/qw865V50CkM) and a cappella group Fish from Oblivion: Downtown Lockdown 2020 (youtu.be/ we have been exploring a few highways xlLvAPvA8Bk). and many byways of world music, folk, early music and modern genres for Giles Vardey (1974) over twenty years. Neil has in recent I was awarded a MSc in Coaching and years been developing his composing Behavioural Change at Henley Business interests, and asked Tim some two School in September 2020, a mere 43 years ago to suggest a favourite passage years after my degree from Balliol. of poetry for him to set to music. The I continue to develop my coaching result was an extended piece, Gawain client base as well as chairing a listed in Winter, which Fish from Oblivion company. When allowed, I did a lot of performed as part of their Christmas sculling in the summer, which was a offering in 2019; built around a single joyous relief from virus headlines. The verse of the anonymous 14th-century Zoom boom meant I caught up with poem Gawain and the Green , the some Balliol contemporaries from all piece interweaves Neil’s setting of the over the world, which was a delight. north-west Midlands dialect passage Everyone should try it. (close to home for us) with other original composition and existing Robert Waller (1974) songs from a variety of traditions. One Published ‘Ramsay MacDonald’ in The of these is of particular relevance to Prime Ministers (Hodder & Stoughton, our Balliol heritage: the setting of ‘The 2020). Boris Hede’ (The Boar’s Head) carol, preserved in Balliol MS 354. The central Paddy Walsh (1974) passage describes Sir Gawain’s journey During the paucity of social contact alone through the winter landscape, necessitated by the first lockdown Left to right: Howard Cook, Paul Bailey, facing a host of fearsome adversaries in my mood was greatly cheered by a Simon Guest, Alan Murdoch, Rob his quest to find the Green Knight. series of ‘Zoom Dinners’ (bring your Griffiths. The work was well received by local own food and drink) kindly organised audiences, and when the effects of the by Mark Short (1975), mostly on pandemic brought so much musical Thursday evenings from April to early Professor Ronald Beiner (1975) activity to a sudden halt, we decided to July. Those attending included John Birth of a grandson: Kai Nikko Zhi-Ai realise our ambition to create a lasting O’Reilly (1974), Ewan Ferlie (1974), Yao Beiner, son of Zimra Beiner and record, using the remote methods Philip Brace (1974), Mike Williams Amy Yao. Kai arrived on 20 January that were replacing our usual regular (1975), Simon McGuire (1975), Kevin 2021, 90 minutes into the start of the rehearsals and performances. Music Alban (1976), and Michael Cullinan Biden era.


Chris Bower (1975) on obtaining entry and exit visas for a medium-sized pharmaceutical After recovering from a serious health students jailed as political prisoners company), although I continue to be scare earlier in the year, 2019 ended in Chile, so as to have their sentences on the board of that company and to on a high when Christine and I commuted to exile; and papers from be chairman of a med tech company. received an invitation to attend the the Coolidge Pathfinders Programme. I have neither propelled the UK to BBC recording of Carols from King’s the enormous act of self-harm that at which Ellen, our daughter, led Josh Dick (1975) is Brexit, nor destabilised the Labour the procession. As for 2020, unlike So sad to report that my dear wife of 32 Party by steering it over the cliff of many less fortunate than ourselves, years, Louise Blum, died in May 2020. Corbynism, which is, I think, somewhat we did survive unscathed and the For myself, I am now fully retired. to my credit and perhaps more than can year was largely uneventful (literally). My detractors might say that I simply be said of some other Balliol alumni. Naturally we were thrilled when remain retired. Ellen graduated from ‘the other place’ Lieut General Sir Simon Mayall with a double First in PBS but shared Paul Edwards (1975) (1975) the disappointment felt by so many I continue to work as a freelance teacher I retired from the British Army in students and parents who were denied and also as a writer, mainly about 2015, after a 40-year career, although the opportunity to attend graduation cricket, albeit at times you’d do well to remained as Colonel of my Regiment, ceremonies. Let’s hope that some notice the fact. The latter occupation 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, semblance of normality returns during is becoming increasingly dominant until 2019, and as Lieutenant of the 2021 and that we can all start visiting and the notion of retirement is quite Tower of London until this year. family and friends once again. appalling. I would welcome contact Since retirement I have continued to from Balliol friends old and new (paul. concentrate on events and affairs in The Revd Michael Cullinan (1975) [email protected]) and if the Middle East, and have served as a Continuing to direct the undergraduate anyone at all from the College finds senior adviser to a number of financial distance-learning programme themselves in Southport, I’d be happy and energy companies. In late 2020 I at Maryvale Institute, to make them some and stand at published a book, Soldier in the Sand: A – working from home since March. a social distance while they drink it. Personal History of the Modern Middle East, This year I am lecturing seminarians which attempts to offer an accessible at Oscott College, also from home. Paul Legg (1975) and readable overview of the history, I celebrated 25 years as a priest last Retired in 2020 after nearly 30 years as politics and religion of this complex February in what now seems another, an editor and sometime correspondent and fascinating region. I continue to almost ‘pre-war’, age. at BBC World Service News and a support Tottenham Hotspur. further ten years as a modern history Derek Delves (1975) tutor in adult education here in Sussex. Dennis Morrison (1975) I am living in Vienna, Austria, having Have enjoyed the online history I retired on 4 December 2020 as retired from the International Atomic lectures organised by the College President of the Court of Appeal of Energy Agency (IAEA) there. My during the Covid lockdowns and am , after almost 13 years on the personal news in 2020 was light encouraged that the state school intake court. Looking forward now to life on career developments, awards, is on the rise! after retirement! publications, births and marriages. I am, though, chairman of the Vienna Peter Martin (1975) Stephen Moss (1975) 1% for Development Fund, based in I relocated to West Cork two years ago Still writing and editing at . the Vienna International Centre. In with my wife Allison and our daughter Thought I should stay for its 200th 2020 we funded 13 new development Alexandra, who is now four years old. birthday (in May 2021). But being projects to benefit disadvantaged Here in this village with a population close to 200 myself, I suppose I should communities around the world: of barely a hundred (in winter at least) contemplate retirement soon. viennaonepercentfund.wordpress.com. in rural Ireland that is as close to being The IAEA is the United Nations System English as is possible without being in Gary Calder (1976) organisation for nuclear science and England, you can hardly cast a stone 2021 will be the year I retire, barring technology, and operates in the rarefied without hitting an Oxford graduate any accidents like the collapse of my atmosphere of UN Security Council – although as far as I know not a pension funds as the UK struggles to high politics. My experience at Balliol Balliol alumnus or alumna (if anyone climb out of the Bog of Brexit and and Oxford gave me the impetus for knows differently and there is another ascend the Difficult Hill to the celestial emigration; but it did also give me a Balliol graduate in Castletownshend, Sunlit Uplands. Every job I have world view for the IAEA and the United then I’d love to hear). My other three done has indulged my curiosity for Nations System – more indispensable children – Oliver (28), Harry (27) and engineering and technology. A career than ever. In 2020 I contributed to Elizabeth (23) – remain in England, and that has taken in: digital audio for Balliol College Library and Archives the current pandemic means I have satellite broadcasting, speech synthesis, a collection of personal papers from hardly seen them since March, which touch screens, multi-way data and Balliol. These include papers of the has been painful. I stepped down from video conferencing, data systems for Balliol College Refugee Scholarship my position as a minor sub-lieutenant UK terrestrial broadcasters, running a scheme; papers and correspondence of industry in 2020 (I was COO of Sky digital TV channel from the back

NEWS AND NOTES 18 room of an art gallery in Hoxton Square, reminisce about the College and London, architecting encryption and Holywell Manor, which for both of us authentication systems for solid state were most agreeable days. Iain is still drives and latterly overseeing the filing hard at work, trying to make sense of and prosecution of over 200 patents at the figures as if formal retirement were

NEWS AND NOTES the US Patent Office (a few of which a negligible statistic. I hope for a better even have my name on) for OCZ, year ahead. Stay safe! Toshiba and Kioxia. My wife Hanne now has dual Danish/UK citizenship, and a Professor Jonathan Michie (1976) tentative plan to relocate to Denmark Jonathan Michie is an only now it’s online so it doesn’t now (post Brexit) means I will have ‘interdisciplinary’ member of the matter about getting to or to pass a spoken Danish test. ‘Rødgrød Management & Business Panel for Banbury, and I cannot make regrettable med fløde’ is one example of something the Research Excellence Framework, remarks to opposition who turn out *not* easier said than done. I can now REF 2021; and chair of the Universities to be missing a thumb. Amusingly, I understand Danish fairly well, converse Association for Lifelong Learning. discovered two contemporaries living with the Danish side of the family and a apart in darkest Herefordshire read bedtime stories (translated on the Ross Belson (1977) and connected them. The pandemic fly from English) to our two Danish I obtained my PhD, an edition of the has returned an archaic word in French grandsons. Looking forward to spending Selected Letters of Caroline Norton, to popular use. Next year I hope to many of the restricted 90 out of 180 from the University of the West of indulge my curiosity for industrial days travelling Europe, discovering England in 2016. I also co-edited (as ‘archaeology’ en presentiel. new walks in England, Scotland, Ross Nelson, with Professor Marie Wales and Ireland, and catching up Mulvey-Roberts) The Selected of Letters of David Christie (1977) more frequently with Balliol friends. Caroline Norton, published by Routledge Last year, I wrote about Brexit and I am always available for Burns Night in three volumes in December 2019. Trump (again). This year as I write, in celebrations – will work for whisky! Europe we are well into the second Jim Berkman (1977) wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Ian Fletcher (1976) Since last year’s update, I have published We were complacent in the summer, Seemingly relatively safely marooned my historical novel about Samuel Taylor having ‘flattened the curve’ quite in Taiwan. Coleridge and his son Hartley, The Secret successfully. Then things took off again. Ministry of Frost (2020); my first novel And it looks like most countries will be Professor Evance Kalula (1976) The Product of Woollett (2015) (a sequel in a partial lockdown over Christmas. The year 2020 was a horrible year, to The Ambassadors, by Henry James) Things look worse in the US, where an ‘annus horribilis’ like no other with has been praised by the Man Booker the first wave never really ended and a Covid-19 still wreaking havoc, but there Award winner John Banville. I still substantial part of the population is in were some good tidings I can share scull in Vermont (with fond memories denial about the virus and the need to nevertheless. I celebrated the eighth of rowing in the Balliol second boat), take even the simplest of public health anniversary of my heart transplant tutor adults preparing for their high measures. Not to mention denial about on 19 December, my woman donor’s school equivalency tests, and see family the result of the Presidential election! heart (MHSRIP!) continues to be (socially distanced in this pandemic Meanwhile, Brexit happened, almost. strong and apart from the rigorous year). We also have a third grandchild, The hardness level of the actual exit medication regime, I am as good as a gorgeous girl born in September is only matched by the absurdity of could be expected at my age. My tenure 2020. With all the turmoil of Covid-19, the negotiation. Potentially breaking as chairperson of the Committee on economic suffering, and political chaos, doesn’t help. In Freedom of Association (CFA) of the I feel blessed with family and friends. Switzerland we watch on and wait for International Labour Organization our own negotiations with the EU to (ILO) also went well, and has been Phil Boydell (1977) become real again. They’ve been deep renewed for another three years. It has 2021 saw us become empty nesters frosted for quite a while now. Blamed been a challenging but very fulfilling and after 30 years of variety at mostly on Brexit! Despite lockdown, role; I am inclined to feel that the DuPont sorting out nylon fibre waste, I completed my Master of Advanced ‘effortless superiority’ of the Balliol composite rocker covers on BMWs, Studies in Strategic Design at the creed naturally helped. I also continue messes on a Bering Island beach, Zurich University of the Arts with with my fellowship as co-principal variant CJD in the UK, the value of distinction in the summer. Áedán investigator of a project on Migrant photovoltaic panels, outdoor vehicle finished at ETH Zurich and is now Vulnerability and Access to Social presence detectors and EV powertrain working full time. Seán has changed Protection at the Stellenbosch Institute designs, I thought we’d be free to travel course, now studying psychology fully for Advanced Study (STIAS). At another the world, but Covid put that on hold. online (corona) at Bern University. personal level, I continued the great So we roam around the area Music mostly did not happen this year pleasure of regularly getting together instead and I help a few local start-ups, because of the pandemic. I still live in for lunch with Iain MacDonald (1976), cook, garden and play bridge in the hope that we might start taking global now Emeritus Professor of Statistics Wessex League with a more illustrious warming seriously. At least the election at the University of Cape Town, to Balliolite, just like I did 40 years ago, of Joe Biden should help!


Neil Johnston (1977) halfway through a part-time business stepped down as chair of Royal Now settling in the Morbihan region, coaching programme. Coaching is very Northern College of Music after nine southern Brittany, and loving the enjoyable and I’m looking forward years, and was honoured to be made a French life. Visitors welcome, especially to emerging with accreditation and Companion of the College. I’m a non- sailors, paddlers (kayaks), cyclists and ready for action in the spring. Thanks executive director of Opera Ventures, walkers for whom the area is paradise! to the manoeuvres of two Balliol a supporting productions contemporaries and friends, Adrian of modern opera. Last but certainly Bijoy Mathur (1977) Wooldridge (1977) and Jeremy Mayhew not least, I recently became chair of The year 2020 went by doing online (1977), this year saw me elected to Prisoners Abroad, a human rights classes from home. It was a new membership of the Reform Club. charity supporting the welfare of UK experience teaching on Zoom. The citizens imprisoned overseas, both children, teachers and management HE Christopher Dell (1978) during their imprisonment and on still trying to comprehend what My 2020 was much like everyone their resettlement to this country. This was going on! I took on the task of else’s, I would assume: adjusting to involvement resulted from mentoring keeping the school morale high by a slower-paced, homebound reality, work I did with House of St Barnabas. even attending classes which were not while trying to avoid becoming ill from mine and taking part in discussions. Covid (or anything else). My wife and Barney Wainwright (1978) Four of our students from Kiit I have been quite fortunate in that we 2020 has been a year dominated International School were selected have steady income from a pension by Covid-19 for everyone and the to become National Inspire Manak and a US government job, grown first impact on mine was the abrupt Scholars. I kept the team excited about children, and decent internet service, winding up of Flybe and the end of the research that Oxford was doing so we feel both less isolated and less my 18 years as an airline pilot. Early on the Covishield vaccine. Proud stressed than many others. We’ve used retirement did not seem right but there that the Serum Institute of India, our time both to become fitter and to was little to do but wait and, when DfT Pune, is manufacturing the doses learn more about Washington’s many allowed recreational flying to re-start to vaccinate in India and abroad. neighbourhoods on long daily walks. after the first lockdown, spend as much I also used some of my new-found time as possible at the gliding club. In Paul Shrimpton (1977) time to make a small contribution July I was mobilised as a Navy reservist, I am still teaching at Magdalen College to the US elections, writing 1,200 and given the job of coordinating Navy School, Oxford. The highlight of get-out-the-vote letters between policy and response to Covid. It turned my lockdown in 2020 was running a July and October. It’s hard to know into the busiest job of my life so far and reading group for graduates of Oxford if such efforts make a real difference, finishes in February 2021, when I shall University on ’s but the record turnout suggests the begin a new Civil Service job at MOD Idea of a University (1873). It began in communal lift had some impact. Boscombe Down. November 2019 with around a dozen After an early fall-off in professional students. Before each meeting – weekly activity, things have begun to pick up Professor Timothy Elliott (1979) at first, then fortnightly – we read again. I was invited to join the board I am delighted to be returning to a chapter, then met to discuss our of directors of Sicona, an Australian Oxford as the Foundation Kidani reading: in person until March 2020, start-up that is developing leading- Chair of Immuno-Oncology, Nuffield then by Zoom, at which point we were edge to improve the Department of Medicine, and Fellow of joined by two students from Harvard performance of lithium-ion batteries. Oriel College. and three from Leiden, in Holland. Energy storage is a critical component Newman’s text is generally regarded as of the burgeoning green power Omkar Goswami (1979) the greatest there is on the nature and revolution and Sicona is positioned Published a book titled Goras and purpose of higher education. Reading to make an important contribution. Desis: Managing Agencies and the Making it during lockdown gave an interesting With another hat on I work with of Corporate India ( Random twist to much of the discussion. Fieldstone, a private investment bank House, 2016). that is a leading financial advisor in the Rhodri Williams (1977) African power sector. We’re witnessing Andolie Marguerite (1979) In October we relocated 4 miles the rapid transformation of energy The high point of 2020 for me was from suburban West Sussex to rural development on the continent, as spending East Sussex, a move which has been renewable energy projects (especially September therapeutic as well as energising. My solar energy) are far outstripping new and October day job as Head of International Public fossil-fuel power proposals. Still a long at NES Policy at AIG remains rewarding way to go, but the trend is clear and artists’ and fun. Changing the way we work hopeful for the future of our planet. residency in has been stimulating, although I Skagaströnd, have missed international travel. I Nicholas Prettejohn (1978) a small continue to act as Senior Adviser to I have been chair of Scottish Widows fishing Wallbrook Ltd, a young but dynamic and a non-executive director of Lloyds village in the advisory firm specialising in due Banking Group since 2014. I became north-west diligence, and in a new departure, I am chair of Reach plc in 2018. I recently of Iceland.

NEWS AND NOTES 20 Paul Shotton (1979) Responsible Owner for the project to disease start to pick off one or two Canónigo Meneses, a humorous Since retiring from my career in refurbish the Elizabeth Tower (aka Big friends, and even take aim at my own debating society modelled on the banking I’ve been keeping myself busy Ben); I’m the one who in the days when body. It gives one pause for thought, Arnold and Brackenbury Society (the with board advisory work, principally we had tourists ruined lots of visits to but I will not ‘go quietly’ etc. I have origin of the political career of Boris related to financial risk management. London by turning off the bells and written a novel – think of a female Bob Johnson (1983), who presided over it

NEWS AND NOTES I’ve recently taken to writing short covering the Tower in scaffolding. I have Woodward meets the Avengers in a back in 1985). Published La academia thought-leadership pieces and had the great privilege of making regular Trump/Putin world; I’m not surprised sonámbula: Ensayo sobre la institución publishing them via LinkedIn, again, visits to the top of the Tower to see how it hasn’t been bought. I enjoyed writing universitaria chilena al culminar su cuarto mostly on topics related to risk the work is progressing – answer: pretty it. I am learning new skills both siglo (Orjikh, Santiago de Chile, 2019) management and financial markets, well, despite the pandemic, and it is technical (I work with a cyber-security (‘The sleep walking academia: an essay although I’ve also written a piece on a going to be fantastic when it is finished. start-up) and artistic (drawing). Family on Chilean higher education at the end fair taxation policy for multinational Since last summer I’ve been Strategic and friends give meaning and purpose of its fourth century’), a slim volume and one on a simple Director of the Chamber Business Team, to my life; sailing and philosophical with a view of the Front Quad on its mathematical model to advise looking after all the teams that manage enquiry are my pastimes. cover. My argument focuses on a key sentencing policy. I’ve been the parliamentary procedure side of the paradox of the current digital era, interviewed for an ‘In Conversation’ House service. The biggest challenge Angela Jackman (1981) inaugurated by the creation of the Web article by headhunter Halsey Keetch this year was coordinating the work to I have been appointed as Honorary QC. in 1989. Never affluent societies had and led several academic seminars on create the ‘hybrid Parliament’: allowing The ’s announcement been as wealthy as they are now. But financial topics, most recently at Yale MPs to contribute to House proceedings is in the following link with my never its leading elites had been as poor University School of Management, by Zoom, and to vote electronically. biography: tinyurl.com/3hhceadn. in spiritual, intellectual or educational with another one coming up shortly That was probably the biggest change terms. Hence the current devaluing of at the University of Nicosia and one at in House practice in 700 years. Very both history and philosophy, the University of Zurich. Necessarily, hard work to set it all up from scratch disciplines that are thought not to most of these have been online due to in only a few weeks, but rather fun contribute to increase the commercial the pandemic (universities no longer once we proved it could work. See value of any product. Many (perhaps have Visiting Professors; instead they parliament.uk/about/how/covid-19- most) contemporary academics lack have Zooming Professors). hybrid-proceedings-in-the-house-of- interest in the history of the very commons. disciplines they cultivate, let alone that Graham Wood (1979) of the institutions they work for. Completed my term as CEO to the Derek Wax (1980) Hoping to complete during 2021 both East Africa community countries for Through my new company Wild ‘Philosophiae Moralis Principia the Aga Khan Foundation at the end of Productions (named after Ridicula sive Manicheism, the other 2020. Remaining in Nairobi to an a Bob Dylan quote), I am producing pandemic’ and ‘Orthodox Judaism: a exciting initiative around developing a two new TV series in 2021: The Rig, a hobby? A brief introduction to Western sports stadium, sporting academy and supernatural thriller set on a North Sea culture for Chinese, Indian and other an academic school for children from oil rig for Amazon Prime, and The Sixth readers’. mainly very poor families, building on Commandment, a focusing on a an existing professional football team. murder in a Buckinghamshire village, Jonathan Ostry (1981) Quite a leap for me. Martyn Bowen for BBC One. Andrew Mosely (1981) At the time of writing, December 2020, (1982) has much expertise in this area After six years of part-time study the busiest year of my professional and is being very helpful. Have just John Colenutt (1981) by distance learning, I successfully life – busier incidentally than during finished my third unpublished novel, Now studying for a MA at King’s College completed the Rose Bruford Opera the global financial crisis by a wide collecting rejection like autumn London’s Department of War Studies. Studies BA degree course in summer margin – is drawing to a close, and leaves. 2020 and was awarded a First by the hopes are high for a brighter 2021. Professor Esty (1981) . Having I have been overseeing the IMF’s Dan Esty continues to teach at Yale and retired from Metapraxis at the end engagement with its member countries has a new (edited) book just published of 2020, I now have the time to begin in the Asia-Pacific region (as Acting 1980s by Palgrave Macmillan, Values at Work: research for a Master’s focusing on Director of the IMF’s Asia and Sustainable Investing and ESG Reporting Dada and in opera. Pacific Department), which spans the Matthew Hamlyn (1980) (2020), focused on the growing interest gamut from disbursing multi-billion 2020 marked 33 years since I started of investors in the environmental, Professor emergency financing arrangements to work at the House of Commons. social, and government performance of Miguel Orellana countries hardest hit by the pandemic, Nowadays I spend some of my time in the companies in their portfolios. Benado (1981) to advising them on appropriate the Chamber as a ‘Table Clerk’, advising Still teaching at policies to get through this period and the Speaker and other Members and Wayne Henderson (1981) the Law Faculty, lay a foundation for strong, inclusive generally keeping the show on the I am currently in Australia with my Universidad de and greener growth over the medium road. Recent jobs include arranging family and so we consider ourselves Chile. During term. My two recent books – Taming scrutiny of the HS2 Bill, and running lucky escapees from the global 2020 I helped an the Tide of Capital Flows (MIT Press, 2018) the Overseas Office, which enabled pandemic, but we are on the frontline undergraduate and Confronting Inequality (Columbia me to visit Dhaka, Toronto and various for climate change. I have reached student there to University Press, 2019) have generated European capitals, back when we could that time in late middle age where organise the considerable attention in the media travel. Since 2017 I’ve been Senior the lethal agents of cancer and heart Sociedad and academia, with endorsements


Canónigo Meneses, a humorous by Nobel Laureates (including Joe (Carcanet), which was shortlisted for debating society modelled on the Stiglitz who wrote the Foreword to the Saltire Award. In December 2019 I Arnold and Brackenbury Society (the the second volume) and prominent retired from my post at Strathclyde and origin of the political career of Boris academics Dani Rodrik (Harvard), have taken over as chair of the Edwin Johnson (1983), who presided over it Olivier Blanchard (MIT), Raghu Morgan Trust, a charitable body which back in 1985). Published La academia Rajan (Chicago), and Agustin Carstens exists to support the work of young sonámbula: Ensayo sobre la institución (BIS). I have published a number of poets in Scotland under the age of universitaria chilena al culminar su cuarto high-profile professional papers over 30. We also support the translation of siglo (Orjikh, Santiago de Chile, 2019) the past year that have been covered poetry into the languages of Scotland. (‘The sleep walking academia: an essay in the , the Economist on Chilean higher education at the end and , including Andrew Marshall (1982) of its fourth century’), a slim volume on the impact of the pandemic on I am still in Washington, DC, at the with a view of the Front Quad on its inequality, the political economy of Atlantic Council, hoping for a smoother cover. My argument focuses on a key economic reforms (jointly with the year of transatlantic relations. No paradox of the current digital era, late Alberto Alesina), and the impact Balliol visitors this year (probably inaugurated by the creation of the Web of gender discrimination on economic understandable in the circumstances). in 1989. Never affluent societies had growth and productivity. My work on been as wealthy as they are now. But financial globalisation was cited in a Paddy McGuinness (1982) never its leading elites had been as poor list compiled by leading academics My 2020/2021 has been shaped by the in spiritual, intellectual or educational as an example of research that has death of two Balliol men. My father terms. Hence the current devaluing of shaped global debates in recent years. Brian McGuinness (1945) died two both history and philosophy, days before Christmas 2019 and my disciplines that are thought not to HE Professor father-in-law Leif Mills (1954), whose contribute to increase the commercial Stephen obituary will be published in the value of any product. Many (perhaps Vasciannie Annual Record, left us last December. I most) contemporary academics lack (1981) now have multiple copies of the Balliol interest in the history of the very Published College Register. It has a lot to answer for. disciplines they cultivate, let alone that Caribbean Essays In the days before the internet when of the institutions they work for. on Law and I met my now wife Susannah, I was Hoping to complete during 2021 both Policy in 2020. shocked by how much she could know ‘Philosophiae Moralis Principia This includes a about me so quickly. Leif had looked Ridicula sive Manicheism, the other memorial essay about the contribution me up in the Register. I think he only pandemic’ and ‘Orthodox Judaism: a of Sir Ian Brownlie QC (late of All agreed to the marriage because of what hobby? A brief introduction to Western Souls College) to the development of he found there. culture for Chinese, Indian and other international law. Working as Professor readers’. of International Law at the University Mary-Anne Newman (1982) of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. I evicted myself this year and moved to Jonathan Ostry (1981) live by the river, have a more eccentric At the time of writing, December 2020, Paul Compton (1982) house, and lead a more dynamic life. the busiest year of my professional Having retired from corporate life five Apart from lockdown, it’s worked: but life – busier incidentally than during years ago, I’ve returned to my love of I have been undermined by all the the global financial crisis by a wide history. I’ve been travelling the country books I had in storage, which have margin – is drawing to a close, and working on a project (with luck, a immediately filled up all available space hopes are high for a brighter 2021. book) on English history, looking at and time. Hopefully I’ll be able to I have been overseeing the IMF’s each county in turn. The emphasis is rejoin the human race in a year or so, engagement with its member countries on economic development and the refreshed by American crime fiction. in the Asia-Pacific region (as Acting way it’s been shaped by geography. I’m also within cycling distance of the Director of the IMF’s Asia and The working title is County by County: station, which is great for getting into Pacific Department), which spans the A History of England with a Sense of Place. London (when permitted) to see friends gamut from disbursing multi-billion Crossing my fingers that I can interest a but not so sensible when returning. I emergency financing arrangements to publisher as it nears completion. hadn’t fallen off a bike through drink countries hardest hit by the pandemic, since Balliol – it quite took me back. to advising them on appropriate David Kinloch (1982) I also finished the Investigation I was policies to get through this period and A rather belated update: I was awarded working on, resolved to master DIY (so lay a foundation for strong, inclusive a Fellowship from the Arts and far I’ve bought all the tools but think and greener growth over the medium Humanities Research Council in 2013 them too gorgeous to use) and failed to term. My two recent books – Taming for work towards a new collection learn Swedish. the Tide of Capital Flows (MIT Press, 2018) of poetry. In the same year I was and Confronting Inequality (Columbia appointed Professor of Poetry and Flash Sheridan (1982) University Press, 2019) have generated at the University Olga and I, at least, are having an considerable attention in the media of Strathclyde, . In 2017 excellent lockdown, in splendid and academia, with endorsements I published In Search of Dustie-Fute isolation 31 storeys above the

NEWS AND NOTES 22 unpleasantness in Manhattan (e.g. the are set in the (now) faraway Chief Economist at PwC Nigeria. If you the looting of the first floor of my 1990s and Noughties. My addition to have the opportunity to come to Lagos, ex-employer’s building along with the canon has been a Balliol-educated please connect with me. a beloved nearby bookstore, and private banker and spy who has a ‘first attempted murder of a policeman class honours degree from the best Professor Murray Pittock (1983)

NEWS AND NOTES defending another). After the closure college in the best university in the In 2020, I was elected a member of of our gym, my principal exercise world’ – unlike me the character read Academia Europaea, the European has been ascending and descending PPE not English and actually studied Academy for the Arts and Sciences, 35 flights of stairs, admittedly with hard at university … For complex for my research on Scottish culture, more pauses than permitted in reasons we write under literature and history in its global high-school gym class. We intend which make us sound like a pair of context, and I gave the Gresham to escape from New York once soft porn stars from the 1970s, and our Lecture for the 300th anniversary of it’s safe, probably for intermittent stories are unashamedly high-class the birth of Charles Edward Stuart. retirement in California or Kiev, unless pulp with a fair amount of (PARENTAL something more interesting turns ADVISORY) sex and violence. While I Nozomu Takaoka (1983) up. In the meantime, I’m catching do not expect to follow in the footsteps Consul General of in Edinburgh up on my reading and writing, and of Mick Herron (1981) and give up the since 2018. In order to prevent Olga is lecturing remotely at the City day job, it makes a pleasant break from contracting a virus, my diplomatic University of New York’s City College continuing to pilot my stockbroking activities are inevitably focused of Technology, where we organised a firm through the shallows of the City of on online and outdoor activities celebration of the 100th birthday of London. Reliable in New York and Reliable respecting social distance. On 6 the science and science fiction writer in London (in the latter of which Balliol August 2020, commemorating the , http://tiny.cc/asimov100, has a bit part) by Valerie Goldsilk and atomic bombing of 75 years with the editor of Asimov’s Science Julian Stagg are available via Amazon ago and the establishment of Royal Fiction magazine as guest of honour. and should be of interest to all literary Edinburgh Botanic Garden 350 years agents and publishers among you. I am ago, I planted three ginkgo trees grown Paul Fox (1983) currently writing the latest instalment from the seeds which miraculously I have been Pro-Vice Chancellor in the series: Reliable in Zurich. survived the bombing, together with (Finance & Infrastructure) at Bath the chairman of the Garden and Spa University since September 2019. John Lazar (1983) the Lord Provost of Edinburgh. Happily married to Amanda since 21 I took over as chair of the Raspberry Pi March 2020 – brought forward from Foundation in October 2020. April to avoid the March lockdown. Moved to Bath in October 2020. Andrew Nevin (1983) As more proof that one’s life path is wonderfully unknowable, I have spent the last decade in Nigeria (projected to be the world’s second most populous country by 2100) as a nation builder and public intellectual, playing a number of key roles to advance Nigeria’s economy and society, including: founding director of the Africa Institute for Leadership and Public Administration; member of the Advisory Board at Lagos Business School; founding governor of the Financial Centre for Sustainability (FC4S) Lagos; co-founder of Binkabi, a blockchain-enabled trading platform trying to increase the incomes of the 500m farmers in developing countries David Witty (1983) (www.binkabi.io); co-founder of A busy year (despite Covid). Launched iKoN, a Nigerian company focused a new biotech company, Eliem Jonathan Hall (1983) on bringing a unique solar energy Therapeutics Ltd, as Head of R&D and Over lockdown, I caught the thriller technology to Nigeria; advisor to manufacturing chemistry, focused on bug. An old schoolfriend invited me to several start-up companies led by discovering and developing medicines join him in co-writing a series which young Nigerians; member of the West for neurological conditions. Completed he has published for some time via a Africa Rhodes Scholarship Selection books (now published) on Progress in niche American press. His hero, the Committee; faculty member of Medicinal Chemistry (2018) and Complete Reliable Man, is an ex- Nigeria’s School of Politics, Politics Accounts of Integrated Drug Discovery and policeman turned contract killer and and Governance; Advisory Partner and Development (2020) for Elsevier and the


American Chemical Society respectively. Harriet Quiney (1984) Professor Served as 2020 Royal Society of I have recently been appointed Riccardo Viale Chemistry BMCS award lecturer. This as a part-time judge in the Social (1984) should have encompassed talks around Entitlement Chamber, so am busy New book: both the UK and Europe but, necessarily, getting to grips with PIP, ESA and a Routledge presentations since March have had to range of other benefits, as well as the Handbook of be online. Also now investigating the mechanics of telephone and video Bounded Rationality design of future Covid therapies, while hearings. When I applied (in early (Routledge, staying safe and looking forward to 2019), I certainly didn’t envisage doing 2020). I wish leaving the house – roll on the vaccine! most hearings from my bedroom, but also to inform telephone hearings, in particular, are you about my Natasha Beschorner (1984) often better for our appellants, many of new appointment as Scientific Head of I am still working for the World Bank, whom have mobility issues or struggle Italy Behavioral Insights Team at Prime now based in the Philippines. Working with face-to-face communication. Minister Cabinet-Department of Civic with countries all over East Asia, the Otherwise, I am still a partner in a Service: see performance.gov.it/IBIT. Pacific and in Pakistan on helping to large law firm, defending allegedly build stronger foundations for the negligent professionals. We have two Joshua Rey (1985) digital economy, particularly faster kids in uni (one at Catz) and two I was collated as Vicar of Roehampton at and more affordable internet, digital in school, though of course all are Michaelmas, and War and Religion: a Very ID systems and digital government actually at home. Mark is doing great Short Introduction (with Jolyon Mitchell) platforms. work with number four (year 4), who was published by OUP in March. is dyslexic and needs a lot of help Claire Foster-Gilbert (1984) with school work. Add two Covid Marcus Smith (1985) Miles to Go Before I Sleep by Claire Gilbert, to the mix and our household is I was called to the Bar in 1991 (QC the letter diaries of my first year of generally chaotic with a permanently 2010) and practised at Fountain Court diagnosis and treatment of myeloma, full dishwasher. But we are all well and Chambers until 2017, when I was will be published by Hodder in March looking forward to vaccination and a appointed to the High Court bench 2021. change of government in due course. (Chancery Division). I practised in the broad area of commercial law, with Jens Meurer (1984) Rupert Read (1984) specialisms in intangible property 2020 wasn’t an easy year for making My magnum opus, Wittgenstein’s (I have written The Law of Assignment, films, but I ended up completing two Liberatory Philosophy, finally appeared published by Oxford University Press, feature documentaries for cinema, shot with Routledge Press in late 2020. 4th edition in progress … but don’t on real film:An Impossible Project – a story Stephen Mulhal (1990), who first hold your breath!) and competition of falling in love with analogue things taught me Wittgenstein at Balliol law (having been a chair at the UK’s again, told through the back in the day, said of it, on the Competition Appeal Tribunal since journey of the madcap Austrian scientist cover ‘Rupert Read has long been 2009). On a more personal note, in who saved the world’s last Polaroid one of the most passionate and 1997 I married Louise (a barrister and a factory against all odds (pictured). And prolific contributors to contemporary professor in international commercial Seaside Special – a celebration of a most attempts to get Wittgenstein’s way law at Cambridge, where we live), and English place, the fantastic End-of-the- of doing philosophy properly into we have two children – now aged 20 Pier variety show in Cromer, Norfolk, focus. This systematic engagement and 16 – who have grown up much too at a time when not just the waves of with the Philosophical Investigations fast. Also two cats, who, through their the German Sea but the turmoil of pulls together his previous work in a more or less perpetual crossness, are populism are tearing at the floorboards. way which highlights the unity of its clearly extremely keen for lockdown to underlying concerns, and clarifies the end, so that they can once more have internal relation between its content the house to themselves during the day. and its very distinctive form. And if that task requires dispensing with Tracey Wolffe (1985) stances central to his earlier writing, or A fortnight before we went into even reformulating Wittgenstein’s own lockdown with our disabled son, I signature concepts and claims – what attended the Oxford Alumni Women one might call liberating himself from in Law event, and spent a wonderful his philosophical exemplar, and from night at the Savoy. I was disappointed himself – then Read doesn’t hesitate. It’s to learn that little had changed in the a radical embodiment of an ethics and past two decades in terms of working Professor (1984) politics of thinking.’ I was also proud patterns in corporate law, and their My Frank Ramsey: A Sheer Excess of Powers, to be arrested for criminal damage for impact on women and family life. Job was published by Oxford University pouring ‘blood’ over the steps of the applications were put on hold in any Press in 2020. Amongst other nice climate-denialist ‘think-tanks’ based at event as the country stayed at home. reviews, Tom Stoppard, in the TLS, 55 Tufton Street, , during Instead I decided to help everyone to chose it as his book of the year. September’s Rebellion. stay uplifted, strong, and supple, and

NEWS AND NOTES 24 Stephanie Byrne (1987) In a full-circle kind of way, I am now back working in Oxford as head of Recovery College. We offer free courses (both online and

NEWS AND NOTES in person) about mental health and wellbeing to adults across Oxfordshire, including workshops on ‘Coping with anxiety’ for university students. Delivering a workshop at Balliol in 2020 felt very moving after struggling so much myself, 30 years earlier, as an anxious student of psychology. We also make podcasts – an opportunity to talk about quirky content such as used my other qualification with the the link between , poetry and British Wheel of Yoga to teach yoga feeling hopeful. I am always keen to ‘on my TV’. My 11-year-old daughter make links with others interested in became my teaching assistant, and show in New York and another in the mental health – do read about us at guided me in becoming proficient on West End, which won an Olivier Award. oxfordshirerecoverycollege.org.uk. Zoom. I have taught 30 students during the three lockdowns, aged 9–79, and Charlotte Jones (1986) Professor Michele Gamburd (1987) have been studying for a Pilates teacher I am happy swimming in the sea I recently published Linked Lives: Elder training diploma (100% in Principles all year round in . Still Care, Migration, and Kinship in of Health, and 97% in Anatomy and writing films, though who knows (Rutgers University Press, 2020), an Physiology!). In 2021 I’m looking when and if they will be made. Very ethnography examining the topic of forward to developing my own blend happily reconnected with Rachel ageing in a Sinhala–Buddhist village of yoga and pilates, and delivering Brooks (1986) this Christmas. She in south-western Sri Lanka. The book group and corporate classes on Zoom. is a pastor now in Toronto. My draws on ten years of anthropological Anyone interested can contact me son Dan started at Jesus College, fieldwork to discuss trends in at [email protected] (www. reading Physics, in October 2020. demography and transnational labour traceywolffe.co.uk). Now that I’ve migration. discovered the possibilities of online Steffan Miles Board (1986) and home working I’ve also still got my My wife Katherine, sons Isaac and John Hancock (1987) eye on part-time legal work this year. Luke, and I are living in Nairobi, Kenya, Lockdown in NZ has been much less where I’m posted to the Canadian High constraining than elsewhere. I even Professor Robin Choudhury (1986) Commission. We’ve been here since managed a 35km marathon swim from Among all the bad news (there is August 2019, moving from , Te Anau to Manapouri in Fjordland. much, near and far), let me offer you Turkey. For this assignment, I am Area Slightly cheating with 23k down the a small good news morsel. The Chan Director for Sub-Saharan Africa for reasonably fast-flowing Waiau River Zuckerberg Initiative put out a call for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship but kept the heart rate up, moving investigations in so-called single cell Canada, and Minister Counsellor at slightly faster than my normal sequencing in inflammation. The 29 the High Commission. I’ve particularly running pace. awards were announced in April. Of the enjoyed working with our teams across 5/29 that were not US based, two (and Africa to help refugees, families, and Ramani Langley (1987) the only two from the UK) included students come to Canada, despite the A couple of years ago, the shine had Balliol Fellows: Calli Dendrou (Sir difficult times! completely gone from selling and Henry Dale Fellow and Research Fellow implementing IT systems, so I jacked it in the Sciences 2017–2020) and me. Edward Morgan (1986) all in and since then I’ve been singing, In this strange year, a fantastic silver skiing and involved with a small local Theresa Heskins (1986) lining has been making contact again charity, LinkAble. I’ve sung at various I’m still Artistic Director of the New Vic with friends from Balliol, via Zoom. Proms (including the Last Night), in Staffordshire. Prior to the pandemic, My company Northern Town is the Barbican and the Royal Festival which has halted a great deal of theatre- gradually growing, with programmes Hall. I’ve also taught skiing and spent making, I’d been branching out with a this year for Sky Arts and BBC, and lots of time being chair of trustees at now plans for a film. My son Will is LinkAble. Mike Richmond (1988) and a designer in . Arthur I sing with the Lantern Voices Quartet. is doing a law conversion. Charlie The lockdown rules are preventing us studying history at Leeds. Like many from singing together as I write, but in their generation, they deserve better during 2020 we’ve managed lots of than the dismal ABC – Austerity, outdoor rehearsals and even that rarity, Brexit and Covid. a live concert.


there, helping to make self-driving Segun Osuntokun (1988) cars, planes and ships safe for use. In September 2018, I was appointed Managing Partner of the London office Harriet Goodwin (1988) of the international law firm Bryan To keep me from going round the Cave Leighton Paisner. I continue to twist during Covid, I compiled a little lead the firm’s Africa practice, whilst book of people’s lockdown experiences also specialising in civil fraud litigation (under my married name, Powell), The and banking litigation. I was named Lockdown Monologues: Life in the Time of Black British Business Person of the Coronavirus (2020), and I am sending Year 2020 at the Black British Business half the proceeds to Shelter. It has been Awards. I was named in the endorsed by Dame Emma Thompson 2021 as one of the 100 most influential and features stories by a , a in Britain. teacher, several nurses, a member of Julian Mylchreest (1987) the Foreign Office, a member of the Simon Dradri (1989) 2020 is a year that we will all remember clergy, a singer, a businessman, two After Balliol, I have mainly worked as the year of the virus and of lockdown, Covid sufferers, students, children and with international development and but it was also a year of landmark shielders. It also includes accounts humanitarian institutions including moments and celebrations for us. from people living in countries other DFID, FAO, SC-UK and WFP. I First, my wife Fiona (Macdonald, 1988) than the UK. It’s available from Amazon have been with the United Nations and I celebrated our 25th wedding (amzn.to/3eXN9KU) and various other World Food Programme (WFP) anniversary – a chance to look back to outlets, and also as an e-book. since 2005. During the first decade, I our marriage day in the Chapel at Balliol served in technical/policy capacities and reflect on 25 years of memories and Chandrika Kaul (1988) in three regional offices (based in special moments together since that New book: M.K. Gandhi, Media, Politics Johannesburg/Lusaka, Bangkok and memorable day back in 1995. and Society (Palgrave, 2020): www. Nairobi) with travels across about Second, 2020 also saw the eldest palgrave.com/gb/book/9783030590345. three dozen countries in Africa and of our five children hit birthday Asia. Memorable times included landmarks: Finn (21st) and Macky travels inside , East Timor, (18th), which made Fiona and me feel , Angola and Mozambique; to suddenly much older! And then last conflict-ravaged parts of Sudan, South but not least I managed to squeeze into Sudan, Sri Lanka, Philippines and the first month of the year a successful Rwanda; and to flood/drought-affected January trek to the South Pole, pulling a parts of Burundi, Laos, Cambodia, 50kg sledge the last degree in minus 40 Malawi and Ethiopia,. Since 2016, I – all in aid of the Brain Tumour Charity have served as Head of Area Office in for whom the team of eight of us raised Jijiga (Ogaden) in Ethiopia, and now over £350k. And this January success in Fasher, Darfur in Sudan, leading made it a pair of Poles too for me and teams and managing operations to for three of my other teammates: two address food insecurity, malnutrition years ago we did the same challenge and to build resilience for 1–3 million together, but to the North Pole – and persons to ‘save lives, change lives’ successfully raised just over £750k (wfp.org). The Norwegian Nobel for a charity called Borne that is dear Committee awarded the 2020 Nobel to mine and Fiona’s hearts. All five Peace Prize to WFP ‘for its efforts to of our wonderful children were born combat hunger, for its contribution Professor Russell Muirhead (1988) premature and Borne is a medical to bettering conditions for peace in Elected to the New Hampshire research charity (www.borne.org.uk) conflict-affected areas and for acting legislature (November 2020). that we helped found and which I as a driving force in efforts to prevent now chair that funds research into the the use of hunger as a weapon of causes of prematurity and is dedicated war and conflict’. The Committee to trying to ensure that a baby’s first day aptly captures WFP’s work across the is not their hardest or last. world, including the current context of my work in Darfur, where a large André Burgess (1988) proportion of the population has I now live with my partner (of 24 lived in displacement since 2003/4. years), Kate, and our three children, It is a great privilege and honour to in south-east London. I work in be leading at the front end during the Strategy Directorate at National the challenging year of the Covid-19 Physical Laboratory, which is the UK’s pandemic and to be part of the Nobel national measurement institute, and I Peace Prize team! lead the Assured Autonomy programme

NEWS AND NOTES 26 Michael Miller (1992) 1990s Entered the this past year and due to release our first movie,We Professor Anusha Chari (1990) Are the Geordies, a docudrama charting I am the incoming Associate both personal as well as sporting Chair and Director of Mentoring NEWS AND NOTES highs and lows of 12 lifelong fans for the American Economic of Newcastle United Football Club, Association’s Committee on the described by critics as being ‘the Status of Women in the Economics nearest thing to being in a stadium Profession. I was appointed Director during lockdown as you can get of the Modern Indian Studies without them reopening en masse’. Initiative at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paola Tinti (1992) Whilst dividing my time between the Julian Green (1990) Isle of Wight and Reading, I continue Julian Green has been in San Francisco to head the fundraising function for for over twenty years. He started both Henley Business School and Headroom in 2020, a technology the Reading Real Estate Foundation. start-up which is using machine Additionally, I am now a trustee of learning to take the work out of video the Encephalitis Society and Special conferencing, so that meetings are Advisor to LBT Global, formerly known more fun for us . as the Lucie Blackman Trust. www.goheadroom.com Niru Ratnam (1990) I opened a small art dealer’s office and Tom von Logue Newth (1993) Charlotte Higgins (1990) gallery in in July 2020. It shows Fifteen years or so living in Los My book about mazes and labyrinths, contemporary art made by artists of Angeles and environs has been free- Red Thread, comes out in paperback on colour and women artists. A slightly flowing, the current current being band 9 September 2021, the same day as my counterintuitive time to open given the Hamscholar, available on platforms. In new book, Greek , is published global pandemic, but there you go. recent years, out of the city, I thrived (Jonathan Cape UK/Pantheon US). I’m for a while in the pine mountains to still chief culture writer at the Guardian. Lindy Cameron (1991) the north, and currently amongst the My dad Peter Higgins (1949), who I started a new job as CEO of the and boulders of Topanga Canyon. lives in , toughed out National Cyber Security Centre in I continue to make furniture and, in 2020 bravely, but missed out on a 90th October 2020. theory, movies. birthday party. Bruce Lambert (1991) Katharine Knight (1994) Laura Hoyano (1990) Continuing energies as a serial I finally – after arguably the longest The conferred a entrepreneur. I’m now preparing Smell medical studentship in history Title of Distinction, Professor of Law, Museum® for launch in assorted (20 years from start to finish!) – on Laura Hoyano. Laura is also a Senior worldwide pop-up venues. Smells can qualified as a doctor from Oxford in Research Fellow at Wadham College, trigger deep emotions and surprising the middle of the global pandemic. Oxford, where she was elected as a memories. We continually seek iconic My first job was in Acute General Tutorial Fellow in 1999. Her academic smells of different cultures and past Medicine at the John Radcliffe in research in recent years has focused generations; ideas very welcome! Oxford, so ‘ of fire’ springs to on vulnerable witnesses in the courts, Contact: [email protected] mind. Our eldest daughter, Florence, and the litigation of allegations of started university (at Cambridge, I’m child abuse, and sexual and domestic Eleanor Naughten (1991) afraid, reading English, following in violence, in the criminal, family, tort Another busy year in a new role her dad’s – Joe Winkley, English, 1992 and human rights courts, taking a running the Financial Crime – footsteps) just as I was finishing comparative law approach. Surveillance Unit for a global bank university after 25 years of student She also continues to practise at the (from my makeshift study in the loft) life (PPE, followed by medicine). Bar of England & Wales, and is a tenant whilst trying to manage childcare Bringing up six children (Flo, Cicely, of Red Lion Chambers (London). She through a pandemic for my boys Seth, Rufus, Esme and Jago, who represents the Criminal Bar Association Daragh (five) and Lochlan (two). range in age from 20 to 7 – pictured on the Cross-Government Review with Joe and myself at Christmas) of the Prosecution of Serious Sexual Binnie Goh (1992) with Joe, who is now a director at Offences, conducted by a Sub-Group of After two years working on data and Winterflood Securities, is part of the Criminal Justice Board (colloquially privacy at Department for Digital, the it has taken me until my known in the media as ‘the Culture, Media and Sport, I have moved forties to get to the bottom rung of Review’). on from Brexit-related work to join my career ladder. I couldn’t give up the Electoral Commission as General being a perpetual student altogether, Counsel. though: I’m now training to be a


Adam Heppinstall (1995) Aran Scutcher (1996) I am happy to record that I was I can be often found in my vegetable appointed QC in December 2020, garden, which I have been preparing effective from March 2021. to support a future restaurant at www.corzanoepaterno.com in Tuscany, Carol McQueen (1995) pestilence permitting. The farm makes I remain Canada’s Ambassador to award-winning wine, cheese and olive Burkina Faso, working very hard oil and has guesthouses. There is a to provide assistance related to regular stream of Balliolites passing continued insecurity and 1m displaced through, though we are always happy persons, as well as to programme to welcome more. Sibilla Gelpke additional development aid related (Wadham, 1997) and I moved here in to the Covid-19 pandemic. My 2016 after five years in Singapore where oldest daughter is now 13, and we Max (eight) and Lilly (four) were both are preparing to return to Canada born. We also have a truffle dog who so she can finish high school finds enough for regular meals. This there. Here is a picture of me at may surprise many but I have been the Domes of Fabedougou in the seen with the odd Erlenmeyer flask Cascades region of Burkina Faso. which I use for making yeast starters psychoanalytic psychotherapist at the for brewing beer. Tavistock Clinic in London, alongside my work as a junior doctor. I hope Chris Nattrass (1997) to specialise in psychiatry or general In November 2020 my wife Anne Lind practice after my foundation training. and I welcomed a baby girl, Eleanor Elizabeth Lind Nattrass. We live in Robert McCaw (1994) Brooklyn, New York, and would love to I have started writing up the host visitors once we can all travel conclusions of a decade’s thought on safely again. Islamic inheritance law. With two sons under ten, this could easily run to another ten years, though.

Scott Weiner (1994) Roopa Unnikrishnan (1995) I’m delighted As of October 2020, I am the Chief to announce Strategy Officer at Vontier. In this the publication role I lead Vontier’s overall strategy of my book The efforts, creating new paths for growth Complete Guide and unlocking opportunities to to ETF Portfolio catalyse innovation and strengthen Management our competitive position. Prior to (McGraw Hill, joining Vontier in 2020, I was Head of 2021), the most Strategy at HARMAN International, comprehensive where I established the strategy Sam Sandiford (1997) resource available for managing function and developed the strategy I became a father in 2020. Lynn gave exchange-traded funds. For more for the Connected Car Division, the birth to Isabella Grace Sandiford at information, please visit www.swetf.com. company’s largest growth driver. I the Matilda in Hong Kong on 11 July. have also just finished my novel, set Isabella reminds me of second-year Athar Yawar (1994) in mid-20th-century India, a quixotic quantum mechanics – challenging, Finally finished my PhD, ‘From mix of crime and romance. Also rewarding and I’ll never have a Madness to Eternity’, which compares happy to report that my twins are complete solution. modern psychiatry and Sufi healing. college bound, off to Duke and one Hoping to publish it – if necessary, yet-to-be announced destination! James Dingley (1998) by producing packets of cake with In October 2020, James Dingley surprisingly long lists of ingredients. Sam Carr (1996) joined the leading Russian law firm Doing a bit of university teaching Still working as a Head of Software of Ivanyan and Partners as a partner (anthropology and physiology). Development at Tesco – nearly five in its international arbitration Would love to catch up with Balliol years in – helping to making prices practice. With his new colleagues, contemporaries – including those to and promotions work just so, and to he will be continuing to defend whom I owe massive apologies! Wishing revolutionise the tills. Engaged in July the Russian Federation in several everyone the best in these difficult 2020 to Nicky, but wedding plans hard important investor–state arbitration times. [email protected] to put together recently. and public international law matters,

NEWS AND NOTES 28 Hana Ross (1999) (née Hanako Birks) I was delighted with my efforts at making bagels over the first lockdown. Alas, I struggled with croissants. Any

NEWS AND NOTES tips from Balliol members on how to get the dough to rise without the butter leaking everywhere are most welcome.

2000s Marzena Brzezniak (2000) James Daniel Sellamuttu was born on Rust, who arrived safely on Tuesday 27 July 2018. 15 December 2020 weighing in at as well as developing a wide-ranging 2.7kg; his arrival turned an eminently international commercial arbitration Nicholas Rowan (2001) forgettable year into a completely practice. He is helping establish the Settled back in the UK after five unforgettable one! firm’s first international office in fantastic years in Moscow with the London in the coming months. family. Despite the challenges of 2020, Megha Kumar (2003) delighted to have had my second book In 2020, I completed ten years at the Kathryn Howard (1998) published, The Road Revisited, by global analysis and risk advisory firm We (my husband, Jonathan Howard, Hertfordshire Press and eagerly waiting Oxford Analytica, where I advise major and I) had our third daughter, Audrey to be able to resume my governments and corporates about ways May, on 18 October 2019. Her older travels once more. to leverage new technologies responsibly. sisters are Evelyn Rose (five) and Lily My book Communalism and Sexual Violence: Martha (four). Laura Harbidge (2002) The Politics of Gender, Ethnicity and Conflict After a year in Berlin helping Germany was published by IB Tauris/Bloomberg Ruth Brown (1999) with their G20 presidency, I returned for the global market in 2016, and by On 17 November 2020 I welcomed to HM Treasury in London to lead the Tulika in South Asia under a slightly my third child, a son named Julian indirect tax team through our Covid-19 different title in 2017. My partner Jonah David. economic response work; and I’ve just Wilberg (1999) and I have two children – moved roles again to become Head of Mira Sophia arrived in 2019 and Martin Heather Ellis (1999) Income Tax, Economics and Receipts at Umrao in 2017. Having them at home, Publication of A Cultural History of the Treasury. blissfully unaware of the pandemic, Education in the Age of Empire, 1800– made 2020 easier to get through. 1920 (Bloomsbury, 2020), edited by Tom Lane (2002) Heather Ellis: www.bloomsbury. In February 2020 I travelled to St Ann’s Joni Taleb (2003) com/uk/a-cultural-history-of- Warehouse in New York with the Gate Joni Taleb (née Hollis) and her husband education-9781350035560. Theatre’s . My composition and Karim (Merton, 2001) welcomed a son, sound design were an integral part Max, in October 2018 and are expecting Lina Nerlander (1999) of this highly successful production, number two in February 2021. We Lina Nerlander is working for directed by Yaël Farber and starring recently moved to Orkney, Scotland, the European Centre for Disease Ruth Negga in the title role. Tragically, and would love to hear from any other Prevention and Control (ECDC), which this was to be one of the few plays to alumni located in the Highlands and is the EU public health agency based in complete its full run of performances Islands. . For most of 2020 she has in New York before theatres across been heavily involved in the agency’s the world were forced to close due Rebecca Hodes (2004) Covid response, heading up the work to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite I received the University of Cape related to giving countries guidance countless cancellations, I have been Town’s Social Responsiveness Award on contact tracing. Lina has also led lucky enough to be able to continue in 2020, which is the university’s the work on mobile apps for contact working from home in Dublin on a highest honour for research with a tracing at the ECDC. Prior to moving variety of composition commissions. social impact. The award was made for back to her native for this work These include a new work for Northern a research study, begun in 2013, about in 2017, Lina worked for six years at Ireland Opera and preparations for medicines-taking and sexual health the United States Centers for Disease a production of the Oresteia Trilogy in among young people living with HIV Control and Prevention (CDC) based Theater Regensburg in Germany. in . In other news, I have in Atlanta, . Lina has a budding worked as part of the Department of career as a stand-up comedian which Tom Murray-Rust (2002) Health’s Covid Emergency Response she has had to pause during 2020 for My wife Laura and I are pleased to team, doing case and contact tracing, obvious reasons. introduce James Stirling Murray- since March 2020. I am currently

29 FLOREAT DOMUS JUNE 2021 NEWS AND NOTESNEWS collaborating with the International Timothy Trudgian (2006) Treatment Preparedness Coalition Good times in Canberra! My sons, to capture and relay the impacts of Archie (nine) and Monty (six) are Covid-19 on people living with HIV in sending balls to all parts of the 14 countries in the global south. boundary in their club cricket . Archie has kept alive the Trudgian Guy Westwood (2004) tradition of the son beating the father My book The Rhetoric of the Past in in chess at an early age. My wife, Di, Demosthenes and Aeschines: Oratory, is taking over gardens here, there, and History, and Politics in Classical Athens was everywhere, and starting a Master’s published by Oxford University Press next year. I started to learn Italian for in April 2020. Through a close study of that time when international travel the surviving public speeches by the resumes … so 2030? Plenty of music two politicians in the title, it examines with the boys. Archie is learning piano how they and their rivals created, and saxophone, and Monty is learning shaped, and packaged competing (and the violin. We still make each often misleading) versions of Athens’s arvo an opera-and-pizza affair, having historical and mythical past to persuade made our way through 45 operas this mass audiences in the city’s lawcourts effective than the vaccines, and cheap far. Debates rage in the house as to and Assembly. and safe. Recently, we welcomed our the all-time favourites: Archie votes first into the world, a handsome and Rigoletto, Monty votes Madame Butterfly, Lucy King (2005) well-mannered young man, delivered and I can’t go past Le Nozze di Figaro. My TED talk came out online in 2020 in the room above the one in which Surely this is the defining electoral and it has now reached 2.34 million Alex Fleming discovered penicillin. moment of 2020? views. It was listed as fourth in the top ten TED Talks of 2020, just under Keith Tse (2005) Thomas Arnold (2007) Bill Gates. www.ted.com/talks/lucy_ The lockdown has caused numerous Alice Hallewell (2009) and I (2007) got king_how_bees_can_keep_the_peace_ practical difficulties in pursuing my married on 11 July in a smaller service between_elephants_and_humans. academic career in Linguistics, though than anticipated in Streatham. Secondly, I have now joined the I have persisted in doing my research Elephant Crisis Fund team at Save and have published two papers this Anna Christie (2007) the Elephants to expand support for year and a couple more that are In 2020, I joined the University of human–elephant co-existence projects forthcoming for early next year, one of as an Assistant around the African continent. This which has already been put online (doi. Professor of Banking, Corporate and vital fund has directed over 25 million org/10.1017/cnj.2020.35). Furthermore, Financial Law, and the University dollars since 2013 to fund critical, although the global lockdown has of Cambridge Centre for Business rapid-response funding to the most caused most of the conferences in my Research as a Research Associate. urgent elephant conservation issues field to be cancelled or put on hold around Africa and has contributed indefinitely, many of them have taken Raffaella Tomassi (2007) significantly to the reduction in place online in a virtual format and I Raffaella Tomassi-Russell and her poaching and demand for ivory. The have recorded some of my conference husband Adam Tomassi-Russell (2010) fund has been negatively impacted by presentations and uploaded them onto celebrated the birth of their first child, Covid and we are looking for more my YouTube channel: tinyurl.com/ Vincenzo Francis Tomassi-Russell, on private and corporate support, as j84fwz3x. Moreover, I have joined the 26 July 2020. elephants and their wild habitats are Institute of Globally Distributed Open under ever-increasing threat. Research and Education (IGDORE) as their Researcher-in-Training, which Alexander MacDonald (2005) gives me institutional credentials and I have been named the Chief access to many academic resources Economist at NASA, as well as the and opportunities. We live in truly Program Executive responsible for the difficult (though also fascinating) International Space Station National times but our persistence in doing Laboratory: www.nasa.gov/about/alex- what we love drives us forward macdonald-chief-economist-office-of- despite all the difficulties that the-administrator. have plagued us this year and we shall continue to do so in the long Dan Nicolau (2005) and tough recovery road ahead. I have been one of the on a clinical trial in which we’ve Arvinda Atukorala (2006) recently shown that budesonide, Arvinda and his wife Saveeta celebrated an asthma inhaler, reduces Covid-19 the birth of their son, Nikhil, on 16 hospitalisations by 90% – more February 2020.

NEWS AND NOTES 30 Andrew Whitby (2007) Nick Parkinson (2009) Sungwoo Um (2010) I published The Sum of the People: How the On 16 October 2020, I married I’ve been working as a Postdoctoral Census has Shaped Nations, From the Ancient Hayley Patricia Mitchell at All Saints Fellow at the Department of Bioethics World to the Modern Age (Basic Books, Benhilton Church in Sutton. in the National Institutes of Health 2020). (NIH) in the US since 2019. I’m

NEWS AND NOTES happy to share the news with my Alf Bo (2008) Balliol friends that I will begin a new I live in Oslo. Positions: Assistant 2010s position as an Assistant Professor in Professor in Legal Philosophy and the Department of Ethics Education at Ethics at the Department of Business, Zoe Davies (2010) the Seoul National University (SNU) Marketing and Law at the University I started a new job as Senior Policy in from 2021. I’m also of South-East Norway; Lecturer in Adviser at the Royal Society in delighted to share that I have been Introduction to Legal Philosophy at November 2020, leading their work on awarded the Mark S. Ehrenreich Prize the University in Oslo; Lecturer in the domestic environment policy. Later in Healthcare Ethics Research for the History of Philosophy, Philosophy of this year, we will publish a report on best paper (Asia) from the 2020 World Science and Ethics at Kulturakademiet, multifunctional landscapes, aiming to of Bioethics. Norwegian School of Philosophy advise Westminster and the Devolved (Campus Rome). Administrations on how to design land Farhaana Arefin (2011) Publication: in Norwegian, titles use policies that address the challenges It was a horrible year, but one good translated as ‘This is Rome’ and of climate change and biodiversity loss, thing came of 2020: I co-founded ‘Hold the Mast!’ in The Corona Papers while still producing enough food for Hajar Press, an independent political – a literary company’s octomeron a growing population and supporting publishing house by and for people of (Kulturakademiet Publishing, 2020). resilient rural communities. We will colour. Hajar will publish its first six host launch events in all four UK books in 2021, by writers including Lola Dilyana Dimova (2008) countries in September and October. Olufemi, Yara Hawari and Sarah Lasoye. My family was blessed with a baby boy, More details can be found here: More info at hajarpress.com. Boyan, on 8 August 2020. He has made royalsociety.org/topics-policy/projects/ our life joyful, exciting and purposeful living-landscapes. Laurie Laybourn (2011) all over again. I put the first lockdown to use finishing Sophie Panzer (2010) Planet on Fire: A Manifesto for the Age of News from Christian Panzer (2011) Environmental Breakdown, which will be and Sophie Panzer (née Wragg): Lyra published by Verso Books in April 2021. Alice Panzer was born to Sophie It draws from a research programme on and Christian on 6 November 2020. the environmental emergency I led at (Christian is also finally graduating the Institute for Public Policy Research from Oxford, having completed his (IPPR) and explores the systemic Master’s in Learning and Teaching!). change needed to prevent catastrophic changes to the biosphere. This year I’ll be grappling with the question of how millennial and younger generations can accelerate the change we need to slow the emergency while also handling the growing destabilisation resulting from it. Please do get in touch if you’re interested in this question. I hope everyone is safe and well.

Illias Thoms Kirsty Duffy (2008) (2011) I graduated with an MPhys in Physics I have a book from Balliol in 2012, and am now coming out in the working on neutrino physics research spring, published at Fermilab in the US. I’ve recently by Cambridge launched a new YouTube video series all University about neutrinos and the physics we’re Press, on the studying. The first episode is out now on office of the the Fermilab YouTube page, with more prime minister to come soon! youtu.be/bGGrdeZuFWo for the 300th Anna Comboni (2010) anniversary of Rusiru Kariyawasam (2009) I got married on 19 December 2020, Walpole’s taking on the post in April I married Mr Philippe Raisin on 4 to Robert Seiger. The wedding was at 1721. The book is written by Anthony September 2020. Ventnor Baptist Church, Isle of Wight. Seldon with me and Jonathan Meakin.


copies are held in the Balliol and Lukas Meier Sackler Libraries. Greg continues to be (2014) an active research scholar in Australian I have completed colonial art history and is a regular my PhD at donor to the Holywell Manor Fund. St Andrews and will be joining Phoebe Lowry (2012) Churchill College, Phoebe Lowry (née Grant-Smith) and Cambridge, as a her husband Dr Andrew Lowry are Junior Research delighted to announce the birth of Fellow in April. their first child, John Francis Lawrence Lowry, on Monday 25 January 2021, at Lorin Samija (2014) 6.56am, weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces. After my BA in Mathematics and Philosophy, I travelled and learned a Georgina Wilson (2012) lot about yoga and meditation. In fall A small ‘career development’ news 2019, I moved to Stuttgart, Germany, or note! I submitted my PhD in to pursue a Master’s called ITECH, Early Modern English Literature in combining architecture, December 2020 in Oxford, and was science, robotics and natural sciences to delighted to begin my Early Career enhance computational approaches and Research Fellowship at Fitzwilliam digitalisation in the AEC (Architecture, College Cambridge this term. Engineering and Construction) industry. I focus now mainly on Greg Lehman (2012) Laia Josa-Culleré (2013) tech topics around cybersecurity, Greg Lehman has been appointed On 11 December 2020, Arnau Perdigó privacy, and more generally humane as Pro Vice Chancellor, Aboriginal Oliveras and I married in a beautiful technology. Besides my studies, I am Leadership at the University of town hall in Barcelona, accompanied working part-time in cybersecurity Tasmania. The role encompasses by my grandfather, our parents and consulting. Feel free to connect via research and curriculum development siblings. email, LinkedIn or Signal Messenger. across University of Tasmania colleges, as well as direction of a Paul Razzall (2013) Julia DeVoy (2016) range of scholarship and engagement Awarded Joint Service Commendation Julia DeVoy, Boston College Dean programmes. Professor Lehman Medal by US Department of Defence. of Undergraduate Programs and completed a Master of Studies in the Students LSEHD and Director of the History of Art and Visual Cultures Giuseppe Dal Pra (2014) Experience, Reflection & Action (ERA in 2013. Upon returning to Australia, I successfully ran an online festival, Program), was selected to present the he took up a position as Research 2020, commemorating the ERA First-Year Program at Columbia Associate at the National Centre for once-in-20-year alignment of Great University’s esteemed 38th Annual Indigenous Studies at the Australian Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on Winter Roundtable: A Pandemic National University. He was appointed 19 and 20 December 2020, with over of Racism, 25–27 February 2021. Dr Senior Lecturer at Deakin University 1,300 streams over the occasion. Several DeVoy and her ERA leadership team’s the following year, following his genres of music were presented and, in presentation, ‘Raising Environmental, graduation with a PhD in Art History lieu of dancefloors, Amor Fati delivered Racial and Social Justice Awareness from the University of Tasmania, and a multi-genre experience to over 1,300 in Predominantly White Higher was appointed as a McKenzie Research listeners. Education Settings’, was chosen by Fellow at the University of Melbourne in 2018. Greg’s research at Balliol on the life and work of the Huguenot artist Benjamin Duterrau – who arrived in Van Diemen’s Land in 1832 and became well known for his creation of Australia’s first grand history painting, The National Picture (1845) – led to the curation of a major exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia. Titled after Duterrau’s painting, The National Picture: Art of Tasmania’s Black War was awarded 2018 Best Travelling Exhibition by Museums and Galleries Australia. The exhibition catalogue was also honoured with the Green Family Award for Tasmanian History in 2019;

NEWS AND NOTES 32 program committee blind review for the Department of Genetics, and I special topic conference inclusion. Her am currently developing a computer innovative ERA First-Year program is vision/machine learning algorithm that a course which embeds and utilises allows morphological measurements ‘Design Thinking’ tools (cognitive, to be extracted from high-resolution

NEWS AND NOTES social-emotional and applied processes) fish skull CT-data. The goal is to to support the intellectual, social, and extract hundreds of measurements ethical development of undergraduate and use them for a Genome Wide students as they strive to address Association Study (GWAS) to better wicked global problems and enduring understand the genes or more societal challenges. ERA students work precisely loci within the genome that in collaborative teams that cut across are associated with the development disciplines, empathise, research, iterate, of craniofacial features in fishes prototype and move to real-world which is closely linked to humans. environmental, racial and social justice action on global issues that cannot Antonio Potenza (2017) effectively be understood, tackled, I have pleasure in sharing news of or addressed by any single person, the launch of CrowdFund17, our UN Max Nunn (2019) approach or discipline alone. SDGs-aligned crowdfunding platform, Balliol alumni (Míde Griffin, 2019, and purely grants based, in 2020; and about Max Nunn, 2019) and current graduate Arman Karshenas Najafabadi (2017) the recognition that we obtained from students (Andreas Prenner and I wanted to share the news that upon the UK government which, through Andrea Stykket) have come together graduating from Balliol, I have joined Innovate UK, awarded CrowdFund17 to work on NABIO, a charity working Trinity Hall at the University of grant funding as part of its Sustainable to empower rural communities in Cambridge for an MPhil in Genetics Innovation Fund in order to develop a Kenya through agriculture. Together under the supervision of the world- digital entrepreneurial ecosystem for with Kenyan co-founders and a local known Professor Richard Durbin. advancing Sustainable Development community, we are working to build I was awarded two fully funded Goals (tinyurl.com/76s9usb9). We have a scalable and sustainable model that studentships from Trinity Hall and developed the product with a lot of empowers farmer groups through support of the University of Oxford providing financing for greenhouse ecosystem, including academics of facilities, agricultural training, market the Saïd Business School and Oxford bargaining power, and community University Innovation; and EvZein – support. Microfinance has been one of our use case in the UK government the most promising interventions to contract – was co-founded by Dr empower these populations in the past Vasiliki Kiparoglou (2017). Balliol few decades, but proves only to benefit is prominently represented in this already skilled farmers with access context and we are delighted to have a to land and buyers, often acreating chance to submit our successes to our debt traps for poor people entering alma mater for further dissemination loans at 30–40% interest rates. NABIO and sharing with our community. greenhouses will offer loans at 2% interest that are repaid as a percentage Emma Gattey (2019) of sold produce to large buyers. The I was awarded the Beit Essay Prize first pilot in Samuli has successfully for best dissertation in the Master’s employed a widow group of 20, who in Global and Imperial History operate a greenhouse producing 10 (2019–2020). The thesis, supervised by tonnes of produce each year; they are Balliol’s own Professor James Belich trained by-weekly by an agronomist, (Beit Professor of Commonwealth and and have a market contract securing the Imperial History, and Professorial income streams. We are now aiming to Fellow), is entitled ‘Forgotten “Insider” expand with three new greenhouses. and Revisionist Anthropology at This would enable us to spread the Oxford: Makereti and Māori Agency opportunity to new groups, hire a full- in the Construction of European time agronomist to manage operations, Knowledge.’ and bargain with the market.


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